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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
864PPGOMEprotec plsclosedSilversunsetprotected!
863PPGOMEwho placed these skullsclosedSilversunsetthey're not in logs sorry
862AndyJFclaim this area please?closedSpook6area claimed.
861xOreoToastis there a way to make a permanately burning furnace?closedDumbo52Yes, you can //set 62
860ThelVadumeefix lighitng plsclosedDumbo52Mostly fixed
859PPGOMEexpand pls lolclosedDumbo52Expanded
858PPGOMEprotec plsclosedDumbo52Protected.... sssshhhhh
857PPGOMEthis was a near death experience.closedDumbo52I'm sorry you had to go through that
856TheCoachAdairhave blocks not delete when we drop them (Q) so we can test water elevatorclosedieuwehItem drop allowed!
855PPGOMEallow drops in the region please. Permission from Coach.closedieuwehItems ready to drop!
854MaltyyBGcan someone make us plot? :DclosedBardidleyRegion protected and friends added.
853cujobeartest req for iceclosedi_c_e_Yes i am
852UltraBilly09i need water in my hole in the ground :Pclosedfazadenok, all set, it should flow now too
851SilversunsetCUJO IS ABOOSING MEclosedgrenbugcoffee solves many things
850AndyJFclaim this area please, to build road?closedieuwehI've been through the desert on a road with no name
849Hinterlandzclanchat will not let me use /clanchat flags mall22 public trueclosedSilversunsetthe command is /clanchat flags true|false (not /clanchat flag) - seems that its public now so you got it eventually :D
848MacroMadnessextend claimclosedSpook6claim extended
847CarpetBaggerStancan please allow item drops...:)closedSpook6discussed via msg
846Hinterlandzhow do i drop things in my region so i can test if this item filter will work?closedSpook6there ya go
845xOreoToastis there any way to correct these lighting artifacts?closedMasterCommaTheLike I said yesterday. Not really, and what can be done is within your power.
844CarpetBaggerStancan pls remove region :)closedSpook6deleted
843CarpetBaggerStancan pls protecc :)closedSpook6she protecc!
842KirstaeflowclosedSpook6flowed bae <3
841oberecan I get drops turned on for this buildingclosedieuwehThe One-Armed Bandit can now throw diamonds
840xOreoToastI can't worldedit within newly protected region, help?closedHolliferSorry about that! Fixed!
839Tedbearplease place tedhead, i am cute bearclosedHollifer*Pets*
838xOreoToastRegion redefinition, oreo_stop y=0-150. Opposing corner is located at 2006, -448 and includes existing region.closedHolliferRedefined!
837CarpetBaggerStancould pls expand :)closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
836xOreoToastIs there any recently active project within this border? Looking to expand over it.closedBardidleyRemoved unclaimed border, you may go ahead and claim.
835piplo127128proteccclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
834CarpetBaggerStancan please protect :)closedBardidleyprotected!
832PyroAvokunclaim a plot? (i dun goofed)closedDumbo52Unclaimed
831SiriAtUrServiceprotecclosedHolliferPlease only open one request per issue. Closing (completed)
829PyroAvokmay i have 6 plots?closedBardidleyI added 4 more plots to the north
828PPGOMEallow dispensers to flow pleaseclosedHolliferFlowable
827AndyJFI still have overlapping regions here that are causing problems with WE.closedSpook6stack as far as your heart desires!
826piplo127128is it possible ot get rid of weird phantom light blocks and the weird shadows here?closedMasterCommaTheI've done it before by WE'ing to replace all air with a material, then delete it again, while not moving your camera view at all. But it isn't 100% effective.
825PPGOMEsheep pleaseclosedMewcifersheeped
824PPGOMEplace blocc plsclosedDumbo52Starter block placed!
823AzulaTheFireLordCan we have our region expanded eastward to the blue column so we can blend the end of this mountainclosedMewciferRedefined!
822TheCoachAdairclaim this plot (bordered is jack o lanterns). test building Pumpkinopolis Rev 22closedieuwehThis land is ready to grow some pumpkins!
821AndyJFI seem to hav 2 overlapping regions and it's causing problems with WE - andjf_link and andyjf_buildclosedieuwehThe overlapping regions are overlapping no longer.
820AndyJFclaim this area please?closedSpook6area claimed!
819NistuneCould I have the diamond blocks replaced with barriers please. Marked the corners with lapis. Thanksclosedieuwehand the diamonds went... puff!
818SirGiovanniCould you please protect this areaclosedHolliferProtected!
817DUTCH_ALTOdelete my marina plotclosedHolliferForgot to close this!
816dalyn56protect my dear church thankyouclosedSpook6protected
815xOreoToastexpand region oreo_stop along border plsclosedSpook6oreo stop now reaches the new boarder
814Andromeda4210lighting fixed in the area marked by the stone border plsclosedDumbo52Fixed
813Abitcatmake this area "adventure bay." no, this is not a Paw Patrol build.closedieuwehAdventure time!
812promaxxeportal pleaseclosedieuwehPortal to hell activated!
811promaxxeremove owner HinterlandzclosedieuwehRegion owners updated!
810HinterlandzOk got my region more defined now. Please change the region to fit in these markers at opposite cornersclosedieuwehRegion redefined!
809Hinterlandzcan i have my region expanded north about a dozen blocksclosedieuwehRegion expanded!
808Hinterlandzcan i have my region expanded 5 blocks southclosedieuwehRegion redefined!
807Hinterlandzprotect region inside marks plzclosedHolliferProtected!
806xOreoToasti need this field filled with tilled soil with grown wheat on it plsclosedHolliferHarvest will be very profitable
805NistuneCan I have the diamond blocks replaced with barriers please :) ThanksclosediNerd71Look at your rails, now back to me. The diamonds are now barriers!
804xOreoToastset the light of the entire interior of this building to highest possible level with worldedit? //setlightclosedHolliferIt's lit. (Don't update any blocks or it may cause the lighting to change)
803AndyJFclaim this area please? (to extend a transport link) thanksclosedfazadenclaim'd
802AndyJFadd this strip of land to my region please?closedfazadenexpanded
801xOreoToastis it possible to fill this field with grown wheat?closedMewcifersomething something... waves of grain... this land is your land... you get the idea
800xOreoToastRegion redefinition, oreo_stop y=0-128. Other corner is at 2999 -759closedHolliferRedefined to meet cyan borders!
799the14thmemecan i please get my house protected?closediNerd71looks like ieuweh already protected it. So, yay! \o/
798NistuneCould I have drops allowed on nistune_river? :D thankclosedChallenger2Drops allowed
797NistuneWould I be able to get all of the diamond blocks (Down to bedrock) between the two lapis towers turned into barriers?closedChallenger2583 Diamonds turned in to barriers.
796promaxxeprotect promaxxe_test plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
795iNerd71expand region 100 blocks northclosediNerd71Done!
794the14thmemecan i get my house protected please?closedieuwehYour house has already been protected!
793PPGOMEmerge redstone_lg_0003 and 0012 pls and make it ocarinaclosedDumbo52Merged
792Andromeda4210restrict lever usage for non region owners pleaseclosedDumbo52Restricted
791PPGOMEcan claim dis pl0xclosedPPGOMEI fixed it. Plot saves :D
790WaxTedexpand borders magenta wool shipclosedDumbo52Region expanded
789WaxTedexpand ship border. (wool outline)closedHolliferPlease make a full border, then enter your request again.
788Abitcatclaim this region as "Harold 2.0"closedHolliferProtected
787PyroAvokkill meclosedHolliferYou have [0] free thors left.
786PPGOMEenable pvp plsclosedPPGOME
785PyroAvokfill my aquarium?closedMewcifertank filled
784PPGOMEmake the text on this sign white pleaseclosedMewciferSign color set, but you can do it yourself doing /signtext
783PPGOMEallow drops pleaseclosedChallenger2Drops allowed
782WaxTedclaim yellow wool border.closedHolliferBuild protected
781CrankyOldLadymy deck needs protection thanksclosedieuwehDeck is now protected!
780xOreoToastRegion redefinition: oreo_stop y=0-128, other corner at 2997 -903.closedieuwehRegion redefined!
779the14thmemecan i get my house protected?closedieuwehHouse in the mountains is now protected!
778ieuwehpls protec ghiant wormyclosedieuwehWormy Land created
777promaxxei believe this is an issue, i cannot delete it and it is listed as global even though it is protected but not my protectionclosedHolliferClosing, handled by bard.
776NistuneWas wondering if this plot is abandoned? Been over a month since its owner was on and would love to build hereclosedBardidleyAbandoned build removed and you have been added to the plot.
775Spook6can you make love cover my booksclosedSpook6love is covered
774xOreoToastWhat region is this, and how can I add my friend to it?closedSpook6discussed via msg
773ApogeeA bunch of Ultrabilly09's maps are missing for some reason.closedDumbo52Fixed
772UltraBilly09can i have 9 end portals in my museum and a nether portal i will make it so no one can use themclosedieuwehPortal collection for the museum is now complete. Now time to secure the artifacts!
771LolproPlease protect my build!closedDumbo52Protected!
770HeartshineThsi looks like someone GriffledclosedieuwehLeftover grief from already banned player has been rolled back. Thank you for reporting!
768SirGiovanniflow please?closedieuwehShower ready!
767CrankyOldLadyprotectionclosedieuwehYour sweet home is sweet (claim protected!)
766SirGiovannicould you please flow this water?closedieuwehYou can now take showers!
764m0rg4n4buildclosedieuwehBuilt protected!
763Nimoerequest: my home spawn is under a block i cant breakclosedMasterCommaThePlease remake this modreq when you're willing to respond.
761Supreme420OGestend ma regionclosedSpook6estended ya region
760CarpetBaggerStanGRIFFFclosedHolliferOops sorry looks like it was herobrine.
759Supreme420OGprotectclosedSpook6area protected!
758CarpetBaggerStanprotect meh plsclosedSpook6your area is not worthy
757SirGiovannicould you flow this fountain please?closedSpook6fountain is flowing!
756Kirstaeflow plsclosedDumbo52
755AzulaTheFireLordIs it possible to get this area outline in blue as a region for my hobbit town?closedDumbo52Protected!
754AzulaTheFireLordMay I have this region expanded 20 blocks eastward?closedAzulaTheFireLord
753NistuneCould I have Nistune_river expanded to the new big purple boarder, thanks :DclosedSpook6Nistune river has been expanded!
752ThelVadumeeset dis beacon to end gatewayclosedSpook6is end gateway now
751Fezthebearalso the lighting in here, if you don't mind. if you have to select the whole pyramid, there's a block in the sky you can use to do so to the west of the big one.closedHolliferLighting fixed!
750Fezthebearcan you fix the lighting here?closedHolliferFixed :)
749Fezthebearcan you flow this water?closedChallenger2Water fixed
748xOreoToastREVISION to my last request: redefine region within blue markers, y=0-128closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
747xOreoToastregion redefinition; y=0-128 within light blue markersclosedBardidleyDuplicate request.
746Nimoerequest : how can i tp unblock a player ?closedBardidleyYou can use /tpfriend PLAYER
745Andromeda4210dick buildclosedHolliferNo dicks here, sorry.
744SirGiovanniI can't place blocks in my plot (only a part of my plot has this problem)closedDumbo52Fixed!
743SirGiovanniThis claimed lot is still undeveloped, is the user still active? How long until it is removed? Are there any free suburban beach plots? Sorry if that's to many questionsclosedHolliferInactive, owner removed. you can claim it now.
742NistuneCould I have the region Nistune_river expanded to the purple glass? Thanks :DclosedHolliferExtended! Beautiful little place you got here :D
741promaxxeprotect as a subsidiary of the halcyon highway plz!closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
740promaxxeprotection titled northeast_airportclosedBardidleyRegion created!
739xOreoToastregion redefinition. y=0-128 around the blue cornersclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
738xOreoToastProtection, y=0-128 within the blue perimeterclosedHolliferBuild protected
737Andromeda4210lighting bug fix for the area marked in stone (pls save for Bard, or Dumbo to complete this modreq)closedBardidleyLighting fixed.
736ThelVadumeei cant seem to break this end crystal, also tryed removing blocks around itclosedBardidleyIt seems to be gone now. lag perhaps?
735AllarionI build to close to someone else on accident. now i wanted to ask whether you could restore my build somewhere, prefferably near my sister nimoeclosedHolliferTalked to user, closing.
734AzulaTheFireLordWho's place this sign of their name here :(closedAzulaTheFireLord
733AzulaTheFireLordRandom person has made a sign for their name here :( Very rudeclosedHolliferSign has been relocated!
732Spook6so this person made this ugly road through our stuff and they didnt ask :((((closedHolliferRegion repaired, area protected.
731NistuneCould the lime green wool please be made into barrier blocks? Thanks :)closedSpook6barriers made!
730promaxxeremove owner halcyonpark PPGOMEclosedBardidleyRegion owners updated.
729CarpetBaggerStancn pls proteccclosedSpook6area is protecc!
728ThelVadumee4 sponges to end gateways plsclosedSpook6your sponges have entered the void!
727HeartshinePeople greifing my shitclosedHeysofiaFixed! Thanks for reporting :)
726HeartshineWho the fek put a Swastika on my statueclosedHeysofiaRemoved!
725UltraBilly09can you copy something for me?closedHeysofiaCopy what? Please give more info :)
724HaikuprotekclosedieuwehBeautiful mushroom island is now protected!
722Pixl3plz fix light source glitch.. theres not meant to be lightclosedHolliferFixed!
721Pixl3plz fix waterclosedieuwehWater situation sorted out!
720ApogeeCan you try using //removelight or //fixlight on part of the light glitches here? I wanna see if that will remove them.closedHolliferLighting errors fixed
719SirTacofaceCould this sign teleport the clicker to this location? -2431.563 19 -7011.518closediNerd71Teleport sign activated!
718SirTacofacecan you make this sign whisper to the player in red "Did you think that would work?"closedBardidleyEasy sign action added!
717Silversunsetfor testing!closedHolliferNow you've done it silver, you got your testing everywhere an I gotta go cleaning it up. Grounded.
716RareVioletplease make water flow thank youclosediNerd71Flowed!
715MadBroMadclaim a plot for meclosedSpook6plot has been claimed
714AzulaTheFireLordIs it possible to have the area marked with opposing wool towers as region so I can world edit inside?closedSpook6its a region now!
713piplo127128tp to 404.5 89 -3138.5 after pressing on this signclosedMewciferwarp sign set
712piplo127128id like to make it so people will tp here after going to a placeclosedMewciferplace tp-ified
711Andromeda4210protect plane plsclosedMewciferandrew did 7/11
710promaxxemake a warp sign for the Landmark Shopping Centre with coords 1973 x -6550 z and same YclosedMewciferwarp set
709DancingBoltallow me to bildclosedDumbo52Added, build quickly!
708Tedbearperms sbaplot_07closedDumbo52Added
707PPGOMEspawn animals in appropriate cagesclosedMewciferthe goods have a r r i v e d
706Challenger2TheMeBovie started the CTA through his city and went MIA. Is it okay to finish the cta line?closedHolliferGo for it!
705UltraBilly09requestclosedBardidleybarriers placed!
704piplo127128there are a bunch of weird shadows on this streamclosedBardidleyOk I think it's fixed now.
703NatureBlockGirlrequestclosedBardidleyRegion redefined to cover this area.
702UltraBilly09requestclosedHolliferTalked to in PM's
701AzulaTheFireLordplease fix this sign i accidentally broke. don't know what it saidclosedAzulaTheFireLord
700AzulaTheFireLordwho built thisclosedHolliferThe_Hero27
699SpiegelbearswastikaclosedHolliferI wanna get away from here, or i'll get succ'd in. Sorry that planes are just inherently racist.
698Andromeda4210redstone test in the overworldclosedHolliferThank you for reporting!
697DrTim58lighting glitches ;(closedBardidleyRelog and all fixed
696piplo127128expandclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
694ApogeeI got some lighting glitches :UclosedBardidleyRelog and it should fix, I don't see anything.
693Trooprm32Can I have WE access here please? :)closedHolliferWE enabled!
692ApogeeprotectionclosedHolliferProtected, sorry for the delay
691ApogeeA block for a space build por favor merci gutentagclosedHolliferOui, ein region. Tere ├Áhtust
690Fezthebearcan you flow this?closedieuweha new fountain has been born!
689AmazingBrotatoclaim please /protectclosedHolliferMy brain started working again, region protected!
688piplo127128protectcclosedBardidleyThis land has been bestowed upon you. Be a good steward =)
686ApogeeProtection (extra space is for WEing another little blue boy in).closedBardidleyProtected!
685piplo127128there are weird shadows hereclosedHolliferI banished them to where weird shadows go when they are banished.
684dobreiraflow flow flow please flow this watercloseddobreira
683iNerd71Would it be possible to have this plot extended down to bedrock? I'm making a deep parking garageclosedHolliferYes.!
682OneAndOnlyRosegriefing by cocaiinewayneclosedHolliferFixed! Player removed from the region!
680Andromeda4210penis buildclosedHolliferRemoved.
679PPGOME/modreq have every sign give the block that their pot of ice cream has please. And add a message when clicked that says "Employee: There you go, have a good day!"closedMewciferThe store has been stocked and the employees are guaranteed friendly!
678PPGOMEhave every sign give the block that their pot of ice cream has please. And add a message when clicked that says "There you go, have a good day!"closedPPGOME
677Andromeda4210lighting bug removal for these 2 buildings pleaseclosedHolliferKill me.
676DrTim58pls combine my two test regions into one that fits this orange borderclosedMewciferrg defined into timtest
675promaxxeplz move the warp for Halcyon Park. thx!closedMewciferwarp moved!
674torteelahelp my hosue was griefed plsclosedMewciferthats right and im the one that griefed it (mod training)
669HolliferTorteela is saying mean things to me, please mute himclosedtorteela
667NistuneWould I be able to get this area protected? Thanks :)closedMewciferhere you go! :)
666gpupmountainborderclosedMewcifercongrats on req 666, and here ya go :D
665NatureBlockGirlrequestclosedMewciferregion redefined
664Heartshinewas there somethign else here before?closedMewciferdoesn't appear there was.
663Heysofiawhy is leaf decay turned on? i placed a bunch of leaf blocks with world-edit and they all decayed.closedBardidleyI dont see any leaf decay within your region. Looks like you have the correct flag.
662AzulaTheFireLordCan I have my region expanded little ways South , maybe about 25 - 30 blocks or soclosediNerd71Region expanded 25 blocks south
661Abitcatlol i got it it guessclosedAbitcatwait no
659KDangerBoyrequest hi sorry to bug you again but can you claim the orange area please?closedHolliferRegion redefined!
658iNerd71pls connect roadclosedHolliferIs that alright?
657PPGOMElost my region D: name is tabulaclosedMewciferyou have found what has been lost, faithful traveller
656KDangerBoyrequest hi! can you make this area protected plzclosedHolliferProtected!
655PPGOMEnew portal please. Prom griefed.closedDumbo52Relit
654PPGOMEset this glasse to nether portel blocc pleaseclosedDumbo52Portaled
653PPGOMEprotect please. Name: tabulaclosedChallenger2Tabula created!
652ApogeeProtect this pupperino so the peeps of Nibiru can watch the Bingo Bango Theorem feat. Penne and Shellman.closedChallenger2Region created
651promaxxeremove owner arsmoriendiclosedChallenger2Arsmoriendi removed.
650gpupmountainborderclosedMewciferthou hast been gifted a claim
649bizzle19fire on the pool in the front of the houseclosedMewciferIce turned to 2 deep pool
648Pixl3claim PirateclosedMewciferclaimed
646HeartshineThese as well, also there is a dick on that one over thereclosedMewciferAll cleaned up. Thanks for reporting.
645HeartshineThis looks greifedclosedMewciferPlayer dealt with and grief rolled back. Thanks for reporting.
644Pixl3I would like to claim this island but the neighboring claim takes up tons of unused land including this, could someone talk to them and try and open tthis? the claim is hardly developed.closedMewciferThis island is claimed under my claim, and Tim has told me he had plans to build something on it.
643Pixl3this is an aushwittz build.. why is this allowed to stay..closedBardidleyRemoved suggestiveness of build.
642Haikuextendo protectionclosedMewciferwao ur beach is bOIG
641archelonplease expand my testbuild region to this new white borderclosedHolliferRedefined!
640Marrblesi still cant use worldedit with the new claim, idk whats goin on. sorryclosedDumbo52Region expanded to your new border
639Marrblesfull bordifiedclosedHolliferIt has become bigger.
638Marrblesclaim resize plsclosedHolliferRedefined
637zhizzusprotectclosedHolliferTalked in chat, closing. No protections will be made.
636roryjasperHi, could I get this water to flow please? thank you :)closedMewciferflowed!
635roryjaspercould I get this water to flow please? Thank youclosedHolliferFlowing!
634Haikuexpand my rg's d0ng thxclosedMewciferd0ng biggened
633ApogeeProtection (ps. Some guy named Pentagonal came along asking if Team Avo had "nailed this server" *shrug*)closedDumbo52Protected
632Heartshinedats a penisclosedBardidleyIndeed it was.
631ApogeeProtect this bad boy so he can light up the sky with his smile.closedMewciferlet his smile shine brightest
630MasterCommaTheopen these plots to be claimed, as unused.closedBardidleyPlots reclaimed.
629FlintsEpicSwordplease help me unclaim this.closedBardidleyremoved.
628Pixl3expand pleaseclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
627Pixl3presure plate tp 6353 134 -3296 please thanksclosedBardidleyEntry command added.
626Pixl3change yellow wool to barrier pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheYOU SHALL NOT PASS!
625Pixl3pressure plate tp to 6350 116 -3304 please (inside the tower)closedBardidleyEntry command setup.
624ApogeeProtection on this bad boy speederoo thanks.closedfazadenprotecterino
623PPGOMEprotect my grass and sign pleaseclosedHolliferProtected.
622Marrblessomeone stole the lava in my fist yoclosedHolliferLiterally a ghost. I didn't do anything!
621Marrblesneed some hot rock to be flowed yoclosedHolliferThis place is toasty!
620ApogeeProtectionclosedHolliferVery cute, protected!
619ApogeeProtection inclusive of glowstone.closedBardidleyProtected!
618bizzle19protect the treehouse and the modern house, I will probs need an extension laterclosedCARnivore_ndsbizzle place created
617Lotmomoh, and bedrockclosedCARnivore_ndssee 616
616Lotmomplease protect from each magenta post to sky limitclosedCARnivore_ndslotmoms island created
615Andromeda4210extend region to the stone borders plsclosedCARnivore_ndsregion x pandexed
614promaxxeextend either teufelvolk highway or halcyon parkway plz!closedfazadenchild region "halcyoninterchange" created
613iNerd71Could I please have this downtown plot? It's completely undeveloped and the person who claimed it hasn't been on in almost 2 monthsclosedHolliferAll yours inerd!
611Etiquette_Spleef arena build flagclosedHolliferProtected, flags set/ready to go!
610Mr_WoodyprotectclosedHolliferClosing, see request #609
608Mr_WoodyprotectclosedHolliferVery good, now do that where you want your region setup!
607AzulaTheFireLordCan I have the area from this glazed terracotta block to the red terracotta tower as a region for my treesclosediNerd71trees protected!
606Kirstaecancel last modreqclosediNerd71done
605KirstaeflowclosediNerd71canceled as per 606
604asgarnianwoestarting block in spaceclosedHolliferTicket to the moon. [done!]
603DrTim58protect and call glory_to_teufelvolkclosedMewcifermore like glory to extalia
602PPGOMEcan leave my only friend/closedMewciferuh, i suppose
601Pixl3I would like a copy of thisclosedMewcifersaved!
600Pixl3can this be moved 4 blocks right??closedMewcifermoved!
599PPGOMEmy only friend was deleted. Please ressurect him. (Snowman, about 2 meters tall, name was PPGOME's Only FriendclosedMewciferI have summoned him from the depths of Hell.
598Pixl3light portal plz (again)closedDumbo52Relit
597PPGOMEwhen players click sign, make it so they get speed 5 pleaseclosedMewciferSpeeded
596Pixl3light portal plzclosedDumbo52Portaled
595PPGOMEsoul sand to end portal pleaseclosedMewciferSet to end portal
594Haikuspeedbuild plot plsclosedDumbo52Added
593Fezthebearflow this please!closedMewciferFlowed
592PPGOMEname this guy PPGOME's Only Friend pleaseclosedMewciferRenamed
591PPGOMEpink glass to barrier and snowman inside pleaseclosedMewcifersnowman created and encased!
590Marrbleslots of lava flowsclosedHolliferLov'a Lotta Lava
589Marrbleslava flow my doodclosedChallenger2Flowed
588DrTim58protect and call highway_teufelvolkclosedChallenger2Region created
587promaxxeextend region halcyonparkwayclosedChallenger2Region expanded
586DrTim58protect and call highway_teufelvolk (pls add promaxxe as an owner)closedDrTim58
585DrTim58more lighting errors srryclosedHolliferLighting is become fix.
584Haikuoi m8 can u fix some lighting glitchisclosedHolliferPower grid back online, completely functional!
583DrTim58I'm having some lighting issues in my region. It appears to be client-side but I was told to modreq itclosedHolliferThanks to Dumbo52 all is right in the world.
582Darrin66would someone be oh so kind as to expand my claim :)closedHolliferRedefined!
581ThelVadumeeprotecc this ender templeclosedThelVadumeeproteccc
580Andromeda4210protect with me and haiku as owners plsclosedMewciferthiccboi protecc
579Andromeda4210protect industrial_complexclosedHolliferProtected!
578Andromeda4210remove region protections, and revert my edits here plsclosedHolliferOut of LB. Repaired manually, region removed.
577Pixl3I justt noticed the name is adolf_112.. when holli made the region she gave it tto some random player plz change name to MTopclosedHolliferRenamed. Sorry about that, I was genuinely bamboozled.
576Flame623_protection name Millennium_Force Good luckclosedDumbo52
575Flame623_protection name Millennium_Force Good luckclosedDumbo52Protected
574Pixl3expand plzclosedHolliferRedefined!
573lavadragon77acome and claim my land for me please.closedBardidleyDuplicate request.
571Marrblesresize bronzebeard pls, its a big buildclosedMasterCommaTheembiggened.
570Marrblesresize bronzebeardclosedMasterCommaTheenhanced!
569Marrblesclaim landclosedMasterCommaTheThe legendary Bronzebeard will rise again!
568Marrbleswater flow yoclosedMasterCommaTheby the power vested in me, this water is flown
567PPGOMEanother expansion pl0xclosedHolliferExtended
566supersmilersprotect my imcomplete parktour so I can finish it later. I started on the spawn room right outside my homeclosedfazadenprotected ^_^
565MadBroMadregion the cyan woolclosedHolliferCreated
564PPGOMEexpand pl0xclosedHolliferRedefined!
563Haikuprotect thanks dadclosedHolliferProtected!
562PPGOMEclaim pls. Name: morphmachineclosedHolliferProtected
561Marrblesfire yoclosedHolliferI gotchu, it's lit.
559deanaclesprotect my upvote arrow so i might WE it up one blockclosedfazadenprotected
558derpherpington"you used me ... for land development"closedMewciferyes i did, here ya go :D
557admantaprotect my buildclosedMewciferprotected. rip
556Abitcatmake it when the sign is clicked you return back to the main lobby thing for this dreamclosedMewcifertp set to sign
555Abitcatmake the white wool nether portal blocksclosedMewcifergateway to hell opened #edgy
553Tedbearim getting quattedclosedTedbear
552Pixl3claimclosedHolliferRegion created!
551Abitcatclaim dis and call it stanton_islandclosedHolliferProtected, named appropriately
550ZacTaitFrappierdelete my regionclosedHolliferRegion removed!
549ZacTaitFrappierprotectclosedHolliferRegion created!
548woxiecan I please have a gold chestplate to look nice and spicyclosedHolliferYes do /i gold_chestplate , you'll look super spicy.
547dobreirathis is brokenclosedHolliferFixed
545DrThePepperprotectionclosedSilversunsetprotection protected!
543UltraBilly09claimclosedHolliferProtected! Next time please make a fuller border
542dmz2112Please create a region for me within the purple border. Thanks!closedHolliferRegion Created!
541PPGOMElapis to barrier pleseclosedHolliferNice stuff, very creative
540ToastyMC_W/e and stuff for my film studioclosedHolliferProtected!
539PPGOMERIP mapsclosedHolliferThey aren't broken, they just aren't completed -Bardidley
538CraftyMine15request nice server ever!closedbermudalocketduplicate of 536. Please do not put spam in modreqs.
537CraftyMine15request hoiclosedbermudalocketduplicate of 536
536CraftyMine15requestclosedbermudalocketWhen you submit a modreq please include what you need help with so we can assist you!
535promaxxei noticed someone griefed this statueclosedBardidleyUnfortunately it is out of logs
534Flame623_I'm not sure if this build classifies as a dick...closedBardidleyI see no dick
533Pixl3never mind the last one i guess we can place item frames and i didnt knowclosedBardidley=)
532Pixl3change yellow wool to itemframe on wallclosedBardidleyYou can place your own item frames now. =)
531Haikucan have warp?closedBardidleyWarp granted, congrats!
530Haikuprotectorinosclosedrobralready protected!
529AndyJFclaim this area please? ThanksclosedHolliferProtected
528Haikuprotect dadclosedHolliferOk son, you're safe now.
527Lappy486Can I get a region in the yellow box, please :)closedHolliferProtected
526HolliferConsider warp for "Core" ?closedBardidleyCongrats on the warp! (sorry forgot to close this)
525PPGOMEderp chat pl0xclosedMewciferner
524BloobearPlease expand my region out to these borders. :)closedMewciferRegion redefined!
523Darrin66can this here plate go to 405, 10, -3116 pleaseclosedHolliferTeleport pad created!
522PPGOMEadd pvp to region core so can rek noobs pls and make survival on enter LOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLLLOLOLclosedHolliferNo.
521Flame623_Protect my cloud machine plsclosedMewciferProtected
520BloobearPlease protect as "McGill," thanks! :)closedHolliferA year supply of honey included, sir.
519Pixl3claim townclosedBardidleyProtected!
518Abitcatsave this and put it where it cannot be erased.closedMewciferforgot to close oops
517PPGOMEallow drops plsclosedMewcifersorry for delay, set to allow drops
516LOLOLLOLOLOLOLLclaimclosedMewciferIt's REQUIRED that you produce a border on your own. No mod or admin will do it for you. Please build a border and modreq again.
515LOLOLLOLOLOLOLLclaimclosedMewciferBUILD a border and modreq again please
514LOLOLLOLOLOLOLLclaimclosedMewciferNo border, please build a border and then modreq again
513GreggaryCould you please protect this area :)closedHolliferProtected!
511MrTheKingHE PROTECC ME WITH ABIT AS OWNER TOOclosedHolliferI have done a large protecc
510MrTheKinghe fite meclosedHolliferLet's go you fucc
509MrTheKingHE PROTECC MEclosedHolliferBUT NOW HE BACC
508MrTheKingproteccclosedHolliferNow, no 1 can attacc
507GreggaryProtect meh!closedMewciferclaimed! happy building :)
506LOLOLLOLOLOLOLLrequestclosedHolliferI said hold on a moment, please only make one request per issue. I will talk with you in just a moment
505LOLOLLOLOLOLOLLrequestclosedHolliferWait a moment, i'll PM with you
504Flaming_FantombarrierclosedHolliferBarrier placed!
503Flaming_Fantomflow my water plsclosedHolliferThe power of //fixwater be with you.
502GamerOwli want this land do build on :DclosedBardidleyProtected!
501DrTim58item frame between sign and weighted pressure plateclosedHolliferFramed
500Lethal_Treei got some region questions that would be easier to discuss via pm so im not saying them nowclosedHolliferCongradulations on request 500. You win info and a free region!
499Lappy486Region in the yellow box, please!closedHolliferWow, what a beach!
498promaxxeflowing waterclosedHolliferWater s'good.
497ThelVadumeepls turn this cobweb into a end gateclosedThelVadumeeooh i did a thing!
496promaxxewarp titled "StepfordManor" or something of the soryclosedBardidleyCongrats on the warp!
495AndyJFmake my weeklybuild plot always night? thank youclosedMasterCommaThe/rg flag newyears_0021 time-lock 18000 is what I used to make it happen, you can too.
494AndyJFcan I dig down further please?closedMasterCommaTheSorry, nope, size limits are the same for everyone.
493AndyJFWould it be possible to have access to the old //smooth command? Using a smooth brush doesn't give me the results I needclosedMasterCommaThePlease post suggestions here in the forums:
492Pixl3flowclosedThelVadumeewater flowing :D
491THE_BA_GAMERgriefclosedcheezychickenSadly this is out of our logs :(
490AzzabaijanCould I claim the area in lapis blocks, so I can use worldedit on my test build for pve?closedHolliferProtected, WE enabled in the area. If you need more room just build up a border around the space you need and /modreq again!
489Powerchocohow i bluid and have a homeclosedHolliferYou can use /randloc to find an empty area in the world and /sethome then /home to return. If you want protection use /spawn to see instructions on how to claim/protect and area.
488arsMoriendiexpand regionclosedHolliferRegion expanded
487cheezychickenregion here plzclosedcheezychickenRegion regioized you sexy beast
486ToastyMC_i want world editclosedbermudalocketIn order to gain access to WorldEdit, you must first request a region protection. For more info check out /warp wetutorial
485PPGOMEprotect for ieuweh and I please. name: christmasparkclosedMewciferprotected!
484iiDank_claimclosedMewciferdiscussed via msg
483Tedbearprotect region "Aix"closediNerd71Region protecTED
482Carrotappleclaim white wool top to bottom thx in adv.closedThelVadumeeregion created
481Tedbearis it possible that I get my plot here elongaTED by like 50 blocks or something?closedMasterCommaTheBerry elongated now
480Greggarythe worldedit here please?closedBardidleyRegion created!
479TheUnknownDakotai want this landclosedfazadenland's yours
478PPGOMEdoors open so can kill self plsclosedMewcifersuicide is bad
476ZachmawThey're over here.closedBardidleydone.
475Pixl3claim region "Anomaly"closedfazadenprotected :)
474Saru_Meiland protectionclosedBardidleyProtected!
473Lethal_Treehey i just saw the no redstone in the overworld thing. is my claim a problem? if it is, would it be possible to have the things moved from here somewhere else or notclosedBardidleyThis would probably fit in better at /warp testbuild - but its been here for a long time so you might as well leave it.
472Goldenmoonrisethis shit racistclosedBardidleySigns removed.
471Zachmawrunnaway minecarts, I cant breay them because they left my claimclosedBardidleyMinecart removed.
470Pixl3I need this region fixed, you guys over laid two different regions, I need this expansion to be only one so i can weclosedBardidleyfixed, sorry about that.
469Pixl3I need to expand this claim to hereclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
468ZomiseNotes notes notesclosedZomiseGreat job.
467ZomisePlease elevate to admins Spook.closedZomiseAdmin handled
466ZomiseFlow dispenser spookclosedSpook6flow
465ZomiseSpook flowclosedSpook6flowed
464ZomiseFlow this tooclosedSpook6flowing
463ZomiseSpook6 flowclosedSpook6water flowed
462lougirl22request i need my place protectedclosedfazadenprotected ^_^
461Pixl3new region right outside my old, i made two cornersclosedMewciferexpansion rg created
460Lethal_Treecan the normal granite be replaced with a barrier?closedMewcifernormal granite set to barrier :)
459iNerd71plot plsclosedDumbo52added
458SkyAdventurer01Please claim for meclosedChallenger2Clame saved
457Chrishalclaim?closedBardidleyDuplicate req.
455Pixl3*waves magic wand around* letavoa, watova, is flowwa! (flow water)closedElectifriedSomething, something, leviosa, done.
454PurpleSizzurpu did unmute to my friend pls unmute me tooclosedBardidleyLast chance.
452piplo127128can i claim my houseclosedpiplo127128
451Pixl3remove billy as ownerclosedMasterCommaTheexcommunicated.
450Rivericreate robie house claimclosedRiveridone
449Tedbearcreate region "gucci_gang" pleaseclosedDumbo52Protected
448Lethal_Treecan these spruce planks pls get replaced with barriers? its for a shcool project with floating dead bodies so dont ask whyclosedDumbo52I won't ask... replaced.
447dorky4Can you please claim this area for me? :)closedDumbo52Protected
446PurpleSizzurppls unmute i not do spam anymoreclosedBardidleyYou will remain muted, you cannot seem to handle chat lately.
445dorky4Can you please duplicate this melon stem x2? So there's 3 in total. Thanks!closedBardidleyThese suburb plots are meant for house builds only. If you want to build this I suggest you claim some land outside of spawn city.
444PurpleSizzurpi do pmclosedMewcifer
443PurpleSizzurpi dont do in global pls unmuteclosedMewcifer
442SPGGuardianill stopclosedMewcifer
441tbhangelicai am muslimclosedMewcifer
440SPGGuardiany :(closedMewciferPlease be patient while I check logs. Do not spam modreq.
439tennis111Pls I very SoRRy, I had Bery hard day TOdayclosedMewciferPlease be patient while I check logs. Do not spam modreq.
438PurpleSizzurpi sorry no do againclosedMewciferPlease be patient while I check logs. Do not spam modreq.
437PurpleSizzurpwhat muted for i talking china how they mother fuck to meclosedMewciferPlease be patient while I check logs. Do not spam modreq.
436Pixl3follow up to last modreq, please name it B.A.DclosedSir_DidymusDuplicate.
435Pixl3Hallow, I would like plot plz, where can find of plots? If no give plot I griff srver (Please claim the yellow wool, thanks.)closedSir_DidymusRegion created.
434SPGGuardianwhy one get muted? Sorry for not speaking English I talk to friend PurpleSizzurp so we can understandclosedBardidleyUnmuted.
433PurpleSizzurpi will english nowclosedBardidleyDuplicate
432PurpleSizzurpi am sorry for not english, i was talking to my friendclosedBardidleyUnmuted.
431tennis111UnbAN plsclosedBardidleyYou arent banned
430arsMoriendiportal ploxxersclosedBardidleyPlease be more specific where you want the portal placed.
429texbprotect thanku :)closedBardidleyProtected!
428AndyJFexpand protection to blue border pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheExpanded.
427AndyJFclaim this area please? ThanksclosedMasterCommaTheYou must conspicuously mark where you want the region. If I can't find it, I can't make it.
426AndyJFmove slime_latern's claime a bit further to the east? I realise they are not breaking any rules but it's a bit close to my plot.closedBardidleySorry but the gap here is fair. I suggest now that you have a warp you should expand your border in the other direction if you plan to use more land. More players will end up in your area because of the warp.
425Slime_LanternrequestclosedMewciferAssuming you wanted this claimed... Claimed! Happy building!
424ZachmawEntity cleanup. Someone put a lot of minecarts into someone elses claim. Pretty sure this counts as greifing.closedMewciferPlayer dealt with and mess cleaned up. Thanks for reporting!
423djtrogyum? RIP FPSclosedMewciferRip fps indeed--out of LB, but all cleaned up! thanks for reporting :)
422tennis111Ill stop My freindclosedBardidleyDuplicate req.
421tennis111PLs i stopclosedBardidleyin 30 min I will unmute.
420PPGOMEmake the hole in his mouth public please!closedMewcifergap in mouth set to build allow
419Abitcatmake this a region but make it a kid region of the spleef region so i can use world edit here. also name this region "chiccy-fil-a"closedBardidleyPermit has been granted. Do not disappoint.
418PPGOMEcan add jukebox here?closedBardidleyMaybe next time..
417PPGOMEAbit griefed jukeboxclosedChallenger2RIP Jukebox
416derpherpingtongrief part IIclosedChallenger2Grief removed
415derpherpingtongriefclosedChallenger2Grief removed
414piplo127128there is some weird lighting where i removed trees from this islandclosedBardidleyI dont see any lighting issues, perhaps a relog will fix it?
413whitefieldcatprotectionclosedBardidleyLand protected!
412Grimwaltzmay I please have the region marked in orange from bedrock to sky. sky cathedral.closedRiveriregion sky_cathedral created!
411TheMeeBovieenable item drops in all 4 regionsclosedBardidleyDrops set to allow
410OleKingbearProtect for the Proposed MetroCentre Mall Which will Feature Anchors such as: Dick's Sporting Goods, Super Kmart Center, Sears, Dillard's, Macy's, Best Buy, And Walmart SuperCenter.closedBardidleyRegion has been created. have at it!
409OleKingbearProtect for the Proposed MetroCentre Mall Which will Feature Anchors such as: Dick's Sporting Goods, Super Kmart Center, Sears, Dillard's, Macy's, Best Buy, And Walmart SuperCenter.closedOleKingbear
408OleKingbearProtect for the Proposed MetroCentre Mall Which will Feature Anchors such as: Dicks Sporting Goods, Super Kmart Center, Sears, Dillard's, Macy's, Best Buy, And Walmart SuperCenter.closedOleKingbear
407OleKingbearProtect for the Proposed MetroCentre Mall Which will Feature Anchors such as: Dicks Sporting Goods, Super Kmart Center, Sears, Dillard's, Macy's, And Walmart.closedOleKingbear
406OleKingbearProtect for the Proposed MetroCentre Mall Which will Feature Anchors such as: Dicks Sporting Goods, Super Kmart Center, Sears, Dillard's, Macy's, And WalmartclosedOleKingbear
405Rush_1Can I get water flowclosedBardidleyFlowed!
404piplo127128expland plsclosedBardidleyExpanded!
403EsterSpaceprotectclosedBardidleyPlease mark the border for your region.
402AndyJFIs it possible to stop snow layers melting in this plot?closedHeysofiaI changed the biome to cold taiga, should solve the issue :)
401ChrtOSI discovered an exploit to get flowing water using //fixwater, and then blocking and unblocking the water. Nevermind this if this is know to you mods. :)closedBardidleyYes, it is known to us.
400Andromeda4210protect Andromeda_test_areaclosedElectifriedprotected
399ClayHasLlamasprotectclosedElectifriedTo claim a plot, stand in one and type "/nerdplot claim"
398Lappy486Could I get this region expanded out to the orange line please? Thanks :)closedMewciferexpanded!
397PurpleSizzurpclaimclosedMewciferprotected for you friend
396PurpleSizzurpflowclosedMewcifervery flow
393Abitcatmake dis place availa (aka claim the red outline)closedMewciferhasta luego de donde availa?? (i dont speak fancy)
392TheMeeBovieclaim as yellow_n (I know that this is my third large claim, still waiting on new australia to be rolled back)closedBardidleyRegion created. New Aus area will need to be restored from a backup because much of it was not in logs at time of your modreq
391Andromeda4210someone removed my other sign. pls ban themclosedMewciferi have discovered the culprit... however i do not hold the power to act on this info
390PPGOMEthis birch to barrier pls with a snowman insideclosedMewciferreplaced
389Abitcatstop the presses (aka reset this sorry for all of the resets)closedMewciferdone, but you could have //set air'd it :P
388Zyburgclaim "zyburg"closedMewcifernothing like naming a city after yourself :P
387Zyburgclaim expansionclosedbermudalocketregion expanded!
386Hobby_boyCould you make the water in this region flow please? ThanksclosedbermudalocketFlowed! For future reference, you can flow liquids in your own region using the /flow command
385Smegbearcan I claim this area I outlined & set it to permanent midday sun? Building a princess castle.closedbermudalocketregion created and time locked
383ChrtOSProtection: magenta cuboid and soutward with exception for the CTA rail (also marked out)closedMasterCommaTheThere is no way to make an exception, but please remove bumpers so the CTA effectively passes through.
382TheMeeBovieexpand yellow into orange borders - tip: don't rename "orange"closedMewcifersorry im colorblind i renamed it indigo
381djtrogyremove the border and allow me to build plz (red posts are corners)closedBardidleyArea protected!
380DrTim58protect and call EisenrestclosedBardidleyProtected!
379djtrogyallow me to connect the two plots between the red postsclosedMewciferConnected!
378piplo127128weird lightingclosedChallenger2Removed weirdness
377texbexpand plsss thankuclosedMewciferexpanded!
376admantaproteck my tetris blocksclosedMewciferprotected
375ThelVadumeeignore last req, im in the base i want moved now too: 345 80 -545closedThelVadumeedone
374Zyburgplz claim my stuffclosedMewciferok
373MewciferBardidley-ocean messed up here?closedBardidleyFixed tsunami.
372ThelVadumeeplease cut and paste my build in the end to here: 345 65 -578, i also placed a block here if that helpsclosedThelVadumeei messed up this req anyway lol
371admantaprotect pixelartclosedBardidleyprotected
370Andromeda4210replace the polished diorite cutting the road with gray concrete powder please?closedBardidleyReplaced
369Andromeda4210replace the blocks with gray concrete powder to make my road connect to this road pls?closedBardidleyConnected!
368ThelVadumeeis it possible to cut my build from here and paste it into the void in end where there is no islands around?closedHeysofiaFind a location and get us the coords :)
367HeartshineCurse these barriers for not lettign me leave through the balconiesclosedMasterCommaTheEldrich curse placed. Please see your local priest to get it removed.
366ZachmawAm I doing the modreq right? Anyway. I request that this plot of land be claimed for myself.closedfazadenprotected
365CutterWillpvp arenaclosedMewciferpvp flags set to region
364piplo127128protecc this entire islandclosedMewciferthou hast recieved one islandlo.
363CutterWillprotectclosedMewciferyes protec t
362PPGOMEgriff?closedChallenger2The block is too old to tell what happend to it.
361tippsieI'd like someone to light my fireplaceclosedtippsie
360PPGOMEprotect please!closedfazadenall set
359arsMoriendishould this be rolled back it has no regionclosedBardidleyUnfortunately it is out of logs.
358arsMoriendiclaim fractalclosedBardidleyProtected!
357arsMoriendiegg has been mooved oopsclosedChallenger2Oops! Its gone.
356piplo127128starter blocke plsclosedDumbo52placed
355texbProtecto pleeeeaseeeeeeeeeeclosedBardidleyProtected!
354Reon27flow plz at -3200, 72, -2200closedBardidleyFlowed!
353Pit_2I'd like WE perms plsclosedElectifriedWE perms granted
352tippsiepixel-art claimclosedfazadenprotected
350nickeox/close 348 enterclosednickeoxLove
349nickeoxplz close the last modreqclosednickeoxYou
348nickeoxremove dumbo the member but keep dumbo the owner plzclosednickeoxDumbo
347nickeoxadd dumbo52 to my region again please :)closedDumbo52Added :D
346Hobby_boyI've put blocks in the corner of the 100x100 area see id 345.closedDumbo52Protected
345Hobby_boyCould I have this area protected as a 100x100 area, with these blocks as the origin plese? Thanks. See the signclosedMewciferPlease make a border of the area you want protected. I'm not going to count out 100x100 for you.
344TheMeeBoviedisable leaf decayclosedfazadenthe leaves are invincible now
343TheMeeBoviereplace glass barrierclosedTheMeeBovie
342piplo127128id like to take this treeclosedfazadenthe tree's yours
341Dumbo52nickeox would like this protectedclosedDumbo52Protected
340Andromeda4210griefclosedExcessiveTokerFixed, and players delt with (wink). Thanks for reporting.
339Reon27flow plzclosedChallenger2Flowed? Lava aparently does not go straight down.
338Abitcatsave dis in testbuildclosedBardidleyMoved to testbuild
337Reon27flow FASTclosedBardidleyFlowed
336Bubblebeanymay i claim this piece of land?closedExcessiveTokerClaimed!
335arsMoriendiclaim "sierpinski"closedDumbo52Protected
334arsMoriendishould this be removed idkclosedtorteelaYeah probably. Thanks for reporting the derp
333TheMeeBoviegive us /hack pentagonclosedtorteelareported to the fbi
332Silversunsetyes dear.closedSilversunsetyes
331Silversunsetwhy is it rainingclosedSilversunsetbecause
330Abitcatmake this water flow and have it keep flowing when the eyes pop openclosedDumbo52You can flow water in your own regions now! Type /flow and right click the water with an empty hand.
329piplo127128theres a lot of lighting glitches/bugs? in my downtown plotclosedDumbo52Fixed
328TheMeeBovieI've changed my mind, I'd rather have my second large claim be an extention to yellow, so can you remove this area and rollback any changes made (claim is less than 1 month old)closedHolliferTerrain adequately restored, region removed.
327TheMeeBoviereplace the AAAAAs with HHHHHsclosedTheMeeBovie
326arsMoriendiclaim "fractal"closedDumbo52Protected
325ThelVadumeeturn this lapis block into a decorative end_gateway plsclosedBardidleygateway block placed!
324Bluuefuzzypls expand region 40 blocks north and 40 blocks eastclosedBluuefuzzyexpanded
323TheCoachAdaircan i use a boat in my region? testing canal liftclosedMasterCommaTheBoats are place-able by anyone anywhere. Go ahead!
322Bluuefuzzypls add ghrey to my regionclosedzburdsalWOW
321TheMeeBovieDO IN ORDER 1) replace STAINED glass (95) with barrier and 2) make 8 streams flowingclosedSir_DidymusBarriers created and water flowed!
320fazadenmany pixelart builds seem to have vanished, including the actual warp buildingclosedSir_DidymusFixed, thanks for reporting.
319texbcan you link my two down town plots, cheersclosedBardidleyPlots linked.
318zburdsalI'm going to let an admin decide on this but... well, tp here.closedBardidleyThanks for letting us know.
317Abitcatmake dis a region and name it "harold"closedBardidleyregion created.
316TheMeeBoviegive F L O to F O U N T A I NclosedBardidleyFountain floweth.
315Bluuefuzzypls add zburdsal to my regionclosedzburdsalThis is a form of laziness I wasn't aware of.
314TheMeeBoviejust bumping req 145closedBardidleyWe have it pinned, we know abou it.
313TheMeeBovie(DIFFERENT) 1) enhance the bracketed text with green italics 2) make that sign run command "/home themeebovie floralportal_upper"closedBardidleyActions added.
312TheMeeBovie1) enhance the bracketed text with green italics 2) make that sign run command "/home themeebovie floralportal_lower" as well as "/effect levitation 4 -6 true"closedBardidleyAction added.
311arsMoriendiremove minor griff ploxxersclosedzburdsalLogblock did something weird but uh... it definitely is gone now. yeah.
310il_tedstratoclamclosedtorteelaRegion created
309ThelVadumeethis endgateway is broken, does not teleport me to exit in islands and messed up my chatclosedThelVadumeewas a portal block, i killed it
308PPGOMEbaby chickens spawn from dispensers!closedtorteelaSpawns disabled in redstone world
307TheMeeBovieHOCUS POCUS deny people who aren't owners/members of this region to switch items such as this daylight sensorclosedBardidleyOk, should be denied now.
306Bluuefuzzyprotection plsclosedExcessiveTokerProtected! On C, staff can protect their own builds :)
305piplo127128is it possible to connect these two downtown plots?closedFlumperOne region to rule them all! :o
304ThelVadumeeturn this piece of bedrock into end gateway pls plsclosedFlumperReplaced! :)
303BubblebeanyMay I own this piece of land?closedMewciferYes you may! Here ya go.
302Tuxedowlmake stand invisblclosedChallenger2Added floating text
301Andromeda4210extend region claim to the blue wool borders plsclosedChallenger2Region extended
300arsMoriendiwhy is //count not allowedclosedBardidleyBecause it can cause a great deal of lag.
299arsMoriendiclamclosedMewciferya ok
298PPGOMEhow to build fasterclosedMewciferworldedit gome
297Andromeda4210long nausea affect for the vodka sign, and short for the beer sign plsclosedChallenger2Drunk signs created
296piplo127128proteccclosedDumbo52Region expanded
295Challenger2More troll buildsclosedMewciferRemoved
294Andromeda4210region flag to allow trapdoor use by region owners only plsclosedExcessiveTokerDone, thx Dumbo.
293Challenger2This is not a suburb building . . .closedMewcifermaybe in a nuclear apocalypse--removed + warned.
292PPGOMEmax plots?closedPPGOME
291Abitcatplease make this be gonclosedMewciferI made it b gon hope this is ok
290TheMeeBovieadd /hack pentagon. when typed it says "ACCESS DENIED" in bold orange lettersclosedBardidleyACCESS DENIED
289PPGOMEdisable WE in region please. CHALLENGE ACCEPTEDclosedPPGOME
288MasterCommaTheThis probably is not the finest example of redstone to have right adjacent to the warpclosedBardidleyThis is Andromeda4210's plot, we'll see what he does with it.
287PPGOMEblack clay to frame plsclosedElectifriedYou can place your own item frames now, BTW
286PPGOMEclaim region please and thanks! name: civicclosedSir_DidymusRegion created.
285Abitcatundo these 2 plots as I'm running out of ideasclosedMewciferCleared! Make another modreq if you'd like them unclaimed too.
2844eClausewitzclearing/deleting a plotclosedMewciferCleared!
282TheMeeBovieplease ONLY replace the 13 blocks of glass with barrier in this flowerclosedChallenger2Blocks replaced
281TaylorKaraRosei need water flownclosedElectifriedflowing
280TaylorKaraRosedo you like making settings'closedElectifriedQuit using /modreq for things that should be said in chat or in pm.
279TaylorKaraRosedo you like making backgrounds?closedElectifriedno
278BlazinGamin63I need my statue ProtectedclosedElectifried
277PPGOMEexplosims in area pl0xclosedElectifriedI've set off some explosions for you :D
276TaylorKaraRosei lost my build and i forgot to do /sethome im realy sad :(closedElectifriedThe coordinates to your build are x -6541 z -6437
275promaxxeremove owner PPGOMEclosedElectifriedPPGOME has been removed.
274texbexpendclosedDumbo52Expansion region "bluefields_west" created
273ExcessiveTokerreopen 268closedExcessiveTokeroops
272piplo127128protectionclosedtorteelaRegion created
271MumberthraxI'd like to unclaim this nerdplot regionclosedExcessiveTokerPlot unclaimed
270TheMeeBovieenable dropsclosedExcessiveTokerDrops enabled
269TheMeeBovieremove me from here and 2 plots westclosedExcessiveTokerPlots unclaimed!
268Abitcatclaim this as thingy-a-ma-jig-bobclosedExcessiveTokerArea protected
267Lotmomallow chest access pleaseclosedtorteelaChest-access flag set to allow
266TheMeeBovieenable dropsclosedBardidleyDrops set to allow!
265Lotmomallow itemdrops ploxclosedBardidleyDrops set to allow!
264Andromeda4210illegal redstone clockclosedElectifriedThe clock has been turned off.
263PPGOMEmerge two regions and name gomered pleaseclosedtorteelaRegions merged, but need to keep the current name for nerdplot stuff
262Andromeda4210warp between my home points bebop1 <-> bebop 2 bebop3 <-> bebop4 bebop5 <-> bebop6 and bebop7 <-> bebop8closedtorteelaThis should count as like 5 modreqs, but I made your warp regions. Some of the homes should probably be redone facing the opposite direction
260Abitcatalso undo this claim and recreate the road and treesclosedBardidleyOK, I will roll it all back.
259PPGOMEElectifried hates starwars. ban pleaseclosedElectifriedno
258Abitcatplease undo this claim because I just noticed this was a bad area for a cityclosedtorteelaRegion deleted and builds undone
257TaylorKaraRosebtw hello i need water flownclosedElectifriedflowing
256TaylorKaraRosesorry my brother is an assholeclosedElectifried.
255TaylorKaraRosei need you to look a tmy DANK MEMESclosedElectifriedduplicate request
254TaylorKaraRosei need you to look a tmy DANK MEMESclosedElectifriedDank memes are cool and all, but try to keep modreqs serious.
253Andromeda4210remove region andrew_teleport12 from here plsclosedBardidleyRegion removed.
252Troublebearprotect NibiruclosedBardidleyProtected!
251Troublebearcan I get a starter block?closedBardidleyStarter block placed!
250TheMeeBovieWhen will weekly build voting close?closedMasterCommaTheIt should finish voting Saturday night. but appears to still be going for now. Should be done shortly.
249ZomiseNot sure what the plans for this rail is, but I claimed the area on the opposite shore, and I'd like it to go through it, so I can implement it to the town I'll make. Unless you want to take it elsewhere.closedChallenger2Red line extended.
248Lethal_Treeis it possible to have this region expanded? we have already filled it up...closedDumbo52Expanded
247BlazinGamin63Plz Protect My StatueclosedDumbo52Protected
246PPGOMEbreak the one concrete block I am looking at please. breaks redstoneclosedDumbo52Sorry, too late
245Abitcatmake this rather skinny claim "wonder"closedBardidleyProtected!
244ZomiseProtection.closedZomiseForgot to close. Protected.
243Blazify_claim this landclosedDumbo52Protected
242Lethal_Treeim a region owner but idk how to flow water so pls flow?closedDumbo52Since you're a region owner, you can hold a water bucket and type "/flow" to place flowing water
240BlazinGamin63protect my statue plzclosedBardidleyprotected!
239Grimwaltzgriefing detected in bigtownclosedBardidleyFixed. Thanks for reporting.
238TheMeeBoviewhen fixed can you p r o t e c statueclosedBardidleyprotected.
237BlazinGamin63GreifclosedBardidleyfixed, thanks for reporting.
236TheMeeBovieThanks Blaze for reporting, this is chaosclosedBardidleyfixed, thanks for reporting.
235Andromeda4210protect NujabeclosedHolliferProtected
234Ted50May I please have a region in the cyan concrete?closedHolliferProtected.
233Ruexi wont be using the "ruex_claim" region. pls remove.closedBardidleyRegion removed.
232BlazinGamin63I need to protect my statueclosedChallenger2Statue protected
230Andromeda4210teleport on block contact x:-287 y:126 z:64 to x:-345 y:105 z:60 and vice versa pleaseclosedAndromeda4210
229AbitcatPlease make the glass block thing here okilly-dokilly neighborinoeenoclosedHolliferStarting block placed!
228Andromeda4210warp on block contact x:-301 y:130 z:30 to x:-280 y:125 z:41 and vice-versa pleaseclosedAndromeda4210
227Andromeda4210teleport on block contact x:-295 y:130 z:53 to x:-349 y:141 z:73 and vice-versaclosedAndromeda4210
226Andromeda4210teleport on contact x:-344 y:126 z:62 to x:-316 y:130 z:62 and vice-versa pleaseclosedAndromeda4210
225tflolipopgamernew regionclosedElectifriedNew region created \o/
223Wozdakapls flow 1 blockclosedElectifriedLooks like MasterCommaThe forgot to close this.
222THE_BA_GAMERprotection pls <3 pls love meclosedElectifriedprotected
221tflolipopgamerboarderclosedElectifriedYour region has been created.
220SpenKonCompleted larger borderclosedElectifriedYour region has been expanded.
219Fezthebearcould you flow this water?closedElectifriedflowing
218Wozdakapls replace white wool with a spawn'd villager (if he could be animated - that would be cool)closedDumbo52Handled via /msg
217Fezthebearcould you flow this?closedDumbo52Flowed
216Fezthebearcould you also flow this water?closedChallenger2Flowed
215Fezthebearcan you flow this water?closedChallenger2Flowed
214spurdburtlava flow pls, yellow wool to bedrockclosedChallenger2Lava flowed
212arsMoriendiclaimus expandiarmusclosedHolliferExpanded
211arsMoriendican u logblock this to see who made itclosedChallenger2Dandeman2K3
210PPGOMEallow drops plsclosedPPGOME
209promaxxeunmyoot plzclosedElectifriedYou've been unmuted. Please behave.
208Fezthebearthere is also a second water that needs flowing above the firstclosedElectifriedalso flowing
207Fezthebearcould you flow this water?closedElectifriedflowing
206tippsieMe and my friend, Kiddowell, want to make a claim, and made a boundary.closedDumbo52Looks like Bluuefuzzy completed this but forgot to close your req.
204Weazolplease protect my build so i can world edit this sad roof. opp corners markedclosedElectifriedprotected
203Lotmomflow again ploxclosedElectifrieddone
202SpenKonborder is doneclosedHolliferRegion protected!
201Lotmomflow lava ploxclosedHolliferFlowed lava :O
200Abitcatplease unclaim this plot for me (again)closedElectifriedYour region has been unclaimed.
199Abitcatplease claim this plot because I've reached the maxium number of plots and also could you connect both of them together in 1 region? thanksclosedBardidleyAdded.
198Lappy486Can I get a region extension out to the red wool, please? Thanks :)closedElectifriedregion extended
197ThelVadumeeturn these ping glass blocks into barriers plzzzclosedElectifriedThe glass blocks are now barriers.
196Reon27can we get our region expanded upwards?closedMewciferIt appears your region already goes to world height.
195Haikuflow this aquaboiclosedMewciferthe aquaboi is now an aquaman
194SomethingYouLikeSupreme Sugarcane placementclosedMewciferthats a lot of WEED--sugarcane
193oyylumoprotectionclosedElectifriedprotection granted
192Haikureplace banners w item frameboisclosedMewciferi took it for the extra modreq point but... you can place your own now :P
191TheMeeBovieadd "one big shitpost" to the server listing in the server menu at the title screen ( --> MOTD)closedHolliferPlease stop this, it's getting out of hand. Don't encourage people to be rowdy in chat.
190Jordyn_Gracehow do i use world edit for light blue clayclosedMewciferthe ID for light blue clay is 159:3. To see other IDs do f3+h
189TheMeeBoviegive F L O to the F O U N T A I N SclosedMewciferya flowy
188Jordyn_GraceCan you give me a block to start in spaceclosedExcessiveTokerThere's your block! :)
187TedVito17rail spamclosedExcessiveTokerCleared up, thanks for reporting.
186arsMoriendican i get uhhhhhhhh a weather region flag for rainingclosedtorteelayes
185oyylumoplease can i speakclosedHolliferUnmuted, please don't spam chat anymore.
184candygorebunnyDid anyone see this the first time? I want to know if a ravine can be WE'd into this mountain side.closedHolliferSee 185 We have a world edit tutorial at /warp WETutorial
183candygorebunnyIs it possible to WE a mega-ravine here?closedHolliferYes of course it is, claim the area and use WE and it's brush tools to create a huge ravine!
182PPGOMEyou sure?closedHolliferThe only place you'll be going if you keep up the joke modreqs is banned land.
181PPGOMEHolli not letting me go to hell :(closedHolliferNope, no entry.
180arsMoriendiwhy cant you put water in cauldronsclosedDumbo52Fixed
179arsMoriendithse item frames should probably be removedclosedHolliferWhy? I'd say this isn't too unreasonable of a number.
178Bluuefuzzypls add voodoodool45 to the lobby contest build #5, above zburdsal pls or you can even remove zburdclosedExcessiveTokervoodoodool45 added to sign!
177arsMoriendiplox fix lighting errorclosedExcessiveTokerFixed!
176arsMoriendican i have this extra plot :ooclosedExcessiveTokerConsidering that we're only 1 week into our new revision, I'm going to deny this req. In a few weeks if there is space left, you may request for more.
175mishka06request I want to get rid of plotclosedBardidleyremoved.
174mishka06request weekly buliding contest structure plot I don't need it anymoreclosedBardidleyPlease make this request at the plot.
173ThelVadumeepls turn these 3 bedrocks into end gateways, im trying to make a hologram thing lolclosedExcessiveTokerEnd gateways set
172Abitcatpls claim this plot and connect the other one to the rightclosedThelVadumeeuse /nerdplot claim first pls
171Creeper001Protecc pls, cyan beacons are at each corner.closedDumbo52Protected
170TedVito17i cant build in my own regionclosedBardidleyLooks like there was a mistake when terrapromissa was created. I have adjusted the region. Your land rights restored.
169arsMoriendiclaimclosedMewciferyes make your pixels art
168candygorebunnyClaim locationclosedMewciferborder set
167Fezthebearcould you flow this water?closedHolliferFlowed.
166PPGOMEcan my build be expanded to height limit? I need to make it vertical and then flip itclosedHolliferRedefined.
165spurdburtprotection red wool, max height and depthclosedHolliferProtected!
164candygorebunnycan I get a nether portal here>closedHolliferPortals placed!
163Andromeda4210unclaim plot plsclosedDumbo52Unclaimed
162PPGOMEcan't use armour standsclosedExcessiveTokerdiscussed via PM
161TheMeeBoviei would advise blocking /thruclosedExcessiveTokerThis was mostly a trial run tonight! Next time we have Spleef we'll have more commands disabled and more rules in place. Thank you for your suggestion, and thanks for coming to Spleef!
160candygorebunnyWorldedit Territoryclosedtorteelano longer needed
159TheMeeBovieswitch me to redclosedTheMeeBovie
158Abitcatpls remove me as owner and make this back to normal as I've found better areaclosedBardidleyRemoved.
157TheMeeBoviei need a sign for this doorclosedBardidleySign placed.
156Reon27can i get someone to change the area inside the wood to grass plz. no idea how to do it.closedMewciferyes here u go
155arsMoriendiclaim "meme"closedMewciferi'm disappointed but i protected it anyway, consider this mercy
154PPGOMEpixelmon server?closedElectifriedNo, this isn't a pixelmon server.
153Andromeda4210block drop enabled in this region plsclosedDumbo52Enabled
151arsMoriendiand extend the line on this side too ploxclosedElectifriedline extended
150arsMoriendican u place a leaf hereclosedElectifriedI placed a leaf there.
149PPGOMEunclaim pls :(closedBardidleyunclaimed
148Andromeda4210buttons->item frames plsclosedElectifriedThe buttons are now item frames.
147AbitcatAm I able to claim this area AND the rail to make a station here? Thanks!closedBardidleyYes, however not the entire section, let me know what size you plan to use
145TheMeeBovierequest for entry mgmapclosedBardidleyArena application submitted. Thanks for applying =)
144arsMoriendican i have downtown_0001 removed and downtown_0000 extended to cover itclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
143Troublebearprotect BlackbirdclosedHolliferProtected.
142Mumberthraxmay i have suburb_0036's priority set higher so that grass can grow here? if not, not a big dealclosedMumberthraxnvm. i forgot i have WE
141SirTacofacecould you move these talking heads outside of my parkour spot about 15 blocks away or somethin, thanks!closedDumbo52Moved
140Rowmegalight fix :(closedDumbo52Unlit
139dmz2112Please make this a WorldEdit region for me. Thank you!closedDumbo52Protected
138Reon27i was told by totemo to have my redstone stuff moved to the test world. (i have no idea how to do that...closedBardidleyRedstone tests have been moved to /warp redstone, you should be able to see it close to warp point. I have added you to a plot.
137Reon27flow plz (this time for realclosedHolliferYou have commanded me, I have fulfilled your request.
136Reon27flow plzclosedHolliferSee 137.
135Reon27flow the one under the glass too plz.closedElectifriedflowing
133TheMeeBovieI have no plots and I can't claim thisclosedBardidleyI have manually added you until I can figure out what the problem is.
132arsMoriendican i have these two downtown regions mergedclosedHolliferPlots merged!
131dmz2112Please remove this tree. Thank you!closedElectifriedtree removed
130zburdsalI belive my perfect lobby was left out of the contest by error, please include it so I may get my easy victory.closedtorteelaAfter further consideration the contest is canceled and this will be our lobby forever.
129NieiosclaimclosedMewciferClaim set!
128Flame623_Change region name to FCI_IrongateclosedMewciferChanged--sorry about that!
127Flame623_Protection [Name FCI_Irongate] Y: 0-255closedMewciferRegion granted
126TaylorKaraRoserequestclosedBardidleyWater flowed!
124PPGOMEclaim brokeclosedMewciferi think i unbroked it
123PPGOMEmy mouse broke. can locate part?closedMewciferi do not hold the piece of technology you require :(
122SpRiNkLeD_DoNuT_WE region plsclosedMewciferRegion created
121SomethingYouLikeSupreme Protection my guyclosedMewciferRegion redefined my dude
120HolliferPlease fix these lightning errors. Light level 0closedDumbo52Fixed
119Rowmegawater flowclosedMewcifersplash
117Flame623_Protection (Name flame_plane1)closedMewciferProtected!
116x_Serval_xprotection area: glowstone to glowstoneclosedMewciferSorry for the delay-here you go!
115Weazolplease erase this mess (all of it) I decided to approach it a different way.closedMewciferRolled back! Good luck on your new approach :P
114PPGOMEexpand pl0xclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
113TheMeeBovieWhy don't we have /deltree?closedTheMeeBovie
112TheMeeBovieclaim as "new_australia" Y0-255 this is the second of my two large projects this revclosedMewciferGood luck on your two big projects! Try to fill these two up more before you claim any more space though :)
111Rowmegaprotection expansionclosedElectifriedThe foundations of the intercontinental railroad have been set. Go and build now :)
110Lappy486Could I get an expansion out to the orange line, please? :)closedElectifriedYour region has been extended :)
109FezthebearI have made my region, I would appreciate it if it would be claimedclosedElectifriedregion claimed
108Rowmegaprotection: its a long oneclosedElectifriedregion created
107SomethingYouLikebarriersclosedElectifriedbarriers placed
106TheMeeBovieclaim as "new_australia" Y0-255 this is the second of my two large projects this revclosedBardidleyProtected.
105Flame623_make wall on plot entrance blocked offclosedtorteelaWall blocked
104Andromeda4210give lever usage to only region owners here please (It was made so that no one including me can use levers)closedtorteelaI think I did it, send me a mail if I did it wrong.
103BirbecheIdk how this works... can I have my building protected?closedChallenger2House protected
102EpIc_NaChO_worldedit region plsclosedElectifriedregion created
101promaxxeflowing water again plzclosedElectifriedYou've also gotten req 101. Enjoy the water, lol
100promaxxeflowing water from the topclosedHolliferCongradulations on 100th modreq! You win a free block of flowing water!
99PPGOMErename region to Terrapromissa pleaseclosedElectifriedregion renamed
98PPGOMEcan roll back tower 20 mins pls? //undo won't work for itclosedExcessiveTokerThis is something we do not do for players. We consider this to be "building for you" which is not encouraged.
97Rowmegaregion expansion please :^ )closedElectifriedThis new area is now yours
96PPGOMEderp chatclosedtorteelano
95Lappy486Protection please!closedMewciferProtected!
94PPGOMEban Tux for bad songclosedMewciferdont tempt me :P
93PPGOMEMew for Most ReqsclosedMewciferyes pls
92PPGOMEwarp sign pls with the coords above lmaoclosedMewciferSign set to the coords given.
91PPGOMEwhite to barrier and grey to frame plsclosedMewciferBarrier and frame placed
90thermodynamicisti dont want this region claim anymore: it is in the middle of pixel art accidentally lolclosedMewciferregion has been removed
89Cyanite_Gemcan you rename my region to "natura_deorum", please?closedMewciferRegion renamed!
88PPGOMEregion create please :) Name: HalcyonboatclosedMewciferRegion created
87PPGOMEexpand please :D (Sorry for the expansion size. May take a while to find the other end D:)closedMewciferExpansion claimed
86Cyanite_Gem/give Cyanite_Gem minecraft:banner 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{Base:5,Patterns:[{Pattern:vhr,Color:14},{Pattern:vh,Color:10},{Pattern:tt,Color:12},{Pattern:bt,Color:15},{Pattern:cr,Color:5},{Pattern:mc,Color:13},{Pattern:flo,Color:9}]}}closedMewciferSee req. 85.
85Cyanite_GemI need a banner, and I can't craft it (More than 6 layers), so can any of you execute this command for me? (I'll put it in another modreq)closedMewciferSorry, we can't do that here unfortunately :/
84Andromeda4210deny lever use to non region owners plsclosedMewciferi have jammed the levers
83Lethal_Treeok we made a big square of wool now what?closedMewciferI've given you a region within your borders, and now you can worldedit in it! If you don't know how to use WE, please see /warp WETutorial
82Lethal_Treehow does one use worldedit on this server?closedMewciferdiscussed via /msg
81Ruexarea claim ^_^closedMewciferwaow clam OwO
80Mumberthraxtechadmin - sky in space is still not like previous space worlds. locking time to night suxclosedBardidleyWe don't use the end as a space world anymore.
79TedVito17change region name thegettyclosedChallenger2Region renamed
78Rowmegaprotection pls :DclosedChallenger2Land protected
77Tuxedowlclaim name ted jailclosedChallenger2Jail created
76Tuxedowlclaim name hotbaseclosedMewciferone base two base hot base cold base
75TheMeeBovieI'm one block short. Can I claim just this border or no?closedtorteelaDiscussed via /m
74PPGOMEexpand plsclosedHolliferRedefined.
73TedVito17expand region to green concreteclosedHolliferRedefined.
72trekman10could i get this area protected? its nice and I wanna make a small townclosedHolliferProtected!
71SomethingYouLikesupreme protectionclosedMewciferultra claimed
70PPGOMEexpand meh borders pl0zclosedDumbo52Expanded
69DrTim58protect and call VerdammnisclosedMewciferReq 69. And here is your evil city \o/
68thermodynamicistextra downtown plot for condosclosedMewciferPlot granted
67TuxedowlFlow I say, FLOW THY WATER!closedMewciferthere u little hellion
66NumbersPlease add me to akb as owner, thanks.closedMewciferyeppo
65MumberthraxMay I have the 100x100x100 area delimited by this grey wool as a protected region "MPlanet1"?closedMewciferyes here u go
63thermodynamicisti dont want this plot anymoreclosedMewciferYou have been removed from the plot :)
62Mumberthraxspace seems to have a blue sky during the dayclosedtorteelaSpace is now 50% more dark.
61Cyanite_Gemprotect my claim (tell me if it's too big, I'm planning to do a community town)closedMewciferProtected! It's a good size, don't worry. :)
60PPGOMEbarriers plsclosedMewciferyes barriers
59Mumberthraxi can has starseed in space here?closedExcessiveTokergranted!
58Rowmegaregion claimclosedMewciferProtected!
57thermodynamicistThermodyne lava extraction regional claimclosedMewciferProtected!
56Smagnomecwaim pwease -3-closedBardidleyProtected!
55Lynxoriancan you claim this area for me please :-)closedBardidleyProtected!
54TedVito17proteccclosedExcessiveTokershe protecc
53RowmegaWould someone replacing my castle's moat with lava?closedBardidleyLava set.
52PPGOMEMew respawned it twice now but when I log off my horse keeps despawning. Don't wanna waste a pet so could spawn one that won't despawn? (She named it)closedExcessiveTokerSorry PPGOME, the whole reason we have /pet is so we can allow players to spawn their own mobs. Spawning regular mobs is something we don't do for players.
51PPGOMEam I stupid or did somebody place the stairs on this roof for me? (I may have cause I have a short memory span sometimes)closedMewciferThese all appear to have been placed by you :P
50TedKing_MCCan I have this regio plzclosedMewciferyes u may here u go
49promaxxefill with flowing waterclosedMewciferfilled w/ da water
48Abitcatclaim this land for me pls so I can make intersection thingyclosedMewciferhf with ur intersection thingy
47texbprotect plssssclosedHolliferProtected.
46AndyJFclaim this area for a city build please?closedZomiseRegion protected as andyjf_build
45TheMeeBoviereplace glass with barrierclosedHolliferBarriers placed.
44Tuxedowlchange region greeting to "Welcome to Coldbase, hope you brough a jacket!"closedHolliferRegion greeting set.
43Tuxedowlexpand border plsclosedHolliferRegion redefined.
42promaxxeclaim as halcyon_park plzclosedMewciferProtected
41HolliferYou destroyed my books? :/closedtorteelaThe chests weren't protected so anyone could remove the books. They've been changed to donation chests now
40TheMeeBoviegive flow to the fountainsclosedZomiseFlowing!
39Flame623_Merge plots with Andromeda4210closedtorteelaPlots merged
38Andromeda4210merge plots with Flame623_ plsclosedtorteelaPlots merged
37Andromeda4210protect test arch.closedDumbo52Protected
36Ruexland claim pl0xclosedDumbo52Protected
35Haikuexpand d o n gclosedDumbo52Expanded
34Haikuprotect me show bobs and vageneclosedThelVadumeeProtected
33ThelVadumeereplace this sponge with end_gateway block plzclosedMewciferReplaced!
32Haikucan gib perms to shit (also show bobs and vagene)closedMewcifergibben perms
31Tuxedowlclaim cold airportclosedtorteelaprotected
30PPGOMEmake coarse to barrier pls and spawn a horse. Will delete a pet and don't want this one to dieclosedMewciferBlocks replaced and horse spawned
29Abitcatclaim this rather large claim here except not the outpost in the middle except I wish I could be in that region so I can build next to it without having to worry about region buffersclosedBardidleyRegion created!
28Tuxedowlexpandith borderithclosedDumbo52Expanded
27Tuxedowlclaim name coldclosedDumbo52Protected
26PPGOMErename region to HalcyonclosedDumbo52Region renamed
25Tedbearmolly rankin hot or notclosedExcessiveTokerhot, but pls no joke reqs (at least not this early in the rev) thanks
24PPGOMEclaim plsclosedMewciferClaimed!
23ThelVadumeeprotecc the stuff in side the glowstone corners plzclosedThelVadumeeproteccd
22Mumberthraxwhen i use /nerdplot claim at this sign, it informs me i have the maximum number of plots. the sign at /warp mapword says modreq, not nerdplot. is it still using claim data from last rev?closedBardidleyThe max number of map plots per player is 1, but you can request for more
21TheMeeBovieremove me from this claim plsclosedMewciferRemoved
20fazadenprotection for my upcoming statue, could the name be fazaden_mei ?closedMewciferfazaden_mei created!
19Carrotappleplz claim @white wool top to bottom thx in adv.closedExcessiveTokerRegion protected, happy building (:
18TheMeeBovieit appears my border for yellow has been rolled backclosedMewciferDiscussed via /msg, border restored as requested.
17Mumberthraxi just accidentally broke a sign here. i thought it was a protected region for space. :sclosedMewciferok fixed lol
16arsMoriendirename claim to promiendiclosedMewciferrenamed by chal
15Tuxedowlmake region entrance message <Tuxedow> o/ How do, neighberinoclosedMewciferGreeting set
14Ruexland claim pl0xclosedMewciferClaimed pl0x
13promaxxeprotection for me and arsMoriendiclosedMewciferClaimed and ars added
12Abitcatpls remove ownershipp of this plot from me kthxbyeclosedMasterCommaTheYou have been banished.
11fazadenrollback error in part of my buildclosedtorteelaAll fixed
10Andromeda4210protect The_BebopclosedMasterCommaTheBedop-Be-woo-wop!
9TheMeeBovieI'd like this statueclosedTheMeeBovienvm
8TheMeeBovieEDIT TO REQ 7: The pink region has now been combined with yellow, so no need to add ext1closedtorteelaSee req 7
7TheMeeBovieclaim yellow region as "yellow" and pink region as "yellow_ext1" with hight Y0-255closedtorteelaRegion created
6thermodynamicistplease register and protect my region claim!closedMewciferClaimed!
5DrTim58protect and call gvrclosedMewciferCommence the horrific experiments and cold wars
4Tuxedowlclaim volcano my amigoclosedExcessiveTokerVolcano protected, happy building :D
3TheMeeBovieclaim as "yellow" from 0-255 YclosedTheMeeBovie
2Andromeda4210starting block plsclosedMewciferplaced!
1HolliferOpen this chest please.closedExcessiveTokerpretty story <3