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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
1288King_Araiocan the houston greeting be changed to "howdy there good buddy welcome to houston!" AND CHANGE TO BLUE TEXT PLSopen
1287King_Araiocan the houston greeting be changed to "howdy there good buddy welcome to houston!"closedKing_AraioFUGG MESSED UP AGAIN
1286texbpls protect LOVE YOU ALL OKAYclosediNerd71Region protected as "texb_ocean"! <3
1285King_Araioextend houston_flyover 30 blocks north plsclosediNerd71Houston_flyover expanded!
1284King_Araiocan the houston greeting be changed to "howdy there welcome to houston good buddy!"closedKing_Araiofugg messed it up lemme redo it
1283King_AraioBULLYING OF OLD MANclosedKing_Araiolmao
1282ThugbearHello, I would love to claim this region if you could. Thank you! n_nclosediNerd71Region protected as "thugbear_jungle"
1281Flaming_FantomexpandclosedSilversunsetregion expanded.
1280Flaming_FantompvpclosedSilversunsetpvp enabled inside the cage.
1279Mewciferchange rg biome to regular forest plz <3closedElectifriedBiome changed
1278Mewciferclaim "mew_oasisclosedLappy486Protected!
1277Mewciferthis thing got fucked in lava and idk if itd be considered lava spam or whatclosedElectifriedThis is just someone's volcano. I helped them build it.
1276TuxyWhaleflow all disclosedBardidleyWater flowing.
1275AvadaKedavra03spam plot it looks likeclosedBardidleyPlot restored.
1274AvadaKedavra03pve test buildclosedBardidleySeems like a pve type build but it can stay for now.
1273AvadaKedavra03spam plot team avo is badclosedBardidleyPlot restored.
1272TuxyWhaleclaim this plot pls?closedBardidleyProtected.
1271AvadaKedavra03pls turn this excess strip into savanna biome thanksclosedtorteelaBiome changed to savanna
12700_birbThis mgmap has been
1269derpherpingtonregion extension 108 westclosedtorteelaRegion expanded
1268AvadaKedavra03spam plotclosedChallenger2derp removed
1267AvadaKedavra03spam plotclosedChallenger2derp removed
1266PPGOMElapis to frame plsclosedDumbo52Frame placed
1265TokenChineseGuyreplace 1 with anvil please (srry)closedChallenger2replaced
1264TokenChineseGuyreplace 1 with anvil pleaseclosedChallenger2Replaced
1263PPGOMEgold to frame plsclosedDumbo52Frames placed
1262TuxyWhalegiving me a claim please amigoclosedDumbo52Protected
1261TokenChineseGuypls //cut this redstone bloccclosedChallenger2block removed
1260ThugbearHi, if it's okay, I would want my little entrace road moved over a bitclosedChallenger2Entrance moved
1259AvadaKedavra03please set texaquerque_downtown to biome savanna thxclosedChallenger2Biome replaced!
1258Abitcatmaybe claim this giant-too big claim? As a new Columbia?closedHolliferDone
1257Andromeda4210remove me as owner of this region pleaseclosedHolliferRegion removed, new region created.
1256AvadaKedavra03remove me as an owner from this regionclosedHolliferRemoved from region
1255TedKing_MCcan you make this diamond box a part of my region plz?closedHolliferExpanded :)
12540_birb"<Ataxy> N****r" (but not censored)closedHolliferLooking into it, thank you.
1253Aypopracism in chat by ataxyclosedHolliferDealt with, thank you for reporting.
12520_birbcan you please restrict thi claim to the brick outer walls?closedrobrclaim reduced to walled area only
1251AzzabaijanPls to region proteetion so I can use a worldeditclosedCARnivore_ndsregion created
1250THE_BA_GAMERAttempted tnt griefclosedHollifer
1249KRwistyI would like to claim land maked with red bannersclosedHolliferProtected
1248Weird_Grimo god of editing make my water flowclosedHolliferOk
1247Weird_Grimmake water flow \o/closedHolliferIt's been so long since I did a flow req on C, lol.
1246maxroxhisso105I need helpclosedtorteelaDuplicate of 1245
1245maxroxhisso105I need helpclosedtorteelaIf you still need help, please make another modreq and include in it what you need help with
1244Andromeda4210remove andrewplanes region plsclosedtorteelaRegion deleted
1243Andromeda4210protect oilfield 1closedZaliekProtected
1241Greymore1234How do I get a claimclosedBardidleyYou can claim a pre-made plot at /warp suburb or you can find empty space anywhere on the map and make a rectangular border around your claim. Then /modreq protection.
1240Abitcatplease get rid of all of the cobwebs (smoke). it crashes my gameclosedBardidleyCheck with avada first, he is an owner in your region. If you cant resolve the problem with him you can re-modreq.
1239Freddo_FairbairnprotectionclosedElectifriedRegion made :)
1238Studio595protectclosedHeysofiaBuild already protected :)
1237TuxyWhalegib claim give name DelaniaclosedBardidleyArea protected.
1236cheezychickencan I have the area within the gold blocks made into a region please?closedtorteelaRegion created
1235AvadaKedavra03add box into cmdrteboxclosedtorteelaRegion expanded
1234AvadaKedavra03this is too close to crack town pls move itclosedHolliferIt's far enough away, the road has been reduced, but the building is within reason.
1233stellarvikingplease rename region "stellar_what"closedHolliferProtected.
1232stellarvikingplease to rename creative to buildy placeclosedHolliferNO, THIS IS MY SWAMP, ITS NOT JUST FOR P, WE'RE KICKING YOU OUT
1230Andromeda4210or compassclosedHolliferYou're not supposed to be able to use compass in spawn.
1229Andromeda4210I can't use /home at spawnclosedHolliferI reset the flags, seemed to have fixed it
1228Grimwaltzgriefing detected, some holes punched in the witch and zombie statuesclosedElectifriedGriefing fixed. Thank you for reporting :)
1226whitefieldcatprotectionclosedBardidleyIf you want to make a land claim, find an empty piece of land and outline a rectangular border out of wool, then make a modreq
1225Yakkhylmy pve character is stuck underneath pico portal after teleporting throughclosedHolliferPlease make a modreq over there and someone can help you faster. It appears you went offline, so i'm unsure if you are still stuck or not.
1224King_Araioprotect this small coal block areaclosedKing_Araio
1223Grimwaltzgrief detected behind bigworld, giant zombie+skeleton+creeper missing entirely, dragonskulls placed all overclosedElectifriedFixed! Thanks for reporting!
1222Flaming_FantomflowclosedElectifriedEr, not so instant volcano
1221Flaming_FantomflowclosedElectifriedBam! Instant volcano.
12190_birb(ADMIN, SINCE IT REQUIRES BARRIER WE) replace glass with barrierclosed0_birbOh forget it, I'll just req this again when the project is more developed
1218Abitcatmake the wall area buildable for both of my plotsclosedElectifriedyou can now build the wall, but you can't make Mexico pay for it
1216Pixl3can i take down this gold wall and the other surrounds bits. they server no purpose.closedLappy486I'll remove it if you want to expand your region, but at the moment it seems mostly harmless.
1215Electifriedpls holli, could you tp me out?closedElectifriedOh, looks like /home was allowed in there.
1213TuxyWhalereplace sighns with friansclosedElectifriedI think I did it right. I couldn't quite understand your accent, so let me know if I did it wrong.
1212Flaming_Fantomstarter blockclosedHolliferStarter block created.
1211KirundistIgnore previous modreq about region claim, I've removed my buildclosedSir_DidymusYou can /check your modreq number, and do /done to close it.
1210KirundistPls to region protect. Marked with horrible wet spongeclosedSir_DidymusIgnored per 1211
1209xOreoToast32x32 blocks from this position to Y axis limitclosedDumbo52Protected
1208xOreoToaststarter block plsclosedDumbo52
1207MadBroMadprotect rick and mortyclosedDumbo52Protected
1206Aypopwe still modreq for item frames right? in place of the sandstone plsclosedBardidleyFrames placed.
1205Andromeda4210protect Plastic_BeachclosedHolliferYeah!
1204King_Araiothis strip of lands biome wasnt changed to roofed_forest can you go over it again?closedHolliferAlrighty, It should work :)
1203Andromeda4210protect Temple_of_ChallclosedChallenger2Temple_of_Chall protected
1202spurdburtprotection adjusted red wool max height/depthclosedChallenger2Protected
1201spurdburtprotection red wool max height max depthclosedChallenger2Area protected
1200ChocolateThighsIf you godly figures would entertain my plea, even just on whim, I humbly request a region. The starting region is marked with Jack of the Lanturns, plainly visible just above the surface of the sea. Your sincerest thigh man, ChocolateThighsclosedtorteelaYeah sure I guess
1199DancingBoltset all gold blocks to item frames plsclosedBardidleyFrames placed.
1198MasterCommaThePlz to fill bowl with waterclosedtorteelawater placed
1197Abitcatplease make the area for this a region for speedbuildclosedChallenger2Perms granted!
1196Andromeda4210disable compass and /thru usage in this region plsclosedBardidleyCompass set to deny and thru blocked.
1195Andromeda4210time lock this region to noon pleaseclosedBardidleyTime lock set.
1194Pixl3region battleclosedBardidleyProtected.
1193Fuzzy_W4ffleneeds protection from foolish samurai warriorsclosedExcessiveTokerscary thing protected
11920_birbcan you make this region plainsclosedExcessiveTokerPlained.
1191Studio595lava placementclosedBardidleyLava set.
1190Studio595water placementclosedBardidleyYou can place your own standing water, I assume you dont want flowing water here.
1189HaikugreifclosedHolliferGET OUT OF MY HOLE
1188Tebdearhey staff! someone told me that these helicopters look like swastikas. just wanted to ask if these are ok. thanksclosedHolliferYou have the clear from us, they're fine.
1187Tebdearprotecc oranch plsclosedChallenger2Region created
1186Andromeda4210replace button with item frame plsclosedChallenger2Your framed!
11830_birbclaim as "0birb_ctf"closedChallenger2"0birb_ctf" region created!
1182cherryts p a c e b o iclosedDumbo52P r o t e c t e d
1181EpicPotatoOfMCplease expand borders of city_of_potatia to the sponge line at 1770 2800, thanks :)closedDumbo52Region expanded
11800_birbThis plot appears to be undeveloped, and the owner hasn't been seen yet in this rev. Can I still claim it?closed0_birb
1179Studio595water placementclosedDumbo52Flowing water placed
1178Studio595water placementclosedElectifriedwater placed
1177Studio595water placementclosedElectifriedwater placed
1176King_AraioCHILD REGION OF HOUSTON PLSclosedElectifriedChild region set.
1175King_Araiohow do i get an exit message when leaving a region?closedHolliferFarewell set.
1174Tebdearregion expand grass borderclosedHolliferExpanded
1173Mewcifergrief?closedExcessiveTokerFixed, and player delt with! Thanks for reporting.
1172Teddy_Owlcan this become my region w/ world edit? Thank you so much!closedHolliferYes, dude. It is yours
1171MadBroMadmove my sign up one and help me protect itclosedHolliferDone.
1170OleToothlesspls 2 expand my region to new magenta wool border. Yellow border region is also mine.closedHolliferEyup.
1169MadBroMadprotect my harambe pixelartclosedHolliferHarambe is safe.
1168Haikuprotect dadclosedBardidleyProtected!
1167Ted50Region expansion neededclosedBardidleyExpanded.
1166I_Am_The_Lolzi need this water block flowing please. thanks!closedHolliferFlowed.
1165PPGOMElink signs pls. Episode 1 sign: Episode 2: action added.
1164I_Am_The_Lolzi would like this water block flowing please. thanks!closedHolliferFlowed
1163EpicPotatoOfMCplease extend the boundaries of city_of_potatia to the brown border at 1800 2820, thanksclosedHolliferRedefined.
1162King_Araiocan houston_corner be made a child region of the main houston?closedHolliferDone!
1161PPGOMERDstonetrxz grief?closedHolliferOk, yeah.
1160blakejbi fucking hate youclosedSir_DidymusNoted.
1159MadBroMadban blakejb and BDOGMBclosediNerd71See previous
1158MadBroMadban these guysclosediNerd71See previous
1157MadBroMadban these griefersclosediNerd71It has been taken care of
1156TokenChineseGuyteleport-relaTED commands seem to be broken in spawn again (/tp, /home, /warp, etc)closedSir_DidymusIssue has been passed to techs via our Trello board.
1155Ted50Can I get a region here called Ted50_Carrier? ThanksclosedExcessiveTokerRegion creaTED :D
1154TokenChineseGuy/back seems to be broken in spawn againclosedTokenChineseGuy
1153Andromeda4210abandoned build ruex_jungle. Instead of it being reverted, can I become the sole owner of it please? I'm already listed as owner, and can use the landclosedHolliferI don't see the point of keeping the region, but removing ruex. He's the original owner in the flags, and his name is right in the name of the region. So, i'm just gonna have to close this?
1152Teddy_Owlthis ted surrounded me in obsidian and I cant escape b/c I dont have perms to this region halpclosedHolliferWhat? /spawn /home /tp, literally anything but breaking a block.
1151PPGOMEcan you disable /mode here? (torteela)closedHolliferI know this was aimed at torteela, but it can't be done. I went ahead and set the flag, but it's an interaction between WG and CH, i'll have dumbo look into it, ok?
1150PPGOMEcan you disable /mode and /thru here? thclosedtorteelaCompass and /mode are now denied
1149Skullion123my ooer monument has grown can you extend the protectionclosedtorteelai would do it if i was good with computer HAHAHA
1148buzzie71can the adjacent region be extended into this area? :OclosedSir_DidymusExpanded! :O
1147King_Araioplayer happyspike spewing homophobic slurs and tp spamming to promaxxeclosedSir_DidymusDealt with, thanks for reporting.
1146Pit_2make pvp damage not succ on CclosedSir_DidymusTry a forum suggestion (, or talking to CAdmins directly.
1145SapphricRequest perms for an area on testworld :)closedSapphricProtected, you sexy piece of beef.
1144djdanlibpls with the chat spam oy veyclosedSilversunsetyes i'm talking to him
1143Andromeda4210HGMMAN is spamming /afkclosedSilversunsetbeing looked into thanks :D
1142King_Araiochange biome to roofed_forestclosedDumbo52Biome changed
1141Andromeda4210replace fences with item framesclosedAndromeda4210nevermind
11400_birbI adjusted the borders to the build, can you remove region "birbopolis_southbridge" and expand region "birbopolis" based on the green outline?closedHolliferDone
1139PPGOMEadd pvp warp pls :DclosedHolliferpvp warped!
1138PPGOMEchange the kits to the new updated ones pleaseclosedHolliferUpdated.
1137Pit_2kclosedHolliferIt's a pretty nice jail huh?
1136Pit_2Protect arena, force survival when inside ring, add to pvp warpsclosedHolliferProtected!
1135ICTmancould I have a starter block please (in space)? Thanks :)closedHolliferSince the request was unspecific there is a starter block at 26/112/-144 for you
1134e16c3293a58d03f4I need my alternate account (PHP_Dreaming) to be added to my region.closedHolliferAdded as owner.
11330_birbcan I please have region "birbopolis_southbridge" removed and region "birbopolis expanded accordingly to the green border (sorry for the heavy amount of modreqs lately, this should hopefully be the last)closedHolliferNo, please adjust your borders to follow server rules. (There's another player's build inside your proposed are)
1132King_Araioexpand houston to the edge of the world on the southern endclosediNerd71Region expanded
1131Ted50This map is done, what do we do now?closedtorteelaPassed it along to redwall.
1130Ted50An undo went wrong here and I got kicked. Can you restore it to its former glory?closediNerd71Should be fixed now
1129hambonychild regions for west docks (there are #'d signs for each)closediNerd71See req #1126
1128hambonychild regions for east docksclosediNerd71See req #1126
1127admantaprotect my rather epic build.closedHolliferProtected
1126hambonychild regions for south docksclosediNerd71South, east, and west docks all protected as child regions
1125Toddslackcan i claim this plotclosediNerd71Plot granted!
1124Mewciferremove mewcifer_b_o_a_t, then set glass border to extalianfleet :DclosediNerd71Out with the old region, in with the new!
1123OleToothlessextend borders of my area to pink wool, add yellow wool area with netherrack buildingclosediNerd71Region expanded and tower protected as child
1122PPGOMEadd pvp to this region pleaseclosedHeysofiaPVP IS NAO ENABLED, BRUH
1121TuxyWhalemore water!closedDumbo52This is looking pretty wet
1120PPGOMEchange glass to barriers pls. Have funclosedDumbo52Replaced
1119TuxyWhalegib flowing watersclosedSilversunsetflowed
1118PPGOMEi need 2 child regions where any player can break the flagsclosedDumbo52Regions created
1117King_Araiothere seems to be patches of different biomes on this side of the river. Can you just go over it again with roofed_forest?closedDumbo52Fixed
1116TuxyWhalelet it flow ye shiteball plsclosedDumbo52Flowed, ya buffoon (let us know if you need help creating more flowing sources along the stream)
11150_birbCan I have a child region made for PPGOME using the green outline from Y100-103? Or do I just have to add him to the regionclosed0_birb
11140_birbcould you please replace this huge hunk of spruce planks (5:1) with barrier?closedBardidleyBarriers set.
1113PPGOMEElectifried.... i have more work for you :D (blindness on both of these signs pl0x)closedElectifriedI've made the signs so ugly you now go blind by staring at them.
1112PPGOMEforce gamemode in pp_laser_tag plsclosedElectifriedYour area is set up for murderization >:D
1111Mewciferregion u2spy overlaps my mew_region. condense region or remove please?closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1110Haikudis plane no let me access my own reigon pls fix thxclosedHaiku
1109PPGOMEWarp signs needed for secret plans! PPGOME will instruct you!closedElectifriedwarp signs made
1108hambonyprotection grimoireclosedElectifriedprotected
1106hambonychild protections for broadpoint_upperdocks, which go up to build limitclosedElectifriedChild protections set up.
1105King_Araioif its not too much can i extend houston to the southern world border?closedHolliferBuild the borders, i'd say it's clear for protection.
1104promaxxeprotectionclosedHolliferProtected, please use this. It's a very large claim
1103APthreesome1, plis protect mah noteblocks plot :PclosedHolliferWell, it's protected, don't make multiple requests please.
1102APthreethis plot claimed pleaseclosedHolliferProtected
1101APthreeclaim between the two iron pillars please ;)closedBarlimoreProtection added, build in peace!
1100Riveriuhh, protection ploxclosedBarlimoreProtection added, build in peace!
1099Ted50How did this happen? We haven't WE'd here and no one else is in the region...closedHolliferI honestly don't know. It's not in logblock, which is quite concerning. Please /mail me to look into this further.
1098Skullion123please protect as 'ooer' and add twilexis as a region ownerclosedHolliferCompleted by Electifried, expanded to cover new material and closing.
1097TuxyWhalecan you moob this random shiiet on the side of my bordererclosedBardidleyMoved build away from your border.
1096TuxyWhaleIm still muted you dingleberryclosedBarlimoreYou do not appear to be on the muted list at the moment- open a new modreq if this is still an issue for you!
1094PPGOMEmake these kits pleaseclosedHolliferKit signs created!
1093TuxyWhalegib unmute I was dicking around and I was dicking around with fiddy and Im not badclosedHolliferAlright
1092PPGOMEclaim pls name: lasertagclosedHolliferProtected
1091PPGOMEclaim plsclosedPPGOME
1090APthreeclaim between iron pillars pweaseclosedHolliferSince it's so small I went ahead and protected it. Next time don't be so lazy :p
1089APthreeflow water plzclosedSilversunsetno water, can't flow, so sorry
1088e16c3293a58d03f4I'd like my region to be expandedclosedSilversunsetyou'll need to mark your area that you want protected
1087APthree25x25 block claim where i am plzclosedHolliferProtected
1086XNLcan i get a starter blockclosedHolliferStarter block made!
1085e16c3293a58d03f4Can you protect this please, someone?closedHolliferProtected
1084e16c3293a58d03f4Can I get a mod to come remove some of these trees for me?closedHollifer
1083xTheNobodyprotectclosedHolliferNothing to protect. If you'd like to claim an area, please build up a border.
1082xTheNobodyprotectclosedHolliferSee req #1083
1081PPGOMEAirBudDog being racist. "Black people suck"closedSilversunsetnoted, being observed.
1080PPGOMEclaim plsclosedSilversunsetregion made!
10790_birbset an item frame where this sign is pleaseclosedSilversunsetitem frame placed
1078PPGOMEstarter block pls :DclosedSilversunsetwool placed!
1077King_Araioexpand region east to the end of the world i think its close byclosediNerd71Region expanded to edge of world
1076King_Araioexpand plantation region 200 blocks north tyclosediNerd71Plantation expanded
1075King_Araioremove road region so i can expand the plantation region plsclosediNerd71road region removed
1074Ted50Need this rg deletedclosediNerd71Region deleted
1073Ted50Region extension! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHclosediNerd71Region extended AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
1072mlpdishclaim SPACEclosediNerd71Space claims must specify a height for the region to be protected. Please specify the region height using wool and make another req
1071Slothyyy_requestclosedBardidleyPlease be specific in your request.
1070EpicPotatoOfMCplease expand the borders of city_of_potatia to the lime wool at 1830 2700, thanks :)closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1069Tebdearprotect dirt borderclosedChallenger2Region created
1068PPGOMEgrief much?closedChallenger2Grief repaired.
1067PPGOMEplace block overtop plsclosedChallenger2what block?
1066PPGOMEreplace gold with item frame plsclosedChallenger2Replaced
1065PPGOMEreplace glass with barrier plsclosedChallenger2replaced
1064PPGOMEreplace glass with barrier plsclosedChallenger2Replaced
1063Andromeda4210protect cantinaclosedChallenger2Cantina area protected.
1062Ted50Grief...?closedHolliferYes, handled by Excessivetoker. Closing
1061PPGOMEreplace yellow wool with frames plsclosedPPGOME
1060PPGOMEclaim plsclosedExcessiveTokerAdded you as an owner on region mapworld_0029 :)
1059AvadaKedavra03pls make region "texaquerque_uptown"closedLappy486Region created!
1058Smeglonautwhere do you get nocheat for latest versionclosedBardidleynocheatplus is from Spigotmc online.
1057Thwomppiferregion time night alltime plzclosedThwomppifer
1056ThwomppiferexpandclosedExcessiveTokerRegion flank2 redefined with new borders
1055EpicPotatoOfMCplease expand the borders of city_of _potatia to the red wool line at 1845 2710, thanksclosedExcessiveTokerRegion city_of_potatia redefined with new borders
1054Ted50Big space region needed :DclosedHolliferProtected
1053JgarGamingYTProtectionclosedHolliferClosing, see Request #1051
1052JgarGamingYTProtectiomclosedHolliferClosing, see Request #1051
1051JgarGamingYTJgarGamingYTclosedHolliferYou need to create a border before you can claim an area. Stand inside your border and then request.
1050Ted50Were these griefed?closedHolliferAppears to be done by owner of the region.
1049Ted50Can I get a region in the blue called "auth_force"? ThanksclosedHolliferProtected.
1048Smeglonautset this region here to a solid plains thanksclosedHolliferBiome set!
1047Ted50The region expansion I got kind of messed with WE in the area. Could I get one large region in this light blue overriding the other two?closedDumbo52Original region expanded
1046King_Araioexpand plantation 100 bloccs west plsclosediNerd71Region expanded
1045admantaadd at tree growth region flag to the server and disable it for my areaclosedHolliferThis request has been moved to tech tasks. Closing.
1044admantaadd this area to my regionclosedHolliferCan't expand the entire region because of builds in the way. I have created a seperate region for your road.
1043Ted50Can I get an extension to this region?closedDumbo52Region extension created
1042admantaset region flag to disable growthclosedBardidleyVine and grass growth set to deny.
1040EpicPotatoOfMCplease expand the borders of city_of_potatia to the grey wool at 1840 2940, thanksclosedBardidleyBorders expanded!
1039King_Araiocan i get a greeting that says "welcome to houston"closedBardidleyGreeting added!
1038Andromeda4210redefine region to border plsclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1037King_Araiocan i have this tree copied with rocks and all onto my plantation region? just kinda paste it on the driveway if possibleclosedBardidleyI have protected the tree for you. Have at it.
1036Andromeda4210protect Athelian_Cmoscow_Military_Base (Haiku gave me permission to have it that close to Athel)closedHolliferClosing, was protected yesterday.
1035Thwomppiferplease turn that shit off, its just promoting spamclosedHollifer
1034Ted50flow plsclosedHolliferFlowed
1033King_Araiowater flowage plsclosedHolliferFlowed!
1032texbregion thanks :)closedMasterCommaTheThis luxurious new beachfront property is now yours. An invoice for you purchase should arrive in 7-10 business days. Additional fees for observation of dolphins may apply.
1031Araiobearprotect this narrow region for a dirt road pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheLand survey completed and rezoned for roads. A DOT inspector will be out in 7-10 business days to inspect the work.
1030AraiobearHowdy there I would like to purchase this prime piece of property for my vacation home and pecan tree plantation (tips 10 gallon hat)closediNerd71Yeehaw! I do declare this fine property to be yours, partner. Ya'll take care now, ya hear?
1029admantaHollifer was rude to me, plz ban ASAPclosedHolliferBanned 7 years no appeal. Thanks for reporting
1028hambonyBroadpoint Tower Child PlotsclosediNerd71All plots around the tower should be protected as child regions to broadpoint. Dunno if you wanted the plots around the platforms protected too, but if so, pls feel free to make another req.
1027ChickenPvP_Starter blockclosedChallenger2Please fly to where you want the starter block first ;)
1026Tebdearthis claim wasnt claimed properly by staff pls fixclosedBardidleyRegion border fixed.
1025Araiobeari require assistance changing the new expanded houston to roofed_forestclosediNerd71Alright, the rest of Houston has been converted to roofed forest
1024Araiobeari require assistanceclosedtorteelatry again
1023EpicPotatoOfMCplease extend the borders of city_of_potatia @ 1880 2750 to where the purple wool is, thanksclosedgeb_Expanded!
1022Tebdearclaim bloody border please! :Dclosedpez252Done!
1021Tebdearreplace paintings itemframesclosedgeb_Framed!
1020admantaallow leaf decay in my regionclosedadmanta
1019TedKing_MCcan I have this region?closedLappy486You certainly can! Protected :)
1017AvadaKedavra03above ground redstoneclosedAvadaKedavra03
1016Andromeda4210replace these lapis blocks with barriers plsclosediNerd71Lapis replaced with barriers
1015AvadaKedavra03maybe set the world border a bit back so the edge of the world isn't the world border?closedBardidleyDon't you want to live on the edge?
1014Niko9816protectclosediNerd71region created
1013admantaprotect the new site of mini empire.closediNerd71Mini empire region created.
1012Araiobearextend houston for the last timeclosedLappy486Region expanded!
1011Araiobearportect for flyoverclosediNerd71flyover region portected!
1010Araiobearcan the warp for houston be moved to the center of this pavilion?closedtorteelaWarp moved
1009hambonyregion expansionclosediNerd71Region expanded
1008Araiobearextend houston to the end of this hard clay line i made if possibleclosedAraiobear
1007Araiobearis this a penisclosediNerd71Yep, that's a penis. Build removed and player banned. Thanks for reporting!
1006Andromeda4210protect delfino_plazaclosedHolliferSUPERR MARIO SUNSHINE , WAHOOO
1005Haikuplace item frames around the wood blocc thxclosedHollifer.
10040_birbprotect 0-255Y as "birbopolis_southbridge" plzclosedHolliferProtected
10030_birbclaim Y0-255 as "0birb_redstone" with universal plains biomeclosedHolliferOk, both done
1002Araiobearchange biome around the local tedmart to roofed forest biomeclosedHolliferChanged!
1001Araiobearexpand HOUston southwards plsclosedHolliferExpanded!
1000Tedbearsee hes gonna point guns with me (see /home thwomppifer flank1.) I don't see a problem with me pointing flame broiled USDA beef back!closedLappy486Sorted via PM
999Thwomppiferbuild too close to my region, please move. (pt 2)_closedLappy486Sorted via PM
998Thwomppiferbuild too close to my region, please move.closedLappy486Sorted via PM
997PineappleSnacksCan you please update my region. I've made it bigger. Thanks! :)closedHolliferUpdated!
996Ted50Region in the pink clay? Thanks.closedLappy486Protected!
995Tedbearmake this stand invis pleaseclosedHolliferRIP lappy.
994Tedbeari swear this is not a dick, if i leave without making further progress please don't ban meclosedTedbear
993Andromeda4210turn item drop on in andrew_north_beach pleaseclosediNerd71Drops enabled
992Ted50Need place to build space region on.closedChallenger2I found a diamond in the sky.
991Andromeda4210protect coastal getawayclosedBardidleyProtected.
990Andromeda4210protect isleclosediNerd71isle protected
989hambonyRegion expansionclosedChallenger2Region expanded! \o/
988AvadaKedavra03andrew is griefing ted's claimclosedBardidleyPlayers came to an agreement.
987Tedbearexpand OCWS far northclosedBardidleyOCWS expanded.
986Andromeda4210ava griefed my claimclosedBardidleyThanks for reporting.
985AvadaKedavra03claim "counter_claim_ted"closedAvadaKedavra03
984Andromeda4210protect beach getawayclosedAndromeda4210
983Andromeda4210protect isle delfinoclosedBardidleyProtected!
981AvadaKedavra03Please make the red region "texaquerque_downtown" and add all of "texaquerque"'s flags to itclosedBardidleyRegion protected with flags!
980Tebdearwhat is loveclosedHeysofiabehbe dnt hrt meh
979TuxyWhaleset region message to <Tuxywhale> Hello o/closedHeysofiaMessage done! :)
978AvadaKedavra03Tebdear impersonating tedbearclosedAvadaKedavra03
977HaikuprotectclosedHeysofiaRegion protected! :)
976TuxyWhaleunclaim Im not using it much :PclosedHeysofiaRegion removed and back to normal :)
975TuxyWhaleunclaim free volcano nowclosedBardidleyRegion removed.
974TuxyWhalegib claim is big claimclosedBardidleyClaim granted, have fun.
973Andromeda4210move this abandoned build pls?closedHolliferWhat do you mean abandoned? it's a little playground made to look like a jungle temple :P ?
972Haikuis this reigon abandoned? if so pls remobclosedHolliferNo, it has (quite a bit) of activity within the last month
971Andromeda4210biome change in brick border to swamp plsclosedHolliferBiome set
970EpicPotatoOfMCadd the area outlined by magenta wool to my region city_of_potatia @ 2065 2840, thanksclosedLappy486Region expanded!
968Hitbox__could you protect an area for me pleaseclosedDumbo52Protected
967hambonyprotectionclosedDumbo52Regions set up
966Tedbearframes pleaseclosedtorteelaframes placed
965hambonyprotection hambony_ddrclosedHolliferSorry about that, didn't see the req
964hambonyprotectionclosedMasterCommaTheprotected, named hambony_snowbuild_is_fine
963TuxyWhaleunclaim dis yoclosedLappy486Removed!
961HumidumclaimclosedHolliferProtected pasta as pasta gotham
960Abitcatmake das starting block here in SPAAACEclosedHolliferSPAAAAAACE
959hambonyregion extendclosedDumbo52Region expanded
958hambonyregion expandclosedaMossyLog
957Tedbearprotect my maze plsclosedaMossyLogmaze protected
956ThwomppiferRegion name "Iceatt"closedChallenger2Region created!
955Andromeda4210protect schwererclosedAndromeda4210
954Abitcatmake the dirt item frames please.closedBardidleyframes placed.
953Andromeda4210remove region texaquerque_side due to inactivity plsclosedBardidleyThis area has plans to use it and the owner is active. There will be much more space in the mesa after the land expansion (hopefully soon).
952PPGOMEsomeone messed with my roller coaster... Who? :3closedtorteelaDiscussed via /m
951Abitcatplease claim this area for meclosedSilversunsetregion created!
950Abitcatmake this water flow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
949taylobromay I build on this plot?closedSilversunsetDoesn't look like its claimed. type "/nerdplot claim" while standing inside it, and its yours!
948DrTim58protect and call ironpact_naval_baseclosedpez252Done!
947EpicPotatoOfMCplease add a region at 1950 2850 called "City_of_Potatia" where the light blue outline isclosedtorteelaRegion created
946BloobearThis rather large area was claimed about a month ago and has not been developedclosedtorteelaJungle restored and region removed.
945hambonyregion broadpointclosedDumbo52Protected
944hambonybeaconsclosedElectifriedBeacons activate when you place a 3x3 grid of iron, diamond, gold, or emerald blocks beneath them.
943hambonyregion expandclosedDumbo52Expanded
941Tedbearcan this weird sign thing be moved by chanceclosedBardidleyDerp sign removed.
940hambonymaze protectionclosedDumbo52Protected
938al3xand3rslad3rset up a pvp zone plsclosedBardidleyDuplicate request. area set to allow pvp
937supawesome11May you turn the whole area into pvp on please?closedBardidleyDuplicate request.
936Mewcifercan i get this shitstorm thing rolled back D: i fucked upclosedElectifriedSorry, but mod powers cannot be used to fix building errors :(
935supawesome11May you turn the whole area into pvp on please?closedBardidleyArea protected and pvp set to allow.
934Thwomppiferreg name "desattkclosedtorteelaregion created
933Mewciferprotect extalian_space_baseclosedtorteelaRegion protected
932Andromeda4210protect YoshimiclosedAndromeda4210
931supawesome11May you turn pvp on in this are please?closedtorteelaPvp enabled inside the tower.
930Abitcatpls remove andrew (Andromeda4210) from my plot pleaseclosedtorteelaOwner removed.
929TuxyWhaleclaim dis shit and name it arttilery3closedtorteelaRegion created
928Mewcifercan i see when this gun was built? havent seen it before nowclosedtorteelaDiscussed via /m
927Tedbearplease copy and move to /home Tedbear storageclosedDumbo52Copied!
9260_birbjonahhh won't leave my plotclosedBardidleyHe seems to know the rules now.
9250_birbhuge water prevent birb from buildyclosed0_birbhuge water bob gone - birby happy
9240_birbCould you please make the 4 pockets of water in here flow?closedBardidleywater flowed.
923hambonyflowclosedBardidleywater flowing.
922Andromeda4210turn off ermagerd chatclosedAndromeda4210
921hambonyboundaries for RedschoolclosedChallenger2Region created
920HamsgprotectionclosedChallenger2Cregion created
919BloobearAnd another one...closedExcessiveTokerRemoved again! Thanks for reporting again!
918BloobearAvo derp...some things never change.closedExcessiveTokerRemoved! Thanks for reporting.
917hambonyflowing lavaclosedBardidleyLava flowed
9160_birbProtect 0-255Y as "birbopolis_bridge" (I know that Pinkerton is directly adjascent to this claim, I already plan on adding Geb to the bridge)closedBardidleyYou should probably confirm with geb first before making half of a bridge.
915hambonyignore water, I decided on lava, flowing lava pleaseclosedHeysofiaLava flowed! :)
914hambonyflowing waterclosedHeysofiaClosing as requested
913AvadaKedavra03Can I have this plot to turn it into a large condo building?closedBardidleyDowntown 18 is yours!
912Pit_2I'd like this plot turned into a desert biome, to better fit my adobe house.closedBardidleyBiome set to desert.
911buzzie71nerdplot not working; can I have this plot :O?closedBardidleySorry but we can look into setting up nerdplot here, I added you manually for now.
910TuxyWhaleclaim box name boardgamesclosedbuzzie71claim set!
909hambonyflowing lavaclosedDumbo52Flowed
907Thwomppiferexpand forestclosedDumbo52Region expanded
906Andromeda4210protect SR-71 BlackbirdclosedDumbo52Protected
905Thwomppiferregion name flank2closedDumbo52Protected
904Thwomppiferregion name "Flank1"closedDumbo52Protected
903hambonyboundaries for "RedGames"closedSilversunsetregion created :D
9020_birbexpand birbopolis based on green border if possible, thanks!closedLappy486Region expanded!
900AvadaKedavra03remove andromeda4210 from my region pleaseclosedLappy486Removed.
899WondrLandprots for this area plsclosedWondrLandprot'd
898AraiobearMAJOR ROAD GRIFFclosedDumbo52Ungriffled
897Araiobearextend claim slightlyclosediNerd71region extended
896Araiobearprotect for a possible suburb or regional outlet mall pleaseclosediNerd71Suburb or outlet mall region created
895TuxyWhaleclaim artillery2closediNerd71Another region created
894Thwomppifercan we have a tree Repository world made? place with a bunch of custom trees players can copy. Wouldnt be hard to find a tree mapclosedHolliferTopic has been moved to to gather some more feedback before this is implimented.
893TuxyWhaleclaim artilleryclosediNerd71Region created
892Thwomppiferregion name "RussiaForestclosediNerd71Region created
8910_birbclaim, as nerdplot dosn't work hereclosedBarlimoreGood luck with your map art!
890AvadaKedavra03remove hollifer from my regionclosedBarlimoreUpdated here too, enjoy!
889AvadaKedavra03please remove admanta from my regionclosedBarlimoreRegion updated!
888Mewciferi dont know if its a bug but glitched out fireworks??closedMewcifer
8870_birbCan I have this sign as well warp to -975, 73, -1181?closedBarlimoreAll done, enjoy!
8860_birbCan I have this sign warp to 1456, 64, -170?closedBarlimoreCertainly! Just keep your hands and legs inside the vehicle at all times.
885DrTim58hologram (dark blue text) "This was where they took it from me. The Overseer stole my research and put it here. This place was not worthy of my genius, of my Intlokoma!"closedBardidleyHologram created.
884hambonyregion extension upwardclosedDumbo52No need, this already goes from build limit to bedrock.
883hambonylava flowclosedDumbo52Flowed
882admantacould I have the region here extend to ground level?closedLappy486Region extended down!
881admantagreifed?closedDumbo52Unfortunately, logs for this seem to have expired.
880Haikuextend protects thxclosedDumbo52Region expanded
8790_birbIf possible, can I have this plot rolled back to before I owned it, but keep my ownership of the plot?closedBardidleyMarina plot rolled back.
878Andromeda4210remove mlpdish as an owner from my region pleaseclosedtorteelaRegion owner removed.
877admantanot sure why we still have a warp for sbacontest, contest ended before current rev started.closedBardidleyactually the contest continued into rev 32 and is there in case builders want to visit.
876pony70claimclosedSilversunsetregion created!
874hambonyNelgan boundariesclosedDumbo52Protected
873Thwomppiferclaim name "ItWasRussiaclosedBardidleyRegion created.
8720_birbIt appears that there are a group of trolls coming onto the server saying "fuck you" to everyone.closedBardidleyOk, we will watch out for them.
8710_birbGlatzkopfTante69 is trolling everyoneclosed0_birb
870Infamous_ZenHi can I get protection on the land around -2708 -896? Thank you!closedHolliferProtected!
869KeiyacheckclosedKeiyaoops sorry
868KeiyaPlease 'unclaim' this plot! My idea just wasn't working.closediNerd71Plot unclaimed
867PineappleSnacksHi! Can you please protect inside the orange wool. Thanks!closedLappy486Region protected!
8660_birb[CADMIN] I have found that the builder of this claim hasn't been on since february 28. It is in the way of one of my highways. Is it possible for it to be removed or at least relocated?closedHolliferUnfortunately, no. Your region should have never been protected so close to another currently standing build. Please try to respect that build, since i'm not going to reduce your claim at this point.
865BonChoii require assistance in removing these signs from my buildingclosedtorteelaI do not see any signs here
864PPGOMEspawn squids if possible plsclosedDumbo52Use /pet spawn squid
863PPGOMEflow plsclosedDumbo52Flowed
862Bloobearfill my pool plsclosedDumbo52Filled
861PPGOMElemme join plez ;-;closedtorteelaadded
860Tedbearbloobear and tedbear nudityclosedtorteelaput on clothes or get banned
859Saturniinedo I need to claim a plot? I'd kinda want to keep this big circle I just made at 2315;2842closedExcessiveTokerNah you don't have to make a region. People mostly make regions to use World Edit and to protect from grief. But if you wanted, we would protect this without needing a border since you've already built some!
857Andromeda4210redstone experiment in the overworld?closedtorteelaLooks like they're trying to make it into a build. I'll keep an eye on it.
856Fuzzy_W4ffleprotect gengar and check out his glowy teethclosedDumbo52Protected
855Haikuextend protection~closedDumbo52Region expanded
8540_birbremove plotclosedDumbo52Plot unclaimed
8530_birbSorry for the high amount of modreqs by me (this is hopefully the last one), but who built this?closedDumbo52Sorry, this is too old and is no longer in the logs.
8520_birbclaim pink area as "birbopolis" without 0_birb in it, just "birbopolis" since i have no plans of building with someone else that goes from Y0-255.closedDumbo52Protected
8510_birbI need to build a city in this area, just wondering if it is possible to move this plot east so that its wall is adjascent to the other claimclosedtorteelaBuild was abandoned and incomplete, so it was removed.
850Tedbearis TP supposed to be disabled in spawn?closedHolliferNo, I made sure to clear the blocked commands. If you come across this problem again let me know.
849Grimwaltzgriefing detected in bigtown, my glass bigtown av is gone, and some damage to the mobs behind bigtownclosedDumbo52Fixed, thanks for reporting.
848TedVito17protect statuesclosedBardidleyProtected
847_Dropped_I'm a pretty princessclosedBardidleyClosed.
846_Dropped_I'm a pretty princessclosedBardidleyClosed.
845_Dropped_I'm a pretty princessclosedBardidleyClosed.
844_Dropped_I'm a pretty princessclosedBardidleyClosed.
8420_birb/horse despawn doesn't work, neither do the /pet commands, how do i dispose of this horse?closed0_birb
8410_birbcan i have this sign teleport to X1313, Y66, and Z882? It's the one that talks about Birb Tower.closedtorteelaWarp added to sign.
839Tedbeartim hortonsclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
838Tedbearminor griefclosedBardidleyGrief rolled back!
837GamerOwlI need this prtected please :)closedBardidleyProtected!
836WayneByNumbersPlease expand region enya_w_build 60 blocks east and 20 blocks north?closedHeysofiaRegion expanded, enjoy! :)
835Andromeda4210move this build please. Dish isn't going to finish itclosedHolliferAlright, moved it. If he wants to know where it went tell him to PM me
834promaxxeprotectionclosedBardidley2 Regions have been created in the outlined areas.
833Titan_Uranu5can i make all this water runclosedBardidleyWater flowed.
832Mandrochcan i make this water runclosedBardidleyWater flowed.
831N0HaxsJustSkillztotemo is one sexy ...closedLappy486Racist spam 5
830N0HaxsJustSkillzstaff are ...closedLappy486Racist spam 4
829N0HaxsJustSkillzstaff are ...closedLappy486Racist spam 3
828N0HaxsJustSkillzstaff are ...closedLappy486Racist spam 2
827N0HaxsJustSkillzstaff are ...closedLappy486Racist spam 1
826ElectifriedThis req is to mark the coords for Titan_Uranu5's region.closedElectifried
825AlexxGoRawrnevermindclosedBarlimoreClosing - You can withdraw any of your own requests with /check and /done ###
824AlexxGoRawrcan i set this area as my home?closedBarlimoreIf you find somewhere else that you want to claim, create a border and re-request for protection. :-)
823ElectifriedThis region is over a month old and appears to be empty.closedtorteelaAbandoned region removed
822DrTim58remove VerumUrsus as an owner from this regionclosedBardidleyRegion owner removed.
8210_birbreplace wood planks with barrier plsclosedBardidleyBarriers set.
820TedbearbenisclosediNerd71Pretty sure it's a creepis
818admantaprotect this wall because people are idiots.closedadmanta
817admantagreif or just incomplete?closedDumbo52Not sure, this is out of the logs.
8160_birbReplace glass with barrier, and have sign tp to listed coordinates on sign while now saying "[Warp]" on Line 2 and "Enterance" on Line 3. Thanks!closedElectifriedI've cast the spell of invisibility on your floor and the spell of teleportation on your sign.
8150_birbWho built this? Just wondering.closedLappy486Looks like it belongs to Cobensword22.
814Tedbearafk boxclosedLappy486afk box signed, sealed, delivered.
813ElectifriedMight want to unclaim some of these empty plots.closedHolliferDid a bit of a sweep, I will do a cleanup involving ones with abandoned builds soon.
812Araiobearreplace grosspinkbear with item frames plsclosedElectifriedI gotta be honest with you, it's really not /that/ gross of a skin :/
811Araiobearextend region and rename Houston_Abitcat_RailyardsclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
810Araiobearplace item frames on the black wool please i accidentally removed the old ones when moving the polesclosedHeysofiaFramed like OJ was in the 90's #didntdoit
809jmantheawsome1protect mah build plezclosedLappy486Region protected!
808OleToothlessmake magenta box my regionclosedLappy486Region protected!
8070_birboh yeah, i forgot, you should also have green bold text saying "Welcome to Fort Birb!" when you enter. (continuation of previous modreq)closedLappy486Text added!
8060_birbprotect, you will need a good render distance or the livemap to see the whole thing. the livemap may say that only 3 sides have been built, but all 4 have been.closedBarlimoreYour region is created, build in peace!
805Araiobearyall got anymore of them item frames?closedElectifriedYes, we've got loads of these things just lying around everywhere.
804Araiobearextend expansion_east because i cant into mathclosedDumbo52Region expanded
803Andromeda4210rename region "cmoscow" to "CMOScow"closedDumbo52Sorry, region names are case insensitive
802s4sutler100requestclosedDumbo52Handled via /msg
801Andromeda4210rename industria region to CMOScow pleaseclosedDumbo52Region renamed
8000_birbStatue finished, please protectclosedDumbo52Protected
799Araiobearprotect for future flyoverclosedDumbo52Protected
798Araiobearprotect smol region for roadclosedLappy486Smol region created!
797Abitcatmake the granite item framesclosedElectifriedframes placed
796DrTim58protect and call umzingeli_returnclosedElectifriedregion created
7950_birbclaim, even though I have no skin right now, i will soonclosedHolliferIt's yours. We don't protect bigtown statues before they're built, however I will ensure this plot is kept for you. (Unless you don't come back for more than a month).
794Araiobearextend houston_corner over the road and shorten mrtheking_road to the new extended corner regionclosedHolliferDone!
793Mewcifer | pls gib ownership perms? :DclosedHolliferAdded you as an owner.
792Araiobearprotect this fine region and add avadakedavra03 and tedbear as ownersclosedDumbo52Region 'houston_corner' expanded
791Haikuis that a heckin griff?closedDumbo52Looks like this just hasn't been finished being built.
790Haikupls into speedbuidl thanksdclosedBardidleyadded
789Aypopcan i get this water to flow (sorry)closedtorteelaBE FUCKING SORRY jk water filled
788Haikuplsfill thankuclosedtorteelawater filled
787Carrotapplecan u plz light up all the beacons thx in advanceclosedDumbo52You need to move these beacons down a block.
786admantaset time to always stay night at my planeclosedBardidleytimelock set.
785Mewciferwho built this drone thingyclosedSilversunsetrelayed via /m
784Mewciferele can you get dutch outta here plzclosedElectifriedHe seems to have given up and left on his own.
7830_birbclaim areaclosedElectifriedSorry, but this plot is already claimed. Also, use the command "/nerdplot claim" to claim plots in Spawn City.
782Andromeda4210replace button with item frame plsclosedtorteelai did it
781Haikuproetct thanks staff bbclosedBardidleyProtected.
780admantaprotect my plane.closedBardidleyProtected.
779Araiobeargood evening sir or madam, id like to purchase this fine piece of wasteland for developmentclosedBarlimoreThank you for purchasing this land with Modreq Industries. We wish you a prosperous development and return on your investment!
778Araiobearreplace red wool with item frames on both sides of tracksclosedBardidleyFrames placed.
777SarthakMi need a item frame placedclosedBardidleyDuplicate.
776SarthakMi need a item frame placesclosedBardidleyFrames placed.
775Araiobearreplace yellow clay with item framesclosedLappy486Item frames placed!
7741derbluxwaffleitem frameclosedElectifriedframes placed
773Araiobearreplace sponge with those invisible block things i forgot what they're calledclosedElectifriedYour ugly blocks have been replaced with much better looking invisible blocks.
772Araiobearrequesting removal of abandoned rogue_ginger regionclosedtorteelaRegion removed.
771SmagnomeGearhead7890 using racial slurs eyoclosedDumbo52Handled
770______Underscorerequest bout to roast uclosedBardidleyDuplicate.
769______UnderscorerequestclosedBardidleyTell me what your request is.
768texbregion plox ::)closedBarlimoreRegion granted, it's so great to see you preserving the forests here. You... aren't going to harm those trees are you. :-o
767Tedbearalien activity detected in this city, please call the National Guard.closedgeb_No aliens in sight sir!
766Araiobearchange biome of houston_tex highway region to roofed forestclosedElectifriedBiome changed to roofed_forest.
765Araiobearchange entire houston biome to dark oakclosedtorteelaBiome changed
764Araiobearchange this area in between the roads and river to a dark oak biome pls is gross in current stateclosedHolliferAraio!
763admantaThwomppifer has been a real dick to me and Andromeda4210closedHeysofiaPlayer warned.
762admantabuild was removed from here a while back, probaly should have region removed.closedHolliferRemoved, thanks for reporting.
761BloobearCould I please get these two expansions in blue added to my Fjallhavn region?closedHollifer
760admantafire greif?closedHolliferCreated by the builder.
759admantaredstone experiment in overworldclosedHolliferMoved to redstone, thanks for reporting.
758admantapolitical build with nazi like flagclosedHeysofiaPolitical agendas removed.
757admantaI'm pretty sure this is going to be a dick when it's done.closedHolliferRemoved
756Araiobearremove tedbear and avadakedavra03 from houstonclosedHeysofiaPlayers removed :) There is still also Abitcat listed as an owner, if you would like him removed too just let us know.
755admantanot sure if these trees were greifclosedElectifriedRemoved. Thanks for reporting :)
754Araiobearandromeda4210, bloobear, and grimwaltz was harrassing thegoobers when i got on earlierclosedHolliferThank you for reporting this, it has been investigated and action has been taken.
753TheGoobersbloobearclosedHolliferI have done some investigation to confirm reports of harassment. I have contacted you through mail. Use /mail inbox to view the messages I have sent you in regards to the situation.
752BloobearTheGoobers built his house right against my region and doesn't care that I asked him to move a little further away...can it be moved?closedHolliferMoved.
751TheGooberspvpclosedHolliferNo, your build is too close to bloobear's region.
750BloobearPlease change the biome for my whole region here IcePlains. Thanks! :)closedElectifriedRegion set to the ice_flats biome. It may take a few minutes for World Edit to finish processing.
749Ted50rg plsclosedDumbo52Protected
748VerumUrsusjoin verum_build and verumursus_snowclosedBardidleyVerum_build redefined.
747Haikuhey can you move this some blocks from our border? its less than 2 blocks away thanks staff bbsclosedHolliferMoved far away.
746Andromeda4210expand the region width to the marked lapiz blocks on the line pleaseclosedElectifriedexpanded
745VerumUrsusreplace creep w frame thanksclosedElectifriedI've placed your creepy frames.
744ElectifriedNothing has been built in this region and it's been here for over a month. Consider removing.closedHolliferRemoved. I'm gonna be doing some more region cleaning soon.
743DrTim58change this end biome to icy planesclosedElectifriedArea set to ice_flats. You may need to wait a few minutes for WE to finish.
742VerumUrsusclaim snow please and thanks!closedBardidleyRegion granted.
741Andromeda4210thwomp is harassing me. first he said all of that, now he's getting in the way of what I'm trying to do ingameclosedBardidleyNoted.
740Andromeda4210pls protect boat fleetclosedLappy486Region protected, Admiral of the Fleet!
739BloobearPlease protect as "Fjallhavn" from sky to bedrock. Thanks! :)closedLappy486Region protected! Valhalla awaits.
738PPGOMEadd effect of blindness 4 for 9 minutes pls. on the sign that says Click me to start game!closedBarlimoreDid someone turn out the lights?! Potion effect added, enjoy!
737Araiobearcan i have this tree cut down for firewood thx im a terrible person logging the amazon rainforestclosedAraiobear
736Araiobearprotect this poorly made borderclosedBarlimoreBorder has been protected FROM you, all safe and sound! ... What, you mean protect FOR you- oh I see. ;-)
735AraiobearThis week at your neighborhood Tedcoâ„¢ get dry Tedcoâ„¢ branded pet food buy one get one 3 cents off! Only at your local Tedcoâ„¢ get it while it lasts!closedBarlimorePlease do not use modreq to advertise Tedco deals. P.S. I'll take 10!
734Tedbearmy cupon for Tedco expired last night. Is it still valid if i go and use it today?closedBarlimoreSeems you misread, this coupon is only valid from March 2117.
733Araiobearcan you change the biome above this water to swampyclosedDumbo52Biome changed to swamp
732Rubeno203i would like world edit in a large protected area if possible :)closedDumbo52Protected
731tobylanethis long chain of yellow wool is spam/grief?closedBarlimoreGood spot! Though, this appears to be demarcating a path. See X 679, Z -409. Thank you for checking in with us on this though!
730Araiobearcan have this for tedcoclosedBarlimoreProtection added, build in peace!
729DancingBoltneed plot plsclosedExcessiveTokerDone!
728mlpdishyo plot boisclosedtorteeladone
727MasterCommaTheperms plzclosedSilversunsetNO
726VerumUrsusur all lozersclosedFlumper*losers
725VerumUrsusclaim this extension pls thanks lolclosedFlumperRegion expanded!
724Araiobeareccspand storage region southclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
722Araiobearreprotect because im an idiotclosedtorteelaregion "idiotregion" created
721Rubeno203request world edit and protectionclosedtorteelahouse protected
720Araiobearprotect for Houston-OCWS storage facilityclosedMasterCommaTheThis sacred land is now designated for your people's exclusive cultural use.
719mlpdishey boi can i have this extra plot thx boiclosedHolliferTorteela forgot to close, plot granted.
718TuxyWhaleclaimith thy borderino me amigoclosedSilversunsetyo dawg, i heard you liked boreders, so i bordered your border with some borders
717Thwomppiferi want dis plzclosedaMossyLogdis yorz
716Tedbearprotect MV_meatshieldclosedBardidleyRegion created.
715Araiobearremove fixitfixit regionclosedBardidleyRegion removed.
714Araiobearpothole griffclosedBardidleyPotholes filled!
713BloobearPlease make the hockey rink (area outlined in lime wool down to the ice surface) its own region with PVP enabled. Thanks! :)closedaMossyLogRinked! the pvp region is box shaped, so unfortunately the rounded corners include pvp outside the rink
711BloobearPlease make the hockey rink (roughly outlined in yellow) its own region (NOT extending to the sky or bedrock, just from the ice to the top of the glass walls) with PVP enabled. Thanks! :)closedBloobear
710AraiobearprotectclosedFlumperRegion created! :)
709Araiobearchange biome to plains around gas station to rid the world of the puke treesclosedFlumperBiome changed! :)
708Araiobearcan you please change this disgusting biome around the gas station for the LOVE of godclosedAraiobear
707Araiobearprotect yella border i need to fix the roadclosedtorteelafix it fix it fix it
706Heysofiagrief pls fixclosedBardidleyRolled back.
705Mewcifer5/5: warp aircraft carrier set to 1546, 81, 2095closedtorteelawarp created
704Mewcifer4/5: warp residence set to 1766, 65, 1887closedtorteelawarp created
703Mewcifer3/5: warp navy base set to 1541, 66, 1709closedtorteelawarp created
702Mewcifer2/5: warp "downtown" set to coords 1584, 65, 1518closedtorteelawarp created
701Mewcifer1/5: warpsign "capitol" set to coords 1294,65,1394closedtorteelawarp created
700Araiobearremove houston_turnoff as it no longer exitsclosedFlumperRegion removed! :)
699w1z4rd_tvcould you take down the fence between the plots ? :)closedHolliferRemoved, region expanded 1 over to cover where the fence would be.
698w1z4rd_tvrequest please unclaim this plot for me thanksclosedHolliferRemoved
697Mewcifercallsign delta alpha delta delta yankee requesting to have /warp Athel moved to current location, overclosedtorteelaRoger. Permission to move warp codename Athel moved has been granted by High Command. Over and out.
696Fezthebeara small extension for Fezthebear_build , thank youclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
695VGStarWorld edit permission?closedElectifriedRegion created.
694Andromeda4210alter pvp region to go down to y64 as well pleaseclosedElectifriedIt goes down to y64 now.
693TuxyWhaleexpandith thy borederclosedElectifriedexpanded
692dudemasterymProtect. Thanksclosedtorteelaprotected
691mlpdishthe flag was very clearly being built politically, mumber built it next to the pepe for a reason.closedBardidleyIt's a flag of the USA, it's allowed.
690BarlimoreThis is a test modreq.closedBarlimore
689BarlimoreThis is a test modreq.closedBarlimore
688MrTheKingcan you replace the pink clay with item frames plsclosedHolliferI wish my breaks didn't stop working, and keep me from getting hit by this train.
687MrTheKingprotect baby area for tedbearcana railroad juice train choo chooclosedHeysofiaRg made! :)
686MrTheKingporec and add tedbear as wonerclosedHolliferOtectedpray andway edbeartay addedway asday anyay ownermay.
685MrTheKingprotect this bumpy region for railroadclosedHolliferUnfortunately I will have to bless you with this bit of land. Sofia has better things to do
684Forever_A_SteveflowclosedHeysofiaFlowed! :)
683MrTheKingi need moar faresm plsclosedtorteelaplaced
682MrTheKingFRAEMSclosedtorteelaI don't know what fraems are but I gave you some frames
681Andromeda4210pvp and compass disabled within the cobblestone walls, on the cobblestone slabs, up to the stone and down to the road/stone brick floor within it pleaseclosedtorteelaRegion created. PVP enabled, compass denied
680MrTheKingcan we have /bacc like we have /staccclosedHolliferI'd recommend making this a /suggestion-box suggestion. Or posting on the forums
679AvadaKedavra03inactive spawn claimclosedExcessiveTokerPlot cleared and owner removed :) Thanks for reporting.
678mlpdishif the flag of anti fascism must be removed, this flag of imperialism should too.closedtorteelaThe flag of a country is not inherently political, and it isn't being used in a political way here. It's staying.
677MrTheKingremove north_house region plsclosedBarlimoreYour region has been removed!
676MrTheKingcan protect this dotted area for the tedbearcana juice trainclosedtorteelaRegion 'choochoo' created
675MrTheKingreplace pink clay on front and back with framesclosedElectifriedLet me know if I noobed up and missed one ;)
674Mewcifercallsign delta alpha delta delta yankee requesting clearance to modreq for a warp overclosedtorteelaYou already have a warp called Athel, silly
673MrTheKingreplace pink clay on front and back with framesclosedMrTheKing
672MumberthraxhouseclosedHolliferAlright, I moved it.
671admantaproably politicalclosedtorteelaHarambe, while a great man, is not a political figure. The signs under it are political and can be removed though.
670admantawhat's good for the goose is good for the ganderclosedtorteelaBuild has been removed. Thanks for reporting.
669admantapolitical pepeclosedtorteelaBuild removed. Thanks for reporting.
668admantaPenis.closedtorteelaBuild removed. Thanks for reporting.
667BloobearPlease remove Tedbear as an owner of the "Frontenac" region, thanks!closedHolliferRemoved.
666HolliferI've got a responsibilityclosedHolliferHail Satan \o/
665TheShadowWinnerthe command /region flag greeting/farewell aint workin, this is the format that i used: /region flag (region ID) Greeting/Farewell (Greeting/Farewell)closedBardidleyGreeting and farewell flag is now reinstated.
664mlpdishsomeone tell mumber its unprofessional to compare me to terroristsclosedExcessiveTokerMumber has been talked to by a staff member. Thank you for reporting.
663Mumberthraxthis is the emblem of Antifascist Aktion, a radical anarcho-communist organization that many consider to be a terrorist organization due to their violence against innocent people due to perceived political opinions. It is offensive.closedExcessiveTokerRemoved, thanks for reporting!
662MrTheKingchange houston to daytime plsclosedMumberthraxLET THERE BE LIGHT
661Andromeda4210protect cantina plsclosedMumberthraxcantina region created
660Mumberthraxif my board with people that players dislike (e.g. politicians, rapists, media, etc.) was removed, this build should probably be as wellclosedExcessiveTokerRemoved, thanks for reporting.
659TedbearCan I get this copy+pasted to /home Tedbear test please?closedaMossyLogpasted one block north from the Parc Marrison statue
658Abitcat[speedbuild] make the dirt item framesclosedDumbo52Item frames placed
657Tedbeargibe plotclosedDumbo52Added
656mlpdishclaim (red wool is borders)closedtorteelaBuild has been removed due to new policy on political builds.
655Abitcatchange region name to "abitcat_Victoria"closedAbitcatnever mind
654admantawho built this? I like it.closedBardidleymlpdish made this.
653admantagreif?closedBardidleyif it was it happened a while ago
652admantagreifclosedtorteelagrief rolled back
651Haikuexpand dad thanks thanksclosedMumberthraxdoot doot
650Haikuprotect dad thanksclosedMumberthraxdank
649DrTim58expand regionclosedMumberthraxThe Iron Pact grows o_o
648Mumberthraxbedsam claims he made this house and was removed from the WG protection. house is old enough to be out of lb to confirm it's his... if ownership can be confirmed, recommend relocating houseclosedBardidleyBecause of the region name it looks like he was part of this build. He will need to contact us as to where to have it placed.
647BloobearFound a better spot! Please protect as "Frontenac" from sky to bedrock. Thanks! :)closedSirLyleregion created
646AvadaKedavra03make it so texaquerque is always dayclosedMumberthraxdone. you can use "/rg flag time-lock " to tweak it
645MrTheKingexpand region northclosedElectifriedexpanded
644Fezthebeara slight region expanison for Fezthebear_build for my stepwellclosedMumberthraxsomeone went back in time to complete this req o_o
643Fezthebearmore water flowing pleaseclosedMumberthraxflowing :]
642Fezthebearcould you flow the water above you in the alcove here?closedMumberthraxflowing :D
641BloobearI forgot how hard terraforming was. Can I declaim this region? Also is it possible to roll it back? I feel dumb, sorry... :/closedBardidleyNo worries, region removed and terrain restored.
640Mewciferwanna protect my region ;)closedMumberthraxregion protected
639Thwomppiferregion warclosedBarlimoreWar region added, build in pea-- uh, do your thing. :-)
638Mumberthraxcan mods please have the ability to WE in barrier blocks?closedBardidleyMods can now place barrier blocks with WE.
637Memeciferclaim lehtaclosedBardidleyRegion protected. Since this is a large claim we will be monitoring it and reclaiming any land you don't use within a reasonable ammount of time.
636BloobearProtect this area please, sky to bedrock, as "MontRoyal" Thanks! :)closedtorteelaregion protected
635nickeoxitem framesclosedBarlimore(I don't think he noticed us!)
634geb_pls replace sponge with frame!closedMumberthraxYou've been framed! O_O
633MathInTheBathprotectclosedBarlimoreSeems as though your co-builder requested protection quicker for you both! "/rg i" for your region details when you're there. :-)
632NjordomirprotectclosedHolliferProtected ;D
631buzzie71swastika O.oclosedBardidleyThanks for reporting.
630geb_I'd like this plot please!closedBarlimoreAdded to plot 0027, enjoy!
629ThwomppiferexpanseclosedMumberthraxregion expanded!
628MrTheKingreplace sponge with item frames on both sides of bridge plsclosedBarlimoreItem frames added to both sides, enjoy!
627Fezthebearcould I please get item frames above the fireplace on the center 5 blocksclosedtorteelaitem frames placed
626FatalityxMistprotectclosedMumberthraxyou already have a protected region here :D
625Mumberthraxsuggest revising these minigame contest signs for more general use than specific to the expired contestclosedtorteelaContest specific signs removed. Updated signs to be added soon.
624TheShadowWinner1. Rename the Region theshadowwinner_area with: crystal_gems_cd_ice_base 2. Desban me from /suggestion-box bcuz i have a great idea! (sorry for the /fill spam, i was REALLY needing that at that moment, i promise ill not spam something).closedHollifer1. Renamed 2. You shouldn't be banned from suggeston-box, and a better way to get a suggestion out is to post on the forums. 3. No problem, WE has limits for a reason :)
623FatalityxMistprotectclosedBarlimoreProtection added, build in peace!
622MrTheKingremove rogueginger_build and houston_corner regions and make dotted stone border a new region plsclosedHeysofiaSorry I can't do this as rogueginger is the first owner, he must be the one to request these changes.
621MrTheKingremove protection from otherorangeclosedElectifriedprotection removed
620MrTheKingprotect this yellow dotted area pleaseclosedElectifriedprotected
619Tedbeareyesoreclosedtorteelahollifer made it go away
618MrTheKingshorten rogeginger_build to the border with houston plsclosedElectifriedregion shortened
617Mumberthraxprotect plsclosedMumberthraxgot ur back fam
616Ted50Region in pink stained clay? Name it "MegaTank" pleaseclosedBardidleyProtected.
615dudemasterymProtect Thanks :)closedBardidleyYour region claim is too close to the adjacent region. leave a buffer of at least 10-15 blocks.
614mlpdishgive this region a cooler name plsclosedMasterCommaTheI've opted to name it Temple_Authora for the ancient Miscopian Goddess
613tippsierequestclosedLappy486(This was a claim request) Region claimed!
612dudemasterymWater flowclosedLappy486Let my people flow!
611PPGOMEclaim pls name: fnafclosedHolliferSpare me.
610PPGOMEclaim plsclosedPPGOME
609MrTheKingprotect this lil baby area in the white woolio plsclosedHolliferProtected ;)
608Is_It_Andrewprotect and turn item drops on pleaseclosedDumbo52Protected
607Mewcifercan i have this building (dish built it) removed, or will it count as grief?closedHolliferIt's on your region, you can move it. Although I do suggest not destroying it, and perhaps letting him know you're moving it elsewhere.
606DarthOpressplace item frams in replace to the empty signsclosedMumberthraxyou've been framed!
605ThelVadumeeturn cobweb here into end-gatewayclosedHolliferThank Mumberthrax, because I can't read.
604Ted50Can I get this region extended?closedLappy486Region expanded!
603Ted50Can I get this place rolled back and the region deleted?closedHolliferNot in LB, I manually repaired the place. Region deleted.
602DarthOpressprotectclosedMumberthraxregion expanded here too!
601DarthOpressprotectclosedMumberthraxregion expanded!
600Heysofiaplease light this portal too :PclosedDumbo52Lit
599HeysofiaCan you please turn all 10 nether portals decorative? I mean actually adding the purple nether portal. Thanks :)closedDumbo52Portal'd
598MrTheKingwhen was this partial border made and is it abandoned?closedHeysofiaIt was only made on the 20th of Feb, so not abandoned :)
595MrTheKingprotect this other orange region too plsclosedBardidleyProtected.
594MrTheKingcan protect this dotted orange borderclosedBardidleyProtected.
593Mumberthraxthis build by texb, tedbear, mlpdish is obviously hate speech, and the placement adjacent to energywizards patriotic builds conveys intent to harass. if my modest list of bad people was removed, be consistent here.closedHolliferYou damn kids and your politics. Well, it's solved because I actually did the adult thing and played with some blocks. I guess that situation is handled.
592DarthOpressprotectclosedLappy486In future, you can use /rg info to check whether a region's been protected or not :)
591DarthOpressprotectclosedLappy486Region Protected!
590Fezthebearcould i get an extension for Fezthebear_build ? i have expanded its borders.closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
589dudemasterymwaterflowclosedMumberthraxflowing :]
587Abitcatmake all of the floating dirt blocks item frames.closedBardidleyFrames placed.
586DarthOpressprotectclosedBardidleySorry but you cannot claim an area right beside another city, you must find some open land.
585Im_VectorYTthis server haves pex or ranks?closedBardidleyNope
583mlpdishgeneratebiome cmd can set biome outside regionclosedDumbo52Thanks for reporting, //generatebiome has been disabled for now..
582MasterCommaTheplease put end portals on the coalclosedtorteelai did it
581ThelVadumeedunno if this is allowed hereclosedtorteelaIts okay for now.
580MessedUpDuckspeedbuild plotclosedDumbo52Added
579Is_It_Andrewrequest permission to build in mgplots_0015 please. There are no owners or members, but it's protectedclosedtorteelarequest DENIED NERD HAHA. jk you're on the plot now
578TheTedOwl27Could my region border be expanded to the orange? Thanks (This time not lazy region :) )closedtorteelaregion expanded to orange
577AvadaKedavra03protect this smaller box as "texaquerque_extension"closedAvadaKedavra03
576AvadaKedavra03protect this smaller box as "pyramid"closedAvadaKedavra03
575AvadaKedavra03protect this larger box as part of texaquerqueclosedHolliferAll protected. I had to contract one side of one of the 3 claims to make sure it was within server rules.
574JustGrayForgename this border "The Land of Cool Armorstands!!closedHolliferProtected!
573JustGrayForgeclaim this border for meclosedSilversunsetyour region was expanded to the glass border!
572JustGrayForgeban zane_magiclosedSilversunsetsorry, not this time.
571JustGrayForgetell everyone to stop swearing except for JustGrayForgeclosedBarlimoreSwearing is fine on creative but you can use the /ignore command if people are being disruptive for you.
570JustGrayForgetell zane_magi to stop cursing, swearing, and griefingclosedBarlimoreI've expanded your protection to cover more of your armour stands. Builds in peace. :-)
569Abitcatclaim this map world plot pleaseclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your new plot in the mapworld!
568Abitcatme want plot world plsclosedAbitcatnvm
567DrTim58hologram saying: To you it's the past, to them it was the future. It all started at that volcano so long ago. I remember it all.closedHolliferDone!
566JustGrayForgecan u tell Mewcifer and mlpdish to stop swearing? thx!closedBarlimoreClosing additional request. See 571.
565MasterCommaTheI cannot seem to place item frames as requested in modreq 563 and 564. Not clear why they won't place.closedHolliferIt seems that Barlimore has managed to complete the requests. Contact me if this happens again.
564Thwomppiferitem frame for spongeclosedBarlimoreItem frame added in place of the sponge!
563Thwomppiferitem frame on this signclosedBarlimoreItem frame added on the sign, enjoy!
561the_best_brownieclaim i "claimed" this land before and it wont let me build anything on my land. i built this structure and i intended on finishing it. please send help.closedMasterCommaTheSorry for the inconveineince. We have updated the permissions and added a commemorative plaque as a formal apology.
560Tedbeartrees not casting any shadows, troubleshoot perhaps?closedMasterCommaTheMy first troubleshoot is to ask if you have /nv (nightvision) on. Shadows look fine from here.
559mlpdishthis fine plot has been undeveloped for a whileclosedMasterCommaTheMail sent to Abitcat reminding to continue development. If you would like something else, plz modreq specifics.
558Haikuhay adminerinos can you review our build for a warp thankerinos bbsclosedtorteelaSmelly warp created as Athel
557Ted50Can you make this armor stand invisible?closedDumbo52Poof!
556mlpdishclaim extendclosedLappy486Extended!
555AbitcatThis was not me, but it was there when I cleared the wildlifeclosedHolliferRemoved, user warned.
554MaruMeiitem frames for a map ; - ;closedBarlimoreItem frames added, enjoy!
552piggy187unmute me pussyclosedtotemobanned
551mlpdishclaim named "elytra"closedDumbo52Protected
550AvadaKedavra03please claim this "cnp_war_games" and move the orange build thanksclosedBardidleyProtected.
549Abitcatclaim this.... claim. And also nickname it "Columbia" in the process. Thanks.closedBardidleyRegion created.
548mlpdishbroke a blockclosedDumbo52Fixed
546AvadaKedavra03Please add this outlined box into my claim "texaquerque". please move the items inside elsewhere so they dont cause conflict. thanksclosedHolliferI can't protect this for you, it already has a build inside of it.
545Is_It_Andrewremove region first_flight_of_war pleaseclosedHeysofiaRegion removed! :)
544cmdrteboknever mind this area sucks because its so high. ill never use randloc again. please do not protect thisclosedcmdrtebok
543cmdrtebokplease to be protecting this box as "cracktown" add AvadaKedavra03closedcmdrtebok
542Mewciferpls protect "athel_connector" thankclosedBardidleyProtected.
541nuke15whos border is thisclosedHeysofiaNo logblock history as border is too old. If you'd like something to be done about it do a modreq and I can elevate it :)
540TedVito17itemframesssclosedElectifriedframes placed
539TedVito17region expand to this plotclosedDumbo52Expanded
538admantaAndrew built a dick, again!closedtorteelaIf your dick looks like that you need to go to a doctor
537AvadaKedavra03please claim this box as "texaquerque_connection". This request can be handled apart from request 527 if it is allowed to be processedclosedAvadaKedavra03
536Saru_Meiland protection I am so sorry about the awkward shapeclosedtorteelaRegion created
535NatureBlockGirlreplace wool with itemframesclosedtorteeladuplicate of 534
534NatureBlockGirlitem framclosedtorteelaitem frame placed
533Saru_Meiprotect landclosedtorteelaProtected! And thanks :D
532DrTim58I accidentally broke something in Verum's region (a head), pls rollback <3closedtorteeladiscussed with player
531Saru_Meiland protectionclosedtorteelaland protected
530Ted50End rods=item frames plsclosedtorteelayou've been FRAMED. for murder.
529Mewciferclaim "mewcifer_b_o_a_t" plz and thankclosedtorteelaclame made you are welcom
528PinkUniIt is - but I got the issue resolved. It was a misunderstandingclosedBardidleyOk, glad you got it resolved.
527AvadaKedavra03this plane is inciting drama and is preventing meaningful expansion for MrTheKing's city to expand. It's also built specifically to cause annoyance for myself. Please move this claim (Hollifer or other CAdmin, please PM me before closing)closedAvadaKedavra03
526JustGrayForgeTheShadowWinner greifed my house tell him to stopclosedBarlimoreI've spoken with TheShadowWinner and also added protection to your build. Build in peace!
525JustGrayForgetell TheShadowWinner to stop calling me dumbclosedBarlimoreClosing duplicate.
524JustGrayForgetell TheShadowWinner to stop calling me dumbclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /msg- remember /ignore
523AvadaKedavra03claim "second_flight_of_war" it's 10 blocks away from the main claimclosedHolliferI've never heard "ban me" being screamed so loudly, perhaps we can talk about this first?
522Tedbearframe pleaseclosedDumbo52Framed
521mlpdishclaim map plsclosedDumbo52clammed
520Tedbeargimme mabworld blod xdddddddddclosedDumbo52Added to region
519monfmonfkinda looks likea dick lolclosedDumbo52You're right, it'll look like phallic once the silos have dropped to the ground
518mlpdishportals plsclosedDumbo52Portals placed
516Is_It_Andrewcan these borders be removed as well please? it is very close to my protected regionclosedHolliferDuplicate request.
515Is_It_Andrewcan this border be removed please? it's very close to 2 protected regions of mineclosedHolliferRemoved, I will be speaking to both you and the creator of the border again.
514admantathough not large this is a hell of a hell of a build and worth a Warp.closedHolliferWe only generally warp builds (regardless of size) that have taken more than just a few hours to build. Also, this is not primarily your build, if they want it warped they have to modreq for themself.
513Thwompplast req wasnt wide enoughclosedBardidleyIt covers your entire marked claim.
512AvadaKedavra03claim box as "batter_plant"closedHolliferI don't think so. We're gonn have to have a little chat about this
511Thwomppcan i have dis land pleaseclosedBardidleyYes you may, enjoy!
510AvadaKedavra03claim box as "batter_plant"closedAvadaKedavra03
509AvadaKedavra03claim box as "batter_plant_closedAvadaKedavra03
508admantaprotect my bomberclosedBardidleyBomber protected.
507admantaI'm pretty sure these are dicksclosedBardidleyheh only slightly. Don't think that is their intent.
506Ted50Is this greif?closedHeysofiaPlayer warned and grief rolled back. Thanks for reporting!
505Mewciferwho made face here? just curious lolclosedMewcifer
504mlpdishcan i have this region set to sky biome? thxclosedDumbo52Biome set to sky
503sorawebclaim land the haybalesclosedBarlimorePlease complete (enclose) your haybale boundary so we can look into protecting. Modreq again when you're ready.
502MaruMeiclaim areaclosedBarlimoreProtection added for you both, build in peace!
501TrymaPlaysreqiestclosedBarlimorePlease be more specific with your request so we know how to help you. :-)
500TheTruNightmareneed someone to claim the plot <3closedBarlimoreProtection added, build in peace!
499PinkUni(sorry the last one my fingerslipped) Hello, right next to my friends and i's build is another persons build. It wasnt there last night and it is 10 blocks away from one of our buildingsclosedBardidleyCan you let me know if it is the build in the magenta wool that you are referring to?
497VerumUrsuscheckclosedHeysofiaPlease don't check for modreqs like this. Just do /check.
496VerumUrsusclaimclosedHeysofiaRegion created! Enjoy building :)
495VerumUrsusgive me 1500x1900 claimclosedBardidleyFind some empty land, mark a rectangular wool border, modreq for protection.
494derpherpingtonextend region eastclosedElectifriedThis new extension will SHOCK you!
493derpherpingtonregion extension southclosedElectifriedexpanded
492Tedbearframe pleaseclosedaMossyLogframed!
491AvadaKedavra03please remove Is_It_Andrew from region thanksclosedaMossyLogremoved!
490Mewcifercan i have this build copied to my mahz region plzclosedaMossyLogCopied!
489stellarvikingI am requesting another border expansion because I don't know how to gauge distanceclosedDumbo52Expanded
488MrTheKingcan the highway region be shrunken to this black clay tyclosedDumbo52Shrunkened
487MrTheKingclaim mesa biomeclosedHolliferCount all the cactus segments and i'll give it to you.
486Is_It_Andrewprotect space for the plane to stop this warclosedHollifer:'(
485Is_It_Andrewpossible griefclosedDumbo52This appears to have been done by the builder.
484TuxyWhalereplace sign frameclosedMumberthrax3 frames placed
483Is_It_AndrewprotectclosedMumberthraxregion created
482admantaRedstone test in overworldclosedBardidleySeems to be redstone with something being built to go with it, should be ok.
481MrTheKingabsorb houston_expansion_west into houston and make roguegingers old claim a child regionclosedDumbo52Expanded
480DrTim58protect and call Tim_vs_TuxclosedDumbo52Protected
479MrTheKingi forgot the turning lanes need more fraemsclosedHolliferI already crashed and died
478Is_It_Andrewprotect plane regionclosedHollifer:3 protected
477MrTheKingyall got anymore of them item framesclosedHolliferThey've been in my pocket so they're real warm and soft.
476Ted50region? ThanksclosedHolliferRegion, no problem.
475TheTedOwl27Can I also have this part thats surrounded by the pink edges for W.E.? thank youclosedHolliferLazy claim, I protected it, but it shall forever be known you didn't finish the border.
474TheTedOwl27Can I have World Edit / Make this a region for me? Thank you!closedLappy486Region protected!
473MrTheKingreplace pink clay with item frames on both sides of bridge plsclosedaMossyLogreplaced!
472stellarvikingdearest moderator or cadmin, please expand my current plot (stellarviking_build) to the new borders indicated by the green wool. regards, stellclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
471Mewciferitem frames pls <on both ends of firetruck, marked by signs that say item frame>closedBarlimoreItem frames added, great fire truck!
470derpherpingtonregion extension to outermost borderclosediNerd71Region extended
469stellarvikingis this how I claim an areaclosedDumbo52Yep, that's right -- protected.
468cmdrtebokcan i have this plt for next roundclosedDumbo52Yep, just stand here at the start of the next round and you'll be able to build
467KimbanaProtect please.closedDumbo52Protected
466MrTheKingpls dont hate me but can houstons biome be changed to plains because its more realisticclosedDumbo52Biome changed to plains
465TuxyWhaleclaimeth thy borderclosedBardidleyProtected.
464TuxyWhaleclaim this half of borderclosedBardidleyProtected.
463TuxyWhaleclaimus dy labratoryusclosedBardidleySorry but this mesa has a claim and underground build inside.
462the_best_brownieclaim all the area inside the magenta woolclosedaMossyLogclaimed!
461derpherpingtonregion extension northclosedaMossyLogregion extensioned north!
460derpherpingtonregion "derpherpington_claim"closedDumbo52Protected
459derpherpingtonregion "derpherpington_claim"closedderpherpington
458Ruexregion claimclosedDumbo52Protected
457MrTheKingcan houston be expanded 50 blocks west to build a parkway and the highway region be shrunk 50 blocks on the east to accomodate the houston expansionclosedDumbo52Expansion region created, request again once the 'houston' region is ready to be expanded
456TuxyWhalemake stands invisibleclosedBardidleyStands made invisible.
455Is_It_Andrewencountered an internal error when trying to change the variant of my horseclosedHolliferDumbo52 is aware of the problem and currently working on a solution. This request will be moved to a trello card. Please be patient while he works on a solution. Thank you.
454admantaprotect my heliclosedBardidleyProtected.
453texbalien803 has a hitler skin and is talking about how great he wasclosedBardidleyThanks for letting us know.
452MrTheKingcan i expand this highway region 50 bloccs on the south side for some frontage road businesses :DclosedMrTheKing
451MrTheKingcan i expand this highway region 50 bloccs on the north and south side for some frontage road businesses :DclosedMrTheKing
450Smagnomeplease claim this lil extra bit of land before anyone else Snatches it upclosedDumbo52Region expanded
449MrTheKingcan this pyramid be scooched over about 10 blocks to the south so it can be repaired?closedaMossyLogscooched!
448admantaIs my park worth a warp yet?closedExcessiveTokerWarped. Congrats :D
447MrTheKingeccstend region westwardclosedDumbo52Region expanded
446MrTheKingcan you eccspand the highway region westward plsclosedMrTheKing
445RubyColoredRoseprofanityclosedBardidleyProfanity is allowed in chat.
444roguegingeradd this little piece to my region please?closedSir_DidymusRegion expanded. Nice build!
443PPGOMEclaim pls name: WaterclosedSir_DidymusRegion created.
442PPGOMEcan place block in air please>closedPPGOME
441Kotary_Playz_Mcregion create TheBagClan Kotary_Playz_Mc DaishotoclosedBardidleyThis area is already protected from your prev modreq. use /check to see the status of your modreq.
440SirTacofaceturn the glass on the wall into 2 item frames please :DclosedLappy486Frames placed!
439SirTacofaceflaming_fantom is spamming the /afk can you put a limit on it?closedBardidleyDeath to all spammers.
438AvadaKedavra03please add the prismarine area into texaquerque regionclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
435FlumperCan't use //setbiome in modmode, could someone take a look at perms? :)closedDumbo52Permissions fixed
434MrTheKingiteam farmesclosedFlumperDone! :)
433MrTheKingcan this biome be changed to desert till the edge of the road on the northern edge of houstonclosedDumbo52Biome set to desert
432aMossyLogclaim green wool areaclosedaMossyLogclaimed!
431AvadaKedavra03pls set this region to savanna biome... not sure why it didn't work the first time. May have to be done in more than one piecesclosedDumbo52Biome set to savanna
430AvadaKedavra03downtown plot 0046 has an inactive player not building on itclosedHolliferSince nobody has even touched it, owner has been reset.
429AvadaKedavra03downtown plot 0002 has an inactive player not building on itclosedHolliferSince nobody has even touched it, owner has been reset.
428AvadaKedavra03downtown plot 0001 has an inactive player not building on itclosedHolliferBuilt within the last 10 days, I will not be resetting the plot.
427AvadaKedavra03plot hasn't been touched in a while -- quite a bit lot for no activity?closedHolliferThis isn't a plot, it's part of spawn city. We're still waiting for challenger's wrist to get better. This is his project.
426AvadaKedavra03please set the biome for texaquerque to "acacia "closedHollifer/rg i //setbiome acacia. Hm, yes im sure that's what that biome was called too :P
425AvadaKedavra03please set the biome for texaquerque to 'plains'closedAvadaKedavra03
424THE_BA_GAMERprotection. Please protect from y=60-94 (aka the yellow box)closedHolliferProtected.
423AvadaKedavra03tux should either say people's names right or not talk at allclosedHolliferAsk him to stop first, then if he continues we can treat it as harassment.
422Haikuprotecterinos real quicc thxclosedaMossyLogprtecterino'd real quicc hth
421Is_It_Andrewredstone experiment in the overworldclosedtorteelaLooks like they're in the process of making it into a build. We'll keep an eye on it.
420geb_pls expand region like 6 east, ty!closedHolliferAyylmao
419THE_BA_GAMERis this lamp missing trapdoors?closedHeysofiaLamp fixed :)
418TuxyWhaleexpandith ty border magical modclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
417OleToothlessworldedit region around this netherbrick thing pls!closedtorteelai made your region, and you stepped on my heart
416Flaming_Fantomwarp my pvp arenaclosedHolliferI will have to decline this warp request. I encourage you to keep building, and making the area more suited for PvP.
415tom3823tom3823closedSir_DidymusPlease include a bit more detail when you modreq, so we know what you need.
414Is_It_Andrewdisable compass and /thru usage in this room pleaseclosedDumbo52Compass disabled
413Is_It_AndrewWarp my PVP arenaclosedHolliferWarped in the PvP section of spawn.
412sunstarshine192i have an awesome house plz protect it i worked hard!!closedaMossyLogprotected!!
411mrdishwasherclaim "church"closedscherererererregion created for you - looking good so far!
410MrTheKingafk spam by funkman723closedscherererererplayer warned and note added
409THE_BA_GAMERI would like to unclaim this plot. Thank you :)closedscherererererremoved from plot as requested
407LetsBFehrcould I have my region extended 20 blocks west?closedSir_DidymusRegion expanded.
406AvadaKedavra03pls give me this plot for an office buildingclosedHolliferAll yours
405AvadaKedavra03pls fill this it looks ghetto lolclosedHolliferWell make some magic happen on challenger's wrist, buddy
404AvadaKedavra03why was this allowed to exceed the 2 plot limit? it's all empty and unusedclosedHollifer*processing* Error. /modreq for additional plots. I see a huge building here anyways :O
403tom3823please portect the orange boxclosedSir_DidymusRegion created.
402AvadaKedavra03axton should probably build something less derpy... :/closedHolliferFor now i'm gonna close this and give him time to make modification.
401promaxxeprotectionclosedSir_DidymusDuplicate modreq.
400PPGOMEissues... two regions in one plot and i dont have permission! :(closedDumbo52Fixed
399promaxxeprotectionclosedHolliferWithin 10 blocks of current standing regions, please remake borders
398torteela@techs tedbear got chat spam warning for message starting with "the valleys alll throughout"closedtorteela
396Holliferand then a msg after sends in a ticketclosedHollifertab derp
395Tedbearwarp? :DclosedtorteelaWarp granted as OCWS
394mrdishwasherclaim "tanganyika"closedHolliferProtected, we'll be reducing the claim size if there isn't reasonable progress within a month
393geb_Pls protect as pinkerton_2 thanks!closedHolliferOh you kids and your huge claims. . . protected.
392ElectifriedCould I have the orange wool replaced with lava? It seems I can't do it with mod perms.closedHolliferNow this is lookin' like my kind of place :
391Forever_A_Stevewater flowclosedElectifriedflowing water added
390Forever_A_Steveand here tooclosedElectifriedyou can use WE over here too now
389Forever_A_Stevemake this world edit friendlyclosedElectifriedYou can use WE here now.
388admantaWho built this?closedElectifriedAnswered via pm.
387AvadaKedavra03please protect black box as avada_testsclosedaMossyLogprotected!
386MrTheKingcan i reduce north_house region to the new black border hereclosedElectifriednorth_house has been shrunk to the new area
385admantalava greefclosedBardidleyLava removed.
384mrdishwasherblackdiamond is annoyingclosedDumbo52Handled
383Is_It_Andrewscavenger hun! (replace the the buttons in my house with item frames pls)closedaMossyLoghun completed!
382PPGOMEprotect pls and add dropsclosedtorteelaprotected and drops enabled
381PPGOMEprotect plsclosedPPGOME
380ffmike52claimclosedHolliferProtected :)
379PPGOMEBedSam griefing!closedExcessiveTokerEdits fixed and player warned.
378aMossyLogclaim, green woolclosedaMossyLogClaimed!
377aMossyLogcannot use "warp" or "spawn" to exit "/warp mapworld" or "mgmaps". used "/home" to escapeclosedDumbo52Fixed
376LetsBFehrprotect the purple wool pleseclosedaMossyLogPurple protected!
375AvadaKedavra03Why is //setbiome not working? It's worked for months now... it says permission deniedclosedSir_DidymusTemporarily disabled - discussed via msg.
373XNLhi why i mutedclosedHolliferOh you were muted from before.. mute lifted. If you ever see this
372MrTheKingf r a m e sclosedDumbo52f r a m e d
371MrTheKingiteam faresmclosedDumbo52Faresm paledc
370mrdishwasherrename region to "gulag"closedDumbo52Region renamed
369nuke15can you copy plot 3 from round 1 to /home nuke15 citclosedtorteelabuild copied. it was kinda hard to do tbh
368nuke15/op nuke15closedtorteeladone
367Is_It_Andrewcan you tell me a bedtime story pls?closedHolliferOnce upon a time there was a huge llama caravan, and everyone on the server joined it, and heartshine couldn't steer very well and we all fell off a bridge to our cold watery death, the end.
366Tedbearitalicize latin pleaseclosedExcessiveTokerI tried, failed, ended up underlining. I'm SORRY.
365Mewcifercan save?closedDumbo52Saved
364PPGOMEbroadcast spammed chatclosedtorteelathat's ok he has permission
363nuke15save this beautyclosedtorteelabuild saved
362HeartshinePistons could push down into the numbers?closedtorteelaworking as intended
361PPGOMEreplace wool with frame plsclosedaMossyLogFramed!
360MrTheKingok i think this is the last batch of item frames ill need replace spoongesclosedaMossyLogFramed!
359HeartshineHolli you dont need 2 giant headsclosedtorteelathis is ameriCa she can have as many heads as she wants. maybe she identifies as a hydra
358HeartshineO no people tried to grifclosedtorteelaGRIEF GET YE GONE
356XNLok i bought one nowclosedHolliferDon't modreq more than once per issue
355XNLbro its my keyboardclosedHolliferI suggest you get a new keyboard m8
354mrdishwasherclaimclosedtorteelaDiscussed via /m
353AvadaKedavra03why is this claim so big yet all the land is all undeveloped? lets talkclosedtorteelaDiscussed via /m
352cmdrtebokcan i have this boxclosedHolliferYep, cmdrtebox
351HeartshineWhatclosedHolliferAnd though he didn't know it, Heartshine had stepped into.. The Twilight Zone
350HeartshineJust looks like a complete derp buildclosedExcessiveTokerIt's a work-in-progress sky pixel art.
349Troublebearextend current modreqclosedExcessiveTokerRegion redefined.
348Mumberthraxi had a redstone build here before this stupid quartz roof was addedclosedExcessiveTokerThe logs from last rev weren't "transfered" over to this rev. I wouldn't be able to find your redstone build.
347MumberthraxTedbear at 23:17:24 on 2/10/17 advocating hateful political violence with terrorist sloganclosedExcessiveTokerDiscussed via PM.
346Mumberthraxlaw enforcement vehicle, symbol of imperialist oppression/racismclosedHeysofiaThis is fine, it's just a helicopter.
345SirTacofaceDoes the rule about political speech in chat translate to political speech in build?closedHolliferWe already have a modreq open for this discussion.
344Keflavikhow do i world edit?closedHolliferDiscussed via PM
343THE_BA_GAMER(con. 342) Two images are provided in the imgur albumclosedBardidleyclosed.
342THE_BA_GAMER Attempted grief by BedSam. He then fixed it when I called him out on it.closedBardidleyThanks for reporting, but it seems ok now.
341THE_BA_GAMERBefore I continue building inside here, can we double check to see if BedSam made this. (He "sold" it to me)closedBardidleyYes he did make this.
340PPGOMEgold to frame pls (on cyan wool)closedTheNightsKingFrame placed!
339ExcessiveTokerCadmins please observe this, thx.closedExcessiveTokerRemoved.
338MrTheKingextend north_house norhtwadrclosedDumbo52Region expanded
337GrimwaltzMay I please claim the area marked by magma pillars, from bedrock to sky. Ty.closedDumbo52Protected
336Fezthebearcould use a new round of protection, thanks muchclosedDumbo52Region expanded
335geebazzPlease flow the lava and water in the floating platformsclosedDumbo52Flowed
334PPGOMErainbow shep plsclosedHolliferSorry what, I can't hear you
333geebazzPlease flow the lava underneath the floating platformclosedHolliferHalfway ther-- I mean uh, lava flowed :>
332MrTheKingn e e d m o r e i t e m f r a m e sclosedHolliferFramed!
331RedemptoryI want to protect an area for a village I'm planning to makeclosedHolliferprotected!
330RedemptoryI want to protect an area for a village I'm planning to makeclosedHolliferProtected
329RDstonetrxzsplash pots :|closedHolliferThis, I can guarantee is impossible.
328zane_magican you protect an the area round my Sub? its a bit larger than needed so i have room to expand, also the Wake.closedHolliferProtected :)
327RDstonetrxzitem drop on deathclosedHolliferThere are currently no flags or non server-wide options that can allow this to be possible at the time.
326Glowing_ObsidianclaimclosedHolliferProtected, WorldEdit enabled withing region. I had to cut one of the sides short by 10 blocks. It was too close to another player's region.
325RDstonetrxzsurvivalclosedMumberthraxshould be all set
324RDstonetrxztp commandsclosedHolliferDone by Excessivetoker, closing.
323nuke15if you get around to it name the region invandraclosedHolliferProtecTED
322nuke15expandable region?closedHolliferYes?
321MumberthraxgriefingclosedHolliferI removed it
319PPGOMEFlaming_Fantom keeps breaking my blocksclosedPPGOME
318PPGOMEFlaming_Fantom keeps breaking my blocksclosedtorteeladiscussed with player
317Mewciferreplace redstone blocks to left and right with item frames? thankclosedLappy486Frames placed!
316Flaming_FantomprotectclosedHolliferPlease don't modreq more than once for the same thing.
313trog566can I just grab this plot for plaza ParkingclosedtorteelaSince you already have four plots, we'd like to wait a bit to give you another one.
312trog566Would this be against the rules? Becuase I think it is!closedHolliferOnly partially. Rule violating parts have been removed.
311MrTheKingextend houston into houston_interchange_northclosedDumbo52Region expanded
310MrTheKingexpanderinononono region plsclosedDumbo52Expanderoni macaroni
309MrTheKingprotect for river parkway trumpet interchangeclosedDumbo52Protected
308Haikucan i get the sealantern/glowstone changed to endportal? thxxbbclosedDumbo52Replaced with end portals
307MrTheKingif possibel can you change my entire region to desert pl0xclosedDumbo52Biome set
306geebazzCan has flowing water on all four sides?closedHeysofiaFlowed!
305TedVito17protect elevator2closedDumbo52Protected
304MrTheKingITEM frames on each side of bridgeclosedHeysofiaFrames placed! :)
303Flaming_FantomprotectclosedSir_DidymusMake a border around your claim and then modreq again!
302mrdishwasherconnect these two plots into oneclosedHolliferConnected
301SilversunsetThis is for silver, pls do not touch!closedSilversunsethnnnrrrggggggggg
300Lolproallow dropsclosedHolliferDone!
299SirTacofaceexpand region north by 10 blocks and replace bedrock with barrier blocks thanksclosedHolliferDone :)
298pony70claimclosedHolliferprotected :)
297skocinskyclaimclosedHolliferProtected with pony70's area, you're added as an owner.
296redneckcrazyprotectionclosedHolliferProtected ^-^
295texbregion ploxclosedHolliferProtected!
294MrTheKingmore pink wool item frames :DclosedDumbo52Item frames placed
293MrTheKingpink wool item frames :DclosedDumbo52Item frames placed
292texbnolanater5711 is setting off fireworks that lag everyoneclosedHolliferSorry I seemed to have missed when this was happening. I'll make sure to contact the user about this, please request again if this player harasses or lags you further.
291roguegingerCan you add this little bit to my region?closedDumbo52Region expanded!
290AvadaKedavra03pls expand texaquerque into white area -- please PM me if there is an issueclosedHolliferExpanded.
289PPGOMEallow drops please :DclosedHolliferDrops allowed