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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
1013Diivbearexpand peenorclosedDrTim58not as expanded as mine
1012jdaviddeancan you flow the water around you here? thank you!closedMasterCommaTheIt is better where it is wetter!
1011Verrosclean up weekly build area, specifically hereclosedMewciferwas doing that earlier and got distracted ^^' ty!
1010piplo127128expland pls thank uclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
1009vexillologist420change my greeting and farewell to light red or something? blue would also be acceptable...closedDrTim58Colors are now colored
1008gnhrequestclosedDrTim58actually specify a request
1007MasterCommaTheWould it be okay to set /warp Laputa to this location?closedMewciferwarp moved!
1006jdaviddeanhelpclosedMasterCommaThePlease resubmit your modreq with more information, what "help" you want is not apparent.
1005piplo127128can i have the previosly used by llams iron trapdoor bridge removed here thank uclosedBardidleyRemoved.
1004Verrosplease contract region 43 blocks towards the sandstone (brown wool is current edge of zone, sandstone is intended edge)closedBardidleyConvinced to leave as is.
1003Verrosplease contract region by 43 blocks towards the sandstone (brown wool is current edge of zone, sandstone is intented edge)closedVerroschange no longer needed
1002jadedeconomistTUEPIC1 and Amisero are building swastikasclosedMewcifertaken care of :)
1001Haikuprotect me daddy-chan-kun~uywuclosedDrTim58If you want real protection, go to your local gas station and buy a rubber
1000Haikuprotect daddyclosedDrTim58senpai~~~
999admantaI found a huge penis someone made.closedBardidleyshush you
998Verrosexpand region 1 block outside in this (indicated) directionclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
997jdaviddeancould you get this water to flow down? thank you :)closedBardidleyFlowed!
996L_Morningstar_protecc plsclosedDrTim58I protecc but I only protecc
995johnixGi made a pixelart of marvel and id like to move it so it doesnt block other pixel arts, anywhere is fineclosedMewciferit seems out of the way where it's at, too short to be in the way. good job!
994xOreoToastflow this h2oclosedDrTim58h2o is now an h2-hoe
993vexillologist420perma ban Rad_Phoenix?closedDrTim58no.
992marting11corner 2closedDrTim58corner 2 cornered a second time
991marting11corner 1closedDrTim58corner cornered
990marting11move this ~400x~200 pixelart to a new region, corners in next modreqsclosedDrTim58yeeted with new region included with no extra cost!
989marting11rg expansion 1000 blocks west, 150 south & 400 east (plan is to make a complete f1 starting gridclosedDrTim58Redbull gives you wings (and region expansions)
988tobylane[admin] worldedit recommends I use lazycut, could we have permission for it? worldedit.clipboard.lazycutopen
987jdaviddeani messed up this water, can you fix it to flow down to the bottom? thanks!closedBardidleyFlowed.
986piplo127128yellow wool to barrier tyclosedDrTim58barrier for space boi made
985Verrosplace speedbuild plot 2 here pleaseclosedChallenger2Plot 2 pasted in
984piplo127128water flwowoclosedMewcifernever say flwowo again
983Mallxrdok, just trying to let everyone know this is sillyclosedMewciferSee 982.
982Mallxrdur funnyclosedMewciferProceeding to spam modreq will result in a kick.
980PPGOMEprotect, please!closedMasterCommaTheThe PPGOME Memorial Wildlife Preserve and Waste Site is dedicated on this day the 13th of April
979PPGOMEis it possible for this region to be removed? Just a border and owner hasn't been on since end of JanuaryclosedPPGOMEowo
978jdaviddeancould you please make the water in here flow down? thank you :)closedMasterCommaThefixed the toilet
977jdaviddeancan you please flow the water down to the bottom pls? thanksclosedMasterCommaTheFlowed it all the way
976jdaviddeancould you add to my region up to the purple?closedMasterCommaTheRegion expanded. Wildlife in the area exterminated to make room for progress.
975SkrapssparkSwarp request "skraps statue"closedMewciferWe have carefully reviewed your build, over the course of many days, however, you must pay a fee in order to complete the warping process. We apologize for the inconvenience.
973Verroschange glass into barrier block / invis blockclosedDrTim58barriers barriered!
972Verrosmy spaceship disappeared?closedMewcifershe has been restored, young one
971TawmissCrawfishWould I be able to get the land marked around 5800 -5200 (my /home) protected so I can use WE on it? There's a bit of land I need removed. Thanks!closedMasterCommaTheProtected the area within the pink border.
970Verrosprotection for L_Morningstar_'s build, Verros as member only plzclosedMasterCommaTheAdded L_Morningstar as a member.
969Verrosreplace glass blocks with barrier blocks/invis blocksclosedMewciferreplaced!
968admantablockspamclosedMewciferit ded
967v0rtettyexpand plot please, corners will be marked with beaconsclosedDrTim58expanded
966jdaviddeancould you flow the water from the edges of the top tier into the bottoms, please?closedBardidleyFlowed!
965Verrosarea for v0rtetty, give owner perms to himclosedBardidleyProtected!
964Flame623_remove leaf plsclosedBardidleyRemoved.
963jadedeconomistcan these leafs be removedclosedBardidleyRemoved.
962ApogeeWarp named "CaGR".closedMewciferGood job so far, but we think you should fill your claim up a bit more and then modreq again!
961Verrosplease copy my weeklybuild entry to this locationclosedBardidleyDone.
960L_Morningstar_can i please get a starting block for space :DclosedMasterCommaTheAn Astroid of Gold to buy your soul.
959jdaviddeancan you protect the area out to the edge of the purple?closedBardidleyProtected!
958admantaminor greifclosedMasterCommaThefixed, banned, protected, As I solemly swore to do the day I took the Mod badge.
957Verroschange lapis ore into flowing lavaclosedBardidleyto the moon!!!
956TheMeeBovieunclaim this plotclosedBardidleyRemoved from plot!
955axton900i want to edit the worldclosedBardidleyProtected!
954_Goyard_protectclosedDrTim58you need to build a border first
953Verrosreplace Gravel(13) with R Mushroom(40) and Sponge(19) with B Mush(39)closedDrTim58discussed via pm
952promaxxemove just entrance 5 blocks east plsclosedDrTim58yeeted 5 east
951promaxxemove entrance and gate 5 blocks westclosedpromaxxe
950TheMeeBoviecan I put TV heads on this glassclosedChallenger2Yes, but don't mess with anything else.
949Verrosthis plot please (weekly build)closedChallenger2Stand in an open plot and type "/nerdplot claim" and you will get setup by the plugin.
947Mallxrd"try politely requesting a mod to unmute you" *asks politely to unmute you*closedDrTim58unmuted
946marting11hey I'm from planet minecraft, can you make me op so I can review your serverclosedDrTim58I'm already from Planet Mincraft, here to review the server
945idontspamthis need to build giant version of self in bigtownclosedBardidleyBigtown plot protected.
944Verrosturn all dark blue wool into flowing water in region please (block id 35:11)closedBardidleyTurned to water.
943Verrosprotect and permissions to area (min to max level)closedBardidleyProtected!
942X_GirLTerrorDoom"Hello. I'm going to let new player/owner take over this plot, but first this plot must rollback to that time how it looks like before i claimed it i guess. I have tried to solve this plenty times but failed. I have no use for this plot"closedBardidleyOk. thanks for letting me know, I'll remove the build and then unlcaim the plot.
941X_GirLTerrorDoom"Hello. I'm going to let new player/owner take over this plot, but first this plot must rollback to that time how it looks like before i claimed it i guess. I have tried to solve this plenty times but failed. I have no use for this plot"closedBardidleyOk. thanks for letting me know, I'll remove the build and then unlcaim the plot.
940TheMeeBovieHow can I fix the lighting here? WE screwed up the lightingclosedTheMeeBovie
939Mr_MythHunter"Hello. This plot can now have new player/owner. I have tried to make it looks like before i claimed it if that was my job. I'm a owner of X_Girl's land and my house is on her land.closedBardidleyOk. thank you, you are now removed from plot.
938promaxxecan i snatch this plot or should i wait longerclosedDrTim58snatched
937X_GirLTerrorDoom"Hello. I hope /modreq is right thing to use to get help with add owner. I tried /rg addowner Mr_MythHunter, But error say "Too few arguments. /region addowner [-n] <id> <owners...>" Your guide at spawn do not work."closedBardidleyAdded owner. I used "/rg addowner land_x_girlterrordoom Mr_MythHunter"
936jadedeconomistcan i claim this boxclosedMewciferPlease fill up your other claims before claiming more.
935jadedeconomistcan this derp stuff be cleaned up or moved? idk what the policy on this kinda stuff is but its weirdclosedBardidleyIf we see an encroaching build coming we can move it.
934TheMeeBovieplease make these two lava fountains flowclosedBardidleyLava flowing!
933X_GirLTerrorDoom"Hello. One of your moderator said i must do modreq by my self to make this unprotected. So delete this land claim and unprotect this. I don't want this. Someone else can have it when someone want it.closedBardidleyRemoved.
931X_GirLTerrorDoom"Please i want have this land claimed and i want be able to use World Edit and i want protection. And you can rollback and delete my old land claim thing because of i did a huge misstake, my builds do not fit in there."closedMasterCommaTheNew region created. You will need to make a second modreq at the location of your previous area in order to have it unprotected. We do not delete old builds for you, you'll have to do that yourself.
930piplo127128shadow fix pls thankclosedBardidleyLighting fixed.
929marting11to clarify #928 this is the build that I'd like moved. I want to make 9 other cars west of the one I builtclosedBardidleyBuild moved.
928marting11if possible expand region 1200 blocks west and move a small build that's in the way to the south?closedBardidleyRegion redefined!
927Tedbearexpansion pleaseclosediNerd71Region expanded!
926nlax123land claimclosediNerd71Duplicate of 925
925nlax123land claimclosediNerd71Land protected as nlax_claim
924vexillologist420can i have a singel chimken nungetclosedBardidleyProtected!
923admantasave lossclosedadmanta
922dad65how do i get access to region next to me, in order to build on mountain top but not dig into undergroubd freeway tunnelclosedDrTim58discussed via pm
921X_GirLTerrorDoomprotectclosedDrTim58Repeat of 919
920X_GirLTerrorDoom"Please i want have this land claimed and i want be able to use World Edit and i want protection. I have tried to follow guide at spawn."closedDrTim58Repeat of 919
919X_GirLTerrorDoom"Please i want have this land claimed and i want be able to use World Edit and i want protection. I have tried to follow guide at spawn."closedDrTim58Land claimed.
918piplo127128water flowwwclosedBardidleyFlowed
917Verrosflowing water for the damclosedVerros
916PPGOMEadd me, please!closedChallenger2Perms granted
915jadedeconomistcan i disable itemframe rotation in this region?closedBardidleyOnly way is to have interact deny
914X_GirLTerrorDoom"This plot has been abonended over a month now. I try /nerdplot claim, but it say "You must stand in a plot to claim it." Can you please let me have a 3rd plot?"closedDrTim58duplicate request of 913.
913X_GirLTerrorDoom"This plot has been abonended over a month now. I try /nerdplot claim, but it say "You must stand in a plot to claim it." Can you please let me have a 3rd plot?"closedBardidleyThis space is going to be used for a future contest.
912admantaskull spamclosedDrTim58Spam removed
911piplo127128remove bad shadow thank umstclosedMewciferficks
910promaxxelighting glitches questionmark?closedMewciferficks
909DrTim58lighting bitchesclosedMewciferbich
908Cluccypls protecc uwuclosedMewciferclaimed!
907piplo127128claim for these blue thankclosedDrTim58UwU
906admantacan you have this warp not place you in survival mode every time you come?closedBardidleyAlready know thanks, tech might need to fix
905jadedeconomistplease change the starting gamemode to creative hereclosedMewciferchanged!
904wareagle195710hey can i get some land claimed?closedBardidleyProtected!
903piplo127128shadow b gon pls tyclosedBardidleyThe shadow people have left.
902promaxxeexpand region halstead_test to new boundaryclosedDrTim58expanded
901direwolf336claimclosedBardidleyThis has already been protected from your last modreq.
899idontspamneed to expand claimclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
898admantahight limmit removed pleaseclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
897direwolf336grief protection around house?closedBardidleyProtected!
895StongdukeCan I get these phantom shadows on the roads fixed if possible? Thank you!closedBardidleyLighting fixed!
894idontspamoasis walled cityclosedBardidleyProtected!
893idontspamneed this land for test building my walled cityclosedBardidleyProtected!
892marting11region expansion 300 blocks west please bossclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
891idontspamcan you turn off sand gravity, i am trying to build something and sand keeps falling in the wayclosedDrTim58Can't turn it off. You're gonna have to put items like string beneath it. If you'd like, you could put glass under it and modreq to have the glass turned into barrier blocks
890jadedeconomistthis plot (downtown_0013) is not being developed in spawn ciyclosedDrTim58owner removed
889jadedeconomistthis plot (downtown_0014) is not being developed in spawn ciyclosedjadedeconomist
888jadedeconomistthis plot (downtown_0036) is not being developed in spawn ciyclosedDrTim58discussed with plot owner, owner removed
887jadedeconomistthis plot (downtown_0023) is not being developed in spawn ciyclosedDrTim58owner removed
886jadedeconomistthis plot (suburbs_0027) is not being developed in spawn ciyclosedDrTim58Plot not eligible to be cleared
885jadedeconomistthis plot (suburbs_0021) is not being developed in spawn ciyclosedDrTim58owner removed
884jadedeconomistthis plot (suburbs_0030) is not being developed in spawn ciyclosedDrTim58owner removed
883jadedeconomistthis plot is not being developed in spawn ciyyclosedDrTim58owner removed
882jadedeconomistthis plot is not being developed in spawn ciyyclosedDrTim58ownerd removed
881jadedeconomistthis user is inactive and not using their nerdplotclosedDrTim58player removed
880jadedeconomistthis user is inactive and not using their nerdplotclosedDrTim58Modreq again in about 9 or 10 days as it has yet to be a month since this player has come on
879jadedeconomistthis user is inactive and not using their nerdplotclosedDrTim58owner removed
878jadedeconomistthis user is inactive and not using their nerdplotclosedDrTim58talked with plot owner, owner removed
877jadedeconomistthis user is inactive and not using their nerdplotclosedDrTim58discussed with plot owner, owner removed
876marting11please do my taxesclosedDrTim58oh shit I need to get my taxes done still
875Apogeefix lightingclosedMewciferlighting fixed in entire region
874iNerd71whenever I use //stack to copy the interiors of the 3rd levels of each of these buildings to the upper levels, the copied computer heads will disappear if I leave the area and turn into regular skulls if I get close to where they are.closedBardidleyUnable to replicate problem. Perhaps it was just lag?
873dad65dan i have stabled horses?closedDrTim58use /horse or /pet
872piplo127128blox her e plsclosedChallenger2Box
871Flaming_FantompvpclosedDrTim58pvp enabled!
870Andromeda4210protect cantinaclosedMewcifer
869SirKittyKatregion protect thingy plsclosedMewciferprotected
868Lugia_Gamescan i get my land claimed plzclosedDrTim58claimed
867Lugia_Gamesis there a way i can get my house that im building claimed?? I have the corners set :) (Its for P.Nerd, IDK if itll be used)closedLugia_Games
866jadedeconomistcan this sign for this office say United Primia plz thank you :DclosedMasterCommaTheThe nation/state/city of United Primia is now officially recognized in the hall of nations
865jadedeconomist/warp wbc isnt a thing like the sign says.closedMasterCommaTheSign corrected. Thank you for reporting
864promaxxeprotect under name halstead_test plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
863jadedeconomistincomplete spawn plot -- i probably am running out of modreqs but I keep seeing people leave bc there are no plots so can some of these blanks be opened for new peeps? :DclosedMewciferowner removed, thanks for reporting
862jadedeconomistincomplete spawn plot -- can this be unclaimed for new users?closedMewciferowner removed, thanks for reporting
861jadedeconomistincomplete spawn plot -- can this be unclaimed for new users?closedMewciferandrew confirmed he doesnt want this plot, removed and freed up, thnx for reporting
860jadedeconomistincomplete spawn plot -- can this be unclaimed for new users?closedMewciferowner removed, thanks for reporting
859admantaI'm pretty sure this was greifedclosedMewciferYep, player dealt with, thanks for reporting
858SirKittyKatborder plsclosedMewciferclaimed
857Flaming_FantompvpclosedBardidleypvp enabled!
855admantaredstone experiment in overworldclosedDrTim58looks to be an unfinished spaceship with redstone doors that weren't covered up. No experiment 'ere, just an unfinished build
854promaxxeprotecqueclosedDrTim58i protecc but i also uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
853promaxxessame req as my last expand to pinkkclosedDrTim58further E X P A N D E D
852promaxxeexpand boundaries of green rg to pinkclosedDrTim58E X P A N D
851admantathis nazi flag is insufficently burnt.closedMasterCommaThe404
849jadedeconomistcan you plz reset the lighting hereclosedMewciferlighting reset
848promaxxecan i have this area protected as road_segment2 or something thxclosedMewciferroad
847piplo127128prom said hes too lazy to claim this so im claiming this for him smh my headclosedMewciferya ok
846vexillologist1cna i get a bonels piza? thakclosedMewcifernone pizza w/ left beef
845promaxxeexpand cagr region plsclosedMewciferexpad
844Melonman97protectionclosedMewcifermelonmancity rg created
843piplo127128gome p u s h e d the uncooked pork into the deathzoneclosedMewcifergome is obviously racist @ pigs smh
842Tedbearcreate region "ted_lyako_airbase" with WaxTed and I as ownersclosedMewciferlyako airbase made, you and wax added as owners
841promaxxecan this claim be dissolved? we want to expand to the mainland if possibleclosedMewciferplayer _winterchewie_ inactive for one month, claim empty, rg removed. lb is being a little bitch, so i cant roll his flat area back, hope thats no trouble
840DrTim58I can't build in this nerdplot I just claimed. I removed myself as owner and claimed it again, then removed as owner and set myself as owner, etc, still nothin'closedMewcifermy fault: didnt set downtown to its parent rg. all fixed
839EightSixclaimclosedMewciferclaimed, added main: smncrl
838DrTim58I agree with #837closedMewciferNO U
837admantaMew is being creepy again!closedMewciferno u
836filer5000protectclosedDrTim58region already exists. Stop spamming modreqs.
835admantaremove me as owener of sekieiclosedDrTim58removed
834PPGOMEprotect this please! (Please no underscores in the name)closedDrTim58you now have protection
833filer5000protectclosedDrTim58region already exists because of nerdplot. Use modreq appropriately.
832filer5000protectclosedDrTim58see #831
831filer5000protectclosedDrTim58only put in one modreq per claim. We won't come faster if you put in multiple
829WaxTedprotect pixelartclosedDrTim58"Oh you're approaching me" "I can't beat the shit out of you without getting closer." God speed my man!
827ThatGameDevclaimclosedDrTim58region redefined to fit border
826ThatGameDevWorldEditclosedDrTim58region already made
825TrulyaLegionNeed this area protected so only I may build in itclosedMasterCommaTheIn the future please put a clear rectangular border around your build, as discussed in the server rules at spawn. I've given you a protected region that encompasses what you build this time.
824Kuj1nclaim expansionclosedDrTim58Thank you Panema Canal, very cool!
823Tyringewhats you ingame name?closedDrTim58Read the ruleboard at spawn.
822WaxTedexpand region yellow woolclosedDrTim58expanded
821AberstarrequestclosedMasterCommaTheClaim settled, automated defenses activated, lethal force authorized. Based on what you're doing, make sure to ask someone about WE if you haven't already.
820admantathis is really really phalicclosedDrTim58;(
819Tuxedowlexpand dongclosedDrTim58E X P A N D
818UneasyAccessplot claimclosedDrTim58claimed, but mark the corners with more than just 1 block next time!
817admantaI'll take this building.closedMewciferno :P
816jadedeconomistcan i have protectclosedMewcifernnnnnnno ;)
815jadedeconomistwe need /warp poobmusuemclosedMewciferdo a 20 person petition and we'll do it
814Haikugib reigonclosedDrTim58region gibbed
813Kuj1nclaimclosedDrTim58nice try Mew, but I got it first. Also, protected!
812piplo127128expland to new bordrclosedMewciferredefined!
811OgreDrupeland claimclosedMewciferdiscussed via dm
810OgreDrupeclaim my claim was not what i put in red marksclosedMewciferfixed!
809OgreDruperequestclosedMewciferplease modreq again specifying what you want as opposed to just "request" :)
808ApogeeCan you fix this lighting :3 thankeclosedMewciferfix e d
807Apogeeremove PPGOME as owner of cagrclosedMewciferdiscussed via pm, removed
806ApogeeCan you fix the lighting here?closedMewciferyes
805DrTim58lighting bitchesclosedMewciferi did //removelighting AND //fixlighting... but even then you're still here........................................... bitch.
804Flame623_(There was an attempt at) tnt griefclosedDrTim58rolled back, player already banned from last modreq, whoops
803Flame623_griefingclosedDrTim58player banned, grief rolled back
802dad65sorry about last reqion exend. i have squared up region so that it can be made one rather than 2. please make all one from RED corner to YELLOW corner. Thank youclosedMasterCommaTheApology accepted (jk). Looks great!
801nickeoxclaim land within this magenta borderclosedMasterCommaTheExclusive land use rights have been granted to you!
800Andromeda4210mewwymcfuckface griefedclosedMewciferno u
798jadedeconomistgive me some crack pleaseclosedDrTim58I used it all, sorry m8
797Abitcatoperation HAROLD has come to an end. remove and rollback the regionclosedMewcifer:((((( operation Harold has been successfully terminated.
796TedbeargriefclosedMewciferhe griefed this and a glass block and never came back--a true villain
795Flame623_Protection (Name Flame_ComplexclosedMewciferflame complex'd
794Abitcatboys and girls this isnt a nerdplot buddyclosedMewciferwell now it is
793dad65is there a tree thing? i would rather set trees than built them?closedMewciferdiscussed via trees
792WaxTedthis part of the red border got left out during the expansion :s would like this area tooclosedMewcifersorry our staff team is composed of the legally blind
791Tedbearredefine region to incorporate the green border LMAO :'D SBARGclosedMewcifersbargidley smiles upon thee
790OgreDruperequestclosedMewciferphat dupe
789Luitenant_Gexpand claim uwuclosedMewciferexpanded owo
785Cosmicmuffin22I need this area protected, please.closedCosmicmuffin22
784WaxTedexpand region border (red wool)closedMewciferexpanded to wax_green to r e d
782jadedeconomistwould it be possible to connect the two roads into a curve/angle? :DclosedMewcifercurvy boye
781Cosmicmuffin22I need this area protected, please.closedBardidleyProtected!
780WaxTedprotect green regionclosedDrTim58here's your green new deal!
779HaikuprotectclosedDrTim58discussed via pm
777AndyJFBard said I could have a warp. Could it be from this postion and view and called Andlandia please?closedBardidleyWarp granted! congrats
776xOreoToasti would like a redstone torch that is on ontop of this iron barclosedDrTim58
775WaxTedPoobaloo advocates for putting ''feminists, sjws etc'' in concentration camps and ''baking them into ashes'' in chat.closedDrTim58player banned as he had been banned for hate speech prior, thanks for the heads up
774AndyJFPoobaloo saying hate speechclosedDrTim58player banned as he had been banned for hate speech prior, thanks for the heads up
773PoobalooI have returned, I want my other half of the city back.closedDrTim58try not to get banned again and we'll consider it
772piplo127128can i get a claim hereclosedDrTim58you need a highway to get to this hell
771ColeAwesome343i need some help figuring out this new WE system, i cant make a wall of just stone brickclosedMewciferno longer needs handling
770ColeAwesome343WE abilities to create the gulagclosedDrTim58Glory, comrade!
769promaxxehelpclosedDrTim58well uh stuff happened and I watched
768GeF_AIRFIREXXworldeditclosedMewciferyou need to find and claim an area before you can use worldedit
767YuncolclaimclosedMewciferredefined yuncol_claim to fit the border
766DumbiferPlease reset player data for Dumbo52. I fell into the end portal in the end (which has since been covered up) which prevents me from chatting or respawning.closedBardidleyPlayer data reset.
765Cosmicmuffin22i need this area protected, please. thanks!closedBardidleyProtected!
764AndyJFuser MrWarfareKiller griefing in this areaclosedBardidleyThanks for reporting.
763ApogeeProtection. Please call this region CAGR.closedDrTim58the grass of cats is now grown
762admantareplace glass with invisable blocks pleaseclosedDrTim58glass is now even more transparent
760Haikupotect me ugu~~~ senpaI~~~ kYAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~closedDrTim58UwU Pogo Sub time
759Luitenant_Ggib claim uwuclosedDrTim58duplicate request of 757
758jba1314Please claim thisclosedDrTim58claimed
757Luitenant_Gclaim this uwuclosedDrTim58area claimed
756TuxedowlclamclosedDrTim58B O A T S
755Andromeda4210report haikuclosedMewciferreported haiku
754Andromeda4210derp builds in group build pls remove?closedDrTim58removed
753Haikupls add me to my rg am shamfulsonnet i swearsiesclosedDrTim58you don't seem shameful enough and nor are you a sonnet, but 'eh who's keeping track
752xOreoToastneed to fix this glass, accidentally broke itclosedDrTim58already fixed
751admantabuild perms pleaseclosedChallenger2Fixed
749Challenger4perms!closedChallenger2Perms granted.
748piplo127128idk if its allowed to have changes after the competition thing but can the item frams/signs be changed into something else like trapdoorsclosedMewciferadded as member to fix, will be removed in 2 weeks at next sb (unless i forget, in which case, you are an eternal member)
747Haikupls gib warpclosedMewciferwarped!
746KedNysflow plzclosedBardidleyFlowed
745Omega_Orionhey can i get in on this round? its ok if itll take too longclosedBardidleyAdded
744PPGOMEemerald ore to barrier please!closedPPGOMEOopsie woopsie!
743TimBread27claim plsclosedBardidleyduplicate
742TimBread27claim plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
741piplo127128explant to here thamk uclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
740PPGOMEmake armour stands invisible, please!closedBardidleyStand placed
739texbprotecc plssssclosedDrTim58don't poke a hole in your protection
738YuncolclaimclosedDrTim58region made!
737Guyjonescan you please extend my current zone to encompass the island (blue border)closedDrTim58blue is now encompassed
736admantaprotect the future home of the BoneyardclosedBardidleyProtected!
735piplo127128lighting fix plsclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!
733jadedeconomistthis house is half in my region and half outside. can this house be moved out of the region tyclosedBardidleyMoved 29 blocks North.
732admantahome has been greifed.closedBardidleyUnfortunately it is unknown and out of logs.
730starkiller0910claimclosedBardidleyPlease mark your border in a rectangle and make a new modreq
729Nyahmclaim landclosedMasterCommaTheThis area of the continent is now reserved for Nyahm's luxury resort condo's and casino (with pool)
728AlexProgrammerPlease, claim territory for me in x=4200, z=-3300closedBardidleyprotected!
727jadedeconomistthis is very inappropriateclosedBardidleyThanks for reporting.
726jadedeconomistwould it be ok to have a road similar to the one going up and down here to run through the green zone and up to my claim at the same elevation? admin probably, pm if im not making sense tyclosedBardidleyDone.
725TurtlesRLitCan I please be unmuted?closedBardidleyUnmuted.
724dad65i would have dropped the extra bit to make it a proper rectangle. just needed to tell me.closedBardidleyif you want to build your yellow border east to match the purple corner marker I can just make 1 big region. 4 corners total.
723WaxTedprotect purple regionclosedMasterCommaTheProtected your precious water reserves, but know that that alone won't save this world!!! MuAHAHAHA!
722Guyjonesplease replace blue wool with water so that a pool forms below and at the very bottom, thank you.closedMasterCommaTheDone. I had to fill in a little more with where the water seemed like you wanted it to go, since you got some of the flow distances wrong.
721Guyjonescan i have water placed in place of these orange blocks please.closedBardidleyWater placed!
720Guyjonescan you please protect the areas marked by the blue cubes?closedBardidleyProtected!
719jadedeconomistcan the trees in the buffer zone either be removed or cleaned up (halved trees removed)? ty :PclosedMasterCommaTheIt is done. *A single soletary tear rolls down a blue cheek as captain planet turns his back on this land for the last time. The sun sets. All hope is lost. The animals look on with uncertainty about their fate
718dad65ok i will delete all i have added to the expansionclosedMasterCommaTheYou don't have to delete anything. It's good and protected. The yellow area is a different dimension than the other and we generally only create rectangular regions, thus we had to protect your work with two different rectangles.
717dad65extend region to include yellow concrete attached to purple woolclosedBardidleyProtected as a separate region because it is a different dimension than original region.
712AndyJFclaim this whole area as andyjf_city pleaseclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
711piplo127128claim plsclosedfazadenprotect'd
710piplo127128very weird and probably not a priority modreq but are minecarts supposed to be disabled in the rev33 world/can they be enabledclosedMewciferwe yeeted the cart onto that track like... wiz khalifa?
709El_SamioA small protect request on the PixelArt field, pleaseclosedfazadenprotected
708admantagreifed or incomplete?closedadmanta
707Stongdukeyo could you please expand the region to the left (marked blue) to the region on the right? (yellow) Thank you!closedDrTim58airport extension is now extended
706Flaming_FantompvpclosedDrTim58you may now pv the p
705NekoD7065is it alright if i can get unmuted?closedMewciferya ok
704El_SamioHello, I'd like to ask for a protected / worldedit area.closedDrTim58protected!
703dad65extend my region to include the yellow cement area.closedMasterCommaTheexpanded!
702StongdukeYou could I be added to this place? I need to copy paste some planes. Thank you!closedBardidleyI don't mind that you copied one of my planes but next time ask please, should also ask Tedbear too.
701admantathis is a vast expanse of nothing, please return this area to public use.closedMewcifer(thanks for reminding us to do that ^^')
700admantadick?closedMewciferlooooks like one. out of lb. removed. thnx for reporting!
699Cosmicmuffin22i need this area claimed please, thanks!closedDrTim58I'm calling America on your oil rig
697Pengakpwetty pweez~~ uwu-chan its for turtlesarelit's cause against his mom saying itclosedMewciferDo not spam modreq to try and get unmuted.
696Pengakpls unmuteclosedMewciferno
695NekoD7065please unmute meclosedBardidleyI will unmute now.
694Pixl3please to fix the light glitchnsclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!
693admantathis part of a greifed pixel art?closedBardidleyThe player was previously banned I guess this 1 block was left behind.
692jadedeconomistsomeone also messed this 8bit upclosedfazadenfixed, thanks for the report
691jadedeconomistsomeone redecorated a roadclosedfazadenfixed, thanks for the report
690admantabard is making a dickclosedBardidleyNo
689derekrobotI don't need this plot. Can I unclaim it? Thank you.closedDrTim58unclaimed
688piplo127128blue wool into barriers and maybe have some lighting fixes pls n thank uclosedDrTim58blue is now clear
687promaxxehello can i get this plot? thanksclosedBardidleyMake a new modreq once your current suburb plot is finished and we can decide then.
686AndyJF69LoadedToad69 using racist languageclosedBardidleyThanks for reporting.
685Sloucheri would like to place a block on the grass block at -2209, 795 to complete my buildclosedMasterCommaTheA block and then some. Enjoy!
684Abitcatshit you guys overlooked this, make this thing his own region out of mineclosedMewciferwaterfallu has shrunk and given birth to waterfallu2 to keep dad65 safe
683jadedeconomistCarrotapple is speedhackingclosedMewcifernah, thats just /speed i believe
682Abitcatexpanderino my plotterioclosedMewciferrevised: turned all plots into one waterfallu big boy
681jadedeconomistcan someone remove this weird tree that I cut in half but cant remove? ty lolclosedMewciferit ded
680Flaming_Fantombeaconclosedfazadendiscussed via pm
679Flaming_FantomclaimclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed for you.
678NightheartedRequest for protected region. Location is 3611 104 1844closedMasterCommaTheDone! Coordinates not necessary, the modreq brings us to the location you were at when you made the req
677Andromeda4210griefclosedDrTim58sadly out of lb, but fixed
676piplo127128jaded has a lot of claims that basically surround spawn and are all mostly empty, is it possible to have them be able to be claimed later this rev when the other claims are fuller?closedMewciferI'm looking at it, and to me it just seems like he's building a bit slow. He is building in them, though, from the looks of it.
675Flame623_Lag machinesclosedMasterCommaTheAll redstone removed as was requested.
674Andromeda4210close this modreqclosedDrTim58opened
673ShamefulSonnetexpand 'palace' regin plsclosedDrTim58E X P A N D
672ShamefulSonnetpls gib me perms to my rg its me haiku i swearsiesclosedDrTim58seems legit
671StongdukeHello could I expand this region to my left (marked blue) to include the region on my right? (marked yellow) Thank you!closedMasterCommaThezoned for airport as requested.
670AndyJFuser Clanksits is using racist language and trollingclosedfazadenThanks for the report, we'll keep an eye open
669_WinterChewie_claimclosedfazadenYour claim has been protected, happy building!
668MatsubaraMikican you make all this water flowing waterclosedfazadenall blocked flowed, you may need to clean up some excess
667StongdukeHello could I claim this area as an extension to my airport region? Thank you!closedBardidleyProtected!
666Tedbearrename region "arigato"closedfazadenrenamed
665dizzyjellyfishrequest:closedDrTim58please be sure to actually state your request!
664Heartshinedispencer grifclosedfazadenalso fixed
663Heartshinelooks grifedclosedfazadenfixed
662jadedeconomist/check isnt working for me... am I going crazy?closedfazadenit's not just you, /check is in fact broken
661piplo127128can i have this region bacc tyclosedDrTim58region bacc
660Tedbearjust curious what happened to the //stacc macro :(closedfazadenlots of command aliases are broken, they're working on it
659Dexrobo/check is not working, sorry for the test.closedfazadenthanks for the heads up, it's being worked on
658DexrobotestclosedDrTim58whoops forgot to close this earlier
657StongdukeHello could I claim this area and have it as an extension to Korinth? I need to build an airport here. Thank you!closedDrTim58region fixed!
656StongdukeHello could I claim this area surrounded in blue concrete? I'm going to build an airport here. Thank you very much!closedfazadenprotected
655jadedeconomistcan I have a copy of this blue plane adjacent to me? admanta said its cool to copy if i give him credit, which I plan toclosedMasterCommaTheAdmanta just needs to add you to his region as a member for you to have copy priviledges. Given your previous discussion he should be willing.
654admantaI'm pretty sure copying and pasting the same exact building 10,000 times is world edit abuse. This is rediculous.closedMasterCommaTheIt appears this is a work in progress, and there is some variation planned. Your critique has merit, and I encourage you to discuss it with him to inspire greater builds. It looks a lot like the pocket dimension "Cuba" from S2 of "The Magicians"
653jadedeconomistPoobaloo's city needs to be reigned in. its taking up a ton of map space and its just one building stacked 500 times. cant he just use test build instead of messing the landscape up?closedMasterCommaTheIt appears this is a work in progress, and there is some variation planned. Your critique has merit, and I encourage you to discuss it with him to inspire greater builds. It looks a lot like the pocket dimension "Cuba" from S2 of "The Magicians"
652Cluccycan allow button press on plotclosedfazadenit's already allowed in this plot. If you wanted to disable it, please leave another modreq
651PPGOMEreplace 2 blocks I accidentally broke with grass blocks pls tyvmclosedMewciferdont tell anyone but i fixed it
649Cluccybone us round plsclosedMewcifershush
648MatsubaraMikib o n u sclosedMewcifershush
647admantabonus round of speedbuild please!closedMewcifershush
646PPGOMEspeedbuild bonus duosclosedMewcifershush
645admantachange biome to iceclosedadmanta
644ToenailEatermake water flowclosedMewciferflowy mans
643MatsubaraMikican you add me to the plot it happened againclosedChallenger2Perms granted
642jadedeconomistcan i join speedbuild late?closedfazadenyes, just go to /warp speedbuild and stand in an open plot
641jadedeconomistcan I have this plot? he hasnt been online in like 2 months and I want to use it for a road to my cityclosedBardidleyThis is only for use as a suburb plot.
640JoeSeawardi want to claim this land but i cantclosedDrTim58Claimed
639thermodynamicistconnect to roadclosedfazadenconnected
638crazyperson459claim matildavilleclosedfazadenprotected
637jadedeconomistcan i claim this spaceclosedfazadenprotected
636MatsubaraMikican you place barriers in a square between these pieces of glowstoneclosedBardidleyBarriers placed!
634promaxxecan i move this entrance 10 blocks west? thxclosedBardidleyMoved!
632TedbearSeriously speaking, this build is disruptive to the map and aesthetically violent, and because of its sheer size, I think it needs to be toned down a bit - lest the owner has plans to diversify its contents.closedMewciferThis has been noted, thank you for the report. We are in the process of dealing with the player for extraneous reasons.
631jadedeconomistcan this pink cornered zone (this is the NW corner, the SE corner is at 1715,109,123) be claimed for an extended zone for the white house region?closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
630jadedeconomistcan this purple cornered zone (this is the NW corner, the S corner is at 624,89,269) be claimed for an extended zone for the white house region?closedBardidleyProtected!
629Tedbearregion "Bloosea"closedDrTim58protected!
628JessiR2008can you protect my space? thank you!closedMewciferclaimeo'd hotman (and added ur buddy eman
627MatsubaraMikican you merge these plots pleaseclosedBardidleyPlots merged!
626DrTim58I got a few handfusl of lighting bugs plaguing my regionclosedMewciferall fixed!
625StongdukeHello bard, could I be added to the tree region so I can copy trees from here? Thank you!closedDrTim58well I ain't bard, but after some lumbering around, I've gotcha added to the trees area
624AndyJFclaim this whole region as andyjf_city pleaseclosedfazadenexpand'd
623PoobalooclaimclosedMewciferclaimed/discussed via dm
622btreeplease increase my plot on my west sideclosedfazadenexpanded
621btreeive had a problem with jadedeconomist..he wanted me to move some of my builds close to my border..anyway we both built walls.but i logged in today to remove my wall only to find this new wall of his..can we have a truce and remove this wallclosedBardidleyProblems seem to be worked out, contact again if necessary.
620cjclow05requesting protectclosedfazadenplease mark off a border around where you plan to build.
619jadedeconomistwhat happened hereclosedfazadensomeone manually broke every block in a chunk
618jadedeconomistcan the strip between these two regions (left being mine and right being another users) be added to my region loving_city?closedfazadenspace conserved
616vexillologist1could i make the flags in the lobby a little better? thxclosedMewciferIt appears with the plugin Viaversion (that allows both 1.12 and 1.13 players to connect to the lobby), banners, glass, and fences are messed up. I suggest you reach out to defiex, though!
615jadedeconomistcan my city be extended to include the global above the claim? I cant build up here with world edit and I think another admin tried to fix it but its still weird. tyclosedBardidleyRegion is already at max height.
614AndyJFis it possible to remove the invisible light sources in here?closedMewciferlighting fixed
613jadedeconomistcan I have this downtown plotclosedMewciferset as nerdplot owner
612PoobalooclaimclosedSilversunsetregion extended
611jadedeconomistcan the space im flying in above my region Please be added to my region so I can erase the wall I built? I dont know why I was able to edit it in the wall but now I cant delete itclosedMewciferyour rg was neither to bedrock or worldheight,,, weird. but fixed!
610promaxxecan i get this plot too lmaoclosedMewciferi gave you the plot on the corner
609btreei cant access this part of my track anymoreclosedMewciferstong has given consent for me to set your region priority to a higher number, so you should now be able to access it
608Nate_SeaSerpentclaimclosedDrTim58discussed in /msg
607Nate_SeaSerpentclaimclosedDrTim58cliam made!
606ShamefulSonnetpls gib warp daddy mewwy (or mother bardidleykun~)closedMewciferwarped! congrats little poem man
605DrTim58can I get a /warp verdammnisclosedMewciferwarped!
604vexillologist1make this water flow? it doesn't with /flowclosedDrTim58water flowed!
603Andromeda4210fix lighting glitches in this region plsclosedMewciferur lighting is no longer fucky wucky uwuwuwuwu!!!~
602KoneLinxThese carts look lonely carts. Can you remove them?closedChallenger2The carts are now in the big railway in the sky.
601promaxxecan i have plottclosedMewciferplot given
600jadedeconomistcan I have a /warp whitehouse?closedBardidleyWarp WhiteHouse granted! Congrats!
599StongdukeCould I have a warp set here as Korinth? Thank you!closedBardidleyWarp Korinth granted! Congrats!
598Etiquette_protectionclosedMewciferpro t ection
597jadedeconomistcan I have this empty uptown plot that has nothing built on it?closedMewciferI have contacted the player multiple times. No response. The plot is yours. Sorry for the delay.
596btreecould you please consider my builds for a warpclosedMewciferset as /warp giantville! very nice build
595AndyJFUser balu220407 appears to be trying to hack the serverclosedMasterCommaTheno noted effect. User has no edits.
594KidOfCubesHow do i find my overworld plot again? i didnt leave any reference to it such as sethome and my plot is surrounded by torchesclosedfazadenregion found ^_^
593Andromeda4210can you close my modreq pls?closedDrTim58closed.
592vexillologist1can we ban anyone who says uwu or owo?closedDrTim58OwO
591PPGOMEitem drop flag added but item drops not working D:closedMewciferwrong flag was added, removed said flag and added the correct one. drops seem to be working
590promaxxeblotclosedDrTim58have fun doing tree stuff
589piplo127128explant plsclosedDrTim58more room for testing!
588promaxxecan i have this plot? also if so, can the lighting glitches be fixed?closedDrTim58plot granted, make a seperate mdoreq for the lighting glitches
587WaxTedcould the warp for ashcrow be moved down here? :)closedMewcifermoved!
586piplo127128grifclosedMasterCommaTheNot technically. It is derp tho
585Poobalooclaimclosednels_nelsonProtected region ownership has been updated!
584MonkaiV2Can I get protection on this build?closedfazadenprotected ^_^
583E_Man2004can you protect my house?closedfazadenprotected
582piplo127128gello can lighting b fixed herclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!
581btreeunable to places blocks here ..placed them earlierclosedfazadenintersecting region has been lifted a bit so your tunnel doesnt overlap. Happy building!
580Poobalooclaimclosedfazadensee previous messages
579AndyJFclaim this entire orange square as one region called andyjf_city pleaseclosedDrTim58square is now claimed!
578AndyJFclaim this area please. Can it be called ajf_spider?closedDrTim58protected!
577Poobalooclaimclosedfazadenplease don't makemultiple modreqs for the same area
574PoobalooprotectclosedDrTim58yup, /modreq does indeed work!
572PPGOMEenable item drops please!closedDrTim58drop 'em
571PPGOMEprotecc pls sir/ma'amclosedDrTim58Region "sirmaam" made!
569KedNyscan you let Thunderworms build on lot 21 we had trouble connectingclosedBardidleyAdded.
568FlampsterclaimclosedMewciferclaimed, crazyperson and nutallergy added as owners as well
566WaxTedcould PVP be enabled in this region?closedChallenger2pvp flags set.
565jadedeconomistcan this blue stip be protected for a road connection?closedBardidleyProtected!
564Abitcatfellow gamer claim this area (corners) for harold 2.0closedDrTim58Harold shall live once more!
563WaxTedturn the glass around this horse into barriersclosedDrTim58barriers made
562Troublebearprotect ice ice babyclosedDrTim58couldn't think of a cold pun for this closing message, but it's protected!
561Abitcatfellow gamer may i relive old memories (reclaim harold)closedDrTim58your old memory shall be relived! (region made)
560MyopicOtterplz can i have this landclosedDrTim58repeat of 559
559MyopicOttercan i please have this landclosedDrTim58protected!
558archeloncan i pls have a region bordered by the green terracottaclosedDrTim58region made!
557Nutallergybearclaim littlecityclosedDrTim58not-so-little region for little city
556jadedeconomistcan i plz claim this spaceclosedBardidleyProtected!
554jadedeconomistcan the road region adjacent to this region be expanded to include the spot cornered with yellow cement? I missed this spot so the road would have a slight gap thank youclosedMewciferexpanded somewhat to the left
553Mewciferexpand my region to include my dumbfucking afarmclosedDrTim58E X P A N D / / H O U S E
552Mewciferclaim ttsci's houseclosedDrTim58house has its own house
551jadedeconomistpls expand jaded_coast region (was inside the orange boxed area but looks like some of it got cut out) to include the yellow cornered zones. i wanna build suburbs in this zone since its flatclosedDrTim58region expanded to orange border boi
550PoobalooclaimclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
549Ne0n_JNe0n_JclosedDrTim58Refer to #545
548Ne0n_JNe0n_JclosedDrTim58Refer to #545
547Ne0n_JNe0n_JclosedDrTim58Refer to #545
546Ne0n_JNe0n_JclosedDrTim58Refer to #545
545Ne0n_JNe0n_JclosedDrTim58Please do not spam modreqs with no purpose
544PPGOMEadd me to tree region please!closedDrTim58Please don't be a lumberjack in disguise!
543pez252GRIFFclosedDrTim58griff is no more
542pez252Please protect this house as well as part of ttsci_houseclosedDrTim58the house now has parents
541pez252Please protect this as ttsci_houseclosedDrTim58house is now housed
540pez252Protect ttsci's houseclosedDrTim58house is protected
538MatsubaraMikipwotections pwease uwuclosedMewciferpwotected as cliffbaseuwu
537jadedeconomistcan the orange cornered zone be claimed as "jaded_coast"? the corners are a bit far out so i can show you if neededclosedMewciferprotected, named as req'd, yeet
536jadedeconomistpls claim this gold corners for a roadclosedMewcifersaved as thiccroad
535texbprotecto plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
534jadedeconomistcan i claim the zone with the gold corners as "connection_road"closedjadedeconomist.
533vexillologist1Any way to fix these lighting glitches? You can see them better at nightclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!
532AndyJFclaim this area and add it to andyjf_city region? ThanksclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
531MatsubaraMikiprotection pl0xclosedMewciferprotected, pigeon70 added as a 2nd owner
530jadedeconomistmy original region got unprotected by accident i think pls reprotect thank youclosedjadedeconomist
529Nutallergybearpenis?closedBluuefuzzyyes it is... creative tho, removed!
528Nutallergybearregion sukcastleclosedBluuefuzzyregion created!
527jadedeconomistthis map has a homophobic slur on it (?)closedBluuefuzzyremoved!
526MatsubaraMikifound some griefing in pixelart jsclosedBluuefuzzyfixed!
525MC_Builder400May I please have this region claimed as mcbuilder400_route_66_segment_A for a big highway project?closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
524ttsci[training] my house has been griefedclosedBluuefuzzydone by nels_nelson
523pez252Protect this house as peztest as wellclosednels_nelsonRegion protected!
522pez252Protect this house as peztest with nels_nelson as an ownerclosednels_nelsonRegion protected!
521SansTheSnowmanuhhh i need to claim landclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
520ttscipls protect this house nels [training]closednels_nelsonAll protected!
519vexillologist1Could I claim this area here? Thank you!closedBluuefuzzyregion extended!
518ttsciHelp i need golem spawners (and we're totally on P)closednels_nelsonDeferred.
517ttsci[training] I'd like this lava to flow :Dclosednels_nelsonReally done this time.
516ttsci[training] nels please flow meclosednels_nelsonWater is flowing!
515jadedeconomist(complicated req): please protect the orange border by combining the zone protected by the yellow and red zones with the orange bordered zone outside and inside the green region (to make a big box). PLS PM if this worded weirdly so i can clarify tyclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
513jadedeconomistpls protect blue boxclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
512jadedeconomistpls expand my prison protection to include the green zoneclosedBluuefuzzyexpanded!
511WaxTedprotect region magenta wool border mountainsclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
510AndyJFcould my area be made a single region rather than 2? It's causing problems with cut and pastingclosedfazadenthe extra region has been removed
508btreeplease protect the land between my plotsclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
507piplo127128the region not the trees hhclosedBardidleyRemoved.
506piplo127128can i have this deleted i have it copied now thank u very muchclosedpiplo127128hh oops
505piplo127128can i have this quick region to copy and then have this region deletedclosedBardidleyProtected!
504L_Morningstar_pls add to tree pls u wuclosedBardidleyAdded. Please be careful you have WE perms in region.
503admantaplot pleaseclosedBardidleyAdded. Please be careful you have WE perms in region.
502admantaedit perms on the blimp I built many revs ago.closedBardidleyAdded.
501btreeplease extend my plot out to the coastclosedBardidleyProtected!
500PoobalooclaimclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
499Kaefer_claim this fenced areaclosedBardidleyProtected!
498MrTheKingcan i get this gap added to one of my regions its annoying having a gap here between regions thxclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
497MrTheKingprotecc my annexationclosedBardidleyProtected.
496PoobalooclaimclosedBardidleyIt appears you already own this. So you should be ok? wb btw
495Tedbear(Tadmin) I think we found a really weird Worldedit problem/glitch, pm me sometime soon and ill explainclosedTedbear
494Tedbeari think this train is about to have a serious clearance issueclosedBardidleyOof.. hopefully they fix it!
493MrTheKingcan i expand this here bridge to 4 lanes for anticipated future expansion of kingbear boulevard in the near future?closedBardidleyYes maybe we can collaborate on something. Talk to me when the time comes.
492piplo127128maybe a little petty but ive built a small boneappletea thing on this island and it got claimed over by jadedeconomistclosedMewcifersorry for late response, they were added!
491piplo127128hello yes i would like tree plotclosedBardidleyAdded to region, use WE with caution!
490jadedeconomistcan my region please be made from bedrock to the top air level? i cant paste my planeclosedBardidleyYou are already at max height here =P
489mr_kbxi'd like to protect my plotclosedBardidleyProtected!
488DeejlyHow do you Get a Map from MapWorld to PvE?closedBardidleyMapWorld on C is only for Creative use.
487jadedeconomistcan this pink border with the adjoining yellow and green borders be made into a regionclosedMewciferyesm
485jadedeconomistaccess to warp treesclosedBardidleyAdded!
483MatsubaraMikiprotect best girl pl0xclosedMasterCommaTheBest gurl protected
480MatsubaraMikiI say, good sir! I do implore you so to come and place a protective- nay - A SUPER PROTECTIVE barrier on my abysmal attempt at artistry. (come protect my isabelle pls)closedMewciferthine god of protection has given thee a barrier to protect thy isabelle
479AbsolutePersonhi there would you kindly pleas help me to remove my protection and everything that i have placed i will not using and do anything in this land and space anymore sorry and thank you very muchclosedMewciferregion removed and your work rolled back, easy peasy!
478thermodynamicistconnect to road pleaseclosedBardidleyRoad connected!
477jadedeconomistpls claim red bordered zone between yellow and green zone (for a road system)closedMasterCommaTheCTA inspectors will be by in a month to ensure you have followed all CDOT regulations and codes. Load testing of any bridges will be done with an increasing amount of standard african elephants until the bridge fails, then it must be rebuilt.
476jadedeconomistpls claim green zoneclosedMasterCommaThedone
475jadedeconomistcan the area enclosed with yellow under and to the left be added to the region capital_city_2closedMasterCommaTheadded
474vexillologist1Can we change the flag at spawn? I know it's Mew's flag or whatever but single-color flags are pretty bad. Maybe we could have a contest?closedMasterCommaTheWhile I would love to change it, at the least this should be a community decision. Please make this suggestion in the forums. I recommend giving a few suggested examples of replacements in the post as well.
473MrTheKingcan have thisclosedBardidleyDue to activity in the last 30 days I have to say not yet - by Jan 30th it can be considered abandoned.
472MrTheKingproteccclosedMasterCommaTheprotected, but for how long
469MrTheKinggeorge washington this tree plsclosedMasterCommaTheWhat tree?....jk done.
468MrTheKingcan i get these trees chopped down so i can replantclosedBardidleyTrees removed.
467MrTheKingcan i get perms to connect my tedco road to downtown?closedMasterCommaThedone I think.
466Abitcati told you guys to make these nerdplot regionsclosedMasterCommaTheFirst I've heard of it, please make an appropriate modreq if you'd like one of the stalls
465jadedeconomistcan this redstoneblock border be protected for a house?closedMasterCommaTheprotected!
464btreeplease also protect the land on this side of the highway going north to my existing plotclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
463btreeplease protect this addition to my existing plotclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
457Flame623_protection (Name flame_cabinclosedBardidleyProtected!
455PPGOMElemme join pleaseclosedChallenger2Plot granted
454admantagreefclosedMewcifertaken care of, thnx for reporting
453jadedeconomistcan the yellow borderd zone be claimed as "loving_city_wild"? I want to use this space for a base and underground stuff. btree said its cool if I overclaim and annex his mountain claim (the space im trying to regen with brush) tyclosedBardidleyProtected!
452thermodynamicistno drops plsclosedBardidleyFlag set to deny
450defiexHoly rail-lines batman....closedBardidleyRolled back redstone plots.
449RaathhI needs help with world - edit plz thxclosedBardidleyFind empty land and make a a claim by creating a rectangular border around the land you want. Then type /modreq protection
448jadedeconomistcan this blue zone be added to jaded_build (adjacent) and renamed as loving_city? the previous blocks to claim look abandoned & i want to develop this space moreclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
447jadedeconomistthis looks inappropriateclosedBardidleyRemoved.
445MrTheKingdowntown warp is fucced cant move when warping to itclosedBardidleyFixed!
444KoneLinxThere's also some lag causing machine. plus all the water and lava. causes a lot lag tooclosedBardidleyRemoved with the rest, thanks.
443KoneLinxcan warp resdstone be cleaned up a bit?closedBardidleyGrief removed. Thanks for reporting.
442btreeplease protect 2 plots each side of the highway next to my existing plotsclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
441vexillologist1Could we fill this valley with water?closedBardidleyThis is a lot to fill in. We recommend a dam.
440MrCreebertreqestclosedBardidleyDuplicate req.
439MrCreebertreqestclosedBardidleyDuplicate req.
438MrCreebertreqestclosedBardidleyDuplicate req.
437MrCreebertreqestclosedBardidleyDuplicate req.
436MrCreebertplaease request my plotclosedBardidleyProtected and moved away from blocking the road.
434MrCreebertrequestclosedMewciferdupe req, please only req once per need
433MrCreebertplease request my plotclosedMewciferdupe req, please only req once per need
432MrCreebertplease request my plotclosedMewciferprotected
431X_GirLTerrorDoom"I have been playing about a month and i really want this plot beside me. It has been abonended over a month now. I try /nerdplot claim, but it say "This plot already has an owner."closedBardidleyYou have been granted the plot.
430MrTheKingcan have plsclosedBardidleyAdded!
429MrCreebertplease protect my ploclosedMasterCommaThePlease do not repeat modreq. We do not enjoy modreq spam nor do we wish to use up the dwindling supply of modreqs we have before all magic leaves this land.
428MrCreebertplease protect my plotclosedMasterCommaTheAlmost all of the build was protected. The road side of the orange wall cannot be because regions must be rectangular and that would intersect another player's region
427PoobalooplotclosedMasterCommaTheSorry for the delay. Region expanded and all flurzurbalurbs exterminated.
426Tedbearsomeone seems to have griefed our jenkem bottleclosedBardidleyBuild relocated to a better home. Close to your home.
425StongdukeHey can I reclaim my old testbuild region? I need to copy paste. Thank you!closedMasterCommaTheclaimed
424Heartshinewas this lava always here?closedMasterCommaThePlayer warned in person, fountain repaired
423HeartshineAttempted Water grifclosedMasterCommaTheWarned for minor griefing. No constructive edits so rolled back.
422Heartshinenot a skin statueclosedMasterCommaTheRolled back as part of a warning for griefing in modreq 423
421jadedeconomistplz remove this white blockclosedBardidleyMystery block removed
420Fezthebearplease flow this water, thanks!closedChallenger2flowed
418piplo127128can u add this to my region [b]ank uclosedMewcifer[b]ou're [b]elcome
417BLKMINECRAFTprotectclosedChallenger2Area protected
416PoobalooprotectclosedChallenger2Closing duplicate request
415PoobalooplotclosedChallenger2Plot created
414PoobalooprotectclosedMewciferthis is someone's claimed plot, look around for one thats unclaimed and do /nerdplot claim
413jadedeconomistcan you connect suburbs_0036 and suburbs_0045closedMewciferconnected as suburbs_0045
412Flame623_remove ugly leaves plsclosedMewciferleaves went kil
411HeartshineUh shoudlnt you guys protect the test buttons from Pressage?closedMewciferuhh just dont press the buttons
410Josho_suru_Kumoi wanna everything in the yellow box plsclosedMewciferhere u go little buddy
409Flame623_Remove jadedeconomist from my region, added as owner to copy aircraft, Don't have permission to remove owners.closedMewciferi kicked em out ezpz
408Heartshinecan b modreqclosedMewcifer
406DrTim58protect the blue border and call it "Verdammnis 2"closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
405AllyJamyHi can i claim this area ive marked with red wool?closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
404DrTim58extend Verdammnis into the orange extensionclosedBluuefuzzyextended!
403Haikuextend 'palace' region pls momclosedBluuefuzzyRegion extended, kiddo!
402admanta3d build in 2D build areaclosedBardidleyRemoved!
401admantanon 2d?closedBardidleyEh its not bad
400OddGeometryplease fill red glass tube with lavaclosedBardidleyFilled.
399Haikuextendo protectionuclosedHaikujk im retarded
398Haikuprotect this buildo plsclosedMasterCommaTheCastle, gardens, and secret buried alien artifact all protected
397remzlolland claim? (I don't know if this is too big)closedMasterCommaTheEverything's a region if you're brave enough.
396_Moxii_i would like to claim the land within the yellow wool if possibleclosedMasterCommaTheMount Moxii protected and a small plaque made to commemorate the occasion
395derpherpingtonregion derpherpington_bunkerclosedMasterCommaThebunker ironically needing protection
394MC_Builder400May I please have this region claimed? (Region name: Mineville)closedMasterCommaThe
393Haikuprotect nogclosedMewciferprotect egg
392OddGeometryplease fill with lavaclosedMewciferlava'd
391libcan212why was i mutedclosedBardidleyI will unmute you, be sure to read our rules!
390libcan212unmute meclosedBardidleyunmuted.
389libcan212unmute meclosedBardidleyunmuted.
388OddGeometryplease fill in lava pitclosedBardidleyFilled!
387promaxxelast and final.. i am an owner here as well! thanksclosedMasterCommaThelast and final protectorated
386promaxxeowner here as wellclosedMasterCommaTheprotectorated as well
385promaxxei am also an owner here, see previous req?closedMasterCommaTheprotecterated
384promaxxei am an owner in this plot, can i have it protected?closedBardidleyProtected!
383screwberryclaimclosedMewciferbuild border or perish
382The_Hero27it wont stop raining and i wanna take screenshots :(closedMewciferjust do /prain off :)
381mayoinajarname my reigon mayoscabin pleaseclosedMewciferchanged
380PPGOMEdoes this work?closedMewciferError 404 - Command not found.
378Flame623_protection (name Flame_B717_200) ThanksclosedieuwehPlace protected!
377Stongdukeplease fix all the lighting glitches in my plot. There are a ton of em everywhere. Can you tell me how to fix em?closedMewciferran //fixlighting in rg, everything should be fixed
376vexillophile1Change the flag outside the spawn building?closedBardidleyPerhaps we need a flag contest?
375StongdukeCould I get water to flow in my region? ThamksclosedMewciferbard has told me this is impossibru
374Andromeda4210flow water all over AthelclosedMewcifer10/4 rodger dodger killing athel now great tsunami of 2011
373Andromeda4210griefclosedMewciferi ungriefed it
372The_Hero27waterflow plshclosedMewciferis this what you wanted? if not feel free to req again
371vexillophile1Hello may I please claim this extra land?closedMewciferregion expanded into extra area
370vexillophile1May I claim this area? thxclosedFlumperPlease don't make duplicate reqs.
369vexillophile1Hello can I claim this land?closedFlumperLand protected! :)
368OddGeometryplease extend protections down, it's not allowing me to extend the tracks to the volcanoclosedBardidleyThe protections already go down to bedrock. Only make your edits in one region at a time.
367LordFatzberryProtection on this new pixel art, please.closedBardidleyProtected!
366LordFatzberryExpand region to include the Gaster head. Please change region name to gaster_sans_asrielclosedBardidleyProtected!
365PPGOMEremove all of the people from this region please! Groupbuild is over >:OclosedBardidleyBuild deny set.
364Tedbearprotect "castration_zone"closediNerd71Region created!
363Habitzzrequest Base ClaimclosediNerd71Base claimed!4
362HabitzzrequestclosediNerd71Gonna assume this was meant to be 363. In which case, completed!
361PPGOMEWith the builds here and in the area, I am lead to believe that this is Auschwitz. With the Hitler salute statue, walls, towers and the train station down the road, the evidence is there.closedBardidleyThanks for reporting.
360TedbearhitlerclosediNerd71Statue removed, thanks for helping keep our servers nazi free
359LordFatzberryProtection on my two pixel art creations, please?closediNerd71If these remained unprotected, you would've had a bad time
358LordFatzberryI do not belive this is a pixelart. Could be mistaken though, could just be my imagination :PclosedBardidleyMoved, thanks.
357piplo127128ono its a shadow, can i get a removed thankclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!
356Heartshinemassive amounts of greif all over bigtownclosediNerd71Grief rolled back and player banned. Thanks for reporting!
355OddGeometrypleas extend protections to the valcano to construct Lavaduct back to townclosedBardidleyProtected as lavaduct. (I'm scared)
354piplo127128small hiccup over here, im in suburbs_0050 even though the plot is suburbs_0035closedBardidleyFixed!
353piplo127128can i claim this tiny plot than kclosedMasterCommaTheThis average sized plot is now yours.
352promaxxecan i have this plot?closedMasterCommaTheYou're the proud new owner of this plot behind door number 5!
351Ultraimaginationpls ignore check modreqclosedMasterCommaTheignored 350 per this req
350UltraimaginationcheckclosedMasterCommaTheignored per 351
349Ultraimaginationplease remove Tedbear as owner of camford region, but keep him as a memberclosedMasterCommaTheCompleted, mail sent to Tedbear to confirm they do not have any issue with this action.
348NomadBardhelpclosedMewciferno help was needed
347NomadBardflowclosedMewciferno water to be found, discussed over pm
346Norickorclaiming landclosedBardidleyDuplicate req.
345Stongdukelol these people made a swastika and a dick. If they're gone by the time you get to this, just contact me on discord because I have screenshots. My name on discord is stongduke#3573.closedMewcifertalked with players, everything sorted out
344Norickorclaim landclosedBardidleyduplicate req,
343Norickorclaim landclosedBardidleyduplicate req,
342Norickorclaim landclosedBardidleyBuild relocated and protected!
341vexillophile1Hello! Could I claim this area that is surrounded in white concrete? Thank you!closedMewcifergranted as vexillotestbuild, happy building!
339X_GirLTerrorDoom"I have been playing about a month and i really want this plot beside me. It has been abonended over a month now. I try /nerdplot claim, but it say "This plot already has an owner."closedBardidleySorry but I am going to be keeping this plot. If you would like another one you may make another request.
337StongdukeUm is this a grief?closedMewciferindeed it is. rolled back.
335Heartshinethis uh, isnt even a skin statueclosedBardidleyRemoved.
3348_Bit_EliprotectclosedMewciferthis plot is already claimed by someone else
332QueenBombustestbuild region for meclosedQueenBombusqb_testbuild created
331Ultraimaginationpls protect lime wool under name "camford"closedBardidleyProtected!
330jadedeconomistcan you expand my netherrack protection to the prismarine zoneclosedMasterCommaTheprotection expanded to include nearby land, wildlife, and fishing rights
329dad65expand to purplewool. want to add roads and a barnclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
328jadedeconomistcan i protectclosedBardidleyProtected!
327OddGeometryplease extend protectionsclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
326FezthebearI'd like to make a claim on the area I've lined out.closedQueenBombusregion fez_mtn created
325StongdukeHello could I please have this region named Highway_01? I'm building a highway. Thank you!closediNerd71Highway region created!
324QueenBombusprotection qb_coveclosedQueenBombusprotected
323OddGeometryPlease allow worldedit perms for me here. I named it "Obsidian Bay" :)closedQueenBombusobsidian_bay created
322dad65how do i set a region, or do iclosedMewcifertypically you modreq for regions, like you've done here. i've gone ahead and given you a region tho!
321promaxxeprotection named "hal_is"closedBardidleyProtected!
320StongdukeHello can I get all lighting glitches within my region fixed? Thank you!closedBardidleyI think I got it.
319coletrain1218I would like to build hereclosedMewciferStongduke is the owner of this region, you should probably ask him when he comes on next about building here :P
318AndyJFHelp! I've made a boo boo. Would it be possible to restore this area from a backup? I need to roll it back to how it was around 11pm GMT Fri. ThanksclosedBardidleySorry but we are unable to fix this.
317WolfhratrequestclosedBardidleyMake a claim by marking a rectangular border around your area, then submit a new modreq.
316PPGOMEprotect please! Name: :oclosedBardidleySorry this claim is too small
315promaxxeprotection with title east_loop (sorry for bad border)closedBardidleyProtected!
314StongdukeHello could I unclaim this highway region? The whole point of the highway is so people can connect to it, and the highway is complete here. Thank you!closedBardidleyCheers! Great job.
313SkrapssparkSflowing waterclosedBardidleyWater flowed!
312zombiekadeprotect plsclosedHolliferProtected!
311zombiekadeprotection plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
310BloobearPlease add the white area to the existing region (big_suze). Thanks!closedBardidleyRegion redefined!
309jadedeconomistcan i claim the iron block surrounded zoneclosedBardidleyProtected!
308jadedeconomistcan i claim this plotclosedBardidleyAdded to plot!
307Andromeda4210turn block drop off in andro_test plsclosedBardidleyallow drops set to deny
306Andromeda4210protect test region plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
305jadedeconomist/spoon is brokenclosedMasterCommaTheIf you want a cuddle just ask...until then /spoon remains not in effect.
304SirTacofaceAnd these 14 red blocks to invisible blocks as well. (NOT the ones on top of the head)closedMasterCommaThedone and done and not done
303SirTacofaceCan these 4 red clay blocks be turned into invisible blocks?closedMasterCommaThedone. Though I think you can WE these blocks into place without the barrier blocks
302SirTacofaceCan you expand this region up to the horizontal end of that orange line?closedMasterCommaThecompleted
301KoneLinxProtection. you know the drill...closedBardidleyProtected.
300KoneLinxprotection :)closedBardidleyProtected.
299Heysofiais this plot taken? or maybe not a plot? :P itd be nice to build a house here in the future if possibleclosedBardidleyI was thinking it could be used for a park or maybe part house/park area if you want it let me know
298ElectroTheDragonMay I have this area protected from bedrock to sky limit and named "electro_pixelart"?closedMasterCommaTheprotected!
297StongdukeYo could I get the lighting in my region fixed again? Sorry to ask again so soon, but I just did a large world-edit here. Thank you!closedHolliferLighting fixed.
296Unsatisfactoryborder claimclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed
295marting11region expansion 200 blocks west, corners are marked, thanks :)closediNerd71Region extended
294BloobearPlease protect as "Big Suze" -- Thanks!closediNerd71Protected!
293admantaprotect my pixel artclosedBardidleyProtected.
292HouseBoltonCould my claim be extended to the lapis blocks? If it's too much I can make it smallerclosedBardidleyRegion redefined. Looks great so far!
291SirTacofaceI'd like this rectangle protected from sky to bottom. Named: GabeLivesForeverclosedMewciferprotected!
290aindriahhnPlease protect my new claim. "I have set my designs upon that land, and I shall raise up my workings within it"closedMewcifer"i give u this land in the name of dumbo"
289gryphongirlPossible grief? This is a project I'm working on copying up from Rev 33. The damage to the snow isn't on the old version, and doesn't match the "pasting block limit" symptoms.closedBardidleySet snow melt flag to deny.
288Tedbearyall forgot to remove the teddy ears lmfaoclosedMewcifertheyre permanent now
287piplo127128can i get this region claimedclosedBardidleyProtected!
286oberePlease combine these two plots (marked with sponges)closedBardidleyRegions are directly adjacent now, should be ok!
285Abitcatextong regionclosedCARnivore_ndswaterfallu expanded
284gryphongirlPlease expand the protected area to the new border I marked out! I underestimated how much I needed to copy-paste my old Suicune.closedMasterCommaThelet us know if you want the region renamed to Suicune as well
283Smagnomecan I get this claimed? blessclosedMasterCommaThethis desolate waste will become your haven
282Abitcatclaim land for the c t of aclosedMasterCommaTheprotected
281Smagnomepweeze can region this again for me ? thanks very muchclosedMasterCommaTheYou are very welcome.
280piplo127128can the air on the top side be barriers tyclosedMasterCommaTheI think it was done correctly. Next time please put some sacrificial block in spaces you want replaced. That way it is clear. Thanks!
279PPGOMEpink wool to barrier please!closedChallenger2Done
278PPGOMEmake it snoooooooooooooooooooooooooow please!closedBardidleyno we dont add those flags
277Haikugib plotclosedChallenger2plot gibbed
276marting11land claim (200x200)closedMewciferrg granted, wb :D
275ToenailEaterspeedbuild plot pleaseclosedChallenger2Plot granted.
274SpenKonis anyone there who can help me with my plotclosedBardidleyDuplicate req.
273SpenKonI need someone to approve my claim so I can use worldeditclosedChallenger2Claim granted!
272buzzie71I'd like to claim this plot please :OclosedChallenger2Region created
271NanoPheonixMCi can't use worldedit and it's annoyingclosedbuzzie71you need to first mark off an unbuilt rectangular area to use WorldEdit on with a solid border, and have it protected with a /modreq - once it is protected you will be able to use WorldEdit inside the area
270NanoPheonixMCsomeone griefed my statue at BigtownclosedBardidleySorry all I see here is a tunnel underground. in bigtown, I dont see any edits by you.
269AndyJFclaim this area as andyjf_store please! Thanksclosedbuzzie71protected!
268gryphongirlprotect area for Suicune copy-paste to new revclosedChallenger2Region created
267jadedeconomistcan the yellow border here be removed? I put it up so the gap space could be added to suburb2. thank youclosedBardidleyRemoved.
266jadedeconomistcan my regions "jade_house" and "capital_city" be merged into one region called "capital_city"? thanksclosedBardidleyMerged!
265gryphongirlprotect the Suicune shrine, it's an old build of mine I wanna copy paste into new revclosedBardidleyProtected!
264piplo127128can teh centre area b a place where people are in survivalclosedChallenger2Yup
263jadedeconomistcan the yellow zone I outlined be added to jade_house or added to suburbs2? just want to prevent derp zones between the spacesclosedBardidleysuburbs2 redefined to cover road, thanks.
262jadedeconomistcan I claim this plot? I want to make a small guest house kind of thing (like the blair house)closedBardidleyYou currently own suburb #45, limit of 1 per player
261piplo127128can i have my rev33 plot back so i can take some of haus tyclosedMewciferplot granted back to u
260HouseBoltonCould my border be expanded again please?closedMewciferexpanded! very beautiful build so far :)
259btreecan you move this mansion to my new plot called btreevillas ill mark the area ..thanksclosedBardidleyBuild moved.
258TheCoachAdaircan you delete region adair_pumpkin ? It's a duplicate claim, and I've messed it up for everyone. Cheers.closedBardidleyRegion removed.
257Andromeda4210give only me lever and button perms in this region pls (Dumbo did it before)closedChallenger2Set use: deny on non owners of the region.
256Mumberthraxplease protect the wool-enclosed areaclosedBardidleyProtected!
255AsianCharmprotectionclosedBardidleyPlease mark a rectangular border around the land you wish to claim, then make a new /modreq
254Tedbearis this a Bloodborne level?closedMasterCommaTheThe creator btree is "not sure what you mean" and nerd staff can neither confirm nor deny your claim.
253KidOfCubesi want this placeclosedMasterCommaTheIt is yours.
252TheCoachAdairi want this placeclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed!
251jadedeconomistcan the brick outlined part be added to jade_house (if both jade_house and capital_city are diff. regions, pls combine all in blue zone). bard said yes to expan. in req. 249, but the rg. wasnt redefined. thanks!closedMasterCommaTheReq#249 complete. That trickster Bard!
250jadedeconomistcan this tower be axed? its kinda derpyclosedBardidleyRemoved dirt pillar!
249jadedeconomistcan you add the brick zone to the blue region (capital_city)? thank youclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
248DrTim58expand verdammnis into the orange extensionclosedCARnivore_ndsregion verdammnis expanded
247StongdukeHello can I claim this area? I'm creating a highway and need this area. Thank you!closedCARnivore_ndsstorngduke_freeway created
246piplo127128is this g r i f f ? ? ?closedCARnivore_ndscleaned up , thanks for reporting
245StongdukeCan I claim this area? I shall continue to build the south/north cardinal highway. Thank you!closedKing_of_quesoregion stongduke_highway5 created!
244Andromeda4210disable lever and button usage in this region pleaseclosedBardidleyuse-lever and use-button flag set to deny
243Andromeda4210this sign is misleadingclosedAndromeda4210discussed with CARn
242Nr2_Cookieprotect buildclosedCARnivore_ndsCookies place created
241DrTim58my region is full of lighting glitchesclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!
240TheCoachAdairborder fence up. request land: OlympicsclosedBardidleyProtected!
239piplo127128can someone extend these logs underwater uwuclosedBardidleyFixed!
238Andromeda4210yes plsclosedMewciferyes pls
237HouseBoltonOk I built a borderclosedMewciferredefined
236Andromeda4210mew, do this modreqclosedMewciferok i did it
235HouseBoltonCould my region be expanded by 100 in all directionsclosedMewciferplease build a border :P
234btreeplease increase my plot by 200 in each directionclosedMasterCommaTheExpanded to all but 197 on one side to avoid overlap with downtown
233HouseBoltonCould this region be protected please?closedMasterCommaTheThis region claimed for the honor of House Bolton and their merry men!
232PPGOMEprotect please! Name: ColorataclosedMasterCommaTheI declare this land Colorata as discovered and founded by it's benevolent ruler PPGOME! HAIL to PPGOME the just.
231PPGOMEitems drop in testbuild. Don't think this should happen?closedMasterCommaThedrops don't appear to be possible. Please let us know if this happens again.
230Nr2_Cookieprotect areaclosedBardidleyProtected!
229KoneLinxmodreq proteq plz. m'statue.closedBardidleyProtected!
228SpiderRavenborder approval for WEclosedBardidleyProtected! Happy building!
227piplo127128not my region but can this odd shadow sea be odd non shadow seaclosedBardidleyFixed lighting!
226promaxxeprotection under name "east_bridge"closedMewcifer
225Infamous_ZenCan I claim here?closedMewciferidk can u (yes)
224Stongdukeplease please please please fix the lighting glitches they are so badclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!
223Stongdukefix lights and shadows in this region called korinth? Thank you!closedBardidleyLighting fixed!
222btreeplease extend my plot by 100 in each directionclosedBardidleyRelocated build and expanded.
221btreeplease place fire in terraced homesclosedBardidleyFire can be placed by players, just use the flint and steel =)
220texbextend protection :))closedMasterCommaTheI would walk 1000 blocks, and I would walk 1000 more, just to be the man who walked the border of your new region
219jadedeconomistI want to expand the space i have claimed for the outlined orange zone, and (if possible) the green and blue zones as well. Please name it "capital_city" (and _1,_2 for the blue/green pieces if claimed) thank youclosedMasterCommaThebuild on!
218Tuxedowlclaim this place plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
217promaxxesecond region within the lime wool titled "hst_int" pls (this is all for highways), thanks a bunchclosedBardidleyProtected!
216promaxxesecond region titled "hst_int" pls (this is all for highways), thanks a bunchclosedpromaxxewording
215promaxxeprotection with the name "gaza_strip" (dont ask), thx- ps sorry the whole border isnt done but i do have four corners in thxxclosedBardidleyProtected. I'm watching for rockets!!!
214L_Morningstar_henlo can change my region owner thingy to L_Morningstar_ (extra underscore)closedMewcifernot sure how that got screwed up, all fixed
213btreeplease extend my plotclosedMasterCommaTheexpanded
212piplo127128claim pls for liverteaclosedMasterCommaTheregion named livertea
211Heartshinehow did I get hereclosedMasterCommaTheI don't know, but you have an uncanny talent for being where you shouldn't. I suggest you /randloc
210AndyJFclaim this area pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed, also waxed and shined
209jadedeconomistcan I have this suburbs plot in addition to the one i claimed? I wanna build like a small house with a park on each lot thank yoclosedMasterCommaTheMake it grand!
208Troublebearprotect Trouble baytclosedMasterCommaTheprotected your installation from hermit crabs, sea fleas, and children named Alan
207BlockMistrequest claim my land areaclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed
206L_Morningstar_can i get this expand and if possible renamed to "toot" ;DclosedMasterCommaThetoot toot
205StongdukeHello I did a modreq earlier about claiming the yellow area around my plot for expanding my plot and I was approved. My region doesn't seem to have been expanded however. Can I please have it expanded? Thank you!closedMasterCommaTheHmm, korinth expanded now to include yellow.
204jadedeconomistcan you add the wood area into jade_house? thxclosedMasterCommaTheWooded
203jadedeconomistcan I have this office space [cadmin]closedMasterCommaTheYou can and do have this office space.
202Abitcatthe fuckclosedMasterCommaThethx for reporting, note added
201namflashbacks4checkclosedMasterCommaTheI'll assume you meant to type /check, not /modreq check. We await your modreq with a border.
199namflashbacks4I would like to claim pretty much this entire islandclosedMasterCommaThePlease read the rules for how to request claiming a region. You need to mark out a border correctly then remodreq. Thank you.
198StongdukeHello could I have my old region claimed? I need to copy paste to the current revclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed. nice road templates!
197btreeplease extend my plotclosedMasterCommaTheextenuating region
196Denniz03claimclosedMasterCommaThePlease do not repeat modreqs, we get to them as quickly as possible.
194WaxTedi cant build in my old testbuild region?closedMasterCommaTheThat's correct, copy only.
193jadedeconomistcan you expand the region "jade_city" to the white zoneclosedMasterCommaThedone!
192piplo127128id like this region for my hole town thankclosedMasterCommaTheget in your hoooooole!
191StongdukeHello could I claim this area surrounded in yellow concrete? This shall be the area where the road from spawn connects to the highway. Thank you!closedMasterCommaTheClaimed
190StongdukeHello could I claim this region surrounded in white and have the road from spawn extended to this road? I've built as far as I could before spawn wouldn't let me. Thank you!closedMasterCommaTheClaimed and extended
189DrTim58gimme plots plsclosedMasterCommaTheplots for you
188PPGOMEcan somebody make Tux shut up? He's talking about homophobic things and is "bullying" prom.closedMasterCommaTheI'm watchign thanks
187Haikupls extend region 'sekiei' to hereclosedMasterCommaTheExpanded the might of the sekieian empire
186piplo127128can u destroy the concrete thing i dropped tyclosedMasterCommaThedid
185Andromeda4210give plot plsclosedMasterCommaTheAfter accidentally setting the entire arena as a child to your region, I've successfully fixed everything
184StongdukeHeyo can I claim this? I'm getting the part of the highway that will connect to spawn done. Thank you!closedMasterCommaTheclaimed
183TheMeeBovieCan you make the lava inside this and the other pillar flow? Please don't break the glass, use /thru insteadclosedMasterCommaTheI lava you!
182Stongdukecan I claim this region for a highway? Thank you!closedMasterCommaTheclaimed
181StongdukeHello could I have this region claimed as Highway_02? Thank you!closedBardidleyProtected!
180TheGamingGuy247claimclosedBardidleyProtected! have fun!
179SextDexyadd pink border area to region "northridge" pleaseclosedBardidleyCreated Northridge_2 because its not the same size as northridge.
178Abitcatexpand againclosedBardidleyNew region created because its not the same size as current.
177namflashbacks4I would like to claim this plot of land, what's outlined in red wool.closedBardidleyProtected! Have fun!
176Stongdukenevermind. I don't need this region expanded. Thank you though!closedBardidleyok.
175Korevanahi, can i get my borders claimed?closedBardidleyProtected!
174StongdukeHeyo! Can I have this region expanded? Thank you!closedBardidleyCancelled req.
173frisbii8Protect coal ore borderclosedBardidleyProtected!
172WaxTedprotect large region red woolclosedBardidleyProtected!
171HolliferPossible to get this skull restored? [Challenger2]closedChallenger2As best as I can tell, log block does not log skulls, other than the fact a skull was there :(
170Spook6I broke this skull it needs protecc hereclosedHolliferOpened new request targeted for tech and elevated.
169jadedeconomistcan I claim this pink zone for a city? i promise I'll make sure its not actually too close to the existing city but I want to connect themclosedHolliferRegion protected, you can build whatever you like here!
168DrTim58/mail send Mewcifer you're a poopyheadclosedMewciferNO U
167Haikuprotect me dadclosedMewciferprotected dad
166Andromeda4210fix lighting glitches for my garage plsclosedChallenger2Lighting reset
165tobylaneRegion claim pleaseclosedHolliferProtected
164Honeynuttthey, i'd like to claim the area inside the gold border for a lion king themed plot. thank you.closediNerd71NAAAAA SVENYA BABALISI MAMA... I mean, region created!
163shrugneed a claim doneclosedBardidleyProtected!
161Stongdukecan I claim this area to make a highway interchange? thank you! it's surrounded in white concreteclosedBardidleyProtected!
160Stongdukecan I unclaim this plot thanksclosedBardidleyunclaimed
159btreeplot claimclosedBardidleyProtected!
158StongdukeHeyo could I claim this region as Highway_01? It's uh, for making a highway. Thank you!closedBardidleyProtected!
157thermodynamicisttestbuild claim plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
156StongdukePlease disregard my last modreq, I don't need this highway plot as thermo is allowing me to build the highway through his plot. Thank you!closedBardidleyDone.
155Stongdukecould I have this area surrounded by white? This will be a highway, and please call it Highway_01. Thank you!closedBardidleynot needed.
154Stongdukecould I have this area surrounded by yellow as an expansion to korinth? I need to build a highway. Thank you!closedBardidleyProtected!
153Pixl3expand to this point pleaseclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
152DrTim58mew is badclosedMewciferNO U
151piplo127128can u remove the armor stand i accidentally dropped tyclosedMewciferhe ded
150promaxxecan i have copy access here?closedMasterCommaTheIf you want these done faster, give me a 2nd modreq at the opposite corner next time
149KoneLinxcan you stop water from flowing more than 2 blocks?closedMasterCommaTheUltimately no. If you would like us to place barrier blocks just let us know which blocks to replace with them
148nlax123land claimclosedMasterCommaThePlease do not repeat req's. Thank you!
147promaxxecan i have my old town protected for worldedit?closedMasterCommaTheDue to the size of the claim it is hard to tell where to begin and end, Please make 2 modreqs, one at each corner to protect the area.
146promaxxecan i have my town protected for WEclosedpromaxxewoopes
144KoneLinxI'd like to claim land. 3 conected areas marked in purple, yellow and rose wool. totaling an area of roughly 450². thank you.closedMasterCommaTheOne big region made to prevent overlapping regions
143nlax123land claimclosedMasterCommaTheprotected
142aindriahhnPlease protect my region plox/closedMasterCommaTheprotected
141WaxTedperms for testbuild region so i can move stuff over to new world (3/3)closedMasterCommaTheThe Guppy didn't make it though.
140WaxTedperms for testbuild region so i can move stuff over to new world (2/3)closedMasterCommaTheLusitania sees another day.
139WaxTedperms for testbuild region so i can move stuff over to new world (1/3)closedMasterCommaTheTitanic saved this time
138AndyJFBjorn_Blackstone is trolling, being abusive, homophobic, thanksclosedBardidleyThanks for reporting!
136piplo127128can i rename piptown to blecenau thankclosedbuzzie71renamed, signs changed!
135piplo127128sorry aout second modreq for this but my region border doesnt appear to be changed to -2900 thanksclosediNerd71Region expanded to -2900
134LordFatzberrySomeone had a bit too much fun with minecarts XDclosedBardidleyRemoved.
133Stongdukehey could I get this region claimed so I can world-edit this too the rev 34 world? Thank you!closedBardidleyProtected.
132xOreoToastlooking for worldguard protection to enable worldedit development :) follow the blue concrete path for opposing cornerclosedBardidleyRegion protected!
131xOreoToastI would imagine this is self-explanitory? Cartspam + swastikaclosedBardidleyLeft over from an earlier ban, thanks for reporting.
130fazadenprotect exeggcutorclosedfazadenprot-egg-ted
129Tedbear_OBE_FRScreate region "Aix_Laubardemont" please :)closediNerd71Region creaTED
128PyroAvokclose this modreqclosedMewciferok
127piplo127128can i have my border moved to -2900closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
126piplo127128can i get these two plots mergedclosedBardidleyMerged.
125Tedbear_OBE_FRSalthough I have ownership of this region (testbuild_june2017), I am unable to interact with it quatquatquatquatclosedMewciferjust a little sboog, all figured out
124Chaos_The_Dragonbut in all seriousness, can my region be renamed to "Little Point"?closedMewciferrenamed uwu
123Chaos_The_Dragoncan i just do this for a meme or something lmaoclosedMewciferfather bardidley would disapprove
122Stongdukeyo could I get a region expansion? I need to build a highway for me and Gome. The expansion is in yellowclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
121PPGOMEexpand please!closedBardidleyRegion redefined!
119AndyJFclaim this area pleaseclosedBardidleyProtected!
118Tedbear_OBE_FRSplease rename region "litzone"closediNerd71Region renamed
117piplo127128can i have my other city region added to my collection as wellclosedMewciferyes
116Abitcatgimmie gimmie gimmie this roomclosedMewciferi gibbu gibbu gibbu dis room
115piplo127128can i have my rev 33 region back thankclosedBardidleyProtected!
113F1owerfulCan you check my boundaries?closedMewciferi went ahead and gave you a region, your boundaries look good!
111SextDexycan you change the name of this region "dexity" to "Northridge" please :)closedMewciferdexity changed to northridge
110thermodynamicistplease expand red plot to point, need to build a highwayclosedMewciferredefined!
109SextDexycan you remove members Andromeda4210 and piplo127128 as owners of my city region please, but keep them as members :) Thank youclosedMewciferremoved as owners, kept as members
108Krypandenejrequest Can I get my redstone plots merged?closedMewcifermerged!
107arsMoriendiclaimclosedMewciferCLAIMED** spookypants <:(
106Cyberbully42Can I get everything in the red corners claimed?closedMewciferclaimed
105RukiaKuchiki_pls fix lightingclosedMewciferfixed? lmk if not
103promaxxeprotection under the name "halstead"closedMewciferhalstead rg created
102promaxxepossible for me to take this office?closedMewciferyes it is here u go
101TheMeeBovieOdd request, but can you make this a curve and have the road to the south continue instead? I need it so for the airport nearbyclosedTheMeeBovie
100DrTim58my timelock isn't working (I set it a decent bit before the last restart hoping it would start working afterwards)closedMewcifer100th modreq AND time fixed
99OleToothlesscreate region named "Orion" within the purple concrete rectangle; make owners myself, Riveri, and CARnivore_ndsclosedMewciferyeyeye
98piplo127128can i merge these plots uwuclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
97RukiaKuchiki_expand region to dis GOLD blocc plsclosedMewciferadjusted!
96Pit_2Requesting a plot :DclosedBardidleyProtected!
95texbprotect region plox, Its Montecalm :-)closedBardidleyProtected!
94texbLove your work :)closedMasterCommaTheTy! It is a work of passion.
93btreeplotclosedMasterCommaTheYou can now make the world edits.
92MasterCommaTheThis block of buildings is not working with nerdplot, I granted TheMeeBovie his plot manually (downtown_0037), but you may want to look at the rest that don't have individual regions yet.closedBardidleyRegions fixed by chal.
91TheMeeBoviecan i claim this plot as well as the one directly to the east as one conjoined regionclosedMasterCommaTheI did it manually, I'll ask the admins to look at why nerdplot isn't plotting or nerding correctly.
90iNerd71Please connect parking garage entrance to main road (just the road, not the walls)(actually for realz this time)closedMasterCommaThedone, for realz
89iNerd71Please connect parking garage entrance to main road (just the road, not the walls)closediNerd71Nevermind, moved the entrance, see next req
88HeartshineSo why is CTA a warp when its unfinished?closedBardidleyThis is Spawn CTA station.
87__Doughnut__requestclosedMasterCommaTheIn the future please be more descriptive in your requests beyond just writing "request". Please also make claims rectangular.
86ToenailEaternew area claim, mbclosedChallenger2Region created
85Pixl3expandclosedChallenger2Region expanded
84__Doughnut__land claimclosedChallenger2You can use "/nerdplot claim" to claim available plots in this area. Many of these are already taken.
83ToenailEaterclaim from where the glass pillars areclosedChallenger2Not creating region at owners request.
82Andromeda4210please recreate /warp skulls?closedMewciferbard did it but im stealing this modreq
81RukiaKuchiki_set region here to night and raining if possibleclosedChallenger2It will be night and raining.
80Tuxedowlmake all of this water into swamp biome so it looks all green n shitclosedChallenger2Biome set to swap
79Tedbear_OBE_FRSclaim region with myself, texb, ted50, waxted as ownersclosedChallenger2Region created.
78Tedbear_OBE_FRSclaim testbuild region with me and texb as ownersclosedChallenger2Region created
77Haikuexpand this reigon by one block on all sides plsclosedfazadenexpand'd
76Tuxedowlclaim mariana plotclosedChallenger2Region created
75PPGOMEclaim this region for me please!closedChallenger2Region created
74Andromeda4210protect car_garageclosediNerd71Region created
73Abitcati need an expansion because i didnt get the entire islandclosediNerd71Region expanded
72Tedbear_OBE_FRScadmin can I get an office for OCWS (or alternately "the OCWS universe")?closedChallenger2Office created.
70PPGOMEexpand please!closedMewciferi did it
69DrTim58fix lighting glitches for bitchesclosedMewciferi tried
67promaxxedick #2 in spawnclosedHolliferNot really but modified.
66piplo127128can i claim this plot uwuclosedBardidleyAdded to plot!
65ToenailEaterbarrierclosediNerd71Barrier placed!
64LaughingCoder64region claimingclosedBardidleyProtected!
63Pixl3remover owner nocookies4meclosedBardidleyRemoved!
62SextDexyplease expand region "dexity" into the yellow border area :)closedBardidleyRegion redefine!
61SextDexyrequest office 7A for me and sijesn's city, Northridge, which will be a part of a metropolisclosedBardidleyOffice granted for Northridge!
60Greater_Magici need a plot claimedclosedBardidleyProtected!
59L_Morningstar_claim here please <3closedBardidleyProtected!
58thermodynamicistneed this battleship to activate wave motion engineclosedBardidleyProtected! you may now copy
57Andromeda4210region plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
56Haikupls copypasta my big black towerclosedBardidleyI protected your whole city so you can copy/paste everything you want =)
55HeartshineSOmeoen messed with the blueprintclosedBardidleyFixed.
54piplo127128id like my rev 33 testworld region back thankclosedBardidleyProtected!
53DrTim58can I have a region so I can copy/paste some stuffclosedMewciferYEYEYE x3
52DrTim58can I have a region to copy/paste stuff out of here?closedMewciferyeyeye x2
51DrTim58and call timtestclosedMewciferyeyeye
50piplo127128can this b connected to the clay uwu tyclosedMewciferhope this is done right uwu
49AbsolutePersonhi. would you kindly help me to protect this area within the blue wool represent the ocean spirits! thank you in advance and have a good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night.closedfazadenregion protected, send another modreq if you'd like the name changed
48Challenger4Need perms to CTA building. k thx by.closedBardidleyprotected!
47thermodynamicistrep office 5a needs named steveopolisclosedBardidleyAdded!
46Ted50gib region "blackburn" in gray concrete plsclosedMasterCommaTheClaim granted, subject to continued compliance with all EPA regulations for protection of watersheds from runnoff of sheep shearing runnoff and potato farming
45SextDexycan you expand new blue border area to region "dexity" thank you :)closedMasterCommaThedexity expanded, please consult your doctor if the expansion lasts for more than 3 hours
44SextDexycan you add new blue border area to regionclosedSextDexy
43tippsieI need my island protection made whenever it's convenient for you. I hope it's not too bigclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed
42KoneLinxI got a minecart out of my plot in warp restone and can't remove it. might be a problem.closedMewciferit gone
41CarrotapplePlease prot area in orange wool top to bottom. Name it Hydra. Thx in adv.closedMewciferprotected!
40Abitcatsomebody griefed the bigtown starting dimensionsclosedHolliferFixed, thank you for reporting.
38Tuxedowlcould you plese world edit this little chip of land away?closedMasterCommaThechipped
37Tuxedowlok, claim this and then I'm done sorryclosedMasterCommaTheThis is your Mesa, there are many like it, but this is yours.
36thermodynamicistcity rep office for stevopolis/city of steve pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheI think I did it right, but parent child regions are new to me, so check it
35TuxedowlclamclosedMasterCommaTheignored because "god I already regret the region I made I found a much cooler one"
34Tuxedowlunclaim plsclosedMasterCommaTheAgainst the protests of some wildlife group, I've removed desert.
33thermodynamicistexpand plot to marker - i'm going to make a drawbridge across the riverclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed
32L_Morningstar_can claim here please :)closedMasterCommaTheclaimed in the name of all that
31BloomingLilyunclaim me plxclosediNerd71Unclaimed!
30LordFatzberryTo make my life easier can I get this protected so I can use WE?closedBardidleyProtected!
29piplo127128tiny modreq can u break these two leafclosedHolliferProper trimming.
28texbI wanna claim this office for my city MontecalmclosedBardidleyOffice granted for Montecalm
27piplo127128sorry about another modreq but i cant edit the end of the area near the window?closedBardidleyRedefined. be careful not to break exterior blocks
26piplo127128can i get a city dirctory thing uwuclosedBardidleyOffice granted for Piptown
25PPGOMEI guess I modreq this idk can I have this room please sirclosedBardidleyOffice granted for Xero
24PPGOMECan we run a simple command called /op PPGOME? It's really easy and would help PPGOME much lots yesclosedChallenger2/op PPGOME
23Haikugib city rep officeclosedBardidley1A granted for sekieieie
22Abitcatactually claim this because i accepted tux's deal for me to make him a claim in the desertclosedMewciferepfjejfpjfpsj?
21Abitcatfuckin like claim this for tuxy, tuxy forced me to do this so i could have the waterfallclosedMewcifer+5 good boy points for being a good businessman
20StongdukeHeyo can I have this region? It is 1k x 1k blocks exactly. Holli gave me the 1k x 1k limit so I'll literally die if I have to downsize it. Thank you! The region is in blue concrete.closedMewciferya~!!!!!
19RukiaKuchiki_region&we access here plssclosedRukiaKuchiki_region made :D
18RukiaKuchiki_i am building somewhere else, pls to remove itclosedHolliferRemoved!
17PPGOMEProtect the gravity influenced water cliff please!closedHolliferProtected, please use this big boiye.
16dark3lementland claim pleaseclosedBardidleyClaim granted!
15StongdukeHello! This region is large and me and Gome are working on the borders. We need it claimed. The corners are done. The coordinates of corners are -624, -6165 and -3150, -4302. Thank you!closedHolliferAbsolutely not. The rules state that you must make a full border for claims where corners cannot be seen withing reasonable distance.