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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
240TheCoachAdairborder fence up. request land: OlympicsclosedBardidleyProtected!
239piplo127128can someone extend these logs underwater uwuclosedBardidleyFixed!
238Andromeda4210yes plsclosedMewciferyes pls
237HouseBoltonOk I built a borderclosedMewciferredefined
236Andromeda4210mew, do this modreqclosedMewciferok i did it
235HouseBoltonCould my region be expanded by 100 in all directionsclosedMewciferplease build a border :P
234btreeplease increase my plot by 200 in each directionclosedMasterCommaTheExpanded to all but 197 on one side to avoid overlap with downtown
233HouseBoltonCould this region be protected please?closedMasterCommaTheThis region claimed for the honor of House Bolton and their merry men!
232PPGOMEprotect please! Name: ColorataclosedMasterCommaTheI declare this land Colorata as discovered and founded by it's benevolent ruler PPGOME! HAIL to PPGOME the just.
231PPGOMEitems drop in testbuild. Don't think this should happen?closedMasterCommaThedrops don't appear to be possible. Please let us know if this happens again.
230Nr2_Cookieprotect areaclosedBardidleyProtected!
229KoneLinxmodreq proteq plz. m'statue.closedBardidleyProtected!
228SpiderRavenborder approval for WEclosedBardidleyProtected! Happy building!
227piplo127128not my region but can this odd shadow sea be odd non shadow seaclosedBardidleyFixed lighting!
226promaxxeprotection under name "east_bridge"closedMewcifer
225Infamous_ZenCan I claim here?closedMewciferidk can u (yes)
224Stongdukeplease please please please fix the lighting glitches they are so badclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!
223Stongdukefix lights and shadows in this region called korinth? Thank you!closedBardidleyLighting fixed!
222btreeplease extend my plot by 100 in each directionclosedBardidleyRelocated build and expanded.
221btreeplease place fire in terraced homesclosedBardidleyFire can be placed by players, just use the flint and steel =)
220texbextend protection :))closedMasterCommaTheI would walk 1000 blocks, and I would walk 1000 more, just to be the man who walked the border of your new region
219jadedeconomistI want to expand the space i have claimed for the outlined orange zone, and (if possible) the green and blue zones as well. Please name it "capital_city" (and _1,_2 for the blue/green pieces if claimed) thank youclosedMasterCommaThebuild on!
218Tuxedowlclaim this place plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
217promaxxesecond region within the lime wool titled "hst_int" pls (this is all for highways), thanks a bunchclosedBardidleyProtected!
216promaxxesecond region titled "hst_int" pls (this is all for highways), thanks a bunchclosedpromaxxewording
215promaxxeprotection with the name "gaza_strip" (dont ask), thx- ps sorry the whole border isnt done but i do have four corners in thxxclosedBardidleyProtected. I'm watching for rockets!!!
214L_Morningstar_henlo can change my region owner thingy to L_Morningstar_ (extra underscore)closedMewcifernot sure how that got screwed up, all fixed
213btreeplease extend my plotclosedMasterCommaTheexpanded
212piplo127128claim pls for liverteaclosedMasterCommaTheregion named livertea
211Heartshinehow did I get hereclosedMasterCommaTheI don't know, but you have an uncanny talent for being where you shouldn't. I suggest you /randloc
210AndyJFclaim this area pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed, also waxed and shined
209jadedeconomistcan I have this suburbs plot in addition to the one i claimed? I wanna build like a small house with a park on each lot thank yoclosedMasterCommaTheMake it grand!
208Troublebearprotect Trouble baytclosedMasterCommaTheprotected your installation from hermit crabs, sea fleas, and children named Alan
207BlockMistrequest claim my land areaclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed
206L_Morningstar_can i get this expand and if possible renamed to "toot" ;DclosedMasterCommaThetoot toot
205StongdukeHello I did a modreq earlier about claiming the yellow area around my plot for expanding my plot and I was approved. My region doesn't seem to have been expanded however. Can I please have it expanded? Thank you!closedMasterCommaTheHmm, korinth expanded now to include yellow.
204jadedeconomistcan you add the wood area into jade_house? thxclosedMasterCommaTheWooded
203jadedeconomistcan I have this office space [cadmin]closedMasterCommaTheYou can and do have this office space.
202Abitcatthe fuckclosedMasterCommaThethx for reporting, note added
201namflashbacks4checkclosedMasterCommaTheI'll assume you meant to type /check, not /modreq check. We await your modreq with a border.
199namflashbacks4I would like to claim pretty much this entire islandclosedMasterCommaThePlease read the rules for how to request claiming a region. You need to mark out a border correctly then remodreq. Thank you.
198StongdukeHello could I have my old region claimed? I need to copy paste to the current revclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed. nice road templates!
197btreeplease extend my plotclosedMasterCommaTheextenuating region
196Denniz03claimclosedMasterCommaThePlease do not repeat modreqs, we get to them as quickly as possible.
194WaxTedi cant build in my old testbuild region?closedMasterCommaTheThat's correct, copy only.
193jadedeconomistcan you expand the region "jade_city" to the white zoneclosedMasterCommaThedone!
192piplo127128id like this region for my hole town thankclosedMasterCommaTheget in your hoooooole!
191StongdukeHello could I claim this area surrounded in yellow concrete? This shall be the area where the road from spawn connects to the highway. Thank you!closedMasterCommaTheClaimed
190StongdukeHello could I claim this region surrounded in white and have the road from spawn extended to this road? I've built as far as I could before spawn wouldn't let me. Thank you!closedMasterCommaTheClaimed and extended
189DrTim58gimme plots plsclosedMasterCommaTheplots for you
188PPGOMEcan somebody make Tux shut up? He's talking about homophobic things and is "bullying" prom.closedMasterCommaTheI'm watchign thanks
187Haikupls extend region 'sekiei' to hereclosedMasterCommaTheExpanded the might of the sekieian empire
186piplo127128can u destroy the concrete thing i dropped tyclosedMasterCommaThedid
185Andromeda4210give plot plsclosedMasterCommaTheAfter accidentally setting the entire arena as a child to your region, I've successfully fixed everything
184StongdukeHeyo can I claim this? I'm getting the part of the highway that will connect to spawn done. Thank you!closedMasterCommaTheclaimed
183TheMeeBovieCan you make the lava inside this and the other pillar flow? Please don't break the glass, use /thru insteadclosedMasterCommaTheI lava you!
182Stongdukecan I claim this region for a highway? Thank you!closedMasterCommaTheclaimed
181StongdukeHello could I have this region claimed as Highway_02? Thank you!closedBardidleyProtected!
180TheGamingGuy247claimclosedBardidleyProtected! have fun!
179SextDexyadd pink border area to region "northridge" pleaseclosedBardidleyCreated Northridge_2 because its not the same size as northridge.
178Abitcatexpand againclosedBardidleyNew region created because its not the same size as current.
177namflashbacks4I would like to claim this plot of land, what's outlined in red wool.closedBardidleyProtected! Have fun!
176Stongdukenevermind. I don't need this region expanded. Thank you though!closedBardidleyok.
175Korevanahi, can i get my borders claimed?closedBardidleyProtected!
174StongdukeHeyo! Can I have this region expanded? Thank you!closedBardidleyCancelled req.
173frisbii8Protect coal ore borderclosedBardidleyProtected!
172WaxTedprotect large region red woolclosedBardidleyProtected!
171HolliferPossible to get this skull restored? [Challenger2]closedChallenger2As best as I can tell, log block does not log skulls, other than the fact a skull was there :(
170Spook6I broke this skull it needs protecc hereclosedHolliferOpened new request targeted for tech and elevated.
169jadedeconomistcan I claim this pink zone for a city? i promise I'll make sure its not actually too close to the existing city but I want to connect themclosedHolliferRegion protected, you can build whatever you like here!
168DrTim58/mail send Mewcifer you're a poopyheadclosedMewciferNO U
167Haikuprotect me dadclosedMewciferprotected dad
166Andromeda4210fix lighting glitches for my garage plsclosedChallenger2Lighting reset
165tobylaneRegion claim pleaseclosedHolliferProtected
164Honeynuttthey, i'd like to claim the area inside the gold border for a lion king themed plot. thank you.closediNerd71NAAAAA SVENYA BABALISI MAMA... I mean, region created!
163shrugneed a claim doneclosedBardidleyProtected!
161Stongdukecan I claim this area to make a highway interchange? thank you! it's surrounded in white concreteclosedBardidleyProtected!
160Stongdukecan I unclaim this plot thanksclosedBardidleyunclaimed
159btreeplot claimclosedBardidleyProtected!
158StongdukeHeyo could I claim this region as Highway_01? It's uh, for making a highway. Thank you!closedBardidleyProtected!
157thermodynamicisttestbuild claim plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
156StongdukePlease disregard my last modreq, I don't need this highway plot as thermo is allowing me to build the highway through his plot. Thank you!closedBardidleyDone.
155Stongdukecould I have this area surrounded by white? This will be a highway, and please call it Highway_01. Thank you!closedBardidleynot needed.
154Stongdukecould I have this area surrounded by yellow as an expansion to korinth? I need to build a highway. Thank you!closedBardidleyProtected!
153Pixl3expand to this point pleaseclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
152DrTim58mew is badclosedMewciferNO U
151piplo127128can u remove the armor stand i accidentally dropped tyclosedMewciferhe ded
150promaxxecan i have copy access here?closedMasterCommaTheIf you want these done faster, give me a 2nd modreq at the opposite corner next time
149KoneLinxcan you stop water from flowing more than 2 blocks?closedMasterCommaTheUltimately no. If you would like us to place barrier blocks just let us know which blocks to replace with them
148nlax123land claimclosedMasterCommaThePlease do not repeat req's. Thank you!
147promaxxecan i have my old town protected for worldedit?closedMasterCommaTheDue to the size of the claim it is hard to tell where to begin and end, Please make 2 modreqs, one at each corner to protect the area.
146promaxxecan i have my town protected for WEclosedpromaxxewoopes
144KoneLinxI'd like to claim land. 3 conected areas marked in purple, yellow and rose wool. totaling an area of roughly 450². thank you.closedMasterCommaTheOne big region made to prevent overlapping regions
143nlax123land claimclosedMasterCommaTheprotected
142aindriahhnPlease protect my region plox/closedMasterCommaTheprotected
141WaxTedperms for testbuild region so i can move stuff over to new world (3/3)closedMasterCommaTheThe Guppy didn't make it though.
140WaxTedperms for testbuild region so i can move stuff over to new world (2/3)closedMasterCommaTheLusitania sees another day.
139WaxTedperms for testbuild region so i can move stuff over to new world (1/3)closedMasterCommaTheTitanic saved this time
138AndyJFBjorn_Blackstone is trolling, being abusive, homophobic, thanksclosedBardidleyThanks for reporting!
136piplo127128can i rename piptown to blecenau thankclosedbuzzie71renamed, signs changed!
135piplo127128sorry aout second modreq for this but my region border doesnt appear to be changed to -2900 thanksclosediNerd71Region expanded to -2900
134LordFatzberrySomeone had a bit too much fun with minecarts XDclosedBardidleyRemoved.
133Stongdukehey could I get this region claimed so I can world-edit this too the rev 34 world? Thank you!closedBardidleyProtected.
132xOreoToastlooking for worldguard protection to enable worldedit development :) follow the blue concrete path for opposing cornerclosedBardidleyRegion protected!
131xOreoToastI would imagine this is self-explanitory? Cartspam + swastikaclosedBardidleyLeft over from an earlier ban, thanks for reporting.
130fazadenprotect exeggcutorclosedfazadenprot-egg-ted
129Tedbear_OBE_FRScreate region "Aix_Laubardemont" please :)closediNerd71Region creaTED
128PyroAvokclose this modreqclosedMewciferok
127piplo127128can i have my border moved to -2900closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
126piplo127128can i get these two plots mergedclosedBardidleyMerged.
125Tedbear_OBE_FRSalthough I have ownership of this region (testbuild_june2017), I am unable to interact with it quatquatquatquatclosedMewciferjust a little sboog, all figured out
124Chaos_The_Dragonbut in all seriousness, can my region be renamed to "Little Point"?closedMewciferrenamed uwu
123Chaos_The_Dragoncan i just do this for a meme or something lmaoclosedMewciferfather bardidley would disapprove
122Stongdukeyo could I get a region expansion? I need to build a highway for me and Gome. The expansion is in yellowclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
121PPGOMEexpand please!closedBardidleyRegion redefined!
119AndyJFclaim this area pleaseclosedBardidleyProtected!
118Tedbear_OBE_FRSplease rename region "litzone"closediNerd71Region renamed
117piplo127128can i have my other city region added to my collection as wellclosedMewciferyes
116Abitcatgimmie gimmie gimmie this roomclosedMewciferi gibbu gibbu gibbu dis room
115piplo127128can i have my rev 33 region back thankclosedBardidleyProtected!
113F1owerfulCan you check my boundaries?closedMewciferi went ahead and gave you a region, your boundaries look good!
111SextDexycan you change the name of this region "dexity" to "Northridge" please :)closedMewciferdexity changed to northridge
110thermodynamicistplease expand red plot to point, need to build a highwayclosedMewciferredefined!
109SextDexycan you remove members Andromeda4210 and piplo127128 as owners of my city region please, but keep them as members :) Thank youclosedMewciferremoved as owners, kept as members
108Krypandenejrequest Can I get my redstone plots merged?closedMewcifermerged!
107arsMoriendiclaimclosedMewciferCLAIMED** spookypants <:(
106Cyberbully42Can I get everything in the red corners claimed?closedMewciferclaimed
105RukiaKuchiki_pls fix lightingclosedMewciferfixed? lmk if not
103promaxxeprotection under the name "halstead"closedMewciferhalstead rg created
102promaxxepossible for me to take this office?closedMewciferyes it is here u go
101TheMeeBovieOdd request, but can you make this a curve and have the road to the south continue instead? I need it so for the airport nearbyclosedTheMeeBovie
100DrTim58my timelock isn't working (I set it a decent bit before the last restart hoping it would start working afterwards)closedMewcifer100th modreq AND time fixed
99OleToothlesscreate region named "Orion" within the purple concrete rectangle; make owners myself, Riveri, and CARnivore_ndsclosedMewciferyeyeye
98piplo127128can i merge these plots uwuclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
97RukiaKuchiki_expand region to dis GOLD blocc plsclosedMewciferadjusted!
96Pit_2Requesting a plot :DclosedBardidleyProtected!
95texbprotect region plox, Its Montecalm :-)closedBardidleyProtected!
94texbLove your work :)closedMasterCommaTheTy! It is a work of passion.
93btreeplotclosedMasterCommaTheYou can now make the world edits.
92MasterCommaTheThis block of buildings is not working with nerdplot, I granted TheMeeBovie his plot manually (downtown_0037), but you may want to look at the rest that don't have individual regions yet.closedBardidleyRegions fixed by chal.
91TheMeeBoviecan i claim this plot as well as the one directly to the east as one conjoined regionclosedMasterCommaTheI did it manually, I'll ask the admins to look at why nerdplot isn't plotting or nerding correctly.
90iNerd71Please connect parking garage entrance to main road (just the road, not the walls)(actually for realz this time)closedMasterCommaThedone, for realz
89iNerd71Please connect parking garage entrance to main road (just the road, not the walls)closediNerd71Nevermind, moved the entrance, see next req
88HeartshineSo why is CTA a warp when its unfinished?closedBardidleyThis is Spawn CTA station.
87__Doughnut__requestclosedMasterCommaTheIn the future please be more descriptive in your requests beyond just writing "request". Please also make claims rectangular.
86ToenailEaternew area claim, mbclosedChallenger2Region created
85Pixl3expandclosedChallenger2Region expanded
84__Doughnut__land claimclosedChallenger2You can use "/nerdplot claim" to claim available plots in this area. Many of these are already taken.
83ToenailEaterclaim from where the glass pillars areclosedChallenger2Not creating region at owners request.
82Andromeda4210please recreate /warp skulls?closedMewciferbard did it but im stealing this modreq
81RukiaKuchiki_set region here to night and raining if possibleclosedChallenger2It will be night and raining.
80Tuxedowlmake all of this water into swamp biome so it looks all green n shitclosedChallenger2Biome set to swap
79Tedbear_OBE_FRSclaim region with myself, texb, ted50, waxted as ownersclosedChallenger2Region created.
78Tedbear_OBE_FRSclaim testbuild region with me and texb as ownersclosedChallenger2Region created
77Haikuexpand this reigon by one block on all sides plsclosedfazadenexpand'd
76Tuxedowlclaim mariana plotclosedChallenger2Region created
75PPGOMEclaim this region for me please!closedChallenger2Region created
74Andromeda4210protect car_garageclosediNerd71Region created
73Abitcati need an expansion because i didnt get the entire islandclosediNerd71Region expanded
72Tedbear_OBE_FRScadmin can I get an office for OCWS (or alternately "the OCWS universe")?closedChallenger2Office created.
70PPGOMEexpand please!closedMewciferi did it
69DrTim58fix lighting glitches for bitchesclosedMewciferi tried
67promaxxedick #2 in spawnclosedHolliferNot really but modified.
66piplo127128can i claim this plot uwuclosedBardidleyAdded to plot!
65ToenailEaterbarrierclosediNerd71Barrier placed!
64LaughingCoder64region claimingclosedBardidleyProtected!
63Pixl3remover owner nocookies4meclosedBardidleyRemoved!
62SextDexyplease expand region "dexity" into the yellow border area :)closedBardidleyRegion redefine!
61SextDexyrequest office 7A for me and sijesn's city, Northridge, which will be a part of a metropolisclosedBardidleyOffice granted for Northridge!
60Greater_Magici need a plot claimedclosedBardidleyProtected!
59L_Morningstar_claim here please <3closedBardidleyProtected!
58thermodynamicistneed this battleship to activate wave motion engineclosedBardidleyProtected! you may now copy
57Andromeda4210region plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
56Haikupls copypasta my big black towerclosedBardidleyI protected your whole city so you can copy/paste everything you want =)
55HeartshineSOmeoen messed with the blueprintclosedBardidleyFixed.
54piplo127128id like my rev 33 testworld region back thankclosedBardidleyProtected!
53DrTim58can I have a region so I can copy/paste some stuffclosedMewciferYEYEYE x3
52DrTim58can I have a region to copy/paste stuff out of here?closedMewciferyeyeye x2
51DrTim58and call timtestclosedMewciferyeyeye
50piplo127128can this b connected to the clay uwu tyclosedMewciferhope this is done right uwu
49AbsolutePersonhi. would you kindly help me to protect this area within the blue wool represent the ocean spirits! thank you in advance and have a good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night.closedfazadenregion protected, send another modreq if you'd like the name changed
48Challenger4Need perms to CTA building. k thx by.closedBardidleyprotected!
47thermodynamicistrep office 5a needs named steveopolisclosedBardidleyAdded!
46Ted50gib region "blackburn" in gray concrete plsclosedMasterCommaTheClaim granted, subject to continued compliance with all EPA regulations for protection of watersheds from runnoff of sheep shearing runnoff and potato farming
45SextDexycan you expand new blue border area to region "dexity" thank you :)closedMasterCommaThedexity expanded, please consult your doctor if the expansion lasts for more than 3 hours
44SextDexycan you add new blue border area to regionclosedSextDexy
43tippsieI need my island protection made whenever it's convenient for you. I hope it's not too bigclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed
42KoneLinxI got a minecart out of my plot in warp restone and can't remove it. might be a problem.closedMewciferit gone
41CarrotapplePlease prot area in orange wool top to bottom. Name it Hydra. Thx in adv.closedMewciferprotected!
40Abitcatsomebody griefed the bigtown starting dimensionsclosedHolliferFixed, thank you for reporting.
38Tuxedowlcould you plese world edit this little chip of land away?closedMasterCommaThechipped
37Tuxedowlok, claim this and then I'm done sorryclosedMasterCommaTheThis is your Mesa, there are many like it, but this is yours.
36thermodynamicistcity rep office for stevopolis/city of steve pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheI think I did it right, but parent child regions are new to me, so check it
35TuxedowlclamclosedMasterCommaTheignored because "god I already regret the region I made I found a much cooler one"
34Tuxedowlunclaim plsclosedMasterCommaTheAgainst the protests of some wildlife group, I've removed desert.
33thermodynamicistexpand plot to marker - i'm going to make a drawbridge across the riverclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed
32L_Morningstar_can claim here please :)closedMasterCommaTheclaimed in the name of all that
31BloomingLilyunclaim me plxclosediNerd71Unclaimed!
30LordFatzberryTo make my life easier can I get this protected so I can use WE?closedBardidleyProtected!
29piplo127128tiny modreq can u break these two leafclosedHolliferProper trimming.
28texbI wanna claim this office for my city MontecalmclosedBardidleyOffice granted for Montecalm
27piplo127128sorry about another modreq but i cant edit the end of the area near the window?closedBardidleyRedefined. be careful not to break exterior blocks
26piplo127128can i get a city dirctory thing uwuclosedBardidleyOffice granted for Piptown
25PPGOMEI guess I modreq this idk can I have this room please sirclosedBardidleyOffice granted for Xero
24PPGOMECan we run a simple command called /op PPGOME? It's really easy and would help PPGOME much lots yesclosedChallenger2/op PPGOME
23Haikugib city rep officeclosedBardidley1A granted for sekieieie
22Abitcatactually claim this because i accepted tux's deal for me to make him a claim in the desertclosedMewciferepfjejfpjfpsj?
21Abitcatfuckin like claim this for tuxy, tuxy forced me to do this so i could have the waterfallclosedMewcifer+5 good boy points for being a good businessman
20StongdukeHeyo can I have this region? It is 1k x 1k blocks exactly. Holli gave me the 1k x 1k limit so I'll literally die if I have to downsize it. Thank you! The region is in blue concrete.closedMewciferya~!!!!!
19RukiaKuchiki_region&we access here plssclosedRukiaKuchiki_region made :D
18RukiaKuchiki_i am building somewhere else, pls to remove itclosedHolliferRemoved!
17PPGOMEProtect the gravity influenced water cliff please!closedHolliferProtected, please use this big boiye.
16dark3lementland claim pleaseclosedBardidleyClaim granted!
15StongdukeHello! This region is large and me and Gome are working on the borders. We need it claimed. The corners are done. The coordinates of corners are -624, -6165 and -3150, -4302. Thank you!closedHolliferAbsolutely not. The rules state that you must make a full border for claims where corners cannot be seen withing reasonable distance.
14piplo127128can i have this area claimed uwu tyclosedBardidleyClaim granted!
13Pixl3New rev new build. Bless me with a claimclosedBardidleyClaimed!
12DrTim58protect and call verdammnisclosedBardidleyProtected!
11Andromeda4210protect CMOS_IslandclosedMewciferclaimed
10SextDexyprotect blue terrocota border pleaseclosedHolliferProtected!
9Haikuprotect plsclosedMewciferdone
8Abitcatclaim this place for meclosedHolliferSee the purple borders, please don't claim over them, someone was claiming here first.
7thermodynamicistcity - claim is huge, follow the direction of the marker as the other end of the border is at the mouth of the riverclosedHolliferLucky number 7, use it wisely.
5PPGOMEnew rev!closedHolliferHeck yea!
4Abitcat5th?closedHolliferNo this is patrick.
3RukiaKuchiki_starting block here plszclosedHolliferStarting block added!
2Challenger4how do i unclame plot?closedHolliferWe can handle that for you! Thanks for letting us know you're abanadoning your plot.