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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
1903piplo127128can the barty bouse get a warp thanksopen
1902piplo127128piston grifclosedHeysofiaThanks! All fixed! :)
1901piplo127128hello there is grief and a large presence over hereclosedHeysofiaAll fixed, thanks for reporting!
1900PPGOMEexpand please!closedChallenger2Region expanded!
1899PPGOMEprotecc please :D (name: party)closedHolliferParty like it's 1899
1898Abitcatcould like nerdpark region be shrunk a little bit so cta can go thru? nist hasnt been on since july 25closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1897promaxxeprotection pls titled "promaxxe_cambria"closedHeysofiaRegion created! :)
1896promaxxecan all pets from this region be removed? they are remnants of a joke, thank you!closedMewciferpets exterminated
1895thermodynamicistcan i have this marina plotclosedBardidleyAdded to plot.
1894FlumperProtection please! :)closedFlumperProtected!
1893promaxxelast night, a player WorldEdited away the very bottom layer of this building. confusion caused piplo127128 to leave the server and to sever all ties with Nerd players. for clarity, can you tell me who did it? thank youclosedBardidleyDiscussed via PM.
1892Abitcatclaim this area for the columbian navy. dont mind us, were just doing measuring work. ye- i mean no war declaring here! heh....closedMasterCommaTheColumbian Navy tactical geo-survey plotted and protected.
1891Franco093I would like to claim landclosedMasterCommaTheI have warded this treehouse against all manner of insects and ghosts.
1890HeartshineIs this Loss Greif?closedBardidleyCould be. it is out of logs unfortunately
1889PPGOMEprotect for groupbuild please!closedBardidleyProtected! Now we just need a warp platform
1888RoadWorker21Please can i have some water placed? it is going in the pit at the back of the house as a swimming pool.closedBardidleyWater placed!
1887RoadWorker21Plese can i have some land protected?closedFlumperAlready protected! :)
1886RoadWorker21Hi i just put a border around where i would like tohave protectec land.closedFlumperRegion created! :)
1885RoadWorker21Can i have help with getting land, i'm new. ThanksclosedFlumperDuplicate
1884Chaos_The_DragonRegion (name it chaos_sign)closedBardidleyRegion renamed to chaos_sign
1883Chaos_The_DragonRegion (name it chaos_map or somethingclosedBardidleyProtected!
1882PPGOMEprotecc plis! name: htownclosedcujobearcreated
1881Cyberbully42I can't build in my own claimclosedcujobearshould be all fixed now. Sorry for the trouble
1880Chaos_The_Dragonwho did disclosedBardidleyit is old and out of our logs, it can be removed if you need this land.
1879Cyberbully42Can I get this claimed?closedfazadenprotected
1878DaftTheEdgyGuyclaimclosedBardidleyClaim granted.
1877piplo127128can i have a flag set here that disables vine growth? i dont remember the flag nameclosedpiplo127128nvm it turns out vines dont grow unless the flag is off
1876DaftTheEdgyGuyworld editclosedBardidleyThis area is already under your protection so you can World Edit
1875CoolerPlaysUpdate Regionclosedbuzzie71updated!
1872ArcticVirusflowing water for redstone buildclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1871ArcticVirusI need red area unclaimed and blue claimed (claim change)closedBardidleyClaim changed!
1870ArcticVirusArea Claimclosedbuzzie71already protected! you should be able to start using WE inside :O
1869ArcticVirusArea Claimclosedbuzzie71protected!
1867WaxTedprotect blue wool regionclosedbuzzie71protected!
1865nolanater5711pls 2 create region <3 thx bb ;*closedfazadenregion nolans_space2 created
1864promaxxeDeathCraft using hate speech regarding WW2 and The HolocaustclosedBardidleyDuplicate
1863promaxxeDeathCraft used "gay" as an insult.closedBardidleyThanks for reporting.
1862twilexislobby voting is IP-based, cannae vote on my account if one of my kids have voted.closeddefiexDiscussed via message. (First come first serve for voting at home!)
1861piplo127128can i have piplo_area and piplo_water_area expanded to here which is z 6000 thanksclosedMasterCommaTheYour domain now stretches even the immagination
1860Iplay4uI'm, a bit confused with how claims worl. Can someone help?closedfazadenthe short version is: build where you want, and mark off a border if you want it protected. For full details, head to spawn with /spawn, and read the signs there
1859RoadWorker21requestclosedfazadenif there's something you specifically would like help with, put that in the modreq, like /modreq protect this or /modreq flow this water please
1858SkrapssparkSprotection under the name MayanGroupBuildclosedMasterCommaTheRegion created long long ago, now you must uncover the truth!
1857SkrapssparkSflowing lavaclosedfazadenlava'd
1856SkrapssparkSprotection for the group build flag build allow for people to use WEclosedfazadenlooks like this was already protected
1855frisbii8extend protect to red wool lineclosedfazadennew region created: frisbii_build2
1854DeathCraftrequestclosedfazadenduplicate request, closing
1853DeathCraftrequestclosedfazadenyour claim has been protected, happy building!
1852piplo127128also /nerdplot claim for here tyclosedpiplo127128oops sorry i cancel nerdplot claim
1851piplo127128can i get a less one nerdplot tyclosedfazadenremoved
1850WaxTedregion for my houseclosedfazadenregion waxtedhouse created
1849WaxTedi think this place might have been griefed by someone?closedfazadenfixed, thanks for the report
1848AdidasAleexclaimclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed, thank you
1845texbIt says the area i claimed belongs to AdidasAleex, i think that must have been a lil mistake :-)closedMasterCommaTheSorry for the mixup
1843texbprotecto mundo plsclosedMasterCommaTheprotecto moondoooed
1842promaxxeexpand region plsclosedMasterCommaTheExpanded as far as the eye can see, mostly.
1841Shelbugprotect region marked w white concrete pls xoxoclosedMasterCommaTheclaimed for you and your kin
1840admantaKill ALL the sheep! sheep here
1839admantawill ALL the sheep!closedadmanta
1838admantacan I build in plot 7?closedChallenger2Perms granted
1837frisbii8extend rg to red wool. please and much thnak!closedfazadenexpanded
1836frisbii8extend rg to red wool. I'm not actually sure if I can take the train station, however it isnt protected and apparently it was built by two people who have been banned since March, so I think I'm ok to extend to hereclosedHolliferRegion expanded.
1835frisbii8extend rg to this corner tooclosedHolliferRedefined!
1834frisbii8extend protecc to the two redstone corners (94 1482, -230 1328)closedHollifersee #1833
1833frisbii8extend protecc to the two redstone corners (94 1482, -230 1328)closedHolliferRegion redefined!
1832frisbii8extend rg to red woolclosedMasterCommaTheYour imagination should never be confined by these meer red borders, build your dreams.
1831frisbii8protecc region in testworld please and thankyouclosedBardidleyProtected!
1830WaxTedprotect green testbuild region for me and Tedbearclosedfazadenprotected
1829frisbii8extend rg to brick cornerclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
1828frisbii8extend region to corner marked with bricksclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
1827L_Morningstar_could u fill this glass in with water cause we dont have a region <3closedBardidleyFilled!
1826ZeroBlade10flow pleaseclosedBardidleyFlowed!
1825frisbii8protect region marked by bricks in the cornersclosedBardidleyProtected!
1823twilexisregion claim, dont care what the name is <3closedQueenBombusRegion created: twihome
1822SkrapssparkSflowing water please :Dclosedpez252Flowed
1821SkrapssparkSprotection to allow for community world edit within this region. Thanksclosedpez252Done
1820WaxTedWarp for Kino Der Toten.closedBardidleyWarp Set!
1819WaxTedplease turn all sponges in this build into invisible barriers :) (remember to get all the rooms!)closedBardidleyBarrier blocks set!
1818WaxTedplease turn all the sponges in this building (there are many rooms into invisible barriersclosedWaxTed
1817ZkyBoxNeed help claiming :)closedBardidleyRegion claimed! Have fun building!
1816ZkyBoxi need some help making sure i dont steal someones claim :PclosedBardidleyYou don't have to worry about stealing someone elses claim because you wont be able to place blocks in someone else's claim
1815Abitcatyo can like columbia get a warp or is it too unfinishedclosedHolliferIt's a little bit too unfinished to consider for a warp. Try adding interiors and filling empty areas!
1814Muskogee_Redcancelclosedfazadenyou can cancel your own modreqs by typing /check, then /done ####
1813Muskogee_Redredstone plot moved world editclosedfazadencancelling upon request
1812thermodynamicistclaim area between the two red blocks and name it drydocksclosedfazadenplease make your region border clearer, I can't find the second red block
1811PPGOMEreplace quartz with end portal block please! (inside quartz only)closedfazadenthere doesn't appear to be any quartz here, sorry
1810PPGOMEreplace quartz with end portal block please!closedPPGOME
1809PPGOMEpolis hat plisclosedChallenger2You now have the polis hat!
1807PPGOMEcreate region please! Name - Colorataclosedfazadenregion created
1806Tedbearcan this region's name be changed to "grand_testbuild?"closedfazadenWe can't rename regions, so I made a new one with the same owners/members
1805Yoneeycan you mark my plot pls/closedfazadenprotected
1804HeartshineSwazticaclosedMasterCommaThety for reporting. WHYYY PEOPLE!? Just Why?
1803HeartshineUnfinished Build, been here for a whileclosedMasterCommaTheIf you need this spot specifically please remake the modreq, otherwise, given plenty of open spots, I think we can leave this in case they come back.
1802PPGOMEexpand please!closedBardidleyRegion redefined!
1801PPGOMEprotect please! Name - ColOlyclosedMasterCommaTheMay this Cololy thrive.
1800kirupandaIs there any way to move a creative build to PvE mapworld? Or will I have to build it againclosedHolliferYou'll have to build it again on PvE, sorry. I suggest using a blueprint mod like Schematica to help aid the process. [Link]
1799Cheseblobcould you expand my claim by these few blocks, please and thanksclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
1798Cheseblobif you could delete this mess that ive made that would be great, im abandoning the projectclosedBardidleyRemoved.
1797kirupandaPls to protect the area marked with moist sponge :-)closedbookey42Region Kirupanda_art created
1796Cheseblobplease protect this are, its outlined in bedrock, thanks in advace :>closedfazadenprotected :)
1795PPGOMEprotect this block and the signs please :DclosedHolliferProtected, but if any claims are made in this area in a future time it may be liable for removal. 1-block claims will not be considered legitimate builds in cases of regions overlapping.
1793RMHBRPcan someone claim the area within my ugly stone border? Please and thank you!closedChallenger2RMHBRP zone created!
1792promaxxefill this river with water plsclosedChallenger2Flowed
1791SapphricShift this over 1 block to the west? (not sure if allowed)closedChallenger2No.
1790Uccelloclaiming an areaclosedHeysofiaRegion protected. Enjoy building! Looks beautiful so far :)
1789ix__expand claim north and south by 50 blocks eachclosedHeysofiaRegion redefined. Enjoy building! :)
1788ZeroBlade10protection PLZclosedBardidleyProtected!
1787ix__can anyone run a fixlighting command for this entire regionclosedBardidleyI have fixed the lighting in your region, it is an admin only command unfortunately.
1786Andromeda4210spank me harder daddyclosedMewcifer/slap'd
1785Haikuplease unmute me for typing G and YclosedMewcifer5 mins
1784PPGOMEprotecc plisclosedfazadenprotecc'd
1783SextDexyexpand region dexy_build into stone areaclosedfazadenexpanded
1782oldosfanSorry, thought /modreq status was a commandclosedMewcifersee #1776
1781oldosfanhelpclosedMewcifersee #1776
1780oldosfanstatusclosedMewcifersee #1776
1779Abitcatyo b why does oldosfan have like 2 weeklybuilds im scared manclosedMewciferdamn he does im shook too, noted
1778promaxxeremove owner piplo127128closedMewciferremoved
1777frisbii8Extend protctions to the corners 1085, 139, 7347 and 1202 139 7202; marked with sea lanterns. also everything underneath that, I'm building something undergroundclosedfazadenexpand'd
1776oldosfanstatusclosedMewciferyou can check the status of your modreqs by doing /check :)
1775Tedbearlogblock these Raggyboy heads pleaseclosedfazadendiscussed via /mail
1774oldosfanBuilding a railway in the nether (sorta like the CTA), would appreciate some protection! Thanks.closedHolliferUnfortunately because of the nature of your rails and their connectivity to other player's builds we cannot protect them fully. We will do our best to monitor this area for grief.
1773promaxxeremove abitcat from the region plsclosedBardidleyRegion owners updated.
1772SextDexyadd stone border area into region dexy_build pleaseclosedHolliferExpanded!
1771zombielover209requestclosedHolliferYour pixelarts have been protected! Sorry about the delay :)
1770Andromeda4210remove all region owners except me, and Haiku plsclosedBardidleyOwners updated.
1769KirundistPls to protect the area in lapis :-)closedQueenBombusprotected kirundist_build
1768HeartshineThis is a bit long, aint it?closedBardidleyseems legit
1767promaxxeremove all owners but me, piplo127128 and abitcatclosedQueenBombuscreated promaxxe_complex only with requested owners
1766Andromeda4210protect style_practiceclosedQueenBombusprotected!
1765promaxxerename this region promaxxe_complexclosedQueenBombusremoved ucr_complex, created promaxxe_complex
1764promaxxeprotection with the region name "ucr_complex"closedSilversunseti made the region. don't think thats me being nice.
1763promaxxecan this build be moved south a bit? im making a region and i dont want it to be pressed up against another buildclosedBardidleyMoved 20 blocks from your new region.
1762promaxxeare these builds derpclosedBardidleyDerp removed!
1761promaxxeremove owners drtim58, haiku, texb and andyjfclosedBardidleyRegion owners updated.
1760piplo127128removeowner BabyCrepperGodclosedHolliferOwner removed.
1759radkittykatpromaxxe is GriefingclosedieuwehNo grief found!
1758promaxxenew region "parkwayint2"closedBardidleyRegion created!
1757promaxxenew region called "halcyonparkway_end" thanksclosedMasterCommaTheall good things must end
1756promaxxeregion extension of halcyonparkwayclosedMasterCommaTheIt's yourway or the highway.
1755piplo127128can i get these phantom lights removedclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!!!!
1754Abitcatalso claim this one plsclosedBardidleyAdded!
1753Abitcatclaim this plot for me plsclosedBardidleyAdded!
1752SextDexyCan I have a warp? I will continue to update city till the end of rev and would like some exposure for more assistance. thanks :)closedBardidleyWarp granted!
1751DrTim58and call yvan1closedMewciferprotected. rg dumb_build and build within it removed (mod training rg and site) removed
1750DrTim58protect and call yvanclosedMewciferyvan protected
1749admantaraise my build to max height pleaseclosedChallenger2no
1748piplo127128id like a region in the outermost borders called testcity thankclosedfazadenprotect'd
1747Abitcatclaim this for cta and have me and challbear as ownersclosedBardidleyRegions created!
1746AbsolutePersonif one wants to send a video file to official community, how it may be proceed?closedHolliferThe heads have been notified that you are interested in sharing a video. Defiex would be glad to check it out!
1745L_Morningstar_please expand uwuclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
1744promaxxecan i move the pillars and driveway that are at Z -978 to Z -944? thanksclosedBardidleyMoved!
1743promaxxecloseclosedpromaxxewoop fuck accident bc im stupid
1742promaxxecan i move the lamp posts and driveway entrance from Z -978 to Z -944? thanksclosedpromaxxenevermind
1741promaxxecan i have this plot? thanke u hehclosedMasterCommaTheThis plot henceforth shall be sacred land, where bears, boars, and other wild beast shall only be hunted by the great promaxxe
1740Crambullpls halpclosedBardidleyDuplicate.
1739CrambullCan i have my WE area extended here as marked by the diamond blocks? please.closedBardidleyRegion redefined!
1738promaxxei dont even know who this person is, their name comes up with a UUID, can i have this plot as well or can this plot be removed of its ownership?closedBardidleyabandoned plot removed. you can ask for it once your other plot is filled.
1737promaxxecan i have this plot? this person hasnt been on since may 14, thank you loclosedBardidleyAdded.
1736promaxxecan i have this plot? the player has been away for more than a month and it causes lag with the stringclosedBardidleyPlot granted!
1735piplo127128sorry for the second modreq, but the new region doesnt appear to let me build and it isnt a 'child' region to spawncity_northclosedMasterCommaThewoops, sorry, my bad. fixed, see if you can build now
1734promaxxefor bard: can you please remove this gate? thxclosedMasterCommaThe...not impersonating an admin, I'm no Bard, but gate has been removed as requested
1733piplo127128may i have the oddly shaped land around this corner as a suburban plot going 45 blocks north from the diorite and is it ok that i make some low rise apartments here thanksclosedMasterCommaTheplease modify the fence as needed and modreq for connection to the road
1732AbsolutePersonhey there help meh to protecc this placeclosedQueenBombuscreated region absolute_dump Please let us know if you want any additional members!
1731piplo127128can the shadows get removed tyclosedBardidleyShadow people have been evicted.
1730Pixl3claim cclosedbermudalocketdone!
1729zacharynobleprotectclosedMewciferclosed for "req dupe"
1727L_Morningstar_please remove meh &prom from weeklybuildplot0009 kthxbyeclosedMasterCommaTheremovered
1726DrTim58extend region into the red woolclosedMasterCommaTheexpanderated
1725L_Morningstar_expando maximus please :)closedMasterCommaTheExpando patronum
1724Abitcatfix this barrier block and ill be your best mateclosedMewciferfixed but u dont need to be my best mate
1723zacharynoblerequestclosedMewciferplz decide what you want before modreqing
1722zacharynoblerequestclosedMewciferdupe req
1721zacharynoblerequestclosedMewciferfull border plz
1720SextDexycan you add the stone area to dexy_build regionclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1719PPGOMEexpand please :DclosedHolliferExpanded
1718piplo127128can the cyan be turned into barrier tyclosedBardidleyBarriers set.
1717SextDexyexpand region to stone area pleaseclosedHolliferExpanded. Instead of creating a new region i just expanded the entirety of the rg. So you get the rest of the strip
1716PPGOMEexpand please!closedBardidleyRegion redefined!
1715Thanning26tech make a "//paws" macro for //pos commands tedbear roarclosedMasterCommaTheIf you complete the training and necessary quests you can perhaps one day become a tech and do something like that. Until then...nope.
1714wyldstallynsno "off" switchclosedMasterCommaTheThank you for reporting, build removed, user warned
1713PPGOMEprotecc please!closedieuwehProtecced!
1712King_of_quesoTest build protectionclosedKing_of_quesoprotected
1711Ted50can I get a region here in the red clay called "jenkem_strike_force"?closedBardidleyProtected!
1710promaxxeremove abitcat from rg halcyon_parkclosedBardidleyRemoved from region.
1709promaxxe"Skitchty" is making pedophilic remarksclosedKing_of_quesoplayer warned
1708PPGOMEprotect please! name: ppgomelobbyclosedKing_of_quesoregion created
1707promaxxeremove owner ppgome ;(closedKing_of_quesoowner removed
1706Pit_2Help me setup teleports between 5520, 58, 5042 and 5520, 65, 5052 please?closedMewciferBound teleport cmd to signs, feel free to change the sign text using /signtext (or ask a mod to do it if you don't know how)
1705pestomimepls return my linclon stick figureclosedMewciferClosing for bard, discussed via pm
1704QueenBombusprotection large plot for test cityclosedQueenBombuslarge plot in far NE corner of test world
1703bloosh100how do i share landclosedQueenBombussent in-game mail with information about how to share land.
1702promaxxethere was an issue here with WE as well, im not sure what happenedclosedHolliferI don't know what the issue was before, but i've went ahead and up'd the region priority. I checked with an alt to make sure WE was working to confirm. Make sure you stand inside your region while performing edits.
1701promaxxe... what is this? i found it near a couple of my testbuildsclosedHolliferI have deemed build in question annoying, it has been moved.
1700PPGOMEis this racism? I think I found a big badclosedHolliferNot against the rules, but likely built with intent to annoy, so it has been moved to holding until the user requests a place for relocation.
1699Flame623_dick buildclosedChallenger2NSFW build removed
1698AbsolutePersoncome here mewciferclosedMewciferok
1697PPGOMEplot and theme please D:closedChallenger2Perms granted. Cegegory: FUNDRAISER.
1695frisbii8Sign in worldedit tutorial, module Walls, has a misspelling of ceilingclosedQueenBombusspelling fixed, thank you for the head's up!
1694texbswastickler??/w?????? on tee vee???????????closedBardidleyI don't see a swastika here..
1693frisbii8Protect region at 1146 139 7261closedQueenBombusregion protected as frisbii8_home
1692admantagreif?closedBardidleyFixed the lawn.
1691promaxxecan i has protecc with the title "morningstar-promaxxe" pls?closedBardidleyProtected!
1690Pixl3expand this regionclosedieuwehRegion expanded!
1689Pixl3just look..closedBardidleyNSFW build removed.
1688SextDexyprotect stone areaclosedBardidleyAll 9 regions combined into dexy_build!
1687Thanning26logblockclosedMewciferOut of logblock :/ sorry
1686HanstraCan you protect his land claim for me? Thanks!closedBardidleyProtected!
1685Thanning26techadmin totally not tryna crash the server or anything but there seems to be an issue with worldediting playerheads, particularly the //stacc commandclosedHolliferMoving this request over to tech-to-do, closing. (Thank you for reporting the issue!)
1684HanstraI have a question. Has the fundraiser event altered the weekly build schedule at all?closedHolliferYes, last week's weeklybuild will continue to this week! It will be judged on saturday, back on schedule!
1683Abitcatclaim this for nerdpardyclosedHolliferprotected!
1682cuddly_kittehsSpace Starting BlockclosedKing_of_quesoblock placed!
1681cuddly_kittehsprotection plsclosedHolliferProtected!
1680WaxTedexpand region (cyan wool) (green wool)closedieuwehRegion (mecha!) has been expanded!
1679DrTim58make my region midnightclosedMewciferok
1678PPGOMEprotect please! name: FeudPPclosedMewciferprotected as FeudPP
1677Im_a_Ninja13claim this area to region ninjas_holeclosedMasterCommaTheninjas_hole established, location hidden for sekrits
1676Tim58pls extendo cliamuclosedMasterCommaTheper reg 1676.1243 I have extended this claim to meet the needs and expectations of its occupants.
1675EleazarGGomezrequest Can I claim this area? If yes, than teleport pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheYes, and done!
1674Hybrid_TheoryPossibly protect this please?closedMasterCommaTheprotected plus a little extra for a buffer.
1673Tim58protectorinos plsclosedMewciferwhitefieldcat build removed as per bard instructions, rg granted
1672MumberthraxPlease expand this region to the cyan bounded area.closedMasterCommaTheexpanderated.
1671HanstraCould you flow this water, please? Thanks. :)closedieuwehFlowing! (you have a beautiful plot!)
1670Pixl3change time of region to night plzclosedBardidleyTime lock set.
1669Andromeda4210griefclosedBardidleySkull spam removed.
1668admantaNSFW?closedHolliferThis build has been tweaked several times to remove nsfw nature, I have taken another look at it.
1667DrTim59flow waterclosedBardidleyWater flowed!
1666RicksterSlimeprotection plsclosedieuwehRegion expanded and protected!
1664arsMoriendiclaimclosedMasterCommaTheI declare this land yours
1663piplo127128id like to have a claim on this region and have this small testbuild moved, thanksclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1662DrTim58warp for my city pleaseclosedMewciferreq for warp approved, warp set
1661DrTim58make the sign take you to 4499 85 -4963closedMewciferwarp sign'd
1660piplo127128can i get some shadows removed thanksclosedMewciferlighting should be fixed, pm if i missed a spot
1659RicksterSlimeprotection plsclosedieuwehDuplicate!
1658RicksterSlimeprotectionclosedieuwehClaim protected!
1657Tim58replace gold with endportalclosedHolliferPlaced
1656Pixl3fill air in between black with portalclosedMewciferfilled w/ portal
1655Abitcatit says i have max plots; i want this plot b also fix yo plugginerclosedMewciferplot granted!
1654Abitcatfix these heads to be the right way bclosedFlumperI'm not sure if this constitutes the right way, but I did a thing! \o/
1653thermodynamicistwater needs flowingclosedHolliferFlowed!
1652thermodynamicistplot needs expanded one block north and one block southclosedHolliferExpanded!
1651Pixl3claim TestbclosedNoramiRegion made for you :)
1650Thanning26some dipshit is trying to run Texb's city over with this big fucking car. The local garrison Regiment Yinipopdonaguggenheimenilionopolous doesn't have the firepower to stop it. Help!closedHolliferGiaNt ABusIVe tIRe seNT tO thE hECKinG sHaDOw REalM.
1649piplo127128removeowner promaxxe thank :vclosedMewciferremoved! happy building
1648promaxxeis this a derp build? it causes some graphics lagclosedMewciferprobably, but i won't remove it as this player is still occassionally active and was last seen a few days ago.
1647promaxxecan i have this plot? the player has not been on since January and this build is not finishedclosedMewciferold build saved, plot granted
1646promaxxecan i have this plot? the player has been on this month, but is this considered a derp build?closedpromaxxenevermind
1645DrTim58make this sign give you /lsd when you right click on itclosedMewciferandrew now gives away lsd for $0/click
1642thermodynamicistMay I have this large, undeveloped downtown plot?closedHolliferIt's yours, have fun
1641piplo127128removeowner Thanning26 thankclosedHeysofiaOwner removed! :)
1640MrTheKingmove old builds and expand my military bAse pLsclosedBardidleySorry but these builds cant be moved. You may need to make smaller regions to work around them.
1639Ruexclaim dis pl0xclosedHolliferProtected
1638PPGOMEcreate a region for prom and I pleaseclosedKirstaeRegion created!
1637thermodynamicistmay i claim this section of road?closedBardidleyRoad protected, you may build on it or connect to it but you cannot block or remove the road.
1636piplo127128flow all of this ok tyclosedMewciferflowed... ish
1635thermodynamicistcan this region be named ThermoDyne Arms Division Proving Ground?closedBardidleyRegion renamed!
1634promaxxeremove owner ppgomeclosedHolliferOwner removed.
1633thermodynamicistcan this area be protected?closedMewciferprotected!
1632thermodynamicistcan this plot be expanded downwards 5 blocks?closedBardidleyExpanded by 5 blocks.
1631thermodynamicistCan this underground parking lot be connected to the road?closedBardidleyConnected!
1630geb_expand region to green wool, and about 10 blocks on the opposite side.closedieuwehRegion redefined!
1629DrTim58protect this and call columbia_railclosedscherererererregion columbia_rail created
1628Mumberthraxplease expand this region to encompass the area bounded by the cyan woolclosedscherererererregion expanded
1627thermodynamicistcan this plot be expanded one block east so i can place a sign facing Hotel Moriendi?closedMewciferexpanded!
1626thermodynamicistcan the roads to the parking lot be connected to the street?closedMewciferconnected!
1625thermodynamicistcan the gravity on all of this powdered concrete be turned off?closedHolliferGravity can't be turned off as far as i'm aware, but placing string underneath concrete power/sand will keep it from falling!
1624thermodynamicistMay I have this downtown plot? It has not been built on since June, and I would like to make another building :)closedHolliferAll yours!
1622Pixl3claim mregclosedHolliferProtected
1621MrTheKingeccspand this much plsoclosedHolliferI have no clue what you want expanded here.... please finish making borders?
1619Kahotep_Junior54protectclosedHolliferArea between two grass pillars protected
16181derbluxwaffleproperty claimclosedHolliferProtected!
1617geb_Pls protect and expand region about 100 N and 20 S, thanks!closedHeysofiaRegion made! :)
1616Ruexexpand ruex claim by one block towards negative zclosedRuex
1615NMEscan I get this a region?closedMewciferprotected!
16141derbluxwafflewater plz, kinda thirstyclosedieuwehThis little pond is now flowing!
1613AydenYAYrequestclosedMewciferplease specify what it is you need instead of just writing "request" please! :)
1612promaxxeprotection plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
1610AydenYAYreuestclosedMewcifertest req, ignore
1609AndyJFclaim this region please?closedMewciferlongboye rg created, happy paving :)
1608TWFY_ythow do i get to PvEclosedBardidleytype /pve
1607katacarbixam i allowed to use worldedit? i wanna replace some blocks in my artclosedMewciferWorldedit granted for just your pixelart. At any time you can build a region border to have more worldedit space if you'd like!
1606SextDexyprotect stone area pleaseclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1605Vackstoneprotect regionclosedHolliferProtected
16041derbluxwafflelava flow pweaaaaaseclosedMewciferspooker house
1603Gearownscan i please have my freedom of speech back?closedMewciferamendment 1 regifted
1602Gearownsbut momclosedMewciferdont spam modreq, thats considered a mute bypass
1601Gearownsthis bullshitclosedMewciferbe respectful then ill unmute
1600SextDexyprotect stone area pleaseclosedMewciferprotected!
1599PPGOMEprotection please!closedBardidleyRegion created!
1598GamerOwlclaim can I pls claim this areaclosedBardidleyProtected!
1597nuke15claim with gamerowl and i as ownersclosedMewcifernuke estates established
1596texbProtect area :)closedFlumperProtected! :)
1595Abitcatalso claim this plot tooclosedBardidleyPlot granted.
1594WaxTedprotect region (glass half border) so i can copy paste one of my ships here. :)closedBardidleyProtected!
1593Abitcatalso claim this for me plizleclosedHolliferAdded
1592Abitcati also want dis oneclosedAbitcatwot
1591ZahldarCould I have a region created out of this enclosed area? With my two pre-existing folded into it as well? Thanks!closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1590Abitcatgimmie dis plot ploxclosedBardidleyAdded to plot.
1589Abitcatclaim this smol claim fore me. (it also looks like brunei's asia sea claim)closedBardidleyProtected!
1588Abitcati found a swastika here. also are feet grossclosedMewciferDe-swasti'd... Also good to know what fetish you don't have
1587AndyJFadd this region to andyjf_airport, so it's all one big region please?closedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
1586Abitcatclaim this for the CTA all the way to bardcomplex, with me and chall as owners. Last modreq for blue line! \o/closedMewciferwell that only took a few lifetimes...
1585meloshland claimclosedMewciferClaimed!
1584ZahldarHello, could I have a region set here? Thanks!closedBardidleyRegion created!
1583AndyJFI found a swastikaclosedMewciferremoved, thanks for reporting :)
1582Mewciferdumbo/bard i broke the lighting pls helpclosedMewciferi fixed it lol
1581DrTed58expand my region to fit the new orange borderclosedMasterCommaThespaced out!
1580AndyJFcouldyou fix the lighting errors in the trees directly below me please.closedBardidleyLighting fixed!
1579guille34_YTguille34_YTclosedMasterCommaThePlease do not make duplicate modreqs. We will get to yours in the order it arrives
1578guille34_YTguille34_YTclosedMasterCommaThePlease do not make duplicate modreqs. We will get to yours in the order it arrives
1577guille34_YTguille34_YTclosedMasterCommaThewhen you make a modreq you don't need to put your name, just what you want done.
1576admantaAnimeNinja01 advertized his serverclosedieuwehThank you for reporting!
1574Meme_Man2006expantclosedRuthlesssssregion expanted
1572AnimeNinja01claimclosedRuthlesssssSee Modreq 1575.
1571MasterCommaTheWarp "military" is incorrectclosedBardidleyOld warp removed.
1570Oreo_DNeed to claim some land for a cool temple thingyclosedMasterCommaTheNice start already!
1568admantanot pixel artclosedRuthlesssssDerp build removed
1567admantanot pixel artclosedRuthlesssssDerp build removed.
1566Haikugib plot thankyuclosedDumbo52Added
1565Meme_Man2006protectionclosedMasterCommaTheThis region has been remade in your new name for a new age.
1564EdgyNerdrequestclosedMasterCommaTheplease make your modreq for a starting block at the location you would like it to be placed.
1563AndyJFfix the lighting errors in this region pleaseclosedHolliferLighting fixed!
1562iceberg76pls protect my claimclosedieuwehClaim protected!
1561DylanCityGuyrequest protectionclosedQueenBombusprotected 'dylans_land'
1560DylanCityGuyrequestclosedQueenBombus- duplicate 1561
1559redstonekasirequestclosedHolliferI protected what you have built here, hopefully that's what you needed!
1558MrTheKingmake stone border one big region and combine all small ones into oneclosedMasterCommaTheCombined all but i95 and you consolidated and expanded dominion of the sacristy of Tedco
1557SextDexyprotect stone area, sorry if this might be a 2nd request my game glitched :(closedBardidleyI expanded protection along this whole side. You should just make a huge claim, its ok to claim land before you use it.
1556SextDexyi want to expand my city but this plot is undeveloped and old, can you please move or remove itclosedBardidleyLand is now free to claim!
1555SextDexyprotect stone area pleaseclosedQueenBombus'dexy_build4' created!
1554WishBugNeed a claim done at about 6864 -3272, thanks!closedQueenBombusprotected 'wishbugmtn'
1553Ullanderadd protection called queens road to lime wool please =)closedQueenBombusqueens_road2 created
1552QueenBombusprotection region to be called "silo"closedQueenBombusregion silo protected
1551QueenBombusprotection for a road regionclosedQueenBombuscreated queens_road1
1549bbriannamarieeprotectclosedQueenBombuscreated region bris_home
1548UltraBilly09glass into barrierclosedMewciferbarrier'd!
1547QueenBombusprotection for new townclosedQueenBombuscreated region called 'permafrost'
1546SlippinTimmyi need this claimedclosedieuwehTo claim an area, surround it with a border of colored wool first!
15451derbluxwaffleprotec my landsclosedieuwehRegion created and Sith + Prof added as owners too.
1544MrTheKingmove this for region expansion plsclosedMrTheKing
1543ieuwehPlease protect the magenta region under the name 'WormyRoad'! It goes all the way west, up to Andy's road!closedQueenBombusprotected!
1542Ullanderprotection queenbombus and ullander as ownersclosedQueenBombusprotected
1541RetroWebclaimclosedMewciferClaimed, happy building!
1540UltraBilly09glass into barrierclosedMewciferglass turned to barriers
1539RetroWebclaimclosedBardidleyYou need to make a rectangular border out of wool before you make this request.
1538Greater_Magicneed a land claimclosedMewciferRg created, added DrTed58 as owner due to cooperation in building
1537Greater_MagicprotectclosedMasterCommaThemade your region
1536MasterCommaTheHey Dumbo, what are the commands that would let me reset lighting in a region?closedBardidleyLighting in region fixed! command is admin only.
1535Greater_Magicneed a land claimclosedMewciferClaimed!
1534OMGiTzMajixClaim please.closedMasterCommaTheplotted
1533PPGOMEprotect please! Name: christmastown23closedBardidleyProtected!
1532WaxTedexpand castle region purple woolclosedieuwehExpanded!
1531SlippinTimmy1530closedieuwehSorry SlippinTimmy, I was closing your modreq since these were duplicates and wrote a note to let Admins know about it. We will have to wait for them before you can check again!
1530SlippinTimmymake this warp -805, 80, 6289closedHolliferSorry, unfortunately this isn't what we're looking for in a warp right now, if you continue to add on and improve your build it may be considered, but as of now-- it has quite a bit of work to go.
1529Doughnut_HomerCan cursing please be banned here? I'm not comfortable with it.closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
1528SlippinTimmymake this warpclosedieuwehDuplicate. See modreq 1530
1527arsMoriendiclaimclosedieuwehRegion created!
1526Pixl3warclosedbuzzie71peace! no? well there's this region for you
1525SextDexyprotect stone areaclosedMasterCommaTheexpanded for your protection
1524Wolfy_SnipesYTsomeone has destoryed part of my plot idk whoclosedMewciferEdits out of lb, but thanks for reporting!
1523Wolfy_SnipesYTplease make someone unclaim this plot macrozoo_0028, as they have not built an afkplot in the afkzooclosedMewciferUser hasn't been seen since April, plot unclaimed
1522AndyJFadd this region to andyjf_airport pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheBecause one can never have too much tarmack, the slaughter of this forest is sanctioned by the CTA
1521AndyJFclaim this region pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheThis area is now approved for strip mining, crop dusting, standing naked on your porch, and testing makeup on pigs.
1520SextDexyprotect stone area pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheYour farm is now protected from all manner of pests, blight, and a particular strain of the flu
1519ix__If I change my skin to a sheep then go into the arena, will I get banned?closedChallenger2No
15181derbluxwaffledestroyclosedHolliferI simply will not destroy such a beautiful boat, especially not while it's still being built upon. :P
1517promaxxereplace this sign with one thats identical but says "Estcourt" instead of "Wallingford" woth the same coordinatesclosedNistuneSign changed!
1516AndyJFthis area of my build appears to have been griefedclosedQueenBombusno evidence of grief
1515AndyJFremove Im_a_Ninja13 as owner of region - andyjf_buildclosedQueenBombusdiscussed region membership commands
1514PPGOMEexpand teh region please!closedHolliferYou snooze, you lose. Expanded 20 west
1513PPGOMEprotecc please. I don't know who's the owner.closedHolliferAlready done it!
1512Pixl3claim warclosedHolliferProtected
1511SlippinTimmyi have to go soon let me say goodbte ploxclosedHolliferI'd say it's been about a minute
1510SlippinTimmypls unmute i cant talk nowclosedHolliferUnmuted
1509SlippinTimmypls unmuteclosedHolliferIn a minute, please do not continue to spam chat.
1508SkrapssparkSflowing waterclosedHolliferFlowed :>
1507PPGOMEprotect this region under SkrapssparkS, WaxTed, Pixl3, admanta and I please! Region name: Groupbuild1closedfazadenregion created, add as many members as you need
1506WaxTedAny chance this could get a warp?closedHolliferWe're keeping our eye on your build, but ask that it get just a little more work before we consider it for a warp!
1505AndyJFsomeone has managed to place TNT here. Also Could it be removed please?closedieuwehTNT removed!
1504texbextend region (missed a spot lol)closedieuwehMissed spot lit'd!
1503SextDexyprotect stone area pleaseclosedHolliferProtected!
1502Octarian_MenaceHello. I claimed something yesterday- However, I realize my build is a little bigger than what was claimed yesterday. I did not realize yesterday, because it was underground. If I could have the claim of mine expanded, it would be great.closedieuwehRegion expanded!
1501HeartshineYou guys forgot to update theseclosedBardidleyThey will be updated.
1500xxBLACKxx5TARxxCan I get protection where I want to buildclosedieuwehRegion created!
1499nlax123land protectionclosedieuwehLand protected!
1498texbextend regionclosedieuwehLitzone lit'd.
1497WaxTedprotect region red woolclosedieuwehRed wool region protected.
1495v0rtettyi would like to be able to thor myself at willclosedMasterCommaTheAnd I would like a pony. However neither one of us is getting what we want today.
1494v0rtettyi would like some offensive content removed, this content could cause people to kill themselves if the are already thinking about it, the build is at 5078 87 3712closedieuwehHas been taken care of!
1493Pixl3fix lighting in here pleaseclosedZomiseFixed!
1492OddGeometryplease make water flow out of water treeclosedHolliferPhew, lots of flowing!
1491Octarian_MenaceHey! I wish to have a bit of land claimed. Thank you! ~ Octarian_MenaceclosedHolliferProtected!
1490Octarian_MenacerequestclosedHolliferSeems this was an accident, request closed in #1491
1489v0rtettyi need to be able to /give myself custom skullsclosedHolliferMoved over to tech to-do, closing this request.
1488Pixl3expandibaleclosedHolliferSorry for not closing sooner, expanded
1486Tedbearwhoops accidentally added pixl3 as an owner instead of just a member, please remove the former.closedHolliferRemoved as owner, you have to add him as a member
1485PPGOMEclaim please! Name: Waterpark (If possible)closedHolliferProtected
1484Abitcatclaim this for the cta (have me and chall as the owners)closedRuthlesssssprotected!
1483Oreo_DPlease help i need this stone sphere destroyed it's imperfectclosedBardidleyArea protected.
1482Abitcatclaim these skinny claims for the cta (have me and chall as the owners)closedQueenBombusProtected! CTA keep on rollin!
1481Reon27CLARIFICATION: area {-3680, -3300} region to reon 27. (this is for previous modreq)closedieuwehGotcha!
1480Reon27can i get this region named to me?closedieuwehRegion created!
1479SextDexyflow waterclosedNistuneWater flowed! You can also use /flow in your own region if needed :)
1478Andromeda4210protect KirovclosedHolliferProtected
1477QueenBombusprotection to practice worldeditclosedQueenBombusIt is mine
1476ieuwehPls protect my little area in test build!closedieuwehI licked every corner to ensure this area is mine.
1475SextDexyprotect stone area pleaseclosedHolliferOther regions expanded to cover new area!
1474torteelapls flow my waterclosedHolliferI'll get your water flowing ;D
1473ZomiseExpand regionclosedZomiseDone. Set as child of main region.
1472SextDexyprotect stone area pleaseclosedHolliferProtected!
1471SextDexyflow waterclosedMewciferflowed
1470Abitcatsave dis in testbuildclosedMewciferpasted to testbuild
1469PPGOMEreplace dirt with barriers please. And the roof over itclosedMewciferinviso-bill
1468SextDexyflow waterclosedHolliferYou've got flow!
1467PPGOMEmake the layer the leaves are at inside of these walls a spleef region please. And teach me how to make this a thing so I can redo the floor every roundclosedMewciferi took her to the back and i spleef'd it
1466PPGOMEprotecc please! Name: coloratawaterclosedHolliferProtected
1465SuperiorWolf101claim plotclosedBardidleyPlot granted!
1464AndyJFclaim this region please?closedRuthlesssssclaimed!
1463Pixl3im not an owner in my own regionclosedkumquatmayWoops! Sorry about that, you are now region owner!
1462Oreo_Dclaim landclosedkumquatmayLand claimed!
1461Oreo_DStarting block in SpaceclosedkumquatmayBlock placed!
1460Pixl3regionclosedkumquatmayRegion created!
1459nvspeedCan this area of land be claimed so I can use worldedit?closedkumquatmayRegion updated!
1458SextDexyprotect stone areaclosedRuthlesssssStone area is now safe!
1457THE_BA_GAMERProtection, corners marked.closedHolliferProtected!
1456Xx_MCcraft_xXhereclosedHolliferPlease specify what you would like!
1450llama_5pp xdclosedHollifer
1449llama_5pp xdclosedHollifer
1448llama_5pp xdclosedHollifer
1447MusicMatepls unmutclosedHolliferyou're still jailed for a while.
1444Uganda_OscarclaimclosedcheezychickenRegion created!
1443Lama_AcadiennvmclosedRuthlessssssee modreq 1442
1442Lama_AcadienMake the water elevator in my pagoda flow?closedRuthlesssssRegion created for pagoda in case you eventually want water flowing :)
1441AndyJFsomeone keeps joing creative with the username 'KillBlackPeople'closedFlumperUser has been dealt with!
1440MagnyusI need a real estate agent. Use the Sea Lanterns on the borders.closedFlumperRegion created! :)
1438promaxxeI noticed a glitch where if you bonemeal in a region it extends into another protected region even with the "you can't place that block here" message.closedHolliferMoved over to tech to-do, closing this request.
1437promaxxecan i have this plot? there's nothing being built in itclosedpromaxxenevermind
1436kittypuppetpeony's spawn when you WE over tall grass just fyiclosedBardidleyYeah it's a known glitch to us, nothing we can do =S
1435PPGOMEcreate region plebsclosedBardidleyProtected.
1434Lethal_Treecan i get my region expanded to fill in the section that has a grass floorclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1433SextDexyprotect stone areaclosedNistuneprotect expanded!
1432promaxxeremove this gate plsclosedBardidleyYou have been cut off.
1431promaxxeextend gate with walkway plsclosedBardidleyDone.
1430promaxxeremove this gate plsclosedBardidleyRemoved.
1428MrTheKingcan have this i need to build an exit around it i wont level itclosedBardidleyMoved to other side of road.
1427opioboys0608i want a plotclosedBardidleyIf you want to claim a premade plot go to /warp suburb If you want a custom plot just find any free space on the map, build a rectangular border outline out of wool. and use /modreq protection
1426SextDexyprotect stone area pleaseclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1425SextDexyprotect stone areaclosedkumquatmayProtected
1424SextDexyprotect stone areaclosedkumquatmayRegion expanded!
1423SextDexyprotect stone areaclosedkumquatmayRegion expanded!
1422SextDexyprotect stone areaclosedkumquatmayNew area protected!
1421SextDexyflow waterclosedkumquatmayFlowed!
1420LaughingCoder64TNT active withing my plotclosedkumquatmayUnable to set TNT active sorry! Discussed via /mail
1419Andromeda4210protect Birb_&_Andro_Build_AreaclosedBardidleyProtected!
1418SextDexyprotect stone areaclosedBardidleyProtected!
1417dexterXravento let me use WE on creative.closedieuwehRegion created!
1416Andromeda4210place a block here pls so that I can start a projectclosedkumquatmayBlock placed!
1415dexterXravencan I get a protected region on the creative server? I have it marked out in orange wool/closedkumquatmayRegion created!
1414AlphaBoy123AlphaBoy123 theprfctglowclosedkumquatmayDuplicate
1413AlphaBoy123AlphaBoy123 AtheprfctglowclosedkumquatmayDuplicate
1412AlphaBoy123AlphaBoy123closedkumquatmayClaim portected!
1411kittypuppetprotect sandcastleclosedBardidleyProtected!
1409ix__from what I was told, zomoon_ and ifix4 threatened to take down the server if he didn't give us opclosedpez252Addressed. Thanks for the notice.
1408Pixl3ifix4 is hacker he admited and showd usclosedpez252Addressed. Thanks for the notification.
1407AshleyIryrequestclosedMasterCommaTheProtected. Please do /modreq protection intead of just "request" next time.
1406LaughingCoder64Claiming land in creativeclosedMewciferClaimed!
1405promaxxepls replace the birch fence here with barriers, it didn't work previously, thclosedBardidleyBarriers placed
1404Ocean_Man7flow waterclosedcheezychickenFlowed!
1403Lugia_Gamescan u plz claim this area for me? i would like to be able to use W/E on it. Thanks!closedBardidleyRegion protected! have fun!
1402AndyJFwould it be possible to get a warp for Westworld?closedHolliferWarped!
1401piplo127128can i get rid of this small patch of shadowsclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!
1400piplo127128adding on to the last modreq, may i also have some road/sidewalk accessclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1399piplo127128can i have my claim of this corner be moved a little bit towards this direction? like maybe around 15 blocks west and 5 blocks southclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1398promaxxeat some point, can an admin help me with warp signs at /warp halcyonpark?closedttsciWarp signs set up! \o/
1397kittypuppetextend perms out 1 block please? i can't place my slabs :(closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1396mishka06request there's a bunch of stuff in my plot that I didn't put in plus a random horseclosedHolliferPromaxxe (The house builder/friend you have added to your plot) made the things inside the house & the horse was euthanized!
1395AndyJFfix / reset all the lighting in this region pleaseclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!
1393carterashrequetsclosedBardidleyOnly use this when you are ready to make a request.
1392buzzie71am I able to modreq an expansion of my plot here :O?closedBardidleyYou are allowed to make your own regions and expansions, anything within reason is fine. =)
1391PPGOMEwool to barrier plebsclosedBardidleybarriers placed
1390Abitcatsave dis in testy buildclosedBardidleyMoved to testbuild!
1389PPGOMEundo teh nite plebsclosedMewciferrip close msg
1388PPGOMEset plot time to night pleaseclosedMewcifernighters
1387Dr_34mplease protectclosedBardidleyProtected!
1386nvspeedcan I claim my large bordered plot please?closedBardidleyClaim protected!
1385AndyJFnew user InterstellarArk using the N wordclosedkumquatmayTaken care of, thanks!
1384Flame623_Protection (Name: Flame_BoatclosedBardidleyProtected!
1383ix__extend claim 50 blocks westclosedNistuneRegion extended :)
1382JenniferAngelprotect my buildclosedHolliferProtected!
1380kittypuppetwould someone please replace the gate and two siedeblock blocks with their respective pieces? my perms dont go that far :(closedHolliferI have no clue what you want, so I extended your perms forward, hope that helps.
1379Tedbearrename region "the_texbesiad"closedZomiseName changed! Remember you can always put the wanted name in the original protection req already.
1378Abitcatexpand thisclosedZomiseRegion expanded as child region abisector2.
1377piplo127128hello yes id like to report someone building a dickclosedZomiseThank you for reporting! Handled.
1376PPGOMElapis to barrier please!closedZomiseCujo did this and forgot to close. :)
1375texbprotectpls thanksclosedZomiseProtected as texb_sand.
1374Lethal_Treetheres a guy ( ImMajjiK_) messing with my furnace, like changing the minecarts around and idk if hes done anything else. could you guys look into it?closedNistuneLooks like it was just minecart messing. Player given a warning
1373GamerOwlrequest Hello! Um, just wondering can I claim this area? TyclosedNistuneRegion created!
1372Andromeda4210protect Duo_Loop_IndustriesclosedNistuneRegion created :)
1371Pixl3please move this dumbo fleet into the nearby regions waters, mew already gave me the okclosedBardidleyShip sank, oh well
1370PPGOMEmake this sign give a shield when clicked [chest next to sign], and only 1 use please!closedBardidleyAdded. btw there is an easysign action that can give an item based on your inventory
1368promaxxecan i have this plot? nobody's built in itclosedChallenger2Plot granted
1367gryphongirlIs this warpworthy? It might be part of a set of all three beasts in the future. Warp name Suicune?closedBardidleyWarped!
1366Ruthlessssspls protect this area! corners are placedclosedRuthlesssssProtected :P
1365Pixl3follow up, euro said "go to hell fag"closedSir_DidymusPlayer dealt with, thanks for reporting.
1364Pixl3Eurolinkz calling people names including "autistic" also possibly griefersclosedSir_DidymusChecked for grief, dealt with already, thanks for reporting.
1363SkrapssparkSprotectionclosedNistuneRegion for your facility created!
1362HolliferPlease make my portal teleport me to my home called "endirchor" [Ruthlesssss]closedRuthlesssssDone!
1361HolliferI don't want my build to get griefed anymore, can I have a protection around it? [Ruthlesssss]closedRuthlesssssProtected!
1360HolliferSomeone has so kindly griefed my build to HECK. [Ruthlesssss]closedRuthlesssssGriefer destruction undone!
1359HolliferLight my portal, replace lapis with end portals & turn my sponge into barriers!closedRuthlesssssPortals are so lit right now, and barrier is set!
1358HolliferI change my mind, can you expand my main region over to the blue wool. [Ruthlesssss]closedRuthlesssssExpanded!
1357HolliferPlease protect my area in orange wool! [Ruthlesssss]closedRuthlesssssprotected!
1356Abitcatdelet thisclosedBardidleyRemoved.
1355slothluv3rrequest protection for my areaclosedfazadenprotected
1354Abitcatclaim this as bridge and have me and prom as ownersclosedHolliferProtected, both of you added as owners :)
1353faroveri need my region claimed for meclosedkumquatmayRegion created
1352MrTheKingprotect for road wideningclosedHolliferProtected!
1351MrTheKingextendo protectioni this much plsclosedfazadenexpanded
1350MrTheKingextend my main claim this much plsclosedHolliferRedefined. :)
1348JadenS2would you please spawn a polar bear in my cage?closedHolliferNext time you need a pet use the /pet spawn command! :D
1346Arctic_PuffinProtectionclosedHolliferYour build has been moved over to the testbuild world, and is protected! (Aj has a home there)
1345HeartshineYOu guys tryign to automatic this?closedHolliferJust for a format to fill in.
1344Lappy486protect, please!closedHolliferProtected :)
1343Haikuexpando reigon plsclosedHolliferWaterside extended!
1342Abitcatprotecc this area as availaclosedHolliferProtected.
1341AmazingBrotatoHey can i get this land claimed thanksclosedHolliferprotected.
1340Abitcatdelet this too and roll it all backclosedHolliferDiscussed via messages, ownership revoked, build/region permissions given to the player TealiousUrsulus.
1339Haikupls protect thanks dadclosedHolliferMake me proud, son.
1338MrTheKingthiccen region plsclosedHolliferRoad is 40% more T H I C C
1337Cheeri0zWe extended our borders out and to the side if we can pls get an extension.closedHolliferr3d3f1n3d!
1335PPGOMEclaim sb plot plsclosedDumbo52Added
1334promaxxeplot plsclosedDumbo52added
1333Andromeda4210perms to this plot plsclosedChallenger2granted
1332Abitcatdelet dis]closedHolliferRegion removed!
1331DuncSTLcan someone spawn a bunch of parrots in my bird build?closedHolliferuse /pet spawn parrot !
1330KavalProtect please :DclosedNistuneI protec but also attac
1329aindriahhnSlightly expand my region pleaseclosedieuwehRegion expanded to cover what was newly built.
1328Cheeri0zRequest: extend plot to new boundaries north side, only need like 6 blocks more.closedieuwehRegion updated!
1327Cheeri0zthis plot next to mine looks like it has been left alone and undeveloped, it was made in january. I would like to extend my plot further in this direction if possible.closedHolliferThe neighboring area has been cleared, go ahead and put up some borders then re-request for extension! :)
1326_MusicMaster_claimclosedieuwehClaim protected!
1325Shattered_Earthrequest: also the land you protect, can I get it turned into a jungle biome?closedieuwehYes you can, check the commands here:
1324Shattered_Earthrequest: protect land plsclosedieuwehLand protected.
1323SkrapssparkSprotectionclosedKing_of_quesoregion created!
1322ieuwehPls expand wormy land regionclosedieuwehMore space for more wormz.
1321aindriahhnHqnchii is being racistclosedieuwehDjentleGiant handled this modreq. Player banned.
1320Cheeri0zneed to claim plot :D thanks.closedieuwehRegion created! Your land is now protected :)
1319TedbearbankrupsyclosedBardidleyCONGRATS!!! You were the 1st to notice!
1318defiexDear Cadmins, did cujo's supper diseappear!?closedHolliferSeems that cow is no longer on the menu, perhaps cujo should go vegetarian? (mailed you)
1317Link740Could I please have this area I've put a border around protected? (New to this, so sorry if I worded the request wrong)closedMasterCommaTheThis nice plot of woods is yours. Your request is probably the most polite I've seen.
1316MC_Builder400May I please have a region claimed?closedMasterCommaThePlotted and claimed for you and justice!
1315PPGOMEdissapear snow! WOAH!closedHolliferYou had lighting glitches over certain areas in the arena. My theory is that the light level of those glitched areas was causing snow melt. I have removed the lighting errors and flagged the region to deny melting, I hope this fixes your issue!
1314piplo127128id like to claim this regionclosediNerd71Region created!
1313Andromeda4210penis buildclosedAndromeda4210maybe not
1312DrTim58more lighting glitches in this domeclosedBardidleyI think I got them all.
1311piplo127128can i have these shadows b goneclosedBardidleyLighting fixed!
1310Crambullcan I have this area sectioned off? I need to use some world edit for a build.closedNistuneArea is now protected :)
1309DrTim58lighting bugs on the interior fo the dome (and some other spots but mainly there)closedBardidleyFixed!
1308redears1region protect for this areaclosedBardidleyProtected!
1307DrTim58Mewcifer is gonna through a CoupciferclosedMewciferdrtim is a dicktator
1305jake_stormsclaimclosedMewciferRg created "foresthome", added MidnightSylveon and LegendaryTiger for you already
1304ItsADozerI want to claim an areaclosedBardidleyArea is now protected!
1303aindriahhnPlease add my maze claimclosedNistuneRegion created :)
1302AndyJFclaim this region as a new region called ajf_airstation ?closedNistuneRegion ajf_airstation created!
1301PPGOMEset wool to barrier please!closedMewciferbarrier'd
1300PPGOMEmake the area marked with red wool a teleport thing to the coords 749 / 90 / 3684 Please!closedNistuneTeleport region all made :)
1299Dumbifer[NistuneReq] I swear this was griffled when I got hereclosedNistunegriff all ungriffed
1298Dumbifer[NistuneReq] And this ;)closedNistunesplish splooshed
1297Dumbifer[NistuneReq] Flow my water fountainclosedNistuneAll flowed
1296Dumbifer[NistuneReq] I wanna Edit tha WorldclosedNistuneRegion made, you can now world tha edit
1295Dumbifer[NistuneReq] Protect my beachhouseclosedNistuneBuild all protect
1294Tuxedowlexpand regions to new bordersclosedNistuneProtect all protected!
1293Crambullam I disqualified or somethin?closedChallenger2perms granted.
1292Andromeda4210perms to start in this plot plsclosedChallenger2Perms granted
1291Tuxedowlmake this ONE block a barrierclosedChallenger2Barriered
1290Tuxedowllet it snow (and be night)closedChallenger2It will now snow for eternity in prepetual darkness
1289TuxedowlclamclosedBardidleyClam protected.
1288PPGOMEturn the red wool into barriers please!closedBardidleybarriers placed.
1287ix__claimclosedBardidleyRegion created!
1286PPGOMEmake 2 warp signs please. (Will discuss in /msg)closedPPGOMEa door is easier.
1285PPGOMEremove this part of halcyonexpansion1 for tux please.closedHolliferFairly sure this is what you wanted, done!
1284PPGOMEI forget how to make regions certain biomes. Is it possible for my region to be made into a plains biome?closedBardidleyYou can set your biome by using //setbiome BIOME
1283PaddyTenderizeRclaimclosedBardidleyDuplicate request.
1282PaddyTenderizeRclaimclosedBardidleyLand has been protected!
1281piplo127128id like a torus here, and is it possible to have it not replace the current blocks and have the torus be hollow and made out of sponge or some other blockclosedDumbo52
1280piplo127128would these borders be enough to make a region? id like a region hereclosedieuwehRegion created!
1279Pixl3i would like to move this to my build plzclosedHolliferMoved to 3251 -2875, if you need more of it, please re-request & i'll make sure to work with you while moving it.
1278admanta3d build in pixelartclosedBardidleyMoved to storage in admin world, mailed player with details.
1277Tuxedowlflow waterclosedBardidleyWater flowing!
1276Radric254protection?closedieuwehBuild protected and Icelene added as an owner too.
1275Tedbearprotect "thotzone"closedttsciWelcome to the thotzone! Region protected. :)
1273Joshposhcrafterrequest Can someone flow this water for me? Thanks :Dclosedfazadenflow'd
1272DisriterI need my region extendedclosedKing_of_quesoExpanded!
1271Tedbearit is of my opinion that the build "AMMOPETRA" by piplo127128 is of exceptionally high quality and is of deserving of a warp.closedBardidleyWe will revisit this build if work resumes on it. We think it is warpable if it doesn't remain abandoned.
1270ix__Is this area still being used? I would like to claim a large portion of this flat island, but this structure is obstructing those plansclosedBardidleyYou may now claim this land.
1269ZahldarHello! Could I get a region set around my build here, please?closedieuwehSure can! Your house has been protected!
1268Fezthebearhey, can you fix the lighting issues in this underground square?closedHolliferFixed!
1267PPGOMEpls to flowclosedPPGOME
1266Flame623_Unflow water plsclosedHolliferFixed
1265admantaEviil_Morty wont leave me alobe while I speed build.closedHolliferCaught him red handed
1264PPGOMEset plot time to night please!closedHolliferThe whole server is night now, would you look at that
1263Twitchy2249protect the stone rectangleclosedHolliferProtected!
1262totemoShould this build be moved to the build planning world? I know that it is now abandoned as it is on Pico Planning server.closedHolliferDoesn't have to be. Its complete enough to be considered a legitimate build for the main world, plus the region is small. If Civ wanted it moved but can't get online, just shoot me a DM & i'll move it over
1261Flame623_Would this giant build be considered a "Derp Build"?closedBardidleyPlayer has been mailed regarding the abandoned build. They were online recently so we will get their permission first.
1260MrTheKingredstone clock l a gclosedHolliferThere are no redstone clocks where you requested, but the server got a general sweep, and several clocks have been disabled.
1259MrTheKingFLOWETH PLSclosedHolliferFlowed!
1258HadingbreedprotectclosedHolliferAlready protected! Please only open one request per issue
1256CivilizationLordCan I please get this region expanded to the beacons? Thanks!closedSirLyleregion embiggened
1255EverySingleThingI can't switch between modes because, apparently, my username is too long. But it works, and I can put it on signs. I don't understand.closedBardidleyProblem solved.
1254willow_wiski need someone for downsizing or checking my borderclosedHolliferRegion redefined to take 4 blocks out of all sides.
1253ZomiseRacist derp.closedttsciRacism rolled back, player warned.
1252Zomisegrif ttclosedttscifixed grif
1251Zomisetestclosedttsciyou have passed the test!
1250promaxxeprotect with title "goodfellow" for anonymousdapper, cruxiat, king_of_lion2000 and gamergoatclosedbermudalocketRegion created!
1249piplo127128id like the lime wool be turned into barriers tyclosedieuwehGhost blocks activated.
1248piplo127128idk how but theres some glitched sunlight hereclosedpiplo127128oops sorry i fixed it
1247Bluuefuzzyregion plsclosedBluuefuzzyregioned!
1246willow_wiskclaimclosedMasterCommaThe This land is your land, this land is not my land....
1245willow_wiskclaimclosedMasterCommaTheBoth plots are now yours. Use them responsibly for the good of all!
1244Johnny45_70hello how to I request a place to build something?closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
1243Bluuefuzzyregion plsclosedBluuefuzzyregioned!
1242Etiquette_flowing waterclosedieuwehFlowing!
1241Abitcatmake the BIGGER box "cta_pixelart_station," and add me and chall into itclosedHolliferProtecc
1240CivilizationLordFirst claim ever!closedHolliferProtected!
1239williamoormanland claimclosedZomiseTriple. :)
1238williamoormani would like to claim some land; i've made a border i just need a mod to help meclosedZomiseDouble
1237williamoormanland claimclosedZomiseRegion created!
1236Mumberthraxminor typo in alert about spleef and speedbuild alternating "ever" saturday. not a big deal, just letting you know. o_oclosedHolliferTypo fixed!
1235Ruexflow waterclosedRuex
1234Ruexflow waterclosedRuex
1233fazadena player accidentally knocked off this eye button by right clicking, i'm not sure how to put one back onclosedHolliferI found it and put it back on!
1232thermodynamicistplot expansion?closedChallenger2Plot expanded.
1231thermodynamicistcan i have this spot?closedChallenger2Plot granted
1230Tiqurcan someone help me claim a plot? (i also want to add a friend to it)closedBluuefuzzyclaimed!
1229Delfiewe need claim rectangle doneclosedfazadenduplicate
1228Delfiewe need a claimclosedfazadenplease don't make multiple requests for the same thing
1227Delfiewe need a claimclosedBluuefuzzyclaim is yours!
1226Bluuefuzzypls to flow watersclosedBardidleywater flowed
1225PyroAvokcan you get rid of my particle effects? is that doable?closedHolliferYou can have effects without particles applied to you. check out the /effect command!
1224PyroAvokcant edit areaclosedChallenger2Perms granted
1223NistuneCan I have nistpve expanded to the new border :D ThankclosedBluuefuzzyexpanded! (name changed to nist_pve)
1222piplo127128can i have the phantom shadows around this area removed thankclosedBardidleyLighting fixed.
1221Ruexclaim land in red wool borderclosedieuwehRuex region created.
1220Ruexclaim landclosedRuex
1219Andromeda4210kem said the n word earlierclosedieuwehThank you for reporting. We will keep and eye on them.
1218Flame623_athelia2 region expanded into my already existing region on this island. Can't build....closedBardidleyRegion redefined. Not sure what athelia2's purpose is.
1217WaxTedprotect region. orange wool border.closedieuwehRegion protected.
1216AndyJFclaim this area as a new region name andyjf_airport pleaseclosedieuwehAndy Airport region created.
1215Omar157163claimclosedtotemoregion created
1214CatnippedCan I grab a region for these squares for WE please? Thanks!closedBardidleyRegion created!
1213CatnippedTnt grief?closedBardidleyUpon investigation it seems the owner of the region has done this.
1212piplo127128can i have the weird shadows here removedclosedBardidleyOk, it should be corrected now.
1211piplo127128id like the piplo_side region expanded to the outer borders and is it possible to merge it, piplo_area and piplo_cliff?closedieuwehRegion expanded to the new border and all regions are now merged under piplo_area.
1210DrTim58lighting glitch (I've reloged and it's remained)closedBardidleyOk, it should be corrected now.
1208N0aah_protect pleaseclosedtotemoprotected; looking good!
1207Ruexplease replace bedrock with flowing water on the fountainsclosedHeysofiaWater flowed! :)
1206DjentleGiantMay I please have a pig in this channel?closedHeysofiaSorry! No mob spawning allowed :( We only use the Pet command system.
1205piplo127128someone may have done a thing but idk if this breaks any rulesclosedHeysofiaThanks for reporting! Removed :)
1204SlimeKingGHJclaimclosedHeysofiaRegion created! Have fun :)
1203MrParkerplease preserve this building tyclosedieuwehBuilding preserved!
1202AnonymousDapperpls flow lava hereclosedtotemoflowing
1201Haikupls remove this survival reigon thxclosedMewciferremoved :)
1200Tuxedowlremov the small cube hereclosedMewcifersmall cube removed
1199piplo127128id like to expand this region to the blue cornersclosedMewciferrg redefined
1198piplo127128there is some weird phantom lighting/shadows hereclosedMewcifershould be fixed! thanks for reporting
1197Hero5232I'd like to make a connetion road from the server spawns highway to my town :3closedMewciferConnection region made
1196WaxTedclaim region for new ship.closedMewciferprotecTED
1195WaxTedplease turn these glass blocks into invisible barriers.closedieuwehReplaced!
1194Minagresterequest I would like to claim this 64x64 area, please.closedHolliferProtected
1193Hero5232I'd like to expand my border for my city as i'd like to plan out some new roads :DclosedHolliferRegion redefined
1192HeartshineI'm pretty sure this is takning up too many bigtown plotsclosedMewciferGiven there are so many other plots available, we see no reason to remove this.
1191Tuxedowlmake region message: You're not sure how, but this little plant has survived pretty well, keep going little dude!closedChallenger2Greeting added
1190Tuxedowlmake another small region cube around this lapis blockclosedChallenger2Created small region
1189Tuxedowlmake region say: The Aurora Borealis: While the winter may be cold, we'll keep you warm and cozyclosedChallenger2Message created
1188Tuxedowlsmall region around lapisclosedChallenger2Created small region.
1187Tuxedowlchange message from Whale's to Whales'closedMewciferok fixed
1186Tuxedowlmake region say: A torn newspaper reads that suicide rates have increased tenfold in the past monthclosedMewciferwow dark man
1185Tuxedowlmake small region around lapis bloccclosedMewcifercubed
1184Tuxedowlmake it never ending snow here plsclosedMewcifersnowed
1183Tuxedowlmake region say: The Arctico Prophet's front page: Whale's exports to arctico down 50% amid growing tensionsclosedMewcifergreeting set
1182Tuxedowlmake a small region around this lapisclosedMewcifercubed
1181Tuxedowlmake it so this region says: A Torn Poster on the Ground Reads "Visit Arctico, a new colony on the edge of space!"closedMewciferGreeting set
1180Tuxedowlmake a little region around this lapis block, like a 3x3x3 squareclosedMewciferPROTECTED** (oops)
1179buzzie71please change glass blocks to barriers :OclosedHolliferReplaced!
1178Mumberthrax'entrance' is misspelled.closedHolliferSpeling corecctid
1177PPGOMEprotect please! Name: AgothGuardianclosedBardidleyprotected!
1176Hero5232Any chance I could obtain some barrier blocks? Its for my city buildclosedbuzzie71you can! first place other blocks down where you want the barriers, then modreq to have them switched out for real barriers
1175SlimeKingGHJhave a suggestionclosedHeysofiaYou can use the command " /suggestion-box " to make a suggestion! :) Just type your suggestion after writing that command
1174Hero5232I'd like to make a decently sized city on this chunk of land here, could I have it protected? <3closedDjentleGiantYour plot of land is protected! \o/
1173Tuxedowlmake stand invisibl and text redclosedBardidleyhologram display added.
1172venom20078protect this orange border for meclosedieuwehProtected!
1171Tuxedowlreplace granit with barrierclosedieuwehReplaced!
1170HaikugreifclosedSilversunsetnot grief.
1169Lethal_Treecan i get a flow i know i dont ownthe region but im a member and silver was ok with me testins some stuff hereclosedLethal_Tree
1168piplo127128removeowner promaxxeclosedMewciferremoved
1167Tedbearrename region "litzone"closedMewcifer lit
1166thermodynamicistcan i have my plot claim expand down by 1 block to make building level -2 of my building easier?closedMewciferexpanded 1 down
1164Tedbeargenitals or star trek?closedBardidleyLooks like a combination of both.
1162admantaI think my hagar and the rest of the airport are now worth their own warp. Many players have contributed to the point where it's almost a community build.closedBardidleyHangar warp sign created at warp point
1161gryphongirlprotectclosedHeysofiaProtected! :)
1160dorky4Hi, can you please protect the land between the wood pillars? Thanks! :)closedBardidleyProtected.
1158il_tedstratolb for this jet. very well made.closedBardidleyabitcat
1156Mumberthraxplease include DaWae, Knuckles, and Sanik skulls in the collection at /warp skulls if they are not already presentclosedBardidleySkulls added!
1155Pixl3atthelia region over stepping region, took over edge of my regionclosedPixl3Handled By Holli
1154BlocKrazycould u have us claim our landclosedChallenger2Area protected
1153HeartshineLook at all this tnt greif, this better be fixed by tomarrowclosedMewciferya
1152ieuwehIs WormyLand worth a warp?closedMewciferYes! Your warp is /warp WormyLand.
1151TaylorKaraRoseI need some land claimed.closedieuwehRegion created!
1150Gaia_Dragon_Lordi built a area i want to claimclosedieuwehGaia region created!
1149il_tedstratohello claim oranjclosedBardidleyProtected!
1148Pixl3can my region expand out to here, I know tthis is kinda close but i would very much like to use this island and i think the buffer from where they are "building" to me is enoughclosedHolliferRegions balanced out, claims redefined.
1147Andromeda4210nsfw boobs buildclosedChallenger2Looks okay to me.
1146Mumberthraxcan i have the purple glass turned into nether portal shimmery stuff?closedDumbo52Replaced with portals
1145Wozdakaneed rg for world edit - call it "testdaka" - marked out in cyan wool - tyvmclosedDumbo52Protected
1144THE_BA_GAMERplease expand region to the netherrackclosedDumbo52Region expanded
1143admantafound a large undeveloped claimclosedBardidleyThis was claimed by Hollifer only 3 days ago.
1142cujobearmoar testingclosedBardidleyClosing
1140Nistunecan I have nistpve expanded onto bigger box pleaseclosedieuwehRegion expanded!
1139ThelVadumeethos location for tp sign in preivious reqclosedThelVadumeealso done
1138ThelVadumeethis gold ore to a tp click sign to coords in following modreq plsclosedThelVadumeewarp sign created
1136THE_BA_GAMERplease expand to the grayclosedKirstaeRegion expanded
1135THE_BA_GAMERNSFWclosedSilversunsetremoved and player banned
1134THE_BA_GAMERProtection. Go ahead and set the y value to bedrock.. not sure how low we're gonna build. Also, please set Vivzielion and myself as regional owners. Thanks :DclosedBardidleyProtected!
1133Silversunsettest reqclosedSilversunsetall done!
1132DrTim58protect and call tim_spaceclosedieuwehThere you go! :)
1131defiexpossible griff?closedBardidleyThis was done by cta station planners (abit or chal)
1130AndyJFclaim this area as a new region called andyjf_station pleaseclosedieuwehArea for station created.
1129Pixl3expandclosedBardidleyregion redefined!
1128piplo127128can the area inside of the quartz have grass not spreadclosedBardidleyWhole region had to have grass-growth disabled. re-modreq if you want growth turned back on.
1127Tuxedowlreplace red with barrierclosedTuxedowl
1126promaxxeremove owner in halcyon_park HaikuclosedBardidleyRegion owners updated.
1125thermodynamicistrandom redstone test in overworldclosedBardidleyRedstone test moved.
1124thermodynamicistThis suburban plot has had 1 month of no activity and is completely underdeveloped. I'd like to request a claim on it so I can build a house, thanks! :)closedBardidleyAbandoned plot cleared!
1123thermodynamicistCan I have 4 3x3 map walls @ my hq to build a big world map as decoaration?closedBardidleyYes, sure. You can place your item frames.
1122thermodynamicistCan I have some Oak leaves go around the rest of the perimiter of the entrance to the underground garage?closedBardidleyI expanded the plot region by 1 block.
1121piplo127128is it possible to have fire spread and have lava be able to make fires in this regionclosedBardidleyLava fire spread and fire spread are disabled on C.
1120piplo127128replace diamonds with lava and make it so that fires could burn thingsclosedMewciferReplaced with lava and fire-spread allowed
1119thermodynamicistCan you connect the road to my underground garage to the main road @ downtown?closedMewciferconnected
1118Pixl3ignore heartshiens req #1117, hes butthurtclosedMasterCommaTheRequest 1117 was made by Heartshine, not must have the wrong guy.
1117HeartshinePixl3 is bringing up old Drama, just to stir thingsclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
1116Pixl3the farmland wont update to be watered, plz fixclosedMasterCommaTheIt appears to be watered now, perhaps lag. Please re-report if this happens again.
1115MumberthraxPlease protect the area surrounded by green wool as MumbertestclosedMasterCommaTheThis land is Mumbertest and we will call it....Mumbertest.
1114TheAcademicianRequesting protection of pink wool area as AcaDesign.closedieuwehThis area is now protected!\
1113ieuwehReplace redstone block with barrier blocksclosedieuwehReplaced.
1112Andromeda4210non-pixel art build in the pixel art warpclosedieuwehThank you for reporting!
1111thermodynamicistclaim [cadmin]closedMewciferit appears this nerdplot has already been claimed :( but looking at your other plots i'd be willing to let you claim a new plot
1110Andromeda4201protect and call timhaikrailclosedHolliferDone
1109Haikuprotect plsclosedbermudalocketlong boi protected
1108AndyJFremove Tedbear and megacaptinrandom as owners of andyjf_north pleaseclosedieuwehRegion owners updated.
1107AndyJFcould this be made into a new region please?closedieuwehVillage region created!
1106ieuwehReplace redstone block with barrier block pls!closedieuwehDone!
1105AndyJFadd this region to andyjf_north pleaseclosedieuwehRegion redefined!
1104Flame623_Inappropriate BuildclosedHeysofiaThanks for reporting! Removed and player warned.
1103Flame623_Dick buildclosedHeysofiaThanks for reporting! Removed and player warned.
1102XxNekonessxXclaimclosedieuwehClaim protected \o/
1101HandYogurtprotect pleaseclosedieuwehRegion created!
1100HandYogurtcan please have starting block for spaceclosedieuwehThere you go! :)
1099Creeperofhopei accedantly broke this blockclosedieuwehIt's ok! The block is now back.
1098Mumberthraxthis signclosedHolliferUhhhh.... not sure where that came from, oh well. It's gone now
1097Andromeda4201please add me and Haiku to this region as the owner (Mewcifer) can't get on. We have screenshots from the owner if proof is neededclosedHolliferAdded!
1096Creeperofhopethe two bottom signs on the rules are switched aroundclosedHolliferFixed? :O
1095Haikuprotecti plsiclosedieuwehprotectedede. yi welcomi
1094HandYogurti has a problem?closedieuwehProblem solved \o/
1093Abitcatprotecc the large, skinny blue border for cta (it snakes down to pixel art and goes in it)closedieuwehSkinny border is now a skinny protected one.
1092HeartshineWhy is marting's name here?closedChallenger2No idea. Name removed.
1091Pixl3expandclosedieuwehPirates bay expanded!
1090HeartshineWhat happened to the unfinished TortellaclosedHolliferRemoved by Admin
1089Heartshine/list-all only lists the current server and the Lobby, WhyclosedHolliferCurrently bugged, issue already known. I'm assuming it will get fixed as soon as it can.
1088DisriterI need a small reagon protectedclosedfazadenprotected
1087Grimwaltzregarding my previous griefing report, I might have knocked the buildng down myself, I can't actually rememberclosedDjentleGiantsee 1086
1086Grimwaltzreporting griefing, I don't mind that my derp building is gone, but reporting anyway in case it helps catch a grieferclosedDjentleGiantGrief rolled back!
1085DisriterI need my protection extended to fit new boundriesclosedSpook6region now goes to new boundary
1084DisriterI need my protection extended using new peremitersclosedDumbo52
1083DisriterI need my claim expandedclosedDumbo52Region expanded!
1082DisriterI need protectionclosedBardidleyProtected!
1081Andromeda4210grief?closedBardidleyFailed attempt, removed the bomb.
1080NistuneI need that mafia protection, if you dont got that, good ole WG will do, could it be called NistPve please :3closedMewciferprotected
1079Tuxedowlclaim name articoclosedBardidleyProtected!
1078Flame623_Region Expansion plsclosedHolliferRedefined!
1077MacroMadnesswarp pleaseeee warp name (/warp afkzoo) please thank you very much pleaseclosedBardidleyWarp set!
1076Lappy486claim plot, please!closedieuwehDiscussed via msg. (Plot already taken!)
1075Flame623_Protection (Name ResortDeLaVapeland) pls. :)closedSilversunsetprotected!
1074SkyAdventurer01can i please have 10 upside down chickensclosedHeysofiaWe can't spawn animals due to hacking/lag issues, sorry :(
1073SkyAdventurer01please set this wood block as a barriar blockclosedieuwehFloating afk spot ready for AFKs
1072MacroMadnessneed some mad flows over hereclosedcheezychickenRiver filled!
1071ieuwehPls redefine Wormy Land!closedieuwehWormy land region redefined!
1070Mumberthraxi built this stargate here but i should have made it in the testbuild world. would an admin/mod be willing to move it there for me?closedMewcifercopied over to testbuild. find it at /home mewcifer mumbergate
1069Lotmomallow throwing potions pleaseclosedHeysofiaThis was removed due to spamming/harrassment issues, sorry :(
1068WaxTedexpand region (green wool)closedHolliferRedefined, sorry about the wait!
1067QueenBombuspermission to use worldedit briefly to produce some large cylinders to decide on a circumference for a build in pveclosedHeysofiaTo use world edit you need a protected area. Mark out some corners for a border and modreq for protection :)
1066AndyJFadd this area to region andyjf_north please. ThanksclosedcheezychickenRegion expanded!
1065DisriterI need my protection claim extended by new outlinesclosedDumbo52Region expanded!
1064Andromeda4210remove owner promaxxeclosedDumbo52Removed
1063WaxTedProtect region (light blue wool)closedHolliferProtected!
1062WaxTedAny chance i could get building perms for my Taipei 101 in Downtown? :)closedHolliferYes, of course!
1061Mumberthraxcan this water be fixed? if not nbdclosedDumbo52Fixewd!
1060PPGOMEprotect please and allow drops!closedieuwehReady to drop!
1059PPGOMEprotect please.closedBardidleyprotected.
1058NistuneIs it possible to tell how my boat became water? im super confused >.<closedBardidleyThe ghost of C strikes again.
1057DearNoraP A D D Y M U R P H YclosedMewcifergondom? i thought u said condom
1056DisriterI need protection for my areaclosedBardidleyProtected!
1055DearNoraAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!closedfazadenplease don't scream into the modreq, it makes the server go a bit deaf
1054Marrblesregion called "The Tower"closedfazadenregion created
1053Pixl3region townclosedHeysofiaRegion made! :)
1052piplo127128id like a warp here called AmmopetraclosedMewciferWe'd like to see a bit more work done here before we set you a warp. Good job so far, though!
1050Andromeda4210Rage called me a derogatory termclosedMewciferHandled!
1049higley6can someone help me remove somethingclosedSilversunsetyou have a region you can world edit in now
1048NistuneWould a hologram just infront of these spruce blocks saying 'Please give 1 minute between riders! Otherwise you may crash into each other." Split onto 2 lines, just whiteclosedBardidleyHologram set.
1047CFProductionscan i have worldedit perms here pleaseclosedHolliferAbsolutely! Area protected!
1046Pixl3i see shes not muted, un mute.closedHolliferUnmuted, homophobia will not be tolerated, even in discussion about political beliefs.
1045Pixl3warpppp????closedMewciferThis warp would be under a previous one made, but you can have a portal or a warp sign set up between this point and another above if you'd like.
1044Pixl3warsclosedBardidleyRegion created!
1043higley6can anyone help meclosedBardidleyPixelart moved.
1042higley6can any C admins help meclosedBardidleyBuild moved.
1041Andromeda4210protect. name it whatever you feel likeclosedHolliferProtected
1040Lotmomflow ploxclosedRiveriflowed
1038AndyJFfix the lighting glitches in this region please?closedBardidleyShould be fixed now.
1037AndyJFI don't seem to own the northern half of this region, thanksclosedMewciferfixed!
1036AndyJFas a new area pleaseclosedieuwehDuplicate.
1035AndyJFclaim this area pleaseclosedieuwehArea claimed!
1034Pixl3claim testclosedDumbo52Protected
1033UltraBilly09hologram here in blue saying Seeker then another one saying HiderclosedHeysofiaPlease be more specific "where" :) Use something to mark the spots.
1032UltraBilly09hologram here in blue saying Hide and SeekclosedHollifer:) Ok
1031piplo127128theres some weird shadows along this sorta river thingclosedHolliferYes They go away c:
1030UltraBilly09claimclosedieuwehClaimed! Overlapping regions fixed too
1029UltraBilly09can you claim this but make it into one big claimclosedbermudalocketdone!
1028PPGOMERage__machine is using homophobic chat in global.closedBardidleyWe will keep an eye on them.
1027higley6i build a mario mushroom in wildness and i want to copy and past it in the pixel art warpclosedbermudalocketrelocated to /warp pixelart, at -2790, 2, 875 :)
1026piplo127128idk if this was griefed or its a "spooky house'' effect but to me it looks like it might have been griefedclosedieuwehThank you for reporting! damage has been rolled back.
1024Rage__MachineprotectclosedHolliferYou can't claim an area that has builds that arent yours!
1023Rage__MachineclaimclosedHolliferYou can't claim an area that has builds that arent yours!
1022piplo127128ive noticed the two newest players try to grief one of the bridges and it seems like they are going to do this with a regionclosedHolliferSimply standing by grief and modreqing as a report does well!
1021Ruexunused claimed plot in downtown. can i have it?closedRuexfound another tis ok
1020Pixl3remove PPGOMEs stupid dog pleaseclosedHolliferI killed the dog
1019PPGOMEmake the snow a public place pleaseclosedbermudalocketSpleef floor region created! (confirmed with ppgome)
1018PPGOMEclaim for UltraBilly09 and I pleaseclosedChallenger2Land claim granted.
1017ExcessiveTokercan I have this balcony plsclosedBardidleyYeah take this one =D
1016ExcessiveTokerwould be cool if there were a "click to spectate" tp sign right hereclosedBardidleyPerhaps we can have one installed
1015TaylorKaraRosesurryclosedHolliferYou will be unmuted in a few minutes, please be mindful while typing to others in all-chat & other all-chat displayed info like /afk
1013HandYogurtpls expand :)closedHolliferExpanded!
1012UltraBilly09can you change the pink wook to barrier blocksclosedBardidleyReplaced.
1011UltraBilly09can you change the pink wook to barrier blocksclosedBardidleyReplace blocks.
1010xOreoToastduplicates?closedBardidleyYep. looks like it.
1009aMossyLogregion named "cursed_midden"closedBardidleyProtected!
1008AndyJFclaim this region please!closedieuwehClaimed! :)
1007AndyJFsomeone has made a penis hereclosedieuwehThank you for reporting Andy! Dirty spaceship rolled back and player banned for constantly pushing server rules
1006DearNorapls logblock the levers or iron bars on this planeclosedBardidleyMystery solved.
1005HandYogurtexpand pls <3closedfazadenexpand'd
1004xOreoToast????closedBardidleySigns are old. Removed.
1003AndyJFclaim this region as a whole new region please. ThanksclosedSpook6region set
1002piplo127128i think something should be done about these item frames since they might be lagging downtown really badlyclosedHolliferFrames adjusted. A lot of lag here is being caused by the fact that there are glass skyscrapers and transparent blocks in large amounts with decorated interiors can cause lag. That's all I can do.
1001xOreoToastneed protection for rail constructionclosedMewciferhere you go, thanks for giving me a reason to enjoy "sweet home alabama"
1000HolliferThe 1000thclosedHolliferUpside down 666 and 1000th modreq are belong to me.
999HolliferI claim.closedHollifer
998PPGOMEnot enough AndrosclosedHolliferI see what this is.
997OozoozamiClaim. Need a extention of land from my already owned territory, blue wool, to the green wool. Thanks for your time!closedHolliferRedefined! If your region gets any bigger remember to make full rectangualar borders!
996PPGOMEred concrete to barriers please!closedHolliferReplaced!
995OozoozamiI need an extention to my landclosedHolliferDone! see your other closed request!
994PPGOMEexpand pl0xclosedieuwehregion looking expanded
993piplo127128this guy bigjawed spammed chat saying "what's 2+2" with a string of random numbers and lettersclosedfazadenhe gone
992UberAbbyis there any way I can get this plot? Plot is completely empty and person was last seen in JanuaryclosedHolliferPlot cleared of previous owner, all nearby plots cleared up where elligible.
991Pixl3update lighting plezclosedDumbo52Lighting fixed
990NistuneCould I have all this wheated upclosedDumbo52Planted!
989UberAbbyI need my region extended out to where I put the cyan wool plsclosedDumbo52Expanded!
988piplo127128id like this region to be set to survival but without any fall damageclosedHolliferRegion created! Flags set!
987NistuneCould I please have 2 chickens spawned in these holes? If its possible, could they be silent/wont despawn? Thanks :DclosedDumbo52Chickened!
986UberAbbycan I claim this area I enclosed in stone bricks?closedThelVadumeeall protected :D
985Heartshinethis looks like grifclosedfazadenfix'd
984AkBlackbuildclosedDumbo52You can build on any unclaimed land - just fly around or type /randloc to find some!
983AkBlacktestclosedDumbo52Please submit another modreq if you need any additional help from a moderator.
982King_of_quesoflow please!closedBardidleyFlowed!
981OozoozamiprotectionclosedBardidleyLand protected!
980xOreoToastRegion extension. Green area north of the blue line. Call it martingston_mountains. Recommend dynmap to help.closedHolliferProtected!
979PPGOMEmake these 3 dispencers flow please. I need the lava to MURDERclosedfazadenget your murder on
978PPGOMEmake this a /give sign for the items in a chest please. Somebody stole the items last night.closedHolliferSign set up!
977AndyJFadd this region to martingcounty_cta1 please.closedfazadenexpanded
976BakedGoodsprotectionclosedHolliferArea protected! If you need an expansion, just build new borders :)
975BigBadLoserWorldguard region so I can use worldedit. Marked by red pillarsclosedDumbo52Protected for you, Oozoozami, and Swoonee!
974xOreoToastDid they take away //fill?closedHolliferCase solved!
973PPGOMEmake this a /give sign please. Allow one use per user (same with my other modreq, forgot to add it) please!closedHolliferSign set!
972PPGOMEput the items in the chest onto the sign please. (/give sign)closedHolliferCongradulations... you get nothing! (Please have things in the chest to give to players!)
971PPGOMEhave a command block (or 2) under these red concrete blocks please! I need them for a spawn point in the dungeon!closedPPGOME
970AndyJFclaim this region please (extending railroad)closedHolliferSorry for the wait, finished!
969AndyJFclaim this area please?closedHolliferProtected!
968PPGOMEcan't build here?closedPPGOMENo need anymore :D
967obereCan I claim this regionclosedSpook6regions all yours
966piplo127128can the sponges get changed into lavalclosedcujobearyes, yes let the evil, erm lava, flow
965PPGOMEcan you legally marry a catclosedRiverino
964piplo127128there are some weird sunlight in hereclosedpiplo127128
963Flame623_combine street with parking garage drivewayclosedBardidleyConnected!
962Pixl3claim UW2closedBardidleyProtected!
961SpiderManI can't stop playing stardew valley, please help.closedHolliferI have 400 hours and counting, can't help you. Do you know when multiplayer is coming out?
960Flame623_worldguard wont let me worldedit in my own region...closedHolliferPlease make sure you're standing inside your region when trying to WE!
959Pixl3claim new region "underworld" (it slightly over laps. so i laid out a line here tthat devides the ttwo, sorrry)closedHolliferOverlapping here is alright, Region has been protected to you. Please know that you will have to ensure you are standing in the intersection to use WE
958SkyAdventurer01can i please have a horse with max status?closedHolliferSorry, we do not give mobs or items with altered stats.
957piplo127128i found some more weird shadowsclosedHolliferShadows be gone!
956HCFSkyBaseclaimclosedcujobearduplicate of 952
955HCFSkyBaseclaimclosedcujobearduplicate of 952
954HCFSkyBaseclaimclosedcujobearduplicate of 952
953HCFSkyBaseclaimclosedcujobearduplicate of 952
952HCFSkyBaseclaimclosedcujobearregion NASA created
951PPGOMEhologram saying ROAR! in red pleaseclosedHolliferHologram created!
950piplo127128there are some weird shadows left over from the previous buildingclosedHolliferLighting errors fixed up!
949CarpetBaggerStanexpand please :)closedDumbo52Expanded
948odopoboqoworldedit permissionclosedHolliferDiscussed via PM
947PPGOMEadmin swore at me on this purified christian server.closedMewciferheck
946SirTacofaceheya! Theres still water on this plot!closedHolliferFixed up by challenger2!
945piplo127128can i move this 5 blocks to the leftclosedBardidleyWe cannot build for you.
944SirTacofacecan you fill the space of these wood planks with still water?closedMewciferwater-ified
943PPGOMEremove the never-ending night curse please! I may only slay the dragon with the master sword.closedMewciferi hope youre getting meds to fix your crazy... it's nighttime ingame
942SirTacofacecan you make all 4 of these laval sections flow? :PclosedMewciferyes here u go
941admantaforce night time in plot.closedMewcifernighttimed
940PPGOMEfreeze time to night here pleaseclosedMewciferset to night
939admantagreif?closedHolliferRepaired! Thank you for reporting!
938xOreoToastall 5 fields in frame need tilled soil and wheatclosedHolliferDone! You might have to clean out some broken blocks, but it shouldnt take too long!
937MiniKili am mutedclosedMewciferPlease stop bypassing your mute with /modreq.
936MiniKilwill my friend be ok?closedMewciferRefer to the closing message of the previous modreq
935MiniKilunban my friendclosedHolliferPlease do not enter requests relating to bans.
934PPGOMErainbow sheep please!closedMewcifer
933Marrblestheres another water that needs some lit flow yoclosedHolliferFlowtastic.
932Marrblessome lit water flor plsclosedHolliferFlowed!
931MaxuraniumJust to clarify, me and minikil want to claim the area in this border on which I am standingclosedieuwehDuplicate. When you make a modreq it saves the location :)
930MaxuraniumIve made a border, can we claim itclosedieuwehClaimed! :D
929UltraBilly09can u unclaim this lolclosedieuwehUnclaimed!
928MacroMadnessplot is marked with stone bricksclosedieuwehDuplicate
927MacroMadnessplease remove pit_2's claim of this little plotclosedcheezychickenPlot unclaimed! Hopefully I didn't break nerplot D:
926MacroMadnessplz extend claimclosedcheezychickenregion extendeded!
925CarpetBaggerStanplease expand :)closedtotemodarling_testing expanded
924xOreoToastflowing water in place of glassclosedMewciferit looks funky but it works
923marting11make the walkway connect pls my loveclosedMewciferyoure welcome grandpa
922PPGOMEFive or six too many Andros...closedMewciferwe know. theyve all said theyre changing back next chance they get.
921NotTechonobladehi i need a starting blockclosedBardidleyPlease make this request at the location you wish to have the starter block placed.
920SkyAdventurer01Please claim for meclosedDumbo52Protected
919Pixl3plz update lightingclosedDumbo52Fixed
918xOreoToastGrain production is down. There are 6 fields, 5 in frame and one to right-of-frame that need tilled soil and grown wheat.closedBardidleyYou can set 60 on the fields you want wheat on and make a new req
917piplo127128id like to claim this area, i might expand laterclosedieuwehArea claimed \o/
916Andromeda4210nsfw buildclosedieuwehNSFW spaceship remove! Thank you for reporting!
915NistuneCould I have Nistune_river expanded. Its marked by dotted sea lantern boarder, with pillars at the corners? ThanksclosedieuwehRegion expanded!
914Mineurfou2985claimclosedieuwehPlease submit another request quen you have your border built
913MacroMadnessplz extend claim for spleefclosedieuwehArea claimed!
912Pixl3fill from yellow wool down to ground below lava, full floor, cant WE lava inclosedieuwehPool of lava complete
911MacroMadnessmove dis plzclosedHolliferNimoe's build will be moved 25 blocks back to ensure there are no conflicting regions overlaps.
910AndyJFclaim this region please! thanksclosedieuwehClaimed! :)
909AndyJFunclaim this region and give it to xOreoToast (we have arranged this between us)closedieuwehRegion redefined!
908PPGOMEclaim please. Name: pphangarclosedieuwehArea claimed.
906the14thmemecan i get my tunnel protected?closedBardidleyProtected!
905BlazinGamin63can you clear my whole suburb plot? im too lazy to break it all down XDclosedHolliferCleared, next time you should check out /warp WETutorial!
904xOreoToastI have drawn a LIME WOOL outline, and wish to claim the land inside of it. I have excluded AndyJF's really long stake and the cabin. Recommending dynmap for reference. I need to be able to worldedit inside this expansion.closedHolliferAll regions merged, AndyJF added to ownership & unknown builder's house excluded from protections!