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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
2259Kingiferremove avada from region im serious hes getting rediculousclosedBardidleyRemoved from region.
2258Kingiferis this griefclosedBardidleyNice treefort
2257Tedbearis this skin handsome?closedBardidleythis guy
2256AvadaKedavra03this is grief ban immediatelyclosedAvadaKedavra03
2255Andromeda4210protect Haiku_Birthday_GiftclosedBardidleyProected!
2254Andromeda4210possible ban evasion DiscoEnderman10 (check the public chat logs)closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - Added notes to modreq for further info (for staff).
2253DiscoEnderman10request i need helpclosedBarlimorePlease be more specific with your request or contact a moderator specifically to provide clarification. Have fun for the meantime!
2252Andromeda4210penis build on this guy's head?closedBardidleyOut of logs, don't know if owner made it or not. Leaving it for now.
2251OleToothlesspls to extend orange claim to new bordersclosedDumbo52Region expanded
22500birbI can't tell whether this was intent griefing or someone's WE accident.closedBardidleyyeah... this was a WE project that was abandoned quite a while ago.
2248OleToothlessprotections in orange box, tyclosedSilversunsetregion created
2247AvadaKedavra03claim red space for intersectionclosedDumbo52Protected
2246AvadaKedavra03pls disable compassing inside this regionclosedDumbo52Compassing disabled
2245AvadaKedavra03claim yellow zone as train_station_1closedBardidleyAbandoned build moved North slightly, region created.
2243Challenger2Replace white wool with barrier. Thankx.closedDumbo52Barriered
2242DancingBoltlemme join pls :DclosedDumbo52Added
2241TheBulgeOwO1944please make this stand invisible, and then select the iron fence and //stacc 3 u. thanksclosedBardidleyMoved off of the bigtown area, need the name of skull pls.
2240AvadaKedavra03remove inactive regionclosedBardidleyThere is a build here, it can stay unless tim wants to have it moved.
2239PPGOMEwool to barrier plsclosedChallenger2Replaced
2238DancingBoltlemme join pls :DclosedDumbo52Added!
2237PPGOMEwool to barrier plsclosedChallenger2Wool replaced with barriers
2236AvadaKedavra03remove promaxxe as an owner from this regionclosedChallenger2Promaxxe has been given Da Boot.
2235AvadaKedavra03pls remove 'its a grind' from this building b/c im not a member of region anymore and I built the store - tyclosedAvadaKedavra03
2234Kingiferhe protec but he also attac but most importantly he a snac that smile bacclosedbermudalockethe chec. he protec.
2233AvadaKedavra03pls add the quartz area into walmart_supercenter_8, and rename the new region "cmart_supercenter_8"closedSilversunsetexpanded and renamed.
2232AvadaKedavra03please claim box as cmart_discount_9closedDumbo52Protected
2231x_Megumin_xgriefing, come protect plsclosedDumbo52Fixed, thanks for reporting.
2230geekman9097protection from one end of the sponge to the otherclosedBardidleyProtected!
2229RDstonetrxzflow againclosedBardidleyWater flowed.
2227YakkhylCould you protect this please? thanks :)closedMasterCommaTheI have stationed 20 bears to stand guard around your plot 24-7. Just don't touch the fences.
2226alxdspnPretty please protect my build! I extended boundaries. tyclosedDumbo52Region expanded
2225x_Megumin_xprotection. also, did you know that cirno is a 9ers fan?closedElectifriedprotected, also no, I didn't know that
2224x_Megumin_xsquids need some p r o t e c t i o nclosedElectifriedprotected
2223x_Megumin_xprotect muh hoose pl0xclosedDumbo52Protected
2222alxdspnPlease protect my build!closedbermudalocketarea protected :)
2221promaxxeremove owner avadakedavra03closedElectifriedAvadakedavra has been removed.
2220Mumberthraxgrief?closedElectifriedThis actually looks like a rollback mistake. Thanks for pointing it out.
2219Mumberthraxgriefed pixel art flagclosedElectifriedGrief repaired, thanks for reporting
2218Mumberthraxgriefed pixel art here and below on flat designclosedElectifriedGrief repaired, thanks for reporting
2217Mumberthraxis this thing on the ground too close per the rules? feels like it shouldn't be hereclosedBardidleyDerp removed.
2216Mumberthraxgriefed pixel art rubix cubeclosedElectifriedGrief repaired, thanks for reporting
2215AvadaKedavra03please expand the walmart_supercenter_7 region into the blue zoneclosedHeysofiaRegion expanded, enjoy building! :)
2214AvadaKedavra03inactive cliamclosedAvadaKedavra03
2213alxdspnPlease protect my area!closedDumbo52Protected!
2212Tedbearframe very scary headclosedDumbo52Almost too spooky
2211Abitcatifermake water flow plsclosedDumbo52Flowed
22100birbAre there any requirements for being a mod?closedDumbo52New mods are selected from the player base by existing staff. Take a look at for more info.
2209AvadaKedavra03pve builds need to be movedclosedBardidleyTestbuild moved, player notified.
2206No10space claim please :DclosedDumbo52Protected
2204PPGOMEallow drops in rg plsclosedMewciferDrops allowed
2203PPGOMEconnect to road plsclosedHolliferConnected
2202KingifermEW remove this gaTE plsclosedMewciferi got the gate woo
2201VentiiprotectclosedHolliferProtected, WE enabled!
2200MrKingBearcan have this ploot of landclosedMewciferNerdplot granted!
2199Abitcatifergriff griff griff pls halpclosedSocarch26Building repaired and guilty party bannished, thanks for reporting
2198Andromeda4210griefclosedSocarch26Building repaired and guilty party bannished, thanks for reporting
2197No10Can you extend my claim please :)closedMewciferRegion redefined!
2196MrKingBearalso change driveway entrance on these and remove old driveway and walkway gateclosedMewciferModified as requested. Please let me know if I missed anything via /msg
2195MrKingBearcan i get a new driveway connection on these two houses please and remove the old entryway and drivewayclosedMewciferModified. Let me know if you would like any changes made via /msg.
2194Wruytoelheahi yes i need to remove a piece of land that i own and do not use thxclosedBardidleyRemoved.
2193PPGOMEdrops off pls in spleef regionclosedDumbo52
2192PPGOMEcylinder region for the snow area if possible pls!closedDumbo52Done
2191PPGOMEmake this a kit sign pls and same on other sideclosedChallenger2Sign completed
2190Skegbeari accidentally broke a sign hereclosediNerd71Fixed!
2189TuxyWhalechang bordername to help me plsclosedHeysofiaDumbo is the first owner of this so will need to make that request.
2188TuxyWhaleexpando bordoroclosedDumbo52Region expanded
2187TuxyWhaleclam plsclosedDumbo52Protected
2186PPGOMEplayer claiming he is Deaygo when he is not. Checked namemc. player is NerdNuclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2185axslayer33can I get what's within the rails protected?closedtorteelaRegion protected
2184AnonymousDapperPlease protect the area in pinkclosedbermudalocketprotected!
2183AnonymousDapperMy building is gone. Apparently mods can roll back changes and restore a building?closedbermudalocketThanks for reporting! Mass grief uncovered. Player banned, edits rolled back.
2182AndyJFI believe someone has reported me for griefing. I was clearing trees in my own protected area.closedHeysofiaAll good, just a misunderstanding so don't worry :P You're fine haha.
2181FrankDaPlanknevermind it was his regionclosedHeysofiaall good! thanks anyways, it's always good just to double check.
2180FrankDaPlankgrieferclosedHeysofiaNo griefing here! :)
21780birbQuick question, I am creating an obsidian 3D printer. In order for it to work, I need fluids to flow. Is there a WG flag that can do that?closedBardidleyWater will be able to flow in this region, you may need to modreq for water to flow (assuming you are talking about water?)
2177Haikuendo potaru placemento hereclosedHolliferPlaced. Wow this jump really doesn't look safe. Glad i'm not a P player
2176Haikupls set endo portalu in the holeclosedHolliferI'm traumatized. Here's your portal *runs*
2175ChocolateThighscould I get we in my plot por favor?closedChocolateThighs
2174PPGOMEI asked for rainbow sheep D: am dissapointedclosedHolliferI didn't have to sneeze yesterday, but I guess today some little fluffballs floated in my room...ahh...aaachoo!
2173Humiferexpando plz plz pzlclosedMewciferi did the expando
2172HumiferjasfdkajfclosedMewciferplz no
2171Humiferexpando patronum ('vormund_ext_1')closedMewciferif i had actually read harry potter i would have given a clever response, but... redefined!
2170PPGOMErainbow sheep in carts or pen plsclosedHolliferRainbow.... ..uh animal... rainbwejera *Hollifer.exe has stopped working*
2169Humiferalmighty modcifer i call upon you once again to bestow upon me the generous gift of a city extension named 'vormund_ext_3'... all hail modciferclosedMewciferThe Almighty Modcifer has bestowed upon you "vormund_ext_3", and she leaves you with not only this, but a very fine closing message.
2168PPGOMEallow drops plsclosedMewciferDrops allowed.
2167PPGOMEmore redstone warp griefclosedMewciferRolled back! Thanks for reporting :)
2166PPGOMElooks like plots were griefed D:closedMewciferLooks like this is all out of logblock. Thanks for reporting though. :)
2165Humifermake small expansion bigger plzclosedbermudalocketregion expanded!
2164RDstonetrxzclaimclosedHolliferRegion created
2163PPGOMEclaim plsclosedHolliferGranted, have fun
2162PPGOMEfurnace to frame plsclosedHolliferFrame placed
2161derpherpingtonflow waterclosedderpherpington
2160AnonymousDapperCan you //regen the areas in orange and green?closedAnonymousDapper
2159AnonymousDapperI'm not going to finish this build, for various reasons, so you can unclaim and restore the plot, if that's what you doclosedAnonymousDapper
2158PPGOMEpink wool to barrier plsclosedbermudalocketno pink wool to be found
2157PPGOMEclaim plot plsclosedHolliferGranted (the white plot just west of where this request was entered) The other one is already claimed.
2156AvadaKedavra03make an exit here plsclosedExcessiveTokergj you've completed your own modreq!
2155AvadaKedavra03unused plotclosedAvadaKedavra03
2154AvadaKedavra03unused plotclosedExcessiveTokerPlot cleared, thanks for reporting!
2153AvadaKedavra03unused plotclosedExcessiveTokerPlayer mailed.
2152AvadaKedavra03unused plotclosedExcessiveTokerSince this plots owner was just online today, I've sent him in-game mail letting him know that he needs to develop his plot or risk having it cleared.
2151AvadaKedavra03can a park be built here tyclosedHolliferYep, there's a region set up for you here, good luck!
2150PPGOMEred concrete to frames plsclosedbermudalocketframe'd
2149Humiferrg expansion named 'vormund_ext_4' plzclosedBardidleyRegion expansion created.
2148SkrapssparkSregion expansion to include yellow wool areaclosedHeysofiaRegion redefined! :)
2147Skegbearlooks like grief to meclosedHeysofiaThanks for reporting! :) Unfortunately I can't roll it back because it's too old, but this just seems to be a mod training area so thats alright.
2146No10claim this pls :)closedHeysofiaProtected :)
2145PPGOMEyellow wool to frame plsclosedkumquatmayItem frame placed!
2144Andromeda4210create subregion marked by netherrack and have the welcome message "Welcome to Big Bill Hell's Car Dealership"closedDumbo52Region created
2143MrKingBearprotect small brown region because im a fuggin ideotclosedMewciferdw i dont think u ideot i have gifted u small brown rg
2142AvadaKedavra03redstone testing in overworldclosedBardidleySeems like it may be part of this build. Leaving it for now, This region was just made yesterday.
2141PPGOMEallow drops plsclosedtorteelaDrops allowed
2140derpherpingtonreplace fence with item frameclosedtorteelaitem frames placed
2139Andromeda4210protect this plot for me plsclosedExcessiveTokerEvil cake trap protected!
2138AvadaKedavra03make the 1:5 blocks into barriersclosedAvadaKedavra03
2137KedNysplease protect this 40x40x40 cube (bedrock and sky too if you want)closedExcessiveTokerCube protected!
2136PPGOMEclaim plsclosedHolliferRegion created!
2135PPGOMEflow "dispensers" pls (3)closedExcessiveTokerdispenser now dispenses flowy water yay
2134PPGOMEflow blocks with water pls (2)closedHolliferNew request unlocked: "Flow my dispensers!"
2133PPGOMEmake these glass blocks flowable pls for anti tnt proof doorsclosedLappy486Flowed!
2132PPGOMEdiamond to barrier plsclosedHolliferBarrier. Keep it slutty
2131EsterSpacegriefclosedAypopIt seems the players were already banned for grief on P! Grief on C rolled back. Thanks for reporting.
2130PPGOMEmany golems pl0xclosedHolliferSeems theres already golems there
2128SkrapssparkS//fixwater this please :DclosedHolliferIn your region you have access to the //fixwater commands up to 25 blocks :D
21270birbI'd like to submit this CTF arena to minigames for approvalopen
2126Humifershe protecc with name "vormund_ext_3"closedMewcifershe still protecc
2125Humifershe protecc with name "vormund_ext_2"closedMewcifershe protecc
2124Humifershe protecc with name "vormund_ext_1"closedMewcifershe protecc
2123Humiferrename gotham to 'vormund' plzclosedMewciferRg renamed
2122TedbearIf a bone from a slice of pizza could wear pants, would it wear them like this or like this?closedMewciferItem frame placed.
2121Tedbearremove AvadaKedavra03 from owners pleaseclosedbermudalocketdone
21200birbprotect as "0birb_seabase"closedbermudalocketprotected!
2119MrKingBearpls make houston_2 a subregion of the main houston so the greeting from the main region works on this one tooclosedBardidleyhouston_2 set as a child region.
2118cineboxandrewprotectionclosedBardidleyRegion protected!
2117Smelly_PoemexTendO~~closedBardidleyRegion redefined!
2115r0b3sprotect redstone plotclosedHolliferProtected, WE enabled
2114Smelly_Poemexpand reigon pleaseclosedHolliferRedefined
21130_birb"Hall of fame coming soon" It's 1 month away from R33...closedHolliferFame is only temporary, death is forever.
2112AndyJFProtect this area please. It contains a red and white structure that is not mine but has not been worked on for at least 3 monthsclosedExcessiveTokerRemoved abandoned build and stored it in a safe area! Also I've protected your region.
2111ThelVadumeei broke my end gate way on accedentclosedtorteelaAll fixed
2110Smelly_PoemproteccccclosedMewcifermodcifer attac... but she also protecc!
21090_birbuhh...closedMewciferOut of log block, but it has been removed. Thank you for reporting.
2108Fezthebearthis unclaimed quartz building is near my build, it's been around for awhile and I'm not sure what to do about itclosedLappy486No recent edits on the build, but I've moved it further away from your borders just in case.
2107Fezthebearcould i get my region expanded to the border i created?closedMewciferRegion redefined
2106Cheeri0zdont know if its possible but can i get the vines on my tree to stop growing?closedMewciferVine growth turned off in your rg.
2105RDstonetrxzpvpclosedElectifriedSorry, but due to a glitch with the new version, I can't make this a pvp region.
2104PPGOMEprotect pls. name: aqua_chaosclosedDumbo52Protected
2103Abitcatmove bunny to storage plsclosedMewciferpasted to desired location
2102PPGOMEchange clay to barrier plsclosedDumbo52Barriers placed
2101PPGOMEthis player... ExcessiveToker is using excessive spamming and griefed my speedbuold build D:closedtorteelaJoke modreqs are not allowed. We need to keep the queue clean for players who actually need help.
2100Mumberthraxitem frame with fishing rod in place of empty signclosedAypopoi m8 u left this at the pub
2099Mumberthraxitem frame with fishing rod in place of ladderclosedMumberthrax
2098PPGOMEplace item frames on every chest on the left side pls.closedChallenger2Item frames placed
2097Andromeda4210avada impersonated staff in public chatclosedtorteelaStaff are investigating the issue.
2096Starkill3r7722helpclosedMewciferDiscussed via /msg.
2095Abused_OreoprotectclosedHolliferProtected, WE enabled
2094Mumberthraxenable pvp in this region pleaseclosedHolliferIt appears PvP flags are broken right now, I will be bringing this up with dumbo for testing!
2093MumberthraxNote block redstone experiment playing Take On Me by Aha.. in overworld?closedHolliferMoved to redstone
2092Mumberthraxredstone experiment in overworld?closedMumberthrax
2091DrTim58please make the sign on the door an item frameclosedkumquatmayitem frame placed!
2089SkrapssparkSitem frame placementclosedkumquatmayitem frames placed!
2088Smelly_Poemprotect me my prettiesclosedHolliferProtected
2087Mumberthraxthis chest used to be protected by me as a donation one, but i've been removed from this region. it ought to be protected again to prevent griefclosedHolliferReprotected as a donation chest
2086Humidumfireworks are lag (not rly)closedMewciferplayer warned (not rly)
2085DrTim58mew is bad momclosedMewcifersit in the fucking corner
2084CanesVenaticiclaimclosedMewciferdiscussed via /c
2083Skegbearcan i get a speedbuild contest plot thanksclosedBardidleyResolved.
2082MrKingBeari need lighting fixed on this wing of the mall plsclosedMrKingBear
2081Aberstarid like an area protectedclosedLappy486Protected!
2080Fezthebearcould i get an item frame here?closedcheezychickenItem frame-d!
2079EsterSpaceprotectionclosedcheezychickenRegion created!
2078AvadaKedavra03delete this region plzclosedHolliferRegion redefined to cover only the build.
2077funforoliverclaim a plot for redstoneclosedDumbo52
2076funforoliverclaim a plotclosedDumbo52
2075MinecraftFeverx2protect this redstone plot for meclosedHolliferProtected, World Edit enabled within that area, have fun! Remember this area is designated to redstone builds.
2074DrTim58protect and call captainareaclosedCARnivore_ndsregion created
20730_birbcan i claim this conglomerate of 4 plots here (that I combined)closedMewciferPlots claimed.
2072Tedbearokay this is actually scary wtf happenedclosedMewciferWas griefed again. Rolled back.
2071InsaneN3k0protect this redstone plotclosedLappy486Protected!
2070AvadaKedavra03well might as well go statue to statue and clean up because everything is griefedclosedLappy486Cleaned up, player banned.
2069AvadaKedavra03inappropriate buildclosedLappy486Cleaned up, player banned.
20680_birbOh, dear. It looks like someone flew a plane over bigtown and dropped their nazi stuffs here.closedLappy486Cleaned up, player banned.
2067Cheeri0zalways day cheeri0z_towerclosedMewciferIt is now forever lunchtime.
2066Tedbearoh christmas tree, oh christmas tree, if your branches could wear pants would they wear it like this or like this?closedLappy486Redefined!
2065TedVito17change biome to swamp of area delimited by cyan concrete cornersclosedTedVito17biomes can change on their own
2064TedVito17expand region to here and rename to ocwswaterclosedExcessiveTokerRegion expanded and renamed :)(
2063Mumberthraxthis lava is flowing into a protected region. not sure how. maybe because it's a child region instead of separateclosedDumbo52Drained
2062Mumberthraxadmin: please remove structure void item from my enderchestclosedDumbo52Removed
2061Mumberthraxdelete regionclosedDumbo52Removed
2060bermudalocketselfreq for region protectionclosedbermudalocketdone
2059Skegbearmassive grief as usualclosedElectifriedGrief fixed. Thanks for reporting!
2058AndyJFprotect this area please?closedHolliferProtected!
2057PPGOMEclaim and allow drops plsclosedbermudalocketprotected and drops allowed!
2056Tedbearif a region expansion wore pants, would it wear them like this or like this?closedMasterCommaTheRegion expanded to encompass all that your gaze desires.
2055Creeperofhopethis sign says *********************closedDumbo52That's fine, swearing is allowed here
2054Creeperofhopehow do i claim a plotclosedDumbo52Protected
2053UnlistedArtistclaimclosedMewciferArea protected. Happy building!
2052UnlistedArtistclaimclosedMewciferPlease make a FULL border with completed 4 sides, and then modreq again :)
2051texbframeclosedAypopDone! Req again if you have any more framing needs.
2050PPGOMEperms pl0xclosedMewciferclosing because sb is over
2049Dumbo52flow plsclosedChallenger2flowed
2048DiggBickpermits to plot :pclosedExcessiveTokerdone
2047PPGOMEperm pls perm pls perm plsclosedExcessiveTokerFixed
2046cmdrtebokclaim plsclosedMewciferwaow u got clem
2045BubbblebearMay I claim this piece of land please?closedMewciferArea claimed, and tippsie added.
2044Tedbearframes please, 'nother one 'round the corn'rclosedAypopThank you for choosing Aypop Services for your framing needs :D
2043Tedbearcreate region "OCWS_fin_des_terres"closedHeysofiaRegion made! :)
2042Andromeda4210penis buildclosedMasterCommaTheTis but a memory now.
2041HeysofiaCan you please set the biomes for these squares please? I can never seem to get it to work when I try. Thanks :)closedHeysofiaI have figured it out now :o
2040charlie2dayI found a griefed house while flying aroundclosedElectifriedI'm sorry, but the edits on this are all too old for me to do anything about it :(
2039Abitcatlight these four portals and protect the temple while I'm goneclosedMewciferPortals set and temple protected, with Hollifer added as she owns AKB.
2038Fezthebearcould I get item frames here?closedDumbo52Frames placed
2037Fezthebearcould you flow this water?closedBardidleyWater flowing!
2036Fezthebearcould you expand the region south to the border i made?closedMasterCommaTheSpecial cream applied to the offending area, please report any rashes to your doctor immediately.
2035Pixl3region claim StarWarsclosedElectifriedclaime
2034Fezthebeari'd like a region expansion pleaseclosedElectifriedexpanded
20330_birbOwO what's this? (I'm not talking about the face, i'm talking about this region codenamed "speedbuild" when it is not in active useclosedElectifriedThis is a speedbuild arena. People build speedily here. Or at least they used to.
2032Cheeri0zstop vines from growing on this treeclosedMasterCommaTheThere is no way to do that locally, but you could place barrier blocks where you want them to stop
20310_birblet's play spot the 7 year old minecraft noob (i have no idea who did this)closedElectifriedCleaned up. Thanks for reporting.
2030ThelVadumeeflow these too plzclosedAypopSure
2029ThelVadumeeflow plsclosedAypopdone pls
2028BelieveInNyanCatCould I please get the fenced area around my house all claimed?closedElectifriedRegion created :)
2027dalyn56request hi so i had a tunnel under my house and now its gone halpclosedElectifriedThe edits here are all too old for me to find anything, sorry.
2026MrKingBearprotect for new suburb please move abandoned builds and i wont touch bigtownclosedBardidleyTouch bigtown and die.
2025TedKing_MCcan you add this grey concrete expansion to my region plzclosedMewciferArea protected as "tedking_cove2". All members and owners added.
2023Tedbeartry /ptime night here and see if it lights up super brightclosedElectifriedNo, it does not light up super bright.
2021Andromeda4210griefed treeclosedMewciferNo longer in logblock, but fire has been extinguished. Thanks for reporting :)
2020AvadaKedavra03add the boxed area from the north east of this point to the end of the clay border to the region "box" and then combine "box" with texaquerqueclosedBardidleyAll regions combined into texaquerque!
2019Andromeda4210replace buttons with item frames plsclosedMewciferNO--here you go.
2018Smelly_Poemprotecc dambiclosedMewciferdambi is in safe hands now
2017AvadaKedavra03add the red boxed area to texaquerque_store_plotclosedElectifriedYour plot has been expanded.
2016Smelly_PoemWhat the desu did you just kawaii say about me, you little baka? Ill have you know I graduated top of my anime club in the Anime Expertise test, and Ive been involved in numerous time patrols on Dragon Ball Xenoverse, & also give perms to my rg thxclosedMewciferI am able to confirm that Smelly_Poem is Haiku, so I went ahead and granted region access.
2015charlie2dayPlease protect this for meclosedElectifriedYour house is protected \o/
2014MrKingBearcarto broke pls fixclosedBardidleyCarto is now updating.
2013Andromeda4210penis buildclosedMewciferno andrew its part of the build
2012MrKingBearchange exit message in houston to Thanks for visiting Houston! Come back soon now, you hear?closedMewciferfarewell fixed :P
2010MrKingBearidk if they're playing but Cheeri0z is scaring away new players and saying they suckclosedMewciferfalse alarm \o/
2009AvadaKedavra03plz remove Andromeda4210 from this region king said its coolclosedMewciferDouble checked with MrKingBear, player removed.
2008MrKingBeari need this lighting fixed HURRY FOR NEW NEIGHBORHOOD THEY'RE WAITINGclosedDumbo52Unlit
2007MrKingBearcan you change the time to 6000 in houston permanently pleaseclosedMewciferTime set permanently to 6000.
2006texbgame crashing leavesclosedBardidleyRemoved.
2005AvadaKedavra03make texaquerque_store_plot's flags match texaquerqueclosedMewciferAll flags should be the same now. Re-req if not correct.
2004DrTim58mailbox plsclosedMewcifergibben mailboccs
2003MrKingBearplis morc my boccsclosedMewciferi morc ur boccs
2002Andromeda4210give first box here on the top plsclosedMewciferchest gibben
2001Mewcifergib top left cornerclosedMewcifergibben
2000MrKingBeari want tis corner one plisclosedMewcifergibben (grats on req 2000!)
1999MrKingBearreset lighting around tedmart here its kinda borkedclosedDumbo52Lighting fixed
1998Cheeri0zfitting protection to the boundaries i set.closedMewciferRegion redefined.
1997MrKingBeargrief by abitcatclosedMewciferAccident, player spoken to, resolved.
1996MrKingBearwhat be thisclosedMewciferit be meme, but it has been de-memed
1995Tedbearcopy this bacon strip to /home Tedbear cjcclosedSocarch26piggo saved
1994MasterCommaThecan i have plot 10?closedChallenger2perms granted?
1993AvadaKedavra03claim the purple zone as "texaquerque_store_plot"closedbermudalocketregion created!
1992DrTim58protect and call Observatory_AlphaclosedElectifriedAn observatory! How evil!
1991TuxyWhalefloweth thy lavaclosedElectifriedYour liquids have been liquified.
1990TuxyWhalereplace levers with itamframsclosedbermudalocketframe'd
1989AvadaKedavra03please claim the red box as "texaquerque_downtown" please contact with questionsclosedbermudalocketdone!
19880_birbSince avada is expanding his city into this region, is it at all possible for me to have this region moved to the testworld??closedbermudalocketregion moved! please submit another modreq if you find anything strange going on w perms or anything, but it should be good to go!
1987AvadaKedavra03claim yellow box "tedmart_supercenter_16"closedMewciferthat's a lot of ted marts... but here you go
1986AvadaKedavra03plz claim tedmart_supercenter_15closedMewciferjust because you said please >u> (jk have a claim)
1985MrKingBearcan this quat that tedbear made be moved to his city it bothers meclosedBardidleyBuild moved.
1984MrKingBearexpand houston_2 and combine any loose regions into houston_2 pleaseclosedMewciferRegion redefined and all loose regions combined into it.
1982TuxyWhaleflow both the lavas also mew is a bishclosedDumbo52Flowed
1981TuxyWhalemake standing infront of this dome teleport inside and vice versa insideclosedDumbo52Teleporters added, though also document this on a sign somewhere so it gets added to the final map
1980Fezthebearcould I claim this plot?closedDumbo52Claimed
1979Fezthebearcould i get a plot where I am?closedDumbo52
1978MrKingBearchange region biome to roofed_forest pleaseclosedMrKingBearoops sorry duplicate request
1977MrKingBearchange region biome to roofed_forest pleaseclosedMewciferAs per the update to 1.12, players can set their own regions.
1976ElectifriedPlease remove this parrot. I spawned it in with /pet and now I can't get rid of it.closedChallenger2Parrot is now roasted.
1975Troublebearprotect aegwynnclosedMasterCommaTheRegion named 'aegwynn' created. make us proud
1974TuxyWhaleI want this clamed name it mining site plsclosedbermudalocketregion granted!
1973Fezthebearcould you flow this water? thanks.closedbermudalocketflowed!
1972AndyJFI found a bug / exploit. If u use a spawn wolf on a tamed pet wolf you can spawn infinite puppies...closedBardidleyThis will likely be fixed in the next update to Barnyard.
1971Tedbear//cut redstone pleaseclosedMewciferRedstone block cut
1970MrTheKingcombine all regions in white concrete into one big region pleaseclosedMewciferRegions combined. LMK if I removed an intersecting region you didn't want removed by mistake.
1969Andromeda4210is this a penis build?closedAndromeda4210
1968TuxyWhaleitam framclosedMewciferyet another frame :0
1967TuxyWhalemew another fekkin signclosedMewciferi gave you another fekkin frame >:(
1966Abitcatunclaim this plot I didn't do shit to for the past few monthsclosedMewciferThou hast been removed
1965Abitcatcould I have this 3rd downtown plot that i will useclosedMewcifermodcifer has concluded you are well deserving of a 6th nerdplot, however, would recommend you either finish or unclaim your unfinished nerdplots
1964TuxyWhalefram me plsclosedMewciferframed after 2 minutes of struggling to place it T-T
1963MrTheKingremove this region pleaseclosedBardidleyRegion removed.
1962MrTheKingpls make child region of houston is annoyingclosedElectifriedAnnoying region is now a child.
1961Tedbearplease //cut this redstone bloccclosedMewciferredstone blocc //cut
1960Andromeda4210tux is standing where I need to build, and being annoying about itclosedMewciferPlayer moved. Pm if it persists
1959Troublebearprotect churchillclosedMewciferwinston is in safe hands now
1958iNerd71Test build region please!closediNerd71done, thanks!
1957Tedbearframes whoopsclosedMewciferframed
1956Andromeda4210hitler skullclosedMewciferpls
1955CutterWillclaim?closedMewciferClaimed. Happy building. :)
1954Abitcatclaim this rather large claim (15 chunks each side) and call it "TeamDefenseFort2 (will be used for bigger buils like irl computers and statues)closedMewciferProtected, happy building! :)
1953Troublebear3005closedMewcifer5003 (Protected)
1952AvadaKedavra03plz add the stone brick zone into the region "tedmart_supercenter_2" abitcat said its cool to go into his region a bitclosedMewciferRegion redefined.
1951PPGOMEremove region pls. city was built around itclosedBardidleyRegion removed.
1950axton900extension for further work on my highway model thanksclosedMewciferRegion redefined in a cuboid.
1949Andromeda4210replace the 3 sponges around the estate with flowing water plsclosedMewciferbig spooky estate now has beautiful fountains
1948AvadaKedavra03plz add the stone zone into the black regionclosedElectifriedThe walmart empire has been expanded upon.
1947Humidumdoes modcifer is gay?closedMewciferNO I'M NOT
1946DarkBlueBird11qclaimclosedMewciferArea claimed. Happy building!
1945TuxyWhaletim bs warclosedMewcifertux bs modreq
1944DarkBlueBird11qclaimclosedMewciferbuild a wool border and then modreq again
1943Fezthebearflow pleaseclosedMewciferi did my best
1942TuxyWhaletim keeps removing my tankclosedMewciferare you sure that's a tank tux
1941Fezthebeari'd like to claim this area, thanksclosedMewciferyou're welcome
1940Altaxidi would like a area to be claimedclosedMewciferPlease make an outline of wool and request again.
1939DrTim58protect & call GVR_ClassicclosedMewciferprotected mt. doom (spooky volcanooo)
1938ransoshadofireclaimclosedMewciferProtected. Happy building!
1937Andromeda4210protect the_voidclosedMewciferi put a dash in it but same difference hf with your weird box thing
1936Andromeda4210can you move this build that was built right next to mine please? I couldn't even make region borders before it was madeclosedBardidleyBuild moved North.
1935AvadaKedavra03make the tnt into barrier bloxclosedBardidleyBarriers placed.
1934TuxyWhalegib starterblockclosedMewciferStarter block placed at -240, 252, -351
1933Mcaria27i want this areaclosedMewciferDiscussed via /msg
1932AndyJFprotect this area please?closedMewciferProtected!
1931Ruthlesssssif possible could this square be claimed for me? :)closedZomiseProtected!
1930tippsieI'd like to make a claim (on the pink corners)closedDumbo52Protected
1929Smelly_PoemNani the fuck did you just fucking iimasu about watashi, you chiisai bitch desuka? Watashi’ll have anata know that watashi graduated top of my class in Nihongo 3, also give me perms for my rg thxclosedBardidleyAdded to your region.
1928defiexpls to flow water cubed.closeddefiexSPlish shall be splashed!
1927MasterCommaTheput lava in the eye plz?closedMasterCommaThefixed
1926TuxyWhalecan you shift this dragon over like 5 blocks to the leftclosedBardidleySorry, we cannot change your build!
1925Andromeda4210replace the 4 buttons with item frames plsclosedSocarch26all wheeled up
1924Andromeda4210replace this gold ore with flowing water plsclosedMewciferflowing water placed
1923OleToothlessrequesting world edit regionclosedSilversunsetregion created
1922AnonymousDapperCan you allow permanent water flow in this region/soon-to-be-extended region?closedSilversunsetthat isnt something we can do, you can /flow or WE water
1921AnonymousDapperPlease expand the region outlined in orange to include the area outlined in lime green.closedSilversunsetregion expanded to include green area
1920MrTheKingredefine region to coal block outlineclosedMewciferRegion redefined!
1919MrTheKingexpando for phat trumpet interchange plsclosedMewciferProtected!
1918AnonymousDapperPlease protect/WE-enable the region outlined by pink wool hereclosedMewciferProtected!
1917Silversunsettesting!closedAypoptest complete! again!
1916archelonpls create region in this white wool rectangle for worldedit, thanksclosedscherererererregion created
1915ThePrimalLordHatclaimclosedMasterCommaTheBreaking through the trees ThePrimalLordHat surveyed the cliffside and knew this would be his home forevermore.
1914MumberthraxPlease protect this redwool/snow delimited area as "Flaga_Polski"closedMewciferProtected
1910BarlimoreRegion creation for self.closedBarlimoreAdded.
1909AvadaKedavra03Make this a savanna tooclosedtorteelaRegion made into a savanna too
1908AvadaKedavra03This should also be a savannaclosedtorteelaArea also turned into a savanna
1907AvadaKedavra03Make a Savanna <- Savanna entire regionclosedtorteelaMesa -----> savanna
1906AvadaKedavra03Make a savanna entire regionclosedtorteelaTurned the entire region into a savanna
1905AvadaKedavra03@req 1904: Also, if you don't have time, patience or whatever to deal with biome changes, PLEASE just leave it for someone else. I don't want to make another modreq for this because its annoying me a ton. Thank you.closedSilversunsetsee 1904.
1904AvadaKedavra03@req 1902: Holy fuck either you guys are dumb as rocks or just ignorant... The grass color is fucking dark green... I want the biome to be SAVANNA. Please change the ENTIRE region's biome to SAVANNA. PM WITH QUESTIONS!closedSilversunsetIf you need help from staff you need to be polite about it. Name calling is inappropriate and will not be tolerated.
1903texbprotect plsclosedMasterCommaTheProtected this layer, and all 200 above and below it as well. :D
1902AvadaKedavra03change the entire biome in this region to savanna thxclosedMasterCommaTheThe Biome is already set to Savanna per a previous modreq. Setting it doesn't change the materials like the sand, only the shade of grass.
1901WunaheartstringsrequestclosedMewciferDuplicate request.
1900WunaheartstringsrequestclosedMewciferDidn't actually need help, closing.
1899AvadaKedavra03rename this region tedmart_supercenter_2closedSilversunsetregion renamed
1898AvadaKedavra03rename this tedmart_supercenter_2closedAvadaKedavra03
1897AvadaKedavra03add the yellow zone to tedmart_supercenter_2closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1896MewciferCan I get /warp Athel facing to the north instead of the east?closedBardidleyWarp aligned to North.
1895Tedbearcheck pms between andrew and iclosedHolliferPM'ing both parties.
1894PPGOMEwool to frame plsclosedChallenger2Framed!
1893PPGOMEwool to frames plsclosedChallenger2Your framed!
1892Murtauhclaim landclosedHolliferProtected
1891Dumbo52Please replace sponge in eyes with end gatewaysclosedChallenger2Gateways placed
1890stellarvikinggib plsclosedstellarvikingcancel
1889TuxyWhalemew sucksclosedMewciferthnx
1888texbitem frame request now clear :^)closedZomisePlaced!
1887Tedbearop weaponclosedMewciferop weapon tossed into mount doom
1886texbitems frames tbh (whoever reads this YOUR COOL)closedZomiseUnclear where you want the itemframes placed. Please clarify.
1885AhoubiaOmAnsklenreplace this glass with barriersclosedMewciferbarriers placed
1884AhoubiaOmAnsklencan we get a warp hereclosedHolliferM O A R // A E S T H E T I C -- Will reconsider when more D A N K.
1883Haikupls place frAmes on the signs with "framme" on themclosedMewciferfrAmmes plAcd
1882Haikuplace frames here plsclosedHeysofiaI placed them on the end of the chair, not sure where you wanted them. Maybe mark with paintings if need to re-request?
1881AhoubiaOmAnsklenpvp in this region plsclosedMewciferknock yourself out (literally?)
1880AhoubiaOmAnsklenflow plsclosedMewciferflowed
1879AhoubiaOmAnsklencan you set the compass flag to deny temporarily in this regionclosedMewcifertesting complete
1878WaxTedprotect pink regionclosedLappy486Protected!
1877Ethaksusprotection could I please get this redstone plot as a region so I can flow liquids?closedMewciferI did protect your plot, however, to get flowing water you need to modreq.
1876GeoFreyrPlease protect my regionclosedHeysofiaRegion made and protected! :)
1875_SquishtheFairy_Claim this area for me pleaseclosedMasterCommaTheRegion created. "William"
1874CheetahCatMay I please have 1 item frame placed? item frame placed.
1873Haikunsfw pls ban rIght nOwclosedBardidleyNSFW addition removed from build.
1872AhoubiaOmAnsklenexpandableclosedMewciferregion redefined
1871AhoubiaOmAnsklenextend the bacc of cjc_2 to hereclosedMewciferPlease build a border and make a new modreq.
1870AhoubiaOmAnsklenflow plsclosedAhoubiaOmAnsklenout of region rip
1869TuxyWhalemew do the thing with the sign giving the bookclosedMewciferi did the thing
1868AhoubiaOmAnskleni fukd this up can you fix this lmaoclosedMewciferfixed!
1867tippsiei'd like to make a land claimclosedMewciferyour application for a land claim has been processed. congratulations!
1866CanesVenaticiclaimclosedcheezychickenregion "canesvenatici_region" created!
1865Andromeda4210griefed build?closedMewciferOut of logs, but thanks for reporting
1864Mewciferbard plz berid of cta ripoffclosedBardidleyabandoned rail line removed!
1863AhoubiaOmAnsklenit appears our region is cut short please make it go to the limitclosedMewciferregion fixed
1862Humidumalmighty modcifer, i call upon your powers again to rename my child rg to 'gotham_extension_2'closedMewciferthe almighty modcifer has once again used her blessed powers to bestow upon your child region... a new name...
1861Humidummake smol rg child of big 1 pls ty almighty modciferclosedMewciferalmighty modcifer has set said region to child rg of gotham--congratulations on your new child
1860TuxyWhalemew you try too hardclosedMewcifermaybe
1859TuxyWhaleno more modreqs for you mewclosedMewciferthnx +1
1857TuxyWhaleI finished another one bbyclosedBardidleyMinigame map location noted, will pass on to minigames rep.
1856TuxyWhalecover rest with framesclosedMewciferframes placed
1855TuxyWhaleother map finishclosedBardidleyMinigame map location noted, will pass on to minigames rep.
1854TuxyWhaleI finish map it's a thingclosedBardidleyMinigame map location noted, will pass on to minigames rep.
1853Haikupls review my CTF Minigame map thankuclosedBardidleyMinigame map location noted, will pass on to minigames rep.
1852HaikunO u missed these slimeblocks pls replace w barrirsclosedMewcifer*sweats* i did no such thing
1851Haikupls replace all the slime w barrir blocks thxn momclosedMewciferslime blocks repl with barriers
1850TuxyWhalemake sign dispense bookclosedMewciferSign dispenser hybrid created
1848TuxyWhalegib clame pleaseclosedMewciferPlease complete your border and submit another modreq.
1847HaikufloclosedHaikunvm i did it
1846HiddenWormI'd like to extend my protection a bit moreclosedDumbo52Region expanded
1845Mumberthraxsuggest adding "/warp space" to this signclosedBardidleySign updated. thanks for letting us know it was missing.
1844MumberthraxPlease protect the area delimited by the lime wool to y125.closedbermudalocketprotected to y125!
1843Mumberthrax2x floating signsclosedbermudalocketpoof. what signs? :D
1842MumberthraxPlease protect the area delimited by the line of lime wool to y:103 with a region name "Shadilay"closedExcessiveTokerProtected!
1841Heysofiathis is for silversunset etc, accidently worldedited into this tent. Undid it but item frames didn't fix.closedSilversunsettry being less of a dirty griefer next time, k??
1840Heysofiacan dumbo pls fix this stand (like the other one) for me, pls and thanks :)closedDumbo52
1839TuxyWhalemew worst mod 2017closedMewcifertuxy not nicest default 2017
1838HaikuflowclosedHaikuNani the fuck did you just fucking iimasu about watashi, you chiisai bitch desuka? Watashi’ll have anata know that watashi graduated top of my class in Nihongo 3, and watashi’ve been involved in iroirona Nihongo tutoring sessions, and watashi ha
1837Andromeda4210replace button with item frame plsclosedMewciferframe placed
1836DrTim58mew is mean and scaryclosedMewciferi know
1834DrTim58protect and call timtestclosedMewciferprotecc
1833CheetahCatMay I please have 2 item frames placed for kitchen cabinets?closedLappy486Placed!
1832cheezychickenclaim the orange with drop-allow flags plzclosedMewciferALL OF YOU
1831CtauegetlprotectclosedHeysofiaProtected! :)
1830Andromeda4210are avo signs still bannable? I found oneclosedDumbo52Removed
1829MrTheKingredefine the bridge region for a twin span with permission from dumboclosedMewciferRegion redefined.
1828TuxyWhaleframe me plsclosedHeysofiaFramed! :)
1827HaikumEw flOw my waterclosedChallenger2FloWeD
1826PPGOMEgold to frame plsclosedChallenger2Framed
1824MrTheKingcan this be moved its really old and hasnt been touched in agesclosedHolliferIncomplete build moved.
1823TheDiamondPuma29plz claim my house plzclosedExcessiveTokerProtected! You can remove your border now that it's protected.
1822HiddenWormprotection - i'd like to expand my build area a bitclosedDumbo52Region expanded
1821Humidumplz add marked section to larger gotham claimclosedMewciferRequested area turned into small region extension
1820Mumberthraxglass and quartz griefclosedBardidleySign repaired.
1819MumberthraxPlease protect the area delimited by the red wool to y 204 as "Millwall"closedZomiseProtected!
1818Andromeda4210redefine delfino_plaza region size to the stone borders plsclosedMewciferRedefined
1817Abitcatyou forgot a side. (make spruce barrier pl0x)closedMewciferWith these invisible barriers, you're gonna cause a lot of accidents
1816CarrotappleCan I remove this tree? Its very close to my build line. Thx in adv.closedHolliferYes.
1815MumberthraxMay I have the cyan wool-delimited area protected as "Deus"?closedDumbo52Protected
1814Abitcatalso make this spruce barrier.closedZomiseThe server did it's best to refuse me, but I did it. \o/
1813Abitcatreplace spruce wood into barrier bloccsclosedMewciferBarriers placed!
1812HiddenWormprotectionclosedMewciferArea protected. Happy building!
1811buryyourflamesrequestclosedBardidleyBuild protected.
1810MrTheKingcan this region be made a child region of the main houston region?closedBardidleyhouston_ocws_storage set as a child of houston.
1809Mumberthraxremove unused region at this locationclosedMasterCommaTheremoved!
1808tippsieI'd like it to be forever night in my region "tippsie_ocean"closedAstronomewTime set to midnight--forever!
1807MrTheKingcan you protect this very narrow region for road expansion plsclosedZomiseProtected as mrtheking_roadextention.
1806McMoofincan we get some flowing water here?closedAstronomewWater flowed!
1805LivelyMeteor114i'm in creative and would like to get a land claim if possible?closedAstronomewLand claimed. Happy building!
1804Andromeda4210griefed robotsclosedAstronomewrestored
1803Andromeda4210penis buildclosedAstronomewi removed thy dicc
1802DrTim58i'm in the room where it happenedclosedAstronomewI've got to be in the room where it happens
1801Haikumew did 9/11closedHaikuit was an inside job
1800Andromeda4210me thanksclosedAstronomewgrats
1799Choco_Dragorequest deleting a claimclosedBardidleyClaim removed. However your 30+ day edits cannot be removed. Let this be a monument to your unfinished build.
1798McMoofinbuild protection plsclosedAstronomewTemple moved to a clean space and protected!
1797AvadaKedavra03Hi please change the biome to savannaclosedMasterCommaTheMission Success!
1796AvadaKedavra03make the new combined texaquerque region into savanna biomeclosedAstronomewBiome set. Relog for update.
1795AvadaKedavra03please combine texaquerque_side, texaquerque_uptown and texaquerque_downtown into texaquerqueclosedAstronomewRegions annexed into texaquerque
1794Murtauhflow waterclosedMurtauh
1793AvadaKedavra03create the green corner/blue edge of my other region and the edge of "texaquerque" as a new regionclosedAstronomewNew region created
1792Murtauhplot protectionclosedAstronomewProtected
1791AvadaKedavra03Please create a region in this square (orange/1:2 box), combine this new region with texaquerque_side1,2,3 and then combine this new region with rg "texaquerque" creating one rg. pm w/ questionsclosedAstronomewRegion redefined
1790MrTheKingcan you change this side wall from smooth sandstone to seamless sandstone 43:9 plsclosedAstronomewBlocks changed
1789MrTheKingprotect this tiny ass area for more military housing plsclosedAstronomewRegion claimed
1788Tedbearcan I get a signage sub region plsclosedAstronomewsignage region set as child for ocws
1787AvadaKedavra03can a mod/admin remove this house? its kinda blocking the suburb/grocery development here thanksclosedBardidleyHouse relocated, you can now claim.
1786asgarnianwoecould you claim a regionclosediNerd71Build protected
1785MrTheKingprotect for more military housingclosediNerd71Additional housing region created
1784Andromeda4210protectclosedChallenger2Protected attacked helicopter
1783Haikuprotect!~~~~ Me~~closedMasterCommaTheProtected your invisible boat.
1782Andromeda4210teleport on block contact in the tubes for Spawn City to /warp downtown and Gotham to my public home "Gotham" and Blair Heights to my public home "BlairHeights"closedDumbo52Warp regions created
1781Andromeda4210teleport on block contact in the tubes to the warps with the same name on the signs except Athel which goes to the public "Athel" home I set for it, and CMOScow which goes to the "Cmoscow" public home I setclosedDumbo52Warp regions created
1780MasterCommaThePlease rename my region to "Master_Skyfall"closedMasterCommaThe
1779Haikuclaim this mappo plot thanksuclosedDumbo52Claimed
1778Silversunsetpls2make haven regionclosedSilversunsetyerp.
1777AvadaKedavra03rename region "walmart_discount_12"closedSilversunsetrenamed
1776AvadaKedavra03rename region "walmart_discount_11"closedSilversunsetrenamed
1775AvadaKedavra03rename region "walmart_discount_10"closedSilversunsetrenamed
1774MrTheKingis this a griffclosedAstronomewFixed! thnx for report
1773MrTheKingprotect for phase 2 of interstate 55closedAstronomewSorry about this but could you complete the border and modreq again please?
1772AvadaKedavra03redefine region as walmart_supercenter_8closedAstronomewrenamed
1771AvadaKedavra03redefine region as walmart_supercenter_7closedtorteelaregion redefined
1770AvadaKedavra03redefine region as walmart_discount_6closedAstronomewrenamed
1769AvadaKedavra03redefine region as walmart_discount_4closedtorteelaRegion redefined
1767AvadaKedavra03redefine region as walmart_discount_3closedAstronomewrenamed
1766AvadaKedavra03redefine region as walmart_supercenter_2closedAstronomewrenamed
1765AvadaKedavra03there you got it claim walmart_supercenter_5 goodbyeclosedAstronomewThank you, and region complete
1764Andromeda4210griefed treeclosedtorteelatree unburned
1763Astronomewgrief out of lbclosedtorteelaOut of logs, but thanks for reporting.
1762Andromeda4210griefclosedtorteelaOut of logs, but thanks for reporting.
1761HaikugreIFclosedtorteelaOut of logs, but thanks for reporting.
1760AvadaKedavra03make red box into "WALMART_supercenter_5"closedAstronomewPlease form a complete border around the area you want protected then make a new modreq.
1759MrTheKingprotect for new interstate connecting texaquerque and houston phase 1 but theres like two really small abandoned builds in the wayclosedHolliferPlease try not to claim over small builds in the future. People use "abandoned build" too freely. Neither of those builds were out of logs. I protected it, but please be considerate in the future. Small build =/= abandoned build.
1758AvadaKedavra03Claim this red marked zone as "Public_Highway_2"closedAstronomewHighway claimed
1756TheMajesticSteakprotectclosedAstronomewRegion created
1755Andromeda4210teleport on block contact in each glass tube with the respective warps that the signs sayclosedAstronomewWarp-doors created succ-cessfully
1754AvadaKedavra03add this marked orange border to the tedmart_discount_8 region, and rename it "tedmart_supercenter_8"closedAstronomewRegion renamed and redefined
1753MrTheKingprotect for major expansion of the new teds club subsidiary of tedmartclosedHolliferProtected
1752Andromeda4210is this a penis?closedAstronomewDon't think so--looks like bad color choice to me.
1751MrTheKingprotect my farmroad before development destroys the vibe pleaseclosedAstronomewi have protected your glorious farm road; may it be safe from the evils of modern development
1750Murtauhexpand regionclosedAstronomewRegion redefined
1749buzzie71please protect this area :OclosedAstronomewprotec dun :O
1748MrTheKingi need this area protected but only for landscaping i know its right on the border of someone but im just landscaping nothing elseclosedtorteelaregion created
1747MrTheKingi need this plsclosedAstronomewIf you say so...
1746AvadaKedavra03add brick area to tedmart_discount_2 and redefine tedmart_discount_2 as "tedmart_supercenter_2"closedAstronomewRegion redefined and renamed.
1745Murtauhitem frame where glowstone isclosedZomiseItem frame placed!
1744Abitcatmake water flowclosedHolliferFlowed!
1743Cupcakekittygirlreplace the iron_bar to barrierclosedHolliferReplaced!
1742Murtauhiteem fraayem deh gloestoeclosedAstronomewiteem fraayem deh gloestoe cOmplEET
1741MurtauhGlowstone needs to be replaed with item frameclosedAstronomewyou hv been framd x3
1740MurtauhReplace glowstone with item frameclosedAstronomewyou hv been framd x2
1739Murtauhitem frame replacing glowstoneclosedAstronomewyou hv been framd
1738tippsieI'd like to make a land claimclosedAstronomewCongratulations! Your application for a claim has been processed, and your region has been granted accordingly.
1737Andromeda4210warp worthy build?closedAstronomew./setwarp shitpost
1736Murtauhregion creationclosedDumbo52Protected
1735MrTheKingcan houston_ocws_storage be expanded south to the orange clay border plsclosedbermudalocketregion expanded! enjoy!
1734kittypuppetedit/expand proctection please? :)closedBardidleyRegion redefined!
1733SkrapssparkScould my building be moved out of the way of avadakedavra03's highway?closedBardidleyBuild has been moved to the East. the best I could fit it into the cliff - Hope its ok.
1732AvadaKedavra03claim the white box as part of tedmart_discount_2closedAstronomewRegion redefined!
1731stellarvikingpls to put an item frame on this wool hereclosedChallenger2Framed.
1730Murtauhm,ake this armorstand invisibleclosedChallenger2Sort of done.
1729Murtauhremove PPGOME from my RG owner's list, as he was added by mistake.closedAstronomewPPGOME removed from licheiejdfjdmruiiwadei
1728Skegbearpls clear plotclosedAstronomewBuilds removed
1727PPGOMEice to barriers plclosedDumbo52Replaced
1726kittypuppetprotect pls :3closedFlumperProtected. :)
1725PPGOMEice to barrier plsclosedAstronomewi did it; all by hand!
1724PPGOMEice to barrier plsclosedDumbo52Replaced
1723teddypantsclaim tedwearpantsclosedAstronomewteds don't wear pants but hey, i don't make the rules. here's your rg.
1722Tedbearjizzing diccclosedBardidleyBuild removed.
1721PPGOMEwhat is helpreqclosedAstronomewidk plz
1720PPGOMEif possible, light green wool to permanant flow blocks pls.closedDumbo52Flowed
1719PPGOMEred wool to barrier plsclosedDumbo52Barrier placed
1718AvadaKedavra03replace the glass with itemframesclosedDumbo52Framed
1717AvadaKedavra03replace the glass with itemframesclosedDumbo52Framed
1716AvadaKedavra03replace the glass with itemframesclosedDumbo52Framed
1715AvadaKedavra03replace the glass with itemframesclosedDumbo52Framed
1714AvadaKedavra03replace the glass with itemframesclosedDumbo52Framed
1713Skegbearrename region to invandraclosedElectifriedYour region has been renamed.
1712AndyJFMy borders don't seem to be set correctly. I can't WE on the east of my regionclosedAstronomewRegion redefined
1711Astronomewadmin-quartz border here with no rg and not in lb. pls remove? want to expand my connector rgclosedBardidleyYou can go ahead and remove the quartz and claim the region.
1710Skegbearmoms spaghetticlosedAstronomewe-e palms are... sweaty... (i dont listen to eminem)
1709Tedbearcan a mac user or UK staff member change the $ to pounds?closedZomiseOr you know... anyone who has £ on their keyboard. :)
1708Astronomewtell me a storyclosedtorteelastory told
1707DrTim58GVR warp sign to 1563 60 1457closedAstronomewwow u have warp
1706John_Fuccmanbelly rubclosedAstronomewno
1705CanesVenaticiclaimclosedZomiseRegion created as canesvenatici_build
1704AndyJFis there a way to save builds from my region?closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
1703Haikureigon within my reigon? it appears to be only the floor thoughclosedBardidleyI think a build got moved out of madbro_man region. Someone must have forgot to remove the region. Region has been removed.
1702Haikupls expand rg thankyouuuclosedAstronomewthe louisiana exchange has been annexed into america! let's take a moment to thank the french.
1701Haikupls remove this reigon thanksbclosedBardidleyRegion removed.
1700AvadaKedavra03please delete region kmart_discount_3closedBardidleyRegion removed.
1699AvadaKedavra03claim the yellow area and add it to "tedmart_supercenter_7"closedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1698AvadaKedavra03this is too close to my build thank youclosedAvadaKedavra03
1697Murtauhexpand regionclosedcheezychickenregion expanded!
1696RDstonetrxzclaimclosedAstronomewClaimed, and added PPGOME (he made part of the border)
1695DrTim58region greeting - Welcome to the Arselon Science Research Village -closedHeysofiaAdded! :)
1694JustGrayForgecan Bearforce_One not swear?closedElectifriedSwearing is allowed.
1693Haikupls place frames on the glASSclosedSilversunsetglassy glassy framey framey
1692XWarriorYZprotect plzclosedAstronomewRegion claimed
1691XWarriorYZI am choosing a new area to build...I have decided to go ina new direction with my mountain terraforming. The other claim can be rolled back and/or unclaimed :0closedBardidleyBecause there were so many edits here it will take way too long to roll back. I am deleting the region and leaving this as a monument to your first build on Rev32 lol
1690PPGOMEclaim plsclosedExcessiveTokerHi! Before giving you this large region, we would like to see your other regions, such as Airedale, become more developed!
1689PineappleSnacksCan you please flow these 4 waters at the top. Thanks!closedvarjflowed
1688Haikuplace frames on the glass thankuclosedExcessiveTokerFramedcc (idk what this double c trend means)
1687PineappleSnacksFlow this water please. I broke it earlier :(closedDumbo52Flowed
1686SpaceFlyewell actually, can i just have my border exteneded one block out?closedDumbo52Region expanded
1685SpaceFlyecan i have this tiny sliver outside my border so I can copy the gate over to other sides?closedDumbo52
1684GizzleTinksPlease elevate this modreq : after testing with dumbo having nocheat disabled, it seems nocheat is interfering with players riding minecarts in this contraption, can that flag be edited please? It only fails when a player is in the minecartclosedDumbo52Fixed
1683GizzleTinkscan u change biome of this plot to savanahclosedAstronomewShould be changed! Relog to update it
1682GizzleTinksclaim this for gegland themeparkpleazzzeeee senpaiiiclosedAstronomewhf at gegland \o/
1681trekman10add this area south of the existing region to the aforementioned region k thxclosedAstronomewNew region made
1680AvadaKedavra03claim blue box "kmart_discount_3_sign"closedAvadaKedavra03
1679PineappleSnacksCould you please FlOw this water. There are 4 total, one at each corner. Thanks!closedAstronomewwater flowed
1678AvadaKedavra03please combine kmart_discount_3, kmart_discount_3_road and kmart_discount_3_stripmall into kmart_discount_3 thank youclosedAstronomewRegions combined
1677Andromeda4210protect bunker and down to y 30 plsclosedLappy486Protected!
1676DrTim58rename to new_arselon my apologies for dun-goofing with the original name requestclosedAstronomewu dun-goofed... but i fixed it
1675DrTim58protect and call Old_ArselonclosedAstronomewarse!
1674PineappleSnacksCould you please flow this water. Thanks!closedExcessiveTokerFlooooooooowed.
1673MrTheKingexpand araiobear_suburb west when the smaller road work region is removed plsclosedAstronomewRegion redefined!
1672MrTheKingremove this region so i can expand the tedmart region plsclosedAstronomewRegion deleted with permission from admin
1671AndyJFprotect this area pleaseclosedExcessiveTokerRegion redefined! :)
1670Silversunsettest!closedSilversunsettesting complete!
1669XWarriorYZUpdated plot protect please :)closedBarlimoreDuplicate request - You're welcome to see your open requests in future with /check or view the modreq page here:
1668XWarriorYZprotect plsclosedBarlimoreProtection added, build and world edit in peace!
1667DrTim58please make this hologram into 3 lines (much like in another location in the lab) instead of the 1 long line it presently is inclosedBardidleyOk, I have converted this into 3 lines.
1666PPGOMEprotect pls. name: ppgome_lsr or just lsr if possible plsclosedAstronomewRg created
1665MrTheKingactually can a mod move it i dont know where to put it pls SEND HELP just kinda scooch it behind the claim near the bigger oneclosedMrTheKing
1664MrTheKingprotect this for new military housing complex and dont worry the pyramid will be moved via 20 semi trucksclosedAstronomewYou may need more than 20 semi trucks...
1663MrTheKingis this road abandoned and if it is can i take ownership of it to finish it?closedExcessiveTokerYou're now the region owner! Modreq if you need any expansions or whatever :D
1662trekman102/? into the CTA red, as shown here: Or should I just move the east-west part to be south of it entirely, avoiding the problem. Dumbo said I should ask you all thorugh a modreq.closedBardidleyIf he doesnt show up soon, the abandoned tracks could be removed.
1661trekman101/? I'm trying to work on the CTA:Red Line & there's an existing line by 0_birb that would be good to connect with. Only problem is, they haven't been on in a month. Now, my question is, can I get perms to edit the existing line and incorporate itclosedBardidleyFor now you should completely bypass his station and small track section. Not really a need for another spawn type of station anyway.
1660trekman10the area with this red wool, if that could be protected that would be goodclosedAstronomewRegion created
1659Haikuput item frames on the glasses pls thankuclosedAstronomewframz pled
1658Haikuland dispute problem (please DM me when online for details, thanks bbs)closedBardidleyDiscussed the circumstances of this land claim.
1657Andromeda4210someone griefed my statue (there was fire in the eyes, now there isn't)closedChallenger2Fire reignited
1656AvadaKedavra03inactive region -- this user hasnt been on since february and the region hasnt been developed since inceptionclosedBardidleyInactive region removed.
1655AvadaKedavra03inactive spam region -- please remove. this user hasnt logged in since march and basically inputted 4 commands to get a huge box with lava and glassclosedBardidleyWE spam region removed.
1654MrTheKingi require this piece o land for a kmart plsclosedAstronomewRegion created!
1653Korque412claimclosedAstronomewRegion created
1652Murtauhwarp to city "/warp Liechtenauer"closedBardidleyWarped!
1651Murtauhlet Mew do more modreqsclosedHolliferThe funniest part about this is that i'm leaving one open for her and shes being lazy.
1650HeartshineBloc kspamclosedAstronomewblok spem goNE
1649PPGOMEgreen to barrier plsclosedChallenger2
1648HeartshineCold one Signs have always had an hour of Nausea on them, what is with the single minuteclosedChallenger2There is a 1 hour sign at the party room.
1647axton900excuse me could you please extend to where the end of the bridge is? thanksclosedExcessiveTokerRegion expanded!
1646AvadaKedavra03please redefine "tedmart_discount_7" to become "tedmart_supercenter_7" and please make the new region include the blue boxclosedExcessiveTokerRegion redefined.
1645AvadaKedavra03please redefine "tedmart_discount_7" to become "tedmart_supercenter_3" and please make the new region include the blue boxclosedAvadaKedavra03
1644Haikupls protecc these 2 squares (also add drtim58)closedDumbo52Protected
1643AvadaKedavra03border is too close to kmart_discount_3 (different region) -- current border gap is 5 but it should be 10 -- please discuss a border move thank youclosedAvadaKedavra03
1642AvadaKedavra03border is too close to kmart_discount_3_road -- current border gap is 5 but it should be 10 -- please discuss a border move thank youclosedAvadaKedavra03
1641Haikupls extendo protectoclosedDumbo52Extended
1640AvadaKedavra03claim the blue zone (bordered with my regions, both the kmart and the road connecting it. please claim it as "kmart_discount_3_stripmall"closedLappy486Region created!
1639AvadaKedavra03redstone testingclosedExcessiveTokerRemoved, thank you for reporting :)
1638axton900i want to edit the worldclosedDumbo52Protected
1637migg47plotclosedAstronomewDuplicate request
1636migg47plotclosedAstronomewRegion created
1635PandaWithWIFIclaimclosedElectifriedRegion created.
1634trekman10a small area around this build to be protected plz?closedDumbo52Region created in testbuild
1633Andromeda4210please move this build right outside of my claimclosedBardidleyThanks for reporting.
1632AvadaKedavra03create stone region "kmart_discount_2"closedAstronomewrg claimed
1631AvadaKedavra03create red region "kmart_discount_2_road"closedAstronomewrg claimed
1630AvadaKedavra03Claim red area as "tedmart_discount_12"closedAstronomewregion created
1629AvadaKedavra03Claim red area as "tedmart_discount_11"closedAstronomewregion created
1628AvadaKedavra03Claim red area as "tedmart_discount_10"closedAstronomewregion claimed
1627FindingWilliamPet Glitch still happening, got 6+ pets because of itclosedBardidleyDuplicate.
1626Murtauhregion expansionclosedAstronomewRegion redefined.
1625AndyJFrestore this ship model from a backup? was in the middle of a copy and the server resetclosedSir_DidymusStructural integrity compromised! Deploying repair bots.
1624Ipuntyamoving the pixelart to the pixelart warp sounds like a good idea, yes.closedAstronomewMoved to pixel art
1623AvadaKedavra03please change region name to kmart_discount_2closedAstronomewRegion renamed
1622tippsieI'd like to enable snow in my plot "tippsie_mountainside"closedAstronomewWeather set! Leave and rejoin, and it should be updated.
1621HaikuMod Protecc~~~closedBardidleyProteccted!
1620Ipuntyacould i have the build area for the pixel art i am making protected? i'm new here and am not entirely sure how the land claim system works, but the art is at -2191, -4535closedBardidleyI would highly recommend having your pixel art moved to our warp at /warp pixelart let me know if you want it placed there.
1619Andromeda4210read me a bedtime story plsclosedAstronomewonce upon a time there was a little andrew and for his birthday his [parent/legal guardian] gave him a cute kitty the end
16182Miners2013requestclosedAstronomewI moved the block back northwest a bit. You were sandwiched between two claims, so I moved it to get you more space :)
1617AvadaKedavra03claim box tedmart_discount_10closedAstronomewAre you sure you don't have enough Tedmarts?
1616FindingWiIIiamExtend Land Please. I have made the wool biggerclosedBardidleyYou only need to make 1 modreq
1615FindingWiIIiamExtend Land Please. I have made the wool biggerclosedBardidleyRegion redefined. Have fun!
1614FindingWilliamrequestclosedBardidleyDuplicate request.
1613FindingWilliamtheres floating letters that I want to go please, an admin put it but it doesn't need to be there nowclosedBardidleyRemoved hologram.
1612MrTheKingi also need this for road expansion plsclosedAstronomewRegion created
1611Murtauhreplace glowstone with item frameclosedAstronomewframe placed
1610FindingWilliamPet Glitch, whenever I add a pet it gets rid of one from my list.. i have more than 6 animals now from glitchclosedBardidleyBarnyard has a few glitches you will have to live with it until or if it gets fixed.
1609FindingWilliamrequestclosedAstronomewDiscussed via pm
1608FindingWiIIiamExpand please :D . i made the wool square biggerclosedAstronomewRegion redefined
1607MrTheKingi need this area protected for road work plsclosedAstronomewRegion created
1606AvadaKedavra03create region for road exchange (NE_Highway_Exchange)closedAstronomewRegion created
1605promaxxeextend protection for promaxxe_largeclosedAstronomewRegion redefined.
1604AvadaKedavra03Claim this small box as "NE_Highway_Reststop_1"closedAstronomewrg created
1603AvadaKedavra03(Let me know ASAP if this won't work) -- please claim this long cobble zone for a road to connect the rural part of the quadrent to the rest of it. Name the region NE_Highway_1 -- thanks in advance and plz contact if you can't create this region.closedBardidleyProtected.
1602FindingWiIIiamExpand this part please, i made the wool rectangle bigger :)closedSir_DidymusDuplicate.
1601FindingWiIIiamExpand this part please, i made the wool rectangle bigger :)closedSir_DidymusClaim expanded.
1600Andromeda4210read me a story pls? (also gg me for #1600)closedAstronomewonce upon a time there was a special andrew who got the 1600th modreq. the end.
1599AvadaKedavra03claim this box as tedmart_discount_8closedAstronomewrg claimed
1598AvadaKedavra03claim this box as tedmart_discount_7closedAstronomewi still want my tedmart coupons
1597AvadaKedavra03claim this box as tedmart_discount_6closedAstronomewwhere are you gonna find 6 managers??
1596AvadaKedavra03inactive claimclosedAstronomewRegion removed
1595Haikuplease~~~ protecc~~~ pls~~closedAstronomewrg~~~~~~protecd~~~~~
1594AvadaKedavra03claim the rock border as tedmart_discount_5closedAstronomewtedmart foundation 5/31023 set
1593AvadaKedavra03claim the rock border as tedmart_discount_4closedAstronomewtedmart foundation 4/31023 set
1592AvadaKedavra03player trapclosedHolliferNot a player trap, just a pvp arena. I went ahead and sealed it off
1591FindingWiIIiamextend this part please if u couldclosedAstronomewRegion redefined
1590AvadaKedavra03(seperate from req 1589) claim the stonebrick area as "tedmart_discount_3"closedAstronomewRegion claimed.
1589AvadaKedavra03claim the stonebrick area as "tedmart_discount_2" and move the unclaimed inactive treehouse somewhere elseclosedHolliferI just realized this was outside a city claim, I went ahead and nudged it over
1588FindingWiIIiamPlease make the region bigger if u could , i already made the wool biggerclosedHolliferExpanded!
1587cherrytredefine regionclosedHolliferRedefined!
1586OlafBlockbaneim having issues with world edit. whenever i try to world edit something below a certain point it says im outside my regionclosedAstronomewRemade region. Try now.
1585Andromeda4210replace signs saying item frame here with item frames?closedAstronomewFrames placed... thanks lol
1584OlafBlockbanehay can someone give me a world edit space, ive built a borderclosedAstronomewRegion created
1583Andromeda4210I don't have permission to use /bacc, /home, and /tp at spawnclosedHolliferUnsure what the problem was, but it's definitely fixed now. Several people have tested each command and can confirm that it works.
1582Andromeda4210apply midnight time lock to bank_heist plsclosedAstronomewteim set
1581Andromeda4210protect unprotected parts in the border as bank_heistclosedAstronomewregion created :P
1580EugeneHunter420protectclosedAstronomewRegion created.
1579cherrytclam plsclosedAstronomewhere am rg
1578Goracer75nope i wontclosedAstronomew
1577Goracer75im griefingclosedAstronomew
1576Goracer75ill stopclosedAstronomew
1575Goracer75ill stopclosedAstronomew
1574Goracer75ill stopclosedAstronomew
1573Goracer75ill stopclosedAstronomew
1572Goracer75ill stopclosedAstronomew
1568Goracer75plz unmute ill stopclosedDumbo52
1567Goracer75unmute meclosedDumbo52
1566dalyn56nevermindclosedAstronomewNext time, please do /done [#reqnumber] to close your modreq :)
1564FindingWillyPlease claim this plot im on for me tyclosedAstronomewPlot is now yours. Happy building! :)
1563FindingWillyRemove PlotclosedAstronomewDupe request.
1562FindingWillyRemove PlotclosedAstronomewYou have been removed from the plot
1561PPGOMEmoosic stahpedclosedAstronomewplz.
1560AvadaKedavra03replace diorite with barrierclosedAvadaKedavra03
1559PPGOMEplae chest in here somewhere plsclosedAstronomewcHeSt
1558PPGOMEwool to barrier plsclosedChallenger2//Replaced
1557FindingWilliamprotectclosedAstronomewDuplicate request
1556FindingWiIIiamprotectclosedAstronomewRegion claimed! Happy building :)
1555FindingWiIIiamWe need some help:)closedAstronomewHelp acquired
1554Choco_DragoprotectionclosedAstronomewRegion created! Happy building :)
1553Silversunsethelp!closedSilversunsettesting complete!
1552SarthakMcan u place a starter blockclosedBarlimoreGood luck here!
1551AvadaKedavra03Please change texaquerque_uptown's biome to SAVANNA. All of it please. Thanks :DclosedAstronomewBiome set! Relog to update it, and lmk if it didn't work.
1549Grimwaltzgriefing detected in zombie face and skeleton bow and arrowclosedBardidleyThanks for reporting.
1548Tedbearthis sbooged me, could I get a logblock?closedDumbo52
1547Murtauhregion expansionclosedtorteelaregion expanded
1546MurtauhCorrect spelling of greeting to "Liechtenauer"closedAstronomewSorry, fixed!
1545MurtauhGreeting for city region "Welcome to Lichtenauer"closedAstronomewGreeting set!
1544cherrytportal dis portal [admin]closedBardidleyPortal placed.
1543Murtauhspawn three pigsclosedbermudalocketexplained /pet via /msg :)
1542Murtauhitem frames where glowstone isclosedcheezychickenframes placed!
1541thDoomHippiejust need a claim expansion, underestimated the idea :pclosedcheezychickenregion expanded!
1540AndyJFprotect this area pleaseclosedBardidleyRegion redefined. Looks great so far!
1539BryceydandenPlease protect this 3x3 areaclosedcheezychickenRegion created with you and ted as owners!
1538thDoomHippiehi, looking to protect an area, square of grey glass north side of winter mountain biomeclosedcheezychickenregion thDoomHippie_beach created! what a pretty area!
1537Skegbear/bing version of /pingclosedAstronomewBong!
1536Haikupromaxxe's and i's build was partly protecced overclosedAstronomewRegion permissions adjusted. Sorry, fail on my part ^^'
1535Tedbear[tadmin] /bacc seems to be broken, pm me for detailsclosedBardidleyCannot repeat problem. Most likely would have been caused by lag.
1534Abitcatmake PandaWithWIFI the owner of his own claim. serious mess-up here admins.closedAstronomewRegion fixed! Sorry about that ^^'
1533PandaWithWIFIclaimclosedcheezychickenRegion created, not quite to bedrock due to intersecting build.
1532trekman10can i get this road either added to OCWS or made its own region? ilu<3closedMewciferRegion created.
1531trekman10add this section to the region directly north plz thx iluclosedMewciferRegion redefined.
1530Tedbearframe blease xdddclosedMewciferfRaMe pLaCeD xd
1529Murtauhflow waterclosedHolliferFlowed.
1528cherrytnether portal plsclosedHolliferPortals placed.
1527roguegingerProtect meh pls :)closedMewciferRegion created!
1526Murtauhflow waterclosedMewciferDuplicate request.
1525Murtauhflow waterclosedMewciferWater flowed
1524whitefieldcatprotectionclosedHolliferOops, sorry protected!
1523tobylanePlease replace torch with item frameclosedSilversunsetreplaced
1522Murtauhflow waterclosedChallenger2flowed
1521Abitcatput dis into storageclosedBardidleysaved.
1520Andromeda4210replace stone brick with spongeclosedChallenger2No.
1519Andromeda4210win the speedbuild for me plsclosedChallenger2*You win*!!! (a cookie)
1518Silversunsetalso test!closedSilversunsetyes!
1516Andromeda4210fuq u mewclosedMewciferyouve been sent to the naughty corner
1515RDstonetrxzitem frame(on wall next to pressure plate)closedMewciferFrame placed.
1514ChocolateThighssorry bout that, forgot to fill between my corner blocks. They're in nowclosedMewciferRegion redefined.
1513ChocolateThighsAddition to the land claim- want to add an above water-level land additionclosedMewciferPlease make a full border around the area you want protected and make another modreq.
1512I_CAN_HAS_CAKEexpand region to green woolclosedMewciferRegion redefined.
1511Cyanite_Gemdelete my presence in and remove all my buildings, maybe in next rev i come back againclosedBardidleyAll of your builds are out of logblock. I cannot roll back your edits. This build looks fine to leave here - if you really want it gone, you can destroy it on your own.
1510Andromeda4210give police hat plsclosedDumbo52Ding dong
1509Skegbearmove built stuff 10 blocks south because its not woikingclosedMewciferBuildings moved.
1508Skegbearmake this look goodclosedMewciferdiscussed via /msg
1507HaikugreifclosedHaikunvm u fuckers gj
1506HaikudrOps plsclosedtorteelaI did it
1505Haikupls enable pvp in this rg thx modsclosedMewciferRegion set to PvP.
1504Andromeda4210add "Shacktown" to the pvp warps at spawn plsclosedtorteelaWarp added to spawn
1503Andromeda4210help fix water plsclosedMewciferi did, water you thinking?
1502Andromeda4210welcome message "Welcome to the world of the Plastic Beach"closedMewciferMessage set.
1501TuxyWhalemewcifer stinks also btw tuxy 2020 vote for meclosedMewciferpls no
1500TuxyWhalefill with end gatewaysclosedBardidleyPortal placed.
1499TuxyWhalemake stands not seeableclosedBardidleyI am SO sorry but I accidentally broke one of your armour stands... pls remodreq
1498TuxyWhalereplace unsmoot andysite with barriersclosedBardidleyBarriers placed.
1497Andromeda4210replace torch with item frameclosedMewciferframe placed
1496Silversunsettest againclosedtorteelaez req
1495Silversunsettest!closedvarjit's spelled fulmper
1494Zaku_TooThis was griefed. Check walls/cieling.closedFlumperThe grief appears to be quite old and is no longer in the logs, sorry. :(
1493TuxyWhalemake floor endgatwaysclosedtorteelaend gateways placed
1492TuxyWhalefill with endgatewaysclosedtorteelaend gateways placed
1491TuxyWhalemake stands inivsilbclosedBardidleyCreated holograms.
1490TuxyWhalereplace stone with barriersclosedSir_DidymusReplaced!
1489Mewcifermake "extalianfleet" rg kilclosedDumbo52rip
1488TuxyWhalefill with weird ender thingsclosedDumbo52End gateways placed
1487TuxyWhalemake yellow border a thingclosedLappy486Replaced!
1486Skegbearexpand plesclosedDumbo52Expanded
1485AndyJFprotect this area pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1484Tedbearrazzeh vomitclosedtorteelaI cleaned up the puke
1483SpaceFlyeI need this area for my creative ideas. Marked diagonally with sponge pillarsclosedHeysofiaRegion created! Enjoy building! :)
1482Skegbearrelocate somewhere less populaTEDclosedBardidleyBuild moved.
1481AvadaKedavra03please merge texaquerque_uptown and avada_plotclosedBardidleytexaquerque_uptown redefined.
1480Mewciferpls set sub aqua station warpsign to coords: 1956, 45, 1518closedExcessiveTokerSign warped
1479Smeglonautmuch needed expansion pl0xclosedSmeglonaut
1478Smeglonautkill plsclosedDumbo52Murdered
1475Abitcat@Sir_Didymus King said it's okay, pls make the entire full claim.closedSir_DidymusRegion expanded to original borders.
1474AvadaKedavra03please protect boxclosedBardidleyBox protected.
1473Andromeda4210add the unprotected part of this tunnel here to cmoscow protections plsclosedSir_DidymusProtected.
1472Smeglonautprotecc 'cjc_2'closedSir_DidymusProtected.
1471Master_King12can you tp me back to the place where i was before tping to ted50?closedBluuefuzzytped! don't forget to set home!
1470MrTheKingi need this small area because capitalism and im an evil land grabbing bastard plsclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1469TuxyWhalegib claim nam slowbuildclosedBluuefuzzyclaimed!
1468Mewciferpertec mai reggon plis (athel-cmos-station)closedExcessiveTokerProtected.
1467SmeglonautproteccclosedExcessiveTokerDiscussed via PM.
1466Dets65swastika, with "FURFAG"closedFlumperGrief removed! Thanks for reporting. :)
1465Abitcatmake this area a region and name it "OCWS Sports Complex"closedSir_DidymusProtected (slightly reduced) with you, Fezthebear and Smeglonaut as owners.
1463YakkhylProtection between the gold blocks on this wall please :)closedSir_DidymusProtected!
1461theclefeplease make flowclosedtorteelaflowed
1460zane_magican you Review my STAR WARclosedtorteela6/10 not as good as the prequels
1459Abitcatmake dis block dissapear!closedAbitcaty u no do it in time admins like I can't even
1458PPGOMEwool to frames plsclosedDumbo52Framed
1457Mewciferpertec spoing plisclosedtorteelaregun pertec
1456Andromeda4210remove columbia region and replace it with cmoscow region pls (I was given the region)closedChallenger2Cmoscow expanded. Columbia contracted.
1455EsterSpaceItem frame plzleclosedBardidleyFrame placed!
1454AndyJFprotect this area pleaseclosedHolliferProtections redefined to cover new area.
1452MrTheKingthis is a weak attempt at griff i believeclosedDumbo52Defused
1451dec4234Please un mute me, I meant no harm and you gave me no spam warningclosedDumbo52
1450xMissyClaim this please? c:closedtorteelaHouse protected
1449joe_Mc203apvpclosedDumbo52Discussed via /msg
1448PPGOMErainbow party sheep pleaseclosedElectifriedUse the command "/pet spawn sheep" and then name the sheep "jeb_"
1447SkrapssparkSPlease may I have this protected?closedSilversunsetprotected!
1446AndyJFprotect this tunnel please?closedElectifriedprotected
1445Murtauhflow waterclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1444PineappleSnacksI'd like 4 item frames on this car. 2 front, 2 back. Diamond blocks in the frame for the headlights, magma block for taillights. Thanks!closedHeysofiaFrames placed! :) You can put blocks in them, you can interact with the frames :)
1443Murtauhitem frame where glowstone block isclosedBardidleyframe placed.
1442Murtauhitem frame where glowstone block isclosedBardidleyframe placed.
1441Murtauhitem frame where glowstone block isclosedBardidleyframe placed.
1440Murtauhitem frame where glowstone block isclosedBardidleyframe placed.
1439TuxyWhalefill portal with end gateway block and cover it with barrirs plsclosedtorteelaBlocks set
1438admantathis should probaby be rotated so it's verticalclosedBardidleyShould be... but things cant be flipped vertically with WE.
1437Haikuhardcore greif right hereclosedHolliferHoly shit. :/ this is too much.
1436MurtauhWE border expansionclosedtorteelaregion expanded
1435Murtauhwater flowclosedBardidleyThy water floweth down
1434Murtauhexpand world-edit regionclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
1433TuxyWhaleexpandith thy plottithclosedFlumperRegion redefined! :)
1432AvadaKedavra03pls protect this squared in area (everything inside this border)closedFlumperProtected! :)
1431Tedbearalso frame this razhead plsclosedSir_DidymusFrame placed!
1430Tedbearplease replace the signs with frames :^)closedSir_DidymusFrames placed!
1429Tedbearget a ted skinclosedHolliferNever.
1428Tedbear(belching sound over mic)closedHolliferYou just want the world to burn, don't you?
1427MrTheKingexpand if i promise to keep the local architecture walkway in tact plsclosedHolliferAlright, luckily that's my castle/area, cause if not i don't think this would be possible.
1426MrTheKingcan my farewell message be changed to Thanks for visiting Houston! Come back soon now, you hear?closedHolliferGreeting changed.
1425MinerbuzI can't get into PvEclosedHolliferDo /pve or just leave and reconnect to pve manually.
1424MrTheKingalso expand west plsclosedLappy486Expanded!
1423MrTheKingexpand region southclosedLappy486Expanded!
1422Abitcatexpand my region for marina upwardsclosedHolliferExpanded
1421LinkG15request Claim PleseclosedSilversunsetstarter block placed!
1420AndyJFclaim this area please?closedSilversunsetRegion created, happy building!
1419LinkG15requestclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
1418LinkG15requestclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
1417MurtauhClaim land for WEclosedSilversunsetregion created!
1416MaxYTGamerAvadaKedavra03 is swearing say f*** u maxclosedSilversunsetYou are welcome to /ignore [user] if you dont want to see their chat in general
1415monfmonfhi. can you protect this thingy pleaseclosedSilversunsetSekrit trophy of sekrits sekritly protected in sekrit!
1414TedVito17protect VulnerableclosedHolliferProtected
1413Bluuefuzzyflow mah wata plsclosedtorteelaflowed
1412I_CAN_HAS_CAKEexpand my region to fit green woolclosedtorteelaRegion expanded
1411Abitcatmake dat warp for partycliffclosedHolliferAfter some discussion, we encourage you to work a bit more on party cliff before we consider a warp!
1410promaxxeexpand protectionclosedBardidleyRegion redefined.
1409AndyJFcan i claim this undeveloped plot?closedBardidleyThis plot was recently claimed but there is a free plot on the next street to the south of here.
1408sLaPuexpandclosedBardidleyRegion expanded.
1407TokenChineseGuyturn this stone thing into a barrier blocc pleaseclosedBardidleyBarrier placed.
1406Haikuhi can i get the logs to see who made this? thanks~!closedtorteelayes
1405King_Araiocan you expand araio_region west to new border plsclosedtorteelaRegion expanded and fixed up
1404King_Araioi think this was protected wrong. the snow rectangle was supposed to be the regionclosedtorteelaRegion redefined
1403Ruexland claimclosedtorteelaregion created
1402Abitcatmake dat warp for partycliffclosedAbitcatI guess not.
1401AvadaKedavra03inactive plot pls unclaimclosedBardidleyPlot restored.
1400AvadaKedavra03inactive plot pls unclaimclosedBardidleyPlot restored.
1399AvadaKedavra03inactive plot pls unclaimclosedBardidleyPlot restored.
1398AvadaKedavra03inactive plot pls unclaimclosedBardidleyPlot restored.
1397AvadaKedavra03round 2 - inactive plot pls unclaimclosedBardidleyPlot restored.
1396PPGOMEclaim plsclosedBardidleyProtected!
1395TheJumboShrimpHow do i add someone as a friend?closedBardidleyType /rg addowner slapu_region PLAYERNAME
1393AvadaKedavra03inactive plotclosedHolliferThanks for reporting!
1392AvadaKedavra03inactive plotclosedHolliferThank you for reporting!
1391AvadaKedavra03inactive plotclosedHolliferNot inactive, user just claimed this approx 10 days ago.
1390AvadaKedavra03inactive plotclosedHolliferThanks for reporting!
1389AvadaKedavra03inactive plotclosedHolliferAnother, thank you.
13880_birbwhat is this build... i tried to open the book and it gave me a warning noticeclosedSilversunsetBook has been inspected and disposed of but doesn't seem to have broken anything. Thank you for your report.
13870_birbIs it normal for no one to be a member/owner of this region?closedLappy486I've added Freddo as the owner, since I'm assuming this is an extension :)
1385Smeglonautforce day here plsclosedHolliferAnd then Hollifer said: let there be perpetual day and you can get someone else to turn it off when the brightness starts to worsen your vision because you're probably sitting in a dark room.
1384kris008protectclosedHolliferDuliplicated request, closing.
1382Haikureplace sponge end portalclosedBardidleyPortal set.
1381iNerd71Expand this test region plsclosediNerd71Thanks, Me!
1380Braydenrbplease flow my waterclosedLappy486Filled!
1378KirundistIs it possible to get rid of my region here? Finished with the test buildclosedLappy486Removed!
1377AvadaKedavra03inactive plotclosedBardidleyRemoved.
1376Fezthebearcould you protect this?closedElectifriedprotected
1375AnonymousDapperCould I get a warp named "Museum" at +1679Z -427X? The plan is for members to create banners and show them off here.closedHolliferThis is a beautiful building and a great idea, however we usually encourage no less than 2 weeks worth of work for considering a warp.
1374King_Araiocan i expand this region to 10 blocks from abitcats airport region plsclosedElectifriedYou need to make a border before you can have empty land protected.
1372King_Araioi think this may be a staged attack to destroy the local shopping districtclosedHolliferGod damn terrorists.
1371AnonymousDapperPlease add building protection to area at +1698Z -420XclosedDumbo52Protected
1370xMissyClaim help please c:closedDumbo52Protected
1369Humidumnew rg to expand gotham plz :DclosedHolliferRegion created, gotham set as parent.
1368KirundistPls to claim region marked with blue glass <3closedHolliferProtected
1367PPGOMEframe broke :( pls replaceclosedSilversunsetframe placed!
1366PPGOMEscenes were griefedclosedSilversunsetplayer has already been banned and edits rolled back. If you see anything else out of place please let me know (with details)
1365PPGOMEwool to frames plsclosedSir_DidymusFrames placed!
1364PPGOMEwool to frames plsclosedSir_DidymusFrames placed!
1363EsterSpacewaterflowclosedSilversunsetits flowing!
1362PPGOMEreplace wool with frames plsclosedSir_DidymusFrames placed!
1361Abitcatcreate PartyCliffclosedHeysofiaRegion created! Party hard!
1360CheyChey11get rid of my current plot pleaseclosedHeysofiaRemoved as owner of plot 91 as requested :)
1359CheyChey11can i get my house backclosedChallenger2Please don't send dups. I see the first req.
1358CheyChey11can i get my plot back i wanted a diffrent plot deletedclosedHeysofiaYou are the owner of plot 90 again with the white house :)
1357PPGOMEif possible fill in eye spls :3closedtorteelaops didn't see this :S
1356Aypoppls to flow watreclosedBardidleyFlowin
1355TokenChineseGuyplot 13closedChallenger2Perms granted
1354PPGOMEreplace wool with frame plsclosedChallenger2Framed
1353PPGOMEcan I buy a vowel please?closedtorteelaNO
1352PPGOMEtellow wool to frames plsclosedChallenger2Framed
1350CheyChey11can i get rid of one of my plots?closedtorteelaDuplicate of 1349
1349CheyChey11can you gfet rid of one of my plots?closedtorteelaPlot gotten rid of
1348BlazeWaveGamingPPGOME can u tell me where i can get a house or do you just build one i forgotclosedBardidleyYou can build a house at /warp suburb
1347PPGOMEflow plsclosedtorteelaThere's no water here
13460_birbI was removed from this region.closedtorteelaReadded to region
1345PPGOMEclaim plsclosedPPGOME
1344PPGOMEderp chat for fun? :eclosedtorteelano
1343AvadaKedavra03please add all of texaquerque's flags to texaquerque_uptown and make it always dayclosedSilversunsettexaquerque_uptown added as a child of texaquerque, all flags carry over
1342Fezthebearcould you flow this water?closedHolliferDlowed.
13410_birbrename "0_birb_road" to "0birb_route_1_1"closedHolliferRenamed.
13400_birbrename "0_birb_roadclosed0_birbwhoops
1339Unspeakableboyprotection plzclosedHolliferWe don't give protections in bigtown until you've finished your statue, sorry!
1338Unspeakableboyi need help i want to get a bout plot can u help?closedHolliferStand inside the plot area and type /nerdplot claim
1337King_Araioprotect for major road reconstruction after smolroad region is removed plsclosedHolliferYes. .... ?
1336King_Araioremove houston_smolroad regionclosedHolliferRemoved.
1335AugDimAnnraa and I would like to claim the area roughly laid out by the orange wool, bedrock to pretty high up. PleaseclosedBardidleyProtected.
13340_birbprotect this rather large area as "bcrc_route1_part1"closedBardidleyProtected.
1333PPGOMEclaim plot pls and allow dropsclosedtorteelaregion created and item drops enabled
1332Eshonbelcan i place this item frame in between these signsclosedSilversunsetplaced!
1331AndyJFprotection of building plotclosedBarlimoreThis is a spawn suburb plot - when you claimed it, it was auto protected. :-)
1330Barid_Fangprotection pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1329Barid_Fangi found a bug in this book, it gives me weird effects when i click it, my mc crashedclosedBluuefuzzydiscussed with cadmins
1328SnowFlakeYTprotectclosedBluuefuzzyrepeat modreq
1327SnowFlakeYTprotectclosedtorteelaregion created
1326AypopI'd like to make this plot a region "aypop_brew"closedDumbo52Protected
1325brianhermanstrokecloseddefiexPlease do not joke with modreqs. Srsbizness.
1324King_Araiobrotegt if not izzue plzz xdd :D :D :DclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1323King_Araiocan child region make please houstonclosedHolliferParent houston set
1322King_Araioprotecc bricc area plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssclosedHolliferCreeper_Araio
1320Aypopitem frames where the lime green wool is pleaseclosedHolliferFrames galore.
1319PPGOMEfor build protections to protect from grief!closedHolliferyeah i'll go ahead and protect this, seems like an easy target.
1318cheezychickencan the regions cheezy_gold, cheezy_sponge and hafishgr_region be combined into a big one, gold pillars mark the boundaries?closedElectifriedRegions combined into 1 big region.
1317hafishgrcould I get a region please netherrack to netherrack <3closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1315Freddo_FairbairnIt is at -4444, -2555closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1314Freddo_FairbairnClaim the area marked with yellow stained glass for meclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1313King_Araioshrincc region to red sand plsclosedDumbo52Shroonk
1311Mewcifercan my infinite day be set to noon? its stuck at evening for meclosedDumbo52time-lock flag set to 6000
1310Mewciferflowy my watery pleasey thankyclosedHolliferFlowed, i'll flip a coin in too.
1309promaxxeprotectionclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1308GrimwaltzI regret to report griefing in bigworld yet again, this glass avatar againclosedHolliferThanks for reporting! It was fixed up, player dealt with.
1307Ted50I'd like this region in the blue clay expanded to its now-current size. Thanks.closedHolliferThis is the last expansion I will be giving you until you build more.
13060_birbreplace all glass in this region (there may be more than the floor) in this region with barrierclosedBarlimoreGlass updated, I think that I got them all!
13050_birbprotect as "bcrc_spawn" with 0-255Y boundsclosedBarlimoreProtection added, build in peace!
1304TheHolyCprotect this plot pleaseclosedBarlimoreHello again! Protection added. :-)
1303admantaprotect my new israeli flagclosedtorteelaflag protected
1302admantamy build and region are goneclosedtorteelaPublic discussion of bans has always been against the rules, this includes builds.
1301TokenChineseGuyCan we get a region here for a left-right interchange? Region should be 30 blocks high, and will have to intersect with Admanta's bomber - but it will not interfere with the build.closedtorteelaRegion created
1300Abitcatspaaaaaaaaaaaaace (aka make a claim named "spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace"closedtorteelaregion with long name made
1299I_CAN_HAS_CAKEextend my region to green boundryclosedHolliferRedefined!
1298cheezychickencan I get a region here? spongeblock to spongeblock? <3closedtorteelaI had to move the side next to that other region 10 blocks over, because regions have to be at least 10 blocks apart
1297Ted50Need very big region expansionclosedHolliferExpanded
1296King_Araiochange houston_flyover region to rooofed forest boime plsclosedElectifriedHouston_flyover has been changed to the roofed_forest biome.
1295King_Araioexpand region pending dumbo52s approval so i can copy the roadclosedDumbo52Region expanded
1294Mewciferset rg "mahz" to daylight forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and everclosedBardidleytime-lock flag set to daylight. forever. =)
1293xMissyprotection please =)closedBardidleyProtected.
1292Drtni need a item frame places pleaseclosedHolliferFAREMS
1291admantacan I have a region put around this that extends to the road?closedHolliferAt least it's out of a communitybuild area. I guess so
1290admantaprotect my new signclosedHolliferThis counts as public discussion of a ban, i'm gonna have to go ahead and remove it for now.
1289TheDiamondPuma29greif greif griefclosedExcessiveTokerThere seems to be nothing here in our logs. This must be very old grief, or just an empty space :(
1288King_Araiocan the houston greeting be changed to "howdy there good buddy welcome to houston!" AND CHANGE TO BLUE TEXT PLSclosedtorteelaregion greeting changed to satisfaction
1287King_Araiocan the houston greeting be changed to "howdy there good buddy welcome to houston!"closedKing_AraioFUGG MESSED UP AGAIN
1286texbpls protect LOVE YOU ALL OKAYclosediNerd71Region protected as "texb_ocean"! <3
1285King_Araioextend houston_flyover 30 blocks north plsclosediNerd71Houston_flyover expanded!
1284King_Araiocan the houston greeting be changed to "howdy there welcome to houston good buddy!"closedKing_Araiofugg messed it up lemme redo it
1283King_AraioBULLYING OF OLD MANclosedKing_Araiolmao
1282ThugbearHello, I would love to claim this region if you could. Thank you! n_nclosediNerd71Region protected as "thugbear_jungle"
1281Flaming_FantomexpandclosedSilversunsetregion expanded.
1280Flaming_FantompvpclosedSilversunsetpvp enabled inside the cage.
1279Mewciferchange rg biome to regular forest plz <3closedElectifriedBiome changed
1278Mewciferclaim "mew_oasisclosedLappy486Protected!
1277Mewciferthis thing got fucked in lava and idk if itd be considered lava spam or whatclosedElectifriedThis is just someone's volcano. I helped them build it.
1276TuxyWhaleflow all disclosedBardidleyWater flowing.
1275AvadaKedavra03spam plot it looks likeclosedBardidleyPlot restored.
1274AvadaKedavra03pve test buildclosedBardidleySeems like a pve type build but it can stay for now.
1273AvadaKedavra03spam plot team avo is badclosedBardidleyPlot restored.
1272TuxyWhaleclaim this plot pls?closedBardidleyProtected.
1271AvadaKedavra03pls turn this excess strip into savanna biome thanksclosedtorteelaBiome changed to savanna
12700_birbThis mgmap has been completed.closedHolliferThis request has been forwarded to a tech, closing.
1269derpherpingtonregion extension 108 westclosedtorteelaRegion expanded
1268AvadaKedavra03spam plotclosedChallenger2derp removed
1267AvadaKedavra03spam plotclosedChallenger2derp removed
1266PPGOMElapis to frame plsclosedDumbo52Frame placed
1265TokenChineseGuyreplace 1 with anvil please (srry)closedChallenger2replaced
1264TokenChineseGuyreplace 1 with anvil pleaseclosedChallenger2Replaced
1263PPGOMEgold to frame plsclosedDumbo52Frames placed
1262TuxyWhalegiving me a claim please amigoclosedDumbo52Protected
1261TokenChineseGuypls //cut this redstone bloccclosedChallenger2block removed
1260ThugbearHi, if it's okay, I would want my little entrace road moved over a bitclosedChallenger2Entrance moved