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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
130zburdsalI belive my perfect lobby was left out of the contest by error, please include it so I may get my easy
129NieiosclaimclosedMewciferClaim set!
128Flame623_Change region name to FCI_IrongateclosedMewciferChanged--sorry about that!
127Flame623_Protection [Name FCI_Irongate] Y: 0-255closedMewciferRegion granted
126TaylorKaraRoserequestclosedBardidleyWater flowed!
124PPGOMEclaim brokeclosedMewciferi think i unbroked it
123PPGOMEmy mouse broke. can locate part?closedMewciferi do not hold the piece of technology you require :(
122SpRiNkLeD_DoNuT_WE region plsclosedMewciferRegion created
121SomethingYouLikeSupreme Protection my guyclosedMewciferRegion redefined my dude
120HolliferPlease fix these lightning errors. Light level 0open
119Rowmegawater flowclosedMewcifersplash
117Flame623_Protection (Name flame_plane1)closedMewciferProtected!
116x_Serval_xprotection area: glowstone to glowstoneclosedMewciferSorry for the delay-here you go!
115Weazolplease erase this mess (all of it) I decided to approach it a different way.closedMewciferRolled back! Good luck on your new approach :P
114PPGOMEexpand pl0xclosedBardidleyRegion redefined!
113TheMeeBovieWhy don't we have /deltree?open
112TheMeeBovieclaim as "new_australia" Y0-255 this is the second of my two large projects this revclosedMewciferGood luck on your two big projects! Try to fill these two up more before you claim any more space though :)
111Rowmegaprotection expansionclosedElectifriedThe foundations of the intercontinental railroad have been set. Go and build now :)
110Lappy486Could I get an expansion out to the orange line, please? :)closedElectifriedYour region has been extended :)
109FezthebearI have made my region, I would appreciate it if it would be claimedclosedElectifriedregion claimed
108Rowmegaprotection: its a long oneclosedElectifriedregion created
107SomethingYouLikebarriersclosedElectifriedbarriers placed
106TheMeeBovieclaim as "new_australia" Y0-255 this is the second of my two large projects this revclosedBardidleyProtected.
105Flame623_make wall on plot entrance blocked offclosedtorteelaWall blocked
104Andromeda4210give lever usage to only region owners here please (It was made so that no one including me can use levers)closedtorteelaI think I did it, send me a mail if I did it wrong.
103BirbecheIdk how this works... can I have my building protected?closedChallenger2House protected
102EpIc_NaChO_worldedit region plsclosedElectifriedregion created
101promaxxeflowing water again plzclosedElectifriedYou've also gotten req 101. Enjoy the water, lol
100promaxxeflowing water from the topclosedHolliferCongradulations on 100th modreq! You win a free block of flowing water!
99PPGOMErename region to Terrapromissa pleaseclosedElectifriedregion renamed
98PPGOMEcan roll back tower 20 mins pls? //undo won't work for itclosedExcessiveTokerThis is something we do not do for players. We consider this to be "building for you" which is not encouraged.
97Rowmegaregion expansion please :^ )closedElectifriedThis new area is now yours
96PPGOMEderp chatclosedtorteelano
95Lappy486Protection please!closedMewciferProtected!
94PPGOMEban Tux for bad songclosedMewciferdont tempt me :P
93PPGOMEMew for Most ReqsclosedMewciferyes pls
92PPGOMEwarp sign pls with the coords above lmaoclosedMewciferSign set to the coords given.
91PPGOMEwhite to barrier and grey to frame plsclosedMewciferBarrier and frame placed
90thermodynamicisti dont want this region claim anymore: it is in the middle of pixel art accidentally lolclosedMewciferregion has been removed
89Cyanite_Gemcan you rename my region to "natura_deorum", please?closedMewciferRegion renamed!
88PPGOMEregion create please :) Name: HalcyonboatclosedMewciferRegion created
87PPGOMEexpand please :D (Sorry for the expansion size. May take a while to find the other end D:)closedMewciferExpansion claimed
86Cyanite_Gem/give Cyanite_Gem minecraft:banner 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{Base:5,Patterns:[{Pattern:vhr,Color:14},{Pattern:vh,Color:10},{Pattern:tt,Color:12},{Pattern:bt,Color:15},{Pattern:cr,Color:5},{Pattern:mc,Color:13},{Pattern:flo,Color:9}]}}closedMewciferSee req. 85.
85Cyanite_GemI need a banner, and I can't craft it (More than 6 layers), so can any of you execute this command for me? (I'll put it in another modreq)closedMewciferSorry, we can't do that here unfortunately :/
84Andromeda4210deny lever use to non region owners plsclosedMewciferi have jammed the levers
83Lethal_Treeok we made a big square of wool now what?closedMewciferI've given you a region within your borders, and now you can worldedit in it! If you don't know how to use WE, please see /warp WETutorial
82Lethal_Treehow does one use worldedit on this server?closedMewciferdiscussed via /msg
81Ruexarea claim ^_^closedMewciferwaow clam OwO
80Mumberthraxtechadmin - sky in space is still not like previous space worlds. locking time to night suxclosedBardidleyWe don't use the end as a space world anymore.
79TedVito17change region name thegettyclosedChallenger2Region renamed
78Rowmegaprotection pls :DclosedChallenger2Land protected
77Tuxedowlclaim name ted jailclosedChallenger2Jail created
76Tuxedowlclaim name hotbaseclosedMewciferone base two base hot base cold base
75TheMeeBovieI'm one block short. Can I claim just this border or no?closedtorteelaDiscussed via /m
74PPGOMEexpand plsclosedHolliferRedefined.
73TedVito17expand region to green concreteclosedHolliferRedefined.
72trekman10could i get this area protected? its nice and I wanna make a small townclosedHolliferProtected!
71SomethingYouLikesupreme protectionclosedMewciferultra claimed
70PPGOMEexpand meh borders pl0zclosedDumbo52Expanded
69DrTim58protect and call VerdammnisclosedMewciferReq 69. And here is your evil city \o/
68thermodynamicistextra downtown plot for condosclosedMewciferPlot granted
67TuxedowlFlow I say, FLOW THY WATER!closedMewciferthere u little hellion
66NumbersPlease add me to akb as owner, thanks.closedMewciferyeppo
65MumberthraxMay I have the 100x100x100 area delimited by this grey wool as a protected region "MPlanet1"?closedMewciferyes here u go
63thermodynamicisti dont want this plot anymoreclosedMewciferYou have been removed from the plot :)
62Mumberthraxspace seems to have a blue sky during the dayclosedtorteelaSpace is now 50% more dark.
61Cyanite_Gemprotect my claim (tell me if it's too big, I'm planning to do a community town)closedMewciferProtected! It's a good size, don't worry. :)
60PPGOMEbarriers plsclosedMewciferyes barriers
59Mumberthraxi can has starseed in space here?closedExcessiveTokergranted!
58Rowmegaregion claimclosedMewciferProtected!
57thermodynamicistThermodyne lava extraction regional claimclosedMewciferProtected!
56Smagnomecwaim pwease -3-closedBardidleyProtected!
55Lynxoriancan you claim this area for me please :-)closedBardidleyProtected!
54TedVito17proteccclosedExcessiveTokershe protecc
53RowmegaWould someone replacing my castle's moat with lava?closedBardidleyLava set.
52PPGOMEMew respawned it twice now but when I log off my horse keeps despawning. Don't wanna waste a pet so could spawn one that won't despawn? (She named it)closedExcessiveTokerSorry PPGOME, the whole reason we have /pet is so we can allow players to spawn their own mobs. Spawning regular mobs is something we don't do for players.
51PPGOMEam I stupid or did somebody place the stairs on this roof for me? (I may have cause I have a short memory span sometimes)closedMewciferThese all appear to have been placed by you :P
50TedKing_MCCan I have this regio plzclosedMewciferyes u may here u go
49promaxxefill with flowing waterclosedMewciferfilled w/ da water
48Abitcatclaim this land for me pls so I can make intersection thingyclosedMewciferhf with ur intersection thingy
47texbprotect plssssclosedHolliferProtected.
46AndyJFclaim this area for a city build please?closedZomiseRegion protected as andyjf_build
45TheMeeBoviereplace glass with barrierclosedHolliferBarriers placed.
44Tuxedowlchange region greeting to "Welcome to Coldbase, hope you brough a jacket!"closedHolliferRegion greeting set.
43Tuxedowlexpand border plsclosedHolliferRegion redefined.
42promaxxeclaim as halcyon_park plzclosedMewciferProtected
41HolliferYou destroyed my books? :/closedtorteelaThe chests weren't protected so anyone could remove the books. They've been changed to donation chests now
40TheMeeBoviegive flow to the fountainsclosedZomiseFlowing!
39Flame623_Merge plots with Andromeda4210closedtorteelaPlots merged
38Andromeda4210merge plots with Flame623_ plsclosedtorteelaPlots merged
37Andromeda4210protect test arch.closedDumbo52Protected
36Ruexland claim pl0xclosedDumbo52Protected
35Haikuexpand d o n gclosedDumbo52Expanded
34Haikuprotect me show bobs and vageneclosedThelVadumeeProtected
33ThelVadumeereplace this sponge with end_gateway block plzclosedMewciferReplaced!
32Haikucan gib perms to shit (also show bobs and vagene)closedMewcifergibben perms
31Tuxedowlclaim cold airportclosedtorteelaprotected
30PPGOMEmake coarse to barrier pls and spawn a horse. Will delete a pet and don't want this one to dieclosedMewciferBlocks replaced and horse spawned
29Abitcatclaim this rather large claim here except not the outpost in the middle except I wish I could be in that region so I can build next to it without having to worry about region buffersclosedBardidleyRegion created!
28Tuxedowlexpandith borderithclosedDumbo52Expanded
27Tuxedowlclaim name coldclosedDumbo52Protected
26PPGOMErename region to HalcyonclosedDumbo52Region renamed
25Tedbearmolly rankin hot or notclosedExcessiveTokerhot, but pls no joke reqs (at least not this early in the rev) thanks
24PPGOMEclaim plsclosedMewciferClaimed!
23ThelVadumeeprotecc the stuff in side the glowstone corners plzclosedThelVadumeeproteccd
22Mumberthraxwhen i use /nerdplot claim at this sign, it informs me i have the maximum number of plots. the sign at /warp mapword says modreq, not nerdplot. is it still using claim data from last rev?closedBardidleyThe max number of map plots per player is 1, but you can request for more
21TheMeeBovieremove me from this claim plsclosedMewciferRemoved
20fazadenprotection for my upcoming statue, could the name be fazaden_mei ?closedMewciferfazaden_mei created!
19Carrotappleplz claim @white wool top to bottom thx in adv.closedExcessiveTokerRegion protected, happy building (:
18TheMeeBovieit appears my border for yellow has been rolled backclosedMewciferDiscussed via /msg, border restored as requested.
17Mumberthraxi just accidentally broke a sign here. i thought it was a protected region for space. :sclosedMewciferok fixed lol
16arsMoriendirename claim to promiendiclosedMewciferrenamed by chal
15Tuxedowlmake region entrance message <Tuxedow> o/ How do, neighberinoclosedMewciferGreeting set
14Ruexland claim pl0xclosedMewciferClaimed pl0x
13promaxxeprotection for me and arsMoriendiclosedMewciferClaimed and ars added
12Abitcatpls remove ownershipp of this plot from me kthxbyeclosedMasterCommaTheYou have been banished.
11fazadenrollback error in part of my buildclosedtorteelaAll fixed
10Andromeda4210protect The_BebopclosedMasterCommaTheBedop-Be-woo-wop!
9TheMeeBovieI'd like this statueclosedTheMeeBovienvm
8TheMeeBovieEDIT TO REQ 7: The pink region has now been combined with yellow, so no need to add ext1closedtorteelaSee req 7
7TheMeeBovieclaim yellow region as "yellow" and pink region as "yellow_ext1" with hight Y0-255closedtorteelaRegion created
6thermodynamicistplease register and protect my region claim!closedMewciferClaimed!
5DrTim58protect and call gvrclosedMewciferCommence the horrific experiments and cold wars
4Tuxedowlclaim volcano my amigoclosedExcessiveTokerVolcano protected, happy building :D
3TheMeeBovieclaim as "yellow" from 0-255 YclosedTheMeeBovie
2Andromeda4210starting block plsclosedMewciferplaced!
1HolliferOpen this chest please.closedExcessiveTokerpretty story <3