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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
938AharitFlow these waters please!closedtorteelawater flowed
937AharitFlow these threes waters please!closediNerd71Flowed!
936ZaliekI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!open
935UNPcan this be protected for me and c3nt please?closedZaliekBoth spawners protecto
934triztinflowing water please! thank you c:closediNerd71flowed!
933AnSqflow: there's all these air holes in the canal because of how I placed the water. Please flow everything to fix them.closediNerd71Canal de-bubbled!
932iNerd71This spawn bush looks... questionableclosedHeysofianow it doesnt look like a boner? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?
931iNerd71Did this tree at spawn partially decay or something?closedSapphricYes
930cattheddand if possible protect this third spawner - could make a triple zombie spawner :)closedtorteelaspawner protected!
929cattheddcan you protect this double spawner?closedtorteelaspawners protected!
928pacuyrequesting protection for my ruins annex, corners marked with white woolclosedtorteelaRegion protected!
927TECPprotect these spawners as well pls!closedHerr_Fawkesprotected!
926TECPcan i get this set of spawners protected. pls and thanks!closedHerr_Fawkesprotected!
925luke485please make this water flowcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
924ThelVadumeefollowed sign coords here and walked into a wall :Oclosedcujobeardiscussed via /msg
922triztinlast time I was at this temple I clicked the sign but my inventory was full, now I need the reward if that's ok!open
921nxwa zombie killed one of the snowmen at solace... I tried to rebuild it for them but no joy :((closedZaliekDied of natural causes, cannot replace sorry
920UNPis all this naturally generated or player made?closedFlumperNatural feature is natural. :>
919GizzleTinksplease protect me and my wife (avadakedavr) our island, we just bought it. xD <3 thanksclosedFlumperBuild protected! :)
918MinerbuzPlease protect between blue wool blocks bottom corner -700 82 1969closedSilversunsetprotected!
917AinivAlcyoneNeed to protect the expansion of my property.closedFlumperProtected! :)
916Herr_Fawkesexpand hermits_rest to cover this bridgeclosedFlumperRegion redefined! :)
915djdanliblooks like some decorations on my portal frame went missingclosedHerr_Fawkesfixed
914Sir_DidymusPlease protect this skelly grinder.closedFlumperProtected! :)
913CutterWillprotectcloseddefiexDone and child'd. :)
912triztinsponge cant be collected :ccloseddefiexSorry! The sponge in the temples is for decoration, not for harvesting!
911ZaliekI call upon the old gods to bring forth a portal to thier world! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.closedcujobearThe old Gods are pleased and light this Portal in the name of Artemis
910AinivAlcyoneCan someone put a protection on my stuff?closedFlumperProtected! :)
909driftingnomadyou know what to do :PclosedSilversunsetthe deed is done!
908Adrei87can you flow this river please! :3closedSilversunsetflowed!
907Benergy09Could I get some water to flow, please?closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
906Inder321mind flowing the water beside the latter? Thanks!closedSilversunsetfloooooooowed
905Aypophomophobia and racism in chat by domissokewlclosedBluuefuzzyplayer dealt with
904Ted50One flow spot missed in the last modreqclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
903Teddy_Owlcan you flow the two water sources on each end of this thing? Thank you!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
902Bobosozeliplease flow my waters along this hill, up the hill and down the other side along the fence, as well as by the two clay protrusions. Sorry for the bigjob!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
901Ted50Whole bunch of water needs to be flow'd on the sides, plus the water under the tunnel in the middle. Thanks!closedFlumperAll should be flowed, let me know if I missed any. :)
900Halinahplease flow these waters in these three channels. Ty!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
899pez252Please protect these 5 spawnersclosedSirLyleprotected
898SirLylesomeone harvested just the tops of these chorus plantsclosedpez252Fixed, player reminded to replant.
897SoulDustRequestion protection for the glass and water in this area. This isn't my "land", but this is easily griefable.closedSirLyleglass tunnel protected
896Azumarillhad some trouble with past modreqs / someone griefed us, was this dealt with? also region issues, see URL on sign for detailsopen
895TuxyWhalegiving into flowclosedBarlimoreMay need to break one block, flowing!
894TuxyWhaleinto flow gibclosedFlumperflow is gib into! :>
893Yakkhylcan you flow these two waters on the floor please? (not the floating ones) thanks :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
892Herr_Fawkesprotect the moat by expanding hermits_restclosedFlumperRegiom ammended! :)
891TuxyWhaleFOOKIN FLOW IT, pleaseclosedBarlimoreThis effing jeffing water is now flowing. Enjoy. :-D
890OleToothlessPls to create region around this and the big build to the north named OrionclosedBarlimoreRegion set up as discussed! Build in peace.
889PPGOMEI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closedBarlimoreCongratulations! Your prize chest has been updated.
888cheezychickenI have found all of Socarch's Buns! (2 of the signs didn't give me the paper)closedBarlimoreSigns verified for this prize as per your other open request! Prize delivered into the chest. :-)
887ghrey303Someone punched a hole in our ceiling. That wasn't very nice!closedBluuefuzzyall patched up!
886Just_Chaos98may i get these flowing please? tyclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
885Just_Chaos98may i get these flowing please? tyclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
884Mangomusmy horse just glithced into a wall while going up a mountain and died :(closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
883Benergy09Hey! Could we have a chest region for Basilia?closedSir_DidymusChest region created!
882bermudalocketI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closedBarlimorePrize added, congratulations!
881Teddy_Owlcan you confirm that these two cobble walls are mine?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
88032ndFlavaCan we expand the Pico region to include the newly dug out canals and builds?closedSir_DidymusRegion redefined.
87932ndFlavaPlease flow this block. Thanks!closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
878sansapantsI clicked sign, but no map and no item in inventory :(claimedcujobear
877KRwistyWater flow, tyclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
876sansapantsFlow, please and thank you.closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
874BungpeiceI think i rode a horse here but I can't seem to find itclosedSilversunsetHorse has been located, i repeat HORSE HAS BEEN LOCATED :calls off the cavalry:
873ZomiseGrief?closedSilversunsetno grief detected. just creative farming!
872ActuallyAureeis there anything we can do about this donation chest right on the road in solace?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /msg.
871gk_ryochest region hyruleinvclosedCARnivore_nds"discussed via message"
870gk_ryochest region hyruleinvclosedSir_DidymusChest region created!
869Hafgetis there any way I can stop this guy from building a derp path right through the edge of our claim?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /msg - Feel free to follow up with us if needed.
868gk_ryoI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closedBarlimoreCongratulations! Your chest now has your prizes within!
867cheezychickenReception bunny and baby bunny outside didn't give me the papercloseddefiexWhen you have found all 8 of the other bunnies, let me know!
866Salmon_Flavourplease flow this. spankyouclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
865Salmon_Flavourplease flow this. Three source blocks under the planksclosedHolliferFlowed, this garden looks great
864Salmon_Flavourplease flow this. The water under the rows of wood thanksclosedHolliferFlowed
863Salmon_Flavourplease flow thisclosedHolliferFlowed!
862ZaliekPlease make these trapdoors interact deny so the stands don't fall down againclosedBarlimoreRegion updated here!
861PlNGI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closedBarlimoreHere are your prizes- I am obliged to inform you that all bunnies were looked after(!)
860VuulI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closedBarlimoreWhat do you think this is, some kind of prize factory?! Alright, alright. They are in your chest!
859YourMyDinnerplease flow thisclosediNerd71flowed!
858VuulThis bunny has no sign?closediNerd71This bunny isn't actually part of the bun hunt. Good job getting up on top of the tree, though!
857PlNGwhoops, I didn't think that I would be allowed to do that...closedZaliekFixed, modreq made to protect
856Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosediNerd71Flowed!
855Xaerimflowing waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
854Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
853iNerd71Was I supposed to get an additional item from Sure-Lee Temple? I only got the map.closedBarlimoreYes there was! I saw you hit the sign so I've added it here for you.
852iNerd71I'm free now, but you should know that this part of this temple doesn't have a ladder outclosedBarlimoreFixed, thanks for spotting it!
851Lostatseaflowing water please. can you even it out so its a pond too please?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
850iNerd71stuck. No ladders outclosedBluuefuzzyrescued!
849Azumarillasked for disabled trapdoors, defiex put them in the wrong position before doing it, should be the opposite of thisclosedSir_DidymusTrapdoors opposite'd.
848bermudalocket(The Bun Hunt/Socarch) is Treebun part of the hunt? I swear there's no sign to be found :xclosedtorteelaAll the ones in the search have a sign next to them, so I don't think this one is part of it
847harotarocujoreq what do. 20/20 maps done in the chest with my sign on itclaimedcujobear
846NezdorCan the road I build appear on the deadmap and be protected? It stretches from the NE corner to the SE corner.closedSir_DidymusThis is a player made map. Please /mail Silversunset the coords of your road.
845UNPi accidentally knocked the carpet off this water and now I can't put it back...closeddefiexRepaired, thank you for reporting.
844iNerd71I've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexCongrats for finding all Socarch's Buns! Your prize has been placed in your chest!
843kumquatmayI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexCongrats on finding Socarch's Buns! Your prize has been placed in your chest!
842harotaroI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexCongrats on finding Socarch's Buns! Your prize has been placed in your chest!
841OleToothlessI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexCongrats on finding Socarch's Buns! Your prize has been placed in your chest!
840Adrei87I've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexCongrats on finding Socarch's Buns! Your prize has been placed in your chest!
839BraydenrbI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexCongrats on finding Socarch's Buns! Your prize has been placed in your chest!
838Azumarill2) can we get these trapdoors impossible to toggle?closeddefiexGood luck!
837Azumarill1) somebody flipped all these trapdoors, turned the lava off, and 100+ zombies left the areacloseddefiexTrapdoors fixed. May your zombie murder be many.
836Greymore1234Can you bold this sign text?closedghrey303I don't think we edit player's signs
835SirLyleI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexCongrats on finding Socarch's Buns! Your prize has been placed in your chest!
834OleToothlessI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closedOleToothless
833Adrei87i took some water at the spawn-portal, it does not flowclosedtotemoyou didn't actually take it, I think; it's protected; relog and see what changes
832Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedghrey303flowed!
831Dyuskpls to make water flowclosedghrey303flowed!
830ghrey303I've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexCongrats on finding all the buns! Your prize is in chest 5! :D
829ThelVadumeei did the bunny thing :OcloseddefiexCongrats on finding Socarch's Buns! Your Prize has been placed in chest 8!
828Teddy_OwlI seemed to have locked all the trades for this fletcher villager. Please Help. Thank you!closedghrey303unfortunately, locked villagers are out of our moderating jurisdiction! I'm sorry for your bad luck :(
827SirLylecujoreq adventurer's guild chest name (33)closedcujobearname added to chest
826Trooprm32Please protect this and ensure no one else has made edits; thanks.closedSirLylediscussed via PM, protected
825ThelVadumeewould there be a hole in the nether roof this rev?closedcujobearI have done it >:D
824Creeperofhopewat this strip harvested or didnt growclosedFlumperCrops were harvested and replanted by someone else. :)
823Greymore1234my rail path got destroyedclosedFlumperRolled back! :)
822ThelVadumeeif i build a ladder up to the nether ceiling can a peice of bedrock be removed?closedBarlimoreWe've added a way up at 0,0 in the nether!
821NezdorI found an abandoned house on the eastern border, and was curious if this is someone's house or not.closedtorteelaDiscussed via /m
820DyuskFlowing water pleaseclosedpez252Flowed!
819Forever_A_Stevegrief someone let all the villagers outclosedFlumperDegriffed!
818triztinI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexCongrats on finding all of Socarch's Buns! Your reward is in chest 7!
817ThelVadumeeI've found all Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexCongrats on finding all of Socarch's Buns! Your reward is in chest 8!
816username2088water flow pleaseclosedSirLyleflowing
815username2088water flow pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
814pacuyprotection for my ruins, corners marked with wool, thanksclosedSirLyleprotected
813username2088water flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
812ThelVadumeeis this a thing?closedFlumperDiscussed via message! :)
811bermudalocketflow please :DcloseddefiexSplish splashed.
810mrblakeeummm..my cows have disappeared..Is there reason for concern?closedFlumperYour cows were turned into a fine mist by lightning, RIP.
809username2088water flow bothclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
808DontGetCancerall my chickens are gone as wellclosedSirLyleanimals raised from the dead. \o/ it's a belated easter miracle
807DontGetCanceronly have 1 cow, had 4 i thinkclosedSirLyleanimals raised from the dead. \o/ it's a belated easter miracle
806NoramiI've found all of Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexduplicate
805NoramiI've found all of Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closedNoramiduplicate
804defiexI've found all of Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiex
803Noramipls give bunny prize for King and I found them allcloseddefiexCongrats! Prize given!
802torteelaI've found all of Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closedtorteelano i didn't lol
801Noramicannot /cprivate chest at spawn for bunny prizeclosedtorteelaCujo fixed it because she's so great
800King_of_quesoI've found all of Socarch's Buns! Please give me my prize!closeddefiexPrize given! Congrats!
799username2088water flowclosedpez252Flowed!
798grenbugplease protect my build marked with white wool, thanksclosedpez252Protected!
79732ndFlavais this a player made thing in the ground or is this part of the landscape?closedpez252This is not player made.
796Just_Chaos98can you tell me who this is that created this so I can chat with them as it is going through our build?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
795DyuskFlowing water pleaseclosedpez252Flowed!
794AceMarconiPlease gib protex to mah fine Grinder, K?closedFlumperProtected! :)
793cheezychickenI can't push this button?closedTheNightsKingAre you sure? It looks like you did
792TESLAraywater flow 40. 44, 1143closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
791cheezychickenI lost my spawn trophies D: I had the mushroom, the quartz and the woolclosedBarlimoreItems restored from verification! Please use them responsib-- I'm just kidding, go wild with them. :-)
790pez252... to this portal.closeddefiex....gooood.
789PPGOMEdisable use of buttons and levers here pleaseclosedcujobeardiscussed via /msg
788ActuallyAureewould it be possible to have warping (ender pearl, chorus fruit, etc) disabled in the zoo region?closedcujobearThat is not something that would be possible at this time.
787pez252Please light this portal and connect it ...closeddefiexPOOF! Let there be light! and there was...
786PPGOMEsave me pls. stuck down hereclosedHerr_Fawkesthat should help, you're outside the spawn region now
785Azumarillhey who does this ladder-filled hole belong toclosedTheNightsKingAnswered via msg
784PlNGsomeone removed some of this pathclosedHerr_Fawkesfixed, player warned
783PPGOMEno sign?closeddefiexDiscussed via msg
782bermudalocketflow please :) (single water source on top of glowstone)closedTheNightsKingNice wet water
781NezdorPremission to build a rail that conects the Southeast and Northeast corners?closedTheNightsKingIf it's not going to interfere with anyone else's claims or builds, you're welcome to drive yourself insane making that rail!
780PPGOMEis treebunny a bun?closeddefiexDiscussed via msg
779Azumarillflowing lava dispenser, pleaseclosedBarlimoreFlowing now, enjoy!
778Sir_DidymusAbsent horse, no record in /hgps again.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /msg.
777NezdorProtect the land i pls :DcloseddefiexHouse region redefined to new area.
776PPGOMEis this considered "Spawn"?closedHolliferIt's in spawn region so i'm gonna go ahead and safely say yes.
775PPGOMElocation of all buns plscloseddefiexPlease no joke modreqs.
774cheezychickenmy horse is stuck :(closeddefiexFreedom is at hand! Be careful!
773tict0cwater flow this one block thank you!closedHolliferFlowed
772PPGOMEare these player rooms?closedBarlimoreYes! :-o
771kumquatmayTreebunny is feeling left out from the bun hunt sign party, was he invited? D:closeddefiexRIP Treebunny.
770PPGOMEyour ceiling has sprung a leak.closeddefiexCongratulations! You have found Defiex's Daycare Splish Splash playroom!
769Inder321Had a horse that was killed, not sure if it was a roll back or a person. Can you look into it?closedBarlimoreThanks for making us aware of Thel's horse. We're currently looking into it and will be in touch with them once we have an update.
768AceMarconiPlease to be flowing this Skelly pusherclosedHolliferWater s'good.
767Magwytchfeed golden carrot to donkey & horse to breed - nothing - did it x2 - no hearts - breeding broken?closeddefiexDiscussed via msg! All fixed!
766hafishgrcould I have protections for this bit too please (my animals/path/crops) :) thank youclosedHolliferRegion redefined to cover new builds. Charming little area, keep it up!
765SoulDustmy horse is goneclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /msg.
764RDstonetrxzdespawned?closedrobrwandered into solace sheep pit..
763cheezychickencan my gardens be protected? child of cheezyhouse <3closedHolliferProtected and set as child of house region.
762AceMarconiPlease to be flowing this I.W.S.closedHolliferRemember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Your body needs to stay hydrated while digging and running.
761PPGOMEprotect spawner plsclosedPPGOME
760cheezychickensploosh the two water blocks on the pillars plz <3closedFlumperFlowed! :)
759Yelnnekplease make the water flow for supply. :)closedrobrflowing
758PPGOMEis this claimed?closedHolliferNope, it's not >:D
757Ted50Just need one more source please :PclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
756Ted50Need some more flow'd(tm) for this sourceclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
755eternafI want the Aphrodite portal to be transferred to pez252!closedBarlimoreOwnership has been transferred across to Pez252 along with 51% of all your assets. Latter is void if you happen to read this message. ;-)
754bermudalocketpls 2 extend haven region to cover villager room, please :)closedSilversunsetvillagers protected
753Ted50Need some flow'd (tm) hereclosedHolliferWow hacks, you pushed me into lava. Enjoy your water you murder.
752eternaf[Padmins] I am claiming the Aphrodite Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreCongratulations! I'll contact Pez regarding this as per your other modreq.
751SumeragiPlease protect this Villager Breeder. High Corner: Red Clay, low Yellow clay. Region Name: Wisteria_Breeder. Thanks!closedHolliferProtected! Lovely view from here :D
750AceMarconiPlease to flow these water blocks.closedcujobearflowin
749PPGOMEI need to talk to a manager about something :IclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
748Xanawattcan i get a light fam? (Ready to light Ares portal)closedcujobearAres portal lit
747VuulPlease remove the vuul_witch region so other people can claim it, I abandoned the spawner. sorry about thatclosedcujobearregion removed
746pinkwinkclaimclosedSir_DidymusYou'll need to properly mark out your claim - http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Land_Claims
745SumeragiPlease let this water source flow as well~ Thanks :DclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
744Gor3fiendget the two waters to my sides to flow, messed up the levelingclosedCARnivore_ndsflow fixed for fighting frighties
743SumeragiPlease let this water source flow freely! Thanks :DclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
742Gor3fiendGet all the water in this room and the system above to flowclosedCARnivore_ndsflow is a go
741KRwistyI would like to have water flowing here too , for the waterfall further down the streamclosedbuzzie71this should work :O
740PPGOMEflow the water pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
739KRwistywaterflow plsclosedbuzzie71flowing!
738AceMarconiprotect spawner please.closedbuzzie71protected!
737Roadie_MCflowclosedCARnivore_ndsand the cows jump with joy
736PPGOMEthis chorus was griefed a while agoclosedbuzzie71grief has already been handled :O
735Aypopcrop grief i believe?closedSir_DidymusFixed!
734hafishgrbuild protections please :) thank youclosedSir_DidymusNot quite yet - keep developing!
733YourMyDinnerplease flow thisclosedTheNightsKingWet.
731Heysofiacan this please be removed? i dont apprecitate bridges being built over my claim and onto itclosedBarlimoreRemoved! Might I suggest adding more fence to more clearly demarcate your claim here? It might help avoid other situations like this and let you focus on building. :-)
730UNPcan this area be added as a place under the name of Butania? Plan on making it a cityclosedcujobearnot quite built up enough for a /place yet. Keep building and request again later
729Kirundistsome real insults going onclosedBarlimoreThanks for reporting! I've put out a reminder to all staff to utilise the `/mute` function as some were present at the time.
728KeyworkOrangeone last flow pls! :DclosediNerd71Flowed!
727KeyworkOrangeFlow pls :)closedZaliekFlowed~
726KeyworkOrangeflow pls :DclosediNerd71Flowed!
724Just_Chaos98I spawned a dopple ganger of defiex to get a dragon head and it spawned them and killed them all but no dragon headclosedZaliekMessaged
723djdanlibgot a river blocker hereclosedSapphricRiver is clear!
722robrthink im missing a chunk of fence here - possibly from early rollbackclosedtorteelaFence restored
721kumquatmayI was riding my donkey here last night when it just up and died.. there were no creepers/etc near me, nothing to suffocate on and nothing to fall from so I'm not sure how it happened D: Resurrection if possible? :(closedBarlimoreDue to a bout of luck, we were able to restore in this case! Discussed via /msg.
720Azumarillcan you do the sorter on this thingclosedAzumarillhey that's not /msg
719Azumarillflow plsclosedtorteelaSkellies go splat
718kumquatmayI, kumquatmay, hand the rights of the Ares portal over to Xanawatt!closedcujobearThank you we have adjusted our records accordinly and contacted xanawatt
717Azumarillflow plsclosedtorteelaFlowed x2
716djdanlibflow this water pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
715Aad_make all of these water block flow please ^^closedFlumperFlowed! :)
714defiexSocarch Buns Ready to collect!closeddefiexDefie can't sign.
713defiexSocarch Buns Ready to collect!closeddefiexClearing.
712NezdorPlease flow this water.closedFlumperFlowed! (eventually) :)
711NezdorProtection for my town.closedFlumperHouse protected! :)
710tict0cwater flow this one single awesome bucket of water :o)closedtorteelaThis awesome water is even more rad now that its flowing!
709tict0cwaterflow on the outside waters pleaseee this time should be right hehclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
708tict0cwater flow for all the waters in this room !! Thank you! :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
707Azumarillflowing water, pleaseclosedtorteelaWater is flowing
706TESLAraywater flow 69, 49, 1090closedtorteelawheeeeeeeeeeeee
705artixlightCan I have this room at spawn please? -144, 277, 120closeddefiexYou may! Welcome to Rev 20 Spawn apartments! Please review the wiki for more information or catch me in game! http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Spawn_Building_Plots
704NezdorPremission to build at the SE border.closedtorteelaPermission granted
703Herr_Fawkesprotect this barn as a child of hermits_restclosedpez252Protected!
702tict0cWater flows please and thank you very much! :)closedpez252Flowed!
701PPGOMEinnapropriate much?closedSilversunsetwhoopsie!
700AharitSE Portal is ready to be lit!closedSapphric👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠ
699GreninjaCan yah light a portal for me? Cheers mate.closedSapphricDemeter portal is lit af :fireemoji:
698TESLArayextend land claimclosedrobrchild regions created
697GreninjaCan you check over landclaim once more to see if it is now valid?closedrobrlooks good, discussed with player
696SirLylewaterflowclosedNoramiFlowing bb :)
695Azumarillflow this top water, hereclosedpez252Flowed!
694GreninjaCan you tell me if this area would be a valid land claim?closedtorteelaDiscussed via /m
693Yakkhyli cant think of anything funny to say about this bridgeclosedcujobearfixed enough for passage and mailed owner
692PPGOMEbig thing blocks off riverclosedcujobearI have modified to allow water travel and mailed builder to correct
690Avi_Dangersteincan you protect this furnace with a region r:dangerzone? It's for chest-sharing purposes OR IS IT? ...it isclosedrobrmost difficult type of block to select, protected. -.-
689I_Am_The_Lolzi need the water at either end of this channel flowing but NOT the lava. thanks!closedCARnivore_ndsI sea lanterns in your future
688King_of_queso[Padmins] I am claiming the NESquid Spawner!closedcujobearCongrats on finding the NE Squid Spawner! Spawner is placed
687Creeperofhopewho filled my farmclosedFlumperDiscussed via PM! :)
686Creeperofhopewho gave me these seedsclosedSilversunsetIts possible the seed fairy came and visited you, sounds like you lucked out!
685PPGOMEwhat is ocean level so i can make a squid farm?closedSilversunsetYou'll need to go find an ocean to find that out!
68432ndFlavaCan we move this chest to outside of Pico borers? The user was mailed by myself and will not respond.closedcujobearSpoke with player and he will come pick up his chest
683sansapantsHow did my horse and I die in midair?closedBarlimoreCurrently unable to restore - discussed via /msg.
682cheezychickencould I have my house protected please? <3closedrobrprotected!
681PipersDadprotection, 4 corners signed, PDskelgrinderclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected?
680tict0cwater flow please and thank youclosedrobrflowed
679Xanawattready for a light for the Ares portalclosedcujobearI show Ares being claimed by kumquatmay, owner will need to request lighting
678DyuskFlowing water pleaseclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
677Xanawattflow pleaseclosedrobrnothing here to flow?
676Zaliek[Padmins] I am claiming the Artemis Nether Portal!closedSapphricCongratulations on finding the eleventh portal of twelve! Please open a new request within 14 days to have your portal frame lit!
675Trooprm32I guffed and removed it, flow gains plsclosedHerr_Fawkesre-flowed
674Trooprm32Sapphrek'd dance your flowey danceclosedSapphricFlowed!
673Azumarilldid I hear something about modreq-ing water level bridging? if so: thisclosedcujobearwater level derp bridge removed
672ThelVadumeenon public public farmclosedrobrrecently protected at request of solace
671venom20078Make water flow at high altitudes.closedrobrflowed
670Omega_OrionI think I can have protect now :)closedrobrbuildings protected as discussed region
669SapphricProtect as 'sapphric_home'closedSapphricProtected, you beautiful person.
668ActuallyAureecan I have this farm tower protected, as a child of solace?closedSapphricProtected!
667Just_Chaos98may I get all these water sources flowing please? tyclosedtotemoflowing
666EternityOfDeathplease protect rg around 1120, 666 for Metal Mountains (mm)closedrobr\m/_(>_<)_\m/
665robrmy original donkey is supposed to be here according to hgps, but area must have rolled back?closedtotemodonkey restored; free the ghost of the missing one with /hfree e4b6cc
664GreninjaProtection Request for the town of Cobalt. 50x50 marked off.closedrobrTown Charter Granted! note: protection does not guarantee police or fire services
663PPGOMEwhat is this?closedrobrit's pretty self explainatory, now isn't it?
662ActuallyAureethese doors appear to be breaking the villager breeder in the solace regionclosedActuallyAuree
661Xaerimflowing waterclosedrobrflowed
660ChunesCould you make this water flow please? Collecting some obsidian. Thanks!closedrobrflowed, obsidian'd
659ActuallyAureethese doors are mechanic griefing the villager breeder. They were placed after the breeder and owner is deliberately doing it to grief. discussed with no resolution.closedActuallyAuree
658harotarorip black named bunny?closedrobrdiscussed w/player
657UNPwho made these floating trees?closedtorteelaDiscussed via /m
656AzumarillWATER PLSclosedSapphricHELLO YES THIS IS WATER
655Fallaticwater flow / water sourceclosedSapphricFlowed!
654Bobosozeliis there supposed to be an end portal here, because it is very strongholdish yet i find no portalclosedSapphricNo, this is a generated structure, but not a stronghold.
653Vuuldid a load of landscaping on this temple and was wondering if I could get it protectedclosedSapphricNeed to do a bit more before we can protect it!
652SoulDustPlease flow this water.closedHerr_Fawkesflowed
651SoulDustPlease flow this water.closedpez252Flowed!
650buzzie71not a pressing issue but may be relevantclosedBarlimoreThanks for the heads up! We pulled the logs and will keep an eye on this situation.
649Braydenrbplease flow this waterclosedHeysofiaWater overflowth.
648Ted50Need some last few blocks of water flowe'd around hereclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
647Ted50Can I get all the water on the edges of this box flowed? Thanks.closeddefiexMega splish, splashed. Don't forget the tunnel!
646username2088water flowclosedNoramiflowing bb :)
645Teddy_Owlis there any way you can tell me who owns these puppers? I just want to let em know they left them hereclosedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
644djdanlibcujo reqclosedBarlimoreClosing as per the resolution we see here. Discussed via /msg.
643OleToothlessCan we have a /place? Centered on 200 x 3100, named OrioncloseddefiexSorry, no place yet! Need more completed builds!
642username2088water flow plsclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
641Salmon_Flavourplease flow meclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
640freezeman1flowing water. i think this is a good spot for a stream.closedghrey303can confirm!
639freezeman1pond is ready (i hope). flow water please <3closedcujobearpond is a pond
638freezeman1flowing water please. i want a pond here :)closedghrey303flowing!
637TESLAraywater flow top water block only 69, 48, 1100closedSirLyleflowing
636ghrey303Could I make a small region to make this button only usable by region members?closedcujobeardiscussed via /msg
635TESLAraywater flow 62, 40, 1100closedFlumperFlowed! :)
634Wall_E__Flow water (3 blocks)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
633Creeperofhopeforget my last req he was in the groundclosedtorteelaGlad you found your dog!
632Creeperofhopemissing doclosedSir_DidymusDuplicate.
631DrSpankyprotect land. Does it protect future changes too?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
630DyuskFlowing water pleaseclosedTheNightsKingLook! Water behind you!
629ActuallyAureewho all pushed this button on this dispenser today?closedZaliekMystery explained
628Fuzzy_W4fflesomeone stole my doorclosedTheNightsKingAppears to be a rollback. Door and stairs replaced.
627cuminmypusshelp i cant get outclosedSir_DidymusYou appear to be free now.
626ItsiAdamwhat is the block i am looking at?closedTheNightsKingI can't tell what you were looking at, please modreq again with more details if you still want to know
625ItsiAdamheck you fascistsclosedSir_Didymusnerd.nu/rules
624ItsiAdamthis is a legitimate storyclosedSir_Didymusnerd.nu/rules
623Standish_Requesting region elros to be expanded to cover the tower and lake to the west, tree to the south, path to the NE. Thanks!closedSir_DidymusProtected.
622Adrei87can you flow my lake <3closedrobrlet the flood commence
621ThelVadumeeportal ate horse :Oclosedcujobearnot eaten after all horse was found
620MasterIX09moar water flow please, thank you.closedrobrwelcomed to die.
619ThelVadumeemissing horse hereclosedThelVadumeenvm
618MasterIX09can i get this block of water to flow please, thanks.closedTheNightsKingFlowing now!
617DrSpankyflowing waterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
616MasterIX09more water flow please, thank youclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
615MasterIX09water flow in this area please, thank youclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
614PipersDadwater flow these two, thanksclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
613Kirundistobvious troll seanmmmclosedSir_DidymusBeing dealt with, thank you for reporting.
612KRwistyis this place claimed, i know im not the first one here btwclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
611eternafone villager is missing here, restart didn't help, both villagers where in a minecart (IIRC) when I left them here. might be related to mc bug MC-23320closedcujobearsee /mail inbox looks like villager is lost :(
610eternafthere where two villagers here? -- one has just disappeared...closedSir_DidymusGoing to re-modreq after restart if not fixed.
609Inder321Mind giving this a nice little flow?closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
608GreninjaProtection request for town of Cobalt // second corner diagonal of current by 50 blocks.closedSir_DidymusWonderful start, but not quite in need of protections just yet!
607Weird_Grimall the items that droped from the dragon falled thru the portal and because of the hotel i never found themclosedcujobearSorry, we do not refund lost drops. The drops will appear at -51, 114, 260 (which is where players spawn) We have added a sign near spawns entrance.
606AharitPlease flow this water source. Thanks!closedTheNightsKingInfinite water, just for you!
605SumeragiPlease unleash the fury (on these water sources). Thanks!closedBarlimoreWe took the unusual action of using /thor to strike lightning on this water. Needless to say... the plan backfired. We've flown the water instead and will reconsider how we unleash fury on water in future.
604Salmon_Flavourplease go with the flow (this)closediNerd71Flowed!
603Salmon_Flavourplease flow thisclosediNerd71also flowed!
602Salmon_Flavourplease flow thisclosediNerd71flowed!
601ExcessiveTokerPls enable PVP inside this punch box, tyclosedBarlimoreMy offer still stands, $5 on Toker vs torteela. Thanks for decorating this punch box up- good luck fighting!
600Herr_Fawkesprotect this spawner, region name fawkes_spawner1closedtorteelaSpawner protected!
599Bobosozeliplease revive my white and light blue sheep :(closedtorteelaLooks like the sheep were killed by lightning and the fire that lightning caused, so we can't replace them. Sorry :(
598Bobosozeliplease flow these two waters :)closediNerd71Water flowed
597PipersDadflow these 3 water blocksclosedtorteelawater flowed
596triztinflow please! c:closedtorteelawater flowed
595Pit_2pls fix wonky waterspread based mexican flatbreadclosedtorteelaI fixed your water because i'm awesome yw
594Pit_2waterspread pls thank based padminclosedtorteelabased cadmin flowed water
593Jellypantshey flow infinity pool plsclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
592Azumarillflowing water dispensers, pleaseclosediNerd71Dispensers should be flowed!
591stellarvikingadminreq for region rename to stellar_compoundclosedSapphricRenamed!
590stellarvikingplease expand current region (stellar_hovel) to new perimeter, change name to stellar_compoundclosedHerr_Fawkesregion expanded, you'll have to adminreq for renaming
589Smooshrmake this water flow pleaseclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
588bermudalocketplease flow two water blocks that have glass broken in front of them for access. thanks!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
587Rincewandflowing water, please!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
586Rincewandflowing water, please!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
585cattheddcan you make water blocks here flow please?closedghrey303yup!
584ghrey303This req is for defi. Could you protect this villager area?closeddefiexPoof! Villagers are safe from the ravages of man.
583Tntdecker01okayyyy thnxclosedtorteelaYou're welcome
582Tntdecker01not even to just clear treescloseddefiexNot even to clear trees, sorry!
581Tntdecker01fire spead to clear these treesclosedSapphricWe can't turn fire spread on, sorry.
580Smooshrneed the water above to flow. Thanks!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
579SirLylemassive wall blocking the entire rivercloseddefiexMailed the builder, thanks for reporting!
578SirLyleWater level bridge that impedes travelcloseddefiexThank you for reporting, player has been messaged.
577Geremyas21please make this water flowcloseddefiexSplish hole splashed.
576Adrei87the last flow for today :-)closedSirLyleflowing, good luck getting to your stuff.
575ChunesCan you make the water in the back flow and also the two sources on the sides please? Thanks!closedHolliferFlowed!
574ChunesCould you make this top water source block flow please? Thanks!closedCARnivore_ndsflow'd gold
573TESLAraywater flow from dispensers 83, 47, 1099closeddefiexPoof! Many splishes splashed!
572MrPandatheBearkill rainclosedHolliferWow, what did the rain ever do to you?!
570ThelVadumeelook at this ded chorus farm D:closedHolliferI have brought back life to this barren wasteland.
568Creeperofhopemy dogcloseddefiexA Zombie of Pig hath murdered your unfaithful companion. :(
567ThelVadumeei bucket griffd herecloseddefiexPls do not bucket griff. All fixed!
566bermudalocketpls 2 flowclosedghrey303you can has flow
565EvilStepDadRegion creation please. "EvilChaos Grinder Complex" North: -3280, S:-3235, E:202, W:92, Y-4 up to Y-40closedSirLylei believe it is all protected and flowing, make another modreq if I missed anything/you expand
564I_Am_The_Lolzi would like all the water here flowing pleaseclosedghrey303all the water on the bottom floor is flowing!
563TESLAraydiscuss region area around 82, 1100closedghrey303figured out!
562ThelVadumeemissing end stone hereclosedghrey303fixed!
561EvilStepDadWater flow. Three blocks up here. One on each end of tunnel and one in the middle.closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
560Azumarill...just a lot of frost walker ice?closedghrey303It seems that way, no persistent ice when I checked
55932ndFlavacan someone tell me how the blocks I just replaced here were broken?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
558Chunescould you make these two source blocks flow please? Thanks!closedHolliferFlowing !
557tict0cI need protection for my double cave spider spawner and all it's wiring :) ty tyclosedHolliferProtected!
5562baPlease protect my build marked with purple wool. Sorry about the 'check' requests, still learning about the server. Thank you!closedcujobearprotected
555username2088water flow plsclosedSirLyleflowing
554Azumarillhey pez, who placed the first torch that was in here and not the rest of them because that was me?closedpez252First torches were placed here by Stormy7777.
5532bacheckclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
552Just_Chaos98may i get the region evilchaos extend to these picture frames? current region is 20 blocks south. TYclosedTheNightsKingSo much more room for activities!
55132ndFlavaWater flow this top water block above the sign! :DclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
550bookey42Water Flow Please!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
549Ozomahtliiflow plsclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
54832ndFlavaRegion around the spawners and including this dug out tunnel so I can play with how water will flow. Names PicoTriSkeleyclosedFlumperDone! :)
547Greymore1234My friend cant build in my claim, i dont remember it getting protected, how can I make it so he can build here?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
546TheLonghoffhelp with a minecart bug...closedFlumperDiscussed via PM! :)
545ActuallyAureewould I be able to have the zoo protected?closedSir_DidymusProtected!
544Creep__Build protection request.closedSir_DidymusProtected!
543varjpls flow this water since i accidentally removed the previous flowed water :PclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
542varjpls flow this water tooclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
541varjpls flow this waterclosedcujobearsplished the splash
540Adrei87horse is invisible :'(closedSir_DidymusFixed by relogging!
539exemefcan I get water flowing for my grinderclosedHolliferFlowed!
538Holliferflow water for fountainclosedSir_DidymusWaterfall activated!
537Yakkhylflow pleaseclosedHolliferFlowed, darn those vines!
536Yakkhylflow please :)closedHolliferFlowed!
535harotaroinfinite water pls. tyclosedHolliferFlowed!
534Weird_Grimpls get me out of hereclosedSir_DidymusDe-trapped!
533Ozomahtliiflow plsclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
532harotarohow did hte villager break out of this holding cell? its the one librarian running freely hereclosedSir_DidymusPossessed villager returned himself. Keep an eye on him!
531Weed_Pancakescan you please make these four water blocks in the well flow? thanksclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
530Aad_please make these two blocks flowclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
529kalasaladmake my water flow pleaseclosedExcessiveTokerFlowed a long time ago! :D
528Rincewandprotection please!closedSir_DidymusGreat start, but develop this area a little more first.
527EvilStepDadWater flow. Please make this a nice well for me to draw upon. Thanksclosedbuzzie71flowing!
526KeyworkOrangeflow pls :DcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
525Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
524Herr_Fawkesprotect this spawnerclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
523Forever_A_Steveremove furnacecloseddefiexPlease contact the owner of the furnace for removal. :)
522SquaresTherewater flow? thanks! :)closedHerr_Fawkesflowed!
5212bacheckclosedSilversunsetdo /check to check your open modreqs
520DocQuickDeathPlease flow these blocks.closedSilversunsetflowed
519ActuallyAureesince this is ununsed space, when would we be able to use/expand across the claim fence?closeddefiexWe do not have a date at this time. This is a claimed area. We will let you know. Please contact me if you have any questions.
518WondrLandaccidental griefclosedWondrLandfixed
517Jaspockcan you make this a infinit water source please Gk gave permissionclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
516tict0cwater flow these two blocks pleaseee :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
515WerewolfMovies17please protect my build marked with blue woolclosedSilversunsetSorry not quite enough to protect just yet, if you're worried about neighbors you can fence the area off you intend to use. Keep on building!!
514DocQuickDeathWater flow, please.closedFlumperFlowed! :)
513tict0cwaterflow please in these 2 rooms :)closedpez252Flowed!@
512tict0cwater flow please and thanks!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
511buzzie71please flow these water :OclosedSirLyleflowing
510MinerbuzPlease make water flow at my well -990 67 1842closedFlumperFlowed! :)
509ThelVadumeei killed 3 elder gaurdians here, did a rollback happen?closedThelVadumeekilled it
508SquaresTherewater flow? thank you!closedtorteelaWater flowed!
507SquaresTherewater flow? thanks! :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
506Bobosozeliplease protectmy little tower :)closedFlumperProtected! :)
505nxwany way to locate a lost named pet?closedSilversunsetLooks like he's found you!
504EstelorePlease make this water flow?closedWondrLandwater encouraged!
503Servalplease flow this water also :)closedCARnivore_ndsvari moist on the platform
502Adrei87flow to hopperclosedTheNightsKingNice and wet down there
501HolliferAnother spawner. ( I found a dungeon)closedHolliferI decided not to protect or claim this, ignore please.
500robrriver completely blocked, legal?closeddefiexDiscussed with player, player will make river travel accessable.
499Servalplease flow this water :)closedHerr_Fawkesflowed!
498HolliferAnother protection on spawner.closedHolliferProtected [Again, yay for documentation]
497Zarton_please flow this waterclosedHolliferFlowing water, thank you based sir for the roads :)
496HolliferSpawner protection for moi.closedHolliferDone. [Yay for documentation]
495varjpls flow this water blockclosedHolliferFlowing!
494Herr_Fawkesprotect this castle, rg name hermits_restclosedHolliferProtected!
493triztinflow this please! thank you c:closedHolliferJumping for joy! Oh water flow gracefully.
491triztinflow my 2 waters please! tyclosedHolliferFlowed!
490PPGOMEwho broke these carpets?closedHolliferFlaming_Fantom
489triztinflow please! tyclosedCARnivore_ndsenjoy ...and good to see you !!
488Ted50What is this? I fell in it and died D:closedHolliferThat sir, is a hole.
487exemefi had to relocate a water source, can the water flow be fix or "reset"?closedBluuefuzzyreflowed!
486exemefI would like to get water flowing for my grinderclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
485EvilStepDadProtection please. Zombie spawner. Thanks mod peepsclosedrobryou left spawnable area near this one :D
484EvilStepDadProtection please. Skelly spawnerclosedrobrregion'd
483EvilStepDadProtection please. This Zombie spawner and the skelly on the platform above.. And thanks!closedrobrsmall region created to cover both spawners
482ThelVadumeeprotect inside cobble border down to y 56closedBluuefuzzyprotected
481Im_a_Ninja13water floclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
480eternafcan I somehow become able to flow water blocks in the area of this to-be grinder (between corners 2036 18 -2239 and 2013 38 -2261, also marked with emerald blocks), because I probably need to iterate a bit on the design...closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm
479Adrei87lost horse gps 1, it's gone, can you delete it from the list?closeddefiexI'm showing this horse is currently in a hole next to your build. Please let me know if you cannot find this horse!
478kumquatmay[Padmins] I am claiming the Ares Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the tenth portal of twelve! Please open a new request within 14 days to have your portal frame lit!
477ghrey303someone didn't replace the dark oak saplings all the way D: pls to helpclosedHolliferFixed! Well, mostly. Leaf decay has not been nice to the trees, i'm sorry. :(
476YelnnekIn a futile attempt to conceive a clever way to suffocate a witch by suffocation, I broke some ladders I can't place back. :(closedghrey303no worries, no one owns that build, it was made before the map started
475Ozomahtliitwo more flows sorryclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
474Ozomahtliitwo corner water flows pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
473ActuallyAureeis this a player trap? there doesn't appear to be an exitclosedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
4722bacheckclosedSir_DidymusType /check to see your modreq number, and /done to close it.
471ChunesCan you please make this lava flow? Thanks!closedHolliferFlowed !
470Just_Chaos98is it possible to get these item frames protected without a region here yet? tyclosedBarlimoreRegion updated, glad you got the frames protected!
469gk_ryoI try to place boxes in this water temple and get "I'm sure there is a more diplomatic solution to this."closedtotemoapparently that is the WorldGuard deny message for edits as well; could it be protected?
468bermudalocketflow pleaseclosedBarlimoreBoth flowing, enjoy!
467KeyworkOrangeflow pls! Thank you! :DclosedHerr_Fawkesflowed!
466Minerbuzplease protect my tower between restone double blocks. Bottom at -984 60 1848.closedBarlimoreProtection added!
465CARnivore_ndstro add 464 please prtoect as child of Orioncloseddefiexnote already added. :D
464CARnivore_ndsplease protect this skeleton fortress to the east and west cobble walls including the spawner room, thankscloseddefiexThe Council has spoken: not going to protect at this time, will need Orion to get more of the build done. I did protect the spawners themselves, however.
463robrchest missing here, items missing from double chest and this single chestcloseddefiexPoof! Chests restored. Good doing bizness with you!
462robrmissing saplings here toocloseddefiexPoof! Treefarm!
461robrmissing fence, rollback or griff?closeddefiexFence replaced, let me knw if I missed any.
460dwhiz101robrclosedrobrdiscussed with player, need more build for protection qualification
459Grimwaltzwater flow for skeleton grinder, 4 locations (marked w signs), 2 in chamber, 1 @ bottom water elevator, 1@ the topclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
458MiniZuvyrequest 8 Blocks of flowing water for a mob grinder... THANKS :D plssssclosedBluuefuzzyflowin! c:
457Trooprm32Flow dis plsclosedghrey303flow'd
456Tntdecker01need more flowy water pleaseclosedHerr_Fawkesflowed!
455Tntdecker01i need my water right here to be flowyclosedHerr_Fawkesflowed!
454Omega_OrionHello, I'd like to make a protection but I have yet to build the wall. Put up some pillars but not enough resources rn & gtg so just preemptively putting this out there so no one tries to take it :)closedSilversunsetCheck out this link for information on land claims, enjoy building! http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Land_Claims
4532bacheckclosedBluuefuzzyif you need a mod, please put more info in your modreq
452VuulQuick question, what are the ettiquettes of claiming structures such as this? me and a friend want to turn it in a grinder.closedHeysofiaClaim the structure (fences/signs) and once the grinder is built then you can ask further for protections :)
451p2010tcrops were griefed since I was last on. Please fix.closedHeysofiaCrops fixed and player warned. Thanks for reporting! :)
450Grimwaltzwater flow for 2x2 water source please, tyclosedSilversunsetflowed
449Aypopany way I can find out whose claim this is? can't find a signclosedSirLylediscussed via pm
448CreeperofhopeprotectionclosedSirLyleThat spawner is already claimed, water flowed
447buzzie71please remove region buzzie71_spider (it's the spider spawner in the ruins near Hera portal)closedcujobearregion removed
4462bacheckclosedrobr1 2 1 2 check check
445Creeperofhopei lost my stuff on top of spawncloseddefiexDiscussed via msg.
444ThelVadumeechorus griffclosedcujobearfixed
443ZaliekPlease protect both skeleton spawnersclosedTheNightsKingRegion created, enjoy
442ThelVadumeeis this a player built structure?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
441ZaliekPlease protect this spawnerclosedSilversunsetspawner protected!
440Trooprm32flow dis plsclosedrobrno
439Azumarillflow water at top plsclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
438Zarton_who placed this spruce hedge on the outside of the road? I need to ask permission to move or remove it because it makes the road too tight for a horseclosedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
437djdanlibhelp me figure out how to proceed with this getting taken overclosedcujobeardiscussed
436dacracotflowing water pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
435Bobosozeliplease flow my water :)closedZaliekFlowed~
434eternafcan I get a region for the athena nether portal to share chests?closedZaliekChest region athena created
433DontGetCancerplease make thy water flow in these trenches on either sideclosedrobrlet it flow, let if flow...
432PPGOMEsheep are dying help the poor kids of africa. Dissapearing with meat and wool. Help.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
431Zarton_who put this cobble wall here?closedrobrdiscussed with player
430bookey42remove ruins spider spawner -2216 -2219closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
429eternafprotect these 3 spawners please?closedSir_DidymusProtected!
428eternafmay this portal be lit (portal is in netherrack)?closedBarlimoreCertainly, this portal is now fully functioning!
427Ted50Need these three top water sources to flow.closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
426RiveriOK Barli, this one definitely needs WE lolcloseddefiexPoof! Magic has occured. >.> You saw nothing.
425EvilStepDadProtection Please. Skelly spawner. ThanksclosedSir_DidymusProtected!
424ghrey303farm grief! x2closedSir_DidymusFixed!
423ghrey303farm grief!closedSir_DidymusFixed!
422Yakkhylhi can you block int eractions with this mapboard please, thanks :)closedZaliekProtected
421PPGOMEfence used to be hereclosedrobrrolled back, player warned
420EvilStepDadProtection Please. Skelly spawner. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.closedrobrdid something, forgot what man.. oh spawner yeah. 420 done..
419ghrey303spawner protection please :)closedbuzzie71protected!
418gk_ryoI'm making a small hole here because can't boat underclosedghrey303I'd be surprised if they noticed
417Yakkhylflow please :)closedDjentleGiantFlowin' like a Progressive Insurance commercial. \o/
416PPGOMEcan we put the derp filter on?closedghrey303no such thing!
415PPGOMEAdmin Sheep pls :DclosedSir_DidymusNot available on PvE I'm afraid!
414ghrey303it looks like rubix cube took down our fence claim and put up their own, could this be moved/rolled back?closedghrey303discussed with player, all sorted!
413Creep__Region so we can share chests with group.closedghrey303region Archives created!
412RokkuCXVIICan I get a region for whiteoak around this chest?closedSir_DidymusRegion created!
411AussieOsbournecan I please have a chest region called Oman? thanks :)closedBarlimoreOman, what a good name! All yours.
410AussieOsbournegrief?closedBarlimoreThe culprit has been ordered to assist a desert town in a uberproject as punishment!
409Yakkhylflow please :)closedTheNightsKingWater flowed
408UNPcan these waters be flowed pleaseclosedTheNightsKingenjoy the water
407Weird_Grimsry for asking again but make water flowclosedTheNightsKingExciting water ride now in service
406Vuulflow: sorry about that, this should be good.closedTheNightsKingWet stuff there now
405Weird_Grimmake water flowclosedTheNightsKingFlowing as you know by now
404Vuulcould you flow these two sources please? :)closedTheNightsKingFlowing but you may need one more
403KRwistywaterflow inthis room plsclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy the zombie murdering! Spawner protected too.
402phil035someone didn't replant (think it was benergy) -3113 70 -218closedBarlimoreYou were right! Rolled back.
401Riveri'nother half-built guardian temple in case it needs WEclosedBarlimoreThanks for letting us know! Since it's not hovering above the water level in a cube of water, we'll leave this one be.
400Fallaticflowing waterclosediNerd71Flowed!
399Vuulprotect this witch spawner pleaseclosedHeysofiaSpawner protected you lucky duck! :)
398Draacsprotect land marked in sandstone and lite pumpkin thx!closedHeysofiaBuild protected, enjoy!
397bookey42remove bedrock from portal find at NW portalclosedBarlimoreBedrock sent back to the flintstones!
396Benergy09Could the western portal be adjusted to the right size?closedBarlimoreUpdated!
395Magwytchpls flow 1 block tyclosedHeysofiaFLOWEDD..ED...EDDDDDDDD....a lot
394Magwytchpls flow 2 blocksclosedHeysofiaFLOWEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
393ExcessiveTokerI would like to claim these two spider spawners please.closedSilversunsetspawners are safe from bad guys, enjoy
392Adrei87let the 2 lakes flowclosedSilversunsetthe two lakes are aflowin!
391torteeladumb shit at water level pls removeclosedSapphricRemoved.
390Benergy09I'm ready for the Zeus (western) portal to be lit!closedSapphricPortal lit, place added! Enjoy!
3892baplease protect my build marked with polished graniteclosedSapphricPlease build a little more, and try again!
388Darwinosaurussoooo we don't have any 'barrier' fence but can we go ahead and claim this giant spire for KeyworkOrange and Darwinosaursus?closedSapphricYou don't need to modreq to claim stuff! Just a fence.
387kalasaladplease protect my buildclosedDjentleGiantRegion has been created! Your build is now protected. \o/
386Zarton_please flow this waterclosedSapphricFlowed!
385PipersDadflow this one water block, thanksclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
384Darwinosaurusgrass blockclosedSilversunsetSorry, you'll need to bring your own grass up from somewhere
383Jaspockplease protect the grinderclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
382Adrei87flow pls ;DclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
381Salmon_Flavourplease flow this (lots of water, small lake)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
380Salmon_Flavourplease flow thisclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
379PipersDadflow all this water please, long walls, and single blockclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
378PipersDadflow these 2 water blocks for infinite poolclosedpez252Flowed!
374triztinI have 7 tall pine trees with water under them, can u flow the water pls?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
373Salmon_Flavourplease flow this. Sorrt just one little bit we missedclosedBluuefuzzyflowin! ^^'
372Salmon_Flavourplease flow this thanks. Also come see my cool new crib!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
371Salmon_Flavourplease flow this thankyouclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
370buzzie71please flow these two water :Oclosedghrey303maybe later
369PPGOMEall my sheep are gona again! I had 2 white, 1 orange, 2 pink!closedtorteelaPlayer warned about not leaving a breeding pair.
368ZaliekI seem to be missing a shulker box full of end city equipment that was placed with other ones in this area, possibly rolled back?closedpez252Discussed via /m
367Xanawattflow pleaseclosedSirLyleyou get water flow, YOU! get water flow! EVERYONE GETS WATERFLOW!
366Xanawattflow pleaseclosedSirLyleflowing
365Azumarillwater flow plsclosedSirLyleflowing
364Azumarillthe water next to the torch, can you flow that? I'll deal with flow aftermath, it's fineclosedHeysofiaWingardium waterflow-saaaaaaaa~
363CreeperofhopeprotectionclosedSirLylesorry, we only protect builds
362Xanawattdisregard previous flow, but flow this block insteadclosedcujobearflowing this one
361Standish_Requesting a region created at current coords extending to cover portal to east. Please name it Elros. TY!closedSirLyleprotected, looking nice
360Xanawattflow pleaseclosedcujobearignoring
359Xanawattsploosh the upper blocksclosedHeysofiaSpoolshed!
358Xanawattsplosh pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
357SmooshrFlow this water pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
356buzzie71please flow this again? ._.closedghrey303that is one flowing block of water if I've ever seen one
355ZaliekPlease protect this skeletal grinderclosedghrey303done!
354buzzie71please flow this water :OclosedTheNightsKingwater :O
353Blizihizakeplease flow this waterclosedTheNightsKingYep. Water doing what it does.
352Xanawattflow pleasecloseddefiexSplish splashed!
351SmooshrFlowing water pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
350zach99998pls light portal (hera)closedcujobearHera is now open!
349Azumarillwater flowclosedTheNightsKingWell hidden water flowing
348Smooshrneed flowing waterclosedSilversunsetflowed
347KRwistyflow, plox :DclosedTheNightsKingYou've got water
346ajr369I messed up, Please help me.closedHeysofiaTp'd to the exit.
345SirLylecould you make spawn "vehicle-destroy: DENY" and replace this chest cart?closeddefiexThanks for letting me know! Filecabinet shall remain unbroken! :D
344Ozomahtliiflow plsclosedTheNightsKingBig wet patch there now
343djdanlibodd lwp bug encounteredclosedcujobearI have brought it to the attention of the techs. Thanks for reporting!
342W_a_l_l_EProtect my build, please. Marked with polished granite. Thanks!closedBarlimoreAlready protected! Only protected the build itself though.
341KRwistyflow, ploxclosedZaliekFlowed blox~
340BlooJeansprotect build pleaseclosedZaliekHomestead protected
339W_a_l_l_EProtect my build, please. Marked with polished granite. Thanks!closedBarlimoreProtection added, good luck continuing in this area!
338ThelVadumeei accedently griffed a signclosedSilversunsetaccidental grief accidentally ungriefed!
337KirundistMy mine has been blocked up with stone whilst I was logged out?closedBarlimoreEdits redone!
335MiniZuvyrequest I just need a few blocks of flowing water so i can get water for a farmclosedSirLyleflowing
334ThelVadumeeflow plsclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
333Sir_DidymusCould this hole in the middle of my road be rolled back?closedghrey303it could!
332Enderhunter20can someone claim my house please? Thanks!closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message. Keep up the good work here. :-)
331Im_a_Ninja13water flowclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
330totemoCan we try the SW portal again, lighting the 5x13 area inside the smooth sandstone rectangle. We would prefer to control the frame blocks but obsidian if testing shows it kills people/animals.closedBarlimorePortal is lit!
329MrPandatheBearsealevel bridgeclosedBarlimoreAmended, try again!
328Enderhunter20is my house able to be claimed now or noclosedghrey303sure is!
327Enderhunter20How about now, is it claimable?closedghrey303it sure is claimable! it's got a fine fence around it. if you want it protected make a new modreq!
326Enderhunter20claim at /wp PetitTown, just to let you know cause I need to gather resources.closedSir_DidymusYou don't need to let us know, but good luck with your resource gathering!
325Enderhunter20claimclosedSir_DidymusWe can't protect this just yet, but keep building!
324PPGOMEuse magical powers to teleport me to 1017 10 177 plsclosedSir_DidymusAs you know, we don't teleport players, especially into lava.
323EternityOfDeathcan Metal Mountains be a /place at 1120, 666 please?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message- good luck developing Metal Mountains! It seems that you have some very ambitious mountains here.
322cheezychickencan I get the region here extended up? Put some dirt off the tower marking the other corner <3closedSir_DidymusExpanded!
321totemoPlease light SW portal as the inside of the sandstone circle. If there is an option of selecting a non-obsidian frame, please advise.closedtotemocancelled
320AypopI'd like to make this grinder a protected region "aypop_spider"closedSir_DidymusProtected!
319cheezychickenflowy sploosh plz <3closedtotemoflowing
318grenbugcan you protect the enchant table? I want people to use it, but not take it! :)closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
317Just_Chaos98may I get this blaze spawner protected? TYclosedSir_DidymusProtected!
316grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
315grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
314Tntdecker01I would like to claim this landclosedSir_DidymusThis land is already part of another player's protections. Type /rg i for details.
313PPGOMEI had 4 sheep. 1 white, 1 red, and 2 pink. white is gone... :(closedSir_DidymusSheep restored.
312cheezychickenclose 311closedcheezychicken
311cheezychickenwhere did my doggie go? D:closedcheezychicken
310KRwistyWaterflow plox, thanksclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
309cheezychickencould I have this region protected please? child of ambrosia, wood planks as cornersclosedHeysofiaRegion made for youuuu :o
308SafeCucumber666Bless this fountain and give it life. Let the rivers run.closedBarlimoreThis fountain has sneezed into life!
307needs_a_nameneed 3 blocks of water flowing at this location. Cheers :)closedBarlimoreFlowing, good luck with the skeleton murdering!
306Xaerimdouble chest turned into a single chest, ocntent gone, also other changes to terrain undoneclosedBarlimoreEdits restored!
305Asterix1806Now that the south portal is lit, could this bedrock marker be removed? Thanks.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - Good luck coming to a decision together.
304SafeCucumber666Could you see what happened to the chest that was here? It was full of sand and a little bit of sandstone. I seriously don't remember moving it.closedBarlimoreChest restored!
303Zaliekprotect spawnerinoclosedZaliekprotecto
302UNPcan i make a land request for the area i just marked out with red brick corners? Building a city. PM for details.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message. Great progress here so far with your terraforming!
301Standish_LIGHT THIS BITCH UP. *cough* Could you please light the south portal?closedBarlimoreThis portal is looking very lit! :-o
300Zarton_please protect the Continental Route Info Booth. Corners are -106,46,384 / -93,46,370. Note: neighbours are RIGHT next door, so no horizontal buffer.closedBarlimoreProtection added- thanks for marking out the corners so clearly! :-)
299Zalteonflowing waterclosedSilversunsetflowed
298Zalteonflowing waterclosedSilversunsetflowed!
297PipersDadcan u protect just this house? Mending villager!closedBarlimoreLucky villager getting a house to itself this early in the rev! *grumbles about own living quarters* (protection added!)
296Vuulbugged spawner?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message. Good luck exploring further!
295Zalteonflowing waterclosedBarlimoreFlowing for you- enjoy!
294triztingold inside the magma cube, cant get to itclosedBarlimoreThis is decoration only to prevent sponge thieves from dismantling!
293triztinyet another sponge room sorryclosedBarlimoreSponge room is open for scrubbing!
292triztinsponge room won't let me collect spongesclosedBarlimoreAll yours now!
291triztinthe protection at this temple is stopping me from mining the sponges, help please!closedBarlimoreThere goes the sponge! :-)
290stellarvikingplease protect this hut as stellar_hovel and the tower as stellar_tower, parent region stellar_hovelclosedSir_DidymusProtected!
289Magwytchpls flow 8 water on channel ends - praise poseidonclosedBluuefuzzyflowin! -poseidon
288kittyanyaIs this enough to protect now?closedBarlimoreProtection added. Build in peace and please don't fall off the mountain!
287buzzie71please transfer Hera portal location rights to bookey42 of Avalon :OclosedBarlimoreThank you for letting us know Buzzie, we've spoken to bookey42 to let them know on what to do next to light their portal.
286AustralicanI claim Windeblown in the name of AustralicancloseddefiexDiscussed via message Long Live Windeblown!
285grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
284Willravel/lbrb-r farm griefclosedBluuefuzzyfixed!
283Magwytchpls flow 2 blocks - mercicloseddefiexSplash splished!
282Greninja[Padmins] I am claiming the Demeter Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the ninth of twelve hidden portals! Please open a new modreq within 14 days to request your portal frame to be lit!
281Magwytchpls flow 1 block tycloseddefiexSplash has been splished!
280Magwytchpls flow 2 blocks water - tyvmcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
279buzzie71please flow this line of water :OclosedSirLyleflowing ... it messed up your pretty snow
278harotarorollback the rolleback of hte rolback yo. server be trippin'closedBarlimoreMissed a bit it seems from last time. Fixed!
277harotarorollback hte rollback yo. horse stairs ripperinosclosedBarlimoreTraining area repaired. Horses and their riders *must* begin training again from dawn.
276Sam__Flynnthe server reset this chunkclosedBarlimoreRestored!
275SirLyleinfinite wasn't enough, flow againclosedBarlimoreTo infinity, and beyond!
274SirLyleinfinite water flow pleaseclosedBarlimorePlease test infinite times to ensure this is an infinite pool.
273prostormsurferPlease protect my FortressclosedCARnivore_ndsProstorm_Fortress created
272Minerbuzplease protect cow pen at -485 65 907 between red blocksclosedSirLyleI'm sorry, you're going to have to put more effort into a build before it qualifies for protection
271AharitSomeone built a shoddy river blocking bridge here, Please fix!closedBarlimoreTry again now!
270grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
269OleToothlesswater flowclosedBarlimoreAll flowing here!
268Greymore1234Hey can I get a region for my town, im making community chestscloseddefiexChest region complete!
267Draacsprotect land marked with light pumpkinscloseddefiexdiscussed via message, please see http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Land_Claims
266Rivaeprotect witch grinder in birch (goes underground a bit) pleasecloseddefiexRegion created!
265ghrey303Could the wise and all-seeing padmins consider making this a through-way? for quality of life measures <3 <3 <3closeddefiexThee-eth egress hath been opened!
264bermudalocketpls2protect spawner tyclosedSilversunsetyou already have this protected, silly goose
263SquaresTherewater flow? thanks. sorry.. .i screwed up the last one :\closeddefiexSplish splashed!
262SquaresTherewater flow? thanks :)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
261ghrey303could a tiny region be made around this bridge with interact flag off to save the lamps?closeddefiexRegion made, please let us know when it's set up so we can do step two.
260ghrey303could we convince the benevolent and all-knowing padmins to replace these sea lanterns with lamps so we can extend the road? <3 <3 <3closeddefiexReplaced, but have left the square at the beginning since part of the staircase/etc. :)
259RiveriChest region for Orion plscloseddefiexChest region created!
258Aypoppls to flow these watersclosedSilversunsetflowed
257bermudalocketprotect blaze spawner pls & tyclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
256Benergy09Could I get some water in my fountain to flow please? The unfrozen sections specifically?closedSilversunsetflowed!
255Benergy09Could I get some water flowing again? I accidentally let it freezeclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
254bermudalocketpls 2 flowclosedHerr_Fawkesflown!
253Aypopcould i get these pools of goo to flow?closedBluuefuzzythe goo is flown
252Aypoppls to flow things thenkooclosedTheNightsKingspider bath now in service
251Benergy09Could someone allow these two blocks of water here to run? Please and thanksclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
250AypopCan I get some infiniwater here?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
249Herr_Fawkesprotect this houseclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
248Rivaeflow 1 block of water pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
247EstelorePlease make this water flow?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
246bermudalocketblaze spawner protection pls!closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
245bookey42Avalon region for chest protection please!closedzburdsalRegion made!
244rickiest_rickthis stuff is duplicated. already moved all this above ground.closeddefiexPlease let us know if it's all chests/furnaces/workbench/bed or one of teh above! Thanks!
243sansapantsWhat happened to the flowing water that was here?closeddefiexRestored!
242EnsixCan you protect this spawner?closeddefiexSpawner protected!
241Just_Chaos98may we get this portal moved to 96, 66, -2885 for the town EVILCHAOS? TYclosedBarlimoreAll lit up, enjoy! Place added too.
240Just_Chaos98may i get these farms protected with current region EVILCHAOS? TYclosedTheNightsKingProtected!
239sansapantsI left a horse here when I logged out earlier. Looks like rollback shrunk the hole and suffocated it.closeddefiexHorse & hole have been restored!
238Minerbuzplease protect between double redstone blocks,closedSirLyleprotected
237BlooJeansprotect future base pleaseclosedSirLylediscussed via pm
236RydliSilverlakeMy terraforming appears to have been undone againcloseddefiexRepaired, please let me know if that took care of it.
235koonatflow please!closedSocarch26flowed
234zburdsalrollback griff: please remine my mineclosedcujobearfixed
233Willravellizard's teeth and witches woe, i beseech thee, make this flow!closedTheNightsKingBy the power of greyskull,you have flow
232EnsixThese stairs and the tunnel they lead to seem to have been rolled backcloseddefiexAll clear!
231Aypopwhat's an auqaman?closedcujobear#blameswitch
230Creep__landclaimcloseddefiexDiscussed via msg.
229Benergy09I'm looking to see whether this potential nether portal location is valid or not.closedcujobearlooks good let us know when you are ready to have it lit
228rickiest_rickmissing chests herecloseddefiexAnimal chests restored.
227Greymore1234Idk if its in permission to ask this, but can a mod check to see if the End was rolled back to the dragon being alive?closeddefiexLooks safe to us.
226Minerbuzplease make water flow for well at -294 75 894closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
225YakkhylHi, I lost 1 powered rail and a few normal rails here due to rollbacks, thanks :)closedcujobearfixed
224Creep__Chest have multiplied content 2x original.closeddefiexThank you for letting us know!
223cheezychickenwould it be possible to protect these 3 spawners?closedSirLyleprotected
222EternityOfDeathI had put charcoal in 4 of these furnaces... gone now. don't know if it is worth the hassle though.closeddefiexPoof! Burny stuff restored.
221Ted50Spider grinder got resetclosedcujobearfixed :)
220DjentleGiantPlease restore my chest...I can redig the tunnel but I need what was in my chest.closeddefiexPoof! Restored. Good luck!
219TESLAraywater flow at -14, 53, 1106 plz and thank youclosedTheNightsKingEnjoy your water
218Azumarillhow long are we good for with this claim fence?closedAzumarillnever mind, don't look at me
217RDstonetrxzstill not flowingclosedpez252Flowed!
216CutterWillflowclosedTheNightsKingWell that is a lot of water
215RDstonetrxzfarm AND water is gonecloseddefiexPoof returned and flowed!
214RDstonetrxz1/5 of my claim is gonecloseddefiexPoof Returned!
213Just_Chaos98this section disapeared after the restart. thanksclosedpez252Fixed!
212EternityOfDeathlooks like my mine and the stairs down to it were rolled back againclosedcujobearfixed again
211Teddy_OwlI had a 400-ish block long tunnel going towards spawn that was 1 (width) by 2(hight).closeddefiexTunnel tunneled!
209ghrey303rollback #2; granite road border used to extend through this area as wellclosedghrey303already req'd, sorry
208ghrey303rollback; granite road border used to extend through this areacloseddefiexAlready fixed. Thank you for reporting.
207Creep__chunk rollback at 377 115 -942closedcujobearfixed
206RealDaMvpan entire chunk of my cave rolled back and cut off some chests with some stuff in themcloseddefiexPoof! chests returned. :)
205SirLylerollback in this chunkclosedcujobearfixed
204I_Am_The_Lolzi dont know if you can fix this, but the entire front of my spider grinder is gone and would appreciate it being put backclosedcujobearfront wall as good as new
203Jaspockum half of our house is gone nowcloseddefiexPoof Housing approved!
202ZomiseGuess what's gone again! Pls giff my tunnel back! (towards east from here to the staircase)closedcujobearfixed
200PPGOMErolled back chunkcloseddefiexPoof! Road returned!
199Creep__flowing water at 334 110 -966closedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
198RealDaMvpclaiming landclosedSirLylediscussed via pm
197Aypopwater flow pl0x, also FIRST MODREQ WOOTclosedSilversunsetflowed
196ghrey303Hi beautiful and capable mod team, could I bother you to protect this spawner?closedcujobearonly because you asked so nicely :)
195RDstonetrxzwater flowclosediNerd71Flowed!
194eternafhelp me get out of this hole!closedSir_Didymusrescued!
193PPGOMEcan you change region biome to plains please?closedSir_DidymusAfraid we don't change biomes on PvE!
192RDstonetrxzclaimclosedSirLylediscussed via pm
191ZomiseTunnel missing here too.closedcujobearmostly fixed as per discussion
190ZomisePls to giff back my tunnel!closedcujobeartunnel is back
189Just_Chaos98may I get all the water sources in this farm field flowing please? tyclosedSirLyleflowing
188Im_a_Ninja13water flowclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
187rickiest_rickpls flow waterclosedSirLyleflowing
186ghrey303I think a 3rd double chest was rolled back, it was half filled with stones and suchcloseddefiexPoof! Dirt box restored!
185cujobearwe had a rollback here too :(closedcujobearfixed
184Im_a_Ninja13water flowclosedSirLyle
183Magwytchpls flow 2 blocks - tyvmclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
182EternityOfDeathand the rollbacks continue, can you restore this stair case that was dug down to y11 please and thank you.closeddefiexStaircase repaired!
181Australicanstairs missing again. :/closeddefiexPoof! Stairs good to go!
180Sir_DidymusRedo here too please.closeddefiexLet me know if I missed anything!
179Bluuefuzzyzburd this one tooclosedzburdsalprotected!
178Bluuefuzzyzburd claim this for meclosedzburdsalProtected!
177PipersDadwater flow this one block please, tyclosedcujobearflowed
176Silversunsetthere was a rollback here toocloseddefiexPoof!
175I_Am_The_Lolzi would like all the water in this room flowing pleaseclosedSirLyleflowing
174Sir_DidymusRedo here please.closedSilversunsetredood.
173PipersDadflow all this water pleaseclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
172AceMarconimy build rolled back, or something , I guess in the last restartclosedSilversunsetrollback rolled back
171EternityOfDeathoh yeah this area got rolled back as well, used to be a stairway all the way down to a mine.closedpez252Fixed!
170Adrei87flow waterclosedpez252Flowed!
169AustralicanBroken staircase from sushi rollbacks.closeddefiexStaircase fixed!
168rickiest_rickall my stuff is gone againcloseddefiexAll your stuff is back again!
167ThelVadumeesurface tunnel got rolledbackclosedpez252Already fixed
16632ndFlavarollbacked the chests on top of bookshelvesclosedSilversunsetrollback rolled back
165pez252Rollback here.closedSilversunsetrollback rolled back
16432ndFlavarollback here as well, water was removed and sandstone enclosureclosedpez252Fixed!
16332ndFlavapls fix rollbackclosedSir_DidymusFixed hopefully.
162KRwistycan you make this build comeback?closedSilversunsetrolled back
161ThelVadumeewhut this?closedpez252Protected!
160EternityOfDeathpossible loss of items from player inventory upon reset.closedcujobearfor inventory will look into but for now nothing we can do, area fixed.
159djdanlibrollbacks in my area? it's more likely than you thinkclosedcujobearfixed!
158MasterIX09House borked :IcloseddefiexHouse hopefully unborked!
157ThelVadumeetunnle got rolledback halpclosedSilversunsettunnel looks ok to me
156Magwytchwe had a stairway here - lots of rollback? i dont know what happened?closedcujobearfixed!
155RydliSilverlakeThese chunks here were rolled back. i did a lot of terraforming that is now gone...closeddefiexShould be fixed
154PPGOMErolled back noob lodge. pls fixclosedcujobearfixed!
153Silversunsethalp i rolled backcloseddefiexYou ish free! Defie has given silver a sock!
152PipersDadprotection, PDgrinder1, 4 corners signed,closeddefiexCannot protect at this time, please modreq for waterflow. I suggest putting a claim fence with a sign around it until you've finished. Please find me with questions. :)
151AceMarconiWatersource please.closedSilversunsetflowed!
150Ozomahtliimy horse seems to have despawned, though '/hgps 374810' says it's still hereclosedBarlimoreHorse restored!
149cujobearmake chestregion lazulishoresclosedcujobearcreated Lazuli_Shores
148Adrei87bed is gone, but it's not that important, wasn't on my siteclosedSilversunsetrollback glitch, wont roll back for now but modreq again if you lose items.
147PPGOMEif possible protect Noob Lodge pleaseclosedSilversunsetprotected!
14632ndFlavacan you tell me who removed the chest that wsa on top of the bookshelf? Thanks!closedSilversunsetthe server went :burp: but its back now!
145cheezychickenkersploooosh plzclosedSilversunsetsplooshy splooshy
14432ndFlavaWater flow for this top block of water. Thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed!
143cheezychickensplooshy splooshy flow flow plz <3closedSilversunsetflowed!
14232ndFlavapls flow these two blocks of water. Thanks!closedTheNightsKingEnjoy the water
141kumquatmayMy donkey has disappeared from this pit D: /hgps says it should be here.closedcujobearreplaced with non magically donkey I think
140rickiest_rickstuff gone. missing 2 chests, bed, 9 or so furnances. this immediate areaclosedcujobearfixed by Silver because she is the best and cujobear isn't
139I_Am_The_Lolzsomewhere around here we placed down a chest with a bunch of food and stuff in it and the server got rolled back. can someone look into it? It would be greatly appreciatedclosedcujobearthere was a chest near that you destroyed this morning, unless you can be more specific exactly where
138ZomiseFix magical waterclosedcujobearthanks for reporting
137prostormsurferPLease flow thisclosedTheNightsKingAll flowing
136Xaerimhalf of this double chest went missing and it is no longer protectedclosedcujobearfixed
135ThelVadumeeshould this temple have water above ground?closedDjentleGiantThis is because reasons. :)
13432ndFlavaPls 2 protect this grinder and the area surrounding for Pico, called PicoZed1 thanks!closedSilversunsetprotected!
133ThelVadumeeand add TESLAray to regionclosedrobrsee response to claim guidelines on 132..
132ThelVadumeeclaim this templeclosedrobrnormal claim rules apply, fence and then build for protection..
131djdanlibc'mon baby light my fire.... I mean, portalclosedcujobearBurn,baby, burn? Portal is lit!
130Roadie_MCchest region AmbroisaclosedSilversunsetRegion Ambrosia created!
129Roadie_MCEstablish AmbrosiaclosedSir_DidymusBuild a bit more first!
128Fuzzy_W4ffleI claim this giant block of stone in the name of waffleclosedSir_DidymusIt's a lovely block of stone, but doesn't warrant protecting just yet!
126Inder321I still there was a roll back, ended up losing all my stuff. Can something be done?closedpez252Stuff returned!
125PPGOMEsomebody broke my claim fence?closedpez252Not grief, server ate it. Fence restored!
124AharitI appear to stuck in one of the special templesclosedHeysofiaun-stuck :)
123Rivaeclaim witch spawner plskthxclosedpez252Protected
122pez252Is this a claim on this spawner, or just some safety rails?closeddefiexSpawner not claimed at this time.
121Im_a_Ninja13water flowclosedBarlimoreAll flowing, enjoy!
120Im_a_Ninja13water flowclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
119eternaf[Padmins] I am claiming the Athena Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the eighth portal out of twelve! Please modreq within two weeks to request your portal to be lit!
118harotarowhos bed is this?closedBarlimoreTurns out it was a madman with a deathwish! Discussed via message. :-)
117Xaerimflowing waterclosedBarlimoreAll flowing, enjoy!
116EvilStepDadProtection Please for Zombie SpawnerclosedSir_DidymusProtected!
115Smooshrmake it flow. Thanks!closedBarlimoreIs this... humane?
114kalasaladid like to have these water blocks flow pleaseclosedBarlimoreAway they go, enjoy!
113SmooshrNeed flowing watercloseddefiexsplish splashed!
112Silversunsetfence ._.closeddefiexFence has been fenced.
111SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closeddefiexSplish splashed!
110Xaerimflowing watercloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
109Sir_DidymusThere are "unregistered" blocks here.closeddefiexI have *magiced* your fence into existance!
108Xaerimflowing waterclosedSilversunsetflowed!!
107kittyanyaProtect the house, please. Fenced as much as i could. Also house in cliff.closeddefiexGood start on your build and nice claim fence! Please build more on your claim before requesting a protection! If you have any questions please let us know and we'll be happy to help!
106Sir_DidymusPlease redo my tunnel here.closeddefiexTunnel has been rendered holy once again!
105stellarvikingQuestion about claims that isn't in the claimy thingclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message!
104SmooshrSpawner needs protecting. Thanks!closeddefiexspawner protected!
103SmooshrNeed this spawner protected. Thanks!closeddefiexProtected!
102SmooshrWould like this area protected please.closeddefiexProtection denied at this time. You do have a land claim fence up, so good start! Please build on your claim before asking for protections. :)
101King_of_quesomy chest, furnace and animals were rolled back during that last restartclosedBarlimoreOrder is restored!
100Roadie_MCLand ProtectioncloseddefiexGreat start on your build! Until you have more built up within your fence claim, we will have to deny your protection at this time. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions!
98iNerd71fence fence fenceclosedSapphricDid you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis "the wise"? I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the mi
97iNerd71here too thankscloseddefiexAt this point, is fence even a word anymore? :D
96iNerd71Another fencey fix herecloseddefiexFence replaced!
95iNerd71As I was saying, here too plscloseddefiexfence has been replaced!
94iNerd71and herecloseddefiexFence replaced, but you should learn to let people in, not fence us out. :(
93iNerd71and hereclosedBarlimorePlease stop angering the rollback demons. :-(
92iNerd71here toocloseddefiexWhat have we done to deserve all this fencing....
91iNerd71fix fence plsclosedBarlimoreAll fixed!
90UNPcan this spawner be protected for me and c3nt pleasecloseddefiexSpawner protected!
89ghrey303looks like our humble farm was rolled back :(closedBarlimoreInstant farm has been unpackaged!
88Silversunsetmore missing fenceclosedSapphricFence replaced
87Silversunsetmore missing fenceclosedSapphricFIXED AGAIN
86Silversunsetmore missing fencecloseddefiexTough. No fence for you!
85Silversunsetmore missing fenceclosedSapphricFIXED
84Silversunsetmore missing fenceclosedSapphricFIXED
83Silversunsetmore missing fencecloseddefiexFencing replaced! (You need a new carpenter!)
82YakkhylHi, can I get this island protected please?closeddefiexWe cannot protect your build at this time! We do suggest putting a claim fence lower down on the island where players from the ground can see it!
81Silversunsetmore missing fencecloseddefiexPlease...no..more...fencing...::thud:: replaced...
80torteelapls enable pvp inside this box. thank you.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - $5 on Toker, $2.50 for the punch king.
79Silversunsetmore missing fencecloseddefiexPoof! ....::pantgasp:: fence...returned...
78Silversunsetmore missing fencecloseddefiexPoof! Fence returned!
77Silversunsetmore missing fencecloseddefiexPoof! Fence returned!
76Silversunsetmissing fence herecloseddefiexPoof! Fencing returned.
75Silversunsetmissing fence here tooclosedBarlimoreFixed!
74Silversunsetmore missing fenceclosedSapphricFixed!
73robralso missing tamed dog from here tooclosedBarlimoreRestored!
72Silversunsethere tooclosedBarlimorePatched up fences here too.
71Silversunsethere tooclosedBarlimoreFixed!
70robrchests missing (single, single made this double) :(closedSapphricReturned!
69Silversunsetthis bit of fence looks like it was rolled backclosedBarlimoreFixed up.
68djdanlibthink this chunk got rolled backclosedSapphricUnrolledback
67BluuefuzzyI think i'm missing my staircase here from a rollbackclosedSapphricStaircase returned!
66defiexMissing map or extra itemframe?closedBarlimoreExtra itemframe. :-)
65WondrLandI clicked the Temple of Purr announcement sign, but was I supposed to get something? My inv was fullclosedBarlimoreOrder has been restored!
64King_of_quesostuck in a holeclosedBarlimoreRansom paid - You have been saved.
63totemoRollback killed animals here.closedtotemoanimals restored
62Smooshrthis area had select chunks roll back. should be 2 chests and a bed hereclosedBarlimoreFixed!
61King_of_quesoi clicked here but nothing happenedclosedBarlimoreI recommend trying again maybe from tomorrow night. :-)
60Bluuefuzzyclaim spawnerclosedBluuefuzzyclaimed
59AdmiralAntillescan i get this blaze spawner protected?closeddefiexSpawner protected! Hot stuff! :D
58Bluuefuzzyflowin water plscloseddefiexsplish has been splashed!
57DjentleGiantCan these signs be replaced with a single sign that is more typical? The wording just seems weird. Thanks!closedDjentleGiantToday I learned a new Minecraft command. XD
56Yakkhylcan I use cobblestone walls to make a land claim?closedBarlimoreIndeed. Discussed via message. :-)
55CutterWillclaim spawnerclosedcujobeardone
54EvilStepDadPlease make chest region named "EvilChaos".closedcujobeardone
53EvilStepDadWater flow. Please make these a water source.. ThankscloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
52torteelatorteela pls make a chest regionclosedtorteelaI DID IT wow i'm so great
51ThelVadumeei think spawn portal is broken, spawned me in a diff portalclosedSapphricWhat portal? I don't see a portal here! D:
50SquaresTherewater flow? thanks! :DclosedDjentleGiantFlow'd!
49ThelVadumeedid this portal just spawn here?closedBarlimoreThanks for spotting this!
48UNPcan this spawner and the surroundings be protected for me and c3nt pleaseclosedZaliekSpawner protected, sorry cannot protect the generated build
47robrclaim this spawner for alias as wellclosedSirLyleprotected
46ghrey303[padmin] could you help me add a prize to this sign?closeddefiexPrize added!
45robrclaim spawnerclosedBarlimoreThank you very much for claiming this spawner for m-- Oh, for you? Added the region. :-)
44Standish_[Padmins] I am claiming the Hermes Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the seventh portal of twelve! Please open a new modreq within 14 days to request your portal frame to be lit!
43Yakkhylflow please :)closedSirLyleflowed
42PPGOMEis this path good to make this an official claim?closedSirLylediscussed via pm
41UNPcan this spider spawner be protected for me and c3nt pleaseclosedSirLyleprotected
40PPGOMEare we allowed to build here?closedBarlimoreAbsolutely! Discussed via /msg :-)
39Smooshrarea rolled back. should be a chest and bed at tp.closedBarlimoreAll returned!
38djdanlibdid a rollback happen in my area? my tunnel is now missingclosedBarlimoreAll patched up- or tunneled out I guess. :-)
37shredtilldethflowingclosedghrey303I love flowreqs!
36p2010tflow water to create infinite pool here near where I'll be buildingclosedBarlimoreAll flowing, enjoy!
35Sir_DidymusPlease roll back my shack here?closedSapphricDone!
34dnynumberonethis little seedfarm i built got rolledbackclosedBarlimoreFixed up!
33buzzie71protection on this spider spawner please :OclosedSirLyleclaimed
32torteelapls gib spider spawnerclosedSirLyleclaimed
31OleToothlesspretty sure this should not be like this...closedBarlimoreThanks again for spotting this. Should be safe to pass by now!
30MessedUpDuckwaterclosedSirLyleflowing; thank you for improving the lag
29Aharit[Padmins] I am claiming the Poseidon Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the sixth portal of 12 to find! Please open a new modreq within 14 days for us to light your portal frame!
28Bobosozelihalp. i fell through the worldbut didnt dieclosedBarlimoreLooks like you're ok now at least!
27totemoPico chest region pls.closedBarlimoreAdded. :-)
26I_Am_The_Lolzcan i get a chest region named "Auratus" please? Thanks!closedBarlimoreAdded!
25totemo[Padmins] I am claiming the Apollo Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the fifth portal of 12 to find! You have two weeks to place the portal frame and open a request to have it lit! :-)
24zburdsalum... i can remove this right?closedghrey303yeah that's not a thing ...
23triztin[Padmins] I am claiming the Zeus Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreSorry, already found but 8 still remain!
22buzzie71[Padmins] I am claiming the Hera Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the fourth portal of 12 to find! You have two weeks to place the portal frame and open a request to have it lit! :-)
21Yakkhylcan you flow this water for me please :)closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
20Benergy09[Padmins] I am claiming the Zeus Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the third portal of 12 to find! You have two weeks to place the portal frame and open a request to have it lit! :-)
19harotaro[Padmins] I am claiming the Hephaestus Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the second portal of 12 to find! You have two weeks to place the portal frame and open a request to have it lit! :-)
18shredtilldethplease protect the skele, and 2 zombie spawners for Metal MountainsclosedSirLyleprotected, nice find
17Socarch26claim witch spawner pleaseclosedSirLylediscussed via pm
16YakkhylI intend to develop this floating island when the lag subsidises, is there anything i can do to ge tthis island protected in the mean time?closedSirLylediscussed via PM
15Just_Chaos98may I get this spawner protectedcloseddefiexSpawner protected!
14PPGOMEprotect this historical monument pleaseclosedSirLylethis is a low effort build and won't be protected without more effort
13iNerd71Argoth chest region plsclosedghrey303done!
12torteelaclaim spawner plsclosedBarlimoreAll yours, nice find!
11Sapphricpath griefcloseddefiexfixed!
10EternityOfDeathcan you please make a chest region called 'mm' for metal mountains, thanks!closedBarlimoreRegion `mm` set up!
9djdanlib[Padmins] I am claiming the Hestia Nether Portal!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the first portal of 12 to find! You have two weeks to place the portal frame and open a request to have it lit! :-)
8torteelaclaim witch spawner plsclosedSirLyleclaimed
7ghrey303Solace chest region please!closedghrey303it is done!
6pez252rosemayors chest region pleaseclosedSirLylecreated
5pez252rose chest region pleaseclosedSirLylecreated
4Magwytchregion "ironstar" for chest region to keep the cobble safe - tyvmclosedcujobearironstar done
3TuxyWhalenew rev pls this one is really oldclosedghrey303okay we'll work on it
2Silversunsetpls make haven chest regionclosedSilversunsetoh yeah, done