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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
2303TheAcademicianPlease flow the 4 waters back here :]closedbookey424 flow as one
2302iamdarbis this claimed?closedbookey42Discussed via message No claim as I could see
2301marirurimentesquid grinder collection cart is stoppedclosedbookey42looks like cart is running and currently collecting.
2300TheAcademicianPlease flow this H2O, yo.closedttsciFlowed that H20, bro ;)
2299xOreoToastLooking for some admin assistance with request 2276, filed it last night when none were on and I'd like to deal with it nowclosedBarlimoreClosing as a duplicate - following up via message shortly on your original request.
2298Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedCARnivore_ndswaterbed? flowing anyway
2297promaxxefill pools with flowing waterclosedKirstaeFlowing
2296Rivae4 blocks water flow on ceiling plskthxclosedKirstaeFlowing
2295Wall_E__Please protect my build. Marked with red and yellow wool at the corners. I would like it to include the moat, as I will be doing lots of /flow commands. Thanks!closedSirLyleregion made
2294AzumarillUnce_ crap shack issueclosedBarlimoreNothing to see here!
2293Azumarillhey, barlimore, questionclosedAzumarill:U
2292theFacebookthe water that flowethclosedHerr_Fawkeswater has been zucc'd
2291Trooprm64Spawner protection!closedtotemoprotected
2290PPGOMEis it okay to build here?closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
2289promaxxeflow water underneath and aboveclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2288OmegaeddonI know I asked before, but I forgot. Can you tell me who derped this derp plz?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2287NistuneHow do I get all spongey side mushrooms? When I use bonemeal it goes to the all-stem and doesnt change ;oclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message: Yellow dye is the solution to anyone who wonders.
2286theFacebooksomeone possibly xrayed a tunnel down here?closedBarlimoreThanks for raising concerns - we will investigate this individual and take appropriate action.
2285baebasaurpls flow addt water blocks thx!closedcheezychickenflowed! its still rather wonky though...
2283xBiggie_Cheesexwhere can you build freely? also ples unmute sorry for immature jokeclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2282xBiggie_Cheesexpls unmute im soryyyclosedSilversunsetunmuted.
228132ndFlavaFlow the 2 blocks on both sides of me. Thanks!closedieuwehSlide for little plants activated!
228032ndFlavaPlease flow this line of water. Thank you!!! :DclosedieuwehNow should flow with love sprinkles!
2279baebasaurpls flow these blocksclosedieuwehFlowing!
2278MrArronplayer trap/griefclosedSilversunsetnot grief, bermuda is just being a lazybear
2277Derkekhelp! a villainous fiend has nabbed my massive tower of reeds!closedZomiseAll fixed up! Thanks for reporting. :)
2276xOreoToastThis was a scenic river. What the hell happened to it?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2275HouseBoltonplease flow again sozclosedSpook6flowing!
2274HouseBoltonplease flowclosedSpook6flowed!
2273HouseBoltonflow here plsclosedTrooprm64Flowed
2272HouseBoltonplease protect, trying to build a mob farm but need water to flowclosedtotemoflowing
2271theFacebookflowing water plsclosedtotemoflowing
2270Trooprm64Protec 2.0closedTrooprm64Protect 2
2269Trooprm64Protec plsclosedTrooprm64thank be to spider
2268theFacebookflowing waters plsclosedZomiseFlowed!
2267iamdarbis it possible to protect my structure, don't want someone breaking the redstone if they get trappedclosedKing_of_quesoArmor stand protected!
2266nels_nelsonMay I please have these four blocks of water made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
2265Elizabeth_Noxcan you flow this water please ^.^closedThelVadumeewater flowing :D
2264ghrey303one upgrade to tier 5, please!closedSir_DidymusSpawner upgraded!
2263HeysofiaGrief by OnlyCatastrophy. Stole town enchantment table.closedrobrreenchanted table, user warned.
2262larry190991please protect my buildclosedbermudalocketlooking good! protected!
2261Arctic_PuffinItem recoveryopen
2260varjpls flow this water plsclosedSirLyleflow'd
2259PPGOMEemeralds were stolen by this greedy man. Please help.closedSilversunsetstop throwing money at our traders, they're not for sale
2258SmooshrThis end portal needs to be added to /placeclosedBarlimorePlace added!
2257varjblocks of water? Is that even a thing? Pls make this one flowclosedTheNightsKingFlowing water, what wonders
2256PPGOMEis it safe to build here?closedrobrdiscussed via /m
2255varjsplish da splash plsclosedrobrsplooshed
2254Crambullare the slime golems gone from the world or still out there?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2253AnonymousDapperPlease add the breeder and sheep farm area to region "redsun_land"closedieuwehNew building added to the region!
2252AnonymousDapperpls flow the water in the breeder, apparently I don't own the regionclosedieuwehWater flows!
2251grenbugtwo tier 1 iron golem spawers please. Still working on the last one...closedBarlimoreGolemspawners added! Nothing better than the screams of burning iron golems in Avalon!
2250ZomisePlease give map 909. The map naming system isn't working.closedZomise909 Traded for empty map.
2249obereI dropped a rare fossil behind the counterclosedkumquatmayFossil retrieved!
2248MakauAranrequest: water flowclosedSpook6your water is flowing!
2247AzulaTheFireLordMy horse keeps becoming dehydrated at abnormally fast rateclosedTrooprm64Discussed in /msg
2246Jezzzziequestion regarding connecting our towns rail to spawn stationclosedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
2245krby0303flow waterclosedThelVadumeedupe req
2244krby0303flow waterclosedThelVadumeewater flowed
2243OddGeometryplease protect glass waterways and brick rentention walls. but leave the wheat/farm unprotected. :)closedZomiseProtected down to y50 which protects the waterways and outside walls, leaving the farms unprotected.
2242Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2241krby0303flow waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2240krby0303flow waterclosediNerd71Dar she flows!
2239larry190991I was afk on a minecart during last reset I some items seems to have disapearde from my inventory. I can't find my diamond pickaxe with with fortune 3closedBarlimoreCheck your storage chest labelled with a pickaxe!
2238HouseBoltonalso protecclosedbermudalocketsee 2236
2237HouseBoltonprotecclosedbermudalocketsee 2236
2236HouseBoltonplease protectclosedbermudalocketExisting region expanded to cover new builds!
2235Bluuefuzzydid someone not replant these here?closedbermudalocketNo grief to be found!
2234SapphricIt seems someone has murdered my cowsclosedBluuefuzzynew cows and chickens, player warned!
2233SmolTelleflow here please?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2232MrArronSpoke to Sir_Didymus about rollback issues.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2231Jezzzziecuriosity killed the cat. good thing im not a cat. could you help unstuck me though :/closedBluuefuzzyunstuck!
2230MrArronWhy was Astrokie banned? He was not using XRay, the stupid ammount of enchantment stuff he had was through fishing being OP.closedbermudalocketPlease have them handle this through nerd.nu/appeal. Thanks!
2229larry190991please protect my buildclosedSirLyleprotected I think
2228sansapantsFlow, please. Thank you!closedttsciFlowing! Enjoy your H2O
2227littlevaquerocan you guess tell me if i can remove a certain building?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2226thefalloutmanwater flowclosedbermudalocketFlowin'!
2225HordsakFlow this water please =)closedieuwehWater flown! You are welcome :D
2224baebasaurpls flow these water blocks thanks!closedNoramiAll flowing \o/
2223krby0303flow waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2222krby0303flow waterclosedpez252Flowed
2221baebasaurpls flow water over here too thanks!closedieuwehBeautiful pond flows now freely!
2220NoramiI named one map 193 and another 194 on an anvil, they both come up emptyclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2219baebasaurpls flow thanks!closedKing_of_quesoPond flowed!
2218ghrey303I'm missing two birds here ... :( what happened?closedBluuefuzzylightning happened :(
2217Noramimay I pls have the maps 193 and 194. Thank you :)closedNoramiTIL you can name maps on anvils now :D
2216Trooprm64Self, 6 block siding region updateclosedTrooprm64Updated region
2215Azumarill10 flowing water dispensersclosedSilversunsetflowed
2214tkeajaxmoveclosedbuzzie71holy bricks how did you-uhh I mean, extracted :D
2213Pasharellaflowers griefclosedSirLylerolled back, player warned
2212ttsciWater flow please! Careful of the lava.closedpez252Flowed
2211ttscimight be accidental grief? unsure if block simply wasn't placed, etcclosedttsciNope, not grief. Thanks for reporting!
2210krby0303flow waterclosedpez252Flowed
2209krby0303flow waterclosedpez252Flowed
2208PipersDadend pearled thru last outer island teleporter, and fell in voidclosedSir_DidymusItems restored, portal blocked off.
2207krby0303flow waterclosedbuzzie71flowing but it may not be what you expected O.o
2206King_of_Lion2000can i be pinpointed as city on livemap?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2205krby0303flow watercloseddefiexDanger splish has been splashed!
2204krby0303flow water (thanks)closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
2203krby0303flow waterclosedTheNightsKingDuplicate of 2202
2202krby0303flow waterclosedTheNightsKingWater flowed
2201TJM66Connection to Spawn Railway StationclosedkumquatmayStraya connection sign updated!
2200OmegaeddonOr THIS might be the dupe. I have NO idea. Something fuckys going on hereclosedtotemoimposter eliminated
2199OmegaeddonPretty sure this horse "bostik" is an imposter. As in a dupe of MY BostikclosedtotemoMinecraft makes duplicate entities with the same unique ID occasionally
2198Kirstaemay I get one of the spawners upgraded to tier three, please?closedBarlimoreAnother tier 3 for you!
2197jorgetlwwhat is dis?closedKirstaediscussed via /msg
2196Omegaeddonwhos house is this, plz?closedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
2195OmegaeddonGrief to statue thingyclosedtotemonot grief; the original builder is working on it
2194KeyworkOrangeflow pls :Dclosedtotemoflowt
2193koro666I thought hopper abuse like that was forbidden?closedBarlimoreNot presently illegal but highly discouraged due to the impact on the server. We'll have a chat with them.
2192robrredefine alias to cover town squareclosedrobrredefined
2191robrmissed bit of grief from player rollback earlierclosedrobrrolled back properly
2190EvilStepDadWater flow. Please flow this one block of water. ThanksclosedttsciFlowing! :)
2189iamdarbflow this por favorclosedcujobearlava go bye bye
2188ajr369Please protect my house and Lovely TreeclosedKing_of_quesoHouse and tree protected!
2187PyroAvokdupe my horseclosedBarlimoreClosing as a duplicate request - Making a start on your original request.
2186Hordsakcactus thief!closedrobrgrief rolled back, player warned.
2185Azumarillgive me my lizard bitsclosedBarlimoreThis bit appears to be severed! :-o
2184uncubedprotection please <3closedghrey303protected!
2183PyroAvokmy horse is missing. hgps says its at X:3531 Y:120 Z:-1394. not visible. and yes i relogged.closedBarlimoreBroken horse fixed!
2182TheNightsKingPlease upgrade our third spawner to level 2, golem souls in this shulker boxclosedBarlimoreThat's another to the second tier, enjoy!
2181ghrey303Hello! upgrade to tier 4 spawners x2, 80+ golem souls in bin here!closedBarlimoreEnjoy your full house of tier 4s!
2180SirLyleI'm not sure if these sandstone blocks over the road are grief or notclosedFlumperDerp removed!
2179The_Pagemasterdid someone break the two signs I placed here?closedFlumperGrief rolled back and player warned.
2178Jezzzziethere was a sign here pointing to Stonemist. Someone took it down. I dont have signs to replace it or i would have just done it myself.closedSilversunsetsign restored
2177501someone stole my bed and crafting table.closedrobrgrief rolled back, player warned. Thanks for reporting!
2176Hordsakflow this pleaseclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
2175OmegaeddonOne of these "Bostiks" is a dupoe created at last restart. I THINK the real one is in the pen marked with sandstoneclosedBarlimoreSeems to only be one present since the restart - shout if anything changes.
2174Omegaeddonhorse doppel?closedOmegaeddon
2173HordsakCan you flow this water please =)closedKing_of_quesodiscussed via /m
2172OmegaeddonBefore I continue this project, can you just confirm who built the road plz?closedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m :)
2171YarrHiya, who should I ask about mod 'legality'? I have a link to one I'm interested in using. ThanksclosedKing_of_quesoDiscussed via /m, Laser Level is legal!
2170Wozdakapls flow all the water tyclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2169Lethal_Treewho built the end grinder?closedrobrdiscussed via /m
2168bermudalocketPlease expand haven_skelly_grinder to include new entrance, and then disable vine growth.closedscherererererregion expanded to cover vines around entrance and horse parking; vine-growth set to deny
2167PyroAvoki lost a shulker, could you find out what happened to it?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
2166CairBirbplease flow this block of waterclosedieuwehFlowing \o/
2165Wozdakapls flow 4 blocks water - inside the channels with the glowstone. channels are sticking out from walls - tyclosedi_c_e_flow flow flow and flow ;)
2164Muskogee_Redflow 2 spots to make sourceclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2163robrmore concrete griefclosedBluuefuzzyungriefed
2162defiexbed grief for the orange bed! (more in notes)closedbuzzie71restored!
2161defiexLooks like there may be a leafdecay issue.closedBarlimoreFixed - the leaves don't appear to be decaying anymore.
2160grenbugadding build allow region to public farmclosedgrenbugfarming allowed!
2159grenbugextending avalon's region to include iron grinder, farms, villager breederclosedgrenbugexpanded avalon region and added avalon_south child region
2158MightyPetronhey would it slow the server down if I built another enderman grinder; even if it was on the other side of the end?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2157AceMarconiplease flow this. Thanks!closedrobrflowed, diamonds removed ;)
2156robrmore grief within claim area - balloon and gravelclosedieuwehThank you for reporting! Derp and grief rolled back. Players were warned!
2154NaughtyNootlecan i please have this flow :)closedSpook6i have given you flow!
2153HeysofiaPlease protect Strudelburg :)closedHeysofiaDone! Built farm allow region.
2152HeysofiaOnlyCatastrophy has put up a sign saying "it's a shop" despite requests for removal.closedBarlimoreNoted per your prior request!
2151HeysofiaPlayer has griefed existing tree. Please fix.closedZomiseDecorative tree inside built area fixed.
2150JavaOfficial"Click for details" sign doesn't do anythingclosedBarlimoreFixed, thanks for spotting!
2149NaughtyNootlecan i get map 879 :)closedZomiseThere's a new system for maps! https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/8dsqqt/mapworld_map_change/
2148Zomisesomeone broke the snowsurface inside our claim and didn't even take the blocks...closedHeysofiaFixed! Grief un-done and player warned.
2147Jezzzziehalp. I broke my quest pot :/closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2144Yarromg save me, ice boat fail lolclosedSapphricDiscussed via /msg.
2143ttsciwater pls do a flow thanks :DclosedSpook6I have done a flow!
2142gk_ryoPlease can I have my entry back. I put the wrong numbers.closedBarlimoreEntry returned!
2141Hordsakwater in these things for pleaseclosedFlumperDiscussed via msg. :)
2140grenbugtier 1 golem spawer please, my first one ever! :)closedBarlimoreThe first but certainly not the last. Enjoy your golem spawner!
2139SquaresTherewater flow? just this top one here, thanksclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2138Sapphric[PADMINS] I am claiming portal 11!closedBarlimoreIt's a great day for you today! Please check out the portal requirements here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Portals
2137ghrey303Giant holes in our nether claim area ...closedFlumperDiscussed via The voodoo, who-do-what-you-don't-dare-to-people.
2136robrsomeone died here falling because they broke the glass that was protecting the beacon beam that was here - i have no sympathy for them but can you roll back the hole up top so no innocents die?closedbermudalocketFixed!
2135hawkkeMy nephw broke a skeleton spawner by accident, he has never played survival before.closedFlumperThanks for your report. The grief in question has been taken care of. I would suggest your nephew reads the server rules, found here: nerd.nu/rules :)
2134SquaresTherewater flow? just the top one hereclosedieuwehLet the water sliiiiiide!
2133SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedbermudalocket*splashing intensifies*
2132SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2131EvilStepDadWater flow request. Please flow this one top block of water.closedHerr_Fawkesflowing
2130SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedieuwehIt is flowing!
2129NistuneCOuld I have map #873 please :)closedieuwehThere you go! :D
2128SquaresTherewater flow? thanks :)closedrobrWATER FLOW! you're welcome :)
2127EvilStepDadPlease protect this grinder box.closedieuwehEvil box now protects evil things.
212632ndFlavaplease flow this block here! Dank!closedieuwehFlowing!
2125ieuwehMap 876 please!closedieuwehFixed tiny ugly mistake with previous map! Thanks me, pls no more mistakes kay?
2124jeagle7247build allow region for the item frame? (pve wiki said so)closedSilversunsetframe twistable now!
2123ieuwehMaps 521, 873 and 875 \o/closedieuwehMappity map maps!
2122Cruxiatsorry to bother you again, trying a new pattern of flowing lava. thanks!closedTheNightsKingFlowed again
2121Cruxiatjust need someone to flow some lava and make sure it doesn't destroy everythingclosedTheNightsKingFlowy lava wall which won't destroy *everything*
2120robrsurface grief within solace nether claim areaclosedbermudalocketRestored; players warned.
2119promaxxeflowclosedTheNightsKingLovely water
2118promaxxeflow waterclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2117PPGOMEflow both water source blocks please!closedrobrboth water sources flowed
2116PPGOMEflow pleaseclosedbookey42Water flows nicely
2115PPGOMEflow please!closedbookey42the water flows infinitly
2114PPGOMEflow please!closedfazadenflowing
2113shanty_sniperuntamed this horse to give to someone and they returned it locked :/ can it be unlocked or removed or something? its been here for about 4-5 days nowclosedBarlimoreHorse has been relocated nearby - Belongs to your neighbour!
2112CruxiatI have just one question, and I hope it's not no, can one of you sweet mods come make this stuff flow?closedKirstaeRoses are red, violets are blue, I made this water flow, especially for you!
2111HeysofiaIt's been about 2-3 weeks and this tent as well as the chests around town are here. Mailed player, no response, player has been on since mail sent.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2110malcontents2 flowing water for my item moverclosedpez252Flowed
2109Astrokiethis isnt something super urgent but look at us three cool Home Depot supporters fishingclosedBarlimoreThis looks great, you should post an image to the subreddit! http://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/ - Happy fishing. :-)
2108pez2521 of 4 spawners to tier 5 please.closedBarlimoreCongratulations on reaching tier 5!
2107PPGOMEAccidentally broke Andromeda4210's spawner while making him a grinder. Requesting a possible replacement D:closedBarlimoreAccidental grief restored. Spawner protected to the owner.
2106HordsakSuperSaiyanNica is breaking stuff right nowclosedkumquatmayPlayer warned!
2105The_PagemasterI was wondering who placed this string.closedSilversunsetyou did! silly pagemaster!
2104Astrokieone more flow pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2103Astrokiecan someone flow this water for meclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2102sushi15o, mods, please grant my flow requestclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2101BarlimoreSubmitting costs for one iron golem spawner.closedSilversunsetitems removed and golem placed (mua ha ha)
2100HordsakCan you tell me who's build this is? I'd like to make them an offer? Thanks!closedTheNightsKingAnswered via message
2099gk_ryoflowclosedieuwehDonut water flow \o/
2098Nistunecan I have this all flowed pleaseclosedrobrmore flow
2097Nistuneflow pleaseclosedrobrfloweded
2095gk_ryoregion hyrule_golem . Also 4 spawners with one tier 2.closedBarlimoreEnjoy your four golem spawners! One at tier 2!
2094flupmakintoshplease can you flow this one block of water at the top of my grinderclosedbookey42flowing. let the killing begin
2093gk_ryoflowclosedieuwehFlowing \o/
2092flupmakintoshflowwing water for grinder pleaseclosedThelVadumeewatr flowd :D
2091Cruxiatit's the most wonderful time of the day when I must ask once again "make water go go"closedKirstaeFlowed
2090Cruxiatplease flow this h20 for me kind overlordsclosedKirstaeFlowed
2089AzulaTheFireLordPlease replace these four maps with maps 483, 484, 485, and 486, respectivelyclosedSpook6your maps have been mapped!
2088Elizabeth_Noxcan you flow the water please, thanks!closedKirstaeflowing!
2087MakauAranrequestclosedtorteelaWater flowed
2086ThelVadumeeextend protection hereclosediNerd71Region extended!
2085Wozdakapls flow 1 blockclosedKing_of_quesoflowing!
2084King_of_quesoplease upgrade two spawners to level 2! souls are in the boxclosedBarlimoreUpgraded!
2083SquaresTherewater flow? thanks :)closedBarlimoreBoth flowing, enjoy!
2082MrArronplease flow blocks behind pistonsclosedi_c_e_flow flow flow ;)
2081SquaresTherewater flow? thanks, sorry to ask again, making the fountain higherclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
2080Cruxiatok I think I got this right, there's a few bits of water you'll need to flow, sorry for wasting so much timeclosedKing_of_quesoall done!
2079SquaresTherewater flow? thanks :)closedKing_of_quesoSploosh!
2078SquaresTherewater flow? thanks :)closedpez252Flowed!
2077MrArronflow these two opposing blocksclosedpez252flowed
2076Cruxiathello again, I made an error and once again require some lovely mods to make water go goclosedpez252Flowed
2075MrArronplease flow thisclosedpez252Flowed
2074Cruxiatcan you flow some water for me please o bountiful modsclosedKing_of_quesoBehold, the miracle of water!
2073malcontentsthank you for flowing my water, there is one more block at the bottom of my mob elevator and the whole other spawner, which arctic_puffin is located at. thank you very muchclosedieuwehDuplicate.
2072pez252Are we restoring overworld void death gear these days?closedBarlimoreVoid death verified - Items restored.
2071username2088water flow plsclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2070malcontentsflowing water & spawner claims for double grinderclosedieuwehDouble grinder protected and flowing!
2069username2088water flow plscloseddefiexCenter Splish has been splashed!
2068username2088water flow plsclosedieuwehEndless flow.
2067OddGeometryplease protect glass tunnelclosedrobrmost of tunnel under existing protections, extension added as subregion
2066username2088water flow plsclosedieuwehLava should not live here!
2065username2088water flow plsclosedieuwehLava dead!
2064username2088water flow plsclosedieuwehFlowing!
2063Trooprm64Can I grab maps of these please? (857,858,859)closedTrooprm64Got me own maps
2062username2088water flow plsclosedieuwehFlowing!
2061Benergy09Could I get all of the water in this fountain to /flow, please?closedBarlimoreAll flowing, enjoy!
2060Benergy09Could I get this pool of water to /flow, please?closedDjentleGiantFlowed!
2059ieuwehMap 852 pls ty!closedieuwehGot map. Mr. Caterpillar looks very happy today!
2058varjpls splish the splashclosedSpook6flowed!
2057Noramiso the legendary archeology box is not named? :SclosedBarlimoreShulker box fixed, villager too.
2056King_of_Lion2000can my grinder be put on the mapclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2055King_of_Lion2000flow my other water too pleaseclosedSpook6also flowed
2054King_of_Lion2000flow my water pleaseclosedSpook6flowed
2053King_of_Lion2000flow my water pleaseclosedKirstaeflowing
2052Cruxiatcome flow this lava you wonderful human beingsclosedSpook6Flowed!!!
2051varjpls splish the splashclosedKirstaeFlowed
2050Herr_Fawkesstuck in a protected regionclosedHerr_Fawkesno i'm not, i'm just dumb
2049MrArronCan OddManta be added into Places? We are on the deadmap but not places yet.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2048MrArroncould I have area protection on my island in Oddmanta?closedHerr_Fawkesprotected!
2047ThelVadumeesuspected tnt trap hereclosedSapphricMostly harmless
2046gk_ryomaps 840, 841, 842, 843closedKing_of_quesomaps placed!
2045Herr_Fawkesprotect, rg name blackwood_bend_stablesclosedSapphricProtected!
2043smdavis93Please upgrade our remaining tier 2 to a tier 3 :DclosedBarlimoreSpawner upgraded!
2042koro666Carts stay stuck under the carpet and also the emergency exit trapdoor is closed and can't be opened.closedBarlimoreBoth should be addressed now!
2041Herr_Fawkesprotect this market and docksclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
2040TexasTormentureflow x1 plzclosedSirLyleflowed
2039TexasTormentureflow x1 plzclosedCARnivore_ndsflow is a go
2038TexasTormentureflow at this end and far endclosedBluuefuzzyFlowing.
2037Boder212buildprotectclosedrobrhome protected!
2036ieuwehVery many maps! 840, 841, 842 and 843closedieuwehMaps placed!
2035ieuwehMap 839 please :DclosedNoramiVery well done picture ieuweh \o/
2034Muskogee_Redflow 1 spotclosedcheezychickensplooosh
2033Muskogee_Redflow 1 spotclosedcheezychickensplishy splashy!
2032Muskogee_Redflow 1 blockclosedTheNightsKingSuch a noisy flow
2031MrArronplease flow this strip of water by the pistonsclosedZomiseFlowed
2030Bluuefuzzyhorse stuck send helpclosedBluuefuzzynevermind
2029MrArronflow the pool again please (I'm a dumbass sorry) and flow the two single blocks that are by thisclosedrobryour words man, your words..
2028MrArronflow this pleaseclosedZomiseFlowed!
2027gk_ryoyo flowclosedrobrso hot
2026gk_ryoflow yoclosedrobrthat's hot
2025MrArronThere are no torches in this tunnel. its just asking for mobs to spawn and fuck up a passenger's day.closedrobrunfortunately we can't force people to practice safe tunneling. I would suggest talking to the mayors of the town the rail originates at to light up their stuff.
2024kumquatmayUpgrade all spawners to tier 5 please!closedBarlimoreThe race to tier 6 just got interesting!
2023ghrey303Grief - someone digging concrete within our claimclosedtotemosurface concrete, torches rolled back
2022Kirstaediamonds when into the spawn hopperclosedZomiseReturned to your inventory
2021Cruxiathorse and I just lagged through into a cave, can someone help me out of here?closedZomiseConfirmed you only could've ended up there through glitch. Teleported back to road.
2020oberewater flow plsclosedKirstaeflowing!
2019variablekiwiclaim protection, square birch slab borderclosedZomiseWe don't protect claims, only builds and terraformed areas. More info: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide
2018DantesDamemissing four cows and a grey bird. Can you help?closedZomisePlayer replaced cows and parrot has been resurrected!
2017ImmJaqoflow of the water on top pleaseclosedbookey42let the flowin begin
2016ImmJaqoflow for the infinite water pleaseclosedKirstaeflowing
2015MrArronCan you check who owns this building? We are thinking about expanding OldManta to include this island. would be nice to contact home's owner about thatclosedZomiseMail sents with info!
2014Azumarillupgrade south two spawners pleaseclosedBarlimoreDone.
2013iamdarbI was try to save this horse that isnt mine died and can't replace this stone brick slab... is it possible to save horse and replace slab?closedbermudalocketSlabs replaced. Horse owner assures the horse really does enjoy having its face stuck in a rock.
2012xOreoToastH20 flowage required in this locationclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
2011KirstaeCould this portal (Named "Suramar") please be lit on behalf of torteela? (he gave me permission)closedBarlimorePortal is lit!
2010jeagle7247Iron Golem Grinders. Requirements in chests, replace oak planks floating in airclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your first iron golem spawners!
2008venom20078I accidentally broke a block and I can't get it back. I'm at the end grinderclosedFlumperFixed! :)
2007Herr_Fawkesexpand castle region to cover this campsiteclosedSirLyleembiggened
2006xOreoToasti need the flow here!closedSirLyleflowing
2005Herr_Fawkesprotect spawnerclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
2004xOreoToasti require assistance to go with the flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2003Herr_Fawkesprotect this spawnerclosedHerr_Fawkesiraq invaded, spawner protected
2002Azumarillmailed this guy about his hoppers on march 30th, still hereclosedBarlimoreHoopers removed.
2001pez252T4 spawners please!closedBarlimoreEnjoy your tier 4s!
2000Nistuneflow pleaseclosedSilversunsetAnd thus, on this day the 16th of April in the year of our lord 2018 the 2000th modreq was filled. And it was good. So sayeth the Server.
1999Lethal_Treewould it be possible to get these furnaces and chest removed or cremoved? they have been sitting here for a while, and i have access tothem but i cant remove them. ive mailed the player also private messaged him, but he hasnt come over yetclosedBarlimoreKeep trying to contact them - last on an hour ago.
1998Azumarilltake that 4th portal clue message out of the rotationclosedBarlimoreDone.
1997iamdarbare these natural or player made? Can I take the decorative stone brick?closedZomiseThese were forged in the creation fires of the world. (Natural yes, pick away!)
1996assasymphoniCould all the armor stands within the museum be locked to me so no one can accidentally take the items from them?closedZomiseProtected as assasymphoni_museum1, 2 and 3. :) Clever idea!
1995assasymphoniBecause I'm paranoid, could I have the museum and the fossil items in it protected to only me?closedassasymphoniModifying request
1994OmegaeddongrifflykinsclosedZomiseGriffindor Hufflepuffelsized.
1993Muskogee_Redflow 2 spotsclosedgrenbugflowing!
1992OmegaeddonZalieks horse is wandering round my compound. Can you zap him away to lost horses plz?closedBarlimoreHorse relocated.
1991Muskogee_Redflow in 4 spotsclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1990gk_ryo/nolife command to see how long been playing over last two weekscloseddefiexUse /suggestion-box to submit any suggestions! You can also check out https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/4871-revision-22-suggestionbox-responses/ for past suggestions!
1988gk_ryowho placed lime concrete just for stairs?closedDjentleGiantDiscussed via /m
1987Herr_Fawkesprotect this churchclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1986Siuldaneflow top layer of water pleasecloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
1985Siuldaneflow water above and in the basin pleasecloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
1984JavaOfficialprotection of this piston jeb door and included redstone circuitclosedBarlimoreDoor protected!
1983HouseBoltonplease flow waterclosedSpook6flowed!
1982ImmJaqoflow of the water pleaseclosedSpook6flowed!
1981torteelapls light Suramar PortalclosedBarlimoreTry again with obsidian please.
1980kalasaladpls make this water block flow tyclosedKirstaeflowing
1979torteelapls make portalclosedtorteela
1978kalasaladpls make this waterblock flowclosedKirstaeFlowing
1977kalasaladpls make this on water block flowclosedbookey42Flowing
1976triztinflow please! <3closedbookey42beautiful waterfall flowin!
1975OddGeometryplease protect mine rails :)closedkumquatmayProtected
1974kalasaladpls make my water flowclosedscherererererwater flowed
1973Wozdakapls flow 2 blocksclosedschererererer2 water blocks flowed
1972SlugNamedDevplease protect my grinder. just the platform, the bridges can be openclosedbermudalocketProtected!
1971Wozdakacan we get a "help deadmap" or a "/deadmap" command to point newer people to it - this question gets asked/answered a lot each dayclosedBarlimoreThe deadmap is an unofficial resource, we won't be supporting it through official commands.
1970Boder212flow waterclosediNerd71Flowed!
1969TexasTormentureflow by wall and 1 in gulley between plzclosedTexasTormenture
1968TexasTormentureflow x2 plzclosedSirLyleflowed
1967ghrey303flow pls! :DclosedSirLyleflowed
1966TexasTormentureCan you check who made fence posts? we dont want to violate a claim but see nothing elseclosedSirLylediscussed via pm
1965Azumarill...apparently I clicked through the farmland and accidentally overwrote the water in here?closedSirLylethanks for reporting, rolledback, be careful
1964Azumarillaccidentally punched out orange glass hereclosedFlumperFixed! :)
1963Andromeda4210extend my region protections to cover this y level, and anything above that isn't protected, pleaseclosedSirLyleexpanded down
1962SirLylewater flow pleaseclosedi_c_e_watering hole is ready !
1961smdavis93I cant remember if this is our claim fence or not. Could you please tell me who placed it?closedSirLylediscussed via mumble
1960shanty_snipermake smdavis93 an admin for all my regions plsclosedBarlimoresmdavis93 is now an owner to your regions, be very afraid(!)
1959TheNightsKingPlease assign rail E8 to Ambrosia and the Shulker GrinderclosedTheNightsKingSigns updated
1958CivilizationLordWould it be possible to flow this to fill the layer and then disable it later? Filling each block is getting time intensive...closedcheezychickenUnfortunately no, we can't :(
1957King_of_quesoPlease assign rail N4 to VizmosasclosedNoramirail assigned to Vizmosas w/ the help of Silver \o/
1956PPGOMEI died near an alt. Is it possible for my items to be saved?closedPPGOME
1955Herr_Fawkesclaim this spawnerclosedNoramiit is all yours mister! :D
1954torteela[PADMINS] I am claiming portal 10!closedBarlimoreCongratulations! Please check out the portal requirements here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Portals
1953Herr_Fawkesclaim this spawnerclosedbermudalocketProtected!
1952TexasTormentureflow x1 plzcloseddefiexDanger splish has been splashed!
1951PPGOMEflow both water sources please (other one inside the fountain)closedbookey42fountain flow is beautiful
1950shanty_sniperwhen is the next ctfclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1949Muskogee_Redflow 1 spotclosedbookey42flowin
1948shanty_sniperDAUNMUTE DA SHANTOY PLSclosedSilversunsetunmuted.
1947redears1logged in inside a build and died, last time i logged out there was no buildclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail - /mail read #
1946bermudalocketReady for second tier!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on your second tier!
1945robrdoes my 3 to 8 way former resident reclaimation facility qualify for a place?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1944robrdoes my 3 to 8 way residential reclaimation facility qualifyclosedrobri cant finish typing.
1943SlugNamedDevdid somone dig a hole here or is this natural?closeddefiexDiscussed via msg!
1942King_of_Lion2000could i get a clearification for the reason i've been muted for?closedpez252You were muted for being intentionally disruptive in chat. Please stop. Unmuted.
1941JavaOfficialwhat did i just get muted for?closedpez252You were muted for being intentionally disruptive in chat. Please stop. Unmuted.
1940promaxxeplease stop this chat in Global, it is uncomfortable for meclosedBarlimoreVarious staff are attempting to steer chat away from the iceberg.
1939Muskogee_Redflow 1 spotclosedThelVadumeeflowwed :D
1938Muskogee_Redflow 1 spotclosedNoramiflowing \o/
1937varjpls splish my splashclosedSilversunsetsplish splash i was takin a bath....
1936Muskogee_Redflow 2 spots to make sourceclosedNoramiall fowing :D
1935shanty_snipermute me until i ask to be unmuted, cant deal with sensitive people atmclosedpez252Done
1934robrwho took out our claim fence and put this hereclosedNoramiprivate msg robr
1933farfigneuganprotection for house/farm at 440/78/2630closedNoramiyour house and farm is protected farfigneugan :)
1932farfigneugan?closedNoramitalked to player in private msg
1931King_of_Lion2000could you flow my other water too pleaseclosedTheNightsKingFlowed all that I can find in this part
1930King_of_Lion2000flow my water pleaseclosedTheNightsKingFlowed, maybe not the ideal place to stand though was it
1929King_of_Lion2000flow my water pleaseclosedSpook6flowed
1928NaughtyNootlecan please have el mappo 837closedSpook6el mappo placeo'd
1927King_of_Lion2000could you flow my water pleaseclosedKirstaeFlowing
1926Ruthlesssssplease make the areas above the shulkers(10) all shulker areas :)closedcheezychickenshulker areas created! let the slime flow!
1925Azumarillsome iron golem spawners, please. four, replacing the spruce blocks below.closedSir_DidymusSpawners placed.
1924koro666Could you please extend our protection all the way to the magma blocks and also flow our new lava moat? Thanks.closedKirstaeRegion has been expanded!
1923Spook6can i please get a pvp area inside this boxing ring? also can i please have the stone bricks around the top turned to barrier blocks?closedSir_DidymusBoxing ring ready for action!
1922King_of_Lion2000flow my other water pleaseclosedTrooprm64Flowed too!
1921King_of_Lion2000flow my water pleaseclosedTrooprm64Flowed!
1920HeysofiaOne of my blue parrots has disappeared. No way for mob to attack, haven't been logged inclosedSir_DidymusThe mystery of the disappearing parrot has been resolved!
1919Trooprm64And here aswell!closedZomiseMaps placed!
1918Trooprm64Map 829,830,831 here please!closedZomiseMaps placed!
1917HouseBoltonprotecclosediNerd71Extended existing houseboltonhouse region to cover new house!
1916RuthlesssssHeya! I think I have made the necessary spawning requirements for the slime spawner(PLEASE tell me if anything needs to be adjusted) - if it could replace the coal block that would be stellar! Although the biome does need to be changed!closedSir_DidymusSlime spawner place, grinder protected, place and livemap marker added!
1915Ruthlesssssflow these waters pls :)closediNerd71Flowed!
1914Ruthlesssssflow baby infinite source pls! :)closedKing_of_quesoYour twerking has caused the water to flow!
1913ThelVadumeerandom watr block hereclosedSapphricYup! That's water!
1912buzzie71I'm running into an invisible something here (ice-boated off a chunk nearby, might have something to do with it O.o) - need fixing? (will restart fix it?)closedSilversunsetaboose caboose
1911malcontentsrequesting flowing water & spawner claimclosedSir_DidymusProtected and flowed!
1910MrArronGrief report of this pixelartclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1909torteelat3 spawner plsclosedSir_DidymusSpawner upgraded!
1908Azumarillregion azus_house expansion to cover this roomclosedSapphricProtection expanded!
1907xOreoToastI had a rollback here earlier. I've talked to the people involved and they were working on something that I support. Can I get it restored for them?closedbermudalocketEdits in question rolled forward.
1906xOreoToastI had a rollback here earlier. I've talked to the people involved and they were working on something that I support. Can I get it restored for them?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1905fazadeni'm stuck in somebody's roof because their bed was too highclosedFlumperFreed! :)
1904Halinahokay, and these four in this room for flowing, ty!!closedi_c_e_death flow is flowing
1903Halinahand two more waters in this channel pleaseclosedSapphricFlowed!
1902Halinahplease flow this water, ty!closedSilversunsetThis does not appear to be an Approved Haven(tm) Build but i'll flow it anyways
1901SquaresTherewater flow? thanks! :)closedSapphricFlowed!
1899DarkAges11A little while ago, I died somehow when I was OUT of the game, I know it has been a while, but would it be possible that I can get it back?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1898Halinahty ty, and last two for now, two in the channel here, please.closeddefiexDanger Splish has been splashed!
1897Halinahand please flow these two in the channelcloseddefiexDanger Splish has been splashed!
1896Halinahplease flow the 4 waters in this room, ty!closedbookey42Flowin!
1895PPGOMEwho placed this and the cobblestone above?closedbermudalocketUngriefed!
1894buzzie71flow that water please :OclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1893SlugNamedDevsorry one more timwclosedgrenbugzombies properly spish-spashing!
1892SlugNamedDevplease flow this water block for the drainclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1891Trooprm64Extension for seoul_mid to cover the other portionsclosedTrooprm64Look Silver I did my own protection req
1890Halinahplease flow these two, ty!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1889SlugNamedDevflow the water on the chamber, at the drain and at the top of the elevator pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1888nels_nelsonOops I destroyed somebody's ice tunnel with my e5 pick. :(closedtorteelaWith great efficiency comes great responsibility. Please be careful.
1887xOreoToastsomeone drained my stream. I'd like to know who did it.closedbermudalocketStream ungriefed
1886inventingnothingAt Spawn Station please change the S3 Sign to say "Federation of Southern Townships". One word on each line pleaseclosedSapphricChanged!
1885Standish_stuck helpclosedSilversunsetunstuck
1884Mumberthraxgive me a command to turn off these ****ing dehydration spam messages every other second. i don't care about leveling the horse up anymore.closedSir_DidymusQueried with techs and will discuss. Please consider your tone when making requests.
1883inventingnothingplease retrieve my amber, thank youclosedcujobearretrieved
1882Minerbuzplease protect build -3228 125 -1385 to -3262 110 -1438closedFlumperProtected! :)
1881dacracotflowing water please (just one at the top of the elevator)closedSirLyleflow'd
1880pez252Escaped wither killed some pets here. Can they be restored?closedSir_DidymusPets restored.
1879ZomiseUm had two cats and parrots by this wall. They were here earlier today. Now all gone, No trace?closedSir_DidymusPets restored.
1878meghatron500flowing waterclosedSirLyleflow'
1877tfrearWater flow last timeclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1876baebasaurpls flow water blocks thx!closedCARnivore_ndspond. pond is perfect for you
1875tfrearWater flowclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1874smdavis93we had pigs and cows in the two spots in this corner. Did someone kill them?closedThelVadumeelocal weather disturbance was cause
1873Wawskiwater flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
1872baebasaurpls flow water in these 4 squaresclosedZomiseFlowed! Sorry for the wait. :)
1871admantawater level derp bridges aren't allowed, right?closedcujobearbridge corrected for now, and player mailed
1870JavaOfficialprotection of my tower - and maybe the artificial stone-mountain thing i built to build it on, tooclosedSilversunsetprotected!
1869varjpls flow these two water blocksclosedSilversunsetflowed!
1868JavaOfficialprotection of this beautiful tower!closedSilversunsettower protected!
1867King_of_Lion2000can i get my zone protected, i put boundry stones sorry if they are a bit hiddenclosedkumquatmaySpawners protected as discussed!
1866King_of_Lion2000flow my water plesclosedSpook6flowed
1865King_of_Lion2000flow my water plesclosedghrey303flowing!
1864AzulaTheFireLordPlease make this room a chest regionclosedKirstaeazula_region has been made
1863Zomiseminor griffclosedZomiseTiny minor giff fixed.
1862baebasaurpls flow water thxclosedbookey42dat water be flowin
1861triztinyet one more flow pls ty <3closediNerd71Flowed!
1860triztinone more flow pls ty <3closedNoramiall flowing :)
1859triztinflow please <3closedi_c_e_you have your flow ;)
1858PPGOMEflow pleaseclosedNoramiAll flowing \o/
1857inventingnothingthere used to be pigs where the zombie horses are. what happened?closedKing_of_quesoFoul play was not involved, so unfortunately the pigs can't be restored
1856SapphricProtectionclosedSapphricProtected, sexy.
1855ghrey303hello! could you upgrade two of our spawners to Tier 4? 80 souls in this chest.closedSir_DidymusSpawners upgraded!
1854CairBirbhave enough golem souls in this chest to upgrade Stonemist's two t1 spawners into t2. Please and Thank you!closedSir_DidymusSpawners upgraded!
1853Willravelonly a tiny grief, but a rollback would be appreciatedclosedi_c_e_minor grief rolled back player warned
1852SirLylewho's digging this room?closedNoramiprivate messaged SirLyle :)
1851Noramipls flowclosedNoramiflowing
1850HouseBoltonPlease flow, trying to make infinite sourceclosedtict0cFlowing :o)
1849Muskogee_Redflow 2 spotsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1848Zomiseprot the ice not meant to be brokenclosedZomiseDone
1847Muskogee_Red1 /flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1846warmangoflow water in dungeonclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1845ieuwehMap 818 please :Dclosedtict0cPretty Picture Placed :) !!
1844RandomThoughtscan I get my region defined here?closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
1843baebasaurpls expand avalon region to include the new builds (last time they added subregions. pls make 1 region)closedieuwehNew builds protected and united under one Avalon.
1842MakrovebuildprotectclosedieuwehThe building is inside the region protection bywater.
1840birkatleprotectclosedZomiseUse /modreq message once you've built something. Spawn can't be protected for you.
1839birkatleprotectclosedZomiseDon't spam modreqs. One is enough
1838birkatleprotectclosedZomiseDon't spam modreqs. One is enough
1837birkatleprotectclosedZomiseDon't spam modreqs. One is enough
1836birkatleprotectclosedieuwehPlease, don't spam modreqs.
1835ImmJaqoflow pls for ice traycloseddefiexChilly splish has been splashed!
1834RonBPlease flow these 9 blocks and the two soletary ones in the channel.closedSpook6flowed! :D
1833RonBFlow these two top blocks please, one more request will follow in a couple of sec.closedSpook6top blocks flowed!
1832Kirstaewho is making this roadclosedkumquatmayDiscussed!
1831jeagle7247build protection :)closedSir_DidymusProtection expanded.
1830triztinflow please! i might have a few more sorryclosedtotemoflowing
1829DocQuickDeathPlease register the space between the 2 high dirt with torch topper as DocQLand and protect it.closedSir_DidymusProtected!
1828DocQuickDeathPlease flow, need a source block.closediNerd71Flowed!
1826Lethal_Treei accidentally mined into this road thinga nd broke some ice plshelpclosedBluuefuzzyno one will ever know!
1825robrdialer regions please - 2, gimme 2..closediNerd71Dial regions added
1824AceMarconiplease assign spawn rail E2 to Marconi. THank you!closedFlumperSign text changed! :)
1823Bluuefuzzydid these cows and pigs get suffocated?closedFlumperMmm bbq.
1822ajacks424Build protectclosedKirstaeYour build is already in a protected region! Message a mod if you have any questions.
1821ajacks424build protectclosedieuwehThis build protected inside the region bywater!
1820smdavis93please flow these 8 and the two at the end of the farm please :DclosedieuwehFarm ready to grow!
1819smdavis93flow these 8 waters and the 2 at the other end please :DclosedieuwehReady to flow!
1818smdavis93Another tier 3 spawner please :DclosedSir_DidymusSpawner upgraded!
1817HordsakI think someone murdered my second Chicon. I wouldn't care, but I can't breed without 2.closedTheNightsKingUnfortunately Thor came past and thwacked it with some lightning
1816TheNightsKingSecond iron golem spawner to level 2 please, golem soul in that there chestclosedSir_DidymusSpawner upgraded!
1815smdavis93flow water above pistons and down the two sides please :DclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1814varjflow these four waters plsclosedieuwehFlowing!
1813Jean_de_Patmosflow for Project 82 to 2closedSapphricFlowed!
1811KingNyahmanhi i think someone has griefed this bridgeclosedBarlimoreThanks for reporting, grief fixed!
1810PPGOMEflow please :DclosedBarlimoreIt's getting rather wet down here!
1809PPGOMEflow pleaseclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
1808NistuneCould item frame be made rotatable? ThankclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message!
1807PeridotKnightinable water flow please?closedcheezychickensplooosh!
1806baebasaurcan you give me back my horseclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1805ThelVadumeeflow plszclosedThelVadumeewatr floe
1804ItsDavvidCould anyone make this infinite water source flowable? I need it for making a farmclosedrobrflowed
1803Omegaeddonderp hut is player trappish. May I destroy with impunity?closedBarlimoreNo regions covering this - It is escapable!
1802Omegaeddonplease protect The All-seeing EYEclosedieuwehSees-All Protect-All!
1801OmegaeddonI think it was a few slabs, sorry!closedkumquatmayAll fixed!
1800OmegaeddonI slightly broke the end grinder! I knocked out a slab and the bloody water flow went bonkers. Sorry!closedkumquatmayAll fixed! Please be more careful and thanks for letting us know!
1799totemoCan this be a grinder place: "Pico_Guardian"?closedBarlimorePlace added!
1798KingNyahmanhi do you know where my cows keep going?closedghrey303discussed with /msg
1797betajippitywater flow requestclosediNerd71Flowed!
1796ghrey303yikes, pretty sure this is a player trap here at spawn...closedtotemohorrific; fixed
1795King_of_quesoTime for two more golem spawners!closedSir_DidymusSpawners placed!
1794koro666We seem to be missing most of our villagers. Is it possible to know what happened to them somehow?closedHerr_Fawkesdiscussed via /m
1793SapphricProtecting a spawnerclosedSapphricProtected, you sexy thing you
1792ThelVadumeepls tp horse out of this wall :OclosedSir_DidymusHorse rescued.
1791SapphricThere are no signs anymore in the museumclosedSapphricNevermind my computer is derping
1790xxJoY_DiviSioNxxhorse stuck in protected ravineclosedi_c_e_Horse is safe and waiting on you :p
1789username2088who built this fence?closeddefiexdiscussed via msg.
1788kumquatmayPlease protect this exploration vehicle!closedfazadenprotected ^_^
1787CivilizationLordflow at 1795, 2060closedNoramiflowing \o/
1786saberfyshflow water in both pools pleaseclosedSirLyleflowed
1785bermudalocketpadmins - transferring ownership of the NNE end portal to Defiex.closedSir_DidymusDuly noted.
1784HouseBoltonProtect? It might be already but idkclosedSirLyleexisting region expanded to cover addition
1783username2088who built this?closedSirLylediscussed via pm
1782ghrey303could you break this poppy by our portal? is protected by admin region for nether portal D:closedghrey303nevermind!
1781MrArronplease flow this waterblock.closedHeysofiaWater is flowweddddddd~~~~~~~~~~
1780MrArronplease flow this waterblock.closediNerd71Flowed!
1779MrArronplease flow this waterblock.closediNerd71Flowed!
1778TheNightsKingProtection for Ambrosia station and drop below pleaseclosedTheNightsKingCreated necessary regions, now more confident about doing it for other players if requested
1777robrprotect checkpoint for the glory of Solaceclosedrobrglory to the sacrifices of the merchants of solace
1776robrprotect checkpoint child of solaceclosedrobrindependence declared
1775ieuwehPlease protect my Geo LabclosedieuwehGeo Lab protected!
1774RonBThere are 5 water blocks in this walkway and 2x9 waterblocks in the spawn area, make them flow please.closedieuwehI hope I flowed them all!
1773RonBMake the top water block flow pleaseclosedieuwehSlide ready!
1772RonBMake this spring infinate please.closedieuwehInfinite flows!
177132ndFlavaPlease protect this new auto farm under pico perms. Thanks!closedZomiseAutofarm protected! (Enclosed your beacon on top too for skyhigh protection.)
177032ndFlavaPlease protec this build with region pico. Thanks! :DclosedSpook6Protected with love from yours truly <3
1769Kirstaelooks like crop grief?closedSpook6crops are back and person warned! thank you for reporting :D
1768AzumarillwatersclosediNerd71Should be flowing now!
1767Azumarillwatr twiceclosedKirstaeflowing
1764torteelapls give 4th tier 2 spawner tyclosedSir_DidymusSpawner upgraded!
1763nels_nelsonI suppose this derp sea level bridge should be undone.closedkumquatmayDerp bridge removed!
1762SquaresTherewater flow?closedThelVadumeewater flowed
1761Trooprm64Can I get protections up in hereclosedSapphricProtected!
1760SmolTelleplease remove protections from this spawner?closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm!
1759SirLylesomeone didn't replantclosedBluuefuzzyReplanted!
1758ieuwehHole in the road!closedieuwehMinor damage rolled back and player warned!
1757Nistunecan one of you kick Kaval? her computer has frozenclosedSilversunsetlooks like she kicked herself
1756Bluuefuzzythis too?closedSilversunsetrolled back and player warned
1755Bluuefuzzydid this get grieefed?closedSilversunsetrolled back and player warned
1754xOreoToastI need some liquid love pls!closeddefiexCupid's Splish has been Splashed!
1753CivilizationLordSpleef arena protectionsclosedSilversunsetbellerosespleef has been protected!
1751ghrey303Hello! Just finished connecting Solace with S8 at the spawn rail station. Could you help us change signs? :DclosedSilversunsetS8 has been renamed to Solace
1750EvilStepDadWater flow. Please flow water block above sign.closedieuwehWater slide flowing!
1749EvilStepDadWater source these four blocks pleaseclosedieuwehLittle pool ready!
1748TheNightsKing2 build allow regions, for shulker box placement as indicatedclosedTheNightsKingRegions created. You didn't even say please, you monster
1747HouseBoltonalso can you please claim my houseclosedTheNightsKingHouse protected - nice and friendly looking
1746HouseBoltonsomeone griefed my fence and stole all my cropsclosedTheNightsKingCrop grief rolled back and player warned
1745EvilStepDadWater flow. Please flow the water along the back wall, and thanks!closedrobrflowed
1744KingNyahmanhi, some of my sheep are missingclosedTheNightsKingLooks like they were just too close to a lightning strike and burnt to death
1743EvilStepDadWater flow. Two blocks please.closedTheNightsKingSplish splash
1742gk_ryowho placed the rails?closedTheNightsKingAnswered via msg
1741robrwho's digging here in our claim and immediately west of this position?closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg. Internal affairs.
1740robrcobble derpclosedHerr_Fawkesrolled back
1739OmegaeddonThere were rose bushes next to these lamps, what happened, plz?closedZomiseSelf-inflicted flood. :P
1738OmegaeddonIm aware that the pigs are suffocating in this pen, but how and where? Can you shed some light?closedrobrdiscussed via /m,
1737ThelVadumeeextend protecc here plzclosedThelVadumeeregion expanded
1736kumquatmaymaps 785 787 and 788 please!closedkumquatmayPlaced!
1735RonBSorry, I had to move the water dispencer in my torture chamber up one block and now it has to be reflown.closedghrey303can confirm dispenser is now flowing!
1734RonBMake the dispencer dispence flowing water please.closedZomiseEnabled!
1733AnonymousDapperI'm not sure if the farms are public or not, but please ensure that the cane, cactus, melon, and pumpkin farms are public, as well as the crop field. Thanks!closedghrey303redsun_farms region created! set to public for the crop fields and farmables
1732totemoPlease remove this chest and furnaces. I asked the owner to move them several times and he went off on an excursion to random coordinates.closedSir_DidymusRemoved.
1731JezzzzieJust wondering if these items can be removed yet. The player has not been online for 3 weeks.closedSir_DidymusItems removed.
1730FiddlersViridianCan this be made to flow, for an infinite water source?closedi_c_e_its splished with a lill splash !
1729dacracot6 flowing water please, 4 corners, 1 below spawner, 1 top of the elevatorclosedtict0cFlowing and grinding :o)
1728RandomThoughtsrequest protection for this location thank youclosedi_c_e_discussed v/mail
1727DaPenguinMannsomebody broke our chicken farmclosedtotemoThat player was meant to be banned but we forgot. All his stuff is gone now. Thanks for the reminder. ^_^ \o/
1726PrissyPantsI might have accidentally killed a dog while trying to harvest wheat... :O I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.closedSilversunsetno doggo deaths found, you must have just sent it back to its owner
1725xOreoToastFlow please!closedieuwehLittle pool ready!
1724smdavis93Two tier 3 golem spawners pls :DclosedSir_DidymusSpawners upgraded!
1723xOreoToastWhy is this piece of stone and gravel here? I removed it when I made this farm.closedieuwehDiscussed via msg!
1722Wall_E__Protection needed on grinder. Top corner in NE and bottom corner in SW marked with pumpkins. Thanks!closedieuwehGrinder protected!
1721ZahldarRequest for rules clarification: We're building a tunnel at Y=11, and we're hitting someone's branch mine. It's not lit, appears disused. Can we tunnel through without it being griefing, or must we go under/over?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via msg
1720piperboisekilled the dragon, did the essence of flight fall into the spawn chest?closedSir_DidymusRestored.
1719pez252Upgrade the 4 spawners to Tier 3 please.closedSir_DidymusSpawners upgraded!
1718ghrey303chest region named solmayors please :Dclosedghrey303you got it boss
1717yyonwater flow, pleaseclosedgrenbugwater is flowin!
1716PPGOMEflow pleaseclosedieuwehKill that lava pls
1715KingNyahmanhi there, i've connected up to line 52 on the spawn rail. can I have the signe renamed as Nyah Homestead pleaseclosedtict0cYour Offical happy railing :o)
1714PPGOMEflow please!closedieuwehFlowing dear Gome \o/
1713OmegaeddonMissing piggy! Griffles or what?closedieuwehNo griffles! This piggy had a natural death (from suffocation). My condolences.
1712ieuwehMap 783 for Spook6closedieuwehMap placed :)
1711ThelVadumeederp tower hereclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
1710NistuneCan I please have map #505 #514 and #521closedZomiseBeautiful art placed!
1709robrtechreq: see notesclosedtotemonot much chance of fixing this without large tech effort
1708PPGOMEwho made disclosedBluuefuzzydiscussed in pm
1707RonBCan you make this spring infinate?closedBluuefuzzyflowin forever!
1706RonBAnd this dispencer as well please.closedBluuefuzzyalso flowin!
1705RonBMake the water in this dispencer flow please.closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1704BluuefuzzyPortal takes you to an end island mostly outside of world border, no access to return portal as it's on the other side of the border.closedSir_DidymusPortal blocked off.
1703PipersDadstuck, return teleporter outside artificial world boundaryclosedBluuefuzzyrescued!
1702PPGOMEwho placed this dirt on my rail. I am dissapointed. ;-;closedBluuefuzzyDirt removed!
1701MightyPetronHey Question - is the thing that controls how many mobs you can have in an area affect the spawning of enerman at the grinder?closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
1700ZomiseI seem to have stolen cobble stone stairs. What did I grief?closedkumquatmayDiscussed! Zom's grief spree comes to an end!
1699oberewater flow please (3 blocks)closedKirstaeflowing
1698oberewater flow pls (these three blocks and the one in the troughclosedZomiseFlowety flow flow.
1697iamdarblistclosedZomiseIt's /list to see who's online and /check to check the status on teh modreq. I'm on it!
1696iamdarbis this claimed?closedZomiseArea itself not claimed, soulsand was natural. All yours. Discussed via /m.
1695Standish_Flow here, please. Thanks!closedKing_of_quesoMore infinite pools flowed!
1693SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedKing_of_quesoinfinite pool created!
1692ThelVadumeeded endchest here :<closedZomiseHandled via /mail
1691Wozdakapls flow 2 waterclosedThelVadumeewater flowed :D
1689SmolTellesomeone seems to have messed with the trees and left a furnace here, is it possible to have this fixed?closedHeysofiaGrief rollbacked and player warned, thanks for reporting! :)
1688ThelVadumeeextend base protection hereclosedThelVadumeeprotection expanded
1687MrArronplease flow this waterclosedtotemoflowing
1686evil_guy12345please flow thisclosedieuwehThirsty crops are no longer thirsty.
1685AnonymousDapperplease protect the walled area with region name "redsun_land" and make the slab pad by the smelter a shulker spot. Thanks!closedieuwehThe shulker region shines under the Redsun protection.
1684evil_guy12345please flow thisclosedieuwehLittle pool ready for some splashes!
1683iamdarbcan it be flowed?closedieuwehFlowing! No false alarm this time.
1682iamdarbflow my shitclosedieuwehFalse alarm, it was fake poop!
1681ghrey303Hello! Tier 3 upgrades please! should be 120 souls in the chest unless I can't count no good.closedSir_DidymusSpawners upgraded!
1680CrambullWould it be possible to make my almost complete canal a new region? It would help to /flow some water here.closedSilversunsetcanal protected!
1679AnonymousDapperpls who placed this crafting tableclosedSilversunsettable rolled back to its original state!
1678ttsciis this cauldron meant to be empty? secret spawn oversight? :PclosedSir_DidymusNothing to see here. Move along.
1677Azumarillcan I get a 11 block expand upward on region "big_ol_region"closedbermudalocketregion expanded!
1676Bluuefuzzypls rescue horseclosedi_c_e_
1675Silversunsetthe NEE end portal killed me.closedSir_DidymusConfirmed by logs. Items restored.
1674The_Pagemastersomeone accidentally grief this ice block?closedTrooprm64Fixed
1673Bluuefuzzylost my horse? hgps says it's here, but it's not :(closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
167232ndFlavaCan you tell me who built this grinder? All Chests have no perms :(closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1671iamdarbI accidentally broke bluue's leaf block, I'll be more careful next time :(closedSir_DidymusFixed! She'll never know...
1670Maddogg912land claimclosedbookey42region maddogg912_house created around requestors house
1669bookey42had full inventory when I clicked slime golem sign so no slimeball for me. Can I get one!closedSir_DidymusSlime mysteriously replaced!
1668SirLylensfw build if these aren't naturally spawnedclosedfazadenthe rock formation is natural
1667SlugNamedDevplease flow the lava up therecloseddefiexDanger Splish has been splashed!
1666Bluuefuzzywho died here recently? so i can leave a chest for themclosedSirLylediscussed via pm
1665Smooshrready for the portal to be lit! bedrock marker is about 25 blocks eastclosedBarlimorePortal lit!
1664Silversunsetpls label spawn station N2 as Haven <3closedbermudalocketDone!
1663TheNightsKingSomeone has killed these chorus plantsclosedBluuefuzzyFlowers replaced, player warned!
1662Silversunseti think there was a sign here that broke wheni was clearing the wall :(closedKing_of_quesoYou did, but it was blank!
1661King_of_quesoHello, I'd like to buy two golem spawners, please!closedBarlimoreEnjoy your first two golem spawners!
1660TheNightsKingPlease upgrade one of the iron spawners in the pyramid from level 1 to level 2 using this stuffclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your first of the tier 2s!
1659ieuwehMaps, lots of maps: 718 483 484 485 486 506 505 494 514 491 490 521 523 530closedieuwehAlmost all maps gotten!
1658PPGOMEaccidentally placed an anvil here and cannot find button that broke offclosedThelVadumeebutton fixed :O
1657ghrey303Could you protect these three buildings here as children of solace? :D villager market + sugar cane tower + pumpkin towerclosedieuwehSolace has children now, take good care of them!
1656NistuneCould I have this station protected as AkinahRail, with Kaval added as owner :) ThanksclosedieuwehAkinah station and respective rails are now protected!
1655DjentleGiantI am not a smart man.closeddefiexBehold! Your pony is now free of his irony prison.
1654PPGOMEwe cannot spin thisclosedSir_DidymusResolved.
1653JavaOfficialwho built this terracotta road?closeddefiexDiscussed via message, good luck!
1652PPGOMEmake a chest region names argothguardian please!closedTheNightsKingChest region created for you to put your fishy bits in
1651TheNightsKingAdminreq Please move Shulker /place here so it points at the access doorclosedSir_DidymusPlace adjusted.
1650SmooshrLooking to land claim the field for the portal and a build... is this an old chestclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
1649Smooshr[PADMINS] I am claiming portal 9!closedSir_DidymusCongratulations! Please check out the portal requirements here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Portals
1648ghrey303I have a feeling this is meant to be accessible, but it's not at the moment :DclosedSir_DidymusFixed!
1647AceMarconiI would like to complete this piece of highway. I canot find a claim sign.closedSir_DidymusAbandoned claim adjusted.
1646Omegaeddonprots for big ol pile of metal, plz!closedSpook6protected your pile of metal!
1645shanty_sniperprotect these ore blocks pls <3closedSpook6existing region expanded to protect all your precious gems as discussed via msg :D
1644Kirstaeofferings for Tier 2 <3closedBarlimoreHere's your third tier 2 spawner!
1643Jezzzziewho put this in our lake?closedbuzzie71discussed via /msg
1642OddGeometryplease protect retention walls and everything inside, will build down to lakebed :)closedDjentleGiantLooks like a great start! Just build up some more and we'll be happy to protect it. If you're concerned with someone building on your claim, you can place a claim fence.
1641Avi_Dangersteincan you extend r:dangergrinder up and out to cover the rise and drop shafts?closedi_c_e_Extended ! ;)
1639evil_guy12345please protect my build marked with <birch wood>closedThelVadumeeprotected :D
1638inventingnothingokay nvm it reappeared thx anywaysclosedfazadenyou can cancel your own modreqs by typing /check, then /done ####
1637inventingnothingmy diamond sword just disappeared out of my inventorycloseddefiexClosing out due to already-fixed-ness!
1636Crambullpls goods mods, may this beacon pyramid have a veil of protection over it?closedi_c_e_we have found your pyramid in favor of protection the veil will keep it safe ;)
1635ekirkyuh we just had an encouter of ghasts and blazes spawning in the overworld?closedi_c_e_discussed via msg
1634FlyinSlothHow did these villagers die? Were they killed by someone or removed from moblimiter?closedcujobeardiscussed via /msg Sorry for your loss
1633venom20078Who built this thing?closedNoramidiscussed via /msg
1632MightyPetronhey I know I already did one but I think my Dragon soul might have came through to spawn and is now in the locked chest belowclosedtict0cdiscussed via msg
1631MightyPetronhey I summoned the dragon and I didn't get a soul - the other people said they didn't pick it upclosedSir_DidymusItem restored to you.
1630Difficult1can i get the protection to only cover the shack above but leave the farm unregistered?closedbuzzie71cast a build allow on the affected farm instead!
162932ndFlavaCan make this Quartz pad public access so people can place shulkers?closedSapphricDone! (See silver! I did it!)
1628YarrPlease protect this spawner. Thank you :)closedSapphricProtected!
1627MightyPetronthe endgrinder isn't working and we don't know how to fix it - plz helpclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
1626Difficult1protect trading hutclosedi_c_e_Protected !!
1625Andromeda4210broken grinderclosedAndromeda4210
1624Roadie_MCwater flowclosedCARnivore_ndsbone flow is a go...
1623Roadie_MCwater flowclosedieuwehFlowing!
1622PipersDadnot sure if this is modreq, killed dragon, EoF fell thru portal, cant find it at spawnclosedtorteelaEoF returned to its rightful owner.
1621pez252Flow plz (and right this time)closedi_c_e_Well only because you said please ! and right is a concept
1620inventingnothingwho did this rail line?closedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m!
1619ttscipls flow theseclosedi_c_e_let the freezing begin- flow water flow
1618Omegaeddonaccidently murdered a dog here because some goon thought putting dogs in the grinder os a good ideaclosedSir_DidymusDog restored.
1617ZomiseProtection of actual current sugarcaneclosedZomiseSugarcane base protected for accident prevention.
1616Zomiseobsolete protection removalclosedZomiseDone
1615pez252ice flowclosedi_c_e_slushie machine flowing
1614Azumarill🍆closedAzumarillnever mind lol
1613MightyPetronhey? is there away to stack potions?closedTheNightsKingAfraid not
1612torteelapls make a t2 spawnerclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your second tier 2!
1611KingNyahmanstuck hereclosedtict0cdone and done :)
1610PipersDadkilled dragon, but can't find the EoFclosedBarlimoreEoF returned to dragon murderer!
1609KingNyahmanhi i've connected my rail to the spawn rail. I've been told to put a modreq in to update the spawn points and add controlsclosedtict0cdiscussed in private and strightened out :)
1608Lethal_Treehalp i have becmoe stuckcloseddefiexGoo-b-gone applied and stuckness has been removed!
1607PyroAvokthis end portal thingy takes you beyond the edge of the End border. IDK if you wanna do something about it or just leave it.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1606AceMarconican we enable this floor for shulkers, Please? Thank you!closedSapphricDone!
1605sunstarshine192Can you make a region protection for my build? I have a museum, town hall thing, a treehouse, and there's a tree for the other member. The 2 coords are x3344 z-240 and x3439 z-363. The border is boxy, but not a perfect rectangle. Thanks!closedfazadenprotected
1604xX_DudeItzEz_Xxcan you pls flow my waterclosedSpook6flowed!
1603BecomingOnea couple of villagers died in the last day or so. Could you tell me how? I'm thnking zambiesclosedcujobearDING! zambies is correct
1602UniqueOG_13When Someone has time can they finish flowing the rset of my water it would be appreciatedclosedSapphricFlowed!
1601UniqueOG_13Can you make all this water flow pleaseclosedgrenbugmuch water flowin!
1600sunstarshine192Can I get a chest region? The name should be TreeClan, Thanks!closedKirstaeRegion created!
1599TexasTormentureflow x2 plzclosedSpook6flowed!
1598Kirstaeprotection for my village please?closedKirstaeApproved by Totemo
1597TexasTormentureflow x2 plzclosedSpook6flowed x2
1596TexasTormentureflow x2 plzclosedSpook6flowed!
1595UniqueOG_13Can you make this water flowclosedSpook6flowed \o/
1594torteelapls upgrade one spawnerclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your first tier 2!
1593Ruthlesssssflow baby water pls !closedRuthlesssss
1592Azumarillbig ol' region so I can flow my own water - through x2100 at least pleaseclosedBarlimoreRegion added!
1591Azumarillwater dispenser!closedZomiseDispenser waterified.
1590Bluuefuzzydid this sheep die because of suffocation?closedSapphricYes :(
1589buzzie71did a EoF fall into the spawn hopper? :O (next to spawn this time)closedBarlimoreEoF returned to sender!
1588SirLylepls protect station as a child of solaceclosedZomiseProtected. Underground bits in separate region, both childed.
1587buzzie71did a EoF fall into the spawn hopper? :Oclosedbuzzie71moved closer to the hopper
1586SlugNamedDevHey I am trying to fill this area with water. do you think flowing the floating water will do that?closedSirLyleflowing, but water physics be weird
1585SlugNamedDevwater flow please!closediNerd71Flowed!
1584Difficult1spawn portal ate llama named mr.pickles, can i get it back?closedBarlimoreLogs were both helpful and not helpful enough to verify the missing llama - restored.
1583ZahldarPlease flow 3 water blocks for a grinder. Two in the primary chamber, the third at the top of the water ladder. Thanks!closeddefiexGrinder splish has been spookily splashed!
1582buzzie71if this is legal to ask: who or what killed the dragon? wondering if a stray stole the kill O.oclosedThelVadumeediscussed via /msg
1581bookey42ack i fell in a hole and if i break to get out villager havok will ensue please HALPclosedi_c_e_Safe from the psycho villagers mean old things
1580YarrMay I get flow on these? Thank you :)closedrobrYes you may!
1579DantesDamewater flow, please :) (x3)closedi_c_e_fresh sparkling water at your disposal
1578ieuwehCan I have map 776 please? :)closedbookey42Map is placed and it is gorgeous!
1577Silversunsetcan this rail tunnel between haven and akinah be protected (as a child of haven pls)closedieuwehHaven has now two baby regions to protect the rail tunnel :D
1576HordsakSorry, should have mentioned. Just the ship. Not the farm area or animal area. Thanks!closedi_c_e_all is as you wish
1575HordsakCan I plese get my ship protected. Region info "Hordsak Pirate Ship" if possible?closedi_c_e_ahoy maties your pirate ship be protected
1574The_PagemasterI died here aprox 15 min ago. Two other players nearby. One could not find where I died and other akf. Anyway to get my things back? I know the chances are low. But if the chunk were unloaded I could have made it back in time. Thanks.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1573AceMarconiPlease expand protection to cover the four corners marked thus. Thank you.closedAceMarconi
1572DarkAges11is there a command where you can always trust someone? like instead of doing cmodify all the time, you can just do one command to trust them forever.closedbermudalocketNope, sorry! But there is always the /suggestion-box. :)
1571AceMarconiI have outlined a proposed expansion with stone blocks as you see here. Can you make sure it's not encroaching & expand please?closedKirstaeExpanded!
1570venom20078I need a region on creativeclosedSilversunsetthen modreq on creative
1568Yarris this building worldgen? am puzzled lolclosedCARnivore_ndsyep, world generated
1567TheNightsKingPlease expand region tnk_shulkergrinder 5 west and 5 down to protect item sorters and elevatorsclosedcujobearexpanded 5 west and 5 down :D
1566Grinnplease flow this 1 water sourceclosedTheNightsKingWater flowing as placed
1565Grinnplease flow the 2 water sources in this roomclosedTheNightsKingIt's all a bit damp in here now
1564SirLylei tried grabbing water from this thinking it was flowing, i screwed up someone's pondclosedSir_DidymusFixed!
1563Bluuefuzzysomeone stole these crops!closedgrenbugcrops restored!
1562Priora05flow pleaseclosedieuwehFlowing!
1561DaPenguinMannwhat do i do with ultra rare artifactsclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
1560bookey42lots and lots of waterflowsclosedbookey42the water must flow
155932ndFlavaCan you tell me who claimed this spawner? Cannot find the name on the sign in ./seen Thanks! :Dclosedbookey42Discussed via msg
1557bookey42Water Flow pleaseclosedbookey42flowed hard
1556JavaOfficialprotect lapis block and the sign please.closedieuwehSmall teleportation platform to home base is now protected!
1555JavaOfficialend base protection - glowstone and torch block mark the areaclosedieuwehEnd base is now protected!
1554CrambullNot sure if this is protected within the region, but can I have this beacon pyramid protected?closedieuwehRegion now extends its arms to hug the new builds, including the beacon.
1553JavaOfficialwaterflow please now or i'll die againclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1552buzzie71flow water please :Oclosedbookey42flowin!
1551Priora05flow plz! :)closedTheNightsKingDuplicate done
1550DaPenguinMannadd friends to regionclosedTheNightsKingRegion help provided!
1549Priora05flow plz! :)closedTheNightsKingHappy showering
1548CrambullCan this random furnace someone left here be removed please??closedTheNightsKingDiscussed via msg, suggest contacting the player who put it there
1547KingNyahmanhi please can you protect my hot air balloonclosedKirstaeProtected!
1546Ruthlessssshey, so we left this person's things untouched in case they went through with the ban appeal and could come back and move it themselves since it was in our claim before the ban anyways. I was wondering if the ban appeal had been fulfilled or not :)closedSir_DidymusAbandoned build within pre-existing claim removed.
1545Ruthlesssssflow this baby water block pls <3closedKirstaeFlowed!
1544betajippitywater flow please!closedKirstaeFlowing!
1543AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow these other edge blocks of water as wellclosedKirstaeFlowing!
1542AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow these blocks of waterclosedtotemothat will be $11000 GST inc
1540NistuneWould it be possible to know who made this tunnel thingy?closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
1539betajippitywater flow please!closedtotemoflowing
1538ImmJaqoflow to make infinite water plzclosedbuzzie71flowing! (what kind of physics modeling is this infinite water *grumblegrumble*)
1537betajippitywater flow please!closedbuzzie71flowing!
1536xxJoY_DiviSioNxxgreifclosedHerr_Fawkesdiscussed via /m
1535betajippitywater flow please!closediNerd71Flowed! (Almost forgot to close lol)
1534buzzie71uhh trees all turned into chests? O.oclosedBluuefuzzydiscussed via /m
1533m_razzFlowing water, please (nine on north wall, one in southwest corner). Thanks!closedThelVadumeewater flowed :D
1532FiddlersViridianI dismounted my horse here and it disappeared. hgps points to a blank blockclosedBluuefuzzytry relogging
1531Trooprm64Some derp poleclosedBarlimoreSeems to be a 'lighthouse' of the land, to demarcate the entrance to this area.
1530Richarmanderplease protect my boat that is being built around X= 3114 and Z = 483 :) thank you very much!closedtict0cProtected Nice boat !
1529DaPenguinMannclaim land for farmingclosedtict0cProtected !! :)
1528DaPenguinManncan I have /flow permissions for a little while. I'm building a farmclosedtict0cdiscussed in message :)
1527CrambullCan someone check if this beacon pyramid is protected? It should be within the region, but I'm not sure.closedi_c_e_all protected :)
1526DarkAges11I believe on your website might be broken, can someone take a look at it? Thanks! :)closedbermudalocketThanks for letting us know. We've passed the information on to the techs.
1525ghrey303someone broke mah glowstone :(closedbermudalocketGrief ungriefed!
1524Siuldaneclaimclosedrobrhouse protected!
1523DarkAges11Zisha told me in disc hes xraying, just watch himclosedTrooprm64Thank you for reporting this, we will look into it further
1522OddGeometryplease make water flow again :)closedi_c_e_water water everywhere !
1521SmolTellecan I get protection for this house, the stable and the animal shelter to the east?closedKirstaeProtected :)
1520DaPenguinMannflow pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1519TexasTormentureN1 is now connected to Highdale-Upon-North (HUN) Can we label the sign?closedkumquatmaySign lebelled!
1518OddGeometryplease make water flow :)closedNoramiall flowing :)
1517cujobearclaim this spawner too. Muskogee_red as ownerclosedcujobeardone
1516Difficult1expand region to cover bridge and dock area pls (part of larger area with a fence around 3 sides excluding the river)closedbermudalocketprotected!
1515cujobearboth spawnersclosedcujobearyup both
1514Silversunsetplease protect rail room and the two drops from the station down as haven_rails and haven_rails_drop1 & 2 (child of haven)closedkumquatmayRails protected and adopted by Haven!
1513Azumarill...can you push my horse out of the skeleton's mouth pleaseclosedSir_DidymusHorse rescued.
1512Azumarillcrafting table right here pleaseclosedSir_DidymusTables added.
1511sushi15iron golem spawner placement. Chest with the required materials is marked with a sign.closedSir_DidymusSpawners placed!
1510FlyinSlothflow all the water below for the spawner but not the lavaclosedSilversunsetwater flowed
1509baebasaurpls flow waterclosedSilversunsetflowed
1508Bluuefuzzychest region pls! "Highdale" if you would be so kind!closedbookey42Chest Region Created with Bluuefuzzy as owner.
1507Muskogee_Redban hacker with crazy name changerclosedSilversunsetThere is no hacker!
1506Smooshrflow this water pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1505cheezychickenspawner protection plzclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1504admantaSeems my pet chicken Waldo is missing from his throne room. He may have been birdnapedclosedcheezychickenChicken somehow died in a wall... They aren't very clever :(
1503Smooshrflow these 4 water pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
150232ndFlavaCan make region called Pico_Guardian with Totemo & kumquatmay as co-owners? :D Thanks!closedHerr_Fawkesprotected, owners added
1501admantaa /stackboats command to go with the /stackcarts command.closedcheezychickendiscussed via /msg :)
1498NistuneCould I have the head protection removed? I think its from the last wither we fought. I placed the head and cant break it now >.<closedSir_DidymusWither heads forced into compliance.
1497Bluuefuzzywho filled in this pond?closedHerr_Fawkesdiscussed via /m
1496SmooshrThis claim style fence doesn't enclose an area or connect anything for a logical route. Possible block spam. Don't want others to think there is a land claim this big nearbyclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1495JavaOfficialone more flowclosedSpook6its flowing!
1493DrSpankyflow this pleaseclosedcheezychickensplishy splashy!
1492Gor3fiendI need this water to flow. Thanks!closedSpook6flowed!
1491Herr_Fawkesstuck in a protected regionclosedrobrrescued from hole of protection
1490Muskogee_Redwater flowageclosedtotemoflowing
1489SmooshrCould the space above these 4 polished granite be set so others can place Shilker boxes or anvils? thanks!closedkumquatmayShulker region created!
1488Muskogee_Redwater flow 2 blocksclosedSpook6please place water blocks and try again
1487Herr_Fawkesprotect this spawnerclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1486ZaliekFollowup to #602 & #812. Sent another mail and left a sign for player. House built over top of in progress roadclosedSir_DidymusAction taken, informed via mail.
1485ImmJaqorequest for "nucleus_ironfarm" to encompass the pur pur farm on the north of itclosedkumquatmayRegion expanded!
1483Wozdakapls protect - call rg "Wozmart2" - child of "haven" - marked by Gold blocks opposite corners - inside areas tagged with nether rack those blue areas please allow people to place shulker boxes in those parts only of build - tyvmclosedkumquatmayWozmart protected and shulker regions created!
1482jllmprrthey heysofia whats up :)closedHeysofiaAll fixed! :o
1481HordsakgriefclosedSirLylecrops restored, player warned
1480pacuyprotection for my home, corners marked with granite, thanksclosedi_c_e_Home is safe and sound :)
1479tict0cProtections please :)closedi_c_e_your killing room is protected psycho
1478Avi_Dangersteincan you protect this in a 10x10 box from this spot, and going down a few and up about 40 blocks?closedbermudalocketprotected!
1477PPGOMEwho made this?closedrobrdiscussed via /m
1476smdavis93flow pls :DclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1475kandokohole in nether for beacon expansion pleaseclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1474ghrey303someone didn't replant :(closedHerr_Fawkesreplanted, player warned
1473dacracotUpgrade my iron golem grinder to tier 2 please, souls are in the shulker box on top.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1472The_Pagemastercan a modreq clear a dirt derp bridge?closedSir_DidymusDirt bridge removed.
1471smdavis93Can you please tell me who place this sign so I can contact them?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
1470Andromeda4210griefed road? (the 2 missing slabs here)closedSilversunsetnope, blocks just werent placed
1469robradd shulker area between sign, wall and anvilsclosedrobropen to the public soon!
1468FlyinSlothplease give map #744closedieuwehMap placed!
1467robrplease protect the alias former resident processing unit v.8closedSir_DidymusProtected.
1466smdavis93Pretty sure there were 3 villagers in these slots. Can you check how they died?closedrobrturned into newts. discussed via /m
1465DjentleGiantPlease get my stuff before it despawnsclosedcheezychickenstuff retrieved!
1464cheezychickenspawner protection plz <3closedcheezychickenspawner protected <3
1463Wawskiwater flow plzclosedDjentleGiantFlowed!
1462JokersSoul69can I breed these guys?closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via msg!
1461ThelVadumeeprotecc end baseclosedcheezychickenregion thelvadumee_end_base and thousands of children created!
1460AnonymousDapperpls flow water hereclosedrobrthis water here is flowed ya see..
1459__taiga_aisakaplease protect my build marked with magma blockclosedThelVadumeeprotected :D
1458ixhioh also btw, someone put a private chest in this part of my build before I could protect it... can something be done about that?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
1457ixhiprotect - please extend protection to this corner of my build :oclosedThelVadumeeregion expanded :D
1456AceMarconiPlease expand Skelly grinder protections to include new construction involved. Thank you.closedbookey42Region Expanded to include new construction
1455Heysofiacan this chest also be removed? wont disappear after deletedclosedBarlimoreSame person as per your prior modreq.
1454Heysofiacan this chest please be removed? everytime i try it just reappears after I break it.closedBarlimoreOwner of chest was onl just yesterday. /cinfo - to see the owner, try contacting them first please!
1449Derkeksend help my windows are absolutely aNnihIlaTEDclosedHeysofiaFixed! Thanks for reporting :)
1448Kirstaecan I get these iron blocks changed to golem spawners (offerings are in the chest) and the top spawner moved down into this room please?closedBarlimoreEnjoy your four golem spawners!
1447Heysofiawolf was killed, pls send halpclosedBarlimoreWolf restored!
1446ZaliekDidn't replant caneclosedKirstaeYour crops have been replaced!
1445HinterlandzPlz as to have 4th iron spawner oh merciful Padmin gods.closedBarlimoreCongratulations on your fourth golem spawner!
1444roryjaspercan we get this water to flow pls? thank youuu!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1443OddGeometryplease protect mine entrance in waterclosedtotemoexisting region expanded
1442ImmJaqorequest flow of the water stream including the water elevator, again.....closedtotemoflowing
1441ImmJaqonew flow because i cant read numbers pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1440ImmJaqoflow pl0xclosedTrooprm64Flowed
1439Hinterlandzflow on these blocks plzclosedTrooprm64Flowed!
1438Lethal_Treecan all this water be flowedclosedTrooprm64Flowed!
1437SapphricPlease extend 'underhill' to contain this room. Thanks. <3closedTrooprm64Expanded
1436Zaevican I protect this spawner too? double evil octothingsclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1435Zaeviplease protect this spawner of evil octothingsclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1434iamdarbhas this been claimed?closedBluuefuzzyyours now!
1433dacracotupgrade my iron grinder please, souls in the shulker on topclosedBarlimoreFour spawners of the current tier are needed before upgrading!
1432OddGeometryplease extend protections to cover new farm and fences :)closedKing_of_quesoRegion expanded!
1431i_c_e_i am embarssingly stuck in a hole can someone help and NO laughingclosedbermudalocketlol rescued
1430Avi_Dangersteincan you make this single gold block into r/dangerzone ? I promise there's definitely a good reasonclosedbermudalocketdangerzone activated
1429Herr_Fawkesexpand region to cover fenceclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1428Lethal_Treewould it be possible to get this room added to the raven rock region?closedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
1427Lethal_Treeflow?closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1426ZahldarHello, I need a third water block flowed for this grinder. Sorry, and thanks again!closedHerr_Fawkesif you place it, we will flow
1425ZahldarHello, could I get three water source blocks flowed for a zombie grinder, please? Thanks!closedi_c_e_zombies being washed away- kill those bad boys kill
1424xOreoToastLooks like someone neglected to completely replant some of my crops!closedieuwehThank you for reporting! Player has been warned and damage rolled back.
1423AnonymousDapperpls protect entrance arch and smelteryclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1422OddGeometryplease make water flow :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1421Trooprm64Protect this jerk spawner plsclosedSilversunseti hope you appreciate your region name this time
1420Azumarillprotect four spawners in 1x1x1 regions to my secret alt and NOT ME as listed on this sign here - coords are [x:2088,y:13,z:-4486], [x:2077,y:19,z:-4490], [x:2077,y:19,z:-4479], and [x:2070,y:11,z:-4454]closedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1419PPGOMEOur rail is connected to N8! Please make this sign say "Argoth"!! :DclosedFlumperSign changed! :)
1418xOreoToastHey, this is in my town and I just wanted to verify that the users involved in this have sought mod assistance?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1417Herr_Fawkesexpand region to cover the barnclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected udner new rg
1416Bluuefuzzypls to protecclosedTrooprm64Protecteed
1415Bluuefuzzypls to protect spawnersclosedTrooprm64Protected
1414Crambullwhy won't this villager in the minecart move????closedTheNightsKingVillager now behaving nicely
1413ghrey303hello! golem souls in this chest – could you upgrade our 4 spawners to tier 2? I think I count 80 souls in here...closedSir_DidymusSpawners upgraded!
1412varji fell through the map and lost my stuff. Could I maybe have my tools back?closedSir_DidymusLag related death confirmed by logs. Items restored.
1411Sambo_BagginsflowclosedTheNightsKingSplish sploshed
1410The_Pagemasteri forgot the password on this empty chest. please adviseclosedSir_DidymusChest amended.
1409JavaOfficialwaterflow - finished!closedTheNightsKingThat's a complicated water arrangement, but it's flowing now
1408AceMarconiplease flow water trough at back of stalls. Thank you!closedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
1407JavaOfficialFor totemo: Please remove slabs out of Chairs config too. They are still able to kill you in the end grinderclosedSir_DidymusWe have contacted the builder to request the floor at the end grinder be reinforced.
1406AceMarconiplease protect this spawner :)closedHerr_Fawkesprotected!
1405JavaOfficialwaterflow - first side finishedclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1404AnonymousDapperpls flow waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1403AnonymousDapperpls flow water in trenchesclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1402JavaOfficialwaterflowclosedfazadenflowed all the blocks placed so far, make another req once the rest is placed
1401JavaOfficialwaterflowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin! lookin good!
1400SaltirenThis bridge in the river is not one block aboveclosedBluuefuzzyremoved!
1399OmegaeddonProtection plz for this Memorial.closedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1398OmegaeddonGriff - Some bellend let all my horses out. No real problem, but still.closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm!
1397admantaNorth road was built in the wrong place -1 instead of 0. anyway it can be moved?closedtotemothat's unfortunate; no worldedit assists
1396HandYogurtcan please have map 740 :)closedieuwehMap placed!
1394dorky4Hey, can you make the water flow please? (some of it doesn't) Thanks :)closedSpook6its flowing!
1393dorky4Can you make this water flow please? Thanks! :DclosedSpook6i can and have! flowed!
1392OddGeometryplease make water flowclosedSpook6flowed!
1391OddGeometryplease make water flow :)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1390Legendary_Legendcan i get this grinder protected. It has a functional on/off switch and the chest is open to the publicclosedKirstaeYour grinder has been protected
1388Legendary_Legendi need 6 waters flowed. 4 at the corners of the spawner. one in the pit under it and one at the top of the chute above the signclosedKirstaeall are flowing
1385iamdarbmake all this flow please, like the blood of my enemies, but only bluue thoughclosedBluuefuzzyflowin! you have enemies? D:
1384Lethal_Treeflow plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1383Legendary_LegendIs there a way to place protections on this grinder. As far as I can tell everything is good. the on/off switch works and the chest has no protectionsclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1382Legendary_Legendi need 6 water flowed. four corners around the spawner, 1 under it and 1 at the very top of the lift chute for the zambiesclosedThelVadumeedone :D
1381BecomingOneflow for these two dispensers, pleaseclosedKing_of_quesoYour dispensers can now flow free!
1379buzzie71please flow these two water blocks :OclosedTrooprm64Flowzie71
1378dacracotflowing water inside with my iron friends please.closedKing_of_quesoFlowing! Sorry to hear about your dead iron golem friends though .-.
1377Herr_Fawkesexpand blackwood_bend_city to cover new buildsclosedHerr_Fawkesexpanded
1376sushi15o, mods, let this water become infinite!closeddefiexBlessed be this water, that flows unto this thine water bucket for all eternity. Amen. Splish.
1375Noramipls flow block of waterclosedNoramiflowing
1374Silversunsetno.closedSir_DidymusDealt with.
1373JezzzzieProtection plz :) Include the oak leaves fence barrier and everything insideclosedBluuefuzzyprotected! so pretty!
1372Noramipls flow block hereclosedNoramiflowing
1371smdavis93Pls upgrade all 4 spawners above pls :DclosedSir_DidymusSpawners upgraded!
1370catx8hey we sailed into an unloaded chunk and were killedclosedBarlimore- Try /wp death, your items are still there.
1369ImmJaqoLet it flow, let it flow, let it flow...closedSpook6flowed!
1368Lethal_Treehey its april 2nd which is when you said you would remove that chestclosedBarlimoreChest is gone, thank you for being patient on this!
1367Trooprm64Protec plsclosedSilversunsetwith a creative region name too
1366TexasTormentureflow x1 plz, curious if spawner survived in that poolclosedSirLyleobsidianified
1365SirLylecan i get this pyramid protected as a child of solace (not a dupe)closedHerr_Fawkesprotected, adopted, and duped
1364SirLylecan i get this pyramid protected as a child of solaceclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected and adopted
1363larry190991please protect my buildclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected!
1362dacracotPlease create an iron golem spawner below where the terracotta block is located (remove that block). Cost is in the shulker box on top. Thanks.closedBarlimoreEnjoy your first golem spawner!
1361SirLylesomeone forgot to replant a large section of the farmsclosedghrey303that was me sorry
1360ghrey303updating public solace farm regions :Dclosedghrey303updated! :D
1359EvJPplease make water flow normalyclosedrobras normal as it's going to get..
1358larry190991please protect my buildclosedrobrstable area protected and added as child of home region
1357smdavis93Can I have the villager trading region extended to cover the new parts pls. also, /msg for another adjustment to itclosedNoramiRegion expanded smdavis93 :D Nice area!
1356Eftolimy horse is stuck down here, i don't have a way to get it outclosedrobrhorse rescued from the depths of avalon
1355Azumarillcan I get a region extension for whatever you'd consider the new bounds of it to beclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected!
1354Bluuefuzzywondering if it's okay for me to move this fence, as the old owner moved down the roadclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1353Trooprm64Self-req, protecting south wall region, fixing prior regionsclosedTrooprm64South wall region created, overlapping region removed and bounds fixed for north wall region; made children of main
1352Trooprm64Can you adjust this other persons region so it's not within my claimclosedrobruser's protection pulled back inside their area
1351Jean_de_Patmosflow 3036, 72, 2603; 3063, 100, 2616; 3073, 74, 2604 to 3073, 74, 2612closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1350nels_nelsonUh oh, I guess I needed more water blocks made to flow naturally. Sorry to pester ya'll. Best regards, -NelsclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1349nels_nelsonMay I please have these water blocks made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1348Bluuefuzzyi believe it's been about a full two weeks now, and a week since i last messaged this player for removal, is it possible to get it removed?closedSir_DidymusItems removed.
1347AceMarconiPlease make Glazed Terracotta areas valid for Shulker placement. Thank you.closedSir_DidymusShulker regions created.
1345Crambullhelp, my horse wandered into this fenced off area. He can't jump out cuz he's newclosedSir_DidymusYou did it!
1344Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1343HandYogurtcan i get map 739...from mapworld......thanks?closedSir_DidymusMap placed!
1342MikesRikesnow pleaseclosedHerr_Fawkesrequest granted, do not darken this doorway again
1341MikesRikesban me fuckclosedZomiseBanned.
1340MikesRikeswell fuck youclosedZomisedo not go around muting with modreqs.
1339MacroMadnesswhoever muted me. that was pretty childish i was askign a simple question i was confusedclosedSir_DidymusDo not use modreqs to get around mutes.
1338MikesRikesI am asking you politely unmute meclosedZomiseNo, you're muted for 24 hours.
1337PipersDaduser MikesRikes, probable trollclosedZomiseThanks, it's handled.
1336RicharmanderHello! I want to secure a zone that I will soon build up, centered on X=3067 and Z=450. I made already a cobblestone wall all around the zone I want to protect with signs. Can you secure it for me please? :D I'd like to build ships, and tree housesclosedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
1335OmegaeddonPerms modded to reflect refactored barn, plz!closedkumquatmayRefactored barn perms modded to uhhh.. It's protected!
1334SmooshrCould I have my Double Zombie xp grinder protected please Marked corners with Orange concreteclosedSpook6double zombie xp grinder is now protected!
1333CR4please could you make this water flow so I don't have to keep carrying it up the hill!closedSpook6your water is flowing!
1332JavaOfficialrollback my inventory please, i bugged through the floor in the endclosedBarlimoreDeathbug verified - Items restored.
1331Smooshrflow water along wall to the left and the 2 to the right pleaseclosedghrey303flowed!
1330SmooshrI need these 2 and the water behind at head level to flow pleaseclosedKirstaeFlowing
1329Smooshrneed this top water block to flow pleaseclosedKirstaeFlowed
1328Smooshrflow this water pleaseclosedKirstaeflowing
1327seburohone final flow if you could, then the water should be fine finally \o/closedtotemoflowing; fix water with a floor under it
1326seburohflow here too pls :)closedKirstaeflowing
1325seburohflow plsclosedKirstaeFlowed
1324Nistuneflow pleaseclosedKirstaeflowed
1323_Igorino_Please, Moderino, p r o t e c c my stuff ;-; (Build Protection)closedkumquatmayProtected!
1322OddGeometryplease protect new dock, docclosedKirstaeProtected
1321nels_nelsonMay I please have this zombie spawner protected? Just the spawner block for the time being. Best regards, -NelsclosedtotemoDear Nels, some time ago I read with interest that you had discovered a zombie spawner and required protection for it. I never dreamed that I could be the one to provide that sanctuary, but here we are. Best regards, totemo.
1320TexasTormentureflow x1 plzclosedSapphricFlowed!
1319Lethal_Treemy horse is in a wallclosedTrooprm64De-stucked the horse
1318TexasTormentureflow x1 plzclosediNerd71Obsidianized! \o/
1317TexasTormenturemy beacons never work, i sadclosedTexasTormentureworks
1316xOreoToastDied + lost pretty much everything to server lag. What do?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1315AnonymousDappercan you protect the house, silo and corral fence please. (not a region, just object prots)closedSirLyleDiscussed via pm, region redsun created.
1314nels_nelsonMay I please have all of these water blocks which I placed around the edges of this sinkhole made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosedKing_of_quesosinkhole is now a waterhole!
1313CivilizationLordFirst build protection of the rev!closedSirLylehouse and basement protected
1312Rand0mEntropythis appears to be built within the solace claimclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
1311BecomingOneis it possible to request that water that a dispenser dispenses flows when in dispenses so I can build an autofarm?closedKing_of_quesoDiscussed via /msg
1310CairBirbcan I get this block of water flowing?closedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
1309bermudalocketGolem spawners 3 and 4 please!closedSir_DidymusSpawners placed!
1308pez252Can this poof?closedBarlimoreFor my next trick..!
1307The_Pagemastermake it rainclosediNerd71Rained!
1306AceMarconiCobble chest is opened by region marconi_institute. NicTesla is part owner, and cannot open chest. Where is my brain_fart?closedbermudalocketBrain fart located.
1305BarlimorePenis...closedBarlimoreContacted individual for removal.
1304Muskogee_Redtunnel griefclosedHerr_Fawkesdiscussed via /mg, issue was removal of ores from a public tunnel and is not grief
1303NistuneCan you tell me who made this road over mine?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
1302Nistuneflow pleaseclosediNerd71Flowed!
1301MightyPetroncan I get some help? I thought I was clever, but now im stuckclosedSilversunsetplease do not try to be clever, spawn will eat your soul and spit out the crumbs!
1300CairBirbI'd like to purchase the final two iron golem spawners for stonemist, and upgrade two spawners to tier 2. Please place the new spawners between the wooden "brackets" under the glass blocks I've placed on the south side of this room.closedSir_DidymusSpawners placed and upgraded!
1299__taiga_aisakaplease protect my build marked with magma block (with water flow as well)closedbermudalocketFlowed! Please check your /mail regarding the protection. :)
1298PyroAvokpublic announcement for OnlyCatastrophy's party thingy?closedSir_DidymusTalking to player for details.
1297SkyAdventurer01Can i please have a iron golem spawner placed, required items are in the chest, cords are -3764/186/-2698closedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
1296CivilizationLordLooking to get a rail connection protected.closedCivilizationLord
1295ThelVadumeeprotecc my outpostclosedThelVadumeeall protected
1294SkyAdventurer01i have the required items for a ig can i get one placed?closedSkyAdventurer01
1293OnlyCatastrophyWould it be possible to get my easter event broadcasted?closedSir_DidymusPlayer is posting to the subreddit and will let us know.
1292grenbuganother derp bridge for removal, I can take this one myselfclosedThelVadumeeMOAR derb bridge sent to herp dimension
1291grenbugplease remove this derp bridge, close to Avalon and recent player, would like someone impartial to remove, thanksclosedThelVadumeederp bridge sent to the herp dimension :D
1290Rincewandflowing water please!closedThelVadumeewater flowed
1289OmegaeddonMy bloody horse is stuck under this bush again! Any way to permanently fix that?closedbermudalocketFreedom! \o/
1288Omegaeddonpretty sure this redstones been griffledclosedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m
1287shanty_sniperwheres mi other fookin sheep m8 someone ran off wiv me wife!!closeddefiexOur thoughts and prayers are with you in this dark time. (Your sheep suffocated!)
1286baebasaurpls flowcloseddefiexCaffinated splish has been splashed!
1285wyldstallynsplease flow these two waters tyclosedTheNightsKingThose two waters flowed
1284smdavis93golem spawner pls :DclosedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
1283TheNightsKingHelp me, Barli Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope. One final iron golem spawner pleaseclosedBarlimoreThe Force will be with you. Always. And this fourth golemspawner.
1282Owen_Cullenit dissapeared againclosedSpook6discussed via /msg
1280Owen_Cullenmy horse dissapearedclosedTheNightsKing
1279kandokoeven tho im owner of pico_zombie_grinder region I am unable to use flow. Is it because of pico parent?closedBarlimoreIt does seem that the overlapping regions, where there are other region owners (such as the parent region) are affecting self-flowing here.
1278Spook6Kirstreq i would like you to expand our region to protect the bridge and tjs house tyclosedKirstaeRegion expanded
1277Caia_water flow pleaseclosedKirstaeflowing
1276Caia_make the water do the thing <3closedKirstaeflowed
1275Caia_water please :cclosedKirstaeflowed
1274Caia_water flow please k thank you *smoochies*closedSpook6i flowed it for you!
1273xOreoToasttwo infinite springs need to be filled/fixedclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1272SkyAdventurer01whoe owns this rail?closedDjentleGiantQuestion answered! \o/
1271xOreoToastI see that settlements like stonemist have been given markers on the dynmap, what's the criteria to get one's town on there?closedBarlimoreThe general criteria are here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Places - Open a new modreq when you would like us to review your settlement!
1270SkyAdventurer01can u tell me how placed these rails?closedzburdsalDiscussed via pm.
1269BluuefuzzyCould I please get a /place called Highdale?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1268bermudalocketReady for first two golem spawners!closedBarlimoreWe're not entirely sure that you're ready. Please submit forms 17.a and provide 125 references. Spawners added!
1267ThelVadumeeshould there be water here?closedBluuefuzzydiscussed at length, and water restored!
1266jorgetlwi think someone forgot to replantclosedBluuefuzzythe owner of the fields forgot
1265UniqueOG_13I would Like To Make A Region Called OakVillclosedSirLyleoakvill created
1264gk_ryohorse 3 is showing as being undergroundclosedFlumperAh, the rare burrowing horse! He is now freely roaming the courtyard. :)
1263baebasaurpls flow lava so i can have lava tubes thx!closedSirLyleflowing
1262kandokoprotect platform areaclosedSirLyleprotected as a child of pico_zombie_grinder
1261Ruthlessssspls make the mossy cobble floor a shulker area :)closedTrooprm64Build allow set for shulkers :)
1260NistuneLets get this portal litttttclosedSir_DidymusPortal lit!
1259UniqueOG_13listclosedbuzzie71you can close these modreqs yourself - use /check to find the numbers of the reqs, then /done
1258UniqueOG_13I would Like tou create a region called ShadeyOaksclosedbuzzie71ignored by request :O
1257dobreiraaccidentaly broke a sign hereclosedbermudalocketSign fixed
1256koro666Hi, could you change the 4 andesite blocks at the base of this brickwall to be concrete too please? Thanks.closedBarlimoreUpdated, enjoy!
1255KavalWaterfow here pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1254SylvanSamuraicould you please expand my region about 6 blocks to the south? i think that may be why I'm having trouble with my concrete makerclosedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
1253MightyPetronrequest can I get my end portal put on the map?closedBarlimoreAdded! :-)
1252koro666Hi, we'd like to request a rail connection to the spawn station. This rail here goes all the way to the southern border, and then turns and goes to our base nearby.closedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m. Rail connection made to S1!
125132ndFlavaPlease flow this water block, thanks!closedbermudalocketflowed!
1250pez252Shulker region this 1 block of pillar and 1 block of air on the north side. Thanks.closedFlumperShulker region created! :o
1249TexasTormentureflow x8 (2 pools)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1248pez252Did a dragon head just drop in the portal?closedBarlimoreYes - passed along accordingly!
1247mrblakeesomehow my horse with its gold armour disappeared..as I was putting it in its coral..closedCARnivore_ndsthere is a bug that makes horses diappear, logging off and back on should take care of it.
1246HinterlandzOh mighty Padmin, please take this offering of 4 heads, 44 doors, 20 iron souls, 640 cobble and give unto me 2 golem spawners, placed where the pumpkins mark in the iron farm so i may bringith the server iron for dayzson, AmenclosedSir_DidymusSpawners placed!
1245Herr_Fawkesprotect this grinder, rg name blackwood_skelly_grinderclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1244OmegaeddonErm, slightly racist name, no?closedSir_DidymusHorse renamed. Thanks for reporting.
1243IronOxideHow do I use these golem souls to make an Iron Grinder?closedcujobearcheck out the Iron Golem Spawners section of this post https://redd.it/84smrx
1242gk_ryoregion hyrule_gerudo 100x100 ishclosedCARnivore_ndsHyrule_gerudo is official !
1241AceMarconiPlease protect marconi_skelly_grinder as a child of marconi_institute or somesuch. you know what to do.closedbermudalocketGrinder protected as marconi_skelly_grinder, child of marconi_institute, heir to the Iron Bone.
1240username2088water flowclosedbermudalocketFlowed!
1239SylvanSamuraiflow again. i think I got it all fixed nowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1238username2088water flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1237SylvanSamuraiflowclosedSilversunsetdone (and alerted to mob buildup issues)
1236_Igorino_My horse is stuck in a wall ;-;closedSilversunsethorse un-stuck
1235AceMarconiPlease flow this block, and the two in the spawner chamber below.closedbermudalocketflowed! (might want to remove that infinite water pool)
1234AceMarconiPlease flow.closedSilversunsetone, two, three, four, get that water on the floor!
1233TexasTormenturebeacon no works :(closedi_c_e_was a glitch in game working fine now
1232JavaOfficialcommand for seeing yourself with the disguised horse?closedcheezychickenDiscussed!
1231PyroAvokmap art. Maps #635-#640. Loc: -1770 -3562 64closedcheezychickenDuplicate
1230PyroAvokmap art. Maps #635-#640closedcheezychickenMaps placed! Cool pixelart!
1229SkyAdventurer01could i get these chests that i have slabs over removed? they nothing in them but i can't break themclosedBarlimoreOwner was on an hour ago - please attempt to contact them! /cinfo on chests to get the owner.
1228buzzie71random stuff appeared here....need advice :OcloseddefiexRolled back and players mailed! Thanks for reporting (also discussed via message.)
1227JezzzzieI went afk just before a reset and came back dead in the lobby. When I returned to my place of death all my items were gone but nobody from town was here. Did we have a visitor that picked up my things by chance?closedBluuefuzzyunfortunately, if you don't respawn, the chunk is still loaded, so more than likely your things despawned :(
1226Igorino_7I need to get my emeralds that fell into the villager pitclosedcheezychickenEmeralds retrieved!
1225cheezychickenspawner claim plz <3closeddefiexcheezychicken_zombiespawner protected!
1224SkyAdventurer01please expand my claimclosedcheezychickenregion expanded!
1223SylvanSamuraiflowclosedBarlimoreAll flowing here!
1222fazadenwater-level derp bridgeclosedfazadenfixed
1221AceMarconiPlease protect this excellent and well placed skelly grinder right under my freakin' build!closedSilversunsetthe most excellent spawner has been protected!
1220kumquatmay4 tier 4 golem spawners in place of iron ore please!closedBarlimoreFour tier fours for you! Grinder protected too.
1218SmolTelleWas wondering if I could get this spawner protected, and also remove some old protections? Modreq 71, 82 and 83 by me are for spawners we're no longer interested in.closedcheezychickenSpawner protected, and past claims removed!
1217oberewater flow plsclosedTheNightsKingIt's flowing
1216Omegaeddonmy stupid horse repawned under this bush. Can you dig the dumb gooner out plz?closedKirstaeHorse has been rescued :)
1215Azumarillaccidentally picked up some sign somewhereclosedBarlimoreI'm seeing a sign of your own broken within 200 blocks away - Where a torch was placed. Coordinates sent by mail.
1214OmegaeddonJust for the record: I know I left my shulkbox at the end grinder. Will collect later.closedZomiseOk, might want to mail the owner of the place. :)
1213xOreoToastI must have infinite water!closedKirstaeflowed :)
1212OddGeometryplease expand oddgeometry protections. I've extened the branches a bit all around :)closedbuzzie71protection expanded!
1211AzumarillwatrclosedTrooprm64Lazy horse transportation made
1210Igorino_7Flowing Water, Por FavorclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
1209defiexPlease to gib map #358!closedKing_of_quesomap has been gibbed!
1208shanty_sniperbig protections req, can i have the stables, the road and the house at the very end of the road protected pleaseclosedkumquatmayProtected!
1207tfrearRemove chest placed by another player in my building areaclosedBarlimoreIndividual was on 24 hours ago - please contact them to request removal. Name sent to you via /mail
1206smdavis93golem spawner pls :DclosedBarlimoreThat's your third spawner, nice one!
1205Bluuefuzzypls, someone broke a stair :(closedKirstaeall fixed :)
1204inventingnothingplease flow this entire leafy canal areaclosedi_c_e_discussed via msg
1203ThelVadumeelook at this glitched waterclosedThelVadumeeis derped water
1202CivilizationLordAt 1640, 1963, I just transported some sheep about ~3000 blocks and a wolf ate them! Is there any way I can get a rollback?closeddefiexUnfortunately, we don't replace when wolves have a hankering for tasty lamb. Good luck! (also discussed via msg.)
1201Fezthebearcan you flow this water? also, me and inventingnothing are making a canal so there will probably be a lot of these tonight, sorry in advance.closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1200flupmakintoshflowing water for spawner pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1199SmooshrFlow water please.closedThelVadumeewatr flo
1198TheAcademicianPlease flow these :]closedSapphricFlowed!
1197xOreoToastHey, this runs underneath my claim. What are my rights in this situation?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM! :)
1196TexasTormentureis there a limit on how big we make these auto farms?closedFlumperNo, but overly laggy devices may be subject to staff intervention. :)
1195gk_ryoflow yoclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1194TexasTormentureflow x2 plzclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1193Nistune[PADMINS] I am claiming portal 8!closedBarlimoreCongratulations! Please check out the portal requirements here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Portals
1192Jezzzzieflow plzclosedieuwehFlowing!
1191TheNightsKingPlease help my horse, he's not happy thereclosedTheNightsKingHe's ok now
1190piperboisemy sheep disappeared, did wolves get in?closedTheNightsKingNatural occurences unfortunately
1189TheNightsKingHello padmins, I've been decapitating you again. One more iron golem spawner please!closedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
1188jeagle7247Town claims, "Bywater" as the name, anything within cobblestone wall please :)closedieuwehBywater town is now protected!
1187SkyAdventurer01please claim my buildclosedieuwehVillager breeder and surrounding build is now protected!
1186MumberthraxPlease flow these two water source blocks.closedieuwehFlowing!
1185dnynumberone2 flows pls and thanksclosedieuwehFlowing!
1184SkyAdventurer01please flow for meclosedTheNightsKingFlowing!
1183koro666I would like to know who placed the wood above this hole please (this is not grief, I just need to know who it is)closedTheNightsKingAnswered via msg
1182SkyAdventurer01please flow for meclosedTrooprm64Flowed!
1181robradmin req - this cool to have around?closedSir_DidymusWe've reviewed this and it seems fine. Thanks for reporting!
1180SirLyleplease protect villager market under solaceclosedTheNightsKingLatest villagers now protected along with their friends
1179jllmprrtflow these 2 waters por favor :~)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1178TexasTormentureflow x2 plzclosedBluuefuzzyflowin~
1177Zaevistuck inside a protection, send halp :)closedi_c_e_safe and sound !!
1176JezzzzieHolla! Request to make Stonemist a town on live map plz (or feedback for what we need to do to get it there)closedBarlimorePlace granted!
1175jllmprrtflow 2: return of jafarclosedjllmprrtaladdin 2 sucks
1174jllmprrtflow like a harpoon daily and nightlyclosedieuwehFlowing!
1173baebasaurcan we have a region protection for avalonclosedSirLyleregion avalon redefined and child protections added
1172grenbugplease protect the zombie cottage and grinder, marked with red wool, down to 54 where grinder is, region avalon is goodclosedSirLyleprotected
11716_21_3_11_21can a mod make this dispenser flow lava?closedieuwehLava will flow!
1170Ruthlessssspls flow this water so it looks less derpy from generation :3closedieuwehLittle pond is now full!
1169SkyAdventurer01please flow for meclosedieuwehFlowing!
1168Muskogee_Redclaim protectionclosedieuwehVillager breeder protected!
1167Caia_flow water pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1166Caia_water one last time please baby i love you <3 ??closedtotemodon't ever speak to me or my bucket again
1165Caia_water flow please >w>;closedtotemoflowing af
1164Caia_please flow all this water thuslyclosedtotemoflowing
1163Caia_water flow plz, and uhclosedkumquatmayFlowin' and uhin'!
1162makoFaunflow waterclosedtotemoflowing even more than it already was
1161KingNyahmanhi someone has released my barn aninmals. can you teleport them back and warn the user please? I'll replace the gates with fencesclosedkumquatmaySelf-resolved!
1160ZaranadrinI noticed that I can flow water outside my house but not inside it. I submitted a modreq earlier today for "Mount_Zara." My concern is that the entire complex isn't in the "region." Thank you for all your hard work!!!!!closedkumquatmayRegion expanded to include this area!
1159TheAcademicianPlease also flow these water :]closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1158TheAcademicianPlease flow the water inside the hole :]closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1157nels_nelsonA bit ago, about 20 minutes ago, a shulker with a ton of resources disappear from the end where I had placed it. Is there any way to find out where it went?closedtotemorestored per LogBlock logs
1156Caia_water flow please k ty hug me ; ^ ;closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1155Caia_water flow pleaseclosediNerd71Flowed! Be careful now!
1154Caia_make water flow pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1153Caia_make water go swoosh once again plzclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1152Caia_make the water do the thing where it goes *whooooooosh*closediNerd71*whoooooooooooooooooooooooshed!*
1151Herr_Fawkesprotecto my spawnerinoclosedkumquatmayProtected!
1150Caia_water flo plz k ty i luv uclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1149Xtremekillsim sorry my friend chayce is a retardclosedtotemoconfirmed in the logs
1148Chayce2018UNMUTE ME YOU FILTHY NIGGERclosedtotemono
1147HordsakI lost all my top enchant gear. No reason why. I need help.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1146jorgetlwcan i please find out who placed this wooden block on this temple, tyvmclosedBluuefuzzydiscussed via message
1145HordsakCan I fix some of this area here to make it look better etc?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /mail
1144SkyAdventurer01please make this flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1142SapphricPlease flow this water because I'm lazy <3closedbermudalocket:l
1141Avi_Dangersteinpls flow; all the other water around here is cold and hard just like meclosedSpook6flowed! im sorry to hear that
1140SkyAdventurer01UniqueOG_13 broke my elvator to my base could i get it fixedclosedbermudalocketResolved
1139ThelVadumeewierd non flowing water, and wont flow when block updates happenclosedbermudalocketEither aliens or melted ice...
1138inventingnothingplease flow thisclosedSapphricFlowed!
1137kandokowater flow 1 block pleaseclosedrobrflowed!
1135TexasTormentureflow 2 blocks pleaseclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
1134Lethal_Treewould it be possible to know who built this weird cobble tower, and the bridge across the water? they are in my claim...closedbermudalocketDerp rolled back. Check your /mail for more info
1133Hinterlandzflow ok i'm sure this is where it's meant to be water flow on thisw block plz lolclosedSpook6flowed >.<
1132PPGOMEwho placed this redstone block that is blocking the rail to spawnclosedTrooprm64Discussed in msg
1131Hinterlandzflow on this block plz, had to move item elevator over 1 block D:closedSpook6flowed!
1130AnonymousDapperIs there a way to see who built these two roads?closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via message!
1129SylvanSamuraiprotection so I can start flowingclosedi_c_e_the water it be flowing :)
1128ZaranadrinCan i get protection for the area I'm in? If you can name it "Mount Zara" I would appreciate it :)closedSpook6mount zara is protected!
1127Hinterlandzflow on this block plzclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1126jeagle7247build protectclosedSpook6protected!
1125Wall_E__Need water flowed in this area (zombie grinder)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1124Willraveljust a little griefing here, appreciate the help!closedSilversunsetgrief corrected and player warned
1123Trooprm64Can I grab a protection for mah grinderclosedSilversunsetprotected for you mr lazypants!
1122smdavis93golem spawner pls :DclosedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
1121Benergy09Could I get this water to flow, please?closedieuwehFlown!
1120Hordsakflowing this cauldron pleaseclosedFlumperCauldrons can't be flowed, sorry! :(
1119TheAcademicianPlease commence interdimensional tunneling at this location post-haste! :DclosedSir_DidymusInterdimensional tunneling complete.
1118PPGOMEUltimate_lags just sent me a message saying "ay nigga heard u were talking shit" what do I do? Counts as racism right?closedBarlimoreThanks for reporting - won't be an issue anymore!
1117PPGOMEwas this player made and I just mined into it?closedieuwehThis structure was generated with the map!
1116smdavis93iron golem spawner pls :DclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your first golemspawner!
1115TexasTormenturemaybe this will work flow plzclosedieuwehIt worked! (I hope!)
1114smdavis93am sorry. mistakes were made. pls make inf water sourceclosedieuwehFlowing!
1113TexasTormentureplease flow 5 waterclosedgrenbugflowing,
1112Igorino_7flowing water pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1111smdavis93pls flow these 4 lava and 4 water above :DclosedBluuefuzzyflowin! sorry D:
1108Herr_Fawkesprotect these fields, rg name blackwood_bend_farmsclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1107TheNightsKingRaising to note expansion of grinder regionclosedTheNightsKing
1106TheNightsKingPlease place the first 2 iron golem spawners where 2 of the white wool are, stuff in this shulker boxclosedSir_DidymusSpawners placed!
1103baebasaurpls flow waterclosedTheNightsKingFlowing, enjoy the cactus
11026_21_3_11_21nevermind that, im a stupid idiotclosedfazadenyou can cancel your own modreqs by typing /check, then /done ####
11016_21_3_11_21whoever i modreqqed before about lava, it doesnt work :/closed6_21_3_11_21sorry!
1100baebasaurlooks like someone didn't replate. just letting yall knowclosedTrooprm64Not replanted by the farm owner, bad! (but allowed)
10996_21_3_11_21if i activate these dispensers will the lava flow?closedHerr_Fawkesdiscussed via /msg
1098kitty9293bridge at water levelclosedrobrderp bridge poofed.
1097SmolTelleflow these please?closedBluuefuzzyflowin! it's so pretty!
1096baebasaurpls flow water thxclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1095DantesDameI'd like to fill this area with water, and let it flow over the cliff. Can you assist? I have the water!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1094venom20078remove derp towerclosedZomiseDerp Begone! And so it was.
1093Muskogee_Redcows are missing grief test pleaseclosedkumquatmayNo grief!
1092Hinterlandzwater flow on these blocks in this tunnel plzclosedSpook6flowed!
1091Spook6map 722 plzclosedkumquatmayMap placed!
1090Hinterlandzwaterflow for inf pool and flow on the blocks in the pit just a couple blocks overclosedSpook6flowed!
1089Wizard_CouncilCheck this village and let me know if it qualifies for claiming and protection please, signs at siteclosedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
1088Spook6plz save maynerd from the wall!closedSpook6maynerd is no longer a wall horse!
1087Kirstaecould this white wool please change into an iron golem spawner? your offerings are in a chest, my lordclosedBarlimoreAn iron spawner has been granted in exchange for these satisfying offerings!
1086SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedTrooprm64Flowed!
1085ImmJaqoflow on the water to the left and the one right hereclosedTrooprm64Flowed!
1084Hinterlandzflow on this block plzclosediNerd71flowed!
1083shanty_snipercan you tell me who owns this land claim here?closediNerd71Discussed via /mail
1082xOreoToastPit with no water at the bottom... is this permitted?closedZomiseIt's not concealed nor a trap. Be careful while running around. The world is dangerous.
1081Ruthlessssspls either redefine or expand the region ruthlesssss_babies to encompass the entire facility- it has been upgraded significatly since the previous region!closedZaliekRegion expanded
1080ZaliekCan I get permission to build the cardinal road through this claim? Builder seems to have not returned or answered my mail.closedBarlimorePlease re-request on 8th if no further progress as this will mark 2 weeks since you initially made contact: Could dig a tunnel underneath for now, or go around this claim.
1079ThelVadumeei dropped my amber into the villager stall like a derp .-.closedThelVadumeenvm they despawned
1078Ruthlessssspls expand the region ruthlesssss_breeder east to this redstone block(previous region marker is the granite in the ground to the west)closedThelVadumeeregion expanded
1077King_of_quesothe shulker spots don't appear to like my shulker box!closedcujobearcorrected regions. Thanks for reporting!
1076Alixlaexpand my claimfor my basement please! <3closedfazadenexpanded
1075OkazakiUshioflowclosedDjentleGiantFlowed! Good aim!
1074smdavis93flow pls :DclosedDjentleGiantFlowed!
1073smdavis93flow plsclosedi_c_e_h20 everywhere !
1072smdavis93iron golem spawner pls :DclosedBarlimorePlease raise the roof two blocks up and rerequest - to prevent golems spawning outside. Too many resources for a golemspawner in this chest: Have relocated the excess to your inventory.
1071fazadenhorse is stuck on the roof of spawnclosedbermudalocketI am both horrified and amazed.
1070Tythalflowing water for grinder, msg me and ill tell you which onesclosedieuwehAll flown!
1069inventingnothinglost my common fossils at spawnclosedkumquatmayItems returned!
1068The_PagemasterI dont see any signs. Can you tell me who placed this claim border?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
1067NistuneCould I please have vine-growth turned off in the Akinah region? thankclosedBarlimoreVine growth is now disabled within your region!
1066Leafpawwater flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1065OddGeometryplease extend protections on oddgeometreeclosedSirLyleregion expanded
1064Leafpawwater flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1063SilentReconstuck, can't get out without griefingcloseddefiexRescued!
1062PPGOMEflow both water sources please!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1061piplo127128can i have this map 721closedFlumperMap placed! :)
1060kitty9293flow pleaseclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1059promaxxegive access to these three shulkers- i have permission from piplo127128 but he cannot come at the momentclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1058flupmakintoshmore flowing water for the grinder please :)closedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
1057flupmakintoshflowing water please :)closedzburdsalFlowing!
1056Fezthebearhello! I am stuck in a hole with a sheep. I was exploring and misjudged a spring jumpclosedzburdsalUn-holed!
1055PPGOME4 golem spawners please! Items are in this chest :D (If you need access, tell me :D)closedSir_DidymusSpawners placed!
1054Azumarillcan you get ninja's horse off my islandclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg. Modreq again in a week if no response from player.
1053Azumarillcan you get ninja's horse off my islandclosedAzumarill
1052AceMarconiPlease protect this spawner.closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1051ThelVadumeechorus plant not replantedclosedbermudalocketFruit regenerated!
1050nels_nelsonMay I please have this block of water made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1049Caia_right here FawkesclosedHerr_Fawkesdiscussed via msg
1048Caia_does the Illusioner wipe your inventory on death?closedHerr_Fawkesit doesn't, the stuff may have depawned or been taken
1047venom20078remove scaffolding griefclosedieuwehDerp towering removed.
1046Spook6maps 530 and 507 plzclosedkumquatmayMaps placed!
1045Caia_water flow pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1044Caia_water flow please kthnx gimme a hugclosedSpook6flowed and hugged!
1043Caia_pwease flow da watah uwuclosedSpook6
1042oberewater flow plsclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1041oberewater flow pls (2 blocks)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1040Caia_and this water pleaseclosedSpook6flowed!
1039Caia_water flow pwease ty uwuclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1038Azumarillthere anything y'all can do about this houseclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /mail
1037ghrey303someone's come through and gutted large parts of our claim in the nether, directly around our portal ...closedkumquatmayConcrete returned!
1034Trooprm64Can I get my wall sections protected please?closedkumquatmayProtected!
1033Azumarillregion on our house and this little glass shack pleaseclosedSpook6your house and little glass shack are safe!
1032pez2524 T2 spawners please where the packed ice blocks are.closedBarlimoreEnjoy the golem spawners!
1031pez252Flows plzclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1030nels_nelsonI missed the response from my question re: zombies duplicating upon being hit by arrows?closedbermudalocketresponse available at http://nerd.nu/modreq/pve.pl (req 1004)
1029SilversunsetpadminsclosedBarlimoreContacted owner via mail, thanks!
1028Bluuefuzzypls to protectclosedBluuefuzzyprotected
1027PPGOMEhopefully the last flow please! (2 sources!)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1026PPGOMEwhy doesn't this shoot out the items?closedTrooprm64Discussed in /msg
1025PPGOMEflow both water sources please!closedSpook6flowed!
1024AceMarconiHi! Pls protect the entirety of this humble grinder as Marconi_ZGrinder, and make it a child region of Marconi_institute. Tnx!closedSilversunsetgrinder protected and child-ed
1023Boder212remove buildprotectclosedSilversunsetboom went the dynamite
1022Hinterlandzwater flow on these 2 for inf spring, and also the ones just above the wheat farm to clear snow while you're here plz <3closedSpook6your water is flowed!
1021Mumberthraxi just accidentally deleted Aca's portal frame by lighting a fire on it. i did not know it would do that - was just trying to be silly since i expected it to do nothingclosedBarlimoreFixed!
1020TexasTormenturefarm is missing a cow, is very sad. Sad Cow Face.closedBluuefuzzyyou were the one to make that cow sad
1019Spook6can i have my region expanded to include kumquats house and the bridge in the east?closedFlumperProtected! :)
1018Bluuefuzzyhelp my horse is stuckclosedFlumperHorse freed! :)
1017PPGOMEflow these 3 please! Just testing to see how this worksclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1016Lethal_Treecan i get some kind of parent region, that encompasses mhy whole cliam, for chests?closedLethal_Treeoops
1015PPGOMEflow plsclosedBluuefuzzy
1014Lethal_Treecan i get some kind of parent region, that encompasses mhy whole cliam, for chests?closedrobrravenrock established over build areas, child region for zombie grinder below
1013PPGOMEflow all corners pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1012phil035make thy water flowclosedieuwehFlowing!
1011Igorino_7Flowing Water, pleaseclosedieuwehFlowing!
1010Azumarillthis guy's mining inside my claim fence and I can't tell if that's against a rule or notclosedSilversunseteverything is fixed, and discussed via /msg
1009jeagle7247remove protections for areaclosedSilversunsetregion has been removed!
1008Igorino_7flowing water plsclosedieuwehFlowing!
1007robradmin req: spawn portal sign warps seem to put you inside the slabs sometimes getting in to a drop loop and getting stuck under spawnclosedBarlimoreSigns updated to drop from a block higher!
1006robrwho placed this fence in front of our portal road?closedTheNightsKingAnswered via msg
1005QueenBombusprotection add this grinder to the region of the adjacent grinder (which is a child region of Gwenyn)closedieuwehProtection expanded. This triple is not longer a triple it seems! :D
1004nels_nelsonWhy do zombies duplicate themselves when hit by arrows? Is that a vanilla thing? Or is it a server modification?closedTheNightsKingIt's vanilla - you're just unlucky if it keeps happening! https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Zombie#Reinforcements
1003ieuwehMap 718closedieuwehMartian Gothic is now displayed!
1002AceMarconiplease flow these two blocks.closedTheNightsKingThose two blocks flowed
1001Nistuneflow pleaseclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1000JavaOfficialremoval of locked furnace at -3905 70 -1525 // the player probably does not need it anymore, he is very far gone. and this disturbs the landscapeclosedSir_DidymusChest has been banished to the realm of unwanted things. Happy modreq 1000!
999nels_nelsonMay I please have this particular water block made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosedTheNightsKingSuper fun water slide now open for business
998nels_nelsonMay I please have these water blocks made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosedTheNightsKingWater now flowy
997NistuneCould I have our area protected as 'Akinah' with kaval also as owner. The opposite corner is on the other side of the house, could it be protected down the to ground level? We have buildings inside the island and some at groundlevelclosedieuwehBuilding and rail going up protected!
996Caia_SirDidy please remove my chest from gk_ryo's area, its such a long distance to travel @-@closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
995varjpls flow this water blockclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
994robrpreemptive protection due to griefer coming through - discussed with user onlineclosedrobrregion created for user
992varjflow the water in this grinder plsclosedDjentleGiantFlowed! \o/
991Alixlaplease expand my Claim! outwards to the purple wool up 20 blocks and down 20 blocks <# :)closedHerr_Fawkesexpanded prots in all directions but down, we don't generally protect underground until a build is set up
990Herr_Fawkesexpand rgclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
989AceMarconiMy appologies, slight miscalculation. please flow this block againclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
988AceMarconiplease flow this blockclosedieuwehFlownz!
987varjflow these water blocksclosedieuwehFlownz!
986Herr_Fawkesexpand rg to cover new buildsclosedHerr_Fawkesexpanded
985Boder212flow lavaclosedThelVadumeelava flowed :D
984Ruthlesssssbig protect request, underneath here is a big spawner/mob control system, pls protect it all under the name ruthlesssss_triple - and also please do not flow any of the water :xclosedieuwehTriple grinder protected! And water flown (jk jk, sorry for the heart attack!)
983AceMarconiplease flow water! Tango!closedieuwehFlowing!
982Ruthlessssspls flow this baby infinite pool :)closedDjentleGiantFlowed!
981Rand0mEntropycan this be made into "ice farm"? child of solace?closedTrooprm64Temp small region for ice created
980garthvader77I got stuck in a thing and am afraid to break it/it may be protected can I get a hand plz?:)closedSir_DidymusLooks like you got rescued!
979DjentleGiantProtect these spawners!closedDjentleGiantProtected
978Ruthlessssspls protect just the spawner room of this skele spawner/redstone on the lava blade side so no one can accidentally dig in :)closedieuwehRegion protection expanded! Go kill skellies in peace.
977gk_ryoremove permissions. Caia_ approved.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
976Suff3rrequest someone greifed my floor slightly to start miningclosedSpook6Your floor is back and the culprit has been warned
975Im_a_Ninja13water flowclosediNerd71Flowed... the heck are you doing up here m8?
974Im_a_Ninja13water flowclosedIm_a_Ninja13
973SilentReconprotect home @ red wool pieces pleaseclosedSpook6your house is protected!
972oberewater flow plsclosediNerd71flowed!
971Legendary_Legendi need one more flowed for tonight but no more after thatclosedSpook6flowed!
970Trooprm64Protect zambie please!closedkumquatmayProtected!
969Legendary_Legendthere will always be more waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
968Legendary_Legendi need some water flowedclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
967jeagle7247build protectclosedkumquatmayProtected!
964Azumarillmap 617 pleaseclosedkumquatmayMap 713 placed as discussed!
963HinterlandzCould i please get a chest region Nucleus_AFK to apply to the chests only in this roomclosedkumquatmayChest region created!
962nels_nelsonAre there any claims on this land?closedTrooprm64Doesn't look like it; theres a claim to the east and a build to the west however.
961AlixlaNeed Flow!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
960xOreoToastI need some flowage going on over here!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
958Lethal_Treehelp im stuckclosedBluuefuzzyunstuck, be careful D: that's a doozy of a drop
957nels_nelsonIf I right click on this villager I will suffocate to death.closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm!
956AdCarmonewhy only one cow :/closedBluuefuzzyIt appears, as though your cow was killed by lightening :( both rare and sad
955larry190991please protect my buildclosedfazadenprotected
954larry190991please protect my buildclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
953Legendary_Legendi need some water flowedclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
951CairBirbI have an underground sugarcane farm I'd like to protect. I've outlined the 4 corners with gold blocks, but I'd like the protection to start at elevation 60, or about a block under the surface if possibleclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
950ghrey303Hello, my horse and I missed a jump and are both very stuck.closedbermudalocketnow you are very rescue
949SlugNamedDevflow water please!closedbermudalocketflowed!
948SlugNamedDevplease more water flowclosedThelVadumeewater flowed :D
947SlugNamedDevplease make the water flowclosedNoramiAll flowing \o/
946xOreoToastI'd like my castle protected. There's a couple of basement levels, so the region should extend below the bottom level of the buildingsclosedbermudalocketxoreotoast_castle created! Hopefully that's far enough down.
945Legendary_Legendi need some water flowedclosedSilversunsetsphere flowed!
944Difficult1flow waterclosedDifficult1
943gk_ryohustle & flowclosedieuwehFlowing gently!
942Andromeda4210protect Ditch Water FarmclosedFlumperProtected! :)
941Wozdakapls flow 2 blocks tyclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
940Difficult1flow plsclosedieuwehLittle pool flows!
939xOreoToastI was warned for something, where can I get information on it?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
938PPGOMEchange this one lonely empty map to the id 660 please!closedkumquatmayMap placed!
937HeartshineI'm rubberbanding down here, whyclosedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
936PPGOMEtransport the pixels from mapworld to here please! (IDs: 659, 662, 661, 655, 658, 663, 664)closedkumquatmayMaps delivered!
935smdavis93pls flowclosedTrooprm64Flowed! :)
934PPGOMEI have found a missing torch. These pumpkinlings cannot growclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
933DjentleGiantI already modreq'd this a week ago (#380) and the player has not amended this. Nearly died from guardians while trying to retrieve my boat.closedSir_DidymusBridges amended to allow greater boat access.
932CairBirbplease flow this block of waterclosedSpook6flowed!
931Sambo_Bagginsplease flow only the one water block next to the graniteclosedtict0cFlowing \o/
930robrfence removal by non-solace member here.closedBluuefuzzyfixed, player warned
929Jezzzzieall the flows plz :)closedtict0cFlowing :)
928Sambo_BagginsflowclosedThelVadumeewater flowed :D
927Sambo_BagginsflowclosedThelVadumeeflowwed :D
926Jezzzziethere are a few more here :oclosedThelVadumeealso flowing :D
925Jezzzzieslish the splashes plix!closedThelVadumeewatered the watr :o
924Jean_de_Patmosflow 2870, 23, 2634 ; 2870, 10, 2620 ; 2860, 12, 2621 through 2860, 12, 2629closedtict0cFlowing and almost ready to go :)
923AceMarconibasic build is near completion. Can we protect the aboveground, the wall & fence, and 3 around outside?closedHerr_Fawkesprotected, rg name is marconi_institute
9226_21_3_11_21someone took a small amount of nether wart and 2 soul sand from me. Not wanting to be petty, but that is a dick move.closedThelVadumeegriff fixed
921ThelVadumeeprotecc nether base plszzclosedThelVadumeeprotected
920nels_nelsonFound a derp bridge. :(closedSir_DidymusPotentially marking out the path of a planned road - please either contact the builder, or modreq again later if you see no development.
919Bluuefuzzyhas it been long enough to get this furnace removed?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
918AceMarconiI found this. I will claim the spawner. Is this an artifact, or someone's build?closedDjentleGiantThis is your spawner! I have protected it, please place a sign to indicate that it is yours.
917OmegaeddonCan you krazy kats get me hip with who built this funky castle shindig thang? Mucho thanko.closedBluuefuzzydiscussed in a snazzy pm!
916phil035make my water flowclosedBluuefuzzyplease place a water source here so it can be flowed!
915Herr_Fawkesprotect this building, rg name blackwood_bend_townclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
914Caia_one more time water flow pwease thank you k love me o3oclosedHerr_Fawkesthere ya go
913Caia_flow water for me pwease owoclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
912Rand0mEntropyneed to add this structure to solace as the pumpkin farmclosedHerr_Fawkessolace_pumpkinfarm created as a child of solace
911Wawskiwater flowclosedSpook6flowed!
910oberewater flow pls (2 blocks)closedSpook6flowed!
909ImmJaqoRequest expansion of nucleus_breeder to encompass this building and block access for outsiders to hit levers or buttonsclosedkumquatmayProtected and discussed via /m!
908PipersDadprotect this blaze spawner, just the spawner, thxclosedSpook6already protected :D
907Spook6map 686 plzclosedSpook6map got
906Spook6low fat no fat full cream milk (my cow) is gone and dead any chance he will come back?closedtotemokilt by wolf
905Im_a_Ninja13water flowclosedghrey303flowing!
904oberewater flow plsclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
903Hinterlandzprotections on this one room for the region name NucleusclosedSpook6your room is protected with name Nucleus!
902makoFaunflow waterclosedghrey303flowing!
901ImmJaqochange of this region from "immjaqo_breeder" to "nucleus_breeder"closedkumquatmayReprotected!
900ImmJaqoprotection of this villager breederclosedkumquatmayProtected!
899Ruthlessssspls flow only this small infiite water source(not the prep. blocks)closedTrooprm64Flowed!
898ImmJaqorequest flow of the lower water block please <3closedkumquatmayFlowin!
897OddGeometryplease protect walkway and rockclosedghrey303protected as oddgeometry_rock and oddgeometry_walkway :D
896JezzzzieHi, just wondering who owns the east cardinal road? I would like to join into it.closeddefiexDiscussed via message. Player to contact east cardinal road builder!
895FiddlersViridianHas this spawner/structure been claimed? I don't see signs, but am not sure if it was meant to be found in the rev, or someone's base.closedbermudalocketNice find! It's a generated structure. Something tells me it's already been pillaged, though...
894bermudalocketpadmins - looks like the player may have killed i_c_e_'s parrot here as well (found in logs while investigating req 893)closedBarlimoreAwaiting contact from ice.
893SapphricMissing parrotclosedbermudalocketParrot replaced (by cujo) and player warned
892TexasTormentureis this chest important? it seems randomclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
891venom20078remove scaffolding griefclosedBluuefuzzyblocks removed
890SkyAdventurer01make these flow pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
889sushi15release the waters to sweep away the skeletons, o mods!closeddefiexCalcium ridden splish has been splashed!
888CairBirbsorry for all the requests, can I please get these last blocks of water flowing?closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
887smdavis93sorry troop I messeded up. flow this one plsclosedieuwehNot Troop, but there you go \o/
886smdavis93flow these 2 waters plsclosedTrooprm64Flowed!
885pez252flowclosedi_c_e_flow flow flow
884Ruthlesssssflow pls :)closeddefiexDouble danger splish splashed!
883CairBirbcan I get this block of water flowed?closedCARnivore_ndshydration comencing
882Howl52change these maps to map art, ids: 659, 662, 661, 655, 658, 663, 664closedieuwehMaps placed!
881ttscipls flow again, thank you. mean gravel snuffed out my poor water :(closedieuwehKill that lavaaaa
880Howl52chage this map to map art id: 660closedkumquatmayMap placed!
879OddGeometryplease extend protection over bridge to OddTreeIslandclosedbermudalocketregion expanded!
878ttscipls flow :)closedieuwehLava killed
877ttscipls flow :DclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
876Trooprm64Protect please!closedbermudalocketprotected!
875CairBirbcan I get these blocks of water flowing?closedCARnivore_ndsflow isa go
874Silversunsetpls protect my pumpkin room as a child of havenclosedFlumperProtected as a child of Haven! :)
873OddGeometryextend protections to roadclosedieuwehRegion redefined!
872smdavis93how did this villager die?closedBluuefuzzyzombie :(
871wyguy2014please flow this water blockclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
870phil035can i get one of those fancy as iron spawners to replace this lapis blockclosedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
869MinerbuzPls protect build from -3575 70 -1020 to -3560 105 -1005closedTrooprm64Protected!
868phil035this should be the be the last lot to flow this eveningclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
867smdavis93flow these 4 waters plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
866phil035can ya make some more water flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
865phil035make my water flow! -2514 25 2455closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
864ThelVadumeethis portal makes me spawn in ground, like how i am right nowclosedSir_DidymusPortal fixed!
863CivilizationLordflow at 1583, 33, 1994closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
861Jezzzziesplishy splashy pleasey thankyclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
860dacracotflowing water please (sorry for the repeat, I counted wrong)closedSpook6flowed!
859dacracotflowing water pleaseclosedBluuefuzzy
858xOreoToastyou know what to do :)closedTheNightsKingAll of your building deleted, that's what you meant right?
857NistuneI accidentlly dropped my emeralds in a claim D;closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm!
856Minerbuzplease make water flow at well at -3392 11 -1017closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
855smdavis93flow these 2 plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
854ttsciMight want to keep an eye on C_bear9, just dropped a "boder212 is gay" in chatclosedTheNightsKingNoted - thanks for reporting
853CairBirbthank you for the spawners! Can I get the boundaries of this spawner room protected, but if possible have the ground surface above this room left unprotected?closedbermudalocketprotected!
852CairBirbI'd like to purchase 2 iron golem spawners. I have the materials in a chest here. If possible could the 2 spawners be placed in these white concrete "brackets" I've made on the north side of this spawner room?closedSir_DidymusSpawners placed!
851AceMarconiMoar Running water please?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
850AceMarconiRunning water please?closedTheNightsKingAll flowing
849smdavis93flow pls :DclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
848CivilizationLordflow on water blocks at 1583, 65, 1987 and 1483, 58, 1992closedBluuefuzzy
847NJAldwinhi, silly request but could you look up who built this path? wanna ask them how they got the curves so goodclosedThelVadumeediscussed via /msg
846MightyPetronplease flow thisclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
845MightyPetronplease flow thisclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
844CivilizationLordWorking on a grinder, need some flowin!closedSilversunsetflowed!
843MightyPetronplease flow thisclosedSirLyle
842koro666There is now absolutely no trace of the village that once stood here. Can we now get protection for our base? Thanks.closedi_c_e_Protected and safe Have a fun and safe rev ! :)
841MightyPetronplease flow thisclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
840smdavis93okay for reals this time I promise. flow plsclosedi_c_e_let the water flow for reals ! ;P
839smdavis93flow these 2 pls :DclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
838smdavis93flow the 4 waters plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
837WozdakaChest Region - Nether "pezdaka" ty :)closedtorteelaChest region created in the nether.
836SquaresTherelava flow? thanks!closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
835gk_ryolet the spice flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
834Kirundistflow me baby one more itmeclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
833Kirundistpls to flowclosedSilversunsetflowed!
832Jezzzziei have a question re a water flow ^^closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
831smdavis93flow these 2 plsclosedSilversunsetflowed!
830BecomingOneI built a villager spawner that the villagers shouldn't be able to escape from but they're out. did I get griefed?closedTheNightsKingNo griefing, one villager suffocated on Friday though
829smdavis93flow these 2 pls :DclosedTheNightsKingThose 2 flowed!
828Sambo_BagginsflowclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
827Zomiseprot spawnersclosedZomiseProtectged
826smdavis93flow these 2 waters plsclosedgrenbugflowin!
825AceMarconiRunning water in my hovel when you can, if you please!closedSpook6flowed!
824KingNyahmanhi please can you protect this sheeperyclosedBarlimoreT'was a dark and stormy night on P. The sheep cowered in their pens at the growling of the thunder. Little did they know, an invisible force was now protecting the building they huddled within.
823Linuxableflow plsclosedSpook6flowed!
822KavalUnfished or griefed? DunnoclosedSpook6Unfinished, thank you for reporting though :D
821Im_a_Ninja13water flow plsclosedSpook6ey m8 i made ya water flow
820oberewater flow plsclosedSpook6flowing!
819ImmJaqorequest flow in this channelclosedSpook6flowed!
818Wizard_Councilprotect my wizard tower plzclosedkumquatmayTower protected!
817KirstaeF L O WclosedSpook6flowed!
816Linuxableflow plsclosedSpook6flowed!
815KingNyahmanhi someone has nicked my crops and not replanted can you roll it back pleaseclosedSpook6it was I all along, your crops are back now!
814obereplease protect this spawnerclosedSpook6spawner protected!
813koro666Could you please make these 4 pools flowing? Thanks.closedSpook6pools are flowed!
812ZaliekPlayer has built house over in way of in progress road, has ignored mailsclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
811Haikuprotect dadclosedSpook6its protected!
810UniqueOG_13horse glitched under portal, the cords are right here -118 50 118closedSpook6you should park your horse in a better spot next time :P
809CairBirbI'd like to purchase an iron golem spawner. I have the materials in a chest here, I'd like the spawner to go in between these two dirt blocks I'm standing onclosedCairBirb
808Ruthlessssspls flowclosedSpook6flowing
807CairBirbsorry need these two blocks flowing as well.closedSpook6water flowing!
806ThelVadumeeallow ppl to harvest these plssszclosedbermudalocketbuild allow region created, set as child of thel_hobbithole :)
805CairBirbcan I get these two blocks of water flowing?closedSpook6flowed
804Ruthlesssssis there a way to see how the villager here died? :/closedghrey303discussed with PM
803Willravelsorry, would you mind flowing this water? thank you!closedSpook6flowed!
800TheAcademicianPlease flow these water blocks :]closedSpook6flowing!
799ajacks424please flow these danke schoooooonclosedSirLyleflowing
798jeagle7247flowclosedThelVadumeeflowed :O
796gk_ryolight meclosedBarlimorePortal lit, protected and with a place added! I've kept the original bedrock marker for you as a museum piece.
795SirLylelast two iron spawnersclosedBarlimoreGolemspawners added, enjoy!
794Trooprm64This skeleton too!closedSpook6skele spawner is safe!
793Trooprm64Protect this spawner pleaseclosedSpook6zombie spawner is protected!
792gk_ryoflowclosedi_c_e_all the water you will ever need - commence the watering
791xOreoToastanother boat-blocking bridge :(closedSpook6keep on boating friend!
790Haikuflow plsclosedi_c_e_water is flowing ! pretty ;)
789xOreoToastboat-blocking bridgeclosedSpook6your boat can now pass through!
788ajacks424pleas flow this waterclosedSpook6flowed!
787Willravelmagic mods, make my water flow!closedi_c_e_used all my magic powers to make your water sparkle and flow >,<
786Fastgunnerflow water plsclosedSpook6flowed!
785jeagle7247flow for inf.waterclosedSpook6you have inf water now!
783koro666I want to start working on our storage room but it was my friend that placed the item frames; could you assign ownership to me so I can move them please?closedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m :)
782jorgetlwpossible player trap?closeddefiexGood news everyone! Not a player trap!
781SirLyleplease extend region solace farms01 to cover the last row of carrots or make a new public farm regionclosedTrooprm64solace_farms03 reformed to fit; added solace_farms04 for the taters precious
780SirLyleplease protect this iron grinder as a child of solaceclosedbermudalocketiron grinder protected! solace_irongrinder made child of solace as well
779Trooprm64Can I grab a region for my gate; named SeoulclosedSapphricYou're a seoul man! (dadadadadadadada)
778smdavis93the region for the breeder that was here can be removedclosedbermudalocketregion smd_villagers removed
777smdavis93protect my villager breeder pls. opposite corners marked with redstoneclosedbermudalocketvillagers protected
776Crambullneed an infinite source here plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
775TESLArayregion requestclosedBluuefuzzyprotected protected and protected
774Herr_Fawkesexpand regionclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
773Hordsakpretty sure someone griffed my garden / tall green things you plant by water.closedBluuefuzzyfixed! player warned!
772wyguy2014please flow all this waterclosedSapphricFlowed!
771SmolTelleThere are invisible spiders in this cave I'm digging out, is it a glitch on my end or something server related? I hear them but can't hit them :<closedbuzzie71appears to be a visual glitch client-side ._.
770SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedrobrflowed
769sunstarshine192I need protection on my new Tree Museum! The entrance is at 3421 72 -298!closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
768SquaresTherewater flow? thanks :)closedTheNightsKingWater flowed!
767SquaresTherewater flow? thanks :)closedDjentleGiantFlowing! \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/
766smdavis93flow pls. last one I promiseclosedTheNightsKingLast one flowed too then :)
765smdavis93flow plsclosedTheNightsKingFlowed
764smdavis93pls flow this one too :DclosedieuwehFlowing too :)
762sansapantsPlease protect from this white wool to catty corner white wool as 'sansacamp', and make child of Pico. Thanks!closedSapphricProtected!
761smdavis93flow plsclosedieuwehFlowing! :)
760smdavis93flow plsclosediNerd71Flowed!
759CairBirbplease flow these two blocks of waterclosedi_c_e_water flowin ;)
758Minerbuzplease protect land claim fenced off around village corner at -3577 -1029closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
757SirLylesomeone harvested all the chorus and didn't replantclosedbuzzie71restored!
756guspollyflow this?closedieuwehFlowing!
755CairBirbcan I please get the blocks of water on each side of this room flowing?closedSpook6water flowed!
754fazadenI'm passing portal ownership onto gk_ryoclosedSir_DidymusNoted in documentation.
751ttscidid somebody kill our snow golem? :(closedttscinevermind zombie killed snowman with fist :(
750fazaden[PADMINS] I am claiming portal 7!closedSir_DidymusCongratulations! Please check out the portal requirements here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Portals
749JonathanL_2003waterclosedfazadenplease don't make multiple modreqs for the same thing
746JavaOfficialprotect my zombie spawner (my house, down to basement, right door)closedieuwehZombie grinder is now protected!
739ttscipls flow this :D thank you!closedieuwehBye lava!
738JonathanL_2003waterclosedCARnivore_ndsnice shape of that water
737Purplepotamusplease come see what i'm talking aboutclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
736Purplepotamusore theftclosedBarlimoreUnderground ores are up for grabs sadly!
735Rivaespawn protect for rose region plsclosedbuzzie71protected!
734sansapantsWater flow, please.closedbuzzie71all flowing!
733JavaOfficialrequest waterflow for a zombie farmclosedbuzzie71flowing!
732DantesDameI have lava that I *think* I want to flow :)closedSilversunsetflowed!
731JavaOfficialprotection of my new cow farm at the end of the path leading from my house, the cave like farm thingclosedSilversunsetthe cows are safe!
730sansapantsWater flow, please and thank you.closedDjentleGiantFlowed!
72932ndFlavaCan you place 32ndflava_Breeder region as child of pico_chest?closedDjentleGiantDone!!
728Im_a_Ninja13wet pleaseclosedgrenbugwetified!
727JavaOfficialprotecting a ladderwayclosedkumquatmayProtected!
726HinterlandzPlease taketh the offering in thine chest that isth surounded by redstone blocks and give unto us a sacred spawner of stealclosedBarlimoreWe accept your offering, oh noble one. Please continue to harvest those delicious souls, so that we may delay the end of the world.
725ImmJaqoi keep getting the "you have reached the edge of this world" msg despite not having reached the worldborder yetclosedBarlimoreFixed, thanks for reporting!
724Ruthlessssspls protect this house(house limits are the 2 redstone blocks, can be called ruthlesssss_babies, need at least 10 blocks into the ground as well :)closedTheNightsKingBaby jail region created, you monster
722JonathanL_2003waterflowclosedfazadenplease don't make multiple modreqs for the same thing
721JonathanL_2003waterflowclosedfazadenok, i flowed all the water you placed
719JonathanL_2003waterflowclosedtotemono source here
716saberfyshflow water pleaseclosedfazadenflowed
714saberfyshapparently one of these waters isn't flowingclosedRiveriflowed properly!
713JavaOfficiali asked a mod to protect my region yesterday, but he only did exactly what i marked. can you please //expandvert it? so it goes down all the way and upclosedZomiseHouse region expanded to be per guidelines. Separate protection for underground basement.
712OmegaeddonSome gooner has murdered all my piggies and cows.closedRiveriPlayer warned and animals reinstated!
711saberfyshflow water pleaseclosedghrey303flowed!
710Muzelleplease protect the 2 spawners near meclosedDjentleGiantBoth spawners are protected. Good luck with the cave spiders!
709Muzelleflow pleaseclosedSpook6flowed!
708koro666Just a quick request... I had to mess with the lava right here. For the sake of my OCD, could you reflow that part again please? Thanks.closedDjentleGiantFlowed!
707JonathanL_2003why did my portal leave after i made itclosedghrey303discussed via general chat
706P2weeri just built a nether portal and lit it and it just disapearedclosedghrey303discussed via /m
705Kirstaeget rid of this chest plsclosedBarlimoreChest cleared - by owner!
704JonathanL_2003can someone tp to P2weer and get 4 wood and bring me itclosedSapphricNo. You have to get materials yourself. Sorry. :(
703Muzelleflow pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
702saberfyshdid someone murder pigs here?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
701P2weerwaterflow i need it to be all water in the holesclosedBarlimoreWater flown by another - Discussed via message.
700P2weerwaterflowclosedThelVadumeewatr flowed :O
699P2weerwaterflowclosedi_c_e_the flow has begun
698AlixlaProtect my Claim plzadero!closedkumquatmayProtected and discussed via /m!
697buzzie71please flow all the water inside that build :OclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
696Mumberthraxwas the inside of this structure cleared out by a player or is this a derp in generation? can't tell if someone is developing this or notclosedghrey303no block changes detected in the region :O appears to be a worldgen uh-oh
695AdCarmonecould i have this one block flow plzclosedbookey42Water flowin!
694JonathanL_2003Please Message me and let me know why the server is laggingclosedtotemodiscussed by PM
693JonathanL_2003waterflowclosedcujobearits flowin
692AdCarmonecan you make this one corner flow plzclosedThelVadumeewatr flowed :D
691smdavis93pls someone built a pillar to my villagersclosedBarlimorePillar begone!
690PPGOMEis there a reason why this isn't working?closedSilversunsetQuantum Buttoning
689SkyAdventurer01can i please have a iron golem spawnerclosedBarlimoreListen to their screams as you harvest their iron - feel very guilty(!)
688Halinahplease flow these two waters, ty!closedi_c_e_all the water you can ever need is at your disposal !!
687Spook6derp bridgeclosedThelVadumeederp bridge herped away!
686SkyAdventurer01please make this lava flowclosedi_c_e_lava is a flowing
685SkyAdventurer01please make this flowclosedbermudalocketflowed!
684SkyAdventurer01please claim this spawner room for meclosedtict0cProtected :o)
683pez252A few missing villagers here. I fear the worst.closedbermudalocketAll of their brains were eaten. The rest of the villagers have formed a union and are demanding better security.
682EvJPplease protect my buildclosedbermudalocketProtected!
681i_c_e_Parrot is missing , is she dead or flown away?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
680Muzelleplease protect spawnerclosedtict0cProtected :)
679Wozdakapls flow 1 block of quality h-2-oh - tyclosedSpook6its flowing!
678piplo127128flowe plsclosedi_c_e_water is a flowin
67732ndFlavaThese 4 water blocks in this here contraption, thanks! :Dclosedbuzzie71all flowing!
67632ndFlavaPlease expand the 32ndflava_breeder region to include this new extension :)closedfazadenexpanded
675Legendary_Legendi need some water in a ball in the sky flowedcloseddefiexSpherical splish has been splashed!
673DerkekRhythmically is griffin my padclosedtotemothat player has been disciplined
672koro666Could you please make all water inside these walls, as well as the lava moat outside, flowing? Thanks.closeddefiexDanger splish and garden splishes have been splashed!
671CairBirbplease flow this waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
670PipersDadflow this 1 waterclosedrobrflowed
669CairBirbplease flow this waterclosedTheNightsKingWater channel flowing
668Azumarilldid this have blocks in the sides or did it come with big holescloseddefiexDiscussed via message.
667PPGOMEbring the particles of my map over to the real world please! (IDs are; 631, 632, 633, 634)closedbuzzie71maps delivered!
666SirLyle4x iron grinders pleaseclosedSir_DidymusTwo spawners created, modreq again when you have all the requirements.
665Tythalneed some more water flowed for grinderclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
664PipersDadprotection y15 to y32 PDSkeletonGrinder, 4 corners markedclosedSir_DidymusProtected!
663OddGeometryplease protect tree base and the mountain it's built on :)closedkumquatmayProtected and discussed via /m!
661BecomingOneflowclosedTheNightsKingFlow flew
660dacracotflowing water please (all the way around the crator)closedHerr_Fawkescrater is watered
659SkyAdventurer01to buy a ig spawner what type of door is it iron or wood or can i use etherclosedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m :)
658AdCarmonethis room flow plzclosedSpook6flowed!
657Tythalneed water flowed for dual grinder, please msg me, its a bit complicatedclosedSpook6all your waters have been flowed! happy grinding
656AdCarmonecan i get these four corner blocks flowed plzclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
655TheCoachAdairplaced podzol in this empty hole. walked away came right back, podzol gone from hole (and inventory) and dirt block floating in holeclosedSir_DidymusSorted!
654Nistuneflow plzclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
653TheCoachAdairplease make this map into map 621 (the Rutlesssss Rainbow Dash). I think this is how this works? First tryclosedbuzzie71map delivered!
652JavaOfficialarea protectionclosedDjentleGiantcreated protection region for your house!
651TheCoachAdairwho locked this villager and can they please be forced to unlock it? there needs to be accountability for this. It ruins the game for those who play fair.closedZomiseThis is not currently in our rules. If you'd like to suggest this, you can use the suggestion-box or start a discussion on the forums or the subreddit. We all feel the pain with you, but as such there's nothing to be forced here.
650gk_ryoMarian is lockedclosedSir_DidymusSpawn villagers shouldn't have had trades, and now they do not.
649nels_nelsonsomeone made a sea level bridge here :(closedBluuefuzzybridge removed!
648PipersDadflow water, sorry made mistake beforeclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
647PipersDadflow this 1 block, sorry if repostclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
646EvilStepDadPlease investigate and recent bovine deaths in the areaclosedBluuefuzzyplayer warned!
645KingNyahmanflow pleaseclosedfazadenflowing
644PipersDadflow 4 water blocksclosedThelVadumeewater flowed :D
643KingNyahmanhi please can you protect this windmill in progressclosedDjentleGiantRegion expanded! \o/
642PipersDadmake infinite pool pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
641AdCarmoneto infinity and beyond plzclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
64032ndFlavaflow this block please! :DclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
639eternafdid anyone claim parts of the sky island I'm currently standing on?closedThelVadumeeseems unclaimed :D
638Difficult1can i get the name of the person who built this so i can request them to move it higher off the water (for boats)closedNoramidiscussed via /pms and mailed the maker of the single block "road" in the water
637Hinterlandzso a few things. flow on all the water sorces in the giant blue cube, the piping underneath as the stream out from the catchment, and region protect. Can we get a region Nucleus and have the iron farm as a child region?closedieuwehWater flown, grinder protected and Nucleus claim discussed via msg.
636Hinterlandzwater flow the block next to the dispensorclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
635Hinterlandzflow for inf source, then later flow for iron farmclosedSpook6inf water granted!
634Gor3fiendI need the 2 spots of water in this hallway to flow! Thanks!closedieuwehFlowing!
633Legendary_Legendi'd like to connect the Last Chance Rail Line to spawnclosedSir_DidymusRail connected. Station sign amended.
632Gor3fiendI need all the water here to flowclosedieuwehI think the zombies are ready to take a bath
631OmegaeddonValiantly protect my sexy barn from the ravages of the bastard griffers, plz!closedZomiseProtected omegaeddon_sexybarn. I prefer not to know what goes on there, so did it eyes closed.
630AharitLet this water flow, please~closedBarlimoreFlowing!
629AharitPlease place squid spawner @ cobble's location above. Thanks!closedBarlimoreSpawner added!
628oberewater flow plsclosedSpook6flowed!
627Ruthlesssssflow pls(i broke the last one by accident >.<)closedSpook6flowed!
626OmegaeddonI doubt this sign was made by the builderclosedtotemofixed and warned
624SquaresTherewater flow? it's the one on the far far left in the back of the grinder room (against the wall) thanks!closedSpook6its flowin!
623BecomingOneFLOWclosedSpook6whatever floats your villagers!
622SquaresTherewater flow? just the top one here, thanks1closedSpook6flowed!
621SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedSpook6flowed!
620Azumarillflow all three of these watrs encapsulated by signs pleaseclosedSpook6they flowin
619Azumarillflo (above sign)closedAzumarillnm
618SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedSpook6flowed!
617Ruthlessssspls flow the top water block :)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
616Azumarillwatr (2x2 source, and, the three nine-wide walls in the room)closedbuzzie71flowing!
615Azumarillwatrclosedbookey42Water doth flow!
614NabooTheEnigmaprotect my claim pls :)closedZaliekWe don't protect claims, however your build has been protected
613dnynumberoneone more flow pls and thanksclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
612Azumarillwho pathclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
611saberfyshhere goes nothing... I ask for lava and water flowclosedZaliekFlowed~
610dnynumberoneand flow 2 pls and thanksclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
609dnynumberonewater flow pls and thanksclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
608MuzelleI accidentally broke a block i wasnt supposed to in this road >.<closedkumquatmayFixed! Thanks for letting us know! :)
607AdCarmoneokay i had a button disappear and i repalced it and then my redstone comparators disappeared? what is happeningclosedSapphricDiscussed via /msg.
606ZaliekSomeone removed part of the roadclosedbermudalocketGrief repaired!
605Theblaze151can you flow the 4 source blocks in hereclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
604Rivericreate orion chest regionclosedRiveriregion created
603Theblaze151can you flow all the water in these two grinders?closedghrey303flowed!
602ZaliekSomeone built their house over the top of the in progress roadclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
601DjentleGiantCan everyone please have permission to access this hatch?closeddefiexAccess granted. Beep!
600Disbardplease protect the fenced area with name shoosh hutclosedFlumperBuild protected! :)
599CairBirbplease flow this block of waterclosedi_c_e_water water everywhere ;)
598AdCarmonecould i get this one block flowed plz sorry for all the reqs!closedtict0cWater flowing!
597CairBirbplease flow this block of waterclosedtict0cWater flowing :)
596AdCarmonecan i get the two spider spawner rooms protected including walls and then the chest room so no one accidentally mines in and dies by spiderclosedtict0cProtected and Very scary :)
595AdCarmonecould i get the 7 waterblocks around me flowed plzcloseddefiexEight-legged splish has been splashed!
594CairBirbplease flow this waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
593SpudNuggetsplease flow thisclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
592SmolTellemy horsie is stuck in the nether portal at spawn and he gets hurt when I get on him, can I get him rescued?closedFlumperHorse Freed! :)
591Bluuefuzzywho put this bed here?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
590Crambullneed one more flowing water up here pleaseclosedSirLyleflow'd
58932ndFlavawater flow this block! Thanks!closedbermudalocketflowin!
588Crambullneed infinite water source pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
58732ndFlavaWater flow this block please! :DclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
586Crambullneed flowing water from both corners pleaseclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
585Jezzzzieneed a protection and a couple shulker areas plz :)closedrobrregions created, nice market!
584AdCarmonesorry carnivore...flow again all please i won't mess it up in the middle of the reqclosedCARnivore_ndswatered, take 2
583AdCarmonewater flow plzclosedCARnivore_ndsflow'd ...but....
582Noramicould you pls protect this spider spawner? Thanks :)closedTrooprm64Protected!
581DarmanSplease flow this waterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
580assasymphonipls protect this spawner in lava for posterity and defieclosedFlumperProtected! :)
57932ndFlavaCan add this build to region of 32ndflava_breeder? :D Thanks!closedFlumperProtected! :)
578SmolTelleSomeone has staked claim here within our borders, what do we do about it?closedBarlimoreDiscussed course of action via message.
577IronOxidecan you fill that hole with flowing water?closedTrooprm64Looks less flowy now
576IronOxidefill with flowing water?closedbookey42Flowed the water there. Talked to the user to place the water himself and we can flow it for them to fill in.
575ajacks424please flow this waterclosedSirLyleflow'd
574CairBirbI'm missing a blue parrot that was in my house. I think someone might have killed it. Is it possible to get a replacement?closedBarlimoreParrot restored!
573Herr_Fawkesflow this waterclosedtict0cFlowing :o)
572AdCarmonecould i get this water under flow plzclosedpez252Was flowed
570AdCarmonecan i get this room and the room right below water flowed plzclosedSapphricFlowed!
569PPGOMEunclaim and clear please.closedPPGOME
568Jean_de_Patmosflowclosedtict0cWater flowing :)
567ZaeviPlease make this spawner invincible to all those who wish to defeat it. Thank you :)_closedSapphricProtected!
566Jean_de_Patmosflowclosedtict0cWater flowing :)
565Hinterlandzthis tunnel wasn't here before and it twists and turns weirdly. seems like X-ray to meclosedTrooprm64Looks fine for now
564PPGOMEunclaim this one too pleaseclosedBarlimorePlot updated!
563PPGOMEunclaim pleaseclosedBarlimoreUnclaimed!
562Linuxableflow plsclosedDjentleGiantFlowed!
561QueenBombusprotection this villager production monstrosity as a child of Gwenyn (grey wool blocks are cornersclosedieuwehGwenyn villagers can now reproduce in peace!
560Omegaeddonperms stretched to cover new sections, plz!closedieuwehRegion redefined!
559AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow this source blockclosedSpook6flowin!
558Linuxableflow plsclosedSpook6thatll be 5 diamonds plz
557AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow the source blocks on each side of the roomclosedSpook6just for you i flowed them on both sides!
556AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow these two source blocksclosedSpook6there you go friendo!
555AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow the four source blocks in the corners of the roomclosedSpook6water flowing!
554AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow the source block at the start of the horizontal tubeclosedSpook6your water is somehow flowing upwards but its flowing none the less!
55332ndFlavaVillagers in breeder are gone? D:closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
552AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow this source block on the wallclosedgrenbugall flowin!
551AzulaTheFireLordplease flow this soure block on the wallclosedSpook6flowed!
550AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow this source blockclosedSpook6flowed!
549AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow these source blocksclosedSpook6the firelord can now waterbend!
548Kirstaeflow plsclosedSpook6flowed
547ImmJaqoim stupid and forgot that i was in a snow biome, request flow again :(closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
546ImmJaqoflow on the water blocksclosedkumquatmayFlowin!
543koro666Could you please protect this village, from y32 to y255, x/z boundaries delimited by the fences +1 extra block, also add EnferPhenix to the protection, thanks.closedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m :)
542xOreoToastadditional flowage!closedbermudalocketflowed!
540Lethal_Treetheres a chest, and i mailed the owner, and he didnt respond to remove it, and barli said to reopen after a few days soclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
539SapphricProtection for my hobbit hole! name: UnderhillclosedzburdsalProtected!
538SpaceFlyeQuestion: If I change my username, will I be able to access my chests/horses next time I would log in?closedzburdsalYep!
537robrwho placed torches around this nether fortress?closedSapphricName sent via /msg.
536pez252Can we have a nether place for this portal? Thanks.closedBarlimoreAdded!
535robrin case this comes up later in a border dispute or fence removal please note that we placed the spruce claim border first here. no action needed, logging for reference only.closedBarlimoreJust one more turn...
534DarmanSprotectionclosedtict0cProtected and done Looking Good !!
533smdavis93flow this one pls :DclosedCARnivore_ndsaflow'd
532ajacks424please flow this, the water around this room, and the one in the middle, as well as the one at the top of the water ladderclosedcujobearskellies are goin' with the flow :D
531dobreiraim stuckclosedi_c_e_you are free run lill one run
530QueenBombusflowing water for the corners of these two spawning floorsclosedSirLyleflowing
529Ullanderflowing water pleaseclosedi_c_e_and more flowing ;)
528Ullanderflowing water pleaseclosedi_c_e_flowing :)
527ajacks424flow this water pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
526OkazakiUshioflowcloseddefiexScarily high up splish has been splashed!
525ixhiprotect - desired edges of build-region marked by redstone blocks. also, build will extend downward to like y=56closedkumquatmayProtected!
524SirLylesomeone harvested these chorus but didn't replantclosedBluuefuzzydiscussed via /pm
523venom20078Make the water orgasm and flow everywhereclosedSirLyleOH! my O.O
522smdavis93pls protect this villager region too. opposite corners marked with magmaclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
521smdavis93pls protect villager region. opposite corners marked with redstone blocksclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
520SlugNamedDevplease make this water flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
518SirLylecan you tell me who placed these cobbles?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
517Azumarillhey staff: horses buried at spawn on End exitclosedBarlimoreHorses saved.
516xxJoY_DiviSioNxxflowclosedbookey42the water doth flow again!
515xxJoY_DiviSioNxxflowclosedbookey42The Streams doth flow!
514ttsciPlease ignite the gateway to the Nether! :DclosedSir_DidymusPortal lit!
513xxJoY_DiviSioNxxflowcloseddefiexHilly splish has been splashed!
512Azumarillfollow me on grindrclosedSilversunsetInstructions unclear, lower extremeties caught in fan
511Spook6Hello, i would like to expand the region here to cover the sand we have hand placed down or at least the roads, trying to being impartial so a second opinion would be nice :DclosedSpook6my sand is safe
510Omegaeddonis this player or admin built?closeddefiexDiscussed via msg.
509Kaval100% positive I found an xrayer's tunnel, had no light and changed directions minding out in random placesclosedBarlimoreThank you for reporting, we will investigate and take any necessary action from investigating.
508Nistuneflow plzcloseddefiexUphigh splish has been splashed!
507PipersDadcan you tell me who places this sign? I might need to coordinate with SolaceclosedHerr_Fawkesdiscussed via /m
505smdavis93pls let me know who placed this so I can have it unlocked and moved. zombies are gonna get in X(closeddefiexDiscussed via msg!
504Asterix1806Protect Skybound Redoubt, ie. my home. Note that this fortification extends a dozen meters under sea level too. Thank you!closedbermudalocketskybound_redoubt created!
503ghrey303Hi ghrey, can you make the farms at solace build allow regions?closedghrey303thanks ghrey <3
502BeastKillerCan this area be protected? I surrounded it with fencesclosedrobrHouse protected!
501ThelVadumeeprotecc mah houseclosedThelVadumeeprotecccc'd
500fazadenprotect this spawner block pleaseclosedzburdsalProtected!
499robrprotect spawnerclosedrobrprotected
498ghrey303hello! please protect this spawner plsclosedcheezychickenSpawner protecterised!
497ttsciportal is broken?closeddefiexPortal isn't broken, was on a bathroom break! Thanks for reporting! Its behaviour has been noted! '
496Ruthlesssssplease extend the region ruthlesssss_breeder down 15 blocksclosedbermudalocketdone!
495ghrey303could you redefine this villager area as solace? if solace already exists, could you expand it to cover this area?closedbermudalocketsolace redefined!
494Bluuefuzzyis this removeable?closedrobryes
493PipersDadprotect this blaze spawner, just the spawnerclosedSilversunsetprotected (aaand forgot to close!)
492Omegaeddonderp bridge blocking boat routesclosedfazadenfixed
491BeastKillerCan spawner/grinders be protected?closedBluuefuzzyprotected! (please add either and autokill function or a light system so zombies don't build up!)
490BeastKillerHello, can you make all the water in this room flow? Thanks!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
489BeastKillerHi can you make this top water block flow? Thank youclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
488DjentleGiantchest regionclosedDjentleGiantDone, you beautiful specimen.
487BeastKillerHi, sorry can you make this flow tooclosedtotemoflowing
486BeastKillerHi, can you make this flow please?closedtotemoflowing
484Difficult1pls to protect (buildings on the hill are ours too) <3closedHerr_Fawkesprotected, region name is difficult_base
483BeastKillerHi, can you make this flowclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
482LarryEnticerflowclosedtotemoand it's done
481Silversunsetpls make the spaces above the end chest build allow for shulkersclosedgrenbugcomplete, with lots of help! ;)
48032ndFlavaplease flow these blocks, thanks! :DclosedSpook6blocks are flowin!
479Ruthlessssslet's try flowing this?closedkumquatmayIt worked \o/
478KingNyahmanhi there, please can you protect this stable? Ideally if you could protect the hay bales at the back as well that would be great thanksclosedkumquatmayProtected!
477Wizard_Councilflow water to create obsidianclosediNerd71Obsidianized!
476BarlimoreExpanding villager protections East.closedBarlimoreUpdated!
475jorgetlwplease oh gods of flowing water hear my prayers and grant me an infinite water sourceclosedSpook6the gods have heard your pleas and answered!
474Herr_Fawkesprotect the castle, cabin, and farm under the region blackwood_bendclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
473SpaceFlyeI need this to be source blocks for infinite water source please.closediNerd71Water infinited!
472ZaeviIs it possible to undo this cobble "bridge" obstructing the water? Thanks ;)closedTrooprm64"Bridge" begone!
471Bluuefuzzywho left this sign right here?closedThelVadumeemsged player about the sign
470Mumberthraxmy last req was closed with a "discussed via m" but nobody discussed anything with me about the req being resolved/closed...closedcujobeardicsussed via /m can follow up with Silver tomorrow
469ttsci[PADMINS] I am claiming portal 3/6!closedBarlimoreCongratulations! Please check out the portal requirements here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Portals
468smdavis93flow these 4 pls :DclosedSapphricFlowed!
467Silversunsetour skelly grinder had a bit of a redesign can you redefine the region to cover the new build areaclosedSilversunsetgot it
466BeastKillerCan this area be protected? I'm thinking about building a mountain house!closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
465xOreoToastZombie spawner is 12 blocks below my surface claim and is claimed by a neighbour. Who owns it?closeddefiexDiscussed via message. Please get in touch with your neighbour to discuss intentions and a possible solution that is beneficial to both.
464SquaresTherelava flow? thanks! :)closedrobrfire started
463smdavis93I'm missing some villagers, are you able to check to make sure it wasnt a player?closedFlumperDiscussed via msg. :)
462Ruthlesssssflow plsclosedSilversunsetflowed
461Bluuefuzzycan i build over this or is this something of someones?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
460PPGOMEcannot turn theseclosedkumquatmayAll fixed! Thanks for letting us know!
459TythalI need help flowing some water for grinder, i can show you the ones i needclosedfazadenflow'd
458Hordsakthese leaves are ugly. Can a mod break. We're talking about making the north toad through my ship.closedrobrnon decaying leaves encouraged to decay
457Boder212build protectclosedSpook6protected \o/
456ZaeviHi, is there any way to tell what happend to the 2 villagers I had locked in this bldg? I had 3 total, now just 1closedSir_DidymusVillagers made a great escape.
455pez252Can the # of nearby villagers be confirmed? They stopped breeding :/closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
454Gor3fiend2 of my flowing water froze at y=86 if I could get them restarted, sorry and thanks!closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
453KingNyahmanhi please protect my build in process :)closedSir_DidymusHouse protected!
45232ndFlavaexpand 32ndFlava_breeder region to include this area! thanks!closedBarlimoreRegion updated!
451triztinlast flow request, i swearclosedgrenbugone beautiful waterfall now complete!
450triztinflow please <3closedSapphricFlowed!
449Gor3fiendcan I have the 4 water spots at y=86 and 1 at y=85 flowing? ThanksclosedBarlimoreAll flowing!
448triztinflow this one stubborn water block pls you're an angelclosedSapphricI r teh ang3l \o/
447PPGOMEdid Howl52 mine this?closedcheezychickenDiscussed vis msg :)
446SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedrobrwater flow!
445AnonymousDapperIs there any way to tell if these planks are a property marker or just a road plan?closedrobrdiscussed via /m
444Wizard_Councilprotect my wizard tower plzclosedrobralmost there! need to have a bit more complete of a build before it qualifies for protection, i do recommend a claim fence around the area though in the meantime
443robrprotect testificate love and training as true children of solaceclosedrobrmay the children of solace rise and be one with their training
442ajacks424please flow this, the top block of the water ladder pleaseclosedgrenbugflowing!
441ajacks424please flow the water in this room, the one in te center and the water on the edgesclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
440ajacks424please flow thisclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
439robrprotect spawnerclosedrobror did i
438robrprotect spawnerclosedrobrprotected
437venom20078flow waterclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
436Jean_de_PatmosFlow - can I get flowing water in this hole?closedgrenbugwater flowing
435Omegaeddonwho built this derpyhut, plz?closedSpook6
43432ndFlavaPlease extend region 32ndflava_breeder to include this stone brick area! :DclosedkumquatmayExpanded!
433Kirstaeregion for JUST this chestroom plsclosedSpook6protection granted!
432Azumarillmending villager disappearedclosedghrey303discussed via /m
431Difficult1flow plsclosedghrey303your blue stuff is now liquid
430SquaresTherewater flow? it's the last one on the right, far back wallclosedSpook6its flowed!
429SquaresTherewater flow? just the very top one here, thanks!closediNerd71and here we have a nice little flow
428SquaresTherewater flowclosediNerd71Flowed again!
427SquaresTherewater flow ? thanks!closediNerd71Flowed!
426Alecooocan I please have this Witches village added to my alecoo_village regionclosedkumquatmayProtected!
425SmolTellecan I get water flow inside the turtle's mouthclosedSpook6the turle is vomiting now!
424JezzzzieI may have just griefed in the end, not sure though :oclosedkumquatmayI don't see any grief and there aren't any claims here, so you're in the clear (this time!)
423buzzie71please flow water in this room as well as at the top of the drop :OclosedkumquatmayFlowin!
422Zaeviif this spawner isn't claimed yet I'd like to claim it. ThanksclosedkumquatmayAll yours! Spawner protected!
421AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow these two source blocksclosedSpook6flowed!
420totemopls protect this and nearby blaze spawnerclosedkumquatmay420 DOUBLE BLAZE IT
419SquaresTherewater flow? Thanks!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
418gk_ryomapworld plot_0076 in the museum exhibit?closedBarlimoreThere may be changes to the exhibits in future!
417buzzie71flow water please :OcloseddefiexBuzziesplish has been splashed!
416Lethal_Treecan i get this chest moved or removed, because the owner was helping me with something and has since walked far away and logged off?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
415xOreoToastwater needs to flow into the holeclosedghrey303blue stuff now liquid
414piperboisecan you please flow this water? thankscloseddefiexWall splish has been splashed!
413QueenBombusprotection for this grinder as a subregion of gwenynclosedkumquatmayProtected and set as a child of Gwenyn!
412koro666Please make flowing. Thanks.closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
411QueenBombusprotection region: gwenyn owners Queenbombus Ullander Slats Pretty please <3 Marked with grey woolclosedkumquatmayProtected!
410Mumberthraxthe lobby still has a political sign on it, and those testicles are still present. >_>closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
409QueenBombusflowing water these cornersclosediNerd71Flowin!
408QueenBombusflowing water just this top oneclosedSapphricFlowed!
407SlugNamedDevcan I have the water flow please?closedSapphricFlowing!
406QueenBombusflowing water these cornersclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
405QueenBombusflowing water just this top oneclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
404Andromeda4210protect farm pls?closedBluuefuzzyfarm not found (pls build a bit more)
403Ullanderflowing water pleaseclosedfazadenshould be flowing now
402grenbugsomeone griefed our villager breeder :( they put two dirt here and all our villagers escaped.closedSirLyleUnfortuantly I can't help corral, pen protected, player warned via cmsg
401CARnivore_ndsplz protect tower carnivore (trust me) current starting at y11closedCARnivore_ndsthe tower arrises....
40032ndFlavaPlease flow this water block. Thanks! :Dclosedfazadenflow'd
399varjpls protect this house including its to-bedrock-basement and the tree it's built aroundclosedieuwehHome is now a Sweet protected Home
398TESLAraywater flow 2272, 72, -3670closedSpook6flowing!
39732ndFlavaPlease flow this one block. Thanks! :DclosedSpook6flowed
396TESLAraywaterflow 2270, 73, -3675 to make infinite sourceclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
395Lethal_Treecan i know if my claim fence and sign placement is adequite or if i should put more?closedCARnivore_ndsdiscussed via message
394TythalCan this chest be moved outside this castle so I can build a grinder? Have not seen user on to ask at all.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
393Nistuneflow for me bbyclosedSirLylesplish splash
392kumquatmayNew Pico portal is ready to go pls and thanks!closedBarlimorePortal activated, places added!
391QueenBombusprotect These two skelly spawnersclosedieuwehSpawners protected!
390NistuneFlow please?closedrobrwater feature enabled
389robrprotect spawnerclosedrobrprotected
388kumquatmayPico portal is ready to be lit!closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
387PipersDadhorse glitched into blocksclosedgrenbughorsey is unstuck
386SmolTelleI marked stonemist claim with white wool a couple days ago, two people have staked land within the claim :( Is it possible to get these things undone or removed?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
385ajacks424movespawnerclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
384ajacks424spawnerclosedBarlimoreProtection added!
381dnynumberone2 flows pls and thanksclosedcheezychickenI give you... INFINITE water!
380DjentleGiantRiver commerce-impeding bridge.closedSir_DidymusPlayer has agreed to amend.
379robrprotect spawnerclosedrobrprotected, still too far away.
378bobsmartflowing wterclosedcheezychickenSploosh!
377PipersDadstuck in a holeclosedcheezychickenSecond time's the charm!
376PPGOMEwho is mining here? :Dclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
375triztinwater flow please sorry i need moreclosedcheezychickenSplishy splashy! What a nice little pool!
37432ndFlavaHalp! My horse is stuck in the portal and when I get on im in the block D:closedcheezychickenHorse un-walled!
373triztinwater flow pls c:closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
372ghrey303Hello! spawner protection por favorclosedghrey303
371NistuneCould I have my spawner protected, Marked by 2 dark oak wood markers, up to level 50. With chest access allowedclosedrobrregion created - chest access is up to you to allow with /cmodify public
370Omegaeddonprots for hoose plz!closedrobrhoose protracted!
369Nistuneflow plzclosedieuwehSplish!
368robrspawner protectclosedrobryes.
367robrprotect spawnerclosedrobrprotected
366robrprotect spawner for aliasclosedrobrprotected
365Ruthlessssspls flow just this lonely water block(so it flows down the hallway)closedieuwehLonely water block is no longer lonely!
364varja protection for this grinder by ThelVadumeeclosedThelVadumeeregion created :D
363robrprotect spawners for aliasclosedrobrundead protected
362inventingnothingplease protect my build marked with redstone blocksclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
361Hinterlandzaaaand probably last flow reqclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
360Hinterlandzflow plz haha,closedBluuefuzzyflowin~
359Hinterlandzflow plzclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
358SamFiveall my villagers are gone? Halp. Dunno if server or grief?closedghrey303unfortunately in at least 8 instances zombies snuck up on some villagers and killed them :O there are some living villagers in the village still! no signs of foul play
357Hinterlandzcan i please change the region name of this tower from Hintertowers to Nucleus_Towerclosedghrey303region renamed! new region nucleus_tower created with same boundaries, region hintertowers deleted
356AustinSebI'm stuck at spawn :-(closedBluuefuzzyrescued!
355Hinterlandzflow plzclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
354varjflow these two water blocks plsclosedSpook6flowed!
353DantesDamecould you make the water flow? And hope that my experiment is successful? :)closedSpook6flowed!
352Alecooocan I please have my village protected :)closedkumquatmayProtected new buildings!
351Aharit[PADMINS] I am claiming the first squid spawner!closedBarlimoreCongratulations! Check out the spawner guidelines here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Custom_Spawners - Note: Squid spawner needs to be placed between Y 46 and sea level.
350varjflow plsclosedSpook6flowed!
349SmooshrWater Flow pleaseclosedSpook6water flowed!
348xOreoToastwater doesn't flow itself :(closedSpook6it flows now!
347xOreoToastNeed protection on this fort. We're going to build a double zombie grinder inside. Every member of region "pumpkin", "ashmore", along with inventingnothing and ghrey303 should be member.closedSpook6discussed via msg
346SmolTelleI fell into my ruthless's villager babymaker and it's modreq'd, need rescue D:closediNerd71Rescued!
345variablekiwiflowing waterclosedSpook6flowed
344variablekiwiflowing waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
343variablekiwiflowing water, i missed placing one, thanks :)closediNerd71Flowed!
342obereplease protect this spawnerclosedkumquatmayProtected!
341variablekiwiflowing waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
340variablekiwiflowing waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
339Ruthlesssssplease protect between the 2 red pillarsclosedkumquatmayProtected!
338Trooprm64Protec Pleas!closedkumquatmayProteced!
337Ruthlesssssflow pls(beside me and the 2 in the trench)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
336triztinflow pls <3closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
335NoramiWhy did my 3 chickens disappear from here?closedkumquatmayThe cat got the birds!
334xOreoToastflow pls! extra points if you fill my sugarcane water troughs! :)closedkumquatmayFlowin'! Hope I get 1/4 of a point for the troughs!
333ghrey303chest region for nether for "solace"closedghrey303ghrey is not as bad a mod
332CaasDezhi i could use a modreq claim for this areaclosedkumquatmayProtected!
331xOreoToastIt's my understanding that it's okay to take from the farms of others provided you replant them. Does that mean that I can take sugar cane provided that I don't take the base cane?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m! Yes you are!
330piplo127128flow this canal plsclosedzburdsalFlowing!
329Gor3fiendmake the remaining 4 water spots at y=86 flow. Please and thanks!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
328SpaceFlyewhy did I get mining fatigue when the elder gaurdian has been dead?closedi_c_e_discussed via msg
327SpaceFlyeSo I killed the elder gaurdian here and now I still got mining fatigue... why is this...closedi_c_e_discussed via msg
326Ruthlessssspls flow the 11 water sources and 1 lava source down here <3closedThelVadumeeall flowed
325ghrey303Hello, could you activate this nether portal? :D Thank you very much.closedBarlimorePortal is lit up!
324pez252This should probably be removed (pillar respawn will eat it and leave the block locked maybe)closedBarlimoreBlock be gone!
323larry190991please protect my buildclosedkumquatmayProtected! (by zburd)
322Wozdakapls protect villager breeding/trading area - gold blocks mark opposite diagonal corners - call "wozmart" pls make it a child of "haven" tyclosedBarlimoreThe health and safety inspection has succesfully been bribed to permit a region over these villagers!
321Ruthlesssssflow pls :)closedrobrflowed
320Haikuprotect spawner plsclosedkumquatmayProtected!
319HordsakPlease protect my build. Pirate ship.closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
318TESLAraywaterflow 2264, 78, -3667closedrobrsplishys splooshed.
316kandokowater flow 4 blocksclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
315Gor3fiendmessed up the water flow. Need the water at y-86 and 85 to flow. sorry and thanks!closedi_c_e_flowing is complete :)
314gk_ryoflow plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
313Bluuefuzzypls protecclosedieuwehMore flow!
312xOreoToastneed flow!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
311xOreoToastneed flow to fill this inclosedieuwehThese are flowing!
310Lethal_Treeif i were to end my claim fence here, and start up agian on the other side of the water, would that be ok or should i go acrosscloseddefiexDiscussed via msg!
309Gor3fiendI need the 7 spots of water at y=86 to flow. ThanksclosedieuwehSeven flows flowing!
308UberAbbyplease make the water blocks placed here floatclosedieuwehFlowing!
307MasterIX09flowing water plz, thanks.closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
306Bluuefuzzypls flow my water for I am lazy pt 2, no zburd plsclosedieuwehZombie's bath is now ready!
305Bluuefuzzypls flow my water for I am lazyclosedzburdsalFlowing!
304MasterIX09flowing water please, thank you.closedBluuefuzzyflowin!