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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
1177Spook6hello, my map is outside the world boarder can we please get a fix so i can get my maps. thank youopen
1176barneygaleflow topmost block in column pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing, working!
1175Jezzzzieneed a shulker area on this square of glazed tiles please :)closedzburdsalProtected!
1174barneygaleany idea why this water elevator doesn't take me to the top? something safebuckets related?closedbuzzie71discussed via /msg - also passed observation to techs :O
1173Jezzzziewould like a shulker area on the prismarine ceiling slabs plz!closedzburdsalRegion made, shulker placement allowed!
1172barneygalewater flow again (sorry, keep getting the height wrong!)closedSpook6flowed!
1171WaldrickI broke the ocean. Should this hole be fixed?open
1170barneygaleflow this water pleaseclosedSapphricFlowed!
1169barneygaleflow water pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
1168katacarbixflow waterclosedSilversunsetflowed
1167iNerd71Yarr, another map be needin addin to ye map wallclosedcujobearthank ye Me Hearty!
1166nels_nelsonOh dear, I seem to have forgotten to empty my inventory sufficiently to obtain defiex's spawn secret upon clicking the sign.closedcujobearsecret collectible replaced!
1165Azumarillgrief (sea lantern)closedSilversunsetarea de-griefed and player warned
1164RokkuCXVIIBruce II died again, please replace him if you figure out what is going on with this #justminecraftthingsopen
1163AlixlaFlow me please!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1162Weazolplease expand cindergate_guardian to reach this room as wellclosedSilversunseti *think* i covered it all good luck!
1161DeejlyMapWorld Plot EasySigns not working so I need a plot?open
1160barneygalewater flow please!closedSilversunsetflowing
1159barneygalewater flow for 2 blocks please, thanksclosedSilversunsetflowed
1158barneygalewater flow please! thanksclosedi_c_e_ye be a flowing
1157drtednelsonPlease protect this villager pen.. thanks!closedcujobearvillager pod protected
1156Sir_DidymusPlease allow this hole in the ground to fulfil its livelong dream of being a pond.closedKing_of_quesoMay this pond aspire to even greater dreams!
1155Suspicious_Mangoi need the water in this definitely-not-a-turtle-kill-chamber flowing please. thanks!closedSilversunsetits *technically* flowing....
1154username2088water flow two in cornersclosedSilversunsetflowing!
1153username2088water flow oneclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1152username2088water flow just top oneclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1151TexasTormenturethese are my beacon and blocks but protections wont allow removalclosedSilversunsetbeacon recovered!
1150SwitchViewzClaim these please!closedSilversunsetboth nopespawners are protected!
1149Suspicious_Mangocan i get the 4 waterlogged stairs in the floor flowing first and then the 8 on the ceilingclosedtotemoflowing
1148ZomiseRemove region rose_shulker please. Doing some redecorating and moving it.closedtotemoremoved
1147nels_nelsonI think I found a spawn pit trap.closedtotemoliterally unplayable; fixed, thanks
1146Wawskiwater flowclosedtotemoflowing
1145Wawskiwater flow plzclosedtotemoflowing
1144Azumarillhopper cart I had in this hole disappearedopen
1143EternityOfDeathCan we get region protections for Metal Mountains? to protect builds in the area of 1120, -3280 to 1520, -2630. we have a chest region already if that matters.closedpez252Didn't protect the whole area, but protected the builds/roads as mm and child regions: mm_2 mm_3 mm_road1 mm_road2 mm_road3 mm_gate1. Req when more builds for consolidation or additional regions.
1142OmegaeddonThese trees... xray rollback?closedtotemopart of a grief rollback; trees prettified
1141Zomisewho made this to do list wall?closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via /pm
1140Weird_Grimmake water flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1139KoneLinxA whole bunch of water blocks. plus 2 dispensers. flowzzzclosedtotemoflowing
1138MackSaffronPlease add this hallway to my region so I can use /flow <3closedtotemowater conveyor protected
1137Ruthlessssspls protect this small room here and make it a child of stonemist_sorterclosedKing_of_quesoChild region created!
1136ieuwehPls protect this life pod :D ty!!closedSpook6your life pod is protect
1135ieuwehPlease protect my boat!closedSpook6your boat is now cannon proof :P
1134VuulI would like people to be able to place their shulker boxes where the purpur block is please.closedtotemo1x1x1 "build allow" region set
1133SylvanSamuraiprotection for the barnclosedtotemoregion expanded to the fance line; farms made public
1132KoneLinxsome flow pls :}closedtotemoflowing
1131Hinterlandzflow on the water feature to fill it out and flow on the missing water blocks in the riverclosedtotemoflowing
1130RokkuCXVII[ADMIN] So my 6 of my fish have somehow died today, I just kinda want this to stop, it makes me sad. Names are Julia Wicker(Salmon) Ayyy(cod) and four tropical fish named "Hey ! Vsauce ! Michael Here", Knees, Toes, and The Holy Ghost.open
1129C45Yplease expand c45y_build 19 blocks WestclosedSpook6expanded west :D
1128twilexisplease make build-allow region where cracked stone is for shulker boxesclosedtotemothree "build allow" regions coincident with the cracked brick named makehappy_shulkers[1-3]
1127King_of_quesoGolem spawner number 3!closedkumquatmaySpawner placed! (Shulker box in drop chest!)
1126Lord_Instagramflowing water pleaseclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
1125Reon27flow me agin...pleaaaaaaaaaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1124twilexisPlease protect this terraformed area as 'makehappy' so I can stop spamming modreq with flow requests please.closedzburdsalI'll miss your flow reqs, but region made!
1123twilexisflow pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowed your seemingly random water... not even going to ask o.o
1122Reon27flow plzclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1121Reon27flow lava plzclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1120Wozdakapls make chest region "ironstar"closedzburdsalDone!
1119Muzelleflow pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1118Reon27flow flow flow the water, on both sides of this thingy...(underground on both sides)closedzburdsalFlowing!
1117Standish_Can we have help getting this dialer working for the public? I believe we have set the permissions correctly but it isn't working.closedzburdsalFixed some region perms, I was a little out of practice earlier it seems, apologies!
1116twilexisflow pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1115Zaranadrin: Hello, can you pleae make this lava flow :)closedzburdsalFlowing!
1114theFacebookflowin wata ova hea pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1113amtrakdrunkProtection please :)closedSilversunsetprotected
1112Jezzzzieprotection plz :)closedzburdsalProtected!
1111twilexisflow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
1110twilexisflow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
1109VuulSomeone killed my mooshroom :'(closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
1108promaxxealso these two blocksclosedSilversunsetflowed
1107promaxxeflow this block on the left plsclosedSilversunsetflowed
1106twilexisflow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
1105twilexisflow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
1104twilexisflow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowing
1103SirLylewho placed this cobble in our bay?closedSilversunsetthe offending block has been removed!
1102Weazolwhat happened here?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
1101assasymphoniQuestionable language on signageclosedQueenBombusPlayer warned, sign removed
1099amtrakdrunkprotection pleaseclosedpez252Sorry not quite ready for protection yet. Looks like you have a claim on it though and any grief can always be rolled back. Please modreq again when you have more built. Thanks!
1098KoneLinx<me> <intention element='water'> flow ! </intention> </me>closedSilversunset Its flowin!
1097KoneLinxSee request 1030: I added 22 doors. Also built a killing mechanism. Now all should be ready. I'm sorry, but thanks a lot!.closedcujobearsee req 1030
1096ZahldarHello! Could you flow this water at the top of the column, and the four water sources in the spawn chamber below? Thanks!closedSilversunsetflowing (be careful!!)
1095ZahldarCould you flow these for me? Thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed!
1094KoneLinxinfinite water pls.closedpez252DOne
1093thelethalkindend of region here, thank you <3closedSilversunsetsee 1092
1092thelethalkindplease create region starting point hereclosedSilversunsetunderground base is protected. The rest will need to be built up first, but its looking really nice so far!
1091StarMinion1Can I have this spawner protected under the "solace" region? ThanksclosedzburdsalProtected as solace_zombie1
1090KoneLinxwater... my intentions are clear.. :}closedzburdsalsuch an extravagant flow o:
1089SquaresThere/place please? Island Triple Spider Grinder :) Thanks!open
1088SquaresThereprotection? the whole spawner build. also, can you make the spider room (red carpet) ok for placing shulkers? thanks! (Did I request this correclty? I hope?) thanks! :)closedzburdsalProtected, sub shulker region added. Quite the place!
1087Silversunsetshulker spot in the middle plsclosedSilversunsetdone
1086SoulDustHow did I die? I AKF'd and when I came back I was dead.closedzburdsalDiscussed via pm
1085Dagoodwiwater flow please :)closedzburdsalFlowing!
1084MackSaffronPlease add this area as a child-region so I can flow water blocks here on my own. thanks <3closedzburdsalAll protected, set as child of macksaffron_build, should be good to flow :D
1083BarlimorePlease apply a shulker accessible region on the four stone brick blocks.closedSilversunsetshulker area created
1082thelethalkindregion extended too far outclosedSilversunsetafter much investigating and squinting it has been determined that this is legit! thanks for checking!
1081Silversunsetpls fix this regionclosedSilversunsetfixed
1080Silversunsetpls protectclosedSilversunsetprotected
1079HinterlandzCould head admin to an "Alt account" check on me to hopefully spark my memory of my log in details?closedtotemoby pm
1078twilexisflow pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowy flowy
1077twilexisend chest region 'makehappy' pleaseclosedKirstaeChest region created
1076RokkuCXVIIBruce II died again, WHAT IS CAUSING THIS ;-; I just want a dolphin to staaaaaaayyyyyyyclosedFlumperI've replaced Bruce II again. There seems to be an issue with 1.13's new aquatic mobs "falling" to death in water. We're looking into it.
1075twilexisflow pleaseclosedSpook6flowed <3
1074theFacebookflowth water blockclosedzburdsalThe water has floweth down upon ye.
1073ZaranadrinFazaden: "Sorry, i forgot to include that I am part of Stonemist.closedfazadendiscussed via pm
1072BloomingLilyhiii i have enough for another spawner. Could you put it in the ground below one of the glass blocks :D ThanksclosedkumquatmaySpawner placed!
1071Azumarillhow much longer should I wait for asking for this chest to be removedclosedkumquatmaydiscussed via /m
1070Legendary_Legendbelay thatclosedRukiaKuchiki_oke
1069Legendary_Legendi got a little stuck. i accidentally jumped over a ledgeclosedRukiaKuchiki_seems u unstuck urself :D
1068twilexisnolan is afk boxing me with lwc-locked furnacescloseddefiexThank you for reporting, player has been warned.
1067RukiaKuchiki_pls to shrink region to only protect spawner block above meclosedRukiaKuchiki_Honey i shrunk the region!
1066Zaranadrini would like this region be named "Zarapolis" -- it's been encased in a Cobblestone Wall thingie. Thank you :)closedfazadendiscussed via pm
1065RokkuCXVIIflow this line plscloseddefiexSplish has been splashed.
1064piplo127128i cant believe ive done this [am stuck can u tp me out thanks]closedRukiaKuchiki_player rescued!
1063Jezzzzieneed protection plz, extended to surface area tooclosedKing_of_quesoGrinder is now protected!
1062RokkuCXVIIflow plsclosedtotemoflowed
1061Jezzzzieneed flow for burny hot stuffscloseddefiexDanger splish has been splashed!
1060twilexiscan I have a chest region called seneca pleaseclosedbuzzie71chest region created!
1059SquaresTherelava flow? thanks!closedbookey42Lava make that flow for you...
1058Jezzzzieneed flow for only the top single water block plzclosedbookey42flow ride. take it easy! but seriously water flowin!
1057Zarton_teleport signs within mapworld to plots aren't workingclosedZarton_
1056SquaresTherelava flow? thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed!
1055SquaresTherelava flow? thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed!
1054KoneLinxSome water.. some, you know..closedBluuefuzzyhere's some.. flow
1053KoneLinxAre the working of droppers resticted? It doesn't seem to work.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
1052username2088who put this bed here?closedBluuefuzzysend via /pm
1051assasymphonii goofed. pls flow dispender againclosedBluuefuzzytry now
1050assasymphonipls flow dispenser waterclosedBluuefuzzyshould be flowin! ...
1049BarlimoreMy chests do not close on use.closedkumquatmayIssue resolved!
1048TESLArayfound a glitch where you can flow water outside of your region, not sure if you guys wanted to knowclosedcujobearthank you for reporting
1047Sir_DidymusPlease could you possibly move this donkey out of the hole so that I can finish building?closedcujobeardonkey resuced from your evil trap!
1046RokkuCXVIIflow plsclosedSirLyleflowing
1045Lethal_Treedoes this qualify as a water blocking claim fence?closedkumquatmayDiscussed with player, gates will be added
1044BerserkMFTitanwould like my water to flow in my fountainsclosedSirLyleflowing
1043SylvanSamuraimoar protectionclosedSirLylewhitehouse protected
1042KoneLinxcan this furnace be moved? I don't think it'll be used anymore.closedkumquatmayRemoved
1041RokkuCXVIIflow plsclosedSirLyleflowing
1040twilexisis it too late to ask for the orientation of this portal to be changed?closedtwilexisnevermind, actually bothered to read the info post :( Please consider changing this in future
1039Silversunsetpadminreq - i can't place blocks against the frame of the portal and its a smidge deadly now ..... pls halpclosedcujobearregion redefined
1038KoneLinxMore flooo ~~~~closedSirLyleflowing
1037RokkuCXVIIflow plsclosedSirLyleflowing
1036RokkuCXVIIFlow these two pls :Dclosedpez252Flowed
1035KoneLinxa few waters..closedpez252Flowed
1034RokkuCXVIIflow pls :Dclosedpez252Flowed!
1033KoneLinxCan you make this water flow and make it into an elevator? basically the whole height, only the 1 corner.closedpez252Flowed, but it looks like you may need to convert that to sources for an elevator to work.
1032HafgetWe want to have our area turned into a region. Can we? Thanksclosedpez252Done!
1031baebasaurcan you tell who isn't replanting these right. if its a town person, i want to let them knowclosedgrenbugdiscussed via msg
1030KoneLinxSo, I'd like an iron golem spawner. If I'm correct, 10 souls, 320 cobble and 2 Padminheads. Reasy in the center chest down the well. you'll spot it. and then replace the netherrack in front of this vvv position. thanks :Dclosedcujobeargolem spawner added!
1029KoneLinxMake the water flowclosedgrenbugflowed!
1028PPGOMEflow please!closedgrenbugflowin!
1024StarMinion1Can I have the "solace_village" region expanded to protect newer builds? Thanksclosedpez252Done
1023Legendary_Legendi would like to upgrade the tier of my NW iron golem spawner. the 20 souls are in a chest by the outputclosedcujobearNW spawner upgraded
1022thrwyawatah flow is goodclosedgrenbugflowed too
1020AceMarconiplease mark rail spawn s6 as Marconi. Thank youclosedpez252Done
1019GHDproplease extend protection on this location down to y=18 pleaseclosedgrenbugregion extended!
1018RukiaKuchiki_adminreq: messed up water flow here and cant get the water out of the glass panes, halpclosedRukiaKuchiki_nvm user fixed it
1017baebasaurpls flow water blocksclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
1016varjthis stone block is owned by the person who built inside our claim earlier. Pls remove.closedFlumperLocked rock got got.
1015Ooerpls can I have a hug, and also this water flowing <3closedgrenbughug and flow
1014MackSaffronplease extend my region to include this area (all area inside the spruce fence, actually).closedQueenBombusregion created to protect chicken farm, advised to develop claimed land further before protections fully extended
1013Wawskihorse eae41290-ac75-4b3f-a3b7-0137136cf3f4 won't mature, it just stays a foal and eats all my hay :( can we force-mature it?closedFlumperVery strange! I've replaced it with an adult horse of the same type. :)
1012Trooprm32Region req for this room that I'll end up doing laterclosedtotemothe_deep expanded to include new underground features
1011thelethalkindpls flow ze water, thanks!closedtotemoflowing
1010RokkuCXVIIProtection needed for all connect circles, the entire underwater parts, and the 3, soon to be four rooms at the bottom of the moon pool, please and thanksclosedQueenBombusThis region has been created- did you want it to be a child of Orion? Submit another modreq if so, easy enough to do!
1009assasymphonidid Mr. Puffy 2 manage to kill himself again?closedtotemotwo pufferfish suffocations in the last 24h; seems to be the solid block ceiling - try glass or air
1008RokkuCXVIIFlow pls :3closedSpook6flowed!
1007assasymphonipls who made this?closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
1006TharinePlease may I get my water flowing? Thank you kindly! :)closedSpook6flowed!
1005C45Ypls protect from the corner markers downwards for grinder pretty plsclosedKirstaeProtected.
1004theFacebookflowing water plsclosedKirstaeFlowing
1003King_of_quesoTime for two golem spawners!closedFlumperSpawners placed! :)
1002twilexisitem frame unable to rotate, can't use the rail station.closedtotemospinner spins; build allow region created for when the area is protected
1001Jezzzzieflows pls!closedSpook6flowing :D
1000nolanater5711donkey died in this bs floating lava. like... wtÆ’? refund plsclosedFlumperSorry, we don't return animals that have died due to accidents. :(
999Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedSpook6flowed!
998Jezzzzieflow plzclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
997RokkuCXVIIBruce II has died again(my dolphin), could you tell me how? and maybe replace him? lolclosedFlumperBruce needs to learn to curb his suicidal tendencies. :o
996KoneLinxmakz ze wazar floclosedfazadenflow'd
995RokkuCXVIII think Bruce II: Electric Boogaloo died again :C (my dolphin)closedRokkuCXVII
994Muzelleflow pleaseclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
993cyanoacrylateidk where to put this but running out of stamina in the lobby is quite stupid tbhclosedFlumperWe don't handle the lobby, sorry!
992KoneLinxwater + mod = happinessclosediNerd71water + flow = sploosh
991BungpeiceI'm having a weird glitch occasionally where I teleport in to the block i just placed. Figured you should knowopen
990SkrapssparkSflowing waterclosedcujobearsplishy splashed
989Zarton_please protect my buildclosedNoramiRegion created named Zarton-Home :)
988Greater_Magici fixed itclosedFlumperI'm glad to hear it!
987ajr369protect spawner?closedFlumperProtected! :)
986Greater_Magicmy minecrart isint moving and i cant get out of itclosedFlumperIssue seems to have resolved itself.
985PPGOMEflow the top block, please :DclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
984KoneLinxCan you check whether my protection is big enoung ?closedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
983Silversunsetplease replace the fourth iron ore with a golem spawner, costs are in the chest.closedFlumperSpawner placed! :)
982PPGOMEflow all teh waters plez :Dclosedttsciflowed all teh waters
981AzumarillI *just* put some steps up to these chests, right here - did I take it down and forget? if not, who was it?closedghrey303discussed via /msg
980AzumarillI don't know what this is, whose is it, can I take it down since it's inside my claim wallclosedkumquatmaydiscussed via /m!
979Zarton_submitted map for (-1900, 0)closedkumquatmayAdded to the wall! Thank you!
978PPGOMEbubble elevator not working. All blocks are source blocksclosedFlumperBreaking and replacing the soul sand seems to have fixed it!
977AshenrayneQueenBombus suggested I request protection for Algac, which is probably a decent idea! I'd propose the 2 areas X[80-185] Z[313-395] and X[140-250] Z[250-320] but I'll leave it to mod's decision.closedfazadenprotected
976assasymphonipls confirm that mr. puffy died from suffocation.closedttsciMr. Puffy died from suffocation but he was surrounded by his friends
975ghrey303two (2) tier 2 (two) golem spawners pleaseclosedFlumperSpawners upgraded! :)
974Muskogee_Redflow 1 spot please again i messes it upclosedghrey303you sure did messes it up this time
973Muskogee_Redflow 1 spot pleaseclosedttsciflowing!
972StarMinion1Can I have a flow on all the water down below? Thanks!closedttsciThink I got 'em all! Enjoy!
971ghrey303I had about 18 extra golem souls in this chest when we traded for 4 spawners, which have now gone ... any help finding who last took about 20 souls?closedFlumperFiiiine, have your soul back..
970Silversunsetplease replace one of the iron ore blocks in the grinder room with a golem spawner, costs are in the chest here.closedFlumperSpawner placed! :)
969SilversunsetPAdmins: There is a problem with our nether portal that i believe requires adjusting. Please contact me for details as its a little long to type out.closedcujobearPlease let us know if the issue is not corrected
968Sir_DidymusPlease flow all the water in my fishtank.closedSirLyleflowing
967SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedSquaresThere
966KoneLinxDispensers with flowing water, pls :DclosedSirLyleflow'd
965Weazolflow this water pleaseclosedWeazol
964Sir_DidymusPlease de-solidify my liquid, thank you!closedSir_DidymusNevermind, did it the long way.
963Weazolplease expand cindergate guardian into these two roomsclosedSirLyleregion expanded
962SkrapssparkSflowing waterclosedttsciSploosh! Happy farming!
961KoneLinxyou know, water... :)closedttsciWatered!
960PPGOMEflow plese!closedttsciflowing!
958MackSaffronPlease set this claim for MackSaffron. Whatever needs done to let me do /flow here. thanks! <3closedghrey303protected as macksaffron_house - you will be able to use /flow in your own region
957Peasant_Kingsorry I didn't mean to say thatclosedttsciduplicate
956Peasant_Kinghelp 2closedttsciaccidental req
955KoneLinx~~~~~~~~ let it flow ~~ Let it flow ~~ ... ~~~~~~~~closedttsciit's not held back anymore!
954SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedttsciflowing!
953KoneLinxrepair this river with your water magic :)closedttsciwater fixed!
952OmegaeddonWHere the villager?closedcujobearhe was moved to a safer location -120, 0 in the end
951OmegaeddonPlz investigate this water booster and tell me why the blasted thing doesnt work, ta!closedgrenbugdiscussed via msg - relog helped
950dnynumberonehow long until this undeveloped spawner can be reclaimed? last seen 8 days agoclosedFlumperThe seen command isn't working properly at the moment. The player in question is still actively playing.
949Jezzzziecan i have the boat please. lolo. i cant see land to go make a new one :/closedgrenbugdiscussed via msg
948JezzzzieI am at the guardian grinder and I am so lagged out I can not even turn my boat around to row away. I rarely experience lag, unless its server lag. But I have done a full restart and I am still stuck in this spot. Please move me.closedKing_of_quesoRescued!
947AceMarconiPlease flow & possibly expand protections somewhat to cover new construction. Thank you!closedgrenbugflowed water, build seems to be well protected
946Trooprm32Can i have the stuff in this area(trees, dirt?) here that were destroyed by not me, restored... they didn't see it was a claim, no need to warnclosedKing_of_quesoRolled back!
945KoneLinxYep, water...closedTrooprm32Flowed
944TharineThis looks like it might've been griefed :(closedTrooprm32Griefed by the owner :I
943AinivAlcyoneI accidentally broke the glass on Skelly grinder of SE, I replaced them with wool but no glass available. Fix please?closedQueenBombusglass restored!
942Weird_Grimmake water flow (also forget that you saw a sercet room)closedSpook6i saw nothing O_O but your water is flowed
941RokkuCXVIIIs this grief?closedSpook6not grief just unfinished :P
940SwitchViewzI am missing 3 chickens here D:closedSpook6your chickens appear to have suffocated.
939Muzelleflow pleaseclosedSpook6flowing!
938BloomingLilyi dropped an axe i bought and i can't pick it back up :( Can you help? I don't want to break anything for fear of villager escapeclosedzburdsalResolved!
937twilexisgrief?closedzburdsalNope, looks like creator just missed a spot.
936SwitchViewzMore flow! This time not off the tower please!closedzburdsalFlowing!
935SwitchViewzFlow please! Thanks!closedzburdsalFlowing! and flowing and flowing... right off the side of the farm
934StarMinion1Can I have a flow on two water sources? ThanksclosedzburdsalFlowing!
933SwitchViewzCan "switchbase" please be expanded over the road and this tower. NOT the farms behind me! Thanks!closedfazadenexpand-a-band-band: protection
932Muzelleflow pleaseclosedSpook6flowed!
931SwitchViewzFlow please! Thanks!closedzburdsalDone, please enjoy your very plain farm :p
930SwitchViewzFlow pls!closedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
929SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedSpook6flowed!
928Hinterlandzflow? i don't know why this river wont fix itselfclosedzburdsalExplained via pm
927Jezzzzieflows plzclosedSpook6flowed!
926derpherpingtonis this another stuck placeclosedrobrnot anymore it's not..
925cshaikucan I see if this was me, or not for this missing rail? Thanks.closedghrey303discussed via /msg
924RepinWolfHello, I need all the water sources flowed please at my location - 11 on each side and 5 sources in the ice chutesclosedghrey303flowed the 11x2 and 5 in the chutes!
923cshaikuCan someone please switch the Argoth and Pico signs? Totemo has given me permission to ask. Thanks.closedcujobearsigns switched
922derpherpingtonam i stuckclosedcujobearunstuck by ghrey, area made safer by cujo
921ZahldarCould I be moved/slain? I seem to be stuck in an inescapable area in Pez's spawn secret tunnels.closedkumquatmayPlayer free, hole patched
920SylvanSamuraiprotectionclosedghrey303protected! included only areas with structures inside, claim fence is still valid
919SwitchViewzSomeone stole all mah carrots! D:closedttsciCarrots have been recovered, and the pilferer has been reminded about replanting!
918DancingBoltflow pleaseclosedttsciflowing!
917Weazolplease expand the cindergate_guardian to include this roofclosedghrey303expanded!
916TheNightsKingOh wise and powerful mods, can we please have an AmbrosiaChests chestregion? Thankyouverymuchclosedbookey42Region ambrosiachests created with thenightsking as ownder
915Hordsakplease cancel. Pick foundclosedrobrclosed at request of user - in future you can close your own by doing /done REQNUM
914HordsakI just lost a god pickaxe out of my inventory, and it's no where near meclosedrobrclosed at request of user
913dnynumberoneer...found a playertrap at spawn...closedrobrrescued, trap untrapped
912WaldrickCan you please flow the water down the corridor and into the pool? Thank you! Please let me know if I need to place the water blocks first.closedtict0cMsg and will re-modreq when ready
911baebasauri can't replant on these blocks?closedrobr911 what's your emergency? discussed via /m
910barneygaleany chance the /cart-speed limit can be raised? when it's laggy even the maximum is only as fast as sprintingclosedtotemoMax cart speed was misconfigured (0.4) at start of rev. Max is now 0.8 which is as high as it can reliably go with Mojang physics code. Higher tick rate will make it ok later.
909RokkuCXVIICan you check to see if a dolphin named "Bruce II" died hereclosedttsciBruce II lives again! :)
908KoneLinxcan I dispense flowing water?closedcujobeardispensers flow, be carful those guys hurt!
907buzzie71flow the right water please :Oclosedbookey42flowing!
906theFacebookwater flow plscloseddefiexSPlish has been splashed!
905HouseBoltonflow plsclosedSirLyleflowing
904ghrey3034 iron golem spawners please! marked with lapis blocks under the lavaclosedFlumperSpawners placed, heads reclaimed and neck wound band-aided. \o/
903KoneLinxCan you make this red dyed water flow? thxclosedpez252Flowed
902tadrogerscan i get region protection on this skele farm? anyone can use it. I just don't want griefclosedpez252Done
901PipersDaddoneclosedpez252Done per self
900PipersDadcshaiku is bugging us and we want him to leaveclosedpez252Done per 901
899KoneLinxOk, I'll need you to make some water dance. but not just 1 block. no, a whole water elevator. every single block :) have fun!closedpez252Done
898SirLyleplease protect this iron grinder as a child of solaceclosedpez252Done. child of solace
897SirLylewater flowclosedpez252Done
896President_Frogflow plsclosedpez252Done
895PyroAvoksome clown put this note block in my way and hasnt been back on in a week. Plz to remove?closedcujobearif player does not remove this by Jan 22 please re-request
894QueenBombusflowclosedQueenBombusfreaking bubble columnds
893ghrey303lyle wanted me to make the req for the flowing water down hereclosedttsciflowing!
892CairBirbI have 5 water blocks here that need flowed, please and thank youclosedttsciflowing!
891nolanater5711n1 for Chicken Itza pretty pls <3closedrobrdestination added
890piperboisecan you flow this please! thank you!closedbuzzie71flowing!
889SirLylewater flow this columnclosedbuzzie71flowing!
888SirLylewater flowcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
887QueenBombusflowing waterclosedQueenBombusflowed
886The_Jewcerwater flow. just the small spot for now plz!closedttsciSploosh!
885SirLylewaterflow please (x4)closedttsciYour water is on the move!
884Peasant_Kingcheckclosedttsciduplicate req
883Peasant_Kingrequest I fell out of the worldclaimedkumquatmay
882buzzie71grief? O.oclosedttscilooks like an accidental break - fixed!
881QueenBombusprotect region of terraformed mountains for gwenynclosedQueenBombusI updated gwenyn to include the whole false-mountain region so that people don't accidentally dig in and die. It's only 1 layer thick.
880Wawskiwater flow plzclosedQueenBombusflowin!
879GHDproplease protect my build, marked by orange concrete in corners, suggested name "ghdpro_ambrosia"closedQueenBombusprotected with requested name!
878Ooerplease make my water flow and also have a lovely day or else, thanks in advance!closedQueenBombusflowin'! And I will be sure to have a lovely day! *eep!*
877Sir_DidymusPlease protect my bow shop in the same way as the shop next to it - lock same trapdoors etc. and child to Haven. Thank you!closedbuzzie71protected!
874Omegaeddonfluz pluzclosedpez252Flowed
873AshenrayneGaurdian Grinder near NW Portal is not public in violation of R23 info post rulesclosedFlumperThe chests were only locked while it was built. They're now public! :)
872Silversunsetpls expand grinder protection to cover enchanting setupclosedpez252Done
871Jezzzziehello, request for protection please, and shulker area on black glass blocks on floor.closedpez252Done
870BerserkMFTitanplease let my water flow for my fountianclosedpez252Flowed
869PPGOMEWho made this staircase? :OclosedHerr_Fawkesfixed
868ghrey303yar, i be trapped in this mining shaft with no hope of egress, lend a hand would ye?closedbuzzie71arrrr ye escapee, that be a mineshaft, not Davy Jones' Locker!
867PipersDadquestion: is it possible to have a spawner moved 10 or 20 blocks horizontally or vertically?closedFlumperSorry we don't move spawners!
866PlNGI'd like a public subregion (solace_public_farm), from this bookshelf to the opposite corner.closedQueenBombusregion created!
865KingBirdzYo, I dunno if this actually counts as a problem. But this fucking horse is annoying as hell and I cant even kill him because he belongs to someone. Sorry to bother y'all but goddamn do I hate this horseclosedHerr_Fawkesi'd speak to the player who owns it, do /hinfo and it'll list the relevant information
864TharineSomeone appears to have edited our rail line here? Should be jungle planks insteadclosedQueenBombusdiscussed via pm
863cshaikuPlease check the event chests? Are we guchi fam?closedcujobearTimmy Toolson is now hard at work building a ship!
861IInsani_TyMay you flow water at -1441 39 -3075closedQueenBombusflowing!
860varjpls flow this waterclosedQueenBombusflowing!
859PPGOMEcannot rotate arrowclosedQueenBombusdiscussed via pm
858shanty_snipercontact via mail for more detailsclosedbermudalocketsee 857
857shanty_snipersuggestion: following my wants for pvp before, possability of looking into small area flashpoints?closedbermudalocketThis belongs in the /suggestion-box, not modreqs
856ghrey303Missing villager :OclosedFlumperDiscussed via msg! :)
855cheezychickenwho built this bridge? I'm looking to replace it :)closedQueenBombustold via pm
854Zarton_please delete this region. the neighbouring player requested to build hereclosedQueenBombusregion removed!
853Sir_DidymusPlease protect my saddle shop, and lock down the trapdoors if possible. Child to Haven region please!closedQueenBombusperms set up!
852Flumperclaimed villager?closedFlumpernvm
851_ht_vwlshello, can you rename connection E5 to "_ht_vwls" at spawn rail station.closedQueenBombusSign updated!
850The_Hero27I linked my rail to the spawn stationclosedQueenBombussign updated: N4= UK
849KoneLinxguess what... I've got some water again. Make it flow ~~~~ :)closedDjentleGiantFlowed!
848Riveripls to help - am I dumb or am I trapped in the end until I kill a non-existent dragon?closedFlumperThe portal seems open and functional now. Let us know if it happens again!
847Zarton_/chairs is an unknown commandclosedZarton_
846Zarton_who placed the stone bricks and redstone lamps here?closedDjentleGiantDiscussed via /msg. /BLAMESWITCH
845ZomiseShulker area on this alcove with white concrete (2x3x3).closedQueenBombusshulker region created
844KoneLinxI placed water. You know what to do.closedDjentleGiantFlowed. Nice work!
843ZomiseProtect Rose_BCTrading under Rose. Two redstone marks in corners + //outset 3.closedDjentleGiantYou request, I protecc
842slaughtercraftneed to place water below that gold pressure plateclosedDjentleGiantLooks like you were able to figure it out. Please create a new modreq if you are still having trouble.
841Muskogee_Redflow 2 spots pleaseclosedSpook6flowey flowed!
840Zomiseflow this water so that the stupid villager movesclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
839inventor2004Need help i am stuck in a farmclosedkumquatmaySelf-rescue!
838Weird_Grimcan you make this flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'
837Tythalcan i get my 2 Clandestine Sugar back from the donate boxes, I accidenty donated extra after we had all we needed.closedkumquatmaysugar returned
836SwitchViewzCrop griefclosedKirstaeThank you for letting us know! Fixed
835NilateNew region for spider grinder: -354, 43, 93 to -342, 62, 113closedSpook6grinder is protected :D
834Weazolplease flow these waters they are just outside the regionclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
833SwitchViewzIs it possible if I can know who the last people were to use these gates? Im trying to determine the actual owner of this build as I think Zarton_ is an alt. Thanks!closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via /pm... a real mystery
832Weazolplease extend the cindergate_guardian region to this collection areaclosedKing_of_quesoRegion expanded!
831Halinahplease flow these two, ty!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
830Muzelleflow pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
829zburdsalcobble derp (attempt at claim fence?) blocking river travelclosedttsciLifted the fence area blocking the river, cobble derp appears to have been removed already :)
828AzumarillregionclosedKing_of_quesoregion created!
827CairBirbplease flow this lava blockclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
826pacuyprotection for my semi-hidden base, corners marked with bricks, thanks!closedKing_of_quesoBase protected!
825RukiaKuchiki_allow acces to everything in this region to ghrey303 pplzzzclosedKing_of_quesoRegion updated!
824tadrogersdo i need to protect this skull flag?closedKing_of_quesoAs long as your region is protected, your banner is safe!
823buzzie71please flow these water blocks :OcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
822Standish_this death pit in the middle of the road needs more protection to prevent accidental dropsclosedFlumperThanks for reporting. It looks just about safe enough for now, but we'll keep an eye on it. :)
821buzzie71please flow this water :Oclosedttsciyour water flows!
820barneygalealso this water. thaaanksclosedbookey42water flowing
819barneygaleflow this water pleaseclosedbookey42water flowing.
818barneygaleflow this water block pleaseclosedbookey42water flowing.
817barneygaleflow this water pleaseclosedHerr_Fawkesflowin'
816Ruthlessssspls protects blaze spawner if not already protectedclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
815RokkuCXVIIflow plsclosedi_c_e_flowed ;)
814barneygaledo you need to flow all this water to make the bubble lift work properly?closedbookey42Solved...Discussed with barneygale
813barneygalewater flow pleaseclosedbookey42Water is a Flowin
812Vuulprotect this double skeleton grinder, marked w blue wool, other wool is at 308 1617 y:5. its functional just need prettyingclosedtict0cProtected and Made a child of Mesa \o/
811barneygaleflow this water pleaseclosedi_c_e_flowed :)
810CairBirbplease flow this one block of water, thanks!closedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
809ajr369Can you please protect this spawner?closedHerr_Fawkesprotected
808cheezychickencan I get my house protected please? <3closedi_c_e_Safe and protected !
807ajr369or is this spawner procted yet?closedHerr_Fawkesdoesn't look to be, want it protected?
806Bungpeicetp out of lavaclosedcujobearrescued!
805SkrapssparkSflowing waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
804Jezzzzieflow just these two blocks please :)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
803ajr369Is this spawner procted yet?closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
8028_Bit_Elisrry can u unmute meclosedBluuefuzzyunmuted
801RokkuCXVIIflow plsclosedbuzzie71flowing!
800RokkuCXVIIflow plsclosedcujobearflowed
799Weazolplease add these floating islands to cindergate regionclosedbuzzie71islands protected!
798Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedcujobearflowin
797Jezzzzieneed region for grinder please. Owners CairBirb and JezzzzzieclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
796KoneLinxIf you ever feel bored: There's alway more water to let flow.closedHerr_Fawkesflowing
795Herr_Fawkesprotect this castle, rg name sem_hallclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
794CairBirbplease flow these two water blocks, thank you!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
793KoneLinxyep, more water needs the rules of physics.closedfazadenphysics acquired
792CairBirbplease flow these water blocksclosedQueenBombusflowing!
791KoneLinxthere's water... And you know what I want. :)closedQueenBombusflowin!
790SquaresTherewater flo? in the corner, thanksclosedQueenBombusflowin'!
789Jezzzzieprotect please :)closedQueenBombusthe spawner itself is protected!
788Noramiwho killed ALL the chickens in this pen?closedQueenBombusDeath by lightning, sadly
787barneygalerails grief?closedcujobearalso repaired player warned
786barneygalerails grief from this block being broken and the tunnel floodedclosedcujobeargrief repaired
785TharineHello please may I get the E8 rail connection listed for "Rose City". Thank you kindly :)closedbuzzie71sign altered, E8 to Rose City!
784pez252Want my duplicate dispenser back?closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
783Vuullast water flow I promiseclosedQueenBombusflowing!
782SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedQueenBombusflowed!
781Silversunsetcan you please flow the bottom block of this water column?closeddefiexSPlish has been splashed!
780pez252Flow pleaseclosedSirLyleflowed
779Weazolcan you please protect this monument as part of cindergate. We need the protection to flow water as we build the grinderclosedpez252Done!
778KoneLinxI just completed a railway from my place to spawn. So I'm asking to add my place to the destination signs. it's W4, with the name "Hall o.t. Mountain King". that name should fit on 1 line. thanks.closeddefiexCongratulations on your rail line connection! Name added!
777Vuulflow all this water you beautiful bastardcloseddefiexdanger splish has been splashed!
776Silversunsetplease replace two of the iron ore inside this grinder with two tier-1 golem spawners (costs are in the chest)closedcujobearcongrats on your everlasting iron
775SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedcujobearthar be more
774SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedcujobeartharr be your flow
773TexasTormentureflow x2 1 here and 1 across plzclosedNoramiFlowing :D
772Vuulall This water needs to flow!closedCARnivore_ndsavast ya scurvy water, FLOW !
771SquaresTherewater flow? thanks! :)closedfazadenflow'd
770SquaresTherewater flow thanks! "_closedfazadenflow'd
769Silversunsetplease expand skelly grinder region to cover new build areaclosedpez252Done!
768Silversunsetflow pleaseclosedcujobearpool created
767IInsani_Tycan you flow my 2 watersclosedttsciFlowing!
765KoneLinxwaterflow... yet again.. :)closedttsciFlowing again!
764KoneLinxflowingwater...closedttsciYour water has flown!
763Weird_Grimcan't place a shulkerbox in the shulker area at spawnclosedcujobearregion fixed, thanks for reporting
762Goofybud16Please make this an infinite water source. Thankscloseddefiexsplish has been splashed
761RydliSilverlakewhen I put water on this powder, it becomes concrete for a fraction of a secong before turning back to powderclosedTrooprm32It's a bit buggy :( Gave some tips in /msg :)
760cshaikucan someone take out the acacia logs in the iron nuggets chest?closeddefiexLogs relocated to the proper chest!
759Moltensaucei accidently put logs in the wrong chest at spawn.... its in the iron nugget chestcloseddefiexLogs relocated to the proper chest!
758MackSaffronflow this here waterblock, please <3closedbuzzie71flowing!
757nels_nelsonOoof, more cobblestone on the water surface.closeddefiexBridge lifted and player warned! Thank you for reporting!
756nels_nelsonOoof my boat just ran into some cobblestone!closeddefiexBridge lifted and player warned! Thank you for reporting!
755KoneLinxCursed water. Make it flow pls. thanksclosedgrenbugflowed!
754The_Hero27pls flow the waterclosedgrenbugflowed!
753wyguy2014grief: not only were 8 of these trees oak, but those that were oak had a block overhead to prevent them from growing incoveniently tall.closedbuzzie71restored!
752promaxxefound this strip mine in our claim. dont know if it relates to a prior modreq or not. can you tell me who made it?closedbuzzie71discussed via /msg
751dacracotflow water in the room below pleaseclosedQueenBombusflowed!
750IInsani_TyMay you flow my 2 water placementscloseddefiexsplish has been splashed!
749piperboisehey can you tell me who placed these? Everything is unlocked so I can't tellcloseddefiexDiscussed via msg.
748guspollyI'm trying to break some concrete blocks that I set, but they turn back into powder whenever I touch themclosedbermudalocketFixed, thanks for reporting!
747The_Hero27flow water plsclosedpez252Flowed
746ixhiPlease protect this tiny shrine, just up to its own walls. Including the 1-block outward bump from its planters on the roof. Thanks :oclosedpez252Protected with the requested tight protections.
745gk_ryoMonthly Stat: Shame Mining - stone blocks destroyed without a pickaxeclosedpez252Ouch! Looks like you are almost there though.
744cheezychickenmake water go splishy splashy plz <3closedpez252Flowed
743tadrogerscan you make this water flow? Thank you!closedpez252Flowed
742AceMarconiPlease protect this grinder (wip) so I may flow as required. thank you!closedpez252Done
741Legendary_Legendi need the water around this spider spawner flowed. the two on the wall and the three blocks above the wood gates in the exit tunnelclosedpez252Flowed
740Legendary_Legendflow water pleaseclosedpez252Flowed
739Legendary_Legendi need some water flowed. i found out that mob spawners can only spawn the mobs feet at the level of the spawner or one block above or below so i had to fix my floorclosedpez252Flowed
738Okxawater flowclosediNerd71Splooshed! :)
737Legendary_Legendi need some water flowedclosediNerd71Flowed :)
736Legendary_Legendi need some water flowedclosedSpook6flowed!
735SwitchViewzCrop griefclosedFlumperThanks for reporting! :)
734SwitchViewz1 Golem Spawner where the chest is, thanks!closedkumquatmayspawner placed!
733SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedbuzzie71flowing!
732SwitchViewzNot sure if grief or unfinished planting?closeddefiexreplanted and player warned, thanks for reporting!
731SwitchViewzActual flow now! Thanks!closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
730SwitchViewzFlow please! Thanks!closeddefiexPer discussion, no splish has been splashed.
729totemoprotection for pico villagersclosedtotemoprotec
728VuulCould you please protect these 2 spawners so they can't get destroyed, going to build a double grinder.closedtotemoprotec
727BloomingLilycan you upgrade both spawners to lv 2 please :Dclosedkumquatmayspawners upgraded!
726Ruthlesssssfairly big protect(629,44,2037) to here, and up to z63(and out about 10 blocks in each direction if possibleclosedKing_of_quesoregion created!
725Muzelleflow pleaseclosediNerd71Flowing :)
724Ruthlesssssflo pls :DclosedKing_of_quesoYou are now wet!
723Spook6flow my water bbeclosedKirstaeFlowing
722SwitchViewzAnother spawner pls!closedKirstaeSpawner Protected
721SwitchViewzSpawner pls! Thanks!closedKirstaeProtected Spawner
720PlNGsomeone has inconsiderately emptied this cauldronclosedKing_of_quesoCauldron refilled!
719Halinahplease flow these two, ty!closedKing_of_quesoflowing!
718Weazolwho did this?closedkumquatmaydiscussed via /m
717twilexisplease expand protections to this side of the farm, as well as the glowstone protections. <3closediNerd71Protections expanded!
716BloomingLilycan you please extend my region to the stone slabs and down about 20 blocks?closedKing_of_quesoRegion updated!
715PlNGhoplessly lost under spawn. Can I get a bailout?closedcujobeargood luck!
714BloomingLilycan you flow these 2 again plx. im having such a hard time with this water elevatorcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
713dark3lementplease flow the water in front of the observers, and the single water block at the bottom of the channel in betweencloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
712BloomingLilyflow these 2 please :Dclosedttsciflowing!
711barneygaletrain station: E7 now connected to ColoratacloseddefiexCongratulations on your connection to spawn statioN!
710OddGeometryplease replace all my protections with one large protection titled "Odd Man Island" :)closedbuzzie71existing protection covered the area already :O region replaced with new name!
709BloomingLilyHiya, I now have enough for 2 golem spawners. The materials to trade is in the chest and you can place the spawners under any of the black glass. Thanks!closedkumquatmaySpawner placed!
708Silversunsetplease expand grinder protection to new area.closedbuzzie71expanded!
707Weazolplease make this a golem spawnerclosedkumquatmaySpawner placed!
706promaxxehey all, we've had a number of instances in which a player has stolen without asking diamonds (first time 24, this time 2 diamond blocks that we know of) and converted all of our gold into golden apples. Would it be possible to see who's doing it?closedcujobeardiscussed
705AdmiralAntillesflooooooooooooowwwwwwwww this SOBclosediNerd71Sploooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooshed!
704AdmiralAntillesCan we have the solace region expanded to include the area now?closedbuzzie71protected!
703_Sonicflow one more source blockclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing x2!
702OddGeometryplease make water flow, didn't think the extra y levelsclosediNerd71Splooshed!
701BloomingLilyhi friend, can i get a golem spawner? Under any of the black glass is fineclosedkumquatmaySpawner placed!
700_Sonicflow this top source, thanks againclosedKing_of_quesoflowing!
699_Sonicflow for these four water sources pleaseclosedttsciflowing :D
698OddGeometryplease extend protections and flow water :)closedKing_of_quesoregion expanded!
697AceMarconiPlease flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
696promaxxei was under the impression this region titled "minerbuz_underground" was removed, am i mistaken? it is still inside our claimclosedkumquatmayRegion removed
695C45Yplease flow this water <3closedttsciFlowing!
694SkyAdventurer01the ice from frost walker II won't break?closedbermudalocketWill be fixed after next restart, thanks for reporting!
693piplo127128might be something not so important at this time but most of the tpsign type things in mapworld dont workclosedkumquatmayWe've been trying to limit the use of easysigns to essential only for the moment so are aware of the mapworld ones not being set up! Thank you for your report though!
692SwitchViewzGrief?closedbuzzie71looks like it was, and it was restored :O
691twilexisswitch just griefed while i'm buildingclosedCARnivore_ndsplayer fixed
690OleToothlesslooks like somebody griefed this tunnel tooclosedCARnivore_ndslooks like it was player fixed, see no issue
689pez252GriffclosedCARnivore_ndslooks like it got fixed, I see not errors. this tunnel is in progress
687PharmercyThere was a lamp hereclosedkumquatmayIt's back \o/
686OleToothlesssomebody broke our road...closedCARnivore_ndsrepaired, thansk for rep[orting
685twilexisplease protect this farm as 'megafarm'. Make the crop blocks buildable but the glowstone not. thank you.closedkumquatmayProtected, crops harvestable and glowstone safe.
684Silversunsetseems the water is accidentally flooding below - was it grief or just a town member oops?closedkumquatmayGrief fixed!
683TESLAraywater flowclosedpez252Flowed
682wyguy2014grief, it appearsclosedpez252Fixed
679Ruthlessssslast flow I promise(don't want to protect until I finish the build ><), 1 above, 1 around corner(follow torches)closedtict0cWater Flowing!!
678SwitchViewzFlow please! Thanks!closedpez252flowed
677PipersDadsomething went wrong with my original protection request, I need to extend east to -742, south to z208, thanksclosedpez252Done
676Muzelleflow pleaseclosedpez252flowed
675Ruthlessssspls flow the 4 source blocks on each side :)closedpez252Flowed
674PipersDadNeed protection extended up to y48 for my spider grinder, thank youclosedpez252Done!
673harveyriceflowclosedtict0cWater Flowing :)
672harveyriceflowclosedtict0cWater has been released !!
671ZaranadrinCould you please protect my stables :) -- "Zarapolis Stables"closedtict0cHorses are now protected and safe :o)
670harveyriceflowclosedtict0cPretty flowing Waters :o)
669AinivAlcyoneHey! Since I don't own the region, could you flow the 2 lava funnels for me? Plsclosedbuzzie71flowing!
668Ruthlesssssflow all dese sources pls :)closedtict0cAll de Waters Flowin' \o/
667ajr369Can this be protected as Yelgard_Spider_Grinder so I can start doing the water stuff? Please and Thank youclosedbookey42region yelgard_spider_grinder has been created. Happy squashing
666Ruthlesssssflow tiny water plsclosedbuzzie71flowing!
665Jezzzziesplishy slplashy please n thankyclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
664The_Hero27i wanna build a rail to spawn, how i do it?closedNoramipmsg re rails
663PipersDadProtect PD_spiderGrinder, y36 to y44, 4 corners marked with signs, thanksclosedFlumperProtected! :)
662Legendary_Legendi would like my fourth and final iron golem spawner. i have them placed in the single chest by the grinder outputclosedFlumperSpawner placed! Congrats! :)
661ZomiseThis horse is bumping minecarts back down. Pls move.closedDjentleGiantMoved the horse a dozen blocks. Told him I didn't like his shennanigans one bit, and he should reign it in. He will hoof it.
660cheezychickenhorse got stuck literally inside a mountain? can I get it tp'd out plz?closedFlumperThe horse has been TP'd to the portal. :)
659ZomiseWhich one was first. Chicken or egg? (Flumps)closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
658Legendary_Legendi need some water flowed, the 9 blocks gated behind the pistonsclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
657KoneLinxpls protect asap. I can't sleep without it... thanksclosedgrenbugprotected!
656Zaranadrin"I would like to extend the Stone mist claim. I have added extra walls to the North -- which extends to the west and back southclosedgrenbugread more here http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Land_Claims
655BloomingLilycan you flow these 4 pleaseclosediNerd71Splooshed!
654Spook6can i please get this spawner protectedclosedbuzzie71protected!
653SwitchViewzFlow please! Thanks!closedKing_of_quesoflowing!
652BloomingLilycould you region/protect this area? it's marked on the surface with cobble stone. I want to be able to /flow myself :DclosedKing_of_quesoRegion created! Happy flowing!
651BloomingLilyhit me with the flow plsclosedKirstaeFlowing!
650EvilStepDadProtection please. Please protect this grinder as a part of Pico. Thanks mod person.closedbuzzie71protected!
649EvilStepDadPlease flow the water for this grinder. There is one block at the top of the water elevator as well. Thanksclosedbuzzie71flowing!
648dark3lementpls flow this block on the down side.closedbookey42Water Flowin! enjoy
647dnynumberone4 water flows in the corners and 1 underneath pls and thanksclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
646omjamalFlow the water at the top of this shaft? Thanks!closedNoramiWater is a-flowing \o/
645dnynumberoneflow 2 pls and thanksclosedKing_of_quesoflowing!
644dnynumberoneflow this top water?closedcujobearsplishy is splashed
643Silversunsetplease protect this grinder as a child of the haven regionclosedbuzzie71protected!
642Silversunsetpls flow water inside the grinder (for the 100th time)closedbuzzie71flowing!
641Silversunsetplease flow these two again (sorrY)closedbookey42The Water Doth Flow!
640Silversunsetpls flow these twoclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
639CairBirbcould I please get all these water blocks flowing right here? Thank you!closedKing_of_quesoflowing!
638CrambullNeed agua flowed pleaseclosedi_c_e_agua is flowed ;)
637Silversunsetplease flow all the water in this grinder (in the box, the bottom channel in the box, the column, and the water at the top of the column)closedTrooprm32Flowed ya gump
636Weazolplease put an iron golem spawner where the chest isclosedkumquatmayGolem spawner placed! Congrats!
635Nyxiewaterflowclosedttsciwater has flown!
633Weazolplease add this spawner room to cindergate regionclosedpez252Done
632Labarbequeedit: instead of abandoning the claim, please transfer all ownership to IanndclosedkumquatmayIanND is now owner
631OtterSoldiercan i please get some flowing water in this little grotto? ty!closedgrenbugall flowin
630PPGOMEWe are ready for our other two spawners, I believe.closedkumquatmaySpawners placed! Keep the change!
629Labarbequeplease remove this protection. i want to abandon this buildclosedkumquatmaySee req #632
628AdmiralAntillesflow bitchessss. Pls.closedgrenbugflowin!
627Silversunsetcan you flow this column, the bubbles dont seem to be working properly and i'm wondering if a *flowing* source is neededclosedttsciFlowing! Let me know if any further issues
626Silversunsetflow again? unsure of broken or lagclosedSilversunset
625Silversunsetflow pleaseclosedcujobearflowin
624Moltensaucecant get my water to flowclosedgrenbugflowin!
623PPGOMEI am here to beg for 4 golem spawners under the 3 diorite blocks and the one stripped log please! (Break blocks as needed)closedkumquatmay2 spawners placed!
622SwitchViewzFlow please! Thanks!closedttsciflowing!
621OleToothlesskilled fish in this pond before I realized it was an intentional enclosure... killed 3 salmon. Woops.closedcujobearthanks for reporting. Defie will praise your efforts for less feesh
620Okxamake the water flow :Pclosedttsciflowing!
619PipersDadneed to extend protection, south & east down to y58, 4 corners marked, whatever is easiestclosedcujobearregion expanded!
618Weazolare these villagers claimable? i thought this was an open traderclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
617Silversunsetthis pumpkin plant too?closedttscipumpkins are safe
616QueenBombusno carts in dispenser at spawnclosedcujobearroll on
615Silversunsetdid someone break this pumpkin plant?closedQueenBombuspumpkins replanted
614PPGOMEflow water down this tunnel pleaseclosedcujobearflowin
613omjamalFlow water at both ends? Thanks!closedttsciFlowing!
612PPGOMEflow all non-flowing water please :DclosedttsciFlowing! :D
611tadrogerscan you protect these bookcases please? Do I ask you?closedQueenBombustadrogers I protected the bookacases + the floor around it as tad_home
610PyroAvokwater elevator not working plz halpclosedkumquatmayMostly working!
609PPGOMEflow all water plisclosedNoramiFlowing :D
608EvilStepDadPlease make this a water source so that I can swim at my leisure. Thanks and have a great day!closedkumquatmayFlowin'
607Silversunsetcan you fix this region so we can cover the portal frame please.closedkumquatmayfixed!
606Nyxieprotect this spawner plsclosedkumquatmayprotected!
605varjI think we have a squatter who placed a chest and left floaty tree clumps inside our claim. Pls help.closedFlumperSquatter evicted!
604PyroAvokmake dis water FLOW IIIclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
603The_Hero27pls flow waterclosedNoramiall blocks of water that you placed are flowing now
602Weazolplease add this cave base to cindergate regionclosedFlumperProtected! :)
601PyroAvokmake dis water FLOW IIclosedNoramiFlowed \o/
600ZomisePlease flow ONLY the top block.closedFlumperFlowed! :)
599SwitchViewz/seen does not appear to be function correctly. It is showing players that were on just yestreday as last seen on sunday (such as myself), and some players it says it has not seen at all.closedFlumperThe techs have been alerted! :)
598ajr369water flow please. I forgot ThanksclosedNoramiFlowing :)
597Zomisechorus fruit griefclosedkumquatmayPlant restored and player given guide on how to farm correctly
596ajr369Water Flow PleaseclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
595PyroAvokmake dis water FLOWclosedNoramiFlowing \o/
594ZomiseFlow this one block please.closedFlumperFlowed! :)
593TharineHello please may I get the lil block of water above this lava lake flowing? Thank you kindly! :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
592ZomiseFlow pls.closedtict0cFlowing for Rose \o/
591harveyriceflowclosedbookey42water flowing happy villagers!
590DantesDamedo I need to requst fire? If so, could you please light the fire places on all floors?closedNoramipmsg player :)
589OtterSoldiermay i have a couple pieces of flowing lava please and thank you!closedrobr2 flowed
588KingBirdzKingBirdz protection of this area plsclosedrobrregions created on each side of road encompassing builds
587Okxawater, flow!closedNorami
586Vuulplease protect this storage room under a new parent region called Port_Mesa with owners Vuul and RepinWolfclosedKing_of_quesoRegion created!
585RokkuCXVIIplease flow all the source blocks on the ceilingclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
584ajr369Protect spawner pleaseclosedNoramiprotected spiderspawner for you, name of region is :spiderspawner
58332ndFlavaPls protec this area under region Pico. Thanks!closedQueenBombusprotected!
582barneygaleN6 heading to PicoclosedQueenBombussign updated
580Sir_DidymusPlease protect this spawner!closedQueenBombusprotected- continued the same naming convention as the others
579cheezychickenlet it flooow let it flooow cant hold it back anymooooreclosedQueenBombusflowing!
578The_Hero27flow the water plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
577Legendary_Legendcan i get 9 blocks of water flowed. I also want to purchase 2 more iron golem spawners. there are two individual chests at the output for the grinder. This circuit also has an off switch which i will be routing next to the output areaclosedFlumperSorry for the delay. Spawners placed and water flowed! :)
576MackSaffronflow this water block please <3closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
575Sir_DidymusPlease protect this spawner!closedQueenBombusprotex in place
574Legendary_Legendcan i get the three blocks of water beneath me flowedclosedQueenBombusflowing
573RokkuCXVIIPlaced the rest of the source blocks, please flow all of the little under lip bits too <3closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
572RokkuCXVIICan I get this wall flowed?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
571Legendary_Legendi need the 8 blocks of water in here flowed. id also like to know if the golems can spawn into flowing waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
570barneygaleI accidentally washed away a powered rail in a protected areaclosedBluuefuzzyfixed!
569twilexiswho built this farm pleaseclosedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
568twilexiswho built this farm pleaseclosedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
567OddGeometryplease extend protections :)closedKing_of_quesoRegion expanded!
566SwitchViewzCan you please /mail me who built this road? Thanks!closedKing_of_queso/mail sent
565ELWGclaimclosedtotemonot a claim; read /help claims and /help protection
564totemoProtect ice road, walls ceiling and floor pls.closedtotemoprotecc
563Standish_i would like a large pepperoni pizza with one half also with mushroomsclosedSapphricWould you like to add a Pepsi for only $7.99?
562KirstaeI cant use the trapdoors here to trap my horse in a pen, is that intentional?closedbermudalocketfixed!
561Wozdakapls flow 2 water tyclosedcujobearwater flowing
560PPGOMEcan't leave due to spooky manta rays. In the small capsule up top was a zombie that disappeared. I was in town hall (not far away at all)closedttsciAddressed via /mail
559SwitchViewzDid someone grief this? The water didnt use to flow onto the roadclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m
558piplo127128hello i got technically stuck bc i ate all my food and i cant go through a 1x1 gap bc my hunger doesnt let me swimclosedttsciBe free!
557RokkuCXVIISilver said I can modreq anything, is this true?closedRokkuCXVIIIt appears so
556iNerd71stuck in a block I thinkclosedttscirescued!
555ttscipls to flow our fishtank :DclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
554PPGOMEflor the water please :Dclosedi_c_e_the water does flow \o/
553ttsciwater flow me pls :Dclosedcujobear\o/
552jeagle7247build prot - region bounded by the cobble wall; name: navacia_sorter if able - gonna be running a lot of water, and don't want to keep going back w/ a flow req when i mess upclosedbuzzie71protected! see your /mail with more info
551PyroAvokspawn shulker spot (crane) is bustedclosedcujobearshould be fixed now. thanks for reporting
550AshenraynePlease allow water block at 165 77 359 to flow? I tested this on a SP superflat and it should flow to 164 77 359, but last modreq mentioned that perhaps I needed water there? I'm a bit confused. Thanks!closedttsciFlowing and hopefully working! Looks like bubble-columns don't flow, but next to it should work :)
549PPGOMEflow all water down tunnel and up the tube at the end please :Dclosedttsciflowing!
548JezzzzieHi, I need a protection with a couple special requests please :)closedKing_of_quesoregions created!
547PPGOMEflow please :DclosedQueenBombusflowin'
546Silversunsetdid there used to be white concrete here? i thought it was completely filled in but i could be mistakenclosedQueenBombusdiscussed via pm
545Noramicould you please remove the double chest registerd to barneygale here, he is NOT part of PicoclosedFlumperChest removed! :)
544Azumarill[defiex] water dspnsrscloseddefiexDispensors splished! Enjoy the splash!
543PPGOMEflow please!closedNoramiAll done :D
542assasymphonihas someone been taking nautilis shells from either collectibles or non-ores valuables chests here? I feel like they keep going missingclosedcujobeardiscussed via /m
54132ndFlavapls flow these 2 blocks on this y level. Thanks!closed32ndFlava
540RydliSilverlakeNevermind 15th time's the charm apparentlyclosedNoramisee 538
53932ndFlavapls flow this block of water here pls! Thank!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
538RydliSilverlakeMy horse came into the nether after I was here and now i can't get it to go back =/closedNoramiSee 540
53732ndFlavapls flow this block of water here pls! Thank!closedCARnivore_ndslike a ton of raindrops all in one place it flows.
53632ndFlavapls flow this block of water here pls! Thank!closedHeysofiaAlso flowedddddd~~~
53532ndFlavaflow this block of water here pls! Thank!closedHeysofiaFlowedddd~~~
534HeysofiaSooooo....can I please lose my creative perks? :P I think they stayed on after pve dev haha.closedHeysofiaAll good.
533HouseBoltoncould my region be extended to cover this please?closeddefiexProtection expanded!
532PyroAvoka parrot just committed suicide on my pickaxe. idk if it was mine or i accidentally griefed someone's petclosedkumquatmayIt was your parrot..
530SkyAdventurer01please claim this spawner for meclosedKing_of_quesoSpawner protected!
529Azumarillwater flowclosedKing_of_quesoflowing!
528Azumarillcan I have a big ol' box around this thing? it's okay to go around the portal room too if possiblecloseddefiexThe Chicken Murder Machine has been protected!
526dnynumberoneis this player built? just curiouscloseddnynumberone
525malcontentsregion protect farm so I can flow waterclosedHeysofiaRegion made! Enjoy building! :)
524AzumarillfloclosedHeysofiaFlowed! Block is flowing down, if you need flowing across please place another block infront.
523AshenraynePlease flow 1 water block to complete skelly grinder. Should now function as they are making up to the single block that needs to flow to the drop.closedHeysofiaFlowed! It's flowing down which is how its working since theres no block underneath, if you want it to flow across please place another block infront and we can flow that.
522OmegaeddonFluz tuz wuz pluz.closedKing_of_quesoSploooosh!
520Ashenrayneplease flow 7 blocks of water for skelly spawner. Signs point to spawning chamber.closedKing_of_quesoWater is flowing, but it looks like the grinder won't work in its current state
519OmegaeddonGerrrfclosedQueenBombusnot grief- the person who build it broke it
518RukiaKuchiki_proteccc evil underwater lair >:3closedQueenBombusregion protex!
517Azumarillwatrcloseddefiexsplish has been splashed!
516ZomiseWater flow on the danger zone please.closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
515TharineI want to make a rail connection to spawn but the spawn protections start here - how do I go about getting it connected once I have rails in place?closedQueenBombusdiscussed via pm
514ZomiseSafebuckets borked here. Making sourceblocks flowing blocks with piston updates.closedbermudalocketlet me know if this happens again
513Wawskiremove build protection: so players can use farmcloseddefiexRegion removed per discussion with player! Crops are freeeeeee!
512gk_ryoflowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
511QueenBombusexpand gwenyn to include developed area, farms, villager breederclosedQueenBombusexpanded region slightly
510diden00pleas flow thisclosedQueenBombusflowing!
509diden00pleas flow thisclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
508QueenBombusflowing waterclosedQueenBombusflowing
507Sir_DidymusPlease protect this spawner!closedQueenBombusprotected!
506kirupandaPls to flow my water baby, thankxclosedQueenBombusflowing!
505OmegaeddonErm,,, I sheered these sheep, not realizing they are on stone, not grass and therefore will not regrow wool, Sorry!closedOmegaeddonFixed - Murdered them :D
504ZomiseApart from me and Nyxie, who's touched the white concrete powder from this chest? Pls /mail. Am afk.closedZomiseDjentle forgot to close.
503cheezychickenwho claim dis? <3closedQueenBombusdiscussed via pm
502cheezychickenmake go splish splash cuz am lazyclosedQueenBombusis flowin!
501OmegaeddonGriffclosedQueenBombusplayer warned for both instances of grief (this and modreq 500), crops restored
500OmegaeddonGriff?closedQueenBombusI restored the glass. It seems the water was already flowing on the roadway prior to that?
499Ruthlessssspls protec this ugly duckling of a creation(chest to shulker to sky)closedFlumperProtected! :)
498PipersDadprotect this blaze spawner please, just the spawnerclosedQueenBombusspawner protected
497Ruthlessssspls flow these waters!closediNerd71Splooshed!
496Spook6can chicken izta please be protected <3closedSpook6protected by the bestest mod ever
495TwoTonTwentyOneCan I have the "solace_village" expanded to include the new villager breeder? ThanksclosedQueenBombusexpanded!
494AinivAlcyoneProtect the second Archway now as well, adding it to the child region. Pls :)closedFlumperProtected! :)
493RonBMy bed is stolen :/closedtotemorolled back; culprit warned
492RonBSomeone harvested all my farms without replanting.closedtotemorolled back; culprit warned
491Legendary_Legendi need two blocks of water flowedclosedSpook6flowed!
490SwitchViewzPlease protect this underwater room as "switchbase" - Do not include the road on top. Thanks!closediNerd71Switchbase protected. Switch pls
489Spook6someone has placed rails through this bit of my tunnel that i was planning on putting rails in....closedFlumperThe builder of the rail line has diverted it! :)
488RokkuCXVIIFlow pls :D\closeddefiexprickley splish has been splashed
487RukiaKuchiki_seems frostwalker ice does not melt :OclosedFlumperFrostwalker never seems to work properly on P. I recommend against using it. I've removed the ice!
486defiexPls to claim this zambie spooner for me pls.closedSpook6this zambie spooner is yours!
485AzumarillfloclosedRukiaKuchiki_safety watr flo
484ZaliekPlease expand region turtle_cove to encompass buildclosedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
483Bungpeicecan you tell me who is working/not working on this so i can build a quick blaze spawnerclosedRukiaKuchiki_msged player about blaze owner
482AzumarillfloclosedRukiaKuchiki_scary water flowed :O
481QueenBombusprotecc the ink emporium, and it is now open for the public!closedSpook6ink emporium has protection :D
480omjamalFlow please?closedttsciFlowing! Happy harvesting :)
479The_Hero27Pls flow the water that has nothing underneathclosedrobrflowed
478PPGOMEPlayer has been asked multiple times to leave claim. Ignores requests and a region was granted for player in the claim (mod misunderstanding). Please halp us!closedFlumperThe build has been removed from your claim.
477PPGOMEprotect this future grinder to save the mods work and spam please >:DclosedttsciRegion created!
476Trooprm32Can I also get prots for my sewerclosedTrooprm32Protected a bit and too lazy to finish without wecui
475PPGOMEflow please!closedttsciflowing!
474SkyAdventurer01please flow so i don't have to sucide pleaseclosedttsciFlowing! Give it a minute to reach the ground. :)
473QueenBombusremove or move this bedrock sign por favorclosedcujobearremoved
472totemoPlease protect and admin-trade-fix this abductee.claimedkumquatmay
471Trooprm32Can I get my portal lit now?closedcujobearPortal is open!
470QueenBombusplace squid spawner where this granite block is por favor!closedcujobearsquid spawner placed, please request when it is ready for players
468Dagoodwiflow water? idk it was supposed to already be flowing. thanks in advance :)closedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
467HouseBoltonplease protectclosedQueenBombusprotected!
466Owen_Cullenhow do I turn on water flow?closedttscino water here to flow, but in general, doing a modreq is the right way
465cheezychickenjust noticed I might be within a claim fence but I can't see any signs? Could you check and see whats up?closedttscidiscussed via msg
464SwitchViewzCan you please /mail me who made these? Would like to talk to them about em. Thanks!closedttsciDiscussed via /msg
463iNerd71create Argoth chest region pleaseclosedQueenBombuscreated chest region
462SkyAdventurer01can i please get this water flowen so i can test this hopper set upclosedrobrflowed
461Crambullle sighclosedttsciShulkers are mean, sorry you had a rough landing!
460Crambullwater pleaseeeclosedttsciflow no longer required :(
459Silversunsetwho placed these brick slabs in my tunnel? they dont belongclosedttsciRolled back, looks like they might've been placed accidentally
458Lethal_Treecan i get the "Ravenrock" region split into a parent region Ravenrock, and one for the castle, ravenrock_castle, and a seperate one for the autofarms, ravenrock_farms or soemthingclosedQueenBombusregions created as per request. region "ravenrock" is now a chest region and both other regions are child regions of ravenrock
457Owen_Cullenare the villagers at spawn yet?closedttsciNot yet! Check back soon :)
456Zarton_please help solve a land-claim issueclosedrobrdiscussed via /m see note
455dnynumberoneclaim protection plsclosedrobrspawner protected
454AshenrayneI've connected Train line E1 to Algac. Can I please get the sign changed?closedrobrsign resigned!
452robrneed solace nether chest regionclosedrobrnether chest region created
451TexasTormentureCan we remove derp hut? /seen doesnt work to check on rukiaclosedkumquatmaySpoke via /mail
450Weazolflow pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
449robranother water level bridgeclosedkumquatmayPlayer is modifying!
448robrwater level barrier/bridgeclosedkumquatmayPlayer is modifying!
445sushi15doth the water flow, mods?closedCARnivore_ndsyou can now carry well beyond your little pond!
444Omegaeddonplz flow these two water. For some reason, flow not working for meclosedOmegaeddonSod it :)
443ZomiseWho made this sign?closedkumquatmayTold via /m
442AceMarconiPLease ELI5 why there are so few peaceful mobs. Yes, this is a serious question. I am used to 1.13. This is barren!closedCARnivore_ndsserious answer; this is actually hard mode, so many mobs are not nice. as far as the place you are hangout, peacfull mobs will show. however soem peacefull mobs spawn more frequently in certian Biomes
441darklordsmuA chest region called "Bjorkburgh"closedFlumperChest region created! :)
440BarlimoreWho placed these four blocks?closedFlumperDiscussed via msg.
439barneygale/discord and /mumble are unknown commandsclosedrobrcommandhelper is down due to 1.13.2 troubleshooting issues right now, please stay tuned.
438Weazolif there is a claim on the ocean temple does that mean i cant have any prismarine?closedWeazol
437The_Hero27water flow pls!closedrobrflowed
436RukiaKuchiki_protecc plssclosedrobrregion protected..
435theFacebookflowing water plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
434Legendary_Legendi need the water in the glass trenches flowed and i am purchasing an iron golem spawner to replace one of the four floating polished blocks. payment inside single chestclosedFlumperWater flowed and spawner placed! :)
433barneygalefell in a hole, don't want to grief what's around me to get out, can I get tp'd up?closedBluuefuzzyrescued!
432cyanoacrylatethere were a ton of item entities in the region from the concrete powder collapsing; enough to cause client side lag for a bit. Not really a problem but I guess I should mention itclosedFlumperThanks for letting us know!
431Legendary_Legendcan i get all the water in here flowed. i need to check if everything functions properlyclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
430wyndysaschaI mean, pls claim 'wyndy_skelly_01'closedBluuefuzzyrenamed!
429wyndysaschaMine all mine mwah-hah-haahclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
428AinivAlcyoneHey! Can you protect my archway that I made on Metal Mountains swampland? Make it so other region members can edit it if possible.closedQueenBombusregion created as a child of region mm
427MackSaffronFlow these blocks pls :DclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
426barneygalepossible xray again? not sure how you'd see the ravine above otherwiseclosedFlumperThanks for reporting. :)
425barneygalepossible xraying?closedFlumperThanks for reporting. :)
424totemocan we get this nether side portal rotate 90 degrees to match the road lead up to it (sorry)closedFlumperWe stated in the info psot that we would not be moving portals once placed. We will give serious consideration to changing this policy for the future, but it would be unfair to make an exception to an established rule.
423ixhiProtect - marked desired corners with lapis blocksclosedDjentleGiantYou modreq, I protecc
422ZomiseWho took the obsidian from valuables last?closedTrooprm32Told via /msg
421OmegaeddonPlz protect as "Omega_Island_Base" Ta!closedFlumperProtected! :)
420kumquatmayplease protect this blaze it spawnerclosedFlumperBlazed af
419C45Ypls protec from this corner across and downwards, corners are markedclosedFlumperProtected! :)
418Flumperreminder req: add portal place/dmarker when possible.closedcujobearplace added
417SwitchViewzFlow please! Thank you!closedTrooprm32Flowed!
416Labarbequecya totemo. sorry for being an ass, you didnt deserve it. the rest of this toxic server did.closedtotemomodreq again to get unmuted if you return
415SwitchViewzFlow!closedSwitchViewzI don't need no mods to flow my water! Natural flowing water will be my savior!
414Ruthlesssssand last spawner here(5 total >.<) sorry for all the modreqsclosedTrooprm32Protected
413twilexisprotect this as orion pleaseclosedTrooprm32Protected
412Ruthlessssspls protect spawnerclosedTrooprm32Protected
411Labarbequei also need water sources placed here - on the 3 cobblestone pleaseclosedTrooprm32Hope you meant flowed, because it's now flowing
410Ruthlessssspls protect spawnerclosedTrooprm32Protected
409Ruthlessssspls protect spawnerclosedTrooprm32Protected
408Ruthlessssspls protec spawnerclosedtotemoprotecc
407Labarbequei need water placed on all of these leaves - the entire place needs to be source blocksclosedtotemoprotection created; flow blocks with /flow. Check out /help flow and /help protection.
406Lethal_Treecan i get these 4 waters flowclosedbookey42Water flowin Teach those sugar cane whose boss
405RukiaKuchiki_totemoreq: -518 +2148closedtotemo:I
404Lethal_Treecan i get these 4 waters flowwed as well as the 4 other ones in the other thingclosedbookey42Enjoy the flowin water!
403Goofybud16Can you please check the date on this fence/claim?closedGoofybud16
402RokkuCXVIIflow plsclosedbookey42Flowing Flowing Water
401RukiaKuchiki_cant build in own region xdclosedTrooprm32This wasn't supposed to be protected in the first place. Removed region, please make edits before requestion protections for a generated structure
400Lethal_Treecan i get some regions pls: a parent region, Ravenrock, and then like one for the castle and one for the two autofarms (water things under castle)closedTrooprm32Unsure specifically what you're requesting; protected the castle&autofarms as one called ravenrock.
399RokkuCXVIIflow plsclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
398omjamalAnd one more tier. Flow please?closedHerr_Fawkesflowing
397Lethal_Treecan i get this wwater flowclosedSpook6flowed!
396totemoPlease light this portal.closedFlumperPortal activated! Place will be granted when possible.
395Riveriunintentional player trap - can't leave the bubble tube, it's a block too low. starts drowning you. have to break a block to escapeclosedRiveri
394omjamalSorry, miscalculated! Flow this water?closedSpook6flowed!
393omjamalPlease flow this water?closedSpook6flowed!
392Wozdakapls flow 1 block in holeclosedi_c_e_flowed ;)
391twilexisflow pleaseclosedi_c_e_flow flow flowed ;)
390omjamalFlow this water please?closedi_c_e_you have flow ;)
389Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedi_c_e_flowing ;)
388twilexisflow plsclosedi_c_e_ye be flowing
387Muzelleflow pleaseclosedtict0cdone and flowing :)
386OleToothlessclaim fence not above water...closedttsciClaim fence fixed and reminded the user about keeping things above wtaer level :)
385Labarbequecould i please get someone to place this water for me?closedHerr_Fawkesflowin'!
384SkyAdventurer01please flow here then up their after pleaseclosedi_c_e_you have flowy water ;)
383StarMinion1Can I have this area and the village above it protected as a subregion of "solace"? Please and thanksclosedFlumperProtected as a child of solace! :)
382Spartan____Queso Proize?closedFlumperThe easysign plugin is currently disabled. We'll put out a public notice when it's working again. Sorry for the inconvenience!
381Weazolplease flow this waterclosedDjentleGiantMax flow achieved
380Spartan____is this sign broken :OclosedttsciDiscussed via /msg, will modreq for prize
379_Inder_give this water some freedom plz :)closedi_c_e_the water is Free !
378Wawskibuild protection extention: can I include up to the fence before more gets taken? Markers being ignored.closedcujobeardiscussed via /m will check in later
377Wawskican you delete the crap that's been built on my side of the wall? I tried build protecting earlier today to avoid this.closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
376King_of_quesoTime to light the SE portal!closedcujobearcongrats!
375Azumarilldid someone just build this or did staff do it beforehandclosedHerr_Fawkesclosed by player request
374RukiaKuchiki_protecc this, im turnin it into cools baseclosedttsciRegion created! Enjoy your Cool Base!
373Lethal_Treecan all this water get flowclosedSpook6flowing!
372SwitchViewzSpawner plsclosedcujobearspawner protected
371piplo127128can this cannal b flow tyclosedSpook6flowed!
370AceMarconiFlow pls!closedSpook6flowed!
369Muzelleflow pleaseclosedSpook6flowing
368Dagoodwiwater flow please :)closedSpook6your water is flowing :D
367Silversunsetcan you please reflow this it appears to have brokenclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
366SkyAdventurer01i fell through the ground and died in the overworldclosedcujobearrestored inventory
365IInsani_Tyi died in the void I need helpclosedcujobearinventory recovery was a success!
364Weazolplease flow the water up thereclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
363CrambullI need water flowedclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
362MackSaffronCan I claim the area inside of the acacia plank pillars?closedDjentleGiantsend macksaffron You can clain the area, just be sure to place a fence border around it and to utilize the area. :) There are no rules about claim size, but be sure to not claim more than you need.
361Weazolplease flow the water up thereclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
360tadrogerscan you make JUST this one top block flow? please?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
359derpherpingtonstuck on boat entityclosedderpherpington
358Muzelleflow pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
357Minerbuzplease protect property between double red stone blocks over existing claim 1648 70 -555 + 1602 98 -505closedTrooprm32Protected!
356Silversunsetwho built this?closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm
355iNerd71Would it be possible to connect the north cardinal road to the shore of spawn?closedkumquatmayRoad extended!
354tadrogerscan you make the water flow (four corners and one in the holeclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
353AzumarillI used to have a chicken here, whahappenclosedHerr_Fawkescouldn't find a chicken in logs, no kills either
352SwitchViewzYou guys really should put a fence here... I nearly ran off the cliff, if I had a horse I would of went flyingclosedkumquatmayAdded!
351pez252Portal please! \o/closedkumquatmayNether Portal has been lit! Congratulations! \o/
350PyroAvokcauldrons in nether side of spawn portalclosedkumquatmayThis is something that can be done by players :D
349theFacebookannnd another flowing waterclosedpez252Flowed
348theFacebookflowing waterclosedpez252Flowed
347QueenBombusfix flowing blocksclosedQueenBombusfixed
346theFacebookflowing watahclosedpez252Flowed
345varjpls flow this waterclosedbookey42water doth flow!
344The_Hero27claim it please!closedpez252Spawners protected from destroying by other players. Be sure to put a claim fence around the area you would like to build.
343Spartan____Who placed these torches around the spawner :Oclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
342Sir_DidymusPlease could you tell me whose rail this is, for collaborative purposes.closedQueenBombusDiscussing via pm
341JennaeHi Can you protect my claim around the mossy cobble fencing please? Thanks :)closedDjentleGiantProtected!
3408_Bit_Elisomebody damaged my houseclosedcujobearchecked in with player and discussed.
339Sir_DidymusPlease liquify my square, if you don't mind.closedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
338varjpls flow this waterblockclosedrobrflowed after experimentation
337The_Hero27claim the place pls and can i have a region here?closedrobrprotections are only granted to player generated builds, please build something before modreqing for protection.
336The_Hero27is this place claimed?closedrobronly edits in area are yours, so no.
335RukiaKuchiki_is this base player made?closedrobrgenerated with map!
334Legendary_Legendcan i get this island protected. It already existed as a claim. Parts will look undeveloped however part of the intent of the build is for a fortress to be built into the island itself so it will remain natural (albeit hollowed out)closedrobrbuilt areas protected - please make sure you make claim obvious for western extremes
333theFacebookspawner claimclosedrobrhorribly evil spawner protected
332JohnnyLeslieYTcan i have my land linked to spawn for easy accessclosedkumquatmayThis is very far away from spawn, we can't like this to spawn sorry!
331malcontentsfarm region protectionclosedHeysofiaRegion made in later request.
330OtterSoldierI died after lagging thru the map, is there a way to get any of my stuff back? blease i had pretty flowers ;_;closedcujobearinventory restored
329OddGeometryplease protect raft, island, and underwater coral/glass houses :)closedrobrarea protected
328PPGOMEare these random areas of cobble considered a 'build'? Would it affect my claim?closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm
327King_of_quesoI came through the south portal on my donkey, it somehow teleported to 296, 80, 2470closedKing_of_queso
326PPGOMEwho made this farm?closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm
325ZomisePlease replace glowstone with a golem spawner.closedFlumperSpawner placed! :)
324varjpls flow this waterclosedDjentleGiantDone, you impatient wanker! >:D
323seburohprotecc spawner 495.23.1891closedDjentleGiantRegion created!
322diden00pleas flow thisclosedDjentleGiantFlowed!
321ZomiseFlow the misbehaving source blocks please.closedQueenBombusfixed!
320varjpls to protect this spawner for meclosedQueenBombusspawner protected
318QueenBombusflowing waterclosedQueenBombus
316seburohprotecc spawner 429.26.1988closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
315seburohprotecc spawner 494.20.1962closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
314seburohprotecc spawner 518.31.2025closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
313QueenBombusclaim squid spawnerclosedkumquatmayCongratulations on finding the Squid Spawner! Please req for spawner placement within 2 weeks or it will be placed at the bedrock marker!
312ZomiseFlow pls.closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
311tobylaneWho moved the enchanting table?closedQueenBombusdiscussed via /tell
310AceMarconiWill there ever be another cow for My poor lonely friend here? they seem to be prety scarce...closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm
309The_Hero27water flow for infinite water!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
308GHDproplease extend protection of grinder to include top loop, thanks! (also flow water at top of column) [should work, tested it in creative]closedFlumperDone! :)
307Wawskibuild protection centered at 2096 east, out to the Rose border (i think -150north)closedFlumperCentral build has been protected, but the rest needs to be developed more to qualify for protection.
306GHDproplease expand protection from spawner to whole grinder please, plus flow water (usual places plus top of water column), thanks!closedFlumperGrinder protected. Water flowed, hoever the top of the water column won't flow due to the bubble column running through it.
305ZaliekPlease flow thisclosedSpook6flowed!
304RokkuCXVIISomeone wrote cunt in sand and made a stone penis on my buildclosedRokkuCXVIInolans a cunt
303Azumarilldid my pufferfish kill my pet drownedclosedkumquatmayPufferfish killed Drowned with it's fists!
302Wozdakapls flow all water in tank - i will finish once flowing - tyvmclosedTrooprm32Flowed!
301Weird_Grimmake water flowclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
300totemobarneygale has modified pico builds. Please undo his edits on this staircase and move him along from our claim.closedkumquatmayStaircase rolled back and spoken to player
299theFacebookzombie spawner, we can claim these right?closedKing_of_quesoSpawner protected!
298QueenBombusSpawn rail sign: S2= GwenynclosedKing_of_quesoSign updated!
297RukiaKuchiki_protecc dat spawner plsclosedKing_of_quesoregion enderman_spawner created!
296Azumarillregion, note redstone, is attached to grinder, two owners (+tompreuss)closedKing_of_quesoRegion azu_drowned created!
295zburdsalflow me good baeclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
294Mumberthraxaddendum: figured out how to reproduce. pm for detailsclosedbermudalocketDiscussed via /msg
293Mumberthraxsomehow i managed to place a flowing water source here a minute ago. was jumping across and tried to use bucket to land safely. used again nearby and it was static as normal. not sure how to reproduce.closedbermudalocketSee 294
292tadrogersflow please? thanks!closedbookey42Flow like the spice
291Goofybud16I'd like to claim this spawnerclosedBluuefuzzyprotected! hopefully
290iNerd71claim spawn rail N8 for Argoth pleaseclosedcujobearN8 now labeled as Argoth
289Goofybud16I'd like to claim this spawner. Thanksclosedcujobeardone
288SwitchViewzWho stole my bed?closedcujobeardiscussed and replaced
287RokkuCXVIIflow this one block pls and thankscloseddefiexCarnivory splish hath been splashed
286ZaliekPlease flowclosedcujobearpool flowing
285RukiaKuchiki_i see wierd watter pillar hereclosedcujobearweird indeed. removed
284jeagle7247chest-region if possible, name: Navacia_TownChestclosedbuzzie71chest region created!
283Merp2000Cannot pass this claim fence via boat.closedcujobearmailed player to raise fences. will check back.
282harveyriceflowclosedCARnivore_ndsyour flowing is a going
281Halinahplease flow this water, ty!closedbuzzie71flowing!
280Owen_CullenI got pez's secretclosedcujobear\o/
278assasymphoniHelp I'm stuck on this stone fenceclosedassasymphoni
277The_Hero27Water flow the biggest fountain in the server!closedbuzzie71flowing!
276bookey42Waterflow please. I can't get it to goclosedQueenBombusdiscussed solution via chat
275Omega_OrionI have a fence put up, and now that im actually working on the house and no longer terraforming I feel ok about modreq-ing protections :)closedHerr_Fawkesprotected, rg name is omega_house
274The_Hero27water flow!closedQueenBombusflowed!
273SkyAdventurer01claim pleaseclosedcujobearyour claim is valid. Please request once complete and we can protect it for you.
272Halinahplease flow the three waters in this channel, ty!closedQueenBombusflowed!
271WeazolPlease protect this castle, call it Cindergate.closedbuzzie71protected!
270MrSirLancerequest: Lava Flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
269The_Hero27flow it pleaseeclosedbuzzie71flowing! please modreq again when you are ready for the rest to flow :O
268Weird_Grimmake water flowclosedbookey42let the water flow!
267Fezthebearplease flow this waterclosedbookey42water doth flow
266The_Hero27Flow it please!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
265Azumarillflow (look up)closedbuzzie71flowing!
264TexasTormentureflow top block plzclosedbookey42flowin fo sho
263ZaliekPlease protect this turtle structure. Region name "turtle_cove"closedbuzzie71protected!
262OddGeometryplease fill in air pocket with water, i've tried but can't get all of it :(closedQueenBombusadvised via pm
261TexasTormentureflow x1 plzclosedQueenBombusflowed
260i_c_e_I made it \o/ pressies pleaseclosedcujobear\o/
259Merp2000Found the sign! \o/closedcujobear\o/
258assasymphoniThe signs aren't working and i finally made it up here and please don't make me do this again, can I have pez's dumb thingclosedcujobear\o/
257ttsciI found pez's sign! Modreqing for item :)closedcujobear\o/
256tict0cgimme gimme :)closedcujobear\o/
255dark3lementadd n7 as completed. for the town avalonclosedcujobearn7 listed as Avalon
254TexasTormentureflow x2closedQueenBombusflowed!
253ixhiHelp I'm stuck in a blockclosedCARnivore_ndsstand! and walk away!
252dnynumberonestuck again :xclosedCARnivore_ndssaved
251dark3lementneed a way to connect this rail to spawn, cant break blocks in front of meclosedQueenBombussent message in discord
250TexasTormenturemy kelp accent was griffledclosedBluuefuzzyfinally fixed
249TheCoachAdairdisregard. it's because i had wood swoard in handclosedCARnivore_ndsnot needed
248TheCoachAdairthis door is locked in my own region :/closedCARnivore_ndsnot needed
247dnynumberonestuck :xclosedBluuefuzzyrescued!
246Wozdakapls flow all the water in phase2 sugar farm channels for sweet sweet profit - tyvmclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
245vmc_7645please flow thisclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
244Azumarilldo something about this furnaceclosedcujobearmailed owner
243PlNGhalp, I'm permlocked in a hole in spawnclosedBluuefuzzyrescued!
242KanegouclaimclosedCARnivore_ndscleared in last req.
241KanegouhelpclosedCARnivore_ndsKanegous_shack created
240Zarton_re: modreq 238, northern coord is 132,69,21 not 132,69,19 ... see redstone blocks... apologiesclosedZarton_
239kirupandaI've had an LWC internal error ":PLAYER_INTERACT", and it said to notify an admin immediately.closedbermudalocketThanks for reporting!
238Zarton_please protect the mr1_info_booth : 122,4,27 to 132,69,19 no horizontal buffer due to neighboring buildclosedRukiaKuchiki_protected :D
237WeazolThe crafting recipie for Heart of the Sea doesnt seem to work.closedbermudalocketfixed. craft away!
236harveyriceflowclosedcujobearsplish and splash
235PPGOMEWho made this road? I need to have a word with them owoclosedcujobeardiscussed via /m
234cyanoacrylateprotecc ploxclosedbuzzie71protected! only the iceberg at the moment; consider modreqing for protection expansion after building up the surrounding area some more :O
233Asterix1806Flow water plox. Also, can I get a region for my towers and stuff. Thanks.closedcujobearwater flowed, towers protected
232HyperNova_DHprotection please!closedbuzzie71protected to you and Pon_and_Zi!
231loolgloolOne water block needs to flow. tp to -94, 72, 3273 facing south and you'll see instructions. Thank you!closedSirLyleflowing
230loolgloolI need 6 water blocks turned into source blocks for a skelly grinder. Instructions at -102, 49, 3269 facing north. Thanks!closedSirLyleflowed, thanks for the very specific instructions.
229RydliSilverlakeI turned these sheep black, but 3/4 wool dropped is white. Even when it's offspringclosedbermudalocketResolved. Should not happen again moving forward
228SirLylewater flow pleaseclosedQueenBombusflowed!
226AceMarconiPlease protect within the Gold blocks or thereabouts. There is also a tunnel north to the sea at 63. Do what you can. Thanks!closedbookey42Region marconi created at requested area. AceMarconi set as owner
225PipersDadprotection, PD_Skeleton_Grinder, 4 corners marked with signs, make from y16 to y47closedQueenBombusprotected
224Zomisegriff?closedQueenBombusThe block has no changes- must not have been placed.
223DantesDameI had to redesign. Can you please make the water flow?closedbuzzie71flowing!
222wyldstallynsflow ploxclosedQueenBombusflowed
221MinerbuzPlease make water flow at 596 11 -248closedcujobearwater bowl filled
220PipersDadflow this one water block, thanksclosedcujobear1 water flowed
219DantesDamecan you please make the water flow?closedSirLyleflowing
218Im_a_Ninja13flow plsclosedcujobearflowin'
217Muskogee_Redflow 3 spotsclosedcujobearflowed you madman
216UllanderqueenbombusclosedQueenBombusflowed for 213, but messed up and forgot to modmode first. Ullander was where I was. This is a false request. :<
215Owen_Cullennvmclosedpez252Will do
214Owen_Cullenumm I'm stuck againclosedpez252Ok
213Im_a_Ninja13water flowclosedQueenBombus
211Owen_CullenI'm stuckclosedpez252Got out of this hole at least
210Im_a_Ninja13pls make it wetclosedQueenBombusflowing!
208IInsani_Tyis this whole village claimed if theres only 1 sign on a door??closedFlumperDiscussed via pm! :)
207The_Hero27so i was coming to my house and Crysissx3 killed my friend´s parrotsclosedcujobearparrots replaced
206ixhiSomeone stole my bed from this alcoveclosedFlumperBed replaced, player warned!
205Minerbuzplease protect block build at 1621 75 -521closedFlumperProtected! :)
204thrwyawould it be possible to claim this whole island here?closedcujobeardiscussed via message. Happy claiming!
203thrwyaclaimclosedcujobeardiscussed via message
202GHDproPlease protect build if possible, marked by red concrete in 4 corners of 4 towersclosedkumquatmayprotected!
201boondocksgamercancelclosedkumquatmayYou can close your req by typing /done [req#]
200boondocksgameris there something preventing 2 hoppers from being next too each other?closedkumquatmaySee 201
199tobylane(resuscitating previous modreq) arrows at spawn station can't be turnedclosedkumquatmayShould be fixed up!
198assasymphoniFaulty landblubber bridgeclosedkumquatmayBridge removed!
197assasymphoniDoes this count as 'blocking a river'? I know they're buildilngs instead of bridges...closedkumquatmayBuildings in the water are fine! Thanks for checking!
196Weird_Grimmake the water floooooooowclosedkumquatmayflowin'!
195Legendary_Legendcan i have my island here protected. i had already had it marked as a claim, but i now have builds going across itclosedFlumperSorry, you'll need to develop the builds more to qualify for protections! :(
194_Inder_any chance this entire island could be claimed under my name?closedkumquatmayYou can claim the island by placing a fence/wall around it, read more with /help claims. We can protect once the island has been developed!
193RuthlesssssCan Stonemist get a chest region please? :)closedkumquatmayRegion created!
192GHDproplease protect this spawner, thanks!closedkumquatmayProtected!
191RokkuCXVIIWho put this stone brick here?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
190AmazingBrotatoprotection please thank youclosedgrenbugcheck your /mail inbox
189DantesDamecan you please protect this build? It is a public house, so harvesting is okclosedgrenbugprotected!
188cyanoacrylatestuck above spawn regionclosedkumquatmayShould be able to get out now!
187Halinahplease flow this water, ty!closedgrenbugflowed!
186Herr_Fawkesprotect this spawnerclosedkumquatmayProtected!
185Weird_Grimmake it flowclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
184Halinahplease flow this water, ty!closedKirstaeFlowing!
183Omegaeddonsea level bridgeclosedFlumperBridge adjusted! :)
182saberfyshflow water pleaseclosedSpook6your water is flowing!
181Legendary_Legendi appear to be stuckclosedkumquatmaySelf-resolved!
180Herr_Fawkesprotect this spawnerclosediNerd71Spawner protected!
179twilexisplease flow my waterclosediNerd71Your flow is my command!
178Legendary_Legendmy bed isnt here anymore and there are holes in the roof of this tiny room that someone expanded on my marked islandclosedHerr_Fawkesfixed, players warned
177PyroAvoki added a map. Also a suggestion; an anvil because you know people are gonna forget to name it. and an end chest.closedkumquatmayAnvil region created nearby for player placed anvils! Also and enderchest.
176Ruthlesssssprotect spawner pls :)closeddefiexspoopyspawner has been protected!
175PyroAvokthis Map board be harrrd to unnerstandclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
174ZaliekIs this someone's build?closeddefiexThis was not built by mere mortal hands! (It isn't player built. :D)
173lil______pumpflowcloseddefiexEightlegged splish has been splashed!
172Wozdakapls flow all water in the channels so it all fills in - tyvmclosedHerr_Fawkesflowed
170sansapantsPlease make forcefield around villager to protecc. Thanks.closedbuzzie71protected!
169Creeperbasher101the game glitched out and i somehow died in the middle of the ocean. I tried to get my death coordinates, but it's giving me an impossible y coordinate so I don't think the rest are right either. Is there any way I can get my stuff back?closedcujobearrestored!
168PlNGRequesting that the NE portal be lit, AdmiralAntilles is on site.closedkumquatmayPortal is lit! Congrats!
167SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
166Dagoodwipez forgot about a chestclosedkumquatmayIt's all good
165Silversunsetplease light the south portalclosedcujobear\o/
164Wozdakaplsflow 1 block in channel tyvmclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
163Bluuefuzzywho built this building?closeddefiexDiscussed via message!
162OleToothlesspossible to move 3 blocks above in front of the portal? It should be tall enough that it won't interfere with the portalclosedbermudalocketCorners smoothed \o/
161BloomingLilyI got my items back from when I fell through the map, but I just realized that the treasure maps I found from exploring sunken ships are gone :( Is there any way to get them back>closedbermudalocketcheck your /mail
160AshenrayneI believe, unless I am having a memory gap, that someone stole my bed at 140 72 342 within the last couple of hours :(closedbuzzie71restored!
159cyanoacrylateboated into the void while mapping during lag again, lost maps 744 x 2, 808, and 812. Avoiding boats for now until things quiet down, but lmk if a patch targets this bug or something. Thanks!closedcujobearWe have been able to recover your items.
158tadrogerscan you make this water flow?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
157joshbeechProtection Please protect our build(s) The corners are marked w/ cobblestone, RedWool and a torch. The diagonals are 1505 -329 and 1560 -266. There are 3 of us. Thanks!closedQueenBombusregion created!
156zburdsalflow flow flow make me wet oh bbyclosedQueenBombusYou are now very wet.
155BloomingLilyi died here during the lag spike and fell thru the map :(closedkumquatmayinventory restored!
154twilexischest region 'nebula' in the nether pleaseclosedTrooprm32Region created
153CairBirbwas boating along and suddenly I was falling through the map. I lost all my stuff, including some diamonds. Death coords were 764,-329,2017. Any way to recover it?closedkumquatmayinventory restored!
152TythalI had a chest region created called "pumpkin". I see they added the additional owners, but left me off the owner list. Cain I be added in there too?closedkumquatmayYou're now an owner!
151Wozdakapls flow 2closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
150Riveripls to make chest region "Orion"closedQueenBombusregion created!
149assasymphoniI died and lost my item from this onetime sign. Is it possible to get a replacementclosedFlumperUnique items replaced!
148Wozdakapls flow 12closedbuzzie71flowing!
147cyanoacrylatewas on a boat but died at Y=-188 during lag; getting conflicting info on if I can modreq my items backclosedkumquatmayinventory restored!
146Weird_Grimlet the water flow, weeeeeeclosedi_c_e_thanks to help from my friends ( ty cujo) you are flowed !
145The_Hero27i found this blaze spawner, is it claimed?closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
144Bluuefuzzythere was a pirate banner here, did somoene break it?closedQueenBombusThe banner seems to have been attached to a block broken by another player belonging to the town. Could be accidental. Maybe check to see if the banner is in a town chest?
143AbsolutePerson(2 of 2) at the start I have put it in a fenced area in spawn next to the horse lost and found fence hope it would be save for the time being before I am sure to take it out with me and thank youclosedBluuefuzzyok! don't forget that it's there!
142AbsolutePerson(1 of 2) hi there is this /modreq can be a place for asking question i have tamed a wild passive mob which is parrot question is would it be gone from its existence before i put a name tag on it long before that sorryclosedBluuefuzzyThe parrot will not despawn as long as it's tamed!
141PPGOMEThis poor coral reef is in danger of dying. Won't you help the aquatic species who inhabit it?closedcujobearspoke with player, city is building over the water not under
140The_Hero27i wanna claim itclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
139wyguy2014please protect this building containing a bed, so that no one invalidates the bed. it is open to the public, as wellclosedi_c_e_sleep sweet
138jeagle7247flow both ends of this trackclosedi_c_e_ya be all flowy ;)
137Kirstaechest region named ChickenclosedSpook6chicken has been made!
136twilexisWhen I was a little girl I always wanted to be a walrus. I have already cut off my arms and slide around on my stomach everywhere I go as training. I may not be a walrus yet but I have dreams (please light the portal thanks <3)closedFlumperPortal placed and activated! Enjoy! :)
135Unceand the house also got griefed, just noticed itclosedBluuefuzzyfixed, if you find anything else, let me know
134Uncemy banner got griefed D:closedQueenBombusGrief rolled back
133Bluuefuzzytake me home jeevesclosedBluuefuzzywas rescued
132SwitchViewzNeed to borrow a mod for water flow for a few mins, thanks!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
131RukiaKuchiki_this silk touck pick i got did not silk touch the end chest xdclosedbermudalocketsemi-duplicate of 95. Pickaxe no longer at this location anyway.
130SwitchViewzNeed to borrow a mod for waterflow a few times, thanksclosedSwitchViewznvm
129Zarton_yet another: please flow thisclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
128lil______pumpspawner protectionclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
127Zarton_please flow this, and a couple more coming up... (to kill the lava)closedBluuefuzzyflowin..
126OmegaeddonAnd again, Sea-level border wallclosedcujobearadded an opening to the fence should allow for travel now
125OmegaeddonSea-level border wallclosedcujobearI do not see this border impeding travel as the water ends in just a few more blocks. There is an opening to the south
124Nurse_Wafflecan someone please come light the NW nether portal that i made?closedkumquatmayPortal has been lit! Congratulations!
123LesbianQueenAlexI can sit in these stairs.closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm!
122EvilStepDadPlease protect the zombie spawner above my head.closedcujobearspawner protected
121AbsolutePersonhi there find this floating trees on top of me in spawn area is it alrightclosedkumquatmayFixed! Thanks for letting us know!
120TheHolyCflowclosedi_c_e_you be flowy matey
119Silversunsetflow plsclosedi_c_e_flow flow flowed ! :)
117Wozdakamight want to check on this - 200x200 claim in warm ocean - 1 personclosedkumquatmayThis particular claim at the req site looks alright, not a huge area of coral!
116EternityOfDeathcan you make a chest region for Metal Mountains please? the region can be called 'mm'closedQueenBombusregion mm created!
115Weird_Grimlet the water flow (for some strange reason some already started to flow)closedQueenBombusFlowin' Flowin' Flowin'! Keep that water flowin'!
114CARnivore_ndsplease protect spawnerclosedcujobearspawner portected
113Noramiwho built this?closedRukiaKuchiki_discussed via /msg
112Zarton_who placed this blockclosedQueenBombusDiscussed via msg, note added for details.
111Ashenrayneplease create chest region 'ALGAC' at X+145 Z+332 to X+131 Z+354 for our build?closedcujobearchest region created, but at our standard chest region coords. you will now be able to modify chests to chare with region members
110AdmiralAntillescan I claim this spawner for Solace pls.closedcujobearspawner protected
109Dagoodwiflow water please :)closedCARnivore_ndssky flow isa go!
108tobylaneUser rotation/use on the item frames pleaseclosedcujobearI believe they are now fixed.
107assasymphonitrapped.closedQueenBombusSafely out!
106IInsani_TyCan you flow this water t -1447 -3088closedQueenBombusflowed!
105HolliferI broke a wheat and it didn't give me a seed, the game is trying to frame me as a griefer.closedcujobearwhat bad luck! Sometimes that happens
104marcuszodiakflow (landscaping)closedQueenBombusflowed!
103joshbeechwaterflow, both garden rows. Please and thanks!closedSirLyleflowing
102Asterix1806This claim fence is sort of obnoxious. Maybe talk to Weazol about it?closedcujobeartaken care of
101Ashenrayneclaim for Algac at X+84 Z+390 to X+179 Z+320 owners:Ashenrayne, NeoStrawMan, Manbearpig916 if deemed sufficiently established, please.closedcujobearNo need to modreq! Just fence it off with some sort of obvious block. '/help claims' for more info
100Weird_Grimmake infinite water o mighty godclosedSirLyleflowed
99theFacebookflowing waters plsclosedQueenBombusflowed!
98nolanater5711pls 2 fix water flow so tank is full <3 thx bbclosedQueenBombusflowed!
97harveyriceI relogged and fell through the void, is there anychance I could get stuff back, I took a screenshot of my inventoryclosedkumquatmayinventory restored!
96Lozaewplease flow this waterclosedtict0cFlowing \o/ !!
95RukiaKuchiki_not sure if bug, but the boots in this chest dont seem to have feather fall 4, found 2 in the end anc combined on a anvil O.oclosedbermudalocketBoots un-glitched \o/
94OmegaeddonPlz protect my dumb little housy.closedQueenBombusOmegaeddon_house created!
93nolanater5711flow to fill pls thx bb ;) <3closedi_c_e_flowing ! have fun with the rev !
92jeagle7247flow 5 sources: 4 corners, plus under the platformclosedi_c_e_you're splish has been splashed
91PipersDadprotection, PD_Village_Breeder, y64 to y80closedtict0cProtected and ready to go !! :o)
90cujobearchest region for cheeselandclosedcujobeardone
89RukiaKuchiki_killed spawner, flames remainclosedCARnivore_ndslook like client side, flames not here when I arrived.
88Weird_Grimmake water flow plsssssclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
87pez252UMC region pleaseclosedpez252
86The_Hero27can i have a region for my path?closedCARnivore_ndsHeros_bridge created
85Minerbuzplease protect betweem redstone blocks at 655 59 -209 and 635 49 -230closedbuzzie71protected!
84tan620make a claimclosedpez252No need to modreq! Just fence it off with some sort of obvious block. '/help claims' for more info
83Silversunsetplease create chest region "havencore"closedcujobearhavencore created
82Silversunsetpls create chest region havenmayorsclosedSilversunset
81Minerbuzplease make water flow at 642 51 -216closedQueenBombusflowing!
80IInsani_Tyis this a dungeon or player build i cant tellclosedcujobeardiscussed via /m
79gk_ryoWhere did I die 2 or 3 deaths ago?closedcujobearThat isn't really information we just look up and hand out.
78darklordsmumake a land claim for the fenced area near 2560 -150closedcujobearPlease read about land claims here - http://nerd.nu/help/pve/#claims
77Wozdakapls flow 2closedQueenBombusflowed!
76Muzellewho built in my temp house or am I going crazyclosedcujobeardiscussed via /m
75AceMarconiflow plsclosedTrooprm32Flowed!
7432ndFlavapls flow this one block of water! Thanks!closedQueenBombusSingle block of water flowed!
73iNerd71some rails at spawn station were accidently washed away by waterclosedQueenBombusrails repaired!
7232ndFlavaPlease flow all these water block. Thanks!closedQueenBombusflowed!
7132ndFlavaPlease flow JUST this top water block above the sign. thanks!closedpez252Flowed \o/
70cyanoacrylatewater level claim fenceclosedcujobearadded some openings and mailed owner reminder to adjust the rest
6932ndFlavaPlease flow these 4 blocks of water! thanks!closedSpook6your water is flowing mr merman!
68sockendiebplease protect/claim this island for me (sandstone+torch = corners) thxclosedcujobearcheck your /mail inbox
67Zarton_please flow thisclosedgrenbugflowed!
66harveyricewhere do i trade the rare itemsclosedgrenbuganswered via msg
65RokkuCXVIIProtect this spawn as rokku_zombie1closedTrooprm32Protected
64Ruthlessssspls flowclosedTrooprm32Flowed!
63AceMarconiPlease protect this for me?closedTrooprm32Protected!
62sockendiebbridge that i couln't pass with my boat. pls fix thxclosedTrooprm32This is naturally spawned from the village nearby, safe to remove!
61cyanoacrylateflow lava and water plzclosedgrenbugflowed!
60TythalNeed a Chest region created called "pumpkin" with r00tcmdr and TheCoachAdair as co-owners if possibleclosedTrooprm32Chest region made!
59Im_a_Ninja13water flowclosedSpook6flowed by the better sister ;)
58AzumarillplaceclosedcujobearSouth_EndPortal is now a place
57totemo[TechReq] Reminder to work out blacklist settings to allow people to fill end portal frames.closedtotemoKitchenSink fixed
55wyndysaschaflowreqclosedSpook6flowed :D
54Zarton_pandamr is taking down all my signs and torchesclosedKirstaeGrief fixed!
53wyndysaschaI have weird gray wool that won't stack?closedbermudalocketResolved. Should not happen again moving forward
52Uncepls protecc house so no one steals this fancy banner tyclosedTrooprm32Please make a more complete/permanent build before requesting protections (chest the banner).
51SwitchViewzSpawner pls if not already claimedclosedKirstaeSpawner protected
50Wozdakapls flow 2 blocks -tyclosedKirstaeFlowing
49twilexisI am claiming the Southwest Portalclosedtwilexissorry D:
48twilexisI am claiming the Southwest PortalclosedFlumperCongratulations! You can move the portal by up to 100 blocks horizontally and have two weeks to have the portal placed! https://goo.gl/XkoLgR
47Muskogee_Redarea claimclosedFlumperWe don't protect claims, only player made builds, sorry! If you wish to claim the village you must build a claim fence + add signs listing your name and today's date. :)
46SwitchViewzCan I please get a "Nightoak" chest region here? Thanks!closedFlumperChest region created! :)
45SwitchViewzI am unable to edit a ClanChat that I created and am the only member of. Says I am not a manager/owner. #nightoakclosedbermudalocketcheck your /mail
44dbbrockis this door brokenclosedkumquatmayFixed!
43twilexisaccidently broke this bed. fix plsclosedCARnivore_ndsthanks for reporting, taken care of
42Azumarillregion DROWNTHESHEEP in here so I can water them out of the fence corners pleaseclosedFlumperRegion created! :)
41AshenrayneAshenrayne ManBearPig916 We would like claim X:86 Y:360 to X:180 Y:320 for the town "Algac" please.closedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
40PlNGwas there a treasure here?closedPlNGdisregard, I found it!
39derpherpington/petinfo brings up an errorclosedkumquatmayReported to the techs! Thanks for letting us know!
37pez252Rose chest region pleaseclosedKirstaeRegion "Rose" created
36AdmiralAntillescan I get a region for solace for chests and furnaces?closedAdmiralAntilles
35nolanater5711claim spawner plsclosedKirstaeProtected :)
34Legendary_Legendis it too early to claim or can i place my stake on this little islandclosedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
33SkyAdventurer01claim pleaseclosedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
32PPGOMEChest region named 'Colorata' please!closedbookey42Chest Region Created!
31WillardflowclosedCARnivore_ndsmy first flow for this rev... be well @ this well
30Silversunseti am confirming pez's modreq and requesting to trade the east portal for the south portalclosedkumquatmayNoted! Post will be updated asap.
29pez252I would like to trade the portal I claimed with SilversunsetclosedkumquatmayNoted! Post will be updated asap.
28Trooprm32I am claiming the North Portal!closedkumquatmayCongratulations! You can move the portal by up to 100 blocks horizontally and have two weeks to have the portal placed! https://goo.gl/XkoLgR
27nels_nelsonUm, if I die from server crash or something, what is my recourse? I had lots of useful items and pirate booty.closedkumquatmayinventory restored!
26AzumarillwatrcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
25Im_a_Ninja13My mining fatigue wont go awayclosedFlumper\o/
24derpherpingtonQueens Of The Stone Age - Go With The (flow pls)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
23SirLylei don't think i have modperms ... i can't see modchatclosedFlumperFixed! :)
22QueenBombusprotect as region gwenyn with ullander as an ownerclosedFlumperProtected! :)
21bookey42Chest Region for Avalon!closedbookey42Chest Region Created!
20RukiaKuchiki_beds make craters in nether :oclosedbermudalocketBeds no longer placeable or interactable in the nether.
19King_of_quesoI am claiming the Southeast Portal!closedFlumperCongratulations! You can move the portal by up to 100 blocks horizontally and have two weeks to have the portal placed! https://goo.gl/XkoLgR
18TECPcould we get a chest region for Pico please!closedkumquatmayregion created!
17Bluuefuzzythis fence thoughclosedkumquatmayspoken to player, it will be raised!
16TECPI am claiming the West Portal!closedFlumperCongratulations! You can move the portal by up to 100 blocks horizontally and have two weeks to have the portal placed! https://goo.gl/XkoLgR
15iNerd71yo what happened to my bed?closedkumquatmaybed replaced!
14cyanoacrylategalley is spelled wrong on this spawn signclosedcujobearoops! thanks!
13jeagle7247TownBorder opposite corners: -2424, 249; -2352, 388 (marked w/ wood and torch); town name: Navacia, owners Darman_S, jeagle7247, Makrove, ajacks424closedrobrre-modreq once you have some buildings to protect, thanks!
12marcuszodiakI am claiming the Northeast Portal!closedcujobearsorry this is already claimed
11PlNGI am claiming the Northeast Portal!closedFlumperCongratulations! You can move the portal by up to 100 blocks horizontally and have two weeks to have the portal placed! https://goo.gl/XkoLgR
10Trooprm32Protect this spawner as trooprm32_zombie1 please!closedkumquatmayprotected!
9Nurse_WaffleI am claiming the Northwest Portal!closedFlumperCongratulations! You can move the portal by up to 100 blocks horizontally and have two weeks to have the portal placed! https://goo.gl/XkoLgR
8pez252I am claiming the South PortalclosedFlumperCongratulations! You can move the portal by up to 100 blocks horizontally and have two weeks to have the portal placed! https://goo.gl/XkoLgR
7SilversunsetI am claiming the East Portal!closedFlumperCongratulations! You can move the portal by up to 100 blocks horizontally and have two weeks to have the portal placed! https://goo.gl/XkoLgR
6robrpls make solace chest regionclosedkumquatmaySolace region created!
5derpherpingtonbroken pressure plate ?closedkumquatmayit fix!
4Im_a_Ninja13someone done broke a blockclosedkumquatmayit fix
3Silversunsetplease make a region named HavenclosedkumquatmayHaven created!
2NerdNuTest requestcloseddefiexTest splish has been completed