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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
2673Spook6can venice be a /place?open
267232ndFlavaAre these ores generated or were they placed. I do not want to griff!closedCARnivore_ndschatted up the block takerationing
2671PipersDaduh, doh, stuck in the Pico sheep penclosedCARnivore_ndsres q'd
2670scherererererare these trapdoors supposed to be flipped like this?closedBarlimoreNo they were not! Trapdoors have been flipped off - they are now behaving.
2669NotACop209protect buildclosedcujobearvault protected per conversation
2668WickedCoolSteveHelp me obsidianify my fluids please. Thank you!closedCARnivore_ndsOsidianification under way !
2667SlugNamedDevhey what happened to all my horses? these were pairs of most of these and not i only have one of eachclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via mails - Shout if you have any follow-up questions.
2666Ruthlesssssplease remove this shulker - player has been offline almost 1 month and there is nothing in the chest itself :)closedBarlimoreShulker removed!
2665PipersDadok, one last thing, flow this one water block, thxclosedThelVadumeewatered :D
2664PipersDadnot sure if this is a modreq, need help figuring activation zoneclosedThelVadumeedisscused via /r
2663PipersDadprotection PD_Triplegrinder, 4 corners markedclosedrobrPD_Triplegrinder region created
2662nels_nelsonUh, my pig went under this one block high hole, and now my stuff is trapped in there.closedBarlimorePlease be careful while traveling by pig in future - it is still in an experimental phase!
2661King_of_quesosomeone stole my precious head!closedBarlimoreYou head has been very carefully restored!
2660piplo127128can you protect my spawner/grinder please?closedCARnivore_ndspiplo spider box region created
2659Lethal_Treeidk if this is worty of protection but if it is pls protectclosedBarlimoreProtection added!
2658Lethal_Treecan this stables get protected?closedrobrstables protected!
2657thefigg88help, am stuckclosedtotemoladders added
2656TheCoachAdaircan we get a "place" tag for Nilrem traders?closedBarlimore'/place special_traders' is now set up, along with a livemap icon!
2655King_of_quesoi'd like map 963 moved here please!closedbermudalocketmap placed!
2654bermudalocketh1 to haven plsclosedbermudalocketdone
2653nels_nelsonSorry to bother, but I forgot to add a couple enchants to these knight's quest reward boots, and the name got all un-special-fied. May I please have it restored to the original nice magical blue text? Best regards, -NelsclosedBarlimoreBoots updated (and back on your feet).
2652buzzie71please flow these two water blocks :OcloseddefiexThe suspicious splish hs been splashed!
2651NotACop209lava flow. (last one) sorryclosedbuzzie71also flowing!
2650NotACop209make lava flow.. may ask one more time soonclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2649piplo127128flow this water'closet' pleasecloseddefiexCloset splish has been splashed!
2648nels_nelsonI added several enchants to special Knight's Quest reward items in this here yellow shulker box & the anvil renamed all the items to "bSomething", so I removed "b" on next enchants & now nice non-italic blue names are gone. Pls reset names? Best,-NclosedBarlimoreThese names have been fixed!
2647promaxxeflow this water directly down into the flat water below plzclosedRiverisorry again, lemme know if you need anything else though!
2646BarlimorePossible farm grief.closedBarlimoreFixed.
2645dobreirabrokenclosedBarlimoreFixed, thanks for spotting!
2644lorecraftscan you make the water flow?closedTheNightsKingAll flowing
2643TheCoachAdairplease look to see if anyone killed my sheep in tabula -550, -21 (more than an hour ago)closedvarjclosed after discussion with player
2642buzzie71I purchased heads at spawn, ran /fs, and these two heads are now regular Steve heads O.o can this be reverted?closedBarlimoreHeads fixed, enjoy!
2641nels_nelsonGot bucket of murky water from KQ#9 sand palace attic but when emptied bucket into cauldron figuring out how 2 brew magic juice, bucket stopped being murky; sign was max use of 1 -- any chance I could get the special item back? Best regards, -NelsclosedBarlimoreAnother bucket of murky water has found its way to you!
2640Kirstaepls water flow tyclosedZomiseFlowed!
2639Kirstaeflow plsclosedZomiseFlowed!
2638ThelVadumeeprotect farm here as child region since im to sleepy to do it xdclosedBarlimoreThe farm structure is now protected where the farms can be replanted!
2637Lethal_Treeare these iron bars grief or something that was bui,lt by a ravenrock person? i like them but not if some random person built themclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
2636marioman63need ice flowing at X 2272 Y 112 Z 2193. its all the ice in the zig zag pattern under the stone blocks. for an ice farm.closedSilversunsetflowed water!
2635Azumarillhey I threw out a crafting bench can you stick it in the floor thereclosedAzumarill
2634Azumarillhey can I get the "use anvil" flag on this special trader shulker box regionclosedSir_DidymusRegion flag added.
2633robrplease add new building into alias protectionscloseddefiexProtected!
2632NotACop209make water flowclosedCARnivore_ndslavaBgone
2631QueenBombusprotection extend gwenyn to include this building por favorclosedBarlimoreProtection expanded, build in peace!
2630Lethal_Treeive done myself a stuckclosedbermudalocketunstuck!
2629KirundistWould like to claim area between x2650, z950 and x2750, z1005 for new region named Harvest please!closedSir_DidymusProtected!
2628NotACop209water flowclosedtict0cDone and Done Flowing :)
2627NotACop209water flowclosedtict0cFlowing have fun!
2626dnynumberonemaps #947 and #948 pls and thanksclosedtict0cMaps Placed yay :)
2625Lethal_Treeummmmm..... i could swear that the proct IV book in my shulker or inventory got replaced by a silk touch one cause i only bouth one silk touch and i had the right number of PIV onesclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail
2624roryjasperCould I get dorky4 added as a co-owner to the new_adura region please? Thanks!closeddefiexNew region owner added!
2623Aleco252Can I please get this land protected?closeddefiexDiscussed via message. Great start on your tree house!
2622maid_marianpossible x-ray?closedtotemotunnels straight down are not conclusive; the player had been through that area a week before and may have waypointed it
2621Pit_2enable water spread for this fishing hole?closediNerd71Flowed!
2620Hinterlandzthe blackhorse with diamond armor and Danky Kang Kodos both belong to my old account Zead, can i transfer owner ship to me?closedBarlimoreRide away!
2619HinterlandzI own this shulker, but can't remove or check itcloseddefiexThe legendary Zead shall be remembered. Until then, this shulker and its contents are yours to memorialize.
2618Hinterlandzremoval of chests belonging to Zead (i am zead, defi and barlimore can confirm) please PM promaxxe about specificly which onescloseddefiexPoof! ze chests have gone to the great chest in the sky.
2617Pit_2Need waterflow to build an infinite water sourceclosedThelVadumee
2616ziplock189can I have the 3 structures over here protected? the 2 towers and the large building in the middleclosedrobrnew buildings added to existing protection!
2615promaxxeremoval of this empty chestclosedBarlimoreChest removed!
2614PPGOMEflow the two water sources pleaseclosedtotemoflurped the wurp
2613NotACop209make water flow (Trying to get a bunch of obsidian)closedcujobearhave fun breaking the obsidian
2612NotACop209make water flow pleaseclosedcujobeardup of 2611
2611NotACop209water flow pleaseclosedcujobearflowed, sorry for the delay
2610maid_mariani was putting out fire on armor stand with head. now its all gone?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2609cshaikuCan my nether tower (marked with fences and signs) be protected please? Thanks guys.closedSilversunsetbuild protected
2608WickedCoolStevePlease flow these two waters. Thanks!closedBarlimoreBoth flowing - enjoy!
2607PPGOMEcan you remove all of these dispensers and chests please? should be empty and thet are Zead'sclosedBarlimorePartially removed chests from inactive user - Discussed the others via message.
2606nels_nelsonDid I get locked in? Or am I just missing a wooden button? It seems I need to raise the gold block over there to complete the circuit. Is the stone button on the floor inside the glass box over there not supposed to do that?closednels_nelson
2605King_of_quesoWe'd like another golem spawner please!closeddefiexIT LIIIIVES! and then immediately dies in a fire. Congrats on the spawner!
260432ndFlavaPlease flow this one lonely block of water! :DcloseddefiexAll by itself, lalalala, it's all by itself lalalala. No one is loooking.....It's all by itself!! Splish has been splashed!
2603NoramiDang it! accidentally broke a compact ice block here while out mining :Sclosedbermudalocketfixed!
2602PPGOMEam stuckclosedpez252saved
2601NotACop209make lava flow pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2600PPGOMEaccidentally killed 2 cows instead of 1closedbuzzie71restored!
2599robrmake public farms be public..closedrobrpublic farms republicized publically.
2598maid_marianpls protect this buildclosedrobrprotected, but do you have the appropriate permit for camping here? :)
2597Pohtaytoesplease flow waterclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2596robrsomeone pushed button and didn't replant - should be plantable regions there.closedbuzzie71restored!
2595obereplease protect this island, I built a house nowclosedtotemoprotected
2594DJAtomC5 = Ghast GrinderclosedSir_DidymusSign amended.
2593ThelVadumeethis shulker regiion is not usableclosedThelVadumeei fixed it (and remembered to close this req)
2592Lethal_Treeis NEI or TMI or JEI or anyone of those mods allowed?closeddefiexDiscussed via message and sent http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Approved_client_mods for further info! :D
2591Lethal_Treecan this lava be flowedclosedtict0cWatch ya fingers it hot stuff flowing !! :)
2590Lethal_Treehalp ive done myself a scuckclosedbermudalocketunstuck!
2589King_of_quesocan I have my rail to Moonshine Bay connected to line G4 please?closedbermudalocketconnection established :D
2588roryjasperCould I get my village protected from this andesite pillar to the other one (its in the river) thanks!closedtict0cProtected and Nice looking place :)
2587PPGOME/thor please. I am done with this.closedPPGOMEnvm good xmas song!
2586Emizzonflow the lava and water blocks pleaseclosedrobrflowed
2585oberecan you protect this islandclosedbuzzie71sorry, but you will need to build more here before it can be protected. (Consider claiming it perhaps - see /help claims 1 and /help claims 2)
2584HinterlandzHey what's up it's Zead. Barlimore said mods would be able to help me get access back to my stuff. Can message on discord if you want evidence it's meclosedBarlimoreAccess should be restored - verified with discord.
2583roryjasperHi I'm wondering who placed this shulker box because it wasn't me or dorky...closedpez252Discussed via /m
2582Lethal_Treeis anyone available to help me with regions on C?closedLethal_Tree
2581TheMeeBoviecan you disable access through the door for all people except meclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m! :)
2580TheMeeBoviewhy are there 3 bats up there for no apparent reason... just wonderingclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2579KirundistPls to flow waterclosedpez252Flowed
2578TheMeeBoviesave my horseclosedTheMeeBoviefixed
2577buzzie71please flow water in this ice channel and in the one on the other side :OclosedBarlimoreThis surface is now doubly slippery!
2576nels_nelsonInteresting trap pit. Good thing I have an elytra and rockets.closednels_nelson
2575nels_nelsonI seem to have trapped myself in an oven.closedBarlimoreYou are slightly burned but otherwise seem alright now!
2574ThelVadumeewhile farming the endys here i seem to have broke the carpets, they are in the chests and i cant place them oofclosedThelVadumeehey i fixed it :o
2573robrrelated to 2572 - modification of other user's structureclosedrobrsame user as 2572
2572buzzie71something change recently with the shulker grinder? feels less afkable and more lethal than usual O.oclosedrobrgrief rolled back, user entered into rehabilitation program - thanks for reporting!
2571AzulaTheFireLordPossible to find out who left this banner?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /msg.
2570AzulaTheFireLordI was told I could modreq to receive a replacement parrot "Charlize Heron"closedBarlimoreCharlize Heron lives once more!
2569Azumarillwould you believe I can't actually get out of hereclosedkumquatmayFreed!
2568buzzie71please flow water in this channel and the one on the other side :Oclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2567Lethal_Treea stack of rockets seems to have dissapeared from my inventory? I think this might have something to do wit the auto replacing from inventory mod of rosepack but idk i also have restaerted my gameclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m :)
2566pez252Just noticed that below. Is it a build that I need to go around?closedpez252Mailed user.
2565Azumarillhey how many sticky pistons have I placed in the last 24 hours globallyclosedAzumarill
2564scgirlwhats the command to give ownership of a chset to someone else?closedscgirl
2563TheMeeBoviei need flow for my concrete generatorclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
2562Wizard_IRLhelpclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2561Azumarillhow close can I get to this wall while haste2-harvesting terracottaclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2560Azumarillbacon regionclosedThelVadumeemakin bacon!
2559Azumarillit's not workingclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via msg.
2558CARnivore_ndsresources properly aligned to expectations. plz create. thanks for the note !closedBarlimoreEnjoy the tortured screams as these golems burn to death in full view of your town members.
2557bookey42region protect for Avalon's villager hall pleaseclosedbuzzie71protected!
2556Aghe87flow these pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowi-.. and it's gone!
2555Komhazcan a mod remove this guy's house please, he's been banned for a few weeks nowclosedBarlimoreBuild relocated as discussed - build in peace!
2554dobreiraso we have enough souls nowclosedBarlimoreFantastic, thanks for letting us know! We'll make a move on these soon and announce when the villagers are available.
2553CARnivore_ndsplease replace shulker with lvl2 golem spawner, thanks!closedBarlimoreNo spawner placed just yet due to excess resources in the chest. Check your mail for further details and this page: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Iron_Spawners
2552Muzellemore flow for my underground garden please so that it fills all the cornersclosedtict0cWater flowing :)
2551robri want them dead like i ended up.closedrobroh they died alright.
2550buzzie71flow all the water in these two ice channels please :OclosedCARnivore_ndsI assume you are pro molon... thus killin only PUNKins... oh, and flowed
2549SkyAdventurer01please fix my horse for me, he was so nice to me :(closedtotemohorse replaced
2548Wizard_IRLprotectionclosedscherererererit's not standard policy to protect individual builds within an already-protected town; if you'd still like a protection talk to tabula mayors about it to see if it's alright
2547MrCrispythis dude rage quit a couple months ago and we're trying to clean up this area. Can we get these unlocked so we can move them?closedBarlimoreThese blocks are now cleared!
2546DjentleGiantStation was griefed; two redstone torches were removed and now my station doesn't work. Pls fix.closedbuzzie71restored!
2545KingNyahmanhello, i appear to be stuck in a protected area with no exitclosedbuzzie71not anymore!
254432ndFlavaexpand Pico region to include this new area. Thanks! :Dclosedbuzzie71protected new space as a child of Pico!
2543buzzie71please flow the waters in the ice channels :Oclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2542WickedCoolStevePlease flow the rest of this water. Thank you!closedZomiseFlowage achieved!
2541shalviyplease make this small beetroot farm publicly farmable. corners marked by cobblestone. thanks a ton <3closedkumquatmayBeets harvestable!
2540AzumarillI'm curious, whose abandoned project is this?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
2539Azumarill[ADMIN] (...probably) I'm curious what's wrong with this villager. Is his job Nitwit despite being magenta?closedBarlimoreBest guess here is that they may have spawned in with the world generation in these custom structures - Likely broken priests/nitwits.
2538Muzellemy underground garden water needs some flow pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2536Aghe87skeleton in creeper grinder missing. any clues as to where he's run off too?closedSilversunsetthe Records Master has been returned!
2535piplo127128id like to know who created this town pleaseclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2534Azumarillhey, my cactus hopper minecart's missingclosedbermudalocketcheck your /mail :)
2533DJAtomCaccidently broke sign .. dont know what it said... maybay u can help?closedbermudalocketsign replaced! thanks for reporting
2532WickedCoolStevePlease flow my water. Thanks!closedtict0cFlowing :)
2531SquaresTherelava flow? thanks!closedThelVadumeelava flowed :D
2530bookey42quick waterflow please!closedThelVadumeewatered :D
2529piplo127128flow plsclosedtict0cFlow :) \o/
2528nels_nelsonMay I please have these *three* (sorry) lava blocks made to flow? Thank you and best regards, -Nelsclosedcujobear1..2...3. . . . 3 lava blocks flow
2527nels_nelsonMay I please have these two lava blocks made to flow? Thank you and best regards, -Nelsclosednels_nelson
2526scgirlwhy cant i put mending on my bow?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m
2525driftingnomadwater water everywhere and not a drop that flowsclosedcujobearI have no clever response.
2524driftingnomadwater, how does it work?closedcujobearwater goes splishy splashy. This concludes tonights lesson.
2523pez252Evoker named "Whatever" is gone from this cageclosedpez252Ummm.... Seems to be back.
2522Jezzzzieany idea what happened to our barista? :(closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m :)
2520Ullanderplease extend Gwenyn to include this area pleaseclosedbermudalocketregion expanded!
2519AzumarillGrap?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
2518piplo127128flow the corner blocks pls,closedSilversunsetflowed
2517Silversunsetswastika?closedbermudalocketdouble report, see 2515
2516piplo127128flow plsclosedCARnivore_ndsflow'd
2515buzzie71offensive build?closedbermudalocketoffensive build indeed! removed.
2514Spartan____Can this be moved/raised please?closedbermudalocket*sprays bridge-be-gone*
2513username2088water flow plsclosedtict0cAll done and Flowing :)
2512LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedbermudalocketsplish splash slimes were takin a bath
2511PipersDaddidn't get item 6, guess my inventory was full from killing spidersclosedcujobeargood luck on the quests!
2510scgirl(padmin?) i died outside the castle and lost the green wool on my way to return it and it despawned. is therea way to get it back?closedcujobearreplacement placed. Good luck on the quests!
2509King_of_quesotime for another golem spawner!closedBarlimoreYour second iron golem spawner is up, enjoy!
2508bookey42waterflow at the cyan blocks please. Should be three flowscloseddefiexThree flows she flows by the sea shore...!
2507username2088water flowcloseddefiexSpikey splish has been splashed!
250610444musichelpclosedcujobearI can't help you if you don't tell me what you need help with
2505JamesMcProggercan a mod please flow this 2 water blocks at [1367, 84, -1434] please? thank you.closedcujobearsince you asked nicely :D
2504Master_King_whose house is this?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2503Azumarillhey where'd I put my shulker boxclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m :)
2502Azumarillfalse advertisingclosedrobrsign placed by non chest owner, removed and warned.
2501JamesMcProggerMods, sorry but I broke this web that was here to buffer the fall at the UMC entrance at [-1105, 70, -385]. can it be fixed or do I have to go look for one? I would but someone could die meanwhileclosedThelVadumeeall fixed :D
2500scgirlhalp my horse fell into the ravineclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
2499bermudalocketmake spot with granite block build allowclosedbermudalocketdone
2498bookey42waterflow x2closedCARnivore_ndsI hear villagers swimming....... and screaming in the future
249732ndFlavaMap World import needed! Frame and Map on chest. Plot_169. Danks!closedkumquatmayMap 922 placed!
2496promaxxethere are wayy too many illusions in tabula rasa, i dont know where they are coming fromclosedrobrthat's how they work, they multiple as illusions, not all of them are actually the mob
2495flupmakintoshflowing water for underground water source please :)closedrobrundersplooshed.
249432ndFlavaI would like to abandon this claim in Mapworld. I didn't realize it was 4 plots in 1. Thanks!closedSir_DidymusOwnership removed.
2493robrcan't easily go up stairs now, i would recommend just keeping the activators on and eliminating the stair aspect ..closedBarlimoreFixed!
2492scgirlhey i clicked the sign on limricks quest and only recieved a paper, no coin or banner. I think i had 3 slots available as weellclosedBarlimoreYour inventory now contains these items, enjoy!
2491pez252Can this chest be removed? Mailed user quite a while ago. Thanks.closedBarlimoreChest removed!
2490Riveriplease remove this player from our claim. we've tried to see who he/she is and have tried to contact them but they've been offline for about a week now.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail!
248932ndFlavaNeed region Pico expanded to include this whole bridge. Thanks!closedbuzzie71bridge protected as a child region of pico!
2488SquaresTherelava flow? thanks!closedbuzzie71flowing!
2487nels_nelsonUh, I guess I have to ask if it is possible to recover some quest items? I only beat the first knight's quest, and then stupidly put those in a shulker box, and went straight to kq#3, where I promptly died and could not recover my dropped items.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - check your inventory now. :-)
2486Muzelleflow please!closedzburdsalFlowing!
2485pez252Someone's been very thirsty! (both sides)closedzburdsalDone? Weird.
2484scgirlim stuck idk how i got hereclosedscgirli glitched out or something?
2483scgirlstuck. in . a . cactusclosedscgirli got out
2482Ruthlesssssplease make the floor inside here shulker-able(glass corners are the corners of the area :D)closedrobrshulker region created and set as child to main area
2481tobylaneSugar cane griefclosedkumquatmayPlants restored and player warned! Thanks for reporting!
2480nickeoxcont: 2460 so if that's not something any of the party on this island accepted, do we report it as grief? or just remove it?closedkumquatmayFence has been rolled back and player warned!
2479shalviyplease make these 3 farms marked by cobble stone publicly farmable <3closedschererererer3 farm plots made farmable by the public!
2478DigitalOSHprotect this tower pls! and the rail loopclosedscherererererprotected
2477Azumarilliron grinder please! as in turn black concrete into a spawner. Feel free to kill the chest.closeddefiexDastardly didy domes traded for irony goodness!
2475Jezzzzieneed ground level protection please :)closedtict0cProtected and ready for farming :)
2474Halinahplease flow the 12 waters in the channels in this room, ty!closedtict0cDone and Done! :) Flowing water!
2473bookey42waterflow pleaseclosedtict0cFlowing :)
2472JezzzziePlease protect just the structure. Just don't want any of the trap doors to be openable so the chickens won't get out :)closedBarlimoreProtection added - trapdoors should no longer be able to be opened here!
2471scgirli got stuck in this cactus thing how do i get outclosedzburdsalOuted!
2470zburdsalplease expand the solace region to include all applicable space within our walls.closedbermudalocketsolace expanded!
2469dobreirawater flowclosedbermudalocketbermudalocket retains no responsibility for loss of life from oxygen depletion as a result of this flow!
2468dobreirawater flowclosedschererererer3 water blocks flowed
2467LostatseaCan this be turned into an iron golem spawner pleaseclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your first golem spawner!
2466robrexpand alias to include additional buildclosedrobrexpanded
2465robrsix user replantable areas please kind sirs/madamsclosedrobrDeliverables: User will receive six (6) wheat replanting areas
246410444musichelpclosedrobruser wanted protection - area protected
2463username2088water flowclosedrobrflowed
2462PPGOMEflow plsclosedtotemoflowing
2460nickeoxwho built this fence?closedThelVadumeediscussed via /mail send
2459Nanamberplease to make water flow, thanks.closedscherererererwater flowed
2458hatertotsim sorry i did it again!closedThelVadumeewatch out for holes :O
2457Muzelleplease expand my region downward and protect my build surrounded by my outer fenceclosedThelVadumeeduplicate req
2456hatertotsim stuck i love youclosedThelVadumeerescued :O
2455LORDCOSMOSrequest protect buildclosedscherererererunfortunately, small shacks such as this don't generally qualify for protection due to small size and low required effort - any grief can easily be rolled back though, so have no worries!
2454King_of_quesoi'd like map 916 here please!closedThelVadumeemap placed :D
2453Muzelleprotect my build, home + undergroundclosedkumquatmayHome region expanded!
2452scgirlfirst of all i accidentally broke a ice block and my horse also fell down into the tunnel to the guardian grinderclosedThelVadumeeall fixed and horse saved :D
2451SlugNamedDevcan these two blocks of water flow please?closedbermudalocketflowed!
245010444musichelpclosedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m
2449scgirlit says horse is here. horse is most definitly not hereclosedpez252Client restart fixed it \o/
244810444musichelpclosedBarlimore(Closing as a continuation of modreq 2446).
244710444musicPlease protect my buildclosedpez252Duplicate of 2446.
244610444musicPlease protect my buildclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
244510444musichelpclosedCARnivore_ndsdiscussed and clear
2444PPGOMEwood griefcloseddefiexPlease do not submit joke modreqs, it clogs the pipes.
2443PPGOMEflow plscloseddefiexOops. Defie's desperate splish has been splashed.
244210444musicPlease protect my buildclosedbermudalocketTalked via /msg :)
244110444musicPlease protect my buildclosedBarlimoreRoad & Bridge protected, build in peace!
2440Halinahplease flow these two, ty!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2439bookey42waterflow x3 please!closedNoraminow, all is flowing :D
2438username2088water flowclosedtict0cFlown :)
2437sushi15this dirt bridge is blocking boat travel D:closedBarlimoreThis bridge is now accessible!
2436Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2435Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
2434Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2433Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
2432username2088water flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
2431AzumarillfloclosedSilversunsetYou can save so much by seeing all our insurance quotes! oh wait...not that flo
2430username2088water flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
2429LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedbermudalocketsplish splashed!
2428LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2427Nhaazauawas ledge chicken killed?closedBarlimoreLedge chicken: The Great Escape Part I - Coming to a bookstore near you!
2426ieuwehplease protect my buildclosedBarlimoreProtection added for Christmas Town!
2425QueenBombusplease expant gwenyn region north to cover pistonsclosedbermudalocketdone!
2424Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedpez252flowed!
2423Nhaazauapls prot if not prot alreadyclosedbermudalocketalready protected!
2422assasymphoniPlease flow water right hereclosedtict0cAll done and Flowing :)
2421assasymphoniPlease protect the area fenced by the darkoak fencingclosedtict0cNice Build ! Protected :)
2420Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedpez252
2419EvJPplease protect my buildclosedpez252Protected!
2418RandomThoughtscan I also get protection for my region? again thank you.closedSilversunsetYour house is already protected! do /rg i for region details
2417RandomThoughtssomeone killed my dogs at this location can I get them replaced? Thank youclosedSilversunsetwolves restored (you'll need to sit them!)
2416Anya1107please protect my buildclosedSilversunsetprotected
2415RandomThoughtsstatusclosedpez252Use /check to see your open modreqs or http://nerd.nu/modreq/pve.pl to see all of them.
2414ziplock189can you protect this bridge? I cant imagine someone breaks it on purpose, but why not right?closedSilversunsetbridge protected
2413pez252Player gone for 1 month. Could this shulker box be moved to their end chest?closedBarlimoreShulker box has been relocated!
2412Wall_E__Flow water here, please.closedSilversunsetflowed!
2411dnynumberonecould i know who hit the button to harvest carrots and didn't replant? :xclosedSilversunsetrelayed via /m
241010444musicPlease protect my buildclosedBarlimore-> /check can show you your open modreqs or http://nerd.nu/modreq/pve.pl can too.
240910444musicPlease protect my buildclosedBarlimorePlease do not create duplicate requests for protection. Re-request in a few days when you have had a chance to build more.
240810444musicPlease protect my buildcloseddefiexclearing, duplicate
240710444musicPlease protect my buildcloseddefiexGreat start! discussed via message
2406AzumarillfloclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
240510444musicPlease protect my buildcloseddefiexClosing as duplicate of 2404
240410444musicPlease protect my buildcloseddefiexThank you for requesting a protection! Right now, you don't currently have enough built to qualify. Your claim fence will suffice. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
2403bermudalocketdocumenting creating dialer region for haven railsclosedbermudalocketdone
2402Azumarillwatr plsclosedbermudalocketflowed!
240110444musicPlease protect my buildclosedcujobearduplicate of 2400
240010444musicPlease protect my buildclosedcujobearthe claim fences you set up are good to claim this area to build. Protections can come later when the build is complete
2399bookey42water flow pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2398matthewbotregion claim around my house, marked with fenceposts. Thanks!closedbuzzie71protected just the house - if you build in the area you marked out adjacent to it, the protection can be extended over it later :O
2397shrinemasterWater flow please. Around the room on the walls there are 3-wide spots that need flow. Thanks.closedbermudalocketwaterfalls now actually fall!
2396shrinemasterWater flow please. Around the room on the walls there are 3-wide spots that need flow. Thanks.closedSilversunsetflowed!!
239510444musicPlease protect my buildclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m :)
239410444musicPlease protect my buildclosedSilversunsetYour fence is complete and works as a claim but you'll have to build a bit more before we can protect it. If you run into grief issues you can also modreq and we'll fix it!
2393Spartan____Featherbottom at spawn locked a tradeclosedBarlimoreTraded manually - enjoy your item!
2392Anijscan you light up my fireplace? Thanks!closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m! happy experimenting!
2391Lethal_Treekinda stupid request but why are there yellow x's all over the ground?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m
2390NotACop209make water flow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2389Randomdoorprotection pls (Tis the other corner)closedSilversunsetsee 2388
2388Randomdoorprotection plsclosedSilversunsetprotected built/terraformed area as Valyria
2386robradd new structures as children of solaceclosedrobrresidental area protected
2385Spartan____Can I get this area flowed?closedrobrsplishy splooshed.
2384Spartan____Is it possible to ask that you flow this whole river where there are gaps in the water?closedbermudalocketwater sources flowed along river!
2383bermudalockettp'ing Thel to undo modmode tp glitchclosedbermudalocketfixed!
2382ThelVadumeesign griff hereclosedThelVadumeesign fixed
2381robrdeleted sign here, rolled back but related to other immediately previous modreq'sclosedrobrrolled back - see other discussions
2380bermudalocketeven more broken armor stands hereclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message (per 2378).
2379bermudalocketdead wolf here, plus two more in the pen across the wayclosedBarlimoreWolves restored!
2378bermudalocketdestroyed armor stands hereclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2377robrrobbery.closedBarlimoreBloody hell - fixed.
2376robrstolen rails - multiple powered in this tunnelclosedBarlimoreShould be back now!
2375RandomThoughtsplease repair grief at this location. Thank you.closedrobrrolled back, area protected, user already banned
2374robrstolen enderchestclosedBarlimoreEnderchest has been returned!
2373Yakkhylban for 1month plsclosedBarlimoreIt'll probably be a while before you see this - banned!
2372bookey42WaterFlow x4closediNerd71flowing!
2371ThelVadumeei saw xXOptic_DogeXx kill a pet dog near here with MzBubblegum, abd break various things in areaclosedBarlimoreThanks for reporting - grief has been addressed.
2370nels_nelsonMay I please have this wizard tower protected from this light blue wool block to the other light blue wool block on the surface below, and then down to bedrock? Best regards, -nels_nelsoncloseddefiexProtection done, discusssed depth via msg.
2369MackSaffronFlow this water block please. <3closedbermudalocketflowed!
2368ieuwehmap 907closedbermudalocketmap placed!
2367QueenBombusadd this enchanting station to the skelly grinder protection, por favor :)closedbermudalocketregion updated!
2366bermudalocketa player accidentally destoyed the cobweb under this fence postclosedCARnivore_ndstook a bit to cntract a spider... all ggood now
2365Azumarillsomebody didn't replant, maybe?closedbuzzie71looks like you missed a few spots :O
2364QueenBombusflowing waterclosedBarlimoreFlowing - enjoy!
2363ieuwehmap 906closedBarlimoreMap added, it's another cracker! Apologies for the Christmas pun.
2362grenbugthere's water in these dispensers, please allow water to flow, thanks!closedbuzzie71they should be set now!
2361EvJPplease protect my buildclosedBarlimoreProtection added, build in peace!
2360promaxxemy horse is stuck in here and i have no permission to break blocks to get through, can i have some help?closedCARnivore_ndsfound the out!
2359archelonflow pleaseclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2357piplo127128unstuck, i get stuck a lotclosedbermudalocketplease be more careful :p
2356ThelVadumeeis this player mad?closedThelVadumeeguess not
2355NotACop209make water flowclosediNerd71Flowed!
2354piplo127128unstuck plsclosedbermudalocketrescued!
2353bookey42grief or zombie killed villager?closedThelVadumeemsg'd player about nasty weather
2352QueenBombusI am wondering who this spawner belongs to, and if it is available to developclosedThelVadumeedisscussed via /msg
2351QueenBombusprotection (pink wool) to create region: Gwenyn with me and Ullander as ownersclosedbermudalocketRegion Gwenyn created!
2350ieuwehmapworld 904closedcujobearquite a lovely little picture
2349EvJPplease protext my buildclosedcujobearyes that is the correct way to do a modreq, please do it at the build you would like protected
2348StackMastaI'd like my land area protected!closedBarlimoreBuild protected (as discussed) - build in peace. :-)
2347ThunderKrackerDoes this qualify for protection yet?closedBarlimoreProtection added - build in peace!
2346dnynumberonesign says 12 for polar bear, it's 15 on the trader :PclosedBarlimoreGood eye - sign updated to reflect the villager costs!
2345grenbugthere's water buckets in dispensers, can that water flow?closedbuzzie71yes! try now :O
2344ieuwehmapworld 903closedBarlimoreAnother great map, nicely made!
2343KingNyahmanhello, I've moved my cows as Zomise asked. Please could their pen be protected now? Thank youclosedZomiseCows are now under protection!
2342KingNyahmanhello, i've been griefed. can I get some protection pleaseclosedZomiseLibrary and pigs protected! Let us know when cows are moved and we'll protect their pen too!
2341Reon27ravenrock entire island protection?closeddefiexClosing per discussion via msg! Looking good!
2340MackSaffronFlow this water block please. Thanks!closedbuzzie71flowing!
2339Miogreflow water in this room please (They are hidden in the upper side of the walls)closeddefiexFancy splish has been splashed
2338Sumpprotection expansion. Only my house and farm were approved before. I have built up a good portion of what I have cordoned off viacobblestone wall.closedThelVadumeeregion expanded
2337QueenBombusflowing water-- again... we goofed -_-closedRiveriflowin'
2336QueenBombusflowing waterclosedtict0cDone and Done water flown :)
2335scgirlcan i have access to the chest rightnext to Lethal_Tree's head? This is Lethal_Tree but im across the map and dont really want to walk that farclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2334DJAtomCtypo pigman = BlazeclosedBarlimoreGood spot! Destination updated.
2333gk_ryoprotect arenaclosedBarlimoreFor future protection requests - you may need to make your builds less amazing as it is very distracting when trying to protect(!)
2332Prometheus23teleport WTFBBQ13 to me, he is lost.closedSilversunsetSorry we can't teleport people on pve, but you can use Livemap to try to guide him! do /maps for the link
2331LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedBarlimoreWater flowing, enjoy!
2330LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedBarlimoreThis area is now 100% wetter!
2329SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedBarlimoreThe flood has arrived!
2328PipersDadflow water pleaseclosedBarlimoreFrom this single source, a mighty spring shall flow!
2327Cinctulusiron golem spawner & water flow pls (payment in purple shulker box) first spawner goes between raw dark oak and plankclosedBarlimoreWater flowing, golem spawner added and protection added to your grinder - reap the rewards in peace!
2326MackSaffronOne last water block flow req. Thanks!closedrobrdeja vu..
2325ieuwehmapworld 901closedZomiseArtwork placed!
2324robrprotect 3 spawners (1 here, 2 downstairs) as children of solaceclosedrobrspawners protected
2323MackSaffronPlease flow this water block. Thanks!closedrobrone block flowed.
2322robrfarm expansion over someone's claimclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /msg.
2321robrcan we claim for solace? only indication of recent usage is this horse, user hasn't been on for monthsclosedNoramiyep, Eagle_Eyes_ have not been online since September 29th and I cannot find any block changes from him here, so go for it :)
2320SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2319Azumarillthis hole seems like it shouldn't be hereclosedkumquatmayHole closed and player warned!
2318Lethal_Treenevermind my previous one i found a way outclosedkumquatmayYou can close your own reqs with /done [modreq number]. (/check to get modreq number)
2317Lethal_Treei have no idea where i a m on this rail and i cant break a block to get up what do i doclosedkumquatmaySelf-resolved
2316dacracotnot sure how to ask for a /place, but I have a quad grinder "dac&slugsQuad" at my coordsclosedBarlimorePlace added!
2315JamesMcProggercould a moderator please flow that single clock of water at [1415, 138, -1493], top of the fountain, thanks!closeddefiexFountainy splish has been splashed!
2314piplo127128is it possible to have the name of the schematic for this tree?closeddefiexdiscussed via msg.
2313piplo127128what is the name of this tree?closeddefiexThis is a jungle tree.
2312SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedBarlimoreShould all be flowing now - if not already done by robr!
2311Aghe87flow all the waterrrrrr plzclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2309Zeadall the cows and sheep in this area have been killed off, it's not the mod limiter.closedSilversunsetsheepts restored and player warned, thanks for reporting!
2308CutterWillpvp arenaclosedSilversunsetpvp arena protected and pvp'd (let me know when you play!!!!!)
2307Aghe87Flow these two blocks pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2306Aghe87Flow these two blocks pleaseclosedbuzzie71both flowing!
2305ieuwehworld map 900closedbuzzie71map delivered! This looks more like it!
2304Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2303ieuwehworld map 989closedbuzzie71map delivered! but it sounds like it's not the right one... ._.
2302Aghe87flow these two water blocks pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2301SlugNamedDevcan this top block of water flow please?closedbuzzie71it's flowing!
2300dacracotflow water on either end of the hallway pleaseclosedTheNightsKingFlowed, but you may need to adjust something to get it to work still
2299SlugNamedDevwe are making a quad grinder and need to check the water flow. Can you please flow the water in the tunnels I am in and the 8 blocks of water in the spawner rooms.closedTheNightsKingGrinder water flowing, modreq again if you have any new requirements
2298ieuwehworldmap 897closedBarlimoreThis is fantastic - enjoy the map!
2297ieuwehwho built this (thank you!)closedrobrdiscussed via /m
2296robrflood holeclosedrobrplease remember to close your modreq's.
2295robrmore flowclosedrobrflowed
2294Tellephoneneed water flow in two places here please c:closedBarlimoreBoth flowing, enjoy!
2293bookey42water flow pleaseclosedBarlimoreBlock is now flowing!
2292LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2291bookey42waterflow where villagers are standing pleaseclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2290buzzie71map 892 please :OclosedkumquatmayMap placed!
2289robrunleash the flood watersclosedrobrflowing
2288pez252Could you fix the names on these two knights quest items? Thanks!closedBarlimoreBoth fixed up!
2287General_MetracI'm stick in a wall at pico... plz helpclosedcujobearI made it over in time to see the heroics of 32ndFlava
2286PPGOMEgriefclosedHerr_Fawkesfixed, let mods know if there are more issues
2285roryjasperplease protect my house marked with white wool in the corners - thanks!closedSilversunsetyour house is protected!!
2284Emizzonplease protect this vault and the finely tuned redstone contraption room on the other side of the buttonsclosedSilversunsetsee 2282
2283Emizzonplease protect this room from all would-be griefers as well, thanks o/closedSilversunsetsee 2282
2282Emizzonplease protect this room from all would-be griefersclosedSilversunsethouse is already protected \o/
2281PPGOMEhe's making tunnels againclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via msg.
2280hafishgrhouse protections please? :)closedSilversunsethouse protected!
2279promaxxei think street101 is building under our area again? or is this old/somebody else'sclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2278PPGOMEgrief not rolled back here. D:closedBarlimoreFixed - as per /msg
2277AzumarillI feel like these trapdoors are supposed to be DownclosedBarlimoreThese trapdoors (along with a few others nearby) are now in the downwards position once more. Good spotting!
2276Nomasunhello, this squid spawner does not appear to be working anymoreclosedBarlimoreModification made to the grinder so it is functional again. Owner notified of this via mail. Thanks for noticing!
2275robrmore fence /area griefclosedBarlimoreResolved per 2274.
2274robrfence griefclosedBarlimoreFence grief is no more here!
2273dobreiratransparent skulls in this areaclosedtotemotry murdering the charged creeper and see if you still have rendering problems :)
2272grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2271robrmultiple instances of rail griefclosedBarlimoreThese instances should be fixed now!
2270JamesMcProggercan a moderator plz help me by flowing this 7 water blocks on the edge of the cliff-end side of the pool at [1404, 135, -1468] please?closedThelVadumeewatered :D
2269DigitalOSHthere's a water block in here. can you flow it/closedThelVadumeeall flowed :D
2268DigitalOSHcan you flow these?closedThelVadumee
2267Zeadprotections for town, defi said they need to be expandedclosedBarlimoreProtection expanded!
2266Nhaazauapls protect stackclosedbermudalocketbeacon protected! also, check your /mail
2265robrrelated to 2260, see notesclosedBarlimore(Acknowledged - regarding the notes)
2264Ruthlesssssnot sure if this is possible - but could the block with the arrow in the item frame be removed from the regions it is tied to?closedbermudalocketIT ROTATES! \o/
2263robrrelated to 2260 - player placed garden area, already rolled back pond area, left shackclosedBarlimoreThank you for getting to this pond - Area seems good now.
2262ThatSlugNamedDevplease make both these water flow pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2261robrpossibly related to 2260 - next to different builder, but through areaclosedBarlimoreThanks - no action taken yet. Will keep an eye on this / further reports from this builder.
2260PPGOMEbigger holclosedBarlimoreThis has now been cleaned up, thanks for reporting!
2259PPGOMEholclosedrobrcrop area rolled back, player warned.
2258promaxxecont'd my last modreq, the tunnel passes under countless claimsclosedBarlimore(Closing per prior modreq - thanks again!)
2257Abitcatplease roll back edits by street101 and make him not dig tunnels under tabulaclosedBarlimoreIndividual warned - edits rolled back. Town region expanded!
2256promaxxei found the exit to the tunnel previously modreqed, street101 is obviously doing this on purposeclosedBarlimoreThank you very much - This helped!
2255Nhaazauacan you fix the name on excaliber in this shulker, pleaseclosedBarlimoreExcalibur fixed!
2254promaxxethis person is building underneath tabula rasa? is this ok?closedBarlimoreIndividual warned - edits rolled back. Town region expanded! Certainly not ok, thanks for reporting!
2253PPGOMEstreet101 digging tunnels right under our roads in our claimclosedBarlimoreIndividual warned - edits rolled back. Town region expanded!
2252PPGOMEwho made thisclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2251Nhaazauai accidentally knocked out a block here and dont ahve anything ot repair a hole into the voidclosedbermudalocketterrifying hole into the endless abyss repaired!
2250QueenBombuscancel that last request, figured out the problemclosedSilversunsetsee 2249 :)
2249QueenBombuslost a stack of iron ore in the reset?closedSilversunsetyou can close a request with /check and then /done ####
2248Lethal_Treecan i haz access to the spawn station cart thing? i have 9 stacks for itclosedLethal_Treeim stupid
2247DigitalOSHlet's try thisclosedTheNightsKingThing tried
2246pez252Double check this. (see notes)closedBarlimoreProtection added - (discussed externally).
2245DigitalOSHcan you flow this too?closedtict0cAll lava sources at this location ad flowing.
2244ThatSlugNamedDevcan the water flow please?closedbermudalocketflowed!
2243DigitalOSHplease flow! Safe catch area at the bottomclosedcujobearlavaflow flow
2242Rivaeflow 2 blocks please?closedZomiseFlowed
2241AceMarconiPlease flow. Also Methinks my protection may need a slight expansion, please & thankyou!closedBarlimoreWater flowing and region expanded, build in peace!
2240ThunderKrackercan you tell me when this was built and who by plz? ThanksclosedtotemoXedthered 2017-11-15; /cinfo is your friend
2239ThunderKrackerShould be cows hereclosedtotemocowsified
2238Tythalflow waterblock under trapdoorclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2237Tythalflow top block of waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2236DigitalOSHIt froze! Could you flow it again?closedkumquatmayFlowin'! Gonna need to cover the water source blocks to keep it from freezing :)
2235DigitalOSHcan you flow this water?closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2234Azumarillfrost walker ice all over this canal...?closedBarlimoreSeasonal changes have brought water back to these canals!
2233Emizzonplease help with this piston. regions are preventing it from pushing block up.closedSilversunsetregion expanded
2232piplo127128unstuck plsclosedThelVadumeei was too slow xD
2231Reon27compound to child of ravenrockclosedbermudalocketdone!
2230Lethal_Treewould it be possible to have all the regions on ravenrock changed to child regions of ravenrock? there are a few that i cannot access and reon cant find to give me accessclosedbermudalocketYou should be all set now!
2229bookey42waterflow x2 again. im so thirsty :(closedcujobeardrink moar water
2228bookey42water flow last one for awhile I hope lolclosedtict0cflowing !! :)
2227bookey42Lots O WaterFlow I can show you them allclosedtict0cDone water is flowing! \o/
2226bookey42water flow x2 pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflow'd
2225Lethal_Treepls teleport me like 10 blocks im glitchingcloseddefiexIf you're still borked when you're back, let us know so we can unbork you! Borkborkbork.
2224omnibeanstuck pls helpcloseddefiexFree at last....free at last! Freeeee at last!
2223Rivae2 block water flow pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndspooled
2222Goldrat1618please flow this liquidclosedTheNightsKingsuspiciously named liquid flowed
2221Goldrat1618please flow this liquidcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
2220King_of_quesoi wanted some fresh nopales but i got stuck in here!closedbermudalocketrescued!
2219defiexI have collected 150 Wishbones! Please check my chest and give me my trophy!closeddefiexIgnore all of this!
2218Azumarillwater dispensrsclosedtorteelaAll dispensrs are now very unsafe
2217King_of_quesothere's a block missing hereclosedbermudalocketyou saw nothing! :O
2215buzzie71flow this water please :OclosedCARnivore_ndslava h8r
2214JamesMcProggercan a helpful mod please flow this water at [1401, 139, -1482], thanks!closedCARnivore_ndsall fall down
2213AceMarconiSpawnrail sign for C3 is Now Stonemist! \o/closedbuzzie71sign set!
2212PPGOMEmake these doors private for only Kitty9293 and I please. Is a surprise :)closedThelVadumeeunfortunatly we cant lock doors on this server
2211PPGOMEmake chest region under tree please :Dclosedtict0cDone and done :)
2210Azumarillaccidental parrotcideclosedBarlimoreThanks for your honesty! We're aiming to track down the owner of the dead parrot as they have yet to log in this week.
2209username20882 water flowclosedCARnivore_ndsdid a solid with that liquid.
2208PPGOMEwho made these?closedbuzzie71someone, obviously :O (discussed via /msg)
2207aindriahhnPlease make this water flow oh mighty ModclosedRiveriflowed!
2206KryptecWolfI need to protect this build pleaseclosedtict0cNice tower Protected !! :)
2205rocket18009i need to protect this build pleaseclosedtict0cProtected and Safe :)
2204PPGOMEstuccclosedCARnivore_ndsrez q'd
2203hafishgrflow please :)closedRiveriflowed!
2202Ruthlesssssplease protect from here to 824/255/696(big build!)closedHerr_Fawkesprotected!
2201nels_nelsonMay I please have this water block made to flow?closedrobrthey're still fighting the flow!
2200jazzorplease flow this :)closedCARnivore_ndsflowed
2199Azumarillthis zombie villager killed me, took my armor and sword, and cured and now they're gone (I killed the villager to check if it had the stuff invisibly)closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail.
2198bermudalocketlooks like someone killed one too many cows, lost breeding pairclosedHerr_Fawkescow replaced!
2197bookey42water flow x3 pleaseclosedschererererer3 waters flowed
2196ZachmawI'm an idiot and got stuck. plz halpclosedThelVadumeefreedom!
2195piplo127128protectclosedThelVadumeediscussed via /msg
2194SquaresTherewater flow?closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2193aindriahhnPlease make my lava flowclosedThelVadumeeoof almost burnt myself :D
2192Minaro_I request that you all have a good dayclosedtotemoDENIED!
2191Lethal_Treemy horse is in a minecart:(closeddefiexFree at last....freeee at last...freeeeeeeeee at last!!! (Your horse is no longer trapped and may wander about at his leisure.)
2190Riveritrying this again, possible x-ray, pls to checkclosedRiverinope
2189buzzie71random stab in the dark! map 505 please :O (no idea what it is but I will take whatever it turns out to be)closedbermudalocketmap placed... sort of...
2188username2088water flowcloseddefiexDanger splishes have been splashed!
2187username2088water flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2186username2088water flowclosedRivericrisis averted!
2185PPGOMEwere there horses?closedbermudalocketThey abandoned their stations with 20 gold and the mayor's daughter. Please let us know if you see them ;_;. (in reality, they poofed)
2184aindriahhnPlease expand my tower protections abovegroundclosedRiveriyour protection automatically goes to skylimit when we make them, so you're good!
2183Tellephonesomeone's horse was in a minecart at square's quad and I accidentally sent it off trying to get past it :/ not sure who's it was, but I also don't know where it went. my bad.closeddefiexHorse has been located and returned to the quad grinder!
2182JezzzziePoor little Bobby has been running the dozer for us and has come up missing. Has Little Bobby been kidnapped?? Did he run away???? I've come out to feed him daily!closedBarlimoreLittle Bobby was forming a union to protest these working conditions. Alas, he has returned to work on site. (details via /mail)
2181dnynumberonewho didn't replant after buttoning these farms?closedrobrregion member, discussed via /m
2180aindriahhnPlease protect my towerclosedschererererertower protected!
2179MackSaffronPlease flow the 1 water block ABOVE the sign. Thanks!closedrobrditto.
2178MackSaffronPlease flow the 3 water blocks against the west side of the glass box.closedrobrsplishy splooshy splash.
2177aindriahhnKeep on rockingclosedSir_DidymusLooks like you're the one with the rock!
2176Jean_de_PatmosHelp! I'm trapped! I am by the Haven guardian grinder, and it is a protected area. I am stuck in a hole.closedSir_DidymusRescued!
2175Lethal_Treeumm the respawn sign doesnt workclosedtotemowe put up a fence to de-obstruct the sleep sign
2174Lethal_Treei lost axe from quest 3. is this fixable?closedBarlimoreThis axe really is cursed! New one added.
2173Alixlaprotect my claim!closedBarlimoreProtection added to your structure, build in peace!
2172Azumarillhey get rid of this chestclosedBarlimoreRemoved.
2171Silversunsetpls make the front/back of this cocoa farm build allowclosedbermudalocketbeans now takeable!
2170Azumarillso, there's not a box under this end rod - did I do it? You'd think I'd have had to, right? Has it been like that for weeks, or what? What's up?closedbermudalocketsent a /mail :)
2169Lethal_Treewhy isnt the chicken following me? isnt it supposed to do that?closedbermudalocketdicussed via /m!
2168ziplock189please protect my build between the granite blocksclosedbermudalocketprotected as ziplock189_base!
2167Azumarillhow'd I get a brick blockoclosedCARnivore_ndsdiscussed with player
2166ieuwehI am stuck inside a building :( I am really sorry to botherclosedFlumperFreed! :)
2165woodyfeverflowclosedrobrwater elevator activated
2164DjentleGiantLots of grief here. Please roll back!closedZomiseFixed!
2163ZomiseCould the creeper grinder get its own place?closedSir_DidymusPlace added!
2162PPGOMEflow the water plsclosedZomiseFlowing!
2161PPGOMEflow both plsclosedrobrflowed
2160Azumarillwhy is this cobble block hereclosedrobrcobble block placed by player "azumarill" - rolled back.
2159ImmJaqoRequesting expansion of protection area to encompass this farming tower along with giving flowing water in all the dispensersclosedtotemoregion expanded; dispensers set to flow
2158Komhazone more flow pleaseclosedBarlimoreCredit to yourself for fixing up the water here!
2157SimonPeggflowing wutar pleaseclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2156Komhazi may have broke my water, can i get a reup pretty please i'll do better i promiseclosedBarlimoreWater from earlier flowing (forgot to close).
2155Komhazflow pleaseclosedBarlimoreFlowing here, enjoy!
2154BloomingLilysorry i messed up, can you flow these 2 water spots? :Dclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2153BloomingLilycan you please make all the water spots i placed flowclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2152Nhaazauapls flow water at y171 (in straight line at bottom here)closedtict0cWater is flowing o./
2151Nhaazauapls flow water at y 171 and 172closedghrey303just flowed the infinite source blocks
2150Ruthlessssspls make the infinite waters!closedCARnivore_ndsflow is ready to go
2149Nhaazauapls flowclosedtict0cWater flown :)
2148kumquatmayI picked up a Quest Coin rather than a Knights Coin at one of the castles, pls to gib shiny coal!closedBarlimoreThis chest now has the correct knights' coin!
2147Wall_E__Need water to flow, please. 2 blocks.closedvarjflowed
2146MackSaffronPlease flow the water block under the carpet. Thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed!
2145Lethal_Treelong story short, i lost the papers for 2 of the doors like 3 weeks ago. is there any way to get them back?closedBarlimoreSign interactions verified - your inventory now contains the missing quest items!
2144MackSaffroncheckclosedBarlimoreGive us a shout if you have a more specific need for help!
2143Lethal_Treewhat do i do i died and lost the beat and now i cant get it backclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2142Azumarillhead fix pls (6 default "Head"s in mob chest, placed skeleton up top should be dragon probz)closedSir_DidymusInvestigated!
2141Reon27so...i'm stuck under spawn rail and cant get out. can you plz help me :Iclosedbermudalocketrescued!
2140MackSaffronAny chance we can get this furnace removed?closedBarlimoreFurnace removed!
2139dobreirareplacec green map with map id 839closedBarlimoreMap replaced!
2138pez252tic plz flow thxclosedtict0cMuch water flown!
2137Nomasunhello, I have an old "Quest Coin" that was a reward from Knights Quest 1 in the first day of the server, can you please trade me for a Knights Coin?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - Check your inventory!
2136mabtheseerwater flow in these four corners pleaseclosedcujobearwater flowed
2135Aghe87I ate my beet. I am not a smart man. May i have some more?closedBarlimoreWe have spliced this beetroot with excessive pepper to discourage you from eating this one. Good luck with the quest!
2134SquaresTherecan you make it so that shukler boxes can be placed anywhere down here? thanks :)closedrobrbirch_island has thus birthed 2 build allow regions for bby shulkers and anvils
2133dobreirarequest map 73closedBarlimoreMap added!
2132bermudalocketwho dug out this area literally right next to my portal?closedrobrdiscussed via /m
2131DjentleGiantPlease unstuck my horse. Thanks!closedSir_DidymusRails amended, horse can be rescued now.
2130kumquatmayMissed out on one quest item as clicking another sign replaced the item in my handclosedtotemoconfirmed that all three prizes were due; this was additional fallout from misconfigured slot values for give actions
2129Jezzzzieneed water flow in 3 areas plz :)closedZomiseFlowed! Nice water feature. :)
2128Komhazcould you expand my region ~10 blocks in every direction please?closedtotemoregion expanded; shame your new neighbour won't be around to appreciate it... he got banned ;_;
2127Muzelleprotect my buildclosedkumquatmayProtected!
2126nels_nelsonMay I please have these water blocks made to flow? Best regards, -NelsclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2125Reon27shulker area for market (block above the signs for entire market)closedThelVadumeeall ready for shulkers :D
2124bermudalocketI misplaced the axe you get at the start of Knight's Quest #2 :(. Started the quest a few weeks ago and not sure where it went :/closedBarlimoreReplacement axe found!
2123NomasunHello I have summoned a doppelganger of myself and won the fight but the skull is not a skin I have ever usedcloseddefiexTake another peek at it! We see your current skin/head on the placed head! :)
2122bermudalocketsomeone left floating trees hereclosedRiverithat particular tree claims "no edits found", but I was able to roll back the trees closer to the castle
2121sushi15flow me the frick up mmhm that's some good flow right there RIGHT THERE mmhmm ooo hoo that's some good flow!closedRiverimake sure to use protection for your flows!
2120SilversunsetPlease protect the breedatorium and make the 7 blocks around this end chest build:allowclosedtict0cYay took a sec but I got it !! :o)
2119Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2118Darwinosaurusflowing wateclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2117Nhaazauacan i get an itemlocker region for this boat onlyclosedbuzzie71discussed via /msg - you should be able to set these yourself with ItemLocker commands (check out /help ItemLocker)
2116nels_nelsonSo, what's the deal with this gross floating bridge?closedNoramimsg and mailed nels_nelson re. the floating bridge, that he could make a modreq for removal, bridge was made yesterday
2115pez252tic plz flowclosedtict0cyay water tis flowing ! :)
2114SirLyledid some break the wall here? and replace with the wrong glass?closedFlumperGrief repaired! :)
2113ieuwehwater flowclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2112CutterWillflowclosedTheNightsKingAnd it flows
2111ieuwehwater flowclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2110username2088water flowclosedtict0cWater has been flowed :o)
2109username2088water flowclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2108username2088water flowclosedtict0cWater flowed :o) have fun!
2107Wall_E__Flow water to make obsidian. Please don't glare. :-)closedghrey303i promise i didn't glare, i just have intense eyes
2106Rivaeflow one block please?closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2105Blockbuster/discord link expiredclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m (forgot to closer earlier sorry!)
2104Rivaeone more water block flow please tyclosedSilversunsetflowed
2103Rivaeflow 2 blocks please :)closedcujobear2 and only 2 waters flowed
2102ThunderKrackermissing villager hereclosedRiverinot grief and it didn't die. my best guess is that the villager probably glitched through the glass if it was present before. I suggest mailing Solace mayors to inform them of their missing villie
2101RuthlesssssSo I may have found a bug with the minecart stacking plugin? I was going to use some minecarts so I grabbed 19 from a chest which had 64 + 19 in it and tried to place 1 - nothing happened so i relogged(in case of lag) and I had 40 minecarts in handclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2100Jezzzzieflow plz!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2099driftingnomadstuck with my horse in pico's protectionsclosedkumquatmayEnjoy your freedom!
2098Tellephonestuck in grinder pls send helpclosedkumquatmayFreedom \o/
2097Halinahplease flow this one water, ty!closedtotemoflowing
2096MiogreWater Flow Please!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2095ThatSlugNamedDevcan you please add dacracot to my protection?closedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m!
2094Halinahplease flow the six water by the black wool in this room, ty!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2093Halinahplease flow these two, thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed!
2092nels_nelsonMay I please have this water block made to flow? Thank you. Best regards, -Nelsclosedcujobearin the words of defie, your splish has been splashed
2091Wall_E__Need water to flow at 4 locations here.closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2090Sumpprotect build area. I have a border 2 corners would be 1536/51/-1551 to 1434/72/-1480, lmk if questions or issues with thatclosedFlumperBuilds protected! :)
2089KeyworkOrangeflow pls :DclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2088Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2087Rivaeplease flow 4 blocks in the corners of this underground squareclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2086Rivaeprotection for this basement area please as a child of rose and put zomise in charge of it?closedFlumperProtected as a child of Rose! :)
2085Rivae2 water blocks in a narrow wood and seeing i could not flow both i mean either uh flow pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2084sunstarshine192Hey! I need some fire in my firepit in Castle Rogue! It is in the big grey building on the mountain that has a hole in the wall.closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m. Man create fire!
2083KeyworkOrangeflow pls! :Dclosedcujobearyou now can make ALL THE WATER \o/
2082Spartan____last flow I promise (maybe)closedCARnivore_ndsflowed, but prickly now...
2081CARnivore_ndswe have connected Orion/Galahad portal to North #1, plz to update signage kthxbaiclosedCARnivore_ndssignage updates
2080Spartan____Even moar splashclosedZomiseFlowing
2079Spartan____additional splash requiredclosedSirLyledouble splooshed
2078Spartan____moar flowinclosedbermudalocketmoar flowed
2077Spartan____flow pslclosedbermudalocketsplish splash cacti was takin a bath
2076username2088water flowclosedSirLyleobsidified
2075Spartan____splooshclosedbuzzie71splush! ...maybe?
2073dnynumberonecan this area be claimed as roseendportal region now?closedZomiseProtected as Rosend, child of Rose.
2072dnynumberoneflow any of these waters pls and thanksclosedtict0cWater flowing !
2070username2088water flow plsclosedtict0cWater Flowed :o)
2069username2088water flow plsclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2068Spartan____flow pls ")closedbermudalocketflowed!
2067username2088water flow plsclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2066Spartan____Request to have this bridge raised?closeddefiexBridge elevated! Thanks for reporting!
2065Prometheus23make water flowclosedCARnivore_ndswell well water flows well
2064username2088water flow plsclosedcujobearnow it's dark back here
2063username2088water flow plsclosedtotemoflowing
2062nels_nelsonlistclosedtotemo- you want /check or http://nerd.nu/modreq/pve.pl
2061nels_nelsonCould I please have this floating checkered snake bridge removed from above the park?closedBarlimoreThe builder is removing it themselves on request.
2060Prometheus23protect my houseclosedtotemoprotected
2059Ruthlessssscan I please get map 820! :)closedkumquatmayMap placed!
2058TellephoneI need protection on this building please :)closedRiveriregion "tellephone_residence" created!
2057tict0cI lost 1 quest bonemeal when ice tried to put it in this shulker and rotated it while trying to put it in. :)closedBarlimore(I may have accidentally rotated this chest too - the final bonemeal is now inside this chest with the remainder you've found).
2056ThelVadumeeplease check thisclosedBarlimoreThanks for letting us know - mob grief restored!
2055King_of_quesoCan I get some barrier blocks for my spleef arena? Pretty please? :DclosedSilversunsetbarrier blocks barriered!
2054pez252Please make the trees in this building publicly harvestable.closedBarlimoreTree region established for harvesting wood!
2053pez252Please make these trees publicly harvestableclosedfazadendark oak farm is open for lumberjacks and lumberjills alike
2052pez252Please make these trees publicly harvestableclosedtict0cTrees Now Public and Harvestable yay \o/ :o)
2051pez252No charcoal reward (got the paper and shield)closedcujobearitem replaced
2050Merp2000I bonemealed my shulker box with my quest item....:(closedcujobearcorrected!
2049KingNyahmanprotectionclosedrobrduplicate modreq
2048KingNyahmanprotectionclosedBarlimoreProtection added - build in peace.
2047Prometheus23protection pleaseclosedFlumperProtected! :)
2046ThunderKrackerAre these jousters supposed to have horses?closeddefiexThe jousters are elite Air Jousters, borne with the ability to levitate themselves with naught but a poot.
2045bermudalocketPortal griefed. Blocks are missing.closedFlumperGrief fixed! :)
2044CutterWillflow againclosedrobrflowed again
2042ghrey303public vine regionclosedghrey303done
2041Spartan____I claimed this plot in mapworld, but I would like to unclaim itcloseddefiexPlayer removed from plot!
2040Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedrobrwater flowing
2039nels_nelsonMay I please have these water blocks made to flow naturally? Thank you! Best regards, -Nelsclosedtotemoflowing as naturally as they are able to
2038ghrey303public shulker regionclosedghrey303they found me out, I can't leave it open anymore
2037dnynumberone2 water flows pls and thanksclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2036ImmJaqoRequest protection of this houseclosedtotemoprotected; nice house
2035Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedtotemoflowing
2033Wall_E__Need water flowed again. Multiple blocks near here.closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2032username2088water flow plsclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2031Wall_E__Need water flowed. Multiple blocks around this location.closedrobrfloweded
2030username2088water flow plsclosedSilversunsetflowed water!
2029buzzie71omg! they killed Bob!closedbermudalocketBob has been resurrected \o/
2028ThatSlugNamedDevcan you please protect my cafe and my corral?closedSirLyleprotected
2027Reon27i cant turn this dial (make it build allow)closedrobrwas build allow - player claimed frame to prevent rotating. fixed with new iframe modifiers.
2026username2088water flow plscloseddefiexPointy danger splish has been splashed!
2025007conorplease flowclosedTheNightsKingYou've got water!
2024TheNightsKingSomebody has been woodchopping from my specifically placed trees, and harvesting without replantingclosedrobrrolled back, player warned
2023007conorplease flowclosedrobrflowed
2022RooneythewasterPlease protect my humble structure!closedrobrdiscussed via /m
2021AceMarconiPlease flow water.closedrobrinfinitely flowed
2020DjentleGiantSomeone opened my enclosure here and allowed a mob to get in and kill my AFK alt TheCockroachKing.closeddefiexDiscussed via message, please keep your cockaroach safely contained!
2019tobylaneCrops taken, including cacticlosedbermudalocketcrops and cacti un-taken!
2018BT3could I get some water flow pleasecloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
2017robrwater level blocking bridge...closeddefiexfoilage applied and the blockage has been cleared!
2016PewptyLost a few items due to a laggy glitch and was killed mobs. Returned to site, no indication anything happened. Any help?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via mail -> /mail inbox & /mail read 1
2015Zomiseshulker areaclosedZomiseShulker area done.
2014ghrey303public shulker region over clay areaclosedghrey303made!
2013ImmJaqoRequest protection for the land encompassed by the stone wallsclosedscherererererthe stone walls mark your land claim, reserving the area for you - you can modreq for a protection once you've constructed a build (protections are for builds, not claimed land)
2012gk_ryoflow dispensers' waterclosedkumquatmayDispensers are flowy!
2011Pokefan100will you please help me with claiming my houseclosedkumquatmayLand claim procedures discussed via /m
2010robrplease protect station only as geraintstation and create dialer regionclosedkumquatmayStation protected and dial region created!
2009Pokefan100I need help claiming my landclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
2008Nhaazauaprot spawner plsclosedThelVadumeespawner is protected :D
2007Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2006bermudalocketpls make shulker region (1 high) on top of pistonsclosedbermudalocketdone
2005Nhaazauaprot spawner plscloseddefiexProtected!
2004Nhaazauaprot spawner plscloseddefiexProtected!
2003Nhaazauaprot spawner plscloseddefiexProtected!
2002Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2001Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2000Nhaazauaprot spawner plsclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1999ghrey303Could you move this hopper? user hasn't been on in a month, making renovationscloseddefiex::Waves hand:: There is no hopper. You don't remember a hopper.
1998Nhaazauaprot spawner plsclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1997Lethal_Treeis it possible to have my inventory cleared of melons because ive thrown this one in lave 4 times and its still thereclosedLethal_Treei put it in a chest and now its good
1996Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1995Aghe87Zom's creeper spawner is ready. Replace the pink wool block pleasecloseddefiexSssssssssuper work! Spawner has been placed! :D
1994Aghe87flow for water source pleaseclosedrobrflowed, please to blow up rose now.
1993zburdsalplease expand out the region 'solace_villager_breeder' to include the new farms, and then make build allow regions on themclosedFlumperProtected and crops made build allow! :)
1992zburdsalPlease expand 'solace' to encompass new builds. Preferably 50 south, 70 north, and 20 east.closedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
1991Zomisepez252 has permission to ask for the activation of the creeper spawner I found.closedSir_DidymusNoted in our documentation.
1990Ruthlesssssplease remove the region named ruthlessssss_melons(will need it back much later but for now please remove it) - NOT THE BLOCKS just the region please!closedzburdsalDone!
1989ThunderKrackerThere was an ender chest here, what gives?closedThelVadumeerolledback the griffles
1988Spartan____Bridge at sea levelclosedSpartan____
1987Spartan____flow plsclosedrobrflowed, but it's freezing up..
1986Spartan____Additional splish requiredclosedrobrnice pool.
1985Spartan____More sploosh pls :)closedrobrflowed
1984Spartan____splish sploosh, round 2closedbuzzie71flowing!
1983Spartan____splishy spashyclosedCARnivore_ndsit's all goodie (?) and Flowie(?)
1982MackSaffronWater flow this block, pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed
1981MackSaffronWater flow this block, pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed
1980MackSaffronWater flow this block, pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed
1979MackSaffronWater flow this block, pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed
1978MackSaffronWater flow this block, pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed
1977SimonPeggflowing waters plsclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1976robrplease make a shulker region on the block on top of this boxclosedzburdsalRegion Made!
1975robrpls protect aliassouthstation as child of aliasclosedrobrprotected
1974robrexpand alias to cover new constructionclosedrobrdome protected
1973robrflow this.closedrobrwater refalled.
1972King_of_quesoflooooooooooooow pleaaaseee! (last one, i swear!)closedzburdsalFlooooooooooooooooooooooowing!
1971King_of_quesoflooow please!closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1970King_of_quesoflow please!closedbermudalocketflowed!
1969King_of_quesoflow please!closedbermudalocketflowed!
1968King_of_quesoflow please!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1967SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1966Prometheus23claim houseclosedbermudalocketPlease check your mail!
1965pez252Subregion here please.closedpez252done
1964SquaresTherewater flowclosedSirLyleobsidified
1962kmwilliacan you flow this water for me, thanks.closedSirLylethe spice must flow
1961Spartan____Splish SplashclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1960JezzzzieCan i het my road, bridge, and tunnel protected plz. From 674, -19 to 715, 1031closedbermudalocketRoad protected!
1959Spartan____flow everything here please :)closedbermudalocketall flowed!
1958Spartan____flow pls :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1957DJAtomC1= Pigman GrinderclosedFlumperSign text updated! :)
1956DJAtomC6 = GaherisclosedFlumperSign text updated! :)
1955Azumarillcan you, like, teleport me into that villager so I can get the book I dropped in thereclosedcheezychickenBook returned!
1954SquaresTherelava flow?closedDjentleGiantwith great lava flow comes great responsibility. :D
1953totemo[Padmin] Are we missing some horses here in spawn?:closedBarlimoreIndeed! One went missing and the other went for a walk (has now been relocated to the lost and found)!
1952Weed_Pancakescan you please make these 4 water blocks flow? thanksclosedscherererererflowed 4 blocks
1951BloomingLilyplease make this water flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1950Jezzzzieflow plz ^^closedbermudalocketFlowed!
1949Jezzzzieneed flow here and below plz :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1948AceMarconiPlease protect this room as chestroom child of stonebeach, Including the machines in the east wall. Thanks.closedFlumperProtected as a child of stonebeach! :)
1947DjentleGiantSelf, please create a region for chest perms for Cheery RetreatclosedDjentleGiantDone, you handsome man.
1946DigitalOSHThis mountain. Let it be mine!closedFlumperDuplicate
1945kumquatmayThis villager is borked! (Can't be moved, no new trades will open)closedFlumper
1944DigitalOSHI would like to claim this mountainclosedFlumperClaims aren't created by staff, you'll need to create a valid claim fence around the area you wish to claim. See here for more information: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Land_Claims
1943PipersDadprotect, PDquadSpider,closedFlumperProtected! :)
1942Spartan____This is a seperate request from the last one, who placed these stairs?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
1941Spartan____[padmins] I just realized these stairs exist...can they be relocated?closedSpartan____
1940The_Hero27grassclosedFlumperSorry, we don't turn dirt into grass. If you have silk touch on any tool, you can harvest grass blocks and place them here. :)
1939AceMarconishould I release basiking's horse. (found it right here) or is there a lost & found? Can take up to wide open.closedSir_DidymusHorse sent to Lost and Found
1938Emizzonwater flow pleaseclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1937The_Hero27water flow poolclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1936The_Hero27poolclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1935Tellephoneneed water to flow here again pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1934Tellephoneneed water to flow here please!closedbermudalocketflowed!
1933bermudalocketCould the coordinates for /place Haven_Guardian be changed to match this new entrance? People have had trouble finding it somehow. :) Thanks!closedSir_DidymusPlace amended.
1932wyatt8740add my house to birch_island region, pleaseclosedSir_DidymusProtected.
1931The_Hero27water flowclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1930DjentleGiantCould we have a powered activator rail here instead of this loop? Horses are impossible to get out of minecarts with the current configuration. Thanks!closedSir_DidymusDesign amended for equestrian transportation.
1929MackSaffronI think I said "dirt block" in the previous request, when it should have been "birch plank" block. Sorry!closedSir_DidymusDuplicate.
1928MackSaffronPlease accept this sacrifice for an iron golem spawner. Please remove the chest and place the spawner where the dirt block is.closedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
1927MackSaffronAllow these two rows of 15 water blocks to flow, please.closedtotemoflowing
1926TheCoachAdairplease ask owner of wood "bridge" at -61, 51, -810 to not have it IN water. This is getting absurd.closedSir_DidymusBridge raised.
1925TheCoachAdairplease ask owner of wood "bridge" at -111, 51, -910 to not have it IN water. This is getting sillyclosedSir_DidymusBridge raised.
1924TheCoachAdairplease ask owner of concrete bridge at -182, 51, -954 to not have it IN water. Nearly got me killed when escaping skelliesclosedSir_DidymusBridge raised.
1923Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedkumquatmayFlowin!
1922Keilussflow pls :)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1921DigitalOSH"stuck"closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
1920Nhaazauapls flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1919Just_Chaos98did we break the dragon? we cannot place an end crystal in the forth spotclosedJust_Chaos98
1918DigitalOSH"accidentally stopped waterfall"closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m. Waterfall was naturally generated so no grief!
1917Nhaazauapls flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1916wyatt8740/place for birch island's hex zombie grinderclosedSir_DidymusPlace added!
1915Nhaazauapls flowclosedSirLylemoisturized
1914SirLylecan you tell me who put these shelves here?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
1913NomasunHello can you please protect this addition ive made to a skel grinder? Bottom corner is this dirt block and the far corner is at -26667, -2983, +26. thank youclosedtotemoprotected with child region
1912pez252Should this be enderpearl deny?closedcujobearregion corrected
1911CARnivore_ndsplease update NORTHBOUND A6 to Orion. we have connectedclosedkumquatmayOrion added to station!
1910AceMarconiplease expand my protection to the area outlined by the 4 gold blocks. Thank you!closedkumquatmayRegion expanded!
1908Spartan____[Padmins] So how viable would removing part of the mountain here to connect the water, instead of just making a tunnel? I would terraform the land to still make it look natural, just wondering the legal implications of thatclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1907Reon27build protect plzclosedCARnivore_ndsReon Compound created.... looks great !
1906Zomisefix signtext to greenclosedZomiseSigntext colour fixed.
1905Spartan____I missed the coin because I ran out of inv. space and didn't realize :(closedBarlimoreThis coin has now found a home in your inventory!
1904Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedTheNightsKingPrecarious block flowed
1903JamesMcProggercan one of you helpful moderators please add user ProggoBaggins access to the chest region named elros (Tristam portal)closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
1902Reon27could i get someone to drop an activator and detector rail for me at the umc for a moment to get my horse out of this rando cart?closedFlumperYour horse really liked being in that cart. :D
1901Nhaazauaappears the puzzle here was left openclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1900Spartan____I didn't get the beet from this signclosedSir_DidymusItem replaced.
1899NomasunHello can you please make these 8 dirt blocks public areas so people can place shulker boxes? thank youclosedThelVadumeeregion set :D
1898NomasunHello can you please make these 2 water blocks flow? thank youclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1897ThatSlugNamedDevoops didn't fill the hole, plese flow again? thank you!closedbermudalocketflowed!
1896NomasunCan you please make the 3 water blocks in this corridor flow? thank youclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1895ThatSlugNamedDevflowing water please :)closedbermudalocketflowed!
1894NomasunHello, can you please make this water block flow? thank youclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1893NomasunHello can you please make these 2 water blocks on the southern wall flow? thank youclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1892NomasunHello, can you please make the 4 water blocks in this room flow, as well as the one at the bottom of the hole in the centre of the floor? thank youclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1891dnynumberonethis very top sign is supposed to give an empty bottle? but i just get an error msg?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1890JamesMcProggerstuck in a ceiling and im gonna die, help@closedBluuefuzzyunstuck!
1889Spartan____Can this be looked at for a claim adjustment?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1888Spartan____Can this dirt bridge be moved as well?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1887Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1886Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1885Spartan____[PADMINS] Is this a valid claim?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1884Spartan____I know it's ice, but can this bridge be raised? Planning to thaw out a passable section of river for boats so they can get to the oceanclosedSir_DidymusBridge raised.
1883Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1882Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1881NomasunHello can I please get protection for this double skelle grinder? This moss block is the lower corner and the top corner is around -2710, -2957, 52. Thank youclosedSir_DidymusProtected!
1879PipersDadneed 2 blocks of water to flow, tyclosedSir_DidymusFlowed.
1878The_Hero27protectclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1877bermudalocketalso protect above-ground temple entrance thing pls :)closedThelVadumeealso protected :D
1876bermudalocketprotect tunnel and new killing area plsclosedThelVadumeeprotected :D
1875Nhaazaua[PADMINS] I am claiming one of the Creeper spawners!closedSir_DidymusSorry, this spawner is already claimed!
1874Aghe87[PADMINS] I am claiming one of the Creeper spawners!closedAghe87
1873PPGOMEthis nearly murdered meclosedSir_DidymusDesign amended for your personal safety!
1872Zomise[PADMINS] I am claiming one of the Creeper spawners!closedSir_DidymusCongratulations on finding the second creeper spawner! Open a modreq when you're ready for placement, you have up to 14 days!
1871buzzie71flow all the water in this well please :Oclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1870pez252Can this be removed? (mailed quite a while back, player not online since)closedSir_DidymusRemoved.
1869WeazolThe new server hub is not protected. Also the players still have underwater helmsclosedSilversunsetThanks for reporting! We've contacted the cleanup crew to fix all the things!
1868ThunderKrackerdead coos hereclosedkumquatmay/Mail sent. No grief, just collateral damage from sweeping edge (inevitable with the design)
1867ThunderKrackerGriffles?closedkumquatmayNot grief, just not planted by the builder yet! Thanks for looking out though!
1866TheCoachAdairHave places to put shulkers near villager trading and public farming areas.closedkumquatmayYou will need to speak to someone from Solace for that request! :)
1865Vextasyplease flow water at 999 7 -2700closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1864Keilussflow plsclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1863Spartan____Accidentaly broke this end rod off the shulker, now I can't place it back on...closedbermudalocketun-broke'd
1862Lethal_Treehi, i talked to flumper earlier today about getting the ravenrock rail station protected, and that went well and all. i was wondering if ti was possible to get the whole spiral thing as well as the bottom statioj protected under the same regionclosedHerr_Fawkesprotection redefined
1861Jezzzzieflow plz ;)closedbermudalocketflowed!
1860Lethal_Treecan this rail station be protected? or noclosedFlumperUpper station protected. Feel free to make a new req for any further protections. :)
1859tict0cMaps please :) 797,798,799,800,801,802,803,804 starting from left going top bottom top bottom top bottom top bottom :)closedFlumperMaps placed! :)
185832ndFlavaAdd this area to pico region. Thanks! :DclosedFlumperRegion updated! :)
185632ndFlavawater flow this block. Thanks!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
185532ndFlavawater flow this block. Thanks!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1854nels_nelsonMay I please have these four water blocks made to flow naturally? Thank you and best regards, -NelsclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1853Nomasunhello can you please make these 6 lava blocks flow? thank youclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1852username2088water flow plsclosedrobrflowed awhile ago :)
1851username2088water flow plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1850username2088water flow plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1849saberfyshlooks like rail grief here?closedFlumperFixed, thanks for reporting! :)
1848username2088water flow plsclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1847AceMarconiCan we do anything about this yet?closedBarlimoreStructure has been moved to admin storage - feel free to build here!
1846Spartan____Also, who built this wall?closedThelVadumeedisscussed via /msg
1845Spartan____Who built this section of road?closedThelVadumeedisscussed via /msg
1844Spartan____Who owns these sugarcanes?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1843ZombiseI used two golden carrots to breed a horse, but they ate the carrots and no foal (the one here was here already before).closedtotemoUNABLE TO REPRODUCE "UNABLE TO REPRODUCE"
1842ZombiseMore griff?closedZomiseNot grief, just not finished.
1840nels_nelsonI guess _Cat16_ is an afk bot? I suppose it is being used specifically to catch dragon drops? If I were to go kill the dragon right now, would this player steal the drops?closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
1839pez252Save meclosedpez252done
1838Spartan____Is this bridge able to be raised as well?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1837Spartan____Can this bridge be raised?closedSir_DidymusBridge raised.
1836NomasunHello, I would like to get this area protected please, I'ts an L shape for the area borders though, I've put up an ugly fence to show the area. Will be inviting other players to contribute soonclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1835dobreirababy mooshroom inside this bedroom missingclosedbermudalocketMoomoo became steak, well-done :(. It was set on fire either by lightning or by wandering too close to the fireplace in your living room.
1834OleToothlesspls to extend orion region to encompass this area.closedRiveriregion expanded!
1833wyatt8740please remove protections on these... zaliek's not been on in a month, they're empty, and apparently he's given permission in the discord channelclosedBarlimoreThis structure has been moved to admin storage, with the owner contacted with further details - You're free to use this area.
1832ieuwehhello! would it be possible for someone to help me? I am stuck in a buildingclosedZomiseRescued!
1831Zeadcan i get protections for this so i can see if that will make the hoppers and droppers interact propperlyclosedtotemoprotected; and may Notch have mercy on the tickrate
1830AzulaTheFireLordWas this hidden door closed by someone?closedzburdsalSorry but that's not something we track.
1829Melizplease flow this liquidclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1827Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedzburdsalFlowing, nice water feature
1826Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1825bookey42water flow please!closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1824wyatt8740/place birch_island please :)closedBarlimoreDiscussed via mail. Try /mail inbox & /mail read #
1823King_of_quesostuck in a hole!closedThelVadumeefree'd :D
1822Nomasunhello, can you please make this block of water flow? thank youclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1821Nomasunhello, can you please make these 4 water blocks flow so that I can use an infinite water source down here? Thank youclosedRiveriflowed!
1820NomasunHello can you please make the 4 water sources in this room flow? thank youclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1819wyatt8740protect stairs linking our developed areas together please (birch_island)closedFlumperProtected! :)
1818PipersDadhad accident, need this water block to flow againclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1817pez252Protection as rose_quint please (with build allow on these shulkers)closedbermudalocketprotected, shulker spots created, anvil spots created!
1816pez252/place Rose_Quint please.closeddefiexThe Quint Factory is on the map! :D Congratulations and may god have mercy on your collection chests.
1815username2088water flow plzclosediNerd71water flowed, lava cooled
1814NistuneMay your quests burn in hell! (Major bamboozle, love it though)closedFlumperDon't make unnecessary reqs, please. :)
1813NistuneIgnore my last modreq it was just a trollclosedFlumperDon't make unnecessary reqs, please. :)
1812NistuneDoing Quest #9 and the 'Murkey Water' bucket broke testing stuff out, possible to get another?closedSir_DidymusNice try, good luck on your quest.
1811PipersDadflow this block pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1810DJAtomC7=GeraintclosedFlumperSign text changed to Geraint! :)
1809DJAtomC6=LamorakclosedSilversunsetit is done!
1808PipersDadneed 2 water blocks flowing, thxclosedSirLyleso moist
1807SirLyledid someone forget to replant our trees?closedBluuefuzzymight wanna have a talk with a person by the name of ghrey303
1806Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedCARnivore_ndsjust watch how deep you dive...
1804Zombiseclaimfence on sealevel. can't pass with boat.closedSir_DidymusAmended.
1803dnynumberoneand a few more lava flows over here pls and thanksclosedvarjalso flowed
1802dnynumberonemany spooky lava flows pls and thanksclosedvarjflowed
1801Reon27got a cocoa bean farm that i need to have build allow on for other players to replant.closedkumquatmayBeans replantable!
1800ThelVadumeeprotecc tunnels up to house way over thereclosedThelVadumeeprotecc'd
1799Herr_Fawkesexpand fawkes_campfire to cover the tentsclosedThelVadumeeregion expanded :D
1798DjentleGiantPlease help me out of a prickly situation.closedFlumperFreed! :P
1797Herr_Fawkesprotect this fireclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1796SquaresThereuh... how do i make the item frame rotatable in a protected community region ?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
1795flupmakintoshplease may I have my build protected now I have made a good start on it?closedFlumperProtected! :)
1794Bluuefuzzypls to give iron spawner, ty <3closedBarlimoreCongratulations on your first golem spawner!
1793pricklycactus888I need water to flowclosedBarlimoreAll water here is now flowing, good luck!
1792ThelVadumeeis this a derp here?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1791dnynumberonewas this cobble placed by a player?closedrobryou, like several before you, have stumbled upon an ancient temple of testificates from the before time, long before named players roamed the land.
1790Tythalflowing water for golem spawner and item trench belowclosedZomiseFlowed!
1789Weed_Pancakescan you please make this map 769 from mapworld? thanks!closedZomiseMap placed!
1788Dumbo52Creepers can blow up armor stands hereclosedcujobearThanks for letting me know!
1787bookey42water flow x4closedzburdsalFlowing!
1786bookey42water flow please!closedbuzzie71flowing!
1785Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedzburdsalFlowing!
1784TheCoachAdairgood to go upclosedThelVadumeeye :D
1783TheCoachAdairteleport me two blocks below so i can grab my stuff then come back uclosedThelVadumee
1782TheCoachAdairmy build at halloweentown (the molon) is protected, and I can't break through the floor...i'm under the floorclosedbermudalocketFreedom! \o/
1781bermudalocketbuild-allow region for the signs plsclosedbuzzie71build allow cast over signs!
1780pez252Can this be removed? (mailed quite a while ago)closedBarlimoreThis structure has now been removed!
1779dobreiraim stuckclosedFlumperFreed! :)
1778Spartan____I got stuck in the halloween maze, no way out :/closedSpartan____
1777Lethal_Treeummm i cant edit the sign that i placed in haloween townclosedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m
1776cujobearI need H-Town protected, multiple small regions, please pmclosedbermudalocketHalloweentown is now safe from griefers! Just watch out for the ghouls.
1775Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
1774Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
1773Spartan____Somebody got very angry at my little train station :( Looks like griefclosedFlumperGrief fixed! :)
1772Spartan____Stuck surrounded by zombos in a castle, please helpclosedFlumperYou seem to be managing. ^^
1771Herr_Fawkesprotect all builds within the walls under a single region, called windsong_valley, and remove smaller regionsclosedBarlimoreCheck your mail, you're good to protect!
1770Herr_Fawkesexpand windsong_houses to cover new builds, and rename to windsong_valleyhousesclosedHerr_Fawkesclosed, next req will be to combine all windsong regions
1768Ruthlessssscould the area marked by sandstone stairs be made a shulker area please? (5x9x2ish?)closedZomiseTalked via /msg. Protected the 3x5x2 area in middle.
1767robryou forgot a region for the station mr.modclosedrobrno, i just didnt do the above ground part mr. player.
1766piplo127128water flow pleaseclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
1765Herr_Fawkesprotect this cemetaryclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1764SquaresThereplease help. i'm pulling out my god damned hair here trying to make these chests public to birch island. this shit SUCKS. :( worst commands ever... :(closeddefiexDiscussed via message. :)
1763Just_Chaos98May I get some help looking into why these pistons are not pushing/pulling the blocks here? The pistons work when a block is not present. tyclosedbermudalocketevilchaos_pvp expanded down 1 to avoid piston-region boundary issues!
1762OleToothlesspls to extend orion perms around big white building and this pondclosedbermudalocketregion expanded!
1761Herr_Fawkescan i get a region over this gate that gives the region message "welcome to windsong valley" ?closedbermudalocketRegion greetings added to your gates!
1760Silversunsetpls move region "haven" here and protect as much as you canclosedFlumperWhole map claimed as haven! ;)
1759OleToothlessplease extend orion to cover this build. Actually, just make it hyugeclosedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
1758username2088water flow plscloseddefiexWay to close to danger splish safety splish has been splashed.
1757Polar_Tedwhere did the 3 armor stands on the west wall of my closet go?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
1756PipersDadprotection PDnetherBaseclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1755Azumarillhey pez I have a cart-related question and I don't know if it's vanilla or traincarts but it needs visual reference can you come over hereclosedAzumarill...never mind lol
1754BloomingLilycan you please protect this areaclosedcheezychickenRegion created! Lovely pad!
1753DJAtomCplease remove anything i have built on this server.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via mail - your builds remain.
1752wyatt8740protect with birch_island region please.closedFlumperProtected! :)
1751wyatt8740protect with birch_island region, pleaseclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1750KedNyswhat happened to my trading villager!? someone killed him... all I found was xp floating around, please helpclosedkumquatmayZombie :(
1749Tythalwater flow and setup of golem spawner!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on your first golem spawner!
1748Just_Chaos98may we get these 2 levels converted to a pvp arena, it is 100x100x100 in total. The entrance to the arena will be from the basement through the trap doors. tyclosedBarlimoreIn exchange for this pvp flag, we demand blood sacrifices(!)
1747Just_Chaos98May i get the dirt on the roof here converted to an invisible barrier for the pvp arena? tyclosedBarlimoreThe arena dirt ceiling is now barrier blocks!
1746Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1745JihadcwPlease change C4 to JihadCW, I'll think of a better name soon. =)closedFlumperSign changed! :)
1744AzulaTheFireLordI can't pick my shulker back up. It said it became unregistered but didn't actually pop offclosedSilversunsetregions fixed!!
1743JezzzzieJust wondering if you could tell me who is building here?closedbuzzie71yup! discussed via /msg
1742SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedvarjwater flow!
1741Keilusscould you tell me the name of the person who is building this location?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
1740Aghe87Flow this water block pleaseclosedvarjflowed
1739Aghe87Flow this water block pleaseclosedghrey303flowed
1738Aghe87Flow this water block pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1737Aghe87Flow this water block pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing! just watch your step on the way down ._.
1736tict0cI would like to make the block above the green shulkers public for user shulker space thanks :)closedbuzzie71shulker spots created!
1735tict0cI need the creeper grinder protected from glowstone to glowstone... down to y:40 and take it up to top of light house thank you :)closedbermudalocketprotected!
1734Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed!
1733Aghe87Flow this water block pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1732Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedpez252Done
1731Aaveenaprotect my buildclosedrobrTownsville - Established 10/29/17
1730Just_Chaos98may I get this lava source flowing? tyclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1729Just_Chaos98may I get this lava source flowing? tycloseddefiexDanger splish has been splooshed.
1728pez252[PADMINS] I am claiming one of the Slime spawners!closeddefiexCongratulations on your claim!
1727Keilussflow pls!closedcujobearflowin
1726nels_nelsonIs it very difficult to have a protection exemption placed on these cakes? If so, I'll try to limit the number of exemptions I request in the future, but it occurs to me that I might want a few more later, is that okay? Best regards, -NelscloseddefiexDiscussed via msg.
1725Keilussflow pls! :)closedvarjflowed
1724Ruthlessssshopefully last time! - can you please extend the border on this region from x:873 to x:879?closedZomiseExpanded with few block of buffer!
1723SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedZomiseFlowed! Sorry didn't notice it earlier.
1722Aharit[Admin] I've had the east slime spawner claimed for far too long, but life interfered and I don't have the time to finish it. I'd like to unclaim everything here and pass along it and a schematic. (Link too long, msg Aharit on reddit if wanted)closeddefiexWe appreciate your willingness to pass the spawner along!
1721Jezzzziei broke my water :( have mercy plzclosedbermudalocketflowed! :D
1720Jezzzzieflow please :)closedThelVadumee
1719PipersDadso, this auto incinerator makes us lag really bad, it's just simple redstone, what's up?closedThelVadumeei suggest putting a torch inside or just using a cactus-type garbage disposal :D
1718PipersDadflow this water, sorry, I screwed up beforeclosedCARnivore_ndsvillagers hydrated
1717PipersDadflow this one block pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1716Riveriprotect spawners for OrionclosedRiveriprotected for Orion
1715PipersDadHey there, can you tell me what happend to the villager in this hole? Thanks.closedFlumperIt suffocated in a wall. Silly villager. :<
1714promaxxeflowing waterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1713Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1712dnynumberonemaps #746, 747, and 748 pls and thanksclosedbermudalocketmaps placed!
1711MackSaffronLet the water at the top of the fountain flow, please! :DclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1710hamsaleplease flow waters up in walls. Thanks :)closediNerd71Flowed!
1709Ruthlesssssplease protect this area from this redstone block to the one a little up and southwest - can be a child of ruthlesssss_siloclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1708hamsaleplease flow watersclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1707TheNightsKingBeacon base protection reqclosedTheNightsKingProtected
1706Suspicious_Mangoinfinite water please :DclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
170532ndFlavaPls 2 expand the Pico Guardian region above to include this down here. Thanks!closedTheNightsKingWorld's noisiest region expanded
1704ghrey303public region cocoasclosedghrey303cocoa'd
1703Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1702robrpadmin dog repair service requested - griefer killed one hereclosedBarlimoreWolf restored, thanks for raising this!
1701grenbugmy horse and I are stuck, can you unstick me?closedFlumperSorry, unless you're stuck in protections, we can't intervene. :(
1700Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedrobr1700 modreq's down..
1699Herr_Fawkesprotect this grinder rg name windsong_ironshrineclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1698robrdialer regionclosedrobrdialer dialable
1697robrdialer regionclosedrobrregion created
1695PipersDadflow this one block pleaseclosedcujobearsee 1696
1694PipersDadflow water pleaseclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
1693Nhaazauapls prot spawnerclosedcujobearspawner protected
1692MasterClamclaimclosedcujobearClaim looks easy to see, modreq again when build is done for protection
1691PPGOMEslime block griefclosedFlumperGrief rolled back and player warned. :)
1690nels_nelsonNot my horse, but I'd like to breed a horse with it. Can we get this sucker out of the water? He can't be fed, as is.closedBarlimoreHorse is no longer drowning, it has been relocated to the stables at -35, +35.
1689zburdsaltech admins: server crash immediately before this modreq, FYIclosedBarlimorePassed on via slack, thank you!
1688wyatt8740protect grinder please. (under region "Birch_Island." If it's not something I can do, make squaresthere an admin for the region too)closedzburdsalProtected, squaresthere added although you can too.
1687wyatt8740protect grinder please. (under region "Birch Island." If it's not something I can do, make squaresthere an admin for the region too)closedwyatt8740
1686ThelVadumeewhatever this thing here is looks quite derpy, should it be removed?closedBarlimoreClosing (follow-up action pending modreq 1481).
1685SquaresTherewater flow? it's the for in the corners of this room *at the very top only!* thanks! :)closedSilversunsetflowed
1684grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedrobrwater is falling
1683SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedrobrflowed
1682grenbugwater to flow pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1681SquaresTherewater flow? the back of this room, where there's the strip of unflowing water. thanks! :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1680SquaresTherewater flowclosedRiveriflowed!
1679Wawskiwater flow plzclosedbuzzie71all flowing!
1677SquaresTherewater flow? it's the dark room with the row of water in the back - each block, it's grindertime! :Dclosedrobrrowin flowin
1676SquaresTherewater flow? just this one here in the little ditchclosedrobrdone, enjoy playing with your new friends!
1675AceMarconiAnything you folks can do here? Not sure if they are comming back. Sign & messaged last week. Not seen.closedBarlimoreNot much currently but check out your /mail inbox & /mail read # - for further details. We'll take action from the date listed if a follow up request is needed.
1674SquaresTherewater flow? it's this one room here that has the row of water blocks at the backclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1673SquaresTherewater flow?closedTheNightsKingFlow flowedy flow flow
1672NistuneUmm I put my quest axe in this chest and now I cant get it outclosedSilversunsetreturned
1671Nhaazauapls prot spawnerclosedFlumperProtected! :O
1670Nhaazauapls prot spawnerclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1669SquaresTherewater flow? :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1668Herr_Fawkesone iron spawner please, the spawner should go at the floating stonebrick in the grinder east of hereclosedBarlimoreCongratulations on your first golem spawner!
1667Herr_Fawkes[PAdminReq] flowed some lava for myself over the signs, when I left modmode I got burnt and lost my gear. Any chance of getting replaced?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1666JezzzzieBuilding a road here. Potential resident here? Maybe? Chests and furnaces here but no claim fence and no building. May just be minning, but im unsure. Chests owner is a name I have not seen.closedrobruser on recently, discussed via /m
1665SquaresThereprotect spawner? next to redstone, thanks! :)closedSirLylealready protected
1664SquaresThereprotect spawner? next to redstone, thanks! :)closedbermudalocketprotected!
1663SquaresThereprotect spawner? next to redstone, thanks! :)closedbermudalocketprotected!
1662SquaresThereprotect spawner? next to redstone, thanks! :)closedbermudalocketprotected!
1661SquaresThereprotect spawner? next to redstone, thanks! :)closedbermudalocketprotected!
1660SquaresThereprotect spawner? next to redstone. thanks :)closedbermudalocketprotected!
1659wyatt8740flowify plsclosedrobrflowified.
1658bermudalocketI think we need to remove this pressure plate. It allows the zombies to swarm the set-spawn area and thus kill players over and over again. Design oversight on my part.closedBarlimorePressure plate removed.
1657ThunderKrackergrifflesclosedbermudalocketFixed and player warned!
1656Jezzzzieprotect arch plzclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1655Ruex2 flowing water here pleaseclosedRuex
1654tict0cwater flow the block over the sign pleaseclosedThelVadumeewater flowed :D
1653tict0cone more time hopefully the last time.... Water flow top block please :)closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1652bermudalocketCan Haven have a /place that points here please? (1500, 55, 3200)closedBarlimoreCongratulations on getting a place!
1651robrexpand solace to include buildsclosedrobrredefinition in high definition
1650tict0chad to modify can I get that top block flowing? pleaseclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1649tict0cwater flow for just this top block please :)closeddefiexTippy top splish has been splashed!
1648tict0cwater flow this one block please :)closedbermudalocketflowed!
1647SquaresTherewater flow?closedbermudalocketflowed!
1646Nhaazauapls protect fishing hutsclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1645bookey42more water flowin please!closedtotemoflowing
1644bookey42big water flow please!closedvarjbig flow flowed
1643bookey42water flow pleaseclosedvarjflowed
1642Emizzonplease tell me what happened to the villagers in the penclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1640Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1639TellephoneI keep being sent to spawn despite having slept in my own bed,is there something I missing regarding the area of free blocks around my bed?closedbuzzie71discussed via /msg - bed respawning mechanics are tricky sometimes!
1638JezzzzieNeed help removing a small part of a protection. I meant to modreq 1 floor of a structure but the basement below, which is our community storage, got protected as well. I need to have remove the basement from protection.closedZomiseTalked via /msg and made a town wide region "Stonemist" instead and previous region removed as obsolete.
1637MackSaffronFound some holes in the bedrock! Thought you would want to know. ^_^closedZomiseTwo gaping holes to the nothingness fixed! Thank you for reporting.
1636nels_nelsonMay I please have a protection region created called 'sharp_dullard_inn' including this northeast yellow wool block plus the southwest yellow wool block? Best regards, -NelsclosedZomiseProtected!
1635grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1634bookey42water flow pleaseclosedtotemoflowing
1633AzulaTheFireLordCan I know who's done this with the villagerclosedtotemosome badmin named cujo the bear
1632kumquatmayPlease protect Mt. Pico under Pico region, remove any child regions that fall under expanded Pico regionclosedkumquatmayProtected and consolidated!
1631Spartan____Is it okay to take a skull from here? Someone lit it up and didn't build anything or claim itclosedkumquatmayNo claim on this structure so they're all yours!
1630bookey42water flow x7 PleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1629Lethal_Treepls flow againclosedThelVadumeeflowed
1628Lethal_Treepls flow tall waterclosedThelVadumeedone :O
1627Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1626kmwilliacan you flow this for me plz, thanks!closedschererererer2 blocks flowed!
1625Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1624Darwinosaurusflowing watercloseddefiexEnd of the line splish has been splashed!
1623Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1622NistuneCould I get this build protected :3 Called Ember_Isles with myself and Kaval as owners. Both corners topped with yellow clay, other is at -1300,101,658closedkumquatmayDeveloped areas protected! Please modreq for region expansion when more of your claim has been developed :)
1621RiveriWe had our own rail station planned and another player came and built a rail on top of our road. We did not have the road protected yet due to it being diagonal and difficult to protect. We would like the rails removed.closeddefiexPlease get in touch with the player to discuss removing the rail via mail or via msg. If you are unable to get in touch with the player please let a padmin know(discussed via mumble)
1620CARnivore_ndsI am officially not thrilled by this action of rail. I'm not looking to have it removed, just lodging a complaint on behave of those slighted.closedCARnivore_ndsWE are officially restructuring our req, please stand by
1619JezzzzieHave a modreq regarding settlement listing/chest region.closedSir_DidymusPlace added!
1618Jezzzzieprotect building plz :)closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1617bobsmartflowing waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1616blue_avocadoidk if there was originally only one sheep but there is now, just wanted to make sure the second wasn't killed by a player or animalclosedrobr..and thor did smote thy sheep with his might hammer..
1615grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1614Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1613Lethal_Treei have no idea what happened but my horse is now in a wall and wont come outclosedBarlimoreIt turns out that your horse was afraid of wide open areas and wanted to live inside a wall - Blaze has now been encouraged to see the night sky once more!
1612Jezzzzieflow plz!closedDjentleGiantFlowed!
1611PPGOMEcan I build here?closedDjentleGiantYou are free to build! No regions intersect your claim.
1610PPGOMEno replant :OclosedDjentleGiantRolled back. Player has replanted historically, so I mailed them to let them know they missed a few.
1609Just_Chaos98may I get this water source flowing? tyclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1608Just_Chaos98may I get this water source flowing? tyclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1607Lethal_Treethis wooden wall with 2 banners on it is supposed to be in a region where reon and i can break and place things, and everyone else can only place but broke it thinking i was supposed to then put it back but its notin the region any moreis this fixaclosedBluuefuzzyregion fixed!
1606grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1605Weed_Pancakescan you please make these 4 water blocks flow? thanksclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1604Jezzzziei would like to make the room i am in a shulker area plz ^^closedkumquatmayShulker area added!
1603Komhazprotect build pleaseclosedrobrhouse protected!
1602Just_Chaos98would it be possible to get all these dispensers to flow water? tyclosedrobrsuch lack of safety in these dispensers..
1601robrprotect rail level from grief as child of solaceclosedrobrrails protected
1600robrupdate spawn station signs h5/g5 alias/solaceclosedrobrRailz4Ever! 1600 req's down...
1599Lethal_Treeidk if this is a rosepack thing or just me being stupid but i could swear that when i run out of a stack of wood planks in my inventory andhave logs, it crafts me more/ maybe this is just me but idkclosedpez252This was Inventory Tweaks refilling the stack from your inventory. It can sometimes cause stacks of items to be invisible just after the move. No auto crafting took place.
1598bookey42water flow times 4 pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1597dobreirastuck so many villagers darkness approachesclosedSirLylefreed
1596grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1595Rincewandflowing water please!closeddefiexElevated splish splashed
1594Lethal_Treeummmm. i was placing slabs, and something turned them all into stone bricks and replaced them in my inventory with stone bricks. what?closeddefiexThe universe is a mysterious place, man. (Discussed via msg.)
1593Nhaazauapls prot spawnerclosedzburdsalProtected!
1592TheNightsKingMap 721 hereclosedTheNightsKingMap placed
1591nels_nelsonI guess I'll need to have these other doggos which don't belong to me removed after all. They make me sad that I can't get them out from the rain.closeddefiexPuppers removed! Argoth Embassy has adopted them. They shall soon have a shelter. <3
1590Reon27can i get the RMDframe region expanded to include the stuff that will be put on it?closedTheNightsKingAutumn leaves falling, no block grief will happen here, modreq is now done
1589Aghe87Flow this water block pleaseclosedvarjflowed
1588Aghe87Flow this water block pleaseclosedTheNightsKingSploosh
1587Aghe87Flow this water block pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1586Reon27child region creation Named 'RMD' plzclosedTheNightsKingFirst frame protected against grief, build allowed for banner placement.
1585dobreirawater flowclosedvarjonly a single block? :D Oh well, flowed
1584bookey42water flow pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1583bookey42water flow for infinity water pool please!closedDjentleGiantMaximum flow achieved. \o/
1582Aghe87flow these 4 water blocks pleaseclosedDjentleGiantflow fo' sho
1581Aghe87Flow this water block pleaseclosedrobrflowed
1580Bluuefuzzypls replace the andestite with that iron spawner thing. I have a good supply of barli heads for thisclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
1579Aghe87flow this single block pleaseclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
1578Aghe87Flow all the water pleaseeeeclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
1577JezzzzieIf possible, I need some help removing a few chests on my property that were placed by someone elseclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message. Chests removed.
1576TheCoachAdairPlease ban Ahmad333 for excessive trolling despite multiple warnings and then language.closedBluuefuzzyhe gone already
1575Ahmad333i would like to become a moderator i think my properties and charateristics would be helpfulclosedrobrno.
1574DJAtomCA1 = LancelotclosedkumquatmayStation sign updated!
1573BloomingLilyi must be unlucky because I did this quest too and i found all 10 and i double checked to make sure i found all 10 and also made double sure i had inventory space but only got 8 :/ I did it with friends too so i dunno what Im doing wrong :/ help!closedBarlimoreItems added to your inventory!
1572BloomingLilyHiii I clicked all 12 papers and only have 11 :( I did it with friendsclosedBarlimoreCheck your inventory!
1571Rincewandflowing water plzzzz!closedBarlimoreThese two blocks are now flowing!
1570Oxcideim an idiot and didnt have 3 spaces of room so i missed a coin from quest 9 D:closedBarlimoreMissing coin verified - It has now found a new home in your inventory!
1569Twitchy2249flow this water and lava please, no accidents this time :Dclosedvarjflowed
1568BloomingLilyi didnt get the water because my inventory was full :( and it wont let me grab it againclosedBarlimoreWater added to inventory as discussed.
1567Twitchy2249please flow water and lava for cobble grinderclosedzburdsalWill await new req to fix.
1566KuroThePandai broke the egg in knight's quest number 9 D: need replacementclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1565iiChoppzwater flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1564dacracotflowing water please (above me head and to my right)closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1563King_of_quesoTime for a golem spawner!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on your first golem spawner!
1562Twitchy2249flow water and lava for cobble generator pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1561cujobearflow these 4 waters plzclosedpez252Done
1560Nhaazauaprot spawnercloseddefiexThe spoopiest of spawners has been protected!
1559Nhaazauaprot spawnerclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1558SquaresTherelava flow? thanks! :)closedSilversunsetflowed!
1557Ruthlesssssum i lagged into spawn walls - pls rescueclosedSilversunsetRuthlesssss has left the library. Ruthlesssss has been saved.
1556wyatt8740make it flow pls kthnxclosedSilversunsetflowed
1555grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
1554Ruthlessssscan i please get maps: 709, 710, 711, 712, 713, and 715 :)closedbuzzie71all maps delivered!
1553totemoPlease remove this empty chest. Player gone for 3 weeks.closedSir_DidymusRemoved.
1552gk_ryoflow that stuffclosedvarjsplashed
1551Lethal_Treepls get my horse outclosedvarjrun free, horsie!
1550cheezychickenregion for my little town plz <3 <3 <3closedcheezychickenRegion created you sexy beast <3
1549ThunderKrackerGriffles. Dead moosclosedcheezychickenDiscussed via /msg :)
1548CharlieChaplnProtect Build PlsclosedThelVadumeealready protected
1547Ruthlessssspls replace the 2 wood blocks slightly under the ground here with iron golem spawners - the 2 chests have the appropriate materialsclosedBarlimoreTwo new spawners added, enjoy!
1546omnibeanpls help im stuck ;-;closedkumquatmayRescued!
1545Zeadresources for second iron golem spawner are in purple shulker, underneath floor are pumpkins marking where i would like the spwanersclosedBarlimoreCongratulations on your second iron golem spawner!
1544TheNightsKing50,000 white wools later, map 716 to finish off the displayclosedTheNightsKingMap placed
1543Zeadthe purple shulker above the hole here has resources to pay for an iron spawner, pumpkins underneath mark where it will goclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your first golem spawner!
1542Melizplease flow this liquidclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1541Zeadwater flow on these 2 blocks plzclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1540Zeadwater flow on the blocks in the corners plzclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1539Weed_Pancakescan you please make this map 611 from mapworld? thanksclosedBarlimoreNeat design, it's all set up here for you now!
1538Tellephonecould I get protection for the house, garden, pool and underneath of the house so that I can use flowing water? also need to add memebers of commuynity to itclosedBarlimoreProtection added, build in peace!
1537TheCoachAdairHow close do you have to be to iron spawner for it to be active? we are trying to plan placement for ours.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1536Spooker6who broke these blocks hereclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1535Tellephoneflow pleaseclosedBarlimoreThis looks great! All flowing.
1534Wozdakapls flow 1 block above signclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1533Wozdakapls flow 1 block above sign tyclosedDjentleGiantFlowed!
1532Sumpwater flowclosedThelVadumeewatr flo
1531Wozdakapls flow 1 block above sign tyvmclosedrobr1 block flowed. 1 block only.
1530CharlieChaplnbuild prtectclosedBarlimoreProtection added, build in peace!
1529PipersDadfor totemo, had chunk glitch, now have duped horseclosedtotemostaff confirmed that it was an exact clone in every respect, including its unique ID, which really ought to be unique (hence the name); clone removed
1528bermudalocketHaven is ready for 4 iron golem spawners! Placement marked by the sandstone blocks. Materials in chest.closedBarlimoreSpawners added, enjoy!
1527Wozdakapls flow 1 block on top of signclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1526Wozdakapls flow 1 blockcloseddefiexMoar splish has been splashed!
1525Wozdakapls flow 2 blocks tyvmcloseddefiexInvinity splish has been splashed!
1524SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closeddefiexDanger square has been quenched!
1523Wozdakapls flow this 1 block in granite channelclosedrobrmore splishy, more splashy
1522Wozdakapls flow this 1 block above signcloseddefiexWeeee! Splish has been splashed!
1521Wozdakapls flow water top of sign - and also 1 in granite channel (2 total) tyvmclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1520Wozdakapls flow the water^2 for the greater goodclosedCARnivore_ndsfor the greater good, your waters flows...as it should
1519Rivaeflow 2 blocks pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed!
1518Azumarillflow, over thereclosedFlumperFlowed. :)
1517Rivaeplease flow only first top water block here? tyvmclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1516EngineerTroyMay I have two water blocks flow pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1515TheNightsKingMap 700 nowclosedTheNightsKingOh yeah, done.
1514Just_Chaos98May I get this lava source flowing? tyvmclosedrobrhell fire from above enabled.
1513Just_Chaos98May I get this lava source flowing? tyvmclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1512TheNightsKingMap 687, bottom right frameclosedTheNightsKingmap mappy map map
1511Just_Chaos98may I get this lava source flowing please? tyclosedcujobearlet the lava flow
1510MrCrispyThis villager disappeared. Please put his picture on a milk carton and help us find him...or her. Not sure on that.closedTheNightsKingIt appears a mean old zombie managed to get into the staff room
1508Silversunsetpls transfer havenmayors chest region to protect this houseclosedSilversunsetregion moved to cover house.
1507AceMarconiPlease Adjust signage at Spawn rail. D3 now conected to StoneBeach. Many thanks!closedbermudalocketStoneBeach added to spawn station sign!
1506Spartan____flow pls :)closedvarjflowed
1505Spartan____Doesn anyone own/live here? Planning on bulldozing for a public works project :)closedSilversunsetrelayed via /m
1504JezzzzieHello! I need my marketplace protected please. It is 3 levels total.closedvarjprotected and shulkered.
1503Nhaazauabow shot special arrow from quest one, please replace, ty!closedcujobearsilly cujo should not have made trophies out of usable items
1502dnynumberonecan special quest arrow be restored plsclosedcujobearsilly cujo should not have made trophies out of usable items
1501AceMarconiMay I change the arbitrary name for my build/protection to Something beter, perhaps "Stonebeach"closedbermudalocketregion renamed!
1500Rivaeone block flow, the one on top in the glass please?closedSilversunsetflowy flowy flowy!
1499Rivaeplease flow 3 blocks of water in this areaclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1498AceMarconicannot dig higher. Very large protected area at this level? Seems odd.closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /msg!
1497ZomiseRevising the kedland13 regions.closedZomiseDone.
1496ZomiseThis road protection for zach99998closedZomiseDone.
1495Zeadwho built this spiral? because the person i thought had built it and who had chests on the plot says they didn't, and i'd like to at least bring it up with the person as to why they built on a claimed plotclosedvarjclosed after discussion with player
1494Zeadprotections need to be updated for tabula. Both the main protections north and the child region for the southclosedZomiseRegions expanded!
1493SquaresTherelava flow? it's all the ones behind the wall here (5 or so). thanks! :)closedtotemoflowing
1492KeyworkOrangeflow pls :DclosedDjentleGiantIn modreq 1492, Djentle flowed the water blue.
1491Lethal_Treewould something like this be allowed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9oteFEj770closeddefiexdiscussed via msg
1490Reon27region expansion to north of keep.closedThelVadumeeregion expanded
1489EngineerTroyMay I have two water blocks flow inside my farm pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed!
1488AzumarillI don't suppose you could help me locate where I misplaced my last Knights Coin.... or maybe the last chest I placed?closedBarlimoreResolved and discussed via message. :-)
1487Cinctuluswater flow pls (4 blocks)closedrobrflowed
1486RonBDark Oak was not replanted, i'd replant myself but sapling drop rates as abysmal on these.closedrobrreplanted and user warned.
1485SirLylecan you tell me who built this smoothstone platformclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
1484TheFlyingTunaflow pleaseclosedSirLylemoisturized
1483Lethal_Treethe bottom two chests heere i placed via scgirl, and am wondering if a mod could break them? i lost the pw to that account.......closedBarlimoreBoth chests are now in admin storage - Owner has been contacted: You're free to place chests down there once more!
1482TheNightsKingMap 639 here pleaseclosedTheNightsKingMap!
1481pez252Can this be poof'd?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1480Herr_Fawkesexpand windsong_castle to cover this basementclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1479MackSaffronPlease allow this water to flow for an infinite water source. Thanks!closedTheNightsKingAll wet
1478ThunderKrackermissing redstone blockclosedHerr_Fawkesrepaired, player banned
1477dnynumberonemap#635 please and thanksclosedcujobearmap placed :D
1476bermudalocketPlace for Haven Guardian Grinder please :)closedBarlimorePlace added!
1475Rivaewater flow please?closedbermudalocketflowed!
1473RonBI lost a parrot at about -1000, 60, 0 can you find it for me?closedRonB
1472MackSaffronPlease make the back row of water flow, as well as the two water blocks on the south side. Thanks!closedvarjdampened
1471Zomiseprotect spawnerclosedZomiseSpawners protected.
1470Silversunsetpls make the 3x3x1 blocks above these 6 stonebrick areas build-allowclosedSilversunsetdone
1469Jezzzzieflow plz! :)closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1468Silversunsetpls make the 6 blocks in front of the prismarine build-allowclosedSilversunsetyuppers
1467robrredefine alias to encompass build areasclosedrobraka redone.
1466MackSaffronKindly let this water flow so I can have an infinite source. Thanks!closedrobrwater kindly beat into flowing submission.
1465EngineerTroyMay I have these two water blocks on top of the white glass flow please?closedcujobearwater is watered
1464ThunderKrackerredstone block missing here?closedcujobearblock replaced, thanks for reporting
1463Just_Chaos98May we get a place on the map @ 1820 -2550 for EVILCHAOS for the future home of a PVP arena? TYclosedBarlimorePlace added!
1462nels_nelsonIt seems I dropped some emeralds behind this barrier, and now I cannot reach them. May I ask that they be retrieved for me? If not, I understand. Best regards, -Nelsclosedcujobeardiscussed via /m
1461Ruthlessssspls either extend the border on the region ruthlesssss_breeder or re-claim to this block and the new red block in the sky to the northwestclosedkumquatmayProtected!
1460Lethal_Treeim having this weird glitch where it wont let me replant the potatoes. what do i do? i restarted everythingclosedLethal_Tree
1459AceMarconiOh mods, Please bless these lands within these gold blocks with protection from turkeys. Many Thanks.closedkumquatmayYour lands have been protected!
1458Just_Chaos98may I get this lava source flowing? tyclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1457SquaresThereit seems the item frame at the station is locked for other players, can you make it so that people can choose their station? thanks! :)closedtotemo- set a build allow region on the frame so others can interact with it; locked the item frame to you and set the rotate group to everybody (*)
1456SirLyleplease make the red shulker a public regionclosedThelVadumeeshulk area made :O
1455Azumarillthere used to be two more powered rails here, on the yellow - was that me? or someone elseclosedBluuefuzzyanswered in /msg!
1454Silversunsetplease make these farm tiers harvestable with 4 columns non-harvestable for the lampsclosedbermudalocketdid the thing!
1453Bluuefuzzypls expand my region and make my reeds build allowclosedbermudalocketregion expanded and reeds harvestable!
1452Bluuefuzzypls to make trapdoor lockedclosedbermudalocketsorry it didnt work out the way you wanted :(
1451Reon27shulker area for auto farmsclosedFlumperRegion modified! :)
1450TheFlyingTunadid I miss a rail here or did something happen to it?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
1449TheFlyingTunaflow all this water pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1448shrinemasterFlow please. 2 water in each cell, and 3 water spots at the top of the water elevators. Thank you.closedbermudalocketflowin!
1447sunstarshine192my villager is gone it is a fully enclosed box i logged and logged back in its just goneclosedRiveriyep, it was a zombie :(
1446Reon27squares quad grinder: rail selector dial not modifiable.closedHerr_Fawkesworks now
1445bermudalocketprotect spawner plsclosedZomiseProtected as bermuda_loves_spiders.
1444ThunderKrackergrifflesclosedbermudalocketUn-griefed and player warned. Thanks for reporting!
1443MackSaffronThanks for your help so far. I need just one last water block to flow.closedbuzzie71the last water block is flowing!
1442Jalamookoofoothis seems like a mistake... the use deny flag on the item frame wont let me use the rail stationclosedZomiseYou need to ask the region owner to allow it.
1441MackSaffronPlease enable flow on the water in this mob spawning room and in the channel above. Thanks!closedSir_DidymusFlowed.
1440MackSaffronPlease allow this water to flow so I can have an infinite water source. Thanks!closedvarjthe water is allowed to flow. Use it wisely.
1439varjprotection plsclosedvarjthx, dude
1438Ruthlesssssplease protect from here to the surface(other redstone block a little to the north west) ruthlessssss_melonsclosedDjentleGiantruthlessssss_melons has been created!
1437Zeadflowing water improves fung shuiclosedzburdsalFung shui restored
1436gk_ryoflow this stuffclosedRiveriflowed, very cool!
143532ndFlavaPls make the andestite square here open to the public so they can place shulkers! :D Thanks!closedZomisepicovillagers_ba made!
1434OddGeometry(very large area) please protect the entire mountain and castle wallsclosedZomiseDoesn't matter it's a large area, since you've built and terraformed! Significant terraforming and building detected. Enjoy your new larger protection!
1433TheCoachAdairIs JEI allowed in here?closedSir_DidymusThis is currently approved for use on PvE.
1432Lethal_Treeis NEI allowed?closedSir_DidymusThis is currently approved for use on PvE.
1431AzumarillI cured a zombie villager inside a knight quest building and "mob-spawning:DENY" prevented the villager from appearing. Can I have my gold apple back?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1430Rivericreate blaze spawner protclosedRiveriregion created
1429SquaresTherewater flow?closedBluuefuzzywater flow!
1428dacracotfive water flows pleaseclosedrobrflowed
1427Spartan____Did someone kill all the rabbits I had here D:closedBluuefuzzywolves :(
1426buzzie71flow water please :Oclosedbermudalocketi saw that :p
1425TheFlyingTunaCan I get the furnace under the granite made into a cosmetic lit furnace (ID = lit_furnace)? Might be Adminreq territoryclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
1424bermudalocket(selfreq) documenting adding a sign to Rising Sun Castle button puzzleclosedbermudalocketsign added
1423Azumarillplayer trapclosedbermudalocketrescued!
1422kumquatmaymap 634 ploiseclosedFlumpermapmapmapmap.
1421PPGOMEhopper won't flow?closedbermudalocketI'm closing this req for now as you didn't come back after restart. My only other suggestion would be to check and make sure the items are not backing up. Req again if you need more assistance :)
1420PPGOMEflow the line here plsclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1419TheMeeBovieI have an ender chest, so I would like to make it so that no one can steal my enderchestclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /msg. Can't protect an enderchest, sorry!
1418DjentleGiantI would like H4 to point to Djentle NE Hub. \o/closedcheezychickenSign updated!
1417TheMeeBoviehelpclosedcheezychickenRun free!
1416gk_ryoflow or region createclosedcheezychickensplishy splashy
1415Just_Chaos98please replace chest of goodies with 2nd iron spawner! tyvmclosedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
1414ghrey303could you move this shulker box? not sure when the owner will be on again, is empty, and we have copious supplyclosedSir_DidymusMoved.
1413BloomingLilycould you please flow all these random blocks of water, thanks! this should be the last time heheclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1412BloomingLilyplease make this water flow, thank you so much!closedDjentleGiantI flowed what was there, feel free to make more modreqs for more flows!
1411buzzie71flow this water please :Oclosedcujobearwater flowed :D
1410maid_marianpls fill with map #620closedkumquatmaymap placed!
1409SquaresTherethis build is protected... but would it be possible to make the anvil chute here accessible to anyone who wants to donate an anvil? thanks! :)closedZomiseAnvil shute made! The place looks great!
1408SquaresTherewould it be possible to make the purple floor space OK for people to put shulker boxes on? :) thanks!closedZomiseShulker area made!
1407DazuroflowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1405DazuroflowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1404DazuroflowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1403BloomingLilyplease make this water flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1402maid_marianpls flow source blocks on right and left side. sorry to ask again. im fiddling with this thingclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1401SquaresThereso.. not sure how to request this, but the grinder just got bigger... (new room, and also a 2x grinder) - can that be added to the protection?closedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
1400maid_marianpls flow these blocks tooclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1399maid_marianpls flow these water blocks thxclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1398maid_mariancan you pls add the area between the two glass blocks to region:avalonclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1397Dazuroflowclosedbuzzie71flowing! (sorry I didn't see this earlier ><)
1396buzzie71flow this water please :OclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1395Wozdakaokay got a "few" water to be flow - inside the chamber - all ontop of netherack in the ceiling - have fun :D and tyvmclosedThelVadumeei need a towel :O
1394Wozdakapls flow all water (4 channels) with stepping down action - then 1 channel perpendicular (2 blocks of water per level stepping down) tyvm (please no touch the ceiling water yet) tyclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1393SquaresTherelava flow?closedThelVadumeeflowed, i need ice now :D
1392Wozdakapls flow just 2 blocks between netherack - tyclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1391Herr_Fawkesexpand region to cover this buildclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1390DjentleGiantCould we have a few minecart dispensers down here? Me and others would gladly keep them stocked.closedSir_DidymusAdded!
1389Herr_Fawkesexpand rg: windsong_hillbuildings to cover new builds, rename rgclosedHerr_Fawkescompleted
1387Silversunsetpls expand haven_farms to cover new constructionclosedSilversunsetyep
138632ndFlavaPls create region here for Pico Guardian \o/ Thanks!closedscherererererregion created
1385Bluuefuzzypls to protec spawnerclosedBluuefuzzyprotected
1384shrinemasterWater flow please. Thank you!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1383EngineerTroyMay I have four water blocks flow?closedbermudalocketflowed!
1382maid_marianpls flow waterclosedvarjflowed
1381buzzie71my default clanchat seems to jump between restarts O.oclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1380Azumarilldispenser lava flowclosedvarjso much lava flow dispensed.
1379ZomiseFind mah parrot too!closedZomiseNo luck :(
1378dobreiraLost parrot, request locationclosedZomiseParrot saved!
1377Herr_Fawkesprotect these houses/blacksmithclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1376bookey42water flow please!closedThelVadumeewater flowed :D
1375KedNysPlease just expand region kednys_grinder 5 BLOCKS EAST... that's allclosedcujobearregion expanded 5 blocks east
1374Aghe87Water source pleaseeclosedZomiseDone!
1373wyndysaschaPls to protect 'snowy_garden' to me thnx :Pclosedcujobearregion protected
1372gk_ryodid someone make this ice?closedvarjNope, it's generated.
1371Zardousadd Elizeah2210 to members of protection groupclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /msg!
1370Prof_NooblandCan you please protect this beacon? I had protection created for it, but I've moved it so it's no longer protected. Thanks! Btw... if it's possible to protect the whole island down as far as possible, that would awesome too.closedZomiseBeaconbase protected for you. Island builds protected for you and Zardous with the name "island".
1369bookey42water flow pleaseclosedZomiseFlowed the block I found.
1368bookey42water flow pleaseclosedvarjSlightly moistened
1367SquaresTherewater flow? there's one single block in the back of the spawn room, on the left, that's stubbornly not flowing. thanks! :)closedrobrstubborn block beat into submission.
1366SquaresTherewater flow? (just this top one here)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1365Jalamookoofoocan you explain the cause of death for the villager that was kept down here?closedkumquatmayZombies! D:
1364SquaresTherewater flow?closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1363SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
1362Halinahand flow this last pair, ty!!!!!closedThelVadumeealso flowed :D
1361Halinahand this one....and the forth one....closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1360Halinahand flow these two too :Pclosedbermudalocketaaand flowed!
1359Halinahplease flow these two waters, tyclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1358SquaresTherewater flow?closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1357King_of_quesocould i have a spare book for Genet's Quest please? I lost mine while doing the quest. All of the other knight's quest items are in my chest as proof of completion.closedBarlimorePlease check your inventory for a pristine second-hand edition copy of Genet's Quest.
1356DJAtomCaccidently lava'ed someones tracks.closedbermudalocketRails restored! Please be careful! :D
1355sushi15boat travel is impeded here D:closedThelVadumeeriver unobstructed :D
1353DJAtomCplease change sign 7 to "Lancelot"closedbermudalocketLancelot added!
1352Herr_Fawkesthis vil is gone, grief?closedBarlimoreKilled by the region owner here!
1351Wozdakapls flow all lines of water - should flow to each side - tyclosedrobrsuch lines.
1350King_of_quesothe Trespasser Slayer 5000 got me, now i'm stuck in here!closedrobrmmm, thought that was the 'summon creeper' command, sorry, will do better next time!
1349Wozdakapls flow water in 4 netherack squares on the bottom of this floor - tyclosedCARnivore_ndsyou should be good to flow
1348buzzie71flow this water please :OclosedBluuefuzzyall flowin
1347ajacks424build protectionclosedbermudalocketprotected!
1346Nhaazauaflow plsclosedSilversunsetflowed!
1345SquaresTherewater flow?closedSilversunsetflowed!
1344Jalamookoofoorequesting an expansion of the jalamookoofoo island region to contain this new islandclosedbermudalocketprotected!
1343SirLyledid i just dig into a naturally spawned thing or someone's basement?closedbermudalocketThese are naturally generated! (just maybe check to make sure it's not claimed yet)
1342Spartan____Rail is connected :DclosedSilversunsetB3 set as "Alert" - happy railing!
1341pez252/place Rose at -1691.5 153 -3617.5 please.closeddefiexCongratulations on receiving a Place for Rose! Happy building!
1340Jalamookoofoooh noes i'm stuck in a farmclosedTheNightsKingFree again!
1339Nhaazauapls protect boat (or just frames if you can do that)closedZomiseArea already protected. Didn't want separate protection for item frames.
1338Nhaazauai broke the blaze rod and teh murky water for the ferris quest, can i get those back, plsclosedcujobearreplaced items, make sure to be careful at the other castles
1337cineboxandrewwho is building this road? I want to contact themclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
1336cujobearwho griffed mah tree?closedbermudalocketun-griefed!
1335Ruthlesssssplease protect from here to the top of the dirt block tower diagonal north west from here - can be named ruthlesssss_breeder or something :D thanks!closedZomiseRegion protected! And no villagers were harmed this time around. :P
1334Azumarilltwo maps, here - 616 and 617 respectively, please.closedkumquatmayMaps placed!
1333Im_a_Ninja13accidently broke a signclosedbuzzie71restored! please be more careful next time :O
1332bookey42more water flows please!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1331saberfyshplease extend CMC_arctic region to this area and merge child regions into itclosedkumquatmayNew area protected and regions consolidated!
1330Jezzzzieprotect this build plz :)closedscherererererbuild protected!
1329bookey42multiple water flows pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1328AzulaTheFireLordthis ain't rightclosedkumquatmayAll is well!
1327Chef_Zuulmake-a da watah flooow, monclosediNerd71Watah flooowed, mon!
1326DJAtomClol you guys didnt add me to the protection i requested.closedThelVadumeeall fixed :D
1325DJAtomCprotection my cave please.closedThelVadumeeprotected :D
1324AzumarillfloclosedThelVadumeeflowwed :D
1323buzzie71unpowered rails at the spawn nether station :O unintentional?closedThelVadumeefixed :D
1322Azumarill[admin] hey I fucked up, any chance you want to move this spawner west 1closedAzumarillugh never mind I guess
1321AzumarillwatrclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1320DJAtomCflow pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1319DJAtomCflowclosedbermudalockettststststststststsss (flowed)
1318buzzie71flow this water please :OclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1317cujobearcan you tell me who removed the quatrz from this chestclosedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
1316CharlieChaplnThanksclosedZomiseNp! :)
1315CharlieChaplnSave HorseclosedZomiseHorse saved!
1314Emizzonwater flow pleaseclosedvarjslightly moistened
1313maid_marianpls fill with map #615 thanksclosedRiverimap populated!
1312GlyphedArchitectcould I get my build protected please?closedvarjprotected
1311Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedCARnivore_ndsI growth in your future
1310Block_Reaverprotection pleaseclosedvarjclosed after discussion with player
1309Reon27protect my snow farm plz!closedvarjprotected, again.
1308bermudalocketshulker region on shulkers plsclosedbermudalocketdone
1307KedNysPlease expand region called kedland13 - SOUTH all the way to the the wall plus 5 blocks for buffer thank youclosedThelVadumeeregion expanded :D
1306Ruderalystrapped under spawn station, glitched out in a 2 car trainclosedbermudalocketunstuck!
1305buzzie71flow the water please :Oclosedrobrflowed
1304Prof_NooblandCan I get this beacon pyramid area protected? The only other person needed in the protection is Zardous.closedFlumperProtected! :)
1303maid_marianpls flow waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1302Prof_NooblandCan you flow this please?closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1301bookey42water flow pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1300AzulaTheFireLordCan I know about other edits to the space this cobble stone is inclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1299maid_marianpls flow these two water blocks :)closedzburdsalFlowing, nice water feature
1298Block_Reaverwanting to claim village developementclosedHerr_Fawkesbuild a claim fence, no one will touch it then
1297bookey42water flow for infinite pool pleaseclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
1296maid_marianpls flowclosedzburdsalFlowing - Only need to place 2 corners for us to flow it btw.
1295zburdsalprotection for solace pumpkin farm pls.closeddefiexThou pumpkins wilt be safe from nefarious hands.
1293Wondrjust another quick flow plsclosedDjentleGiantFlowed!
1292buzzie71flow this water please :OclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1291maid_marianfollow up to 945closedSir_DidymusIssue appears to have been resolved between players.
1290Wondrcan I get a quick flowy boi on this here water sourceclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1289DjentleGiantI griefed James' pigs. :(closedbuzzie71don't panic! there's another nearby...
1288Wondrcan I get these 3 sources near me to be a-flowin' please?closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1287SarahRaye52I fell in a hole near spawn and I can't get out... :(closedBluuefuzzyrescued!
1286SirLylecan you tell me who dug this hole in the wall?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
1285Ruthlesssssflow please :)closedTheNightsKingWater flowed as desired
1284EngineerTroyI would like some water to flow pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1283Zomiseup to the skies the region goesclosedZomiseExpanded skyhigh.
1282buzzie71flow this water please :Oclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1281maid_mariani broke this glass on accident. i am sorry :(closedcheezychickenGlass fixed!
1280buzzie71please flow this water :Oclosedbermudalocketlooks like you've got a hold-out :O
1279Azumarillmy horse just died while I was off it and logged out...?closedBarlimoreRestored - Further details via /mail.
1278buzzie71check latercloseddefiexModreq resolved per discussion with various. (closing per buzzie request.)
1277Roadie_MCflowcloseddefiexSPlish has been splashed!
1276ThunderKrackercan you tell me who placed all these wood slabs plz?closedRiverithe user QHC created the slabs
1275SquaresTherelava flow? thanks :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1274Jalamookoofooplease extend the island's protections to enclose the new terrainclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1273AzulaTheFireLordWhy did this water block become ice?closedrobrdiscussed via m
1272zburdsalCan we get Solace protected? Silver is berating me about it.closeddefiexMaybe. I guess. :longsufferingsigh:: Protected!
1271zburdsalA player killed 10 of my breeding villagers in this pod. No other block edits, no other kills in the area.closedbermudalocketreplaced!
1270Kirstaecan u pls get rid of that floating chest ty I dont own it but it needs to gocloseddefiexTaken care of!
1269Bluuefuzzyplease protect grindersclosedzburdsalProtected, found some things to flow, offered baby killing advice. All in a days work.
1268naiXnaiI would like to get hagan1 permission to build in our area pretty please. =]closedrobrdiscussed via /m
1267Chef_Zuulmake water more horizontal pleaseclosedrobrwe control the horizontal...
1266blue_avocadosomehow lost the last piece of "torn paper", #7 to be exact, no idea where it went. anyway it can be replaced? thanks :DclosedBarlimoreItem restored after verifying - discussed via message.
1265Rebal_Rumbel[broke a cave spawn with a diamond picaxe with silk touch any ideas?]closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m. Good luck on your quest!
1264buzzie71pig vanished coming through spawn portal :OclosedBarlimoreFixed & discussed via message.
1263Mictlantecuhtilflow this water pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndspond is perfect for you
1262makdaamI damaged some carpet and can't replace it myself due to protectionsclosedvarjdamage removed
1261kmwilliacan you make this water flow, thanks!closedvarjflowed
1260Azumarillhey whose road is thisclosedvarjclosed after discussion with player
1259Azumarill...SEPARATE region, on the floor, let's say 9x9x1, with an on-entry message "......a strange voice compels you to jump into the portal......"closedbuzzie71region set!
1258Azumarillregion for newly-existing build (I designed, tompreuss built, MengerSpongeBob still has a chest here)closedbuzzie71protected!
1257robrprotect spawner as child of 'alias'closedbuzzie71protected!
1256buzzie71requesting sign: 7 to Bedivereclosedbermudalocketdone!
1255robrit says my horse should be here, and yet it's notclosedBarlimoreYour replacement horse has been parked nearby (aboveground)!
1254WozdakaDaniel-Son - Pls flow the water - side only - 3 layers - both sides - FLOW UP and FLOW DOWN - breath in - breath out - ty Daniel Sonclosedbuzzie71so much water O_O all flowing!
1252zach99998can you add a /place for Avalon at -1700, 1700?closedBarlimorePlace added!
1251Halinahplease flow! ty!closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
1250Wozdakapls flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1249Chef_Zuulwater flow pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1248Wozdakapls flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1247Wozdakapls flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1246Wozdakapls flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
1245PPGOMEshulker box is in glitched state and is breaking people's gamesclosedSir_DidymusFixed!
1244kumquatmayPlease add a /place for Pico!closedSir_DidymusPlace added!
1243PipersDadthere's a house inside my hedged property and missing nether wart gardenclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
1242PPGOMEflow plsclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1241Ruthlesssssready for next iron spawner - 8ish blocks below this chest please replace the glowstone with the spawner \o/closedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
1240Dumbo52A Knight's Quest #11 health potion was accidentally thrown, could it be restored please?closedSir_DidymusRestored to enderchest.
1239DolanLikesDDoSwth i have to say that in case there are minors by US lawclosedzburdsalSpam
1238Lethal_Treei accidentally broke a redstone torch here and it dissapeared :( sorry!closedFlumperFixed! Thanks for reporting. :)
1237PipersDadflow this 1 block please, thanksclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1236PipersDadprotection PDzombiegrinderclosedThelVadumee
1235PipersDadflow this one waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1234PPGOMEflow pl0zcloseddefiexSplish has been splooshed.
1233PipersDadprotection, PDskeletonclosedbermudalocketprotected!
1232username2088water flow plsclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1231PipersDadflow these 2 water blocks please for infinite poolclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1230JalamookoofooI would like to protect my island please. the boundaries are marked with prismarine, here and at x560, z1765closedbermudalocketprotected!
1229Jezzzzieflow plz <3closedCARnivore_ndsnicedesign !
1228Spartan____Who built this part of the road?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
1227bermudalockettrapdoor shouldn't be flipped here :o but its interact-deny nowclosedSir_DidymusTrapdoor deflippafied!
1226Prof_NooblandCan you make this flow please?closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1225Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1224SirLylesomeone left a floating treeclosedbermudalocketfixed!
1223SkyAdventurer01im stuckclosedFlumperFreed! :)
1222CairBirbplease flow this last block of water :)closedvarjflowed
1221CairBirbplease flow the three water blocks in this areaclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1220Lethal_Treeim stuck under spawn station and my horse is stuck in a minecart thereclosedbermudalocketfreedom!
1219JezzzzieNeed someone with the awesome powers of the almighty to help me get my flow on!closedvarjflowed
1218PPGOMEflow pl0xclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1217PPGOMEI think that this glowstone is broke. updated it and it still won't emit lightclosedZomiseNatural wonder was with us just for a brief while. RIP.
1216Herr_Fawkesprotect this churchclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1215Herr_Fawkesprotect these housesclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1214Ruthlesssssthis is enough for 1 golem spawner, please replace the magma block directly below(7-8) this shulker with the spawner :)closedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
1213ThunderKrackerstretch perms to cover chest area plz. Also, are these item frames protected by default?closedtotemoregion expanded; currently item frames need to be in a region to be safe
1212Just_Chaos98may I get this water source flowing? last one :P tyvmclosedtotemofloawt
1211Just_Chaos98may I get this water source flowing? tyvmclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
1210Just_Chaos98may I get this water source flowing? tyvmclosedvarjflowed
1209dnynumberone2 water flows pls and thanksclosedvarjdone
1208Just_Chaos98may I get this water source flowing? tyvmclosedTheNightsKingFlowed, maybe not quite as far as you were expecting
1207ZomiseReturn the villagers here. 2 farmers, 4 whatever.closedZomiseVillagers spawned
1206ZomiseI fucked up. Need padmins to restore villagers.closedZomiseMaking a new one.
1205Ruthlesssssplease extend the protection on ruthlesssss_silo down to this Y level and across to this Z level(previous location is in the other room marked with a different redstone blockclosedZomiseArea expanded!
1204Im_a_Ninja13please the chickens did not consent help me bust outta jailclosedkumquatmayChickens rescued!
1203kumquatmayPls protect villager building, breeding area and auto farmsclosedkumquatmayOk
1201stellarvikingcan we protect like some of thiss stuff I know this is a hole in the ground but don't want it borkedclosedThelVadumeeprotected :D
1200Sapphricpet death hereclosedBarlimorePet restored, thanks for requesting!
1199Lethal_Treei missed what the answer to my req was as i reloged once i got on and the message went away what do i do? sorry for inconvenience :(closedghrey303your voxelmap is fine!
1198Silversunsetexpand region haven_villagers2 to encompass the rest of the hallclosedbermudalocketregion expanded!
1197CARnivore_ndsplease create /place Orion @ 1675/58/-2750closedSir_DidymusPlace added!
1196Lethal_Treewhat needs changing in my voxel? i dont want to get in trouble... https://imgur.com/gallery/Y8kgGclosedbermudalocketLooks good! Thanks for checking!
1195OleToothlesspls to extend protection around the big area NW of me so I can do water flows...closedFlumperProtected! :)
1194jcjoeyfreakHole into void under cobble here. Dangerous!closedFlumperFixed! :)
1193PantheraLeoKingDied around -3565 -2017 due to lagging through a chunk and into the void. Lost some starter things. Wondering if I could get a tp back to where I wasclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via msg - Protected your terraforming / build.
1192TESLAraywaterflow 4461, 20, -2736closedbermudalocketflowed!
1191Rivaeprotect spawner region rose city please? tyvmclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1190drtednelsonCould i get this wooden room protected plz? ty!closedbermudalocketUnfortunately the room doesn't meet the criteria for a protection (yet!), but I have protected the spawner for you!
1189Rivericreate rail station region and build allow dialerclosedRiveriregions created
1188Zomisepls make chest region end (in end)closedFlumper"end" chest region created! :)
1187yukiismany idea who placed this bit of fence i am standing on so i can make sure that i dont infringe on anyone's build?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM! :)
1186OddGeometryplease extend protection around farm and storehouseclosedcheezychickenRegion expanderised! Nice castle!
1185sunstarshine192hey! I don't think Castle Rogue has a place yet, if nobody else here has requested a place yet, can you please make it in front of the welcome board? We have about 4 people, drag0ns_s0n, me, Asterix1068 and the0neSlime last two might be spelled badcloseddefiexCongratulations on aquaring a /place! You are on the map!
1184OddGeometryplease make farm water flow :}closedvarjhigh speed moistening done
1183grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1182ThelVadumeewhut is this wierd redstone thing above this endportal?closedbermudalocketdiscussed in chat
1181dnynumberonecan these and farms below be made replantable by public pls and thanksclosedbermudalocketdone!
1180ThunderKrackerPressed a button, water came, and I cant replant because of perms. Sorry!closedbuzzie71field restored!
1179Docohorse disapeered for no reasonclosedZomiseIssue resolved itself.
1178buzzie71please flow this water :OclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1177saberfyshflow lava here pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1176TheCoachAdaircan you get me out of my neighbor's...dungeon? His track brought me out here and then i fell in a hole he dug, and can't get out without griefingclosedkumquatmayWay out discussed via /msg, enjoy the freedom!
1175buzzie71please flow this water :OclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1174Zeadwater flow for inf spring plz <3closeddefiexYour spring has sprung!
1173Jalamookoofooso if someone reports it, just gimme a few minutescloseddefiexThank you for reporting!
1172Jalamookoofooi'm in the process of getting a new cow for ironstar since i accidentally only left one of theirs alivecloseddefiexThank you for reporting!
1171DocotrapdoorscloseddefiexSometimes the mysteries of the universe are unveiled when we stand up!
1170Nhaazauapls flowclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1169zburdsalcan solace have a /place at 0,-1500?closeddefiexCongratulations! Solace has been added to the map!
1168OleToothlesscheckclosedzburdsalcheck check 1 2
1167OleToothlesshelpcloseddefiexYou monster. (Little Willy has been returned, around the corner in a fence so he wouldn't run off. :)
1166DjentleGiantDestination 8 = Percival portal / UMC Nether FortressclosedFlumperI did the thing with that stuff, to the other thing!
1165TECPCould the player whose trashing the terrain around this area be told to stay away from where others are building next time?closeddefiexThank you for reporting, I have discussed the issue with the player.
1164ttscipushing these buttons breaks this table by moving the trapdoors, should probably be interact-deny just on the table :)closeddefiexThank you for reporting!
1163PPGOMEcan you see who made these dirt path borders?closedNoramidiscussed via /msg
1162shalviychild region for sign wall marked by birch logsclosedFlumperBuild allow region created! :)
1161shalviyneed build protected from X:3631 Y:53: Z:39 to X:3567 Y:(height limit) Z:-54. Please name the region Little Island or Little_Island if possibleclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1160shalviyCan I get a region from this fence to the other fence, does not need to reach lower than Y:50closedFlumperSorry, protections are for builds, not claims.
1159username2088who put this anvil here?closedTheNightsKingMessage sent replying
1158tict0cI accidently [ut down a torch in this water hole and I have no bucket Please help :)closedFlumperFixed! :)
1157varjexpand region castlevarjclosedvarjkthxbai
1156Alixlafor some reason i am not able to type in chat, it will give me the message "cannot send chat message" in redclosedSir_DidymusChat settings issue resolved.
1155SpaceFlyeare holes into the void in the overworld a common thing? Is this suppose to happen?closedFlumperThey are not supposed to happen. Thanks for reporting! :)
1154PPGOMEsheep missingclosedFlumperSheep replaced! :)
1153JezzzzieHello there. I need to see about having some public chests removed that were placed by a member that no longer plays in our area.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
1152ThelVadumeeprotection for this spleef and tunnelclosedFlumperTunnel & arena protected, field made build allow. :)
1151grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1150ThunderKrackergriffles? If so, chickens have run off/been murdered as wellclosedThelVadumeenot grief, builder did it.
1149ThelVadumeeset netherrack here to barrier blocks upto the end brick blocks on celing for spleef plsclosedSir_DidymusBarrier blocks placed.
1148nels_nelsonIs there any way to figure out what happened to all my tamed dogs that I had sitting out front guarding my house?closeddefiexdiscussed via msg
1147drtednelsonCan i get protection for this villager pit, ty!closedDjentleGiantRegion created! \o/
1146Wawskiwaterfloooooow plzclosedWawski
1145Wawskiwater off/on again?closedvarjflowed
1144Wawskiwater flow plz!closedvarjmoistened
1143DocQuickDeathCould I please get the protection lowered another 10 levels?closedRiveridiscussed via /msg!
1142saberfyshflow lava pleaseclosedRiveriflowed!
1141saberfyshflow lava pleaseclosedRiveriflowed!
1140yukiismprotection for Nagato village pleaseclosedRiveriregion nagato_village created!
1139yukiismplease flow this water so i can repair the wellclosediNerd71Well flowed!
1138Ruthlessssspls protect this silo from this corner to the opposite one(glass in the ground near the chests) :)closediNerd71Silo protected!
1137TheFlyingTunawater flow the corners pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1136TheFlyingTunawater flow pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1135TheFlyingTunawater flow pleaseclosedThelVadumeewater is flowing now :D
1134TheFlyingTunawater flow under crafting bench pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1133Azumarillthis whole cave system feels like an xrayerclosedFlumperThanks for reporting. :)
1132saberfyshplease extend CMC_arctic region to newly developed builds hereclosedThelVadumeeprotected :D
1131Boder212waterflowclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1130ThelVadumeeded chorus plant is dedclosedThelVadumeefixed
1128Azumarillhey can you come over here, unvanish, and tell me who each of these beds was placed by so I can label them and then ask each person if I can remove themclosedFlumperDiscussed via PM! :)
1127DarmanSbuild protectclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1126EasyCrunch_build protectclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
1125Boder212buildprotection boder212closedFlumperThis was already protected per your previous modreq. :)
1124DjentleGiantcould someone power these rails please? :)closedDjentleGiantUnpowered rails are now powered
1123Boder212build protectionclosedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
1122Reon27flow plzclosedzburdsalFlowing!
1121CairBirbsorry for all the modreqs. Can I get this block of water to flow?closedzburdsalFlowing!
1120DjentleGiantPlease energize this rail and also set destination 8 for Gawain portal. \o/closedFlumperIt is so! :)
1119CairBirbplease flow this block of waterclosedTheNightsKingLook out! You have wet feet!
1118CairBirbplease flow this block of lavaclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed
1117naiXnai[Can i get this land protected for me and my buds please?]closedFlumperBuilds protected + discussed via PM. :)
1116Rebal_Rumbel(tp to pve, stuck in mini game)closedSir_DidymusRescued!
111532ndFlavaCan I have this square under Pico regions? Doing lots of waterflow for villagers which are just South. :D Thanks!~closedFlumperProtected! :)
1114makdaamhi, could you identify who placed the rails here?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
1113NorthsidebillI have slightly revised the area I wanted to have protected for the horse breedery. Could I please have the new fenced in area protected?closedHerr_Fawkeswe generally only protect finished builds, report any grief and we'll handle it
1112AzulaTheFireLordSomeone's broken this pumpkin stem and I dont' have a hoe on hand to fixclosedHerr_Fawkesfixed!
1111promaxxethis region, kedland, was extended into land that is supposed to be part of tabula rasa - is this ok?closedSir_DidymusRegions slightly amended.
1110Zeadwater flow on all blocks inside building to make infiniate poolsclosedThelVadumeewater flowed
1109Zeadwater flow on these blocks to stop this ugly hole plzclosedThelVadumeeneeds water first :o
1108TheCoachAdairIs there anything I can do about being AFK teleported to lava and losing all my stuff and levels?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg. Not restored in this instance.
1107harotaroredstone here broke. can't get all 4 dispensers to be off/on at same time. can't self fix either cause rgclosedZomiseHey! You can send mail to the maker, if you think it's working incorrectly.
1106OddGeometryplease extend protectionsclosedRiveriI created the region odd_castle_wall3 in the NE corner around the round section. once you get the rest of the north wall built up we can expand that to cover the rest
1105Reon27i have much need of getting this protected lol. plz help!closedRiveriafter sorting things out, region ravenrock_potionmaker is created!
1104EasyCrunch_please flow thisclosedRiveriwater is magically flowed!
1103NorthsidebillI would like to have the small fenced in area I am in now protected please. I want to build a horse breederyclosedThelVadumeebuild up the area in the fence first, then request protection :D
1102CairBirbplease flow this block of water for me!closediNerd71Your block is now a puddle, or something. It's flowing now!
1101TheFlyingTunaflow pleaseclosediNerd71Flowed!
1100ThelVadumeeinside this creeper grinder theres a ice block :OclosediNerd71Seems to have been accidently frost-walked. Should be un-frosted, now.
1099ghrey303hello! did my bunny escape or dieclosedThelVadumeelooks like you found it xD
1098AceMarconiPlease FlowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1097robrdefie-req - re:earlier mentionclosedBarlimoreSpawner has an off lever. I toggled it off.
1096yukiismtheres no way to figure out what happened to that dragon head i should have gotten is there?closedBarlimoreSadly the dragon head fell through the portal into the chest at spawn - Which was collected by another. Recommendation for future: Cover the portal with dirt during the fight.
1095AceMarconiProtect this Skelly Grinder Please.closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
1094AceMarconiPlease Flow these reed planting beds. Also Please protect the area in the fence as you see fit.closedBluuefuzzyflowd and protected!
1093blue_avocadodied to horde of zombie and lost the axe required for the gawain knight quest; there anyway I can get it back? thanks :DclosedBarlimoreThe quest item is back in your inventory!
1092tyler87Please protect my build. :) For now it's just the fenced off area. @ -2354, -1865closedRivericreated tyler87_residence, just protected the build for now but the protection can be expanded in a later modreq once you've developed the fenced in area more
1091maid_marianpls flow waterclosedCARnivore_nds90Degree water is a nice angle !
1090maid_marianpls flow waterclosedNoramiall flowing :)
1089SirLylemy two named river squid have disappearedcloseddefiexAnd thus did defie reach down a hand and breathed life into the squishy squidies. And there was much rejoicing.
1088OleToothlesspls to extend orion region out to encompass all builds in this areaclosedSapphricRegion expanded!
1087AceMarconiplease Flow this last block (almost done! )closeddefiexThe last but not least splish has been splashed!
1086AceMarconiplease phlough these two water blocksclosedTheNightsKingTried to floff the water but I couldn't, so I flowed it instead. English is a silly language.
1085AceMarconiFlow Please!closedrobrfloe.
1084TESLAraylava flow in two glass pillars around 4335, 155, -2776closedTheNightsKingLava tubes now flowing
1083Boder212buildprotection interior of houseclosedvarjduplicate req
1081TheFlyingTunaflow pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1080Ruthlessssslast flow of the build \o/ this tiny water block needs some lovinclosedrobrflowded
1079SpaceFlyeI have a sort of fence in area here in this little moutain valley. Calling this my home. Need protected.closedrobrdiscussed via /m - only builds protected, area needs complete fence for claim status.
1078Ruthlesssssflow pls i destroyed my infinite source by accident ;-;closedrobrflowed.. again...
1077KedNysPlease expand region called kedland13 to the NORTH to cover new tower and pier please.closedrobrexpanded
1076jeagle7247flow for infinite water sourceclosedrobrinfinitized
1075AceMarconiplease protect this spawner for me.closedrobracespawner01 protected
1074Cinctuluswater flow (just the top block where i'm standing)closedrobrflowed awhile ago
1073StupidlyNormalCould i get my region expanded over the whole claim (the cobble walls around it) ?closedFlumperRegion expanded to cover builds. :)
1072harotarowhat happened to the named zombie here? had full dia armour :/closedkumquatmaySomeone forgot to slip, slop, slap :/
1071ThelVadumeeextend protection here plsclosedThelVadumeeregion redefined :O
1070Wawskifenced plot requestclosedThelVadumeei suggest making a claim fence for now and building up the area :D
1069kumquatmayI didn't receive an item from this sign, or the starting quest book (AG castle)closedBarlimoreItems have now found their way to you - good luck!
1068Cinctuluswater flowclosedNoramiflowing :)
1067StupidlyNormalWater Flow (The 4 holes around the spawner)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1066AceMarconiGood Morning from Canada! Please flow! Thank you!closedvarjGood Afternoon from Sweden! Enjoy your flowing water!
1065StupidlyNormalCan I get a whole lot of water to flow please :? PS: There's some under one of the spawners aswell.closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1064Prof_Nooblandcan you flow this one block please?closedghrey303yup!
1063jazzorPlease protect this double grinder - the outer edges are marked with gold blocksclosedZomiseProtected as jazzor_doublegrinder. Thank you for marking the corners!
1062JamesMcProggerat the knights quest, desert temple, I threw the potion inside this hooper and now I cant get it back, and when I got it it said One item only, so now I think Im stuck.closedBarlimorePlease be careful in future, these vials are fragile! It's back in your inventory. :-)
1061killmall62would like a protection of the marked area with blue wool or the houseclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1060Azumarillwhy is this even enterableclosedFlumperFreed and player trap removed! :)
1059Wawskican I claim this island? Or is that too much?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
1058Wozdakaissue with spawner range of golem spawner - if you are on the same elevation 25 works - but if you are below it 25 blocks does not spawn golemsclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via mail!
1057saberfyshplease extend region CMC_arctic to these buildsclosedFlumperBuild protected! :)
1056Weazolflow pleaseclosediNerd71Flowed!
1055KedNysat around 11:35p, 10/08/2017 I heard here in this location I heard the sound of a golem dying but no soul in inventory... please checkclosedBarlimoreDrop verified - check your inventory!
1054Bluuefuzzyprotec spawner plsclosedrobr
1053Just_Chaos98this is the 3rd villager to disapear in this area for us. Can you check to see how they are dying? tyclosedRiverizambies
1052PPGOMEif possible, where are my items?closedRiveriif this is location where you died, then unfortunately your items have likely despawned since you didn't reach your deathpoint in time. sorry about that :(
1051Rivericreate lauragale region for orionclosedRiveriregion created
1050Nhaazauaflow plsclosedRiveriflowed
1049Rivericreate stable region for orionclosedRivericreated
1048Nhaazauaflow plsclosedRiveriflowed
1047Nhaazauaflow plsclosedRiveriflowed!
1046pez252Please delete the region on the unused blaze spawner by CARnivore_nds so it may be broken.closedFlumperRegion removed! :)
1045CARnivore_ndsneed to know who's got this spawner protected...and If I can break it as the other is developeed into a grinderclosedFlumperDiscussed via.. something. :)
1044Silversunsetpls protect this as haven_farms child of havenclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1043WozdakaIron Golem Spawner - Chest holds items (Spawner goes where chest is) - tyvmclosedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
1042Wozdakapls flow the blocks inbetwee the flowing blocks because i forgot i needed more flowing water - too much beer.closedbermudalocketi knew this req was coming :p
1041Wozdakapls flow all water in the square for maximum effort - tyvmclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1040OddGeometryplease expand protections from walls to flattened areaclosedbermudalocketYou'll have to build up the area a bit more first before we can extend the protection, but you're off to a great start!
1039an0ngamerMy friend, marauderbat, died just over an hour ago, apparently falling through the ground directly following a restart. Is there any way to determine if this was the case and possibly restore her items?closedSir_DidymusConfirmed - inventory restored.
1038RydliSilverlakeMy horse glitched inside a tree and when I hopped on it it was taking damage and I was unable to hop off it cause of the glitch and it died. Is there any way to get it back?closedSir_DidymusNon-lag related provable incorrect death. Restored.
1037TheNightsKingWater level bridge blocking the route for boatsclosedSir_DidymusBuilder is editing.
1036Rivaespawner protection for rose city region please? tyvmclosedTheNightsKingAnother spawner for Rose!
1035Rivaeprotect spawner for rose city region pleaseclosedTheNightsKingNext spawner protected
1034Rivaeprotection for spawner pleaseclosedThelVadumeeprotected :D
1033buzzie71rail rerouted without our knowledge...closeddefiexGrief rolled back, player warned & mailed. Thank you for reporting!
1032Grimwaltzplease flow this single block of water at the top of the water elevatorclosedrobrflowed
1031Reon27final iron golem spawner ready for payment.closedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
1030StupidlyNormalWater again :|closedtorteelaThat's a lot of water! Flowed
1029StupidlyNormalOne last waterflow pleaseclosedcujobearflowed but you may have an issue
1028StupidlyNormalflow me plOxclosedZomiseFlowed!
1027AzulaTheFireLordIs it possible to find out who gave me these anvils? I'd like to thank themclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
1026harveyriceIn regard to mobfarms, would something like this be allowed?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
1025Reon27flowclosedNoramiWater flowing \o/
1024Silversunsetpadmin req pls.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1023harveyriceis there anyway to make water from a dispenser flow automaticaly. And am I allowed to make a water based mob farm?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m :)
1022MasterIX09can you expand my "shoreside" region to cover more of the beach i've rebuilt? I have it marked with redstone blocksclosedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
1021StupidlyNormalWaterflow please?closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1020kmwilliaflow please, thanks!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1019MasterIX09can i get protection around the area marked by Redstone Blocks?closedtorteelaMoved in a bit on the side with the road to not protect over it, but your build is protected!
1018Wozdakaneed to talk to padmin about land claims/this cobble house - want to know my optionsclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
1017kumquatmayProtect reed farm!closedkumquatmayOk
1016Silversunsetexpand haven_villagers please.closedSilversunsetyes
1015Zomisechestregion nether plsclosedZomisedone
1014pez2524 Iron golem spawners please. (Replace the mossy cobble 1 room down from here)closedBarlimoreEnjoy the four spawners!
1013RydliSilverlakeWho made this cobble tunnel? I don't want to take down the cobble before taking to themclosedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
1012MrCrispymy horse has reset to level 1 twice now.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1011OddGeometryplease protect castle wallclosedkumquatmayProtected!
1010nels_nelsonI think I damaged the end crystal that was underneath the PVE portal pool in the lobby a few days ago. I thought it would replace itself, but it never did.closedZomiseSeems to be a visual error. Crystal is doing fine and in its place!
1009RydliSilverlakeSomeone tore up part of my road here to connect theirs without contacting me first.closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg. Player reminded to ask first before connecting road and to contact for style matching.
1008ZomiseExpand Rose down.closedZomiseRose expanded.
100532ndFlavaRegion Pico expansion to include the entire lake here! Thanks!closedkumquatmayRegion expanded!
1004saberfyshplease protect this build as the start of a new region, CMC_arcticclosedRiveriCMC_arctic created! looking forward to seeing more!
1003AzulaTheFireLordI think a parrot of mine died here, is it possible to know how?closedRiveriyour parrot died in a freak lightning accident. rip in peace :(
1002ThunderKrackerMob griff, should be cows in this machineclosedRivericows restored, player warned
1001ThunderKrackerMoar griffsclosedRiveriblocks restored, player warned
1000ThunderKrackergriffykinsclosedRivericrops restored, player warned
999NaivatkalClaiming the spawner, please! x-3178 y17 z-3838 TY!closedbuzzie71spawner protected!
998TheGullyDwarfflow waterclosedRiverihope you live! flowed :)
997Andromeda4210I placed my shulker box on this path not knowing it would revert the path to dirt, and now I can't fix it by getting a new path block. What do?closedSilversunsetall is well!
996TheFlyingTunawater flow pleasecloseddefiexWee splish has been splashed!
995Lethal_Treepls flow ONLY the watercloseddefiexPrecarious splish splashed!
994zburdsalKilled a squid... turns out it was named. Saw it as it died. RIP Inky ;-;closeddefiexYour dasterdly murder spree is at an end, knave! Get thee gone and sheathe your sword forever more. (Inky is reborn! Thanks for reporting!)
993blue_avocadoclick on paper #5 but because my inventory was full, i never got the item and now it says i've hit max usescloseddefiexAlways remember to double check to make sure you have enough inventory space! Torn paper replaced. Good luck!
992Halinahoops, please make this water flow, ty!closedRiveriflowed!
991Reon27i would like to have Ravenrock added to the livemap. i've checked the criteria and i think we fit the bill.closedBarlimorePlace granted!
990ajr369I finished the quest and didn't recieve a Knight's Coin at the end. Can it be replaced pleasecloseddefiexAlways remember to double check to make sure you have enough inventory space! Coin replaced. Good luck!
989pez252Please protect these two spawners.closedFlumperProtected! :)
988Halinahplease flow the 4 waters in this channel, ty!closedThelVadumeewatr floe :D
987Reon27region extension for ravenrock out to the windmill.closedRiveriregion created and set as child region to ravenrock!
986buzzie71please flow that water :OclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
985Azumarillhalp stuckclosedRiverisorry it took so long, enjoy your freedom!
984buzzie71flow this water please :OclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
983Minerbuzplease protect couthouse from 4 60 414 to end of buildclosedFlumperProtected! :)
982Lethal_Treeim stuck in pez's grinder pls halp i dont want to break itclosedbermudalocketrescued :p
981Suspicious_Mangocan i get the lowest water block here flowing pleasecloseddefiexNo matter how low you get, waterblock, we'll be here to splash you up. :)
980Suspicious_Mangocan i get this water flowing pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
979Suspicious_Mangoi need these 5 water blocks flowing. thanks!closedcujobearwaters flowed
978Silversunsetpls protect my villager breeder as haven_breederclosedSilversunsetyessirree
977varjpls to protect this spawnerclosedbermudalocketprotected!
976Wawskiwater flowclosedvarjflowed
975bermudalocketprotection for haven guardian grinder please! (down to y5)closedghrey303protected!
974Spartan____My boat just got sucked into the void, may I have it back please :(closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
973jazzorcan you please flow this water block as well? - I forgot itclosedrobrflowed
972jazzorplease flow the water inside the spawner and the trailing tunnelclosedbermudalocketflowed!
971Herr_Fawkesgrief?closedghrey303mail'd player!
970Spartan____Can I get this claimed/protected?closedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m :)
969KedNysPlease expand region called kedland13 to protect new builds WEST and road.closedTheNightsKingkedland13 expanded to cover built-up area
968maid_marianpls flow water in bucket in dispenser thanksclosedbermudalocketDispenser flowed!
967SilversunsetpadminreqclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
966DjentleGiantI can't get out of heeeeereclosedbermudalocketeveryone point and laugh! http://i.imgur.com/loaRPjO.png
965DjentleGiantPlease unstuck me. :)closedbermudalocketunstuck!
964KedNyswater flow pleaseclosedRiveriflowed!
963ThelVadumeeplz to extend the protec hereclosedThelVadumeeregion extended :D
962KedNyswater flow all these blocks pleaseclosedvarjflowed, again
961Jezzzziepretty sure i just slayed someone's doggo trying to get info on it. Please reincarnate <3closedBarlimoreFortunately, it was all a dream! No dogs were harmed in the making of this modreq.
960jjdaybrland claim please. the area is fenced with no gates but unblocked areas.closedRiveridiscussed via /msg, can't wait to see what you build!
959_Inder_Possible to claim this entire island, or do i still need a fence?closedghrey303A fence would be a safer bet!
958jjdaybrplease flow these water blocksclosedTheNightsKingYou're welcome !!
957Lethal_Treei know on some servers its illeagal to go on the nether roof is that a thing here? last rev pico had a grinder up thereclosedTheNightsKingThe nether is open on top this time so go on up there
956robrkilled squishy by accident, hit once before seeing nametag, was on land :(closedBarlimoreSquishy lives again! Has most definitely not been replaced with an identical squid with the same name.
955Rivericreate region orion_wingspreadclosedRiveriregions (finally) created
954AzulaTheFireLordCleaning up my lawn, can I have this furnace removed?closedBarlimoreThis furnace has been returned to the owner!
953grenbugwater flowing pleaseclosedRiveriflowed prettily
952jazzorplease flow this water sourceclosedghrey303flowed!
951Polar_Tedconsole is yelling aat me to turn off schematica.. I don't even have it loadedclosedghrey303my guess is there was an issue with lag, can sometimes happen when breaking blocks very quickly
950ajr369May this area be protected under a child of "Town_of_Yelgard"?closedbermudalocketprotected!
949ThelVadumeeextend protection here plzclosedghrey303\o/ it is done
948pacuyprotection for my house, corners marked with woolclosedThelVadumeeprotected :D
947Reon27i need the rail selector thing fixed so others can use it.closedSilversunsetitem frame is now build allow to allow for dialing!
946ajr369A question. Can this structure be Protected? If so message me pleaseclosedThelVadumeei recommend making a claim fence around it, and then build up more for protection :D
945maid_marianthis house was built by town member. its not in theme. we asked them to change and they said no. can we change it or take it down?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /msg.
944ajr369Please protect this spawner tooclosedThelVadumeespawner is protected also :O
943bookey42villager grief?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
942ajr369Please protect this spawnerclosedThelVadumeespawner is protected
940Reon27can we have reon27_house renamed to Ravenrock plz. as well as expand our border to the gully behind the pumpkin?closeddefiexRegion renamed and border expanded to include the gully. Long live Ravenrock!
939Lethal_Treepls flowjobclosedCARnivore_ndsis being flown
938dnynumberone12x dispenser flows this level pls and thanksclosedkumquatmay12 dispensers flowing!
937Jean_de_PatmosPlease flow the eleven source blocks in the chamber next to me.closedSilversunsetalso flowed!
936Jean_de_PatmosPlease flow the water at 148, 26, -3899closedSilversunsetoops forgot to close! flowed
935PPGOMEhe stuckclosedbermudalockethe unstuck
934Jean_de_PatmosPlease flow the water in the neighbourhood of 136, 2, -3912closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
933Reon27can i get a child region for my rail tower plz. from y168 to y11 that would surround the waterall.closedSirLylerail protected
932Ruthlessssspls flow this baby block of water!closedZomiseI'm not sure babies and flowing water mix, but ok.
931SquaresTherePEEPEE!!!!closedZomiseApparently peepee over.
930Herr_Fawkesprotect this spawnerclosedvarjewww, spiders.
929StupidlyNormalCan i get sticky pistons to work on my region?closedStupidlyNormal
928ZomiseI have a super sekrit padmin mission to give!closedBarlimoreLet the screams echo across the nether!
927ZomiseOh and protection.closedZomiseProtected build and that sweet terraformed netherrack hill.
926ZomiseSum shulker spots.closedZomiseDone.
925jeagle7247build protectionclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
924AzulaTheFireLordWas this player built or generated with the map?closedbermudalocketGenerated! Nice find!
923ActionGoosethis torch, planning on building in here if it was me lolclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
922MackSaffronprotect my build please :)closedFlumperProtected! :)
921ZomiseAt the location of the redston block there was a spider spawner we didn't think of protect and it was broken by a passerby about 15 minutes before our claim fence was fully completed. Could we still get it back?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
920CtCrazylet it floooow let it flooooowwwwclosedbermudalocketflowed!
919ActionGoosecan i claim this structure?closedbermudalocketNo, sorry. It is part of the Adventurer's Guild.
918ActionGoosewho built this structure?closedThelVadumeeits not player made, but a sekrit :O
917CtCrazywater flow plsclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
916ZeadPermissions expansion for the region tabula. the south east expansion has no permissions, a few plots to the north of the "town hall" don't have permissionsclosedZomiseProtected as tabula_south child of Tabula.
915Ruthlesssssflow this single baby water pls :)closedHerr_Fawkesflowing
914Just_Chaos98not sure what I did but do not have access to my horse nowclosedJust_Chaos98
913Suspicious_Mangodue to unknown circumstances involving glazed terracotta, this water block no longer flows. Please send assistance!closedzburdsalFlowing!
912Herr_Fawkesmake regions to protect these item framesclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
911Suspicious_Mangoattempted stone generator mk 3 requires more flowing water!closedbuzzie71your water is flowing, and so is your tenacity :D that's the spirit!
910Lethal_Treethere is a sign in front of the building that reon27 and i were possibly gonna destroy that says destroty the building and leave the rail do yall think this means i destroy the building?closedcujobeardiscussed via /msg
909Suspicious_Mangocan i get this water flowing pleasecloseddefiexSuspciously damp splish has been splashed.
908Suspicious_Mangocan i get this water and lava flowing pleasecloseddefiexThe most splish of splishes and the most dangerous of splashes has been flowed!
907Nhaazauaflow water plsclosedbuzzie71flowing!
906OleToothlessmy chorus was griefed... I think it was the kids next door.closedbermudalocketChorus replaced, player warned!
905MessedUpDuckflow all the water in this fountainclosedbermudalocketflowed!
904SkyAdventurer01please protect for meclosedCARnivore_ndsEverest region created
903xorsystemplease claim disclosedscherererererbuild as of now doesn't warrant protection, but already counts as a land claim - make sure there's a way to leave if someone falls inside
902Reon27shulker placement area in ravenrock central storage area between stone stairsclosedscherererererbuild allow region created for shulker box placement, between stone stairs
901xorsystemplease protect my stuffsclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
900Emizzonwater flow please. 6 water sources - 2 on each levelclosedTheNightsKingWater is flowing and all is well with the world
899ActionGoosestuck in cow collectorclosedFlumperFreed! :)
898Jezzzzieprayers to the water gods for drinks for my crops.closedTheNightsKingWater is wet
897StupidlyNormalCan i get my build protected? Pretty hard to mark it out tho.. :|closedFlumperProtected as Rowen! :)
896Emizzonwater flow pleaseclosedZomiseFlowed!
895KedNysPlease protect this pit with separate region called kednys_pit (+2 all around all the way down to bedrock thx)closedZomiseProtected.
894Ruthlessssspls flow :)closedZomiseFlowing!
893AzulaTheFireLordOdd request: Might be imaginign things, but seems this grinder is getting backed up in a way it wasn't. Is it possible to have someone scope it out in modmode for possible accidental grief?closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg. No grief found!
892ThunderKrackerIs this eligible for protection yet? If do, "Thunderfort" plz!closedZomiseSecret mountain fort protected!
891Reon27can i get shulker areas set up plzclosedThelVadumeeall set up for shulkers :D
890ThelVadumeeflow here tooclosedThelVadumeewatered
888JezzzzieMegabots, engage auto farm protective barriers!closedBluuefuzzyprotective barriers engaged!
887harveyriceflowclosedrobrcreated region for user to protect completed complex and allow /flow usage
884harveyriceflowclosedbermudalocketsplish splashed
883AzulaTheFireLordCan I have this map replaced with number 507 instead? I used the wrong number for first modreqclosedBarlimoreCorrect map added! Enjoy. :-)
882AzulaTheFireLordRequesting map 480closedBarlimoreMap added!
881SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
880jazzorplease flow these two watersourcesclosedtotemoflowing
879Jezzzziespilshey splashey plz!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
878SapphricProtection for "sapphric_home", please. :DclosedkumquatmayHome protected!
877_Inder_protection around house please, bordered by spruce fenseclosedRiveriregion "inder_residence" created!
876MiogreProtection around the stone fence!! (Hope I did it properly this time :D)closedThelVadumeePlease build up the area more and ask for protection again :D
875Lethal_Treehi mods, I was wondering if it was possible for y'all to give me perms on these 3 stacks of chests. I know reon would do it, but hes not on right now. the bottom few work on 2 but the 3rd everything is broken. thanks!closedcujobearYou'll have to wait for Reon to sign in.
874Lethal_Treewhat are the full rules regarding open access of iron grinder loot? am i allowed to take some of my own iron grinder's iron and stash it as long as there is still more being produced?closeddefiexPlease take a look at http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Grinders and us if you have any further questions!
873MiogreProtection around fenced area. Re-fenced the area to be more consistant this time!closeddefiexDiscussed via message, claim fence is looking good!
872Zeaddonkey stuck at spawn railstation in cart. Unable to break cart to release itclosedtotemohold shift; guys hold shift!!!1!!!111
871Spartan____Did SkyAdventure01 place this bridge?closedHerr_Fawkesyes
870buzzie71please flow the water :Oclosedvarjmoist. So very moist. Mmmmoist.
869bermudalocketvillagers in breeder poofedclosedSilversunsettwas a derpy derp
868dnynumberone6 more flowing dispensers on the west side pls and thanksclosedpez252Done maybe
867Reon27...region expansion plzclosedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
866Nhaazauaplease flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
865Nhaazauaplease flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
864Nhaazauaplease flowclosedbermudalocketflowed!
863dnynumberone6 flowing dispensers pls and thanksclosedbermudalocketdispensers will now splish instead of just splash
861Nhaazauapls flow my unstable towerclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
860Zomisechestregion vintageroseclosedZomiseDonedy don don.
859Flumperadd interact deny flags on the chest frames, please.closedFlumperNo.
858promaxxeprotect the house inside the constraints of the grass path plzclosedFlumperProtected! :)
857xxJoY_DiviSioNxxrequestclosedZomiseSpawner protected!
856Herr_Fawkesprotect these 3 buildings, region name windsong_squareclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
853StupidlyNormalWater pleaseclosedZomiseWater be flowed!
852jazzorplease flow this - or please protect my wip grinder (marked with goldblocks), bc I will need to flow some water in the near future ;9closedrobrflowed
850gk_ryoflowclosedThelVadumeewatr flo'd
849EvilStepDadMined iron block, heard sound, but no drop. Looked all around and mined upwards as well per Cujo's recommendation.closedBarlimoreNo golem drop here, good luck with any future drops!
848harveyriceflowclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
846dnynumberoneflow 6x dispensers pls and thanksclosedcujobearYou want unsafe dispensers? I'll give you unsafe dispensers! plz 2 b careful :P
844Bluuefuzzyprotections plsclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
842Bluuefuzzypls flowclosedBluuefuzzy
841dnynumberonewater flow in 3 dispensers pls and thanksclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
840KedNysPlease expand region called kedland13 -> 36 blocks SOUTH to protect 2 new buildingsclosedBarlimoreRegion expanded South (and a little West) to cover the new buildings! Build in peace!
839dnynumberonewater flow pls and thanksclosedBarlimoreThis dispenser is now flowing!
838jazzorplease flow this waterclosedDjentleGiantflowed!
837Just_Chaos98May we get the chest 1 replace with iron spawner. Resuorces have been placed in the chest. tyclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your first iron golem spawner!
836Yakkhyl1 month ban pleaseclosedDjentleGiantBanhammer'd. Good luck with the studies!
835Jezzzzieneed bath plzclosedvarjbathed
834totemoPlease set a 3x3 vertical build allow region here for people to place their shulker boxen.closedBarlimoreShulker box region set up at the shulker grinder for all shulker box needs!
833varjexpand region varj_skellieclosedvarjexpanded
832saberfyshflow water pleaseclosedDumbo52Water flowed!
831MiogreWould like to add protection to the entire sand area behind these fencesclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail - Try /mail inbox & /mail read 1 to start reading your mail!
830totemo[PADMIN] Please replace the sand above my head with the shulker spawner.closedBarlimoreSpawner placed, grinder protected, place and livemap marker added - nicely built here!
829WondrUh, I was transporting two cows and now I only have one cow. What happened to my cow?closedZomiseGravity proved to be stronger than the cow.
828Reon27extention of region to include vilager breeding pit.closedZomiseProtected. Rail station also included.
827Lethal_Treemissing rail right here, just letting yall knowclosedThelVadumeelooks unfinished
826Azumarillthis guy seems like he's violating that "you have to be able to get past a claim fence easily/regularly" rule, and also same on his island to the westclosedBarlimoreWe've dropped the individual a mail requesting for regular access points, thanks for the modreq!
825ThelVadumeethis creeper grinder is bork, hopper does not workclosedThelVadumeenvm hopper is public
824Just_Chaos98was minning iron ores and heard the sound for the lucky drop but did not receive anything? tyclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail - Check your inventory!
823Azumarillquestion: who's making this gross rectangle over my end portalclosedbermudalocketSorry, no claim fence is up so the gravel was fair game. I suggest putting one up though :)
822gk_ryocan't place signcloseddefiexSign placed!
821Spartan____flow to make this river pretty again plsclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
820TythalRegion: Pumpkinopolis SW Coords: -998, -377, 65, following the north road at -1000. Fence posts and pumpkins line the claim border around and following river on east and south.closedrobrdiscussed via /m, smaller region created
819SirLylelet the tears flowclosedHerr_Fawkesvillagers are sad now
818Ruthlesssssflow this single block pls :)closedSirLylesingle block flowed
817Spartan____Hey, there was a ladder here at one point but I don't know where it went so I have some water here for the time being, just as a way to get up.closedbermudalocketLadder replaced, griefer sent to the rancor pit!
816Azumarill(location probably irrelevant) I cannot hold forward while on an unpowered Powered Rail to move off it, I come to a complete stop, Silver thinks that's a bugclosedSir_DidymusThanks to pez, this issue should now be resolved!
815TheNightsKingTime for my house to be protectedclosedTheNightsKingHouse protected
814cineboxandrewwater flowclosedTheNightsKingWater gently persuaded to flow
813cineboxandrewwater flow (infinite spring)closedTheNightsKingsplishy splashy
812Herr_Fawkesthis bridge ought to be moved upcloseddefiexThank you for reporting! Discussed with builder and made passable.
811Herr_Fawkesthis bridge ought to be moved upcloseddefiexThank you for reporting! For now, the bridge is legal as there is a spot you can boat through on one side. It does not completely block the waterway.
810Herr_Fawkescan someone see why my horse got teleported from here to spawn? AFAIK there's no end portalclosedHerr_Fawkesfound him, he was in a rail cart
808StupidlyNormalIs there an alias for /c? D:closedStupidlyNormal
807boondocksgamercan i plz get my aqua and lava flowed por favor oh great and powerful godsclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
806Lethal_Treeidk who to ask but i was wondering how i would go about getting the whole island of RavenRock protectedclosedSir_DidymusPlease have the builder request protections.
805harveyriceflowclosedDjentleGiantArea moistened.
804harveyriceflowclosedDjentleGiantArea moistened.
803Just_Chaos98may i get the item frame region extended from here to the end of the row of chest? tyclosedSir_DidymusRegion extended.
802Reon27shulker placment spots for the market. outside iron ring nearest villagers.closedFlumperDiscussed via mail. Please make a new req when everything is ready. :)
801RandomThoughtsstatusclosedSir_DidymusAssumed error (no response).
800harveyriceAre item frames publicly accesable?closedcujobeardiscussed via msg
799buzzie71please flow more water! (I hope I got this right ._.)closedscherererererwater flowed!
798MercerOrangecan you protect a house for me?closedBluuefuzzyIt can be protected once you build a bit more on it!
797buzzie71please flow these waters :OclosedSapphricFlowed! <3
796KedNysPlease expand region called kedland13 20 blocks WEST include this new building thank you.closedBluuefuzzyexpanded!
795boondocksgamerplz do your magic and flow my lava oh great onesclosedkumquatmayHocus pocus, make it flowus!
794MrCrispyGave me the "don't disembark" error but kicked me off my horse anyway. Now I can't get back on.closedBarlimoreHorse is usable again - discussed via /msg
793grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
792eternafhelp, I fell into this ravine, and I can't get out with my horseclosedtotemothere are no regions here; dig a stair out
791ZomiseIsland is terraformed and roads done. Protection.closedZomiseTerraformed area at the skyisland protected as Rose. Area doesn't go down to the ground.
790NEVAstopflowing water behind trap doors please =)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
789Azumarillwater flow, pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
786AzumarillfloclosedThelVadumeewater is everywhere :O
785shalviyflowing water for infinite water source please <3closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
784Ruthlesssssflow pls :)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
783Azumarillay yo the region I just got for water flowing is not actually covering the area I want to flow water inclosedFlumperRegion expanded!
782blue_avocadoaccidentally used the potion reward from knight's quest 11closedBarlimoreThe replacement is now within your inventory!
781Azumarillcan I get a big ol' region for this so I don't have to fuck around with water flow requestsclosedFlumperProtected! :)
780Herr_Fawkesprotect this wheat field, rg name windsong_farmclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
778TheBeamz_nvmclosedtorteelaClosed by request
777TheBeamz_can I have my head for an armor stand?closedtorteelaIn the future, you can do /check to get your modreq number then /done # to close it :)
776Just_Chaos98may we get this area protected with region "evilchaos" marked with obsidian "1825,20,-2444 1927,10,-2554" tyclosedSirLyleregion redefined
775Grimwaltzpls flow water for 2-skel-grinder, in each chamber: 1 row of water, and 1 block in the gutter, finally 1 at very topclosedSilversunsetOMG so much death \o/
774PPGOMErip cows?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail - Check your mail with /mail inbox & then /mail read #.
773KedNysPlease expand region kedland13 to include library and storage room please. (also crops behind rec hall.closedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
772Tidusblueflow all the water exposed from broken ice pleaseclosedTheNightsKingWater flowed
771Tidusblueprotection around walls of base and dock area to the iceclosedTheNightsKingHouse region boundaries expanded to include whole built up area
770olegnepplease flow this water so that I can untill this dirt. I will get rid the water afterclosedghrey303I flowed your water but it might not change the farmland back into dirt
769kmwilliasome jerk let all my rabbits outclosedghrey303it looks like the only person who made block edits capable of releasing rabbits - including any kills in the area - were done by you D:
768DocQuickDeathPlease protect the area in outlined with green glass down 30 blocks.closedTheNightsKingRegion created, as discussed please modreq again for extension as you go down
767Lethal_Treehow do i get iron golom spawnereclosedLethal_Tree
766boondocksgamerplz flowerino oh mighty and merciful godsclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
765gk_ryoflowclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
764harveyriceflowclosedThelVadumeewater flowing :D
762Zomise[PADMINS] I am claiming one of the Ghast spawners!closeddefiexCongratulations on finding the first ghast spawner! Open a modreq when you're ready for placement, you have up to 14 days!
761boondocksgamerplz flow my water around this farm oh gracious and mighty godsclosedvarjmoistened
760Keilusscan I get my garden protected please, I have placed markersclosedFlumperProtected! :)
759jazzorplease protect this wip skeletton-double-grinder. it is marked with two gold blocks diagonal to each otherclosedZomiseDiscussed via /msg. We'll protect it, once the grinder is built!
758apple231I accidently dropped my emeralds behind the bench where the villager is standing, the area is protected so I can't grab it, is there anything you can do?closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg. Player retrieved the emeralds succesfully.
757Wawskican I protect my build area?closedtotemobuild protected; get a claim fence and don't edit other player's builds without permission
756gk_ryodidn't get item from #11closedBarlimoreThis quest item is now in your inventory - good luck!
755AzulaTheFireLordKindly flow these four water sourcesclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
754krappsFlow me please!closedThelVadumeeflowww :D
752YippijCould you make this here netherrack on fire, please?closedbermudalocketYou can light a fire on netherrack yourself with a Flint&Steel! :)
751Grimwaltzflow 2x2 water source please, thank you :DclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
750Wozdakapls flow water in channel - water onsides -- the ones floating middle will autofill inclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
749SirLylewaterflowcloseddefiexSuch splish! Much canal!
748KedNysclaim protect spawnerclosedbermudalocketspawner protected :)
747SirLylewaterflowcloseddefiexSirLyle hath requested the splish, defie hath given the splash!
746kmwilliaflow please?closeddefiexSPlish has been SPlashed! :D Such moist! Very wet!
745Suspicious_Mangoi request flowing water for my town fountain!closedRiveriwater is beautiful!
744Jalamookoofooa fountain that flows pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
743PPGOMEno replant :OclosedRiveriDiscussed via PM
742shalviyStudy ban me for 20 hours pleaseclosedBarlimoreYou have been sentenced to 20 hours of research!
741AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow this source blockclosedSirLyledrenched
740AzumarillwaterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
738ghrey303temporary beacon protection, child of solaceclosedghrey303solacebacon1 region created, set as child of solace
737Weird_Grimi'm back for the water flow now it's in the right spotclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
736Weird_Grimmake the water flow (yes all of it).closedbermudalocketflowed! ... for now :o
735Azumarillhey can I a slight extension of region azu_zigspawner up to skylimit and down to cover room under build (and more than 0 buffer on the sides, please?)closedBluuefuzzyextended!
734Nhaazauaflow pls this one too bc im stupidclosedvarjsoo moist
733Nhaazauaflow plsclosedvarjmoistened
732wisealexplease protect my buildclosedCARnivore_ndsdiscussed in game
731Minerbuzplease extend my protect on brick house to the curch and community center north of the houseclosedbermudalocketregion updated! looking good!
729Emizzonplease flow the water sources in this little room (4 in back, 2 on either side)closedTheNightsKingFlowed, but take a closer look
728Azumarill4x lava flow in dispensers below + region + zig spawner (wool block) please!closeddefiexDeath square splish has been splooshed.
727Nhaazauaflow this dispenserplsclosedSilversunsetdispenser flowable!
725harveyriceflowclosedcujobearall the flow
724harveyriceflowclosedCARnivore_ndspond. pond is good for you
723ghrey303[PADMINS] Epilogue, Part IV: The padmins ascend to a new, glorious dawn. All is valuable blocks. The sun is blocked out by the mountains of iron heaped upon the plains. And all is well.closedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
722Wozdakain spawn - cant remount horse in this room?closedSir_DidymusYour horse has been freed by the mystical arts of pez.
721Nhaazauaflow plsclosedDjentleGiantFlowed! Enjoy the concrete!
720ThelVadumeewart farm griefclosedFlumperGrief fixed, thanks for the report! :)
719jjdaybrflow these two water blocks pleaseclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
718JamesMcProggercan a mod named standish please flow the 5 lava blocks over the portal please?closedStandish_lava flowed
717Emizzonhas enough been done around the structure to warrant a protection?closedThelVadumeeprotected :D
716NaivatkalLand claim -3429 -3579 Black terra marks area, can we call it Naivatkal_SandTemple? TY!closedghrey303though we shouldn't protect naturally generated land, you could put up a fence around it and automatically claim the area that way
715username2088can i get a /place for my quad grinderclosedSir_DidymusPlace added!
714eternafcan my portal be lit?closedSir_DidymusPortal lit!
713promaxxeflowing waterclosedpez252Flowed!
712Silversunsetpls transfer haven_villagers region here.closedSilversunsettransferred.
711Nhaazauaflow plsclosedSilversunsetflowed
710Nhaazauaflow plsclosedghrey303flowed
70932ndFlavaexpand Pico region to include this area. Thanks!closedkumquatmayProtected!
708eternafis this villager naturally generated and may I take it?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /msg!
707Wondrflow dis plsclosedvarjmoistened
706Wozdakapls flow 2nd/3rd level blocks on side of channel - should fill in - tyclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
705Reon27can i get my region expanded for market and flow purposesclosedkumquatmayAlready protected!
704SquaresThereis it possible for regular players to place anvils here if they all get used up? I know the build is protected, but is it possible to make an exception for just that spot? thanks! :)closedkumquatmayBuild allow region created for anvils!
703Polar_Tedcreate region Nightoak.. fenced area is 120x120 ish marked by cobble fenceclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /msg
702Reon27i need to get my region expanded so i can work with flow and make a safe (un-greif-able) market.closedbuzzie71disc protected!
701ThelVadumeeprotec smol cozy houseclosedFlumperprotec'd
700KedNysFor your consideration - Add my grinder to /place locations.closedBarlimoreThis looks great but we are only considering quad grinders+!
699Wondrwho made disclosedFlumperThis totem and others like it are part of the custom map. :)
698VuulRegion: Could you please make it so that people can place and destroy blocks on the block marked with sand, for shulker boxes?closedSilversunsetthe block of sand has been flagged build allow to let people place/break their shulker boxes!
697Azumarillstray grass block in spawn, probablyclosedFlumperUhh, what dirt block? >.>
696Omega_Orionflow my pond pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
695pretzeldayplease protect my build at X436, Y485closedFlumperProtected! :)
694Wozdakapls flow water in channel - the goal is to fill the moat up - tyvmclosedzburdsalGood luck on the horse-catching!
693CairBirbwould like this water to flow pls :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
69232ndFlavapls 2 include this new little area for Pico perms. Thanks!closedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
691username2088please add protection to my quad grinder and add shulker access on top of spruce planksclosedkumquatmayGrinder protected and shulker regions created!
690username2088water flow one more pleaseclosedbermudalocketone more splash
689username2088water flow pleaseclosedbermudalocketsplish splash skellies takin a bath
688CloanZprotection request for CloanZRage's block with permissions for Zead. Corners marked with redstone blocksclosedSilversunsetprotected
687stellarvikingpls to flow this waterclosedSilversunsetflowed!
686username2088water flow plsclosedSilversunsetflowed
685PipersDadnot sure if modreq, I dropped my emeralds in the villagers pen, protectedclosedzburdsalResolved.
684boondocksgamerplz flowerino plzerinoclosedSilversunsetflowed.
683username2088water flow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
682username2088water flow pleaseclosedZomiseFlowed!
681username2088water flow 3 blocks pleaseclosedZomiseFlowed!
680CloanZwaterflowclosedzburdsalFlowing no longer needed.
679Furball7Quest reset for #3 or cursed axe back, found the knight but a zombie stole my axeclosedcujobearReplaced. Good luck trying again.
678username2088water flow plsclosedbermudalocketflowed!
677KedNyscan you please protect my entire grinder, it is finished now (and the tree on the surface)closedbermudalocketprotection updated!
676username2088it seems like this dungeon cobblestone overwrote bedrock, could i get it put back to bedrock pleasecloseddefiexThanks for reporting! Bedrock replaced. :D
675Wozdakafls flow all blocks in channel - tyvmclosedTheNightsKingWater made logical
674Wozdakapls flow 2 blocksclosedTheNightsKingWater!