PvE ModReq Web Portal

IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
4405I_CAN_HAS_CAKEflow waterclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
4404defiexplease splish my splash!closedSapphrichttp://www.twitch.tv/mooshrax
4403DetelociI can has flow?closedSilversunsetflowed!
4402iNerd71Who dares grief this glorious van?!closedRukiaKuchiki_ungriefed :D
4401AbsolutePersonguess maybe found NSFW statue in xyz: 179 / 76 /-13 thank youclosedbermudalocketThanks for reporting.
4400Bobosozeliplease make my region into a farm friendly region :DclosedSilversunsettaters, carrots, wheat, and cocoa are plantable!
4399OddGeometryplease protect; small chunk on the south side of ty tree is unprotectedclosedKing_of_quesoRegion expanded!
4398Detelociflow pls ;DclosedSilversunsetcujo said i had to.
4397OddGeometryplease make water flow :)closedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
4396Acmonflowclosedbookey42No water at request location. mailed user to resubmit with coordinates or at location for flow.
4394MilitaryKnightI need the water flowies pleaseclosedQueenBombusWater flowing in the lovely pumpkin farm!
4393Bobosozeliplease let other players spin my rail frameclosedSapphricSpin me right round baby right round
4392MilitaryKnightinf spring needed please :oclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
4391OddGeometryplease change protection names from "Bigshadeyboi" to "Big Shade" :)closedgrenbugchanged region name - new name bigshade
4390OddGeometryplease make water flow :)closedgrenbugflowing!
4389CrambullBeat the dragon, and Eof must have dropped into the portal, can't find it.closedSilversunsetits in your inventory now safe and sound
4388wyguy2014please protect this as part of HavenclosedSilversunsetregion expanded
4387Wall_E__Stuck in someone's build. :-(closedQueenBombusTeleported player out of build, sent mail advising build owner of hole that allows players to become stuck
4386robrpls remove non-solace chest/furnace - user not on for monthclosedSilversunsetchest/furnace removed!
4385wyldstallynsplease protect this small area bordered by torches as "moneytree"closedieuwehMoneytree protected!
4384OddGeometryplease protect Big Shadey BoiclosedKirstaeProtected :)
4383Bobosozelihelp i crawled in and can't squeeze out!closedBobosozeli
4382wyldstallynshey silversunset, this looks like a water break but is quite deadlyclosedSilversunsetice repaired
4381wyldstallynsnew region request "wyldmall" from here to -90,-3150closedieuwehDiscussed via /msg!
4380PPGOMEis this white wool a claim border? Doesn't seem to go anywhereclosedRukiaKuchiki_discussed via /mail
4379cujobear4 flowing waters pleaseclosedttsciBuy four get one free! Your waters flow! :)
4378cujobearall the water pleaseclosedSilversunsetjust went swimming in cujos bathtub!
4377wyguy2014please flow this waterclosedSilversunsetyessir
4376Yakkhylis this owned by anyone or is it naturally generatedclosedSapphricDiscussed via /msg.
4375bloosh100how do you share land in creativeclosedQueenBombusaddressed question on creative server through mail
4374Willravela little farm grief, tyclosedQueenBombusinvestigated, grief found, warnings issued
4373buzzie71it seems like the dragon drops spawned over the exit portal? guessing it ended up at spawn ._.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via /mail.
4372promaxxeflow plsclosedQueenBombusFlowed!
4371KedNysPlease protect our house + basement + treehouse + 5 blocksclosedRukiaKuchiki_protected!
4370Northsidebillprotection pleaseclosedKirstaeProtected :)
4369scherererererthis horse appears to be a duplicate of mineclosedSilversunsetduplicate removed and (hopefully) real horse is on the list.
4368dark3lementhelp me find my shulder box that should be named "enchants" purpleclosedSilversunseti can't seem to find it :( sorry
4367jembunsomeone ate our cake helpclosedSilversunsetsorry, case is a food item and cannot be protected
4366OddGeometryplease make water flow inside igloocloseddefiexIndoor splish has been splashed!
4365HouseBoltonCould my town become a /place? I'm guessing not, but thought I'd ask anywayclosedSilversunsetsorry for the delay, right now we're going to deny the req (but you can use /wp to set a waypoint!)
4364KedNysflow plzclosedtict0cflowing and ready to go! :)
4363MilitaryKnightflowy :oclosedSilversunsetyes'm
4362MilitaryKnightinf spring please :oclosedSilversunsetglobal warming says yes!
4361clownbaby_mci accidentally griefed something, and trying to fix it i keep grieving more :/closedgrenbugaccidental grief fixed! Thanks for reporting!
4360cyanoacrylatewelp people are mapping the rails, I should get this station protected before people find it, halp plzclosedSilversunsetprotected
4359dark3lementthis plot says its abandoned? if so i would like to build hereclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
4358bobsmartflowing waterclosedSapphricFlowed!
4357AbsolutePersonHi there, would you kindly helped us to change the E1 rail spawn to East Road Rail Station. because we had already conneted them and the rail is ready to back to back spawnclosedSir_DidymusSign amended!
4356AbsolutePersonhey there, would you kindly help get out a horse from protected fanceclosedSir_DidymusHorse found its way out.
4355PPGOMEwhom made this?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
4354AbsolutePersonhey there, how to let item frame that has an arrow, allowed to change direction for publicclosedieuwehRegions for each individual have been set up and should allow players to interact with them. Let us know if you find any problems!
4353Guid0_91claimclosedieuwehBuildings protected!
4352OddGeometryplease protect the wooden Barbarian Walls :)closedieuwehBarbarian Walls protected!
4351PPGOMEminor griffles?closedDjentleGiantRolled back the accidental grief. \o/
4350SonicPenguin447can sonicpenguin447_crane be extended to the new boundaries?closedSir_DidymusRegion expanded.
4349ieuwehPlease, help! My fragments of amber fell into this villager booth!closedieuwehDidn't manage to recover them D: RIP!
4348NilateGriefed-Enchanting table and two blue glass missingclosedtotemofixed, culprit warned
4347totemoHorse restoration for ATSDclosedtotemozombie horse restored, ATSD messaged
4346HouseBoltonContents in chest ready for another iron golem spawnerclosedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
4345AbsolutePersonhi there, would you kindly helping me of the protection rail line that have already connected from end to end. thanksclosedSilversunsetprotected a whole bunch of rail line.gets a bit twisty!
4343AbsolutePersonhi there just, want to know how do i know the modreq number, so i could close my own modreqs. thanksclosedAbsolutePerson
4342bobsmartflowing waterclosedQueenBombusflowed!
4341SirLyleeven more road griefclosedgrenbugpath restored
4340SirLylemore road griefclosedgrenbugpath restored
4339SirLyleroad griefclosedgrenbugroad repaired!
4338SirLylesomeone didn't replant 3 dark oak treesclosedschererererer3 dark oak trees and one mega spruce tree trunk rolled back
4337Bad_DongHi mods, can you please protect my blacksmith's forge between the two blue wool blocks?closedscherererererprotected!
4336SonicPenguin447could my crane be protected, between the cyan wool blocks, thank youclosedTrooprm32Protected!
4335Wawskiwater flowclosedRukiaKuchiki_watr floe
4334AbsolutePersoni am good, thanksclosedieuwehFreedom! \o/ I think you can close your own modreqs by typing /done [modreq number]
4333AbsolutePersonwould you kindly get me out from this claimed place, i am stuckclosedieuwehYou got out!!
4332__Feliko__What is the golem soul? (It's have texture of iron nugget with enchantment of infinite.)closedieuwehThe golem soul is a custom drop and one of the ingredients needed to build a golem spawner!
4331__Feliko__Why normal horses are so rary, but zombie horses are often come across?closedieuwehDiscussed via /msg!
4330__Feliko__Somebody stealed my anvil :(closedieuwehDiscussed via /msg.
4329Azumarillthis pillar above me, who did that?closedRukiaKuchiki_discussed with /msg
4328jembunim stuck help pls ;-;closedKing_of_quesoSaved!
4327bloosh100i accidently broke something but idk how to fixclosedKing_of_quesowater restored!
4326jembuncould u please check if there were flowers in front of our house here removed by someone else or meclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
4325Jean_de_Patmosflow It would appear some of these blocks have forgotten how to flow.closedschererererersee modreq 4323, resolved
4324bloosh100someone came into our house and froze our water. but now we are missing a blue potted plantclosedscherererererno water frozen inside, perhaps frostwalker ice which thaws in a short time; potted plant broken by co-builder of house
4323Jean_de_Patmosflow For some reason not all of these water blocks are flowing properly.closedscherererererI believe it's fixed - please let us know if there's still a flowing issue (some weird shenanigans with blocks not updating here)
4322buzzie71please protect this as a child of rose :Oclosedbuzzie71protected!
4321L_Morningstar_help meh im stuck D:closedRukiaKuchiki_seems you are unstuck :D
4320RukiaKuchiki_protect plsclosedSilversunsetprotected.
4319SonicPenguin447Add Bad_Dong to soncipenguin447_houseclosedFlumperYou can add people to the region yourself, since you are the region owner. Try: /rg addmember [playername]
4318Bluuefuzzypls to revive 5 parrots, as per modreq 3860, colores are 2 blue, 1 red, 1 green, and 1 whiteclosedSilversunset5 parrots have been restored
4317wyldstallynsplz fix water & carpet atsd brokeclosedFlumperFixed! :)
4316PPGOMEmore griffles in HavenclosedieuwehGriffles ungrifflegles, player warned!
4315PPGOMEdid somebody grief this?closedieuwehRIP. It is out of logs!
4314schneckenhofplease create shulker parking in the space above the blue glass here.closedieuwehShulker parking created!
4313ieuwehPlease protect my ship!closedRukiaKuchiki_ARRR Ye ship be protected!
4312SonicPenguin447Hello, can my build, redstone blocks as markers (one is on the mountain side, be protected?closedieuwehCrestway Seismic Monitoring Station is now protected!
4311MilitaryKnightinfinite spring again please, destroyed my last one too earlyclosedscherererererflowed
4310MilitaryKnightinfinite spring pleaaaaaseclosedscherererererwater source flowed
4309cyanoacrylategot stuck again under the carpet again while riding into the spawn train station at .5, 39, -1.5; I can get out but plz fix thxclosedSilversunsetnothing really to fix, if your connection hiccups or you accidentally exit early you get out under the carpet.
4308King_of_quesoI know it's kinda pointless at this point in the rev, but can I get a /place for Vizmosas?closedSilversunset/place Vizmosas is now yours! (please dear god i hope i spelled it right)
4307SapphricMob grief?closedSapphricGrief degriefed!
430635Urequest: k im doneclosedSilversunsetduplicate
430535Urequest: sorryclosedSilversunsetunmuted
4304fluorinatedhenlo can u guys have my water flow thankclosedtotemoflowed what i can find
4303OmegaeddongrifficlesclosedBarlimoreThanks for reporting - all fixed!
4302cshaikuWhats process to declare a public grinder?closedieuwehprocess declared \o/ coords have been submitted to the deadmap!
4301cshaikualmost done... flows it all the flowsclosedieuwehFlooding!!!
4300cshaikucan I get infi wter here too? Thanks.closedieuwehA cold glass of infinite water was served!
4299cshaikuactually down here...closedieuwehThank you! Flowzzz
4298cshaikuCould I please have infi water here? Thanks guys.closedieuwehFlown!
4297fluorinatedI just got death trapped. I got all my shit back, but I want to make sure no one else experiences it.closedieuwehUnintentional trap found! Owner will be warned, thank you for reporting!
4296AbsolutePersoni am not sure if this is inappropriate, a NFSW maybe in graphic visual, its in XYZ: -781 / 98 / 1566closedFlumperRemoved! :)
4295fluorinateduh can you like have my water flow please for this farm thankclosedtotemoflowing
4294Atrix_Rixuhey sry if im doing this wrong but this is how i get protection right? too inebriated 2 remeberclosedtotemoprotected
4293schneckenhofreview my shulker parking in this dome. please.closedSilversunsetregion flag fixed.
4292MilitaryKnightso. I have some chests and furnaces in the back of my house here made by an inactive player. They havent touched them for months. Could I get them removed?closedSilversunsetchests moved to storage and player mailed
4291SonicPenguin447could the building between the two redstone blocks be claimed?closedscherererererhouse protected
4290SonicPenguin447can protections be added to my house, between the two redstone blocksclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
4289jembuni accidentally destroyed some pink tulips idk if someone owns that place i apologize :cclosedgrenbugThat region is not owned, enjoy the flowers!
4288jembuncould u fix the water here lolclosedNoramiall fixed \o/
4287schneckenhof--sorry this is a multi part request night --- make it so that the public can harvest from the farms in the farm dome, and protect the water elevator under the farm dome going down. thanks.closedscherererererfarms publicly harvestable, and water elevator protected
4286schneckenhoffurthermore I would like to have the arena dome and farm dome added to the Skydomes region and protected. Also make it so that ppl can replace leaves in spleef arena.closedscherererererskydomes region expanded, and spleef field leaf surface set to build allow region
4285schneckenhof..... I would like the sandstone in this Skydome spleef arena to be converted into invisible blocks.closedBarlimoreClosing duplicate request.
4284schneckenhofSpleef arena is now complete (minus the dome on top of the entire thing.closedBarlimoreSandstone replaced with barrier blocks - happy spleefing!
4283schneckenhofwe fell down someones bleeding fall trap into some kind of auto smelter at layer 15 under spawn portal in the nether. can you help us find a way out.closedSilversunsetrescued and hole fixed
4282NMEscan someone put this fire out?closedieuwehMurder fire extinguished!
4281Yakkhylcan't get my horse outclosedieuwehHorse rescued! He has been teleported to you, watch out!
4280RukiaKuchiki_is this hidden wither supposed to be hereclosedieuwehThis wither is indeed supposed to be here! Pls no kill!
4279KingNyahmanhi please can you protect this coalskulltle thanksclosedtotemoprotected
4278bookey42Please remove chest under mob drop area in the triple spawner or change owner to bookey42 if possible.closedBarlimoreChest removed!
4277KyCurry1203water flowclosedttsciflowing!
4276SapphricVarious self water flows (for accountability purposes)closedSapphrico7
4275Silversunseti died doing mod things and lost my gear, could it be restored pretty pleaseclosedieuwehThe void regurgitated your items and they are now back in your pocket!
4274DantesDameI moved my reed beds - could you please make the water flow? Thank you!closeddefiexReed splish has been splashed!
4273schneckenhofplease flow this little infinite poolclosedscherererererinfinite pool flowed
4272admantaI am stuck in a minecart.closedadmanta
4271Crambullneed this glass area for shulker parking plsclosedSilversunsetshulker region created
4270SapphricProtection for soup kitchenclosedSapphricProtected!
4269schneckenhofflow my little infinite spring here.closedSapphricFlowed!
4268SapphricCould this region be contracted one block to the east? (not mine)closedSilversunsetthere is plenty of unprotected space nearby, sorry no
4267cshaikuCan someone review RonB's claim here? Hasn't been on in months, and frankly would like to prettify the area...closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m (closing finally now that my internet let me back in for 10 seconds)
4266defiexPlease to upgrade our golem spawners to the glory that is Tier Two for our most humble of towns.closedSilversunsetspawners upgraded
4265HanstraHelp! My horse is trapped in a chandelier and I can't reach it. Please call the fire department,closedSilversunsetplease keep your feet off the glassware, it is expensive and hard to clean!
4264cshaikufollowup to previous. I'm standing on the other red terracotta...closedSir_DidymusDuplicate.
4263cshaikuCould I get protection here from this red terracotta to far side (I'll mark with another red terracotta in water)closedSir_DidymusProtected! (with minor reduction)
4262cshaikuwas there an explosion here? Can someone check history here? missing blocks.closedSir_DidymusFixed!
4261Chef_Zuulwater flow on the center source block please, in the wallclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
4260Chef_Zuulplease flow only the top water source in this water elevatorclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
4259Bobosozeliplease turn my spiffy materials into 4 golem spawners! :D Thanks!closedSir_DidymusSpawners placed!
4258AinivAlcyoneCan you put protecting for my new house? :) ThanksclosedBarlimoreProtection added, great home!
4257AbsolutePersonHi there, i am not sure if this is appropirate or not, i found a missing block and a sign that has a word in it, i am not sure if it is, alright or appropriate. located in XYZ: 144 / 66 / -2closedSapphricBanned and rolled back! Thanks for reporting. :D
4256Arctic_PuffinWho owns this nether fortress?closedKing_of_quesoDiscussed via /msg
4255AbsolutePersoni think i have found a farm grief in XYZ: 164 / 61 / -21closedSir_DidymusFixed! Thanks for reporting.
4254MilitaryKnightI accidentally brokededed..ededed...my water block. Please flowy this one, this one onlyclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
4253MilitaryKnightwhats the meaning of life, I'm confusedclosedSir_Didymus42, but what's the question?
4252HouseBoltonItems for golem spawner in chestclosedSilversunsetteir 1 spawner placed!
4251HouseBoltonCould the water be flowed? Here and under lava. Also I have enough items for a golem spawnerclosedSilversunsetflowed
4250HouseBoltonCould this be protected?closedBarlimoreThis was mostly protected already fortunately! I've extended the region down a little further for you to cover it all.
4249HouseBoltonI killed all the wither skeletons but the skull isn't anywhere to be foundclosedSilversunsetdoppel spawned again. Special drops from all mobs require a player kill, for future reference.
4248CARnivore_ndsplz 2 expandulate to inklude mi lionscloseddefiexRegion updated and I ain't lion!
4247Wawskiwater flow please :)closedscherererererflowed
4246HanstraCould you flow this water please? Thanks. :)closedscherererererflowed
4245AinivAlcyoneMake watersources flow on -2308, 3137 please. :)closedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
4244HouseBoltonCould this left half of the wall be protected?closedRukiaKuchiki_region expanded :D
4243schneckenhoftalk with Absolute person about making farming on the top floor of "Last Stop for Miles" work please.closedBarlimoreFeel free to drop them a mail when you see them on!
4242schneckenhofthe water elevator to the second dome can be completely ignored as it is temporary.closedSilversunsetnoted
4241schneckenhofPlease Make the platform I am standing on (including the extra flooring layers), the dome above me, the bridge to the second dome, and the 2nd dome all a new region called Skydomes.closedSilversunsetregion "skydomes" created. you can add people with /rg addowner skydomes or /rg addmember skydomes
4240schneckenhofflow the water block beside the villagersclosedSilversunsetflowed!
4239schneckenhofflow the water the villagers are standing in please.closedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
4238fk_54[Water Flow] 3248 -889 (38) apologies, but the water isn't flowingclosedscherererererwater is flowing now, apologies
4237fk_54[Water Flow] 3248 -889 (38)closedscherererererduplicate req
4236fk_54statusclosedscherererererduplicate req
4235fk_54[Water Flow] 3248 -889 (38)closedscherererererone water block flowed
4234fk_54[water flow] +3263, -888 (15) and +3261 -888 (15)closedscherererererflowed
4233fk_54[water flow] +3244, -900 (16) and +3251 -900 (16)closedscherererererwater flowed
4232Wawskiwater stopped freezing :(closedscherererereras far as I'm aware, water must be exposed to the sky above in order to freeze
4231AinivAlcyoneQuestion: What is the 1x1 tower on -2244, 70, 3187 and is it allowed for removal, if it gets in the way of my build? Thank you.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
4230schneckenhofflow this again. sorry moved it down one y levelclosedRukiaKuchiki_also flowed :D
4229schneckenhofflow this water please so that it will flow down this troughclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
4228Bobosozeliplease flow this water! Thanks :DclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
4227schneckenhofgive flow to this pool with andesite around it. as indicated by the sign.closedFlumperFlowed! :)
4226schneckenhofremove flow from this pool with wood around it. As indicated on sign.closedFlumperWe can't unflow things. Fill it in then replace the water to unflow it. :)
4225schneckenhofflow the 3 blocks of water located down below the prisoners....err villagers. The water in question is below the prismarine lamp in the villager breeder.closedSilversunsetflowed!
4224EvilStepDadExited my cart placed me in lava, now I am dead...closedSilversunsetrestored! (be careful on narrow rails theyre a bit buggy)
4223AzumarillMy stuff's in the exit portal output chest, in theory. If it's not, then it erroneously completely disappeared when I rammed my face into the portal and I'm gonna need a refund. Please.closedSilversunsetgear recovered from your death site, and restored to inventory. good luck
4222Wawskiwater flow the 2x2 square please :) last request didn't workclosedBarlimoreAll flowing, enjoy!
4221Wawskiwater flow plz just the 4 blocks in the middle on the ground floorclosedghrey303it is done!
4220AbsolutePersondid my staff that i throw away in the spawn rail is being tooked?closedSapphricDiscussed via /msg.
4219AbsolutePersonhelp me i am stuck in the spawnclosedSapphricDiscussed via /msg.
4218OmegaeddonMind if I get rid of this derp build? Owner unknown and out of logsclosedBarlimoreDerp build removed - no owner in sight sadly!
4217bloosh100water flow please. accidental concrete powder got rid of our last source lolclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
4216Standish_Please expand region proteus down to cover chest room, north to cover farm dome and apartment, and west to cover pub. Thanks!closedscherererererregion expanded!
4215schneckenhoffor testing purposes I am going to ask you to flow the little block of water the villagers are bouncing around in.closedKirstaeAlso flowing!
4214schneckenhofflow this little proposed infinite spring.closedKirstaeFlowing!
4213Bobosozelii accidentally killed a villager for schnekenhof when i broke the boat he was in. can he be brought back?closedSilversunsetschneck is all set, no harm no foul!
4212BobosozeliPlease flow my water! Ty :)closedNoramiAll done :)
4211schneckenhofflow this little 3 by 3 pool here. Be careful NOT to flow the water elevator please.closedFlumperFlowed! :)
4210Atrix_Rixuhi can i get two flows plscloseddefiexOuchy splish has been splashed!
4209SquaresTherelava flow? thanksclosedSilversunsetflowed!
4206SilentReconaccidentally placed pez's magic box because I'm not very bright at 3am...pls help. TY and I'll be more careful next time =(closedieuwehDon't worry! The Magic Box played a trick on you! It is now back in your inventory :)
4205schneckenhofplease make the area immediately over these 4 glass another shulker parking like the examples downstairs in raptureclosedschererererershulker parking appears to already be here
4204Azumarillam I allowed to harvest these two giant acacia houses / if not, who do I askclosedRukiaKuchiki_discussed via /msg
4203MiraiReconcrops not replanted hereclosedRukiaKuchiki_crops undead, braiiiiins
4202MilitaryKnightmake this top water block flow please! Not the rest of the elevator!closedpez252Everything within 1000 blocks flowed! I mean....
4201Azumarillnot sure if grief or player trapclosedi_c_e_Discussed via mail
4199SilentReconplease protect my home recon_towers. Region marked by wood block / pillarclosedSilversunsetprotected
4198Xennaliinventory restore from grief?closedSilversunsetinventory restored from grief death
4197Xennalirailway griefclosedFlumperGrief repaired and player banned.
4196MackSaffronis there a way to check who was the last person to use this lever? My crops keep disappearing and I want to make sure it's not someone flipping this lever while I'm away.closedSilversunsetfield replanted and player warned
4195olav3118Please give my sculpture price to MiraiRecon or SilentRecon. -OlavclosedBarlimoreBoth individuals added to chest perms and notified!
4194olav3118Please give my sculpture price to MiraiRecon. -OlavclosedttsciClosed per new request 4195
4193MilitaryKnightWater flow please! But only this top block of the water elevator!! Don't make the elevatory flow-ycloseddefiexElevator splish has been splashed!
4192MilitaryKnightmore water flow please c:closeddefiexMore splish has been splashed!
4191MilitaryKnightmore water flow please c:closeddefiexspooky splish has been splashed!
4190MilitaryKnightwater flow for infinite spring and mob grinder please!closedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
4189Omegaeddonwho made this derp plz?closeddefiexDiscussed via msg!
4188wyndysaschaI've accidentally griffed this note block and sign, pls rollback with apologies o.OcloseddefiexPlease take more care in playing with other players bones! All fixed!
4187baebasaurpls extend avalon region to include these buildsclosedpez252Done!
4186SylvanSamuraiprotectionclosedbuzzie71protected! Please check it over; if there's anything that was missed, please file a new modreq to include them in the protections :O
4185Bobosozelidid my pigs feel the wrath of Thor?closeddefiexYour piggies have escaped this mortal coil leaving no trace of their whereabouts (discussed via msg)
4184baebasaurcan you pls merge grenbug villager region into the rest of avalonclosedSilversunsetregion fixed
4183Atrix_Rixuflow my head off plsclosedSpook6your head has floated away
4182Bobosozeliplease flow my two waters! Thanks :DclosedRuthlesssssSo wet! \o/
4181Bobosozeliplease expand my region to z:-3580. my build is growing and i can't move all my waters anymore :( Thanks!closedscherererererregion expanded
4180Bobosozeliplease flow my water! it's one square out of my region :(closedbuzzie71flowing!
4179Bobosozelii just tossed my amber sphere into this guy's cubby hole :( help!closedieuwehYour amber sphere found its way back into your pocket!
4178JezzzzieI put in a modreq 17 days ago regarding this structure. The owner has not been back online since. Can we have it removed now?closedieuwehBuilding moved to storage, player has been mailed!
4177schneckenhofflow my little sky springclosedbuzzie71flowing!
4176kmwilliaCan I make this a golem farm? I have enough for 2 spawners, 1 @ each white shulker. Could I also get it protected, there's a redstone block here, and in a 1x1 hole down below. <3closedSilversunsetspawners placed, grinder protected, flowys flowed
4175schneckenhoffurther information. Chest is now set to private somehow, with my name as owner, yet I somehow cannot remove the chest due to protections (I presume) on this build.closedSilversunsetduplicate of 4174
4174schneckenhofsoo I left a chest in this dome set to no permissions with stuff for Standish after I helped Standish drain the dome. Got a mail when I logged in asking me to remove said chest so he could remodel. I tried to remove the chest. Apparently I can't?closedSilversunsetchest returned to your inventory.
4173MackSaffronCan I take ownership of this region? A mod protected part of this area for me, but wanted me to develop out more before claiming it all.closedHerr_Fawkesexpanded!
4172Wawskistuck in build protected hole :(closedFlumperDuplicate.
4171Wawskican you teleport me out of this person's grinder? I'd rather not hack my way out and break itclosedFlumperFreed! :)
4170Lugia_Gameson the 4th, a person named CreeperLady joined the server. I gave her a house to use untill they could get their own, but they havent joined back since. If you could remove their chest, that would be appreciated. I will get a shulker box for stuffclosedieuwehDon't worry about bringing a shulker! The chest has been moved and CreeperLady messaged about it :)
4169Chef_Zuulwater flow here pleaseclosedRuthlesssssSo wet!
4168MackSaffronAnd this water block, here. Thanks!closedRuthlesssssAlso flow'd!
4167MackSaffronCan you flow this water block, please?closedRuthlesssssFlo'd
4166MilitaryKnightMake the top water block flow towards the other end please! Tank you!closedRuthlesssssWater has been coerced into the correct direction!
4165MackSaffronFlow this water block please <3closedNoramiAll done :)
4164MackSaffronFlow these here 12 water blocks, please. :)closedNoramiall taken care of :)
4163HouseBoltoncan you protect my wall? the trees aren't growing properlyclosedBarlimoreNew region covering all of your wall and builds!
4162MackSaffronCan you flow that there water block at the top of the tower? thanks!closedCARnivore_ndsflow isa go
4161MackSaffronFlow the water blocks in this room, please. (Last one, I swear!)closeddefiexskele splish has been splashed!
4160MackSaffronFlow the water block above the sign, please! <3closedFlumperFlowed! :)
4159MackSaffronPlease flow the water blocks in this spawn room. There's a row of them, then one on the southwest side. Thanks!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
4158MackSaffronI broke the water flow somehow... Sorry! Flow it again, please?closedSilversunsetflowed again
4157MackSaffronFlow these two water blocks, please. <3closedSilversunsetflowed
4156Pohtaytoesplease flow lava curtainclosedSilversunsetcurtains drawn!
4155MackSaffronW6 rail connection to MackSaffron's Homestead is now complete! Is there anything I need to do to finalize this?closedSilversunsetrail signs updated to MackSaffrons Homestead!
4154Raath_Can you fix the water flow on my claim plz :DclosedSilversunsetyour 2x2 is now flowing! (hope thats what you meant)
4153MackSaffronHas this spawner been claimed by anyone? If not, can I claim it?closedBarlimoreThis spawner now belongs to you! No prior owner!
4152SilentReconimproperly harvested chorus hereclosedieuwehThank you for reporting! Player has been warned.
4151SilentReconplease make crops public to be able to be harvestedclosedieuwehCrops are now public!
4150Arctic_PuffinAre there any land claims near this huge flatland I am in?closedieuwehI don't see any claims around! :) you can have it!
4149MackSaffron2 iron golem spawners, please! Offering located in the chest. Please replace two of the dirt blocks below with the spawners. Which two are your choice! :)closedieuwehWoohoo \o/ Congrats on your freshly activated golem spawners!
4148bloosh100sorry for using hte modreq. just wanted to apologize to the personclosedKing_of_quesosee 4145
4147bloosh100right. but idk i just want to know who got griefed and say sorry. ik she came to the house with slimeblocks the other day but i didnt know it was someoen elses.closedKing_of_quesosee 4145
4146bloosh100oh. do you know anythinb about the ban of jembun?closedKing_of_quesosee 4145
4145bloosh100how do you appeal a ban?closedKing_of_quesoDiscussed via /msg, banned players can appeal at https://nerd.nu/appeal/
4144kmwilliaCan I get these waters flowed pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed.
4143MackSaffronPlease flow the row of water blocks here and the two water blocks on the opposite wall. <3closedSilversunsetflowed!
4142wyguy2014stuckclosedFlumperFreed! :)
4141CARnivore_ndscould someone tell me what happened to the named sheep here, PleaseclosedSilversunsetSheepyTreep restored!
4140Bobosozeliplease add a 1x3x1 region on the pink wool here to allow players to place and break shulkers. Thanks! :DclosedieuwehPink wool now welcomes shulks! :D
4139OmegaeddongriffclosedieuwehGriff degriff'd!
4138RukiaKuchiki_protecc bunker plzclosedieuwehBunker seems to already be protected!
4137OmegaeddonRemarkably dumb griff.closedieuwehStone poops cleaned up and player warned! Thanks for reporting! :)
4136MackSaffronI'm bringing a rail line from the west. Should be here in a few hours. Can I plan to hook it up at W6?closedieuwehYes! I will place a sign saying it is reserved for you :)
4135jembuncould u take me back home im lost ;_;closedKing_of_quesoDicussed via /msg
4134Standish_Protection around this dome, named Proteus. Thanks!closedKing_of_quesoDome protected!
4133Chef_Zuulwater flow, pleaseclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
4132NMEscan I get tow blocks flown?closedieuwehFlows! \o/
4130AbsolutePersonHi, I found an Abandoned place, and just want to make sure if a person name SilentRecon is still active or been around not long agoclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg!
4129Omega_Orionoh man, i forgot to flow my fountain, can you plzclosedgrenbugone fountain flowing!
4128CARnivore_ndsplz protect Marvin_martian spaceship. there will be a tractor beam down to the ground. k,thxclosedFlumperWhere's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!
4127Omegaeddonthis bin griffles?closedCARnivore_ndsfence repaired, thanks for reporting.
4126elomonI accidently broke some guy's chorus plant. It was at 245 123 32. Please replant itclosedBarlimoreClosing duplicate request.
4125elomoncancelclosedBarlimoreClosing duplicate request. /check & /done #### - will allow you to close your own requests if needed.
4124elomonaccidently soemonebroke chorus plantclosedBarlimoreThanks for self-reporting! I've replanted: In future, you just need to replant the flower itself.
4123SlugNamedDevcan you tell me who built this road through my area?closedBarlimoreUsername sent through mail!
4122Silversunsetshulker spotclosedSilversunsetyes'm
4121defiexMissing water! pls to fix. :( (I harvested the wheat, though)closedbuzzie71water restored! :O
4120bloosh100omg can u please make this cow stop lookin at dirt and make it follow meclosedBarlimoreI see the cow moved along after all - Enjoy your new title of Cow Whisperer!
4119Bobosozelii appologize but i have killed a pink rose sheep. i bred a baby but when it grew up it appeared inside the wall and suffocated and died, leaving them with only oneclosedSpook6sheep is back, thank you for reporting :D
4118SquaresTheregotta pee.. .flow pls? thxclosedSquaresThere
4117SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedCARnivore_ndsOminous stone room pool created....
4116buzzie71please protect this village :O name "lotus"closedKing_of_quesolotus and child region lotus_north created!
4115AmperpilCan you make this flow? <3closedbuzzie71flowing!
4114MackSaffronA bit of track grief here. Not a big deal, but would not like to see this stuff continue...closedieuwehRail restored! Thank you for reporting!
4113Omegaeddongriff, or unfinished?closedieuwehIt looks like grief, but sadly it is so old it is out of logs :(
4112Arctic_PuffinWho owns the land that I'm on?closedieuwehDiscussed via /msg.
4111jembuncould u help bloosh100 to get here :c he's lostclosedkumquatmayThey have arrived! /maps is your friend!
4109Azumarill9x water dispensersclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
4108kmwilliacan i get the water in the middle here flowed? thanks!closedbuzzie71all flowing!
4107FallenAgnosticrequest: netherportalclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
4106FallenAgnosticrequest: waterflowclosedSilversunsetflowed
4105Azumarill(3/3) looking to get my huge build protected in 3 regions, this redstone block is the bottom SW corner of the NORTH region, NW corner of this region has a block handy @ 1452 64 -4074closedSilversunsetprotected!
4104Azumarill(2/3) looking to get my huge build protected in 3 regions, this redstone block is the bottom SW corner of the CENTER region, NW corner of this region has a block handy @ 1518 64 -4006closedSilversunsetprotected!
4103Azumarill(1/3) looking to get my huge build protected in 3 regions, this redstone block is the bottom SW corner of the southernmost region, yes I'd like a parent region, "rainbowmountain" please, NW corner of this region has a block handy @ 1452 64 -3688closedSilversunsetprotected!
4102cyanoacrylateis this the right place to ask for a PVElytra spreadsheet update?closedSilversunsetYOu dont need to modreq, just go "hey silver update the damn spreadsheet!"
4101EvilKillNoneWatersourceclosedieuwehDiscussed via /msg.
4100Pohtaytoescan i move this rail 1 block to the side?closedFlumperDiscussed via msg! :)
4099OmegaeddonSomeone didnt replantclosedieuwehReplanted! Thanks for reporting!
4098RukiaKuchiki_proteccc ploxclosedgrenbugregion expanded
4097jembunlet me tp my bf pls ;_;closedieuwehDiscussed via /msg.
4096bloosh100why is it not turning to obsidian :xclosedFlumperDiscussed via msg! :)
4095bloosh100water flowclosedieuwehIt is flowing \o/
4094particlesmashflow and then wait for another, needa experiment fast plzclosedKirstaeFlowing
4093SilversunsetOur cow has been murdered (it was named)closedZomiseSafety Cow™ restored! Thank you for reporting.
4092ieuwehPlease flow this water dear mod gods!closedSilversunseti feel like this is cheating.
4091cyanoacrylateaccidentally broke glass on someone elses build at the chorus tree farm at -1721, -3625, please revertclosedKirstaeAll fixed! Please be a little more careful around other people's builds :)
4090AbsolutePersonHi moderators, I would like to ask a request of the basic things that I am a new player could do to improve and sustain the community. Thank you and have a nice timeclosedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
4088HouseBoltonsomeone has tampered with this, then replaced it with an oak block. They also mined after the stairway I build without lighting it....Could this be protected?closedkumquatmayProtected!
4087NMEsI need this water flownclosedCARnivore_ndsnot needed
4086shanty_sniperpossible multiple crop griefs within areaclosedRukiaKuchiki_sadly its out of logs
4085roryjasperhey just wondering who placed these iron blocksclosedSapphricDiscussed via /msg.
4084EvilStepDadI busted this powered rail from underneath. Tried to rebuilt but have no rights. The powered rail is next to the jack o lantern.closedRukiaKuchiki_rail fixed :D
4083Bobosozelisomeone frostwalked this elevator and broke the grinder. can it be fixed?closedRukiaKuchiki_blockage unblocked :O
4082bloosh100can i have one grass block in my underground fenced area?closedbuzzie71sorry, you're going to have to source that on your own ._.
4081Bobosozeliplease protect my build! from this corner to the glowstone on the ground in the other corner. thanks!closedKing_of_quesoRegion created! Looking good!
4080I_CAN_HAS_CAKEmake water flowclosedSilversunset/me pees in the pool
4079bloosh100water flowclosedSilversunsetflowed!
4078cujobearwater flow please and thank youclosedSilversunsetFlowed for my favorite cujo
4077I_CAN_HAS_CAKEmake water flowclosedSilversunsetIS FLOW BRO
4076baebasaurcan you pls remove this chest. ive sent forever_a_steve 2 messages. hasnt been on since 5/24. chest is empty.closedSilversunsetchest has been removed!
4075schneckenhofbroke the carpet again. placed block to put carpet back. did that. broke block. tried to rehoe area. rehoe failed due to protection. Please rehoe this. God i hate carpets, someone should look into alternatives.closedieuwehDamage rolled back! Yea :( an alternative would be cool, in the meantime, practice extreme caution!
4074xOreoToastThe person who owns these is inactive as far as I know, can it be removed?closedieuwehKaboooooom!!! They are gone!
4073Azumarillso under this magenta wool is supposed to be another one, but there isn't - my question is who was doing the rest of that Y level and I guess also was it grief or negligenceclosedQueenBombusno block changes for the spot where there should be magenta wool. All edits by same two people. I'm thinking negligence rather than grief.
4072Yakkhylis this grief or unfinishedclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
4071OmegaeddonBet ya love me... more griffclosedSir_DidymusFixed again!
4070Omegaeddonpumpkin lamp missingclosedSir_DidymusFixed!
4069OmegaeddonSummit missing here... Enderchest?closedSir_DidymusFixed!
4068Omegaeddonand again, just for shits and gigglesclosedSir_DidymusFixed!
4067Omegaeddonmore dummery from captain griffclosedSir_DidymusFixed!
4066Omegaeddondumb griff by a dumb assclosedSir_DidymusFixed!
4065shanty_sniperi logged out in an afk box and it as edited as so i would log in under running water..closedRuthlesssssshould be safe(ish) to log back in
4064AzumarillI may have killed the creeper npc that used to be here...closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
4063NMEsSomeone said some pretty on the line stuff and id like to report it https://imgur.com/a/0bIdX6XclosedieuwehIssue has been handled and players warned. Thank you for reporting!
4062Omega_Orioncan you flow these two blocks at the top only please, everything'll bust if any others flowclosedKing_of_quesoSploosh!
4061Omega_Orioncorrection, there's a lot more water to flow. just don't flow the water in the tower plz :DclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
4060Omega_Orioncan you flow these three water blocks please?closedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
4059Omega_OrionI think it's been a week, can I have these chests removed? I got no response to my mail. I believe I sent itclosedSir_DidymusChest removed.
4058NMEsCan I get this water flown?closedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
4057schneckenhofCARnivore_nds has my permission to modify the regions protecting the Rose-mooshroom subway in the nether, to include himself.closedCARnivore_ndsdiscussed via in game message
4056schneckenhofor the coords of the center of my squid muralclosedieuwehWe took note and are currently discussing it!
4055schneckenhofi'd like to get a place for this big 'no spawner' squid grinder in the Desert of the Northeast corner. Its got NotPPGOME parked here, and has a mural visible from livemap. Wish to call it "NE Corner Squid Grinder" with position at my current coordsclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg!
4054SylvanSamuraiflow (all 4)closedKing_of_quesoflowing!
4053xOreoToastWho owns all these zombie horses? They're on my farms and i'd like to move them off of itclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
4052particlesmashplz make water flow thank youclosedRuthlesssssFlow'd
4051Greater_Magicim stuckclosedFlumperSorry you died too soon for me to help. :[
4050Bobosozeliplease flow my 10 waters :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
4049Azumarillgrief, perhapsclosedSilversunsetself grief!
4048HouseBoltonSomeone's furnace is here, could it be removed?closedSilversunsetfurnace returned to its owner
4047particlesmashPlease make the water flow thank youclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
4046NMEsUh Ill come back to that broken torch but I need my itemsclosedieuwehTorch restored! Ty for letting us know :)
4045NMEsthis powerd rail borkenclosedieuwehIt has been taken care of! Thank you for reporting
4044FallenAgnosticrequest: my horse hasnt appearedclosedieuwehCannibal Corpse is back!
4043cshaikufollowup to my previous modreq... album (updating) : https://imgur.com/a/oFcOvnHclosedRuthlesssssSee modreq 4042.
4042cshaikuPermission to clean up this COBBLE mess of a rail. PUKE.closedRuthlesssssPlease do not grief other players, work with them
4041Atrix_Rixulemme get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh flowclosedRuthlesssssUH Flow'd! :D
4040particlesmashthere are quite a few water sources. One in each tube(6 tubes) Two below me in the sugar cane tube. And all the ones in the cacti farm. Thank you, msg me if its confusingclosedgrenbugI flowed the water I could find, sent a mail to you too
4039particlesmashtwo water sources, left and right plz flow thank youclosedSapphricFlowed!
4038particlesmash4 water sources, 2 in this tube 2 in the one to the left please, thank youclosedSapphricFlowed!
4037FallenAgnosticrequest: my diamonds disappeared outta nowhere, give me new ones/closedSilversunsetI see no evidence of diamonds lost, we can't help you.
4036particlesmashI need 8 water sources to flow, this tube, below it, to the left of this, and below that one, follow the holes or msg if you need help getting to them, thanks :DcloseddefiexSPlish has been splashed!
4035triztingriefing.. idk when this happened ive been off for a bit. seems like its just the tree farmclosedieuwehPlayer messaged! Thank you for reporting.
4034particlesmashflowy flowy go go :DcloseddefiexGo! Go! Gadget Flow!!!
4033particlesmashtwo different water sources I need flowing, please and thank you :DcloseddefiexFarm splish has been splashed!
4032defiexPlease may we have a place for the Argoth Guardian Grinder at this location? TY!closedBarlimoreArgoth's guardian angel is now on the place list!
4031PPGOMEflow all of the waters please!closeddefiexPrickly splishes have been splashes'ed. >.>
4030baebasaurdon't know if this is the right place. just noticed avalon doesnt have a town icon on livemap. can we get one?closedieuwehAVALON!!!!! \o/
4029Azumarillgrief, perhapsclosedFlumperFixed! :)
4028PPGOMEmah leaves! Somebody stoles them!closedFlumperThose leaves lived up to their name and left.. I mean fixed. :o
4027PPGOMEI threw my emeralds into the villagers again :/ can I get them back please?closedPPGOMEthrowing the same item pulls the stack. Cool!
4026Greater_Magici accsedently remoded water from a farm and i cant fix itclosedieuwehFixed! Please be more careful next time!
4025baebasauri'd like to take over this land claim and make this area nice. sent them a message recently. dont know how long i need to wait since its so late in rev. thxclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
4024particlesmashPlease make all this water flow, enjoy the show. Thank you :)closedBarlimoreWe have splashdown!
4023AzumarillI ran /fixskulls with an inventory (nearly?) full of skulls and ended up with 12 blank "head"s, can I at least have my amber back? eight each for these twelve?closedieuwehSolved! Thank you for reporting, we will place a warning at the archaelogists traders!
4022SmolTellecan I get water flow above here and on the opposite side?closedSilversunsetflowed!
4021PPGOMEwho made this?closedSilversunsetdegriefed and player warned
4020MysticGuardIm stuckclosedSilversunsetunstuck
4019particlesmashcan you make all this water flowing, thank youclosedgrenbugwater flowing, a long way down!
4018baebasaurpls flow (last one lol) thanks!closedRukiaKuchiki_flowing :D
4017baebasaurpls flow water blocks around the edge thxclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
4016baebasaurpls flow blocks thxclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
4015NMEscan I get my area claimed? I have loads of redstone stuff underground that id like to be proteced and not ask to get the water flown everymistake I have two glow stone bricks down at the edges of my insideclosedZomiseProtected pumpkin farm and redstone. Removed a now obsolete region from top area, which is already protected with another region.
4014NMEsI made a mistake now I need one reflown :OclosedRukiaKuchiki_also flowed :D
4013muaddibblockprotect 1x1x1 @ -1773, 71, 0 1 signclosedZomiseOn its own the sign doesn't call for protection.
4012NMEsCan I get these 4 water blocks flown?closedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
4011muaddibblockprotect near 1760/0 1 sign at start of Great Western roadclosedZomisePlease modreq at the location or provice correct coordinates.
4010NMEsI need this water flowed becuase its out of my region..closedRukiaKuchiki_watr flowed :D
4009HeysofiaSheep breeding pen has been griefed.closedFlumperGrief fixed, player warned!
4008HeysofiaGrief in town. Please remove.closedieuwehPlayer mailed.
4007HeysofiaGrief in town. Please remove.closedFlumperGrief fixed!
4006SquaresTherewater flow? thanks! under the deck hereclosedttsciflowing!
4005cyanoacrylateNasKerrak railway selector is protectedclosedttsciFixed dialer
4004Muzelleflow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
4003NMEsis this okay for a restone machine?closedpez252Looks good!
4002FallenAgnosticrequest: my elytra wings disappeared outta nowhere, give me new onesclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
4001FallenAgnosticrequest: can i teleport to NMEsclosedSilversunsetno
4000FallenAgnosticrequest; i want to be OPclosedSilversunsetplease do not use modreqs for jokes.
3999FallenAgnosticrequest: not trolling, really happended againclosedSilversunsetself resolved.
3998FallenAgnosticrequest: stuckclosedttsciunstuck!
3997Lethal_Treecould i get 3 new regions as children under the ravenrock parent region? ravenrock_rail for the rail station, ravenrock_stuff for the little thing next to it with farm items, and ravenrock_raven for the raven?closedSilversunsetregions created!
3996NMEsIm stuck I was trying to get gunpowderclosedttsciUnstuck! Careful of those creepers!
3995Omega_Orioncan you give this lava more kinetic energy?closedSilversunsetenergy converted!
3994assasymphoniI'm either blind and missing the escape button or trapped. Help please.closedassasymphoni
3993particlesmashthere is a lot of water i need flowing around this building, all the water that is one above sea level mainly, thank you very muchclosedRuthlesssssSea has been extended henceforth!
3992defiexMurdered pupper, please to restore (not mine!)closedSir_DidymusRestored!
3991defiexMurdered puppers, please to restore (not mine!)closedSir_DidymusRestored!
3990defiexMurdered puppers, please to restore (not mine!)closedSir_DidymusRestored!
3989defiexMurdered puppers, please to restore (not mine!)closedSir_DidymusRestored!
3988Omegaeddongerffclosedpez252Fixed! Thanks for reporting.
3987501Is there something wrong with this auto wheat farm?closeddefiexFixed! Thanks for reporting!
3986trippinholymannever mind i had sword in my handclosedkumquatmaySelf-resolved!
3985trippinholymanhaving problem with worldguard - cant access my chests? No defined regions here error?closedkumquatmaySelf-resolved!
3984ieuwehPlease build allow this arena!closedkumquatmayArena spleefable!
3983particlesmashPlease make all the water around the wood flow, thank you very muchclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3982trippinholymanenchanting table/bookshelfs look like they are missing from end grinderclosedkumquatmayRestored!
3981SilentReconmore cobble rail obstructions hereclosedkumquatmayRolled back! Thanks for reporting!
3980SilentReconbunch of random cobble obstructing this rail line, I broke some but theres moreclosedkumquatmayRolled back! Thanks for reporting!
3979MysticGuardWhat I need to tell you cant be tryped in one ./modreqclosedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
3978Lethal_Treecan water flowclosedpez252Flowed
3977Lethal_Treeive been making concrete, and i just nocided that 3 has been dissapearing form every stackclosedLethal_Tree
3976UniqueOG_13Hey, I was wondering if you can modify me to my brother chest bc he moved? I got his permissionclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3975Jezzzziemake these two small farms harvestable please.closedbermudalocketfarms now harvestable!
3974SquaresThereI guess I'll try just one more time... Is this this build worth of a /place? ("Frostwood Isle")closedieuwehBeautiful Frostwood Isle has been added as a place! I also took the liberty to protect your town, we don't want tourist littering everywhere!
3973xX_DudeItzEz_XxflowclosedieuwehIt flows! \o/
3972NMEsI cannot seem to flow this lava.closedieuwehStubborn lava now flows!
3971JezzzzieI am just so baffled right now, who, when, FOR THE LOVE OF KITTENS, WHY????closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3970NMEsI want to know if this redstone is too much for my little area.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3969monfmonfi broke a piece of glass by accident and cant really replace it in a timely manner. sorry bout that. wont happen again.closedFlumperFixed! Thanks for reporting. :)
3968defiexPossible to have the red shulker box removed since player hasn't been seen since may?closedSilversunsetchest removed
396710444musichelp im stuck in this guys base and cant get outclosedFlumperFreed and player contacted about adding access points.
3966NMEsCan I get this grinder protected?closedieuwehSkelle spawner region expanded!
3965NMEsI need to water blocks flown.closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
3964Bobosozeliplease flow my 33 waters :)closeddefiexPokey splish has been splashed!
3963adamnorcottcan I have a region for my farm and home on top of these two mesas. I marked with a little white wool Thank youclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
3962adamnorcottflow these two waters pleaseclosedieuwehIt flows!
3961NMEsCan I get this water flowed again?closeddefiexBonedanger splish has been splashed!
3960NMEsCan I get this water flowed?closedieuwehThose skellies need a good bath!
3959MackSaffronFlow this water block, please. <3closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3958particlesmashwater flow please, thank youclosedkumquatmayFlowin'! (And part of your rail washed away D:)
3957HanstraCould you flow this lava, please? Thanks.closedRuthlesssssSupa Hot is flowin!
3956baebasaurwhat happened to the other 3 cows. they were all named. not my build but they are MIAclosedRuthlesssssThere seems to have been a freak lightning accident and they died to the fire D:
3955Ruthlessssspls make 2 small build regions front of the observersclosedkumquatmayBuild allow regions created!
3954NMEsI need water flowed.closedRuthlesssssFigured it out himself, don't need no mod!
3953baebasaurlooks like no one replanted theseclosedSapphricNatural village, and out of logs.
3952baebasaurlooks like someone didnt replant :(closedRukiaKuchiki_crops un-deaded
3951Ruthlesssssplease extend the smol region here down 10 blocksclosedRukiaKuchiki_region extended :D
3950RukiaKuchiki_is this somebodys thing? just mined into it on accedentclosedRuthlesssssDiscussed via. mind meld!
3949Ruthlesssssprotect the floor here plsclosedRuthlesssssdiamonds r safe!
3948SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedi_c_e_'the flow be a flowin
3947baebasauri believe we have one more to upgrade to tier 3 iron spawner.pls upgrade.closedSilversunsetyou now have 4 tier-3 spawners!
3946shanty_sniperdem those suckas didnt replantclosedbermudalocketHandled. Thanks for reporting!
3945NMEsCan I get this water flowed?closedSilversunsetflowed
3944NMEsI got behind a wall somehow trying to get MysticGuard his emeralds backclosedSilversunsetrescued
3943MysticGuardI dropped my emeralds in the villiagers hopperclosedSilversunsetemeralds retrieved. please be careful they are greedy bastards
3942SirLylepath griefclosedSilversunsetdegriefed
3941RukiaKuchiki_flow riverclosedRukiaKuchiki_river flowing
3940NMEsCan i get these two blocks of water flowed?closedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
3939NMEsi dropped my emralds and now I cant get themcloseddefiexRetrieved! Be careful!
3938Azumarillso the death bottle this sign gives you, the bottle stays in your inventory after death??? meaning free bottles????closedSilversunsetFree bottles are a small price to pay for the hours of entertainment padmins get in watching everyone die.
3937MysticGuardI need help with planting these seeds, i cant seem to put two of the side by side?closedZomiseNot seeing any farmland? Till the dirt/grass first, then plant. Add water source nearby for the earth to stay tilled. More info about farming in the Minecraft wiki.
3936FallenAgnosticrequest: donkey got stuckclosedkumquatmaySelf-resolved!
3935RukiaKuchiki_flow pond (used ice to make pond)closedRukiaKuchiki_floe
3934NMEsI was told to ask if I could get my land protected? I plan on making my farm again.closedRukiaKuchiki_protected :D
3933NMEsCan I get this water flowed please?closeddefiexHarvesting Splish has been Splashed.
3932particlesmashhelp stuck in air :/closeddefiexPoof! This air has trapped you no more!
3931katacarbixhey uh i dropped something at spawn and can't get it outcloseddefiexItems retrieved!
3930HouseBoltoncan this be protected? it might be already but Im not surecloseddefiexThe builds here have already been protected under region Houseboltonhouse!
3929Riverihey uhhh, you should look at this, kthxclosedbermudalocketdamn kids
3928Aupowerswhen was i spammingclosedbermudalocketCheck your /mail :)
3927particlesmashplz make water go WOOSH thanks :Dclosedi_c_e_waters are now wooshing
3926FallenAgnosticrequest: also maxed out horsecloseddefiexDiscussed via msg
3925FallenAgnosticrequest: i want elytra wingscloseddefiexdiscussed via msg
3924NMEsCan I get this waterflowed?closedi_c_e_water be flowed
3923PPGOMEflow all of the waters please!closedSilversunsetflowed (correctly)
3922SlugNamedDevcan you flow the water out of the two dispensers at the end so it harvests the plnts?closeddefiexHarvesting splish has been splashed!
3921SlugNamedDevplease flow this waterclosedCARnivore_ndsall is well, and flowed
3920SlugNamedDevplease flow these two waters in the trenchclosedCARnivore_ndsgethering with water has a nice flow
3919PPGOMEplease to flowclosedi_c_e_the mod gods have given you infinite water use in peace !
3918SlugNamedDevwhen the water is dispensed, can you make it flow?closedi_c_e_the splish will not splash
3917NMEsHi there are chest that blonged to me before I was banned and they didnt go away when my base got whiped.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3916OmegaeddonLooks like I accidently murdered 1 pink shhep for good mesure :p Sorry! (hangs head in shame)closedkumquatmaySheep resurrected!
3915OmegaeddonIm a goon and killed too many red sheep! Can you replace 1 sheep plz? Sorry bout that guys...closedkumquatmaySheep resurrected!
3914FallenAgnosticrequest: Horse disappearedclosedBarlimoreTry /hlist & /hgps # (such as /hgps 1)
3913FallenAgnosticrequest: ingots got stucjclosedRukiaKuchiki_items seem to have despawned D:
3912AzumarillstuckclosedRukiaKuchiki_player unstuck themselves :O
3911katacarbixcan you flow this water pls?closedFlumperFlowed! :)
3910username2088water flow plsclosedRuthlesssssSo wet!
3909katacarbixcould you fill this floor with water?closedRuthlesssssAll flowy!
3908adamnorcotton the rail to the ambrosia skulker from spawn someone has placed cobblestone at head height to hurt riderscloseddefiexBlock removed, thanks for reporting! Happy railing!
3907Sith_of_Darknessprotect landclosedSilversunsetcommunicated via /m
3906BonzaaiflowcloseddefiexSPlish has been splashed!
3905Bonzaaiflow sorry last oneclosedNistuneWater flowed :)
3904BonzaaiflowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
3903SmolTelleCan I get this rabbit hole protected? Someone keeps setting them free/killing them.closedSilversunsetthe SmolBunnies are protected!
390132ndFlavaCan you please flow these 2 rows of water? :DclosedDjentleGiantFlowed!
3900saberfyshnot my horse, but someone probably didn't want it down hereclosedSilversunsethorse rescued !
3899katacarbixflow water pls i want obsidiancloseddefiexDanger splish has been splashed!
3898saberfyshflow water pleaseclosedRuthlesssssFlowin!
3897Bobosozelimay i trouble you to expand my above region down to around y80?closedKing_of_quesoExpanded!
3896Bobosozeliplease flow the 6 waters for my sugarcane farm! Thanks :DclosedSilversunsetflowed
3895Bobosozeliplease flow these two waters! Thanks :DclosedSapphricFlowed!
3894emismineokayflowclosedbuzzie71pool above is flowing :O
3893jacob20121How do I make my base private so no one can grief it?closedFlumperProtected! :)
3890Bobosozeliplease flow my 8 water in the back and one in the front of my semi-auto farm please :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
3887emismineokayflowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
3886emismineokayflowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
3884Benergy09Could I please have the lava in the ceiling flowed? Thank you!closedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
3883assasymphoniSassy to command, I've gotten trapped in the engines of Pico's spaceship. Please send rescueclosedBarlimoreCalling all navigators, we have a human stuck in the engines again!
3882FrankieRay18request you might wanna fix thisclosedHerr_Fawkes
3881FrankieRay18request i was just asking where to go :(closedHerr_Fawkes
3880FrankieRay18request im sorryclosedHerr_Fawkes
3879FrankieRay18request i thought barli was offline ahaclosedHerr_Fawkes
3878FrankieRay18requestthank youclosedHerr_Fawkes
3877FrankieRay18request may i get out of the garbage room ppleaseclosedBarlimoreSafe!
3876FrankieRay18request oh sorry didnt realise ahahclosedSir_DidymusUnnecessary modreq.
3875buzzie71please flow the last water in the upper half here :OclosedieuwehThe sphere is now engorged with water!
3874buzzie71flow this water please :OclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowwed :D
3873alessboyplease flow thisclosedFlumperFlowed!
3872KingNyahmanhi, please can you protect this igloo, thank youclosedFlumperProtected! :)
3871particlesmashmake water go splash splash plz thanksclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
3870particlesmashmake the still water go wooooooosh and flow plz thanks :DclosedSilversunsetflowy flowy flowy flow
3869Arctic_PuffinLand ProtectionclosedFlumperProtected! :)
3868DantesDameI haven't been on in a long time, but some blocks are missing from my kitchen. I don't even recall what they were =/closedZomiseRolled back and player warned!
3867PPGOMEsomebody took the water from the top of thisclosedZomiseFixed! Seems to have been an accident involving frost walker.
3865LadyAmbrosiaLynplease protect my arboretumclosedkumquatmayProtected!
3864schneckenhofincorporate the newest dome into rapture's protections. I believe its the southwest dome. Verify all established domes are protected.closedFlumperRegion expanded to cover all domes! :)
3863trippinholymanflow water here pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
3862marcuszodiakstuckclosedSir_DidymusRescued again!
3861marcuszodiaki think my internet is dying and i am stuck in this cart, can you help me?closedSir_DidymusRescued!
3860shanty_snipershulker soawned inside and killing all of blueefuzzys birdsclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed with parrot owner via /mail.
3859silentdaveflow water block pleaseclosedieuwehFlowing!
3858Lethal_Treeany idea what happened to NMEs's base thing? it was there and now its just gone with everything droped on the ground? i tried to pick up as much as possible butclosedLethal_Treenevermind i figured it out D:
3857Herr_Fawkesset blackwood_bend_farms build flag to "allow"closedieuwehDone! :)
3856Herr_Fawkesbuild going up without permission on my landclosedieuwehDespite land being in use, there is no claim fence to make it clear to all players. Discuss with player in question first before requesting Padmin assistance.
3855Ruthlessssspls protect this stone area 35 up :)closedRuthlesssssProt'd
3854ZomiseSkelly dead.closedZomiseCorndog restored once more.
3853muaddibrequest had to redo top water for grinder, need to reflowclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
3852xOreoToastLooking to remove the large trees from the lake. There is a base in this one however which was built by a user who hasn't been online since 26 April. Looking for padmin assistance.closedBarlimoreBuild relocated!
3851muaddibrequest moving water for zombie grinderclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
3850xOreoToastwho owns this tree base?closedRukiaKuchiki_
3849jacob20121Can you make my water flow please?closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
3848Omega_Orionhey, so these chests have been here since the beginning, im finally building a grinder here, but the chests havent moved. already mail'd them long ago, no responseclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail
3847particlesmashthis chest belongs to sniper and he dont even come by anymore and i dont want him to have to come all the way over so can you plz remove itclosedSilversunsetempty chest has been poofed into nothingness!
3846particlesmashI would like to make the enderman grinder drop tube smaller and therefore decrease hopper count, which should help increase tps because these are used constantlyclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3845jacob20121Can you tell me what the nearest town is? I'm kinda lost in a cave...closedpez252Discussed /place and /map commands via /m
3844GranbullSomeone broke a few blocks around my house and filled some parts of it with Terracotta, requesting the name of said playerclosedFlumperThanks for reporting! The player responsible has been banned.
3843omjamalJust FYI, there's a penis at -3266, 1187 on the overworld map.closedFlumperThanks for reporting! Penis removed. >:]
3842JACKTHECHEETAH26i need hel[closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
3841schneckenhofwhy do my carrot crops keep randomly breaking. on 2 - 3 of these farm tiles. its a mystery.closedZomiseLight level too low on it :)
3840Chef_Zuulwater flow for a source here, pleaseclosedZomiseFlowed!
3839PPGOMEwho griffled my station for like the 10th timeclosedZomiseFixed! Thank you for reporting.
3838Chef_Zuulplease flow the single water block at the top of this glass tubeclosedZomiseFlowed!
3837Chef_Zuulmoved water block, please reflowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3836Chef_Zuulplease flow the water block inside the terracotta in front of me hereclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3835Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedKing_of_quesoSploosh!
3834Sapphric[Admin] player Mycoa1 killed two dogs here that need restoredclosedBarlimoreWolves restored, thanks for req'ing!
3833RukiaKuchiki_protec my caslteclosedSapphricProtected!
3832QueenBombusflowing water (all 8 blocks on this level in the igloo)closedQueenBombusFlowed
3831cujobearmay I have a water flow please?closedttsciflowing with extra love!
3830Arctic_PuffinCan I get some clarification over land ownership?closedi_c_e_discussed vie msg
3829shanty_sniperi came back from afk at the grinder and they have swarmed the place somehowclosedSilversunsetgrinder was griefed but now its fixed! (there are some dark spots nearby so there may be more again)
3828ieuwehPlease protect my sekrit! I marked the corners with lime concrete (could it also have a 5 block buffer down since there is a redstone circuit below, pls?) :OclosedieuwehShhhhh!!
3827BarlimoreTwo more spawners for gitland please!closedieuwehThe Golem gods were very satisfied with the dance and has blessed you both with more iron power!
3826ZomiseGriefclosedQueenBombusanimals restored, some edits rolled back, player warned
3825ZomiseCow griefclosedQueenBombusMob grief, perpetrator previously banned
3824OmegaeddonDumbass griff againclosedZomiseFixed! Thank you for reporting.
3823RealFuryPvPrequest Protection of BuildclosedQueenBombusHome sweet home is all safe and sound!
3822PPGOMEone more flow please! (I lied without knowing)closedQueenBombusFlowing!
3821PPGOMEflow the front water sources please! (last flow req)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3820PPGOMEflow these 4 water sources please!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3819BarlimoreSpawn station connection request.closedBarlimoreSigns updated.
3818Bobosozeliplease flow the 6 waters in each spawner room, the 2 below, and the one at the top of the water elevator please! Thanks!closedKing_of_quesoWhee! Flowing!
3817SlugNamedDevplease flow the two waters in the trenchclosedQueenBombusflowing!
3816PPGOMEflow these two too pleaseclosedttscithe water doth flow!
3815PPGOMEflow these 2 pleaseclosedscherererererflowed!
3814NMEsCan I get this water flowen?closedCARnivore_ndsflowed, Pro Melons !!
3813Arctic_PuffinCan someone come and make sure that this land I would like to claim is unclaimed?closedi_c_e_land is available to claim - happy building
3812RealFuryPvPrequestclosedieuwehHelp got helped!
3811shanty_sniperGriffleclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3810cshaikuMay I please have the water flow from above me here to the ocean? Thanks guys.closedSilversunsetflowed!
3809Andromeda4210I think that the end grinder might be broken. I've been here for a while, and there are still no endermenclosedSilversunsetIt looks like the endermite has vanished, if you find it missing and want to replace it thats ok.
3808Becquerine1x1 shulker box spot 3/3closedieuwehWill take care of these three at the same time since they are at the same place!
3807Becquerine1x1 shulker box spot 2/3closedieuwehWill take care of these three at the same time since they are at the same place!
3806BecquerineI'd like to make three 1x1 spots for shulker box placement inside my region. This is 1 of 3.closedieuwehAll three shulker spots are now ready for public use!
3805BecquerineProtection for this auto-fisher building (top outlined by the lapis blocks). Thanks!closedieuwehAuto-fisher protected!
3804OmegaeddonI think the endmite is dead in this grinder. No drops and there is a cart in this chestclosedkumquatmayNothing malicious done by the looks of it!
3803NMEscan I get the water reflowed?closedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
3802NMEsCan I get this water flowed?closedBarlimoreTread carefully!
3801saberfyshplease expand cmc outpost region to protect this exit tunnelclosedkumquatmaytunnel protected!
3800Chef_Zuulfinal sploosh: the reckoning in theaters soonclosedbookey42Beautiful Flowing Water!
3799Chef_Zuulsploosh 3: return of the splooshclosedKing_of_quesoflowing!
3798Chef_Zuulanother flowing in this here pipe, see?closedKing_of_quesoSploosh 2: Sploosh Harder!
3797Chef_Zuulwater flow on this blue boy please (more to follow)closedKing_of_quesosploosh!
3796LadyAmbrosiaLynim stuck and cant get out because of protectionsclosedBarlimoreSafe!
3795NMEsCan I get this waterflowedclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3794particlesmashok this isnt xray, im just heading for a nether portal and this happenedclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3793rutledge_scan I have this water block activated to mine obsidian?closedieuwehCooling down lava!
3792Mayhem4Daysrequest why was I muted?closedSilversunsetunmuted.
3791Bobosozelithis one hopper in the end grinder isn't feeding a chest, and (unlike the others) is under private protection of IronOxide whom I can't find to ask to fix itclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3790pez252Pet murdered hereclosedieuwehDoggo is back home!
3789Lethal_Treewould i be able to get this chest unlocked, it is probably supposed to be and SquaresThere just forgotclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3788PPGOMEflow plebsclosedpez252flowed
3787PPGOMEflow all dis please (sorry)closeddefiexQuarter circle splish has been splashed!
3786NMEscan I get water flowed again for the second time today.closeddefiexClucky Splish has been Splashed!
3785PPGOMEflow please!closeddefiexSplish has been splashed.
3784NMEsCan I get this water flowed again?closedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
3783AnonymousDappermy rail station broke and I'm not sure howclosedieuwehIssue dissolved itself.
3782AnonymousDapperMy region redsun_land extends way farther than it needs to, and covers other buildsclosedieuwehRegion updated!
3781particlesmashIs this over the top? No infinite clocks and the minecart is unmoving when not in useclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3780trippinholymanflow this water please :)closedieuwehWater cooling lava activated!
3779SlugNamedDevnevermind I found it!closedieuwehMystery solved!
3778SlugNamedDevi glitched in the restart and now my minecart is gone?closedSilversunsetlocated.
3777trippinholymanplease protect my build around this skeleton spawner. includes the dungeon that i customized and a stairwell going up to the top levelclosedSilversunsetstairs and spawner protected - the dungeon will need a bit more modifications before it can be protected but youre off to a good start!
3776NMEsmay I get this water flowed?closedSpook6flowed!
3775trippinholymani dropped some emeralds in a place i cant get to because of protections possibility someone could grab for meclosedBarlimoreEmeralds returned!
3774PPGOMEflow teh water plebsclosedieuwehFlowing welcms!
3773NMEscan you flow this water please?closedieuwehIt flows!
3772NMEsthere is a missing torch on the rail way.closedieuwehFixed! Thank you for reporting!
3771PPGOMEdirt to barriers please!closedieuwehThe dirst is now invisible, but don't let it fool you or you will smash your face in it! Extra: region protected!
3770Disriteri need this water flowedclosedieuwehIt is flowing \o/
3769schneckenhofflow this water i just placed.closedieuwehFlowing!
3768SlugNamedDevis this grinder items unaccessable? or is everything being thrown out and not being collected? the chest is always emptyclosedscherererererI believe that the '/chopper on' flag needs to be set on the hoppers - you can /mail send bookey42 to ask that he add this flag on his hoppers here
3767shanty_sniperstuck/flow dis water so i dont get stuck anymore :PclosedSirLyleglug glug
3766bobsmartflowing waterclosedieuwehLots of thristy camels will visit your little pond!
3765SumeragiPlease release these poor waterbuckets to flow freely when needed in these four dispensers (Behind/Past the sign). Thanks! ♥closedKing_of_quesoThe water is now free!
3764RukiaKuchiki_protecc this sea baseclosedbuzzie71protected!
3763jacob20121Can you please make my water flow?closedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
3762jacob20121Place watercloseddefiexdiscussed via message! You will need to place your own water! We can flow it if you like afterwards. :)
3761HyperNova_DHis there any way to make people only allowed to place signs in here?closedSpook6discussed via mail/msg
3760GreenyRepublicwater flow request, thanks in advance. <3closedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
3759bermudalocketcreating regions for haven's farms and setting to build allowclosedbermudalocketso... many... disjoint... farms... (regions created, build allow set, parent set to haven)
3758bermudalocketcan chest region "haven" be altered to cover the whole cavern and protect all of our terraforming from grief? :)closedbermudalockethaven redefined
3757bermudalocketmushroom grief. could the region wozmart2 be extended upwards to cover the mushroom?closedBarlimoreGrief fixed: Regions left for 3758.
3756bermudalockethaven is ready to be judged for a /place :)closedieuwehHaven has place! \o/
3755OmegaeddonChicks murdered in this egger/closedBarlimoreGood spot - Thanks for 'egging' us on here to fix the problem. ;-)
3754Omegaeddoncrop griffclosedBarlimoreThanks for reporting, all crops fixed now!
3753jacob20121teleport me somewhere far awayclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3752OmegaeddonDidnt I have a wolf here? Can you check the records to see if ive had a wolf griffed plz?closedBarlimoreYou're absolutely right, this was murdered back in April! This definitely-not-replacement is alive and well again!
3751SumeragiPlease make the water flow from these four dispensers! Bucket o' h20 included within. Thanks!closedRuthlesssssThe 4 dispensers have been unleashed!
3750xOreoToast1 moreclosedRuthlesssssNow I'm soaked D:
3749xOreoToastalso this plsclosedRuthlesssssThis also wet!
3748xOreoToastsaw your craigslist ad for infinite water, care to put out ;)closedRuthlesssssYou are now infinitely wet ;)
3747OddGeometryplease unprotect the wheat blocks so others can use itclosedRuthlesssssWheat is unsafe now!
3746OddGeometryplease make water flowclosedRuthlesssssAll wet now!
3745OddGeometryplease extend protections to cover green house :)closedRuthlesssssGreenhouse is now safe!
3744SilentReconhazardous rail blockage hereclosedbermudalocketrail de-ouched
3743PipersDadprotect spawner, just the spawner, another oneclosedSirLyleprotected
3742PipersDadprotect spawner, just the spawnerclosedBarlimoreSpawner protected - Now please explain all the fire(!)
3741SilentReconplease protect this sculpture contest submission, enable members of r:mobius to modify + olav3118closedBarlimoreProtection added, thank you for the great submission!
3740Omegaeddonwhos derp is this?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3739xOreoToastplease break the law of conservation of matter for meclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3738Herr_Fawkesprotect new buildsclosedHerr_Fawkesexpando'd
3737OddGeometryplease extend protections to cover claim fence and farmclosedKirstaeExpanded region.
3736tehrabbittaccidently knocked the cover off the water here... it won't let me place it backclosedKirstaeFixed!
3735Kirstaeplayer trap, large drop to the bottom, protected, no way outclosedBarlimoreThanks for reporting - a backdoor has been installed in this trap!
3734kalasaladsomeone killed my cows and didnt leave a pair :(closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3733axton900lemme out of hereeclosedaxton900
3730NathanielHofer05innaproproat objectclosedBarlimoreThis is just a part of the natural generation - thanks for reporting though!
3729NathanielHofer05Not my house but i notieced it looks griefedclosedrobrruins generated with map, not grief, ancient!
3728Tabszplease flow these water nad lava blocks thank youclosedieuwehWater and lava flowing!
3727MackSaffronFlow these two blocks, please. <3closedkumquatmay
3726Kirstaewhat happened to our friendly pet spider in this cage?closedZomiseSpider replaced and player warned.
3725Im_a_Ninja13What the actual fuck. Help?closedFlumperSaved from the upsidedown!
3724MiraiReconplease flow the one non flowing water block along the piston rowclosedKirstae
3723Im_a_Ninja13Accidently broke a torch somewhere hereclosedKirstaediscussed via /msg
3722SilentReconwater flow please - the block directly beside the 4 extended sticky pistons in the collection channelclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3721dexterXravenHi id like to see if i could get a "claim" here ive made a large farm and plan on making it larger and I wouldnt want someone taking my crops.closedFlumperFarm protected! :)
3720dexterXravencan you come flow this water?closedbuzzie71flowing!
3719username2088water flowcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
3718username2088water flowcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
3717OddGeometryplease make tiny pond water flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3716SilentReconmapworld plot 61 complete! Please display. ThanksclosedSir_DidymusMap displayed at plot warp.
3715kalasaladi had an armor stand here with a full armor and its goneclosedSilversunsetarmor stand found
3714ZahldarHello! Could you flow these for me? Thanks!closedttsciFlowing!
3713OmegaeddonPlz protect as "OmegaBurger" Ta!closedscherererererprotected
3712Omegaeddonthis beacon seems to be missing a glass blockclosedscherererererfixed, thanks for reporting
3711olav3118flowing water :DclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3710SilversunsetpadminsclosedieuwehThe Villagers department has scrutinized the new batch of Librarians for kalasalad. They seem to be happy with it, I hope.
3709philisawesomewaterflow? Thanks!closedRuthlesssssFlow'd!
3708KingNyahmanhi, several of my sheep pairs have been reduced to one. Can you check what happened please?closedkumquatmaySheep restored!
3707RukiaKuchiki_protect this new part of netherbaseclosedFlumperProtected! :)
3706SilentReconsometimes incoming spawn rail will eject you from cart just under the carpet during periods of high lag, resulting in a precarious climb downwards to use the emergency exit ladderclosedSilversunsetspawn rail is slightly less precarious now and includes a watervator emergency exit!
3705dexterXravenI fell though the map and died on the way to spawn from ravenrock.closedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
3704tehrabbittany way to fix the water here?closedKirstaeAll fixed!
3703dexterXravencan someone flow this water for me please?closedbermudalocketflowed!
3702username20884 water flow plsclosedKing_of_quesoSploosh!
3701CheesingtonI need a water block to flow for a short while at my baseclosedSilversunsetflowed
3700HouseBoltoni had 2 sheep here and theyre gone. one seems to be missing from stable tooclosedbermudalocketUnfortunately no sign of the two sheep that were in the hole... probably aliens. The rest of the animal grief in your town has been fixed.
3699dexterXravenis this wall noticeable enough once its filled in?closedFlumperDiscussed via msg!
3698SquaresThereok! I think i'm finally ready to get the last *3* golem spawners. :) Materials are in this chest, and the locations are the three remaining black glass columns above the water. Thanks! :)closedSilversunsetYour sacrifices have been accepted by the gods and your new iron slaves have been provided!
3697The_Hero27died from a minecart and my things are in the railsclosedscherererererplayer found items via emergency access
3696shanty_sniperaccidently flooded the arena and when i repress button it retracts water only for a cople of secondsclosedgrenbugthanks for reporting, msg'd region owners to have them review design
3695amtrakdrunkprotectionclosedscherererererinsufficient build for protection - your cobble border counts as a land claim, so the land is yours
3694squidb0iI accidentally destroyed my "I saw the sign" mushroom while trying to display it in my home. Sorry for the non-descript modreq previous to this lolclosedieuwehDuplicate! No worries!
3693squidb0ii am a big dum dumclosedieuwehThe dum dum is gud gud now!
3692axton900premium flow fill it up plsclosedieuwehPremium water flowing!
3691squidb0isomeone put protection on a build within my land claimclosedieuwehDiscussed via discord and msg.
3690olav3118flowing waterclosedieuwehLittle water slide ready!
3689olav3118flowing waterclosedieuwehFlowing!
3688squidb0iGriefed section of our area.. looks like our noteblocks/redstone was stolen/removed? https://i.imgur.com/95PeZzL.pngclosedfazadenthe blocks have been restored, but unfortunately not the right notes
3687robrroad griefclosedrobrcarpet restored, player warned
3686robrnoticed animal grief here, logging for restorationclosedrobrcows restored, user already warned about subsequent grief
3685baebasaurcan you pls extend avalon region to include these eastern buildsclosedfazadenexpanded
3684OmegaeddonBoring griff boring murdered cows/pigs boring boring boring :pclosedSir_DidymusAnimals resurrected.
3683RonBThis ice-road seems to be griefed.closedSir_DidymusFixed! Thanks for reporting.
3682SilentReconplease upgrade last spawner to tier 2. materials are in the chestclosedSir_DidymusSpawner upgraded!
3681SumeragiIs it possible to have all these trap doors in this breeding area so that they cannot be opened/closed?closedkumquatmayTrapoors glued into place!
3680SquaresThereready to buy another golem spawner! in this chest here are the 20 soulsclosedSir_DidymusPlease check out http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Golem_Spawner_Costs for Tier 1 costs!
3679wyldstallynsdonating skelly grinder, let me know if i need to improve it to be a /placeclosedschererererergenerally only unique/major grinders get places (creeper, guardian, shulker, etc.) you can contact silversunset if you'd like to add it to the deadmap locations
3678wyguy2014please make this water flow (there is more on the other side of the piston/jackolanternclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
3677shanty_sniperuhmm so i own this horse and i came ack to it it has been named? wondering who named itclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via /mail.
3676robrthere seems to be no way to leave here without griefing their build, help?closedieuwehNo grifs!
3675Vextasyhi! it seems someone removed the end crystal, as well as a pile of iron ore, from my build at 1091 79 58closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via /mail.
3674kalasalada newbie killed my cows... its really hard to get them in there, can i maybe get them back?closedRukiaKuchiki_used ubercharge to revive cow :O
3673ZahldarCould you flow this for me? Thanks!closedNistuneflowed!
3672IronOxidehow can I obtain a creeper spawner(s)?closedNistuneDiscussed via /msg
3671SumeragiSummon fourth 4x T1 spawners, then upgrade 3x T2 spawners afterwards to be placed in Iron Grinder. Please replace birch logs with Spawners. All mats in doublechest <3closedieuwehWisteria's iron golem power has increased!
3670OddGeometryplease protect homeclosedFlumperProtected! :)
3669schneckenhofprotect my endangered desert squidclosedSirLyledesert squishy protected
3668ZahldarWould you mind flowing this water, please? Thanks again!closedSilversunsetflowed...
3667ZahldarGood afternoon! Could you flow this for me? Thanks!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
3666kalasaladpls make this water block flowclosedscherererererflowed 1 water block in center of villager holding pen
3665orangemuffini just dropped 44 common fossils at this villagerclosedieuwehFossils mysteriously reappeared inside your pocket!
3664shanty_sniperan stuckclosedieuwehFreedom!!!
3663orangemuffinneed a golem spawner. I have 10 souls in my inventoryclosedieuwehModreq again when the offerings for the mighty Ghost are ready!
3662orangemuffinneed the rest of the water to flowclosedieuwehThis flow is blessed!
3661orangemuffinI need some water to flow to make an infinite water source, then place it all around an iron golem grinderclosedieuwehA GHOST flowed this, you hear me? A ghost!
3660Willravelfairly substantial farm grief. Thank you for rolling back!closedieuwehLooks like a giant rabbit was very hungry around here. I will go now hunt for it!
3659orangemuffinIs this too many hoppers? If so I need some suggestions for how to somehow work water into this. I can get on discord if you need to explain something complexclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
3658OddGeometryplease protec everything inside fencesclosedRuthlesssssThe claim fence is good for now, once you get a structure going we can protect it! :)
3657orangemuffinAm I allowed to build this tree farm in my base? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2OdnALsgE0closedRuthlesssssDiscussed via. /msg.
3656RukiaKuchiki_protecc poolclosedRukiaKuchiki_protected
3655SquaresTherewater flow? just this corner hereclosedRukiaKuchiki_all flowed :D
3654SquaresTherelava flow? thanks!closedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
3653HanstraCan you flow this lava for me? Thanks.closedFlumperFlowed! :)
3652ZahldarCould you flow these, please? Thanks!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
3651Pon_and_ZiDid something strange happen to the server? Our sheep have been rearranged by color. The bunnies look different. And our 3 pets (2 dogs and 1 cat) are gone.closedtotemoexplained; fixed
3650QueenBombusPlacement of an iron golem spawner where the unpolished diorite block is in a location similar to the first one.closedBarlimoreEnjoy your second golemspawner!
3649Benergy09Could I get this water flowed? Thanks!closedCARnivore_ndsand so the flow begins
3648Silversunsetthis glass has been griefed.closedieuwehNo more broken windows! We don't want the villagers to catch a cold!
3647larry190991please protect my buildclosedieuwehlarry valley region's protection has been expanded to include the new builds!
3646Bobosozeliplease protect my build! I've marked the corners with colored wool. Ty :)closedieuwehYour build has been blessed! \o/
3645Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedieuwehFlowing!
3644MiraiReconthe skeleton from the creeper grinder is gone. possible grief?closedieuwehSkeleton has been brought back from hell. Thank you for reporting!
3643olav3118flowing waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3642olav3118flowing waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin!
3641PipersDadprotection PDquadSpider, y20 to y37, 4 corners signedclosedkumquatmayProtected!
3640PipersDadflow 2 waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3639olav3118flowing wter for farmclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3638orangemuffinHey if anyone is decent with redstone, can you help me figure out why this piston isn't working? The setup is identical and it's not working for some reasonclosedZomiseYou placed the shulker by hand which locks it with LWC. The pistons will only work with machine placed shulkers.
3637kalasaladpls make this water block flowclosedRuthlesssssFlow'd!
3636baebasaurcan i get a rail connect to spawn from avalon. not sure that i should dig any further. thxclosedRuthlesssssConnect first and then let us know!
3635OddGeometryplease protect Pumpkinhead homeclosedRuthlesssssPumpkinhead home is safe!
3634orangemuffinneed water to flowclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
3633orangemuffinI need to make some running water for this cactus farmclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
3632SquaresThereready to purchase a golem spanwer! :DclosedSilversunsetyour first golem spawner is in place and operational!
3631SquaresThereok! i think i'm ready for my first golem spawner. i have all the materials on me, and the grinder is made (here). what next?closedSilversunseteverything looks great, one more padmin head and you're all set.
3630schneckenhofhelp im stuckclosedFlumperFreed! :)
3629SquaresTherewater flow? the two in the corners (lone blocks)closedi_c_e_sprinkled my magic dust and now you're water doth flow so pretty
3628SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedSirLylemoisturized
3627SquaresTherelava flow? it's all the ones that are NOT flowing here... i'll remove blocks where they areclosedSirLyleburninated
3626orangemuffincan i find the positions of shulker boxes i've placed? I set one down with all my diamonds and can't find it. not in my base as far as i can tell.closedSilversunsetSorry i've looked all over but can't find your shulker.
3625SilentReconstuckclosedBarlimoreWe got the butter and greased the rails, you have been unwedged!
3624kmwilliai somehow made this magical wall horse, could you kill it?closedBarlimoreBy the power of GRAYSKU-- sorry, I get a bit carried away with that. Your horse has been shifted out of the wall dimension back into reality! Yours to send to the glue factory if you wish... :'-(
3623schneckenhofsomeone ought to tell the City of Ashmore not to put up signs saying we can harvest, while leaving the crops protected against harvesting.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3622Lugia_GamesJust one question - Is it ok if i use an unused rail line at spawn to make a house easily transportable to??closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3621SquaresTherelava flow? the center of the room here, thanks! :)closedTheNightsKingBig pool of swooshy lava
3620SquaresTherelava flow? all of these here around the room. thanks! :)closedNoramiall lava blocks flowing \o/
3619Lugia_Gamescan u plz make my infinite water source flowing? (Anti Grief Plugin)closedNoramiFlowed \o/
3618baebasaurcan you make this block publicclosedieuwehBlock is now public!
3617schneckenhofcan this be remedied. im walking to rapture now.closedieuwehDuplicate, see 3615. We are looking into it!
3616schneckenhoflost all my items tooclosedieuwehDuplicate, see 3615. We are looking into it!
3615schneckenhofabout an hour or so ago minecraft started glitching out like crazy. It was sometime around 3pm edt. I quit, and did some other things. when i logged back in i died immediately and was sent to spawn despite my spawn point being in rapture.closedieuwehDiscussed via msg!
3614Omegaeddonand here... these should be normal waterclosedieuwehMysterious ice melted back to water!
3613Omegaeddonmissing enchant table?closedieuwehWe couldn't find an enchanting table in the logs! :O Willravel might be able to solve this mystery for us
3612Omegaeddonthis block of ice should not be ice... what caused this?closedieuwehAlthough we couldn't find the culprit, the ice has been melted!
3611schneckenhofplease place another shulker parking area covering the space above these black glass blocks. If you're unsure how this works. Please review similar parking spot which was made in the storage dome.closedRukiaKuchiki_shulker region done :D
3610RukiaKuchiki_grief hereclosedieuwehFixed! :D
3609schneckenhofinclude the new Northeast Dome within Rapture's protections. also review protections.closedRukiaKuchiki_already protected
3608olav3118flowing dispenserclosedZomiseDispenser flowed!
3607KirstaeI'd like to purchase one tier5 please!closedBarlimoreThat's a full house of tier 5s, enjoy!
3606SilentRecononly one sheep in soalce sheep pensclosedRuthlesssssSheep has been returned!
360510444musiccan you peotect my tunnelclosedRukiaKuchiki_protected!
3604SilentReconstuckclosedtorteelaPlayer rescued.
3603Standish_Is it possible to get this chest unlocked for me? It has my name on it :)closedBarlimoreContact the chest owner for access. Name mailed to you.
3602MiraiReconSilentRecon's horse "Red hare" with ghast special saddle is dehydrating too fast. Reproduced. 95 to 0 in between 2 hinfo checks within a minute and minimal movementclosedMiraiReconmaybe restart will fix
3601MiraiReconthis might be a bug I think, but me and Silent's horse "red hare" is dehydrating way too fast with a ghast-special saddleclosedMiraiReconunable to reproduce for now. will check again later
3600SilentReconchorus not properly harvested/replanted hereclosedFlumperPlayer warned and crops fixed!
3599CheesingtonSomebody left a chest here in my subway tunnel, idk who, and it's been here for a few days nowclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3598SlugNamedDevon June 4th Barimore sent me mail that he was removing one of my chests. What do I do?closedBarlimoreItems returned to sender!
3597Chef_Zuulplease flow only the top water source to push mobs out of the tubeclosedcujobearmob pusher activated
3596Chef_Zuulflow these into a source pool pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndspondified
3595MiraiReconsome minor crop grief maybe? or maybe its just not plantedclosedbermudalocketMost potatoes replenished! A few spaces were out of logs and therefore were left as-is.
3594Chef_Zuultwo more corners to flow pleaseclosedttsciFlowing x2!
3593Chef_Zuulplease flow water in corners of this spawner roomclosedttsciflowing!
359210444musiccan you make this farm public pleaseclosedSilversunsetregion expanded, farm is build-allow except the four grass in the center!
3591HanstraCould you flow this lava for me? Thanks!closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3590schneckenhofcorrection: I meant to say "squid grinder protections" instead of "spawn protections" this was a goof on my part. Wanted to issue a clarification.closedbuzzie71all good :O
3589schneckenhofExtend spawn protections to include this guest room, the ladder up, and the small hut entryway.closedbuzzie71protections extended!
3588schneckenhofadd subregion to NE Corner Squid Grinder to allow for guests to place shulkers in the single space above the black glass. (Theres similar shulker parking in the Lobby of Rapture if you need a reference).)closedbuzzie71region set!
3587OmegaeddonGrinder seems fucky. Is the endermite still alive?closedSilversunsetits fine, sometimes its just a little slow
3586baebasaurcan you pls expand avalon region to cover these builds tooclosedNoramiAvalon region expanded to include blds in the south and also a bld to the east. :)
3585OmegaeddonMissing powered railclosedSilversunsetrail restored
3584AceMarconiThose aree live shulkers down there! is that cool?closedSilversunsetMost likely from a skelly-trap!! watchout!
3583Willravela little more flow for my grinder, please. Thank you!closedcujobeargrinder flowing!
3582Willravelwould you mind flowing this water? much appreciated!closedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
3581OmegaeddonPossible to whisk away this chest and furnace? Did message user before, no reply. User has now vanished.closedBarlimoreChest and furnace removed!
3580schneckenhofplease protect the squid grinder I built out here in the desert.closedRuthlesssssSquids are safe!
3579schneckenhofneed an area of water to flow before i place it. So that water doesn't flow only directly down, but also slightly to the side. its kinda technical.closedRuthlesssssSuper technical water has been created in the lab and flowed!
3578Lugia_Gameswater has froze in my town's skelly farm. is there anything you can do??closedtorteelaAll fixed.
3577SumeragiCan I have my region Wisteria extended a bit to the east so this part of the future grinder is inside? Thanks!closedkumquatmayRegion expanded!
3576Lugia_Gamesi just found a glitch, it is small but it is still a glitchclosedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m
357510444musici need to allow 4 water blocks to flow and 1 chest to be publicclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
3574ZahldarCould you please flow these water blocks for me? Thanks!closedgrenbugflowin!
3572ZahldarCould you flow these please? Thanks!closedttsciFlowing!
3571SirLylethere appears to be a villager missing from this spot?closedbermudalocketToolsmith became a witch and was burned at the stake :(
3570schneckenhofflow this water pleaseclosedSirLylemoisturized the hole
3569robrmore crop grief - cocoa not replantedclosedCARnivore_ndscoca repopulated, player warned
3568robrchorus griefclosedCARnivore_ndsreplanted player contacted
3567robrcrop grief, mostly in line all overclosedtorteelaLine of crops restored.
3566OmegaeddonThis area seems a bit fucky... Xray rollback?closedSilversunsetyes :P as discussed
3565Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedSirLyleflowing
3564SilentReconthe parrot i placed like 10 mins ago disappearedclosedSilentReconfound it
3563MewwyCatso i heard lilithvia's stuff was rollback and part of my build was caught in it so i was wondering if it could be fixed?closedieuweh/mail sent to player.
3562tict0cPyro has not been on in over a month and this is unfinished.. Could it be removed please.. Thank you thank youclosedieuwehThis structure has been moved to abandoned builds!
3561SilentReconflow please. also can I please have a 1x1 region on the water block so a modreq isn't required everytime I do some maintenanceclosedFlumperFlowed and protected! :)
3560robrrail griefclosedrobrrolled back, modifier mailed.
3559olav3118Flowing water for farm, I messed up sorryclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3558olav3118Flowing water for farmclosedscherererererflowed
3557Lethal_Treecould i get the raven rock and rose signs switched at the spawn station?closedkumquatmaySwitcheroo done!
3556OmegaeddonMay I be permitted please to erase this hideous build and put something lovely in its place plz?closedBarlimoreThis build has been relocated - the land is all yours!
3555RokkuCXVIIwhy isn't there a whiteoak tree in the spawn museumclosedbuzzie71a good question :O
3554twilexisI've been waiting here 15 minutes for my guided tour, does that mean I get the server for free?closedbuzzie71no :O
3553SilentReconwondering if someone has been doing sand mining here or if its always been like thisclosedbuzzie71if there was sand mining done here, there is no trace of it now ._. sorry
3552Lethal_Treemy brother( CosmoPink) is doing smoe questionable things(aka greifing), he isnt listening to me telling him to stop is there anything you guys can do without banningclosedkumquatmayGrief removed and player warned!
3551Jezzzzieplz protect :)closedkumquatmayProtected!
3550Andromeda42102 griefed rails?closedSilversunsetnothing in logs :/
3548shanty_sniperam stuckclosedSilversunsetunstuck
3547kalasaladsomeone didnt replant all my crops :(closedSirLylecrops restored #blameTheMods
3546Shawna_12convert to still lava, would look much cooler (in a sense)closedSilversunsetSorry you'll have to talk to the build creator, we wont change their builds!
354510444musichelp protect my baseclosedSirLyleprotected
3544AceMarconiis there any need for, or problem with making these gardens all public? Please do so, unless you forsee problems.closedSirLylefarms made public
3543Lethal_Treecan i get w3 changed from rose to raven rock, and w7 changed to rose? this is for rails btw, im hooking more upclosedSilversunsetw7 is now raven rock
3542username2088water flow plsclosedpez252
3541AceMarconiPlease add Dunmanifestin after Marconi on E2. Thanks.closedpez252Done
354010444musichelp do you know if there is any public mob grinders near byclosedpez252You can use "/place grinders" for some special ones, or look at the list found at http://deadmap.com
353910444musichelpclosedpez252Looks like this area is good for building. A claim exists west (the leaves/torches on the ground), and a build/farm east a ways, but you are well outside those.
3538orangemuffinremoveclosedSilversunsetduplicate of 3527
353710444musichelpclosedpez252Please submit descriptive modreqs. For example "I am stuck in this hole and it is protected" or "Please flow this water". Thanks
3535Hanstracan you flow this lava, please? And sorry about the "help" message.closedrobrflowed :)
3533Bobosozeliplease flow my water :)closedZomiseFlowed
3532robrprotect project boxclosedrobrproject secured
3531OmegaeddonDumbest griffles ever?closedrobroh we've seen dumber
3530MiraiReconnot sure how to properly do this but please combine plots 497 and 498 and insert maps on the item frames in mapworldclosedieuwehItem frams updated with the finished maps!
3529MiraiReconnot sure how to properly do this but please insert maps of plot 497 and 498 in the item frames in the directory in mapworldclosedMiraiRecon
3528ZomiseSwastikaclosedZomiseDealt with.
3527orangemuffinI want to claim the area around where i amclosedSilversunsetbuild protected as "muffin_town"
3526Pohtaytoesplease flow lavaclosedrobrhot tub flowed
3525Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedZomiseFlowed!
3524AceMarconiPlease enable shulkers on Glazed Area. Thank you!closedZomiseShulkerzonified!
3523olav3118flowing water streamclosedgrenbugflowing
3522r00tcmdrWould like to request region "Gourdia" for my build to help protect from greif possibly killing people! x -512 to -572, z 1973 to 2035, y down to 14 so I can build a barrier over the lava.closedZomiseProtection granted. Impressive already! Can't wait to see it finished.
3521olav3118flowing water for farmclosedgrenbugflowin!
3520shanty_sniperright thats fucking it Kirstae giving me shit and ive already toldnot to say daddy issues, clear from my reaction i do from the cunt being a heroin addict and fucking our lives u, i want something heave done about this'closedtorteelaDiscussed further via forum PM.
3519Spook6griffed the ice :/closedSir_DidymusFixed, thanks for reporting.
3518Ruthlessssspls expand region "ruthlesssss_house" north to encompass this towerclosedRuthlesssss
3517Jezzzzieflow plz!closedRuthlesssssThat's a lotta flow!
3516schneckenhofflow this water in this little pool here. Also add East Room to the build protection.closedNoramiregion expanded and water fowed \o/
3515Bobosozelihelp, i accidently threw my breastplate into the stall and can't get it backclosedRukiaKuchiki_item retrieved :D
3514Azumarillflowing dispensrclosedRuthlesssssDispenser flowing everywhere!
3513SquaresTherewater flow? thanks! :)closedrobrlava flowed!
3512AyyyItz_Jxstingimme evryting in da worldclosedgrenbughuh. I gave you everything in the world right before the restart, but the restart seemed to reset it, sorry, ;)
3511AyyyItz_Jxstinplease flow dis waterclosedgrenbugdat water is flowin! :)
3510AyyyItz_Jxstinplease flow dis waterclosedFlumperSorry, you can't make changes to toher player's builds. This includes flowing water.
3509JezzzzieMOAR FLOW PLZclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
3508Jezzzzieflow plz ^^closedieuwehDangerous flow activated!
3507ix__I don't see a crystal here. Do all rooms have crystals?closedieuwehMystery solved through msgs!
3506Jezzzzieflow these 3 pools plzclosedieuwehThese pools are ready for a wild splash!
3505olav3118flowing water for farmclosedieuwehFarm is flowed!
3504Jezzzziecan I get an infinite lava pool? Is that even a thing? :oclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via tin can & string
3503Jezzzzieinfinite flow plz :)closedieuwehFlowing!
3502ZomiseGriefclosedZomiseGrief fixed, wolves restored.
3501ZomiseThis thing.closedZomiseThing handled.
3500zach99998can you pls upgrade 3 of the spawnersclosedBarlimoreThree spawners upgraded to tier 3, enjoy!
3499PeridotKnightflowing water pleaseclosedZomiseFlowed!
3498RonBFlow this single water please, hope it goes straight down this time.closedBarlimoreFlowing!
3497RonBFlow these 5 water sources please.closedBarlimoreAll flowing, enjoy!
3496TaySwaycant seem to figure out how to breed the cats at the cat house..?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3495StormmbladeProtect Zombie Spawn Block Please and Thank You =)closedSirLyleprotected
3494SirLylecrop griefclosedcujobearcrops restored
3493BobosozeliPlease make my water flow :)closedbookey42Water doth flow...
3492robrpadmin request: parrot death investigation call. see noteclosedBarlimoreBetter find some new parrots. :-(
3491SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedcujobearsure thing!
3490SirLyledid someone dig this hole in our yard?closedcujobearunauthorized dig, undug
3489baebasaurcan you pls update avalon region to include these builds but leave public the tree farm and public farm to east of this spotclosedSilversunsetnew builds protected and trees left to fend for themselves!
3488Lugia_GamesI am sorry i wont do it againclosedbermudalocketUnmuted.
3487Spook6shulker spot on wood plz?closedFlumperWhy sulk when you can shulk?!
348610444musichelpclosedSilversunsetOnce you have a build (that is not inside another players area) you can /modreq for protections
348510444musichelpclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3484xOreoToastI need this furnace removed. See my last modreq + the #pve channel in the nerd discord for authorization.closedSilversunsetfurnace removed!
348332ndFlavaPlease accept these 400 Golumn Souls that they may raise our Tier from 6 to 7! \\\o/// :DclosedieuwehThese golem souls were delicious, Pico iron grinder is now 7 golums strong \\o//
3482orangemuffinflowclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
3481SilentReconsplish splash pleaseclosedZomiseFlowed!
3480IndroidProtection requestclosedZomiseBuilds protected!
3479xOreoToastis there a tutorial available anywhere where i can learn how to configure item stands like this?closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
3478xOreoToastlooking to build over this, it's been here for a while but the furnace is still lockedclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3477NathanielHofer05No railsclosedZomiseNot yet made. Make sure you go to the right side when using DDOS stations. The arrows tell you what side to launch from.
3476orangemuffincan I make a mobfarm that uses dispensers and water to move mobs off a platform?closedNoramidiscussed via pmsg
3475TJM66Could you bring map #200 over from the mapworld please?closedRuthlesssssDiscussed via /msg.
3474Im_a_Ninja13Someone's built in my claimed area pls removeclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3473Willravelsomeone/s had some fun griefing my farm. please and thank you.closedWillravel
3472CairBirbplease flow this water as well, thanks :)closedBarlimoreThere's your morning shower(!)
3471CairBirbplease flow this block of waterclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
3470TaySwayI'm not sure if I'm doing thisright and sorry if I did it 3x.. I just need water to flow lolclosedBarlimorePerfectly requested, thank you! The three source blocks nearby are flowing.
3469MiraiReconmore crop grief --> sugar caneclosedkumquatmaySugar cane replanted! Thanks for reporting!
3468MiraiReconminor crop grief --> netherwartclosedkumquatmayWarts replanted and player has been warned earlier. Thanks for reporting!
3467RukiaKuchiki_i c derp towerclosedBarlimoreDerp tower removed!
3466baebasaurcan you change protections to make this brown terra a public place for putting shulkers plsclosedttsciShulker region created!
3465IndroidProtection RequestclosedFlumperBuild protected! :)
3464Jezzzzieprotect structure plzclosedCARnivore_ndsJezpens protected
3463SirLylei think someone also griefed this hedge subtly taking 1 off each endclosedHerr_Fawkesthis was indeed old grief, fixed
3462SirLylei think someone griefed this hedgeclosedHerr_Fawkesfixed
3461pez252Can I request a /dynmap radiusrender of this plot?closedBarlimoreWe're still discussing render requests - for now, closing request as a few minutes of blockspam has updated the render manually.
3460SilversunsetpadminreqclosedBarlimoreMapworld plot fixed!
345932ndFlavaWould like the following maps placed in these frames, 361, 231, 253, 254, 255, 235. Thanks! :DclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via braille
3458Andromeda4210griefed stone slab and water?closedSirLyleno records of any stone slabs being changed within 32 blocks of your req within the last few months
3457baebasaurcan yall pls fix the avalon rail dialer so that everyone can use it thank youclosedttsciDialer region created, build allow flag set!
3456Hordsakparrot deathclosedSilversunsetblue parrot returned home after an adventure in Valhalla
3455Hordsaksomeone let all of our horses outclosedSirLylesorry impossible to tell who opened the gates
3454Hordsakroad damageclosedSirLylerolledback, player previously banned
3453501craft table stolen (again)closedSilversunsetblock replaced and player warned
3452marioman63x-131 z-2875 y68 anti_aliasing built a base within haven before getting permission from haven ownersclosedSilversunsetconfirmed legit build, will confer via sign language!
3451xOreoToastI left my horse in front of this building and it is nowhere to be foundclosedrobrdiscussed /hgps via /m
3450Disritera lot of obsidion dissapeared on my build and I don't know whyclosedrobrdiscussed via /m - created region
3449MakauAranneed dispensers marked as "unsafe" so water flows from them when activated. 16 total, located around the pillars, please and thank you!closedrobrso unsafe.
3448ZomiseCows killed hereclosedRuthlesssssMeat is alive again!
3447ZomiseTree farm grief here by different people.closedRuthlesssssTrees restored!
3446ZomiseSome crop grief and other grief from this player.closedkumquatmayCrops replanted!
3445kxwizi killed a dog...closedZomiseDog replaced. Please be careful in the future.
3444SilentReconusually theres netherwart here but someone didn't replantclosedscherererererfixed, thanks for reporting
3443squidb0iid like to use this temple eventually or at least maybe the land in our build. can these locked chests be moved?closedBarlimoreBoth owners for these two chests have been inactive for some time - chests removed!
3442RukiaKuchiki_extend region here plsszclosedBarlimoreProtection expanded!
3440robrleaf griefclosedttsciGrief rolled back, player warned
3439squidb0ii lost my shulker box somewhere how do i find itclosedBarlimoreThe classic tale of boy meets shulker box, is seperated and finally reunited for a movie-style ending!
3438DaCreepManeI left a pair of cows and I even bred a couple more for himclosedSilversunsetsee 3437
3437DaCreepManeplease do not warn me about things that I have nothing to do with, @robrclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3436BarlimoreRequesting 2nd golem spawner please!closedSilversunsetspawner placed, you watch your twerking young man!
3435QueenBombusexpand gwenyn protections southward to include more of the tree (and to protect from our new southern neighbors)?closedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
3434Methylphenidateive been griefed. the coordinates of the grief is -232 99 -248closedSirLylegrief rolled back, player banned, thanks for reporting
3433Andromeda4210(sorry for all of these) is the third time a charm?closedBarlimoreThis site has now been designated as your home. You must lick each block so no-one else can claim it.
3432Andromeda4210is this place abandoned/claimed/available part 2: electric boogalooclosedBarlimoreRock analysis has been sent to the lab for testing to evaluate the habitabilty of this land. Discussed via message.
3431Andromeda4210is this place claimed, open, or abandoned? I'd really like to build something here please.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via mind meld
3430WoozleGcrop grief and players leftclosedSilversunsetfarms fixed and players warned, thanks for reporting
3429_Gusplsclosedpez252Unmuted. Please do not spam again.
3428_Gusi ws doing skoujiclosedpez252
3427_Gusbitch unmute meclosedpez252No. Please only use modreq for serious requests.
3426EvilStepDadPossible grief. These blocks are missing along with a possible tunnel from the hoppers in the ceiling.closedieuwehWe found the culprit!
3425robrghrey's 2 parrots killed hereclosedieuwehParrots ready to dance dance dance \o/
3424generalmickcrushed to death by slime on argoth rail, i spawn in popsclosedRuthlesssssDiscussed via /msg.
3423Willravelwere these light trees generated or placed? don't want to grief. ty!closedRuthlesssssDiscussed via /msg.
3422ZomiseOnly one cow left and an unauthorized edit to block the hole babies are supposed to drop.closedrobredit unedited, player warned, cow restored.
3421robrlogging to fix rail affected by recent rollback - see notesclosedrobrnevermind see 3420
3420markstevensgrief or incomplete?closedrobrrail repaired, thanks for reporting!
3419robrpadmin eval - xrayer rollback filled others' homes with blocks..closedSilversunsethouse restored.
3418RonBChhaiku has been landscaping on my side of the claim. Yesterday we discussed how i would not actually build to the edge of my claim so our builds would not collide bu now he landscaped my part, please undo.closedZomiseRolled back and player warned. Thank you for reporting!
3417Zomisesuffocation blockage made in our rail tunnelclosedgrenbugrolled back changes and mailed user
3416SilentReconplease make armor stand 1x2 region. members: Silentrecon, MiraireconclosedZomiseMade region recon_elytra for you to add to the armor stand's access list!
3415Jezzzziesplishy splashy please n thankyclosedRuthlesssssSplished your splash!
3414TheAcademicianGrief in this area, please rollback :]closedscherererererrolled back grief that was still in logs; created a region NasKerrak over the whole complex
3413squidb0ithe sign to change this rail line is not permed properlyclosedscherererererfixed to allow for public frame rotation
3412buzzie71requesting iron golem spawner :O I think this is spaced out from the previous one now ._.closedSilversunsetspawner placed!
3411buzzie71please flow this row of water blocks :OclosedSpook6row flowed!
3410WoozleGwho broke the stairs and glass leading to the sphere?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3409pez252May I claim this unused plot (previously claimed 2018/04/18)?closedBarlimorePlot also freed up!
3408pez252May I claim this unused plot (previously claimed 2018/04/18)?closedBarlimoreUnused plot cleared here too!
3407pez252May I claim this unused plot (previously claimed 2017/11/10)?closedBarlimorePlot freed up!
3406generalmicki died falling twice but got my gear back but most of my armor is missingclosedFlumperNo sign of it, sorry! :(
3405squidb0imy rail line is STILL broken and you guys warned me for taking action to fix it/rolled it back. :\closedSir_DidymusOne modreq is sufficient.
3404ZachmawI am certain there were powered rails here before.closedRuthlesssssPowered rails restored
3403squidb0i@ttsci - if the creator is going to be messing with other peoples lines they should wait to ask. they screwed up my acceess and took my redstone tracks.closedSir_DidymusResolved.
3402squidb0imissing rail line here?closedttscilooks like the creator has redirected an incoming line - but thanks for reporting!
3401PPGOMEmake inside of this oval and the layer that this dirt is on a spleef region please!closedRuthlesssssSpleef'd!
3400SirLylecan you tell me who built this road/tunnelclosedCARnivore_ndsdiscussed via msg
3399SirLylesomeone put a pothole in our streetclosedRuthlesssssPothole filled!
3398buzzie71requesting second spawner (bottom of the column) :OclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3397baebasaurpls flow thxclosedbookey42Your Water Doth Flow...
3396SirLylecan a public region be placed over this last (partial) row of logs to prevent backups from breaking the redstoneclosedBarlimoreRegion created!
3395Andromeda4210a cow escaped the area here. What do?closedbermudalocketCow re-penned (with a lead, outside of modmode)
3394squidb0ihow i get wood from this machineclosedSirLylediscussed via pm
3393squidb0isomeone griefed our rail linecloseddefiexdiscussed via message, thx for reporting!
3392ajr369Water Flow PleaseclosedttsciFlowing! Should be able to get the rest via some strategically-placed dirts :)
3391Zachmawpeople are saying I could get my stuff back from dying trying to fix a rail, I would like to discuss this with a mod to see if that's a possibilityclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3390ajr369WaterFlow pleaseclosedttsciflowing!
3388MightyPetronhey can I get this end portal area protected along with the upstairs as wellclosedSir_DidymusProtected!
3387defiexIs it possible to get this chest removed (esp if empty?)closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3386AceMarconiPlease add this water elevator drop to the protection. Thank you. I think it got missed.closedbuzzie71protected!
3385AceMarconiPlease protect this grinder, railstop & underpass as a child of Dunmanifestin! I will flow when ready.closedFlumperProtected! :)
3384ix__Who built this town? How do I get out via rail?closedpez252The town was made by obere. I do not see a rail station either.
3383TheTacoTowni think someone took all the torches from my house and the area around itclosedpez252No logged torch changes within 50 block radius except those you just placed. Perhaps you had planned to place them but didn't get around to it yet?
3382assasymphonimore splish plsclosedpez252kk
3381assasymphonisplishsplash water plsclosedpez252k
3380Jezzzzieflow pretty plz :)closedSilversunsetflowed!
3379KirstaeCould Straya please get a /place ?closedieuwehClucky has blessed Straya.
3378Im_a_Ninja13I got stuck in the villager pod helpclosedSpook6that will teach you to sit on things your butt is not welcome on
3377torteelatier 5 spawner plsclosedSilversunsetspawner upgraded
3376ZomiseMaybe few too many for one person? Needless entity lag? No practical purpose for these.closedSilversunsetnothing terrible just yet but we'll monitor.
3375Ruthlessssspls extend my "house" region to encompass this tower(will be building north)closediNerd71region extended!
3374TheAcademicianPotential grief at this location and in the orb above.closedRukiaKuchiki_greef degrifled
3373jug3naut03flowclosedSirLyledupe of 3372
3371uummlolzcan i have some land claimedclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
3370SirLyleplease make tha sapling a public regionclosedSirLylenvm regions-there gives different results than wood sword
3369buzzie71I spawned a Sir_Didymus group of Padmin doppels above here, then left the fight to grab a strength potion, and the Sir_Didymus doppel disappeared O.o any chance of a refund? ._.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - missing Didy located.
3368Standish_I am in lava somehow. Can I be rescued when I relog?closedbermudalocketUnloaded chunks 0, standish 1
3367Jezzzziei walked passed my parrot and in all of a sudden suffocated in a wall. HALPclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3366SilentReconthis farm doesn't look like it was harvested or replanted correctly (chorus)closedpez252All fixed, player warned. Thanks for letting us know.
3365cshaikuinfi water here please? Thanks guys.closedpez252Thus marks the first completed modreq by pig.
3364pez252Grief or incomplete?closedtorteelaJust incomplete, but thanks for reporting anyways.
3363IronOxideflowing waterclosedttsciFlowing!
3362CARnivore_ndsplz protekt the Amerigrinder, to include spawners and rooms below. thanks!closedbuzzie71protected! just the building though - region can be expanded to encompass the grinder guts when they are built up
3361HanstraCould you flow this water, please? Thanks.closedRuthlesssssFlo'd!
3360AceMarconidid I already protect this, if not, please do! thank you!closedRuthlesssssprotected!
3359MightyPetronhey can someone unlock the efficiency 4 villager at solace?closedSilversunsetyou'll have to talk to solace mayors, staff can't intervene
3358AceMarconiHello, please extend protection into this corner, or flow the ends of the water, as you choose!closedkumquatmayI choose BOTH
3357batchloo1could you make this water flow for me? thank youclosedttsciFlowing!
3356PPGOMEplease replace the maps with maps with the ids of 1447, 1446, 1445, and 1441closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
3355Spook6if u flow this i will luv u 5evaclosedZomiseExpecting mah 5eva love to be delivered.
3354Spook6the first time was so good i came back for more flow <3closedKirstaeCheck your moist meter
3353Spook6make me wet bbeclosedKirstaeHope you're moist enough ;)
3352r00tcmdrflow this well, please!closedKirstaeflowing!
3351piplo127128can i have the two of these watery bois flowyclosedtotemoflowing
3350IronOxideflow water, all these water blocks on either side of me, leading down these channels.closedSilversunsetflowed!
3349IronOxidePlease disregard my last modreq. I figured out what happened.closedkumquatmaySelf-resolved
3348IronOxideI just had a skulker chest disappear on me with about 7 stacks of fireworks in it.closedkumquatmaySelf-resolved
3347uummlolzi need some area claimed sorry to botherclosedRukiaKuchiki_disscussed via /msg
3346Im_a_Ninja13Died via minecart glitch. Hands off the keyboard, pushed out of cart to my death and my stuff despawned by the time I was backclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3345SilentReconseems someone accidentally broke carpet and put it in the water on this farmclosedKirstaeAll fixed :)
3344kmwilliasome hooligan stole my quatz columns and a stair for some unknown reasonclosedttsciHooligan handled! Happily, his heist has halted. :)
3343WoozleGsomeone didn't put flowers on these chorus plants :OclosedSilversunsetfarm repaired and player warned
3342MakauAranrequest: have the pumpkinopolis arena as a location with /placeclosedBarlimoreWe have granted a place for the entire town - centered here at the arena!
3341mikeq0379Can I have a small region made for a town?closedBarlimoreWe only protect builds - once you're built up, please re-request!
3340uummlolzcan someone get me some claim landclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3339Lilithviamaketh thy water flowth, deux. Sil vous plait.closedieuwehFloweth with godz bless
3338kalasaladthis guy GernBlanston griefing possiblyclosedBarlimoreThanks for reporting - individual sent to pergatory!
3337Lilithviamaketh thy water floweth sil vous plaitclosedieuwehfloweth!
3336MewwyCati fell into a hole and its protected so i cnt get outclosedBarlimoreWe made it out alive!
3335robrflow water plsclosedZomiseFlowed!
3334SilentReconsomeone stole the cauldron of water I placed for horses hereclosedRuthlesssssCauldron restored!
3333grenbugI am stuck, please to unstick me?closedDjentleGiantSaved, you inquisitive goof!
3332qwekingcan you help me find out who destroyed the blocks in my base?closedkumquatmay/Mail sent
3331r00tcmdrI think our Arena still needs PvP enabled. It may also be a good idea to protect the main area to users of Pumpkinopolis (but not me specifically as we have multiple builders)closedieuwehPumpkinopolis builders added to the region! Congrats on your arena!
3330squidb0imy horse disappearedclosedRuthlesssssjust relog if your horse disappears in the future :) Usually will fix itself
3329squidb0ihere tooclosedKirstaeFixed!
3328squidb0itheres more broken rail at this coordinates im at nowclosedKirstaeThanks for letting us know, it's all been fixed :)
3327Azumarillis my sword in these locked hoppersclosedAzumarill
3326squidb0iim stuckclosedKirstaeRescued
3325squidb0itheres some broken track by the end of the rail from spawn to stonemistclosedKirstaeThank you! Repaired!
3324piplo127128i know i already modreq'ed about this being at water level but is it possible to move or remove this bridge, i can make it a tunnel or something if neededclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - permission granted from the owner.
3323Lilithviacan you ban Methylphenidate? He has advocated for abusing a drug I have to take for my ADHD, and is talking about his addiction in global...closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3322King_of_quesoMore minor griefing in townclosedbuzzie71restored!
3321Im_a_Ninja13Protections removed on this furnace pleaseclosedBarlimoreThanks for your patience - furnace removed!
3320Vextasyflow water at 1075 83 28closedttsciWater flowing! :)
3319SilentReconnot sure if anything can be done, but I was lagging by pico portal and unable to get off horse and got forcibly disconnected. When I returned my horse was dead.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3318Vextasyflow water at 1102 78 56, and 1104 78 56closedSilversunsetflowed
3317LilithviaI have a /wp death marker from the lobby visible from here, over 14.6 km awayclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3316Lilithviaplease remove WoozleG and schneckenhof from r:theramore owner perms, neither of them live in either New nor Old Theramore anymoreclosedSilversunsetregion "newtheramore" created for you!
3315varjpls give protection for this pitiful pitclosedBarlimorePitiful pit it is. ;-)
3314varjSplish my splashclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
3313shanty_sniperDaCreepMane attempting to troll meclosedieuwehYou, me, fight this friday.
3312shanty_sniperkick was uncalled for, i was not spawning anything, they are the ones talking to me, i didnt know i have to leave once shouted at, its a virtual house..closedieuwehPls shanty. You are smarter than that.
3311squidb0itell shanty to stfuclosedieuwehDiscussed in chat.
3310Lilithviaif I use minecarts for chairs, will the server use delet lazors on mah chairs?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
3309squidb0ii need help getting my stuff back from the cart in spawnclosedkumquatmayYou got your stuff yay!
3308varjpls flow these two water blocksclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3307varjpls splish the splash on this water blockclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3306SumeragiSanity check for myself... I removed a shulker chest containing colored concrete blocks, placed it downstairs with the other rows, or so I thought... Is there any possible way of checking the log so I can retain my sanity? <3closedZomiseUnfortunately remains a mystery. :/ Discussed via /msg
3305SumeragiCan I have a chest region named Sumeragi? Thanks :DclosedZomiseChest region Sumeragi created!
3304Zomiseplease protect the whole villager complex under rose. make sure ice farm is not caught in it.closedRuthlesssssProtected! Ice fields and farms are safe!
3303ZomiseExtensive farm grief on all levelsclosedRuthlesssssExtensive grief FIXED on all levels! Farms so purdy!
3302Azumarilliron upgrade (I have no idea what my current tiers are)closedBarlimoreGolemspawners upgraded! Now at 50% tier 2, 50% tier 3.
3301ZomiseDerp madeclosedRuthlesssssUnderped!
3300ZomiseOur icemahcine vandalised with weird piston/pumpkin stuffclosedRuthlesssssWeird pumpkin/piston stuff begone!
3299ZomiseHere's other... someone broke in through here and didn't fix after themselves letting mobs inside the villager area.closedRuthlesssssArea no longer able to be mobbed down!
3298ZomiseRail broken... Apparently there's minor grief all over this place. >_> Pls to fix.closedKirstaerail restored
3297ZomiseThis villager's booth is full on vandalized...closedRuthlesssssVillager booth fixed!
3296ZomiseSome minor grief on villager booth here too...closedKirstaeFixed these booths!
3295ZomiseSome minor grief on villager booth here.closedRuthlesssssvillager booth restored
3294SumeragiCan I have a shulker spot made within the two purple wool blocks? Thanks!closedKirstaeShulker spot made!
3293RukiaKuchiki_looks like grief?closedSapphricMaybe, maybe not
3292cujobearpadmins (didy) check here.closedcujobearfixed per didy's okay.
3291Lilithviahow do I add people to r:theramore ?closedSirLylediscussed via pm
3290WoozleGsomeone broke this woodmachineclosedttscifixed and region updated
3289Lilithviamaketh thy water flowethclosedgrenbugthy water floweth mightily
3288generalmickwater flow plsclosedttsciflowing! :)
3287Pon_and_ZiSeems like some1 purposely sabotaged our shortcut to the mine so that we would land on a lapis block instead of water. We did not request formal protection but it is obviously an active mine. I just hit lvl 30 & died jumping in. What can be done?TxclosedSilversunsetmineshaft protected, water restored, player warned, and discussed via /m
3286Lilithviadoes this grinder have to be in manual mode for me to get disks?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3285SquaresTherewater flow? it's the ones in the back here, thanks! :)closedbookey42the water is a flowin. Enjoy those cactus
3284HuzzaificationHate to be a bother but can someone come make the water flow? Please and thank youcloseddefiexBrainzsplish has been splashed!
3283SquaresTherewater flow? thanks! :)closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
3282promaxxeLilithvia is repeatedly messaging me asking me to physically show her the Creeper grinder, even after i asked her to stop on a previous messaging occasion. She is insistent on me showing her the location, and wouldn't take general instructions.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3281ix__Why does the server think I'm trying to ddosclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via message.
3280Lilithviais this path to gwenyn griefing?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via msg
3279SilentReconI seem to have misplaced my mining purple shulker box and have backtracked to places it could be and was wondering if it would be possible to help me find it. ThanksclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3278Lilithviathis ain't no Indiana Jones, he's not getting me the proper value for my finds!closedBarlimore
3277robrwho built this rail and why is it going through our hunting groundclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via sensuous message.
3276robrprotect backup facility as child of solaceclosedrobrbackup children protected.
3275ajr369Can I change my protection from "ajr369_house" to "Yelgard" and add to the protection X:1185 Z:1205 to X:1240 Z:1070closedBarlimoreRegion borders and name expanded!
3274SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedBarlimoreWater source flowing!
3273DjentleGiantPlease upgrade the 2 remaining tier 1 spawners so that all spawners are tier 2. Thanks!closedSir_DidymusSpawners upgraded!
3272schneckenhofaccidently broke the carpet over this water block. Tried to replace, and it deleted the water. Please fix. I can give the carpet backclosedSir_DidymusFixed - please be more careful in future!
3271Omegaeddoncows murderedclosedieuwehMurdered cows have been brought back to life!
3270schneckenhofthere seems to only be one remaining cow at solace ranchclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3269ieuwehRoad grief?closedSir_DidymusFixed!
3268Willravela little farm grief, thank you for your timeclosedSir_DidymusFixed - thanks for reporting.
3267Im_a_Ninja13who built thisclosedKirstaeyou knew before you asked
3266KirstaeTo my dearest Padmins, 60 souls reside in the chest, Tier 5 please. Love Straya xoxoxclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your second at tier 5!
3265SumeragiCan I have my region Wisteria expanded by 200 blocks in all cardinal directions and downwards by 20 blocks? Thanks!closedSpook6protected as discussed in /msg
3264Kirstaepublic farm area plsclosedKirstaedone
3263HuzzaificationLooking to make a land claim for me and my girlfriendclosedkumquatmayHouse protected!
3262Ruthlesssssflow dis plsclosedbuzzie71flowing!
3261TheAcademicianGrief suspected at this location, please restore :]closedNistuneGrief all fixed!
3260squidb0ihow i get in the grinderclosedttsciresolved via /msg
3259squidb0ihelp i fell in a holeclosedttsciRescued!
3258King_of_quesoSomeone has been digging within our claimclosedrobrrolled back, thanks for reporting
3257schneckenhofplease add northeast room to the protection for raptureclosedrobralready contained within protection area
3256squidb0ii need a mod to delete some of my friends old empty chests in my house, hes on vacation and i cant get a hold of himclosedBarlimoreClosing duplicate request.
3255ix__Who dug this?closedttsciResolved via /msg
3254batchloo1please make this water flow into an infinite spring, thanks.closedttsciLet the waters spring forth!
3253Lilithviasomeone built a dick here?closedttsciNaturally-generated structure, actually! Worldgen feeling a bit frisky I think. :)
3252robrcan we have this chest modified to r:solace, rand0m hasn't been on for almost 2 months and these were meant for tower buildingclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3251ajr369Can I get this Tunnel Protected or nah?closedSirLyletunnel protected
3250Lama_Acadiencan I please be unmuted now that the bad man is gone?closedBarlimoreUnmuted.
3249Lilithviacancerous chat please ban, I'm LGBTQ and find their use of the word gay highly offensiveclosedBarlimoreHandled.
3248Lama_Acadienmake water in my well flow so it can be infinite.closedieuwehInfinite well!
3247Andromeda4210I made a trade with someone and let them place a chest, and shulker to give me the items. They forgot to remove them and logged off. Can you remove them, please?closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
3246varjpls protect this area from this red concrete block the the other concrete block at the other end of the roomclosedieuwehGrinder region created!
3245Lilithviaaaaaaaaaaand he did it againclosedSir_DidymusA moderator has already discussed this with you.
3244SilentReconthis rail isn't powered here where it should be. possible grief?closedRuthlesssssrails restored!
3243LilithviaOmegaeddon was just being quite rude to a new memberclosedRuthlesssssDiscussed via msg.
3242varjsplish the splash plsclosedDjentleGiantFlowed and stuff!
3241Skyaker13squidb0i called me a cunt on chat. I am upset and won't be returning to this server ever again.closedRuthlesssssNo record of squidb0i saying offensive things at all
3240squidb0imy friend did something stupid in my house with chests and now hes on vacation and i cant remove them :(closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3239WoozleGdied via lag while flyingclosedWoozleG
3238r00tcmdrWe have enough Vespene Gas for Tier 2 on all 4 spawners!closedieuwehPumpkins are richer in iron now!
3237LilithviaOlav just threw stuff at me, and then was pretty rude via pmclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
3236DantesDameCan someone give me guidance on claimed space here? I have the Inn and Town Dump across the road, but want to build a rail station here. Assuming I can get the owner of the brick building to move it, is there any other limits on building here?closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
3235farovercan i be banned i griefed ;-; on creative ;-;closedkumquatmayYour wish is our command!
3234farovercan i be banned i griefed ;-;closedkumquatmayYour wish is our command!
3233faroveri found this house and idk if you can take stuff for free or not idk im confusedclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
3232faroveri need a fucking mod on creative for a stupid fucking region i made thanksclosedgrenbugplease make the modreq in creative. We handle modreqs as soon as we can, please be patient.
3231faroveri want to kmsclosedkumquatmayPlease do not make joke reqs.
3230faroverthese melons are ot regeningclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m. Melons refilled!
3229DaCreepManewas muting me really needed?closedZomiseYes, since you didn't change your behaviour when asked. I'll unmute you now, but if you continue being disruptive, biggoted or misogynistic in chat, we'll be forced to mute you again.
3228varjpls dear mods upgrade two of the spawners. Souls are in this shulker.closedieuwehTwo spawners are not 2 golems strong!
3227kalasaladpls make all these dispensers flow waterclosedKirstaeDispensers will now flow
3225kalasaladpls have the water in these dispensers flowclosediNerd71Dispensers ready to flow!
3224piplo127128i see a very long water level derp 'bridge'closedZomiseWater level bridge moved up a bit to allow boat traffic.
3223schneckenhofwould you kindly add the eastroom and the tunnel from the bedroom to the eastroom to Rapture's protectionclosedRukiaKuchiki_region extended to new area
3222RukiaKuchiki_i r stuckclosedSapphricThat sucks
3221schneckenhofplease allow for visitors to place their shulkers in the area on top of the green glass. Thank you.closedkumquatmayShulker region created!
3220Aj562000Please flow all lava and water in this roomclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3219BarlimoreSpawner protection.closedSilversunsetspawner protected.
3218Aj562000flow 9x water, then 15x lavaclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
3217Pohtaytoesflow pleaseclosedgrenbugflowin
3216Pohtaytoesflow water pleaseclosedgrenbug
3215Aj562000Please come flow this, pleaseclosedNoramiall lava and water blocks flowing in this contraption as far as I can tell :)
3214LilithviaI was brutally murdered by indirect player versus player when Olav removed the cobble platform I was standing on while I was DCedclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3213WoozleGprotect this structure and name the region woozleg_storageclosedbuzzie71protected!
3212WoozleGprotect this structure and name the region woozleg_storagesaclosedWoozleG
3211WoozleGcan you protect this structure?closedWoozleG
3210Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedrobrmoar flowed
3209SilentReconplease flow the 9 water source blocks placed throughout this area (2 for water generation, 7 near lava pits)closedrobrflowed
3208schneckenhof- that is to say. make it a part of the existing protection covering the other two domes.closedbermudalocketsee 3207
3207schneckenhofprotect my bedroom dome, so i won't be sleeping with the fishes.closedbermudalocketRegion expanded!
3206MightyPetronHey there was a glitch where as I was taking my wings off it duplicated them, so not knowing what to do I stuck them in a chest hoping they would sort it out but a little later they both disapearedclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3205Wawskiwater flow please! :)closedSilversunsetwater flowed
3204Lilithviacan I get this former resident to move, he's left his stuff for agesclosedSilversunsetbuild removed.
3203DantesDamehello!! Could you please make this block of water flow? Thank you!closedcujobearflowed!
3202WoozleGflow pls :)closedcujobearflow, flow, flow the water
3201SkrapssparkStop waterblock to flow please :Dclosedcujobearwaterblock splishy
3200Wawskiwater flow please!closedttsciflowing!
3199SkrapssparkSflowing waterclosedttsciflowing! :D
3198SkrapssparkSflowing waterclosedSkrapssparkS
3197SkrapssparkSflowing waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3196ix__unclaimclosedBarlimorePlot freed up!
3195KirstaeBring on tier 5!closedBarlimoreWe nearly ran out of tier 5s and had to give you this conciliatory wooden spoon instead. Fortunately, we've found a tier 5 behind the sofa - enjoy!
3194r00tcmdrPumpkinopolis Golem Spawner #4 (Finally!!!)closedBarlimoreGolem spawner placed - now you have the matching set!
3193krby0303locked in a no-edit zoneclosedKirstaeRescued!
3192baebasaurpls flowclosediNerd71Flowed!
3191baebasaurpls flow water blocks thx!closediNerd71Flowed!
3190kmwilliacan i get the ice water on both levels flowing? thanksclosediNerd71Both levels now feature a cool, cool flow
3189baebasaurpls flowclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
3188King_of_quesoOne more Tier 3 upgrade, please!closedBarlimoreEnjoy your first tier 3!
3187triztineven more water flow.. sorry. there's one above and a few on the side of the mountain for a waterfallclosedNoramiall flowing
3186triztinflow pls! <3closedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
3185kmwilliacan i get these flowed, thanksclosedcujobearwater is a flowin
3184Trooprm32Some shulker regions on top of these concrete powder blocks(8 in total)closedkumquatmayShulker regions created!
3183kmwilliacan you make these flow too? thanks again!closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
3182kmwilliacan you flow these waters please, thanks!closedCARnivore_ndsFrom What i observe the flow(s) are a go !
3181buzzie71requesting dispenser flow on this row of three :OclosediNerd71This row of three shall flow for thee
3180buzzie71requesting one iron golem spawner (at the top chest)closedBarlimoreGolem spawner placed - keep in mind the space requirements for your next spawner(s)!
3179Trooprm32Expansion of region for this buildclosediNerd71Region expanded!
3178King_of_quesoDerp Bridge Part 2: Revenge of the DerpclosedKing_of_quesoBridge be gone!
3177King_of_quesoDerp bridge is uglying up this beautiful river!closedBarlimoreDerp bridge be gone!
3176DantesDameHello!! Can you please make these two water blocks flow? Merci!closedSirLylemoisturized
3175buzzie71please flow the water down here as well as the four on the level above :Oclosedttsciflowified!
3174Trooprm32Large region here with (practically) nothing built above ground?closedkumquatmayRegion updated
3173aindriahhnI'm stuck :/closedkumquatmayFreedom by gate!
3172baebasaurpls flow all these water blocks thxclosedbuzzie71all flowing!
3171HexadronIs it possible for a mod to flow/unflow water for me? I just want a fountain it's not for a farmclosedttsciVery possible! Enjoy the fountain :D
3170ttscipls to flow, thankclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3169DantesDamethis is silly, but is it possible to put this "statue" back up on ground level?closedBarlimoreGriefed stand relocated!
3168kalasaladpls make this water block flowclosedkumquatmayWater flowed and dispensers will dispense flowing water!
3167Wozdakapls flow all blocks in tight area west of wierd netherack half arrowclosedbuzzie71all flowing!
3166Im_a_Ninja13who made thisclosediNerd71Discussed via /msg
3165Wozdakapls flow 3 sets of 2 blocks at bottom of this cell - pls - and tyvmclosedKirstaeflowing
3164Wozdaka3 sets of 2 blocks on bottom of this cell for flowing - tyclosediNerd713 sets flowed!
3163Wozdakapls flow all water in this long skinny cellclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowwed (and looks funny o,o )
3162SilentReconplease put black sheep back in pen (probably something happened with moblimiter, it was this way when I came here)closedRukiaKuchiki_discussed via /msg
3161Wozdakapls flow all blocks in this tiny cellclosedRukiaKuchiki_all the water flowed :D
3160Wozdakados aqua blocko - el flow - gracias (pls flow 2 blocks)closedRukiaKuchiki_watr floeee
3159Wozdakapls flow 2 blocksclosedbuzzie71I flowed two blocks and suddenly there's water everywhere!......in the pool
3158SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedttsciWater flows! :)
3157schneckenhofprotect the new addition to the underwater dome (the library room) along with the corridor leading to it. Thank you.closedieuwehRegion expanded!
3156OrientalPantheraChest Region PantheraclosedKirstaeChest region created
3155Halinahmore endless waters please, 5 pools at the bottom of these chambers, ty!closediNerd715 pools, 5 flows!
3154Wozdakapls flow 4 large cells of water'd areas tyvmclosediNerd71Cells filled! \o/
3153Halinahty for the other, please flow these two too! ty!closediNerd71Yet another flow!
3152Halinahplease flow these two ty!closediNerd71Flowed!
3151Wozdakapls flow 2closediNerd71Also Flowed!
3150Wozdakapls flow 2closediNerd71Flowed!
3149Wozdakaand pls flow these 2 for this future cell filling - tyclosediNerd71Also flowed!
3148Wozdakatest fill - pls flow all blocks in the 1st cell between netherack and south border of lake - plsclosediNerd71I give this fill a passing grade!
3147ix__Is this plugin legal here? planetminecraft.com/mod/xaeros-minimap/closedieuwehIt is if you disable cave mapping and mob radar. Read more here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Client_mods#PvE_.26_Creative
3146Wozdakapls flowclosediNerd71Flowed!
3145Wozdakapls flow these 2closedSirLyleflowing
3144Wozdakapls flow these 2closedSirLyleflowing
3143Wozdakapls flow here as well tyclosediNerd71Flowed there as well!
3142Wozdakapls flowclosediNerd71Flowed!
3141schneckenhofplease protect this underwater biodome I have built so no one else can drown themself when they break a window. Thank you.closediNerd71Dome reinforced against potential leaks!
3140007conorplease restore my stuffclosedieuwehYour stuff has been restored! :D
3139Ruthlesssssi got stuckclosedttsciRescue complete!
3138Jezzzziehave question, may need padmin to discuss.closedieuwehInvestigation conducted and virginal beach restored!
3137RonBI accidentally an ice with non-silktouch while digging up. Don't have a replacement, can you guys fix?closedkumquatmayAll fixed, thanks for letting us know!
3136Bot02someone broke my window again...closedkumquatmayWindow fixed and house protected!
3135djsime1Add NerdNugget2222 to region editing on my property pleaseclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
3134pez252Remaining 2 spawners to T5 please. (NE and SW?)closedBarlimoreBoth of the remaining spawners are now at tier 5!
3133Emmawolf99nvm i can get them form spawncloseddefiexSee 3132! <3
3132Emmawolf99can you help astrotrap get to strayacloseddefiexClearing! Thanks for letting us know!
3131RukiaKuchiki_update region to cover other half of wierd house thingclosediNerd71Region updated, with absolutely no damage to the house or extra wetness
3130Emmawolf99plz help me get to straya i meanclosedbuzzie71looks like you got home! Well done :D
3129Emmawolf99plz help me get homeclosedbuzzie71looks like you got home! Well done :D
3127Im_a_Ninja13possibly grief?closedKirstaeGrief all fixed!
3126Bimboadampls unmute meclosedSilversunset
3125Bimboadampls unmute meclosedSilversunset
3124Bimboadampls unmute meclosedSilversunset
3123Bimboadampls unmute meclosedSilversunset
3122Bimboadampls unmute meclosedSilversunset
3121BigMamaLlamaJamarequest im sorryclosedttsciresolved via msg
3120BigMamaLlamaJamarequestclosedttsciresolved via /msg
3119kalasaladsomeone killed my nametagged zombie villager :(closedSilversunsetzombie villager restored and player warned
3118CairBirbplease help! I accidentally broke this chest I had my items in while doing the maze, and I can't seem to put it back in place!closedSilversunsetchest replaced !
3117kalasaladpls make these water blocks flow tyclosediNerd71Flowed!
3116Trooprm32Can you place my prize in there please :VclosedBarlimoreSpawner, and place added!
3115SkrapssparkSflowing water please :DclosediNerd71Flowed!
3114robrplease remove horse from closed facility.closedBarlimoreHorse is running free once more!
3113Omegaeddonhas this been griffed?closediNerd71Rolled back ands player warned. Thanks for reporting!
3112generalmickso yesterday i had broken a cave spider spawner in a panic, my fellow townspeople were upset and im wondering if the spawner can be added backclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3111baebasaurpls flow these two blocks too sorryclosedSapphricWhoops! Flowed!
3110baebasaurpls flow these blocksclosedSapphricFlowed!
3109MackSaffronIs this skeleton spawner claimed? Can I claim it for a grinder? Thanks... :DclosediNerd71Spawner protected!
3108MackSaffronPlease create a claim for me inside the spruce fence posts. Thanks! :DclosediNerd71You'll have to build a bit more to get the whole claimed area protected. However, I have gone ahead and protected the existing builds
3107Kirstae40 souls are in this chest for my favourite Padmins. Do your magic!closedBarlimoreYour weekly supply of delicious souls has been noted. Enjoy your upgraded golem spawner!
3106Kirstaegrief? picked up a few signs and a stone blockclosedkumquatmayAll fixed!
3105kumquatmaycrop griefclosedKirstaeFixed and player warned!
3104RukiaKuchiki_non-replanted chorus fruitclosedkumquatmayFarm replanted and player warned!
3103Trooprm32Protection/expansion to this buildingclosediNerd71Protected! Can't wait for it to be up and running
3102MofoJuggernautI would like to adopt this plot of land I've been living withclosedSirLyleThe Black Fortress's defenses are up
310132ndFlavaCan remove or unlock this chest? User has not been on in 20 days. Thanks!closedSilversunsetchest has been removed!
3100promaxxepls removeclosedSilversunsetremoved.
3099Lugia_GamesThis is more of a question but how do i join HavenclosedSilversunsetyou'll need to contact the owners, this is not something staff can help with.
3098SkrapssparkSFlowing water. Thank you :)closedNoramiall flowing \o/
3097promaxxecan i remove this wood structure?closedSilversunsetremoved
3096promaxxeflow in this tunnel plsclosedttsciflowing!
3095MiraiReconstuck, can't get back on the platform without breaking anything importantclosedSilversunsetunstuck
3094promaxxedid someone steal my end crystal? i dont remember removing itclosedbookey42Discuss via message.
3093flupmakintoshflowing water please :)closedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
3092wyndysaschaSigns are invisible for me?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3091SilentReconsomeone didn't replant this tree in the tree farmclosedZomiseFixed! Player warned.
3090Spencer242We used flint and steal and part of our nether portal broke can you fix it please?closeddefiexDiscussed via msg.
3089Lugia_Gameswhy did my nether portal disappear???closeddefiexdiscussed via message
3088Spencer242Can you please make my lava flow? I want to make an infinite source for obsidianclosedFlumperFlowed! Although lava cannot create infinite sources.
3087ieuwehPls protect this love paradise <3closedttsciProtected! :D
3086Bot02someone broke my windowclosedttsciWindow and other nearby grief restored, player warned
3085promaxxeI'm not entirely sure what this is, but is there anything that can be done about this/should this be shared with the staff?closedSilversunsetthank you for the report.
3084schneckenhofplease protect Mooshroom station.closedSilversunsetprotected station
3083ZahldarCould you flow this, please? Thanks!closediNerd71Flowed!
3082Trooprm32Fixing region not made by meclosedTrooprm32Fixed....
3081SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedZomiseFlowed! Sorry, didn't notice >_<
3080SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedZomiseSimsala Bim!
3079SilentReconstuck in a protected holeclosedbookey42Saved from certain death
3078Zachmawplease flow water at -885 11 -490closedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
3077tobiaz1water flowclosedRukiaKuchiki_dupe req too :o
3076tobiaz1water flowclosedRukiaKuchiki_dupe req
3075tobiaz1waterclosedRukiaKuchiki_water flowed
3074QueenBombusshulker spot at these bookshelvesclosedZomiseDone!
3073QueenBombusprotection modify this enchanting area to allow people to place torches to modify the enchanting levelclosedZomiseDone!
3072TacoknightIIIcome watch me imprison scherclosedZomiseWe do not use modmode to travel to look at things
3071HMS_Pintailprotect my library, please (it may already be protected, i'm not sure?)closedKirstaeAlready protected :)
3070SquaresTheredid this bug? i'm stuck here... the cart won't fall. <?>closedZomisePlayer resqued and accidentally killed.
3069SilentReconaccidentally threw a amber frag back at the traderclosedKirstaeRetrieved and given back!
3068CharismatixI died in the maze and lost some shards. Is there any way I can get those back?closedBarlimoreShards restored!
3067DisriterI need this water Flown' plzclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3066DisriterI need just a bit more water to flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3065theFacebookflowing wawtah plsclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3064DisriterI need this water to flow plzclosedZomiseFlowed!
3063Trooprm32Some small expansion more eastwardclosedRukiaKuchiki_region made :D
3062MumberthraxPlease flow the four water source blocks here - one at the end of each of these corridorsclosedSapphricFlowed, but I think your counting is slightly off :P
3061Wozdakapls flow all the water in this dry lake bed to bring forth back nature and heal this world and give us lake haven-shuclosediNerd71/me wipes sweat of brow. That's a lot of water flowing
3060krby0303i got locked in a block protected zone :(closediNerd71Looks like you unlocked yourself!
3059TheCoachAdairi had a fence on the north side of this pumpkin/molon farm, and it's apparently missing. As are the blocks that held it up. Any ideas what may have happened?closedrobrdiscussed via /m
3058robrcan a /place be here for Solace (without any modifiers)?closedSilversunset/place Haven added >:D
3057Halinahplease flow! ty!closedrobrflowing it is!
3056robrsomeone harvested pods and didnt replant..closedttscirestored & notified potential button-pressers (several presses since last replant)
3055HyperNova_DHextend protection vertically please, we are currently planning to make this taller as wellclosedTrooprm32Expanded to skylimit
3054SilentReconend portal is glassed off but theres no dragon atmclosedrobrblockage removed, player reminded to clean up after themselves, thanks for reporting
3053KXVhi, i spoke to bermudarocket about our stuff being stolen from our chests but it turns out i /cremove'd at some point to let friends have access. however, the player that stole things hasnt been on since then. is it possible to get our stuff back?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3052Bot02hey I'm stuck, could I be tped to spawn or somethingclosedrobrgo into holes around pico at great risk...
3051promaxxefloW PLOXclosedttsciFlowed!
3050SilentReconstuckclosedbookey42Unstuck, we will speak with someone to make sure that wont happen
3049OeroToastThis is a stretch, but is it possible at all for me to get access to my town while I am unable to access my main account?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3048501fishing hole broken at the afk room oopsclosedSir_DidymusFixed!
3046TacoknightIIIpapertrail something or ratherclosedscherererererexpanded region 'fortressmonastery' to allow piston usage over former top boundary
3045HMS_Pintailprotect my buildclosedbuzzie71protected!
3044schneckenhofi made a fenced in area. Do i need to do anything to make it a 'claim'?closedttsciNope, you did it perfectly!
3043xOreoToastcan't go with the flow if the water isn't flowingclosedttsciFlow on!
3042baebasaurno one replanted :(closedttsciNether warts restored and player warned on appropriate replanting behavior!
3041baebasaurlooks like someone messed up this carpetclosedttscicarpet rolled back, player contacted
3040saberfyshflow water plsclosedCARnivore_ndsflow'd
3039xOreoToastI'd like to talk to a padmin about this wall!closedieuwehZburdsal has blessed this wall being manipulated as needed! \o/
3038krby0303flow waterclosedttsciAll flowing! Happy farming :)
3037SilentReconstuckcloseddefiexThis thy holy hand granade of wet wipes has unstickied the stuck!
3036xOreoToastwere these windows griefed?closedttsciNothing in the logs, sorry! :(
3035kmwilliacan you make these flow please?closedFlumperFlowed! :)
3034xOreoToastRequesting expansion of the worldguard region 'ashmore'. Bounds are 49, 1530 and -32 1360. Looking for Y-axis protection from Y=60 to Y=80.closedSirLyleexpanded
3033xOreoToastmissing sugarcane from my farm??closedSirLyle#blamesilver
3032xOreoToastrandom tree in my market??closedFlumperYou gotta watch out of those tree infestations! Fixed! :)
3031xOreoToastMissing two banners from the top of the archwayclosedSirLylediscussed via pm
3030ZahldarCould I get two more water blocks flowed? Thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed!
3029xOreoToastWho owns this wall?closedSirLylediscussed via pm
3028ZahldarCould you flow these, please? Thanks!closedCARnivore_ndsyour future is growing...... flowed
3027gk_ryohorse is underground, so you wouldn't have heard of itclosedSir_DidymusHorse rematerialised.
3026Trooprm32Expansion eastward for new buildings/foundationsclosedTrooprm32Self-expanded
3025Azumarillnorth two spawners upgraded please! (to tier 2? can't remember current state of any of them tbh)closedieuwehThe two last spawners have been upgraded to tier 2!
3024schneckenhofplease expand protections on Rose Station to include the tunnel and rail line to mooshroom station. Mooshroom station waiting permissions from Sapphic.closedZomiseTunnel protected.
3023Joshposhcrafterthanks :D could you do two more water blocks? one at bottom and one at top of mob elevatorclosedZomiseFlowed!
3022Joshposhcrafterplease flow the water in grinder room and one at top of mob elevatorclosedrobrflowed!
3021promaxxeIm using the xaero's minimap mod, but i have the cave mapping, mob mapping and other features disabled. is this ok? i notice its not on the list of approved mods.closedBarlimoreWe've evaluated this mod and added it to the restricted list: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/List_of_approved_client_mods#PvE_.26_Creative
3020RukiaKuchiki_ded portal?closedSilversunsetseems to have been leftover from portal lighting, its been removed.
3019Andromeda4210I think the end grinder is brokenclosedAndromeda4210nvm
301832ndFlavapls flow this water block! :D \o/closeddefiexYour splishy people pusher has been splashed!
3017DjentleGiantGrief of my torchclosedZomiseFixed and player warned.
301632ndFlavaPlease flow this water. Thanks!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3015SilentReconwater and lava flows please within the glass casesclosedZomiseFlowed!
3014saberfyshflow both water above pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
3013Halinahplease flow these two waters, ty!closedZomiseFlowed!
3012Lethal_Treecan i get another iron spawner, the chest is here with everything i think and iron grinders are downstairs, soory for repeatclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your second golemspawner!
3011Lethal_Treecan i get another iron spawner, the chest is here with everything i think andclosedLethal_Treeoops
3010Azumarillwill you flow this one water in the elevator hereclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
3009HyperNova_DHprotection please, we have a region across the street, idk if it can be extended to hereclosedRukiaKuchiki_secondary region created!
3008krby0303dropped amber where i cant get it :(closedFlumperAmber returned! :)
3007RukiaKuchiki_pls protect my wierd houseclosedFlumperProtected! :)
3006LilithviaWoozleG keeps opening my doors and refuses to keep them closedclosedSilversunsetplease only use modreqs for serious issues.
3005rutledge_sHey. I had a protection done yesterday, and I don't really need it now that I'm moving to a permanent base. Can you unclaim it for me?closedFlumperRegion removed!
3004SirLylei just pulled diamond pants out of my grinder, could you tell me if a player died in here?closedFlumperDiscussed via msg! :)
3003Lilithviahelp pleaseclosedFlumperDiscussed via PM!
300232ndFlavaCan you flow the water in front of me? Thanks! :DclosedttsciFlowing! :D
300032ndFlavaflow block of water above me, thanks!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2999ZahldarCould I get this water flowed? ThanksclosediNerd71Flowed!
2998Lilithviahow is this possible? It must have required hacksclosedFlumperLooks like they were placed while crouching, which is a vanilla feature.
2997Lugia_Gamescan u make my water flow? (it is in my chicken grinder)closedschererererer1 water block flowed
299632ndFlavaCan create Pico_Villy_Breed region here? Thanks!closediNerd71Region created!
2995Chef_Zuulnot sure what can be protected, but I'd at least like to put a protection around the airlock redstone & surrounding blocks pleaseclosedrobrbuilt up area protected, expansion limited west due to existing rail
2994sushi15a little bit of water flow in my lifeclosedrobrgo with the flow. be the flow.
2993HMS_Pintailtrapped in someone else's build... againclosedDjentleGiantUnstuck!
2992Wozdakapls flow 2 blocksclosedttsciFlowing!
2991Noramiwho built this cobble cage?closedttsciHandled via /msg
2990Lugia_Gamesmy water is not flowing can u help plz?closedNorami/msg player :)
298932ndFlavaCan you tell me who ran the auto harvester and didn't replant it?closedSir_DidymusBuild allow flag added to autofarm.
2988ix__add command "/expand dong"closedSilversunsetplease do not use modreqs for jokes.
2987varjSW End portal is dangerous. Pls halp.closedBarlimoreDeath verified - portal made safe. Discussed via message.
2986ZahldarLooks like someone's griefed the Solace rail lines.closedttsciRestored and offending player dealt with - thanks for reporting!
2985olav3118could u check if my essence of flight is in the hopper @spawn? heading there right nowclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2984DantesDameHello there! I have an experiment... could you please make the four water blocks flow from this position, away from the breeder?closedKirstaeFlowing!
2983Asterix1806Expand Skybound Redoubt's region ('skybound_redoubt') to cover its new western expansion. Thank you!closedSir_DidymusProtection expanded.
2982FiddlersViridianI broke the water. :-(closedKirstaeEverything looks fine to me!
2981ImmJaqoAccidently killed Kirstae's spider in this cell, jumped as I walked past and i panicked. It was named "Redback Spider"closedZomiseNormal spider returned. Name could not be confirmed from logs, but the beast's owner took care of it. Please be more careful next time.
2980TacoknightIIIcould I please have a couple blocks of lava above my prison airlock flowed pleaseclosedKirstaeFlowing
2979KirstaeTier 4, for #3, please and thanksclosedBarlimoreEnjoy another tier 4!
2977saberfyshcreate region cmc around the builds between this fence and the one north of itclosedZomiseProtected as cmc and cmc_west as its child region.
2976Im_a_Ninja13help stuck in the railclosedbuzzie71you escaped!
2975Andromeda4210thought I had to destroy a sign to note that I'm using it, can't replace it and it's already protected. What do I do?closedBarlimoreSign updated here!
2974rutledge_smay I have my build protected? -708, 1364closedRukiaKuchiki_all protected :D
2973krby0303flow waterclosedKirstaeFlowed
2972krby0303flow waterclosedttsciFlowing!
2971Megatron123Can I get 3 water blocks to flow? The two in the corners here and the one at the top of the water ladder.closedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
2970Goofybud16I harvested the potato field with the lever but all the potatoes went into locked shulkers. I can't replant cause I don't have the potatoesclosedFlumperFixed! :)
2969CairBirbI have enough iron golem souls to upgrade two of stonemists iron golem spawners to t3. Souls are in this chest. Thanks!closedSilversunsettwo tier 3 spawners placed!
2968Ullanderi just droped 44 fosselfragments in with the selleron accident and are not able to retreive themclosedrobrteleport assist retrieves items. News at 11.
2967Chef_Zuulflowy flowy pleaseclosedrobrsplishitysploosh flowyflow
2966schneckenhofplease protect mooshroom station and the chute going up.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via msg
2965TheNightsKingNow that Shulker_North has been placed, can /place Shulker be renamed to Ambrosia_Shulker?closedBarlimorePlace and marker updated!
2964ix__Does this qualify for protection? If so, can this be protected?closedTrooprm32Protected
2963schneckenhofprotect the chute (and glass) going down to my rose 'station'closedTrooprm32Protected with tight bounds
2962PPGOMEadd a /place for the Argoth Shulker Grinder please!closedSilversunsetapparently you've already got one! /place shulker_north
2961TacoknightIIIWould you be able to come assess the area for protection pleaseclosedKirstaeYour castle's interior has been protected!
2960PPGOMEPlease give me my shulker spawner! Replace the sign in the middle with the spawner plebs!closedieuwehShulkers ready to some spawn party!
2958schneckenhofflow this larger pool please.closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2957schneckenhofflow this 2x2 patch of water please.closeddefiexSPlish has been splashed!
2956saberfyshflow both lava plsclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2955variablekiwi2 more golem spawners please :)closedBarlimoreCongratulations on your full house of golem spawners!
2954schneckenhofprotect this building, and the 3x3 wide shaft going down to around layer 11.closediNerd71Skidaddle, skidected, your build is now protected!
2953SquaresThereplace Frostwood Isle --- is this how I do it?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2952schneckenhofflow this water again plzclosediNerd71Flowed!
2951Fezthebearcan you flow this water?closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2950defiexPls to splish the surrounding waterz pls.closedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
2949Herr_Fawkescan someone tp my horse out of here?closedbermudalocketHorse rescued!
2948promaxxeflowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2947WoozleGpossible grief here?closedTheNightsKingDiscussed via pm, appears not to be grief
2946promaxxeflowclosedscherererererflowed 2 water blocks
2945Omegaeddonprotect these lumps of metal, plz!closedTheNightsKingProtected your lumps, your lumps, your lovely metal lumps
2944buzzie71wasn't this a cauldron before O.oclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2943saberfyshflow both waters plsclosedHeysofiaFloweddd~~~~~
2942Ruthlessssspls protect this room and the small bit of redstone in the walls(mostly west side), not all the way to the sky though because someone lives thereclosedKing_of_quesoRegion created for tree room!
2941Lethal_Treei dont have a clue on how to request this but can i get a study ban for me and Floating_Potato (alt) because I have finals next week and need to be rid of the distraction that is thisclosedkumquatmayBanned!
2940schneckenhofflow this water please.closedbuzzie71flowing!
2939PPGOMEflow please!closedttsciFlowing!
2938Willravelmight be a little crop grief here; thank you!closedttscicrops repaired, player warned
2937schneckenhofdeath location X -500 Y 9 Z 1712closedBarlimoreDeath verified, items restored.
2936Ybboris-500 9 1712closedBarlimoreThanks - we're following up with your other requests.
2935Ybborisand it dropped me into lava and i lost all my itemsclosedBarlimoreDeath verified - items restored.
2934schneckenhofreporting sabatoged rail line, shortly after takeoff. Solace on line to straya. Cart dropped myself and ybboris in lava.closedBarlimoreThanks for reporting - other request already open (we're looking into this).
2933Ybborissomeone destroyed the line on the way to straya from solaceclosedSilversunsetline repaired and player warned
2932iNerd71oops accidently killed sheep hereclosedttscisheep restored
2931kumquatmayDid something happen to a polar bear in here?closedttscino signs of foul play with these bears
2930CrambullHalp. I need /flow abilities in my hole. Please.closedttsciYour hole has been protected - you may use /flow within its borders! :)
2929djsime1Protection for homeclosedBarlimoreProtection added, build in peace!
2928Ybboristhere is wool blockng spawnclosedttsciFound escape ladder! :)
2927flupmakintoshflowwing water please :)closedSirLyleflowing
2926schneckenhofprotect this station roomclosedDjentleGiantPlease do a little more building before requesting protections. In the meantime, if anything gets vandalized, let us know and we'll fix it!
2925DantesDamecould you please make the water flow in these two ditches? No hurry, as I'm off for the night. Thank you!closedrobri hurried!
2924SilentReconbroken rail here at x: 252 y: 11 z: -4398 between mobius-haven lineclosedieuwehThank you for reporting! Player has been warned.
2923flupmakintoshplease can my skeleton grinder be protected?closedrobrprotected!
2922ZomiseUh. Our zombie grinder is griefed.closedHerr_Fawkesfixed, player banned
2921Jean_de_Patmoswater flowclosedrobrwater flowed.
2920ImmJaqoRequest protection of this brewer under nucleus_brewerclosedZomiseRegion nucleus_brewer created. Remember to unlock the itemframe if you want other people to be able to use it.
2919kumquatmayFix bed plsclosedkumquatmayFixed!
2918Heysofiacan these chests please be removed now? its been about 5 weeks and they still aren't moved. Player has made no attempt.closedBarlimoreChests removed!
2917kmwilliacan you flow these waters pleaseclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
2916RukiaKuchiki_looks like a grif?closedbuzzie71this was placed by a member of the town that is associated with this build. Thanks for reporting though!
2915LilithviaHELP my rollercoaster glitched me into this blockclosedLilithvia
2914sushi15doth the splish splash?closedSilversunsetsplish splash you was takin a bath, long about a wednesday night
2913Lilithviathis guy hasn't been on in weeks, can you unlock his chests?closedLilithviaGo cHEcK OuT DEAdmaP.COm
2912Lilithviaget me out of here, I blame chorus fruit for getting me here!closedLilithvia
2911jlambe08Can you move me to my pals? I walked all the way over and forgot to sleep in the bed?closedbookey42Discuss with user via msg we don't tp players unless trapped.
2910baebasaurcan someone explain how i didnt follow the poetry rules. i wrote a poem about hera, who is the patron of Avalon. it was between 1-3 pages. i signed my name (i believe). what was the issue?closedBarlimoreExplained via message.
2909Lilithviaresident moved out, left protection behindcloseddefiexDiscussed via message. Please allow the player some time to remove their belongings!
2908Pon_and_ZiHi- User Siuldane's horse is in our yard. We have tried contacting him but he hasn't been online. What can we do? ThanksclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message. Horse relocated nearby.
2907Lilithviapromaxxe is publicly accusing me of breaking rules.closedBarlimoreNothing in public chat.
2906Lilithviaplease check the logs, someone is spreading rumors about me to the new playersclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2905Lilithviacould Theramore please get a /place?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - good luck developing your settlement further!
2904TheNightsKingPlease take from chest to upgrade the final spawner in the pyramid to level 2closedieuwehThe final spawner is now two golems strong!
2903DjentleGiantPlease unstuck me!closedTheNightsKingOh yeah you've not been stuck for ages now
2902SmolTelleThere's some floating leaves here and I'm struggling to remember if it's always been like this or possible grief from someone outside of stonemist :(closedieuwehFalse alarm! Sneaky floating tree found! Continue with your terraforming in peace :)
2901WoozleGwho broke these blocks and let my villager turn into a zombo :(closedDjentleGiantBlocks were broken after the villager had become undead. Unfortunately, it appears this was just a stroke of bad luck due to a zombie spawning in the dark box with the villager. Nothing a potion of weakness and a golden apple can't cure, though!
2900nootsoojflow x2closedDjentleGiantFlowin'!
2899bermudalocketieuweh - chest is hereclosedieuwehThank you! Mail sent to Lilith.
2898robrbarlireq - bottom sign related to other discussionclosedBarlimoreNoted, thanks!
2897LilithviaWoz killed me by indirect pvp using a dopplegangerclosedieuwehThank you for reporting! It was an unfortunate accident. Player has been warned to be more careful next time.
2896Lilithviaprotect this rev's national teasure!closedrobrregion created, protected for 2 major block editors in area
2895nootsoojcloseclosedDjentleGiantUse /check in the future! :)
2894nootsoojstatusclosedDjentleGiantUse /check in the future! :)
2893nootsoojThere is what looks like a temporary settlement in this location, however it isn't highly built upon. There are no chest protections and it looks like no one has been here in 2 months. Is it safe to build here?closednootsooj
2892nootsoojI was following the road to the SW portal, but the path ended with no portal in sight. Could you point me in the right direction?closedfazadenhead another 200 or so blocks west, you can get the exact location by typing /place SW_Portal
2891theFacebookflowing waters plsclosedKirstaeFlowing
2890Azumarillhey so I dropped my pickaxe in this protected villager cell in havenclosedZomiseRetrieval successful
2889SilentReconflow this water beside the concrete machine pleaseclosedZomiseFlowed!
2888Lilithviaclear last, got out of bindclosedZomiseThanks for letting us know
2887Lilithviastuck helpclosedZomiseGlad to hear you're out!
2886Lilithviaignore thatclosedbuzzie71you can close your own modreqs too - type /check, find the number of your open req you would like closed, then /done
2885Lilithviasomeone just took my stuffclosedbuzzie71closed on request
2884robrI can't W8 for alias to be placed on the rail station sign...closedbuzzie71I hope you did not plan to W8 too long for this, M8 - added!
2883HouseBoltonprotect? zombies keep trying to break doors :(closedDjentleGiantRegion extended to protect your house!
2882Pohtaytoesneed a rollback on some broken rail at 3789, -4304, 41closedrobrdiscussed via /m
2881robradmin reqclosedSilversunsetyou're grief.
2880Lilithviacan I bar this tunnel from being finished? It goes under my town in a way that prohibits plans we have hereclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2879Lilithviacan I add a second rail here?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2878Lilithviawho built this rail?closedrobrsolacerail to SW_End_Portal
2877Lilithviathis was not replanted, noticed right after I had replantedclosedFlumperThe only edits here are your own.
2876SirLylecould you please extend solacestation to cover the incoming railclosedCARnivore_ndssolacestation embiggen'd
2875SirLyleplease protect the wood machine as a child of solace with a public sapling and harvesting placeclosedtict0cProtected as a child and public area added !! Sorry for the wait :)
2874SirLyleplease protect the portal gazebo as a child of solaceclosedfazadenportal gazebo is protected
2873SirLylesomeone didn't replant the chorusclosedTrooprm32Fixed & player notified on how to replant chorus
2872SirLylecould you please protect thimble and make the water at the bottom publicclosedFlumperProtected! :)
2871SirLylefountain flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2870Lilithviawhat would Theramore have to do to be able to claim this portion of the mesa? We already claim most of the mesa, and there isn't any builds hereclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
2869ghrey303I'm afraid I've lost count, but I believe we have the materials for our 4th tier 5 golem spawner!closedSilversunsettier 5 placed (you've got a few leftover!)
2868Lilithviamake this water not floweth forth pleaseclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
2867Lethal_Treewho was digging this tunnel? i dont have a problem with it, but I would like to contact the personclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
2866Azumarill...I just noticed the dug trench around this village, after murdering all the villagers - should I be worried?closedrobrother than being worried about your murderous tendencies, nothing in the logs indicating a claim out there.
2865PPGOMEsomebody griefed my fish tankclosedBarlimoreFixed!
2864LilithviaPPGome is harassing meclosedSir_DidymusPlayer advised.
2863Lilithviaban randomdoor for joke in really poor tasteclosedbermudalocketNo rules were broken. Please leave the moderating to the moderators.
2862WoozleGhorse-gps says my horse is here but i cant see it even when relogging. Id# 730f11closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2861Lilithviamake water floweth pleaseclosedbookey42Flowed!
2860schneckenhofflow this waterclosedbookey42water doth floweth
2859Lilithviamake water floweth pleaseclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
2858schneckenhofprotect this building please.closedDjentleGiantProtected!
2857wyguy2014griefed water block, and un-replanted crops a few blocks awayclosedieuwehThank you for reporting! Crops have been restored \o/
2856Lilithviapossible griefclosedieuwehNot grief! KingNyahman is still working on this build.
2855ovrmnFlow water, pleaseclosedKirstaeFlowed
2854SumeragiIs it possible to get the coords of where a player last logged? I was helping Ybboris get their stuff and I want to leave shulker boxes with their stuff with it by them. Please advise, thanks!closedSumeragiGonna leave them near Solace and send a message :3
2853kumquatmaygriefs!closedRukiaKuchiki_degreefed the griff
2852Ybborisim stuckclosedbermudalocketNot anymore!
2850CrambullMay I please have my emerland pyramid protected? Thanks.closedbuzzie71protected!
2849HMS_Pintailpls help i'm trappedclosedrobrrescued
2848triztinhi i need help with this chest, it's in my region but it was placed by a friend and i need to move itclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2847Jezzzziehoping for an update on #2814 My elytra and some other important things were in there :/closedSilversunsetsee 2814
2846DjentleGiantWho built this tunnel? :)closedDjentleGiantThe mystery has been solved.
2845ajr369Just messed up this water by accident if you can just flow fix please thank youclosedDjentleGiantNo grief! Resolved by relogging.
2844ItsADozerI want to set a locationclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2843Lilithviaresident built a giant sphere in a fantasy themed town, has been asked to remove it and refusedclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2842Lilithviahow did these shulkers spawn here?closedrobrcustom skeleton trap plugin varies what spawns, sometimes skeleton warriors, sometimes vex's, shulkers, witches, etc.
2841schererererermy horse duplicated here, persisted after restartclosedBarlimoreHorse cloning has been deemed unethical on P. We have 'fixed' this horse for you.
2840Lilithviaieuweh has stolen PPGome's stuff.closedLilithviamistake
2839Lilithviais requiring someone to pay a tax for a service robbery? PPGome is saying it isclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2838Mumberthraxplease flow this water sourceclosedDjentleGiantFlow has been watered!
2837Lethal_Treei died, picked up my stuff, but it never appeared in my inventory? i tried relogging, nothing. could it be my wifi, or some glitch?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2836Lilithviaresident moved out, can you please unprotect these containers so they can be moved?closedBarlimoreThis person is online! Please ask them to relocate.
2835SmolTelleI remade my stable, can I get updated protection for them?closedieuwehSuperheroes protected so they can protect us!
2834Lilithviawho's build is this, and may Theramore claim it?closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
2833Lilithviacan you protect this station?closedBarlimorePlease ask the original builder to request protections!
2832malcontentsrandom protected chest removal, over 1 week with no response from ownerclosedBarlimoreChest removed!
2831Lilithviathere's a bunch of penises hereclosedieuwehFalse alarm :) this is a wall!
2830LilithviaTheramore now has a recognizable border, may we please get town status?closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
2829nels_nelsonI think someone broke my cactusclosedZomiseAll better! Thanks for reporting. :)
2828SmolTelleI have a question regarding claims, could be discussed via /m or /mail.closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
2827KirstaeTwo yellow sheep missing, what happened to them?closedieuwehLightning striked rudely striked them! :( my condolences
2826SumeragiFound more broken track D:closedieuwehThank you for reported! Player has been warned
2825ajr369Can you please Protect this home with me and LonaBears and name it BearsHomeclosedKirstaeYour home has been protected
2824Helmarokmy poetry chest is a typo and i cant open it :IclosedieuwehMy apologies, this was a very unfortunate mistake! D: It has been fixed and you should be able to get to your prize now!
2823r00tcmdrPumpkinopolis Golem Spawners #2 and #3 (One block lower than the first, I miscounted :S)closedieuwehTwo new golem spawners have been installed!
2822Lethal_Treecould i get an iron golem spawner? the items are in the chest, and the spawner should replace the floating cobblestone blockclosedieuwehGolem spawner activated! \o/
2821SirLylecan i also get these two shulker places down here made publicclosedbuzzie71shulker places are set :O
2820SirLyleplease protect skele grinder as a child of solace and make shulker spots publicclosedbermudalocketprotected!
2819TheAcademicianRequesting H2Flow at these coordinates.closedttsciH2flowed!
2818craigthemailman2sliversunsetclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2817SirLylewater flow (plus top of kill tower)closedttsciWater's flowing and skeles are dropping! Happy grinding! :)
2816Goofybud16Someone has griefed this doorclosedttsciFixed, thanks!
2815SirLyleplease flow the water behind the glass (x3)closedieuwehThose cakes are moist!
2814JezzzzieI just placed a shulker box in the end and it appears to be goneclosedSilversunsetItems restored from logs, the rest discussed via /m
2813SirLylewaterflow pleaseclosedttsciflowing!
2812WoozleGplease put fluffy the spider back in her home :DclosedieuwehFluffy is back home!
2811ajr369Please protect this house with Permission to me and LonaBears. Name it BearHome please Thank youclosedrobryour build needs to be a bit more complete before it will warrant protection, almost there though!
2810ajr369Yeah so my pet spider was killedclosedSirLylediscussed via pm, player warned
2809Goofybud16Someone made a hole in the floor.closedSirLylehole made by original creator, he's just indecisive
2808ajr369Water flow pleaseclosediNerd71Flowed!
2807Silversunsetfixpls.closediNerd71Fixy fixed!
2806Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedSirLylepeculiar flow flow'd
2805LilithviaCraig is demanding creative, he's admitting to griefing, and saying he's going to ban the staff. Ban pleaseclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2804Lilithviaban craigthemailman2 he's admitting to griefingclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2803ZyrnIRLPlease raise protected area to 16 or 17 to cover lavaclosedSirLyleregion redefined
2802schneckenhof...without individually giving permission to umpteen individuals on every single chest.closedttsciChest room sorted!
2801schneckenhofhow the heck do I make this a community chest room for theramore......closedttsci- Chest room sorted :)
2800ZahldarHello, could I get these water blocks flowed? Thanks!closedKing_of_quesoCactus farm flowing!
2799schneckenhofflow this watercloseddefiexMesa thinks this splish has been splashed!
2798schneckenhofprotect this storage building.closedFlumperProtected! :)
2797CrambullI have these two beacon pyramids down here for a mining operation and I would like to have them protected fully please.closedFlumperProtected! :)
2796ovrmnthis is a grief?closeddefiexAll fixed, thank you for reporting!
2795Hinterlandzcan i get the space that the coloured shulkers are made a public region so anyone can break and replace?closedrobr5 regions created, set as children of nucleus with build allow - let us know if it works!
2794Lethal_Treecan someone flow this lavaclosedSilversunsetflowed.
2793ImmJaqoexpansion of region nucleus to cover the entire ice cylinder pleaseclosedschererererernucleus region so expanded
2792ovrmnCan I broke this glowstown? (never seen such trees before)closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2791OmegaeddonDoes this build qualify for perms yet?closedKirstaeYour build has been protected!
2790OrientalPantheraI need flowing waterclosedKirstaeflowed
2789SilentReconsomething broken here that shouldn't be x:15 z:471 y:11closedKirstaeFixed, thanks for notifying us :)
2788AzumarillCrambull griefclosedttscisponges restored
2787robrabandoned build inside solace claimclosedSilversunsetbuild moved to storage
2786TacoknightIIIcould I please have the two water blocks in my underground farm area flowed pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2785kmwilliacan you make the water in the 4 corners flow please, thanksclosedSirLyleflow'd
2784nels_nelsonMay I please have this nether portal lit? Thank you and best regards, -NelsclosedSilversunsetportal lit!
2783schneckenhofalso include the ground 5 blocks out from the 'box' of the hotel.closeddefiexDiscussed via message!
2782schneckenhofprotect my hotel please.closeddefiexHotel protected!
2781schneckenhofAddendum: I want water to flow, but it seems that in spots its moving when it shouldn't.closeddefiexDiscussed via msg
2780schneckenhoffix this pool so that the water flows,closeddefiexSPlish has been splashed!
2779TheAcademicianBring on the H2FlowclosedTrooprm32H2OHHH
2778nels_nelsonMay I please have this nether portal lit? Best regards, -NelsclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m - will light after modifications are made
2777SmolTelledid someone punch out these crops and take the carpet over the water pockets? this area seems a little out of order..closeddefiexAll fixed! Crops have been replaced (and carpet discussed via msg!) Thank you for reporting.
2776Omegaeddonfluz pluzclosedi_c_e_flowing flowing flow
2775schneckenhofflow this water (now that it doesn't feeze)closedi_c_e_water is now flowing
2774nels_nelsonMay I please have this nether portal lit? Best regards, -Nelsclosednels_nelson
2773schneckenhofmake the water in this (semi-frozen) pool flowclosedgrenbugwater is flowing
2772nels_nelsonMay I please have these water blocks made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
2771MarsroverrI accidentally broke one of these without a pickaxe and can't put it back sorryclosedrobrthanks for self reporting, please be careful in other users' areas!
2770OmegaeddonI accidently threw my sword in here. I THINK the cart picked it up, but the bloody cart has stopped. Can you take a look plz?closedSilversunsetsword restored!
2769robrdialer region pleaseclosedrobrdialer dialable
2768promaxxepls can i have a chest region called sagamore?closedieuwehSagamore chest region created!
2767King_of_Lion2000i can't place blocks because of some kind of bugclosedTrooprm32Fixed by black magic
2766Lilithviacan we get this town recognized as such? Basically south Solace border down to this lakeclosedrobrduplicate of 2745. please be patient as the admins evaluate the previous request.
2765WoozleGunauthorized building, trappingclosedSilversunsetplayer spoken to.
2764Lilithviatry again Robr.closedSilversunsetsee previous req
2763LilithviaWoz locked me in a dark roomclosedrobrteleported out, sorry assumed you were part of the region
2762KirstaeTier 4 Please and thank you!closedSilversunsettier 4 upgraded
2761Lilithviaunusual arrow behavior when it enters a nether portal.closedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
2760SumeragiThere be a hole in these here tracks! Is this a safety concern and who should be contacted? D:closedKirstaeThank you for notifying us, the rail has been fixed!
2759SumeragiThis chest has been here for a few days... Should it be locked?closedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
2758Lilithviacan you come logblock this grinder area? I wanna know if just Woz cleared this area outclosedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
2757Lilithviaso multibotting is legal, but multiboxing isn't? What's the difference?closedieuwehDiscussed via msg. For more info about macros you can check http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/List_of_approved_client_mods
2756OmegaeddonWho made this tower thang plzzles?closedscherererererbuild constructed by HMS_Pintail
2755TacoknightIIIHi, could I please have my area protected please. marked with redstone blocks, thank youclosedscherererererprotected your build (horizontally slightly smaller than requested area); you can use fences to claim land outside of your current build for future expansion to prevent others from building there, if desired
2754JESUS_MUFFINSbb i messed up last time. pls make water flow. i love uclosedSirLyleflow'd
2753nels_nelsonMay I please the water block on top of this elevator made to flow naturally? Also, may I have the water block at the bottom of this center stone column made to flow naturally? Thank you, -NelsclosedSirLyleyou get a flow, you get a flow, YOU GET A FLOW! \o/
2752JESUS_MUFFINSflow water pls i love uclosedSirLyle<3
2751King_of_quesoPlease upgrade the remaining Tier 1s to Tier 2sclosedSilversunsetgolemspawners upgraded
2750JESUS_MUFFINSPlease protect spawnerclosedSirLyle"You spin me right round, baby" - zombie in the spawner. protected
2749KirstaeTier 4 pretty please <3closedSilversunsetyou now have a shiny new tier-4 spawner!
2748FlyinSlothlight this babyclosedSilversunsetportal lit!
2747Lethal_Treesomoene dug their way out of my rail tunnel, can I knwo who?closedKing_of_quesoDiscussed via /m
2746Solid_Snake_waterclosedKing_of_quesoNo water to flow :o
2745LilithviaSince we have three or four structures, plans to build farms and tree farms, and plans to expand down towards the river/lake, can we get town status?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2744Lilithviaas co-mayor of Theramore how come I'm not allowed to modify the grinder?closedi_c_e_discussed vie message
2743iamdarbprotect please!closedKirstaeProtected!
2742Lilithviathis water needs to flow plzclosedKirstaeflowing
2741WoozleGcould you expand the claim to protect the whole spawner room and collection room with a 3block buffer zone ;)closedi_c_e_expanded and ready to partake in all that wonderful xp
2740WoozleGflow this block. i just need to test the distanceclosedscherererererflowed
2739LilithviaCan we get this spawner protected?closedscherererereralready protected on behalf of WoozleG
2738WoozleGcan you protect this spawner?closedscherererererprotected
2737Lilithviacan we get a Witch spawner?closedSilversunsetSorry we dont give out spawners, the only ones available are the ones you find in the wild!
2736meghatron500accidentally griefed :(closedfazadenfixed, keep an eye out for tunnels in the future
2735ZyrnIRLProtect this room corner to corner so I can make things flow without having to call you each time I mess upclosedBarlimoreProtection added for this room, /flow - to start flowing youw own liquids while in your region.
2734ajr369Can you please protect this area down here or add an extension to ajr369_house?closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
2733Lilithviaplease protect this town of Theramore so far, oh mighty onesclosedieuwehHouse protected! Purple__Girl and WoozleG added as owners too.
2732WoozleGi dun goofedclosedieuwehSolved!
2731rodesjaalShulkerBox > Iron Grinder, flow the water for the grinderclosedieuwehCongrats on your first iron spawner! Town is now protected under the region No_Name_City.
2730Lilithviacan you protect this build in such a way that me, Purple__Girl, and WoozleG can build it, but it can't be griefed?closedieuwehPlease modreq again once your build is more developed!
2729Marsroverrflow my water daddyclosedrobrsay my name.
2728Grimwaltzskelefarm activation: pls flow water in 4 sign-marked spots (3 are down here in the chamber, 1 at the top of the water elevator)closedrobrskelefarm activate!
2727Azumarilllast portal message still in rotationclosedieuwehAlert list updated, thank you for noticing!
2726Lethal_Treeis it possible for me to get added to the haven region or just get a few rails placed? i need to finish my rail into haven but i cant place the last 3 blocksclosedieuwehMight be better to directly message a mayor of haven about it! Silversunset or bermudalocket will be able to help you.
2725WoozleGHow the heck do I get soulsand. The nether has noneclosedBarlimoreThere's a ton available, check the livemap for guidance and good luck exploring! http://nerd.nu/maps/pve/live/?worldname=world_nether
2724Lilithviathere's a multibot user on the server, please banclosedBarlimoreThese accounts are behaving within the rules - all is fine.
2723RonBReplace the block of gold with a Golem spawner please, payment is in chest on top.closedBarlimoreHere come the golems!
2722OmegaeddonAny chance of protection for these 5 beacon stacks, plz? Thanks!closedDjentleGiantProtections created!
2721aindriahhnI don't and won't use discord.closedZomisePlease stop using modreqs for discussion. If you want to continue discussing it, you can choose to talk to me in discord PMs or in private messages.
2720aindriahhnI don't believe in safe spaces, I just don't support advocating violence against womenclosedZomisePlease stop using modreqs for discussion. If you want to continue discussing it, you can choose to talk to me in discord PMs or in private messages.
2719aindriahhnI tried that, you have no interest in anything beyond reitorating that it's a referenceclosedZomiseYou can continue discussing this with me in Discord. But we're not one of so called "safe places" where everything remotely viewable as offensive will be removed.
2718aindriahhnSilencing criticism is bullshit ZomiseclosedZomiseCalm down and discuss the issue in a constructive way and I'll unmute you.
2717Im_a_Ninja13tp help pleaseclosedKirstaeSaved by your knight in shining armour!
2716KirstaeIron golem was killed in this area, unsure if it was namedclosedKirstaeIron golems have been replaced!
2715torteelatest modreq for trainingclosedNistunefully trained!
2714nels_nelsonMay I please have this block of water made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelscloseddefiexNatural splish has been splashed!
2713WoozleGlet it flow....closedttsciFlowing! :)
2712Lethal_Treewould it be possible for this region here to be removed or edited so I can build my rail over the other one? it shouldnt interupt it at allclosedttsciDiscussed via /msg, will contact region owner if necessary
2711Lilithviacan we ban talk about WH40k?closedTheNightsKingIt's not getting in the way of much else and it's not offensive - use /ignore if you don't want to see it
2710schneckenhofwater's broke (yes i know, phrasing)closedTheNightsKingWater's all doing stuff right now
2709SilentReconplease flow 2 water sources behind the stone and the water/lava in the cobblestone generatorclosedTheNightsKingAll the cobble you'd ever want!
2708schneckenhofmake this water flow please.closedTheNightsKingWater now obeying the laws of physics
2707olav3118infinite poolclosedBarlimoreHere's to safer journeys down the ladder!
2706SilentReconplease make exposed water in melon/pumpkin farm section flowclosedBarlimoreNeat design - all flowing!
2705olav3118ive basically done that.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2704olav3118I want to fill up a small 7*7 area of water so I can drop down into my base without taking damage. And I dont want to run back and forward 200 blocks for wterclosedBarlimoreIf you place two source blocks in a 2 x 2 grid then modreq, we can flow them for you to have an infinity pool - Then we can flow any source blocks you place.
2703schneckenhofflow this little bit of water for me.closedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2702aindriahhnPlease protect my maze, also I'd love if you'd try it outclosedBarlimoreProtection added - Now which way out?
2701nels_nelsonMay I please have this water block made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosedDjentleGiantMy dear nels_nelson, I am pleased to announce that your water source block now flows naturally. Kind regards, -Djentle
2700Lilithviacan someone add Purple__Girl to this town? Triz hasn't been on in a while.closedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
2699Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedbookey42water flowin
2698SumeragiCan I have a region made named Wisteria from Low corner X3048 Y170 Z2347 Lime Terracotta (can't reach it down there) to High X2945 Y256 Z2223 Pink Terracotta? Please add Shishikura <3 Thanks!closedfazadenprotected ^_^
2697LilithviaTriz hasn't been on in several days... When do I become mayor of Treefall/Windfall/whatever this town I live in is called?closedieuwehDiscussed via msg!
2696Ruthlessssspls protect this cube(ground one) all the way into the sky :)closedkumquatmayProtected!
2695QueenBombusIron Golem spawner replacing one of the diorite blocks. Request made on top of chest with required materials.closedieuwehBeep boop... Golem spawner installed!
2694SumeragiThese water blocks do not know the way, please show them! (Water flow please :D thanks!)closedZomiseFlowed!
2693Omegaeddonis this ladder still in logs? If so, who laddered this ladder? If not, may I pave over?closedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
2692SilentReconplease make water by sugar cane + cactus flowclosedscherererererduplicate req
2691SilentReconplease make water by sugar cane + cactus flowclosedscherererererduplicate req
2690SilentReconplease make water by sugar cane + cactus flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2689Lilithviatotal Modpoints scores: Rukia:15 Scherer:3 Queso:1 Flumper:-5000closedscherererererplease use /modreq for legitimate moderation requests only, thanks
2688LilithviaTonight's modpoints tally: Rukia:15 Scherer:3 Flumper:-5000closedscherererererplease use /modreq for legitimate moderation requests only, thanks
2687SilentReconflow water pleaseclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed
2686xOreoToastI am really sorry for all the requests, I just watched user Neonjelly kill off one half of my breeding pair of pigsclosedRukiaKuchiki_used the dark arts to summon pig!
2685xOreoToast@ request 2684, there's all this tooclosedRukiaKuchiki_MOAR griff un griffled
2684xOreoToastCause of these open patches?closedRukiaKuchiki_grief fixed
2683xOreoToastIt says that "this item frame now belongs to you".... does this mean that I can put my most expensive item in it and it'll be safe from theft?closedTrooprm32Should be safe! :) Spoke in /msg
2682HordsakI accidentally turned all my fossils into ambers. I had over a stack. Can I get the fossils back?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via mail.
2681theFacebookflowing wata plsclosedTrooprm32Flowed
2680Neonjellywaterflow please :)closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
2679xOreoToastinfinite water plsclosedSirLyleconservation of mass: violated
2678Lethal_Treeim stuck in a block in a boat, relog doesnt fix is there somethig i can docloseddefiexFreedom: brought to you by the A and the number 4.
2677nels_nelsonMay I please have this water block made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
2676QueenBombusflowing water these cornersclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
2675QueenBombusflowing water this future iron grindercloseddefiexFe-y splish has been splashed
2674xOreoToastI had multiple pigs and now there is only one.closedDjentleGiantThere are two pigs in your pen, enough to start a new pig family!
2673nels_nelsonMay I please have this block of water made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelscloseddefiexCramped quarters splish has been splashed!
267232ndFlavaI, 32nd, being of sound mind and body, do hereby relinquish claim to the South Portal to nels_nelson that he may be entitled to all honors and benefits occuring there to under section 1.8 Portals of the PVE Info Guide.closedSilversunsetNoted!
2671QueenBombusflowing water in gapsclosedttscigaps filled!
2670QueenBombusflowing water for this grinderclosedttsciWater's flowing - enjoy the grinder!
2669QueenBombusflowing water for this roomclosedi_c_e_the water it be flowin
2668Lilithviacan I get my new house protected in such a way I can still build it, and still use the tree farm, but it can't be griefed?closedscherererererexpanded woodfall region such that your house is fully covered now; typically individuals in cities don't have additional personal protections for misc builds, but you can ask region owner triztin about it if you think it's necessary
2667Lilithviahe's doing it again!closedFlumperThanks for the report. We'll keep an eye on the situation.
2666Lilithviaplease ban Gome, he's punching birbsclosedFlumperIf you ate the birb, he wouldn't be able to punch it anymore. just sayin'.
2665SilentReconplease make water behind pistons flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2664SilentReconplease make only the weater in the L shape flowclosedieuwehL shaped flow!
2663Lilithviaso much for hard difficulty. Not many mobs spawn, so what's the point of it being on hard difficulty?closedieuwehDiscussed via msg. Mobs will chase you when you are in their line of sight, within 16 blocks.
2662ZachmawI'm stuck. this place is inescapableclosedieuwehYou are free now!
2661RukiaKuchiki_proteccc baconclosedieuwehBacon protected!
2660Lilithviais it possible to grow this skinny trees at a treefarm, or are these handmade?closedieuwehThese trees are generated with the map, it is only possible to grow them by hand.
2659DjentleGiantCould the last powered rail be an activator rail instead?closedSilversunsetlast rail is now an activator rail, let me know if that doesnt work properly (i think it will)
2658ZachmawPlease flow the lava at -1020 83 -424 as well as the water sources from -1020 85 -435 to -1028 86 -427closedRukiaKuchiki_all flowing :D
2657KingNyahmanhi i think the road here is being griefedclosedieuwehThank you for reporting! The issue has been handled.
2656King_of_Lion2000my personalised maps don't workclosedkumquatmayNew map procedure explained and maps all working!
2655varjpls flow these two water blocksclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2654SilentReconminor crop grief at solace farms againclosedscherererererfixed, thanks for reporting
2653HMS_Pintailflowclosedbookey42Fountain is a thing of beauty.
2652iamdarbplease flow this little bit of hot squirt for meclosedbookey42Hot Lava flows
2651SilentReconflow this water block pleaseclosedKing_of_quesoFountain flowing!
2650LilithviaHey Listen! Make these waters flow pleaseclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
2649SumeragiWaterflow Electric Boogaloo 2, Free Flowin' (Goofed and it went all over D: ) Thanks!closedKing_of_quesoNow it's freeeee! Free flowin'!
2648Lilithviacould you please make this water flow?closedKing_of_quesoSploosh!
2647SumeragiPlease let this floating water source flow from its lofty vantage, thanks! (Need a temporary water elevator :3 )closedTrooprm32Flowed!
2646Arctic_PuffinFlowing aquaclosedSilversunsetflowed
2645Neonjellyam i muted? i keep getting "cannot send chat message"closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2644iamdarbwill you flow the six lavas in this wall? thanks!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2643malcontentsflowing water for grinder & spawner claimclosedCARnivore_ndsI hear the cries of ground mobs flowing in your future
2642WoozleGprotection claim neededclosedSilversunsethouse protected
2641DjentleGiantPlease help me, I died here as the game kept glitching me into a wall. Now I cannot find my death pile.closedSilversunseta few wits restored, but only enough to operate on
2640Arctic_Puffinflowing waterclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
2639robrchest/region test region hereclosedrobrregion created/removed for test duration
2637aindriahhnNever mind lolclosedfazadenyou can cancel your own modreqs by typing /check, then /done ####
2636aindriahhnI think I had an iron nugget spontaniously turn into a golem soulclosedieuwehSee 2637.
2634UtterBoycan you plz help me find me horse i tryed using the hgps and not working for meclosedKirstaeDiscussed via /msg
2633triztinflow please <3closedKing_of_quesoflowing!
2632Mumberthraxplease flow this water sourceclosedbookey42Flowin water is refreshing
2631m_razzIs this bridge player-placed? (or: do I have to ask someone's permission to modify it?) Thanks!closedRukiaKuchiki_mailed player about bridge
2630iamdarbprotect this beacon please oh wise and mysterious gods!closedi_c_e_i have myseriously protected the beacon wisely :p
2629MackSaffronPlease flow the water block on top of the postclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2628robrparrot murder hereclosedSilversunsetbird restored, it decided it wanted to be green.
2627SilentReconminor crop grief in nether wort farm and potato patch behind me hereclosedfazadenfixed, and players notified
2626MackSaffronFlow this single water block, please. <3closedbookey42Waterflowin let the villager breed
2625iamdarbthis lava please!closedBluuefuzzythat lava!
2624r00tcmdr1st golem spawner for Pumpkinopolis! (Finally)closedieuwehCongrats on your first golem spawner! \o/
2623r00tcmdrWater Flow Part 2closedfazadenflowing strong
2622r00tcmdrWater Flow for Grinder (y39, y46, y73)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2621Bluuefuzzythese skulls refuse to submit to me. (they won't break when broken, "this skull is locked with a magical spell" yes, they do belong to me, but i have no idea why they won't break)closedSir_DidymusRogue skulls forced into submission.
2620EsteloreI just broke a crafting bench here, and now this tile isn't walkable, and blocks can't be placed on it. Any idea what's up?closedBluuefuzzyVery well could be a lag issue, crafting bench is still there. If the issue persists, please modreq again!
2619Muzelleflow plz, the top block of water, tyclosedSpook6flowed!
2618Muzelleflow please =)closedKing_of_quesoFountain flowed!
2617HyperNova_DHall of our animals are gone? there were fenced inclosedRukiaKuchiki_used black magic to resurect animals, may want brains :O
2616Sumpwaterflow my lil suvival poolclosedttsciFlowing! Enjoy your water :)
2615Zachmawam trapped, please help.closedttsciFreedom!
2614iamdarbflow this lava please, all three blocks! muchas gracias!closediNerd71Hot stuff coming down
2613iamdarbwasn't this a glowstone lamp? grif?closedttscifixed up, thanks for letting us know
2612bermudalocketButton missing from face of dispenser?closeddefiexButton has satisfied its quest for adventure and has returned home to its rightful place on the dispenser!
261132ndFlava[PADMINS] I am claiming portal 12!closedieuwehCongratulations! Please check out the portal requirements here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Portals
2610Jezzzziepossibly found more damage per modreq 2603. Noticed our chickens and our red sheep missing.closedBluuefuzzyDiscussed via pm!
2609ttsciplayers can fall in here and get stuckclosedBarlimoreFixed!
2608uncubedI explored into a holeclosedttsciFreedom!
2607ExtraChromieBoicheck out my house to see if the pattern is goodclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg. Adviced to ask for opinions in general chat instead of using modreqs.
2606uncubedis there any way to get the secret mushroom block back, I placed it thinking it was a shulker boxclosedBarlimoreRestored!
2605Trooprm32Fix this upsidedown stairclosedBarlimoreFixed!
2604gk_ryoregion hyrule_arrow to allow for people to select directionclosedttsciRegion created, dialer enabled - happy trails!
2603Jezzzzietrying to find out who was tampering with things around here? Also didnt replant crops and seems to have broken a couple things in the area.closedBluuefuzzyall fixed, and player is no longer with us!
2602ExtraChromieBoiwater flow (last one for now i promise :)closedTrooprm32Flowed!
2601ExtraChromieBoiWho would win? 4 buckets of stationary water or 1 mod boiclosedSilversunsetflowed.
2600ExtraChromieBoiwater flowclosedttsciFlowing! :)
2599SumeragiIs it possible to set the perms in this region to allow outsiders to interact with Item Frames? Player/Owner hasn't been on since April 23rd and this thing is out of whack :(closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2598variablekiwiwater flowx7 and golem spawner x2closedBarlimoreEnjoy your first two golem spawners!
2597Im_a_Ninja13buildclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2596HouseBoltonp r o t e c t .closedKirstaeThe house you want protected is already protected!
2595Jezzzziequick question regarding poem submissions. i was told to ask for a padmin. ^^closedBarlimoreCheck your mail for details!
2594Jezzzziei visited someones town a few minutes ago and now i have a lever in my inventory that wasnt there before. Halpclosedbuzzie71Be assured that the lever you have will not suddenly slow you down or set you on fire or make you leak water or anything like that :O but you should still stick it back over the door
2592iamdarbclaimed? if not I would like to make a region, spideytimeclosedbuzzie71doesn't look claimed, so spawner protected!
2591HyperNova_DHprotection please, fenced in areaclosedKirstaeYour base has been protected
2590MiraiReconsomeone didnt replant hereclosediNerd71Reminded player to replant. Would've rolled back the crops, but looks like you've already replanted
2589MiraiReconthis station line steals took my minecart into a protected chestclosedSilversunsetcart returned
2588uncubedI got so excited about writing a poem that I tried to get a book with my inventory full, a new book would be greatly appreciatedclosedSilversunsetbook returned!
2587krby0303flow water x2closedttsciThe water flows! Have fun :)
2586pez252One more spawner to T5 please.closedSilversunsetTier 5 golem spawner placed!
2585FlyinSlothPlease upgrade the spawner here to tier 2closedieuwehSpawners are now 2 golems strong!
2584Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedSirLyleflowing
2583Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosediNerd71Flowed!
2582SirLylesomeone didn't replant this chorusclosedTheNightsKingPlural someones it seems. Chorus vandalism repaired.
2580Aj562000Follow up on request 2522: It says it was discussed by /m, but not with whom and I'd like to know who to correspond with.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2579QueenBombusregion add this farm (and open space below) to gwenyn -- otherwise I'll be asking for a lot of flowing water :)closedbuzzie71protected!
2578QueenBombusprotection gwenyn region increase to include more of buildclosedi_c_e_the tree is safe from rogue lumberjacks !
2577ExtraChromieBoiwater flowclosedSirLyleflow
2576Bluuefuzzygonna be a long one- please protect this arena, plus make it pvp-enabled, and also make the glass ceiling into barrier blocks, if possible. there's probably more, but i've forgotten itclosedieuwehPvP is now certified and ready to kill!
2575Muskogee_Redvillager cause of deathclosedSirLyle#blameTheUndead
2574SquaresTherewater flow? the whole row in the back here! thanks :)closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2573SquaresTherewater flow? the one in the back hereclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2572SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2571Willravelwould you mind flowing the water at the center of the farm squares? muchos graciasclosedSirLyleflow'd
2569CairBirbhello! sorry for all the requests, but I also need this row of packed ice at end of my farm rows added to stonemist_farms, pleaseclosedSirLylestonemist_farms expanded
2568pez252test for iceclosedpez252test done
2567CairBirbI need to make sure both of these glass towers are added to my stonemist_farms protection, please!closedtict0cExpanded :o) Happy building !!
2566krby0303griefed power railclosedBluuefuzzyfixed, players warned!
2565krby0303maybe griefing?closedBluuefuzzyfixed!
2564wyndysaschaflow me amadeuscloseddefiexThis thine splish has been splashed!
2563Willravelthis area of my claim has been protected for another user. please advise.closedSilversunsetregions have been corrected to avoid your build (its a tight area so just be on the lookout!)
2562buzzie71parrot disappeared O.o what happened to it?closedZomiseCamouflaged green parrot located on the wheat lilypad.
2561buzzie71flow water please :OclosedSilversunsetwater has been flowified.
2560King_of_Lion2000flow my water pleaseclosedgrenbugflowing!
2559Esteloreflow plzclosedKirstaeFlowing
2557YarrMay I get this spawner protected? thanks :)closedscherererererspawner protected
2556CairBirbI need to protect an area from bedrock level upwards. Coordinates of the 4 corners are (659,764),(659,833),(703,833), (703,764)closedBarlimoreWe have protected what you have built / dug out so far. Request expansions to your region as you create / dig more!
2555buzzie71flow this water please :OclosedKirstaeFlowed
2554Azumarilldead wolf, somewhere, via TripleQMclosedBarlimoreWolf restored - at bed.
2553admantawhat changes will be needed to turn my boxing rin into an allowed PVP arena?closedKing_of_quesoDiscussed via /m
2552SumeragiWanted to check if it's okay to claim this island. No visible indication of others claiming it, but there are random cobble pillars/torches/stairs here...Ty!closedscherererererno claim fence = no claim; no builds either, just a single chest of kandoko's; all cobble pillars etc. are out of logs too - go right ahead!
2551PrometheusIsFreePlease make this flow.closedschererererer2 lava blocks flowed
2550ghrey303hello! if I can count right, this should be enough for another tier 5 golem spawner! should be our 3rd tier 5 spawnerclosedSilversunsetthird tier-5 spawner placed.
2549PrometheusIsFreePlease make this flow.closedCARnivore_ndsLava Pond is flow'd
2548Hordsaksomeone hit my pussy by mistake, and now my pussy is not where it should be. Please put my pussy back?closedSilversunsetsorry we can't restore your kitteh to her home, you'll have to bring her yourself :(
2547xOreoToastLooking for some follow-up on what happened with request 2506. His house is gone, he never replied to my mail message and there's a dirt shack in the woods here.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2546CairBirbcan I get these two blocks of water flowing please?closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2545theFacebookfloweth plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowinth!
2544iamdarblike what do it mean? do it mean I get this block and can choose to pay it forward? like what do it mean?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2543totemoPlease restore lost shulkers per the backup at this location on pve-dev.closedZomiseWithout a way to restore shulker contents to every player who loses them to the void death bug, this cannot be done.
2542PrometheusIsFreePlease make this flowclosedgrenbugmuch water, such flowing
2541QueenBombusflowing waterclosedgrenbugflowin!
2540SilentReconstuck --> need help getting to safetyclosedBluuefuzzyrescued and discussed via pm
2539Esteloreplease make this water flow so I can harvest obsidian?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2538malcontentsrandom protected chest removalclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail & /mail inbox #
2537totemoReplace lost shulkers thanks.closedtotemo
2536RonBMake the lava flow please.closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2535TJM66Could you please create a region so I can flow water sources?closedkumquatmayGrinder protected!
2534KirstaeI believe this is our last tier three? Please make it be.closedBarlimoreGolemspawner upgraded!
2533ovrmnIm stuck in the subwayclosedscherererererunstuck!
2532MiraiReconstuck - cannot get out w/out dying or breaking somethingclosedKirstae"rescued"
2531admantaI put my poem in the wrong chest, (bottom right) when it should go in the top left one.closedBarlimoreAny chest here is fine!
2530Jezzzzieflow plz ^^closedNoramiall flowing \o/
2529defiexPls to protect spooky spawner!closedRukiaKuchiki_spooped the spawner :D
2528Azumarillany drops in the spawn chest?closedBarlimoreYup - Check your inventory.
2527BindingSchlepI am sorryclosedscherererererunmuting you now, please don't make such comments in the future, thanks
2526kalasaladpls make my water flow tyclosedttsciFlowing! :)
2525DocQuickDeathPlease stretch my region to the lapis block on the far side of my tower so it is in my region.closedCARnivore_ndsthe tower is now protected and under your power !
2524uncubedwe seem to have misplaced our soul, did it fall into the portal?closedSilversunsetEOF must have burned its not here :( but the dragon head has been restored to you!
2523promaxxeis this derp?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM! :)
2522Aj562000Is there a way to undo that death and get my stuff back? I just fell through the ground intot the void.closedSilversunsetinventory restored after confirming in logs
2521TessieBear76i need help with protecting my landclosedieuwehYour builds have been protected!
2520Arctic_Puffinfire spread so I can burn these trees to the groundclosedrobrsorry, modification of gamerules like that is outside the scope of our rules due to grief potential.
2519grenbugupgrade to tier2 spawners pleaseclosedieuwehSpawners are now 2 golems strong!
2518robrmake auto-crop research areas on 4 floors replantable by unwitting test subjectsclosedrobrareas replantable for genetically modified organisms now
2517varjPls replace two red wool blocks with tier1 golem spawners. Gimme.closedieuwehGolem spawners given! \o/
2516MackSaffronPlease flow the 4 water blocks on both sides of the brewing stands.closedieuwehFlowing!
2515flupmakintoshplease can you protect my 4?closedieuwehFour protected!
2514King_of_Lion2000lost my horse and hgps failsclosedtotemo4978a233-c7b3-4b6c-bbbf-a34658f4c624 was a zombie horse that was never trained, because of this it was untamed and your #3 horse in /hlist became #2
2513Bluuefuzzypls, can i have my poem back?closedieuwehYour Ode has found its way into your pocket!
2512kumquatmayprotect pico plateau plsclosedkumquatmaypico plateau perfectly protected!
2511RonBPlease protect the bottom 3 glass layers of this drop chute.closedSpook6protected :D
2510theFacebookmodwreckers: flowing water editionclosedbookey42Modwreckers Flow edition episode 1 is flowin
2509RukiaKuchiki_is this someones base?closedbuzzie71players have been here, but it otherwise appears to be generated :O
2508RukiaKuchiki_ded cropsclosedRukiaKuchiki_unded
2507MackSaffronFlow these two water blocks, please <3closedbookey42Water flowin!
2506xOreoToastThis development is inside of my land claim and it was not authorized to be here.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2505Arctic_PuffinHorse resuscitationclosedBarlimoreHorse death verified - replacement created.
2504theFacebookflowing waters plsclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
2503kalasaladpls make this water block flow tyvmclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2502kalasaladpls make this water block flow tyvmclosedieuwehFlowing!
2501kalasaladpls make this water block flow tyclosedieuwehThis lil water block is now flowing!
2500kalasaladpls make this water block flow tyclosedfazadenFlow'd! Congrats on being our 2500th customer this rev
2499Neonjellyaccidentally destroyed iceclosedrobrthanks for reporting, please be careful!
2498MackSaffronPlease flow this single water block. :)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2497RonBFlow these two sources please.closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2496MackSaffronPlease flow these 11 water blocks (9 against the south wall, 1 east, 1 west)closedSpook6all flowin!
2495TJM66Could we please change the Straya sign to: 'Straya (next line), SW Squid GrinderclosedkumquatmaySign updated!
2494MackSaffronFlow these two water blocks, please. :)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2493BloomingLilysorry idk how to do this more h20 pleaseclosedKirstaeFlowing
2492BloomingLilyi can haz h20 plx?closedKirstaeFlowed
2491seburohkilled dragon, didn't see proper loot and want to double check if things might have ended up in spawn chest. also there might be a set of diamond armor/gloves/feet there from one of us dying next to the portal?closedBarlimoreDragon head passed onto killer - no other loot came through as described.
2490krby0303flow waterclosedNoramimore flowing water \o/
2489krby0303flow waterclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
2488iamdarbplease flow this agua por favor!closedRukiaKuchiki_water flowed :D
2487Ruthlesssssonly 1 was flowed last time, please flow both this time <3closedKing_of_quesoFlow all the things!
2486Ruthlesssssflow these 2 pls :xclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2484MuzelleCould you see what happened to my cat named "kitkat" i thought i left it here...closedcujobeardiscussed via /msg
2483MakauAranrequest: need barrier blocks plz! (area marked by blue, purple, and white wool)closedieuwehGhost blocks ready for a scary arena!
2482SirLylecan you tell me who modified the leaves on this coveringclosedtotemothere are no leaf placements in the LogBlock logs, whereas the other sides have them logged; probably never placed
2481malcontentsland protection: cobblestone fences mark the boundariesclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
2480iamdarbcould you flow this please?closedrobrand lo the waters were made to flow by the invisible entity
2479iamdarbmake it flow kind sir/ma'amclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2478Esteloreplease flow! ThanksclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2477OmegaeddonPossible to protect surrounding fence/hedge? Been griffed twice now. Or maybe enclose my whole compound with one region?closedZomiseProtected built area, fence included. Removed three now obsolete regions. House region remains separate, because of its depth.
2476Omegaeddongrief.closedZomiseFixed, thanks for reporting!
2475SmolTelleI accidentally destroyed two signs here when I meant to only remove the one on the right. Any chance the one on the left can be replaced?closedkumquatmaySign replaced! Thanks for letting us know, please be more careful!
2474theFacebookpossible to move or remove this build? Looks as though it hasn't been touched in a long whileclosedBarlimoreBuild has been relocated!
2473kalasaladpls make my water flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2472SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2471Ruthlessssscan you tell me who dug this really long tunnel?(N/S) would love to contact the personclosedRukiaKuchiki_discussed with /r
2470triztinflow this one water please <3closediNerd71Flowed! :)
2469triztinflow please c:closediNerd71Flowed! :)
2468SilversunsetpadminsclosedBarlimoreActioned (see team slack).
2467SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedCARnivore_ndspond. pond looks good there.
2466SirLylemy horse lagged into a pumpkin farm and is stuckcloseddefiexBehold this thine horsie is saved!
2465Azumarillhorse failed to load on restartclosedtotemoreplaced
2464I_CAN_HAS_CAKEplease flow this liquidclosedSirLyleflowing
2463Azumarillmy horse disappearclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
2462Ruthlessssshey I killed the dragon but didn't get my essense - can someone please check the spawn chest? :)closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2461Azumarillso are these villagers' jobs nitwit or what - they're unclickableclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2460DjentleGiant2 tier 1 iron spawners please!closedSir_DidymusSpawners placed!
2459admantaI seem to have lost my dogs. Not sure if they are dead or just missing. let me know either way please.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2458varjpls flow the four water blocks here.closedbookey42water flowing like a champ
2457Arctic_Puffin[PADMINS] I am claiming portal 2/6closedSir_DidymusSorry, that portal has already been claimed!
2456Arctic_PuffinIs it time for malcontents to be unbanned?closedbookey42Zomise the mighty unbanned user. Discussed with Arctic_Puffin via msg
2455FlyinSloth[PADMINS] I am claiming portal 2/6closedSir_DidymusCongratulations! Please check out the portal requirements here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Portals
2454Omegaeddonminor grifflesclosedrobrminorly fixed. user minorly warned.
2453torteelatier 3 spawner plsclosedieuwehSpawner is now 3 golems strong!
2452robrlack of replanting of chorus properly all over hereclosedBluuefuzzyreplanted proper!
2451ghrey303yikes, gonna guess these two villagers were hit by lightning?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2450ghrey303hello! 60 souls here for another tier 5 spawner (will be our 2nd tier 5)closedieuwehSpawner is now 5 golems strong!
2449totemo[PADMIN] Update /help web with a link to http://deadmap.comclosedieuweh/help updated!
2448HouseBoltonprotect?closedKirstaeI have expanded your region to cover your latest builds.
2447iamdarbcan you please make this a beacon region? if it needs a name, calamityclosedRukiaKuchiki_bacon, i mean beacon region created!
2446CARnivore_ndscarnivore testclosedttsciCarnivore passes the test
2445xOreoToastflow plsclosedcujobearflowed
2444Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2443sushi15flow please!closeddefiexBehold! This thine splish has been splashed!
2442HaythamnKenwayI am stuck in this horse pen and am unable to do /spawnclosedBarlimoreWelcome back to the free world!
2441Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedTrooprm32Flowed!
2440FlyinSlothis this too many hoppers for one place? The server is laggy currently and I remember it was an issue before with a lot of hoppersclosedttsciDiscussed via msg
2439TheTacoTownplz reset server is laggy afclosedieuwehDiscussed via msg.
2438meghatron500flow water <3closedTrooprm32Flowed!
2437AnonymousDapperpls protect this witherbox areaclosedTrooprm32Wither boxing arena protected
2436sushi15water flow part II: electric boogalooclosedTrooprm32Flowed!
2435ttscipls flow this block, thanks :)closedTrooprm32Flowsies
2434sushi15doth the water flow?closedbermudalocketflowing!
2433iamdarbweren't there more sheep here, did they get griefed?closedieuwehMurder solved and player warned!
2432Noramipls flow :)closedNoramiflowing \o/
2431MightyPetronflow water plzclosedttsciEnjoy the freshest spring waters flowing!
2430FiddlersViridianFence contraption blocking the road, no button on the north sideclosedSilversunsetdiscussed with player and the gates are opened!
2429AceMarconiPlease protect this chest room, and whatever other componants of the hilltop you can as DunmanifestinclosedSilversunsetDunmanifestin has been created!
2428Omegaeddonmy nether mine has hit someones underground thingy. Am I ok here, or am I a griefing scumbag?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
2427shanty_sniperpart 2 of the modreq, 32ndflava and PPGome have dont this before, ayroavok too, it will all be in logsclosedZomiseCheck 2426
2426shanty_snipergetting called toxic by various people on Pve, they will be in the logs, go go check them, er feel targerted on here by the way yous label usclosedZomiseTalked with the individuals involved and things are sorted.
2425Rivae4 water blocks flow please ty!closedZomiseFlowed!
2424saberfyshplease flow water and lava in these towersclosedKing_of_quesoflowing
2423oberewater flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2422Solid_Snake_can i make this water flow?closedtotemoflowing
2421NoramiPls to get tier 6 for the iron grinder, 321 souls in chest, leave one for luck \o/closedieuwehGolem spawner upgraded \o/
2420saberfyshflow water and lava in this tank pleaseclosedSirLyleflowing
2419torteelaprotect spawner plsclosedSirLyleprotected, cute lil' guy is dancing
2418iamdarbcrop griefclosedSirLylefixed #blametroop
2417iamdarbdid these four redstone lanterns get griefed?closedTrooprm32Fixeded all the griefs
2416IronOxideflowing waterclosedTrooprm32Flowed
2415SapphricPortal time. :D Protections, farm build allow regions, shulker area region, and portal lighting please.closedieuwehMooshroom portal ready to spread its awesomeness around the world!
2414CrambullI remodeled and now need these blue shulkers as designated areas to place down public shulkers and all anvils spots public use too.closedBarlimoreFormer shulker region replaced with 12 new regions covering your redesign. Looking great in here!
2413Wozdakapls remove protection "wozmart" we have moved the trading center and this rg is no longer needed - ty for your protectionclosedrobrprotective region removed. may lever have mercy upon their souls.
2411saberfyshflow water pleaseclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
2410meghatron500I'm stuck in someone's massive hole and I can't get out without griefing it :(closedSilversunsetextricated from massive hole!
2409triztinprotection for woodfall please! it might be tricky because it's built into the cliff a bit. sorryclosedKirstaeWoodfall has been protected!
2408Muskogee_Redabandoned furnace moved/removed from portal areaclosedBarlimoreFurnace is now on permanant vacation.
2407Dr_M4nh4tt4nhalp im stuck in a fountainclosedSilversunsetsaved
2406Grimwaltzflow water pls :DcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!