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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
3885Willravelwould it be possible to have protections on this and the one lower level of note blocks? tyvmclosedscherererererprotected
3884Zaevilet it flow please and ty :)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3883ThelVadumeejumped in this ender-hole with my horse, horse died on impact due to no water under portalopen
3882Standish_Hiya, my horse died here and I was told to submit this req. Thanks!open
3881Sir_Didymus[PAdmin] Reminderopen
3880Andromeda4210give hint plsclosedBarlimoreHints were via broadcast - seems we got to your request a bit late!
3879PyroAvokremove "this is friend not foe" message? plz?closedBarlimoreThis is the global warning message in this world for friendly combat - it'll help you detect when you're attacking another person, instead of an admin!
3878Saber_SenpaiIm pretty new to the server ElecricMousGamer is helping me around, i found a area next to the shop an musem is it okay for me to build here?closedscherererererthis spot appears to be unclaimed - you should be clear to build! just fyi it's in the midst of the town Tabula Rasa - /rg i tabularasa for a list of mayors (owners) and members
3877Asterix1806Expand Castle Rogue region to cover this artificial butte. If it needs a subregion, you can call the subregion 'valsalia'. Thank you!closedSir_DidymusRegion expanded.
3876Lesbionicprotect buildclosedi_c_e_You are safe and protected !
3875Ruthlessssspls protec this balloonclosedSirLyleprotected
3874PyroAvokunclaim plots 0127, 0113, 0128, and 0114closedBarlimorePlots updated, thanks for helping us to keep them tidy!
3873Polar_Tedplease replace glass floor with barrier block existing holes to remain holescloseddefiexCongratulations! Your ceiling will no longer be such a pain in the glass! Barrier blocks placed!
3872defiexPlease to splish the splash?closedieuwehThis was a big splash!
3871gk_ryo/place HyrulecloseddefiexHyrule is on the map!! (I want to make a Zelda pun to close this modreq but I don't wanna tri and force it!)
3870Hinterlandzthese hoppers are still locked to zead, could you please change them to HinterlandzclosedBarlimoreHoppers (and dropper) are locked to Hinterlandz now. Enjoy!
3869Hinterlandzcan't break this block from below and holding shift wont release horseclosedSpook6horse is out of ya cart!
3868TellephoneIs it possible to find out if this has a claim name? I asked for this build to be protected and now I don't know how to add people because I don't know the name of the claim.closedrobrdiscussed via /m
3867robrdialer region necessaryclosedrobrnow 50% more useful
3866Eridaniflow requestclosedtict0cDone Flowing :)
3865username2088water flow plsclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
3864robrreplaced carpet block at spawn stationclosedrobrwatched a number of new players end up going down and getting lost instead of being able to launch to a destination, traincarts seems to be ok with carpet now.
3863ieuwehProtection for my art schoolclosedieuwehNow students can practice their skills in peace!
3862buzzie71request maps: 1533, 1534, 1540, 1535, 1536, 1541, 1550, 1551, 1565, 1566closedkumquatmayMaps placed!
3861buzzie71request maps: 1437, 1527, 1537, 1522, 1517, 1526, 1518, 1436, 1542, 1548closedkumquatmayMaps placed!
3860buzzie71request maps: 1438, 1452, 1416, 1453, 1524, 1525, 1468, 1523, 1549, 1521closedkumquatmayMaps placed!
3859TellephoneThis beacon was placed by someone who quit months ago, was wondering if I could get this moved or pass it over to someone else in the claim who wants it?closeddefiexPlayer that placed the beacon was on earlier today. Please use /cinfo to learn the the name of the owner and try contacting them to move/discuss the beacon. Please contact us again if you do not get a response from the player.
3858Asperchuthere are unclaimed chests in our land area. Could you see what's up with them?closeddefiexThe chests were placed before you set up your claim. Please use /cinfo to learn the the name of the owner and try contacting them to move/discuss the chests/furnaces. Please contact us again if you do not get a response from the player.
3857gk_ryocreate hyrule region for the islandclosedBarlimore(completed by cheezychicken)
3856gk_ryoflowsclosedieuwehWater slide ready for some illagers!
3855gk_ryolast golem spawnerclosedBarlimoreFinal spawner added!
3854varjpls extend the region varj_underwaterhouse to include mah cellar.closedscherererererexpanded down and up
3853Bestplayer4202take me to spawn pleaseclosedkumquatmayNo can do
3852Bestplayer4202i hate holes get me out please im stuck :(closedkumquatmayNo can do
3851Bestplayer4202help im stuckclosedkumquatmayFreed
3850Twiggy_StickMy shulker box got eaten by a hopper. Pls send help <3closedBarlimoreShould be back in your inventory!
3849eric00is it okay that i claim this whole moutain for a friend and I?closedtict0cTalked it through :)
3848King_of_quesoplease make a public region for shulkers here!closedcujobearshulker spot created
384732ndFlavaI accidently erased my map #1544, Can I pls have it again! :Dclosedbermudalocketmap placed!
3846ieuwehI desperately need map 1544!closedieuwehPls do your own damn homework!
3845ieuwehmap 1543closedieuwehAnother portrait finished!
3844Tellephonecan I get this protected and also water flow please?closedkumquatmayProtected and flowed!
3843Lethal_Treeflowclosedbuzzie71flowing! may need a few more water placements for a still pond though ._.
3842Lethal_Treecan i get another flowclosedLethal_Treenvm i dont need flow
3841Lethal_Treecan i get a flowclosedbermudalocketno (that was a joke yes your water is flowed)
3840obereplease add this building to the moonshine_bay regionclosedbermudalockethouse now under the msb_boardwalk region :) details discussed via /m
3839eric00so to claim this whole mountain we must put fence around the whole thing?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
3838Lethal_Treeflow plsclosedieuwehbye lava!
3837eric00is the path built by the players or by admins since it ends hereclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3836Asperchucan we build into the mountain from here?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3834SirLyleis this grief or rollback derp over this road?closedSir_DidymusPossibly deliberate to keep a sheep fenced during development (out of logs).
3833defiexSuch grief, many helps!closedieuwehOh noes! Halps have fixed such grieffss
3832SpiderManI haven't played in a long time, whatcloseddefiexDone!
3831ThelVadumeecan i murder these?closeddefiexMurder is wrong. (discussed via message.)
3830Lethal_Treepls flocloseddefiexTower of Crete has been flowed!
3829maid_marianpls fill in paintings /1469-/1477, /1479-/1482, /1492-/1494, /1496-/1502, /1505-1511 (maps labeled as well)closedSir_DidymusMaps mapified!
3828Trooprm64[Padmin] Can I expand into this area now?closedSir_DidymusAbandoned shack removed. Permission granted.
3827Trooprm64Is the person that was living here, here anymore?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
3826Lethal_Treecan i get a floeclosedSilversunsetdat floe yo
3825ieuwehI think there are old grifffss here, what do? :OclosedSpook6grifffs are fixed!
3824defiexOhnoes! Such griefs, many halps!closedSpook6so many griefs fixed, many halps given
3823Jezzzziei died and came straight back and my stuff is gone, it has definetly not been 5 minutesclosedSir_DidymusSorry, we can't restore in this instance.
3822bermudalocketCould this chest be moved please? Owner not online since Nov 24 :)closedBarlimoreRemoved!
3821The_Hero27items in a protected area D:closedSpook6items recovered safely!
3819The_Hero27i was afk in The End and then dedclosedSir_DidymusItems cannot be restored in cases such as this.
3818ThelVadumeeprotect bunker of not dieing plsclosedThelVadumeeproteccc
3816Lethal_Treepls flow the water on the concrete pillarclosedSapphricFlowed!
3812pez252GriefclosedSilversunsetplayer has been warned but not enough is in logs to restore the build
3811robrprotect podclosedrobrprotected
3810maid_marianpls flow the four water blocks on monster mouthclosedbookey42the monster is a flowin!
3809maid_marianpls flowclosedCARnivore_ndsthe floor is water (sort of)
3808maid_marianpls flow waterclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
3807ieuwehugly dirt in loving placeclosedSilversunsetdegriefed!
3806gk_ryo3 iron golem spawnersclosedSir_DidymusSpawners placed!
3805The_Hero27water flowclosedbookey42The Waters Flow like wine.
3804ieuwehI need map 1516 please :DclosedSpook6awesome map is gotten!
3803gk_ryowater floclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3802TheCoachAdairHero has the waterway blocked with her stupid claim fence. please someone actually do somehting about her lack of respect.closedSir_DidymusWaterway accessible by travelling under the road using a boat.
3801TheCoachAdairplease smack this person for building fences on the waterclosedieuwehDuplicate.
3800TheCoachAdairsome lovely humanoid thought it a good idea to build a fence across the water. I broke two pieces because all i have are molons and a boatclosedieuwehDuplicate.
3799maid_marianpls flow this waterclosedschererererer22 water blocks flowed!
3798pez252What is this?closedBarlimoreRemoved.
3797maid_marianpls flow this waveclosedcujobearwave is waving.
3796scherererererplease move makdaam's horse here to a safe stable at -3537, 84, 2910; thanks!closedBarlimoreHorse relocated!
3795ieuwehmap 1467 plsclosedieuwehmapity maped good
3794NabooTheEnigmaThe_Hero27 suggested i should take my life IRL, asked for an apology and ive screenshotsclosedSir_DidymusIssue has been dealt with, thanks for reporting.
3793TheCoachAdairi died here upon logging in. stuff is gone. dunno how i diedclosedSir_DidymusDuplicate.
3792TheCoachAdairi died upon login. is there anyway to get my stuff back? it didn't take me to my bed but to spawnclosedSir_DidymusProvable server issue. Items restored.
3791Spook6so i was doing the valentines day thing and there was this head in the box and i placed it and then it became a normal head :((((closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3790kumquatmaymap 1188 plsclosedkumquatmayplaced
3789kumquatmaymap 616 plsclosedkumquatmayplaced
3788Eridanitrying a different flow pattern this timeclosedtict0cFlowing better !! :)
3787Eridaniplease flow water hereclosedtict0cFlowing :)
378632ndFlavaCould you tell me who dug this tunnel? Thanks! :DclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3785maid_marianpls flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
3784Legendary_Legendi need some water flowedclosedSilversunsetflowed
3782maid_marianpls flowclosedieuwehGo flow!
3781Sir_Didymusbookeyreq! Pls flow thx!closedbookey42Test Flowin, is a Flowin!
3780B1ankkprotect my build? near x -362 & z -4440closedieuwehB1ankk's tower is now protected!
3779maid_marianplsf lowclosedBarlimoreBoth flowing here, nice setup!
3778buzzie71map 1463 please :Oclosedbuzzie71map delivered!
3777dobreiramaps in shulker please: 319 320 321 708 333 334 335 336closedbermudalocketmaps exchanged!
3776Legendary_Legendis there a way to turn on leaf decay. i think a good portion of these trees were made via world edit so the leaves dont decayclosedBarlimoreThese should start decaying now.
3775Legendary_Legendi need a couple extra spots flowed. you can see them from the base of the wall. itll show as exposed wallclosedrobrslacker water blocks flowed
3774Legendary_Legendi need all of these waters on the wall flowedclosedbermudalocketflowed!
3773assasymphonipls rescue me from the emptines of defiex's soulclosedSilversunsetDefie did this but forgot to close it, BAD DEFIE
3772Spook6i broke a sign here and idk what it said :(((((((((closedcujobearsign repaired
3771marioman63need water flowed at 1523X, 80Y, 2749ZcloseddefiexMany splishes have been splashed!
3770marioman63need water flowed at 1522X, 68Y, 2752ZclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3769marioman63need water flowed at 1523X, 78Y, 2755ZclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3768marioman63need a row of water flowed at 1516X, 94Y, 2745ZclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
3765PPGOMEflow dis plsclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
3764roryjasperHi, could I get the new_adura region expanded to between the dirt pillars topped with glass and torches? thanks!closedSilversunsetregion expanded!!
3763Legendary_Legendi need some lava flowedclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3762gk_ryosandstone - invisibleclosedSir_DidymusBarriers placed.
3761K3Nwaterflow, the blob next to the sign. tyclosedieuwehflowing the blob
3760Spook6did these sheep get lightning'ed again?closedieuwehyes, it looks like lightning was at it again! :(
3759Spook6map 1457 plzclosedSpook6map got
3758Azumarillregion for people placing shulkers on this middle oneclosedBarlimoreShulker region set up!
3757Azumarillregion, please (it goes up a lot)closedBarlimoreRegion set up. Included squid spawner placement + /place setup.
3756Muzelleplz flow the 2 water blocks next to meclosedtict0cFlowing :)
3755maid_mariancan you make this bed "public" so these people can set a spawn pointclosedbuzzie71beds are generally accessible to all! you are set with these two :O
3753robrprotect crash site of discovered <redacted>closedrobr archelogical site at location protected from alternative interests.
3752ieuwehsomeone stole the book I had for people to leave messages for Tulio... what can be done?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3751TheTacoTowncan you make this water flow plsclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3750Vpoelnciasno1dude i always cry when people say k ban them allclosedSilversunsetdone
3749Muzellesorry to be a pain in the butt. can you flow all the little blocks of water in this empty pond and waterfall? Luff uclosedpez252Flowed!
3743JerBear314my feelings are hutclosedpez252
3742Vpoelnciasno1lethal is making me feel sad and hurt and i wanna cryclosedpez252Please only use /modreq for serious requests.
3741JerBear314ban lethal treeclosedpez252Please only use /modreq for serious requests.
3740PyroAvokremove anti-pvp protection from these clowns so we can go to town?closedcujobeardoesn't work like that :P
3739Azumarillkclosedrobrplease elaborate more in modreq's so we can address what the issue might be.
3738cujobeardidyreq please teleport Roofus to a safe spot, I will work my way to him and try to find a way outclosedSir_DidymusParty on dudes!
3737The_Hero27is destroyed these blocks in a mistake D:closedSir_DidymusFixed, please be more careful in future.
3736ThelVadumeefound a ded person here, what do?closedThelVadumeenvm
3735robrplease remove chest from claim area, user mailed last monthclosedBarlimoreChest removed!
3734LolproPlease protect my build!closedieuwehStorage is now protected!
3733Kirstaewhere did black sheep go?closedbuzzie71eaten by fire and stuff ._. (lightning?)
3732AzulaTheFireLordgriff?closedThelVadumeegriff ungrieeefed
3731PPGOMEmake an anti decay flag here please. They decide to decay after 2 weeks of being here.closedHerr_Fawkeswe don't handle region flags like that, apologies
3730pez252hole in pvp arenaclosedSilversunsetfixed.
3729Standish_trapped in blcokclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via m
3728fudgeblob123dont be a cockclosedBluuefuzzyAgain, in the future, please respond to staff via pm if they are trying to contact you.
3727fudgeblob123tp me to thehero27closedBluuefuzzyrepeated modreq
3726fudgeblob123can u do me a favourclosedBluuefuzzyyou will have to find your own way there.
3725fudgeblob123,closedBluuefuzzyplease do not spam /modreq
3724fudgeblob123,closedBluuefuzzyplease do not spam /modreq
3723fudgeblob123,closedBluuefuzzyplease do not spam /modreq
3722fudgeblob123,closedBluuefuzzyplease do not spam /modreq
3721K3Nwater flow 2 blob here :)closedtict0cFlowing and spawning :)
3720K3Nwater flow 3 blob up top hereclosedbermudalocketflowed!
3719K3Ninfinite waterclosedSilversunsetfinite water made infinte
3718Azumarillwhoever takes this modreq: can you protect this spawner to yourself so I don't accidentally haste mine it?closedBarlimoreThis spawner is now protected to me - all mine(!!)
3717robrprotect/claim spawnerclosedrobrspawner protected
3716AzulaTheFireLordPLEASE FLOW THESEclosedieuwehlittle pool can now splash you
3715ieuwehdid someone grief this rail?closedSpook6griefs undone!
3714roryjaspercan i get this water to flow? thanks!closedieuwehflowing!
3713Jezzzzieflow plz plzcloseddefiexFiresplish has been splashed!
3712ImmJaqoRequest expansion of this regionclosedcujobearexpanded to fit built grinder
3711JezzzzieI would like to have this area added to my Stonemist region plz :)closedThelVadumeeall protected under stonemist region
3710Azumarilldispens floclosedieuwehshould be flowin' now!
3709SirGiovanniwas this gold ore placed here by someone? or can I take it?closedCARnivore_ndslooks like it's up for taking
3708The_Hero27can u make the spleef arena a spleef arena? (ieuweh request)closedieuwehNow we can spleef! (ty Hero!)
3707ieuwehmap 1435closedieuwehmap placed
3706ieuwehmap 1434closedieuwehmap placed
3705ImmJaqoRequest Protection of this mob farmclosedieuwehspawner protected!
3704CutterWillpvp arena in the dirt blocksclosedSilversunsetregion pvp'd and ceiling barrier'd
3703Spook6flow on top two blocks plzclosedSpook6flowed
3702Sladatherarea within the leaf wallclosedkumquatmayProtected!
3701Legendary_Legendi need some water flowed. there are a few in the trenches a few in the hole and about ten located about 40 blocks aboveclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3700PPGOMEcan you make these 2 squares a region please? name them speedbuildtabula pleaseclosedBarlimoreProtection added, speed-build in peace!
3699PPGOMEis it possible to make this small area PVP enabled? I can make a wool box around it in the ground to show. We have no time to make a building around it and need it for an event D:closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3698The_Hero27can u protect this spawner?closedSilversunsetspawner protected
3697The_Hero27is this spawner claimed?closedSilversunsetNope, looks like you found it first!
3696The_Hero27water flowclosedieuwehlittle pool is now ready!
3695robrspeelingclosedBarlimoreYou've passed the test! (fixed)
3694maid_marianplease extend avalon region protections to all parts considered developed enoguh!closedrobrcity of avalon incoporated 2018..
3692Sladatherwater flowclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3691The_Hero27protect my pet pleaseclosedFlumperProtected! :)
3690Spook6flow pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3689Spook6flow plzclosedSpook6youre welcome
3688SirGiovannido you know whose road this is? Can I continue building it?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
3687maid_marianwhat happened to the player head that was in this frame?closedBarlimoreSadly item frames placed before the introduction of ItemLocker have no protections. We do not have any logs for what happened here.
3686BloomingLilyim trying to mend my shovel at a grinder, it's in my off hand, am i doing something wrong?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3685King_of_quesoThe NE Witch Grinder needs an icon on the livemapclosedBarlimoreAdded an extra space when running the command originally - causing it not to display. Fixed now!
3684SirGiovanniIs xaero's minimap mod (fair-play version) allowed?closeddefiexDiscussed via message!
3683Trooprm32...Can these signs be removed?closeddefiexDiscussed via msg.
3682PPGOMEI think this stuff is from Street101, who is banned. Would it be possible to move this for an Olympic event?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3681maid_marianpls place map /1432 thanks!closedieuwehA new leaf has arrived to the server
3680robrcobble added over source blocks, preventing freezingclosedieuwehcobblestone clogging flow has been rolled back. Now we can skate on ice again
3679Hinterlandzactually realised how bad the placement was. Water flow on this block to farm obsidion plzclosedSpook6your block is flowing!
3678Hinterlandzwater flow on this block plz i need to farm this obsidionclosedSpook6lava is now obsidian!
3677Hinterlandzmap 1284 pleaseclosedieuwehgreen screen for the Olympics Broadcasting studio placed!
3676roryjasperCould I get this water to flow please? Thanks!closedSpook6flowed!
3675roryjasperHi, could New Adura get a /place please? Thank you in advance!closedSir_DidymusPlace added!
3674The_Hero27claim my cats!closedieuwehConfusion about pet ownership clarified via msg!
3673Bluuefuzzywas there a cat death here? I'm missing a Mrs. BumpusclosedBluuefuzzyshe's been found
3672Trooprm32Uhh... would it be possible for you to put out these fires? They shouldn't still be here...while it's raining...closedSir_DidymusFires extinguished.
3671maid_marianim in mapworld. i warped to plot and did the request to claim the plot. i started making my map and then realized someone has built on this plot. what should i do?closedBarlimoreConfusion resolved!
3670SirGiovanniDid someone build this? Is it naturally spawning? Can I tear it down?closedrobrdiscussed via /m
3669C45Y¿penis?closedBarlimoreThanks for reporting - penis be gone!
3668AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow the four source blocks in the top part of this wallclosedSpook6flowed!
3667King_of_quesoI'm ready for the witch spawner! Please place it where the log is.closedBarlimoreSpawner placed, protection added and a place added too!
3666Standish_Protection request for area around Tristan Portal and the underground rail station. Exclude church please. Name it Tristan. Thank you!closedSpook6The area has been protected
3665King_of_quesoalso need these 5 water blocks flowed (last ones, i promise)closedSpook6
3664King_of_quesoflow this also please!closedSpook6also flowed
3663King_of_quesoplease flow this block and the dispenserclosedSpook6all is flowed my friend!
3662cujobearwhat happened to Bob?closedbermudalocketbob fled to argentina to be with his mistress baarbra
3661ieuwehmap mapity map 1418 for my shopity shopclosedcujobearmapity map map is mapped
3660robragain - see 3533, 3095closedSir_DidymusFixed, thanks for reporting.
3659scherererererwater flowclosedschererererermodreq numbers padded
3658TheCoachAdairdisregard last request. oak and dark oak looked the same on my monitor. apologiesclosedieuwehno problem!
3657TheCoachAdairwhat happened to all the dark oak trees planted in tabula's tree farm?closedieuwehdisregard (see next modreq)
3656Jezzzziemissing a knights quest item. not sure if it can be reqtored, no idea what happened to it :(closedBarlimoreReplacement item granted!
3655King_of_Lion2000could you come and flow this pleaseclosedieuwehflowing!
3654BluuefuzzyThe_Hero27 accidentally killed Mr. Bumpus(cat) without knowing that cats aren't protectedclosedBarlimorePet restored!
3653LolproBarlimore: finished the grinder to correct specifications, request iron spawner previously requested.closedBarlimoreSpawner added (again!)
3652LolproPlease make this water flow!closedieuwehWater slide ready!
3651LolproRequesting a iron golem spawner please!closedBarlimoreIron golem spawner granted - enjoy! Grinder protected too.
3650AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow these two secondary blocks in the wallclosedSpook6flowed!
3649AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow this block of waterclosedSpook6flows!
3648AzulaTheFireLordPlease make these flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3647Azumarill[PADMINS] I am claiming one of the Squid spawners!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the second squid spawner! Please check out http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Custom_Spawners for more information on getting your spawner placed!
3646ThelVadumeewould it be possible to turn the glass pool floor into barrier blocks?closedBarlimoreBarrier blocks are only for arenas - No can do here!
3645Polar_Tedcreate PVP arena in fenced greaveyard - replace cobble walls with barrier blockclosedBarlimorePvp arena created as per the specifications!
3644olp07expand protection area to new buildingclosedThelVadumeeplease build up the new buildings more and request protection :D
3643ieuwehRequesting to have this future PvP arena inspected so the interior area can have PvP enabled and have the magenta wool replaced with barrier blocksclosedBarlimoreThis pvp arena is all set for the first bout!
3642cujobearadminreq someone griefed the nether rail from Spawn to Bors. Any chance my inventory can be restored?closedBarlimoreRestored due to verified grief.
3641NabooTheEnigmarename of region Wellspring Remnants plstyclosedBarlimoreThe previous region has been brutally snuffed out. Wellspring Remnants has climbed the food chain!
3640ThelVadumeealso crop grief here tooclosedThelVadumee
3639ThelVadumeeded animals here, was a bunch of colored sheep and a zomb horseclosedThelVadumeeded animals undeaded
3638LolproThere's some missing rails here!closedSilversunsetDoesnt look like grief, it appears there was some rearranging going on and they were just missed!
3637TheWeeTyrantzoningclosedkumquatmayBuild protected via req 3636!
3636olp07zoningclosedkumquatmayBuild protected!
3635iNerd71Fix mumble plzclosedcujobearPez dun did fixed it
3634King_of_queso[PADMINS] I am claiming one of the Witch spawners!closedSir_DidymusCongratulations on finding the second witch spawner! Please check out http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Custom_Spawners for more information on getting your spawner placed!
3633Bluuefuzzymap 0057 for all three please!closedieuwehTime to practice some archery!
3632cujobearmap #1409 pleaseclosedieuwehlovely fishes in love now have a equally lovely home
3631The_Hero27lava flow!closedieuwehCentral heating is now installed!
3630LambisPROplz flow water again :)closeddefiexDanger splish has been splashed!
3629LambisPROplz flow waterclosedieuwehnow you can splish and splash in that water slide
3628LambisPROplz flow waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3627OddGeometryplease make water flow for thirsty treeclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3626LambisPROplz flow waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin~
3625LambisPROthx, plz flow more water :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
3624LambisPROplz to flow waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin
3623Weazolflow this one too pleaseclosediNerd71And it was good.
3622WeazolDear Mod, You are so powerful, just one letter away from a god. Please flow this waterclosediNerd71And on the Nth day, mod said "Let there be water!" And it was flowed.
3621maid_marianpls flow water blocks thxclosediNerd71Flowed! Very nice sculpture
3620maid_marianpls flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin~
3619maid_marianpls flow these blocks and the ones below thxclosediNerd71Dar she flows!
3618maid_marianpls flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin~
3617Azumarillcan I get a fix on the book in this chestclosedAzumarillyou know, never mind, it's better as a broken trophy
3616sm36Please protect my build!closedSilversunsetThat is the correct syntax! You'll want to build something first before we can protect it :)
3615PPGOMEmake the interior of this arena have pvp please!closedSilversunsetYou'll need to make a few modifications to the arena before pvp can be granted. Please see http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Arenas for more information or check with an admin.
3614defiexMah chickens!!! They have flown the coop! Help me mod-bewan Kenobi, you're my only hope!closedieuwehChickens are back and more plump than ever. Player warned for mob grief.
3613ttsciPlease protect the grinder build! We'd also like a Shulker region on top of this shulker block here, if possible. Thank you! :)closedSilversunsetGrinder protected and 1x3 shulker spot created!
3612ttsciCould we please have the pigman spawner placed? The desired location is marked with an obsidian block inside the grinder. Please leave the original bedrock marker if possible. :DclosedBarlimoreSpawner added & protected, with a /place marker too!
3611Wall_E__Need all water flowed on this level and up on the roof.closedBarlimoreWater flowing as requested - and your structure protected too!
3610totemoPlease replace netherrack block here with ghast spawner.closedBarlimoreMarker removed, place and protections added, spawner placed too!
3609LambisPROam become stuckclosedbermudalocketfreedom \o/
3608marioman63would like an infinite pool at x 1527 z 2729 y 97closedBluuefuzzyflowin~
3607The_Hero27can u make a little region at these 2 spawners please?closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
3606Noramipls flow :)closedpez252Flowed!
3605Polar_Tedcan we replace this glass floor with barrier block?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
3604PipersDadrequesting this cat be de-owned, owner not seen since OctoberclosedSir_DidymusCat returned to owner's spawn point.
3603LambisPROplz remove abandoned chestclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3602Bluuefuzzypls to protec both portal stuff and shaq stuffclosedtict0cAll is protected! Did them seperately!
3601ieuwehmap 1379 for the olympicsclosedieuwehmap ready for the event!
3600The_Hero27people writing bad words in front of meclosedSir_DidymusAlready being dealt with - thanks for reporting.
3599KingNyahmanswearwords outside the stadiumclosedieuwehAfter pushing lots of buttons, player has been warned and edits rolled back. Thank you for reporting!
3598KingNyahmanplease protect my finished hot air balloonclosedSpook6the balloon is protected
3597LolproPlease protect my build!closedieuwehLolpro's town is now protected!
3596Bluuefuzzypermission to finish this road?closedSir_DidymusPermission granted.
3595C45Yplease expand c45y_house 4 blocks NW directionclosedSpook6your protection has been expanded
3594KingNyahmanprotection for this balloon in progress please!closedSpook6Your balloon is protected
3593AzulaTheFireLordplease flow that corner blockoclosedSpook6corner blocko has been flowed
3592AzulaTheFireLordplease flow this blockclosedSpook6flowed!
3591Azumarillslime spawner just not functioningclosedAzumarilllmao never mind I guess
3590Azumarill[PADMINS] I am claiming one of the Slime spawners!closedAzumarilllolol
3589The_Hero27do slime chunks work different here for the different map generation?closedBarlimoreShouldn't be - slimes still spawn!
3588SirGiovanniFixed itself, just had to reload the gameclosedBarlimoreGlad to hear you got back to your horse - if this happens again, relogging, or moving 10-15 chunks away and returning should make you horse visible again!
3587SirGiovanniMy horse became invisible, I use horse-list but it is not at the location it says it is, although I can hear itclosedBarlimoreClosing related request (3588).
3586ieuwehchorus plant farm at Tabula Rasa griefedclosedrobrmultiple grief points rolled back, thanks for reporting
3585ieuwehhhmmm... yeah... map 1377closedieuwehstop making mistakes, PLS!!!!!!
3584ieuwehhey me, I need a mistake to be fixed with map 1376closedieuwehmistake fixed. You are welcome, me!
3583ieuwehpls I need map 1375 for Azula <3closedieuwehFamily portrait for Azula is now almost finished!
3582Kirstaeregion protection for this small quartz-pris area plsclosedSpook6this protection has been spook certified!
3580The_Hero27water flowclosedbermudalocketsplash intensified
3579The_Hero27water flowclosedtict0cFlowing! :)
3578Trooprm32Can I have my region renamed Testificate_Acres & can you also remove Catnipped as owner? Thanks!closedbermudalocketDone and done!
3577AzumarillI accidentally griefed this spawner that was right here!closeddefiexRIP Spawner: September 22, 2017 - January 31st, 2018 - You will be missed. (discussed via msg)
3576Azumarill...what did I just break?closedAzumarill-
3575ieuwehpls move stuck skelly horses to englandclosedieuwehHero's horsies free
3574scherererererplease reset sword name from eExcalibur to original colored text; in chest behind ghast skull - thanks!closedSir_DidymusName reset.
3573promaxxemy horse is stuck here... how did it happen? i can't ride it out, it takes damageclosedscherererererhorse freed itself, all good
3572Bluuefuzzycan you /place this ? can it be called Bluuefuzzy's end portal?closedSir_DidymusPlace added (standard name - Near SE End Portal)
3571TheCoachAdairplease raise the block this sign is on (or replace with sign) as it blocks path when on horse.closedBarlimoreClosing per discussion over msg.
3570TheCoachAdairI use this road regularly to not die. I'm getting sick of HeroclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3569TheCoachAdairhero took out the roadclosedBarlimore(second request - this is ok - known to robr)
3568TheCoachAdairthis gate impedes on robr's existing build of the roadclosedBarlimore(also ok)
3567Kirstaemap1369closedSpook6map is got!
3566TellephoneI died earlier to a witch and when I went to recover everything, I couldn't find my sword and axe. I died to a witch in a confined building within my town, I'm uncertain as to whether or not it might have bugged out and if anything could be done?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via mail.
3565Lethal_Treeso there are these skulls on display here on this wall thing. Reon27 placed some of them so i am not able to move them. is there any way that i can get them moved in order to put them in our new skull/banner room?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via mail.
3564AzulaTheFireLordCan I have this shulker removed?closeddefiexPoof! Where there was once a shulker, there is no more!
3563CharlieChaplnflow this lava plsclosedBarlimoreFlowing- enjoy!
3562RonBi need opinion on this potential boundary disputeclosedBarlimorePotential boundary dispute has been peacefully bulldozed.
3561C45Yplease extend c45y_house by 7 blocks outwards, and 10 downclosedtotemoexpanded
3560archelonprotection pls (just the fenced area)closedieuweharea now protected!
3559ThelVadumeeim too sleepy to figure out how to protect this, can someone else do it? ima finish the tunnel tommorowclosedThelVadumeeregion is made
3558The_Hero27Can u make a region under the villager and the crops?closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
3557PPGOMEexpand tabulapo region down by 30 blocks please. breaking redstone!closedSapphricExpanded!
3556PPGOMEclaim our bootiful claim please!closedieuwehthird arena is now protected!
3555roryjasperHi can I get this building (orange fence surrounds it) turned into a region owned by me & dorky4? thanks!closedieuwehspiskebie grinder has been spiskebapped (all safe!) dorky added as an owner
3554SirGiovannicould you protect this farm?closedieuwehincluding bridge and farm
3553SirGiovanniCould you please protect this build?closedieuwehcute little house is now safe!
3552Emizzonam I glitching, or did someone destroy the end crystal I had here?closedieuwehdiscussed via private message
3551ZaranadrinI don't know if this is an appropriate requested, but I accidently put a pick-axe in the the wrong "mailbox" in our post office 2 nights ago. It should be in "Telle's" instead of "Oxcides." Can you move it to the right Chest?closedBarlimoreSwapped them over!
3550dorky4Hi, I'd like this grinder to be added to the live map if possible please? :)closedBarlimoreUnfortunately there are not enough spawners to qualify for a place here - We require at least a quad grinder!
3549The_Hero27water flowclosedieuwehwater slide for crops completed!
3548The_Hero27water flowclosedieuwehso many splashes!
3547ieuwehwater flow pls!closedieuwehsplish splash bitipi tap
3546The_Hero27water flowclosedieuwehflowing!
3545The_Hero27water flow testclosedieuwehflowing!
3544_Inder_Flow water please?closedThelVadumeewatr'd :D
3543dorky4Can you please find out who destroyed the blocks that were here? Thanks!closedSpook6discussed via message!
3542nickeoxplease remove these chests and hoppers... they are no longer relevant.closedBarlimoreShould have them all in this section now!
3541BluuefuzzyIron golem spawner please and thank you :D <3closedBarlimoreToo many doors! Enjoy your final spawner. :-)
3540The_Hero27about modlimiter, if i unload this chunk this guys will dissapear?closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via /m!
3539dobreiragrief I think atleast it wasnt like this last timeclosedtict0cFixed :)
353832ndFlavaCan you include this whole nether portal build under Pico perms? Thanks!closedcujobearPico nether regions protected
3537NabooTheEnigmaprotect my area plsclosedBluuefuzzyprotected
3536Muskogee_Redbuitd allow on pianoclosedcujobearplay it again Sam. I mean Red.
3535dorky4Would you be able to find out who built this road? We'd like to see if we can finish it but don't know the builderclosedtict0cMystery solved :)
3534SirGiovanniCould you please protect this build? ThanksclosedBluuefuzzyprotected! it's so cute!
3533robrgriefed stone brick (again)closedSir_DidymusFixed, thanks for reporting!
3532OddGeometryplease extend protection to cover giant tree and top of castle :}closedSir_DidymusProtection expanded.
3531The_Hero27water flowclosedNoramiall flowing :)
353032ndFlavaI hereby relinquish my ownership of the Pigman Spawner and bequeath it to ttsci that he may bring gold and glory to the realm.closedSir_DidymusNoted in documentation.
3529ieuwehpls flow this poolclosedbermudalocketflowed!
3528_Inder_Flow please, that one block of water under the garden.closedrobrone block of water under the garden flowed.
3527obereplease protect this buildingclosedBarlimoreProtection added - this is a great building!
3526JezzzziePlaced a quest reward by mistake, turned it into concrete, any chance i can get quest item back?closedBarlimoreItem restored!
3525archeloncould this doggy be moved please?closedBarlimoreRelocated!
3524C45Ypls protec, im building downard from this mountaintopclosedtotemoprotected
3523roryjaspercan i get this water to flow? thanks!closedtict0cFlowing :)
3522roryjasperhi can the block of water in front of me flow please? thanks!closedBluuefuzzyflowin~
3521roryjaspercan i get all the water to flow please? thanksclosedBluuefuzzyflowin~
3520LambisPROplz flow more waterclosedBarlimoreWater flowing & grinder protected!
3519LambisPROplz to flow water?closedtict0cWaters flow!
3518TellephoneDoing Knights Quest, dont think it's letting me progress. Possibly need help?closedcujobearlooks like you are on the right track now :D
3517LambisPROwater flow plz?closedCARnivore_ndsflow'd
3516LambisPROflow water plz :)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3515DocMelockplease flow this waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3514Jezzzzieitem issue in knights quest maybe ... maybe not ...closedcujobeardiscussed via pm
3512RandomThoughtshello we are missing a cow and a horse from this locationclosedSir_DidymusAnimals restored.
3511CairBirbplease flow these two blocks of waterclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3510ieuwehhi! I would like to order MAP 1367 for my store, ty!closedSir_DidymusMap placed!
3509Kirstaespookreq plsclosedSpook6flow has been spook'd
3508LambisPROrunning water plz/closedtict0cFlowing :)
3507roryjasperhi could the two water blocks below the signs flow please?closedSpook6it has been flowed!
3506LambisPROcan i activate a nether portal?closedThelVadumeedisscussed via /msg
3505cujobearchest region msb_mayorcloseddefiexCompleted!
3504King_of_quesoplease make the glazed terracotta a public regionclosedThelVadumeeregion of shulkers set!
3503Spook6can i get this building protectedcloseddefiexThe best protections are self-protections! Be safe and watch out for stranger danger! (protected!)
3502King_of_quesoI'd like map 1263, please!closedbermudalocketmap placed \o/
3501roryjasperwe broke our water source again D: could you repair that and also re-flow the first room? thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed
3500roryjasperHello again! Can we get some more flowage please? Both of these rooms thanks!closedSilversunsetthere is so much water!!!
3499roryjasperSorry - could we get this to flow again? dorky broke it so we're gonna try a square one this time!closedSilversunsetmore flowage!
3498roryjaspercould we get this to flow too please? thank you!closedSilversunsetmore flowed!
3497roryjaspercould we get this water to flow please? thank you!closedSilversunsetflowing!
3496dobreiraaccidentaly broke this pane, will you guys roll it back or do I need to go get stuff to replace it?closedrobrrepaired, please be careful in communist areas
3495OddGeometryplease make water flow for pond :)closedrobrodd pond flowed :)
3494The_Hero27i got lagged and diedclosedrobrduplicate request
3493The_Hero27i got lagged and diedclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3492LambisPROneed flowy water :)closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
3491PPGOMEsomebody keep leaving this gate open and the villagers are everywhere now. Can you round em back up or do I have to?closeddefiexDiscussed via msg. Double door security to keep your villagers from escaping may assist! (discussed via msg)
3490BlearyPrawnplease protect my build!closedBluuefuzzyplease build more on your lot, then we can protect it
3489Hinterlandzthis donkey belongs to the Zead account can i have it changed to this account?closeddefiexThe Dankest of Key's has been returned to his rightful owner.
3488dobreirawater flowcloseddefiexDisturbingly fish shaped splish splashed!
3487ieuwehmap 1258 please! ty! :DclosedSpook6map is gotten!
3486Hinterlandzwater flow for inf source tyclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
3485horriblegamerxxprotect my build plzclosedSir_DidymusDirt removed.
3483AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow these 3 blocksclosedSpook63 blocks have been flowed
3481AzulaTheFireLordflow theseclosedSpook6plz no more flow
3480AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow the source blocks in this pit as wellclosedSpook6flowing!
3479AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow these four source blocks in this squareclosedSpook6infinity water created!
3478AzulaTheFireLordplease flow these blocks on the edgeclosedSpook6flowed!!
3477AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow these four source blocksclosedSpook6water has been flowed
3476Lethal_Treewondering who mnade this rail... i have no problem with it but i would like to ask the owner about connections to ravenrockclosedkumquatmayMail sent!
3475ThelVadumeeheard golem soul drop but no soul in invclosedtotemooccasionally they can get spawned into a block that comes back, which will push them potentially all the way to the surface
3474TheCoachAdairplease flow water this trenchclosedBarlimoreTrench flowing, enjoy!
3472TheCoachAdairThe Hero27 needs to stop expanding. He's getting into MORE of my builds. and now blocking me off completely with his wallclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3471TheCoachAdairwho placed this beautiful wall around my pond?closedSapphricName sent via /msg.
3470Trooprm32(Last one for awhile) Protection expansion for the remaining plots here please!closedBarlimoreRegion expanded!
3469CARnivore_ndstrapped in picoclosedSir_DidymusRescued!
3468bookey42WaterFlow please!closedCARnivore_ndsi see dead zombies floating by...
3467Abitcatget rid of this (or move) farm so we can continue building. Darrin said we could get rid of this. (accidentally removed)closedSir_DidymusFarm removed by owner.
3466robrshulker build allow along spruce lineclosedrobrshulker area created
3465robrprotect Wiccan Processing Facilityclosedrobrfacility protected
3464robrplease transmutate bedrock into spawner in place of the lime terracotta within the contained areaclosedSir_DidymusWitch spawner placed!
3463bookey42waterflow x2 pleaseclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3462PPGOMEplease make this oval inside of the bigger oval a PvP region named olympicpvp pleaseclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg. Directed to guidance in PvE information guide.
3460ieuwehmap 1257 please :3closedBluuefuzzyafter much pondering and mistakes, map given!
3459ieuwehmap 1256 please, ty!closedschererererermap placed!
3458Hinterlandzcan all chests belonging to Zead in this area be transfered to Hinterlandz so i can remove them. Thank youclosedSir_DidymusLWC amended.
3457Spook6what happened to jesse the bunny :(closedkumquatmayFall killed rabbit with it's mighty fist
3456AzulaTheFireLordWho put these signs here lolclosedSpook6case close, your sign culprit has been exposed
3455Spook6map 1241 plzclosedSpook6map got
3454Lethal_Treei was flying around, and i noticed these two holes inside the ravenrock claim. would it be possible to know who did them and have them removed it it is greif?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3453The_Hero27protect this dude pls D:closedSilversunsetdone!
3452ttsciMay I please have these 4 trap doors set as interact-deny so nobody lets our pet chicken out? Thank you! :)closedkumquatmayPet chicken safe from any future chicken heists!
3451Dinostormflowing waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin~
3450Legendary_Legendi need an admin to approve an iron golem grinder, the spawner would be on the block in middle of chamber. Need 4 water flowed and 2 lava flowed. Single chest in main room has spawner required materialsclosedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
3449Dinostormflowing waterclosedrobrflowed
3448robrone block of griefclosedrobrrolled back end rod
3447PPGOMEban all jungle trees from Tabula area pleaseclosedrobrsorry, jungletree appealed successfully. promoted to large tree.
3446Legendary_Legendi need to make this blocks of water source blocks. Then i was wondering, to establish an iron golem spawner, i just need to have the materials posted on the wiki right, cause those are in the chest by me and i wanted to place it on top of the goldclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3445PPGOMEcan you please expand every shop region down by 5 blocks?closedSir_DidymusShops expanded downwards.
3443KingNyahmanhelp! I'm stuck in a protected areaclosedBluuefuzzyrescued!
3442assasymphoniI'm an idiot who placed a water on concrete powder road without thinking. I'm sorry!closedBluuefuzzyall fixed!
3441ThelVadumeegrifflezclosedThelVadumeegrif ungriffled
3440Theblaze151logged out in end because fps drop (unusual) logged back in, insta diedclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3439WeazolWhen was this fence placed and by who? I would like to extend my claim to continue developing but I run into thisclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via carrier pigeon.
3438King_of_quesoi'd like map 1235 moved here please!closedtict0cPretty Sweet Pic Placed !!
3437Bluuefuzzypls flow my sadness awayclosedtict0cwater tis flowing all purdy like !! :)
3436zburdsalprotect my cozy flying house pleaseclosedtict0cProtected !! :)
3435Dinostormflowing waterclosedBarlimoreFinal bit flowing here (above and below), enjoy!
3434Dinostormflowing waterclosedBarlimoreJust a slight leak - I hope the inhabitants enjoy water!
3433Abitcatare you able to move this farm made by Darrin (gave us permission) away or do we have to destroy it ourselves? thanksclosedAbitcati can't stay on long enough
3432robrderp nerdpole (2)closedThelVadumeegriffles ungriiffed
3431kumquatmaymap 1188 plsclosedkumquatmayDone and ur welcome
3430roryjasperhi could I get this structure claimed around the acacia fence please? With dorky4 and I as owner - thanks!closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3429roryjasperdid someone build this place or is it part of the map? all the chests are unregistered...? just curiousclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
3428Azumarillwas this me or nilate or <out of logs>closedtict0ctalked it out and completed! :)
3427The_Hero27Protect disclosedtict0cProtected !! :)
3426ieuwehcan water flow freely in these two fountains?closedtict0cWaters flows :)
3425PPGOMEis this part of a claim fence I'm not seeing?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3424The_Hero27protect our prisonerclosedSir_DidymusProtected!
3423PPGOMEwho placed these fences? Kitty went in her own direction and need to know if these are what I connect toclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3422PPGOMEcan these be removed pl0xclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3421PPGOMEmove this pleaseclosedBarlimoreBuild moved!
3420bookey42big ole water flow please. 9 in each spawner square, one to flow them to the first lift and then one to the secondclosedBluuefuzzyand one big flow to bind them! flowin
3419robrprotect podclosedrobrprotected
3418PPGOMEmake a child region for each one of these shop plots please! Name it shop1, shop2, shop3. etc. (Thanks a whole ton!)closedSir_DidymusShop regions created!
3417PPGOMEHero was trying to help make a piston door. He built it in the wrong place and I asked him to move it. He took it down, left and left the floor ripped up.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3416robrrail torch griefclosedrobrtorch restored
3415robrarch will cause player damage on horses, plus wall and other waterway blocking features in 40 block radiusclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3414Weazolplease flow these. Thank yaclosedThelVadumeewatr floee
3413PPGOMEone sheep two sheep black sheep dead sheep?closedBluuefuzzyblack sheep grey sheep old sheep, you got new sheep!
3411totemo[PADMINS] I am claiming one of the Ghast spawners!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the second ghast spawner! Please check out http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Custom_Spawners for more information on getting your spawner placed!
3410AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow this one block here in the one wide spaceclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3409archelonprotection please (its another rail station)closedzburdsalProtected, along with the rails coming off of it in the S and W. Childed to house.
3408archelonprotection please (its a rail station)closedzburdsalProtected, made child of your house
3407bookey42Please remove chests, hoppers, and furnace near x-1731 z1728 user hasnt been on since Oct 31. Thank you!closeddefiexPoof! You see nothing! (chests/etc removed)
3406Azumarillsomeone murdered the floating fireclosedBarlimoreThank you for reporting - have manually relit the fire due to it being out of logs. The fire is no longer floating given the nature of this restoration.
3405PPGOMEflow pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin! looks good!
340432ndFlava[PADMINS] I am claiming one of the Zombie Pigmen spawners!closeddefiexCongratulations on finding the last Zombie Pigman spawner! Please check out http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Custom_Spawners for more information on getting your spawner placed!
3403Arbiter57im horny wanna fuckclosedSilversunsetNo thanks, you're not my type.
3402ieuwehmap 1183 please! :DclosedkumquatmayMap placed!
3401The_Hero27someone killed my elder guardiancloseddefiexYour Elderguardian recently read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and tried playacting a potted Petunia. It did not end well. (Please let us know when you have the issue corrected for Step 2!)
3400Standish_Please change rail sign for line #1 to Tristan. Line is safe and working. Thanks!closedkumquatmaySign updated!
3399The_Hero27Welcome messageclosedSir_DidymusChest region created with region greeting, and child region added.
3398Legendary_Legendcould i get all these water blocks at my location turned into source blocks. i think if they start to flow and merge ill be able to build a pool with just using these blocks as the initialclosedBarlimoreStep right in, the water is lovely!
3397Silversunsetpls fix the cocoa regionclosedSilversunsetfixed
3396SlugNamedDevumm idk what happened but im stuck and cant moveclosedSilversunsetProbably a bit of lag, but it looks like everything is sorted now!
3395The_Hero27Does someone lives here?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3394ieuwehmap 1182 please! thank you in advance :)closedBarlimoreAs always, beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the rest!
3393The_Hero27water flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
3392crittersaI logged out during an admin hunt and now I can't leave the arena.closedSilversunsetlooks like youre free now!
3391RonBPlease expand Orchid Valley to -432,448 -127,573 to incorporate Sunflower Hill and other flowery extensions.closedSilversunsetyour river and orchids and bulk flowers are already protected, the sunflower hill will need a bit more modification to be protected however.
3390PyroAvokFerris's quest #9 i put a shulker with the items for the quest in a shulker just outside the castle and it's missing. Is there a way to reset the quest or something?closedcujobearItems replaced. Good luck on your quest!
3389AzulaTheFireLordDid I have a flower in here? I thought soclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
3387Willravelwould you mind flowing this, please? Thank you.closedBluuefuzzyflowin~
3386elbeauplease flow water...thanksclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
3385The_Hero27is this claimed?closeddefiexdiscussed via passenger pigeon.
3384Silversunsetwhy is the rail broken?closedBarlimoreTo ask such questions, such as why the sun rises, is something that cannot be resolved in 256 characters. (discussed via msg)
3383Chur0Check for plot claimcloseddefiexDiscussed via message! Take a look at the wiki for more information and good luck! http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Land_Claims
3382AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow these source blocksclosedSpook6they have been flowed
3381Ruthlesssssseems like a villager was killed here - can you tell me who/what? :(closedSir_DidymusNo evidence of applicable deaths or block grief here.
3380AzumarillHow many villagers are in this chunk?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3379nels_nelsonAlso, I'm pretty certain I had a sign here, but it has gone...closedSilversunsetThe sign has been restored!
3378nels_nelsonHm... Sorry to bother, but I'm too curious. Who broke this leaf block in my hedge wall? :)closedSilversunsethedge restored!
3377The_Hero27someone took my waterclosedkumquatmayWater replaced
3376Kirstaeminor grief, fireplace put out (have since relit)closedSir_DidymusThanks for reporting!
3375scherererererplease place maps 1162, 1164, 1165, 1166 hereclosedschererererermaps placed
3374AzulaTheFireLordPlease replace this empty map with map 1161closedSpook6your map is placed
3373Hinterlandzbarlimore nuke these frames plzclosedBarlimoreAlready added you to the perms of these earlier - you should be able to remove!
3372Hinterlandzneed access to this item sorting machineclosedBarlimoreAccess granted!
3371HinterlandzBarlimore these hoppers need removingclosedBarlimoreIt's important to understand peace, learn harmony and - screw it, you're right - burn these hoppers down!
3370cujobearderpclosedcujobearderp removed
3369pez252Can this derp be removed?closedcujobearderp tower removed
3368ieuwehmap 1163 please! Thank you in advance! These have been some productive days :)closedSir_DidymusMap placed!
3367tallungulateplease flow this waterclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3366ThelVadumeelooks like grif?closedBluuefuzzynon grif
3365Willravelwould you mind making my water flow? Much appreciated!closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3364robrthis was designed to be a safe, afk-able elevated rail. Unrelated, attached builds with mob spawnable area defeats this, please add appropriate buffer so there are no attached or droppable mob areas.closedSir_DidymusIssues resolved. Region expanded.
3363dobreiraplease removeclosedBarlimoreCleared!
3362HinterlandzI still can't get rid of these blocks, barlimore said he had given me permissions to remove itclosedBarlimoreSorry - completely missed the region here first time! Was more focused on the individual block permissions. Take two!
3361SlugNamedDevcan my strawberries please be protected and my horse stable and my wool area (rainbow building) but I want shulkers to still be able to be placedclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected!
3360DjentleGiantPlease make this Venice Guardian Grinder a place. Thanks!closedBarlimoreAdded!
3359Dinostormflowing waterclosedrobrflowed!
3358robrtorch griefclosedSir_DidymusFixed!
3357Trooprm32Please expand protection to hereclosedSilversunsetyour lovely squares are now safe. somewhat.
3356robrplease expand protections on station and rail to skylimit to prevent overbuild, thanksclosedSilversunsetregions modified to an appropriate size
3355robrcobble derpclosedrobrderp tower removed
3354dobreiraanother cobblestone wal grief (same person)closedBarlimoreClosing duplicate request.
3353The_Hero27this dude is claiming my placeclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3352dobreiracobblestone wall griefclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3351Noramican you move this skelli horse into one of the empty stables, Barlimore?closedBarlimoreHorse parked in the empty stables, after a dodgy three point turn!
3350ieuwehCan Tabula's zoo be protected? I made a wall with jungle leaves to mark the area. Thank you!closedBarlimoreProtection added - no monkeying about at this zoo now(!)
3349dobreiraplease tp me above water im stuckclosedBarlimoreSaved!
3348AzulaTheFireLordPlease replace these two maps with maps 1160 and 1161closedSpook6your maps have been placed :D
3347ThelVadumeeprotecc mah tunnelsclosedThelVadumeeall the protecc
3346nels_nelsonMay I please have this water block made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosediNerd71Water block flowing naturally!
3345scherererererwould it be possible to get an endergrief deny flag on pico? artificial mountain keeps getting chewed up by themclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail.
3344ThelVadumeeremove dis regionclosedThelVadumeeremoved the region :O
3343scherererererplease remove horse to an open stable stall ~-3550, 2900 - thanks!closeddefiexThis fine specimen of equine fancy has been relocated to a safer, less cliffside area!
3342robrprotect under waterclosedrobrprotected
3340dobreirawater flowclosedzburdsalwater bed done?
3339tict0cI need both a pearl and chorus fruit deny in this region thank you :o)closedBarlimoreFlags added as discussed!
3338crittersacan you please make this water flowing? thanks.closedSilversunsetflowed!
3337The_Hero27should i.. help this dude?closedSilversunsetYou dont have to if you dont want to, he's not hurting!
3336robrprotect podclosedrobrprotected
3335Azumarillhey why can't I activate this pistonclosedAzumarillugh never mind
3334The_Hero27Can i have a ./place on england?closeddefiexU wot m8?! England is now on the map! Congratulations and keep up the good work!
3333The_Hero27water flowclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing, nice design!
3332The_Hero27protect alfredclosedHerr_Fawkesalfred is safe
3331The_Hero27someone killed my wolf D:closedrobrno deaths in logs (above or on ground w/in pushing distance) - may be in world somewhere
3330dobreirawater flowclosedThelVadumeewatr floee
3329dobreiraflowclosedThelVadumeeall flowed :D
3327robrexpand solace perms to protectclosedrobrdone
3326Melizplease add TheCoachAdair and Tythal to the ownership of this grinderclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
3325ieuwehis it possible to know who built this tree trunk?closedrobrdiscussed via /m
3324robrdoor griefed/placed back incorrectlyclosedThelVadumeeall fixed :D
3323dobreirawater flowclosedSpook6its flowed
3322Hinterlandzi need to clean this area up, i think the machine is still region locked to ZeadclosedBarlimoreAll of these blocks should now be locked to your current account!
3321roryjaspercan i get the water behind the two pistons to flow please? thank you!closedHerr_Fawkesflowing!
3320nels_nelsonMay I please have these two water blocks made to flow naturally? Best regards, -Nelsclosedscherererererflowed
3319NilateThis skeleton grinder doesn't have an off switch; it seems like a low-volume grinder, with sorter.closedBarlimoreThis is alright, given it is a low-volume grinder. Thank you for inviting us to check it out though!
3317Spook6the grinder isnt working and i dont have access to these dispensers and djentlegiant isnt replying/hasnt been on in ages, is there anyway i can get access so i can fix this?closeddefiexI have signed my own feeshy death sentence. (All fixed!)
3316ttscidied due to wither spawned in the open by woxie when coming to repair wings, had to join with spook to kill it. he had posted in chat he planned to spawn it in the open.closedBarlimoreThank you for reporting this - we have followed up with disciplinary action.
3315Spook6woxies wither killed me and i lost all my stuffclosedBarlimoreDiscussed - Thank you for reporting. We have taken disciplinary action in this case.
3314fudgeblob123im being serious, who can i make a complaint to?closedzburdsalSwearing in public chat is not against the rules. If you feel offended by this, consider turning off chat.
3313fudgeblob123you are being reported what is the name of your boss?closedzburdsalPlease use the modreq system for serious requests only.
3312woxiewatch thisclosedSilversunsetdo not make joke reqs.
3311fudgeblob123that person just said a mean thing to me and it has deeply offended me. i demand to know what you are going to do about thisclosedzburdsalLaugh.
3309woxiehead won't stackclosedcujobeardiscussed in gen chat, use /fixskulls or /fs while skulls are in your inventory
3308SlugNamedDevi accidentaly closed the window while talking to a villager and now i cant get to my emeralds. 1. can i please have them back and 2. this happens to me all the time, is there anything in the works to change it so the items left in the GUI go back?closedcujobeardiscussed via msg
3306dobreirawater flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3305ieuwehmap 1158 please! :D beep boop!closedscherererererplaced - nice map art!
3304SkyAdventurer01can i restart this quest? please.closedSir_DidymusItems restored!
3303SkyAdventurer01im at th sign that sets your spawn but didn't work when i died :/closedSir_DidymusSign fixed.
3302flotwigmake this flow plsclosedrobrflowed
3301i_c_e_my snowman is missing was he slayed or meltedclosedSir_DidymusDuplicate issue.
3300ttsciThere was a pet snowman here and now it's gone. Did someone kill it? I saw The_Hero27 injure it on Saturday but didn't see a killing blow.closedrobrdied in the rain, possibly let out - suggest modreqing for interact deny on trapdoors..
3299qwekingliquidsclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3298Standish_I am trapped. Could someone untrap me please?closedSir_DidymusRescued!
3297ieuwehboop boop another map! This one 1157closedSir_DidymusMap placed!
3296KingNyahmanhello, my horse is glitched into another horse and I can't get on him! Hope you can helpclosedSir_DidymusHorse given a talking to about safe interdimensional phasing practices.
3295The_Hero27My tree got griefedclosedSir_DidymusTree recovered. Sheep explained.
3294robrprotect podclosedrobrpod protected
3293The_Hero27my tree... is strange?closedSir_DidymusYou have been visited by the tree detective!
3292King_of_Lion2000can i have my station placed and/or maplogod?closedBarlimorePlace & map marker added for your station!
3291woxiecan you make sure that the stuff over here is protectedcloseddefiexAlready protected!
3290Spook6please protect this so no one can dig into the bot cage, also make kirst djentle and i ownersclosedBarlimoreProtection added!
3289Spook6griefs plzclosediNerd71Stairs re-staired!
3288AzulaTheFireLordI used a doppel named as it was found on the decorative database website, however the person apparently changed their name 5 days ago, I was wondering if I could have the replaced with the proper one?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via mail.
3287nintiAll my villagers are gone. No idea why.closedBluuefuzzylooks like a villager turned zombie and killed all of his bretheren :(
3286Tedbearim stuck in this hole, can y'all place me on the block to the left of me pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyrescued!
3285shanty_sniperlittle word in to Trooprm32 about not being a d*ck thanksclosedSilversunsetdiscussed.
3284PPGOMEgriefclosedSilversunsetgrief de-griefed!!
3283ttsciplease protect this house! thanksclosedscherererererprotected
3282shanty_sniperprotect the area boiiiiiiiclosedscherererererprotections are for builds, not areas - the claim fence gives you ownership of the land already; you can re-modreq once you have a build here
3281Azumarillwatr (inside, over slime blocks, 4x)closedtict0cWater flowing :)
3280i_c_e_i think one of the ghast just died , was it suicide or murder?closedtict0cMystery solved !!
3279The_Hero27protect this end crystal plsclosedtict0cOh Crystal Protected :)
3278The_Hero27protect end crystalclosedtict0ctalked will modreq when done building
3277tict0ctrivia run protectionclosedtict0cprotected and safe!
3276woxieim sorry I need some water to flowclosedtict0cWater flowed \o/
3275woxiecan u pls protect these dudes outside my townclosedtict0cDudes be Protected !!
3274woxiepls make my well flowclosedtict0cWater flowing :o)
3273The_Hero27protect my smurfclosedbermudalocketvindicator cage protected!
3272woxiea whole stack of spruce logs just left my inv, pls helpclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m :)
3271BluuefuzzyI humbly request two additional iron spawners straight above me. thank you!closedSir_DidymusSpawners placed!
3270PPGOMEprotect this arena please! Name: TabulaPOclosedbermudalocketarena protected!
3269The_Hero27protect billy :DcloseddefiexBilly billy bo-billy, banana-fanna fo-filly! Billy! (discussed via msg!)
3268PPGOMEsomebody broke my doorcloseddefiexDiscussed via message! All fixed!
3267PPGOMEflow pl0xcloseddefiexThis feeshless splish has been splashed!
3266TheCoachAdairwhat happened to my sheep? I had more of them and different colors. down here under covercloseddefiexSheeps went on a sekrit vacation and somehow ended up in the TARDIS pool. (discussed via msg)
3265KirstaeflowclosedHerr_Fawkesyou're welcome!
3264SkyAdventurer01help pleaseclosedbermudalocketfreedom! \o/
3263The_Hero27Can i build some fast rails here and make this ghast to my house? lolcloseddefiexDiscussed via message!
3262SkyAdventurer01Can i get 2 elytra's please i have the items? please.closedscherererereryou can craft the dragon heads and eof in your inventory
3261SkyAdventurer01please brake this ice.closedscherererererwater/ice fixed, thanks for reporting
3260scherererererplease spirit away horse to a pen in the stables at ~(-3550, 84, 2900), thanksclosedBarlimoreHorse relocated!
3259Kirstaecould I pls get this room protected?closedSpook6your room has been protected
3258GoobyzachGamesI put my stuff accidentally in a donation binclosedBluuefuzzyStuff rescued!
3257The_Hero27water flowclosedbermudalocketflowed!
3256cujobearPlease remove this buildclosedBarlimoreBuild relocated!
3255The_Hero27claim this spawner pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
3254The_Hero27Help! im having lag issues and my items are on the floorclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3253PPGOMEanother plot wipe please lol. Many new players and many inactive players.closedBarlimoreBoth chests relocated!
3252PPGOMEremove this stuff please. Permission from mayors as player has been inactive for 3 months.closedBarlimoreChests & other lwc-locked blocks removed!
3251The_Hero27this spawner has been claimed already?closedBluuefuzzyIt hasn't! All yours!
3250The_Hero27has this spawner been claimed already?closedBarlimoreSpawner protected for you!
3249robr[PADMINS] I am claiming one of the Witch spawners!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on finding the first witch spawner! Open a modreq when you're ready for placement, you have up to 14 days!
3248Spook6can i get this chest moved somewhere else in this room?closedBarlimoreChest removed!
3247qwekingrailwayclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3246Muzellecan you add my blue fountain to my regionclosedSpook6your fountain is in your region
3245Trooprm32Can you expand to protect the plots in the SE? thanks!closedSpook6the new plots have been protected
3244ElecricMousGamerhelpmeclosedRiverisaved! \o/
3243SkyAdventurer01i need this sea lautern made so people can place blocks on it pleaseclosedSilversunset1x1 block above lantern is build allow
3242PPGOMEWhat should go in this gap? I have no clue D: (asking for a friend)closedSilversunsetPlease dont make joke modreqs. srsy bsns only!!!!!!
3241The_Hero27protect iron blocks pleaseclosedSilversunsetbeacon pyramid protected!
324010444musicplease protect my bouildclosedSilversunsetas discussed previously your build is already protected. do /rg i and it will give you details.
323910444musichelpclosedSilversunsetYour hotel is already protected, keep building the rest a bit more before requesting expansions. Also please put your request in your req message directly so staff can help you easier!
3238Sambo_BagginsI had a moderator contact the owner of these furnaces to remove them. It's been about a week and they're still here.closedBarlimoreBoth removed!
3237Hinterlandzqater flow on all blocksclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3236Hinterlandzwater flow on these 3 water blocks to make mini ice farmclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3235Spook6im trapped here, also i think there neeeds to be a ladderclosedSir_DidymusRescued!
3234SaxAttack24Can you please remove the protection that I requested for this area? Thanks!closedThelVadumeeregion removed :D
3233The_Hero27can you protect the enchantment table and the potion craft thing? (bookshelfs too pls)closeddefiexdiscussed via msg. It's looking good!
3232The_Hero27water flowclosedSilversunsetlava de-dangerer flowed!
3231dobreiraplease make it so all fence gates in this building cant be opened and closedcloseddobreira
3230dobreiraplease make it so all fence gates in this building cant be opened and closedclosedBarlimoreTrap doors are no longer interactable - excellent decoration!
3229dobreiraplease make it so people cant open the fence gates infront of the cobbleclosedBarlimoreThese animals should now be contained!
3228Azumarillredstone block tech admin doppelsclosedAzumarill/suggestion-box previous
3227Tommy389flow water on roof please :)closedNoramiall flowing :)
3226robrtech req - see notesclosedBarlimoreCheck your mail.
3225Lethal_Treei is stuck inside of a mountainclosedrobrlet's avoid any glitches in the future.
3224robrprotect rail linesclosedrobrprotected - next time make them straighter!
3223robrremove derp stairwell up to my rail pleaseclosedSir_DidymusDerp removed.
3222JezzzzieNeed help with chest removal plz ^^closedBarlimoreBuild and chests moved as discussed!
3221TheCoachAdairupdate: spawner placed at northeast "pillar" in room I'm standing. Loot is in chest behind me in a shulker.closedBarlimoreClosing additional information request.
3220TheCoachAdairiron golem spawner pleaseclosedBarlimoreGolem spawner added (per modreq 3221).
3219TheCoachAdairplease change ownership of this defiex head so i can upgrade our spawnerclosedBarlimoreYou will need to contact the owner of the skull for this -> (sent details via mail).
3218dobreirawater flowclosedSpook6flowing
3217twilexiscan I have a chest region called 'avo'?closedBarlimoreIce-cream region set up!
3216RokkuCXVIIHEATHENS BEGONE! THIS BE'TH MY PLAT NOW MUAHAHAHAAclosedBarlimoreClosing duplicate request.
3215nolanater5711dont listen to those fools, this is MY plotclosedBarlimoreFly you fools!
3214twilexisplayer last seen nov 25, can i have this plot please?closedBarlimoreThis area is all yours now.
3213archeloncould this chest and dog be moved please?closedBarlimoreBoth moved!
3212The_Hero27can you extend the claim to both?closedThelVadumeeprotected!
3211The_Hero27claim this dudeclosedtict0cprotected and safe !!
3210Manitic027Can you make my water flow please?closedtict0cwater floweded :)
3209cujobeargriff? or did I never place a glowstone there?closedscherererererglowstone fixed
3208Azumarillthis sign's weird enough to modreq - that's not where the rail line goes!closedscherererererexplained as best as could, sign fixed by azu
3207The_Hero27can i claim my pets?closedcujobeardiscussed via /msg
3206Bubba1811Can you please protect this "place" for me! Kinda compicated sorry!closedrobrsecret hideout protected!
3205PPGOMEwho's chest is this? it's not protected and I need this space :P If it could be removed that would be great!closedSir_DidymusChest removed.
3204sushi15missing dragon head? Upon death it dropped and eof and experience orbs but I couldn't find the head at spawn nor could I find it in the end.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail (/mail inbox & /mail read #)
3203TheCoachAdairplease check/fix signs at SW portal. Alias sign takes to Square's quad grinder.closedschererererera sign outside says "square's quad" on it; the rail you seem to have taken says "ALIAS RAIL" - this is a private build though, so you're best off messaging one of the owners (azumarill or tompreuss) to request an alteration
3202Dinostormflowing waterclosedscherererererwater flowed!
3201Dinostormflowing waterclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
3200TheCoachAdairplease fix spawn in lobby. twice i've switched from pve and both times fell through the mapclosedSir_DidymusTechs have been informed.
3199ieuwehHi! we are wondering what happened to our sheep, they are all gone :(closedrobrsheep grief rolled back, user warned
3198ThelVadumeeprotect this house plzzclosedThelVadumeeoops forgot to close, protected
3197_ht_vwlsplease move this shulker box because i added a line to the station and it looks ugly nowclosed_ht_vwls
3196The_Hero27I have a spawner here, what happens if it gets griefed?closedBluuefuzzyall protected! no one can grief the spawner now
3195dobreirawater flow repeat for the 2 floors above pleaseclosedSir_DidymusFlowed.
3194dobreirawater flowclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3193AzulaTheFireLordI completed and turned in the quest related item, recieved banner and other reward, but not the coin. Can I get a replacement?closedBarlimoreThis coin now finds itself into your backpack!
3192Lethal_Treewhy arent my beacons working D:closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
3191stellarvikingI have a furnace that's pretty far from where I am, do I need to walk and remove it or can a mod do itclosedBarlimoreFurnace removed!
3190The_Hero27Can i have a place here? (England)closedSir_DidymusYou've already requested a place for this area.
3189tict0cProtect this land :)closedtict0cyay protected it is!
3188archelonflowclosedtict0cFlowed and looking good :)
3187Azumarillwater (up)closedpez252Done!
3186cujobearpadmin req - I would like to discuss this build pleaseclosedSir_DidymusPassed to team.
3185archelonflow plsclosedtict0cdone and done :)
3184The_Hero27./place (my city)?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3183fudgeblob123thanks ya legendclosedpez252No problem! You can say thanks in general chat or with a pm. Please keep modreqs to reqests. Thanks.
3182fudgeblob123how do i claim a plotclosedpez252Find an open area nobody has built on, and surround it with a fence. Add signs with your name and the date. Use "/help claims" for details.
3181fudgeblob123hiclosedpez252Hi. (Please only use modreqs for official requests. Thanks)
3180Muskogee_Redabandoned chest removalclosedSir_DidymusChests removed!
3179i_c_e_water flow please so tic can finaly batheclosedpez252Flowed (because tic refused to do it)
3178shanty_sniperprotections on areas with glowstone including walls with storaage room at lowest levelclosedSir_DidymusProtected in part.
3177robrprotectclosedrobrmysterious shuttle protected
3176The_Hero27items dissapeared before 5 minutesclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - check your /mail for additional info!
3175Azumarillsome water, pleaseclosedrobrwatered!
3174robrsacrifice for iron spawners in chest - please replace stone blocks at end of glass pillars with said spawners (or replace all stone blocks, that could be interesting)closedBarlimoreAll stone blocks replaced with golem spawners! All two of them(!)
3172Aleco252Are you able to add my Alt 'Alecooo' to the land permissions here?closedrobrdiscussed via /m
3171KingNyahmanhello, please can you protect this building for me? Thank you very muchclosedSpook6your building is protected
3170iNerd71I'm guessing this granite isn't suppossed to be hereclosedBarlimoreFixed - thanks for the report!
3169Trooprm32Expand 'replication' to cover my builds pleaseclosediNerd71Replication region relocated!
3168TheCoachAdairflow water from here to the wall please. let's complete this canal! Woohoo!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3167Shyfthappensflow waterclosedThelVadumeewater is flowed :D
3166ThelVadumeetotemoreq: going in and out of modmode causes villagers to be unable to be interacted withclosedtotemorelog
3165TheCoachAdairplease flow water from the wall to approx where I'm standing. I'd like to test if I did this right before doing the whole tunnelclosediNerd71Flowed!
3163Lethal_Treeis damage indicators allowed? its a harmless mod that shows the health of a mob/playerclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via message.
3162Shyfthappensplease remove this abandoned furnaceclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3161robrrollback fail?closedSir_DidymusDerp cleared up.
3160BecquerineI clicked on this sign with a full inventory, and now I can't get an item I think I need to finish this knight's quest. Can you help? Thanks!closedSir_DidymusItem added to inventory.
3159assasymphoniwater flow pls!closedtict0cflowing da water :)
3157Azumarillregionclosedscherererererregion protected as azutomhouse
3155Spook6flowz plzclosedNoramiall flowing :)
3154KirundistIs it possible to expand my region "harvest" to include the area we've got walled in now?closedSir_DidymusProtected!
3153PPGOMEthis chest has been here since beginning of rev and I can't use it. Can you remove it please?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3152Tommy389flow water in fountain, corners have been fixed!closedrobrdiscussed via /m
3151Tommy389flow water at top of fountains. Thanks!closedrobrflowed, corners need some help due to water physics though
3150TheCoachAdairedit undo. water to high, needs to be just lower tunnelclosedBarlimoreShould be resolved now - good luck here!
3149TheCoachAdairflow water from here (the wall) all the way to the river! (when you have time)closedBarlimoreWater flowing here!
3148TheCoachAdairstop water flow here on this y planeclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
3147The_Hero27the lava tooclosedBarlimoreLava flowing too!
3146The_Hero27flowclosedBarlimoreClosing duplicate request.
3145The_Hero27flow thisclosedBarlimoreWater flowing here!
3144Azumarillcan you, like, put this horse somewhere? or kill it? it belongs to some griefersclosedBarlimoreHorse relocated about 100 blocks West.
3143Azumarillget rid of thisclosedThelVadumeemoar derp tower cleared!
3142Azumarillget rid of thisclosedThelVadumeederp tower removed
3141The_Hero27water flowclosedBarlimoreEnjoy the additional flowing water!
3140Tommy389water flow please :)closedBarlimoreFlowing - enjoy!
3139The_Hero27water flowclosedThelVadumeeflowwed :D
3138The_Hero27water flowclosedThelVadumeewatr floeeeee
3137RonBMy horse is save!closedBarlimoreJust got here - glad to see you're all safe now!
3136RonBMy horse is drowning in protected watersclosedBarlimoreClosing as per modreq 3137.
3135robrlooking back at rev21 guidelines can i get a rail place for alias put here at -1k -1k?closedBarlimorePlace added!
3134Hinterlandzprotections on this towerclosedBarlimoreProtection added - build in peace!
3133Dinostormflowing waterclosedSpook6the water is flowing
3132AzulaTheFireLordwere these crops griefed?closedSpook6too old doesnt look like this has been touched in a very long time
3131AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow this block of water above the lavaclosedSpook6the lava has been cooled
3130TheCoachAdairplease add me as a mayor of Pumpkinopolis. Or let me know if Tythal needs to message in discord.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3129TheCoachAdaircan we add notification notifying people when they reach Pumpkinopolis? (like what robr has for alias)closedBarlimoreRegion greeting added!
3128defiexmaps: 328, 332, 326, 331, 323, 329, 330, 324 pls!closediNerd71A little jumbled, but maps got!
3127defiexMap 1121 Please and thank you!closediNerd71Maps placed!
3126Dinostormflowing waterclosedSilversunsetflowed!
3125archelonsame with this rail, owner seems to have gone and I would like to simply clean it up but keep the same stopsclosedSir_DidymusResolved. Check your mail!
3124archeloncould I have permission to clean up the Gareth portal? owner seems to have abandoned itclosedSir_DidymusResolved. Check your mail!
3123King_of_quesoplease make a public region for players to place shulkers (there are others by the portal and rail station as well)closedcujobeardone and done
3122robrplease protect rail line as much as possible from grief thxclosedrobrrails protected
3121bermudalocketWho placed all this?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via msg
3120KirundistApache00's dog is stuck inside our claim, we can't move him unfortunately. Would he be able to be teleported outside the wall?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
3119pez252Someone left some things behind on this platform (3 things built). Can they be removed?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3118Tommy389Mined beacon and then it disappearedclosedrobrbeacon in inventory, chose to be shy for a bit
3117ieuwehcould I have map 1121 for my little store? ty in advance!closeddefiexMap placed! ::excited noises!::
3116SlugNamedDevcan i please have those water flowed pleaseclosedNoramiAll flowing :)
3115The_Hero27water flowclosedBarlimoreFlowing here, enjoy!
3114cujobeartech request: please check this area, the leaves sem to be set to no decay.closedcujobear
3113KirundistCould you tell me who built this house and the dirt hut to the north-west?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3112dorky4There's a rail missing from this line and it's been blocked off by a block of wool, not sure what to do about itclosedBarlimoreAll fixed!
3111iNerd71Alright, let's try this. Would Glorious Argoth be worthy of a /place right here at -170, -2245?closeddefiexAnd thus the Great Motherland takes her place on the Map of Many Places so that all may bask in Her Glory. Dues Vult!
3110TheCoachAdairi lost several things in my elytra-not-activating death. anyway to find them?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3109Lethal_Treetheres a hole in the quint grinder drop kill thing thats causing me to get knocked backclosedThelVadumeeblocks fixed!
3108GoobyzachGamesstuck in another dimension... I'm lostclosedSilversunsettp'd to spawn!
3107Kirstaeflow all water pleaseclosedSpook6it has all been flowed!
3106Kirstaeflow again sorryclosedSpook6dont let it happen again
3105Kirstaeflow pleaseclosedSpook6flowed
3104Roceanaplease tp me out of the admin hunt arenaclosedbermudalocketfreedom! \o/
3103Sambo_Bagginsthese furnaces have been here for a long while and seem to be abandoned. Can I get them removed?closedBarlimoreHave contacted the owner (online recently) to request removal.
3102Creeperofhopesomeone stole a boxclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3101PPGOMEdidn't see chest was claimed and he left sign as the - Remember to /cprivate thing. Broke sign :cclosedBarlimoreThanks for letting us know - sign fixed!
3100GoobyzachGameshow do I get to sw end portal from hereclosedschererererer/maps will give link to live map - use that to see your location and the location of the end portal (which is a /place on the map and in-game)
3099The_Hero27restant tree doesnt dissapear , can i burn it?closedNoramidiscussed via /msg
3098SlugNamedDevhey someone build this huge platform in my claim and they put chests and stuff, is there a way to get it removed? I do not recognize the nameclosedSir_DidymusBuild removed.
3097SlugNamedDevwater flow pleaseclosediNerd71Your water is now affected by gravity
3096The_Hero27water flowclosediNerd71Flowed!
3095robrgriefed stone bricks.closedThelVadumeefixed the grifflez
3094The_Hero27claimcloseddefiexDiscussed via message, please take a moment to review http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Land_Claims and contact us with any other questions!
3093_ht_vwlsi've added a connection to the nether spawn rail station at -13 68 -19. please change sign 6 there to "Bors"closedNorami#6 named Bors now :D
3092Hinterlandzis this a naturally spawning build that i can claim?closedtotemoapparently; go for it
3091grenbugplease protect my flower farm for region avalon if possible, marked with cyan concrete, thanks!closedtotemoprotected as child of avalon
3090King_of_Lion2000how to make objects publicly accessable?closedSpook6discussed in chat
3089iNerd71Make the dirt less seeable! (barriers please)closedBarlimoreIt's time for some spleefing!
3087BloomingLilycan you make this water flow pleaseclosedSpook6its flowed anyway
3086nintiTrack 2 of this station now goes to Gareth Portal. Can you label the sign please?closedSir_DidymusSign labelled!
3085ThelVadumeeis this player made here, the spongescloseddefiexMap feature! Welcome to the sponge reefs. :D
3084GoobyzachGameswhere is knightsquest atclosedSilversunset/place ag (get the book, read it!)
3083cujobearplease protect mah shit. chest region is called moonshine_bayclosedcujobeargood god almighty who on earth would build so spread out. Just insane.
3082grenbugthere are water buckets in the dispensers, can you make them flow please?closedBarlimoreAll ready to flow, enjoy!
3081GoobyzachGamessomebody griefed muskogee_redclosedSilversunsetwe're on it
3080Muskogee_Redsomeone griefed meclosedSilversunsetrepaired (make cujo get this stuff protected!!!!!!)
3079FiddlersViridianAccidentally made "holes" in the water while trying to fill my bucket, and cannot fix. Was not intentionally griefing.closedbermudalocketNo grief here!
3078grenbugwater to flow pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3077The_Hero27tnt is allowed?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message: TnT works as a decorative block only.
307632ndFlavacan you expand Pico region to include this deep area? Thanks! :DclosedbermudalocketRegion expanded!
3075The_Hero27water flowclosedbermudalocketflowed!
3074The_Hero27question , can i build my own nether portal?closedtict0cmsg. Question answered :)
3073GoobyzachGamesCan you please protect what I've built so far the Bridge and the Town please?closedSir_DidymusProtected!
3072ieuwehmap 1116 :) thank you!closeddefiexFancy map placed!
3070Wawskilava flow (lets try this again)closedCARnivore_ndsflowed
3069Wawskilava/water flow (i want obsidian!)closedCARnivore_ndssolid option
3068GoobyzachGamesspamcloseddefiexBest recipe is to cook with a bit of hot sauce over a low fire. (taken care of, thanks for reporting!)
3067GoobyzachGamesMy cauldron just dissapearedcloseddefiexdiscussed via msg
3066thefigg88stuck in publicly accessible afk room with a bot/alt. bots/alts shouldn't be allowed in publicly accessible areas for this very reasonclosedThelVadumeeplayer rescued!
3065Kirstaeplease remove this empty chestclosedSir_DidymusChest removed.
3064dorky4Hey, can you please turn the chest into an iron spawner? (and please don't die in the process) Thanks!closedSir_DidymusGolem spawner placed!
3063roryjasperHi there are some non-flowing water blocks in this room, could they all be flowing please?closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3062bermudalocketcontract region havenmayors a few blocks up to avoid interfering with stair areaclosedbermudalocketdone
3061Azumarillwaterclosedtotemoliquid and dispenser set to flow
3060GoobyzachGamesis there a way to find out a horses progression? Like how to find out when it will level upclosedtotemo3060 "/hnext" to see when it will level up, "/horse-upgrades" speed for all levels, "/help horses" for docs, "/help EasyRider" for all commands
3059Creeperofhopeis this aloudclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3058The_Hero27claimclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3057bermudalocketmight just be my ping/client not resolving the lighting update, but I think there's some lighting weird-ness going on right here. Can it be fixed?closedSir_DidymusResolved by turning it off and on again.
3056The_Hero27i died just before restart, did my items get deleted?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3055The_Hero27claimclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
3054The_Hero27Help D:closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3053The_Hero27is this place claimed?closeddefiexDiscussed via msg!
3052Jean_de_Patmosflow water 95, 9, -3923 through 95, 9, -3931closedThelVadumeeflowwed :D
3051Jean_de_Patmosflow water at 104, 31, -3917; 104, 4, -3919; 104, 6, -3932closeddefiexpointy danger splish has been splashed!
3050thefigg88I knicked a white sheep while killing cows. my badclosedrobrsheep resurected, please be careful with pointy objects!
3049dorky4Can you make the water flow please? :P ThanksclosediNerd71Flowed! Looks like it's working properly now
3048dorky4Hi, can you please make this water flow? Thanks :DclosediNerd71dar she flows!
3047SaxAttack24i accidentally broke a piece of glass in the nether.. i figured it was protectedclosediNerd71Fixed, thanks for reporting!
3046roryjasperHi, just wondering who made this big hole near my town. Thanks!closediNerd71Discussed via /msg
3045SaxAttack24Can someone please add protection to my area? Thanks! :DclosediNerd71Farma area protected!
3044dorky4Can you please protect this area under New_Audra? Thanks!closediNerd71Protected underground grinder and expanded New Adura region to cover additional builds
3043SaxAttack24this person is loitering and being weird, moving every time i look awayclosediNerd71Technically there are no rules against sneaking around like that, but do let us know if they do start doing something more malicious
3042GoobyzachGameshow do I leave a message to someone so when they get back it tells them?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
3041Wawskiwaterflow the 8 extra water in the fountain, sorry for being retardedclosedtict0cMore water has been flown !!
3040Wawskiwater flowclosedtict0cwater flow flowing :)
3039dorky4Can you please check who's clearing this land? Thanks! :)closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
3038Lethal_Treeas a town mayor, do i have "rights" to move something such as a farm to a different place?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m :)
3037GoobyzachGamesstuck again im sorry guysclosedBarlimoreUnstuck!
3036GoobyzachGamesstuckclosedBarlimoreMind the tree traps(!) :-)
3035crittersaplease make this water flow. Thanks.closedschererererer2 water blocks flowed
3034elbeauplease make water flowclosedscherererererflowed 2 water blocks
3033Apache00I broke this stair to see why someone was under here and the AFK player picked up the stair.closedSir_DidymusFixed. Please be more careful in future!
3032Tommy389Flow water and upper level of lava please :)closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
3031grenbugthere's water in these dispensers, please flow, you can use button to west to test if you like! :)closeddefiexsplishy has been splashed!
3030archelonwho put this rail down?closeddefiexDiscussed via /mail
3029Aleco252Did someone steal my Sugarcane or was it just meclosedSpook6the sugar cane has been avenged
3028nintisomeone broke the rail hereclosedSir_DidymusFixed! Thanks for reporting.
3027CairBirbplease flow this block of waterclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
3026Azumarillhonestly guys I keep having waterclosedBarlimoreThat was thirsty work!
3023GoobyzachGameshow to see when someone was last on?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3022i_c_e_water flow while eat cookies pleaseclosedtict0cdone enjoy the flow yo!
3021i_c_e_Water flow NOW :pclosedtict0cI flowed water even tho you ate some of my cookies !!
3020GoobyzachGamesplease make perma ignoreclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3019dobreirawater flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3018wyguy2014please protect this regionclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3017dobreirawater flowclosedBarlimoreLooking good up here!
3016xGonzywater flowclosedpez252flowed \o/
3015dobreiralava flowclosedBarlimoreHeads up!
3014xGonzywater flowclosedBarlimoreFlowing - happy mining!
3013dobreiralava flowclosedBarlimoreDown it goes!
3012dobreiralava flowclosedBarlimoreLava flow test completed!
3011Apache00i just died from a glitch, my elytra stopped suddenly in the airclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3010GoobyzachGamesmy shovel is too goodclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
3009thefigg88I think I screwed up the guardian grinder. I don't know when the "water is turned on" or off so the lava button is confusingclosedSir_DidymusFixed and discussed via msg.
3008Lethal_Treesince reon hasnt been active in a while, would it be possible for me to gain ownership of the chests in here so i can add our new member to them?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
3007thefigg88not sure if this the right way to bring attention to this, but the rail from spawn to haven doesn't actually lead to HavenclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - mailed rail owner to consider amending a section of track.
3006Lethal_Treewould it be possible to know who built this as it as my claim fence kind of wraps around it and i dont really want to deal with land claim problemsclosedThelVadumeediscussed via /msg
3005Lethal_Treei accidentally just killed the mooshroom at the umc fortress with a bow in offhand while trying to click on the dispenser what do i do i am pamickingclosedBarlimoreAccidents happen - you did the right thing by modreq'ing!
3004schererererershulker wall, pls exterminate, thanksclosedBarlimoreChests exterminated!
3003SquaresTherewater flow? thanks! :)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3002stellarvikingplease flow the two water blocks right above meclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
3001JezzzzieNeed help to amend a prior protectionclosedThelVadumeemsged player via /r
3000dobreirawaterflowclosedrobr3000th water flowed!
2999stellarvikingplease to flow the water along y57closedbermudalocketits so satisfying when you get to the point where the lake fills itself in
2998stellarvikingplease flow the one water block in the wallclosedtict0cWaterfall Flowing !!
2997stellarvikingplease to make the water around y56 flow - all the way aroundclosedtict0cDone and Done! Water Flowing :)
2996dobreirawater flowclosedtict0cWater Flow Ever too late :)
2995stellarvikingplease flow the ring of water at y55closedtict0cWater is flowing!
2994stellarvikingplease flow the ring of water at y54closedtict0cFlowing ! Nice Pond! :)
2993pez252Shulker region there pleaseclosedpez252no
2992CatnippedCan I grab a chest region for my area?closedbermudalocketchest region created!
2991SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedbermudalocketflowed!
2990Ullanderarea protection under Gwenyn. Thank youclosedBarlimoreProtection added as a child of Gwenyn!
2989nintiflow waterclosedrobrwater flowed
2988CatnippedCan you check if this is generated or player made?closedrobrdiscussed via /m
2987PyroAvokim at rose and i wanna trade melons and pumkins for emeralds but i cant put the skulker box downclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2986dobreirawater flowclosedCARnivore_ndslooks pondish, better wash
2985ieuwehdid something happen to the rail from tabula to spawn? I think it is missingclosedSir_DidymusFixed! Thanks for reporting.
2984GoobyzachGamesare there commands for horses?closedSilversunsetAll sorts of fun info can be found here http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Easy_Rider
2983robrrescued a player from here, a few other areas inescapable because region protections - need to address?closedSir_DidymusRegion owner mailed.
2982Azumarillsomeone installed an illegal backdoorclosedrobrgrief fixed, end room region expanded to include sleeping area
2981nels_nelsonHm. Someone killed Vin Diesel, I guess. I can haz resurrection? Best regards, -NelsclosedSilversunsetMr. Diesel has returned, all is well!
2980GoobyzachGameshow do I muteclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2979nels_nelsonMay I please have this water block made to flow? Best regards, -Nelsclosedcujobearflowed!
2978defiexSuch griffs, much sadness! Please to fix!closedtict0cGrief fixed ! Enjoy your brand new shiney lantern :o)
2977grenbugthere are water buckets in dispenser, please flow, sorry for the redo, I had to redo my wiring...closeddefiexThe prettiest of splishes has been splashed!
2976stellarvikingIT WORKS - FLOW WATER AT Y255closedtotemoyou didn't place any
2975stellarvikingmoment of truth 2 - please flow the ring of water at y53closedtotemoflowing
2974stellarvikingmoment of truth - please flow the lowest level of the lake (y52)closedSpook6flowed!
2973stellarvikingpelase flow just theseclosedSpook6flowed!
2972stellarvikingflow these three waters plsclosedSpook6flowed
2971ZaranadrinHello! Could I please get protection of this "Forest Manor" I'm building, as well as some of the area around it's vacinity, please? Happy New Year!!!!!closedtotemoprotected
2970stellarvikingI want to fill this lake - what is the easiest way to do itclosedtotemodiscussed via pm
2969Lethal_Treeplz dont ask what happened but im stuckcloseddefiexI won't ask, but I'll judge. ::judges::
2968nels_nelsonMay I please have the water at the other end of this ice path made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosediNerd71Flowed!
2967Lethal_Treefloe?closedThelVadumeeo o f lava
2966Lethal_Treei was up at 5K and now im only at 500closedLethal_Tree
2965bookey42remove chests. User hasnt been on since OCt 31. The chests are located on the xp grinder with a sign that says please removecloseddefiexChests removed, pls check mail for more info!
2964Lethal_Treedo yall have the power to unlock dispensers/hoppers?closedtict0ctalked in PM and explained
2963maid_marianpls flow lavaclosedSilversunsetDangerwater is flowin!
2962Kirstaewho placed all this pris block?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m
2961stellarvikinghey guys, heads up - i'm about to fill a lakeclosedrobrremodreq when you've got some lake-type water to flow
2960GoobyzachGamesplease make water flowclosediNerd71Flowed!
2959Silversunsetour road has been griefed......closedSapphricRolled back and player warned. Thanks for reporting.
2958PyroAvoki need a minecart or somethingclosedbermudalocketdidn't miss it after all \o/
2957Silversunsettraincarts just killed me pls restore my tools?closedBarlimoreUnintended death verified through logs - items restored.
2956assasymphoniI pressed a button because I didn't know what it did and it harvested and now i can't replant! AHH!closedSilversunsetfarm fixed, pls be more careful with stray buttons in the future you never know when the kraken will be released!!!!
2955ieuwehcan I have map 1081 please? the last one before the year ends! :DclosediNerd71Map placed!
2954SlugNamedDevwawski locked a chest in my wool factory, can i please have it unlocked?closedtict0cTalked it out and slug will contact wawski :)
2953Sir_DidymusPlease repair the grief here.closeddefiexThe grief has been repaired and the player warned! Thank you for reporting such mischief! Don't forget to tip your waiter!
2952BecquerineFlowing water for skele grinder - this whole row of water blocks. Thanks!!closedcujobeargood to go!
2951BecquerineFlowing water for skele grinder (3rd - I am submitting 1 req/block)closedcujobearalso flowing
2950BecquerineFlowing water for skele grinderclosedcujobearthis one is good
2949BecquerineFlowing water for skele grinderclosedcujobearwater flowed
2948grenbugthere are water buckets in these dispensers, can you make the water flow please?closedBarlimoreIt's about to get a whole lot wetter in here! Bring a canoe!
2947grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedBarlimoreBoth flowing, enjoy!
2946grenbugplease make water flow, just testing if I have the setup rightclosedcujobeartesting complete!
2945King_of_Lion2000can you change the biome real quick so my flower machien will give me the flowers i want?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2944archelonwater flow please ºuºclosedHerr_Fawkesflowing
2943Herr_Fawkesprotect this shrine and wallsclosedHerr_Fawkesprotected
2942Azumarillcan I get a usage deny on these levers with the justification of "it's the legs"closedBarlimoreThis dragon will now be able to watch the slaughter of it's kin, uninterupted by adventurers playing with it's legs!
2941CairBirbMy friend accidentally killed my gray parrot earlier, I was just wondering if it was possible to get it replaced or no?closedscherererererunfortunately, animals only get replaced when killed as a griefing act - sorry
2940CatnippedI need a flow-tation device please!closediNerd71device flow-tated!
2939Muzellecan you make flow start at the very inside point of the waterfallclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2938CatnippedCan I get permission to tear up this area? Dude who was initially here hasn't been on in roughly 10 years. By tear up I mean flatten or alter in any way I see fit.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2937Creeperofhopeprotectionclosedtict0cTalked it out all is well !! No protection issued
2936Creeperofhopeprotectionclosedtict0cSeem like you removed what you need protected. Modreq again if you still need protection! :)
2935Chris_MGHey can I get some water placed for a fountain?closedSilversunsetlooks like your fountain is all set!
2934cujobearcan we go ahead and have these shulker boxes removed?closedBarlimoreShulker boxes removed!
2933Bubba1811Can you please make all the water flow including the water at either ends of the room!!closedcujobearwater flowin
2932dorky4Can you protect this for me please, if it's not already protected to New AduraclosedBarlimoreLooks like the builds here are already protected - build more and we'll add more regions to cover those too, on request. :-)
2931KirstaeHELP RNclosedRiverican't recover the stuff, sorry :(
2930AzulaTheFireLordDid I make these holes, if not who did?closedRiveriplayers PM'd, situation resolved
2929bookey42more water flow!closedSpook6flowed
2928bookey42water flow please!closedSpook6flowed
2927LesbianQueenAlexWater flowing plsclosedSapphricFlowed!
2926iNerd71The time has come to activate the Argoth iron grinder! Materials are in the chests; 4 purple wool = 4 spawners.closedBarlimoreEnjoy your golem spawners! Protection added too as discussed.
2925ttscipls to flow, thanksclosedtict0cFlows for tS !! ;)
2924Lethal_Treehalp im stuckclosedBarlimoreBeen waiting for you to log back in!
2923ieuwehanother map request! this time map 1074 please :)closedBarlimoreThis map is now on display, enjoy!
2922AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow these blocks of waterclosedSpook6flowed
2921bookey42water flows!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2920TellephoneCould a mod please update my region with the recent things I have added to my build?closedThelVadumeeregion expanded :D
2919nels_nelsonOkay, uh... Here goes nothing. May I please have the cyan wool blocks in this chamber replaced with iron golem spawner blocks? Payment in full is in 4 chests upstairs near the side door. Best regards, -NelscloseddefiexCongratulations on your rnew iron grinder! Maybe you can make a Ferrous wheel for travelers to enjoy!
2918Catnippedthis pp aint workincloseddefiexMelons have been tested and are FDA approved for consumption!
2917ieuwehcan I have map 1068 please? :DclosedkumquatmayMap placed, and boy is it beautiful!
2916iNerd71I never got a knight's coin from castle #9, probably because I didn't realise 3 empty slots in your inventory meant 3 empty slots in the hotbar specificallyclosedBarlimoreThis coin has now found it's way to you!
2915archelonflow plsclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
2914Azumarillhey, pez, I need to show you a bug(maybe)closedAzumarillhttps://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-90923
2913ieuwehI accidentally killed too many pigs! is there a way to undo my mistake? :(closedSir_DidymusFixed. Try to be careful with this one!
2912Wawskiflow all 7 pools :) thanks tict0c!closedtict0cFlowed all the waters :)
2911Wawskiwater flow please :)closedtict0cflowing :)
2910Wawskiwater flow (twice? gonna spread from the center to the six and flow those to)closedtict0cFlowing :)
2909maid_marianpls flow lava thxclosedtict0cFlowing Enjoy :)
2908SenpaiNoticedgrief?closedtotemofixed; thanks
2907promaxxeprotectionclosedtotemohouse and farm protected as region promaxxe_tabula_house
2906promaxxegriefing/intruding our land..?closedtotemosure; you could call it that; the stone, dirt etc are out of logs, but torches suggest 11-20; fill it in and modreq protection if you like
2905King_of_Lion2000how to add everyone to the rotate list of an item frame?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
2904AzulaTheFireLordWho placed this fence penclosedSpook6discussed via msg
2903Aleco252Is it possible to have these lamps turned on without a source?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2902RedElevenSooperdooper unending water pool pls!closediNerd71Flowed...go to bed
2901nels_nelsonMay I please have this single water block made to flow? Best regards, -NelsclosediNerd71Perhaps a bit more than single, but flowed!
2900nels_nelsonMay I please have this single water block made to flow? Best regards, -NelsclosedSapphricFlowed. SEE CUJO?!
2899totemoI sense a great disturbance in the force here.closeddefiexYour eyes decieve you. Don't trust them. (all fixed, thanks for doing your part and reporting!)
2898assasymphonii broke the dragoncloseddefiexDuct tape and some glue will take care of that!
2897nels_nelsonMay I please have these 16 water blocks made to flow naturally? Best regards, -NelsclosediNerd71Flowing, naturally.
2896CreeperofhopeflowclosediNerd71Uhh...water flowed, I guess?
2895NedKelly_stuckclosedSir_DidymusAppears you escaped!
2894nels_nelsonQuestion, are mod requests to adjust or relocate iron golem spawners granted? Or is it a one time setup sort of thing?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2893dobreirawater flowclosedtotemoflowed
2892ZaranadrinHow do i let someone "edit" this building i'm working on if it's protectedclosedtotemodo "/region info" to get the region name, then "/region addmember regionname playername"; see "/help protection"
2891dobreirawater flowclosedSpook6water flowed
2890Wawskiwater flowclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
2889Bubba1811Can you please make this water fall from the ceiling!closedrobrwater falling!
2888Bubba1811Can you please make this water flow!closedrobrwater flowing!
2887MokinhoAny mod online? :)closedrobrregion protections added to house!
2886ieuwehcan I have map 1067 for my shop? ty! :3closedSir_DidymusMap mapified!
2885Sir_DidymusSpookreq: Please protect my humble abode!closedSpook6your humble abode is humbley protected
2884ThunderKrackerObvious griffles is obvious.closedSpook6Not grief, but thank you for reporting!
2883Zaranadrinplease protect the sandstone Taj Mahal I'm building. Up til the skyclosedSpook6The Taj Mahal is protected
2882Aleco252Where am i?closedSpook6you have been found
2881dorky4Hi! Can you please fill in the wood area with running water? I'm trying to make a little water fountain :)closedSpook6flowing :P
2879dacracotflowing water pleaseclosedtict0cflowing :o)
2878Roy_Arsenalhorse is stuckclosedThelVadumeemsgd player about a fence
2877Roy_Arsenalhorse is stuckclosedtict0ctaken care of
2876ieuwehmap 1061 <3 please!closeddefiexThis amazing piece of artwork has been displayed!
2875Roy_Arsenalhorse permsclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
2874SlugNamedDevmy golem grinder says they are tier 1 golems. is that correct?closedBarlimoreCorrected to a tier 3!
2873JezzzzieHALPclosedbermudalocketfreedom \o/
2872PipersDadis there a trick to getting snow golems to work?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2871ieuwehmap 1060 please :3closedSpook6map is gotten
2870ShawchertI was wondering if the land i am on (island only) has been claimed at all.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2869King_of_quesoflow please!closedSpook6flowed
2867ThunderKrackerThis one too, plz!closedSapphricProtected!
2866ThunderKrackerprot for beacon lump, plz!closedSapphricProtected!
2865Sapphrici think someone drew a dick here?closedSir_DidymusFixed!
2864WozdakaGolem Spawner pls - items in chest - spawner goes in place of chest tyvmclosedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
2863QueenBombusPlease include this farm in the gwenyn region (where I placed this says it has no region)closedSir_DidymusProtected!
2862Lethal_Treeim stuck lolclosedLethal_Tree
2861PipersDadpossible x-ray down here, and other areas nearbyclosedSir_DidymusUpon investigation, unlikely. Thanks for reporting!
2860AzulaTheFireLordPlease flow the water on top of the half slabs above each side's fountainclosedSpook6flowed
2859AzulaTheFireLordMake Spook6 flow these four blocks of waterclosedSpook6just for you it is flowing!
2858MedoriaStarplease protect my little walled kingdom thank youclosedBarlimoreProtection added to the walled kingdom, build in peace!
2857Aleco252who made this signclosedSpook6discussed via message
2856ThelVadumeeexpand region here plsclosedThelVadumeei should remember to close these
2855bookey42water flow pleaseclosediNerd71Flowed!
2854shanty_snipercan i have basically this land ive build on dimentions to bedrock or just above railwaysclosedtict0cWill re-modreq when has built to Bedrock :)
2853cujobearwe are missing an observer block hereclosedSilversunsetObserver returned, player sent to their room without supper.
2852bookey42waterflow please!closedSir_DidymusFlowed!
2851bookey42water flow for infinite poolclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
2850Polar_Tedflow water - can the whole room be flow enabled?closedbermudalocketregion created!
2849ieuwehplease protect my build! I marked the corners with yellow terracota :) thank you!closedcujobearbuild protected
2848WickedCoolSteveOne bucket of your finest flow, por favorclosediNerd71Flowed!
2847OddGeometryplease protect the palm trees and bay area because A E S T H E T I C Sclosedbermudalocketcheck your /mail!
2846_Kokipls unmute me i will never ever talk bad in chatcloseddefiexPlease do not re-enter modreqs.
2845_Kokipls unmute me ill never do it againcloseddefiexDuplicate.
2844_Kokipls im sorry i wont do again almost my bedtimecloseddefiexDuplicate.
2843_Kokipls unmute pls i have to sleep soonclosedSapphric
2842_Kokican u unmute me plz ill stopclosedSapphricIn a bit
2841GoobyzachGameshow to mute _Koki pls helpclosedSapphric/ignore
2840GoobyzachGamesI have a questioncloseddefiexdiscussed via message, remember you can type /lwc to review other chest commands!
2839defiexPlease add the Argoth Embassy to the Spawn rail station please! C5! :D Thank you!closedThelVadumeeadded :D
2838stellarvikingpls allow sapph to temporarily ban me to help maintain his street credclosedrobrno.
2837Lethal_Treenot possible to get teleport signs for a pvp arena, right?closedcujobearno can do
2836assasymphonican i protect this build and then flow the water pls?closedbermudalocketprotected and flowed!
2835bookey42waterflow please!closedSpook6flowing
2834King_of_quesoflow please!closedcujobearflowed :D
2833OddGeometryplease protect tree farmclosedcujobeardiscussed via /m
2832WickedCoolSteveSection of rail missing, maybe grief?closedtotemothe logs have expired; probably washed out when they were building the structure above
2830CammoAmmoflowclosedtict0cDone and Flowing :o)
2829bookey42please remove the 3 chests indicated by the sign. Player hasnt been on since Oct 31st Thank you!closedSir_DidymusChests removed.
2828grenbugplease add Avalon to spawn rail F5closedSir_DidymusAdded!
2827TJM66People can't open my own Christmas present. (I need to add people to the shulker box permissions)closeddefiexDiscussed via msg! :)
2826Aleco252How do I add people to use the chest without making it public to everyone?closeddefiexFor region, use /cmodify r:regionname! :D
2825ThelVadumeeprotect this secret bunker of not dieing plsclosedThelVadumeeooh look i remembered to close this
2824bermudalocketplease protect this intersection of spaghetti railclosedSilversunsetregion protected
2823blue_avocadoI enchanted the sword a fair amount ago but it added a "b" to the front of the name; is there anyone to revert the name back to its non-italicized glory?closedBarlimoreExcalibur has been reformatted!
2822robrremove user chest from public shulker areacloseddefiexremoved!
2821robrpls remove non-region member chestcloseddefiexremoved and player mailed
2820GoobyzachGamesplease help me anti grief my baseclosedSilversunsetLand claims discussed via /m, and house has been protected!
2819dacracotflowing water please, and I have the materials required for an iron golem spawnercloseddefiexIrony splish has been splashed and now the great metal giants shall fall to their firey doom! Congrats on your spawner!
2818iNerd71The most glorious city of Argoth has requested a rail connection to Spawn Station (G6)closediNerd71Done. Glory to Argoth!
2817GoobyzachGamesalso my melons won't growclosediNerd71They should be able to grow, just be patient
2816GoobyzachGamesCan you please help me I need an infinite water source, and grief protclosediNerd71House protected and water flowed!
2813ThunderKrackerHad a couple of sheep and a cow hereclosediNerd71Looks like they got blasted by a wither o_O (Probably a stray skull from someone fighting it above ground.)
2811promaxxecan this building be removed? The player was asked repeatedly to remove it and repeatedly declined. Player still declines. This is TheMeeBovie's and the land is not theirs.closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2810assasymphonihelp i've trapped myself like an idiot.closedassasymphoni
2809Spook6and the bird is goneclosedtotemokilled by lightning strike 2017-12-22 01:41:59, server time
2808Spook6what happened to my chickensclosedtotemokilled by lightning strike inside th pen, 2017-12-22 18:48:32 server time
2807dorky4Our cows (we think) keep despawning, is there anything we can do about that?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2806ieuwehmap from map world 1023 (thank you! :3)closedtict0cPurdy Pic Placed! :)
2805archelonxraying?closedSir_DidymusUpon investigation, unlikely.
2804dnynumberone6 more plsandthanksumscloseddefiexDanger splish has been splashed!
2803dnynumberone3 more flows plsclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2802Silversunsetwho didnt replant my cocoabeansclosedCARnivore_ndsreplanted, player warned.
2801dnynumberonefloweyflows pls and thanksclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
280010444musicPlease save my buildclosedCARnivore_ndsthe place the request was made was already protected, pls request at your build
2799CARnivore_ndsplz protek Venture Mine #1closedCARnivore_ndsregion created
2798roryjasperHi, this person seems to be filling in this river... is there something that can be done?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail and msg.
2797nels_nelsonMay I please request to purchase 4 iron golem spawner blocks? Payment at the new prices (as of Dec 21, 23:30) are in these four chests. Best regards, -NelsclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
2796PipersDadI think i accidentally put torches in the hands of these armor stands, cant figure out how to remove themclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m and torches returned
2795Aleco252Are my two farms here protected?closedtotemotown region new_adura expanded to cover new builds, per conversation
2794KirstaeflowwaterclosedSpook6water flowed
2793Spook6did something bad happen to my snowman?closediNerd71It looks like they somehow suffocated mysteriously
2792Nhaazauaflow plsclosedSilversunsetlet it flow....let it flow....
2791promaxxeflow waterclosediNerd71Spring infinited!
2790ThunderKrackerCan I have my perms here tweaked to 3100,121,-1588 - 3161,255,-1474 plz? Thanks!closedrobrregion expanded
2789ThunderKrackerCan I have my perms here tweaked to 3100,121,-1586 - 3161,255,-1474 plz? Thanks!closedThunderKracker
2788Lethal_Treeif i were provide say 50 knockback II books, and 50 sticks, would it be possible to get 50 knockback II sticks as I am not able to make them?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via mail.
2787thefigg88I griefed the skele in the creeper grinder. I didn't realize it was intended for music dropsclosedSir_DidymusFixed!
2786RonBPlease protect Orchid Valley there is a similar tower at -126,480closedBluuefuzzyprotected!
2785cab417Can I claim this?closedBarlimoreThis spawner is now all yours (protected).
2784obvolvo_Shulker chest bug. I can access the contents, but I can't break it.closedBarlimoreOnly the person who placed a chest can remove it - /cinfo should reveal the owner (if you need to ask for removal).
2783King_of_quesoI got stuck somehow (don't ask me how)closediNerd711 Queso has been checked out from the bookshelf
2782SlugNamedDevwater flow pleaseclosediNerd71flowed!
2781Nhaazauaflow plsclosediNerd71spring infinited
2780Nhaazauapls flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :O
2779Nhaazauapls flowclosedFlumpersploosh!
2778Nhaazauapls flowclosedFlumperGlub glub.
2777Nhaazauapls flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :O
2776Nhaazauapls flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2775Nhaazauapls flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2774Nhaazauapls flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2773Nhaazauapls flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2772Nhaazauapls flowclosedbermudalocketim out of clever responses
2771Nhaazauapls flowclosedCARnivore_ndsOh the lava below looked frightful, but this flow is so delightful....
2770Nhaazauapls flowclosedbermudalocketflow^3
2769Nhaazauapls flowclosedbermudalocketsplish splash lava was takin a bath
2768Nhaazauapls flowclosedCARnivore_ndsummm yer floor iz leaking
2767Nhaazauapls flowclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2766assasymphonipls flow for infinite water sourceclosedSilversunsetflowed
2765TheCoachAdairis there any way to see what's happened to my sheep? Some are roaming around free now. Others disappeared before that.closediNerd71Discussed via /msg
2764Bubba1811can you please make this water flow!closediNerd71Splooshed
2763Wawskiwater flow plz!closedThelVadumeewater flowed :D
2762nintisomeone is putting these heads around the UMC fortressclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2761RonBLet the water flow please.closedThelVadumeewater flowed :D
2760Azumarilla question: why am I not allowed to name vindicators Johnny? What's the thinking behind that functionality removal?closedBarlimoreReasoning is mainly due to these becoming grief machines.
2759archelonprotection pleaseclosedscherererererhoose protected
2758SlugNamedDevsorry one more water flow pleaseclosedThelVadumeewatr flo :D
2757SlugNamedDevplease make this water flowclosediNerd71Behold, your water now obeys gravity
2756Silversunsettest (pls no touch)closedSilversunsetyep
2755Nhaazauaflow plsclosediNerd71Splooshed
2754pez252test keep openclosedSilversunsetdone
2753Nhaazauaflow plsclosedpez252Flowed
2752Nhaazauaflow plsclosediNerd71Splooshed
2751ieuwehdid someone kill our sheep in these pens?closediNerd71Unfortunately it seems that your sheep were struck by lightning. I would recommend building a roof over them to prevent that in the future.
2750PPGOMEfound this in mapworldclosedBarlimoreAll fixed, thanks for reporting!
2749Aghe87who built this wooden arch?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2748roryjasperidk if this is possible, but could i get this tunnel filled with 1 layer of water? sorry if its not possibleclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2747PPGOMEmap to plot 144 in mapworld pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsplaced
2746Lethal_Treethanks for the greeting ! could it be changed to red? and an exclamation point at the en also thankscloseddefiexRavenrock greeting is now red with the blood of RR's enemies!
2745Lethal_Treecan i get a region greeting for the region "ravenrock" and all of it;s child regions? something like "Welcome to Raven Rock"closedrobrdone - please modreq again if you want color or text changed
2744King_of_Lion2000could you flow this water pleaseclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
2743Lethal_Treei have some quesftions about greeting and regions: how would i make it so it did a greeting about 40-50 blocks away from the ravenrock island?closedrobrdiscussed via /m - expanded ravenrock area to encompass new builds
2742RonBLet this river flow please.closeddefiexRiverwide splish has been splashed, though you have a couple of blocks that need an additional bit of tlc.
2741RonBLet the water flow please.closediNerd71aye, the river, she's a-flowin'!
2740King_of_quesoi'd like map 1011 here please!closediNerd71Map placed!
2739ThelVadumeeprotec tunnel here plsclosedThelVadumeeye
2738nels_nelsonI just right clicked a pumpkin head on an armor stand with a name tag, and the name tag disappeared. Is that supposed to happen? Also, how does one rename a pumpkin head, per http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_r12#Player_Heads ?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2737SpaceFlyeMay I have my beacon pyramid protected? thxclosedrobrand such a lovely pyramid it is too..
2736OddGeometryplease protect railsclosediNerd71oh I've been workin' on the rail protections, all the liv' long day!
2735PPGOMEunclaim this plot please. sorry I made a mistake with my map size and found out I only need 1 map not 4closedBarlimorePlot freed up!
2734Greggarycan i get map 1006 please :)closedSpook6map gotten
2733Azumarill3 villagr watrscloseddefiexVillager log flume has been splished!
2732Azumarill2 watr dispensrscloseddefiexBoxy splish has been splashed.
2731Azumarill3 flowscloseddefiexCaney splish has been splashed!
2730Azumarillam I allowed to snag the mossy blocks out of this thing? I mailed PipersDad and messaged them several times while they were online.closeddefiexMoss cobble is craftable by players! Please do not harvest from this pyramid. There are vines available in the nearby area. https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Moss_Stone
2729AzumarillI can't tell if you wanted me to do this still, or notclosedAzumarilloh you actually disappeared
2728ieuwehcan I have map 1000 please? :)closedDjentleGiantDone!
2727tobylaneFlowing water pleaseclosedDjentleGiantFlowed!
2726zburdsalPlease checkout this spot for grief, I'm too tired to.closedkumquatmayFixed!
2725roryjasperIt looks like someone tore up our rail track, is there anything that can be done?closedBarlimoreRails fixed!
2724Spook6flow, i didnt think this throughclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2723Spook6flow plzclosedBarlimoreMore water in Venice..!
2722Lethal_Treeim stuck lolclosedBarlimoreSaved from the clutches of the overly-friendly Christmas tree!
2721ThelVadumeeprotecc this staircase plzzclosedThelVadumeeyerp
2720TheCoachAdairget all my stuff back from my death on the rail that sent me into the oceanclosedThelVadumeediscussed via /msg
2719ocelotpotpieOh I should probably get this grinder protected! (Please and thank you!)closedBarlimoreProtection added, grind away these mobs in peace -- Maybe not the best phrasing(!)
2718ocelotpotpieThe other water block is here!closedSpook6its flowen
2717ocelotpotpieHello! Can someone flow the two waterblocks here, and above? Thank you!closedtict0cAll done! Water flowing have fun killing :)
2716Wawskiwater flow plzclosedtict0cFlowing :)
2715ocelotpotpieHello! Can someone please flow this water also please and thank you!closedRiverialso flowed! :)
2714ocelotpotpieHello! Could someone flow this water please and thank you?closedRiveriflowed! :)
2713pez252G7 to Pumpkinopolis pleaseclosedbermudalocketLabel added!
2712pez252G8 to Rose pleaseclosedbermudalocketTrack added!
2711Ullanderextend boundry of Gwenyn to include new buildingsclosedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
2710dacracotflowing water please... 3 water blocks and 3 buckets in despensors,closediNerd71Should all be a-flowin'
2709IronGuitarManplease flow thisclosedbermudalocketsplish splashed!
2708bermudalocketplease protect spawner (to silversunset) if not already protectedclosedbermudalocketoops, already protected
2707pez252Please protect this rail line with ~3 air blocks on all sides of the rail platform and the supports, but don't bother with the 1x1 lower section of supports. Thanks.closedpez252done
2706TheCoachAdairProtection for this space (and to 32 blocks around edge or within a few blocks of the bridges if they interfere) as well as area around pond to northclosedbermudalocketTardis and pond house protected!
2705Silversunsetpls protect mah zambeesclosedThelVadumeezambeez protected :D
2704MasterClam"hopper" --> previous modreqclosedBarlimoreClosing as additional information to the prior modreq.
2703MasterClammy items fell into the slime spawner owned by aharit and went into th spotterclosedBarlimoreAttemped to message! Your items are in public hoppers at the spawner, go grab 'em. :-)
2702Aleco252Can I have my Zombie Grinder protected?closedcheezychickenRegion aleco_grinder created!
2701Aleco252can you please make the water flowclosediNerd71Flowed!
2700Aleco252Can I please have this spawner and surrounding land protected for me? :)closedtotemowe protect builds; modreq again when you have built something here
2699Aleco252Is this anyones build or a dungeon?closedtotemothis is a natural spawned dungeon; nobody has put up a claim sign or built anything, so you can claim it with a sign on the spawner
2698King_of_quesocan we get a /place for moonshine bay please?closeddefiexCongratulations! Moonshine Bay is now on the map!
2697King_of_quesotime for the final golem spawner!closedBarlimoreCongratulations on your final golem spawner!
2696dnynumberone2 more water flows pls and thanksclosedNoramiboth flowing :)
2695dnynumberonewater flow pls and thanksclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
2694Muskogee_Redblaze skull removed from UMC or moved to the fortclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2692KirundistI'm stuck between someone's fence and the glass panes, can't remove blocks to get outcloseddefiexThat looked like a *pane* to get out of...Freedom is yours!
2691DjentleGiantMy sword swung the wrong way. What do I do about this grief?closedbermudalocketsheep restored! ... you monster
2690promaxxeim stuck here... i dont know how to get outclosedtotemoout
2689Kirstaewater flowclosedSpook6flowing
2688stellarvikingis this a natural structureclosedtotemolet's go with "yes"; griff away
2687Kirstaeflow plsclosedSpook6flowed
2686QueenBombusI got myself stuck in Rose, my stupid mistakeclosedtict0cthere ya go :o) Freed!
2685archelonwho built this?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2684QueenBombusmap number 965closedFlumperMap placed! :)
2683QueenBombusmap number 964closedFlumperMap placed! :)
2682SlugNamedDevBarlimore messaged me about my horses being gone because someone took them, but i checked several times that they were all locked to me except for one in the designated free horse area. how could people have taken my horses if they were locked to mclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2681King_of_Lion2000pls flowclosedtotemoflowing
2680Miogreflow water in the cube thingyclosedSpook6flowing
2679Kirstaewater flow plsclosedSpook6flowed
2678piplo127128does this count as a water lvel bridge thingclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m + derp underped!
2677Lethal_Treei clicked the dispenser but missed and shot the mooshroom and he almost died what do i doclosedFlumperMooshy seems to be feeling better now!
2676GreggaryI lost 2 Knight quest coins...:(closedBarlimoreCoins returned as discussed!
2675Lethal_Treenevermind i got him outclosedBarlimoreClosing follow-up request.
2674Lethal_Treedont ask how but my horse is now down here can it get tpdclosedBarlimoreGlad to hear you got out!
2673Spook6can venice be a /place?closeddefiexCongratulations! Venice is now on the map!
267232ndFlavaAre these ores generated or were they placed. I do not want to griff!closedCARnivore_ndschatted up the block takerationing
2671PipersDaduh, doh, stuck in the Pico sheep penclosedCARnivore_ndsres q'd
2670scherererererare these trapdoors supposed to be flipped like this?closedBarlimoreNo they were not! Trapdoors have been flipped off - they are now behaving.
2669NotACop209protect buildclosedcujobearvault protected per conversation
2668WickedCoolSteveHelp me obsidianify my fluids please. Thank you!closedCARnivore_ndsOsidianification under way !
2667SlugNamedDevhey what happened to all my horses? these were pairs of most of these and not i only have one of eachclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via mails - Shout if you have any follow-up questions.
2666Ruthlesssssplease remove this shulker - player has been offline almost 1 month and there is nothing in the chest itself :)closedBarlimoreShulker removed!
2665PipersDadok, one last thing, flow this one water block, thxclosedThelVadumeewatered :D
2664PipersDadnot sure if this is a modreq, need help figuring activation zoneclosedThelVadumeedisscused via /r
2663PipersDadprotection PD_Triplegrinder, 4 corners markedclosedrobrPD_Triplegrinder region created
2662nels_nelsonUh, my pig went under this one block high hole, and now my stuff is trapped in there.closedBarlimorePlease be careful while traveling by pig in future - it is still in an experimental phase!
2661King_of_quesosomeone stole my precious head!closedBarlimoreYou head has been very carefully restored!
2660piplo127128can you protect my spawner/grinder please?closedCARnivore_ndspiplo spider box region created
2659Lethal_Treeidk if this is worty of protection but if it is pls protectclosedBarlimoreProtection added!
2658Lethal_Treecan this stables get protected?closedrobrstables protected!
2657thefigg88help, am stuckclosedtotemoladders added
2656TheCoachAdaircan we get a "place" tag for Nilrem traders?closedBarlimore'/place special_traders' is now set up, along with a livemap icon!
2655King_of_quesoi'd like map 963 moved here please!closedbermudalocketmap placed!
2654bermudalocketh1 to haven plsclosedbermudalocketdone
2653nels_nelsonSorry to bother, but I forgot to add a couple enchants to these knight's quest reward boots, and the name got all un-special-fied. May I please have it restored to the original nice magical blue text? Best regards, -NelsclosedBarlimoreBoots updated (and back on your feet).
2652buzzie71please flow these two water blocks :OcloseddefiexThe suspicious splish hs been splashed!
2651NotACop209lava flow. (last one) sorryclosedbuzzie71also flowing!
2650NotACop209make lava flow.. may ask one more time soonclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2649piplo127128flow this water'closet' pleasecloseddefiexCloset splish has been splashed!
2648nels_nelsonI added several enchants to special Knight's Quest reward items in this here yellow shulker box & the anvil renamed all the items to "bSomething", so I removed "b" on next enchants & now nice non-italic blue names are gone. Pls reset names? Best,-NclosedBarlimoreThese names have been fixed!
2647promaxxeflow this water directly down into the flat water below plzclosedRiverisorry again, lemme know if you need anything else though!
2646BarlimorePossible farm grief.closedBarlimoreFixed.
2645dobreirabrokenclosedBarlimoreFixed, thanks for spotting!
2644lorecraftscan you make the water flow?closedTheNightsKingAll flowing
2643TheCoachAdairplease look to see if anyone killed my sheep in tabula -550, -21 (more than an hour ago)closedvarjclosed after discussion with player
2642buzzie71I purchased heads at spawn, ran /fs, and these two heads are now regular Steve heads O.o can this be reverted?closedBarlimoreHeads fixed, enjoy!
2641nels_nelsonGot bucket of murky water from KQ#9 sand palace attic but when emptied bucket into cauldron figuring out how 2 brew magic juice, bucket stopped being murky; sign was max use of 1 -- any chance I could get the special item back? Best regards, -NelsclosedBarlimoreAnother bucket of murky water has found its way to you!
2640Kirstaepls water flow tyclosedZomiseFlowed!
2639Kirstaeflow plsclosedZomiseFlowed!
2638ThelVadumeeprotect farm here as child region since im to sleepy to do it xdclosedBarlimoreThe farm structure is now protected where the farms can be replanted!
2637Lethal_Treeare these iron bars grief or something that was bui,lt by a ravenrock person? i like them but not if some random person built themclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
2636marioman63need ice flowing at X 2272 Y 112 Z 2193. its all the ice in the zig zag pattern under the stone blocks. for an ice farm.closedSilversunsetflowed water!
2635Azumarillhey I threw out a crafting bench can you stick it in the floor thereclosedAzumarill
2634Azumarillhey can I get the "use anvil" flag on this special trader shulker box regionclosedSir_DidymusRegion flag added.
2633robrplease add new building into alias protectionscloseddefiexProtected!
2632NotACop209make water flowclosedCARnivore_ndslavaBgone
2631QueenBombusprotection extend gwenyn to include this building por favorclosedBarlimoreProtection expanded, build in peace!
2630Lethal_Treeive done myself a stuckclosedbermudalocketunstuck!
2629KirundistWould like to claim area between x2650, z950 and x2750, z1005 for new region named Harvest please!closedSir_DidymusProtected!
2628NotACop209water flowclosedtict0cDone and Done Flowing :)
2627NotACop209water flowclosedtict0cFlowing have fun!
2626dnynumberonemaps #947 and #948 pls and thanksclosedtict0cMaps Placed yay :)
2625Lethal_Treeummmmm..... i could swear that the proct IV book in my shulker or inventory got replaced by a silk touch one cause i only bouth one silk touch and i had the right number of PIV onesclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail
2624roryjasperCould I get dorky4 added as a co-owner to the new_adura region please? Thanks!closeddefiexNew region owner added!
2623Aleco252Can I please get this land protected?closeddefiexDiscussed via message. Great start on your tree house!
2622maid_marianpossible x-ray?closedtotemotunnels straight down are not conclusive; the player had been through that area a week before and may have waypointed it
2621Pit_2enable water spread for this fishing hole?closediNerd71Flowed!
2620Hinterlandzthe blackhorse with diamond armor and Danky Kang Kodos both belong to my old account Zead, can i transfer owner ship to me?closedBarlimoreRide away!
2619HinterlandzI own this shulker, but can't remove or check itcloseddefiexThe legendary Zead shall be remembered. Until then, this shulker and its contents are yours to memorialize.
2618Hinterlandzremoval of chests belonging to Zead (i am zead, defi and barlimore can confirm) please PM promaxxe about specificly which onescloseddefiexPoof! ze chests have gone to the great chest in the sky.
2617Pit_2Need waterflow to build an infinite water sourceclosedThelVadumee
2616ziplock189can I have the 3 structures over here protected? the 2 towers and the large building in the middleclosedrobrnew buildings added to existing protection!
2615promaxxeremoval of this empty chestclosedBarlimoreChest removed!
2614PPGOMEflow the two water sources pleaseclosedtotemoflurped the wurp
2613NotACop209make water flow (Trying to get a bunch of obsidian)closedcujobearhave fun breaking the obsidian
2612NotACop209make water flow pleaseclosedcujobeardup of 2611
2611NotACop209water flow pleaseclosedcujobearflowed, sorry for the delay
2610maid_mariani was putting out fire on armor stand with head. now its all gone?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2609cshaikuCan my nether tower (marked with fences and signs) be protected please? Thanks guys.closedSilversunsetbuild protected
2608WickedCoolStevePlease flow these two waters. Thanks!closedBarlimoreBoth flowing - enjoy!
2607PPGOMEcan you remove all of these dispensers and chests please? should be empty and thet are Zead'sclosedBarlimorePartially removed chests from inactive user - Discussed the others via message.
2606nels_nelsonDid I get locked in? Or am I just missing a wooden button? It seems I need to raise the gold block over there to complete the circuit. Is the stone button on the floor inside the glass box over there not supposed to do that?closednels_nelson
2605King_of_quesoWe'd like another golem spawner please!closeddefiexIT LIIIIVES! and then immediately dies in a fire. Congrats on the spawner!
260432ndFlavaPlease flow this one lonely block of water! :DcloseddefiexAll by itself, lalalala, it's all by itself lalalala. No one is loooking.....It's all by itself!! Splish has been splashed!
2603NoramiDang it! accidentally broke a compact ice block here while out mining :Sclosedbermudalocketfixed!
2602PPGOMEam stuckclosedpez252saved
2601NotACop209make lava flow pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2600PPGOMEaccidentally killed 2 cows instead of 1closedbuzzie71restored!
2599robrmake public farms be public..closedrobrpublic farms republicized publically.
2598maid_marianpls protect this buildclosedrobrprotected, but do you have the appropriate permit for camping here? :)
2597Pohtaytoesplease flow waterclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2596robrsomeone pushed button and didn't replant - should be plantable regions there.closedbuzzie71restored!
2595obereplease protect this island, I built a house nowclosedtotemoprotected
2594DJAtomC5 = Ghast GrinderclosedSir_DidymusSign amended.
2593ThelVadumeethis shulker regiion is not usableclosedThelVadumeei fixed it (and remembered to close this req)
2592Lethal_Treeis NEI or TMI or JEI or anyone of those mods allowed?closeddefiexDiscussed via message and sent http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Approved_client_mods for further info! :D
2591Lethal_Treecan this lava be flowedclosedtict0cWatch ya fingers it hot stuff flowing !! :)
2590Lethal_Treehalp ive done myself a scuckclosedbermudalocketunstuck!
2589King_of_quesocan I have my rail to Moonshine Bay connected to line G4 please?closedbermudalocketconnection established :D
2588roryjasperCould I get my village protected from this andesite pillar to the other one (its in the river) thanks!closedtict0cProtected and Nice looking place :)
2587PPGOME/thor please. I am done with this.closedPPGOMEnvm good xmas song!
2586Emizzonflow the lava and water blocks pleaseclosedrobrflowed
2585oberecan you protect this islandclosedbuzzie71sorry, but you will need to build more here before it can be protected. (Consider claiming it perhaps - see /help claims 1 and /help claims 2)
2584HinterlandzHey what's up it's Zead. Barlimore said mods would be able to help me get access back to my stuff. Can message on discord if you want evidence it's meclosedBarlimoreAccess should be restored - verified with discord.
2583roryjasperHi I'm wondering who placed this shulker box because it wasn't me or dorky...closedpez252Discussed via /m
2582Lethal_Treeis anyone available to help me with regions on C?closedLethal_Tree
2581TheMeeBoviecan you disable access through the door for all people except meclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m! :)
2580TheMeeBoviewhy are there 3 bats up there for no apparent reason... just wonderingclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2579KirundistPls to flow waterclosedpez252Flowed
2578TheMeeBoviesave my horseclosedTheMeeBoviefixed
2577buzzie71please flow water in this ice channel and in the one on the other side :OclosedBarlimoreThis surface is now doubly slippery!
2576nels_nelsonInteresting trap pit. Good thing I have an elytra and rockets.closednels_nelson
2575nels_nelsonI seem to have trapped myself in an oven.closedBarlimoreYou are slightly burned but otherwise seem alright now!
2574ThelVadumeewhile farming the endys here i seem to have broke the carpets, they are in the chests and i cant place them oofclosedThelVadumeehey i fixed it :o
2573robrrelated to 2572 - modification of other user's structureclosedrobrsame user as 2572
2572buzzie71something change recently with the shulker grinder? feels less afkable and more lethal than usual O.oclosedrobrgrief rolled back, user entered into rehabilitation program - thanks for reporting!
2571AzulaTheFireLordPossible to find out who left this banner?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /msg.
2570AzulaTheFireLordI was told I could modreq to receive a replacement parrot "Charlize Heron"closedBarlimoreCharlize Heron lives once more!
2569Azumarillwould you believe I can't actually get out of hereclosedkumquatmayFreed!
2568buzzie71please flow water in this channel and the one on the other side :Oclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2567Lethal_Treea stack of rockets seems to have dissapeared from my inventory? I think this might have something to do wit the auto replacing from inventory mod of rosepack but idk i also have restaerted my gameclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m :)
2566pez252Just noticed that below. Is it a build that I need to go around?closedpez252Mailed user.
2565Azumarillhey how many sticky pistons have I placed in the last 24 hours globallyclosedAzumarill
2564scgirlwhats the command to give ownership of a chset to someone else?closedscgirl
2563TheMeeBoviei need flow for my concrete generatorclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
2562Wizard_IRLhelpclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
2561Azumarillhow close can I get to this wall while haste2-harvesting terracottaclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2560Azumarillbacon regionclosedThelVadumeemakin bacon!
2559Azumarillit's not workingclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via msg.
2558CARnivore_ndsresources properly aligned to expectations. plz create. thanks for the note !closedBarlimoreEnjoy the tortured screams as these golems burn to death in full view of your town members.
2557bookey42region protect for Avalon's villager hall pleaseclosedbuzzie71protected!
2556Aghe87flow these pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowi-.. and it's gone!
2555Komhazcan a mod remove this guy's house please, he's been banned for a few weeks nowclosedBarlimoreBuild relocated as discussed - build in peace!
2554dobreiraso we have enough souls nowclosedBarlimoreFantastic, thanks for letting us know! We'll make a move on these soon and announce when the villagers are available.
2553CARnivore_ndsplease replace shulker with lvl2 golem spawner, thanks!closedBarlimoreNo spawner placed just yet due to excess resources in the chest. Check your mail for further details and this page: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Iron_Spawners
2552Muzellemore flow for my underground garden please so that it fills all the cornersclosedtict0cWater flowing :)
2551robri want them dead like i ended up.closedrobroh they died alright.
2550buzzie71flow all the water in these two ice channels please :OclosedCARnivore_ndsI assume you are pro molon... thus killin only PUNKins... oh, and flowed
2549SkyAdventurer01please fix my horse for me, he was so nice to me :(closedtotemohorse replaced
2548Wizard_IRLprotectionclosedscherererererit's not standard policy to protect individual builds within an already-protected town; if you'd still like a protection talk to tabula mayors about it to see if it's alright
2547MrCrispythis dude rage quit a couple months ago and we're trying to clean up this area. Can we get these unlocked so we can move them?closedBarlimoreThese blocks are now cleared!
2546DjentleGiantStation was griefed; two redstone torches were removed and now my station doesn't work. Pls fix.closedbuzzie71restored!
2545KingNyahmanhello, i appear to be stuck in a protected area with no exitclosedbuzzie71not anymore!
254432ndFlavaexpand Pico region to include this new area. Thanks! :Dclosedbuzzie71protected new space as a child of Pico!
2543buzzie71please flow the waters in the ice channels :Oclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2542WickedCoolStevePlease flow the rest of this water. Thank you!closedZomiseFlowage achieved!
2541shalviyplease make this small beetroot farm publicly farmable. corners marked by cobblestone. thanks a ton <3closedkumquatmayBeets harvestable!
2540AzumarillI'm curious, whose abandoned project is this?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m!
2539Azumarill[ADMIN] (...probably) I'm curious what's wrong with this villager. Is his job Nitwit despite being magenta?closedBarlimoreBest guess here is that they may have spawned in with the world generation in these custom structures - Likely broken priests/nitwits.
2538Muzellemy underground garden water needs some flow pleaseclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2536Aghe87skeleton in creeper grinder missing. any clues as to where he's run off too?closedSilversunsetthe Records Master has been returned!
2535piplo127128id like to know who created this town pleaseclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2534Azumarillhey, my cactus hopper minecart's missingclosedbermudalocketcheck your /mail :)
2533DJAtomCaccidently broke sign .. dont know what it said... maybay u can help?closedbermudalocketsign replaced! thanks for reporting
2532WickedCoolStevePlease flow my water. Thanks!closedtict0cFlowing :)
2531SquaresTherelava flow? thanks!closedThelVadumeelava flowed :D
2530bookey42quick waterflow please!closedThelVadumeewatered :D
2529piplo127128flow plsclosedtict0cFlow :) \o/
2528nels_nelsonMay I please have these *three* (sorry) lava blocks made to flow? Thank you and best regards, -Nelsclosedcujobear1..2...3. . . . 3 lava blocks flow
2527nels_nelsonMay I please have these two lava blocks made to flow? Thank you and best regards, -Nelsclosednels_nelson
2526scgirlwhy cant i put mending on my bow?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m
2525driftingnomadwater water everywhere and not a drop that flowsclosedcujobearI have no clever response.
2524driftingnomadwater, how does it work?closedcujobearwater goes splishy splashy. This concludes tonights lesson.
2523pez252Evoker named "Whatever" is gone from this cageclosedpez252Ummm.... Seems to be back.
2522Jezzzzieany idea what happened to our barista? :(closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m :)
2520Ullanderplease extend Gwenyn to include this area pleaseclosedbermudalocketregion expanded!
2519AzumarillGrap?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
2518piplo127128flow the corner blocks pls,closedSilversunsetflowed
2517Silversunsetswastika?closedbermudalocketdouble report, see 2515
2516piplo127128flow plsclosedCARnivore_ndsflow'd
2515buzzie71offensive build?closedbermudalocketoffensive build indeed! removed.
2514Spartan____Can this be moved/raised please?closedbermudalocket*sprays bridge-be-gone*
2513username2088water flow plsclosedtict0cAll done and Flowing :)
2512LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedbermudalocketsplish splash slimes were takin a bath
2511PipersDaddidn't get item 6, guess my inventory was full from killing spidersclosedcujobeargood luck on the quests!
2510scgirl(padmin?) i died outside the castle and lost the green wool on my way to return it and it despawned. is therea way to get it back?closedcujobearreplacement placed. Good luck on the quests!
2509King_of_quesotime for another golem spawner!closedBarlimoreYour second iron golem spawner is up, enjoy!
2508bookey42waterflow at the cyan blocks please. Should be three flowscloseddefiexThree flows she flows by the sea shore...!
2507username2088water flowcloseddefiexSpikey splish has been splashed!
250610444musichelpclosedcujobearI can't help you if you don't tell me what you need help with
2505JamesMcProggercan a mod please flow this 2 water blocks at [1367, 84, -1434] please? thank you.closedcujobearsince you asked nicely :D
2504Master_King_whose house is this?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2503Azumarillhey where'd I put my shulker boxclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m :)
2502Azumarillfalse advertisingclosedrobrsign placed by non chest owner, removed and warned.
2501JamesMcProggerMods, sorry but I broke this web that was here to buffer the fall at the UMC entrance at [-1105, 70, -385]. can it be fixed or do I have to go look for one? I would but someone could die meanwhileclosedThelVadumeeall fixed :D
2500scgirlhalp my horse fell into the ravineclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m!
2499bermudalocketmake spot with granite block build allowclosedbermudalocketdone
2498bookey42waterflow x2closedCARnivore_ndsI hear villagers swimming....... and screaming in the future
249732ndFlavaMap World import needed! Frame and Map on chest. Plot_169. Danks!closedkumquatmayMap 922 placed!
2496promaxxethere are wayy too many illusions in tabula rasa, i dont know where they are coming fromclosedrobrthat's how they work, they multiple as illusions, not all of them are actually the mob
2495flupmakintoshflowing water for underground water source please :)closedrobrundersplooshed.
249432ndFlavaI would like to abandon this claim in Mapworld. I didn't realize it was 4 plots in 1. Thanks!closedSir_DidymusOwnership removed.
2493robrcan't easily go up stairs now, i would recommend just keeping the activators on and eliminating the stair aspect ..closedBarlimoreFixed!
2492scgirlhey i clicked the sign on limricks quest and only recieved a paper, no coin or banner. I think i had 3 slots available as weellclosedBarlimoreYour inventory now contains these items, enjoy!
2491pez252Can this chest be removed? Mailed user quite a while ago. Thanks.closedBarlimoreChest removed!
2490Riveriplease remove this player from our claim. we've tried to see who he/she is and have tried to contact them but they've been offline for about a week now.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail!
248932ndFlavaNeed region Pico expanded to include this whole bridge. Thanks!closedbuzzie71bridge protected as a child region of pico!
2488SquaresTherelava flow? thanks!closedbuzzie71flowing!
2487nels_nelsonUh, I guess I have to ask if it is possible to recover some quest items? I only beat the first knight's quest, and then stupidly put those in a shulker box, and went straight to kq#3, where I promptly died and could not recover my dropped items.closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - check your inventory now. :-)
2486Muzelleflow please!closedzburdsalFlowing!
2485pez252Someone's been very thirsty! (both sides)closedzburdsalDone? Weird.
2484scgirlim stuck idk how i got hereclosedscgirli glitched out or something?
2483scgirlstuck. in . a . cactusclosedscgirli got out
2482Ruthlesssssplease make the floor inside here shulker-able(glass corners are the corners of the area :D)closedrobrshulker region created and set as child to main area
2481tobylaneSugar cane griefclosedkumquatmayPlants restored and player warned! Thanks for reporting!
2480nickeoxcont: 2460 so if that's not something any of the party on this island accepted, do we report it as grief? or just remove it?closedkumquatmayFence has been rolled back and player warned!
2479shalviyplease make these 3 farms marked by cobble stone publicly farmable <3closedschererererer3 farm plots made farmable by the public!
2478DigitalOSHprotect this tower pls! and the rail loopclosedscherererererprotected
2477Azumarilliron grinder please! as in turn black concrete into a spawner. Feel free to kill the chest.closeddefiexDastardly didy domes traded for irony goodness!
2475Jezzzzieneed ground level protection please :)closedtict0cProtected and ready for farming :)
2474Halinahplease flow the 12 waters in the channels in this room, ty!closedtict0cDone and Done! :) Flowing water!
2473bookey42waterflow pleaseclosedtict0cFlowing :)
2472JezzzziePlease protect just the structure. Just don't want any of the trap doors to be openable so the chickens won't get out :)closedBarlimoreProtection added - trapdoors should no longer be able to be opened here!
2471scgirli got stuck in this cactus thing how do i get outclosedzburdsalOuted!
2470zburdsalplease expand the solace region to include all applicable space within our walls.closedbermudalocketsolace expanded!
2469dobreirawater flowclosedbermudalocketbermudalocket retains no responsibility for loss of life from oxygen depletion as a result of this flow!
2468dobreirawater flowclosedschererererer3 water blocks flowed
2467LostatseaCan this be turned into an iron golem spawner pleaseclosedBarlimoreEnjoy your first golem spawner!
2466robrexpand alias to include additional buildclosedrobrexpanded
2465robrsix user replantable areas please kind sirs/madamsclosedrobrDeliverables: User will receive six (6) wheat replanting areas
246410444musichelpclosedrobruser wanted protection - area protected
2463username2088water flowclosedrobrflowed
2462PPGOMEflow plsclosedtotemoflowing
2460nickeoxwho built this fence?closedThelVadumeediscussed via /mail send
2459Nanamberplease to make water flow, thanks.closedscherererererwater flowed
2458hatertotsim sorry i did it again!closedThelVadumeewatch out for holes :O
2457Muzelleplease expand my region downward and protect my build surrounded by my outer fenceclosedThelVadumeeduplicate req
2456hatertotsim stuck i love youclosedThelVadumeerescued :O
2455LORDCOSMOSrequest protect buildclosedscherererererunfortunately, small shacks such as this don't generally qualify for protection due to small size and low required effort - any grief can easily be rolled back though, so have no worries!
2454King_of_quesoi'd like map 916 here please!closedThelVadumeemap placed :D
2453Muzelleprotect my build, home + undergroundclosedkumquatmayHome region expanded!
2452scgirlfirst of all i accidentally broke a ice block and my horse also fell down into the tunnel to the guardian grinderclosedThelVadumeeall fixed and horse saved :D
2451SlugNamedDevcan these two blocks of water flow please?closedbermudalocketflowed!
245010444musichelpclosedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m
2449scgirlit says horse is here. horse is most definitly not hereclosedpez252Client restart fixed it \o/
244810444musichelpclosedBarlimore(Closing as a continuation of modreq 2446).
244710444musicPlease protect my buildclosedpez252Duplicate of 2446.
244610444musicPlease protect my buildclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
244510444musichelpclosedCARnivore_ndsdiscussed and clear
2444PPGOMEwood griefcloseddefiexPlease do not submit joke modreqs, it clogs the pipes.
2443PPGOMEflow plscloseddefiexOops. Defie's desperate splish has been splashed.
244210444musicPlease protect my buildclosedbermudalocketTalked via /msg :)
244110444musicPlease protect my buildclosedBarlimoreRoad & Bridge protected, build in peace!
2440Halinahplease flow these two, ty!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2439bookey42waterflow x3 please!closedNoraminow, all is flowing :D
2438username2088water flowclosedtict0cFlown :)
2437sushi15this dirt bridge is blocking boat travel D:closedBarlimoreThis bridge is now accessible!
2436Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2435Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
2434Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2433Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedzburdsalFlowing!
2432username2088water flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
2431AzumarillfloclosedSilversunsetYou can save so much by seeing all our insurance quotes! oh wait...not that flo
2430username2088water flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
2429LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedbermudalocketsplish splashed!
2428LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2427Nhaazauawas ledge chicken killed?closedBarlimoreLedge chicken: The Great Escape Part I - Coming to a bookstore near you!
2426ieuwehplease protect my buildclosedBarlimoreProtection added for Christmas Town!
2425QueenBombusplease expant gwenyn region north to cover pistonsclosedbermudalocketdone!
2424Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedpez252flowed!
2423Nhaazauapls prot if not prot alreadyclosedbermudalocketalready protected!
2422assasymphoniPlease flow water right hereclosedtict0cAll done and Flowing :)
2421assasymphoniPlease protect the area fenced by the darkoak fencingclosedtict0cNice Build ! Protected :)
2420Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedpez252
2419EvJPplease protect my buildclosedpez252Protected!
2418RandomThoughtscan I also get protection for my region? again thank you.closedSilversunsetYour house is already protected! do /rg i for region details
2417RandomThoughtssomeone killed my dogs at this location can I get them replaced? Thank youclosedSilversunsetwolves restored (you'll need to sit them!)
2416Anya1107please protect my buildclosedSilversunsetprotected
2415RandomThoughtsstatusclosedpez252Use /check to see your open modreqs or http://nerd.nu/modreq/pve.pl to see all of them.
2414ziplock189can you protect this bridge? I cant imagine someone breaks it on purpose, but why not right?closedSilversunsetbridge protected
2413pez252Player gone for 1 month. Could this shulker box be moved to their end chest?closedBarlimoreShulker box has been relocated!
2412Wall_E__Flow water here, please.closedSilversunsetflowed!
2411dnynumberonecould i know who hit the button to harvest carrots and didn't replant? :xclosedSilversunsetrelayed via /m
241010444musicPlease protect my buildclosedBarlimore-> /check can show you your open modreqs or http://nerd.nu/modreq/pve.pl can too.
240910444musicPlease protect my buildclosedBarlimorePlease do not create duplicate requests for protection. Re-request in a few days when you have had a chance to build more.
240810444musicPlease protect my buildcloseddefiexclearing, duplicate
240710444musicPlease protect my buildcloseddefiexGreat start! discussed via message
2406AzumarillfloclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
240510444musicPlease protect my buildcloseddefiexClosing as duplicate of 2404
240410444musicPlease protect my buildcloseddefiexThank you for requesting a protection! Right now, you don't currently have enough built to qualify. Your claim fence will suffice. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
2403bermudalocketdocumenting creating dialer region for haven railsclosedbermudalocketdone
2402Azumarillwatr plsclosedbermudalocketflowed!
240110444musicPlease protect my buildclosedcujobearduplicate of 2400
240010444musicPlease protect my buildclosedcujobearthe claim fences you set up are good to claim this area to build. Protections can come later when the build is complete
2399bookey42water flow pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2398matthewbotregion claim around my house, marked with fenceposts. Thanks!closedbuzzie71protected just the house - if you build in the area you marked out adjacent to it, the protection can be extended over it later :O
2397shrinemasterWater flow please. Around the room on the walls there are 3-wide spots that need flow. Thanks.closedbermudalocketwaterfalls now actually fall!
2396shrinemasterWater flow please. Around the room on the walls there are 3-wide spots that need flow. Thanks.closedSilversunsetflowed!!
239510444musicPlease protect my buildclosedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m :)
239410444musicPlease protect my buildclosedSilversunsetYour fence is complete and works as a claim but you'll have to build a bit more before we can protect it. If you run into grief issues you can also modreq and we'll fix it!
2393Spartan____Featherbottom at spawn locked a tradeclosedBarlimoreTraded manually - enjoy your item!
2392Anijscan you light up my fireplace? Thanks!closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m! happy experimenting!
2391Lethal_Treekinda stupid request but why are there yellow x's all over the ground?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m
2390NotACop209make water flow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2389Randomdoorprotection pls (Tis the other corner)closedSilversunsetsee 2388
2388Randomdoorprotection plsclosedSilversunsetprotected built/terraformed area as Valyria
2386robradd new structures as children of solaceclosedrobrresidental area protected
2385Spartan____Can I get this area flowed?closedrobrsplishy splooshed.
2384Spartan____Is it possible to ask that you flow this whole river where there are gaps in the water?closedbermudalocketwater sources flowed along river!
2383bermudalockettp'ing Thel to undo modmode tp glitchclosedbermudalocketfixed!
2382ThelVadumeesign griff hereclosedThelVadumeesign fixed
2381robrdeleted sign here, rolled back but related to other immediately previous modreq'sclosedrobrrolled back - see other discussions
2380bermudalocketeven more broken armor stands hereclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message (per 2378).
2379bermudalocketdead wolf here, plus two more in the pen across the wayclosedBarlimoreWolves restored!
2378bermudalocketdestroyed armor stands hereclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2377robrrobbery.closedBarlimoreBloody hell - fixed.
2376robrstolen rails - multiple powered in this tunnelclosedBarlimoreShould be back now!
2375RandomThoughtsplease repair grief at this location. Thank you.closedrobrrolled back, area protected, user already banned
2374robrstolen enderchestclosedBarlimoreEnderchest has been returned!
2373Yakkhylban for 1month plsclosedBarlimoreIt'll probably be a while before you see this - banned!
2372bookey42WaterFlow x4closediNerd71flowing!
2371ThelVadumeei saw xXOptic_DogeXx kill a pet dog near here with MzBubblegum, abd break various things in areaclosedBarlimoreThanks for reporting - grief has been addressed.
2370nels_nelsonMay I please have this wizard tower protected from this light blue wool block to the other light blue wool block on the surface below, and then down to bedrock? Best regards, -nels_nelsoncloseddefiexProtection done, discusssed depth via msg.
2369MackSaffronFlow this water block please. <3closedbermudalocketflowed!
2368ieuwehmap 907closedbermudalocketmap placed!
2367QueenBombusadd this enchanting station to the skelly grinder protection, por favor :)closedbermudalocketregion updated!
2366bermudalocketa player accidentally destoyed the cobweb under this fence postclosedCARnivore_ndstook a bit to cntract a spider... all ggood now
2365Azumarillsomebody didn't replant, maybe?closedbuzzie71looks like you missed a few spots :O
2364QueenBombusflowing waterclosedBarlimoreFlowing - enjoy!
2363ieuwehmap 906closedBarlimoreMap added, it's another cracker! Apologies for the Christmas pun.
2362grenbugthere's water in these dispensers, please allow water to flow, thanks!closedbuzzie71they should be set now!
2361EvJPplease protect my buildclosedBarlimoreProtection added, build in peace!
2360promaxxemy horse is stuck in here and i have no permission to break blocks to get through, can i have some help?closedCARnivore_ndsfound the out!
2359archelonflow pleaseclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2357piplo127128unstuck, i get stuck a lotclosedbermudalocketplease be more careful :p
2356ThelVadumeeis this player mad?closedThelVadumeeguess not
2355NotACop209make water flowclosediNerd71Flowed!
2354piplo127128unstuck plsclosedbermudalocketrescued!
2353bookey42grief or zombie killed villager?closedThelVadumeemsg'd player about nasty weather
2352QueenBombusI am wondering who this spawner belongs to, and if it is available to developclosedThelVadumeedisscussed via /msg
2351QueenBombusprotection (pink wool) to create region: Gwenyn with me and Ullander as ownersclosedbermudalocketRegion Gwenyn created!
2350ieuwehmapworld 904closedcujobearquite a lovely little picture
2349EvJPplease protext my buildclosedcujobearyes that is the correct way to do a modreq, please do it at the build you would like protected
2348StackMastaI'd like my land area protected!closedBarlimoreBuild protected (as discussed) - build in peace. :-)
2347ThunderKrackerDoes this qualify for protection yet?closedBarlimoreProtection added - build in peace!
2346dnynumberonesign says 12 for polar bear, it's 15 on the trader :PclosedBarlimoreGood eye - sign updated to reflect the villager costs!
2345grenbugthere's water buckets in dispensers, can that water flow?closedbuzzie71yes! try now :O
2344ieuwehmapworld 903closedBarlimoreAnother great map, nicely made!
2343KingNyahmanhello, I've moved my cows as Zomise asked. Please could their pen be protected now? Thank youclosedZomiseCows are now under protection!
2342KingNyahmanhello, i've been griefed. can I get some protection pleaseclosedZomiseLibrary and pigs protected! Let us know when cows are moved and we'll protect their pen too!
2341Reon27ravenrock entire island protection?closeddefiexClosing per discussion via msg! Looking good!
2340MackSaffronFlow this water block please. Thanks!closedbuzzie71flowing!
2339Miogreflow water in this room please (They are hidden in the upper side of the walls)closeddefiexFancy splish has been splashed
2338Sumpprotection expansion. Only my house and farm were approved before. I have built up a good portion of what I have cordoned off viacobblestone wall.closedThelVadumeeregion expanded
2337QueenBombusflowing water-- again... we goofed -_-closedRiveriflowin'
2336QueenBombusflowing waterclosedtict0cDone and Done water flown :)
2335scgirlcan i have access to the chest rightnext to Lethal_Tree's head? This is Lethal_Tree but im across the map and dont really want to walk that farclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2334DJAtomCtypo pigman = BlazeclosedBarlimoreGood spot! Destination updated.
2333gk_ryoprotect arenaclosedBarlimoreFor future protection requests - you may need to make your builds less amazing as it is very distracting when trying to protect(!)
2332Prometheus23teleport WTFBBQ13 to me, he is lost.closedSilversunsetSorry we can't teleport people on pve, but you can use Livemap to try to guide him! do /maps for the link
2331LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedBarlimoreWater flowing, enjoy!
2330LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedBarlimoreThis area is now 100% wetter!
2329SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedBarlimoreThe flood has arrived!
2328PipersDadflow water pleaseclosedBarlimoreFrom this single source, a mighty spring shall flow!
2327Cinctulusiron golem spawner & water flow pls (payment in purple shulker box) first spawner goes between raw dark oak and plankclosedBarlimoreWater flowing, golem spawner added and protection added to your grinder - reap the rewards in peace!
2326MackSaffronOne last water block flow req. Thanks!closedrobrdeja vu..
2325ieuwehmapworld 901closedZomiseArtwork placed!
2324robrprotect 3 spawners (1 here, 2 downstairs) as children of solaceclosedrobrspawners protected
2323MackSaffronPlease flow this water block. Thanks!closedrobrone block flowed.
2322robrfarm expansion over someone's claimclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via /msg.
2321robrcan we claim for solace? only indication of recent usage is this horse, user hasn't been on for monthsclosedNoramiyep, Eagle_Eyes_ have not been online since September 29th and I cannot find any block changes from him here, so go for it :)
2320SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2319Azumarillthis hole seems like it shouldn't be hereclosedkumquatmayHole closed and player warned!
2318Lethal_Treenevermind my previous one i found a way outclosedkumquatmayYou can close your own reqs with /done [modreq number]. (/check to get modreq number)
2317Lethal_Treei have no idea where i a m on this rail and i cant break a block to get up what do i doclosedkumquatmaySelf-resolved
2316dacracotnot sure how to ask for a /place, but I have a quad grinder "dac&slugsQuad" at my coordsclosedBarlimorePlace added!
2315JamesMcProggercould a moderator please flow that single clock of water at [1415, 138, -1493], top of the fountain, thanks!closeddefiexFountainy splish has been splashed!
2314piplo127128is it possible to have the name of the schematic for this tree?closeddefiexdiscussed via msg.
2313piplo127128what is the name of this tree?closeddefiexThis is a jungle tree.
2312SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedBarlimoreShould all be flowing now - if not already done by robr!
2311Aghe87flow all the waterrrrrr plzclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2309Zeadall the cows and sheep in this area have been killed off, it's not the mod limiter.closedSilversunsetsheepts restored and player warned, thanks for reporting!
2308CutterWillpvp arenaclosedSilversunsetpvp arena protected and pvp'd (let me know when you play!!!!!)
2307Aghe87Flow these two blocks pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2306Aghe87Flow these two blocks pleaseclosedbuzzie71both flowing!
2305ieuwehworld map 900closedbuzzie71map delivered! This looks more like it!
2304Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2303ieuwehworld map 989closedbuzzie71map delivered! but it sounds like it's not the right one... ._.
2302Aghe87flow these two water blocks pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2301SlugNamedDevcan this top block of water flow please?closedbuzzie71it's flowing!
2300dacracotflow water on either end of the hallway pleaseclosedTheNightsKingFlowed, but you may need to adjust something to get it to work still
2299SlugNamedDevwe are making a quad grinder and need to check the water flow. Can you please flow the water in the tunnels I am in and the 8 blocks of water in the spawner rooms.closedTheNightsKingGrinder water flowing, modreq again if you have any new requirements
2298ieuwehworldmap 897closedBarlimoreThis is fantastic - enjoy the map!
2297ieuwehwho built this (thank you!)closedrobrdiscussed via /m
2296robrflood holeclosedrobrplease remember to close your modreq's.
2295robrmore flowclosedrobrflowed
2294Tellephoneneed water flow in two places here please c:closedBarlimoreBoth flowing, enjoy!
2293bookey42water flow pleaseclosedBarlimoreBlock is now flowing!
2292LORDCOSMOSrequest waterflowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2291bookey42waterflow where villagers are standing pleaseclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2290buzzie71map 892 please :OclosedkumquatmayMap placed!
2289robrunleash the flood watersclosedrobrflowing
2288pez252Could you fix the names on these two knights quest items? Thanks!closedBarlimoreBoth fixed up!
2287General_MetracI'm stick in a wall at pico... plz helpclosedcujobearI made it over in time to see the heroics of 32ndFlava
2286PPGOMEgriefclosedHerr_Fawkesfixed, let mods know if there are more issues
2285roryjasperplease protect my house marked with white wool in the corners - thanks!closedSilversunsetyour house is protected!!
2284Emizzonplease protect this vault and the finely tuned redstone contraption room on the other side of the buttonsclosedSilversunsetsee 2282
2283Emizzonplease protect this room from all would-be griefers as well, thanks o/closedSilversunsetsee 2282
2282Emizzonplease protect this room from all would-be griefersclosedSilversunsethouse is already protected \o/
2281PPGOMEhe's making tunnels againclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via msg.
2280hafishgrhouse protections please? :)closedSilversunsethouse protected!
2279promaxxei think street101 is building under our area again? or is this old/somebody else'sclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2278PPGOMEgrief not rolled back here. D:closedBarlimoreFixed - as per /msg
2277AzumarillI feel like these trapdoors are supposed to be DownclosedBarlimoreThese trapdoors (along with a few others nearby) are now in the downwards position once more. Good spotting!
2276Nomasunhello, this squid spawner does not appear to be working anymoreclosedBarlimoreModification made to the grinder so it is functional again. Owner notified of this via mail. Thanks for noticing!
2275robrmore fence /area griefclosedBarlimoreResolved per 2274.
2274robrfence griefclosedBarlimoreFence grief is no more here!
2273dobreiratransparent skulls in this areaclosedtotemotry murdering the charged creeper and see if you still have rendering problems :)
2272grenbugwater flow pleaseclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2271robrmultiple instances of rail griefclosedBarlimoreThese instances should be fixed now!
2270JamesMcProggercan a moderator plz help me by flowing this 7 water blocks on the edge of the cliff-end side of the pool at [1404, 135, -1468] please?closedThelVadumeewatered :D
2269DigitalOSHthere's a water block in here. can you flow it/closedThelVadumeeall flowed :D
2268DigitalOSHcan you flow these?closedThelVadumee
2267Zeadprotections for town, defi said they need to be expandedclosedBarlimoreProtection expanded!
2266Nhaazauapls protect stackclosedbermudalocketbeacon protected! also, check your /mail
2265robrrelated to 2260, see notesclosedBarlimore(Acknowledged - regarding the notes)
2264Ruthlesssssnot sure if this is possible - but could the block with the arrow in the item frame be removed from the regions it is tied to?closedbermudalocketIT ROTATES! \o/
2263robrrelated to 2260 - player placed garden area, already rolled back pond area, left shackclosedBarlimoreThank you for getting to this pond - Area seems good now.
2262ThatSlugNamedDevplease make both these water flow pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2261robrpossibly related to 2260 - next to different builder, but through areaclosedBarlimoreThanks - no action taken yet. Will keep an eye on this / further reports from this builder.
2260PPGOMEbigger holclosedBarlimoreThis has now been cleaned up, thanks for reporting!
2259PPGOMEholclosedrobrcrop area rolled back, player warned.
2258promaxxecont'd my last modreq, the tunnel passes under countless claimsclosedBarlimore(Closing per prior modreq - thanks again!)
2257Abitcatplease roll back edits by street101 and make him not dig tunnels under tabulaclosedBarlimoreIndividual warned - edits rolled back. Town region expanded!
2256promaxxei found the exit to the tunnel previously modreqed, street101 is obviously doing this on purposeclosedBarlimoreThank you very much - This helped!
2255Nhaazauacan you fix the name on excaliber in this shulker, pleaseclosedBarlimoreExcalibur fixed!
2254promaxxethis person is building underneath tabula rasa? is this ok?closedBarlimoreIndividual warned - edits rolled back. Town region expanded! Certainly not ok, thanks for reporting!
2253PPGOMEstreet101 digging tunnels right under our roads in our claimclosedBarlimoreIndividual warned - edits rolled back. Town region expanded!
2252PPGOMEwho made thisclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2251Nhaazauai accidentally knocked out a block here and dont ahve anything ot repair a hole into the voidclosedbermudalocketterrifying hole into the endless abyss repaired!
2250QueenBombuscancel that last request, figured out the problemclosedSilversunsetsee 2249 :)
2249QueenBombuslost a stack of iron ore in the reset?closedSilversunsetyou can close a request with /check and then /done ####
2248Lethal_Treecan i haz access to the spawn station cart thing? i have 9 stacks for itclosedLethal_Treeim stupid
2247DigitalOSHlet's try thisclosedTheNightsKingThing tried
2246pez252Double check this. (see notes)closedBarlimoreProtection added - (discussed externally).
2245DigitalOSHcan you flow this too?closedtict0cAll lava sources at this location ad flowing.
2244ThatSlugNamedDevcan the water flow please?closedbermudalocketflowed!
2243DigitalOSHplease flow! Safe catch area at the bottomclosedcujobearlavaflow flow
2242Rivaeflow 2 blocks please?closedZomiseFlowed
2241AceMarconiPlease flow. Also Methinks my protection may need a slight expansion, please & thankyou!closedBarlimoreWater flowing and region expanded, build in peace!
2240ThunderKrackercan you tell me when this was built and who by plz? ThanksclosedtotemoXedthered 2017-11-15; /cinfo is your friend
2239ThunderKrackerShould be cows hereclosedtotemocowsified
2238Tythalflow waterblock under trapdoorclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2237Tythalflow top block of waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2236DigitalOSHIt froze! Could you flow it again?closedkumquatmayFlowin'! Gonna need to cover the water source blocks to keep it from freezing :)
2235DigitalOSHcan you flow this water?closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2234Azumarillfrost walker ice all over this canal...?closedBarlimoreSeasonal changes have brought water back to these canals!
2233Emizzonplease help with this piston. regions are preventing it from pushing block up.closedSilversunsetregion expanded
2232piplo127128unstuck plsclosedThelVadumeei was too slow xD
2231Reon27compound to child of ravenrockclosedbermudalocketdone!
2230Lethal_Treewould it be possible to have all the regions on ravenrock changed to child regions of ravenrock? there are a few that i cannot access and reon cant find to give me accessclosedbermudalocketYou should be all set now!
2229bookey42waterflow x2 again. im so thirsty :(closedcujobeardrink moar water
2228bookey42water flow last one for awhile I hope lolclosedtict0cflowing !! :)
2227bookey42Lots O WaterFlow I can show you them allclosedtict0cDone water is flowing! \o/
2226bookey42water flow x2 pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflow'd
2225Lethal_Treepls teleport me like 10 blocks im glitchingcloseddefiexIf you're still borked when you're back, let us know so we can unbork you! Borkborkbork.
2224omnibeanstuck pls helpcloseddefiexFree at last....free at last! Freeeee at last!
2223Rivae2 block water flow pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndspooled
2222Goldrat1618please flow this liquidclosedTheNightsKingsuspiciously named liquid flowed
2221Goldrat1618please flow this liquidcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
2220King_of_quesoi wanted some fresh nopales but i got stuck in here!closedbermudalocketrescued!
2219defiexI have collected 150 Wishbones! Please check my chest and give me my trophy!closeddefiexIgnore all of this!
2218Azumarillwater dispensrsclosedtorteelaAll dispensrs are now very unsafe
2217King_of_quesothere's a block missing hereclosedbermudalocketyou saw nothing! :O
2215buzzie71flow this water please :OclosedCARnivore_ndslava h8r
2214JamesMcProggercan a helpful mod please flow this water at [1401, 139, -1482], thanks!closedCARnivore_ndsall fall down
2213AceMarconiSpawnrail sign for C3 is Now Stonemist! \o/closedbuzzie71sign set!
2212PPGOMEmake these doors private for only Kitty9293 and I please. Is a surprise :)closedThelVadumeeunfortunatly we cant lock doors on this server
2211PPGOMEmake chest region under tree please :Dclosedtict0cDone and done :)
2210Azumarillaccidental parrotcideclosedBarlimoreThanks for your honesty! We're aiming to track down the owner of the dead parrot as they have yet to log in this week.
2209username20882 water flowclosedCARnivore_ndsdid a solid with that liquid.
2208PPGOMEwho made these?closedbuzzie71someone, obviously :O (discussed via /msg)
2207aindriahhnPlease make this water flow oh mighty ModclosedRiveriflowed!
2206KryptecWolfI need to protect this build pleaseclosedtict0cNice tower Protected !! :)
2205rocket18009i need to protect this build pleaseclosedtict0cProtected and Safe :)
2204PPGOMEstuccclosedCARnivore_ndsrez q'd
2203hafishgrflow please :)closedRiveriflowed!
2202Ruthlesssssplease protect from here to 824/255/696(big build!)closedHerr_Fawkesprotected!
2201nels_nelsonMay I please have this water block made to flow?closedrobrthey're still fighting the flow!
2200jazzorplease flow this :)closedCARnivore_ndsflowed
2199Azumarillthis zombie villager killed me, took my armor and sword, and cured and now they're gone (I killed the villager to check if it had the stuff invisibly)closedBarlimoreDiscussed via /mail.
2198bermudalocketlooks like someone killed one too many cows, lost breeding pairclosedHerr_Fawkescow replaced!
2197bookey42water flow x3 pleaseclosedschererererer3 waters flowed
2196ZachmawI'm an idiot and got stuck. plz halpclosedThelVadumeefreedom!
2195piplo127128protectclosedThelVadumeediscussed via /msg
2194SquaresTherewater flow?closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2193aindriahhnPlease make my lava flowclosedThelVadumeeoof almost burnt myself :D
2192Minaro_I request that you all have a good dayclosedtotemoDENIED!
2191Lethal_Treemy horse is in a minecart:(closeddefiexFree at last....freeee at last...freeeeeeeeee at last!!! (Your horse is no longer trapped and may wander about at his leisure.)
2190Riveritrying this again, possible x-ray, pls to checkclosedRiverinope
2189buzzie71random stab in the dark! map 505 please :O (no idea what it is but I will take whatever it turns out to be)closedbermudalocketmap placed... sort of...
2188username2088water flowcloseddefiexDanger splishes have been splashed!
2187username2088water flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2186username2088water flowclosedRivericrisis averted!
2185PPGOMEwere there horses?closedbermudalocketThey abandoned their stations with 20 gold and the mayor's daughter. Please let us know if you see them ;_;. (in reality, they poofed)
2184aindriahhnPlease expand my tower protections abovegroundclosedRiveriyour protection automatically goes to skylimit when we make them, so you're good!
2183Tellephonesomeone's horse was in a minecart at square's quad and I accidentally sent it off trying to get past it :/ not sure who's it was, but I also don't know where it went. my bad.closeddefiexHorse has been located and returned to the quad grinder!
2182JezzzziePoor little Bobby has been running the dozer for us and has come up missing. Has Little Bobby been kidnapped?? Did he run away???? I've come out to feed him daily!closedBarlimoreLittle Bobby was forming a union to protest these working conditions. Alas, he has returned to work on site. (details via /mail)
2181dnynumberonewho didn't replant after buttoning these farms?closedrobrregion member, discussed via /m
2180aindriahhnPlease protect my towerclosedschererererertower protected!
2179MackSaffronPlease flow the 1 water block ABOVE the sign. Thanks!closedrobrditto.
2178MackSaffronPlease flow the 3 water blocks against the west side of the glass box.closedrobrsplishy splooshy splash.
2177aindriahhnKeep on rockingclosedSir_DidymusLooks like you're the one with the rock!
2176Jean_de_PatmosHelp! I'm trapped! I am by the Haven guardian grinder, and it is a protected area. I am stuck in a hole.closedSir_DidymusRescued!
2175Lethal_Treeumm the respawn sign doesnt workclosedtotemowe put up a fence to de-obstruct the sleep sign
2174Lethal_Treei lost axe from quest 3. is this fixable?closedBarlimoreThis axe really is cursed! New one added.
2173Alixlaprotect my claim!closedBarlimoreProtection added to your structure, build in peace!
2172Azumarillhey get rid of this chestclosedBarlimoreRemoved.
2171Silversunsetpls make the front/back of this cocoa farm build allowclosedbermudalocketbeans now takeable!
2170Azumarillso, there's not a box under this end rod - did I do it? You'd think I'd have had to, right? Has it been like that for weeks, or what? What's up?closedbermudalocketsent a /mail :)
2169Lethal_Treewhy isnt the chicken following me? isnt it supposed to do that?closedbermudalocketdicussed via /m!
2168ziplock189please protect my build between the granite blocksclosedbermudalocketprotected as ziplock189_base!
2167Azumarillhow'd I get a brick blockoclosedCARnivore_ndsdiscussed with player
2166ieuwehI am stuck inside a building :( I am really sorry to botherclosedFlumperFreed! :)
2165woodyfeverflowclosedrobrwater elevator activated
2164DjentleGiantLots of grief here. Please roll back!closedZomiseFixed!
2163ZomiseCould the creeper grinder get its own place?closedSir_DidymusPlace added!
2162PPGOMEflow the water plsclosedZomiseFlowing!
2161PPGOMEflow both plsclosedrobrflowed
2160Azumarillwhy is this cobble block hereclosedrobrcobble block placed by player "azumarill" - rolled back.
2159ImmJaqoRequesting expansion of protection area to encompass this farming tower along with giving flowing water in all the dispensersclosedtotemoregion expanded; dispensers set to flow
2158Komhazone more flow pleaseclosedBarlimoreCredit to yourself for fixing up the water here!
2157SimonPeggflowing wutar pleaseclosedBarlimoreFlowing, enjoy!
2156Komhazi may have broke my water, can i get a reup pretty please i'll do better i promiseclosedBarlimoreWater from earlier flowing (forgot to close).
2155Komhazflow pleaseclosedBarlimoreFlowing here, enjoy!
2154BloomingLilysorry i messed up, can you flow these 2 water spots? :Dclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2153BloomingLilycan you please make all the water spots i placed flowclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2152Nhaazauapls flow water at y171 (in straight line at bottom here)closedtict0cWater is flowing o./
2151Nhaazauapls flow water at y 171 and 172closedghrey303just flowed the infinite source blocks
2150Ruthlessssspls make the infinite waters!closedCARnivore_ndsflow is ready to go
2149Nhaazauapls flowclosedtict0cWater flown :)
2148kumquatmayI picked up a Quest Coin rather than a Knights Coin at one of the castles, pls to gib shiny coal!closedBarlimoreThis chest now has the correct knights' coin!
2147Wall_E__Need water to flow, please. 2 blocks.closedvarjflowed
2146MackSaffronPlease flow the water block under the carpet. Thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed!
2145Lethal_Treelong story short, i lost the papers for 2 of the doors like 3 weeks ago. is there any way to get them back?closedBarlimoreSign interactions verified - your inventory now contains the missing quest items!
2144MackSaffroncheckclosedBarlimoreGive us a shout if you have a more specific need for help!
2143Lethal_Treewhat do i do i died and lost the beat and now i cant get it backclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2142Azumarillhead fix pls (6 default "Head"s in mob chest, placed skeleton up top should be dragon probz)closedSir_DidymusInvestigated!
2141Reon27so...i'm stuck under spawn rail and cant get out. can you plz help me :Iclosedbermudalocketrescued!
2140MackSaffronAny chance we can get this furnace removed?closedBarlimoreFurnace removed!
2139dobreirareplacec green map with map id 839closedBarlimoreMap replaced!
2138pez252tic plz flow thxclosedtict0cMuch water flown!
2137Nomasunhello, I have an old "Quest Coin" that was a reward from Knights Quest 1 in the first day of the server, can you please trade me for a Knights Coin?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via message - Check your inventory!
2136mabtheseerwater flow in these four corners pleaseclosedcujobearwater flowed
2135Aghe87I ate my beet. I am not a smart man. May i have some more?closedBarlimoreWe have spliced this beetroot with excessive pepper to discourage you from eating this one. Good luck with the quest!
2134SquaresTherecan you make it so that shukler boxes can be placed anywhere down here? thanks :)closedrobrbirch_island has thus birthed 2 build allow regions for bby shulkers and anvils
2133dobreirarequest map 73closedBarlimoreMap added!
2132bermudalocketwho dug out this area literally right next to my portal?closedrobrdiscussed via /m
2131DjentleGiantPlease unstuck my horse. Thanks!closedSir_DidymusRails amended, horse can be rescued now.
2130kumquatmayMissed out on one quest item as clicking another sign replaced the item in my handclosedtotemoconfirmed that all three prizes were due; this was additional fallout from misconfigured slot values for give actions
2129Jezzzzieneed water flow in 3 areas plz :)closedZomiseFlowed! Nice water feature. :)
2128Komhazcould you expand my region ~10 blocks in every direction please?closedtotemoregion expanded; shame your new neighbour won't be around to appreciate it... he got banned ;_;
2127Muzelleprotect my buildclosedkumquatmayProtected!
2126nels_nelsonMay I please have these water blocks made to flow? Best regards, -NelsclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2125Reon27shulker area for market (block above the signs for entire market)closedThelVadumeeall ready for shulkers :D
2124bermudalocketI misplaced the axe you get at the start of Knight's Quest #2 :(. Started the quest a few weeks ago and not sure where it went :/closedBarlimoreReplacement axe found!
2123NomasunHello I have summoned a doppelganger of myself and won the fight but the skull is not a skin I have ever usedcloseddefiexTake another peek at it! We see your current skin/head on the placed head! :)
2122bermudalocketsomeone left floating trees hereclosedRiverithat particular tree claims "no edits found", but I was able to roll back the trees closer to the castle
2121sushi15flow me the frick up mmhm that's some good flow right there RIGHT THERE mmhmm ooo hoo that's some good flow!closedRiverimake sure to use protection for your flows!
2120SilversunsetPlease protect the breedatorium and make the 7 blocks around this end chest build:allowclosedtict0cYay took a sec but I got it !! :o)
2119Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2118Darwinosaurusflowing wateclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2117Nhaazauacan i get an itemlocker region for this boat onlyclosedbuzzie71discussed via /msg - you should be able to set these yourself with ItemLocker commands (check out /help ItemLocker)
2116nels_nelsonSo, what's the deal with this gross floating bridge?closedNoramimsg and mailed nels_nelson re. the floating bridge, that he could make a modreq for removal, bridge was made yesterday
2115pez252tic plz flowclosedtict0cyay water tis flowing ! :)
2114SirLyledid some break the wall here? and replace with the wrong glass?closedFlumperGrief repaired! :)
2113ieuwehwater flowclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2112CutterWillflowclosedTheNightsKingAnd it flows
2111ieuwehwater flowclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2110username2088water flowclosedtict0cWater has been flowed :o)
2109username2088water flowclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2108username2088water flowclosedtict0cWater flowed :o) have fun!
2107Wall_E__Flow water to make obsidian. Please don't glare. :-)closedghrey303i promise i didn't glare, i just have intense eyes
2106Rivaeflow one block please?closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2105Blockbuster/discord link expiredclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m (forgot to closer earlier sorry!)
2104Rivaeone more water block flow please tyclosedSilversunsetflowed
2103Rivaeflow 2 blocks please :)closedcujobear2 and only 2 waters flowed
2102ThunderKrackermissing villager hereclosedRiverinot grief and it didn't die. my best guess is that the villager probably glitched through the glass if it was present before. I suggest mailing Solace mayors to inform them of their missing villie
2101RuthlesssssSo I may have found a bug with the minecart stacking plugin? I was going to use some minecarts so I grabbed 19 from a chest which had 64 + 19 in it and tried to place 1 - nothing happened so i relogged(in case of lag) and I had 40 minecarts in handclosedBarlimoreDiscussed via message.
2100Jezzzzieflow plz!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2099driftingnomadstuck with my horse in pico's protectionsclosedkumquatmayEnjoy your freedom!
2098Tellephonestuck in grinder pls send helpclosedkumquatmayFreedom \o/
2097Halinahplease flow this one water, ty!closedtotemoflowing
2096MiogreWater Flow Please!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2095ThatSlugNamedDevcan you please add dacracot to my protection?closedbermudalocketDiscussed via /m!
2094Halinahplease flow the six water by the black wool in this room, ty!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2093Halinahplease flow these two, thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed!
2092nels_nelsonMay I please have this water block made to flow? Thank you. Best regards, -Nelsclosedcujobearin the words of defie, your splish has been splashed
2091Wall_E__Need water to flow at 4 locations here.closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2090Sumpprotect build area. I have a border 2 corners would be 1536/51/-1551 to 1434/72/-1480, lmk if questions or issues with thatclosedFlumperBuilds protected! :)
2089KeyworkOrangeflow pls :DclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2088Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2087Rivaeplease flow 4 blocks in the corners of this underground squareclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2086Rivaeprotection for this basement area please as a child of rose and put zomise in charge of it?closedFlumperProtected as a child of Rose! :)
2085Rivae2 water blocks in a narrow wood and seeing i could not flow both i mean either uh flow pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2084sunstarshine192Hey! I need some fire in my firepit in Castle Rogue! It is in the big grey building on the mountain that has a hole in the wall.closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m. Man create fire!
2083KeyworkOrangeflow pls! :Dclosedcujobearyou now can make ALL THE WATER \o/
2082Spartan____last flow I promise (maybe)closedCARnivore_ndsflowed, but prickly now...
2081CARnivore_ndswe have connected Orion/Galahad portal to North #1, plz to update signage kthxbaiclosedCARnivore_ndssignage updates
2080Spartan____Even moar splashclosedZomiseFlowing
2079Spartan____additional splash requiredclosedSirLyledouble splooshed
2078Spartan____moar flowinclosedbermudalocketmoar flowed
2077Spartan____flow pslclosedbermudalocketsplish splash cacti was takin a bath
2076username2088water flowclosedSirLyleobsidified
2075Spartan____splooshclosedbuzzie71splush! ...maybe?
2073dnynumberonecan this area be claimed as roseendportal region now?closedZomiseProtected as Rosend, child of Rose.
2072dnynumberoneflow any of these waters pls and thanksclosedtict0cWater flowing !
2070username2088water flow plsclosedtict0cWater Flowed :o)
2069username2088water flow plsclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2068Spartan____flow pls ")closedbermudalocketflowed!
2067username2088water flow plsclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2066Spartan____Request to have this bridge raised?closeddefiexBridge elevated! Thanks for reporting!
2065Prometheus23make water flowclosedCARnivore_ndswell well water flows well
2064username2088water flow plsclosedcujobearnow it's dark back here
2063username2088water flow plsclosedtotemoflowing
2062nels_nelsonlistclosedtotemo- you want /check or http://nerd.nu/modreq/pve.pl
2061nels_nelsonCould I please have this floating checkered snake bridge removed from above the park?closedBarlimoreThe builder is removing it themselves on request.
2060Prometheus23protect my houseclosedtotemoprotected
2059Ruthlessssscan I please get map 820! :)closedkumquatmayMap placed!
2058TellephoneI need protection on this building please :)closedRiveriregion "tellephone_residence" created!
2057tict0cI lost 1 quest bonemeal when ice tried to put it in this shulker and rotated it while trying to put it in. :)closedBarlimore(I may have accidentally rotated this chest too - the final bonemeal is now inside this chest with the remainder you've found).
2056ThelVadumeeplease check thisclosedBarlimoreThanks for letting us know - mob grief restored!
2055King_of_quesoCan I get some barrier blocks for my spleef arena? Pretty please? :DclosedSilversunsetbarrier blocks barriered!
2054pez252Please make the trees in this building publicly harvestable.closedBarlimoreTree region established for harvesting wood!
2053pez252Please make these trees publicly harvestableclosedfazadendark oak farm is open for lumberjacks and lumberjills alike
2052pez252Please make these trees publicly harvestableclosedtict0cTrees Now Public and Harvestable yay \o/ :o)
2051pez252No charcoal reward (got the paper and shield)closedcujobearitem replaced
2050Merp2000I bonemealed my shulker box with my quest item....:(closedcujobearcorrected!
2049KingNyahmanprotectionclosedrobrduplicate modreq
2048KingNyahmanprotectionclosedBarlimoreProtection added - build in peace.
2047Prometheus23protection pleaseclosedFlumperProtected! :)
2046ThunderKrackerAre these jousters supposed to have horses?closeddefiexThe jousters are elite Air Jousters, borne with the ability to levitate themselves with naught but a poot.
2045bermudalocketPortal griefed. Blocks are missing.closedFlumperGrief fixed! :)
2044CutterWillflow againclosedrobrflowed again
2042ghrey303public vine regionclosedghrey303done
2041Spartan____I claimed this plot in mapworld, but I would like to unclaim itcloseddefiexPlayer removed from plot!
2040Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedrobrwater flowing
2039nels_nelsonMay I please have these water blocks made to flow naturally? Thank you! Best regards, -Nelsclosedtotemoflowing as naturally as they are able to
2038ghrey303public shulker regionclosedghrey303they found me out, I can't leave it open anymore
2037dnynumberone2 water flows pls and thanksclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2036ImmJaqoRequest protection of this houseclosedtotemoprotected; nice house
2035Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedtotemoflowing
2033Wall_E__Need water flowed again. Multiple blocks near here.closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2032username2088water flow plsclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2031Wall_E__Need water flowed. Multiple blocks around this location.closedrobrfloweded
2030username2088water flow plsclosedSilversunsetflowed water!
2029buzzie71omg! they killed Bob!closedbermudalocketBob has been resurrected \o/
2028ThatSlugNamedDevcan you please protect my cafe and my corral?closedSirLyleprotected
2027Reon27i cant turn this dial (make it build allow)closedrobrwas build allow - player claimed frame to prevent rotating. fixed with new iframe modifiers.
2026username2088water flow plscloseddefiexPointy danger splish has been splashed!
2025007conorplease flowclosedTheNightsKingYou've got water!
2024TheNightsKingSomebody has been woodchopping from my specifically placed trees, and harvesting without replantingclosedrobrrolled back, player warned
2023007conorplease flowclosedrobrflowed
2022RooneythewasterPlease protect my humble structure!closedrobrdiscussed via /m
2021AceMarconiPlease flow water.closedrobrinfinitely flowed
2020DjentleGiantSomeone opened my enclosure here and allowed a mob to get in and kill my AFK alt TheCockroachKing.closeddefiexDiscussed via message, please keep your cockaroach safely contained!
2019tobylaneCrops taken, including cacticlosedbermudalocketcrops and cacti un-taken!
2018BT3could I get some water flow pleasecloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
2017robrwater level blocking bridge...closeddefiexfoilage applied and the blockage has been cleared!
2016PewptyLost a few items due to a laggy glitch and was killed mobs. Returned to site, no indication anything happened. Any help?closedBarlimoreDiscussed via mail -> /mail inbox & /mail read 1
2015Zomiseshulker areaclosedZomiseShulker area done.
2014ghrey303public shulker region over clay areaclosedghrey303made!
2013ImmJaqoRequest protection for the land encompassed by the stone wallsclosedscherererererthe stone walls mark your land claim, reserving the area for you - you can modreq for a protection once you've constructed a build (protections are for builds, not claimed land)
2012gk_ryoflow dispensers' waterclosedkumquatmayDispensers are flowy!
2011Pokefan100will you please help me with claiming my houseclosedkumquatmayLand claim procedures discussed via /m
2010robrplease protect station only as geraintstation and create dialer regionclosedkumquatmayStation protected and dial region created!
2009Pokefan100I need help claiming my landclosedrobrdiscussed via /m
2008Nhaazauaprot spawner plsclosedThelVadumeespawner is protected :D
2007Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedThelVadumeeflowed :D
2006bermudalocketpls make shulker region (1 high) on top of pistonsclosedbermudalocketdone
2005Nhaazauaprot spawner plscloseddefiexProtected!
2004Nhaazauaprot spawner plscloseddefiexProtected!
2003Nhaazauaprot spawner plscloseddefiexProtected!
2002Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedbermudalocketflowed!
2001Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2000Nhaazauaprot spawner plsclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1999ghrey303Could you move this hopper? user hasn't been on in a month, making renovationscloseddefiex::Waves hand:: There is no hopper. You don't remember a hopper.
1998Nhaazauaprot spawner plsclosedFlumperProtected! :)
1997Lethal_Treeis it possible to have my inventory cleared of melons because ive thrown this one in lave 4 times and its still thereclosedLethal_Treei put it in a chest and now its good
1996Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
1995Aghe87Zom's creeper spawner is ready. Replace the pink wool block pleasecloseddefiexSssssssssuper work! Spawner has been placed! :D
1994Aghe87flow for water source pleaseclosedrobrflowed, please to blow up rose now.
1993zburdsalplease expand out the region 'solace_villager_breeder' to include the new farms, and then make build allow regions on themclosedFlumperProtected and crops made build allow! :)
1992zburdsalPlease expand 'solace' to encompass new builds. Preferably 50 south, 70 north, and 20 east.closedFlumperRegion expanded! :)
1991Zomisepez252 has permission to ask for the activation of the creeper spawner I found.closedSir_DidymusNoted in our documentation.
1990Ruthlesssssplease remove the region named ruthlessssss_melons(will need it back much later but for now please remove it) - NOT THE BLOCKS just the region please!closedzburdsalDone!
1989ThunderKrackerThere was an ender chest here, what gives?closedThelVadumeerolledback the griffles
1988Spartan____Bridge at sea levelclosedSpartan____
1987Spartan____flow plsclosedrobrflowed, but it's freezing up..
1986Spartan____Additional splish requiredclosedrobrnice pool.
1985Spartan____More sploosh pls :)closedrobrflowed
1984Spartan____splish sploosh, round 2closedbuzzie71flowing!
1983Spartan____splishy spashyclosedCARnivore_ndsit's all goodie (?) and Flowie(?)
1982MackSaffronWater flow this block, pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed
1981MackSaffronWater flow this block, pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed
1980MackSaffronWater flow this block, pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed
1979MackSaffronWater flow this block, pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed
1978MackSaffronWater flow this block, pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed
1977SimonPeggflowing waters plsclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1976robrplease make a shulker region on the block on top of this boxclosedzburdsalRegion Made!
1975robrpls protect aliassouthstation as child of aliasclosedrobrprotected
1974robrexpand alias to cover new constructionclosedrobrdome protected
1973robrflow this.closedrobrwater refalled.
1972King_of_quesoflooooooooooooow pleaaaseee! (last one, i swear!)closedzburdsalFlooooooooooooooooooooooowing!
1971King_of_quesoflooow please!closedThelVadumeeflowed :D
1970King_of_quesoflow please!closedbermudalocketflowed!
1969King_of_quesoflow please!closedbermudalocketflowed!
1968King_of_quesoflow please!closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1967SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1966Prometheus23claim houseclosedbermudalocketPlease check your mail!
1965pez252Subregion here please.closedpez252done
1964SquaresTherewater flowclosedSirLyleobsidified
1962kmwilliacan you flow this water for me, thanks.closedSirLylethe spice must flow
1961Spartan____Splish SplashclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1960JezzzzieCan i het my road, bridge, and tunnel protected plz. From 674, -19 to 715, 1031closedbermudalocketRoad protected!
1959Spartan____flow everything here please :)closedbermudalocketall flowed!
1958Spartan____flow pls :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1957DJAtomC1= Pigman GrinderclosedFlumperSign text updated! :)
1956DJAtomC6 = GaherisclosedFlumperSign text updated! :)
1955Azumarillcan you, like, teleport me into that villager so I can get the book I dropped in thereclosedcheezychickenBook returned!
1954SquaresTherelava flow?closedDjentleGiantwith great lava flow comes great responsibility. :D
1953totemo[Padmin] Are we missing some horses here in spawn?:closedBarlimoreIndeed! One went missing and the other went for a walk (has now been relocated to the lost and found)!
1952Weed_Pancakescan you please make these 4 water blocks flow? thanksclosedscherererererflowed 4 blocks
1951BloomingLilyplease make this water flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1950Jezzzzieflow plz ^^closedbermudalocketFlowed!
1949Jezzzzieneed flow here and below plz :)closedFlumperFlowed! :)
1948AceMarconiPlease protect this room as chestroom child of stonebeach, Including the machines in the east wall. Thanks.closedFlumperProtected as a child of stonebeach! :)
1947DjentleGiantSelf, please create a region for chest perms for Cheery RetreatclosedDjentleGiantDone, you handsome man.
1946DigitalOSHThis mountain. Let it be mine!closedFlumperDuplicate
1945kumquatmayThis villager is borked! (Can't be moved, no new trades will open)closedFlumper
1944DigitalOSHI would like to claim this mountainclosedFlumperClaims aren't created by staff, you'll need to create a valid claim fence around the area you wish to claim. See here for more information: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Land_Claims
1943PipersDadprotect, PDquadSpider,closedFlumperProtected! :)
1942Spartan____This is a seperate request from the last one, who placed these stairs?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM. :)
1941Spartan____[padmins] I just realized these stairs exist...can they be relocated?closedSpartan____
1940The_Hero27grassclosedFlumperSorry, we don't turn dirt into grass. If you have silk touch on any tool, you can harvest grass blocks and place them here. :)
1939AceMarconishould I release basiking's horse. (found it right here) or is there a lost & found? Can take up to wide open.closedSir_DidymusHorse sent to Lost and Found
1938Emizzonwater flow pleaseclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1937The_Hero27water flow poolclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1936The_Hero27poolclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1935Tellephoneneed water to flow here again pleaseclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1934Tellephoneneed water to flow here please!closedbermudalocketflowed!
1933bermudalocketCould the coordinates for /place Haven_Guardian be changed to match this new entrance? People have had trouble finding it somehow. :) Thanks!closedSir_DidymusPlace amended.
1932wyatt8740add my house to birch_island region, pleaseclosedSir_DidymusProtected.
1931The_Hero27water flowclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1930DjentleGiantCould we have a powered activator rail here instead of this loop? Horses are impossible to get out of minecarts with the current configuration. Thanks!closedSir_DidymusDesign amended for equestrian transportation.
1929MackSaffronI think I said "dirt block" in the previous request, when it should have been "birch plank" block. Sorry!closedSir_DidymusDuplicate.
1928MackSaffronPlease accept this sacrifice for an iron golem spawner. Please remove the chest and place the spawner where the dirt block is.closedSir_DidymusSpawner placed!
1927MackSaffronAllow these two rows of 15 water blocks to flow, please.closedtotemoflowing
1926TheCoachAdairplease ask owner of wood "bridge" at -61, 51, -810 to not have it IN water. This is getting absurd.closedSir_DidymusBridge raised.
1925TheCoachAdairplease ask owner of wood "bridge" at -111, 51, -910 to not have it IN water. This is getting sillyclosedSir_DidymusBridge raised.
1924TheCoachAdairplease ask owner of concrete bridge at -182, 51, -954 to not have it IN water. Nearly got me killed when escaping skelliesclosedSir_DidymusBridge raised.
1923Jezzzzieflow plz :)closedkumquatmayFlowin!
1922Keilussflow pls :)closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1921DigitalOSH"stuck"closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
1920Nhaazauapls flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1919Just_Chaos98did we break the dragon? we cannot place an end crystal in the forth spotclosedJust_Chaos98
1918DigitalOSH"accidentally stopped waterfall"closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m. Waterfall was naturally generated so no grief!
1917Nhaazauapls flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
1916wyatt8740/place for birch island's hex zombie grinderclosedSir_DidymusPlace added!
1915Nhaazauapls flowclosedSirLylemoisturized
1914SirLylecan you tell me who put these shelves here?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
1913NomasunHello can you please protect this addition ive made to a skel grinder? Bottom corner is this dirt block and the far corner is at -26667, -2983, +26. thank youclosedtotemoprotected with child region
1912pez252Should this be enderpearl deny?closedcujobearregion corrected
1911CARnivore_ndsplease update NORTHBOUND A6 to Orion. we have connectedclosedkumquatmayOrion added to station!
1910AceMarconiplease expand my protection to the area outlined by the 4 gold blocks. Thank you!closedkumquatmayRegion expanded!
1908Spartan____[Padmins] So how viable would removing part of the mountain here to connect the water, instead of just making a tunnel? I would terraform the land to still make it look natural, just wondering the legal implications of thatclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1907Reon27build protect plzclosedCARnivore_ndsReon Compound created.... looks great !
1906Zomisefix signtext to greenclosedZomiseSigntext colour fixed.
1905Spartan____I missed the coin because I ran out of inv. space and didn't realize :(closedBarlimoreThis coin has now found a home in your inventory!
1904Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedTheNightsKingPrecarious block flowed
1903JamesMcProggercan one of you helpful moderators please add user ProggoBaggins access to the chest region named elros (Tristam portal)closedZomiseDiscussed via /msg
1902Reon27could i get someone to drop an activator and detector rail for me at the umc for a moment to get my horse out of this rando cart?closedFlumperYour horse really liked being in that cart. :D
1901Nhaazauaappears the puzzle here was left openclosedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1900Spartan____I didn't get the beet from this signclosedSir_DidymusItem replaced.
1899NomasunHello can you please make these 8 dirt blocks public areas so people can place shulker boxes? thank youclosedThelVadumeeregion set :D
1898NomasunHello can you please make these 2 water blocks flow? thank youclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1897ThatSlugNamedDevoops didn't fill the hole, plese flow again? thank you!closedbermudalocketflowed!
1896NomasunCan you please make the 3 water blocks in this corridor flow? thank youclosedbermudalocketflowed!
1895ThatSlugNamedDevflowing water please :)closedbermudalocketflowed!
1894NomasunHello, can you please make this water block flow? thank youclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1893NomasunHello can you please make these 2 water blocks on the southern wall flow? thank youclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1892NomasunHello, can you please make the 4 water blocks in this room flow, as well as the one at the bottom of the hole in the centre of the floor? thank youclosedSir_DidymusFlowed!
1891dnynumberonethis very top sign is supposed to give an empty bottle? but i just get an error msg?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1890JamesMcProggerstuck in a ceiling and im gonna die, help@closedBluuefuzzyunstuck!
1889Spartan____Can this be looked at for a claim adjustment?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1888Spartan____Can this dirt bridge be moved as well?closedSir_DidymusDiscussed via msg.
1887Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
1886Aghe87flow this water block pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!