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IDPlayer NameRequestStatusHandled ByClose Message
4035iNerd715 more collections \o/closedkumquatmaybadges and level 11 book in chests!
4034kumquatmay6 collections for cujo's hoarder room!open
4033jeagle7247flow the water, both levels plzcloseddefiexPointy splish has been splashed!
4032jeagle7247flow the water plz :)closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
4031MackSaffronI was told a while ago that I had to develop this area a little more before getting it protected. Am I able to get it protected now? :)closedSilversunsetregion expanded to new build area.
4030xX_Sami_Trucc_Xxi having troble getting water to flow can someone help mecloseddefiexSplish has been splashed! Good gardening!
4029SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedSquaresThere
4028fazadenWhat Doesn't Kill You, Tip Tip, and Botanist's complete!closedcujobearcollection badges (these 3 + corrected Sculptors) in chests!
4027xX_Sami_Trucc_Xxim trying to claim land and im not sure on how it worksclosedcujobeartry using /help claims
4026wyguy2014griefclosedNoramigrief fixed and player warned
4025cheezychickenflowy flow please :DclosedNoramiall flowing :)
4024cheezychickenflow this... and hopefully it's done!closedTrooprm32Flowed!
4023cheezychickenalright, this one will deffo flow correctly! splishy splashyclosedrobrsure it will... sure....
4022cheezychickenflow please! hopefully I put it in the right place...closedTrooprm32Flowed
4021username2088water flow pleaseclosedrobrflowed but needs encouragement
4020cheezychickenwater flow splishy splashy plz <3closedrobrflowed
4019cheezychickenand another sploosh plzclosedKing_of_quesoSploosh!
4018cheezychickenflowy sploosh plz <3closedTrooprm32Flowed
4017MilitaryKnightflowy water plsclosedrobrflowed
4016RokkuCXVIICan nolan's chests and pets be removed pls he hasn't been on in a while and https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/546970103015800833/559776201800155136/unknown.pngopen
4015dewyocelotI broke a glass piece in the nether, on the way to nebula, sorry. Co-ords: x:-227 y:78 z:150closedrobrthanks for reporting, please be more careful in the future, thanks!
4014SoulDustI ahve a Woodworkers Collection here for pickup.closedcujobearbadge in chest!
4013SoulDustI have a Make Like A Tree collection here for pickup.closedcujobearcollection badge, milestone (15) and reward, and level 3 book in chest!
4012iNerd71My cows and some of my sheep are goneclosedscherererereranimals restored, player warned
4011Bearnorlava flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
4010Bearnorlava flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
4009Bearnorlava flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
4008cujobear2 missing named mobs + grief. Please /msg for 2nd locationclaimedFlumper
4007fazadenstuck in protected areaclosedfazadenfixed
4006SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed
4005fazadenfive level 12 challenges complete! (sculptor's, fashionista, let it go, cyan,and magenta)closedcujobearafter discussion 4 collection badges in chests!
4004Crambullfarmer's collection is done-zoclosedcujobearcollection badge, milestone (15) and reward and level 3 book in chest!
4003RuinManiac_Dustyflowing properties have been removed from most of this river by frost walker. can i get the entire river re-flowed and i'll never do it again? :SclosedSilversunsetre-flowed river.
4002SwitchViewzCarrot grief D:closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
4001cheezychickenmy horse is stuck inside a donkey so I can't get on him :(closedcujobearhorse moved over
4000Crambullneed privitization on my beacon pyramid pls and thank youclosedcujobearbeacon protected
3998Crambullwood slab collection doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3997barneygalewater flow please!closedi_c_e_you are a flowin
3996KedNysPlease expand region called "kednys_railstation" 3 blocks down to protect redstone circuits thanks you.closedfazadenexpand'd
3995KedNysplease expand region to protect ALL iron on beacon base, thank youclosedfazadenexpanded
3994CrambullHoe Malone collection completeclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3993OmegaeddonGriffclosedfazadenfixed, thanks for the report
3992OmegaeddonCan you make the bit marked with white carpet a shulker space plz? Ta!closedtict0cMission Complete Shulker Away! :)
3991Crambullthe pioneer's collection is complete.closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3990barneygaleI can't edit the rail I placedclosedCARnivore_ndsthese rails are in chickenzita's region. it appears you are not
3989TharineI think someone has tried to free the two roaming villagers in here. Some pens not completed yet, so sorry i'm not sure which ones were broken and which are just empty.closedcujobearcheck your /mail
3988SoulDustI have a wood slab collection for pickupclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
398732ndFlavapls flow these 2 water blocks. Thanks!closedkumquatmayflowin'!
3986kumquatmay6 collections ready for disposal!closeddefiexCongrats on your 6 collection turn-ins! Badges have been placed along with your next level book!
398532ndFlavaPls flow the block of water on top of the sign. Thanks!closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
398432ndFlavaPls flow this block of water. Thanks!closedbuzzie71flowing!
3982Gold88apeSix waterflows please. Four in the corner, one below, and one at the top of the elevator by the signclosedbuzzie71all flowing!
3981Muskogee_Redtier 1 iron spawner, replace the 1 green glass blockclosedkumquatmayspawner placed!
3980OmegaeddonArnt these guys supposed to have heads?closedscherererererthe armor stands are locked to the placer; if they're missing heads they likely would have been removed intentionally
3979SoulDustI have Pioneers Collection here for pickupcloseddefiexCongrats on your Pioneers Collection Badge! It has been placed in your chest. :)
3978EndboundNPCflow that funky lava mod boyclosedbuzzie71flowing!
3977tict0cI found a player trap and need help outclosedi_c_e_o_o we wont mention this again
3976PlNGCATT turn-in for T4. Redstone torches are new submissions.closedcujobearcollection badges, 2 milestone (20 & 25) and rewards and level 4 book in chests!
3975fazadenGlobal Warming, Slo-Mo, Where'd you get those Peepers, and Cup of Life complete!closedcujobearbadges in chests!
3974wyguy2014tree griefclosedzburdsalReplanted, but will take a bit to regrow. Can't directly roll back without leavedecay throwing a fit.
3973pez252ALL the thingsclosedcujobearcollection badges, milestone (150!) and reward, level 15, tier 5 and final reward in chests!
3972UpsideKenflow plzclosedi_c_e_you're splish is splashed
3971drtednelsonMeat Lover's complete!closedcujobearbadge and milestone (20) and reward in chest!
3970HanstraI need a big ol' flow on this body of water. ty I love youclosedtict0cNice big flowing moat !! :)
3969UpsideKenmake water flow please ;-; sorrclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3968UpsideKenflow it please no need to add more waterclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3967buzzie71using fireworks with no-durability wings sends me into flight for a bit before falling out of the sky - intended?open
3966UpsideKenmake water flow please :) thank youclosedi_c_e_flowed :)
3965TharineI had about 5 more named fish in this enclosure, is it possible to see if they were killed/taken in any way?closedcujobeardiscussed
3964Hanstrapls flow this well ty I love u have good dayclosedkumquatmayflowin'!
3963kumquatmayThie Finer Things done!closedcujobearcollectiong badge and level 12 badge in chest!
3962cheezychickensome... odd mining here? xray maybe?closedkumquatmayseems innocent, and is out of logs
3961KedNysADMIN - Tier 2 iron golem spawner please - Golem souls are in chestclosedkumquatmayspawner upgraded!
3960teiz1make like a tree and wood slab collection complete!closedkumquatmaybadges in chests!
3959OmegaeddonThis signs a bit pointed and rude, no?closedcujobearthanks for reporting.
3958UpsideKenPlease make water flowclosedSpook6water is flowed :)
3957OddGeometryrename protection to "titan islands" please :)closedkumquatmayRegion renamed!
3956buzzie71monster hunter collection is done :OclosedcujobearPOOF! badge in chest!
3955kumquatmay15 collections ready to go!closedcujobearfound 14 complete collections, badges in chests as well as milestone (105) badge and reward!
3954Crambullcompleted that pioneer (leather) collectionclosedcujobeardiscussed via /m
3953buzzie71blocks missing here?closedcujobearrolledback
3952Crambullcompleted the pioneer's collection.closedcujobeararmor should be full durabilty as stated in the reddit post here - https://redd.it/au0x5z
3951SquaresTherewater flow? just this one by the torches, thanks! :)closedfazadenflow'd
3950robrglass grief under hereclosedfazadenfix'd
3949SwitchViewzCrop grief D:closedrobrrolled back, user warned
3948King_of_quesobasic brewing, in the red, get to the point, it's not easy being green, and once in a blue moon finished!closedcujobearafter discussion 4 collection badges, level 2 collectors badge and Tier 1 badge in chests!
3947Gold88apewaterflow pleaseclosedcujobearwater flowed
3946fazadenfive level 11 challenges (Endless Ocean, Orange you Glad, Knight's, Glazier's, and Magenta-ly) complete!closedcujobear5 collection badges, milestone (90) and reward and level 12 book in chests!
3945barneygaleOne of only 8 player-claimable portals still has not been developed or even made safe from mobs after 3 months. Please move it so it can be put to good use.closedfazadenThe build is in fact still being developed
3944barneygalesomeone has locked my item frame. /iinfo doesn't seem to workclosedbarneygaleseems to work fine now
3943OmegaeddonThis is supposed to be pitch black, light level 0. But im reading 12. Wheres the light coming from?claimednels_nelson
3941Wayfarerfrostcan you make this lava flow please?closedNoramilava is flowing
3940GenghisKhanXProtection for my new beacon pyramid, please and thanks!closedKing_of_quesobeacon protected!
3939Gold88apeI seem to have lost a black horse and two leads from the earlier glitch this morning.closedGold88apeNo worries about it.
3938teiz1could you help me get rid of a wither? my friend spawned a wither yesterday who is now flying around freely, just doesn't want it to fly to someone else and destroy somethingclosedNorami/pmsg player :)
3937Gold88apeI appear to be stuck in a glitchclosedbuzzie71please contact a member of staff when you are next online :O we cannot extract you unless you are online too ._.
3936teiz1woodworker's collection complete!closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3935SoulDustI have a White Noise collection here for pickup :)closedkumquatmaybadge and milestone rewards in chest!
3934King_of_quesobasic brewing complete!closedkumquatmaybadge and level 2 collector badge in chest!
3933SoulDustI have a Faermers collection here for pickup.closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3932SoulDustPlease flow this lava.closedSpook6flowed your danger water
3931SoulDustI have Pioneers collection hereclosedcujobearArmor pieces should be at full durability per the comments here https://redd.it/au0x5z
3930SoulDustI have Mellow Yellow collection for pickupclosedkumquatmaybadge and level 1 collector badge in chest!
3929fazadenYou are my Sunshine, Black Market, Weaksauce, and You've got the Power complete!closedkumquatmaybadges and level 11 book in chests!
3928buzzie71I accidentally crushed the egg here and can't replace due to an lwc lock on the spot; need help replacing :OclosedkumquatmayEgg rolled back
3927shmooginall my animals have been moidered D:closedbuzzie71restored!
3926username2088three collections completecloseddefiexCongrats on your three collection bagdes awarded! Also congrats on becoming a Hobbiest collector! Enjoy the extra milestone badge and pieces of eight!
3925fazadenOrange is the new Orange and Hurts so Good complete!closedcujobear2 collection badges in chests!
3924Crambullfinished the "Make like a tree" collection (leaves)closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3923King_of_quesoPlease upgrade another spawner to tier 2!closedkumquatmayspawner upgraded!
3922RuinManiac_Dustyflow water pl0xclosedrobrfl0w3d
3921Gold88apeI accidently hit the trap door on this grinder and can't close itclosedKing_of_quesotrapdoor fixed!
3920KedNysplease expand region to protect all the ironclosedttsciRegion expanded!
3919ZomiseWhat killed Mr. Zombise here?closedcujobearSorry I can find no reference to Mr Zombise in the logs
3918SquaresTherewater flow - the four corners... thanks :)closedscherererererwater flowed
3917SquaresTherewater flow? these 4 corners, thanks! :)closedscherererererwater flowed
3916IInsani_Tywho put a hole in the side of my wall at -1341 63 -3135, I would like to know. (Please and Thank Yous)closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm
391513illyGoatPlease extend my protection to include the new mined out chunk. Tyclosedscherererererthe new area needs more built to warrant a protection - please re-modreq once you've added more construction, thanks
3914cheezychickenprotections for my abandoned house plz, removes confusion :Pclosedscherererererhouse protected
3913OmegaeddonPlz shimmy these bacon perms up to the new position above, ta!closedscherererererbeacon region moved upward to cover new location
3912fazadenQuiver Full and Gatekeeper's complete!closedcujobear2 collection badges and level 10 book in chests!
3911teiz1protect this "farm" pleaseclosedfazadenyour "farm" has been "protected"
3910SoulDustI have a Walk The Plank collection here for pickup.closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3909SoulDustI have the I'm a Lumberjack Collection for pickupclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3908teiz1flow and the dispensers plz :))closedfazadenall water sources flowed
3907teiz1flow :)closedNoramiDone :D
3906Hanstrawooter flow pls ty I lv uclosedNoramiall done \o/
3905teiz1flowclosedNoramiall flowing :)
3904OmegaeddonThis vrafting table... was that me who place it?closedNoramiMailed player. :)
3903teiz1im stuck plz help :)closedteiz1unstuck
3902SoulDustI was playing with the buttons at the drowned grinder and I closed some panels that should be open that I can't open myselfclosedkumquatmayTrapdoors are open again
3901Azumarillwatrclosedscherererererwater flowed!
3900fazadenEveryone Loves a Log complete!closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3899King_of_quesoGreen Thumb and Mellow Yellow complete!closedcujobearcollection badges and level 1 Collector badge in chests!
3898zburdsalIncomplete build is from day 2 of rev, owner has not been on in over 8 weeks, claim fence is incomplete. Can we remove this?closedcujobeardiscussed with players
389713illyGoatBroken wall in Mining Road Tunnel with flowing water over path.closedKing_of_quesowall fixed!
3896robrunrolled back grief from ban here, fixed.closedrobrreplaced glass pane, user already banned
3895username2088Farmer's collection completeclosedcujobearbadge and level 3 book in chest!
3894IInsani_TyMay you flow1 water source at -1319 64 -3139 (Please and Thank yous)closedSilversunsetflowed
3893IInsani_TyMay you flow 5 water sources starting at -1319 7 -3154 and then follow the path way down wards(Please)closedSilversunsetflowed
3892IInsani_TyMay you flow 3 water sources at -1328 6 -3156 (Please and Thnk YousclosedSilversunsetflowed
3891ItJashCould you please protect my build. I marked the corners with lime wool. Thanks :Dclosedscherererererprotected!
3890IInsani_TyMay you flow this water at -1321 64 -3135closedCARnivore_ndsrise up ye villagers!
3889IInsani_TyMay you flow 3 water sources at -1321 6 -3152 (Please and Thank yous)closedcujobear3 waters a flowin'
3888MackSaffronIron Golem Spawner sacrifice has been prepared! Please place it next to the others inside. <3closedcujobear4th and final spawner in place!
3887Carrotappleplease unstuck me thx in advclosedSilversunsetpls be careful AGAIN
3886vurtgowater flow for a water elevatorclosedSilversunsetflowed
3885schererererer1.5 block deep player trap in spawn hereclosedcujobearplayer trap removed
3884OmegaeddonPlz protect this dug-out darkroom with its protetion-compliant wallclosedscherererererprotected
3883GenghisKhanXSomething happened to the arrow and frame hereclosedrobrfixed? let me know if it isn't..
3882robruser has left all public shulker spots occupied for 10 days, can these be moved to their inventory?closedcujobearshulkers removed
3881Petecrabanother flow problemclosedrobrflowed
3880Petecrabwater flow is not working...closedfazadenfor anti-griefing reasons, you can only make flowing water in regions that you own. I've made those four blocks flowing for you
3879archelonwater flow to fill my new pond plsclosedfazadenflowed
3878kumquatmay5 collections complete!closedcujobear5 collection badges, milestone (90) and reward and level 12 book in chests!
3877archelonsomeone messed with the road I builtclosedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm
3876OmegaeddonPlz protect my glorious hole.closedscherererererbeacon area is already protected; the rest needs a build for protection; e.g. built up walls/floor/ceiling
3875RonBSome idiot changed a my sign to display an advert for his Youtube channel.closedBluuefuzzyall is fixed!
3874OmegaeddonWho dug this tunnel, plz?closedBluuefuzzylooks like it's too old, and out of log block :(
387313illyGoatProtection please for Beacon. I have a protection above as well if you could link them together please and ty :)closedfazadenoriginal protection expanded :)
3872teiz1sowing the seeds and quarry collection complete!closedcujobearcollection badges, milestone (5) and reward and level 2 book in chests!
3871SoulDustI have the Monster Hunter collection ready.closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3870Spook6this is abanadoned and derpy can it pretty please be moved away <3 thanksclosedcujobearincomplete build has been moved.
3869OtterSoldierit looks like this house has been griefed?closedtotemoall of the containers are unlocked, and the build is out of logs; i think it is being edited with the consent of the original builder but I will follow up with the person editing
3868SoulDustI have compelted the Butchers Collection.closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3867SwitchViewzpssst clear the MOTD :PclosedzburdsalMOTD is correct at this time.
3866username2088butcher's collection completeclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3865FiddlersViridianI fell in a hole, with my horse, and can't get out. The area is protectedclosedtotemoexit ramp made
3864IInsani_TyMay you guys protect this big hole in my claims from bedrock to y80 (Please and Thank Yous)closedcujobearhole protected
3863CARnivore_ndsplz hep a sad mod out! make my shower work. bucket in dispenserclosedtict0cYay it's shower time !!
3862fazadenOn the Right Track complete! Also I think I'm missing some badges, I'll pmclosedcujobearbadge in chest and errors corrected!
3861IInsani_TyMay You flow my 2 water sources at -1364 63 -3170closedSilversunsetflowed!
386013illyGoatProtection on build please and thank you :)closedSilversunsetprotected
3859MackConstwaterflow for grinderclosedSilversunsetflowed
3858teiz1I'm a lumberjack collection complete!closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3857ieuweh5 more collections completed (chests with signs) Farmer's, Wood Slabs, Woodworker, Pioneer's and Make a Tree \o/closedcujobear5 collection badges, milestone badge (10) and level 3 book in chests!
3856schererererermissing chunk here? just west of modreq positionclosedschererererergroup relog fixed it; was being kept loaded
3855RukiaKuchiki_a grifclosedRukiaKuchiki_ungriffle
3854Bobosozeliplease flow this water, the ones lining the edge of the spawner and the one at the top of the bubble coloumn please!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3853Hanstraflow pls I love uclosedSpook6love u 2 bae <3 flowed
3852IInsani_Tycany ou flow my 2 water sourcesclosedSilversunsetafter much hunting water has been located and flowed
3851Bobosozeliplease infinite my water :DclosedSilversunsetflowed
3850Crambullstuck. send help.closedSilversunsetunstuck
3849Trooprm32Extend protection to get the rest of the pipe!closediNerd71Expanded! Sweet Jebus that's a big pipe O_o
3848iNerd718 more collections ready to turn in \o/closedcujobear8 collections badges and Level 10 book in chests!
3846ItJashSomeone griefed this public spider farm, I got rid of the torches but theres still some cobble in there to check block historyclosedfazadenfixed, thanks for the report
3845WPPESpls flowclosedfazadendoesn't look like there's anything to flow here
3844Chef_Zuulplease set a protection over this grotto to keep all the ore piles safeclosedSilversunsetgrotto protected!
3843SwitchViewzWho made this sign?closedSilversunsetinformed via /m
3842SwitchViewzGrief and no replantingclosedfazadenfixed ^_^
3841nachozrule56Can I get water to flow in my base??closedfazadendiscussed via pm
3840Justalie12protectionclosedfazadenWhen you want your build protected, you need to type /modreq when you're standing near your build.
3839GenghisKhanXUpgrade 4 golem spawners to Tier 5 please!closedcujobearAll spawners now tier 5 \o/
3838SwitchViewzGrief, some grief over by the netherwart tooclosedfazadenfixed, thanks for the report
3837cheezychickensomeone didn't replant the cocoa wall :(closedfazadenfixed, I'll talk to the user when they're online again
3836tadrogerscan you protect this l'l beacon i'm setting up? thanks!closedfazadenbeacon protected
383513illyGoatAll farms just east of spawn have some form of not replanting and extras for replanting in chest were taken. Torches broken as well.closedcujobearbartender is back to teding bar, farms rolledback
383413illyGoatGrief of build, and Zombie named Drinks McGoats behind bar top.closed13illyGoat
3833fazadenFan-E Pack and Good Neighbors complete!closedcujobear2 collection badges and milestone (75) and reward in chests!
3832GenghisKhanXProtection for my Ore Processing room, y28-y38 please and thanks!closedfazadenprotected
3831fazadenAqualung and Opportunity Knocks complete!closedcujobear2 collection badges and Level 6 Collector badge in chests!
3830teiz1monster hunter collection completeclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3829fazadenMonumental and Moving Right Along complete!closedcujobearbadges in chests!
3828Chef_Zuulwater flow these two blocks pleaseclosedfazadenflow'd
3827Chef_Zuulwater flow the single water block near the recessed torch plzclosedfazadenflow'd
3826TharineI had two dogs here but now they are missing, have they been killed by any chance?closedfazadenreplaced
3825teiz1final golem spawner plz, items in chestclosedcujobearfinal spawner in place
3824fazadenBullseye and Tastes Like Water complete!closedcujobearbadges in chests!
3823teiz1walk the plank collection completeclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3822Hanstracan I get this water flowed ty I lov u a lto hae good day oka I lv uclosediNerd71splsh
3821varjThis clay block shouldn't be here. I'd call it grief.closedtotemoyep he was warned for that
3820RukiaKuchiki_frostwalker grifclosedtotemothat ice just melted all by itself
3819Bobosozeliplease protect mah grinder that I'm too scared to put wool around :(closediNerd71Blaze grinder protected!
3818FallenDecay39can you guys protect my builds i have a chest room under my base and can you guys protect my doorclosedtict0cProtected and ready to go :o)
3817BobosozeliPlease protect my build! It goes a bit lower than this though, to y53. There is also more down to y10 if protecting that far is ok.closedscherererererregion protection created
3816sybergooseadd grinder to region sybercityclosedschererererercreated child region 'sybergoose_zombiegrinder'
3815Gold88apeI can't get my horse through the portalclosedttscidiscussed via msg, horse has traveled to another dimension :D
3814CARnivore_ndsI cycled inand out of mod mode and lost my inventory...plz halp!closedbermudalocketinv restored
381313illyGoatMissing my bartender zombie behind the counter was named Drinks McGoatsclosedcujobearbartender replaced
3812fazadenHodge Podge of Blocks and Slab King complete!closedcujobearbadges in chests!
3811Bearnorlost trident dont know where it is since last friday just curious where it isclosedcujobearLosing things is unfortunately part of vanilla gameplay. It's not something we will locate for you. Sorry
3810Azumarill(actually just the one) villager that was in a boat disappeared while I relogged, roughly around this spotclosedbermudalocketall sorted
3809kitty9293I'm stuck :Iclosedfazadenun-stuck'd
3808TharineSorry I accidentally turned this block into dirt and it won't let me change it back :(closedBluuefuzzyall fixed!
3805sybergooseregion sybercity zombie grinder so I can flow water as I goclosedcujobearlooks like I was too slow and all waters are flowed. Request when build is complete if you want it protected
3804username2088wood slab collection completeclosedttsciMilestone, badge, and reward in chest!
3803KedNysPlease extend my region for Kedland to include my tree farm and sugar cane fields, also the building in front of the main tall tower.closedcujobearregion expanded
3802forksmc"my horse is stuck in a hole where I can't edit blocks"closedcujobearHorse is now safely out of the pond
3801Bearnorwater flowclosedbuzzie71that works O.o flowing!
3800Bearnorwater flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
3799Bearnorwater flowclosedscherererererflowed
3798watermelonhousemore griffinclosedfazadenthis station is a work in progress, but the grief here is fixed
3797watermelonhousewtf is thisclosedcujobearderp cleaned up
379632ndFlavaPlease flow the block of water at the very top of this drop. Thanks!closedSpook6flowed for u ;)
3795UpsideKenplease make water flow pleaseclosediNerd71Sploosh!
3794archelonbroken tilled soil hereclosediNerd71Fixed, thanks for reporting!
3793Tepnosplease make water flowclosedtotemoplease modreq again at the location where the water is, if it has not already been handled
3792Tepnosplease unfreeze waterclosedbuzzie71we cannot unfreeze water for you ._. however, if you place blocks over the water (in the air is fine) it will prevent the water underneath from freezing :O having a light source near the water (eg. torch, glowstone) should keep it liquid too
3791Tepnosplease make water flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
3790Trooprm32Ocean level roadclosedcujobearplayer has raised the level of the road
3789RukiaKuchiki_greefclosedKing_of_quesoGrief undone!
3788Azumarillregion azu_netherwart (child of azutom)closedKing_of_quesoregion created!
3787Azumarillcreate region bottom_dome, child of azutomclosedKing_of_quesoregion created!
3786KedNysplease remove this abandoned furnace from my claim, thank you.closedcujobearfurnace removed
3785Suspicious_Mangocan i get this water block flowing pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
3784Suspicious_Mangocan i get this water block flowing pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
3783Tepnosplease flow this waterclosedSilversunsetexplained via /m
3782Tepnosplease flow this waterclosedSilversunsetflowed
3781tadrogerscan you help me contain this wither? is that too much to ask>closedSilversunsetsorry, we can't help you with things like that (good luck though!)
3780teiz1one more golem spawner plz, items in chestclosedcujobear3rd spawner placed
3779ZomiseOur two red breeding sheep and 4 special named white lambs are gone...closedcujobearnamed baby ghost sheepies replaced
3778CairBirbI've tried to claim one of the large plots in mapworld, and it says I am the owner of the plot, but I cannot edit blocks here.closedTrooprm32You should be good now
3777Bearnorwater flowclosedTrooprm32Dupe
3776Bearnorwater flowclosedTrooprm32Dupe
3775Bearnorwater flowclosedTrooprm32Flowed
3774Bearnorwater flowclosedcujobearflowin
3773Bearnorwater flowclosedcujobearflowin
3772Trooprm32Some le protections pleaseclosedcujobearregion redefined to include new build
3771iNerd71Free Falling, Ba Ba Black Sheep, and Moving Right Along done! \o/closedcujobearcollection badges and milestone badge (75) and reward in chests!
3770Bearnorwater flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3769Zomisezom_grass2closedttscizom_grass2 created per specifications :(
3768SoulDustI died relogged and suffocated at x2000, y13, z3117closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
3767Bearnorwater flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3766Bearnorwater flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3765Bearnorwater flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3764Bearnorwater flowclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3763fazadenJust the Tip and Warrior's Apprentice complete!closedcujobearbadges in chests!
3762Bearnorlost trident dont know what happen or where it isclosedcujobearLosing items is sometimes part of this game.
3761IInsani_TyIs There a way I can mave my Iron Golem Spawners to a different LocationclosedcujobearOnce placed, golem spawners cannot be moved.
3760watermelonhouseour baby slimes r gone and they were namedclosedcujobearSlippery Sal and Pretzel have been returned
3759wyldstallynssomebody stole the enderchestclosedrobrchest rolled back, user reeducation in progress
3758shmoogincan I get a chest region for stoners crack please?closedscherererererregion 'stonerscrack' created
3757ZomiseProtection for this one piece of grass so nobody can break it, not even me.closedcujobearfancy grass protected
3756cheezychickendispensers to flow mode! *spaceship noises* <3closedSilversunsetaye aye captain!
3755IInsani_Tycan you flow the water at -1481 58 -3078 please and thank youclosedSilversunsetflowed
3754UpsideKenPLZ FLOW THe WATERclosedscherererererWATER FLOWED
3753schererererer2 missing dolphins from glass boxclosedcujobearMissing dolphins can not be located in logs, passed info on to techs
3752King_of_Lion2000HELP IM STUCKclosedkumquatmaynon-modmode rescue!
3751Zomisewtf derp pillar?closedscherererererpillar was made by tharine (subregion owner) - try asking her for removal, modreq if not resolved
3750arneke23my stuff dissapeared, i foudnd a few thingsclosedscherererererunfortunately, naturally despawning items is a part of the pve game experience - if something like a verifiable bug caused it, feel free to make a new modreq describing the situation
3749OddGeometryplease protect giant tree trunk. City name will be "Mesa Del Mar"closedscherererererprotected
3748Im_a_Ninja13accidental farm breaking can you fix plsclosediNerd71Fixed! Please be more careful when farming pumpkins D:
3747RukiaKuchiki_random derp hereclosedcujobearderp cleaned up
3746fazadenFree Falling, Black Sheep, and How Now Brown collections complete!closeddefiexNow they're freeeeee! Freeeee falling! Congrats on your three badges now placed in your chests!
3745Tidusbluecan you expand my claim to the west to include everything in the fence and also the sand island to the south. ThanksclosedSilversunsetregion expanded to new build
3744RuinManiac_DustyI am trapped inside this grinder.closedkumquatmayrescued!
3743IInsani_Tycan you remove these chest another player placed down hes been inactive for 3 weeksopen
3742Jezzzziemake water sourceplzclosedbermudalockethopefully you meant an infinite water source cause that's what ya got :p
3741IInsani_Tymay I ask who owns this special villager in the nether and Wondering if there is a way to tradeclosedkumquatmaydiscussed via /m
3740MackSaffronTier 1 Level 2 Collections complete! <3closedcujobear10 badges, level 2 badge, milestone badges and rewards and level 3 book in chests!
3739teiz1protect this grinder for tld97 aswell plzclosedKing_of_quesoPlayer added as a member!
3738NMEsCan these shulkers be removed at the creeper spawner they are all from one person.closedcujobearshulkers removed
3737MackSaffronAll Tier 1 Level 2 collections complete! <3closedMackSaffron
3736cheezychickencan I get a region around the two pools and up to the giant cliff?closedKing_of_quesoregion created!
373532ndFlavaPlease place a region protection for this whole area underground as a subn region of pico. Thanks!closedKing_of_quesoregion created!
3734King_of_Lion2000my horse is stuck in a protected claimclosedKing_of_Lion2000
3733NMEsMay I get this claimed.closedfazadenprotected to you and your two co-builders
3732fazaden51st Shade, Nether Regions, and Brown-Eyed Squirrel complete!closedcujobear3 collection badges and milestone (60) with reward and level 9 book in chests!
3731archelonwho put down this shoveled path?closedscherererereranswered in pm
3730teiz1so i found a mob that dropped a treasure map, went to the coordinates but found nothing, is it supposed to find a hidden coffin or what should you look for?closedfazadendiscussed via /msg
3729archelonwho built this water level bridge?closedfazadenfixed
3728iNerd718 more collections complete! \o/closedcujobear8 collection badges, level 6 badge, and level 9 book in chests!
3727Hanstraany chance I could get this extremely beautiful and very carefully constructed pyramid protected?closediNerd71beacon protected!
3726RukiaKuchiki_extend region here and add shulker zone on the sea lanternsclosedRukiaKuchiki_done
3725RukiaKuchiki_pls make shulker region on these sea lanterns :3closedRukiaKuchiki_nvm
3724kumquatmay5 collections ready!closedcujobear5 collection badges and level 11 book in chests!
3723archelonpossibly xray? there are branches leading directly to caves/mineshaftsclosedSilversunsetdoesnt look like xray, there's a lot of stuff going on down here. thanks for letting us know though!
3722fazadenStairway to Heaven and Bel Biv Devoe complete!closedcujobear2 collection badges in chests!
3721Muskogee_RedIron Farm tier 1closedcujobear1st spawner placed.
3720King_of_quesoplease protect my grinder with trapdoor-deny, and build allow for shulkers on the three redstone blocks hereclosedcujobeargrinder and station protected, trapdoors set to interact deny, shulker region created.
3719drtednelsonModreq #3680 (CATT) may need to be added to the google docclosedcujobearSorry, my error, Some of us should not do modreqs exhausted :P
3718RuinManiac_Dustydone 3717closedRuinManiac_Dusty
3716RuinManiac_DustyHanstra left this shulker here for me with a gift inside a while back. it's getting time to remodel this area so can i get it removed?closedcujobearPlayer is aware the shulker is ready for pick up :D
3715BigNateUAHprotec like mrs heckclosedzburdsalProtected like mrs heck.
3714BigNateUAHprotec like heck pleaseclosedscherererererspawner protected
3713GHDproPlease place final irom golem spawner (in place of red concrete down below), costs in chestclosedkumquatmayspawner placed!
3712ieuwehthe yellows missing have been obtained \o/ Mellow Yellow part 2!closedkumquatmaybadge, milestone reward and level 2 book in chest!
3711username20884 collections complete, names on chestsclosedkumquatmaybadges in chests!
3710GenghisKhanXProtection for my Ore Processing room, y28-y38 is all I needclosedGenghisKhanXAm going to expand the room, so nvm
3709OmegaeddonI murdered a skelly horse here by accident... Was it anyones? Sorry if it was :/closedkumquatmayIf you were able to murder it, no one owned it!
3708Bobosozeliplease flow this one water plus the one at the top of the elevator. thanks! :DclosedKing_of_quesoflowing!
3707SoulDustPlease remove this furnace. Newbie player came in, placed this in the east cardinal tunnel, and dug the hole and then .... did nothing with it...closedcujobearLooks like furnace has been removed by the player
3706shmoogincan I get all this redstone down here protectedclosedKing_of_quesobakery protected!
3705ColeAwesome343is the person doing this an active player? I want to make a canal connecting the 2 water placesclosedbuzzie71discussed via /msg :O
3703ieuwehMy Green Thumb collection is complete! ^^closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3702ColeAwesome343flowing water here? idk what my friends are doing thoclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
3701username2088green thumb, lumberjack, and planks collections completeclosedkumquatmaybadges, milestone rewards and level 2 book in chests!
3700ieuwehMy White Out and Mellow Yellow collections are now complete \o/closedkumquatmayWhite Out badge in chest! Need more yellow dye for Mellow Yellow D:
3699Bobosozelitwo golem spawners please :)closedFlumperSpawners placed! :)
3698sybergooseprotection sybercity freedom village if possible make region of sybercityclosedbermudalocketplease develop your new claim a bit more before requesting a region. we typically don't protect natural structures without modifications
3697IInsani_Tyhow do i claim a small buildingclosedSilversunsetprotected
3696sybergooseprotection please add to region syber city to prevent further griefclosedSilversunsetregion expanded to cover new build
3695sybergoosegrief someone keeps removing sealantern blocks from this buildclosedSilversunsetrolled back and player warned
3694SwitchViewzCrop grief D:closedSilversunsetdegriefed
3693IInsani_TyMay I get my water flown at (-1411 54 -3123)closedSilversunsetflowed
3691iNerd71Bel Biv Devoe done \o/closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3690Bobosozeliplease flow my pools :DclosedSilversunsetflowed
3689PPGOMEXfool broke signs and a bit of the road outside of his plot. Also refuses to leave town despite being kicked for being racist and posting NSFW images in our discord.closedcujobearPlayer's build has been moved out of town. Please contact me for more information
3688Lostatseaflowing water pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
3687shmoogincan i get this little rail and redstone contraption here protected plsclosedSilversunsetrail drop and house protected
3686Azumarillstuck!closedrobruser escaped with assistance
3685teiz1protect this iron grinder plzclosedFlumperProtected! :)
3684Bobosozeliflow my waters please :DclosedSilversunsetflowed!
3683cheezychickenwho put the concrete and andesite here?closedzburdsalDiscussed via pm.
3681shmoogincolorata's rail station arrow cannot be turned D:closedshmoogin
3680drtednelsonWhite Noise and Fishing complete!closedcujobearbadges in chests!
3679arneke23my horse is stuck in waterclosedfazadenlooks like you got it unstuck, in the future you can cancel modreqs with /done
3678NMEsCan I get this water flown?closedfazadenflow'd
3677arneke23eeh my horse is stuck in waterclosedscherererererplayer indicates there is no longer a problem
3675kumquatmay14 collections for zapping!closedcujobear14 collection badges, milestone badge (75) and reward and Level 10 book in chests!
3674MackSaffronflow these here blocks pls <3closedkumquatmayflowin'!
3673Chef_Zuulwater flow on the tower por favor muchas gracias mi primoclosedkumquatmayflowin'!
3672Nyxiehow did i die? :(closedkumquatmayYou got too hungry :(
3671iNerd71Stonecutter's, Opportunity Knocks, and Life's a Beach are also now done! \o/closedkumquatmaybadges, milestone rewards and level 8 book in chests \o/
3670Omegaeddonplz protect this lump of metal, ta!closedkumquatmaybeacon protected!
3669teiz1pls protect this skele head :)closedkumquatmayprotected!
3668ZomiseBrewmaster Collection for Rose! (guess we forgot to modreq that for L14 - last one for L14 since we already got the light blues even though you don't have it marked)closedkumquatmaybadge and level 14 collector badge in chest!
3667RuinManiac_Dustyone more flow pls i dun goofed on the y valueclosedSpook6flowed
3666RuinManiac_Dustywater can into flow?closediNerd71Sploosh
3665iNerd71Going Gray, Get to the Point, Just the Tip, and Hazy Gray are now complete! \o/closedkumquatmaybadges, level 3 collector badge, tier 1 collector badge in chests!!
3664Jezzzziecan I plz have BloomingLily added to ba able to access these frames?closedscherererererYou need to have a region with BloomingLily as a member, then run "/imodify r:regionname" on each frame, where region name is the name of said region. You can also /ipersist to make this easier.
3663PlNGfinal tier 3 iron golem spawner, please.closedkumquatmayspawner upgraded!
3662RuinManiac_Dusty...and also up here. thx <3closediNerd71Double Sploosh
3661RuinManiac_Dustyneed water flowed here...closediNerd71Sploosh
3660PPGOMEwhat is this thingclosedrobrit's a player made redstone contraption..
3659archelonwho broke this glass here? :(closedrobrnothing to see here, move along
3658NMEsTheres rails broken here I think there were rails.closedfazadendoesnt look like there were any rails here to begin with, maybe this is a work in progress
3657axton900hey can i get a study ban. ill post on the forum when i want to be unbanned.closedzburdsalDiscussed via pm.
3656KedNysPADMINS - Please take my offering and provide me with TWO golem spawners - Thank you! (chests have items)closedcujobearspawner #3 & #4 placed.
3655Jezzzziewho took all my plants? ><closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3654assasymphoniBulk Storageclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3653NMEsCan I get this water flown?closedNMEsI had got it on my own terms Im a big boy!
3652promaxxecan i get this furnace from ethanrider removed? thclosedcujobearfurnace removed
3651promaxxecan we get this chest owned by PyroAvok unlocked since he does not show up on /seen? thanksclosedcujobearchest removed
3650sybergoosepossible greif missing two villagers from breederclosedsybergoose
3648promaxxeAAMPB31B griefing in claim despite being asked to stop many timesclosedSilversunsetgrief rolled back and player warned
364732ndFlavaPlease accept this donation for the Level 4 Collections. Dank!closedcujobear6 collection badges, milestone badge (30) and reward and level 5 book in chests!
3646SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedfazadenflowed
3645SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedfazadenflowed
3644SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedfazadenflowed
3643SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedfazaden
3642King_of_Lion2000help i am a victem of a grief + my 2 special mobs are killedclosedkumquatmayMobs replaced!
3641King_of_Lion2000HELP IM GRIEFDclosedfazadengrief fixed
3640SquaresTherewater flow here too? thanks! :)closedkumquatmayflowin'!
3639SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedkumquatmayflowin'!
3638fazadenLife's a Beach, Going Gray, Purpley Enough, I'm on Fire, and Baker's Complete!closedkumquatmaybadges and level 8 book in chests!
3637TharinePlease may I get my build protected as "ThumperTrees" and as a child of Rose? The opposite corner is at X:2080 Z:-384. Thank you for your help!closedkumquatmayprotected!
3636NMEsI threw my emeralds at an villagerclosedfazadenretrieved :)
3635Noramiplayertrap at spawnclosedkumquatmayfixed!
3634OmegaeddonMissing logs? or never placed?closedNoramiBlocks out of logblock or might never have been placed?
3633schererererermissing pig here? I believe it was namedclosedschererererer
3632iNerd71Warrior's Apprentice, I'm On Fire, Baker's, and Bullseye all complete \o/closedkumquatmaybadges in chests!
3631teiz1pls protect this grinderclosedscherererererprotected
3630ZomisePlease protect these two flower machines with the name orchidandsons and make it a child of rose please.closedscherererererregion protected and childed
3629ZomisePlease flow the dispensers and the two sources here.closedscherererererflowed dispensers and water sources
3628fazadenWhat a Tool complete!closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3627sansapantsFlow, please. Thank you.closedSilversunsetflowed
3626buzzie71I think that's everything for shovel me timbers collection :O?closedcujobearbadge in chest! Welcome to ATT 2.0
3625fazadenIt's a Trap! and Now You're Cookin' complete!closedcujobear2 collection badges and milestone badge(50) with reward in chests!
3624GenghisKhanXUpgrade Iron Golem spawners to Tier 5 please!closedcujobeardiscussed, Please re-request when you are ready.
3623shmoogincan I get the trapdoors interact deny for this souveneir stand so its no longer a trap please?closedSilversunsetflag set.
3622wyguy2014minor grief: these two tree slots were not replanted where they should be, though one of them was replanted in between two slots. on the other hand, there is 1 additional unplanted tree a few slots to the left. 1 more thing that couldnt fit in hereclosedSilversunsetdegriefed
3621Gold88apeWe can't get the untame thing to work over here.closedcujobearThis should now be fixed. Thanks for reporting
3620teiz1who found this spawner? and for how long ago? AND is it okay if I make a grinder out of this?:)closedNorami/msg player re. spawner
3619NMEsCan I get this water flown?closedNoramiflowing \o/
3618NMEsCan I get this water flown?closedCARnivore_ndsI see melon floating in the near future
3617arneke23i was under bedrockclosedfazadenplease dont make multiple modreqs for the same event
3616arneke23glitchclosedfazadenplease don't make multiple modreqs for the same event, an admin will look into the glitch
3615arneke23i fell trough the world and lost everything an elytra bow+inf diamond sword+armorclosedkumquatmayinventory restored!
3614NoramiWhy is this alt always here? Is it getting drops from when ppl kill a dragon in the end?closedcujobearDiscussed via /m Located owner and let them know.
3613Noramiwho's alt is this? Why is it always here?closedNorami
3612BigNateUAHprotect 8 legged freaks pleaseclosedfazadenSomebody call for an Exterminator?
3611NMEstheres holes missing in this bridge.closedfazadenfixed
3610Spartan____Any villager I have in this farm seems to break its ai and only walks in a straight line back and forth. Same thing happens for any villy I replace him with. Is there a region error? Or any suggestions as to whats causing this?closedFlumperThe villager's AI seems to be working ok. It's likely an issue caused by the server's short activation range.
3609dark3lementcan you make the brown glass a spot players can place shulkers?closedfazadenshulkamania is runnin' wild, brother
3608shmoogini think someone killed our cows and sheepysclosedfazadenanimals replaced (the other sheep is above the dirt blocks, safe and sound)
360713illyGoatGrief on the Bridge East +380 and +440 and the sign and path down to 13oatclosedfazadenfixed
3606RonBSome glass blocks from my phantom hunting pagoda got griefed.closedNoramithe 4 glass blocks fixed and mailed player re. it
3605BloomingLilycroken rail going from spawn to rose D:closedNoramiI could not see any broken rail from where modreq was done. /msg player, no response re it, could not see any blockchanges either
3604iNerd716 collections done!closedcujobear6 collection badges, milestone badge (50) and reward and Tier 3 Level 7 book in chests!
3603ZomiseAnd flow these two too thanks :)closediNerd71Sploosh again!
3602ZomiseFlow these two please.closediNerd71Sploosh!
3601OddGeometryplease protect desert pitclosediNerd71Protected!
3599BrookMorrisonwater flow challenge: make this water from here all the way down the sewer and out the end flowing. <3closediNerd71Challenge complete: SPLOOSH!
3598BrookMorrisonflow plssss <3closedRukiaKuchiki_flowed :D
3597iNerd71derpclosedfazadencleaned up
3596SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedzburdsalFlowing!
3595fazadenBarely There and Stonecutter's Complete!closedkumquatmaybadges in chests!
3594SquaresTherewater flow? this other nook here too, in the ceiling, thanks!closedfazadenflow'd
3593SquaresTherewater flow? up in this nook here, thanks!closedfazadenflow'd
3592SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed
3591barneygaleI mistakenly broke a sign here earlier. I'd like to fix it, but I can't remember what it said precisely. Any chance you could /lbrb it? I've donated a sign.closedSilversunsetsign fixed.
3590KedNysPADMINS - Please place iron golem spawner here where chest is, thank youclosedcujobearCongrats on your 2nd spawner!
3589sybergoose4th golem spawner, Items in chest req, please tyclosedcujobear4 spawner placed
3588sybergooseadd to region sybercity and protection pleaseclosedSilversunsetthis area is already protected under the region sybercity. please do /rg i while standing inside to see region information
3587archelonbroken stems here and in some other spots in the haven pumpkin farmclosedTrooprm32Fixed
3586barneygaleThe sign saying "E6" should now say "Colorata"closedSilversunsetsign updated
3585barneygaleThe sign saying "Colorata" should now say "Olympics"closedSilversunsetsign updated
3584darkniteusawater fixclosedSilversunsetwater fixed maybe?
3583darkniteusawaterclosedSilversunsetyes, that is water
3582PPGOMEmaybe remove the homophobic sign? D:closedbuzzie71sign removed
3581SeditiaAll the things T1 L2 100%closedcujobear10 collection badges, level 2 badge, 2 milestone badges (15, 20) and rewards and Level 3 book in chests!
3580shmooginOrion rail station's arrow can't be turned D:closeddefiexFixed!
3579NMEsCan I get this water flown?closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
3578tld97flowcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
3577iNerd71did something happen to my other cat?closeddefiexKitty *finally* replaced and player warned!
3576fazadenDon't Fence Me in, Purple, Light Blue, and Tickled Pink challenges complete!closeddefiexFence, purple, Blue, Pink badges & your next book awarded! Congrats!
3575_OgOnEk_YTpleae unmute meclosedfazadenyou were warned about allcaps spam. You will be unmuted in 5 minutes
3574KedNysPlease protect my rail station, thank you.closedCARnivore_ndsKednys_railstation created
3573teiz1golem spawnerclosedcujobearspawner placed!
3572I_Am_Sherkieprotect my houseclosedzburdsalProtected!
3571PlNGwho excavated this tunnel?closedNorami/msg player re tunnel done by fellow town member :)
3570SoulDustplease flow this waterclosedSilversunsetflowed
3569SoulDustplease expand my proctect region west to X1100 and down to y11closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3568barneygaleany chance you can turn TNT knockback on (not damage) - I want to make a (perfectly safe) player-in-minecart cannonclosedcujobearThat will have to be a no.
3567SoulDustplease flow this waterclosedi_c_e_Flowed :)
3566SoulDustThere used to be water flowing in this area, and I thought I had it protected.....closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3565barneygalewater flow please!closedSilversunsetflowed
3564GenghisKhanXstuck plz helpclosedSilversunsetunstuck
3563IInsani_Tyhow do i add a person to my chest without having to do the command 100 timesclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3562watermelonhousedo u know what happened to my creeper hereclosedSilversunsetcreeper restored, looks like he was vandalized!
3561assasymphoniBestof the Rest Done (sorry for the collection spam)closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3560assasymphoniDr. Feelgood Doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3559assasymphoniPump Up The Jam Doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3558assasymphoniFull Monty and All Bark, No Bite collections done.closedcujobear2 collection badges, Insane Collector badge and reward in chests!
3557kreus001IInsani_TycloseddefiexPlease contact a moderator if you still need assistance.
3556fazadenCome Sail Away and Pickin' Aint Easy complete!closeddefiexIt's hard to PICK which badge is fancier, BOAT I believe they both deserve a place on your wall! Badges awarded! Congrats!
3555teiz1golem spawnerclosedcujobearincorrect heads in chest
3552OmegaeddongerrrrrrfclosedSilversunsetthe only grief is lack of lighting!
3551UpsideKenrequest i need flow waterclosedSilversunsetflowed
3550RokkuCXVIIpls flow all the water in the ringclosedCARnivore_ndsring flowed, tank not filling, town is woried.
3549assasymphoniBITS AND PIECES DONE, LEVEL 13 DONE, DONE DONE DONE /falls over/closeddefiexCongratulations on collecting all the bits and pieces! Badge awarded in your chest!
3548OddGeometryplease make water flow also help how do you waterclosedzburdsalFlowing, but you'll need some more blocks for it to fill in.
3546buzzie71please flow this water :OclosedzburdsalFlowing. phew, toughy.
3545buzzie71flow this water please :OclosedSpook6flowed!
3544TheCoachAdairI'm stuck in the basement of our train station and can't get outclosedbuzzie71sorry, but you will need to find your own way back ._. good luck
3543GingerMinxxhi can I speak with a modclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /msg
3542BrookMorrisonPlease add protection to this wall and the land within it ty!closedSilversunsetprotected
3541iNerd71Come Sail Away, Barely There, Aqualung, and Pickin' Ain't Easy complete \o/closedcujobear4 more collections in chests!
3540kreus001kreus001closedcujobearyes, you are
3539sybergoose3 golem spawners required materials in chestclosedcujobearafter discussion, spawners placed.
3538Bobosozeliplease flow me :DclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
3537PlNGstuck in a permissions holeclosedkumquatmayrescued!
3536shmooginglass/rail griff here, temporarily plugged with andesiteclosedBluuefuzzyfixed and player warned!
3535NMEsHey its me again, I need this water that I moved after It was flown. Flown again please.closedSilversunsetflowed
3534NMEscan I get this water flowen?closedSilversunsetflowen
3533FallenAgnosticim laggingclosedSilversunsetits normal sometimes due to server strain.
3532Weird_Grimpiston door doesn't open (a copy of the same door, but a bit furder), is it maybe a protection problem?closedrobrall within same region, discussed via /m
3531promaxxechest removal for frisbii8closedcujobearChest removed
3530Bobosozeliplease flow my single little water. thanks!closedttsciFlowing!
3529promaxxefinished monster hunterclosedttsciBadge in chest!
3528assasymphoniMad Scientist Done!closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3527PPGOMEMake the area ontop of the cobblestone a shulker region, please!closedbuzzie71region set!
3526barneygaleban this sick filthclosedcujobearthe button near the rail will dispense a cart to use. I have asked owner to add a sign stating such.
3525barneygalethis evil machine stole my cartclosedcujobearMailed owner to fix chest so that carts can be accessed.
3524iNerd71All of these collections are done (except Brown Thumb, that's still WIP)closedcujobear7 collection badges, milestone badge (40) with reward, level 4 collector badge, and level 6 book in chests!
3523kumquatmay5 collections complete!closedcujobear5 collections and level 9 book in chests!
3522archelonwho stripped my log :CclosedRukiaKuchiki_mailed user about stripped log
3521Bearnorwater flowclosedBearnor
3520NilateGrief: Someone removed four lapis lazuli from here.closedSilversunsetblock restored.
3519Bearnorwater flowclosedfazadenflowed
3518Bearnorwater flowclosedfazadenflowed
3517vurtgomake this water flow down for a water elevator (if you could break that dirt that'd be cool because i cant :)closedpez252Flowed! (You can now break the dirt by hopping in the water :D )
3516Spartan____Can we get our level 4 spawner upgraded to level 5?closedcujobear4th golem spawner now level 5
3515fazadenRooty Tooty and Performance Enhancing complete!closedcujobear2 collection badges, milestone badge (40) and reward and Level 6 book in chests!
3514NoramiPlease make a new region named Pico_Bulkclosedtotemosingle block bulk storage chest region "pico_bulk" created
3513drtednelsonGray Matter and Farmer's collections done!closedcujobearbadges in chests!
3512ghostpirelost a bunch of emeralds/books throwing them at villagersclosedcujobearemeralds rescued!
3511Vuulsomeone griefed ALL my farm animalsclosedcujobearanimals replaced. Player banned
3510shmoogincan I get this skeleton grinder and the redstone inside it protected pls :Dclosedfazadenprotected
3509ZomisePut the Lime in the Co-Collection done for Roseclosedcujobearbadge and final book in chest!
3508Spook6i dont think this hole is supposed to be here, also theres some carrots/potatos missingclosedfazadenfixed
3507OddGeometryplease protect turtle enclosureclosedSpook6turtle enclosure is protected :D
3506ZomiseJumping for Joy, Cowabunga, I've got the (Light) Blues and Ore What for Rose!closedcujobearbadges in chests!
3505Treppichhow did I die?closediNerd71discussed via /mail
3504WayfarerfrostCan I get the water here flowing pleaseclosedkumquatmayflowin'!
3503yakabuffemeralds got stuck :(closediNerd71emeralds rescued!
3502totemobermudareqclosedbermudalocketFish Buckets: now with 50% of the flow, 100% of the fun™
3501OddGeometryfish bucket caused a floodclosedtotemorails fixed, i'll set up a test case for this elsewhere, thanks
3500SoulDustcould you please cut these leaves so taht I can exit out of here?closedkumquatmayrescued!
3499Bearnorwater flowclosedNoramiflowing \o/
3498Bearnorwater flowclosedzburdsalFlowing!
3497Bearnorwater flowclosedbookey42dupe of 3495
3496Bearnorwater flowclosedbookey42dupe of 3495
3495Bearnorwater flow<closedbookey42water flowing
3494Bearnorwater flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
3493fazadenUnder Pressure and Andale! Andale! completedclosedkumquatmaybadges in chests!
3492ZomiseAnd another shulker spot on this white concrete please.closedbuzzie71shulker spot created!
3491ZomiseShulker spot on the white concrete please.closedbuzzie71shulker spot created!
3490barneygaleschererererer griefed my feelings in chatclosedscherererererfeelings rolled back
3489bookey42villager grief?closedkumquatmayThese guys were struck by lightning! D:
3488buzzie71the zombie horse here is missing?closedcujobearPoor dead horse died again when it was struck by lightning.
3487bookey42Villagers grief?closedFlumperUnfortunately the logs don't show what happened. :(
3486OddGeometryplease remove protections on this floating wood bridge. i moved the rails into the glass tunnel underwaterclosedfazadenregion desertmine_bridge removed
3485kumquatmay12 collections ready to gooo!closedcujobear12 collection badges, lvl 2 & lvl 6 badges, 60collection milestone (and reward) and level 8 book all in chests!
3484ttsciDrop the Beat Collection :Dclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3483King_of_quesoMore grief here and at 289, 0closedSilversunsetdegriefed
3482sybergooseregion sybercityclosedSilversunsetregion expanded to new build area
3481King_of_quesoMild road griefclosedSilversunsetdegriefed
3480fazadenLevel 5: blue, green, and pink challenges complete!closedcujobear3 badges in chests!
3479pez252Sushi Cat Collectionclosedcujobearbadge and Level 11 badge and Tier 4 badge in chest!
3478assasymphonitip top is done and so am i.closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3477ttsciwarrior's best friend collection complete for Rose/pez252closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3476Silversunsetplease put this back the way it belongs.closedFlumperRestored! :)
3475PPGOMEsnowman died?closedSilversunsetdeath by spooderbro
3474promaxxecan i get these shulkers and this furnace from stongduke removed?closedFlumperRemoved! :)
3473gk_ryo1 upgrade to tier 2.closedFlumperSpawner upgraded! :)
3472varjpls make a shulker region for these four orange terracotta blocksclosedbuzzie71region set!
3471pez252Pig and Pony Show Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3470Weird_Grimmake water flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
3469GenghisKhanXprotection for the Garden of Skulls, pleaseclosedbuzzie71protected!
3468cheezychickenambrosia banners at the side of the road gone?closedfazadenrolled back the banners that were still in logs, thanks for the report
3467drtednelsonhorse a52e5f0c hydration seems stuck on 100% when ridingclosedtotemomy current working theory for hydration is that a duplicate entity (same UUID) is confusing things, but I need better tools to fix that; your horse is max speed so will not dehyrdrate
3466cheezychickenProtections for the arena please <£closedNoramiProtection for the full arena created
3465RuinManiac_Dustyneed a water flow please!closedNoramiflowing \o/
3464buzzie71please flow this water :OclosedNoramiflowing \o/
3463KedNysPlease modify the protection of my beacon, thank you.closedbuzzie71beacon protection updated!
3462ghostpireim stuck in someones protected blaze grinder -129 / 74 / 392closedbuzzie71extracted!
3461username2088water flow pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
3460barneygalewho made this tunnel? i'd like to connect upclosedbuzzie71discussed via /msg
34598_Bit_Elifor my railway can i take the railway E6closedkumquatmayplease reapply when the rail line is complete
3458GHDpro[All the Things] L2 Basic Brewing finally complete...closedkumquatmaybadge and level 2 collector badge in chest, congrats!
3457drtednelsonHoe Malone and Woodworker's complete!closedkumquatmaybadges, level 3 book and milestone rewards in chests!
345513illyGoatStuck in hole in protection, please help ty.closedtotemofixed
3454Vuulrepinwolf forgot to make these farms build allow so people can replant, would you mind making the region?closedkumquatmaybuild allow regions created!
34538_Bit_Elifor my rail should i start at spawn an work my way to my town? or should i start at my town and work my way to spawn?closedkumquatmaydiscussed via /m
3452Vuulplease extend region port_mesa to x: +345, to include this new event mob jail and ship buildclosedkumquatmayregion expanded!
3451GenghisKhanXflow water in my drowned pool pleaseclosedSpook6terrifying pool is flowed
3450Vuulrail grief hereclosedSpook6rail is back to normal! thanks for reporting!
3449watermelonhousetheres a lil bit of grief here on this rail from port mesa to havenclosedSpook6grief fixed! thanks for reporting!
3448iNerd714 more collections to turn in \o/closedkumquatmaybadges in chests!
3447Weird_Grimmake water flowclosedSpook6flowed!
3446OmegaeddonI thought perms went to sky limit? Please expand perms on this build to cover this build, thanksclosedSpook6region fixed to sky limit :)
3445ZomisePls protect the sugar cane tower under roseclosedbuzzie71protected!
3444ZomiseCan you check who broke this?closedbuzzie71discussed via /msg :O
3443fazadenI'd Rather be Fishing complete!closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
344213illyGoatDo not think farm was replantedclosedfazadendiscussed via pm
3441Wozdaka2 lava got turned into 2 obsidianclosedRukiaKuchiki_obsidian melted back into lava
3440Wozdakachorus fruit - not replanted - probably from earlier greifersclosedRukiaKuchiki_chorus plants fixed
3439Halinahall the villagers that were in this breeder pit popped out and have been "shoved" various places. Anyway to tell who may have done this?closedfazadendiscussed via pm
3438Spartan____There used to be two dolphins here, did one glitch out and die?closeddefiexUnfortunately, it looks like your second dolphin drowned. :(
3437shmooginpotential rail griff/scrambling at the port mesa stationclosedfazadenmissing rails restored, the station builder's untangling the spaghetti
3436barneygalelots more of this grief (also hi mom)closedfazadenfixed
3435barneygalele griefclosedfazadenfixed
3434barneygalefine sorryclosedSilversunsetpls.
3433barneygalesilver its weird watching my modreqs be fulfilled on twitch just sayinclosedSilversunsetplease done make joke reqs (also lol)
3432barneygalemore accidental rail breaking?closedKing_of_quesorail restored
3431barneygalesome accidental rail damage by the looks of itclosedSilversunsetoops this was fixed before the restart!
3430cheezychickenmissing llamas?closedcheezychicken
342932ndFlavaPls accept the 200 Golumn Souls in the top chest for Tier 5 Golumn Spawners! Thanks!closedcujobearAfter discussion, 3 spawners upgraded to tier 5 :D
3428OmegaeddonIm giving this property to summerJhopeclosedKing_of_quesohouse protected!
3427summerJhopefor protection , omegaddon says ts coolclosedKing_of_quesohouse protected!
3426RuinManiac_Dustyaccidental griefing: i placed a torch from my off hand, destroying the water block for this boat trackclosedfazadenfixed
3425Azumarillmy stuff disappearedclosedFlumperIt's likely that the lightning strike that killed you also nuked your drops. :(
3424MackSaffronand I'd also like to claim this blaze spawner! <3closedRukiaKuchiki_also protected!
3423MackSaffronI'd like to claim this blaze spawner, please <3closedRukiaKuchiki_protected!
3422Azumarillcharged creeper'd a tropical fish and it didn't drop a headclosedFlumperSorry about that! Head added to your inventory. :)
3421RukiaKuchiki_someone misplanted my dark oak treeclosedRukiaKuchiki_nvm
3420cheezychickendirt to barrier blocks please <3closedcujobearbarriers in place for arena
3419Spook6someone didnt replant some wheat hereclosedscherererererfixed, thanks for reporting
3418OddGeometryplease protect glass tunnelclosedscherererererglass tunnel protected
3417President_Frogwho circumcised m'traise?closedRukiaKuchiki_trees fixed :D
3416drtednelsonWood Slab and Make Like a Tree completecloseddefiexWood Slab & Make Like a Tree badges awarded! Congrats!
3415teiz1pls protect this grinderclosedSilversunsetprotected!
3413assasymphonicyan-tifically donecloseddefiexI be c-yan you collecting so many badges! Congrats!
3412flupmakintoshprotectionclosedSilversunsetprotected Rhyl
3410assasymphonibling bling King! Done for rosecloseddefiexMine eyes have been blinded by the shiny King Bling badge you now have in your chest!
340913illyGoatI found a sign that may need removed? It's under the two mob heads?closedCARnivore_ndsthanks for reporting we'll discuss with player
3408GHDpro[All the Things] L5 - 6/10 complete + Axes of Evil complete (see chests marked complete)closeddefiexGoodness! All this hard work earned you the most Passionate of Milestone(40) badges! Also inclueded are your L5 6/10 and Axes of Evil badges!
3407teiz1flowclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
3406DjentleGiantPlease TP my horse out of here. He won't move. :(closedKing_of_quesoHorse rescued!
3405ZeroBlade10hey can one of you guys make this water flow, thanksclosedKing_of_quesoflowing
3404ZeroBlade10flow pleaseclosedKing_of_quesoflowing
3403KedNysFOR ADMINS: Requesting golem spawner, place where chest is located please.closedcujobeargolemspawner placed!
3401OmegaeddongriffclosedNoramicrops fixed, player warned, thank you for reporting
3400Okxasomeone has looted my bookcasesclosedNoramiBookcases resotred and player warned. Thank you for reporting.
3399teiz1flowclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
3398KedNysflow plzclosedNoramiflowing :)
3397Nyxiealso I'm in Hell collection for pezcloseddefiexCongrats! Your most Hellish of Badges has been placed in your chest!
3396Nyxiehi, also the cake is a lie & in the limelight collections for pez252closeddefiexCongrats! Cake & Limelight collection badges are placed! Also, congrats on a new Milestone Badge(120)!
3395NyxieBricklayers Collection pez252 is done :)closeddefiexCongrats! Your Bricklayer's Collection badge has been placed in your chest!
3394ChunesCan you make a region exception inside this little room so visitors can place signs on the walls? Thanks! (Ideally the piston door wouldn't be included)closedChunes
3392OmegaeddonHad a couple of fish here, where they gone?closedSpook6a wither killed the fish, if you spawned one nearby it may have killed them in the initial explosion
3391ChunesCan you make a region exception inside this tiny room so that visitors can leave a sign on the walls? Thanks!closedChunes
3390RukiaKuchiki_protec wip houseclosedscherererererhouse protected
3389username2088water flow pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
3388username2088water flow pleaseclosedbuzzie71flowing!
3387SwitchViewzCould these chests be removed please? Thanks!closedcujobearchests moved
338613illyGoatI broke the block behind the sign here, and lost the text on it. I'm sorry there was a long hall behind it and I followed it.closedSilversunsetsign fixed, please be careful next time
3385username2088water flow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
3384Silversunsetplease upgrade one spawner to tier 3, souls in chestclosedcujobear1 upgraded spawner made fresh just for you!
3383drtednelsonMellow Yellow collection completeclosedcujobearcollection badge and level 1 collector badge in chest!
3382fazadenDon't Drink the Kool-aid and Superhero collections complete!closeddefiexCongrats on your new Kool-aid & Superhero badges(snuggly concealed in your now roomy chests!!
3381Spook6can you please protect this library as a child of chicken itzaclosedSirLyleprotected
3380RuinManiac_Dustyflowing water plsclosedSilversunsetflowed
3379RuinManiac_Dustyflowing water plsclosedSilversunsetflowed
3378RokkuCXVIII accidentally broke this half slab, I don't know where it went, can it please be replacedclosedSilversunsetself repaired.
3377RokkuCXVIIadd this room as "Rokku_shh" and don't make it a child of ANYTHINGclosedzburdsalRegion made, child of nothing. Sad orphaned room. :(
3376RokkuCXVIIflow plsclosedzburdsalur wet now
3375MackSaffronMonster Hunter, I'm a Lumberjack, Walk the Plank, and White Out Collections are finished! <3closedcujobearbadges in chests!
3373Weird_Grimmake this area protected (region: Ulyn) and that in this small hub people can place shulkers.closedSilversunsetregion expanded and floor made build allow (inside the hub but not covering the beacon bit)
3372assasymphoniOne collection done for the Ice Queen, in Rose's name. (Let It GO)closeddefiexThe most Queenly of Badges and Level 12 badge have been safely ensconsed in your chest!
3371BigNateUAHis it possible to claim an abandoned grinder? cant tell when the last time the owner lil______pump was onclosedFlumperNo, sorry. There are many cave spider spawners on the map that you can develop though. :)
3370GHDpro[All the Things] I'd Rather be Fishing completeclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3369flupmakintoshflowing water pls :)closedfazadenflow'd
3368BigNateUAHprotec silly spidersclosedfazadenspawner protected
3367BigNateUAHprotect zombieclosedfazadenspawner protected
3366MackSaffronPlease flow this water block (hopefully the last time!) <3closedfazadenflow'd
3365SoulDustIt looks like someone removed a bunch of lava from below and placed it above here. Can you find out who? and I will then ask them why...closedfazadendiscussed via pm
3364MackSaffronFlow this water block, please <3closedfazadenflowed
3363fazadenfive level 4 challenges complete! (green,axes, push it, red, and blue)closedcujobear5 collections badges, Level 5 book, milestone badge and reward in chests!
3362MackSaffronOkay... please flow all water blocks inside the spawn room. :DclosedSpook6flowed :D
3361MackSaffronPlease flow the water block just below the sign (almost done!) <3closedSpook6flowed!
3360Petecrabi have a water problem i cant have infinite water.closedtotemoflowing
3359MackSaffronFlow this here water block, please <3closedSpook6flowing <3
3358MackSaffronflow these here water blocks, please <3closedSpook6flowed! <3
3357DjentleGiantCan all of this water be /flowed? SafeBuckets appears to be screwing things up, as the pistons are creating air pockets.closedSpook6flowed
3356DjentleGiantFlow, please! \o/closedSpook6flowed!
3355ZomisePlease make a "rose" nether region and protect this blaze killbox under itclosedkumquatmayrose region created and box protected!
3354GHDproOne more iron golem spawner please (replace blue concrete down below next to other spawners). Costs in chest.closedkumquatmayspawner placed!
3351OddGeometrypigeonsquared gave me a gift in a chest but i cant move the chest. can you move it next to the double chest?closedcujobearcontacted PigeonSquared. Player will take care of chest
3350gsandI unleased my cod in public and made a great mess.closedcujobearno joke requests please
3349gsandthe floor is wetclosedgsand
3348CrambullButcher and Monster Collection are done for all the Things.closedcujobearbadges, level 1 badge, milestone and rewards in chests!
3347assasymphoniGlobal Warming doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3346assasymphonimagically agenta doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3345RokkuCXVIIPlease protect this whole farm and make it a child of orion regionclosedscherererererfarm protected as 'rokku_farms01' and 'rokku_farms02' and childed to 'orion' region
3344pez252Botanist's Collectionclosedcujobearbadge and level 13 book in chest!
3343pez252Glazier's Apprentice Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3342username2088water flow pleaseclosedscherererererwater flowed
3341assasymphoniSculptor's done nowclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3339ZomiseFlorist done for Rose!closedcujobearbadge and Level 10 badge in chest!
3337NMEsI hit a lag spike and phased through the ground into lava and my horse burned to deathclosedcujobearSee /mail inbox
3335CarrotappleThis build is within our claim.closedcujobearabove ground portion of build removed from claim area. Sent mail to player.
3334MackSaffronflow these here water blocks, please <3closedfazadenflow'd
3333fazadenStairmaster and Hazy Gray complete!closedkumquatmaybadges, milestone reward and level 4 book in chests!
3332MackSaffronI'd like to claim this grinder, please. <3closedSilversunsetspawner protected
3331sybergoosesybercity rail connect for spawnclosedSilversunsetrail line labelled!
3330fazadenfarmer's challenge completeclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3329ZomiseTake Aim for Rose!closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3328NMEsMy donkey had gotten sucked into this water and died.closedkumquatmaydiscussed via /m
3327archelonflow plsclosedfazadenflowed
3326DanteAsLokimake this my home please, pleasing to protectionclosedSilversunsethouse protected
3325ZomiseWe did it finally... LV9 last collection: Pull Back, Let Go for Rose!closedkumquatmaybadge, level 9 collecter and tier 3 collector badges in chest!
3324Silversunsetmake this room build allow for harvestingclosedSilversunsetdone
3323fazadenWhite Noise and Woodworker's Challenges complete! Also, may I have a level 4 book? I didn't get one after finishing five level 3 challengesclosedkumquatmaybadges in chests, and discussed via /m!
3322arneke23ashenrayne i cant pull my horse out its cageclosedkumquatmayhorse butt too big
3321GHDpro[All the Things] Level 4 several complete (see chests marked complete)closedkumquatmaybadges, milestone reward and level 5 book in chests!
3320darkniteusawater flowclosedSpook6flowed!
3319BigNateUAHi dropped 32 Po8 behind pirate pete, please helpclosedSpook6Po8 returned from pirate petes sticky fingers :P
3318assasymphonisplooosh splashclosedSpook6splashed and sploooshed
3317ZomiseEye for Design for Rose!closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3316BloomingLilycould you please upgrade a spawner. i have the souls in the chest. thank you!closedkumquatmayspawner upgraded!
3315SoulDustI ask that these two planting spots be open to the public for planting while they wait for Skelis to dropclosedkumquatmaybuild allow region created!
3314ChunesCan you make this water flow, please? Thank you!closedSpook6flowed!
3313totemobermudareqclosedbermudalocketyou see, the Waterlogged interface was a Very-Well-Planned-and-Implemented Feature™
3312SoulDustPlease protect this skeliton grinder (SoulDust's Skeleton Grinder) from the gold block above me now to the gold block at 1992 , 11 , 1705. If you have questions please let me know :)closedSpook6skeleton grinder protected :)
3311ColeAwesome343whos rail line is this?closedbuzzie71check your /mail :O
3310nels_nelsonI suppose I should request a region protection for this contraption. The currently vulnerable region is defined by these two polished pink granite blocks and sky limit. Perhaps also an additional 10 down? Thank you, and best regards. -Nelsclosedbuzzie71protected the contraption and the shaft :O
3309fazadenfirst 5 level three challenges complete! (this left column of chests)closedkumquatmaybadges and milestone reward in chests!
3308username2088water flow pleaseclosedSpook6flowed!
3307Bearnorwater flowcloseddefiexduplicate splish
3306Ashenraynerequesting build protection for Algac, north of the fortress. We'd like to keep the chorus farm public, if possibleclosednels_nelsonRegions have been protected.
3305Bearnorwater flowcloseddefiexSPlish has been splashed!
3304zburdsalPlease make chest region "farms", child of "solace"closeddefiexDone, confused....but done!
3303MackSaffronQuarry Collection complete! <3closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3302zburdsalThe solace region no longer properly covers the area. Could I get it expaMded to cover it all, please cujo?closedcujobearregion expamded per your request :P
3301Wall_E__Please expand size of region hmsvictory to include glass bottle that I am building around it.closedcujobearregion expanded
3300iNerd71I got 6 collections ready to turn in! \o/closedcujobear5 collection badges, Level 5 book, milestone badge and reward in chests!
3299assasymphonisplish sploosh splash splushclosedSapphricAnyway, here's waterwall
3298assasymphonisplish splooshclosedSapphricsplash splush
329713illyGoatPlease protect my build. I've used wool as outline. Thanks.closedSapphricProtected!
3296iNerd71If I had a dollar everytime I saw this farm with patches where people didn't replant...closednels_nelsonRolled back farm grief.
3295ZomiseCarl seems to have some unintended trades in the end.closedkumquatmayJust how villagers work!
3294assasymphonislooooo-moooo doooooooneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3293sybergoosewaterflow fill pls/tyclosedbermudalocketflowed!
3292Tharine"Librarian" Collection - Actually done now :P (Rose)closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3291kumquatmay12 collections for disposal!closedcujobear12 collection badges, Level 4 badge, milestone and reward in chests!
3290GHDproPlease extend the existing protection down to y=10 please (region "ghd_towers")closediNerd71Region extended down!
3289GHDproThere is a chest here owned by "Willard" that is now inside my build. He hasn't been /seen for 3 weeks... can this be moved outside my build?closedFlumperChest removed! :)
3288robrmultiple points of grief on finished rail tunnel wallsclosedbermudalocketungriefed, player warned
3287StarMinion1Can I have this spot marked by emerald blocks set as a shulker area? ThanksclosediNerd71Shulker spot created
3286i_c_e_Can this house be removed, player hasnt been on for a month. Thanks -closedcujobearBuild moved.
3285MackSaffronOne more golem spawner, please! (Replace one of the wood blocks inside) <3closedFlumperSpawner placed! :)
3284StarMinion1Can I have this zombie grinder protected? Thanksclosedbuzzie71protected!
3283Merp2000Everyone Loves a Log Collection complete. :)closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3282assasymphoniDragon?closedbermudalocketdragon squeezed itself through the end gateway... somehow...
3281username2088water flow pleaseclosedbuzzie71all flowing!
3280PlNGturning in tree, pioneer, wood, farmer, and woodworker's collectionsclosedcujobear5 collection badges, level 3 book, milestone badge and rewards in chest!
3279barneygalewater flow (1 block)closedNoramialso flowing :)
3278barneygalewater flow (2 blocks)closedNoramiall flowing :D
3277barneygalewater flow please!closedNoramiflowing \o/
3276assasymphoniLibrarian, please. I don't think I have any overdue books.closedcujobearcheck again, collection not complete
3275indigo_zsomeone broke my bedclosedcujobearreplaced and player spoken with
3274barneygalewater flow please!closedcujobearinfinite pool created!
3273indigo_zsomeone killed my sheepclosedcujobearreplaced and player spoken with
3272robrwater level roadclosedcujobearsent a message to the builder, will check back in a week.
3271drtednelsonpioneer completeclosedcujobearbadge, milestone badge and reward in chest!
3270Spartan____Dolphin was here, did it die?closedHerr_Fawkesyes, it drowned
3269OmegaeddonLost 2 mending books in server crash. Will you replace?closedFlumperNametags replaced! :)
3268assasymphoniThe Finer Things doneclosedcujobearbadge, milestone badge and reward in chest!
3267drtednelsonWhiteout and Sowing the Seeds completeclosedcujobearbadges in chest!
3266assasymphonicup o noodles, I mean, life done for pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3265RydliSilverlakeAfter the crash, I was sent back here and now my horse is invisible. Hgps says it is here, but I nor EoD can see it...closedbermudalockethorse (and special saddle) restored!
3264assasymphoniWhere'd you get those peepers done for roseclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3263ZomiseFLowclosediNerd71Splooshed on stream!
3262TharineIt's a Cyan of the Times! Completed collection for Rose :)closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3261assasymphoniYou've Got the Power! Done for Pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3260ixhiPlease extend protection to this shrine, and its support-beams underneath :oclosediNerd71Looks like it's already completely protected! \o/
3259Spook6what happened to my spotter :/closedtotemozombie killed villager, lighting hit zombie; weird
3258iNerd71Leggo my Yellow and In the Red complete \o/closedkumquatmaybadges, milestone rewards and level 4 book in chests! Welcome to tier 2 \o/
3257saberfyshwas there rail grief here?closedSpook6nope just unfinished!
3256saberfyshflow water pleaseclosediNerd71Sploosh!
3255iNerd71Someone has assasinated Chairman Meow and his comrade! This must not go unpunished!closedkumquatmayCats resurrected \o/
3254iNerd71White Noise and Basic Brewing Complete! \o/closedkumquatmaybadges and level 2 collector badge in chest!
3253GHDpro[All the Things] L3 - 7 collections complete, L2 - 1 collection complete (see chests marked complete)closedkumquatmaybadges, milestone rewards and level 4 book in chests! welcome to tier 2 \o/
3252Azumarillanybody editing blocks in this area in logs besides me and souldust? just picked up someone's inventoryclosedbuzzie71discussed via /msg :O
3251ZomiseFashionista for Roseclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3249ColeAwesome343flowing water again pweasecloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
3248ColeAwesome343area claimclosedTrooprm32No modreq needed, as long as you complete your claim fence, thats all you need
3247AzumarillI think I'm stuck in this minecart?closedAzumarilloops moving
3246MackSaffronOne more iron golem spawner, please! Just replace one of the wood blocks on the floor in there with it. Thanks! <3closedkumquatmayspawner placed!
3245RukiaKuchiki_grieeef?closedTrooprm32Enderman grief most likely, no trace
3244ColeAwesome343flowing water here, for farm/inf source plzclosedpez252Flowed
3243barneygalethis portal claim is a piss take - 2 months and there's not even torches. you don't need a portal for a solo underground sewer build. move the portal elsewhere so it can be made safe and usableclosedFlumperLack of torches is not a reason for us to interfere with a claim.
3242Herr_Fawkeshorse shows on hgps, doesn't become visible even afte reloggingclosedtotemohorse restored
3240KedNysPlease protect beacon and all blocks to the top so beam is not blocked, thank youclosedSilversunsetbeacon protected
3239pez252Endless Ocean Collectionclosedcujobearbadge and level 12 book in chest!
3238pez252Orange You Glad Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3237cujobearwho harvested my chorus plants?closedbuzzie71discussed via /msg :O
3236pez252Black Market Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3235SwitchViewzPlease protect all of this as "switch_home" please, thanks! :Dclosedbuzzie71protected!
3234pez252Rooty Tooty String & Shooty Collectionclosedcujobearcollection badge, level 5 badge and tier 2 badge in chest!
3233pez252What doesn't kill you collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3232assasymphoniMagentaly Into This Good Night doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3231pez252Knight's Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3230pez252Quiver Full Collectionclosedcujobearbadge and level 8 badge in chest!
322932ndFlavaPlease accept this humble offering for the tier 3 collections. Thanks!closedcujobear7 collection badges, 2 milestone badges with rewards and Tier 2 Level 4 book all in chests!
3228slaughtercraftcan you revert back this babelwater? i've placed a torch accidently and ruined it :(closedttscithe bubblewater flows again!
3227shmoogincan we please get Stoner's Crack on the /place list of places?closedkumquatmayplace added!
3226ZomiseTop Chef for Rose/Pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3225ZomiseUnder the Sea collection done for Rose/pezclosedcujobearcollection badge, milestone badge and rewards, and level 11 book in chest!
3224ZomiseDid someone take multiple stacks of sponge of either the ocean, end blocks or non-ore valubales chest?closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
3223PPGOMEI was told to modreq this penis lake. #Blame[insert PAdmin here]closedkumquatmayPlease go see a doctor...
3222pez252Just the Tip pleaseclosedcujobearcollection badge and level 7 badge in chest!
3221ZomisePls flow this stupid water above logsclosedcujobearmuch stupid very water
3220ZomiseDid someone break the enclosure above and let the dolphins out? Two missing (I see one outside)closedkumquatmayDiscussed, no blocks were broken on the box.
3219corrcompanyhey, im stuckclosedcujobearsaved!
3218pez252Charged creeper killed squids here and we got a tict0c head (he was near but did not die)closedFlumperClosed by request. :)
3217assasymphoniORANGE plsclosedcujobearbadge in chest
3216kumquatmay5 collections ready to go!closedcujobear5 collection badges and Level 6 book in chests!
3214shmooginI'm stuck in a cart please help meclosedcujobearunstuck
3213Trooprm32Completed collections as markedclosedcujobear10 collection badges, Level 1 badge, Level 2 book, 2 milestone badges and rewards in chests!
3212assasymphoni♫ ♪ You Are My Sunshine! My only sunshine. You make me happy when skys are grey. You'll never know dear how much I love you. Please give me the badge. ♪♪closedcujobearbadge in chest! (thanks for the sweet song)
3211ZomiseWeaksauce for Rose/pesclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3210PlNGthe contents of this light bluue shulker have vanished?closedPlNGI unloaded it. Ugh
3209ZomiseHurts So Good for Rose/Pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest
3208promaxxethis player, xfool, has been banned and removed as a member of Colorata for being racist, insensitive and a general nuisance to the town in our town discord. please remove his edits in town. thank youclosedpromaxxefuck it
3207promaxxecan these chests of stongduke be removed? he hasnt been online in over a month, he doesn'tt even show up on /seen. thxclosedFlumperChests removed! :)
3206assasymphonisploosh plsclosedFlumperSplooshed! :)
320513illyGoatrequest I can not replant farmclosedFlumperFixed, thanks for reporting! :)
3203Flz_for_Floozcan you flow water for me plz ?closedSpook6flowed!
3202assasymphonidid i grief my own water and not realize?closedFlumperIt appears so. I suggest reprimanding yourself sternly! :p
3201ZomiseFree Falling Collection for Rose/pezclosedkumquatmaybadge and level 10 book in chest!
3200assasymphoniHodgeBodge completedclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
31998_Bit_Elii think my horse horse died but its still showing up on hlist. did i die?closedkumquatmaydiscussed via /m
3198ZomiseRegarding #3177 you left us all the black stuff behind. :P Come get your stuffs padmins.closedkumquatmaychest emptied :D
3197totemoDerp tower.closedFlumperDerp build appears to be within player's own town. :)
3196Omega_Orionhey so I've had a fence here forever, trying to flow but not in my region, can we expand region plz? :Dclosedkumquatmayregion expanded
3195SilversunsettestclosedSilversunsettest complete
3194corrcompanyhey i am making a farm and i need the water here to flow, thank you :)closedbuzzie71flowing!
3193SeditiaAll the things T1 L1 donezoclosedcujobear10 collection badges, Level 1 badge, 2 milestone badges with rewards and Level 2 book all added to chests!
3192assasymphonimoving right along collection plsclosedcujobearbadge in chest
3191MackSaffronOkay... Fixed the iron golem spawner and it's ready for grinding. Items are in the chest. Please replace one of the wood blocks with the spawner. Thanks!closedcujobeargolem spawner placed!
3190pez252Gatekeeper's Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
31898_Bit_Eliim stuckclosedcujobearplayer no longer stuck
3188pez252Slab King Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3187pez252Corral the Coral Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3186Weazolwho did thisclosedcujobeardiscussed via /m
3185slaughtercraftplease help reverting this sign to proper name after it was accid nocked downclosedSilversunsetsign fixed pls be careful!
3184Spartan____flow \o/closedSilversunsetflowed
3183Spartan____Can I create a region in this area around the spawners? Or is it not developed enough yet.closedSilversunsetspider box protected.
3182fazadenfive level 2 challenges complete (this left column of chests)closedcujobear5 collection badges, milestone badge and rewards, and level 3 book in chests!
3181pez252How Now Brown Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3180pez252Nether Regions Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3179gk_ryoleaveclosedcujobearno u. (badge in chest!)
3178dnynumberonegood neighbours done for pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3177assasymphonibabablacksheep doneclosedcujobearbadge, milestone badge and reward in chest!
3176MackSaffronSowing the Seeds Collection complete! <3closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3175SwitchViewzModreq 3162 was not completed, my region does not include this part of my build. Please fix, thanks!closedfazadenexpanded further
3174MackSaffronPlease accept this offering for an iron golem spawner. Please place it at the base of one of the glass columns, replacing the wood block. <3closedcujobeardicussed via /m please request again when your changes are complete!
3173RukiaKuchiki_mai emeralds fell in hereclosedRukiaKuchiki_nvm
3172ZomiseMonumental Collection for Rose/pez252closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3171NoramiFound another spawn player trap hereclosedkumquatmayfixed
3170Noramiplayertrap at spawn hereclosedkumquatmayfixed
3169King_of_quesoGray Matter, I'd Rather Be Fishing, Bullseye, Tastes Like Water, White Noise, Hazy Gray, White Out!closedkumquatmaybadges, milestone rewards and level 4 book in chests!
3168PPGOMEis this cluster of bone blocks natural or placed?closedbookey42Yep that is Natural!
3167Noramidid we have a rollback from last night? I'm missing the orange shulker in the 3 sets here, I had put all 3 sets in and this morning I had 1.5 of the 3 sets in my inventory, but missing the orange one. Replace pls?closedcujobearreplaced. Please check your mail for more info!
3166MackSaffronPlease flow these water blocks. If possible, expand my region a bit so I can flow in the iron spawner. <3closedkumquatmaywater flowed and region expanded!
3165Flz_for_Floozcan you flow water for me plz ?closedkumquatmayflowin'!
3164cheezychickendid someone not replant?closedkumquatmayNot replanted by a farm owner, so not grief!
3163Spook6can chicken itza please have a place?closedFlumperPlace added! :)
3162SwitchViewzPlease expand my region to encompass it fully, thanks!closednels_nelsonExpanded region now encompasses it fully.
3161saberfyshI'm stuck in an autofisher, rescue pleaseclosedSilversunsetrescued
3160drtednelsonQuarry collection completeclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3159assasymphoniOpportunity Knocks for pez/roseclosedcujobearbadge and level 6 badge in chest!
3158assasymphoniJunior Robotics for Rose/Pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3157teiz1can someone tp me to spawn, im stuck in a water cave under spawn :Dclosedcujobearsaved from the depths
3156MackSaffronPlease flow the water blocks in the spawner room. <3closedSilversunsetflowed
3155MackSaffronflow these two blocks please <3closedcujobearwater flowed
3154dark3lementflow the water on the ceiling in the area between these two lapiz blocks (the other is opposite corner)closedSilversunsetflowed what i can. you've still got some odd holes you can probably fill by placing a block underneath and then breaking once the water fills in
3153PlNGT1L1 CATT2.0 Collector Badge submission, with appropriate rewards.closedcujobear10 badges, Level 1 badge, 2 milestone badges with rewards and Level 2 book in chests!
3152DjentleGiantWould you be kind enough to check if this is unfinished work or grief? tyclosedSilversunsetaccidental grief, but its been fixed now!
3151FenrirRocinante?closedzburdsalSee duplicate response
3150FenrirRocinantecheckclosedzburdsaluse /check to check your modreqs
3149FenrirRocinantea region redefine, build has exceded original region confines, particularly on the south/east sides, rg: fenrirlateralus_houseclosedSilversunsetregion redefined to new build area
314832ndFlavaPlease remove the future pico_tradebuild perms from req 3146 from these 6 birch logs on the floor for public shulker area. Thank you much.closedSilversunsetarea set as build allow
314732ndFlavaPlease accept this glorious offering for the Tier 2 Collections. May it warm thy soul the way my chest hair warms cujo. <3closedcujobear9 collection badges, level 3 book, milestone badge and reward earned. *cujo's soul is warmed
314632ndFlavaPlease protec this Trading center with your miracle powers! Can you make it pico_tradebuild as a child region under Pico perms? Thanks! :DclosedSilversunsettrade hall protected as a child of pico
3144assasymphoniStairway to Heaven collection done, pezclosedcujobearbadge and Level 9 book in chest!
3143assasymphoniNotSoAdvanced Alchemy Collection pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3142kumquatmay8 collections completed!closedcujobear8 badges, Level 5 book, milestone badge and reward in chests!
3141Vuulplease allow people to place shulkers on the chiseled bricks here!closedschererererershulker region created
3140SoulDustI have Shovel Me Timbers collected.closedttsciBadge, Milestone Reward, and Level 2 Book in chest!
313932ndFlavaCan you see who claimed this blaze spawner? I would like to contact them to make it groit!closedrobrdiscussed via /m
3138King_of_quesoPlease upgrade one spawner to Tier 2!closedcujobearspawner upgraded
3137fazadenremaining 5 level 1 challenges complete (left column of chests)closedcujobear5 badges, Level 1 badge, 1 milestone badge and reward in chests!
3136SoulDustI have completed the WHite Out collection.closedttsciBadge in chest!
3135gk_ryoThundercats, HOE!closedttsciBadge in chest!
3134Spartan____Can I have flow on these two dispensersclosedbermudalocketdispensers flowing
3132Spartan____flow on the two sources plsclosedSpartan____
3131Spartan____flow \o/closedKing_of_quesoflowing!
3130Spartan____flow plsclosedrobrflowed
3129gk_ryoslab getclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3128OmegaeddonPlz protect as Omega_Powers_Island Ta!closedfazadenprotected
3127drtednelsonMonster Hunter collection completeclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3126Zomise51 shades of gray to go for Rose/pez252closedkumquatmay51st shade of gray badge for your 69th collection in chest!
3125drtednelsonGreen thumb collection completeclosedkumquatmaybadge, milestone reward and level 2 book in chest!
3124JavaOfficialadd the X1598 row to my protected javaofficial_beacon_01 region please.closedscherererererregion expanded to fully cover beacon base
3123MackSaffronButcher's Collection complete! <3closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3122username2088water flow pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
3121MackSaffronoops, just a sec... had my messages mixed upclosedfazadenyou can cancel your own req's by typing /check, then /done ###
3120MackSaffronthis water block, please <3closedfazadenflow'd
3119MackSaffronflow these two blocks, please <3closedkumquatmayflowin'!
3118RokkuCXVIIPlease protect this and make it a child of the orion region plsclosedFlumperProtected! :)
3117OmegaeddonPlz protect this lump of metal :)closedFlumperProtected! :)
3116King_of_quesoButcher's and Farmer's collections done!closedFlumperCollections received and badges awarded! :)
3115ZomiseQuatreq.closedkumquatmaydiscussed via /m
3114Azumarillhelp! I've lost me booty!closedAzumarillfuck me, it was right up me arse
3113GHDpro[All the Things] Level 2 - 7/10 complete (see chests marked as complete) -- also there is a typo in my username in the spreadsheetclosedkumquatmaybadges, milestone reward and level 3 book in chests!
3112dblHeisenbergerstuck please! can you put me on the floor? TIAclosedRukiaKuchiki_unstuck!
3111Azumarilltried clicking this ender chest and missed and stripped the log behind itclosedRukiaKuchiki_log fixed
3110SwitchViewzAll my chickens are gone D:closedSilversunset2 chickens suffocated. 2 were murdered and have been restored.
3109HordsakI have been informed by my daughter that our sheep, cow, and chicons have been murdered on our farm.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3108QueenBombusmy villagers have disappeared... shenanigans?closedcujobeardiscussed vis /m
3107kumquatmay11 collections ready to be sent to the void!closedcujobear11 collection badges, 3 milestone badges & rewards, level 1 badge, and level 4 tier 2 book in chests!
3106OleToothlessCan we get a /place for Orion? Centered on the "hub" building just south of the portal. Thanks!closedkumquatmayPlace added!
3105Silversunsetmake shulker spot pls.closedSilversunsetyep.
3104NyxieAborist's saplings are done TT^TT pez252closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3103GenghisKhanXcheckclosedrobrcheck one, check two
3102assasymphonion the right track completed for pez/roseclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3101NMEsCan I get this water flowed in my house and in the 4x4 water pool?closedNMEs
3100BigNateUAHclaim/protect/whatevs pleaseclosedrobrspawner protected
3099Trooprm32Unintentional player trap hereclosedcujobearthank you for reporting, I have mailed player and will follow up
3098pez252The Fan-E Packclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3097assasymphoniBel Biv Devoe done? Maybe? The times don't match the book, but I can't figure out how to get the times listed in the book....closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3096dblHeisenbergeri got stuck afk after reboot, can you put me on the floor pleaseclosedkumquatmayrescued!
3095GenghisKhanXUpgrade Iron Golem spawners to Level 4 please! Thanks!closedcujobearspawners upgraded!
3094pez252Warrior's Apprenticeclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3093gk_ryoquarry yoclosedkumquatmaybadge, milestone rewards and level 2 book in chest!
3092Esteloreflow these 2 please <3closedkumquatmayflowin'
3091Esteloreflow these 2 pleaseclosedkumquatmayflowin'
3090Esteloreflow for zombie grinder!closedkumquatmayflowin'
3089fazaden5 challenges complete: this column of chests, from "shovel me timbers" on downclosedkumquatmaybadges, milestone rewards and level 2 book in chests!
3088ieuwehmy butcher's collection is complete ;_;closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3087gk_ryowhiteout collectionclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest
3086PPGOMEplayer was asked to stop modifying the creeper grinder and is still continuing with his head on the tree and signs in the grinder itself.closedfazadenfixed
3085gk_ryotier 1 lumberjackclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3084SoulDustI have compelted the Sowing The Seeds collectionclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3083ieuwehWalk the Plank Collection fixed \o/closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3082KedNysAdmins please help - Labeled chicken disappeared - https://i.imgur.com/4kqq1yc.jpgclosedFlumperUnfortunately its death isn't logged. The techs are currently making changes to how mob deaths are logged and hopefully this shouldn't be an issue going forward.
3081assasymphonicollection BrownEyed Squirrel pezclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3080assasymphoniPurple Nurple completed pezclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
307932ndFlavaPlease take thy humble offering of collections, that it may promote me to the next tier!closedkumquatmaybadges, milestone rewards and level 2 book in chests!
3078teiz1flow only the waterclosedtotemowater flowing
3077VuulI accidentally broke haven's baby shark machine please helpclosedVuul
3076GHDproPlease place 2x iron golem spawner in place of yellow&green concrete down below (unless you see any major design flaws in my farm). Costs in chest.closedkumquatmayspawners placed!
3075Azumarillwater dispensersclosedtotemoflowing, also cute
3074OmegaeddonPlz protect this melon-pumpkin patch down to ice road. Can you leave the pumpkins and melons as build-allow? Thanks.closedfazadenprotected
3073King_of_quesoDon't Drink the Kool-Aid, Axes of Evil, Push it Real Good, Superhero, and Andale! Andale!closedkumquatmaybadges and level 5 book in chest!
3072BearnorwaterflowclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing again!
3071Bearnorwater flowclosedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
3070Vuulextend this region pleaseclosedSilversunsetregion extended to cover new build area. Piston away!
3069teiz1flow, only the water and not the lavaclosedSilversunsetflowed
3068teiz1golem spawnerclosedkumquatmayspawner placed!
3067kumquatmaygrey matter and i'd rather be fishing complete!closedcujobearbadge and level 3 book in chest!
3066teiz1flowclosedSilversunsetflowed, but the hole makes it flow a bit wonky
3065assasymphoniBudding Engineer collection done, for pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3064assasymphoniLife's a Beach finished for Pezclosedcujobearbadge, level 8 book, milestone badge and reward in chest!
3063Silversunsetthis is a potential player trap, please evaluate the mechanic for guideline updatesclosedFlumperWhile it is a little slow to escape from, it's possible to swim against the tide to escape, so at this time it is not considered a player trap.
3062Slaughter586help meclosedSilversunsetrescued
3061iNerd71FFS Someone forgot to replant the north road farms againclosedSilversunset3 players rolled back and warned
3060iNerd71I'd Rather Be Fishing complete!closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3059Azumarillwater (on the walls, like 24x)closedSilversunsetflowed
3057assasymphoniI'm on Fire collection doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3056assasymphoniAqualung finished for pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3055pez252Protect the cage aboveclosedSilversunsetprotected
3054assasymphoniBarely There done for pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3053gk_ryokumquatmay wanted to see my power v bookclosedkumquatmaypower v is fine, we were talking about punch v :D
3052NyxieIt's the Trap done pez252closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3051slaughtercraftpossible grief?closedrobredits belonging to user building in area
3050ZomiseIs this cobble derp some modern art by a Rose member, or did someone decide to break in through the roof in a not subtle way.closedrobrthanks for reporting, griefer rolled back
3049Spartan____Trying to find a certain map, but it might be in a different plot region. Any way someone could help me try to find it?closedkumquatmaydiscussed in clanchat
3048OmegaeddonPlz protect this box as "OmegaIsland_Sekret_Entrance" Ta!closedOmegaeddondont bother
3047leemur89can i claim this cobble generator next to obsidian?closedrobrnothing to claim/protect here
3046KedNysPlease include all this entrance and structure on the xp grinder protection.closedfazadenentrance protected
3045King_of_quesoSowing the Seeds and Meat Lover's and Gardener's and Landscaper's and Stairmaster and Leggo my Yello collections complete!closedkumquatmaybadges, milestone rewards and level 4 book in chests! welcome to tier 2! \o/
3044KedNysPlease expand my grinder protection to include this roomclosedfazadenstable protected
3043archelonsomeone planted the wrong thing in the thing I thinkclosedfazadenuser warned, he will come fix it himself
3042cheezychickenbarrier blocks where the dirt is please <3closedkumquatmaybarriers placed!
3041Noramipls make this wall of cocoa beans publicclosedNoramicancelled
3040KedNysPlease expand UP region - kedland_xp_grinder - to block 82closedfazadenexpand'd
3039drtednelsonWalk the Plank collection doneclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3038wyldstallynsbeat the dragon, no announcement no dropsclosedbermudalocketdrops refunded
3037Vuulcould you flow all these sources, including the entire pillar going up, i'd do it myself but my region does not extend. thanks!closedfazadenflow'd
3036ZomiseLight Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Daa for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3035ZomiseGoing Grey for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3034ZomisePurpley Enough for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3033ZomiseCustom redsand and sandstone recipes were removed? Don't remember a notification.closedZomiseAnswer received from other channels.
3032ZomiseBaker's Collection for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3031ChunesCould you make this lava flow too please? Thanks!closedTrooprm32Flowed
3030ZomiseTickled Pink for pez252. New book please!closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3029ChunesCan you make this lava flow please? Thanks!closedTrooprm32Flowed
3028Trooprm32Missing block hereclosedBluuefuzzyall fixed
3027ZomisePickin' Aint Easy for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge, milestone rewards and level 7 book in chest!
3026iNerd71Quatty, er, Quarry collection complete! \o/closedkumquatmaybadge, level 1 badge and milestone rewards in chest! congrats!
3025ZomiseCome Sale Away for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3024Forever_A_Stevei stuck :<closedKing_of_quesoRescued!
3023iNerd71Completed Make Like a Tree and Green Thumb! \o/closedkumquatmaybadges in chests!
3022MackSaffronShovel Me Timbers Collection complete! <3closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
3021kumquatmayFarmer's complete!closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3020CrambullCompleted the lumberjack collection.closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3019KedNysCan I please get protection on this grinder + 5 blocks outwards so I can start testing it?closedSilversunsetgrinder protected
3018CrambullTitle: All the Things Challenge, Subject: Completed yellow and white collections.closedcujobearbadges in chests!
3017shmooginpls halp watermelonhouse and I are stuck in a protected zoneclosedttscirescued!
3016watermelonhousestuck ahhhhclosedttsciRescued!
3015assasymphonidon't fence me in done for pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3014SwitchViewzI had 4 chickens, now I only have one. Grief or did they try to phase through walls again?closedSilversunsettwo chickens that had been murdered were restored. one died to suffocations though, sorry
3013NyxieitclosedttsciAccidental modreq!
3012PPGOMEwhomst did this pompkinclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
3011assasymphonistonecutter's done for pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
3010corrcompanyhey im making a automated farm, and i need the water at the top and bottom flowedclosedttsciflowing!
3009ghrey303we're missing a sheep D: RIP BertclosedttsciDiscussed via /msg, sorry Bert! :(
3008SwitchViewzGrief?closedSirLylerolled back, discussed with player via msg
3007PPGOMEhorse pen in claimclosedcujobearbuild rolled back and player notified
3006HordsakCan I please find out how I died? I havn't played in a week or so, and I'm very dilligent.closedTrooprm32Discussed in /msg
3005KedNysPlease protect my mob spawner :D <3 <3 <3closedTrooprm32Protected
3004dnynumberoneget to the point collection done for pez252closedcujobearcollection badge, level badge, and tier badge in chest!
3003bookey42Villager Grief?closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
3002assasymphoniPerformance Enhacing collection for pez252 (Note: the book said Regeneration+ is 2 minutes; it's actually 1:30)closedcujobearbadge in chest!
3001cheezychickenbit more splishy splashy plz <3closedTrooprm32Flowed
3000Crambullseeds collection is done for allll daaa thingssssclosedcujobearbadge, level 2 book, milestone badge and reward in chest!
2999cheezychickenflowy flow plzclosedNoramiall flowing :D
2998ZomiseWhat a Tool collection for pez252closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2997ZomiseBrown Thumb for pez252closedcujobearbadge and level 6 book in chest!
2996promaxxefinished the "walk the plank" challengeclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2995robrgriffclosedNoramithe 2 dif players have been /pms and the 2 blocks have been rolled back
2994PigeonSquaredlistclosedrobryou can type /list if you are looking for players currently on, or /check to check on your open modreqs
2993GHDpro[All The Things] Level 1 complete!closedcujobearbadges in chests! level 2 book, Level 1 Collector badge, milestone badges and rewards in Quarry chest! Congrats!
2992teiz1im stuck in a wallclosedrobrunstuck
2991ZomiseFarm griefclosedNoramiFixed, player warned
2990shmooginsomeone killed my baby slime D:closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
2989PigeonSquaredProperty protectionclosedNoramiyour protection has been expanded to inclued your road out front \o/
2988Zomiseflow dispenserclosedNoramidispenser flowing \o/
2987kumquatmayButcher's, I'm a Lumberjack, Pioneer's, Farmer's, Hoe Malone and Woodworker's completed!closedcujobearbadges, milestone badge, and reward in chests!
2986JavaOfficialactually protection of this Z2852 line of gold blocks too, please.closedNoramiand 2985 expasion of beacon done in one swoop \o/
2985JavaOfficialextension of my beacon base protection. only the row of gold blocks on the X1599 line.closedNoramibeacon region expanded :D
2984iNerd71Farmer's, Meat Lover's, Gardener's, and Butcher's collections all complete \o/closedkumquatmaybadges and milestone rewards in chests!
2983archelonmissing block here?closedNoramitrace done, normal play accidentla block break rolled back :D
2982ZomiseGreen With Envy for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2981ieuwehmy walk the plank collection is complete \o/closedkumquatmaythese are slabs, not planks D,:
2980Weird_Grimmake this obsidian unbreakable even by meclosedFlumperAll your obsidian are belong to us!
2979ZomiseOut of the Blue for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge and milestone rewards in chest!
2978SoulDustI have a Green Thumb collection here.closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2977NyxiePretty in Pink for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2976ZomiseNow You're Cookin' for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2975iNerd71completed monster hunter and sowing the seedsclosedkumquatmaybadges in chests!
2974scherererererguardian grinder appears to be broken - does not kill guardians but also does not drop them into manual killing rangeclosedkumquatmayBlock replaced but can't find why it's broken, mailing builder of the grinder
2973OmegaeddonProlly outta logs, but can you tell me who made these floating farms plz?closedkumquatmaydiscussed via /m. out of logs!
2972RokkuCXVIIhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSsVIY5mqdg Grey Matter is done :Dclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2971AshenrayneLevel 1 Sowing readyclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2970RukiaKuchiki_dropped diamond in here :oclosedfazadenfixed
2968Wozdakawierd - pls flow 2 blocks on top - woz well failure #17closedRukiaKuchiki_flowed!
2967Wozdakapls flow this water - it will save me from lava in the future - tyclosediNerd71Sploosh!
2966RokkuCXVIIMake like a tree and get the heck outta here is done :Dclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2965iNerd71tastes like water complete \o/closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2964SquaresTherecan you guys please remove these chests? woz wants them gone, and i can't break them. we tried adding to region, but no luck. tired of making the trip out here :( pretty please? thanks! :)closedkumquatmaychest removed!
2963RokkuCXVIISowing the Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears is done :Dclosedkumquatmaybadge and milestone rewards in chest!
2962CrambullCan I have another tick mark on the "All the Things" leaderboard? Green Thumb is completo.closedkumquatmayDuplicate req.
2961iNerd71completed gray matter and woodworker's collectionsclosedkumquatmayBadges, milestone rewards and level 3 book in chest! Congratulations \o/
2960watermelonhousei am stuck in this waterclosedSilversunsetunstuck
2959CrambullGreen Thumb collection is done. Need that shiny thingie for completion.closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2958SwitchViewzCan I get someone to double check that this entire black square is edible for shulker boxes?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2957promaxxefinished "shovel me timbers"closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2956PigeonSquaredclaim!closedrobrhut protected
2955VuulCould you extend the port_mesa protection 5 blocks to the west, so i can flow my water blocks here? thanks!closedSilversunsetregion expanded to cover new build area.
2954assasymphoniAndale Andale for pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2953assasymphoniSuperhero for pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2952assasymphonidon't drink the cool aid for pezclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2950CrambullPlank collection is finito, all da thingssssssclosedttsciBadge in chest!
2949assasymphonimissing shulker?closedFlumperThe end ate it. :O Your shulker and its contents have been placed in your inventory! :)
2948robri'm not seeing anything around that seems to indicate why there's a region here down to y7closedcujobearthanks for reporting, corrected protections
2947CrambullShovel collection done for all the things, thanks.closedttsciBadge in chest!
2946King_of_quesoMake Like a Tree, Pioneer's, Hoe Malone, Wood Slab, and Woodworker's collections complete!closedcujobearbadges, level 3 book, milestone bade and reward in chests!
2945Azumarillfloclosedschererererer3 water blocks flowed
2944assasymphoniUnder Pressure for Pez 252closedcujobearsee 2943
2943assasymphoniUnder Pressure completed for Pez252closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2942bookey42shulker spot on leaves between the lanterns Please!closedschererererershulker region created!
2941iNerd71Pioneer's collection complete! \o/closedttsciBadge in chest! :)
2940PPGOMEPlayer asked to build one small thing and ended up changing majority of my grinder. Please revert his changes as he had no permission to modify the grinder this much.closedcujobearPlayer has resolved
2939iNerd71wood slab collection done \o/closedttsciBadge in chest!
2938i_c_e_for pez once is a blue Moon is completeclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2937assasymphoniBullseye for pez252closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2936i_c_e_for pez Its not easy being green is completeclosedcujobearbadge and level 5 book in chest!
2935OmegaeddongriffclosedttsciRolled back and discussed via /msg
2934ZomiseRed Hot done for pez252closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2933iNerd71Hoe Malone complete! \o/closedttsciBadge in chest!
2932Vuulthese 3 water sources are just out of my rg, could you flow them pleaseclosedttsciFlowing!
2931robrw8 no longer and get alias hooked up to spawn stationclosedrobrso glad the w8 is over
2930drtednelsonLumberjack collection completeclosedttsciBadge in chest!
2929ZomisePush It Real Good Collection for pez252closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2928ZomiseMazy Gray for pez252closedcujobearbadge, milestone and PoE in chest!
2927ZomiseLeggo My Yello for pez252closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2926BloomingLilycan you please protect my house, pagoda, and coral i've built around it? i placed white concrete for referenceclosednels_nelsonHouse, pagoda, and coral has been protected. Please reach out to me if you need additional adjustments to the protectd region. Best regards.
2925Weird_Grimadd this area to my claimclosednels_nelsonRegion protection has been expanded to include your tunnel. Let us know if you need further adjustments made to your region.
2924Weird_Grimmy pet "Little Uly" (small slime) is goneclosedcujobearPoor Little Uly suffocated in the steps :(
2923Weird_Grimmake the obsidian protected (that even i can't break it) and make the space above the 5 hoppers a shulker spotclosedbuzzie71should be all set now!
2922ghostpirewater flow turned on for my build?closedbuzzie71you should be able to use /flow - this will give you the ability to flow your own water in regions you own :O which you do for this one :D
2921ZomiseAxes of Evil for pez252closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2920ghrey303Collection here! tier 1 level 1 green thumbclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2919gk_ryoshovel meclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2918pez252Farmer's Collectionclosedcujobearbadge, tier 2 level 4 book, milestone badge and PoE in chest! Welcome to Tier 2!
2917pez252Make like A Tree Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2916PigeonSquaredShulker space please. <3closedbuzzie71sorry, but this is something that the build owner needs to modreq for
2915pez252Stairmaster Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest, milestone badge and reward earned!
2914RydliSilverlakeWho stole the stuff out of my box here?closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
2913ttscicompleted the Tastes Like Water collection for pez252closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2912pez252Meat Lover's Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2911sybergooseprotection sybercity regionclosedbuzzie71protected!
2910pez252Gardner's Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2909pez252Landscaper's Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2908ZomiseWho made this base?closedzburdsalMsg'd
2907ZomiseIn the Red done for pez252!closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2906sybergoosewater flow pls tyclosedcujobearflowing!
2905kumquatmayQuarry and Mellow Yellow collected!closedcujobearbadges, level 2 book and milestone badge in chest!
2904JavaOfficialprotection of my two and a half stacks of emerald, 4 layer beacon base please.closednels_nelsonProtected the beacon.
2903drtednelsonI have completed the shovel me timbers collectionclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2902drtednelsonI have completed a collectionclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2901Ruthlesssssflow baby water plsclosedSpook6baby water flowed!
2900JavaOfficialprotection of 9 diamond blocks below my beacon pleaseclosedJavaOfficial
2899JavaOfficialone dragon head and one elytra please. the enderdragon buggedclosedkumquatmayCan confirm dragon was kill, I have placed the drops in your inventory
2898ZomiseBasic Brewing done for pez252. Please give the 3rd book!closedkumquatmaybadge in ch-... aaaaaand it's gone!
2897ZomiseWhite Noise done for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2896RokkuCXVIIRather be Fishin' is done :Dclosedcujobearbadge and level 3 book added to chest!
2895ZomiseIs the spawner protected? If not, pls protect.closedSpook6it is already protected :D
2894kumquatmayGreen Thumb, Butcher's, Monster Hunter, Shovel ME Timbers and Walk the Plank collections done! \o/closedcujobearbadges in chests!
2893RokkuCXVIIFarmer's Collection is done :Dclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2892twilexisLumberjack doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2891RokkuCXVIIWhite and Yellow are done :Dclosedcujobearbadge in chest for yellow, white had been turned in
2890twilexiswhite out doneclosedcujobearbadge and milestone badge in chest!
2889SoulDustI have a collection of Quarry here. Did I do it right?closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2888totemoRefund for one lored elytra and dragon head. Plugin failure.closedkumquatmayRefund approved!
2887ZomiseI'd Rather Be Fishing Collection for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2886ZomiseWood Slab Collection done for pez252closedkumquatmaybadge and level 3 book in chest!
2885King_of_quesoFinished Quarry, I'm a Lumberjack, Monster Hunter, Shovel Me Timbers, and Walk the Plank collections!closedcujobear5 collection badges, level 2 book, and milestone badge in chest!
2884Lugia_Gamescan i plz get my temporary water source flowing plsclosedLugia_Games
2883Trooprm32Someone dug here ㄱ_ㄱclosednels_nelsonRolled back edits within claim. Sent mail to player author of edits to `warn` about being more careful within other player's claims.
2882iNerd71Someone forgot to replantcloseddefiexAll fixed! Player warned, thank you for reporting!
2881CrambullCan I now be added to the leader board for "All the Things"? I completed the quarry collection. Thanks.closedcujobearadded to the leadboard, badge in chest!
2880JezzzzieI made a big boo boo regarding an event item. Can a mod plz msg me.closedkumquatmaybow replaced!
2879iNerd71lumberjack collection completeclosedcujobearbadge, level 2 book, and milestone badge in chest
2878HanstraDragon fight bugged out - partway through the fight, it disappeared from the arena for at least 30 seconds, and then reappeared with full health despite being at around 30% beforehand. When it died, no announcement occured and it didn't give rewardclosedbermudalocketthanks for reporting. the next update should hopefully handle an MIA dragon more gracefully
2877Trooprm32Can I get protections for my new section hereclosedschererererer'the_deep_2' region made and childed to 'the_deep'
2876pez252Wooodworker's collectionclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2875pez252Hoe Malone Collectionclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2874pez252Gray Matter collectionclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2873pez252Pioneer's collectionclosedkumquatmaybadge in chest!
2872pez252Sowing the seeds collectionclosedcujobearbadge for collection, level, and milestone in chest
2871Chunescould you make this water flow please? Thank you!closedSilversunsetflowed
2870username2088shovel and quarry collections completeclosedcujobearbadges in chests!
2869twilexishoe malone doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2868barneygaleI accidentally murded one too many cows :( anything I can do?closedcujobearThank you for reporting. I have replaced the cow. Please be careful in the future
2867twilexispioneer's doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2866pez252Walk the plank collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2865pez252I'm a lumberjack collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2864iNerd71White out complete! \o/closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2863pez252Mellow Yellow collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2862JamesMcProggerCould a waterflowing powered mod help me with this single water block on the blue glass pilar at +2367 -915 79, please? Sorry to bother you for something this small.closedttsciNo problem at all! Happy to flow things big or small :)
2861twilexisslabs done lolclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2860twilexismonster's doneclosedcujobearcollection bade, level 2 book, and milestone badge in chest!
2859twilexisbutcher's done <3closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2858fazadenflow plzclosedfazadenflow'd
2857barneygalewater flow please!closedSilversunsetflowed
2856twilexisquarry done <3closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2855pez252Butcher Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2854pez252White out collectionclosedcujobearbadge, level 2 book, and milestone badge in chest!
2853iNerd71Mellow Yellow complete \o/closedcujobearbadge in chest!
2852shmoogincancelclosedSilversunsetyou can do /check and then /done #### to close a req
2851pez252Green Thumb collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2850shmooginpotential redstone griff on colorata -> spawn rail line?closedSilversunsetsee 2852
2849Weird_Grimgot the Walk the Plank collection completeclosedcujobearbadge earned added level 2 book to chest!
2848AshenrayneQuarry Collection ready for inspectionclosedcujobearquarry collection complete!
2847Ashenrayneshovels Teir1 done ;)closedcujobearforgot to close :P badge in chest
2846Weird_Grimdid the White Out collectionclosedcujobearbadge placed
2845Crambullbut this stuff is at a grinder, still fair game to grab stuff or nah?closedcujobeardiscussed with chest owner and player
2844twilexis*now* it's planks (for rokku)closedcujobearbadge for planks in chest
2843iNerd71Walk the plank doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest
2842twilexisplanks for rokku doneclosedcujobeartry again :P
2841twilexisanother for ***rokku's*** collection :Pclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2840pez252Quary collection doneclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2839pez252Shovel me Timber collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest
2838pez252Monster Hunter Collectionclosedcujobearbadge in chest
2837twilexisgreen thumb done \o/closedcujobearbadge in chest
2836Weird_Grimi completed the Monster Hunter, Quarry and Shovel Me Timbers collectionsclosedcujobearbadges in chests!
2835iNerd71Shovel me timbers! Collection completeclosedcujobearbadge in chest!
2834DjentleGiantPlease make W1 "End Portal". \o/closedscherererererrail signs labeled "NW End Portal"
2833gk_ryoThese are planks.closedcujobearand this is a badge for planks :D
2832twilexisbeetroot's have been griefed.closedscherererererfixed, thanks for reporting
2831Zomisewat why who?closedscherererererrepaired minor blockspam
2830buzzie71was starting a dragon fight before restart, came back after restart during stage 1, and the crystals and dragon disappeared and the portal is still closed :O wat do?closedpez252Fixed in the short term
2829assasymphonisplish this room plsclosedTrooprm32Uh... flowed ಠ_ಠ
2828Azumarillapproximately 170 flowing water dispensers, please. Maybe bring a friend, or two, or four.closedbuzzie71all flowing!
2827RydliSilverlakePlease flow all this here waterclosedbookey42water flowing
2826flupmakintoshflowing water pls :)closedbookey42Water flowed
2825twilexisdisappearing glass again. grief?closedbuzzie71restored!
2824SwitchViewzFlow please! Thanks! :Dclosedi_c_e_Flowed :)
2823SwitchViewzI had a Dolphin in this box, what happened to it? D:closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
2821DjentleGiantThis destination is connected but there is no sign at the spawn station to indicate the destination. (W8) Can this be corrected so we know where this goes? I was going to claim W8 but apparently someone has partially done that already.closedDjentleGiantI figured it out.
2820RukiaKuchiki_remove protection herecloseddefiexregion removed!
2819theFacebooksomeone built a floating road in my claim without even a discussion about itclosedcujobearmailed road builder to get in touch, confirmed that things have been worked out
2818GenghisKhanXMissing horse! Skeleton horse with saddle at this location.closeddefiexMy condolences, it looks like a Creeper has killed your Skele horse. :(
2817PigeonSquaredI'm stuckclosedcujobearsaved
2816StarMinion1I sent a villager down this tunnel, but when I didn't see it, I went down only to find an empty cart. Did it die somehow?closedFlumperIt has vanished without a trace. :(
2815Muskogee_Redfurnace move/remove from subway right-of-wayclosedttsciFurnace has been removed by player :)
2814JavaOfficialprotection of my little donkey barn, if you would be so kindclosedKirstaeProtected!
2813OmegaeddonGriff? Or builder forgot?closedKirstaeSeems accidental, but not grief!
2812shmooginmy sheeps and cows were killed D:closedFlumperAnimals replaced and culprits warned! :)
2811username2088water flow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
2810Azumarillremaining flowing dispensers in this tower (easy to spot!)closedi_c_e_flowing with a little help from my friends heh :)
2809username2088water flow pleaseclosedttsciFlowing!
2808RokkuCXVIIThere was a few cactus here, who took them?closedSapphricDiscussed via /msg.
2807username2088water flow pleaseclosedttsciflowing!
2806Azumarill170 flowing water dispensers, please. Hope you've got time on your hands or a second volunteer.closedSilversunsetflowed
2805wyguy2014griefclosedscherererererfixed, thanks for reporting
2804PPGOMEflow all the water please :)closedscherererererwater flowed!
2803havarticheeseprotect pls?? thank you!closedscherererererbuild protected
2802PPGOMEI would like to request for the cyan wool under the glass to be turned into the creeper spawner, please! :DclosedkumquatmayCreeper spawner placed, grinder protected, added to /place and livemap! \o/
2801barneygalewater flow please!closedSilversunsetflowed
2800username2088water flow pleaseclosedscherererererwater flowed
27998_Bit_Elii didnt get my stuff backclosedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
2798username2088water flow pleaseclosedNoramiflowing \o/
2797ixhiPlease extend protection to this small shrine :oclosedscherererererixhi_long_shrine protected expanded to cover new addition
2796buzzie71flow water on the walls please :Oclosedscherererererwater flowed
2795buzzie71flow please :Oclosedschererererer2 water blocks flowed
2794PPGOMEI lied D: one more flow!closedgrenbugflowin
2793PPGOMEflow all 3 water sources, please! (Should be last flow!)closedgrenbugflowing
2792PPGOMEflow please!closedNoramiall flowing \o/
2791barneygalestuck in a minecart, shift won't let me leave!closedNorami/pms player, no longer stuck
2790robrhoppers hoppers hoppers?closedbermudalocketchanges look ok for now
2789gk_ryoI claim this land in the name of Hyrule.closedrobrbuilt buildings protected as hyrule
2788PPGOMEflow again, please!closedbuzzie71flowing!
2786PPGOMEflow please!closedrobrflowed
2784robrmight need to check with local claim holders to determine whether or not this is an encroaching build as well, plus belowclosedFlumperThanks, we'll keep an eye on it! :)
2783username2088water flow pleaseclosedrobrflowed, also still needs encouragement
2782barneygale[ADMIN] This area is protected but has no boundary. There's stuff underground but it's miles away. Which mod created this?!closedFlumperThis was already answered in a previous modreq.
2781barneygaleThis area is protected but has no boundary. There's stuff underground but it's miles away. Which mod created this?!closedrobrprimarily underground build with above ground elements. you can do /rg i to identify what region you're in, but immediately around here at this point you can assume are within the portal user's build.
2780robrtechreq - bot setting off ncp like mad standing right hereclosedbermudalocketcould've also been the door since it shares the block. thanks for modreq-ing this for me
2779username2088water flow pleaseclosedrobrflowed, but needs some encouragement
2778WallaceTheWalrusplease unstuck me before guardians kill me. :DclosedWallaceTheWalrusDying works too I suppose
2777shmooginPls help, I am stuck in this cartclosedCARnivore_ndsyanked from cart prison
2776gk_ryoflowclosedCARnivore_ndsvillagers can now swim to thier delight !
2775JavaOfficialprotection of my farmhouse please, but not the crops in the basement. i want those to be publicly accessableclosedCARnivore_ndsJava_farmhouse created
2774SoulDustCan I please expand my protect region north from z2040 to z1956?closedFlumperRegion expanded!
2773SoulDustplease flow this waterclosedSpook6flowed!
2772Spook6there is a secret door/rail here built by a player not part of this town, it can be left here but can the player responsible please be told to not edit other builds in the future please.closedFlumperThe player in question has been warned about this behaviour. :)
2770ixhiPlease extend protection to these two new shrines :oclosedSapphricExtended!
2769Tidusblueprotect the area in the brown wool pleaseclosedSapphricProtected to the end of your dock. Build more and the protection can be expanded.
2768NMEsI need more water flowed please.closedi_c_e_flowing ;)
2767NMEscan I get this water flowed please?closedttsciflowing!
2766iNerd71Public shulker region on the chiseled brick pleaseclosedSilversunsetshulker region created
2765barneygalewater flow please!closedttsciFlowing!
2764SwitchViewzSomeone ran off with the redstone torches?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2763watermelonhousemy beacon is projecting light but not letting me select a power?closedscherererereradvised to try closing and reopening beacon interface until it works (known minecraft issue)
2762PPGOMEflow please!closedSilversunsetflowed
2760_Inder_I have a "fence" made of a few materials here. Just wondering if I can get the region within it protected?closedzburdsalHouse protected, claims clarified.
2759varjMissing redstone torch. Grief or accident?closedzburdsalNo torch ever placed here?
2758Spartan____Is it okay to ask for the two paintings in this drop shaft to be protected?closedNoramiMailed Spartan re. the item frames, not paintings...
27578_Bit_Elii died in a place i cant get back in to, can you give me my stuff backclosedkumquatmayDeath point was reachable, hopefully you got it back
2756PewptyHelp I'm trapped!closedzburdsalUntrapped
2755cheezychickenprotections for the arena plz <3 leaf layer needs to be able to be broken, and just cut off where the region will overlap with the house, we have an agreementclosedzburdsalProtected, leaves allowed to be broken
2754gk_ryo3 tier 1, 1 tier 2 in the 2x2 sand belowclosedkumquatmaySpawners placed!
2753gk_ryoclose previous modreqclosedzburdsalYou can complete your own with /done
2752gk_ryowhat am I doing incorrectly?closedzburdsalClosing previous modreq per request.
2751shmoogincan i get both of these waters flowingclosedzburdsalDone! I think... might want to make sure I got it all.
2750SquaresTherewater flow? thanksclosedkumquatmayflowin'!
2749GHDproplease extend the region "ghd_towers" down to y=10 (or as low as permitted), thanksclosedkumquatmayareas protected
2748JavaOfficialprotection of enchanting table + bookshelves por favorclosedkumquatmaydiscussed via /m
2747TellephoneFlow here please?closedSpook6flowed!
2746koro666Please make flowing, thank you.closedSpook6flowing
2745Bearnorprotectclosedbuzzie71protected built area as beartown! protection expansion can be requested as your build expands :O
2744RokkuCXVIIDoes no one see the irony hereclosedkumquatmayi guess not
2743VaporShavethey said cunt and fuck were allowedclosedscherererererduplicate req
2742VaporShavethey said cunt and fuck were allowedclosedscherererererduplicate req
2741VaporShavethey said cunt and fuck were allowedclosedscherererererduplicate req
2740VaporShavethey said cunt and fuck were allowedclosedscherererererdo not spam modreq, see 2739
2739VaporShavewhyclosedschererererermuted for trolling chat
2738VaporShaveu passed the test now unmute me pleaseclosedtotemodon't waste our time please
2737Muzelleplease protect Elder Thing's box and itclosedKing_of_quesoElder Thing's box protected!
2736WondrLandhello everyone, we wanted to replant this farm, but the plants went into a locked chestclosedzburdsalWill let farm owner know, the unreplantedness of the farm is on him for locking the chest. You're free to leave it be.
2735Riveri[ADMIN] pls to connect Orion to S1 of the Spawn station - thanks!closedschererererersigns for S1 labeled for Orion
2733PPGOMEplaced items in shulkers, server crashed, items back in inv and in shulkers. Duplication!closedFlumperThanks for letting us know. You can keep the items. :)
2732Wall_E__Stuck in nothing! Help!closedttsciRescued!
2731Azumarillregion on this tunnel, please (no name preference)closedSilversunsetprotected
2730CairBirbcan I get these two water blocks flowing, please?closedNoramiall flowing \o/
2729assasymphoniwater misflow? here and on the other sideclosedFlumperI thought it looked better that way. ;D
2728SquaresTherehi there. wozdaka says this chest is mine, but i can't remove it. suggestions?closedttsciDiscussed via /msg
2727EternityOfDeathsomeone moved our stone supply to the 'Catacombs'... but we don't know where that is. Can you look at who placed this sign and see where they may have been placing chests please?closeddefiexdiscussed via message! Good stoning!
2726zburdsalrobr im dumb please halp me find villagersclosedrobrno disagreement from fellow mayors
2725SirLylecan i get a solace chest region in the end?closedschererererer'solace' region created in end
2724SwitchViewzSomeone thinks they are funny drawing dicks in these chestsclosedscherererererreverted and warning given; thanks for reporting
2723teiz1I am claiming the creeper spawnerclosedTrooprm32
2722teiz1I am claiming the creeper spawnerclosedTrooprm32
2721Trooprm32*Sigh* people keep building shit in my claimclosedFlumperUnsolicited build removed and player warned. :)
2720watermelonhousemobius rail station arrow is protectedclosedscherererererrail selection dial set to build allow; should be operable publically now
2719PPGOMEI am claiming the creeper spawnerclosedTrooprm32Duplicate
2718PPGOMEI am claiming the creeper spawnerclosedcujobearCONGRATS! See please check the revison info post for placement details
2717Pon_and_ZiSomeone killed my cowsclosedTrooprm32Cows were lured back
2716sybergoosewaterflow please and thank you :)closedTrooprm32Flowed with prior req
2715assasymphoniOh great Golem Gods, please accept this offering to upgrade a Tier 3 spawner to Tier 4closedFlumperSpawner upgraded! :)
2714sybergooseWATERFLOW PLS TYclosedTrooprm32Flowed
2713Spartan____Can I have the 3 spawners visible from this location protectedclosedttsciAll protected :)
2712Spartan____Can I have the 4 spawners visible from this location protectedclosedttsciProtected!
2711gk_ryowaters flowclosedttsciflowing
2710Spartan____Can I have the 3 spawners near here protected?closedttsciFirst ones protected!
2709RukiaKuchiki_protecc castle (wip(closedttsciProtected!
2708Spartan____flow for dimmunds \o/closedttsciflowed! happy diamond-ing
2707assasymphonimissing chunk has trapped meclosedttsciChunk has reloaded
2706ttsciflow pls! :)closedttsciflowed!
2705Carrotapplechest info: who + when placedclosedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm
2704ttsciwater flow :DclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2703kitty9293It hasn't been two weeks yet, but I was informed that at least one the owners will not be coming to remove this and I should ask the PAdmins to come and fix it instead.closedcujobearPlayers given 2 weeks to remove and did not return, chests removed.
2702gk_ryolet the spice flowclosedrobrhe who controls the spice, controls the universe
2700Zomise[Bermuda] Regarding 2660 I got two Flumper heads that dropped from the dragon fight vexes (different fights) and they wont stack. Two ttsci heads from different fightgs are stacking fine.closedbermudalocketupdated and re-added /fixskulls for all your flump stacking needs
2699watermelonhousei just pressed this buttton and their villager disappearedclosedscherererereroperation is by design - please avoid fiddling with other peoples' backend operations unless you know what you're doing and they allow it
26988_Bit_Elii accidently placed a player head in a place i cant get to, can u get it out for me?closedkumquatmayself-resolved
2697KedNysPlease increase three blocks North my protection named -> kedland13closedttsciRegion protections updated!
2696GenghisKhanXcheckclosedttsciAssuming this is a duplicate? :) You can do /check and then the number to see the status of a req
2695Weird_Grimmake the noteblocks public (so they can open and close the door)closedscherererereruse-note-block already set to allow for entire ulyn region, should apply to all note blocks within
2694GenghisKhanXPlease extend protection to cover both machines. ThanksclosedttsciRegions protected
2693OmegaeddonFound an errant redstone torch in my inv. I think it MIGHT have come from solace if anyone reports minor griff in that area.closedttsciLocated and fixed, thanks for self-reporting
2692SoulDustI think there has been some xraying going on here... :(closedtotemoyeah, nah
2691shmoogincan I get my arrow item frame unprotected pls? I set it as public with /imodify *rotate but it still says the "belay at once" message for othersclosediNerd71dialer should be public now!
2690iNerd71Alright, I think the inside of the slime grinder should be pretty much done now, so /place and protect please please!closedcujobearplace added and protected!
2689Viktor_MaxwellflowclosediNerd71Actually splooshed this time!
2688Wizard_CouncilEdit region to make my wheat farm public, pleaseclosedSapphricBuild allowed!
2687shmoogincould we get a connector road here to west road? the person who owns this claim is pretty inactive and it's confusing to new players looking for the roadclosedFlumperSorry, we're not in the business of building in people's claims.
2686RukiaKuchiki_griffleclosedSapphricGriffle repizzled my frizzle
2685username2088water flow pleaseclosedkumquatmayflowin!
2684CARnivore_ndsplease bump up the tier1 spawners here to tier2. souls in left chest. kthnkisbaiclosedcujobeardnwlcmebai
2683Azumarillmissed my horse when right clicking and stripped a log in this build!closedSilversunsetlog restored, please be careful in the future.
2682PlNGGood evening, please upgrade a t2 to a t3 spawner, thankee.closedcujobear3rd tier 3 spawner upgrade complete
2681RokkuCXVIIpls fix this holeclosedSilversunsethole repaired.
267932ndFlavapls flow this one block of water. Thanks!closedTrooprm32Flowed
267832ndFlavaplease flow all 8 water blocks on the ice road here. Thanks!closedTrooprm32Flowed
267732ndFlavaplease flow all 7 water blocks on the ice road here. Thanks!closedschererererer7 water blocks flowed
2676ixhiPlease protect this tiny shrine :oclosedscherererererregion ixhi_long_shrine expanded to fully cover new addition
267532ndFlavaPlease flow the water blocks at the top of the 3 elevators here. Thanks!closedschererererer3 water blocks flowed
267432ndFlavaplease flow all 9 water blocks on the ice road here. Thanks!closedscherererererice road truckers season 9 downloaded
2673Vuulflow the hot bubbly juice plisclosedscherererererhot bubbly juice flowed
2672DjentleGiantPlayertrap? I took a lot of damage.closedDjentleGiantI'm actually stupid and hit the wrong destination.
2670Vuuli cant flow the lavas outside of my region, could you continue flowing them? thanks!closedscherererererflowed all but one lava - the last one would flow outward beyond the desired pillar shape
2669PigeonSquaredI'm stuck in a holeclosedscherererererescape path available
266832ndFlavaPls flow this one block of water above the sign. Thanks!closedSapphricFlowed!
266732ndFlavaPlease flow the 5 blocks of water in this ice groove. Thanks!closedSapphricFlowed!
2666dark3lementhey, i cant figure out why people cant turn this dial. it worked before, now it seems to be broken. its set to public afaikclosedscherererererdial should be rotateable to the public now
2665Vuul[Iron Golem Spawner] Want to create 4 spawners here, 1 where each chest is, the chests contain the materialsclosedcujobear4 golem spawners placed!
2664Vuullive vanilla dragon and an open portal, not sure what I should doclosednels_nelsonDiscussed via chat.
2663KedNyscan you please extend my existing protection to this red marker +5 blocksclosednels_nelsonRegion protection has been expanded.
2662ZomiseLethal_Trees region ravenrock/lethal_complex is overlapping ridiculously over the endportal region. Please fix.closedkumquatmayNo more overlapping!
2661ZomiseNinjaCdn Has stolen our wood shulkers by locking themselves to himself.closedkumquatmayShulkers returned to original spot and protection removed!
2660Zomise/fixskulls and /fs are not working.closedbermudalocketour testing showed those commands were no longer neccessary in 1.13. if you're having an issue please report specifics and i'll see what i can do
2659koro666Please make flowing, thanks.closedzburdsalFlowing!
2658ixhiplease protect this long triple shrine :oclosedKing_of_quesoShrine protected!
2657tadrogerscan you protect this soon-to-be dungeon? - Essentially 50 blocks in every direction from this reddstone block (and up)closedKing_of_quesoProtected!
2656dark3lementhey, this guy joined our town at the begining of the rev, and hasnt been on since. we have tried to contact him via discord, but he left our town discord, and no luck with a dm. can we get these removed? it has been 2 weeks since we attemptedclosedFlumperHeads removed and player notified! :)
2655Suspicious_Mangocan i get all the water blocks between the cyan concrete and the cobblestone flowing please? thanks!closedttsciSuspicious_Mango flowing! :)
2654nels_nelsonIt isn't just derp, either. Some of the cobblestone curb of this road has been destroyed, reducing the width of the road from 4 blocks to 3.closedFlumperClosing this as a duplicate. We're still dealing with it though.
2653nels_nelsonWhat is with all this derp all over the east cardinal road now?closedFlumperClosing this req now, since the derp itself was dealt with. Still hoping to speak to the player responsible, though.
265232ndFlavaplease flow these two blocks for infinite pool. Thanks!closednels_nelsonInfinitely flowing pool!
2651Spartan____Flow pls :)closednels_nelsonFlowed!
2650kandokowater flow 6 dispinsers pleaseclosedcujobeardispensers now flow
2649iNerd71Alright, I think I'm ready. Place the slime spawner where the red wool is. I hope this thing works.closedcujobearspawner placed, let us know when you are ready for a /place to be added
2648Spartan____Can I get flows on these blocks?closedTrooprm32Flowed
2647Spartan____Can I have flow on the water source and the bucket I'll place down right after thatclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2646Spartan____Flow pleaseclosedSpartan____
2645sybergoosewaterflow pls tyclosedHerr_Fawkesflowed!
2644OmegaeddonGriff?closedHerr_Fawkesfixed, player warned
2643Weird_Grimmake water flow (2 source blocks)closedbookey42flowin!
2642watermelonhousedid someone grief my yellow glass on my beaconclosedHerr_Fawkesfixed, player warned
2641dark3lementthere are 3 dispensors here that are dropping items into water flows. follow the path and you should be able to find the water i need flowed. any questions msg me thanksclosedbookey42water flowing
2640bookey42Avalon Island Protection please! region avalonclosedbookey42island protected!
2639kitty9293Can we get this temporary (?) setup removed?closeddefiexPlease contact the owners of the chests/furnaces and ask them to remove them. If you do not receive a response within two weeks, please let us know!
2638sybergoosewaterflow please tyclosedghrey303flowed!
2637Weird_Grimmake water flowclosedscherererererwater flowed!
2636assasymphoniOh great Golem Gods, please accept this offering to upgrade a Tier 2 spawner to Tier 3 (Should be our last tier 2)closedcujobearWe accept your offering and grant a final tier 3 spawner
2635JavaOfficialprotection of my precious little hut, if i may ask.closedNoramiJavaHut is protected \o/
2634shmoogincan I get a flowy water here plsclosedttsciflowing!
2633assasymphonipumpkin grief?closedscherererererfixed
2632shmoogincan I get this small pool of water and plants protected, as well as the rail station including the redstone in back? thanks in advance :DclosedFlumperProtected! :)
2631shmooginrail stop w2 has been rerouted from watermelonhouse to Stoner's Creek, can the name pls be changed?closedKing_of_quesosigns updated!
2630Jezzzziehelp. stuck in nowhere landclosedFlumperSaved! :)
2629Wozdakaneed a padmin to talk with - tyclosedFlumperOops, forgot to close this.. Discussed via msg. :)
2628shmoogincan I get a flowy waterfall right hereclosedcujobearflowing!
2627promaxxei accidentally killed a named batclosedFlumperMob restored! Please be careful. :)
2626username2088who put all these torches here?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2625CARnivore_ndsit looks like one of the caged parrots has wndered. or Pez's parrot is at spawn.closedcujobearI let Pez know his parrots are here
2624pez252Expand region down 1closedpez252Done
2623piplo127128weird modreq but is it possible to find out where Queen Victoria [name with capitals] the fish has goneclosedFlumperIt.. drowned. :|
2622pez252/place centered in this portal pleaseclosedcujobearRose added
2621pez252Protect this tree pleaseclosedSilversunsettree protected
2620pez252More edits from the same playerclosedFlumperSince the player was already warned for their grief by someone else, I've just rolled it back.
2619BlasphemousDudehelpclosedFlumperPlayer no longer seems to need help.
2618username2088water flow plsclosedzburdsalFlowing!
2616pez252Protect the beacon pleaseclosednels_nelsonRegion protection for end portal beacon has been created.
2615ZomiseAccident by someone I guessclosednels_nelsonRolled back accidental block destruction. Should this entire platform get a region protection if we don't want this to keep happening?
2614defiexFence up on a water with no way to get clear while in boat.closednels_nelsonDiscussed via msg.
2613Carrotappleflow pls ty in adv.closeddefiexSplish has been splashed!
2612pez252Derp?closedcujobearyes, and palyer responsible will remove it
2611assasymphoniMissing one gray sheep?closeddefiexMail sent! Sheep-y replaced!
2610King_of_quesodone 2609 never mindclosedKing_of_quesooops lol
2609King_of_quesoi accidentally broke this bit of farmland :OclosedKing_of_quesonever mind
2608ZomiseAny record who left this here or is stone out of logs already?closeddefiexDiscussed via message!
2607pez252Sheep murderedclosednels_nelsonReplaced murdered sheep breeders. Sent mail to murderer explaining warning.
2606Zomisewho made this rail?closednels_nelsonIdentified rail builder.
2605teiz1why cant i type wpdeath? lost all my good shitclosedkumquatmaydiscussed via /m
2604twilexisflow plsclosediNerd71Flowed!
2603IInsani_TyI need you to chesk something I died and I came back as quick as passible and im missing my elytras and thats it!! Can you see what happenedclosedkumquatmayMail sent
2602KedNysPlease extend kedland13 region all the way to the main road +8 blocks.closedSilversunsetregion updated
2601shmoogincan I get a flowy water source hereclosedcujobearsplish goes the water
2600Polar_Tedflow this one lil wattaclosedttsciFlowing! Water is weird. :P
2599assasymphoniplease protect this darkroom as a child of rose 'rose'scoolmurderhole.jpeg' and have the ceiling be a shulker regionclosedghrey303rosescoolmurderholejpeg and rosescoolshulkerspot regions created, set parent for one and build allow the other
2598PrometheusIsFreeflow - just some loos bits to cover the rest of the space.closedghrey303flowed!
2597assasymphoniDid someone kill our captured Wither Rose here?closedcujobearWither Rose replaced
2596shmoogincan I also get the Stoner's Crack skeleton grinder on the /place list of grinders please?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM! :)
2595shmoogincan I get Stoner's Crack on the /place list of settlements please?closedFlumperDiscussed via PM! :)
2594Wall_E__Flow 3 blocks of water, please.closedi_c_e_Flowing :)
2593PrometheusIsFreeflow - Lava and water, on this level, and the one below.closedrobrlet us know when you've got all the rest down...
2592Halinahplease flow the waters in this pool, ty!closedbuzzie71flowing!
2591FenrirLateralusregion assistance, corners markedclosedrobrbuilt area protected, remodreq to expand once empty areas are built into
2590DjentleGiantCan we please connect this road to spawn? It is more difficult to travel west than any other direction due to spawn proteccs. Thanks!closedkumquatmayPath added to the west exit!
2589OddGeometrysorry to flood the modreq. to explain the last one. It's a tall 1x1 pillar with diamond on the top. I'm going to remove it but would like to know who placed it. again sorry for the spamclosedttsciDiscussed via /msg
2588OddGeometrythere's a giant cole pillar that was not built by me. it doesn't bother me I'm just curious who put it there. I also found a pile of items next to, as if someone jumpedclosedttsciDiscussed via /msg
2587ixhiPlease protect this mostly-finished tall shrine :oclosedttsciProtected as ixhi_tall_shrine! :)
2586ZomiseALL FULL! Pls moar letters.closedttsciLetter drop rate has been increased!
2585BigNateUAHcan i claim this area? marked by the stone fence?closeddefiexSure thing! If you hae any other questions about landclaims, please let us know or check out http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Land_Claims
2584varjpls make these four black floor blocks a shulker area for the public.closedschererererernew shulker area 'varj_shulker1' set to public build allow
2583assasymphoniMy pick is not red wool. Please return?closedkumquatmayReturned! :P
2582assasymphoniQuestionable intoxicants based on dragon halitosis completed.closedkumquatmay\o/
2581watermelonhouseim stuck in this holeclosedSilversunsetunstuck from the dangerpit
2580shmoogincan I get some more flowy water hereclosedSilversunsetflowed
2579shmoogincan I get ah uhhh flowy water hereclosedSapphricFlowy!
2578Wizard_Councilprotections for my cow farm pleaseclosedSilversunsethouse (and cows) protected
2577DantesDamecould you please make the water flow into the ravine? Thank you!closedcujobearwater is fall
2576Tidusblueprotect the area inside the brown wool pleaseclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2575Sir_DidymusPlease protect this spawner.closedbuzzie71protected!
2574thrwyaflowclosedbuzzie71discussed via /msg :O
2573Sir_DidymusPlease protect this spawner.closedTrooprm32Protected!
2572Chef_Zuulwater flow here pleaseclosedSapphricFlowed!
2571assasymphoniCan a list of all available special event drops be posted before teh end of the event, so we can make sure we have one of every one?closedkumquatmayList added as a comment on the Valentines Event subreddit post!
2570GurtruedflowclosedKirstaeThis water is just as an example on how to flow! But you're using the /modreq command correctly!
2569kumquatmayI am claiming the slime spawnerclosedkumquatmayoopsie x2
2568kumquatmayI am claiming the slime spawnerclosedkumquatmayoopsie
2567ZomiseWhat happened to Floater the hydroponic fish at the potatoes?closedkumquatmayNo evidence of Floater being killed
2566AzumarillI just saw my charged creeper mysteriously suddenly die right here while swimmingclosedFlumperIt was struck by lightning. RIP. :(
2565AndryoGamesPvPAndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvP AndryoGamesPvPclosedbuzzie71request is unclear - if you require mod assistance, please file a modreq with a message describing your request ( /modreq [your request here] )
2564Polar_Tedflow waterclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2563Trooprm32Uh the entrance to my base was changedclosedbuzzie71restored!
2562twilexiswho placed these beds please?closedTrooprm32'You' did :p
2561nels_nelsonI've been trying to use the kelp trick to flow this entire column of water, but I think kelp height is limited. Is there a limit to how many water blocks one may request to have flowed?closednels_nelson
2560PrometheusIsFreeGot some indestructible web hampering a build.closeddefiexDiscussed via message, show that cobweb who's boss!
2559sybergoosePlace SyberCityclosedFlumperPlace added! :)
2557tict0cI didnt get my drops for killing dragon and it didnt report to chatclosedkumquatmayDrops placed in enderchest!
2556IInsani_Tycan you flow this single water source up top of new structure! Please and Thank Youclosedghrey303flowed! will need to place source blocks in elevator to make it fully functional
2555IInsani_TyNeed one water flowed! Please and Thank YouclosedSilversunsetone shall be the number of the flowing. and the number of the flowing shall be one. no more, no less.
2554IInsani_Tycan you flow all this water @ -1449 -3049! Please and Thank YoucloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
2553iNerd71I am claiming the slime spawnerclosedkumquatmayCongratulations on finding the slime spawner! When you are ready, modreq for the spawner to be placed. Note: Please see the custom spawner guidelines here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Custom_Spawners
2552username2088iron spawner request. place where chest is pleaseclosedFlumperSpawner placed! :)
2551nels_nelsonMay I please have this water block made to flow? Best regards, -Nelsclosednels_nelsonUh, flowed.
2550Muzelleflow pleaseclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2549shmooginnot sure what's up but this villager doesnt seem to be tradingclosednels_nelsonExplained about 'nitwit' villagers in chat.
2548cheezychickenbig dirt walls converted to barrier blocks plz <3closedkumquatmayBarriers placed!
2547Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedttsciflowing!
2546PPGOMEis it possible to see who took ghast tears from our valuables chest?closedbermudalocketdiscussed via /m
2545teiz1flowclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2544sybergoosewaterflow please tyclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2543Flumperhoppers and carts and carts and hoppers D:closedcujobearmachine has been dismantled
2542Darwinosaurusflowing water within buildclosedscherererererwater flowed!
2540Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedTrooprm32Flowed
2539PPGOMEflow please!closedTrooprm32Flowed
2538Argjend_2004my base has been a little griefed pls helpclosedFlumperChest removed! :)
2537Chef_Zuulwater flow here pleaseclosedTrooprm32Flowed
2536DantesDameI think I'm ready!! Can you please make all of the water blocks flow?closedTrooprm32Flowed!
2535Omegaeddonplz permanently delete all phantoms, ta!closedTrooprm32If only it were so simple :I
2534OmegaeddonPlz protect my mansion! Ta thankypooz!closednels_nelsonYour mansion is now protected. Best regards!
2533username2088who built this?closedTrooprm32Cobble derp, you can remove it
2531Weird_Grimi droped my eneralts at a villager and i can't get to themclosedghrey303discussed w/ /m
2530OmegaeddonClanksits being very abusive to meclosedOmegaeddonHe left
2529tict0cI need me heads back pleaseclosedkumquatmayFixed!
2528StarMinion1Solace is missing villagers. The design was supposed to be zombie & lightning proof. Was it grief?closedTrooprm32Zombied :(
2527iNerd71someone forgot to replantclosedKirstaeGrief fixed and player warned
2526Bearnorwater flowclosedTrooprm32Flowed!
2525Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedTrooprm32Flowed! :)
2524CrambullI am in need of region protection for my "island" at the world border, mostly because I need /flow for a project. And it doesn't need to be to bedrock, only to about y20 if that's ok. Border is marked by blue ice / stone brick pillars. Thanks.closedSilversunsethouse protected
2523drtednelsonhi could i get this area protected, marked by the 4 red wool blocks.... thanks!closedSilversunsetprotected
2522Muzellewhen are you culling fish? when do i have to fix my build?closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
2521KedNysmy two chickens disappeared, please help they were inside this cage.closedSilversunsetno evidence of chickens or any block edits. possible that moblimiter ate them if there were chickens nearby
2520StarMinion1Can I have the region "star_beacon" set as a subregion of "starshouse"? Both already exist. Thanksclosedcujobearhouse is now parent of beacon
2519dark3lementi need these four redstone blocks turned into golem spawners. i have the resources in these two shulkres sitting above the farmclosedcujobear4 tier 2 spawners placed. Change left it shulker box
2518dark3lementokay, one last try here, if this doesnt work, idk. please flow these water blocks, including the 2 in the wallsclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowed!
2517PrometheusIsFreeflow 2 blocks at end of each glass line.closedRukiaKuchiki_liquid hot magma flowed!
2516dark3lementone last time, if this doesnt work, im done, please flow the water in this room pretty pretty pleaseclosedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2515dark3lementi missed something, will you flow the two blocks in the walls, and see if that covers the area?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2514dark3lementplease flow the water blocks in this roomclosedrobrflowed
2513PrometheusIsFreeflowclosedtict0cFlowing :o)
2512wyldstallynsthis shulker belongs in the chest next to it, will re-do chest lock to prevent againclosedkumquatmayShulker put back!
2511Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedrobrflowed
2510DantesDameyikes! I pulled the water out too fast and didn't let it refill... can you please make this a source again :(closedrobrreflowed. patience you must have my young padawan.
2509IInsani_TyI broke 2 laters because I dug into this box because I did not see entrance I need help placing them back. Pleaseclosedrobrplease be more careful in the future. Rolled back.
2508DantesDamecan someone advise me on the best way to fill this area with water?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2507ixhiPlease protect this new shrine :oclosedSilversunsetshrine protected!
2506shmooginCan I get some flowy water here pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
2505KedNysSuggestion: Add spot to place shulker boxes in this trading area.closedkumquatmayNew spot added!
2504shmoogincan I claim this land for me and watermelonhouse (jungle wood on cobble walls, extending to road)closedscherererererThe area outlined constitutes a claim for you - no need for modreq! If you were looking for a protected region, you'll need more construction done first.
2503shmoogincan I get an infinite water source right hereclosedSilversunsetwatersource infinified
2502Silversunsetpls remove the lwc lock on these turtle eggs, they are new lays and i dont want more turtles....closedkumquatmayLocks removed
2501StarMinion1Can I have shulker regions on the stone slabs here? ThanksclosedSilversunsetshulker regions made!
2500StarMinion1Is there any way I could get my starshouse region expanded to include the area I dug below it even though the upper portion isn't developed?closedschererererernew region 'starsdig' created and set as child to 'starshouse' region
2499Polar_Tedin pvp arena please replace dirt in barrier block deck wth barrier block where I removed the sea lamps.closedkumquatmayBarriers placed
2498ghostpireplease protect my buildclosedKing_of_quesoBuild protected!
2497piplo127128helo i am stucclosedSilversunsetrescued
2496gk_ryo/roll comandclosedFlumper*rolls 1* *modreq catches fire then explodes*
2495Hanstrasomeone murdered our dolphins, can you murder them back and then replace the dolphins please? ty <3closedkumquatmayReplaced, see 2494
2494PPGOMEdolphins killedclosedkumquatmayDolphins replaced, player has been banned already
2493SwitchViewzGrief in progress? Theres 2 of them just wandering aroundclosedSilversunsetdegriefed and players warned
2492EternityOfDeathCan you please add Omega's house and aindriahhn's giant sword to MM region protections? Thank you!closedSilversunsetregion expanded for new builds
2491EternityOfDeathCan you please add Omega'closedEternityOfDeath
2490xocarterxoflowclosedSilversunsetyou'll want to place water for us to flow :) this is just an example at spawn to show you how it works
2489PPGOMEI threw my trident at a phantom right next to me and it's gone. It had loyalty and 100 durability leftclosedPPGOME
2488Hanstramoar flo pls tyclosedSilversunsetflowed
2487PaisleyPonyGot stuck while swimming somehow..closedFlumperFreed! :)
2486Hanstrafloow pls i lov u tyclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2485PigeonSquaredGolem SpawnerclosedFlumperDiscussed via msg. :)
2484PigeonSquaredHelp me find my missing Skulker?closedFlumperDiscussed via msg. :)
2483Hydraliskprotect big ass road I've just build, and the big ol' tree at the end of it tooclosedFlumperProtected! :)
2482SquaresTherewater flow? thankS!closedFlumperFlowed! :)
2481I_CAN_HAS_CAKEplease flow this waterclosedFlumperFlowed! :)
2480OmegaeddonCan you tp my dumb ass outta this maze plz? Im woefully unprepared :/closedghrey303no comment
2479Spartan____So can I ask who built this thingclosedghrey303discussed with /m
2478ghrey303looks like a player spammed shulker boxes here to block a public area ...closedghrey303discussed with player
2477DancingBoltflow water plsclosedbookey42big water flowed
2476DanceDummieshey im am stuck in a hole at spawn, can anyone help me?closedghrey303fixed
2475Hanstrabig wooder flo ty plsclosedgrenbugbig flowin!
2474Hanstraflw wooter plz i lov uclosedghrey303flowed!
2473PPGOMEDolphins disappeared before my eyes. Didn't unload chunks. Should be no reason for their poofclosedcujobearLogs show no dolphin deaths so we cannot replace. We have passed information on to techs along with other mysterious disappearances
2472PPGOMEDidn't see fish's name until I hit it. Accidentally killed a fish named 'Speck'closedcujobearThank you for reporting.
2471PPGOMEI'm stuck in this minecart and can't get outclosedBluuefuzzyyou're not stuck no mo
2469MackSaffronFlow these two blocks, please. If possible add the spider room to my ownership so I can /flow on my own in there, too. Thanks!closedkumquatmayflowin' and protected!
2468Weird_Grimmake water flowclosedscherererererflowed 2 water blocks
2467SwitchViewzDid someone grief my chickens or did they suffocate? D:closedTrooprm32Replaced chickens
2466King_of_quesoCan I get a /place for my triple cave spider grinder?closedFlumperPlaced added! :)
2465Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedzburdsalFlowing!
2464TeDdyBEar00what happened to my horse? i relogged and still isn't showing upclosedkumquatmayMail sent!
2463SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed
2462Hanstraflo this wooter pls ty I lov uclosedzburdsalFlowing!
246132ndFlavaPlease take thy offering of Golem Souls to upgrade our iron spawners to Tier 4 \o/ In top chest here!closedcujobearthank you for your generous offering, spawners upgraded to tier 4
2460Hanstramining route lighting is borked and there are zombies help aaaaaaaaaclosedSapphric¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2459jertyunfl made a ban appeal can someoen check itclosedSilversunsetdone
2458PPGOMEOne of our judges was killed. Unkill him please if possibleclosedSilversunsetjudge restored and player warned
2457Trooprm32Protection for this small room plisclosedTrooprm32Protecteed
2456VuulHeya, could you tell me who made this rail? would like to hook into it using the South-East rule.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2455iNerd71massive cropicide north of spawn (I replanted the potatoes and stored some of the drops in the public chests)closedSilversunsetcrops restored and player warned
2454PPGOMEpumpkins to barriers please!closedFlumperBarriers placed! :)
2453ZomiseFlow these four blocks please.closedHeysofiaAll flowed!
2452ZomiseFlood the top player only please.closedHeysofiaAll flowed! Enjoy the slimeys :o
2451batchloo1this glowstone protection also encompasses the wheat. not sure if intentional or whatclosedHeysofiaThanks for pointing that out! Region fixed :)
2450Weird_Grimone of the trapdoors that are locked went openclosedHeysofiaSet the trapdoor interact to deny so no one can open them anymore :)
2449promaxxehello i found some boats and stuff, MercuryStar42 also has some, we pciked them up on the east side just outside of spawn, nobody said theyre theirs or anything so we took them- is that ok?closedzburdsalSounds fine to me, thanks for being sure though!
2448Azumarillcreate region "azu_waterbox" below (all the way down through bedrock)closedHeysofiaAnother region made :o
2447Azumarillcreate region "azu_darkbox" around big box aboveclosedHeysofiaRegion made! Enjoy :D
2446AzumarillflocloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
2445wyndysaschaPls to flow all these sources at once - can I get a quick PM before it's done? :PclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2444IInsani_TyI did in the nether with my Stuff got everything besides my sword!! Are you able to see what happenedclosedHeysofiaBecause you died due to a mob you attacked we can't replace the sword, sorry :( It's probably most likely that the mob picked up your sword.
2443ColdFrostingcrop griefclosedBluuefuzzycrops fixed and players warned!
24428_Bit_Elican you make these 2 peices of water flow?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
24418_Bit_Elican you make these 2 peices of water flow?closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2440iNerd71My light gray sheep are missing!closedBluuefuzzysheep restored player warned!
2439MSLKWpls claim the area in the fenceclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
2438MSLKWpls make water flowclosedSpook6flowed :P
2437OmegaeddonWhat are the chances I can take over this island? The original guy was only here for a couple of hours and that was a month ago. Let me build summit lovely. :DclosedFlumperThe island is yours! I doubt the user will be back but they've been notified and their chests moved.
2436MSLKWplease claim this work in progress greenhouseclosedBluuefuzzyprotected!
2435twilexisflow me, daddyclosediNerd71FLowed already!
2434OddGeometryplease make this 1 water block flowclosedTrooprm32Flowed!
2433twilexissong is broke do do do-do do-do fix it now do do do-do do-doclosediNerd71Note blocks fixed do do do do do do player warned do do do do do do
2432Trooprm32Can I get 4 iron golem spawners below (where the iron ore is ), stuff in the chest... thanks!closedkumquatmaySpawners placed!
2431Hanstraflow pls ty i love you ver y a lotclosedzburdsalFlowing!
2430HanstraIn case it's not already known, it's possible to endlessly grind XP at the spawn trader by switching a stack of Po8 to a doubloon, then back into a stack of Po8, ad infinitum.closedcujobearThank you for letting us know
2428Azumarillwatr dispnsrclosedSilversunsetflowing
2427username2088water flow pleaseclosedbookey42water flowin!
2426username2088water flow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
2425Incapacitystill cant modify any blocks/entities while holding tnt minecart, nor place as decor. ticket was closed without response.closedFlumperMail sent regarding this issue! :)
2424BabyWhomawater flowclosedttsciflowing!
2423SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedi_c_e_clear fresh water ;)
2422username2088water flowclosedbookey42flowin!
2421kandokowater flow single block at tom pleaseclosedbookey42Water is a moving!
2420Hordsaksomeone stealing banners I thinkclosedFlumperBanners replaced! :)
2419robrgrass block grief outside our portalclosedttscirestored, discussed with player
2418username2088water flowclosedRukiaKuchiki_flowwed :D
2417username2088water flowclosedSpook6flowed
2416username2088water flowclosedSirLyleflowed
2415assasymphonioops this water splish was missedclosedTrooprm32Flowed
2414assasymphonisplishsplash sploosh psclosedbookey42Water Flowing!
2413username2088water flowclosedbookey42Water is flowing happy lava walking
2412LavaCakeLoverhorse and saddle disapperedclosedLavaCakeLoverthe horse is back
2411SwitchViewzGrief, these logs were not stripped and are not supposed to be strippedclosedTrooprm32Fixed
2410Leaf_Ericsonim stuckclosedTrooprm32Apparently no longer stuck
2409JezzzzieI entered a hole without consent and now Im in trouble. Halp plzclosedTrooprm32You appear to be out lol
2408Spartan____Qould I be able to get a region protected within a region, so as to keep the redstone from being accidentally broken by others?closednels_nelsonNew region has been protected.
2407Spartan____Flow these 3 dispencers please :]closedrobryou now have 3 unsafe dispensers
2406Spartan____Can I get these 3 dispencers flowing again? Also, Flava suggested setting these crop farms up as their own region so that people won't accidentally break the redstone, is that possible?closedSpartan____
2405Spartan____Can I have the 3 dispencers and two water blocks on ice flowed?closeddefiexSplish has been splashed and dispensors will flow!
2404Spartan____Flow the infinity source?closedrobrflowed
2403Spartan____Can I get flow on the three dispensers and the two water blocks on the ice?closeddefiexSplish has been splashed and dispensers splooshed.
2402robrneed dialer region - could just do 1 through air for both framescloseddefiexDialer region solace_dialers has been created! Happy dialing!
2401MSLKWplease help claimclosedkumquatmayProtected!
2400Spartan____Can I glow on these two water blocks?closedkumquatmayalready flowing
23998_Bit_Eliumm... its not flowingclosedkumquatmayflowing correctly now
23988_Bit_Elican you flow this water>closedkumquatmayflowin
23978_Bit_Elido i need a modreq to make soulsand and magma blocks to pull/push things underwater?closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
2396Muzelleplease fix the water here, i was trying to fill a bucket and it went horribly wrongclosedscherererererrendering error; fixed via relogging
2395Wizard_CouncilPlease flow my lava for lighting, just follow the signsclosedscherererererflowed 8 lava, now with a closing message!
2394SoulDusthelp, my mule is stuck in this stupid soulevatorclosedschererererermule moved back to bottom; no longer trapped
2393saberfyshflow water pleaseclosedNoramiAll blocks flowing now :)
2392SoulDustcould you please un-delete this cave spider spawner I destroyed? I removed it before looking above on the live map, and I don't know if these guys had any plans for it. There was no sign.closedkumquatmayDiscussed via /m
2391saberfyshflow water pleaseclosedNoramiFlowing \o/
2390SwitchViewzMore grief D:closedtotemofixed
2389SwitchViewzMajor crop grief :(closedtotemocrops fixed
2388SwitchViewzSomeone came along and took pumpkins and melons out of my chests and threw them on the ground. Some form of grief?closedtotemoplayer rolled back and banned
2387username2088water flow please (sorry)closedSilversunsetflowed
2386Lethal_Treecan i get this yellow shulker box replaced with an iron golem spawner? it has all the required materials in itclosedkumquatmaySpawner placed! Shulker box in collection chest.
2385username2088water flow again pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
2384username2088water flow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
2383Suspicious_Mangocan i get the upper waterlogged stairs flowing pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2382Suspicious_Mangocan i get an infinite source pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2381Suspicious_Mangocan i get the waterlogged stairs flowing pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2380Suspicious_Mangocan i get the 4 water blocks on the ground flowing pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
2379Bearnorwater flowclosedSpook6water already flowing
2378Suspicious_Mangocan i get these two water blocks flowing to create an infinite source pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed (but i'm not sure it is doing what you want)
2377_Emberlynhow do i get my own plot?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2376sushi15flowing water/lava from these three dispensersclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2375Nyxiewaterflows plsclosedttsciflowing
2374ocelotpotpieLooks like an extra region got added to this?closedSilversunsetblame troop.
2373IInsani_TyCan you flow all my lava and waterclosedzburdsalFlowed and reflowed!
2372ocelotpotpieCould I please have this grinder/spawner protected as 'skeletonpotpie'? :)closedSilversunsetgrinder protection, please make sure to check out the modifications suggested before too many mobs build up :(
2371Trooprm32Protections/expansion? for this quadrent please!closedSilversunsetyour evil region has been expanded
2370ocelotpotpieCan you also flow this water, please? Thank you!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2369ocelotpotpieCan you please flow this water? Thank you!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2368batchloo1potential farm griefclosedSilversunsetlooks like the owner of the farm just didnt replant.
2367batchloo1can't tell if this is farm griefclosedSilversunsetarea rolled back! thanks for reporting
2366iNerd71One last golem spawner on the orange wool please! :Dclosedcujobear4th spawner installed!
2365IInsani_TyCan someone Please flow my water @ -1481 & -3083closedSilversunsetflowed
2364assasymphoniOh great Golem Gods, please accept this offering to upgrade a Tier 2 spawner to Tier 3closedcujobearIt is done \o/
2363IInsani_TyFlow this water for me Please at -1482 -3087closedSilversunsetflowed
2362IInsani_TySomeone Else palced these hoppers down for my ig Farm and i cant mine them!! Cord -1481 & -3073closedcujobeardiscussed via /m
2361MasterIX09can i get more water flow within in this area, thanks.closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2360Crambullhola, I need another beacon pyramid protected por favor.closedbuzzie71protected!
2359Spartan____Flow these 3 dispencers, please?closedSpook6dispensers flowed
2358Spartan____flow please \o/closedSpook6flowed! \o/
2357MasterIX09water flow plz, thanks for your time!closedbookey42water flowing!
2356PPGOMEremove barriers under the cobblestone wall pillars please! (the 2 under)closedcujobearbarriers removed
2355Floating_Potatois there a way to tell how i died , maybe 4 hours ago? this is an afk bot, so i dont knowclosedSpook6sent via /mail
2354thrwyaflow (around circle)closedbookey42Water circle Flowed.
2353cheezychickenmake water splishy splash plz <3closedSpook6splishy splashed!
2352ZomiseSomeone griefed the field?closedCARnivore_ndslooks like normal activity, they may have been in process of replant.
2351dark3lementhey, can we get a /place for the Avalon Guardian Grinder? its located at 1424,64,2256closedcujobearPlace added at Eastern Entrance
2350sushi15requesting protection of a guardian farm + drop collection area.closedSpook6guardian farm protected :)
2349Beast_ModeProplease unmute me im very sadclosedttsciUnmuted - do not spam chat.
2348nels_nelsonMay I please have this water block flowed? Best regards, -NelsclosedCARnivore_ndsshe got the second dance also
2347nels_nelsonMay I please have this water block flowed? Best regards, -NelsclosedCARnivore_ndsyou can't put babywaterr in a corner... she MUST flow
2346RokkuCXVIIPlease make a build allow region on the leaves, please and thanksclosedSirLylecircular heresy indulged
2345pez252Lots of hoppersclosedkumquatmayPlayer messaged about hopper use!
2344pez252Lots of hoppersclosedkumquatmayPlayer messaged about hopper use!
2343HordsakI think someone slaughtered my dogsclosedSilversunsetno wolf deaths found, its possible they teleported somewhere
2342Weird_Grimcan you private the trapdoors here that only i can use them?closedbuzzie71trapdoors locked down!
23418_Bit_Elican you make these 2 peices of water flow?closedSilversunsetflowed
2340TheHolyCI dropped my looting level behind pirate pete, could I get it back please?closedcujobearretrieved
2339WayfarerfrostHi. Could I get the water at my current location to flow? ThanksclosedSilversunsetflowed
2338J0380808please flow the water block I just placedclosedSilversunsetflowed
2337Spartan____Can I get flow on these 3 hoppers and the water on the ice?closedSilversunsetflowed dispensers
2336shmooginsmall grif on this treeclosedSilversunsetgrief repaired
2335cyanoacrylatecan I get an ID on who placed these torches?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2334camp_jacking_roylava flowclosedcujobearlava is oozing
2333camp_jacking_roywater flowclosedcujobearwaterfall is falling
2332tadrogersthis water isn't right. can you make it flow? Thanks!closedbuzzie71it is now!
2331sybergoosewaterflow pls/tyclosedcujobearyour fountains floweth over
2330TharineFarm grief ?closedSilversunsetdegriefed and player warned
2329shmoogincan I claim rail W2 for watermelonhouse?closedSilversunsetw2 labelled for watermelonhouse!
2328KoneLinxCan you make these dispenser dispense water ?closedbuzzie71they should all dispense flowing water now!
2326TexasTormentureflow here and 2x up the road slightlyclosediNerd71Sploosh!
232532ndFlavaflow the water blocks here on top of the ice. Thanks!closediNerd71Sploosh!
2324TexasTormentureflow x2 plz (im making 4 ponds)closediNerd71sploosh!
232332ndFlavaflow the 4 blocks of water in the trough under the observers. Thanks! :Dclosed32ndFlava
2322HydraliskHydralisk build protection for plot please. Ignore last modreq, didn't fill it out correctlyclosedttsciProtected! Happy building. :)
2321iNerd713 golem spawners on 3 of the orange wool below please! Also extend Argoth protections to protect grinderclosedkumquatmaySpawners placed!
2320HydraliskHydraliskclosedbuzzie71closed on request! You can also close your own requests by using /check to find the number of your request, then run /done
2319kumquatmaymy horse went down the guardian grinder chute.. pls send rescue teamclosedSpook6strangest looking guardian ive ever seen, took it out of the grinder :P
2318Tellephonecan I get more water flow here and from the turtle's mouth?closediNerd71Sploosh!
2317Tellephonecan I get water flow here?closedTrooprm32Flowed
2316Bluuefuzzywho put this here?closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2315CairBirbI need an area protected. I've marked the boundaries with wooden pillars on the ocean floor. Need the protection to extend from the surface down to at least lvl 36 if possible.closedSilversunsetprotected and set as a child of stonemist
2314Muzellei named a dolphin "blowhole" did it die?closedFlumperDuplicate
2313Muzelleis it possible to find info on a named dolphin and see if it died?closedFlumperDolphin restored! :)
2312Viktor_MaxwellflowclosedSilversunsetflowed all the things!
2311SoulDustplease flow this water, so that this fishing hole looks like a wee waterfall :)closedSilversunsetflowed!
2310SapphricTest modreqclosedSapphricI love you, Sapph.
2309DarwinosaurusLay claim on fenced areaclosedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2308PPGOMEwho made this road? Potential griefclosedzburdsalDiscussed via pm.
2307nels_nelsonI accidentally mined this sign. Sorry for the trouble.closedSilversunsethorrible grief has been restored, please report to the dungeon for your 30 lashes
2306SKABYhi, woul you mind making these flow again for me? i changed the heightTahnks!closedzburdsalFlowing! Looks even better!
2305SKABYcould you make this water flow for me please?closedzburdsalFlowing!
2304Spartan____flow :]closedzburdsalFlowing!
2303TexasTormenturelast 3 shulker spotsclosedSilversunsetthe most shulker spots evar!
2302TexasTormenture3x shulker spotsclosedSilversunsetMORE shulker spots made
2301TexasTormenture1 here under sign please. shulker spotclosedSilversunsetshulkers made
2300Spartan____flowclosedi_c_e_Flowing :)
2299TexasTormentureplease make 2 shulker spotsclosedSilversunsetshulker spot made
2297SKABYwould you mind removing these 6 furnaces fo us? thanks!closedFlumperFurnaces removed! :)
2296SquaresTherewater flow? thanks! :)closedi_c_e_ye be flowing
2295username2088water flow plsclosedttsciFlowing!
2294barneygale(another one of these) not in a claim as far as I can tell, but the area in front is protectedclosedcujobeardiscussed via /m
2293SKABYcould you make all of these lava block friends flow please?closedrobrhot showers enabled
22928_Bit_Elican i create a rail from spawn to my own and after i create it can i change a sign at the spawn railway? just asking beforehand.closedbuzzie71yes - dig and lay rail and connect under the spawn station, then once you are done, modreq for a sign change to reflect the destination :O check out https://www.reddit.com/comments/aih8tv for connection info
229132ndFlavaplease expand the Pico region to include this build. Thanks!closedSirLylebuilding protected as a child of pico
2289darklordsmuCan I request barrier blocks to replace the glass panes in my arena please? I'd like a better view for peopleclosedcujobearbarriers placed to stop non-players from entering the arena
2288TheNightsKingI put a torch down where water should be when trying to place a boat. Please fix my boobooclosedcujobearwater replaced, Thanks for letting us know
2287barneygalei'm in a protection but i can't see any boundary markedclosedrobrprimarily underground build that extends to surface in places, within a claim area marked by stone fences
2286Muzelleflow pleaseclosedCARnivore_ndsflow isa go !
228432ndFlavaplease expand the picoautofarm region to include the new additions. Thanks!closednels_nelsonArea expanded!
2283barneygalewater flow please!closedzburdsalFlowing!
2282HydraliskHydraliskclosedzburdsalNot quite enough built for a protection, but keep working it! Also, request using "/modreq [your request here]"
2281darklordsmuflow please?closedzburdsalFlowing
2280DjentleGiantPlease flow the water between the two purple blocks. Thanks!closedzburdsalFlowing!
2279Nyxiewaterflow @ttsdciclosedi_c_e_flowed
2278Spartan____Flow please \o/closedzburdsalFlowing!
227732ndFlavaCan we have a child region of Pico named PicoAutoFarm that covers this room so we can flow lots of water? Thanks! :DclosedSirLylebuilt portion protected, we protect *builds* not for water flow
2276assasymphoniOh great Golem Gods, please accept this offering to convert Sea Lanters to golem spawners. (Should be enough for two level 2s, and two level 3s)closedcujobearI am more of a Panda God, but I granted your wish for spawners anyway :D
2275username2088water flowclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2274assasymphonisploosh more wotar plsclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2273Spartan____Water flow please :Dclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2272Spartan____Can I get these trapdoors to be unopenable?closedbuzzie71trapdoors frozen!
2271assasymphonispoosh plsclosedbuzzie71flowing!
2270_Inder_I think i was greifed. Haven't been on for a month but this isn't how i left it :pclosedbuzzie71restored the griefed parts, not sure how the rest came to be ._. sorry
2269SkyAdventurer01flow please!closedbuzzie71flowing!
2268thrwyasorry to bother but only part of the circle got flowed :cclosedQueenBombusall flowing!
2267thrwyaflow - The water around the circle c:closedQueenBombuslots of flowing water. had to do it in segments!
2266diden00pleas flow thisclosedCARnivore_ndsflowed the whole row, enjoy !
2265shmooginthere is an unlabeled death trap hereclosedscherererererthanks for reporting, builder of the autofisher messaged to edit it to remove the potential for player deaths
2264promaxxeand the water in these two lakes plsclosedscherererererflowed!
2263promaxxeflow water here plsclosedscherererererflowed!
2262Weird_Grimmake the noteblocks clickable to publicclosedscherererereradded the use-note-block flag, set to allow - should work now!
2261scherererererdropped some emeralds in villager slot pls helpclosedkumquatmayretrieved!
2260ZomiseShould this guy have the Jolly Roger in the trades too, since he doesn't?closedKing_of_quesoDiscussed via /msg
2259Azumarillwho bridge? who bridge???!!?!closedbookey42Sent player mail answering their question.
2258Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedKirstaeFlowing
2257tadrogerscan you protect this beacon? Thanks!closedKing_of_quesobeacon protected!
2256username2088water flow plsclosedSilversunsetflowed
2255SkyAdventurer01flow so i don't lag to server outclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2254username2088water flow plsclosedttsciFlowing!
2253Kirstaeone of my parrots got killed in here :(closedcujobearparrot replaced, player was already banned for this and other grief
2252Spook6ded sheps?closedSilversunsetsheep restored, player has already been punished for their crimes of mobicide!
2251OddGeometryplease protect "Fort Furnace"closednels_nelsonProtected fort_furnace!
2250Andromeda4210griefed road glowstoneclosedSilversunsetrepaired!
2249Azumarillhow close can I get to this pillar without asking whoever this is (also: who is this)closedAzumarillnever mind
2248SquaresTherewater flow? thanks!closedSilversunsetflowed
2247Leaf_Ericsonaccidently broke somones build (two blocks) can someone fix them? thought it was a dungeonclosedSilversunsetdamage repaired. please be careful in the future, if youre unsure if something is manmade you can always ask mods before breaking it
2246PlNGPlease upgrade the lowest tier spawner and can you let us know what we've got?closedcujobearsecond tier 3 placed.
2245Muskogee_Redflow 1 blockclosedSilversunsetflowed
2244username2088water flowclosedrobrfloqed
2243RareVioletmy skellie horse glitched out I am wondering if I can get it resotredclosedcujobearA message has been sent to your /mail inbox
2242SwitchViewzPlease protect this drop and tunnel as "switch_iceroad_east" and make it a child of "switchbase". Thanks!closedSilversunsetprotected
2241SwitchViewzAny chance this chest could be removed? Thanks!closedFlumperChest removed! :)
2240KoneLinxwaterclosedbookey42water flowing
2239HouseBoltoncould this thing be protected? tyclosedQueenBombusthe dimensions of house_bolton region encompass all buildings already no changes made
2238username2088water flowclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
2237NoramiWhy was I logged in after restart from the lobby? Does it happen automatically now?closedtotemomost likely the lobby restarted
2236thrwyaflowclosedbuzzie71yes, still flowing!
2234wyndysaschaPls to protect this spawner as 'wyndy_skelly_02' :DclosediNerd71Protected on stream!
2233darklordsmuplease flow this tooclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2232darklordsmuplease flowclosedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2231PewptyI had three witches riding pufferfish in my sheep pen. They killed the sheep. I was told this was something to do with the trap modclosedFlumperDiscussed via msg. :)
22308_Bit_EliI cant get off my donkey!!! whenever i press left-shift it says "Dont Disemark Here! You cant get back on. And when i press e put put the saddle back on, it says "ARR!!! BELAY AT ONCE!"closedFlumperIssue resolved! :)
2229twilexisplease protect this beacon base and add wozdaka onto the region. thanks :)closedFlumperProtected! :)
2228twilexiswas this griefed?closedFlumperUngriefed! :)
2227twilexiscan I remove this granite spam?closedtwilexisdisregard, they're marking out an area in an ugly way
2226RokkuCXVII[ADMIN] Please replace all of the endstone with barrier blocks :D ThanksclosedFlumperBarriers placed! :)
2225Darwinosaurusflowing waterclosedKing_of_quesoflowing!
2223CaptainWolfgangHey! Would it be possible to get our land protected? (Me and ToddChavay build together)closedKing_of_quesoYour builds have been protected!
2222Muzelleprotect spawner pleaseclosedRukiaKuchiki_spawner protected!
2221Bearnorwater flowclosedSapphricFlowed!
2220username2088water flowclosedSapphricFlowed!
2219Bearnorwater flowclosedSilversunsetflowed :)
2218Bearnorwater flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
2217Bearnorwater flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
2216Bearnorwater flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
2215Bearnorwater flowcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!
2214Bearnorwater flowclosedKing_of_quesoflowing!
2213username2088iron spawner request. where chest isclosedFlumperSpawner placed! :)
2212Bearnorwater flowclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2211DjentleGiantPlayertrap grief on my rail...at least it appears that is the caseclosedzburdsalPlayer erased.
2210Silversunsetpls protect the nether platform drop and bottom bit as a child of ironstarclosedKing_of_quesoDrop protected!
2209Estelorechest region Can we have a region named Atria centering on this position, continuing 60 blocks in each direction horz., down to bedrock, and 60 up vertc.?closedcujobearchest region created after discussion
2208Wozdakaso for this rg in nether - pls allow shulker placement on the sanctuary (inside) platform with all the stone - tyclosedSilversunsetshulker spot made
2207username2088water flow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
2206Lethal_Treecan i get my horse tpd out of the lava because the last time i tried to ride it out it diedclosedSilversunsethorsie flowed out of lava like the firey boi he is!
2205promaxxecan i get a chest region called "mayorcolorata" pls? thxclosedSilversunsetregion created
2204I_CAN_HAS_CAKEplease flow thisclosedttsciFlowing!
2203I_CAN_HAS_CAKEplease flow thisclosedSilversunsetflowed
2202I_CAN_HAS_CAKEplease flow thisclosedSilversunsetflowed
2201Django_Phetrequest: Claim. Oh, mighty smiters! Please defend my humble hovel against baddies and do gooders alike. Also, please dont turn me into a newt.closedSilversunsetdjango_house protected!
2200Weird_Grimprotect this grinderclosedSilversunsetgrinder protected!
2198assasymphoniwould it be possible to have that trapdoor made unopenable so I stop releasing my zombie friendo?closedKing_of_quesotrapdoor has been made immovable!
2196Andromeda4210There's one block that I can't replant. What do I do?closedBluuefuzzylooks like it was a lighting issue, all fixed!
2195Spartan____who placed all these redstone blocks/dust?closedBluuefuzzydiscussed via pm
2193TellephoneWater flow please?closedKing_of_quesoFlowing!
2192GenghisKhanXUpgrade golems spawners to Tier 3 please! Also, there is water in my iron grinder that isn't flowing :(closedFlumperUpgraded and flowed! :)
2191OmegaeddonHow do I preserve my spawn point if I am forced to sleep all the time?closedFlumperThat's a question for mojang, not us!
2190PewptyWitches have despawned, but still down 4 sheep in my pen.closedFlumperSee previous msg.
2189PewptyWitches killed my sheep! Can I get some help?closedFlumperSorry, we only replace mobs lost due to grief or glitch. :(
2188theFacebookgreif'd cowsclosedBluuefuzzycows replaced!
2186TeDdyBEar00can i protect my tree i'm building out? I've literally built the entire tree at this point?closedKing_of_quesotree protected!
2185theFacebooksomeone killed our sheep?closedrobrsheep restored, murderers already banned
2184ixhiplease protect this hidden underground shrine :3closedrobrshrine protected
2183Esteloreflowclosedrobrbathtub filling..
2182BloomingLilycan you protect this beacon please :DclosedTrooprm32Protected
2181Jedi_Mime_Tricksflow water @ 2634 to 2633 by 56 by -143 to 4 (the square of waterclosedTrooprm32Flowed
2180KoneLinxcan you remove this chest? Kumqy replaced it and left it private :vclosedFlumperChest removed! Sorry about that. :)
2178TellephoneCan I get more flow here please?closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2177TellephoneCan I get water flow here please?closedkumquatmayFlowin'!
2176EternityOfDeathCan I get these 4 spots marked with lapis blocks here unlocked for visitor chest placement please?closedkumquatmayBuild allow regions created!
2175KoneLinxI want to undo the spell on these cursed water blocksclosedKoneLinx
2174KoneLinxSame principle as 2171. But this time, an upgrade to Tier 2. [4]closedkumquatmaySpawner upgraded!
2173KoneLinxSame as 2171. 3rd one :D. [3]closedkumquatmaySpawner placed!
2172KoneLinxSame as 2171. But a second one. [2]closedkumquatmaySpawner placed!
2171KoneLinxI'd like to place a new Iron Golem spawner. Cost is placed in the chest. Right in front, there's a netherrack block. Thanks. [1]closedkumquatmaySpawner placed!
2170KoneLinxW a t e r - v2.0closediNerd71-sploosh!
2169KoneLinxW a t e rclosediNerd71Ker-
2168SwitchViewzPlease protect the beacons and pyramid as "switch_beacons" and make it a child of "switchbase". Thanks!closediNerd71Protected! Switch pls,
2167cyanoacrylatelocked rail selectorclosedTrooprm32Please ask the region owners to fix this by making a modreq
2166Hanstrasomeone blocked this ice boat road with a chestclosedFlumperChest seems to have already been removed! :)
2165Herr_Fawkesprotect my wallsclosedTrooprm32Walls protected with 1 block buffer
2164TellephoneCan we have the area between the dirt blocks protected please?closedTrooprm32Protected vinny!
2163Muzellewhy do my named pufferfish keep dying?closedkumquatmaySent information via /mail
2162assasymphonispoosh this one block pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
2161Andromeda4210i'm stuck with my horse in a hole in a protected regionclosedSilversunsethorse and user rescued!
2160PPGOMEpumpkins to barrier please!closedFlumperBarriers placed! :)
2159assasymphonisploosh plsclosedttscisplish splashed!
2158Bluuefuzzyixhi built their road a bit too far into solace, i don't think they knew that wasn't what our plans wereclosedcujobearLooks like this has been resolved
2157CairBirbcan I get an area between (603,48,2257) and (584, 44, 2235) protected? I'm installing noteblocks in this area and need them to stay locked. Thank you!closedSilversunsetup on the shore they work all day, out in the sun the slave away. while we inspected (also protected) under the sea!
2156darklordsmuFlow please. Down slope to X:2598 Y:30closedSilversunsetflowed
2155darklordsmuplease flow from here down slope to Z:-130 Y:20closedSilversunsetflowed
2154darklordsmuplease flow from here down slope to X:2577 Y:15closedSirLyleflowed
2153promaxxecan i get the water in this waterfall thing to flow thxclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2152darklordsmualso the water at X:2548, Y:16, Z:-116closedpez252Flowed
2151darklordsmuplease flow the H20 at X:2558, Y:15, Z:-142closedcujobearH2O flow is a go
2150Silversunsetplease replace our last tier-1 spawner with a tier-2, souls are in the chest.closedcujobearlast tier 2 in place
2149Azumarillflow plzclosedSilversunsetflowed
2148Azumarillregion on this east-west tunnel please.closedSirLyletunnel protected
2147Sir_DidymusPlease protect this spawner (if it isn't already)closedpez252Protected!
2146GenghisKhanXWater flow for cactus harvester, please and thanks!closedpez252Flowed
2145SwitchViewzI got myself stuck, please save hehclosedSwitchViewzNevermind rescued myself :P
2144nickeynickey123water flowage, thank uuuclosedNoramiall flowing \o/
2143promaxxecan i get all this water here and down the mini fall flowed?closedNoramiall flowing
2142darklordsmuplease flow water at X:2542, Y: 70, Z:14closedbookey42Water is flowing.
2141nickeynickey123Water flowageclosedbookey42water doth flow!
2140GenghisKhanXprotection on my flower machine, please and thanks!closedNoramiflower farm machine protected
2139nickeynickey123lava flow (8 in corners)closedbookey42Lava is hot hot hot but it flows!
2138Spartan____I've fallen and I can't get upclosedrobrrescued!
2137Bluuefuzzypls protect spawnerclosedBluuefuzzyprtected
2136Suspicious_Mangocan i get the downwards-facing waterlogged stairs flowing please? thanks!closedBluuefuzzyflowin!
2135PipersDadRegarding "develop this grinder more" What more needs to be done? I need region so I can flow water to finish it.closedpez252Protected!
2134Suspicious_Mangocan i get these two water blocks flowing to create an infinite spring please? thanks!closedBluuefuzzyflowin! go sleep!
2133PipersDadprotection, spiderGrinder2, 4 corners marked with signs, y19 to y24closedFlumperPlease develop this grinder more to qualify for protections. The spawner itself has been protected, though. :)
2132cheezychickenWho put these stonebricks down?closediNerd71Discussed via /msg
2131assasymphoniMapworld 'click to warp' signs aren't working for meclosedcujobearsee /mail or contact me for further info
2130ixhiplease protect the mostly-finished shrine complex on this tiny island, and the tiny bridge immediately to its west :oclosediNerd71Shrine and bridge protected!
2129Ruthlessssspls flow :)closedKirstaeflowing!
2128Weird_Grimmake water flowclosedzburdsalFlowing!
2127zburdsalCarto doesn't support stripped logs. Please fix it, my farms look pitiful and I take this as a personal offense.closedFlumperTechs have been informed, thanks for the heads up! :)
2126BloomingLilycan you turn any one of these golem spawners to lv 3 please? souls are in the chest :DclosedkumquatmayUpgraded!
2125Lethal_Treemy horse got zucced up by this convienient bubble thing and now hes stuck and gonna die if i try to ride what do i doclosedkumquatmayHorse rescued!
2124Lugia_Gamescant use World edit to set a region of area as a certain blockclosediNerd71Discussed via /msg
2123Wozdakaplease protect top only of nether sky platform - call rg "Woz_play_house" - child of "Ironstar" rg - tyvmclosedzburdsalDone and done!
2122Wozdakaplease create chest region called "Ironstar" for Nether realm - tyvmclosedzburdsalRegion Made!
2121Halinahplease remove this region (haven_villagers) since they have moved, no longer need this protection, ty!closedzburdsalRegion Removed
2120President_Frogwent through the portal with a polarbear it disapearedclosedzburdsalDiscussed via... Global Chat?
2119nickeynickey123water flow, extremely low priorityclosedzburdsalDone!!!! Sorry for delay.
2118nickeynickey123Water flowageclosedSilversunsetflowed
2117SKABYwould you mind flowing these waters? thank youclosedzburdsalFlowing!
2116username2088water flow pleaseclosedSilversunsetflowed
2115wyldstallynsplease make this dispenser place the lavaclosedSilversunseti think i flowed it!
211432ndFlavaI placed my enchanted boat from the shulker trader thinking it would be fast and when I broke it after use, it went back to normal :( Can fix?closedkumquatmayBoat replaced
2113PPGOMECan Colorata get a /place please? :D (426 -216)closedFlumperPlace added! :)
2112promaxxewe have been having problems with scottyr3h3, he is now making an unauthorized and unwanted path through our claim without asking. what can be done?closedcujobearI have spoken with player and mayor of town, the path is temporaty
2111TeDdyBEar00i accidentally mined into this grinder - the stone brick is on the ground, can you please replace this? i didn't mean toclosedkumquatmayGrinder fixed and protected, please be more careful
2110StarMinion1Can I have a flow on this top block of water? ThanksclosedQueenBombusflowing!
2109PlNGA T2->T3 Golem spawner upgrade, please.closedkumquatmaySpawner upgraded!
2108Suspicious_Mangocan i get the 8 waterlogged stairs in the roof flowing please? thanks!closediNerd71Sploosh
2107Weird_Grimmake water flowclosediNerd71Sploosh
2106Suspicious_Mangocan i get these two water blocks flowing to create an infinite source please? thanks!closedttsciflowing!
2105QueenBombusshulker box region torch to torchclosedSilversunsetshulker region created!
2104sansapantsWho dyed the two lime sheep? Thanks.closedSilversunsetdiscussed via /m
2103Weird_Grimmake water flow \o/closedzburdsalFlowing!
2102Weird_Grimmake water flowclosedHeysofiaFlowed :)
2101Nyxieflow water please :)closedHeysofiaAll flowed! :)
2100StarMinion1Flow me baby one more time ;)closedHeysofiaFlowedd~~
2099StarMinion1Can I have a flow on this water? ThanksclosedzburdsalFlowing!
2098shmooginpls make all this water behind the pistons flowy, thank you!closedzburdsalFlowing!
2097GenghisKhanXProtection for my beacon pyramid, please and thanks!closedNoramiprotected beacon pyramid \o/
2096PPGOME4 tier 2 spawners, please!closedkumquatmaySpawners upgraded!
2095cheezychickenshulker spot doesn't allow shulkers?closedkumquatmayfixed!
2094Esteloreflow please for fishtank! <3closedNoramidone!
2093Viktor_Maxwellthis place is abandoned, can I have it?closedFlumperSorry, we're not giving away developed plots simply because the builder hasn't been on in a couple of weeks!
2092JohnnyLeslieYTcan u add a pirates cove sign on my rail at haven stationclosedNoramiMailed JohnnyLeslieYT re this modreq.
2091SwitchViewz4 T1 Iron Golem Spawners please! Thanks! :Dclosedcujobear4 spawners placed \o/
2090Ruthlesssssvillagers missing again, this time 5 of them :/closedFlumperNo trace of them, sorry! All I can suggest is storing them at a different location. :(
2089Ruthlesssssdone 2087closedRuthlesssss
2087Ruthlesssss... it happened againclosedRuthlesssss
2086SwitchViewzPatchy grief in the wheat and potato farms D:closedzburdsalFarm fixed, player warned, switchviewznaked'ed
2085robrSolace to E4. Check.closedrobrSpawn to Solace. Checkmate.
2084RukiaKuchiki_extend protecc here plspsclosedzburdsalDiscussed via pm - Already protected.
2083Lethal_Treeis there a formal way to claim rails or do i just slap a sign on itclosedLethal_Tree
2082kumquatmaycan i please get my island protected!closedNoramicreated childregion protection under Pico \o/
2081Nyxieflows the waters plsclosedttsciThe waters flows
2080Nyxieflows the waters plsclosedttsciThe waters flow!
2079darklordsmuplease flow x:2573, y:66, z:-146closedSilversunsetflowed
2078camp_jacking_roywater flowclosedSilversunsetflowed
2077darklordsmuplease flow pond at X:2559, y:13, z:-134. thanksclosedSilversunsetflowed!
2076kumquatmayyarr someone has stolen me pirate booty (griefed me island)closedttsciArr! Ye booty be back! (And the pilferer given a scolding)
2075darklordsmuplease flow water at x:2552 y9 z -126 ans z -128closedSilversunsetflowed
2074Crambullso I can't get my beacon to active. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or is this a lag issue? Help?closedSilversunsetAfter taking the beacon out to dinner and a movie, crambull finally got permission to see her again!
2073CrambullI need this beacon pyramid protected pleaseclosedSilversunsetsparklybacon is now yours!
2072Mewcifercan i get a fat water flow for an infinite water source pls <3closedTrooprm32Flowed!
2071Incapacityim stuck on a sea pickle lol :OclosedIncapacity
2070Lethal_Treewhat coordinates should i go to to connect a rail to spawn? I am at 369 -266 right now heading westclosedrobrgo check out https://redd.it/aih8tv for the various coordinates - please go to station first as some may already be claimed
2069OmegaeddonThis derp cobble road messes up my neighbors claim and scrapes right past mine. Permission to remove with extreme predudice?closedOmegaeddonCame to an understanding with builder
2068KoneLinxw F a L t O e W rclosedKing_of_queso!gniwolf
2067OmegaeddonWho built this derp cobble road plz?closedKing_of_quesoSent /mail
2066RokkuCXVIIPlease add this arena (down to Y:40) as a child region of orionclosedFlumperhe protecc
2065RokkuCXVIIPlease add this arena (down to y:40) as a child region of orion, set a build allow region at the layer above the black concreteclosedRokkuCXVII
2064OmegaeddonRef:2063 they are both in hereclosedSpook6thanks!
2063OmegaeddonI didnt see the two rabbits in here and I accidently freed them. I am an idiot and Im sorryclosedSpook6rabbits are back!
2062cyanoacrylateif we get an iron golem spawner, can we later modreq to get it relocatedclosedFlumperWe won't move spawners once placed, sorry!
2061King_of_quesoLast golem spawner please!closedFlumperSpawner placed! :)
2060RokkuCXVIIFlow pls (fakoo zburd)closedzburdsalFlow-koo? idk, ur wet m8 ok?
2059RokkuCXVIIFlow plsclosedzburdsalYeah I guess
2058Polar_Tedcreate PVP arena in the fish tank.. replace dirt celing blocks with barrier block. thank youclosedcujobearthe killaquarium is ready for action (I better be invited to a battle)
2057dark3lementflow the water on the edge of the pond, and the 1 block on top of the wheel thingy thats in the waterclosedKing_of_quesoflowing!
2056dark3lementcan i get a flow pleaseclosedbookey42Water Flowin
2055SapphricI would like protection for my house please. Corners marked by mushroom blocks. <3closedKing_of_quesoHouse protected!
2054Wozdakaneed flow help - channel between emerald stacks - bottom level of 3 deep channel pls flow - and top - tyclosedghrey303think I flowed them all!
2053piplo127128forgot to modreq this earlier with the ravine but with the ravine this chest with some stonebrick and such got emptiedclosedcujobearthe chest is set to public, so anyone is allowed to take from it.
2052piplo127128i put a sign over this ravine saying for people to not build on top of the sane previously on here but someone came and built on top of itclosedcujobearravine open again
2051promaxxehullo can i get all the water in this canal flowed pls and thank uclosedSilversunsetcanal flowed
2050SwitchViewzGrief D:closedSilversunsetrolled back and player warned
2049Lazee_Boystuck in spawn 1x1 fenceclosedcujobearunstuck
2048Heysofiaroad built into ocean, blocking path for boatsclosedFlumperThanks for reporting! Because only a small bay is isolated by the road, I think we'll let it slide! :)
2047PPGOMEplayer built house in plot without permission and proceeded to expand beyond the plot to the Northclosedcujobearspoke with player and mayor, all worked out
2046Wozdakapls protect - name "wnh_factory" - child of "haven" rg. -- opposite corners are marked with "sponge" - one at ground - one on top of nether-rack column -- inside build - there is a villager spot - coal blocks - allow placement of shulkers thereclosedSilversunsetWare & House factory has been protected! and shulker region created in the center where the coal is.
2045SKABYwould you mind making these 3 waters flow? thanks!closedttsciSplish has been splashed! Enjoy your water. :)
2044_ht_vwlshi, i'd like to purchase some iron golem spawnersclosedcujobear4 spawners in place. Thank you for your purchase. Have a nice day!
2043LukathegospaflowclosedSilversunsetthis is an example in spawn, when you want water to flow at your build just place the solid water and modreq for staff!
2042SKABYcould you make these lavos flow please? thanks!closedSilversunsetdeathwater is flowing
2041Halinahplease flow these two, ty!closedbuzzie71flowing!
2040MalTomplease make my water flow hereclosedSilversunsetflowed
2039Lugia_Gamescan this one water block flow plz bc im trying to get rid of this lava.closedcujobearwater flowing
2038Riveripls to see who put this stone around the beacon?closedCARnivore_ndsdiscussed via game
2037Riveripls to put map #2001 here from map worldclosedpez252Discussed with /m
2036Weird_Grimmake water flowcloseddefiexSplish has been splashed!