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  1. We have our mid-rev feedback topic planned for a date in summer but all feedback is welcomed sooner or later! Thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts down in such detail! While we can't promise that we will incorporate this feedback for revision 21, your feedback will be considered along with everyone else. Maybe we'll look to ask other people about their experiences with the end when the time comes. I'm glad you're enjoying your stay in the end!
  2. [6th April] Confirmed the revision 20 changeover schedule.
  3. [20th March] St Patrick's Day event has ended.
  4. [17th March] Revision 20 tentative date announced. St Patrick's Day event begun.
  5. Welcome to Nerd Aeternalis, it's good to have you with us!
  6. [14th March] St Patrick's Day event announced.
  7. If you're reading through this topic, we're now locking both it and the larger subreddit feedback topic to move forward. Thank you very much for your contributions!
  8. [21st February] Mapworld plot caps have been increased from 10 to 100. "*The plot limit is set to 100 plots per person so that the cap won't matter so much. Claim only what you need as excessive claiming will result in warnings and further punishments."
  9. [6th February] Trial of the Lost scavenger hunt was sneakily added. [14th February] LovedUp Enabled. [15th February] LovedUp has been disabled.
  10. I'm not finding any useful documentation for this with the support website but it could either remove all their content or it'll show the poster as 'guest', possibly.
  11. [5th February] Plugin BeastMaster added to restore wither skeleton spawning in the nether to 1.10 values.
  12. [2nd February] P updated to 1.11.2. Here is the official wiki feature list for the update. Animal spawning has been increased to help boost natural spawns for the new mob, llamas. We've added an update FAQ to the wiki.
  13. [25th January] CobraCorral has been removed, functionality has been transferred to EasyRider. [26th January] The EasyRider section of the information guide has been updated to reflect the changes to EasyRider. The custom recipes section of the information guide now includes images for easier dissemination.
  14. [23rd January] Horse pvp damage has been disabled. This will be primarily noticeable during future admin hunts.
  15. [20th January] Valentines event has been announced. Changes & additions to sending /mail announced. Edit: Mid-rev feedback topic is up. Forum topic added too.