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  1. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    March 21st Suggestion: Disable fall damage in the 3x3 landing pad at spawn and have the "welcome" message region be at current y+5 so riding through spawn doesn't spam your chat, but new players will spawn and fall through the notification Our Response: Thank you for your suggestion, we will explore alternative uses to region greetings at spawn - and aim to implement sometime next week.
  2. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    March 21st Suggestion: a horse hydration stat where they require water less often as they're trained up in it (trained by drinking less often) Our Response: We wish to continue not to complicate the current horse leveling system. The hydration element of horse leveling was added to prevent afk leveling.
  3. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    March 20th Suggestion: A death message that says "The last words of [player] were [player's last chat message] Our Response: Thank you for your death message. We collected community-wide submissions for new death messages only last revision, where we expanded from around 90 to around 460 brand new death messages. We are not currently looking to add to the existing list but keep an eye out in the far future for any further death message updates.
  4. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    March 19th Suggestion: Is there any way to tone down how ugly the world border is? It really detracts from the appearance of builds near the edge. Our Response: Yes! You can update the visual of each block type within your resource pack, including for the world border. It may be worth reaching out on the subreddit for support on how to do this more specifically.
  5. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    March 19th Suggestion: make golem souls tradeable for non iron golem related things (I have way too many, have no use for them) Our Response: We have future plans for your golem souls so don't throw them in lava just yet! Potentially in the form of a community collection once more.
  6. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    March 19th Suggestion: Add custom recipe to make nether wart blocks be craftable back into 9 nether warts. The fact that you can't do this is silly game design by Mojang. Our Response: Given that netherwart can be farmed, and there are rumoured areas of netherwart in the nether, we do not feel that implementing this recipe would be a productive use of time. Suggestion: With remaining portals only opening one at a time for the next six weeks, and 3 of the 6 initial portals being located on the NE of the map, how does the PAdmin team plan to balance this to avoid other map areas feeling neglected? Our Response: The availability of the first 6 portals in their current locations is intended. Once all 6 have been found, reach out to a padmin and we will happily explain our thought process. Suggestion: allow players to modreq region biome change Our Response: This would not fit into the spirit of playing on a survival server, we will not be granting these requests.
  7. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    March 18th Suggestion: Elytras Sooner, Had we known people were trying to take away OUR RIGHT TO FLY, we would have been more active in the pro-elytra discussion. Our Response: We have already responded to the request of bringing forward the release date for elytra, above. Though we do want to add some further comments to your suggestion here. The importance of engaging in feedback topics is vital, so that we can make informed decisions on potential changes. Complaining about the change, having not given feedback is a bit similar to complaining about an election result - having not voted. For the elytra discussion in particular, this was one of the most engaging conversations we've seen over the past year which spread across various topics but seemed to really open up here and here, right before the Revision 21 reset. We're conscious that complete removal forever would not be the right step to take, as there is a place for elytra on P. The changes we have made were greatly considered for both sides, and we are very interested to see how this shapes the server in the coming weeks. Our changes may be too much, too little, or just right and while this is something we will discover together in time with your feedback, for now we intend to stay on course.
  8. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    March 18th Suggestion: +1 level of experience on fossil drop Our Response: Experience gains are not a part of our intent to focus on, for finding fossils. We will not be looking to make this change. Suggestion: fossil (quartz) block Our Response: We don't have any use for this currently but we will keep this in mind for any potential additions! Suggestion: Please remove or change the iron golem soul sound, it freaks me out every time Our Response: The sound is there as an audio cue to match that you are receiving an iron golem soul. We will not be looking to change this. Instead, we'd recommend disabling your sound for item drops.
  9. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    March 17th Suggestion: Please reduce or remove time limit to obtaining elytra, if you're already gating it through other means (mining). 6 weeks seems far too long Our Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We do understand that with such a change to elytra such as this, it's going to be a very different experience in the way that affects the gameplay on P, particularly until elytra is released. At the moment, we will not be implementing any changes to this date. It is far too early for us to consider any such changes, especially based on a single suggestion. We spent a great deal of time reviewing the feedback across the revisions, including the countless posts that individuals submitted in regards to elytra, leading up to the Revision 21 Reset, the survey and the mid rev feedback topic. We have carefully implemented these changes to try something different, in a way in which we feel is fair to all - Having elytra unlock for all at the same time provides an opportunity for those who, previously would lose out to obtaining the generated elytra, to be on a more level playing field. We will be continuing to listen to feedback on the elytra changes, and will be further assessing the current implementation over the coming weeks.
  10. PvE End of Rev Apocalypse!

    Posting as a notice to all - and editing the original post! Zombageddon has begun on P! The world has been saved and the map download will be available sometime from the reset onwards. Spawn was intended to be a sanctuary from zombies, however they are far too persistent for any of our efforts - You will have to work together even more, to survive!
  11. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    March 12th The Revision 22 trailer is now available, courtesy of Zomise! Revision 21 will end on Friday 16th at 19:30 Eastern Time and Revision 22 will aim to begin at 21:00 Eastern Time.
  12. Yakkhyl [Barlimore]

    I banned you on 25th November for a study ban. We have been carefully sending spies to monitor your progress and are happy with the outcome(!) Unbanned! ;-)
  13. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    Within this topic, we will respond to all suggestionbox submissions within a timely fashion. To use the suggestion box on p type: /suggestion-box <your suggestion here>
  14. Revision 22: Changelog

    Within this topic, we will detail any changes to the PvE server!
  15. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    March 10th Suggestion: Would be awesome if you restored the map world stuff from before map world was preserved (pre-rev20 I think). Our Response: Thank you for your suggestion. At some point in Revision 22, we'll look to bring back former mapworlds as view-only for a few weeks or so, allowing you to request any plots you wish, to be moved to the live mapworld, so that those maps will carry over too.