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  1. Revision 22: Changelog

    September 2nd We have distributed a number of fundraiser items to individuals (notified by mail) at chests in spawn on behalf of the head admin team.
  2. Revision 22: Changelog

    September 1st We just held a padmin meeting. Here are our public meeting notes: And here follow the suggestions which we have reviewed since we last published within the changelog:
  3. Revision 22: Changelog

    July 28th We just held a padmin team meeting, here are our meeting notes (with rev-23 discussions redacted down to a summary): We reviewed the following suggestions this week:
  4. Revision 22: Changelog

    July 21st We just held a padmin meeting, here are our public meeting notes (these will appear condensed while we redact specific revision 23 discussions): We also reviewed the following suggestions for this past week:
  5. PvP discussion

    Will do if any new questions come to mind.
  6. PvP discussion

    I hate to be repeating what has already been said but setting up a pvp area is entirely possible on C currently! No-one bothers to use it though. While I remain a padmin, it won't be happening on P at least in part for the reasons you've extensively covered.
  7. Revision 22: Changelog

    July 15th The elytra race event has concluded. Winners announced here. The cost for the regular elytra has been reduced to just one Essence of Flight. We held a padmin team meeting yesterday, here are our public meeting notes: Additionally, we reviewed the following suggestions this past week:
  8. PvP discussion

    We don't like to make changes to the core gameplay of the revisions until resets generally but the opportunity to consider it for the upcoming reset is something we are discussing.
  9. PvP discussion

    Just what we've already said ttsci. ^
  10. Revision 22: Changelog

    July 9th Congratulations to all of the Spawn Sculpture Contest winners!
  11. The Archaeological Sculpture Contest!

    Thank you to everyone who participated! We received only 10 submissions for a total of 8 winning spots, so we have decided to make an additional two plots and include everyone who participated as a winner! Each sculpture has an easy sign added to it out in the world so that you can receive your token of recognition for visiting. Each sculpture is worth visiting not only for themselves but for the existing builds created in the area too! All of these sculptures will be listed on the deadmap soon but all coordinates exist at the East side of spawn in the trophy wing located at 52, 24. All winners should head to these coordinates in spawn (as mailed too) to receive your prize. Here are a full list of the winners: Buzzie71 Builders: Buzzie71 Location: 1754 76 -3443 Cujobear Builders: Cujobear & King_of_queso Location: 741 71 -1983 Other details: The Warped Villager Statue was recovered from a ravine digsite in Vizmosas. The ravine itself was created by a tear in the space time continuum. Scientists are still investigating the cause of the tear. Defiex Builders: Defiex Location: 3444 64 -3952 Other details: Anti submission? ;D down with feeesh! Disriter Builders: Disriter Name: The Trueseer Monument Location: 3624 102 -3579 Other details: it is themed after my settlement and soon to be town called Jargon. Lethal_tree Builders: Lethal_tree & Reon27 Location: -2538 116 -2989 Other details: This is a raven representing Raven Rock. Builders: Olav3118 & SilentRecon Name: Glorius Mobius Location: 3877 66 -4219 Other details: artistic scale model of the town Ruthlesssss Builders: Ruthlesssss Location: 643 63 787 Other details: My sculpture is of an evil Lord of Stonemist wielding the War God’s Greatsword from Guild Wars 2! :) Schererererer Builders: Schererererer Location: 3630 75 -1500 Other details: Excavated ancient Martian bust and obelisks, circa 21000 BCE" I'm in the process of expanding Pico's Mars colony theme into the sphere of xenoarchaeology, should be fun! Sunstarshine192 Builders: sunstarshine192 Location: 3382 81 -295 Other details: All the different wood types in the tree symbolise all the types of trees we protect, and the bed and lapis block inside symbolise that people here live in trees and put their stuff in trees. Zahldar Builders: Zahldar Location: -1004 72 2430 Other details: It's a skeleton and the (theoretical) armor / weapon of a Giant -- an unimplemented Minecraft mob. Added in Indev, they have never been able to spawn naturally in vanilla Minecraft.
  12. Revision 22: Changelog

    July 8th We held a padmin team meeting yesterday, here are our public meeting notes: Additionally, we reviewed one new suggestion this week:
  13. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    Thank you for returning with more feedback @kumquatmay! I think your vision of the mob arenas could be worth exploring, for at least some floors in future. We may have to do some testing to find the right balance of mobs vs people and the right combination of mobs to make this a reasonable challenge! Your suggestion box feedback is very interesting and I appreciate that you’re providing some alternative solutions for us to consider, definitely food for thought!
  14. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    Hello @saberfysh! Thank you for your continued feedback! The abundance of certain geographical features, such as mountains as you’ve described can feel a bit overused at times. With maps this large, and being somewhat at the mercy of the terrain generator, we have been more likely to see these geographical features appear. While of course this is great news for the likes of Metal Mountains… it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Our aim for the current map was to limit the oceans and return to a greater volume of landmass, as inspired by the likes of Revision 12. Some of our more recent maps had been a little too overbearing with oceans but going forward with Revision 23 and the 1.13 Aquatic Update, it seems there may be a thirst for more diverse biomes, particularly where the ocean is concerned. On the subject of dragon fights, one idea put forward by other individuals would be to have two versions of the dragon fight available. One which is the vanilla experience and another which has been enhanced somehow. How would this sit with you if implemented and what would you like to see from the gameplay and mechanics of an enhanced dragon fight?
  15. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    Hello again @buzzie71! Thank you for your additional feedback here. We have been working on an event for a few weeks now which will be an event that can be completed either solo or with friends so hopefully as the details for that are announced, they will be more in the neighbourhood of what you’re asking for. Having two versions of the dragon fight is something we considered going into the current revision and could certainly be an interesting balance for those seeking the vanilla experience and those wanting a different challenge. If there were to be an enhanced dragon fight, what would you like to see from it in terms of gameplay and mechanics? On the custom ore drops, I do want to clarify that we had a delayed release of each set of items as we were observing the collective drops that were happening and were deciding on the appropriate costs as we were getting more data. If a similar system were to be reused in future, ideally for cosmetic-only items as you and many other people have suggested, then with the data we’ve acquired now, we should be able to release all at once.