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  1. You are now unbanned. We will mute you once you are next online.
  2. May 15th: Dragon spawning is temporarily disabled due to crashes.
  3. I have pinged a head admin on this to ask that they respond to your note appeal. I have since received permission to remove your note.
  4. May 14th: New Iron Golem Spawner Costs... and the first Revision 20 Blog is up!
  5. Hey PvtSnowball, it's most likely that a head admin will have to review your note appeal here as 6/7 of your older notes are from people no longer on staff. Which notes were you looking to appeal, all but the latest? SirLyle Warned for editting other's builds for travelling 1 day, 16 hours ago Trooprm32 Unbanned for harassment 04/10/15 2 years, 1 month ago tompreuss 2013-03-29: unbanned, warned that any further rule infractions at all will result in another ban 3 years, 1 month ago tompreuss warned again for use of homophobic language in chat on P 3 years, 4 months ago Tharine Previous ban for logging to avoid combat, do not tolerate any further incidents 3 years, 8 months ago Mrloud15 Warned for PvP logging. 3 years, 8 months ago Tharine Warned for logging to avoid combat / lag occurring during combat 3 years, 8 months ago
  6. I'll manually remove your ban on Tuesday and respond here when that happens.
  7. When it comes to issuing a punishment for the ban, I am quite torn. A part of me tells me not to make the mistake of giving you another chance, however giving you another chance has always been my intent provided your responses in the appeal were tame compared to the UNP I have seen on P. We are in agreement that you have continuously demonstrated that in chat, you are greatly disruptive. This recent week has resulted in a lot of my free time fielding complaints, moderating chat or simply just watching chat. Due to this experience, I feel that the appropriate ban duration is to take a week from you in return. You have already been banned for two days. I will unban you on Tuesday 16th to complete a week long ban. While you're certainly not always the only party in the wrong or being disruptive, it rarely seems to happen while you are not present. For this reason, I have been considering a long-term mute. When you are unbanned, you will be muted for a month (31 days). The mute will expire on Friday 16th June.
  8. I appreciate your patience there UNP. I'm looking to answer your question above about why you were banned. Within your ban message, I banned you with the message "Ban baiting, disrespectful, disruptive & harassing." for breaking the following four rules: Be respectful and civil toward your fellow players No harassment or excessive trolling No disruptive arguments/discussions in global chat No “ban baiting” There has not been a specific instance that has resulted in your ban, it has been a culmination of incidents. Your rude interaction with TESLAray via private message on the day of your ban was merely the straw that broke the camels back. In recent weeks, 6 chat-related notes were removed from your mcbouncer notes seemingly due to you changing and the notes no longer being relevant. You have since received two new chat-related notes, and from the hundreds of times the ignore command has been run on P since the reset, you alone equate to 47% of all ignores. While I am providing some logs within this post, searching 'UNP' over 30 days on P here will also provide an array of results which could have also been included into this appeal, for anyone willing to see for themselves. During a land claim dispute being handled by another padmin, you ended the three-way discussion and promptly threatened the other user by pm: During a conversation with a moderator who was elevating your request to a padmin, you provided a torrent of abusive messages including, but far from limited to: Your discussions in global chat have mostly been disruptive or argumentative. Take the following example where you argued with yourself for four minutes in public chat following a restart until someone responded. This incident resulted in you receiving a mute. Within chat recently, the topic of a television show came up and you dropped some hints towards the plot based on the book. An individual contacted you by pm to highlight that this is considered rude. While you ultimately deferred to me in an effort to get them to stop messaging you, there are moments within the logs which further echoed how you treat people in the community such as: The latest incident that I was online for was one in which both another party and yourself were taunting each other in public chat. For context, the other individual received a mute but after being unmuted, continued which resulted in a second (longer) mute and a conversation with them where they knew they would be banned on the next instance. When I spoke with them, they were polite and took heed at my latest warnings. This was not my experience when I muted you. Following are the logs / abuse I received from you on that day from your mute onwards (the ban baiting admission is highlighted in bold): I will give you the chance to respond before issuing a ban duration. Your response will weigh into that duration.
  9. Hello UNP, thank you for appealing. I'm going to be a little busy for a while but I will properly respond to your appeal within 48 hours.
  10. Closing - Duplicate appeal popped up.
  11. May 4th: A disturbance in the force has resulted in the view distance being increased at various times of day from 4. This should now adjust in line with peak times up to a view distance of 6.
  12. April 30th: Spawn plots are now available for claiming and decorating! Further reading on the guidelines available here.
  13. April 29th: Portal owners can now request a single hole to be made in the nether-side roof above their respective portals provided you've tunneled up to the bedrock!
  14. April 27th: The livemap is now available!
  15. We have our mid-rev feedback topic planned for a date in summer but all feedback is welcomed sooner or later! Thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts down in such detail! While we can't promise that we will incorporate this feedback for revision 21, your feedback will be considered along with everyone else. Maybe we'll look to ask other people about their experiences with the end when the time comes. I'm glad you're enjoying your stay in the end!