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  1. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 18th We have responded to all of our latest suggestionbox suggestions here.
  2. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    October 18th Suggestion: weird custom items from additional mob-on-mob kills (like skeleton+creeper=music) Our Response: We could possibly look into this for some special events but are not seeing a great demand to do this currently. Suggestion: custom recipes for combining the knight quest potion ingredients - I think one's a dragon breath and one's a heal potion? Our Response: While we're not going to pursue this for the current revision, we'll consider this for events in the following revision. Suggestion: More biomes where it snows instead of rains at sea level please (tundra, etc) Our Response: We will fiddle around with biome temperatures for the rev 22 map and aim to provide more of these biomes. Ultimately we will have a topic available in future asking for your feedback on the rev 22 map. Suggestion: Ender livemap? Our Response: We don't feel that enough people visit the end, beyond the exit portal island to warrant a livemap for it. At this avenue, we'd recommend using a minimap mod to save the layout.
  3. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 17th Place functionality has been expanded upon courtesy of Pez! Click here for the details!
  4. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 16th We've opened a topic on the subreddit inviting you to submit your settlement here, to be showcased in the first blog post of the revision!
  5. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 16th We have released our ore distribution values for the current revision here.
  6. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 15th We've responded to two of our latest suggestions here. A few hours ago, we held a padmin meeting. You can view our public meeting notes here:
  7. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    October 15th Suggestion: i think the ender dragon should be a little bit harder to fight. it is kinda easy right now, because we all have diamond armor and good swords and bows Our Response: We share this sentiment and feel that it would make for a more interesting fight if in future we could look to change this. We'll look to solicit wider feedback on how this idea could be fleshed out in future. Suggestion: Please have the livemap nether rendered as overworld instead of nether for better viewability as in this picture by pez Our Response: We think this is a great idea and have made the request for the nether livemap to be rendered again.
  8. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 15th We've responded to one of our latest suggestions here!
  9. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    October 15th Suggestion: We have a new suggestion: bone as weapon for halloween! Our Response: We will certainly consider this idea for our plans at Halloween! Something tells us that you may need something a bit sharper than a bone for what lies in wait...
  10. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 13th We've responded to five of our most recent suggestionbox suggestions here. More responses to follow for the newest of the suggestions.
  11. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    October 13th Suggestion: chest at spawn should probably not be public because right now anyone can take the drops not just the person that worked for it Our Response: We're going to be keeping this chest public and instead encouraging that the exit portal is covered with a block such as dirt while engaging in the dragon fight. If we made this chest private, individuals parked or logging in at the spawn point would still acquire these dragon heads before the hoppers pull them in. Suggestion: special item with boosted chance of golem soul drops Our Response: This is a feature that is already in the works (allowing the fortune enchant to work with these drops). Suggestion: next rev lower the level of the ocean 10 blocks a month Our Response: We think this is a really fun idea but incredibly impractical to do from a technical perspective and for people who are settling in or alongside water. We would end up with floating ships, people unhappy that their coastal settlement is no longer bordering the coast and a potentially very laggy experience while water levels recede (assuming only oceans/rivers/lakes and ponds could be targeted). Suggestion: pls remove nitwits they're a waste of resources. Our Response: Nitwits are a part of the breeding experience and wouldn't be in the spirit of our semi-vanilla gameplay. Fortunately, these villagers are easy enough to cull! For these reasons, they are going to be sticking around. Suggestion: TrainCarts is awesome! However, creating trains of chest carts and hopper carts doesn't really work because they are super slow. Can they be sped up? Our Response: We're glad you're enjoying TrainCarts! We've passed on this suggestion to our tech admins to investigate. If possible, we'll follow up with an update in the changelog in future, alongside a link to that changelog post from this suggestion too.
  12. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 8th We responded to the latest suggestionbox suggestion here. We held a padmin meeting earlier today, here are our public meeting notes:
  13. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    October 8th Suggestion: Prevent dragons from dropping EoFs. This will increase elytra rarity a small amount. - Sapph :heart: Our Response: Thank you for your feedback on the essence of flight drops. Given that hundreds have already been obtained through this method in the current revision, we'll keep this feedback in consideration going into revision 22. We invite you to participate in some of our upcoming feedback via a P survey and in future from our mid-rev feedback topic.
  14. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 6th We've published our response to the latest suggestion-box suggestion here.
  15. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    October 6th Suggestion: new rule: no discussing the no discussing ban appeals rule Our Response: We do not feel this is the correct avenue for raising concerns, please follow the appropriate channels such as contacting staff via modreq, pm or at the very least utilise the /ignore feature if chat is disturbing you.