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  1. June 26th: Creeper Hunters event announced.
  2. June 25th: Fun prizes added for Zaliek's trial at spawn. If you have already completed this then please modreq (preferably at a chest with your existing prize within) and we'll update your prizes. Villager added to a new room, directly above the melons at spawn (follow the green carpet). This villager is for people who have found all 20 temples from the first Adventurer's Guild challenge to trade their certificate of completion in for a choice of prizes. Prizes consist of either 2 x notch apples, 1 x diamond horse armour of 10 x gold blocks.
  3. We wanted to get back to your initial request with an update since we've held our meeting. For the moment, we're not looking to add the JourneyMap Server plugin to the roster primarily due to the fact that it exists within a beta stage. We would prefer to avoid installing something which may potentially be unstable and subject to frequent change. Should this leave the beta stage then we're open to revisiting this suggestion. Right now though, we do recommend considering alternative minimap mods which are a little more capable of differentiating between multiverse worlds and servers, such as VoxelMap. Voxelmap from my own experience is not perfect but when it gets the world wrong it can be told which world is correct with a few button presses.
  4. In terms of suggestions, we encourage the use of this forum or the subreddit if you'd like to open up a discussion. For people who want to fire out a suggestion that sits with us, where our team puts out a response then using /suggestion-box on will leave a suggestion there and we will respond to them here. Having the idea written down in one of these areas will remind us to address it. However, you're welcome to chat with us elsewhere too in addition to having your idea written down somewhere if you wanted more of a private discussion.
  5. Hello Ethaksus, thank you for taking the time to put forward your suggestion here regarding the JourneyMap Server plugin. Padmins will be hosting a team meeting this weekend to discuss a range of tasks, suggestions, and needs. While we already plan to discuss your recent approved client mods request, we'll make sure to add your latest suggestion to our agenda too. We'll aim to respond back here once we've got together! If in the meantime anyone wishes to post feedback, we'll keep an eye out for it and factor it into our discussion.
  6. I'm popping in a post while defiex is away. Here are our responses to the May - June submissions. 1. "/me is afk" should have the same effect as /afk We don't feel that this needs to be a priority to request the tech admins to alter. Each of the respective commands has a distinct difference in whether you're marked as afk in the tab list, you have the luxury of choice in which command you wish to run. 2. Suggestion: make "/nextrestart" output the MOTD. Our approach to this request was to focus on sharing more commands which may not be as widely known/advertised. Within the latest blog post we've added a range of commands, including /motd, which displays the current message of the day and we'll look to add these commands to the information guide too in future. 3. Player was crunchy and good with ketchup, rated 4.5 by Ender Dragon. 4. killing a mob less than ten seconds before it would die of old age gets you some kind of reward We had a couple of different thoughts on this suggestion. Firstly we didn't feel that people should be rewarded with something extra for being so slow at killing mobs. It may allow people to set up a system with grinders that would kill mobs in the last seconds of their life for extra rewards. The biggest concern for us was that we would have to set loot tables for every single mob in the game and determine what extra to be awarded in those final ten or so seconds. This is a lot of time both from us and tech admins for something that wouldn't be used too much. We feel that our time would be better devoted elsewhere. 5. use "Please welcome &p to the server!" instead of "-" and OP PPGOME While your credentials appear in order, we are going to have to decline the OP request. In regards to your other request about updating the "-" which appears before new logins to a full welcome message, we feel that the "-" currently sits within the P culture and that changing to a welcome message both doesn't have the traction of support at this present time to warrant a change and it isn't needed as people take the time to welcome people even with just the "-" appearing. 6. "Consider a plugin which would allow bows to have both mending and infinity on them." For anyone unfamiliar, Mojang removed this feature in one of the 1.11 updates. We now have to choose either mending or infinity when it comes to bow enchants, never both. We feel that it would be wrong of us to cherry pick elements of the game to retain from previous versions where gameplay is concerned. Mojang may have a vision for the game that we've yet to see play out with the removal of this functionality. If we choose to re-add this then in future we'd be running a 1.12 server "with a bit of 1.10, a dabble of 1.9" (and so on). This would also open the door for us to question which elements from the past that we'd want to bring back and that would lead us to creating quite the monster which could very well conflict with itself or future versions of Minecraft. It's been fun to have both enchants on bows while they lasted but the game has moved on and we must with it.
  7. June 14th: The second revision 20 blog post is now available. New iron golem spawner upgrade costs introduced.
  8. June 9th: Redwall has updated NerdMessage. Using /ignore will also block incoming mail now. Ignoring an individual without using the correct case sensitivity is no longer an issue.
  9. All posts questioning the rules are against the rules(!) Joking aside, I'll take a few moments to try and answer the rest of your questions. Numbers certainly aren't what they were from several years ago but for the moment they are reasonably consistent during the peaks and troughs of respective revisions. With some advertising efforts, we still see a number of new people joining us. Survival was turned off in September 2015 (iirc) and was brought back under the renamed PvP server from March until July 2016 when the server was not bringing in people and was closed. We do have a solid core community who remain and is growing at a steady pace. All of the current admins (and moderators) can be viewed here. I'm probably not the best person to ask on this as I spend my time on P but from what I've seen, the creative server has added new people of the teenage age group. While that does entail a certain amount of silliness at times, the people there are very warm and welcoming. Tobylane is still here as are quite a number of older faces. That said, there are a lot of newer faces too and we're all making a new kind of history together rather than arguing over old days. There's certainly times where some of us reminisce though! Mumble is still the primary voice chat service for nerd, although we do have a discord in parallel which is much more text-based for our usage. From what I understand though, a number of people use mumble during peak hours but a number of people also just use their own voice chat services for more privacy too. Moderators can provide assistance in a large number of ways, such as when people are trapped. Land disputes are usually left for server admins to mediate though (we aim to address those requests as swiftly as possible). --- I hope this answers all of your questions, I think I caught them all.
  10. May 28th: Revision 19 map download is available. Fundraiser Community Maze building has opened up in mapworld. The padmin doppelgangers will now only spawn as a trio with either cujobear, defiex or barlimore.
  11. May 25th: Dragon spawning is available once more.
  12. You are now unbanned. We will mute you once you are next online.
  13. May 15th: Dragon spawning is temporarily disabled due to crashes.
  14. I have pinged a head admin on this to ask that they respond to your note appeal. I have since received permission to remove your note.
  15. May 14th: New Iron Golem Spawner Costs... and the first Revision 20 Blog is up!