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  1. August 20th Pez has worked on a solution to stack your skulls together and save some storage space! You can now run /fixskulls or /fs for short. All skulls in your inventory for that restart will become stackable with one another. Any new skulls obtained across future restarts may require you to run /fixskulls or /fs again while all of the skulls of the same type are held in your inventory, to stack.
  2. August 19th A Padmin meeting was held. This was a significant meeting for revision 21 with decisions made and progress updates confirmed. The details of this meeting should all be documented in our information post for revision 21.
  3. August 18th The Alien Scavenger Hunt prizes are now available for those who complete the event!
  4. Moving support second from the top sounds like it's worth a try. My only question at this point is when will the forums be changing next, is there a deadline?
  5. Your appeal is now being closed sttorrm due to inactivity. When you're looking to return, please follow the instructions in my prior post and create a new appeal.
  6. August 6th The Meteor Storm & Alien Scavenger Hunt have been announced. The event will be available once P is back up post-fundraiser, with 15/20 clues available from day one. The remainder available the following day.
  7. For this first night, only the first 15 clues will be available. The following day will see the final five introduced as well as the grand prize set-up. Image thanks to Didy!
  8. Hello call_me_keari, I can see you were banned on 14th January 2014 for griefing on survival after warnings. Given the length of time it has been, I will go ahead and unban you as your banning moderator is no longer on staff. Please take a moment to read the updated rules before logging back in. We're on 1.12 for, and If you have any questions when logging back in, give someone a shout and we'll help you out!
  9. July 26th The first admin hunt of the revision has been announced for this coming Saturday.
  10. July 25th We held another padmin meeting yesterday. Due to more frequent meetings, our agenda is greatly reduced. Here are our public notes from that meeting.
  11. July 22nd Suggestion box responses have been published. Edit: New responses have been edited into the top post.
  12. Hello sttorrm, I am going to handle your appeal as your banning moderator TheNightsKing is currently away for some time and is unable to respond. I can see that you were banned on April 30th for "Griefing builds, farmland, killing animals without breedng" which I do see you've admitted to above. Please take some time to read through the rules here and respond back with some assurance that if you were to be unbanned, that you would not continue griefing in future. If you can provide that assurance then we'll go ahead and unban you but will hold you to your word.
  13. July 20th: New safeguards have been introduced to hold us to account better.
  14. July 19th: Novelty gift shop "Gnome Depot" opened at the rear end of spawn. This has included a redesign of the spawn structure now allowing for horses to pass through the building.
  15. July 18th: Improvements to EasyRider have been made. Read here for the original post.