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  1. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Cheezychicken has decided to step down and his permissions are being updated.
  2. tld97 [Socarch26]

    Since the person who banned you isn't in staff anymore, I'll handle this. I've unbanned you, but please read the rules once more. Welcome back! (Name changes don't affect bans.)
  3. New Moderator Voting: QueenBombus

    QB has accepted and has now been added to staff. Perms are mostly set up and training is ongoing.
  4. [GAME] Make-A-Story

    cows, which was good because
  5. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    The Spawn Building The spawn building is very nice. I enjoy the insides a lot. While the layout is fine, I think there could be some signs at spawn what's in what side of the spawn (even though I've been there several times, I find myself going round and round, trying to find the specific thing I'm looking for). I didn't have anything against the corner portals as such, only that atleast I did not see anything that told where they were. One portal with a clear location works best though (not necessarily in the centre). And good riddence with the barrier blocks. I don't think they served any actual purpose and were just problematic. For rev 23 I'll echo the others who are hoping for an underwater spawn. Just makes sense it would be in the middle of those new beautiful coral reefs, right there visible everytime you visit spawn. The Overworld Map I think I've reach my limit and won't be asking for a bigger map after this. This is now on the verge of a tad too big, which I feel especially when making infrasturcture. The time and materials needed to make a road from A to B, is too much. For the 1.13 map, I don't think it's horrible if it's not a biome bundle map. When it comes to P, everything is temporary after all. Might be the right time to "cleanse the pallette" and see what vanilla minecraft maps look now again, especially with the 1.13. At this point I don't even know anymore what is vanilla and what's biome bundle (I LOVE BB, don't get me wrong, but 1.3 is shiny and new). I think the oceans were too few and shallow this rev, though I know they're not that popular with the majority. Could use a couple giant deserts too for proper sand quarry. Not so much about the ore distribution, since I think it was pretty much perfect this rev (a teeny bit more diamonds wouldn't hurt); but I'm missing the multispawner dungeons that we've had for a few revs. Not sure if the distribution of them was changed since last rev or if the random generator just didn't bless us with any this rev (or maybe they're out there and nobody has found any), but I feel like there could be a bigger density of dungeons/regular spawners for multigrinder purposes. Nobody likes to spend their game time hitting mobs semi-afk more than absolutely needed. The Nether Map I'm a fan of the map. It's beautiful. Vanilla nether is just lacking. Please make another custom one. The custom nether I've enjoyed the most, was the double layer one. I do think it's nice to have a "roof" in the nether and there wasn't anything that I didn't like with the double layered one. Just added a lot into the nether. I did also like the premade spawn railstation in the nether. More glowstone in some form or way in the nether [I take this back. Just hadn't found it. There's insane amounts of it in the nether. No need for more.] (I don't miss having it in the overworld. It belongs in the nether, so I think that was a good decision). I The mobs in the nether are a welcome spice. Even if I'm doing a corpse run, I've never had an issue going through the nether with no gear, so I don't think they are unreasonable. My only complaint with them was, that they were camping the spawn portal at one point, making it impossible to use, since they kill you right when coming out or when trying to get in. Not sure if this has been fixed. The End I've killed the dragon a couple times, and it was timeconsuming, though an interesting fight. However it only works, if people already know what they're supposed to do and decide to do it that way. Since it causes terrible lag and framerate drops to people, who don't fight it in this one particular way, I can't say I support the fight as it is. I don't however have suggestions on how to fix it, but it should be something people can do in multiple ways without it causing them to die to a lagfest. As a trial this fight was interesting. Maybe in the future regular players could test out the new dragon fight beforehand and give opinions and try to "break" it, if you don't return to the vanilla fight. I don't have strong opinions of this however. I've been fortunate enough to not experience the accidental void deaths as others have. Mapworld WE feels like a must have for map world, so a great addition. It's just to have something nice and decorative in your builds, so it doesn't break the game. Looking at the list on the information guide, can't think of any command I'd be missing. The old maps are great to have back! Especially the very early ones that were solely placed on hand (or even those when it was still on survival!) have special value I'm sure. I'm overjoyed to have back my Iris Scott painting. Portals I don't mind the slow introduction of portals, but I think there should've been more information of distribution beforehand. The general idea of having "wilderness" areas without portal access is actually interesting and nothing against that, but the problem arises, when people expect an even distribution of portals based on previous revs. I think more information at the start on this would've been beneficial so people could've made informed choices. The portals introduced later on could also maybe have a little more wiggle room on how far they can be moved (with some caveat of still needing to be atleast X blocks away from another portal). On other methods... I guess it would depend on the next rev mapsize. I think there could still be a way to let people have their own portals, since you can quite easily calculate the force fix location for netherside portals to match an overworld portal. However to iron out the details of who and where would get a portal like this would need some community wide discussion and if it would be for example bound to /place it would severely set back the timeframe for the portals. For distribution, I think I most liked the one where they were in almost mirroring coordinates all over the map. It was just... fair. And I assumed the current rev's twelve portals would settle down like it. I don't mind that much either way as long as it's informed which way it will be. Iron Golem Spawners Since you don't actually need the very high end iron golem tiers, and are more of a show off thing, I think they're fine. The first tiers are easy enough to get and iron is plenty around to mine, so it's not too time consuming. I feel that the early tiers are way easier to get than vanilla, while it then at some point crosses over so that they're harder. I understand some people feel it should always be the same cost as it would be on vanilla, but that's not really taking into account the space needed and that at some point the render distance would become an issue and you'd actually need several alts to keep them all loaded. So as a compromise I think this is fine. The random drops from iron ore are a bit... finnicky though. At times I go ages without getting any and then I get two or three from the same cluster. I guess there might be some people out there with the bad luck I had last rev, but don't know if there's a way to fix it. One possibility would maybe be to exchange raw iron ore for the spawners instead to make it 100% fair. Though personally I like the souls. The only change I'd make is to make the activation range to the spawners bigger, to allow more movement around. This would better reflect the Vanilla method. The info seems fine, but I guess it would be better asked from a new player who doesn't know how we do them and why. Custom Spawners Custom spawners feel like a must for us, since the vanilla mechanics are limited on multiplayer. Removing them would cause a severe lack of materials you'd normally be able to get by making dark room spawners etc. Because of the wither skeleton spawns being so much affected by the number of people in the nether, I agree there shouldn't be AFK:ble custom spwaners in the nether. And I guess because of the end grinder, there shouldn't be any in the end either. Spawners needed in my opinion: shulker, creeper, slime, squid and witch. With the upped gold generation, I don't see a proper reason for a zig spawner, but I'm not against it either - could be in the overworld instead maybe? Maybe a special multiblazespawner too. The reason I think there should be a witch spawner too, is that a vanilla witchgrinder isn't viable on P. If the map is going to be as big as current (or almost as big even), two of each seems fine, if they're fairly distributed. Or maybe there could be that one of each is findable on the overworld and the second one of each would be event prizes. Custom Drops from Ore (Fossils and Rares) It's a fun addition! As long as it's used for stuff that are "nice and fun to have" instead of something needed for vanilla game mechanics, it's all good. I mine more than average I think, so I get more of them. I think it might be interesting to also introduce them into mob kill loot tables, to broaden it a bit. The traders are fun and I "need" ALL of the boxes. Something similar next rev would be fun. Some theme would be nice. Custom Saddles They're a fun addition. I don't see any harm in having them, so sure. I prefer them as trade items, so everyone has an equal chance at getting them. Elytra A full vanilla method doesn't really work of course, but this rev was maybe a bit too far from it. While personally I have nothing against some delay, I do think it was a bit too long this thime around. Also because of the mining requirement it's too hard for occasional players to get the wings, while in vanilla you wouldn't have that trouble. So something that makes it an obtainable item for everyone, regardless of how much they play and for those who choose not to really mine that much. I only started to build roads further out of town after we got an elytra to use. With the mapsize it was just too big distances to fly around refilling material shulkers and repairing tools. On the underground rails, I don't think the eltyra affected as much as the giant map size. I don't see much of anything else affecting positively road and rail building than a smaller map size at this point. While I love the bigger maps, I see the benefits of a smaller one to infrastructure. Short of prebuilding cardinal rails and roads, I don't see what you could do - and I think that's always a fun part for the players to do themselves. I think I talked with Didy before about how claims also prevent the building on them, and he has a point. So maybe some faster way of dealing with these early rev, if it seems the area was claimed but not used by someone on first day and hasn't returned since, even if it hasn't been the X amount of days. Would need some discussion I guess. I don't have a good solution. Events Weekly portal hunts (March-April) - What I noticed about the portal hunts, they were all introduced during my sleep time. While there's not as many European players (not sure what time they were for Aussies and the likes), it would've been nice for a couple of the portals to be released more on our timezones. So as such, everytime a portal hint came up, it was already found when I woke up in the morning... So didn't really get to experience this at all. The Lost Slime Golems - This was a bit of a flop. It was truly a needle in the haystack kind of thing, with the map size being what it was. I managed to find one "legit" and the rest I found with the help of an "approximately here" map I got from Ruthless in exchange of helping him hunt for them. This was a tedious and not fun at all event unfortunately. Once I got the map, it changed and it got pleasant. I think everyone since then has found them with the help of said map. So I think that something like that should've been available from the start to engage people better. The Archaeologists’ Guild Poetry Competition - I knew my poetry skills wouldn't bag me a win, but was still fun and easy to participate. And the prize was nice bling with seeing your poem "printed" with fancy colours. The Meandering Maze - Not a fan of it as it is without any help. I did it just to get the "Friends" painting, since it's way too cute, but again I had help. After wandering there for what seemed eternity, I got the locations from a helpful person. After that it changed from "this is impoosible and I want to curl up and die" into something that was actually fun. Since the maze was made in the way that the coordinates didn't give you a clear route to the spots, but helped you know if you're even approximately advancing to the right location, I didn't mind anymore spending hours in the maze getting them. Mob Mayhem! (PvE Arena Events) - I was only able to stay a round of the first one. It was the basic mob arena and was ok. Worth doing again. The one change I'd like to see is encourage more team work in some way, instead of just one person always remaining. Something akin to the Nitwits event would be nice. I think the castles were great fun too. I don't currently have any well thought out ideas for events. What's the best way to come to you with event ideas with details, if something pops to mind?
  6. Head Admin Meeting Notes

    Head Admin Meeting Notes 2018.06.17 Moderator nominations - Two players have passed the moderator voting and will be approached to ask join the staff. - No new moderator nominations through “Apply For Mod” Lobby - Change due on Monday June 18th - bermudalocket has agreed to make the change Chaos - Has been updated to pre2. - We got server alerts telling we’ll always be on the latest version. - People seem to enjoy it - Moving Chaos from event to x.nerd.nu as soon as we're able to Creative - Reach out to cadmins to see when they’re planning to update to 1.13 ViaVersion - Suggest usage when 1.13 hits and some servers are still on 1.12 Fundraiser - Ask techs for a separate mvtp for fundraiser building on build - Town layout and plots are ready but changes can be made - Make help posts for staff for build help Suggestion-box - No new suggestions in lobby to view Things cujobear was doing - Fundraiser dungeons - Pez will reach out to cujo and get more info - Some activity checks - Pez and torteela will follow up - Staff activity calculations - We'll post results
  7. Staff Cleanup - June 2018

    The following people will be moved from the inactive staff to our past staff section: * varj We followed up with two staff members regarding their activity levels.
  8. Head Admin Meeting Notes

    HEAD ADMIN MEETING NOTES 2018/06/03 Suggestion Box responses should be put out Forum Permissions * Reviewed forum permissions to assure mods and admins are set up properly. Mods now have a few more abilities. Mods can now hide & unhide posts, lock and unlock posts, move posts. Discord * General nerd rules apply to discord as well, names should be appropriate. * We reserve the right to blacklist those who abuse the name change ability. * Discussed about Discord Lobby contest * Be more proactive about looking over builds during the contest and talking to builders to make sure things that may need to be edited out are handled early * 5 months of lobbies left will get us through Nov. So next contest can run after the fundraiser. * Current lobby will be changed out on the 18th of this month. New Head Admin * Will continue to watch for other possible candidates but will continue with the 3 of us for now Fundraiser * Discussed about the state of the fundraiser and worked on ideas and documentation more -- HEAD ADMIN MEETING NOTES 2018/06/10 * Discuss with server admins to have it in writing on the forum in public site which requests can be handled by any admin vs. being a Padmin request. This will allow the player base to understand that we are not ignoring requests but following expectations set in place for us. * Discussion of recent activities on the server. * Discussion about a needed tech request for writing a plugin * Discussion about staff activity check-up details and decisions on follow-ups * Discussed changing the follow up system moving to quarterly check ups. * Talked about throwing up Chaos for 1.13 * Discussed about head admin candidates and agreed Zomise will reach out to Pez about being a head admin. * Discussion about fundraiser and progress of it. Inspected the fundraiser map for final requests.
  9. shanty_sniper [Zomise]

    You are now unbanned.
  10. We're happy to announce our newest addition to the head admin team: pez252 has been on staff since 2015 and a tech admin since September 2016. He'll now join the head admin team while still remaining a tech, making history by being a double agent!
  11. kxwiz [Zomise]

    Hey, your xray was blatant. You're banned for 7 days and your inventory has been cleared. Also fixed some block and crop grief you had done. Please remember to replant after yourself and do not break blocks placed by others without permission. You also killed a tamed wolf you did modreq yourself once I informed you that it's considered griefing, so that's not a factor here. The wolf has been replaced. You started off by digging straight down to iron: Continued to dig straight through stone and variants to diamonds on all your diamond finds: The above evidence is more than enough, but all your ore were found in a similar way. You're banned until 12th of June, when you may post here to request being unbanned.
  12. Lilithvia [kumquatmay]

    Locking this topic. The evidence has been presented and the ban is valid. Chat logs don't prove anything regarding X-ray, only your block edit logs matter. If you continue calling this a witch hunt and wasting our volunteer staff's time with needless accusations there will be consequences.
  13. Please add your vote for QueenBombus - this poll will stay open for two weeks until Saturday 16th of June or when 75% of staff have voted (38 people) whichever comes first. If a staff member votes 'no', it is expected that their accompanying comments have been previously made known either within the feedback thread or directly to head admins. If not, we will get in contact with the staff member to get more detailed reasoning. If this vote is successful: We will contact the player to ensure they would like to join staff. If they would: We will contact techs to update player permissions in game, and update forum, slack etc. permissions across our services. We will arrange basic training and inform server admins when new moderators are ready for additional server-specific training. We will move this voting post to public mod forums, and inform the playerbase via the Head Admin changelog. If this vote is unsuccessful, or the player declines, we will inform staff within the post, and move it to the private closed nomination forum.
  14. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Ruthlesssss has joined the staff as a moderator and gone through basic training. Server specific training pending.
  15. New Moderator Voting: Ruthlesssss

    Ruthless has passed the vote and has accepted the staff position. We're working on updating his permissions and setting up training. Welcome to the team!