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  1. Sorry to hear that Troop. I was told that it was suggested at some point in the spring, but since I wasn't present for months because of real life obligations, I didn't know about it then (and I guess a lot of people don't care one way or another). Did you have a draft for the forum structure back then, that could be still helpful or do you think this looks ok?
  2. Unbanned. Welcome back!
  3. Suicide
  4. Shouldn't be a problem if he doesn't share an IP with you. I'll lock this topic and move it to closed appeals soon, so on the 11th just make a new post to get unbanned.
  5. Jjooeeyy, thank you for being honest with your application and taking the time to read the rules. All your edits have been rolled back and your inventory and ender chest cleared. The first time offence ban is 7 days from the moment of banning, so you may make a post on the 11th of August to get unbanned. If you repeat the offence, the ban will be a month as stated here (the wiki information needs some updating it seems). Please remember you may not evade the ban by using alts, or it will result into a longer ban time. Proof of your xray:
  6. I would like to bring up the amount of players on C. What are your plans to increase the player numbers and attract new players?
  7. Which costs do you feel should be the lowest we end at during a revision? I think the original tier upgrade prices should be more than what they are now to limit the iron output a bit more during the first month. I don't think the adjustment has to be drastic, but some tweaking. Also the last price cut was a bit much, with even tiers 3 and 4 costing the same as 1 and 2. Maybe have the two last tiers to be a bit higher. I do think even tier 2 should be higher priced at the start of the game. In general, if you're considering the golem head drops instead of the nether stars needed for the spawners, then they could be introduced as an amount to each tear needing more of them. One suggestion we had last revision to address some of the tier X grinders being overpowered would be to limit the number of iron golem spawners permitted. For example, instead of four, there could be two. Would you like us to reconsider this approach? I wouldn't mind just two spawners, though I'm guessing it would cause a lot of resistance. Could be interesting to try one rev. Event dungeons in the nether seems like a really fun idea. Padmin-created dungeons are something that I would be very interested to see us introduce into the next revision as another challenge to acquire loot and explore with friends. Which elements would you like to see in an event dungeon? When talking about dungeons placed in the world, it would basically be something that could be a combination of maze/puzzle and mob fighting. This could be a great place for some custom mobs to spawn in for people to fight. People could choose to conquer them alone geared to the teeth or go there as a group. This would also be a great opportunity to allow player submitted dungeons. At the end you'd get some rewards, mostly to show of on your wall that you've finished it. The mobs in the dungeons could have some super rare drops like the notch apple. The vanilla nether certainly brings a different set of challenges compared with our custom nethers of the past, including some less welcome challenges which are focused around mob spawns. If we created a custom nether for next revision then aside from event dungeons, what are the top features you’d like to see included (terrain-wise)? Troop brought up the thing about the plains, but I did like them there, simply because it fixes the problem of nether forts being so bad on multiplayer. It's not really a nice multiplayer experience, when people start sending each others messages to get out of the nether, since they're trying to farm. Nether should be a place where people are glad to see stuff being built and where several people can be at once and not somewhere where you get annoyed when someone else is there. I don't have many preferences about the custom nether. I've liked the ones we've had, but open to others as well. We’ll keep the blogposts up! There may be some similar community themes that we revisit in future blog posts that make sense to do (such as focuses on settlements in the early-rev). We have some interviews planned with padmins on rev building for a future blog post and a focus on individuals for this next blog post. Are there any other areas of the community you feel we should feature? Wondering if the blog post could somehow be used to encourage people to use more of Nerd's social media aspects? Not really sure how though. I'll let you know if I come up with something. Maybe have a padmin endorsed P video contest or something. -- On the initial feedback I gave I forgot to mention the equal exits to all sides of spawn. I realise several people have brought this up already, but I just want to mention, that I too think it's an important feature.
  8. IRON GRINDERS - I think the cost going down each month is a great way of doing it, however I think it might be a bit too cheap in the end. - Even the T4 iron grinders seem a bit overpowered. The ease of getting iron was such, that I got several beacons scattered in the world where I've been speedmining. - I think the cost should be changed away from wither skeleton skulls. I was thinking of ways and how about a rare drop of iron golem heads from all mobs? Then to get a spawner, otherwise the costs would be the same, but in addition instead of nether stars, you'd need 3-5 iron golem heads? NETHER PORTALS - This is probably the first rev I'm happy with the amount and locations of the nether portals. They're well spaced and the corners weren't forgotten, so that's good. - I would like to suggest one rev to try, that if a settlement qualifies for a /place, it would then be allowed to build a nether portal. Since you already have set requirements for /place and it doesn't count out solo players either, it would seem a fair way of doing it without having too many. Of course expections as distance from spawn/other portals would be needed to take into account. THE NETHER - The vanilla nether just isn't interesting, please give us the custom nether back. It also didn't suffer that badly from the wither skeleton nerf multiplayer causes. - With a custom nether, it would also be a great place to put event dungeons in. MAP GENERATION - The size of the map is perfect. With wings everything is so much closer, so this is a good size, allowing a variety of biomes. - I absolutely love the biome bundle map generation and I hope we'll see it in the future too. Especially the naturally generated sky islands and the mesa plateaus that rise up high are amazing. - I'd suggest, maybe make the map borders high mountains/plateaus, so that the map border wouldn't be so... obvious. - I prefer the biome bundle map over vanilla and world painted ones. - Need more flower forests (that are actually that, and don't just pretend to be). ORE DISTRIBUTION - The sponge recipe is a bit weird. I preferred when they spawned in the ocean floor, but it's better than nothing. - As you know, gold was a bit of a miss this rev. - I like that all ores spawn at all levels, since it allows you to tunnel at different levels and makes caving more interesting. - I'd suggest, that keep all ores at all levels as they are this rev, but in addition would be nice to have the biome specific extra ores (like gold in mesa biomes). MAP WORLD - I like map world as an idea, but the it takes so much time, that I haven't used it since that one time couple revs ago. - I would love the map world to persist between revs, since this would allow making of "household stuff" to stay from rev to rev like TV's for example, that are cool to have, but annoying to make every rev. And some of the art work are stunning and great to use for longer than just one rev. - Other than that, probably only allowing to use printer in the mapworld would make me use it, but I can't really justify it. MISCELLANEOUS - Originally I thought P having its own test build world would be great, but it was brought up, that it would probably be a sign like tha mapworld at spawn, and the hazzle of emptying inventory and travelling really is a bit much. I guess if C's test world wouldn't reset in the middle of a P rev, it would be great. - Blog posts are awesome. Make Didy do infographics for them. :D SPAWN - Spawn is too big and too laggy. I tested around with this shitty computer I am at, and I can otherwise get upto 120fps (I tend to lock it to 60fps), but the instant I look at spawn, it drops to 8-15fps. It's ridiculous. I think a smaller spawn would be better and try to limit the entities. Some people even freeze totally when they go there. - Was easy to find out and get the melons, but... smaller and simpler please. SPECIAL SPAWNERS - I think special spawners are a positive part of P and we should not get rid of them. - The biome bundle witch spawners are great! Please do continue those on the next rev. - I think the special spawners could be given out as event prizes, with the same rules, that if it's not placed within two weeks the admins will place it (and coordinates made public) and it's free to take. This would also make it so that they're not found right away at the start of the rev. - I think unique spawners in the nether would be nice, like magma cube and ghast spawner. - Maybe make a protected mansion on the map, where the illagers/evokers etc. keep spawning at and can't be destroyed. - I like the spawner clusters, since it means we don't need to rely on the end grinder and makes actual use of normal zombie/skeleton spawners. EVENTS - Adventurers' Guild is a great addition to P. - Seasonal events: They are good, but should be limited right at the start of the rev and also should not run for a full week (especially when they have custom packs and custom behaviour). - Because of timezone reasons I prefer events that can be done at anytime, but it's nice to have hard scheduled events now and then too. - I never got to do the All the Things Challange unfortunately, so would be nice to see it return so I could do it. CLOSING THOUGHTS - Parrot eggs please! - Thank you for making it a one month notice. This is greatly appriciated. - I am enjoying rev20 a lot and finding myself building a lot more than normally. - I shall respond again, if I forgot something. :)
  9. On a nostalgia trip again.
  10. @Mumberthrax you bring up good points. I think the padmins are currently responding to all suggestion-box responses on the separate topic regularly. I do wish the creative server would have the same. Maybe a similar anonymous way to put up also general suggestions for the community. For the proposal I thought that the suggestions would simply be put in each respective server's or the community's general forum depending what it's about and have people add a "suggestion" flair to it, since we do have the flair system here. Then the suggestion-box log that the admins are regularly updating with posted questions and answers to them would be a sticky post in those forums. However I do see your point in having it as a separate forum. I think it could work either way.
  11. There is one actually! It was linked in the initial rev info post and can also be seen in the PVE Information Guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fMpCVNwEkBRq2sYtWx5Mz_s0MM3hZ9Dl3bD2Nn-EkiE/edit#gid=0
  12. This was sparked more about noticing the changelogs being under the suggestion forums, where they logically do not belong. Because the user rates for the forums are low, I think we should also simplify the structure and while making it easier and more intuitive to use. Suggested new structure (would be happy to hear thoughts of it and possible improvements): NEWS AND INFORMATION - News & Information - Events - Archives MINECRAFT - General - Creative - PVE - Minigames COMMUNITY - General - Other Games SUPPORT - Ban Appeals -> Closed Ban Appeals - Problems & Issues STAFF - Mod Chat -- Notes about the suggested changes: - Suggestion forum in itself would not be needed. Suggestions would go to the forum it concerns. So suggestion logs for P and C would go to their respective forums under Minecraft and general community suggestions to the Community General forum. Suggestions have been quite active though, so would like to hear how people would actually prefer this. If it was a separate forum, it could just be put under the community section. - Community and server changelogs would go to the News & Information forum where they're easily found. - Introduce Yourself isn't used at all and Ask Me Anything quite rarely. Topics like that could be included at the Community General, though if people like having them separate, they could just reamain at the Community section. - Remove The Lounge totally and redistribute things. - Archives would be under News and Information. - Past Events wouldn't be needed, since they'd just also go into archives. - Problems & Issues is a low use forum, but because people might want to have notifications up to be alerted when someone posts there, keeping it separate is probably good. - Off-Topic not needed, since things there would just go to Community's General forum. -- These are my suggestions for changes. I'd be interested in hearing ideas from others! Reorganizing the forums as such isn't such a big task, and it would be a quality of life improvement for everyone using it.
  13. I suggest the following wording for the rule, to not give the unintentional image of staff being considered more important: -> No impersonating other players or pretending to be staff. And the clarification then simplified a bit. This is about making the rules read more clearly. I think the original intention probably was about pretending to be staff when you're not and then it came more about the name changes and people being confused who's who. This wording would carry the meaning for both. Questions: Since it's not considered ban evasion when they rejoin with another account, what happens if for example on P they'd request access to their own chests for their alt account? I'm assuming this would not be given, since identity couldn't always be 100% confirmed, but would like to get a clarification. Would it simply be a padmin decision either way (not sure if C has locked chests)? Why is this an exception for the ban evasion rule? Would we enforce ban evasion rules, when we ban a player with a racist name and tell them they can join once they've changed their name, but they instantly join again with an alt?
  14. Muru says blep.