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  1. I don't really have an opinion on your suggestion otherwise, but I wouldn't say it's tedious, since it's just selecting the region and running //setbiome. If you feel like you need to wait for a long time for a mod, remember P mods might not have noticed there's an open req on C, so you can always check who's online and ask them to come do your req. :)
  2. Part 1 screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/YNYnO The map proved to be too big for a one night thing, so we'll tour the rest on another day, which I'll inform once decided. Thank you all who joined! And everyone can still hop on for the next part if they want to. :)
  3. I updated the wikipage as well, so the correct link is there too.
  4. Old cartos are also linked on the sidebar. Here's C's: http://redditpublic.com/carto/creative/
  5. Check the one linked on the subreddit sidebar http://nerd.nu/maps/creative/#/141/64/149/-7/0/0 The wiki isn't always up to date if the admins (or anyone else) hasn't updated it.
  6. Several people have already roamed the new P rev on their own or with their friends, but now it's time to setup an expedition for the masses! Everyone's free to join The Great Horse Expedition that will leave from spawn on Saturday 17.6. 19:00 UTC. So bring yourself with your horse/donkey/mule, a minecart and a boat for some detours (to reach certain places where horses have hard time going), and some food. We will start with heading west and zig zagging the area for the sights and continue through the map clockwise. At some points we might take a nether portal to advance. I will plot our course beforehand so we're not aimlessly wandering. The goal is to explore most of the settlements people have made out there, take screenshots and have fun! We shall also have a mumble channel (or discord, we'll see) for the event. We did this already in a smaller scale last rev and it was a lot of fun, so hopefully a lot of you want to join!
  7. Believe it or not, I'll finally be back this weekend (Sat or Sun). \o/ Edit. Yeah right. Computer started a literal fire. At this rate I will never be back. Asking heads to revoke my mod status for the time being.
  8. Just updating my situation: Still not home and it will probably be still 1-2 weeks until I'm back in full capacity.
  9. This happens, because as of now the protections are strictly meant for grief protection and moderators should only be protecting builds and heavily terraformed areas. I do agree with you that areas like that should be protectable, since if someone would come and build there the build would eventually be removed anyway, so why go through the hassle and not just protect it. It's just that how things are supposed to be protected per the guidelines. Making the buffer larger basically is the idea here that we're talking about.
  10. This was brought up mainly because (as Troop said) your foliage is already kind of protected with your claim, but then there's the issue of claim fences littering the place. A lot of people never remove them because they want to keep parts of their claim in the natural state as a buffer. At the end it would be nice to have a more seamless (fenceless) experience of the map, in which case protecting the claim after the build is mostly done, would give the incentive to remove the claim fences. So in this case just saying the claim is your protection isn't really a proper argument for the issue. I do think it would need clear rules of how much "foliage buffer" people would be allowed to have. The normal 5 blocks from a build that's currently going on isn't enough for most of the people. Nobody wants foliage destroyed that close to their build. The option always ofc is to then just fix it and after that it would be terraforming and thus protectable. Basically it would mean you could just dig up the ground and hack down the trees and put everything back together as they were and it would be protectable. On P we're not really hurting for space to build at so some sort of buffer doesn't seem too unreasonable, though protecting claims right out when they're made would be ridiculous as so many of them go unused. Maybe this could be something that could only happen later in the rev and also follow the claim rules in the matter that nothing close to spawn would be allowed this (claims don't really have official power there anyway, only the normal build rules). I think it's worth discussing instead of dismissing it without any proper arguments, since people seem to be bothered by the claim fences being there through the whole rev and then littering the view on the save.
  11. I think this is a great idea and would substitute for the lack of iron grinders. This will also make normals skeleton and zombie grinders very useful for people, which is a plus since they tend to fall off after a couple weeks into the rev. This would even be a thing that would replace iron grinders all together with plumped iron ore in the ground. Maybe add chain mail too into the mix with one one iron per piece or something like that?