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  1. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Spook6 has been trained as a moderator and permissions are up to date.
  2. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Ban Appeal Policy has been updated to include a policy for requesting old appeals to be hidden (note that we do not hide them for light reasons).
  3. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Spook6 has joined the moderator team. Training and some permissions still pending.
  4. New Moderator Voting: Spooker6

    5 people voted yes and 10 voted they don't know the player enough. Since this is on a timezone that lacks moderators, the head team is vouching for Spook6 and we've asked her to join the staff which she has accepted.
  5. Notes and bans are public indeed, but Omega, if anyone is giving you snide comments about a note, that is very much not allowed. I would urge you to come back and play on the servers and we'll see how it goes. If anyone has something negative to say to you about it, please contact staff and we will handle it.
  6. Hey Omega. Is it possible that you're confusing the note for a ban? You're not banned anymore, it's just the note that remains. You are free to come and play.
  7. Hey Omega. You haven't really been playing on the servers and as such I can't evaluate whether your behaviour has changed or not. X-ray is a serious offence, so as of such I'm leaving the note. You may re-appeal it in six months.
  8. Lobby Contest Voting!

    Hey Mumber, straight up political and NSFW things in the buildings are not allowed. Believe I found the "fake testicles" you're referring to, but can't find a political sign.
  9. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Fazaden has rejoined staff and his permissions have been updated. Re-training is pending.
  10. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    The winner lobby from lobby contest is live. tict0c has joined the mod team.
  11. [Note Appeal] PPGOME

    PPGOME, since Challanger and Aypop haven't responded, I've removed their notes for you, since both are very old and are not reflecting your character anymore. As of now I declare you note free. :)
  12. Smaller map

    In parts I do agree with that. Having a city and/or UMC right outside spawn surely gives the impression of a more lively server for newcomers. I do remember myself trying to desperately get out of built area and it felt like it was just more town after another. It's much of a trade off I guess. That cities choose to go far out of the spawn when it's possible tells its own tale that regular players enjoy the given space. If time would permit, I'd love to help setup UMC right at spawn again with big builds and townlike feeling, but there's always so much to do that UMC is pretty much a whole rev commitment not leaving much time for other things. As long as new players communicate in chat or check the livemap they'll soon realise it's very much not an empty world though.
  13. Smaller map

    Personally I enjoy the larger map. With wings travel is fast and easy, and you don't get that much into land disputes (especially now when we had the blank livemap open early on so possible neighbours could be spotted and resolve any possible looming issues).
  14. Head Admin Meeting Notes

    Should probably bump this too, so people realise it's updated. :) Bump!
  15. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Standish_ has been moved to the inactive moderators list and his perms have been updated to reflect this.