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Survival Games and Events Suggestions


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Yesterday there was a meeting held before the whole bounty thing came up to talk about different things.  A topic that came up was games and events for Survival as a whole.  We discussed a few different games and events but wanted to extend the invitation for players to suggest things as well.  This is a thread for people to do that.


A bounty system has been brought up as something of interest for the server and was a game we suggested before the subreddit post was created.

When it was discussed among us this is what was idea that was being played around with:

  • Tag/Man Hunt

    • Pick from a list of volunteers to go and hide

      • People could sign up on the forums to be on the list

    • One clue given as to where they are hiding or no clues

    • Person who finds and kills them first is awarded a prize


Feel free to suggest games that both involve PvP and non-PvP aspects.


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Can a plugin do something along the lines of - when the it player drinks or throws a bottle of water a zombie is spawned, who doesn't 'see' the it player. There's a Team Fortress minigame called Versus Saxton Hale, where a player is massively buffed and can very easily kill anyone else, but it's not popular. So I'm thinking more of the army one can spawn to help distract the chasers.

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Mob-d KOTH.

Generally another KOTH arena, one with a few hostile mob spawners placed inside. 

When players run in, they fight to the death but also need to defend themselves from hostile mobs, IE spiders. Generally KOTH with a bunch of mobs chucked in. Maybe the mobs that spawn from the grinders could be modifed to drop specific items that could help kill mobs/players? A zombie dropping an Iron Sword once every so often would be pretty cool, as it'd add a lot of strategy and luck to the game.


Spleef. Not sure if we have an arena for it this revision, correct me if we do.


Can't think of anything else at the moment.

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