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josh4004 [cab417]


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First off, I'd like to apologize for covering that dude's mines with 2 wooden blocks. I admit I did that. Under no circumstances is it right to do something like that. However, I believe this is a bit of a misunderstanding. 


I had habituated that area for a long while before the other player showed up. I had specifically chosen that area because of its seclusion; I'm far more afraid of other players than I am of mobs. I thought I had made my presence clear, and shown signs of  claimed land. Apparently I did not mark off my land clearly enough, which gave him the right to build whatever he wanted around it. Once he made his presence known by replacing some of my sugar canes with watermelons and placing torches around the area, I became increasingly worried. It was then that I decided to cover his mine and put up signs to scare him off. 


It really was a scooby-doo-esque attempt to spook him off my land. However, at the time of  the covering there were no boundaries marked around his handiwork, at least none that I saw. If this is why he was allowed to encroach upon my land and disturb my sugar canes, then surely it was my right to rough it up. This was my thought process at the time. 


I had already taken steps to make amends, for shortly after our run-in  I decided to move. I essentially forfeited the land. Before I could get started elsewhere though, he saw me and killed me while entering my cave. After that I picked up immediately and built a lodge on the eastern river. 


I had since started a new life. I put the past behind me. I began farming and breeding animals, and I focused on baking and raising chickens and other things. I had already addressed and put this issue behind me long before this ban came around. I think this is sufficient punishment, and that I will continue to be the model citizen I had already become prior to this ban.


If none of that holds any water, just know that I acted out of fear. Fear that was legitimate, because the little fucker still ended up killing me.


I want to get back to my chickens. Pls unban.   

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Hello josh4004,


I banned you for griefing another players mine entrance area. I did look at the edits around the location to see that you had claimed the area.

My main concern would be that instead of sending in a modreq to have an admin settle the dispute, you decided to grief the users area. Please if this ever happens again, send in a modreq. It will get handled, and you won't have to be worried about the builds being on your claim. 


Please reread the rules at: http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules before joining the servers.

Unbanned, play nice.

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