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End of Survival Revision 29


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We have been watching the activity on s.nerd.nu across this revision and have been happy to see so many people getting involved with the server. From the start, there has been no end of revision timeline, instead we have allowed player activity to dictate the closure. Now that it has consistently dropped to levels far below what we were observing earlier into the revision (across June / July), we are now announcing the end of revision for Saturday 12th September.


In terms of this revision, I have to reach out to Bluuefuzzy, C45y, ExcessiveToker, Willravel and Zburdsal who have put countless hours into assisting with this map and moderating over 76% of all modreqs. And to all of the people who took the time to give feedback before this rev had a plan, jump on to have some fun or cause some chaos with terrible puns in chat: Thanks for all you've done. :-)


Moving forward, Survival will not be returning until a plan is in place to dictate its future - this is where you come in. For years survival has fought to reinvent itself as PvP has changed over the course of numerous Minecraft updates. What we once loved no longer works, so we need new ideas and new admins. We want you to submit your proposals for Survival when it returns. You can write this individually, or as a group, it should cover all the main aspects of the game in as much detail as possible.


The submission of these proposals for the future of survival will be reviewed and either implemented or bastardized into a mixture from various peoples ideas. Future survival revisions will be a lot more community driven, and we hope more to the communities liking.


Click here to head to the feedback topic.

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