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See ya nerds

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Hey guys, just wanted to say I'm finally taking a leave from nerd. I could write a sap story, a funny story, a negative drama post, or something about the friends I've made here, but honestly those all cover everything. Since I've been here nerd has brought many different emotions out of me, and I really do love this community. I plan on returning in the future sometime if possible when I get more time, but right now it's looking like I'll be away until at least december, so I'm gonna say good bye for now. 


So here's a list of some people from nerd that I've found awesome in my time here:

- mgmt/mafianation: lmao you guys suck but miss you both and thanks for introducing me to nerd <3

- AC13O: yooo this guy taught me how to pvp and then we were enemies the next rev and on :')

- Getafever: you smell bad but you led the first clan I was apart of, and it was awesome honestly. everyone hating us was more fun than I imagined 

- Mumberthrax: ayy lmao thanks for trying to fix S and thanks for being a good friend even when everything was going wrong

- Eehee: this guy is just a clown honestly

- Abiuv: greatest author ever, and we started a clan together that i was in charge of and not you ;-)

- TornadoFatherDown: lmao you three crack me up. at least some people still tried to PvP after everyone else stopped, and please keep your shirts on 

- DementedM0nkey: I may have brought you to nerd, but it was hella fun messing around with you ya dang monkey. shout out to our 2 episode lets play 

- djt: this taco might be part tortilla, but he's one of the best friends I've made on nerd and will always have a place in my heart even if you won't send me a selfie on snap chat like come on fam we've been friends for years

- rtr69: ayy lmao we used to hate each other and i loved it, then we stopped hating each other, and then we were sadmins together, and now i can confidently say you're one of my best friends. from trying to figure out economy, to zerging, to trying to hunt down techs, to messing around in random games on steam,  it's been a blast getting to know you. you can always come to me for anything, and i wish you all the best in life. but remember, when all else fails, when everything is going wrong, when life picks you up and throws you off a bus, it will always be my swamp <3<3<3


ya that's def not everyone, like I could say great things about diznatch, Aca, Uni0, Barlimore, c45y, and the list goes on and on but really I don't have that kind of time. So basically, if you think I like you, I probably do, and you probably had a positive affect on my time here at nerd so ily bby never forget me <3

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