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Publish old lobby worlds on nerd.nu/backups

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Not a tech admin, but last I had checked when I was looking for new lobbies, we had lost a portion of them from the lobby design contest as well as some old ones. I'm not sure how many we lost, but I would love to see the ones that we have put up for download.


Hopefully a tech admin can chime in on what we have laying around.

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We do have a few lobby worlds sitting around on the server at the moment. I'm not sure what happened with the missing ones from the contest but we do have most of our past lobbies still.


For anyone interested, here's the list of what we have sitting on the lobby server still:


  • autumn2014
  • christmas2015
  • creeper001
  • dobreira
  • erdtZAC
  • EternityOfDeath
  • kittypuppet
  • stpatricks2015
  • S_W
  • tc_chris
  • treelobby
  • twizburd
  • valentines
  • world (the original flavor)

There's also a world named "contest," which I imagine contains the missing lobby contest builds. (Edit: The world I found is for the original lobby contest, not the later one.)


It would take awhile to process and upload them to the archive, but if there's interest, I could go ahead and do it.
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