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I hate to be repeating what has already been said but setting up a pvp area is entirely possible on C currently! No-one bothers to use it though.

While I remain a padmin, it won't be happening on P at least in part for the reasons you've extensively covered.

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The "just use creative for arenas" is a misunderstanding of the actual issue, which is that people are interested in end-to-end PvP gameplay where they can experience combat in a more unexpected or unstructured format, hence the desire to create a PvP-enabled town. Not only that, but some people enjoy putting in the work to obtain their gear. It would be similarly ridiculous for me to claim that everyone should go to creative to build because they can obtain more decorations there - many people enjoy the resource gathering aspect of gameplay.

I'm disappointed to hear that you're so dead set against any changes because I was hopeful we could test some ideas next revision and it seemed like we were making progress on a compromise that would satisfy what I feel is frankly a neglected section of the playerbase. I will gladly work with you or the other padmins to help address any concerns you may have regarding any potential impact on the PvE experience. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you change your mind, I still believe that we can create a collaborative solution together if we try.

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