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Creative Speed Build Arena Contest

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We are pleased to announce the first contest of Revision 34! The current /warp SpeedBuild is going to be retired soon and we need your help building a unique arena to facilitate our bi-weekly Speed Build competitions!

We've got some requirements and guidelines for the arena to work to it's fullest potential, so please read carefully.


  • You will have a 300x300 plot of building space!
  • Any theme you want is okay.
  • If you build SQUARE plots they must have a minimum size of 25x25.
  • If you build CIRCULAR plots they must have a minimum diameter of 30.
  • Plots must have FULL vertical clearance (nothing blocking potentially tall builds).
  • Plots must be at least 7 blocks deep from ground level (for any builds that require digging).
  • The arena must have a minimum of 18 plots. More is fine.

(If your arena wins and does not meet these guidelines, it may be subject to modifications. If it cannot be modified, the 2nd place arena may be chosen in it's place.)


  • The contest will take place on c.nerd.nu
  • Enter the contest with /warp SBAContest or /mv tp speedbuild_contest
  • Find and stand in a plot, then type /nerdplot claim
  • You can use World Edit in your plot.
  • You may add other players to your plot with /rg addowner.


Begins: January 26th 2019

Ends: February 23rd 2019


Public voting will be held upon completion of contest.

Have fun and happy building! 


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