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Remove Phantoms?


Remove phantoms?  

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8 minutes ago, Zaliek said:

In case you aren't aware, they did add an effective countermeasure against them. They stay away from cats.

It only takes so many players who want to keep phantoms away and then the server becomes laggy as hell with hundreds of cats defending against phantoms.

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Using cats like torches to keep phantoms away is entirely unnecessary. Have one by your door so you can safely enter and exit. They can't hurt you when you're running.

Looking at the rules of spawning that seems to be the best place to start should admins elect to nerf phantoms. After not sleeping for 3 days 1-6 can spawn, with the chances of more increasing the longer you haven't slept.

So lets say adjust it so if you haven't slept in 7 days, there's a chance of 1-2 spawn. Caps at 4 with you having to not sleep for a whole month (30 days). Moblimiter culls down to 4 (currently).

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Originally i liked the Phantoms and was against any suggestion to remove them, they were just a new addition to the game to get used to.

Now my mind has changed. Minecraft PVE  is all about mining and building, both can get you in a sort of "groove". The one moment you are more in a mining mood and go underground, the other you get out and build.

Getting in the building "groove" is virtually impossible with the Phantoms, severely limiting the amount of pleasure you can find in the game.

The Phantoms can stay if knockback is removed from their attack, attack damage is lowered to the point you can ignore them and they make kitten sounds.

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Phantoms are just another thing that can unfairly kill you when considering the lag that we're dealing with on a daily basis. Even if I time my counterattacks correctly, server/client desync makes hitting them a crap shoot. Their drops are worthless to those of us who don't use elytra (and useless to those who do use elytra, since mending makes their drops completely unnecessary). Their XP is negligible and the mobs look ugly and half-baked. The Minecon attendees who voted for Phantoms had to choose the most palatable out of 4 shit sandwiches that were presented to them, and they arguably chose the shit sandwich with the best bread and condiments. But phantoms are still shit and I support their nerfing or elimination wholeheartedly, especially when lag makes effective counter attacking very difficult.

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