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CTA Connections #2

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CTA Connections: The CTA Magazine                                                                                             Issue 2, May 2020   

    Yes, it has been 5 months since the last issue. I'm sorry. Let's start!

                                                 The CTA In Revision 35

Welcome back! The CTA gained a lot of new and returning members! Verros re-joined (and is building a lot!) marting11 joined, iNerd71 joined, and more! We have been doing great, with 5 lines in revenue service! 

New Construction Works at CTA HQ-Winchester and the Light Blue Line

We are now building the Light Blue Line, which will go around the server like a circle starting at CTA HQ-Winchester, and ends at CTA HQ-Winchester, in a loop. There is already construction works going on at CTA HQ-Winchester Station! We installed a new departure board, and we are now building the platform. The design will be the same design as the platform on the Yellow Line. We also have a new station building, and it looks like this. There is also a hole for construction, so please do not go in it. We will take pictures and show you. The route of the Light Blue Line will go around the server, and have stops at every last stop on each line, except the Yellow Line, it will stop at CTA HQ-Winchester. The big construction work will begin on Saturday, May 30th.  Me, Challenger2, Verros and iceberg76 will officially open the line on some Saturday after Spleef or Speedbuild.

Thank you for reading! See you next time! (Hopefully next month!)

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