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    27 June 2021 12:00 AM      05 July 2021 03:59 AM

    Rejoice! Here comes the first weekly build of Revision 36! With Canada Day and Fourth of July coming up we though it would be appropriate to host a Patriotism themed Weekly build! We are not limiting this to Canada & USA, showing your pride for any other country is accepted.
    Theme : Patriotism
    Start date : June 26th @ 10PM Eastern Time
    End date : July 4th @ 11:59PM Eastern Time
    Rules : Single player or team builds are allowed. The winning build will be picked by CAdmins. To participate, do /warp WeeklyBuild while on Creative.
    Prizes :
    Winner(s) will be granted access to Spawn Plot #1 to build anything they wish! Winning build will be added to the weekly build museum.

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