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  2. July 2021 Lobby Suggestion Box: Very much empty! But hey, PvE has been keeping theirs updated, why don't you go take a look!
  3. Uh...Right, so I was away this past weekend. (Forgot to hit enter).
  4. I'm stating here that I am gone, no electronic communications from Aug7th through the 16th. plans are fishing and Lego
  5. Hello Blue! Welcome to the server. 🙂 We're glad to have you. -defiex
  6. $pudcoin block custom recipe $pudcoin are the currency for the rev, therefore not craftable. That would be counterfeit $pudcoins ! Make the harder Achievements Display in Chat Though I Understand why you may want your achievements to be broadcast, Chat can become spammy very quickly. All the random broadcast could become a problem and add to the chatspam.
  7. Hello I am blue and JUST call me blue but hello nice to meet this server
  8. Ok so we'll unban you, but please be aware of what the rules are. If you break one of the rules again, I'm afraid the ban will be permanent.
  9. Come play in the knockout arena in the End
  10. Come play in the knockout arena in the End
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  12. Moving this to closed appeals due to non-response. Please make a new appeal if you would like to be unbanned. Thank you, defiex
  13. Moving this to closed appeals due to non-response. Please make a new appeal if you would like to be unbanned. Thank you, defiex
  14. Hello, I'll be taking care of your appeal since TheNightsKing is no longer on staff. You were banned due to griefing other player's builds, killing farm animals without rebreading them up and trying to kill player pets. As it has been some time since the ban, please read the rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/ and msg back here when you have read and understood them. I will then unban you. Thank you, -defiex
  15. i was banned for griefing years ago and i dont remember why i did it. i definitely regret doing this because i liked playing this server when i first joined in maybe 2013. i want to revisit the server and i wont grief again.
  16. Edit the welcome message for noobs to include "yep, this IS the oldest server" We don't currently have any kind of welcome message for "noobs". Yes we are the oldest server, but not everyone asks that or cares, and being greeted by players when we notice the - on log in is part of what makes this community so cool. A countdown command for events But what fun would an event be if I didn't mess up the countdown? We can look into it, but it is not high priority. There are still a few suggestions to respond to, but they require a bit more discussion first.
  17. Hello! I will like to appeal my ban in 2020 for derogatory language. While playing, i said the f slur in chat for no reason just thinking "cuz why not?" which led me to get muted then banned. After a little while i realized what i said was wrong and i apologize for what i done. I would like to play again and start fresh again.
  18. I had a temporary study ban. Pls undo. I finished my test ❤️
  19. Most of you will not remember me, because I haven't played or been active in years. I played S back in 2013-2015ish. My MC username has changed, it used to be _Ryan__. I made a new account to avoid confusion on who I am. My crowning achievements were successfully building an absolutely massive sheep statue by spawn in one of the revs and subsequently getting absolutely rekt in pvp every time I logged in. My clan on s was with djt832/djtpls, Emery17, chewsonthemove, and Hamsale, if any oldsters recognize those names. Off the top of my head I remember JacktheLumberr (fuk u, srsly), pkome, iDANUB, Mumberthrax (best librarian evr), n00ble. a lot more escapes me nowadays. I'm djt's younger brother, if that helps jog some memory. I'm old and busy now, but thought I'd pop in, say hey, and check out P. missed u nerdz.
  20. June 2021 Changelog LadyCailin has joined staff as a Tech Admin - June 23, 2021 Spook6 stepped down from staff. - June 26, 2021
  21. Make next rev spawn a massive tower plz. love seeing the new people who join only to grief fail to leave spawn and just fall death. Thanks for the suggestion! You never know what these crazy padmins might come up with 😉
  22. A region flag for public farms - e.g. pumpkins can be broken, but pumpkin stems cannot; berry bushes can be harvested, but not broken; bottom sugar cane and bamboo blocks can't be broken, etc. Thank you for your suggestion. we have always allowed for regions for public use farms, just modreq for one. Public farms can be created in this way by creating separate public regions for just the area you would like to be public use. Please remember that square or rectangle farms are best for protection purposes. update to 1.17 We are waiting for a few more stable builds for the plugins and back end stuff we need to run the server. This is why we stated in the info post we plan to run this revision a little shorter. Also, if possible we could update mid-rev and add spawn traders for the new blocks. Nerf Olav Olav is an amazing part of this community. He makes amazing farms that benefit the whole community.
  23. Sheep heads in all colors You can request all colored sheep heads from headmart 🙂
  24. Hey all! I'm sure many of you are aware of the town I am mayor of, Frontier This rev we're looking for members who would be interested in helping us expand our town with builds, auto farms and also just simply good and friendly players! Right now we have: Pumpkin auto farm, villager markets with perfect farmer trader, and we've got a lot of cool builds going on already If anyones interested please let me know 😄 would love to have yall around PS. Everyone in the town so far is extremely friendly, we don't accept toxicity.
  25. Test the worldguard ice melt flag in the nether We tested it out and it seems to be working.
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