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  3. I don't necessarily remember what happened other than messing around with a couple of friends in PvE22 using modified clients. Being that my ban occurred in 2018 using x-ray (x-ray was what the banned screen says), 4 years later after finding a new love for this game again I can genuinely apologize for using game-ruining mechanics and addons that were prohibited in the rules. I would like to be able to enjoy the main server I was hooked on 4 years ago.
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  5. October 2021 Changelog September Public Staff meeting notes posted - October 15, 2021
  6. September 2021 Staff Meeting Head Admins New Mod Voting Fundraiser Discussions Next Staff Meeting Dates (current conflict with holidays) PvE Admins Nothing new to report Creative Spleef tonight! Chaos/Snapshots Back and Running on 1.18! Branding shifting to "snapshot server" rather than "chaos server" as many people think Chaos means racism/hacking is OK. Open Floor Updates on Carto? Deaygo is working on it
  7. Give cujo a raise for an awesome dragon fight πŸ˜„ Awww, thanks! We hope everyone enjoys the fight. I would also like to thank players and mods that gave crazy suggestions. test success? A possible addition for a trader at spawn to sell a stack of shroomlights. Thanks! We have added a trader at spawn that in cludes harder to find/get materials such as shroomlights, andesite, sand, etc! Add cross-server chat so I can talk with PvE people when I'm in the creative server We have discussed this possibility in the past and will continue to look into it as time allows. Add R.nerd.nu that contains a view-only pixel art of the classic bill gates sexy pose. um, no. Since plug.dj is no more, turntable.fm is a pretty good alternative Check us out here: https://turntable.fm/60612a7547b5e300194fc58a password is speakeasy /suggestion-box uses usernames for hashes instead of UUIDs, so players can ban evade a suggestion-box ban suggestions are anonymous, therefore we will not use names instead of the UUIDs
  8. Thank you so much, ive really been wanting to go back onto it πŸ™‚ . I have healed and thank for letting me have another chance! I cannot thank you enough.
  9. Thank you for taking time to read over the rules again. Welcome back.
  10. Loss of a pet can be tough. lashing out against others did not lessen that pain, I'm sure. I remember this well, I had attempted discussion and warned you against your actions. I hope that you have healed. I will unban you, please remember the potential pain of others.
  11. Hello guys, I took the time to read the rules again and i apologize for xraying and spamming, i will like to start a new leaf and be unbanned. I am sorry.
  12. I was stupid then, my username back then was midwizmb. Basically what happened was that I made a little grave in memory of my cat who died, then one of the people who I was collabing with said my cat was in hell, this was about a year ago, so I got mad and started griefing the build me and the person I was collabing with were making, and I destroied all my stuff along with my "self" base. I want to play on this server again. Sorry, thank you. P.S. I understand if I dont get unbanned, but I learned from what happened.
  13. Out of town for family emergency, not sure when I'll be back.
  14. The new, regular snapshot is out for 1.18! Not the experimental one. Are we planning on starting back up the server? I know, calm down Evil, it has only been one day, people have lives and such...
  15. Hello there Banned By Reason Time Banned Server cheezychicken xray nerd.nu/appeal 1 week, 2 days ago c.nerd.nu The standard punishment for xray is a week's ban and a full rollback of all edits. As it has been a week and you do understand that xray is against the rules, I'll unban you now.
  16. Hello, Top start, your other post to ban appeals has been removed, as the forum is not an appropriate place for copy-pasta or low effort threats (if that was the intent). Please keep posts here on topic. You were banned for evasion. This adds one week to your ban time. You have also been x-raying. This comes with a rollback of your edits and 1 week of banned time (since it was your first x-ray offense). With these together starting from the date of you ban, your ban will end on September 27. Please follow up at that time to be unbanned. PlaceRebuilder was banned on September 4, only after that account was banned did this account log in. You were also x-raying on the PlaceRebuilder account. All edits on that account have been rolled back as well. This is being treated as one extended instance of xray and will not come with additional ban time. Please take a moment to read the server rules and follow up on September 27 if you would like to be unbanned. Thank you, cujobear
  17. I'm sorry for using xray, it won't happen again this is one of my favorite servers and I really don't wanna lose this server.. Can I please have one more chance I won't do it again..
  18. PlaceRebuilder is not an alt but my little brother. I use a proxy service to bypass blocked websites for my browser, I share IPs because i live with him.
  19. Hi PlaceRebuilder, 1 week and 4 days ago you were banned for spam as you noted. I would have unbanned you during this appeal if not for the issues that have come up on your alt. These issues will be detailed further in the other thread. Thanks -pez
  20. Your authentications come from the same IPs as PlaceRebuilder, and account that was banned for spamming. You share all the same IPs as that account, and the IPs even changed on the same day. The IP that you made this post from is a proxy service.
  21. I have been banned for spamming and I want to say that I am sorry for spamming after being warned. I want to ensure that it won’t happen again, I am ready to come back to the server and I want to be unbanned.
  22. Hello! I will like to appeal my ban for "ban evasion" I do not understand why i was banned for ban evasion. this isn't an alt account, this is my main account: ShiHandan. I do not know who you think I was, I want to be unbanned.
  23. Modreq is meant for in-game help, not for discussing things on Discord or bans. There will be times when you won't be able to reach an admin right away. We do have lives, and don't always look at discord during the day. Asking for a modreq to reach an admin for out-of-game events won't get people's attention any faster, as I hope you realize now. Sometimes, you just have to be patient and wait another hour or two. You're unbanned, but next time you feel like an injustice might have been done, take a little time to reach out in the proper channels first before you react as strongly as you did yesterday.
  24. only thing in question of fault on my behalf is making 3 multiple modreqs (not 5, we cant include the first since it was closed my a mod, when it was to be escalated) and the last modreq was regarding the warning that was placed on me, not a multiple, yes there is questions about if the mod in question acted too brash compared others when handling this, and yes we can keep on asking them, but a mods within their right to kick/ban after a warning is given, tho most would not ban like this, it has happened, but rare, and for that i must say whoops on the 3 multiple modreqs (tho i think its understood now that if the first req was just escalated instead of closed, like asked, this wouldnt of happened), when it comes to the discord, i expect all staff to adhere from the policy that was agreed around memes from now on, as should have been to begin with, members get punished for not adhering to the rules and policies, then so must the staff on the basis of impartiality. go raibh maith agat
  25. got banned for making modreqs, first modreq got closed although escalated tagged, then i made reply modreqs as well as an additional modreq to match original, i got warned for making multiple when multiple would not have been made unless the escalation request was respected, this shouldnt of been done, additionally just looking at modreq listings, i see plenty of previous actual duplicate modreqs nto targeted like this. When it comes to the discord ban, i didnt break the rules and called out when a staff member was picking to find something yet again, which has made me feel increasingly harassed and frustrated at unclear messaging and my patience with it is done, which i already expressed before, so on that note: fuck the queen and the uda x
  26. September 2021 Changelog August Public Staff meeting Notes posted - September 10, 2021
  27. August 2021 Staff Meeting Head Admins Staff Updates & how stepping down/inactivity works Welcoming new moderator TemporarilyAlive Discussed pending moderator Fundraiser Planning Discord - discussed specific rules for moderation PvE Dragon fight - amazing! Rev 26 Download: Soon(tm) Discussed PvP Discussed Xray Creative Nothing new to report Speedbuild is this weekend! Tech Admins Discussed Tech updates Chaos & Skyblock Chaos - still down for now Skyblock - still up! defi does pop over during restarts. Open Floor Cross Server Chats S-Revival Talks Request to keep servers on the same version in future
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