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  2. Many moons ago, the NerdNu server icons were created! To celebrate our re-acquisition of our NerdNu domain, we decided it was time to freshen up our icons with a server icon contest! It's time for a vote! Below are links to each of the submissions that were received. Please make your choice via the poll. marting11 AndyJF #1 Fluffhead555 AndyJF #2 Here were the rules for submission: You must have a NerdNu Forums account to submit your entry. You must submit a generic NerdNu icon as well as an icon for each server: Pve (P/PvE) Creative (C) Lobby (L) Please also give us examples for Chaos, Minigames, and Fundraiser (to possibly be used in the future - we love a matching set!) The icons must be 64x64 pixels and in PNG format If you have high resolution versions, that would be handy for use in other places (like the MC Servers list…) You are not required to include the NerdNu glasses logo to be consistent with our branding, but it would be nice as these logos will be seen outside of the log-on screens. Icons do not need to be identical but sets that match will receive higher marks. Icons MUST conform to community rules Plans are to accept submissions for the next month or so , at which point they will be evaluated by head admins and icons that meet the requirements will be put to a public vote! If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the Head Admins - pez252, Fazaden, or defiex Post your submissions on the NerdNu Forums here!
  3. 1.) I left those communities a while ago and I was a bit younger so I didnt fully understand most of it. 2.) The Hyperborea meme is different from nazi ideology to my understanding. 3.) I haven't touched this server for more than a year, only came back about 2 days ago.
  4. I had recieved multiple reports of the language you had been using in chat, and the nature of the topics you had been discussing. This combined with the signs displaying the name of your town which were also neonazi dogwhistle terms & the previous warnings you had recieved over the last year is why you were banned. The fact that you even admit to being part of those communities in the past mean you know exactly what you were talking about. This is not the kind of behaviour we want or expect on our server. As this isnt your first ban for this, you will remain banned for at least the next 6 months. Please take this time to reflect on your language and choices, and if you feel ready to rejoin our community please re-appeal next year.
  5. BaconLover07

    Cave List

    To make a long story short, I enjoy building cave bases and colonising worlds. If anyone knows of caves with mineshafts / dungeons in them I'd like it if someone posted coords.
  6. I used to be in that kinda community when I was younger, but I've grown out of it and look back on it with shame.
  7. Hello, I would like to appeal my ban. I was banned for "Repeated Neo-Nazi References", I do not hold such beliefs. I admit some jokes about eating federal agents were a bit in bad taste. But the only instance I can think of for Nazi references was using the term "Gorillion" as a number. I wasn't aware that it referenced politics, I just thought it was a generic large number word people made up like squigillion in the Warhammer 40k community. I'll admit some of my humour was a bit dark, but I personally wouldn't call it Nazi humor. I try to be a friendly member of the community and help others when possible. I don't make jokes in bad faith, but I can see how you could mistake my jokes for being serious if you didn't know me all that well. I hope this finds you well.
  8. Hello AethXx, You were banned for using movement hacks after multiple warnings: Please review our server rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/. Once you confirm that you're read and understand the rules, you will be unbanned on June 25, 1 week after your initial ban date.
  9. I was banned for supposedly using fly/speed hacks. I've never used any hacks on this server. I would like a second chance to prove myself.
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  11. Closing because player has been unbanned.
  12. Hello Xetrain i read it and took my time to read it carefully. Thank you
  13. Hello KiingJ I will be happy to unban you once you confirm you have re-read the rules here: https://nerd.nu/rules/#pve Thanks, XeTrain
  14. Hello Mumberthrax, It is good that you have taken the time to look inward and think about your actions in the past. Unfortunately, we have not changed our stance on your ban. Your comments and actions at the time were too egregious for us to be comfortable allowing you back. We wish you well, The Head Admins, defiex, pez252, & Fazaden.
  15. Hello Mumberthrax, Thank you for your patience. We will respond to your post in the next day or so, once we have a moment to discuss the situation between the head admins. -defiex
  16. This was not within Aethelstans claim, and was reported by another player. As I said, you will be unbanned on the 9th of June. Thanks
  17. Xetrain that may be a coincidence because my claim is in Aethelstan2's claim which he allowed me to build in but thank you for cooperating
  18. Cherry wood in question:
  19. Hello KiingJ You were banned on the 2nd of June 2024 for continued grief, your note history implies you have been warned multiple times for similar offenses. In this case, you were banned for taking down a players build made of cherry wood. any size build that is created is protected under our No Grief rule, regardless of if it looks abandoned Because of this, you will be unbanned on the 9th of June 2024. Which is 1 week from today Thanks, XeTrain.
  20. My account has been banned of griefing on PVE even though the new rev has just started
  21. Hi. I'd like to appeal my ban. I was on the nerd.nu discord server in the politics channel often. I became frustrated at the way i was treated by users there in ways i perceived to be in violation of the rules. I became frustrated by the treatment i received from cheezychicken in response to my complaints. I became frustrated with some of the other staff who accused me of being the source of the conflict rather than those who were mistreating me. This happened in parallel with other events where the head admins engaged in what i perceived at the time to be misconduct on the PvE server. Fazaden in particular would engage with me on the politics channel and appeared to have the same inclination as I did at the time to get hot-headed on matters that are important to him. There's much more that went on to all of this, a lot of issues that really bothered me, but which don't really need to be brought up here. Suffice to say though, at the time I felt attacked on all sides by several users and by the staff who i believed had a responsibility to maintain order and justice, and that led to a lot of resentment and frustration. The fact that this intersected with the emotions of real-world political issues sent me to what I'd classify as peak amygdala hyperstimulation. I lost my patience and began treating the channel with flippancy commensurate with the level of care i perceived others to be putting forth. I cracked what seemed to me clever jokes in response to insults and attacks. In retrospect, there was no way that any of that would be productive. The people there were never going to accept any kind of argument against them, and losing my temper in response to trolling and trolling them back was never going to produce ideal results. In particular, lashing out at the admins who were themselves ideologically driven (as I was) and who mostly just would have preferred for the whole thing to go away was an error on my part. At one point I stated truthfully my belief in criminal prosecution leading to the death penalty for people who perform abortions. I still do not believe this violated nerd.nu's rules. I also made a statement which I fully intended as a joke, which I thought was obviously ridiculous enough to be understood as satirical - and which at the time I also thought cleverly referenced several topics that had arisen over the course of the conversation in a funny way, but because the admins saw me as the central figure in all of their problems, this satirical comment could be plausibly argued to have been made with serious intent. The context didn't matter, and stripping away that context was a strategy used to argue for the denial of my previous appeal. I understand why that was done. To make it extremely clear: my argument at the time was that "KILLING IS BAD". From my perspective, abortion is killing. ergo, i don't want people killed. At the same time, I was REPEATEDLY in support of the rule of law and criminal justice. These are very very basic concepts for functioning civilization that nobody should have issue with. To the best of my recollection, it was Fazaden who pressed me to describe what I would want done to people who perform abortions under a hypothetical scenario where the rule of law has dissolved and anarchy and chaos have taken over my country. So I said, iirc, that in that scenario such people should be executed - in much the same way that murderers are given the death penalty. (FWIW, my stance on the death penalty today is more reserved than even then. I tend to believe in repentance and forgiveness.) My "joke" was suggesting in that scenario a 'genocide' of people who support and perform abortions. Obviously it is not a genocide, because people of various races and ethnic backgrounds share in that activity. Obviously extrajudicial killing people who merely give support to murderers is a violation of the concept of law and order, the rule of law, and a violation of the belief that "KILLING IS BAD". I hope this is making some sense. I'm not sure how better to explicate this. My intention right now is not to argue against abortion or turn this appeal into a political debate, to argue the nuances of law and 'what is a human' or any of that stuff, because that's not what this is about. I share what I have shared because it is what happened, and I was instructed at nerd.nu/appeal to do so. My stance is that the head admins and deaygo made considerable mistakes in their handling my previous appeals - but they are understandable mistakes. I don't care that they did, it doesn't bother me anymore. Nobody cares. I have no interest in going on the politics channel at all. I have no interest in talking about political issues with people who already have their opinions cooked. Getting into heated arguments about politics is fruitless at best, and disruptive and harmful at worst. I simply wish to have the ban reversed at this time. Also, for what it is worth, I'm much calmer these days. I am sorry I caused trouble for you admins, for not conducting myself at a higher standard even when I felt mistreated. Previous appeal posts: https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/5780-mumberthrax-defiex https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/5823-mumberthrax-defiex-please-re-open-my-previous-appeal-so-that-i-may-respond https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/7167-mumberthrax-defiex/
  22. I am sorry for griefing
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