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  2. Thank you for the further explanation. I now understand that there was more that went into this, and that is why I was banned after logging off. Please consider my argument above to be withdrawn. I don't consider it unfortunate that you took a few minutes to confirm your information, I think you believe me when I say that if I felt that way I would tell you. On the contrary, taking some time to gather the right information and sort things out is a good thing, and it's one of those things that sets Nerd apart from others. You are dedicated to fairness, and I recognize it and thank you for it. Lastly, if there are so many complaints about a player, it is unhelpful to everyone if the situation is allowed to progress to an advanced state before informing said player. Early communication is important. I feel that this could be an area of improvement. If the player reacts badly, it is on them, not you. If they can't take the advice, they get to write an appeal instead, and it is on them to do it correctly. At this time please accept my apology and I would ask forgiveness for this regrettable situation. Thank you for your time and consideration here in hearing me out and replying. I will re-address matter on 18 Mar 2024.
  3. Hello Citlalin, We do not ban frivolously. Each time a player is banned, we take some time to review the to-be-banned player's history (of which yours is extensive and troubling) and reach out to affected players to get their side of the story. It's unfortunate that you think taking a few minutes to confirm my information before entering your ban was too long. You did not stop as was noted by the fact that I needed to say anything at all. The harassment clock does not reset with the dawn of a new day. You may appeal your ban March 18, 2024
  4. You said "That's rude, stop." I said what I said about people being fussy (because I was frustrated with the situation), and even admitted to being fussy myself) and then logged off. I actually wasn't even referring to you with that comment, I didn't intend to name-call you or insult you at all. It was a frustrated expression about "some people" without any intention to attach any names to that. The connection log will show that I didn't try to log back on for some hours. So, it seems to me that I actually did what you said to do. I stopped by logging off and staying off. I certainly did not persist or press on, which would have been a mistake. What I don't understand is: If I hadn't logged off, but instead simply stopped talking entirely, would I have still been banned? What if if I had simply stopped talking and just went about building stuff in silence? Would I have been banned? Or would I have been fine? If the answer to that is banned regardless, then why ask me to stop rather than just ban? If the answer is fine, then why was I banned after logging off? That's what I don't get. The terminal sequence of events to me looks like: 1) Me: stupid joke 2) You: That's rude, stop. 3) Me: Fussy people etc. 4) I logged off. 5) At some point after (maybe right after?) I was banned. So it looks like I actually did stop, and on that technical detail that's why I think I shouldn't have been banned after logging off. Unless you had already decided to ban before/at the time you said to stop, but that seems to not make sense. I completely understand the rest of what you said and I hate to hinge any argument on a technical detail like that, but that detail does exist and it seems to be an important one, because the decision to ban should have been as a result of a failure or refusal to stop, which did not happen. You said stop. I did not persist. Please advise.
  5. Hello Citlalin, Thank you for posting an appeal. I will not be removing your ban until your month is up and you have re-appealed showing that you understand what you have done and will not do so again. I would also like to be very clear: any further inappropriate conduct towards myself or any of our staff will have that ban length extended. To clarify, you were not banned because you called either myself or other players "fucking fussy." I’ve been called much worse. You were banned because you have consistently made other players uncomfortable with unasked for comments about their bodies and continued inappropriate violent comments. You have been banned multiple times for multiple infractions over the past two years. We have received multiple complaints from more than a few players. I have tried speaking with you as has another Head Admin, with our third Head Admin suggesting that perhaps NerdNu is not the server you are looking for. I agree with this sentiment. I appreciate that you took the time to review your chat logs. In those same chat logs, please look a little further back to the point where you were ‘teasing’ another player about their socks after you’d been repeatedly told by that player and others to stop. If you are unable to handle yourself with some semblance of decorum, perhaps a multiplayer Minecraft Server is not the place for you. You may re-appeal March 18, 2024. Feb 2022 Ban: March 2023 Ban Appeal: August 2023 Ban Appeal: August 2023 Note Appeal:
  6. I was banned after disengaging and logging off. There was no need for this. I ask that the ban be removed. If there is anything I need to do please let me know, but I did disengage and I logged off on my own, without being told. I tried to log back in, hours later, and found I was banned, which means it happened after I disengaged and logged off. eta: ask this question. If there was such a problem, why wasn't I banned while the conversation was going on? That would have been the sensible thing to do, wouldn't it? But the fact is, I wasn't. But, I did recognize that it was getting out of hand, and so I did the only right thing that I could do in such an instance - that right thing is to disengage and log off. I did that, and I was banned anyway, and after doing so. Maybe this was just a message. If so, received and acknowledged, but I cannot but consider that this is out of accord with regard to past handling of similar instances. eta2: I just reviewed my chat logs and final communication prior to getting banned, I challenge you to read it too. I got banned for calling some unnamed people "fucking fussy" at 01:05:41 and then logging off 59 seconds later, at 01:06:40 . That's bannable here? I guess it is. Well, then, it's a good thing I didn't call them something worse, isn't it? This ban is completely unwarranted, it is ridiculous, and it is absolutely frivolous. The so-called merit upon which it is based is tenuous at best, but is realistically unsupportable. It is an expression of angry emotional outburst on the part of he who brought the action. Please take it off now, because it should never have happened in the first place.
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  8. "Hundred Dollars" by Bardidley "She's a Creeper / Creeper Proposal" by AndyJF "Valentine Garden / Swans in Love" by ZaZa "Lotso Lovin' Bear" by AndyJF "Mushy Mallard Morning" by Verros
  9. Hello Alan, you were banned for multiple instances of grief after you were warned to stop. You are unbanned as of posting this but i suggest you familiarize yourself with the rules before rejoining. https://nerd.nu/rules/
  10. I don't know why I'm banned, I go to the server and I see that it writes: griefing nerd.nu/apeeal and one more thing, please enter English to Polish translator in Google because I'm from Poland
  11. Participate in the Valentine’s Day Build Contest where any Valentine’s day themed builds can be submitted. Get started by going to /warp WeeklyBuild and claiming a plot! Multiple entries are allowed Team entries are allowed Begins: Today February 5th Ends: Thursday February 15th The winning entry will be placed in the winners area, and the winner will be selected by community poll.
  12. Here's what I came up with. Took some inspiration from marting's. Normal: PvE: Creative: Event: Chaos: Minigames:
  13. Can recreate at any size required
  14. Here's an idea with a Steve head wearing the nu glasses of the logo Separate 64x64 files : All icons together, a bit larger for viewing :
  15. Many moons ago, the NerdNu Server Icons were created and ....we haven't really touched them since! To celebrate our recent re-acquisition of our NerdNu domain, we decided it was time to freshen up our icons with a server icon contest! Read on for instructions on how to enter! You must have a NerdNu Forums account to submit your entry. You must submit a generic NerdNu icon as well as an icon for each of our currently active servers: Example of the Generic nerdNu Icon & the Creative and PvE server icons: Please also give us icons for Chaos, Minigames, and Fundraiser to possibly be used for future updates - we love a matching set! The icons must be 64x64 pixels and in PNG format. If you have high resolution versions of the icons, that would be handy for use in other places, like the MC Servers list. You are not required to include the NerdNu glasses logo to be consistent with our branding, but it would be nice as these logos will be see outside of our usual log-on screens. Icons do not need to be identical, but sets that match will receive higher marks. Icons MUST conform to community rules. Plans are to accept submissions for the next couple of months or so, at which point they will be evaluated by head admins and icons that meet the requirements will be put to a public vote! If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the Head Admins - pez252, Fazaden, or defiex on Discord, here in the forums, or in game! Please post your submissions below - imgur links are preferred! Thank you and have fun! -Head Admins
  16. December 2023 Changelog July - October (no Nov meeting) 2023 Public Staff Meeting notes posted - December 17, 2023
  17. December 2023 Staff Meeting Head Admins PvE Admins Creative Open Floor
  18. October 2023 Staff Meeting (No November Meeting) Head Admins Domain name issues - currently on Nerdnu.io - working to remedy the situation Fundraiser - ongoing discussions PvE Admins Haunted house will remain at spawn for another week or so Creative Halloween build contest runs until Tuesday the 31st https://nerdnu.io/forums/topic/7224-creative-halloween-build-contest/ Open Floor Revision length discussions December/November meeting dates mod representation at spawn
  19. September 2023 Staff Meeting Head Admins Fundraiser planning - ongoing New Lobby - ongoing discussion PvE Admins New Rev Planning Mods working on various mob areans and spleefs staffing questions Creative Full hour of spleef last week! Much fun! Tonight is speedbuild! Tech Admins New Rev planning tech issues and updates Vote Pluggin acting strange - will be looked into Open Floor reopening chaos & skyblock discussions
  20. August 2023 Staff Meeting Head Admins Discussed November/December staff meeting dates Fundraiser Planning discussion Financial updates - still nothing PvE Admins New Rev Planning - ongoing Come visit us for weekend fundays! Creative New Project on the horizon! If any staff would like to assist, please reach out to your nearest Cadmin!
  21. July 2023 Staff Meeting Head Admins updated Financial document - still waiting for updated info Fundraiser Planning - In progress, no new updates PvE Admins New Revision Planning - ongoing Weekend events have been going well with help from staff to moderate Creative More projects in the works Fun times with current list of games on offer!
  22. #1 - AndyJF's "IT" #2 Fluffhead555's "Nightmare Before Christmas" #3 marting11's "Haunted House" #4 Bardidley's "Graveyard Mausoleum" #5 marting11's "Skeleton Rising"
  23. Participate in the Halloween Build Contest where any Halloween themed builds can be submitted. Get started by going to /warp WeeklyBuild and claiming a plot! Multiple entries are allowed Team entries are allowed Begins: Thursday October 5th Ends: Tuesday October 31st The winning entry will be placed in the winners area, and the winner will be selected by community poll.
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