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  2. Located at -57, -74 in the end!
  3. Head to the arena via the ship at spawn
  4. Head to the arena from the ship at spawn
  5. Hey guys, just hoping for a bump in this thread? What are your thoughts on the solutions I suggested?
  6. Earlier
  7. now it's been a week. please take those rules to heart and understand they will be enforced. future actions will be more severe. welcome back to the server, unbanned.
  8. Hi there! Thank you for your honesty, you were indeed banned for griefing builds and destroying several entire beacon pyramids, back when you used the username FADE_3: Here's one of the pyramids you emptied out: Please read through https://nerd.nu/rules/ and reply back here when you've done so, and you'll be unbanned.
  9. I greifed and stole a emerald beacon
  10. Ok so...It has been a week since i got banned and since then i have read the nerd.nu pve rules and i will never grief again im sorry for what i did and even more sorry for my ban evasion if possible when u unban my main account can u unban my alt? dxvvy is my alts ign again thx for the amazing server -Codeman5488
  11. fazaden

    2020 Fundraiser!

    You've been waiting, you've been wondering, and it's finally time! Our 2020 Fundraiser will be held the weekend of Friday, December 11th through Sunday, December 13th! Why the wait, you ask? It dates back to an old holiday Nerd.Nu tradition. Back in the Ancient Times, before Minecraft saw its official release, our community had a tradition of a late-year donation drive to Child's Play. This charity provides toys, video games, and more to children in hospitals worldwide. Thanks to your extreme generosity in past fundraisers, the servers are currently already funded through at least July 2021. As such, we'd like to give 50% of the upcoming 2020 fundraiser's donation total to Child's Play. Save the date, more details to follow soon!
  12. Hi there, as you may notice in your first photo your claim fence replaced the original spawn road that was placed there, made of quartz. I (perhaps naively) didn't protect the small stubs of road, in the hopes that people wouldn't grief them even without a region. The other Padmins and I were made aware of what you were doing, and after a short discussion agreed that it was grief and therefore should be rolled back. I sent you a /mail and gave you a few days to allow you to make changes because I recognised that it was the entrance to your base and therefore may need some action on your end. Since there was no response I rolled your grief back, in accordance with the standard procedure for grief that every staff member follows. I recognise that you had no ability to respond, but I couldn't have known that until today. The region covering your entrance, that created the "player trap", was extended ~5 blocks below ground level, as is policy for protecting builds. I have since shrunk this so that it only covers the road itself, allowing you to build a short tunnel to maintain access to your existing base without griefing the spawn build again. I would also like to point out that this "player trap" had an exit, back down into your base, from which you could create another entrance quite easily; this is why I am referring to it in quotes. Your argument for why what you did was not grief seems to boil down to "it wasn't in a region" and "it wasn't in a claim", when regions and claims are not required for grief protection in any situation. I understand that you may have made an assumption that the build could be modified, but at the end of the day you modified another player's build without permission, and that is one of the base definitions of grief. To answer your questions: If staff follow a different rule set to players, could it be published? Staff follow the same rules as everyone else, there are no exceptions to any rules for staff. 2. Should penalties for staff rule-breaking be the same as for regular players? More severe? Less? In the rare cases that a staff member does break the rules, they are dealt with in the same way as any other player. 3. If building player traps is still a rule-breaking offence for both staff and us plebs, could staff training be improved so that newer staffers are less likely to make this mistake? As this was not a player trap, this isn't really applicable. I will accept that in certain cases rollbacks do create situations where players get stuck, but this is an unavoidable consequence of reverting blocks that have been placed or destroyed, and is generally fixed with a modreq to get out of the "trap". I'd be happy for other staff and players to chime in with their thoughts and opinions. If I genuinely got it wrong I am more than happy to revert the rollback, but there's no new information within this post that would change my mind.
  13. barneygale

    Two rule sets

    Hi friends, I've returned from a several-week absence from the server to find the entrance and porch of my house blocked up and protected. As I was not added to the region, my porch became a player trap (i.e. I could not escape without being TP'd out by staff). I must give this particular griefer some credit, as they actually /mail'd me to let me know they were about to grief my build, though they didn't let me know about the player trap I would spawn into. Regrettably I couldn't read their /mail from my hospital bed. Ordinarily this thing would be easily sorted by a /modreq, and my experience here has been pretty uniformly positive over the last few years. I usually trust in the effectiveness of the staff to remove grief so I don't have screenshots of my completed porch (pre-grief). Here's my land claim: } Note that while this claim abuts spawn, it is not in spawn (as confirmed by /rg i). And while it looks like a mess here, I matched the east roads blocks in further development of my build. The area is perfectly passable and was visited by several staffers before the griefer set their sights on it. And here's the joyous scene I spawned into today: Note the warnings in chat where I cannot break the blocks in my own build. I had to /modreq to escape my griefed, protected home 😞 The complicating factor is that this player is actually a staffer. From this I take that an appeal will be fruitless, but perhaps some lessons could be learned for future incidents. Ideas: If staff follow a different rule set to players, could it be published? Should penalties for staff rule-breaking be the same as for regular players? More severe? Less? If building player traps is still a rule-breaking offence for both staff and us plebs, could staff training be improved so that newer staffers are less likely to make this mistake? I'm not naming the staff member though they may wish to name themselves. Cheers
  14. Use /place event to find your way!
  15. Use /place event to find your way!
  16. Im sorry... I now have nothing 2 do till then i know its my fault and the only reason i got on on an alt is to say goodbye to friends i had on there incase i never got unbanned i feel bad again im sorry...
  17. We take grief seriously on this server and any form of it is unacceptable. Chunk loading issues are client side and can be fixed by relogging or switching servers. Furthermore, ban evasion is also a serious offense. Please take the next week as an opportunity to review the comprehensive rules up at https://nerd.nu/rules and resubmit a new appeal after November 24th, 2020 validating that you have read and understand those rules to be unbanned. Please keep in mind that further ban evasion will result in additional time.
  18. Btw im sorry for joining on an alt i wanted to say goodbye to friends i had on there incase i didnt get unbanned 😞 goodbye...
  19. When im unbanned i will apoligize to everyone This is the best server
  20. This is my favorite server
  21. This is my favorite server i wasnt trying to grief i was just lagging like crazy and there was thus wierd chunk glitch that wouldnt let me go through chunk borders unless i break a block and for the most part i repaired if i didnt repair a spot im sorry again this is the best server and i wanna show my brother it but i cant unless im unbanned im sorry -Codeman5488
  22. Will be away for a week or two; might be on intermittently during the second week.
  23. Great, unbanned, have fun!
  24. I have read the rules, and yes I have changed my password since! Thank you!
  25. Thanks for appealing Zach, Your account was warned multiple times over the course of a month for racism in chat, minor grief and finally a significant amount of widespread grief despite warnings. We take this and account security seriously here. Please take the time to review the rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/ and acknowledge that you have read them. I would suggest changing your password as well if your cousin still has access. Once you acknowledge this I will go ahead and unban you. For reference: Ban details for Real_Spook on c.nerd.nu User Real_Spook Issuer robr Server c.nerd.nu Reason continued widespread grief after multiple warnings, no constructive edits PvE25 nerd.nu/appeal Time Banned April 2, 2020, 8:28 p.m.
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