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  2. Mewcifer > Astronomew
  3. The text reminded me of the video "history of the world, i guess" and "japanese history" so here, have a segway from space to Japan.
  4. I saw a ton of engines, so...
  5. Last week
  6. The note I made was very recent, and what I consider to be a relatively important issue. We take restricted items very seriously, and you were using them in WE and lagging out spawn city. It's only been 6 months, which in terms of notes, is not a long time.
  7. Updated!
  8. Bermudalocket and Cheezychicken have been through general training with headadmins and their permissions set up in game. They are now ready for server admin training Mewcifer has completed training with creative admins
  9. Once again. I will need to be inactive. Current schedule for the move is Saturday May 27th. Friday night is a maybe depending on when the computers get packed. Since Monday is a holiday we may not be able to get internet hooked up at new place until Tuesday. So to be safe I will say little to no access to the game from May 26-30. After this things should calm down ::fingers crossed::
  10. I'll be out of the country from late May to late June. I'll be looking to get mod training once I return. Sorry for the delay >_<
  11. Hey guys! I will be officially in Japan from 15 October to 02 November. I will have a little laptop with me most likely so I may be on sporadically if I have free time in the evenings but otherwise I will be not on :) Doing this now otherwise I will probably forget haha.
  12. The other two notes are as follows Since neither of them are on staff any longer I'll go ahead and remove them seeing as the behavior has not continued.
  13. I would like to point out that I am neither great nor high (in any sense of the second word). But it's a fair request - I've removed mine.
  14. Greetings to the great high mods! I come before you today to ask that you may find it in your heart to remove my three notes. They have plagued me for many years and are a constant burden of my previously infantile ways. I am humbled before you and plead that you may remove this thorn from my side.
  15. 6 floors > 4 floors : P
  16. Ah, your puny little super-long airbuses CAN'T compete with: The Jumboest Jumbo Jumbo jet!
  17. This one holds more people.
  18. Mewcifer and Varj have been through general training with headadmins and their permissions set up in game. They are now ready for server admin training
  19. it damages the air.. like
  20. Regarding my note, I was considering removing it, but then I see you have another note from a year and half ago for almost the same thing as well as a third note from just four months ago that also involves chat misbehavior, so I think my note is still relevant. If you can manage to go at least a year without picking up any more chat related notes, I'd be comfortable removing mine, but until then I feel it still applies.
  21. You are now unbanned. We will mute you once you are next online.
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