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  2. Revision 22: Changelog

    26th April Based on feedback, we have made an additional elytra trade available at the spawn trades, detailed here.
  3. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    We've recently held an extra PAdmin meeting to try to address the concerns we are hearing regarding Elytra. It's clear a large proportion of you are still not happy with the balance of Elytra costs. We've identified two groups of people, in the main: 1. People who feel the costs are prohibitively high given the amount of time a typical person is able to play. 2. People who feel the costs are restrictive to specific gameplay styles. To try to somewhat address the concerns of these two groups of players, whilst maintaining what balance we can in the overall gameplay, we are adding the following additional trade: 16 Fragments of Amber + 1x Essence of Flight = Cursed Elytra (Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing) This trade should allow those with average available time to reasonably acquire Elytra at a fair pace, with a caveat that Elytra acquired like this will be both bound on equip, and lost on death. IMPORTANT: Combining two of these Cursed Elytra (BEFORE equipping) in a crafting table will remove the curses, making regular (unenchanted) Elytra available for 32 Fragments of Amber + 2x Essence of Flight. This double trade is a mild swing in favour of players who prefer murdering the Dragon over grinding in a mine. We feel these new trades are in line with present ones, and provide a somewhat different route to obtaining Elytra, by focusing less on the gameplay of mining.
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  5. Staff Inactivity Notices

    Severely reduced activity until Sunday evening.
  6. Revision 22: Changelog

    25th April We have updated the information guide with the full list of spawn trades here, and the ores which drop the Common Fossils, Rares and Fragments of Amber here.
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  8. Revision 22: Changelog

    24th April We just held a padmin meeting, here are our public meeting notes:
  9. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    Suggestion: More granular permissions for use of the /flow command: I might want to let someone use /flow, but not want them as a region owner, for example. Could I give them a permission to use the command without being owner? At the moment, we’re trying to reduce the workload on the tech admins. Whilst this might be nice to have, its very low priority given how easy it is to modreq for waterflow. We’re also concerned about the potential for flow related grief - some players know their town members better than others. Please continue making use of modreqs for this purpose, and don’t worry about imposing on staff. We love doing flowreqs, they are the easiest request to handle! Suggestion: Ghast spawns in the nether seem to be severely diminished. Was this intentional? Zero ghasts seen/heard, but collected plenty of wither skulls. The new nether mobs replace a percentage of zombie pigmen, and shouldn’t affect the number of ghasts, to my knowledge. We’ll double check with techs though, just to make sure. Suggestion: Whoops! Craft your exp into exp bottles to save it for deadly games like thimble or PVP? We feel that losing your xp when you die is an important part of the PvE experience, and helps maintain player death as something to be avoided at all costs, rather than a minor inconvenience. Thank you for the idea, but we’ve decided not to make this or any similar changes at the present time. Suggestion: haste potion. Or portable beacon. (Beacon hat!) Beacons are portable, with a bit of effort, and we don’t want to imbalance and overpower mining to this extent. It’s important to remember that while there are a thousand suggestions we could implement to make your lives easier, we also have to consider that making everything incredibly easy completely ruins the survival experience, and any sense of achievement you may have gained from the game. Suggestion: elytra's price needs some SERIOUS reconsideration. Suggestion: Please lower the elytra costs. They are prohibitively expensive for items based on RNG for solo players, considering the fact it wasn't indicated how expensive they were before hand leaving those who waited for them high and dry. Suggestion: make the end dragon drop tons of amber, to balance your elytra setup which punishes combat-oriented players On the flipside, it’s possible that in our quest to make sure incremental progress is sufficiently challenging for our increasingly expert playerbase, we may be leaving behind some more inexperienced and casual players. This can be evidenced in the polar reactions from various player groups in relation to our recently released elytra costs. Our calculations showed us that, in terms of the mining part of the cost, 105/475 players (that’s all players who have ever received any sort of mining drop), i.e. approximately 22% of the mining playerbase, could afford Elytra immediately as it became available this week. There would be some drop off for people who have already traded for other things, but we assumed that anyone in that 22% who were waiting on Elytra, would likely have saved up in anticipation. We used this table to help find a reasonable cost: Player FoA Cost of 16 Cost of 32 Cost of 64 Cost of 128 Cost of 192 Top 20 Players 479 234 111 49 29 Top 50 Players 781 376 176 76 37 Top 100 Players 1031 489 226 76 37 Top 200 Players 1227 551 230 76 37 Top 300 Players 1255 551 230 76 37 All Players 1255 551 230 76 37 These figures represent the maximum total number of Elytra that could be put into circulation at the time of release, depending on the trade costs set (making the assumption that anyone wanting Elytra, fought the dragon). We opted, with our trade cost of 64 Amber, for a reasonable theoretical maximum of 230 elytra, to avoid immediate flooding of the ‘market’ in game. This maximum would then continue to increase, as people continued to mine throughout the revision. We also had to account for the top 20 players’ ability to rapidly accelerate away from everyone else. If we had set the cost at 16, for example, the top 20 players could have acquired 479 Elytra between them, just on day one. On the one hand, our trade costs were high compared to how a player might find Elytra in vanilla. However, in practice on a multiplayer server, our costs were designed to keep the acceleration of the more experienced end of the playerbase in some sort of order, both to keep things somewhat challenging for them, and to allow newer or less experienced players to not fall too far behind. We wanted to encourage people to go out and put the effort into acquiring their own Elytra, and delay the situation that always occurs eventually, where experienced players begin handing out large quantities of Elytra for negligible trade cost, removing some challenge from the overall gameplay. We enjoy seeing, and encourage, players trading with one another, and helping each other out in this way. However, we felt it was worth trying to delay a flooding of the market for a little while longer, as we are still in the early weeks of a revision. We have heard the argument against this reasoning, that removing this challenge early on into the revision, and allowing elytra to flood the market, does not necessarily mean bad things. Indeed, it could encourage more people to get out there and visit one another, explore other towns, participate in each other’s events and so on. To this we say, you may be right. We simply don’t know at this stage. We’d like to explore our current situation a little longer, watching player numbers compared to last revision and talking and listening to more players over the next couple of weeks. We are open to change if the community clearly wants it, and we are certainly hearing (both previously from the survey and subsequently in game) a plethora of feedback for us to explore different routes. We have some additional Elytra trades still to release, and we may make adjustments to them to better meet the needs of players of all levels, depending upon your experiences going forwards. Additionally, plans already include related prizes for events that are upcoming. Whatever your experience this revision, it will help us shape the next revision, so thank you to everyone on both sides of this discussion topic for making your opinions known to us. And most importantly, no we didn’t set trades this way because we’re secretly supervillains, out to specifically ruin your fun. We are also players. Barlimore may be some sort of anthropomorphic lava bucket though – the jury is still out on that one. Suggestion: Clarify what ores drop what fossil: it's frustrating not knowing where I can get amber because I keep hearing certain ores only drop certain things. Common Fossils - drop from Coal Ore, Redstone Ore, Gold Ore, Diamond, Lapis Ore & Emerald Ore. Rare Objects/Bones - as above. Fragments of Amber - drop from Lapis, Emerald & Diamond. (Golem Souls are the only item that drop from Iron Ore) Common Fossils can be handed in at the Archaeologists’ Guild in exchange for Fragments of Amber at a ratio of 2:1. Rare Objects & Fossils can be handed in at the Archaeologists’ Guild in exchange for Fragments of Amber at a ratio of 1:4. We’ll ensure this information is available on our PvE information guide. This is now available on the PvE Information Guide.
  10. malcontents [Zomise]

    I see Puffin has open a modreq with the # 2261. I assure you, it's not being ignored. A padmin has already taken a look at it, but in cases like these it needs investigation where the items came in the first place and what would be theirs and what was something Puffin was simply benefiting from you. So it is currently handled, but still on the investigation phase.
  11. malcontents [Zomise]

    Alas the steeds were more honorable than the rider. I hope they were deleted and not killed by sword. RIP Double Stuff and Blackass. I had reached out to Puffin earlier today to let him know of my request, and he communicated to me his modreq was being ignored. Not sure what that's about but perhaps he'll have better luck tomorrow. Anyways, I will appeal as instructed on the 30th of April. - mal
  12. malcontents [Zomise]

    Thanks for being honest. X-ray tends to be pretty blatant and the only way to really cover it up is to do as much work as if you were mining legitimately, so at that point you wouldn't really get much benefit from it timewise. Here's some of the proof screenshots I took, but once you had decided to X-ray there was so much of it, I'm not going to present it all. You went straight through stone to a gold deposit. Dug up through stone to a gold deposit. You hadn't really x-rayed for diamonds, but seems that on your quest for gold you decided to go for some diamond as well. Here's one of the diamond edits where you dug diagonally through several layers of stone to get to the diamond after a general ore deposit on the surface. This is one of your gold paths where you went straight from one deposit to another. The evidence in this case was overwhelming and I won't present it all here since these are sufficient to prove the point. You are indeed banned for a week. Please appeal on the 30th of April to be unbanned. (That particular day is a big event evening in Finland, so I may not be around. If this is the case, any staff member can unban you on the day in question.) Arctic_Puffin can modreq the destruction and padmins then evaluate if it's eligible for restoration, but as such all your edits are rolled back and inventory cleared and your horses have moved to greener pastures.
  13. Staff Inactivity Notices

    May 3 - May 7 I will be visiting family. I will have access to Slack but will not be in game. Moving (again) May 19th, however we are closing on the house May 1st, so I will be on less between May 7 - 19 as we get rid of the awful colors on the walls of the house before moving day.
  14. Revision 22: Fifth Portal Clue

    I placed the marker as a placeholder where sapph was at the time :P final placement will move the marker to a new location.
  15. Revision 22: Fifth Portal Clue

    It's a bit further West than shown on the deadmap. We'll have to see where the next portal reveals itself next week for the next clue!
  16. GTA V Game Night This Wednesday

    sleep is important :D i'd try to make it sometimes at least, i like shooting things is there some way we can make sure we all get into the same instance? havent played multiplayer enough really to know how that works..
  17. malcontents [Zomise]

    Hey folks, login says I'm banned for X-Ray. Won't pretend I didn't do it or none of that nonsense, but don't regret it either, and I'll explain why. Mainly appealing because I'm intrigued by the plugin software I see in the screenshots that looks like it can track literally everything. Wondering if someone could throw up some screenshots of where they found me using it and stuff cause that's cool; I'm into the technical side of things and used to setup servers. Anyways, I used it because like all of you, my time is precious and I personally don't like "wasting" my time mining when I could be building cool things for the town, exploring the map, checking out the custom things the server has, or etc (This is still ironic because I'm playing a video game instead of doing something productive, and also because I've gotten sucked into the server and played quite a bit). Now i get it, it's against the rules and gives me an unfair advantage, so the ban is fair and square and I won't contest that, but I will say that honestly with the 1.6 ore multiplier I usually didn't even need to use it. The only other request I have which I'm not sure how this works and I'm sure ya'll will say I brought it on them and all but since all my stuff is rolled back all of Arctic_Puffin's base has been deleted since I built it for him, but is his. Same goes with other people but to a smaller extent. Not saying you'll do anything about it it's just that I feel that Arctic_Puffin shouldn't be punished for something I did. Anyways, if I understand correctly this ban will expire in a week, so maybe see ya'll back then, maybe not. For now, I'm going to take this opportunity to enjoy the finally warm weather outside. Best, - mal
  18. Revision 22: Fifth Portal Clue

    But.. but.. the deadmap shows it right outside Avalon. That's not where it was? Or was it? Yikes!
  19. Im Back

    Hello everyone. Im back. If you dont remember me, I was ISh1tOnYourHead, IHateYourVoice, DankMemay, and more. I've been in college so I did not have much time to play. But, I'm back, and probably will be for awhile. So.. uh.. hi.
  20. Revision 22: Changelog

    23rd April The Revision 22 Survey Summary is now available, detailing our actions from your feedback. The latest round of trades are available from the Archaeologists' Guild at /place A_Guild This includes the release of the elytra.
  21. Revision 22: Survey Summary

    As many of you may have have noticed recently, we’ve been making some changes based on the survey responses we received. This post will detail those changes. We will also be going over the results of the elytra poll and the action we plan to take based on that poll. Before we go any further, we do want to say a big thank you to all 94 people who took the time to submit your thoughts. This is an increase to the volume of responses we received in the Revision 21 survey. We have seen a 25% increase in the number of people who left a contact name, now at 78% this survey, which as some of you have seen, has made it very easy for us to follow up with you on your feedback. We’ve made quite a few changes this revision. Some have not been received too well, while others are very much being enjoyed. We do want everyone to have a positive experience, and while we can’t please everyone all of the time, we want to reiterate that the changes we make are heavily weighted from listening to your feedback and what you want to see - even if this doesn’t always seem the case. We care deeply for the server and always try our best to do the right thing. By no stretch of the imagination are we perfect but we are thankful that so many of you feel the same way about our shared community, and engage with us patiently and in constructive ways, as evidenced by your responses to our survey. This week has been a busy one for Didy and I, as we have been holding several team meetings to review the survey responses in greater detail as well as following up on our own progress with implementing changes. We were reading and following up on individual responses as they came in but this week has all been about enacting changes, leading up to this summary post. From here on, we’ll start detailing the changes we’ve made and provide context where we can. Spawn Including more signage around spawn to highlight the cardinal directions. We didn’t consider that the layout of spawn would be confusing to people who aren’t using a minimap mod, or the livemap. While the roads leading out of spawn were differentiated by colours, we have now added giant compass point letters at the archways leading out of spawn. They are visible from the spawn point, facing outwards. More signage around spawn to highlight where to find things. We’ve made a couple of changes under this branch of feedback. Firstly, we’ve added signage at the spawn point, directing people downwards to view information. There are now signs present leading down into the rail station, including some rails on the floor to try to naturally draw people to and from the stairwells where the station rests. We have added signage at the spawn melons, to more clearly demarcate that they are for public consumption. Display people who have earned various accomplishments from server events and such, around spawn. This is another great idea! We’ve made a start by including some recognisable faces around spawn on the ground floor, with their accomplishment listed and will continue to add to this in future. Removal of the region greetings, inclusion of rule signs. For this revision, we wanted to test the theory that most won’t take the time to read through the walls of rule signs, and instead, provide urls and information as people exit spawn. We observed this for some time and felt that this didn’t work as effectively as we hoped, and in line with your feedback too that these greetings were spammy, and that there were in fact people looking to read walls of signs, we have reintroduced these signs back, right underneath the spawn point itself. Some of the signs do have the option to punch, to receive urls to the information guide and such. Adding a place for the Archaeologists’ Guild. We want to ensure that the ground floor of spawn is primarily used for services which offer a function, so your suggestion of adding a place for this guild is a good one! We have added “/place A_Guild” at the doorway in between the two sides of the Archaeologists’ Guild. Information on the new nether mobs, at the nether spawn. We really didn’t want to make this change because some of these mobs are incredibly dangerous! However, a few flesh wounds later and Didy and I have wrangled up one of each of the nether mobs which received some form of special treatment or another at the nether spawn. Each are within their own pod with a brief bit of information accompanying them. Please do not tap on the glass as we do not have enough insurance to guarantee your safety. Inclusion of an access hatch at the spawn rail station. This change was implemented much earlier in the revision admittedly as it was impossible for people to safely or reasonably reach the basement of the station while at spawn. This is available via a trapdoor on the same level at the station dialers. Inclusion of water to the horse parking areas at spawn. We’ve had to recycle some of the fountain water but horses parking at spawn will be able to replenish their thirst without needing to go to the overpriced gift shop on the upper floor. Removal of the barrier blocks in the exterior spawn gardens. We are aware that earlier on, these barrier blocks had unintentionally provided host to a number of traps around spawn. While these were remedied, we have now since removed all barrier blocks as we can understand the frustration in trying to cross the exterior garden to leave spawn, only to be met with an invisible maze. Increase the visibility of spawn with better lighting. Parts of spawn were ridiculously dark and that is an area that we take responsibility for. We have since gone around the entire ground floor, including the inner courtyard and rail station and have ensured that 99% of all dark areas have been brightened up. We have primarily done this by ensuring that the light levels do not dip below 8 on the floor itself. Announce the new spawn trades upon release. This is a great idea, to save waiting for one person spend a long period of time using the trader. Since the last set of trades introduced, we have used your idea and detailed the list of trades available. Portals The spawn nether portals have been replaced with a single portal. We received a lot of varied feedback from your experiences on the corner nether portals at spawn. We heard that the portals were hard to find at first since they were so far out and that there were frequently horse issues, or confusion over which portal your horse would end up at. Our design idea for having the portals at the corners of spawn was to allow people to exit spawn quicker, and to limit any spawn lag by having a nether portal parked right in the middle of it all. We were overzealous in our concerns with lag and have since removed all four of the corner portals. There is now only one portal, which is down the stairs from the original spawn point. Now, much closer to the rail station for easier transportation. Provide a clue for the currently unfound portal. We plan to do this, most likely with the release of the next portal & clue! Improve the layout of portals to how they are usually done. Without giving away too much for the one existing and the other remaining, hidden portals, we did want to break the cycle of what people have come to expect this revision and try something different. While we don’t intend to move any of the portals this revision, we will definitely be factoring your input, into portal layout next revision. Documentation Improve the Iron Golem Spawner / wiki documentation. We’ve noticed with a number of our documentation, that quite a bit of introductory information is missing which doesn’t make a difference to those who are already familiar with how the server works but it ensures a very confusing experience for everyone else. While improving documentation on the iron golem spawners is a start, we do intend to improve all of the documentation over time for other areas too. We have however, updated the information guide on iron golem spawners to make the information clearer and add in details which explain the concepts better for people who may be unfamiliar with them. Another change we have recently requested on the homepage of the wiki is to ensure that the pve information guide is one of the first links that is visible, particularly for new people to see. We focus our attention to try to make the pve information guide the place to go to visit all of the server-related information, instead of seeing it spread out across multiple command pages. Create a directory of settlements. We have since set up a settlement directory for Revision 22, here! Our plan is to revisit these submissions late in the rev, to get some comparison shader photos to show the development over time. Enforce hopper restrictions consistently and make their governing rules well known. For those of you unfamiliar, we have been reaching out to various people this revision to see through changes to the number of hoppers in use, particularly when in large quantities, or in designs that could be altered slightly to significantly reduce the hopper count. Hoppers account for the majority of our server tick rate so this is an element of the server stability that we’re having to follow up with, for the benefit of all. We are currently in discussions with the head and tech admins, to ensure that a consistent and fair policy can be established. Community Increase the availability of parrots and horses. Given the more limited spawning rates of parrots in particular, but also horses, we have ensured that you can purchase spawn eggs directly from the Archaeologists’ Guild by trading in your fossils. Releasing the slime spawner; Releasing some spawners through unlocks such as events. We have released the slime spawner through the Lost Slime Golems event, and the slime grinder is now up and running! While some spawners have in the past been released through, or were found as a result of an event, we wanted to try something a bit different here by having the spawner be made available to the winner, to be placed wherever they wish (within reason). Monitoring the availability of resources, such as glowstone. With glowstone only available through the nether, and villager trades, we are keeping an eye on this resource (which highlights itself quite easily on the livemap). Should supplies deplete to any worrisome levels, then we can look at introducing other means by which players can acquire the resource. Custom nether mob drops could be better refined. We do hear your feedback that some of the drops are abundant and become bland after a while. We will reevaluate nether drops and publish an update in future when those are available. Removing the shulker spawner (bedrock marker) from the nether. We have taken action in removing this bedrock marker from the nether. It will not be placed elsewhere, instead you can expect to have an event brought to P in future where the grand prize will be a shulker spawner. Review iron golem spawner costs. We have reviewed data on relevant drops, and explored the number of iron spawners created across the map so far, and feel at this time that costs are reasonable. We will continue to watch these numbers, and take another look at this before we start planning for the next revision. We won't be making any changes here at the present time, however we have implemented some planned boosts to diamonds for players participating in various server events, that should help individuals acquire the necessary diamond supplies. Reduce the number of server messages in chat. We have taken steps to change this over the past few months. The ‘server is saving’ messages are no longer visible, and we have limited the frequency of server alerts to 5 minute intervals. If you wish to see all server alerts at once, rather than wait for a particular one to come around, then you can run /alert list. The latest events and such will be towards the bottom of the list. Return the guild quests; Including find and seek puzzles. We have created two guild events so far and have plans for more to come! The Lost Slime Golems in particular is very much geared towards those who enjoy hide and seek type events. Ensure that lore text on unique items doesn’t run off the screen. While it isn’t something we can fix for the existing items, we have ensured that as of the latest events that this isn’t an issue anymore for the new, unique items. Allow people to flow water without the need for a moderator. Having flowing liquids restricted is a big part of our anti-grief measures. However, if you have built enough to have acquired a region over your build(s), then you can run the command /flow, and click on a source block to flow water in your own region, without the need for a moderator. Address the disappearing horses (upon dismounting) and the lack of an indicator for the hydration level of your horse. Unfortunately, disappearing horses is an ongoing bug from Mojang so we will have to await a resolution from them on this front. For anyone who does experience their horse disappearing on dismounting, typically a relog, or running away from the area and back will make the horse visible once more. We have spoken to techs and believe that a horse hydration indicator will be possible in a future update to the plugin. We will ensure players are informed when an update is implemented in future (taking account for tech availability). Include custom map art with various server accomplishments. We love this idea and are planning to do so, particularly for some future events! Make more events available from the start of the revision. We do note that this is a suggestion for next revision but we agree, and will aim to do so by providing at least one event that is available from the first day of Revision 23. Ensure that there are more opportunities for people to contribute to server build projects. In the past, we have seen various flora and objects built by people across P, submitted for use when a new map is created. We don’t yet have a clear picture of what we’ll do about this but it is something we want to try to find a way of opening up once more on. Allow for more heads to be made available with doppelganger. We are wary of exploring this option, as larger numbers of skulls can have an impact on the performance for each user in the area. We will however be continuing to make available a limited selection of custom skulls, through various events and traders. Elytra All things elytra. We’ve had so many varied opinions on elytra that we’d like to address. Before we get there though, let’s begin by taking a look at the poll results. Q. Changes to the availability of Elytra were widely discussed during last revision's feedback. Currently Elytra has been set to be unavailable to any players until Week 6. What are your thoughts now that Revision 22 has begun? Option No of Votes % of Overall Votes I don't really use Elytra so this doesn't affect me. 24 25.8% I would like to see Elytra remain delayed by 6 weeks. 29 31.2% I think a delay is fine, but I would like to see it shortened. 6 weeks is too long. 22 23.7% Elytra should be made available immediately. 18 19.4% While the most voted for option is to see elytra remain delayed by six weeks, we see a significant majority of people who wish to see the release of elytra happen earlier. For this reason, we will be releasing elytra along with this post as part of the latest trades available at the Archaeologists’ Guild in spawn. This means that as of this post going up, the elytra is now available. With elytra in Revision 22, we made quite a number of changes to the path to obtaining them. One of the pieces of feedback that we heard, and accept, is that we probably changed too much all at once. A more incremental approach to trying new ideas may have been the better option in hindsight. We're aware that no matter what we choose to do, some people will feel it was the incorrect choice, however we feel that releasing elytra one week earlier than planned is close enough to everyone's choice of vote that we can all accept the compromise. We do want to reiterate that changes we make to the server are heavily weighted on your feedback. We read through more than 75,000 words of your feedback before making decisions. Our decisions are not always right, which is why we do these surveys, and listen again to you. From the poll results above, we can all see that the topic of elytra is a divisive one. For next revision, we will come together again and look to find a way to improve on the experience this revision so far as we haven’t settled on any decisions because it is too far ahead.
  22. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    April 23rd Suggestion: Craft your Our Response: We await your full, crafty idea!
  23. Revision 22: Suggestionbox Responses

    April 22nd Suggestion: Could the future reward banners/shield be of the impossible design kind people can't replicate themselves? Our Response: We would very much like to do this! Suggestions: reduce blaze spawning when hurting the dragon, the amount of entities when group fighting it is super laggy & maybe make the dragon fight mobs tougher? Our Response: While there are strategies for defeating the ender dragon without spawning so many blazes, we'll be keeping an ear out for feedback as more people get to experience the fight. We'll not be making any changes presently. Suggestion: allow players to make an allcaps message (like once or twice a day) for fun. /s I LIVE, I DIE, I LIVE AGAIN!! Our Response: We don't wish to encourage a train of spam messages in chat, we'll not be looking to implement this suggestion.
  24. GTA V Game Night This Wednesday

    I'm thinking about making this a weekly thing. The game night, not the sleeping through it. Thoughts?
  25. Weekly Build Contest - Winner & This Week's Theme

    Congratulations to Week #24 Winner, promaxxe! Pictured: Build can also be found at /warp Angel Week #26 category: Demon How To Participate: The contest takes place on c.nerd.nu In game, type /warp WeeklyBuild Make sure to read the rules and the category before starting. Find an empty plot and type /nerdplot claim You may build with a friend, and you do have access to World Edit! The contest will run all week until Saturday night (4/28/2018) at 10pm EDT. The most recent winner will be displayed at Spawn for a week. All winners will be displayed collectively at the Weekly Build Hall of Fame located at /warp weeklybuild -The CAdmin Team
  26. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    ttsci has rejoined the staff team and gone through general training. Mod permissions are granted.
  27. Staff Inactivity Notices

    Out April 28 to May 2. Expecting activity on nerd services during that time to be minimal to none.
  28. Revision 22: Fifth Portal Clue

    Congratulations to Sapphric who has found this portal!
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