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  3. Hi unnamed you stated you were reading the Iliad and to please ban you - many request study bans when they need to study and not play the game -" " unnamed205 ban me pls for 3 hours unnamed205 tell them that its the iliad and that they are dumb unnamed205 BAN MEEEEEE " To quote Homer -“Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.” So in other words be careful what you ask for you may get what you wished - example Ban me !!!. So tell me what was the main conflict in the Iliad ? 🙂 I have unbanned you- since you were not truly asking for a study ban as i thought.
  4. banned i guess reason: "study ban" idk i mean i asked to be banned so.. i think it was because i was mean to someone and called everyone smelly poo poo someone tell me what studying a ban is or what a study ban is i mean im sorry and i wont be mean to another player again, but I have one question. What IS a study ban?
  5. Your ban appeal will not be accepted until you have changed your minecraft name to something less offensive.
  6. im sorry for trolling in chat. i learned my lesson and never troll anyone again. thanks.
  7. ohhhhhhh i thought you were talking about the end dimension i am sorry for destroying this, but I did it because it was negative towards a political party. I will use /modreq in the future.
  8. Hi unnamed205, The grief in question is related to this sign that was near spawn: I will agree it is somewhat inappropriate but if you have a problem with a build you are to report it by using /modreq Taking matters into your own hands by griefing is not permitted under any circumstances as it only implicates yourself. I am going to unban your account now. Please, in the future if you feel a build is NSFW or breaks other server rules, use /modreq to alert us, that way your destructive edits won't alert us. Welcome back
  9. I'm not sure if it was a security issue since there was no other noticeable activity from someone else on my account, so I didn't change the password. Do you have any info on where those glowstone blocks were? If so, please tell me and I will continue. If not, then I would just like to be unbanned and play again.
  10. The only other possibility is that someone else was using your account and destroyed the glowstone. Could you please change your password and post a message here when you have done so and I will unban you. Thanks.
  11. the only thing i remember griefing that could possible be related to this is me erasing a giant "UWU" near spawn, which tbh is for the better of the server
  12. glowstone?? i dont remember destroying any glowstone..
  13. Block logging shows that you destroyed 151 glowstone in a sign near spawn
  14. please someone respond i dont care what the response is i just want to play on the server again : (
  15. I tried to login to the server when it said I was banned for "griefing near spawn". I'm sorry, but I don't remember doing this.
  16. Distant future suggestion -- powdered snow clumps in the end instead of regular snow As if the end isn't terrifying enough! Although we haven't player with powdered snow enough to know why large quantities would be needed, we can certainly look into adding powdered snow clumps in the end in future revs. Boost moss creation range (customly) to a bit higher (1-3 radius more) make bonemealing tall grass over moss also bonemeal the moss Once again, this is a new game mechanic we do not know a lot about. However, at this time we feel that this is not something that needs plumping for a multiplayer server. Moss seems easy enough to get. Like how we can ignore deaths, can we ignore pvp on/off alerts? thank you ❤️ We can understand how the alerts can become annoying during events or when players are trying to get their head to drop. We can look into adding something, but no promises. ok so, mob heads aren't exactly the EASIEST thing to collect, so why not make them the currency for buying spawn eggs once they become available at spawn? It is an interesting concept. Heads are fairly easy to come by with a channeling trident, and most players looking to buy eggs want to because they CAN'T find the animal. Regardless, we feel that the current way of buying eggs is fair. /mutechat please... I only wanna see clanchat sometimes Try going into Options -> chat settings -> commands only a /jail? I feel as if it would work to punish players instead of instantly banning/kicking them We aren't trying to "punish" players. There is a consequence for deliberately breaking rules. We have very rarely, if ever, instantly banned a player. Using a kick as a warning and ultimately banning if the rule breaking continues we feel is more effective and less disruptive than a "jail" in game would be. Apply the glowing effect to anyone who has bad omen, so if they come into our villager area they can be called out for it. We understand that having your villager markets subject to raids is very frustrating, but we feel that bad omen and raids are part of normal gameplay and precautions should be made by players to keep villagers safe rather than "marking" players that have bad omen. Whoever builds a grinder and opens it to the public can modreq placement of an information sign in Spawn. Players that want to share the location of their grinders can modreq for a marker to be placed on the live map.
  17. Banned By Reason Time Banned Server TemporarilyAlive Xray nerd.nu/appeal 21 hours, 36 minutes ago c.nerd.nu As you were caught xraying all of your edits have been rolled back and your inverntory is wiped. Penalty for xray is 1 week ban so you will be unbanned in 6 days. I also suggest re-reading our rules as bullying or "messing with" (as you put it) other players is also against our rules.
  18. I'm sorry, I only played on the server to mess around with someone who was being a dick to my friends, And so with that I admit that I used xray to get a few ancient debris to I guess flex that i had it, I wont use it again, you can take away my armour (I only used it on my armour the sword was given to me by a friend) and i'm sorry.
  19. S pls ty xx 

  20. I see that the ban was in 2016, but I'd say you've served your time. Unbanned. Please read the rules at spawn before jumping in to playing again, and of course don't grief anymore.
  21. Hello, I am seeking a ban appeal. I think I was banned sometime in 2015 for cobblestone spamming. I was much younger then but now I am seeking an appeal to play on the server for nostalgia and just to see how it's going.
  22. It has been quite a long time; long enough now that hopefully you've grown as a player. Welcome back, please be sure to read the rules, and enjoy the new rev! Unbanned.
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