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  2. Thank you for confirming you have read the rules, you have been unbanned. Thanks, XeTrain
  3. Hello XeTrain, Thank you for looking at my forum I didn't realize I greifed emerald blocks glass blocks and crops and if I did I'm very sorry and I apologies for it I've read the rules and once again thank you for replying
  4. Hello MetricBox, Thank you for reaching out and appealing your ban You were banned on the 3rd of June for continued grief after being warned not to do so, this includes emerald blocks, glass blocks and crops, you were not banned for the water you were placing in The End. However, because this is your first ban, we are willing to give you another chance, however this time please remember to follow the rules correctly. Once you have confirmed you have read the rules, I will unban you Thanks, XeTrain
  5. So I got banned for greifing by XeTrain and it's been a month or 3 since I got banned I miss playing on the server I was just placing water on the end XeTrain said you can do whatever in an area unless there's noone building there Either way I apologise for my actions and I wish to get unbanned I hope for a reply or an unban ~MetricBox
  6. Im wondering when rev 30 for pve will be released
  7. The fact that the trapdoors were not locked by WG does not give permission to flip them just to be annoying. That would be like saying an unprotected build gives someone permission to grief. I did not see the initial genchat message, it was brought to my attention by another player. I did not immediately vanish to follow you around. The point is that you have been around long enough to know better and you still want to be treated as if it's ok to do these things until someone tells you to stop. We are beyond that point. You have been unbanned. Next time you are bored, find somewhere else to troll people.
  8. Thank you for rereading the rules. You have been unbanned. Welcome back to nerd.nu! 🙂 Sincerely, Fluffhead555
  9. i have read the rules (twice). also i wont build anymore redstone that loops because i keep forgeting to turn them off
  10. Hello THE_SUSSY_CHANEL, You were banned for using up a map world plot for a build which did not belong there. Additionally, you left a minecart running on a circular enclosed track and a block of TNT that you tried to activate using a redstone torch. However, due to this being a minor offense, I will unban you after you've reread the rules of the server (https://nerd.nu/rules/). Reply to this thread once you have done so. Thanks, Fluffhead555
  11. when i logged in to the server, it said i was banned for leaving one of my Redstone things running in mapworld. i do admit that i left some redstone running, but i dont really remember what stuff i left running. the only thing i really remember is that i had to log off to do something and i forgot to turn off some redstone in my redstone plot before logging off. i dont remember anything else that i did.
  12. So I said that in-game... with multiple mods in game and in discord and none of you said anything before I flipped some trapdoors. Oh no, the horror, what happened to warns? A simple "don't do that" would've justified this ban. Instead you went admin mode invisible to follow me around and ban me instead. People can't handle their trapdoors being flipped? There's a flag in wg for this exact thing, y'all used it in spawn for this exact reason, and y'all let people use the flag in their own regions. Also, how very ironic of you to type out those first two sentences and then go on to call me disrespectful. In other words, I had no intention of hurting anyone or doing anything more than being slightly annoying like I always am. I apologize to those who felt targeted.
  13. Dear Duke Rokkuwu Esq. III of Whiteoak, Thank you for taking the time to write such an eloquent ban appeal. I can only dream of being able to write so well. However, this appeal lacks any sort of remorse or acknowledgement of wrongdoing towards your fellow players. While, I am sure the trap doors would accept your apology if they could, I read this appeal as a continuation of the disrespect and trolling in which you were banned for in the first place. It was very clear by your chat before hand that your actions were intentional and meant to upset specific players. You will remain banned until a proper appeal is submitted. ~cujo
  14. Esteemed Cujo, May this letter find you enveloped in prosperity. With a sincere heart, I pen these words to convey my profound remorse for the transgressions involving the trapdoors within our esteemed server. Allow me to extend my regrets not only to your esteemed persons but remarkably to the very trapdoors that were unwittingly drawn into this lamentable narrative. In diligent retrospection, I stand chastened by the far-reaching implications of my ostensibly thoughtless actions. I recognize the gravity of my transgression in light of the guidelines that govern the judicious use of these in-game mechanisms. It is important to note that I undertook these actions despite having diligently read and understood the rules, for which I am even more remorseful. Permit me to encapsulate my epiphanic awakening by affirming that within the digital realm we co-inhabit, every individual component assumes an invaluable role – a truth resplendently mirrored in the oft-overlooked trapdoors. Ergo, I extend my deepest apologies for the disconcerting ripple effect caused to our digital citizens whose immersive experience was, alas, marred by my inadvertent endeavors. In my endeavor to make amends, I feel compelled to convey my heartfelt regrets to the trapdoors themselves. It is important to underscore that this intention is in alignment with the meticulous regulations that underpin our server's ethos – regulations I have revisited and committed to memory following my prior transgression. This narrative brings me to proffer a humble request for clemency, along with an appeal to be once again embraced within the digital tapestry of our cherished server. By so doing, I am resolved to transform my virtual presence into a paragon of decorum and harmonious engagement. Let it be known that the trapdoors shall never again bear the weight of my capricious manipulation. This commitment is fortified by the lessons learned from my past oversight, despite my earlier review of the server's rules. In addition, I wish to assert my abstinence from any further engagement with trapdoors that extends beyond the prescribed norms. This commitment, a testament to my renewed dedication to upholding the regulations, is offered as a pledge of my unyielding intent. With the highest degree of appreciation for your gracious consideration, I implore you to deliberate upon my humble petition. My intent is to rectify my past transgressions, forging ahead as a steward of virtuous gameplay and adhering to the regulations I have diligently studied and embraced. Yours earnestly, Duke Rokkuwu Esq. III of Whiteoak P.S. As part of my commitment to the server's rules and the sanctity of the trapdoors, I hereby declare my intention to abstain from any extraneous involvement with trapdoors that falls beyond the specified limits.
  15. Thanks Citlalin, I've now unbanned you. XeTrain
  16. Sorry about the delay! Yes, I have read the rules again and I agree to follow them. Everything else I said in this appeal, stands. Have a good day, thank you !
  17. Just a reminder that your ban has expired, let me know you've re-read the rules and I will unban you. Thanks, XeTrain
  18. Real and in the flesh! (ignore the mirror damage xD its old, very old)
  19. Thank you for correcting me, your unban date will be the 21st of August with your original ban date taken into account. Thank you, XeTrain
  20. It's a good thing nobody cares about MC Bouncer anyway and that it doesn't actually matter. I have literally never had anything on there come back on me at all, ever. So, by all means keep your petty note. It's not going to come back on me anyway. I hope that this made your day better somehow. I'm sure you probably deserve that. I am so very sure.
  21. See paragraph three of the note removal policy: As you are currently under a ban for the same behavior as recorded in the note, no demonstration of changed behavior has yet been made. The note stands.
  22. Please see http://www.mcbouncer.com/u/5db89389f4d0427791dc07f430514332/notesFor Pursuant to the notes removal policy paragraph 1 I hereby request that the oldest note be removed forthwith. Thank you.
  23. Can I get credit for time already served?
  24. Hello Citlalin Thank you for your apology towards not just staff but also players in general. Whilst I understand things can come across differently, not everything comes through as intended in a text chat, and it is not an excuse to continue talking badly about another player, if you're told to stop, you stop. There is a reason we have these chat rules, and as somebody who has been on the server for quite some time now, you should be expected to follow those rules without issue. As I told you ingame, if you have an issue with another player, you DM them about it, you do not continue in general chat where people are clearly getting frustrated with you. I appreciate that you were just joking around in chat, but without context it can definitely come across as very, very different. In regards to you wondering if you can disable chat, you need to go to settings > chat settings > chat:hidden I will unban you on the 25th of August, if by then you feel ready to come back and/or if you have any questions, please reply to this thread confirming you have re-read the rules. Thank you, XeTrain
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