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  2. Lobby Contest Voting!

    Yee boi
  3. [Note Appeal] PPGOME

    Thanks :D
  4. Difficulties Logging In

    It seems I can log on reliably when I close Chrome. This is annoying, but it will have to do for now. Edit: I've narrowed the solution from closing all of Chrome to just closing the tab I'm using to run a specific, highly-addictive browser game. Still, there are other servers out there I can connect to without closing said game, so there must exist a server side reason for this.
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  6. [Note Appeal] PPGOME

    Since geb_ is no longer on the staff team, I'll go ahead and remove his note.
  7. [Note Appeal] PPGOME

    It's been over a year for each of these. Most of them, 2 years. I would lime them to be appealed please. I think that I've changed :) Am a good boy I think
  8. Difficulties Logging In

    Were you able to get this resolved?
  9. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 18th We have responded to all of our latest suggestionbox suggestions here.
  10. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    October 18th Suggestion: weird custom items from additional mob-on-mob kills (like skeleton+creeper=music) Our Response: We could possibly look into this for some special events but are not seeing a great demand to do this currently. Suggestion: custom recipes for combining the knight quest potion ingredients - I think one's a dragon breath and one's a heal potion? Our Response: While we're not going to pursue this for the current revision, we'll consider this for events in the following revision. Suggestion: More biomes where it snows instead of rains at sea level please (tundra, etc) Our Response: We will fiddle around with biome temperatures for the rev 22 map and aim to provide more of these biomes. Ultimately we will have a topic available in future asking for your feedback on the rev 22 map. Suggestion: Ender livemap? Our Response: We don't feel that enough people visit the end, beyond the exit portal island to warrant a livemap for it. At this avenue, we'd recommend using a minimap mod to save the layout.
  11. Idea: Countries

    Some people actually already do this, like myself and a few of my friends (Its a big lore collaboration project) with our made up country. We've set an independence day and planned out ~550 years worth of lore already, as well as several lores. In fact, lots of people like to do this, however, some people just like to build cities just to build. While I do like this idea, I think it wouldn't do well with a population of users who all have different interests. Why not seek out a group of people who likes to build cities and write lore instead? You're more than welcome to join the UCC group, a lot of what we do is lore building, just message me about when you can. TL;DR: Good idea, but not everyone would want to, seek out a group instead.
  12. Idea: Countries

    Idea: Countries. Divide the world in countries, with different cultures, religions, politics, etc. How would the culture and religion would work: There would be different cultures/religions in the world, one for a country. They wouldn't be obligatory, but would serve as inspiration and/or lore. For example: I want to make a temple, but I'd need to have a religion/culture. Since irl religion/culture is polemic and would probably cause problems, and a person would have to create a religion/culture only for that building (maybe others by them, too), having several bases would be good. It would also be good to locate a building. For example: "My build is on (Country name), at the northeast region". We could have more events too, based on the religion/culture festivities. For example: "October 27th is (God name) day". Say your ideas and opinions in the comments!
  13. Difficulties Logging In

    Since the start of the new revision on C, I've been having major trouble attempting to log in. Every now and then, I'm successful, but most of the time, all I get is a brief glimpse of the server that lasts maybe a second, and then I get sent to the lobby. Sometimes I make it to the lobby, but usually I just get disconnected. If it helps, I recorded a video showing what I see: I also have similar problems with P, but I seem to be just fine on other completely different servers. Also, I know of at least one other player who was experiencing the same issue, so it's not just me. I've brought it up on Slack, but no one there was entirely sure what was going on or how to fix it.
  14. Lobby Contest Voting!

    It's finally time to vote on the lobby contest! We're going to do things a little differently this time. I think voting on pictures of builds sucks, so the voting is going to be done in-game. (Thanks to Dumbo52 for rewriting our voting plugin for this.) Go to Creative and type /warp lobbycontest. There you will see six warp signs that go to the builds that were finished enough to be voted on. Type /vote to see the poll. Go around and take a look at the builds. When you're ready you can vote for your top three choices by doing /vote <first> <second> <third>. If you mess up or change your mind just vote again and it will update your vote. Example: If your favorite was build 1, second favorite was build 2, and third favorite was build 3, you would do /vote 1 2 3. Voting will last for one week and will close October 24th at 11:59pm EST.
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  16. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 17th Place functionality has been expanded upon courtesy of Pez! Click here for the details!
  17. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 17th The nether livemap has been re-rendered at a higher light level, to increase its usability.
  18. Lobby Contest!!

    To continue to keep everyone updated, Dumbo is currently rewriting the NuVote plugin we have so we can do fancy in-game voting, because voting on pictures of builds kind of sucks. We're looking to get voting going some time tomorrow. I will post an update when its open.
  19. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 16th We've opened a topic on the subreddit inviting you to submit your settlement here, to be showcased in the first blog post of the revision!
  20. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 16th We have released our ore distribution values for the current revision here.
  21. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 15th We've responded to two of our latest suggestions here. A few hours ago, we held a padmin meeting. You can view our public meeting notes here:
  22. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    October 15th Suggestion: i think the ender dragon should be a little bit harder to fight. it is kinda easy right now, because we all have diamond armor and good swords and bows Our Response: We share this sentiment and feel that it would make for a more interesting fight if in future we could look to change this. We'll look to solicit wider feedback on how this idea could be fleshed out in future. Suggestion: Please have the livemap nether rendered as overworld instead of nether for better viewability as in this picture by pez Our Response: We think this is a great idea and have made the request for the nether livemap to be rendered again.
  23. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    October 15th We've responded to one of our latest suggestions here!
  24. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    October 15th Suggestion: We have a new suggestion: bone as weapon for halloween! Our Response: We will certainly consider this idea for our plans at Halloween! Something tells us that you may need something a bit sharper than a bone for what lies in wait...
  25. Revision 33 Info Post

    The Overworld this rev will be a lot larger than you're used to seeing for Creative. You'll have 15,000 x 15,000 blocks of free building land! The map was created by Bardidley using WorldMachine and WorldPainter. We will have NO map expansions this rev. The whole map is available to you right at the start of the rev. We've included a lot of flatter land for city builders. Please explore thoroughly before destroying any nice terrain. Bard worked very hard on the map! This revision, Spawn is a lot more detailed and organized and filled with a lot of useful information. On the top floor: The Spawn room contains information on getting started, as well as Rules. The Resources room contains a portal to /warp skulls and /warp WETutorial, and information about some features that are commonly used on Creative. On the bottom floor, you'll see a Build room which has portals to all the building locations we have available including PixelArt, BigTown, Redstone, Spaaaaaaace, Nether, The End, and a Random Location. As well as a portal to our Weekly Build. The Explore room is empty for now. In the future it'll be the location for all of our player warps. We've added warp outposts this rev. The Spawn outpost is located just outside spawn at /warp outpost. From there, you can use any of the other 8 warp signs that take you to different parts of the map in the N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, & NW. You may build by the outposts, but please do not cover them. Outside Spawn near /warp outpost you'll also find our CTA station. We now have an updated WorldEdit Tutorial located at /warp WETutorial Players are now able to place their own item frames. Spawn city as always, will feature a Suburbs area, Downtown, and a Marina. You will be allowed 2 Suburbs plots, 2 Downtown plots, and 1 Marina plot for now. Later in the rev we may grant you more if there's room for it! We've left areas around plots empty, and if you would like to request to build a park there or anything scenic we're open to it. Cardinal roads will be available at the start of the revision. You may connect your roads and build on the roads but please don't block or destroy them. The TestBuild multiverse has been transferred over from Rev 32. All of your regions are still there, and /home in TestBuild will be restored soon. We are introducing Spleef this rev as well. You may all be used to having Speed Build every Saturday night, but this rev we're going to be alternating Spleef and Speed Build. Another event we're introducing is Weekly Build! Every week on Saturday night after Spleef/Speed Build, a new Weekly Build category will be announced (we'll be picking categories based on suggestions in this thread https://goo.gl/yCs9ik - Please submit your suggestions!). You will have from that Saturday night, through Thursday night to build. The community will be able to vote on their favorites between when the contest goes down, and when a new category goes up (2 days). Tonight on launch night, we will have no Spleef, or Speed Build, and no Weekly Build this week. All contests and events will start next weekend. We'd like to give you all a little while to settled into the new rev. We have changed our policy on region buffers. In the past we required a 10 block buffer between region borders. We now allow you to have ZERO buffer. Please see this example: https://imgur.com/a/BCeIA You will no longer have to /modreq for a Redstone plot at /warp redstone. We've added Nerdplot regions to all of them. Just claim one using /nerdplot claim! We have added a rule saying that if we (the CAdmins) for whatever reason, feel that your build or region is being used to obstruct or troll another player, it may be moved or removed at CAdmin discretion. Please play nice. The Revision 32 Map will be available for download shortly after it is taken down. It can be found at http://mcp-dl.com -CAdmin Team
  26. ksur [zburdsal]

    Major bedrock spam, grief, no constructive edits on C. nerd.nu/appeal - 2 years, 3 months ago My apologies for the delay in answering this. Please read the rules here before rejoining as we will be less forgiving in the future. Unbanned.
  27. Lobby Contest!!

    Just an update that voting will happen after Chaos on C is over.
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