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  2. You're unbanned. Stick to the rules and don't cause trouble.
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  4. Cujobear

    Olympics Event - PvP in Shilah

    Friday at 7:30 EST and again on Saturday at 1pm EST. Do /place event to find your way there!
  5. Cujobear

    Olympics Event - PvP in Shilah

    Friday at 7:30 EST and again on Saturday at 1pm EST. Do /place event to find your way there!
  6. Friday at 7:30 EST and again on Saturday at 1pm EST. Do /place event to find your way there!
  7. Join us this weekend for Thimble in Cape Puffy! Friday at 7:30 EST and again on Saturday at 1pm EST. Do /place event to find your way there!
  8. Join us this weekend for Thimble in Cape Puffy! Friday at 7:30 EST and again on Saturday at 1pm EST. Do /place event to find your way there!
  9. Hi Thank you for being patient. Since it has been some time, I have gone ahead and unbanned you. Please take a moment to review the rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/ before you return to the game. Enjoy your time back on nerd.nu Bans for Robonomix Banned By Reason Time Banned Server i_c_e_ Multiple grief on pve nerd.nu/appeal 1 year ago c.nerd.nu
  10. Since there has been no reply, I'm going to go ahead and close this appeal. If you would like to re-appeal, please let us know. Thanks, defiex
  11. Hello Nokia, Thank you for your patience. I'll be taking care of your ban since that player is no longer on staff. Below is a copy of the ban. It's been over 4 years so I will go ahead and unban you. Please take a moment to review the rules (https://nerd.nu/rules/) and have fun! -defiex headadmin
  12. Hey, so im appealing a ban which must have happened years ago now for griefing, while I cant remember what I specifically griefed or anything I do know either way its wrong and a long time has past since I did it. So I am much more mature and dont see the point in denying anything. I have had many fond memories of this server way before that point but it was just a silly thing which I did. I appreciate your time and hope I can be unbanned 🙂
  13. Hello there, I banned you for a lot of pretty blatant xray. The standard punishment for xray is a full rollback of all edits and a week ban. Please notify a staff member if you haven't been unbanned by the 9th of March.
  14. And dont forget, I had the xray mod in but I did not use it And if cheezychicken finds a reason to keep me banned I'll just keep the ban, the server is really the only server wit op crap and isn't PTW, And I respect that.
  15. Im pretty sure I know why I was banned for xray: I was travelin down a glass road, I saw a base went there the had a haste 2 beacon and I mined there for a bit, and I digg'd straight Infront of me abouta 20 block ahead of me and I went down made a straight turn found more diamonds, And then AFTER THAT went suspiciously went under a lava lake and found diamonds so, by then It was pretty fair and looked like I was xraying, after selling stuff for drachnerds I went offline and when I came back on I was banned, Im pretty sure I logged at the north market
  16. Ban details for bepismobile on c.nerd.nu User bepismobile Issuer cheezychicken Server p.nerd.nu Reason xray nerd.nu/appeal Time Banned March 1, 2021, 11:45 p.m. Cheezychicken will process your ban appeal soon.
  17. First of all, I need to say I love this server, I know you probably hear it all the time from ban appeals and the like, but I've only been playing recently and I love it a lot, coming home to play is definitely something that helps me get through my working day, however I'm not here for pity or for guilt on either side. I've seen very little appeals actually go through successfully. Here's hoping this time it goes differently I am appealing. I wasn't using xray. I have no reason to use it nor do I see a reason to use it on a server as I have little need for diamonds or anything of the like. not even the environment for using an xray mod. My friend had just asked why I was banned and apparently I had logged in with the xray mod installed. I have never used nor will I ever bother using xray because I see no point in it. It defeats the point in minecraft and the fun of grinding. I can provide screenshots of my mods folder or my texture packs folder but that proves nothing as I could have just taken the file out. The only thing that I can imagine pinging your server or your anticheat are the usual minecraft glitches when you can see through the ground. I would love to know whether it was your anticheat's automatic ban system or whether an admin had the final decision and what evidence they used to decide it. I was really surprised and disappointed to see this, I was really looking forward to working on the secrets at spawn on the server I wholeheartedly support this server and community.I know this is not the time for jokes, however I see no evident reason for my ban. I'm willing to lose all of my ores and ingots if it means I can play again, it would be a shame but it'd mean I can play again at the very least. I look forward to a response whether that be good news or bad news
  18. Ban details for CursedBOI7 on c.nerd.nu User CursedBOI7 Issuer totemo Server p.nerd.nu Reason grief and attempts to cast blame on some else on PvE nerd.nu/appeal Time Banned Feb. 27, 2021, 4:51 a.m. I hear from the other admins that you've been antagonising other players with threats that you would grief their builds or some such nonsense. And then you actually did grief a structure: And then you put up a sign attempting to cast blame on somebody else for the grief: And that somebody else was me. Not your finest moment. I have to conclude that you don't really enjoy the game as much as you enjoy and antagonising other players. Therefore, this is not the place for you. Because our servers are set up to play blocks and only antagonise a few specific players who do legitimately smell like butt. And that last bit is an advanced move that you are not entitled to use. So, you're banned until the 6th of March.
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  20. Thank you TV Man.
  21. I am sorry, I was bored and had nothing to do. I had had taken my home in Frontier away so I wanted others to feel the same. I am sorry
  22. Hi all! Just wanted to let you know we have a public creeper farm that is located in Frontier! Cords are: -2537 -1992 And not to toot my own horn, but drops are quite good 😛
  23. You have been unbanned. Welcome back!
  24. Yea, I have got confirmation that it was my brother on my computer last night. My password as been reset.
  25. Ban #1: c.nerd.nu (Bardidley) [Racist slurs are not allowed in chat. nerd.nu/appeal] 2021-02-25 Hi Nerpy, Thank you for making an appeal. You were banned for making a racist slur on Creative last night. This is not tolerated on our servers. If your account was compromised that would mean someone else in your household must have accessed your account, because your IP address here on the forum matches the login IP in game. Not an outside source. You are responsible for the security and activity of your account. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that someone in your household accessed your account, so I will ask you to change your account password before coming back. Please respond here stating you have secured your Minecraft account and that you have read our rules and you will be unbanned.
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