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  1. Loss of a pet can be tough. lashing out against others did not lessen that pain, I'm sure. I remember this well, I had attempted discussion and warned you against your actions. I hope that you have healed. I will unban you, please remember the potential pain of others.
  2. I'm stating here that I am gone, no electronic communications from Aug7th through the 16th. plans are fishing and Lego
  3. ohhh sweet joy! comprehensive land/build management. it is a great day!
  4. since there is no reply, or activity by you regarding this, I am closing it. It has been more time than a ban would cover, please reread the rules : https://nerd.nu/rules/ and adhere to them when you log in next time. I will unban you in the next 24 hours.
  5. this continues for 40 plus entries. the solo picture shows where you placed rail to trap carts.
  6. this, from the heart: thank you. for the investment, the commitment. last rev felt like a bit of a swan song for me. I had enough to keep going, but felt that it was the end of my Minecraft run. this revision reinvigorated me, and has kept me going. the side games, events, and activities are appreciated. the worlds ( even the painted parts) are top notch. end islands of resources save the overworld's beauty. however; As founder and President of the AEL ( Anti Elytra League ), I feel that the requirements to achieve Elytra are far to easy. there needs to be a test. a tough test, like ancient civilizations combined with astrophysics level test. Elytra is a blight on our Nerd skies. I request a rule that argos Phantoms exclusively to Elytra users. If you did this all would be right with the world(s) once again.
  7. I'm away from it all starting Aug 1st through the 10th. EDIT from defiex: He'll also be away September 16th through about a week or so later, depending on how his back heals!
  8. I tracked where you broke blocks that are part of an ornate claim fence on the border of Bromland. Also you removed 2 grass blocks to release 2 cows and 2 sheep. repeated rule breaking. please review rules on considerate play. I will unban you approx 5pm (GMT -6) 2/25/2020
  9. this is official note that I am to be considered vagrant level through March due to work.
  10. I'll not be around August 9th through the 12th
  11. I'll be out of town Jan 14th -19th. Schmoozing with Bigwigs, wishin I was mining...
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