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  1. Just a note, we've decided to push this back 2 weeks to Saturday September 2nd @ 6pm EDT to allow people more time to finish the survey!!
  2. Please note, i'm locking this thread and all future inactivity posts should be made here. Thanks!!
  3. Its about time to make this post official. Welcome to the Staff Inactivity Notices thread! What is this post for: This post is to alert players as well as other staff that you will not be available for extended periods of time. Why do we need an inactivity notice? As you are aware every 8-10 weeks we go through all staff members usage and evaluate their activity levels to prevent security risks from inactive accounts as well as keep the list of active staff current so players know who they can contact if they need help. An inactivity notice lets us know that you'll be gone for a bit and that you haven't been run over by a herd of wildebeest or abducted by aliens. When should I post?: Any time you'll be away from nerd for a period of time that is outside the norm for you. I don't want to force people to tell us every time they take a two-day trip, but we do need to know if your absence will be outside of your normal playing schedule. for example: if you only play Thursdays- Sundays due to school commitments we really don't need to know if you're taking a Monday-Wednesday trip since we wouldn't normally see you then anyways. With that being said, generally any absence of a week or more should be reported so we don't get worried! What should I post?: We only need to know the dates/length of time you'll be gone. Additionally if something does come up in real life (and it does, all the time) just drop a note as soon as you're able so we can count it. For example: - Hey guys! I'll be gone for the next 10 days or so on a cruise! - I'll be unavailable from August 1 to August 10th - Going on an exciting murder mystery weekend trip, hopefully i'll be back on the 21st but you never know... - Sorry something came up the last month and I've been unable to get in game, will let you know when I'm back. FYI: As this thread goes on we may modify the above instructions to better fit the needs/desires of staff. If that happens we'll do our best to make sure people know about it. Thanks!! p.s. for posterity and also for those who have already posted, here is the link to the initial thread that was being used for this purpose.
  4. Its been noticed that a number of players are using "reee" in general chat, and it has come to light that this is often used in a derogatory/abusive manner towards people (please see this Know your Meme article if you'd like more information on the background of it). We are not convinced that any of our players are using this meme in an intentionally derogatory way however it may not be apparent to those who are affected by it. As we are attempting to keep our servers friendly and open to everyone we are asking people at this time to please refrain from using this meme in general chat/mumble. As a reminder: what goes on in your clanchats is entirely up to you, we do not actively moderate them. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to staff.
  5. Hello all, we're going to be moving forward with a number of permission changes upon our services and reflected on the staff page and will be contacting each individual to keep them informed of this change. Data for this was gathered from June 1st through August 12th. Based on activity, we'll be moving the following people from current staff to inactive: n/a The following people will be moved from the inactive staff to our past staff section: Mumberthrax amossylog StarMinion1 Wondrland There are an additional 4 staff members who will be contacted regarding their activity levels to ensure we're doing all we can to assist them with any queries or issues, and make sure they're still available to participate as a staff member.
  6. Welcome to the August 2017 News Digest!Below you will find a summary of all the cool stuff that's going on this month. Admins will make their announcement posts as usual and they will be compiled here to make it easier to locate them. Community Wide: Dont forget to follow @nerdnugaming on twitter! New Lobby contest is live! - ends October 8th 11:59pm EDT 2017 Fundraiser wrap-up post PvE: Meteor Storm / Alien Scavenger Hunt Blog post question submission/ask-a-padmin Creative: Speedbuild - Every Saturday 9pm EST Speedbuild Arena Contest - Ends 1-week prior to revision ending (TBD) Minigames: FFS Friday - every Friday at 9pm EST Prior months posts can be found below
  7. As promised here is the voting for the best bases of the fundraiser! Please choose your favorite from two categories - BEST GROUP BASE and BEST 1-2 PERSON BASE. The full album of images can be found here - voting will stay up for 1 week BEST GROUP BASE: - The Fireplace - Ironpact - Pico BEST 1-2 PERSON BASE: - Bermudalocket & blue_avocado - buzzie71 - kednys - ppgome & Grimwaltz - king_of_queso - tuxywhale & marcuszodiak Apologies if i didn't find your base, its hard to tell in that maze of a city :)
  8. Time for another financial update! During the fundraiser we recieved $3,165 in donations, after fees that means we get to keep $3,063.76 which puts us at about 17 months of funding! We are currently paying for two servers - the primary one where pve, creative, event, and minigames run while the secondary server hosts the forums, map downloads, and some of our critical backup information. We again entered into a 1-year contract with our server host, which brought our primary server from $135USD/month down to $113USD/month (until February 2018). The secondary server is still $51CAD/month, and the forums are $25US/6 months. We've also got some fees to register the wiki and forum domains and pay for the forum software. Below is a summary of our expenses since the last fundraiser, and the document we use to track expenses can be seen here. Funds Forums Other Primary Server Secondary Server Balance 2016 6 JUNE 2,844.38 (135.00) (49.88) 3,544.55 7 JULY (13.69) (135.00) (50.07) 3,345.79 8 AUGUST 9.31 (25.00) (135.00) (49.41) 3,145.69 9 SEPTEMBER (135.00) (50.46) 2,960.23 10 OCTOBER (135.00) (49.46) 2,775.77 11 NOVEMBER 37.84 (135.00) (48.66) 2,629.95 12 DECEMBER (135.00) (48.53) 2,446.42 2017 1 JANUARY (135.00) (48.28) 2,263.14 2 FEBRUARY (25.00) (135.00) (49.70) 2,053.44 3 MARCH (113.46) (49.80) 1,890.18 4 APRIL 47.85 (113.46) (49.05) 1,775.52 5 MAY 23.77 (113.46) (47.75) 1,638.08 6 JUNE 23.77 (113.46) (48.52) 1,499.87 7 JULY (13.75) (113.46) (50.26) 1,322.40 8 AUGUST 3,063.76 (113.46) (52.54) 4,220.16
  9. If youre trying to connect to P or C you wont be able to, they are down for the weekend for the Annual Fundraiser - come play with us!
  10. Updates to the gameplay Gameplay Balancing Community Maze prizes have been set up, information here Event Prize tracking can be found here Zombie Stashes now have a chance to drop diamond picks, swords, and loose diamonds! Zombies have a higher chance of dropping guns when you kill them!
  11. Hey all - as a reminder the fundraiser is THIS WEEKEND (Fri Aug 4-Sun Aug 6). For a bit of a change of scenery the information post is on the wiki. Enjoy!!!
  12. Just a reminder - this weekend guys!!! more info will be posted soon(tm)
  13. Kumquatmay has joined the mod team and has been trained by heads and perms set up.
  14. We'll be closing down the other servers as usual for the event **however** we are not doing the normal CTF this year we're trying something totally different (details to come later).
  15. We wanted to let everyone know that the 2017 fundraiser is almost here! The 1.12 update has pushed things back a tiny bit but things are going smoothly. As of right now we are looking at the first weekend in August, provided nothing blows up between now and then. We don't want to give away TOO much just yet.... ...but in the meantime here is a little video to get the hype-train moving! - The Head Admins