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  1. Creative Revision 34 Changeover Schedule

    I dont see the testbuild world on the server, and i was told in-game that they'd only be brought up as read-only "maybe" - can you clarify that please?
  2. Note appeal

    I did not get a chance to remove this note from myself before stepping down from staff. Would you please remove this for me: Added By Note Time Added Server Silversunset stealth negator 4 months ago c.nerd.nu
  3. Revision 22: More Mobs!

    Thank you to everyone who came to the event! The winners are below! Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3 Floor 4 Floor 5 Floor 6 king_of_queso Azumarill king_of_queso piplo127128 bermudalocket king_of_queso iNerd71 iNerd71 PPGOME iNerd71 AbsolutePerson cujobear PPGOME defiex defiex Azumarill piplo127128 iNerd71 DancingBolt DancingBolt king_of_queso Bobosozeli PPGOME nilate i_c_e_ bermudalocket bobosozeli Azumarill iNerd71 RukiaKuchiki_ Bobosozeli bermudalocket
  4. Revision 22: More Mobs!

    Why hide the coffee. i need the ENERGYYYYYYYY :mashes the mob button:
  5. Revision 22: More Mobs!

    [CLICK ME FOR TIME CONVERSION] We're having another mob arena! Come see how long you can last! Each round will be 5 minutes long*, all users who survive the torture will be awarded prizes. * Difficulty will depend entirely on how much coffee has been consumed that day. Hope to see you all there! [Edit] Kits will be provided! as well as supersekrit commands to enter the area.
  6. AidenMoMo [Mrloud15]

    Since MrLoud is no longer on staff i'll go ahead and unban you now> please make sure to check out nerd.nu/rules for posterity: Mrloud15 grief on survival nerd.nu/appeal 4 years, 2 months ago c.nerd.nu
  7. Revision 22: Revenge of the Mobs

    Thank you to everyone who participated!! We ended up cancelling the saturday arena (since only three players were online) but we had plenty show up friday night! Below are the floor winners! Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3 Floor 4 Floor 5 Floor 6 King_of_queso King_of_queso King_of_queso Defiex King_of_queso tict0c Defiex SquaresThere Defiex Trooprm32 Defiex SquaresThere Trooprm32 RukiaKuchiki_ RukiaKuchiki_ Trooprm32 Hanstra Hanstra RukiaKuchiki_ AbsolutePerson Azumarill Hanstra tict0c Azumarill Schneckenhof All winners have been mailed to collect their prizes from spawn. congrats again!
  8. Revision 22: Changelog

    July 23 mob arena announced for this weekend Information here!
  9. Revision 22: Revenge of the Mobs

    READY YOUR BUNS - THE MOBS ARE BACK AND THEY'RE COMING FOR YOU! This weekend we'll have another mob arena, where you can take a second stab at surviving some mobs in our specially built arena. We'll have two times you can join, and prizes will be awarded to whoever can survive each round filled with all new friends and pointy things. Friday July 27, 2018 9pm EDT & Saturday July 28, 2018 10am EDT Good luck!
  10. Revision 22: Changelog

    July 15 The elytra course has been reopened for funsies only - no prizes will be awarded going forward but players can still fly with the course (with kits) if they wish! Edit: Stats will not be updated as frequently but there will be a timesheet for the post event here https://goo.gl/5HYfmW
  11. Revision 22: Players vs Elytra!

    THE GODS PADMINS HAVE BEEN MERCIFUL! For the remainder of the revision you can purchase unenchanted elytra at spawn for 1 EOF. Happy Flying!
  12. Revision 22: Players vs Elytra!

    THE COURSE IS NOW CLOSED Congratulations to all who have participated in this revisions death collection Elytra course! A total of 39 people made 5023 attempts over the last two weeks! All collected stats can be seen here As promised, the users in red were the top 5 times for completion and will receive the SPECIAL PRIZE. Thank you everyone who played! Prizes will be delivered asap to all involved by the end of the weekend if possible! Participants # Of Attempts Best Time Rank Completions pez252 246 0:01:42 1 25 bermudalocket 203 0:01:48 2 12 Azumarill 964 0:01:59 3 6 buzzie71 597 0:02:06 4 36 Zomise 294 0:02:06 4 8 King_of_queso 121 0:02:07 5 4 particlesmash 106 0:02:28 6 2 Flumper 214 0:02:56 7 3 Chef_Zuul 164 0:06:25 8 1 cyanoacrylate 145 0:06:34 9 1 assasymphoni 1 0 baebasaur 31 0 Becquerine 40 0 Benergy09 36 0 Bluuefuzzy 1 0 Bobosozeli 30 0 FiddlersViridian 44 0 grenbug 19 0 i_c_e_ 109 0 iceberg76 93 0 KingNyahman 110 0 kmwillia 7 0 kumquatmay 34 0 LadyAmbrosiaLyn 272 0 Lethal_Tree 22 0 NMEs 51 0 PipersDad 64 0 piplo127128 120 0 PPGOME 16 0 promaxxe 125 0 RukiaKuchiki_ 38 0 schererererer 1 0 SilentRecon 69 0 sunstarshine192 123 0 tict0c 126 0 tld97 1 0 trippinholyman 73 0 ttsci 271 0 Zahldar 42 0
  13. The Archaeological Sculpture Contest!

    Update! Deadmap has been updated, you can see the map by going to the deadmap directly https://www.deadmap.com/ - we've also added the waypoints to the waypoint file here https://www.deadmap.com/waypoints
  14. Revision 22: Players vs Elytra!

    UPDATE we have added a steak to the kit, so you can now refuel partway through!
  15. Revision 22: Holiday Traders!