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  1. Staff Cleanup - October 2017

    Hello all, we're going to be moving forward with a number of permission changes upon our services and reflected on the staff page and will be contacting each individual to keep them informed of this change. Data for this was gathered from August 13th for Creative and September 22nd for PvE due to the reset. Based on activity, we'll be moving the following people from current staff to inactive: Lappy486 The following people will be moved from the inactive staff to our past staff section: n/a There are an additional 3 staff members who will be contacted regarding their activity levels to ensure we're doing all we can to assist them with any queries or issues, and make sure they're still available to participate as a staff member.
  2. wddaybr [Mrloud15]

    I've gone ahead and unbanned the account since mrloud is no longer on staff. Please make sure to take a look at our rules at nerd.nu/rules welcome back!
  3. Creative Weekly Build Contests

    Ocean structures castles mountain village airplanes spaceships/space stations trees
  4. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    Thank you for your suggestion! At this time we are going to keep the lobby as-is without pvp as it would require significant modification of the build and doesn't really mesh with the intent of the lobby. If you wish to participate in 'slapsies' you're welcome to make an arena on creative to use during the pve downtime
  5. Creative Speed Build Winners

    @Abitcat rioting sounds fun, go ahead!
  6. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    ThelVadumee has been trained to moderator and her permissions set up
  7. New Moderator Voting: ThelVadumee

    15 People have voted yes for Thel with 5 voting as "did not know the user". We will be reaching out shortly.
  8. I am Axton. Ask me anything

    What does your left pinkie toe feel about the number 92?
  9. Switchview [SirLyle]

    I can't say that i'm particularly fond of your alts new name. you're unbanned.
  10. Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, but here are the July and August public staff meeting notes. If you've any comments please make them below!
  11. Welcome to our two new Head Admins - cujobear and zomise!!

    Because i always forget them when i tweet event stuff ._. NOW SHE CAN DO IT mua ha ha ha ha ha ah aha
  12. We'd like to announce two additions to the Head Admin team! Cujobear has been a player on nerd since PvE Rev 14 (August 2014). She became a moderator in January 2016, and a PAdmin June 2016. She can often be found building in Lazuli Shores and thinking of new ways to torture players with her events. Zomise has been a player on nerd since PvE Rev 12 (September 2013) , and a moderator since August 2014. Zomise likes long walks on the beach, building in Rose, and yelling at me when I forget the proper hashtags on my tweets. As a sidenote, cujo will not be fully transitioning to the head team until PvE Rev 21 is settled as she still has some things she's working on. Please join Torteela and I in welcoming Cujobear and Zomise to the head admin team.
  13. September 2017 News Digest

    Welcome to the Nerd.nu September 2017 News Digest!Below you will find a summary of all the cool stuff that's going on this month. Admins will make their announcement posts as usual and they will be compiled here to make it easier to locate them. Community Wide: Dont forget to follow @nerdnugaming on twitter! New Lobby contest is live! - ends October 8th 11:59pm EDT The lobby has been updated with our next winning submission! PvE: Mapworld Update New /ignore-deaths command Final Rev 20 Admin Hunt!- 10th September Spawn Apartment Contest Winners Nerd Jeopardy - 8pm EDT 8th September Nightoak Returns!! Rev 21 Announcement - (tentative) 22nd September Creative: Speedbuild - Every Saturday 9pm EST Speedbuild Arena Contest - Ends 1-week prior to revision ending (TBD) Rev 33 Launch - 14th October Minigames: FFS Friday - every Friday at 9pm EST Prior months posts can be found below
  14. August 2017 Community Meeting

    For those who couldn't make it to the meeting here are the notes! Audio Recording | Meeting notes | Survey Results
  15. New Plugin Testing on pve-dev

    My thoughts so far * Skyrails: You can't see down so it has no visual benefit as a skyrail in that sense (other than looking cool). * Skyrails: Dismounting from the cart in mid-air drops you to the ground (unlike normal rails that drop you on the 1-wide landmass). That would cause many many accidental deaths and salty players. * the Sign switching: Is fun... and it works pretty well. But i dont like it at all for pve, it takes every bit of effort out of making rail and stations. * Also you can't push carts either from inside them or outside (no pushing villagers around etc or walking yourself if you run out of powered rail). That seems like it would be a problem.