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  1. Silversunset01

    Staff Inactivity Notices

    Activity will be sporadic for the next few weeks due to severe illness death in the family. Edit: just updating to say its going to be a bit rough for the next couple weeks while we deal with things.
  2. Silversunset01

    1addy [Silversunset]

    You've been unbanned. Please refresh yourself on our rules at nerd.nu/rules and welcome back.
  3. Silversunset01

    1addy [Silversunset]

    Hello 1addy. I'd like to start by saying thank you for admitting that you were using xray on the server, it makes appeals much smoother. For record keeping purposes your ban information is as follows: Per our rules listed on nerd.nu/rules xray is expressly forbidden. Per the server policy all of your edits have been reverted, and your inventory and end chest have been cleared. You will be banned for 7 days, at which point you may bump this thread to ask to be unbanned. Please understand we take xray incredibly seriously, and further offenses will result in a longer ban duration and additional rollbacks. For posterity the below images are some of the evidence i've gathered. I've used blue and yellow glass to indicate your diamond and gold ore edits.
  4. Silversunset01


  5. Silversunset01

    MiniGames & You! A discussion...

    I'd love to see UHC happen, it looks amazing ❤️ pls do the thing. My only concern with something like this is who will run it. Currently our active tech resources are a bit tied up fixing server bugs and getting c ready for the update - projects like this have to be actively maintained and run or they will go the same route minigames went. Once you have a 'replacement' for minigames what is your plan to keep it running long-term?
  6. Silversunset01

    MiniGames & You! A discussion...

    Some background, we did try this for the current minigames server - with the current setup however its quite tedious and complicated to set up. It would be amazing to see player built things. I think some guidelines would need to be set based on the game that is chosen so that there is less confusion and less risk of the builds being left to languish.
  7. Silversunset01

    NFL [Silversunset]

    Seeing as we cannot prove or disprove you purchasing the account from someone and therefore being a separate user I will unban you this time - However as we cannot prove that you are *not* the original owner of the account you will only get one chance to follow our rules or be banned again, Staff will be notified of this caveat for consistency. This includes using any modifications that are considered cheating or hacking - whether they are client side or on your computer.
  8. Silversunset01

    NFL [Silversunset]

    Hello NFL thanks for your appeal! You were initially kicked for using a hacked client, which are not allowed on our server. For posterity you were then banned for being an alt of a banned player: Then you made this comment in chat: [CHAT] <NFL> I like FuckThePolice over this name because I have that one as well According to various sources: Username BassToad was changed to FuckThePolice (Feb 4, 2015) MCBouncer shows user BassToad as being banned for alt evasion as an alt of a banned player Username CaptainH0b0 (which has also been changed) was banned for racism Per Nerd.nu policy you may not play on an alt account if your other account is banned, as it is the user and not the account that is responsible for the actions being taken. You may appeal bans under any account by using the same url used to appeal this one: nerd.nu/appeal
  9. Silversunset01

    Creative Revision 34 Changeover Schedule

    I dont see the testbuild world on the server, and i was told in-game that they'd only be brought up as read-only "maybe" - can you clarify that please?
  10. Silversunset01

    Note appeal

    I did not get a chance to remove this note from myself before stepping down from staff. Would you please remove this for me: Added By Note Time Added Server Silversunset stealth negator 4 months ago c.nerd.nu
  11. Silversunset01

    Revision 22: More Mobs!

    Thank you to everyone who came to the event! The winners are below! Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3 Floor 4 Floor 5 Floor 6 king_of_queso Azumarill king_of_queso piplo127128 bermudalocket king_of_queso iNerd71 iNerd71 PPGOME iNerd71 AbsolutePerson cujobear PPGOME defiex defiex Azumarill piplo127128 iNerd71 DancingBolt DancingBolt king_of_queso Bobosozeli PPGOME nilate i_c_e_ bermudalocket bobosozeli Azumarill iNerd71 RukiaKuchiki_ Bobosozeli bermudalocket
  12. Silversunset01

    Revision 22: More Mobs!

    Why hide the coffee. i need the ENERGYYYYYYYY :mashes the mob button:
  13. Silversunset01

    Revision 22: More Mobs!

    [CLICK ME FOR TIME CONVERSION] We're having another mob arena! Come see how long you can last! Each round will be 5 minutes long*, all users who survive the torture will be awarded prizes. * Difficulty will depend entirely on how much coffee has been consumed that day. Hope to see you all there! [Edit] Kits will be provided! as well as supersekrit commands to enter the area.
  14. Silversunset01

    AidenMoMo [Mrloud15]

    Since MrLoud is no longer on staff i'll go ahead and unban you now> please make sure to check out nerd.nu/rules for posterity: Mrloud15 grief on survival nerd.nu/appeal 4 years, 2 months ago c.nerd.nu
  15. Silversunset01

    Revision 22: Revenge of the Mobs

    Thank you to everyone who participated!! We ended up cancelling the saturday arena (since only three players were online) but we had plenty show up friday night! Below are the floor winners! Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3 Floor 4 Floor 5 Floor 6 King_of_queso King_of_queso King_of_queso Defiex King_of_queso tict0c Defiex SquaresThere Defiex Trooprm32 Defiex SquaresThere Trooprm32 RukiaKuchiki_ RukiaKuchiki_ Trooprm32 Hanstra Hanstra RukiaKuchiki_ AbsolutePerson Azumarill Hanstra tict0c Azumarill Schneckenhof All winners have been mailed to collect their prizes from spawn. congrats again!