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  1. Added this weeks photos, congrats to the winners
  2. I dont see any benefit to non-staff for this particular mod.
  3. Closing due to duplicate post.
  4. Update Note Appeal Policy - amended 2017.06.17 Update Ban Duration Guidelines - Amended 2017.06.17
  5. The following table represents a list of guidelines to be used by staff in response to dealing with players. Staff are encouraged to use their best judgement in all cases; this table is meant to help keep staff consistant however in the event that people feel it is reasonable or necessary to deviate from this list it is allowed. Offense 1st Occurrence 2nd Occurrence 3rd Occurrence 4th Occurrence Additional xray appeal - 7 day ban + rollback / inventory wipe appeal - 30 day ban + rollback / inventory wipe appeal - 30 day ban + rollback / inventory wipe hacking/cheating warning/kick warning/kick 24 hr ban appeal minor grief warn warn warn warn Considered "moderate" grief moderate grief 24 hr ban 48 hr ban appeal major grief appeal chat spam/trolling/disruption warn mute (~10m) mute (~30m) 12 hr ban bigotry/hate speech kick 24 hr ban appeal inducing lag (accidental) warn/ask to remove warn/ask to remove appeal inducing lag (Intentional) warn/kick/rollback appeal advertising/spam appeal NSFW/offensive builds/skins warn/ask to change appeal ban evasion appeal (2 weeks) Harassment appeal doxxing appeal ban baiting appeal staff impersonation appeal illegal pvp appeal
  6. Effective immediately the note appeal policy will read as follows: The original policy is noted below
  7. Standish_ has joined the mod team and has gone through initial head admin training.
  8. Hello all, we're going to be moving forward with a number of permission changes upon our services and reflected on the staff page and will be contacting each individual to keep them informed of this change. Data for this was gathered from April 2nd through May 31st. Based on activity, we'll be moving the following people from current staff to inactive: Mumberthrax amossylog StarMinion1 The following people will be moved from the inactive staff to our past staff section: Denevien Lord_Nate Switchviewz Trooprm32 There are an additional 6 staff members who will be contacted regarding their activity levels to ensure we're doing all we can to assist them with any queries or issues, and make sure they're still available to participate as a staff member.
  9. Welcome to the May 2017 News Digest!Below you will find a summary of all the cool stuff that's going on in the month of May. Admins will make their announcement posts as usual and they will be compiled here to make it easier to locate them. Community Wide: Dont forget to follow @nerdnugaming on twitter! Help build the community fundraiser!! Schererererer's lobby is now live! New Head Admins! Welcome Torteela and Sapphric PvE: Special Event Saturday! Creeper Hunters Revision 20 Info Post. Rev 19 map now available for download New trial available at spawn Creative: Speedbuild - Every Saturday 9pm EST Minigames: FFS Friday - every Friday at 9pm EST Prior months posts can be found below
  10. Standish_ has received 10 yes votes and zero no votes (12 people did not know the user well enough to weigh in). He has been asked if he would like to join staff and has accepted - training will be scheduled this weekend provided we can get perms added.
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