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  1. Revision 22: Changelog

    July 15 The elytra course has been reopened for funsies only - no prizes will be awarded going forward but players can still fly with the course (with kits) if they wish! Edit: Stats will not be updated as frequently but there will be a timesheet for the post event here https://goo.gl/5HYfmW
  2. Revision 22: Players vs Elytra!

    THE GODS PADMINS HAVE BEEN MERCIFUL! For the remainder of the revision you can purchase unenchanted elytra at spawn for 1 EOF. Happy Flying!
  3. Revision 22: Players vs Elytra!

    THE COURSE IS NOW CLOSED Congratulations to all who have participated in this revisions death collection Elytra course! A total of 39 people made 5023 attempts over the last two weeks! All collected stats can be seen here As promised, the users in red were the top 5 times for completion and will receive the SPECIAL PRIZE. Thank you everyone who played! Prizes will be delivered asap to all involved by the end of the weekend if possible! Participants # Of Attempts Best Time Rank Completions pez252 246 0:01:42 1 25 bermudalocket 203 0:01:48 2 12 Azumarill 964 0:01:59 3 6 buzzie71 597 0:02:06 4 36 Zomise 294 0:02:06 4 8 King_of_queso 121 0:02:07 5 4 particlesmash 106 0:02:28 6 2 Flumper 214 0:02:56 7 3 Chef_Zuul 164 0:06:25 8 1 cyanoacrylate 145 0:06:34 9 1 assasymphoni 1 0 baebasaur 31 0 Becquerine 40 0 Benergy09 36 0 Bluuefuzzy 1 0 Bobosozeli 30 0 FiddlersViridian 44 0 grenbug 19 0 i_c_e_ 109 0 iceberg76 93 0 KingNyahman 110 0 kmwillia 7 0 kumquatmay 34 0 LadyAmbrosiaLyn 272 0 Lethal_Tree 22 0 NMEs 51 0 PipersDad 64 0 piplo127128 120 0 PPGOME 16 0 promaxxe 125 0 RukiaKuchiki_ 38 0 schererererer 1 0 SilentRecon 69 0 sunstarshine192 123 0 tict0c 126 0 tld97 1 0 trippinholyman 73 0 ttsci 271 0 Zahldar 42 0
  4. The Archaeological Sculpture Contest!

    Update! Deadmap has been updated, you can see the map by going to the deadmap directly https://www.deadmap.com/ - we've also added the waypoints to the waypoint file here https://www.deadmap.com/waypoints
  5. Revision 22: Players vs Elytra!

    UPDATE we have added a steak to the kit, so you can now refuel partway through!
  6. Revision 22: Holiday Traders!

  7. Revision 22: Players vs Elytra!

    UPDATE: If you'd like to see your completion times, admins are updating a document periodically with them. You can see this document by CLICKING HERE
  8. Revision 22: Changelog

    June 29th Players vs Elytra event is live on p, from today until July 14th https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/4969-revision-22-players-vs-elytra/
  9. Revision 22: Players vs Elytra!

    Players vs Elytra is an elytra course located at -590 60 26 in the end (follow the road from -106 60 26 from the main end island). Travel to the starting box and empty your inventory into one of the convenient lockers (located directly under the entry area - there is an end chest and space for you to place shulker boxes). Once you’re ready there will be a sign to send you into the course and provide the gear you need to run it! This event is TIMED - each participant must click a sign to start and end the course, which will tell admins how long it took you to complete it. You may run the course as many times as you wish to get the best time possible. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS BY JULY 14th - At the end of the two weeks padmins will review all attempts, and the top 5 fastest users will receive a FANCY PRIZE BOX. (64 Duration-3 rockets, 2 Totems of Undying, 1 Unbreaking V/Mending elytra with a fancy name) All those who participate will receive a lovely participation prize (1 Totem of Undying, 16 FoA, 1 Fancy Bit o’Paper)
  10. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    @bermudalocket Thank you for your wordy response. I would ask in the future that you try to keep your replies short so I don’t go blind trying to read them (/s)! Do you have any specific information about the custom nether you found difficult? I know you mentioned that it can be volatile “between the custom spots” - the nether is meant to be a literal hell on earth; can you elaborate a bit more on that so we can better understand what needs reviewing? Regarding elytra, short of a complete rework of the end dimension do you have other feedback regarding how we can better balance the way they are obtained? Should we continue with a dragon fight, make the fight easier/harder, or go with some completely different method entirely? And since you've asked so nicely, next rev we'll make sure to include extra birch trees so you don't feel like you're missing out on anything! Please send help didy is threatening to cover the whole map in birch if i dont write this!!!!!
  11. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    Thanks for taking the time to write such detailed feedback for us @kumquatmay! There is a lot of really good information here, and gives us a lot of insight for next rev. There are a few things i’ve got some questions on, more for my own clarification as well as to help us better use the information you’ve provided. I wonder if you can elaborate on what you meant by “I went in expecting something pretty different” regarding the mob arena; what were you expecting that would have made the arena better? Its been a while since we’ve had one, and we’re always looking for ways to improve it and make it more enjoyable. The suggestion box has been a complicated process for us. We were finding it hard to have dialogue with users due to the process being so one-sided, often times important information would be missing or users would use it as more of a complaint box than a suggestion box. We would always prefer speaking with players directly as it allows them to fully explain their suggestion far better than a 250-character message, as well as gives us the opportunity to ask questions or provide clarification. While we didn’t want to cut off that line of communication entirely it became clear we needed to find a better method. That being said, we’re open to new ways of handling them if you’ve got any ideas to share. One last bit regarding mapworld: //move <#> <direction> is an available command, and works as a cut/paste would work. Personally I’m not sure which items specifically are allowed or not, but it does seem there is some documentation regarding that which we can certainly review for the next rev.
  12. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    @Zomise thank you for your detailed response. I’m particularly interested in your comment about increasing the activation range of golem spawners, I believe we have been at 25 blocks since they were introduced. I don't exactly recall why 25 was chosen other than it was more than a normal spawner - do you have a recommendation for a better range? It does seem that you are echoing a lot of other players who have commented on wanting both a smaller map as well as a more vanilla map with the new update. I know event times have been a challenge as well, trying to make events that people can attend and that have enough of a turnout to run them is a complicated mix to get right every time. It sounds as though you are in favor of fewer time-sensitive events, things that are more long-term and can be done at your own pace. I would say the best way to come back to us with event ideas would be the forums or a group pm.
  13. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    Hey @Sumeragi thanks for the feedback! Spawn this rev has undergone a few changes due to player feedback, it's always good to see how we can create a better first impression of the server by making spawn informative and welcoming. Despite being bad at models (I can barely draw a straight line myself) are there any previous revisions spawns that would serve as an example of what you mean? I’m not sure about mooshrooms spawning either, currently there seems to be nothing preventing it in the setup but Haven has an empty pen just waiting for occupancy!
  14. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    Thank you for your response @Ruthless! It seems you are not the only one who has requested the ability to include “air” as an allowed block in world edit for the mapworld. Are there any others that you can think of that are currently not allowed that would be helpful to have? We’ve heard a few people ask as well about modifying the dragon fight. Do you have any other ideas for how to make the dragon fight ‘better’ other than removing the blazes and debuffs? Or would you be in favor of returning to a more vanilla battle. If that is the case, how do you feel about the method for obtaining elytra, would a vanilla battle be too easy a trade off? Unfortunately being able to see your mount while using one of the disguise saddles is a client side issue, our only fix is to allow the /horse-disguise-self command, which only works while you are standing still.
  15. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    Thank you for your feedback @buzzie71, I’m always interested to see what sorts of things you come up with. It sounds like you are currently in favor of more long-term events that can be done at a users own pace rather than arena-type events, would this be an accurate statement? If so, do you have suggestions for other events of this nature? I want to touch a bit on your comments regarding Elytra - It sounds like you would be in favor of dropping the mining component of the cost and sticking only with a dragon fight to obtain. Would you be in favor of the more difficult dragon fight we have now, or should we return that to a more vanilla battle, something in between, or perhaps even harder.