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  1. Revision 22: Changelog

    May 17th We have added a new policy regarding hoppers here
  2. New Policy Regarding Hoppers

    What is this about? After working with the tech admins to run some internal testing (which is detailed below) we have decided to implement a new policy regarding the use of hoppers on pve to attempt to alleviate some of the strain on the server and improve the experience of our players. What exactly is server lag? The server measures performance by counting ticks-per-second (TPS) and a perfect TPS is 20. Everything the server has to process uses a % of the tick rate to calculate. We’ve already attempted to alleviate the strain on the server by using a dynamic render distance (fixed at 4 chunks at the start of the Revision), replacing traditional iron farms with golem spawners, implementing EasyRider to allow users to obtain top-level horses without the need to keep numerous breeding horses around, and reducing entity activation ranges. Despite these changes, we’ve been seeing hoppers take up almost 50% of the total tick every second which will continue to cause the server to lag. What have we done so far? Padmins have been reaching out to users already during this revision, and through those efforts we have been able to reduce the hopper tick from 50% down to 20%-35% of the total. As more hoppers are used for item transit however that number may rise. What else is being done? When we are alerted to lag issues we run checks on three main types of things. First we check to see if there are any excessively large mob groupings anywhere and ask users to cull if possible (generally these are at grinders and are easily fixed). We also check for running redstone to see if that is causing any sudden dips in response time. More recently we’ve been checking for large hopper machines and asking users to remove them where possible. What we are asking of players at this time: Please limit your hopper use for moving items to only those necessary to move items into chests/dispensers. Where possible you should use water flows to move items along channels to be picked up by a single hopper into a chest rather than chaining hoppers together. Please refrain from building large automatic machines using hoppers - this includes auto-sorters. These are pre-emptive measures all users can take to help with server strain. In the event that we do find large hopper creations moving items we will follow up with users to come up with alternative methods, however we do reserve the right to make adjustments to hoppers if the situation warrants it. Test Data - Tests were run on pve-dev using a superflat world with no mobs or other structures. Each “row” consists of 50 hoppers moving dirt from one double chest to another (with each “layer” as 20 rows placed side-by-side). Timings were reset at the beginning of each test and returned after 5 minutes of activity. We decided on 4000 hoppers by running a logblock query for the entire revision to see how many had been placed by users -at the time of the test we estimated there were ~3600 hoppers on the server. The number has dropped to around 2000 hoppers since padmins began reaching out to users. Idle Hoppers represent the number of hoppers placed, but not currently passing items. Active Hoppers represents the number of hoppers placed and passing items. tileEntityTick represents the % of TPS that the hoppers are using during a given test. Test Idle Hoppers Active Hoppers tileEntity Tick all rows idle, first hopper disabled via redstone 4000 0 1.35% all rows idle, first hopper disabled via redstone, except 1 3950 50 2.34% all rows idle, first hopper disabled via redstone, except 2 3900 100 2.72% all rows idle, first hopper disabled via redstone, except 5 3750 250 3.28% all rows idle, first hopper disabled via redstone, except 10 3500 500 6.83% 3 layers idle disabled via redstone, 1 layer active (20 rows) 3000 1000 9.40% 2 layers idle disabled via redstone, 2 layer active (40 rows) 2000 2000 16.29% 1 layer idle disabled via redstone, 3 layer active (60 rows) 1000 3000 31.06% all layers active (80 rows) 0 4000 50.97% What does this mean? At 4000 active hoppers (that is, hoppers actively passing items between them), those hoppers will use 50% of our servers processing power. This leaves only 50% for other actions (entity processing, mob AI, player activities, etc). As hopper actions accumulate and reach a significant tick percentage (~30%), everyone on the server will begin to feel the effects due to the server not having enough resources to process everything at a normal rate.
  3. Revision 22: The Final Clue

    The portal has been found!!
  4. Revision 22: Changelog

    May 5th (Cont) - NerdyDragon is now Live on PvE https://redd.it/8hbywf - deadmap has been added to /maps
  5. Revision 22: Fifth Portal Clue

    I placed the marker as a placeholder where sapph was at the time :P final placement will move the marker to a new location.
  6. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    riveri has stepped down and her permissions removed. The following new mods have had permissions granted (and we missed updating here): grenbug, king_of_queso, Kirstae
  7. Head Admin Meeting Notes

    April 2, 2018 Head Meeting Notes New Mod Candidates one candidate has been put forward, leaving them up for a bit for staff comment before voting. Discussed 3 lobby suggestion box items and responded here [Redacted] discussions and progress updates on two events planned for the near(ish) future. Discussion regarding the next fundraiser. A wild map has been spotted! Need to check in with the creator to see if theyre making changes. Discussion of theme and spawn ideas Discussion of gameplay options Player made dungeons are coming along great!! MORE ARE NEEDED :nomnomnom:
  8. Head Admin Suggestion Box

    east-west tunnel should loop from one to the other + north-south tunnel should loop from one end to the other (oops) While these are interesting suggestions at this time we are not looking to modify the lobby. Possibly up entity cramming in the lobby? Not usually an issue but with the p reset... Entity cramming was secretly increased to 200 on the lobby during the p launch, hopefully this will fix lobby deaths!
  9. Monthly News Digest

    Welcome to the Nerd.nu April 2018 News Digest!Below you will find a summary of all the cool stuff that's going on this month. Admins will make their announcement posts as usual and they will be compiled here to make it easier to locate them. Community Wide: Dont forget to follow @nerdnugaming on twitter! Head Admin Meeting Notes 2018 Fundraiser - DUNGEON BUILDERS NEEDED PvE: Rev 22 information post The Archaeologists' Guild Acquisitions Department is now OPEN. Creative: Speedbuild or Spleef - Every Saturday 9pm EST Weekly Build Contest Week 7: Nutcrackers! (Ends 12/8) - Winners: rosebox9, ieuweh, texb Week 8: Snowmen (Ends 12/15) - Winner: EpIc_NaChO_, ieuweh, rosebox9 Week 9: Gingerbread House (Ends 12/22) - Winner: ieuweh Week 10: New Years Party (Ends 1/5) - Winner: AndyJF Week 11: Steampunk (ends 1/12) - Winner: AndyJF Week 12: Knights (Ends 1/20) - Winner: ieuweh Week 13: Pirate Ship (Ends 1/27) - Winner: Pixl3 Week 14: Aircraft (Ends 2/3) - Winner: Apogee Week 15: Dystopian Future (Ends 2/10) - Winner: texb Week 16: Valentine (Ends 2/17) - Winner: Apogee Week 17: Mythical Creatures (Ends 2/24) - Winner: Spook6 Week 18: Desserts (Ends 3/3) - Winner: promaxxe Week 19: Famous Building/Landmark (Ends: 3/10) - Winner: WaxTed Week 20: Ancient Egypt (Ends 3/17) - Winner: WaxTed Week 21: Flowers (Ends 3/24) - Winner: Abitcat Week 22: Computers (Ends 3/31) Minigames: FFS Friday - every Friday at 9pm EST
  10. New Moderator Voting: Kirstae

    Kirstae has changed her mind and has accepted. Permissions will be set up and training scheduled.
  11. Pixl3 [Silversunset]

    You are unbanned.
  12. Pixl3 [Silversunset]

    You will be unbanned after 6pm EDT tomorrow (wednesday) when I get home from work. Please take this time to reflect on your interactions with others in-game, your next instance of this will be met with much harsher consequences.
  13. Pixl3 [Silversunset]

    Thank you for your appeal. Apologizing for “[your] comments being considered harassment” however is not an acceptable response. Harassment will not be tolerated on our servers in any form and you have a long history of attacking others which appeared to have stopped but sadly seems to have resurfaced. Please refresh yourself on our rules page located at nerd.nu/rules and explain what rule you have broken and how. At that point I will determine the length of your ban.
  14. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Defiex has stepped down and her permissions have been updated to moderator.
  15. New Moderator Voting: King_of_Queso

    Please add your vote for king_of_queso - this poll will stay open for two weeks until Sunday 25th March or when 75% of staff have voted (36 people) whichever comes first If a staff member votes 'no', it is expected that their accompanying comments have been previously made known either within the feedback thread or directly to head admins. If not, we will get in contact with the staff member to get more detailed reasoning. If this vote is successful: We will contact the player to ensure they would like to join staff. If they would: We will contact techs to update player permissions in game, and update forum, slack etc. permissions across our services. We will arrange basic training and inform server admins when new moderators are ready for additional server-specific training. We will move this voting post to public mod forums, and inform the playerbase via the Head Admin changelog. If this vote is unsuccessful, or the player declines, we will inform staff within the post, and move it to the private closed nomination forum.