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  1. Hey all! I'm sure many of you are aware of the town I am mayor of, Frontier This rev we're looking for members who would be interested in helping us expand our town with builds, auto farms and also just simply good and friendly players! Right now we have: Pumpkin auto farm, villager markets with perfect farmer trader, and we've got a lot of cool builds going on already If anyones interested please let me know 😄 would love to have yall around PS. Everyone in the town so far is extremely friendly, we don't accept toxicity.
  2. Hi all! Just wanted to let you know we have a public creeper farm that is located in Frontier! Cords are: -2537 -1992 And not to toot my own horn, but drops are quite good 😛
  3. Hi, I asked for a 3 day self imposed ban because I wanted to focus on getting IRL stuff sorted, mostly so I could get job applications sent out, was expecting it to take around 3 days but ive finished way sooner, so was wondering if I could be unbanned sooner? XeTrain
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    I have a town with quite a few people in, if you do /place frontier in PvE you can come check it out, and if you'd like to live here just let me know! As for players who migrated to PvE, only person I know is shanty_sniper, but im sure many more still play 🙂
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