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    Never thought id say this but... XeTrain
  2. Hi all! Just wanted to let you know we have a public creeper farm that is located in Frontier! Cords are: -2537 -1992 And not to toot my own horn, but drops are quite good 😛
  3. Hi, I asked for a 3 day self imposed ban because I wanted to focus on getting IRL stuff sorted, mostly so I could get job applications sent out, was expecting it to take around 3 days but ive finished way sooner, so was wondering if I could be unbanned sooner? XeTrain
  4. XeTrain


    I have a town with quite a few people in, if you do /place frontier in PvE you can come check it out, and if you'd like to live here just let me know! As for players who migrated to PvE, only person I know is shanty_sniper, but im sure many more still play 🙂
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