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  1. creative

    Sorry i posted this and forgot about it. I just found out the devs stopped updating it. Is there a way that you guys could get into the files and update it? TrainCarts.jar
  2. Agreed. Does fill up chat but with pretty colors.
  3. It wasn't that popular. Just an idea. Some people liked it.
  4. 1. I think players would like to see all types of trees. It would allow a mix of trees in an area. 2. I think a whole world would be way too much. A 500x500 or 1000x1000 would be enough for a lot of different trees. 3. Cars/Vehicles, Other small buildings would be great, as i suck at building. 4. There should be a limit of submissions if you guys have too many. If you do not have enough then don't worry about limits because you need a lot :P I think this would be a great idea for future revisions. P.S. BRING BACK Classic Creative!!!
  5. thank you :)
  6. I am sorry for the things I did to deserve these notes. Flumper I understand the rules and promise never to break these rules again. kicked for homophobic language on PVP 11 months, 2 weeks ago c.nerd.nu Flumper Warned for tree grief on P. 1 year ago c.nerd.nu
  7. thank you :D
  8. creative

    Traincarts is a plugin that allows a few different abilities with minecarts that i am suggesting for Creative :D and also i heard you can use ladders as vertical rails
  9. To start this appeal off i would like to address the notes that Excessivetoker gave me. ExcessiveToker Warned for minor grief on C. 1 year, 11 months ago c.nerd.nu ExcessiveToker Warned for chat spam via PM. 1 year ago c.nerd.nu ExcessiveToker Warned for building small penises on C. 1 year, 3 months ago c.nerd.nu ExcessiveToker Kicked for chat spam. 11 months, 1 week ago c.nerd.nu I am extremely sorry for my past mistakes and promise to never do them again. I know the rules now and hope for the better :)
  10. But the other problem is if we do it now, we won't have much time... idk i think i am out of this... Minigames is a good idea though. Fun and very time consuming ;) Perfect for getting money
  11. Well see, most of us have school. Maybe like six hours of creative building comps, six hours of pve events, and twelve hours of minigames? seperate them over a weekend so 12 hours each day. or if we do a full week of events then it would have to be from 5:00 to 7:00 or 8:00 PM Also, the summer idea sounds good, no school, everybody is on and most likely more players will be willing to donate (Summer jobs)
  12. Okay thank you so much Barli :D
  13. - I will logout every time im done on minecraft. - I will also switch users. - move the nerd.nu server to the bottom of my never ending server list - If i ever forget one of these, keep a watch on the computer (not take it away cause he may bite or stab me :P)
  14. I just finished spreaking with him. he said he understands
  15. Well, i understand that you have tried to tell him to stop, as i said, i will be talking to him about the rules. i have tried as well. 4 year olds just dont like to build. he builds stuff then burns it and floods it on his own world :P