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  1. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    The two things I would like to discuss are the map and elytras. Map: Next rev, if the mod is not updated, it would be best to go to vanilla. Although, it seems like, and Mojang has said, it will most likely be releasing this summer. If it's released in the summer, the mod should be updated if the developer is active in updating the mods. It will take a lot of effort to update, but by the pre-releases, it could be out next month, allowing 2 month development on the mod. Should be plenty of time. Elytras: Please revert to the old methods of getting elytra and the original dragon fight. With the new Phantom membrane being released, doing this would ruin elytras. The phantoms alone would be hard enough (chaos experience.) to fight for enough membrane to repair. Roads and rails are created anyways because if your elytra breaks, you need roads/rails to find a grinder safely.
  2. Peace out girl scouts!!

    Thank you for being a Cadmin for this community! You were a great one and will be missed. :) 2 Cadmins too many!
  3. Lobby Contest Voting!

  4. [Note Appeal] PPGOME

    Thanks Didy and Bluue :D
  5. [Note Appeal] PPGOME

    Thanks :D
  6. [Note Appeal] PPGOME

    It's been over a year for each of these. Most of them, 2 years. I would lime them to be appealed please. I think that I've changed :) Am a good boy I think
  7. Traincarts!

    Sorry i posted this and forgot about it. I just found out the devs stopped updating it. Is there a way that you guys could get into the files and update it? TrainCarts.jar
  8. Turning off server notifications

    Agreed. Does fill up chat but with pretty colors.
  9. Tree Repository ( Suggested by Thwomppifer )

    It wasn't that popular. Just an idea. Some people liked it.
  10. Tree Repository ( Suggested by Thwomppifer )

    1. I think players would like to see all types of trees. It would allow a mix of trees in an area. 2. I think a whole world would be way too much. A 500x500 or 1000x1000 would be enough for a lot of different trees. 3. Cars/Vehicles, Other small buildings would be great, as i suck at building. 4. There should be a limit of submissions if you guys have too many. If you do not have enough then don't worry about limits because you need a lot :P I think this would be a great idea for future revisions. P.S. BRING BACK Classic Creative!!!
  11. Note Appeal Flumper

    thank you :)
  12. Note Appeal Flumper

    I am sorry for the things I did to deserve these notes. Flumper I understand the rules and promise never to break these rules again. kicked for homophobic language on PVP 11 months, 2 weeks ago c.nerd.nu Flumper Warned for tree grief on P. 1 year ago c.nerd.nu
  13. Traincarts!

    Traincarts is a plugin that allows a few different abilities with minecarts that i am suggesting for Creative :D and also i heard you can use ladders as vertical rails