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    Hytale server?

    Hytale is a game that should be coming out sometime this year. It's a sandbox and exploration game, like Minecraft. I was just wondering, would the server be willing to expand to another game?

    MiniGames & You! A discussion...

    We have some great builders and other maps online which could be for servers. Maybe we could hold a thing on C to build a map and it could be one of the adventure maps? Command blocks and such can reset a section of a map quite easily. The only issue with this, however, would be admins having to discuss with every player who participates and do commands for every single command block.

    MiniGames & You! A discussion...

    I do believe that would help. This is where I would recommend the RAM for M go to P and C and then this goes to E because E isn't being used (unless you don't pay for E the entire year).

    MiniGames & You! A discussion...

    This has been discussed throughout chat for a while and I believe that the minigames server should close down. It's a great server but people are more interested in PvE and Creative. The RAM used on the server (Let's assume it's 8gb like the other servers) could be put towards P and C to help deal with lag. Though, I would enjoy a server that we can play on between rev switches as a group like past rev switches where 20+ players got on M and started playing games together. M gets very repetitive and I feel and I think that's the reason why FFS Friday slowly died out. Plus, this is just my opinion, players will go to bigger minigame-focused servers for minigames. Players don't usually go to a server focused on SMP/Creative to battle it out. I would enjoy it back if it was a more popular server. Playing CTF is not that enjoyable with 2 people.

    Revision 22: More Mobs!

    Tell Manhuman to hide the coffee!

    Revision 22: Holiday Traders!

    I must get 1000 turtles. Halfway there as we speak :O

    Revision 22: Holiday Traders!

    Must buy one of everything to be complete. I got 52 turtles. I like the turtles.

    Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    Hey, @Sir_Didymus ! I forgot about the time that it takes to create the maps. A vanilla map would be fun and interesting since players are not used to the normal world. About the elytras, I have not gotten elytras yet on chaos. From reading the changelogs and messing around with snapshots on singleplayer, only the new membrane will repair them. Unless this has changed and mending still functions, I think elytras should be easier to obtain.

    Deadmap now includes Voxelmap waypoints!

  10. PPGOME

    Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    The two things I would like to discuss are the map and elytras. Map: Next rev, if the mod is not updated, it would be best to go to vanilla. Although, it seems like, and Mojang has said, it will most likely be releasing this summer. If it's released in the summer, the mod should be updated if the developer is active in updating the mods. It will take a lot of effort to update, but by the pre-releases, it could be out next month, allowing 2 month development on the mod. Should be plenty of time. Elytras: Please revert to the old methods of getting elytra and the original dragon fight. With the new Phantom membrane being released, doing this would ruin elytras. The phantoms alone would be hard enough (chaos experience.) to fight for enough membrane to repair. Roads and rails are created anyways because if your elytra breaks, you need roads/rails to find a grinder safely.
  11. PPGOME

    Peace out girl scouts!!

    Thank you for being a Cadmin for this community! You were a great one and will be missed. :) 2 Cadmins too many!
  12. PPGOME

    Lobby Contest Voting!

  13. PPGOME

    [Note Appeal] PPGOME

    Thanks Didy and Bluue :D
  14. PPGOME

    [Note Appeal] PPGOME

    Thanks :D
  15. PPGOME

    [Note Appeal] PPGOME

    It's been over a year for each of these. Most of them, 2 years. I would lime them to be appealed please. I think that I've changed :) Am a good boy I think