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  1. Hi unnamed205, The grief in question is related to this sign that was near spawn: I will agree it is somewhat inappropriate but if you have a problem with a build you are to report it by using /modreq Taking matters into your own hands by griefing is not permitted under any circumstances as it only implicates yourself. I am going to unban your account now. Please, in the future if you feel a build is NSFW or breaks other server rules, use /modreq to alert us, that way your destructive edits won't alert us. Welcome back
  2. Ban info: Ban #1: c.nerd.nu (Dumbo52) [Griefing, block spam on C. No constructive edits. nerd.nu/appeal] 2014-11-16 Hi WintersSnow, Thank you for making an appeal for your ban. Dumbo52 is currently inactive so I will handle your appeal. This happened years ago so all I will ask is that you review our rules upon joining the servers. I will go ahead and unban you now.
  3. Launch date Creative Revision 36 will be launching on Saturday, May 1st 2021, finally ending Revision 35 which will have been our longest revision ever! (1 year and 3 months). End of Rev 35 (+TNT) On Friday April 30, 6:30 pm EDT, Rev 35 shuts down and a final backup is made, then you can blow up the old map. Launch of Rev 36 On Saturday, May 1, 6:30 pm EDT, Rev 36 launches. Minecraft version We will launch the new revision on Minecraft 1.16.5 Info & changes The main map is a custom WorldMachine/Worldpainted map made by Bardidley. The map features larger plains with less trees and less ocean intending to attract larger builds with less obstruction. The size of the main map will be 7200x7200, same as the current one. Spawn is a completely original build by marting11 Something new we are trying this revision : 14 large plots immediately around spawn will be assigned to Weekly Build winners and various contest winners throughout the revision. Watch for special contests! These plots are intended to showcase interesting builds and their content will be up to their owners. They do not have to be in line with the theme of spawn. CTA fans, do not worry! The CTA has a reserved spot within spawn for the spawn station. The archived version of revision 35 will be accessible via a multiverse, just like revision 34 is currently. The redstone and testbuild multiverses will be transferred with their contents to revision 36. The default warps will be : bigtown, spleef, pixelart, playspleef, spawn, speedbuild, weeklybuild, WETutorial. If you have an unfinished build that you would like to continue working on, it will possible to copy it over to the new map with World Edit. The Spleef event normally scheduled May 1st at 9PM will be postponed to May 8th. The final save of the Revision 35 map will be available at http://mcp-dl.com ~ The CAdmins
  4. You have been unbanned. Welcome back!
  5. Ban #1: c.nerd.nu (Bardidley) [Racist slurs are not allowed in chat. nerd.nu/appeal] 2021-02-25 Hi Nerpy, Thank you for making an appeal. You were banned for making a racist slur on Creative last night. This is not tolerated on our servers. If your account was compromised that would mean someone else in your household must have accessed your account, because your IP address here on the forum matches the login IP in game. Not an outside source. You are responsible for the security and activity of your account. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that someone in your household accessed your account, so I will ask you to change your account password before coming back. Please respond here stating you have secured your Minecraft account and that you have read our rules and you will be unbanned.
  6. Congrats to Lilah427! Winner of the Halloween Weekly Build Contest! Entry #2 - Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sister House The entries can be found on Creative at /warp WeeklyBuild
  7. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Halloween Weekly Build Contest! The winner will be decided on a public vote. View the entries in this post and on Creative at /warp WeeklyBuild, choose your favourite entry! The vote will close Monday, November 2nd at midnight EDT! Entry Guide https://imgur.com/a/dajUohO
  8. Ban #1: c.nerd.nu (Bardidley) [Crashing player clients, banned items on Creative. nerd.nu/appeal] 2020-05-07 Hi Infernoboy16, You were banned for distributing items to two players which resulted in them being unable to rejoin the server without repeatedly disconnecting. I had to intervene to remove the items so that they could rejoin. If you desire to rejoin this server, you must understand this activity is against the rules.
  9. Bardidley


    Mr_CTA, There is currently plenty of free space and empty claims. There are some claims that are due to be removed soon for not being developed/built, you can watch for these spaces to become available possibly in the next month. Also there is a possibility for a small border expansion in the future. There is currently plenty of space to connect the CTA to the claims around the map.
  10. Hello jadedeconomist, Your notes on this account will not be removed as they are still indicative of your play style on this server. Just because you are absent does not mean your notes get cleared. They get cleared by demonstrating to us with your game play that you no longer reflect these notes given. If you decide to come back to this server and show us that you have changed - over a period of time, we will be happy to reconsider the note removal.
  11. Congratulations to the winner of Weekly Build "Holiday Treats": iceberg76 ! The final theme will be New Years Eve 2020! To join, type /warp weeklybuild and find a free plot and type: /nerdplot claim You will have until Saturday Jan 4th to complete your build! ~cadmins
  12. For the month of December we will be having Christmas Holiday Themed build contests! To participate, go to /warp WeeklyBuild and find a free plot, type: /nerdplot claim. You may build alone or as a group. Depending on turnout, there will be 2 contests in December. The first 2 weeks the theme will be: Santa Claus The winner and next theme will be posted in this thread on December 14th! Happy Building! ~Cadmins
  13. Over the next two weeks there will be a special Halloween themed build contest! Players can join the contest by going to /warp weeklybuild and use the command /nerdplot claim on a free plot. Players are allowed to build on one plot entry as a group or solo. The build will be open tonight, Oct17th until the evening of Oct 31st! ~Cadmins
  14. Today I am happy to announce that marting11 will be re-joining the Cadmin Team! marting11 previously held the role from September 2013 to mid-2015 and now we are excited to have him back as an admin after being active as a moderator since May. We will be working to bring you Creative 1.14.4 and Revision 35 soon! ~Cadmins
  15. The Weekly Build #11 Winner is AndyJF, Congrats! This build can be found @ /warp weeklybuild in the Hall of Fame! Week #12 Theme: Something that features 1.13 blocks! How To Participate: The contest takes place on c.nerd.nu In game, type /warp WeeklyBuild Make sure to read the rules and the category before starting. Find an empty plot and type /nerdplot claim You may build with a friend, and you do have access to World Edit! All builders will have 24 hours following the contest's end to modreq to have their builds saved, as the field will be wiped for the next theme! The contest will run 2 weeks until Wednesday, August 21st, at 9PM EDT. The most recent winner is now displayed! All winners will be displayed collectively at the Weekly Build Hall of Fame located at /warp weeklybuild.
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