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  1. As a heads up to PvE players who rely on the Test Build World and Redstone Playground on Creative, these worlds will be unavailable during our changeover to Creative Revision 33 beginning Thursday 8PM EDT and returning (with all contents) on Saturday at 8PM EDT. ~ The Cadmins
  2. As previously mentioned, Creative will be launching Revision 33 on Saturday October 14th, less than 4 weeks from now! At this time I am going to bring mention to a major rule change so everyone has fair warning. Due to this map being the biggest ever for the Creative server with a radius of 7,500 blocks, we will be encouraging players to make claims larger than they normally would to include their own buffer zone. The rule change will be as follows: There will be NO 10 block minimum block region buffers, meaning players can claim regions right against each other. Players will need to factor in a buffer of their own into their claim size - the map size will easily allow for this. In Revision 33 the Cadmins will be cracking down on troll builds. Examples of troll builds include military type builds, huge canons, standing armies, copy/paste generic looking buildings meant to block expanding cities - things of that nature, directly beside cities or other builds with the intention of trolling. If you wish to build such builds, do it in your own regions or in areas that are vacant. There will be no excuses for this behaviour - we have put up with it for long enough. Troll builds will be determined at the discretion of the Cadmins and will not be dealt with by moderators. Such troll builds will be promptly relocated with a warning to the builder. Revision 33 we will be bringing back Weekly Build Contest, if it is popular we will keep it going. Also we will be alternating between Speed Build and Spleef Competitions every week. Lately Speed Build numbers have dropped so we will be doing this to change things up a bit. As usual, here are some Revision 33 Teaser Screenshots! Also a reminder to finish your Speed Build Arenas! Voting will begin close to the launch of Revision 33. We will update you at a later time as well as the Changeover Schedule. Happy Building!
  3. Today we are pleased to announce that Creative Revision 33 will be launching on the evening of October the 14th, 2017. The three of us Cadmins have had a very busy summer and players seem to want longer revisions. The fall launch will allow us to produce a good quality map and give players plenty of time to finish their current projects. More details and teasers to come! -Cadmins
  4. Extalian Royal Cruiselines

    Nice build! We could arrange to have docking at spawn city for cruise ships, the port plots are kind of far away.
  5. Creative Post Office Contest - Voting!

    The poll is now closed and Haiku has won the contest! Congrats! Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and those who voted! The Post Office is open for anyone to claim a chest as their mailbox. This can be done through a /modreq Haiku, your Post Office has been placed at /warp postoffice and you have been added to the region permissions so that you can do more exterior work if you wish.
  6. xTNT_Leader_Don [Bardidley]

    Ban #1: c.nerd.nu (Bardidley) [Griefing on C. nerd.nu/appeal] 2015-03-17 Hello RedXDon, This ban is rather old and I do not have a record of your edits. I would like you to change your minecraft account password to be sure your account was not compromised. I am going to go ahead and unban your account. Please read our rules upon joining.
  7. The Post Office Build Contest has ended last night and thank you to all the players who entered a build! Below you will find photos to make your judgements by. I would also recommend checking out these builds in-game as well. They can be visited at /warp postcontest and for reference, the winning build will be placed HERE In the contest post I stated voting will be open for 3 days - I feel that is not long enough, the voting will last 1 week - until next Saturday. Haiku - Entry #1 Murtauh - Entry #2 PPGOME - Entry #3 TuxyWhale - Entry #4 venom20078 - Entry #5 Good Luck to all entries!!!
  8. Hello Everyone! Over the next two weeks we will be running the Post Office Build Contest on the Creative Server. The purpose of the contest is to produce a post office building that contains a minimum of 100 single-chest (or double-chest) PO boxes for creative players to claim and share mail in! The winner's build will be placed by spawn and warped. The build will be located beside the Spawn CTA Station (See the building site HERE), The site can also be visited @ /warp postoffice To participate login to C and type /warp PostContest, There are 12 plots (more will be added if all are claimed). To claim a plot, stand in a free plot and type /nerdplot claim You may claim 1 plot, and you'll have until July 7th to finish your build. It will be listed for public voting on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday July 11th the winner will be announced from the poll results. Users will be able to claim chests for PO boxes (donation chests) Mostly for all that spam we love. [ Or send you that novel-length /mail message in a book instead of blowing up your inbox ] Have Fun!
  9. We have considered and decided to have the new testbuild world available at the same time as the old world to make the transfer of builds possible for players who have testbuilds they want to keep. The old testbuild world will be available for 2 weeks upon which the old world will be deleted along with test builds left behind. - To visit the current testbuild world, join Creative and type /mv tp testbuild_old - The new blank testbuild map will be available later tonight (Monday, June 12th) @ /mv tp testbuild You will be required to make new region claims on the new testbuild as region information cannot be transferred.
  10. gearowns appel [Bardidley]

    Ban #1: c.nerd.nu (Bardidley) [Player harassment/doxxing on Creative and Discord. nerd.nu/appeal] 2017-02-02 Hello gearowns, Thanks for appealing your ban. I'm glad you have familiarized yourself with the rules and for recognizing that it's inappropriate to use someones real name in general chat without their consent. In addition you also said some pretty rude things to Mewcifer a couple of times. I don't want to see any player harassment on the server, mumble or discord. If I see it again, you can expect a much longer ban duration. This happened over a month ago, I'll go ahead and unban your account. Welcome Back
  11. Creative Revision 32 Feedback

    Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback in this thread! We will take all of your input into consideration while working on the next revision. This thread can remain open for more discussion as we will be developing the new map over the next month. Updates to come =)
  12. PhoenixYS [Bardidley]

    Welcome Back.
  13. PhoenixYS [Bardidley]

    Ban #1: c.nerd.nu (Bardidley) [Continued trolling with NSFW builds. nerd.nu/appeal] 2016-11-20 Hello PhoenixYS, Thanks for appealing your ban. I ask that you give our rules a read so you understand where we will draw a line. I understand you were doing everything on purpose (including the lag machines) so I hope if you decide to give the server another visit you plan to follow our rules, if not - there will be a longer ban length set. Respond here stating you have read and will follow our rules and I will go ahead and unban you.
  14. Creative Map and Spawn City expanded!

    There are now 24 additional plots added to the downtown
  15. I appreciate your dedication to the spawn city downtown. The reason we have Nerdplot is to keep track of claims and help prevent players from overtaking the city. Spawn city is not meant to be filled up by one individual but to be a collection of builds from all the players. If we are going to increase the plot limit we will increase the size of spawn city. I thought it was fair to grant you a large piece of land adjacent to spawn downtown. We are looking into the possibility of expanding the downtown, and we will keep players up to date. And for the record the same rules apply to me in spawn city, I have 1 Suburb plot and 2 Downtown plots.