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  1. Mr_CTA

    I Accidentally Greifed a Build.

    Hi, Today I accidentally grieved a build. It was in my way so I had to destroy it. I didn't know it was griefing. I'm very sorry. Please ban me. I deserve it. Sincerely, Mr_CTA
  2. Uptown station is now open! There was a ribbon cutting ceremony today! More CTA updates later! Happy gaming! Mr CTA
  3. Hi Chall,

    Can you build in theeCTA line borders? I saw someone do it. I got mad. Its on the yellow line.







  4. Mr_CTA

    CTA Green Line Open!

    Hi guys! The CTA Green Line is now open! There are 3 stations right now. Spawn Uptown St. Andrews The line might be extended to Ya Ok Island. It says Ya Ok Island as the next stop at St. Andrews. Updates coming soon! Happy Gaming! Mr_CTA
  5. Mr_CTA

    Can't go to Creative server

    oops I was on 1.13.2 also thanks for completing my ModReq!
  6. Mr_CTA

    Can't go to Creative server

    im in 1.12.2
  7. I can't go on the creative server. I went through the portal to "C" but it goes to PvE. help?
  8. Mr_CTA

    Server Poll

    idk how to go to creative lmao
  9. Mr_CTA

    Server Poll

    Which server do you like more? Click (or tap) on your favorite!