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Found 245 results

  1. Mayan Group Build

    This Friday at 6pm - 8pm EDT there will be a group build with the theme Mayan taking place on the creative server. Take a look at some Mayan buildings and structures, here are a few examples. For some of the older players, you may want to watch the film Apocalypto for some ideas (awesome movie). The location for the event can be seen here. All server rules apply. You will have access to world edit. The event officially ends at 8pm EDT, however, if you still want to continue building afterwards that is up to you. We hope to see you all there, and hopefully we can have a pretty amazing event!
  2. Creative Revision 34 Feedback/Poll

    Our new revision is approaching, and as always, we're ready to hear your thoughts about how to improve the map and server in whole during this time. *Please note that this Poll/Feedback topic will be up much longer than usual, as Revision 34 will not be released until sometime in October. (And as always, we will be announcing the official launch day exactly 1 month before launch) Questions on the poll resemble those asked last year. If there's anything that you don't see on the poll, please feel free to open a discussion in the comments. We, the Cadmins, will try our best to keep up in replying and working with the player base of Creative to make a map that will satisfy. A useful link to consider for discussion on events can be found here: All discussion and feedback is very much appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read.
  3. We would like to officially announce that the Revision 33 map will remain until the fall of 2018. This was decided mostly from player feedback, activity and amount of free space on the map. It was decided to have a longer than usual revision to facilitate more long term projects which players have seemed more inclined to create. A measure to promote large projects on Creative is that we will be making it easier for players to copy builds from this current map and into Revision 34. A new map can be expected in October of 2018. We want to give some clarity to this now so that players can properly plan out, or continue developing their large project. We also understand some players may be upset with this, but it needs to be known that it is a lot of work to make a new revision and all the work put into a map feels wasted if it doesn't get somewhat filled. We really hope our efforts to cater to large projects will be appreciated. Happy Building! ~cadmins
  4. Hollifer has rejoined the Cadmin team! We are pleased to have her back to help run the server and dedicate her time to it, we are excited to have her guidance again. Be sure to welcome her back when you see her in-game! ~Cadmins
  5. Last night we launched our first ever Weekly Build! This weeks category: WITCH HUTS Additional Weekly Build info: Every Saturday night after Spleef or Speed Build, we'll announce our new Weekly Build category. The contest will end on Thursday nights, and you will have the remaining 2 days to vote. Voting ends Saturday night, and the winner will be announced along with the new category. How To Participate: The contest takes place on c.nerd.nu In game, type /warp WeeklyBuild Make sure to read the rules and the category before starting. Find an empty plot and type /nerdplot claim You may build with a friend, and you do have access to World Edit! The most recent winner will be displayed at Spawn for a week. All winners will be displayed collectively at the Weekly Build Hall of Fame located at /warp weeklybuild. -CAdmin Team
  6. Idea: Countries

    Idea: Countries. Divide the world in countries, with different cultures, religions, politics, etc. How would the culture and religion would work: There would be different cultures/religions in the world, one for a country. They wouldn't be obligatory, but would serve as inspiration and/or lore. For example: I want to make a temple, but I'd need to have a religion/culture. Since irl religion/culture is polemic and would probably cause problems, and a person would have to create a religion/culture only for that building (maybe others by them, too), having several bases would be good. It would also be good to locate a building. For example: "My build is on (Country name), at the northeast region". We could have more events too, based on the religion/culture festivities. For example: "October 27th is (God name) day". Say your ideas and opinions in the comments!
  7. As previously mentioned, Creative will be launching Revision 33 on Saturday October 14th, less than 4 weeks from now! At this time I am going to bring mention to a major rule change so everyone has fair warning. Due to this map being the biggest ever for the Creative server with a radius of 7,500 blocks, we will be encouraging players to make claims larger than they normally would to include their own buffer zone. The rule change will be as follows: There will be NO 10 block minimum block region buffers, meaning players can claim regions right against each other. Players will need to factor in a buffer of their own into their claim size - the map size will easily allow for this. In Revision 33 the Cadmins will be cracking down on troll builds. Examples of troll builds include military type builds, huge canons, standing armies, copy/paste generic looking buildings meant to block expanding cities - things of that nature, directly beside cities or other builds with the intention of trolling. If you wish to build such builds, do it in your own regions or in areas that are vacant. There will be no excuses for this behaviour - we have put up with it for long enough. Troll builds will be determined at the discretion of the Cadmins and will not be dealt with by moderators. Such troll builds will be promptly relocated with a warning to the builder. Revision 33 we will be bringing back Weekly Build Contest, if it is popular we will keep it going. Also we will be alternating between Speed Build and Spleef Competitions every week. Lately Speed Build numbers have dropped so we will be doing this to change things up a bit. As usual, here are some Revision 33 Teaser Screenshots! Also a reminder to finish your Speed Build Arenas! Voting will begin close to the launch of Revision 33. We will update you at a later time as well as the Changeover Schedule. Happy Building!
  8. Today we are pleased to announce that Creative Revision 33 will be launching on the evening of October the 14th, 2017. The three of us Cadmins have had a very busy summer and players seem to want longer revisions. The fall launch will allow us to produce a good quality map and give players plenty of time to finish their current projects. More details and teasers to come! -Cadmins
  9. Pokemon

    Here are some pokemon I built on the creative server. The one that took the longest was the charizard. I plan to build more whenever the new revision starts.
  10. It is against the rules to impersonate a staff member, this includes: Changing your name to a current or previous staff member's name (or anything similar with the intent of impersonation) Claiming you have a staff position (mod/admin/owner) Intentionally trying to trick/convince players you are staff, or have been staff. Cheating or account/identity theft. All offenses of staff impersonation will be met with a ban. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  11. Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    Hello everyone! It's that time again when we are gathering input from all of you, so that our next map will be everything you hope and dream! This poll and discussion is be a bit different than normal, and includes some non-typical prompts, along with our regular map feedback. We highly encourage comments and feedback to this post in regards to these topics. Revision 32 [our current revision] will be running until approximately early September. The official launch date of 33 will be released exactly 1 month before, as always. Please take your time carefully reading through the poll, options and consider writing out an explanation of each of your answers, as it helps us immensely. Direct discussion between players and the Cadmin team are key here, and we will be actively replying to messages on this thread. Please remember that you are absolutely free to bring up any concerns here regarding our next revision on this post. Since this poll will longer and more thorough than previous ones, we're aiming to keep the discussion going here for a good two weeks. Bullets below are dedicated to summaries of player concerns and ideas, as well as their responses for visibility.
  12. The Temple

    I decided to make a temple that looks evil. yay http://imgur.com/gallery/PPFG8
  13. The Post Office Build Contest has ended last night and thank you to all the players who entered a build! Below you will find photos to make your judgements by. I would also recommend checking out these builds in-game as well. They can be visited at /warp postcontest and for reference, the winning build will be placed HERE In the contest post I stated voting will be open for 3 days - I feel that is not long enough, the voting will last 1 week - until next Saturday. Haiku - Entry #1 Murtauh - Entry #2 PPGOME - Entry #3 TuxyWhale - Entry #4 venom20078 - Entry #5 Good Luck to all entries!!!
  14. Hello Everyone! Over the next two weeks we will be running the Post Office Build Contest on the Creative Server. The purpose of the contest is to produce a post office building that contains a minimum of 100 single-chest (or double-chest) PO boxes for creative players to claim and share mail in! The winner's build will be placed by spawn and warped. The build will be located beside the Spawn CTA Station (See the building site HERE), The site can also be visited @ /warp postoffice To participate login to C and type /warp PostContest, There are 12 plots (more will be added if all are claimed). To claim a plot, stand in a free plot and type /nerdplot claim You may claim 1 plot, and you'll have until July 7th to finish your build. It will be listed for public voting on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday July 11th the winner will be announced from the poll results. Users will be able to claim chests for PO boxes (donation chests) Mostly for all that spam we love. [ Or send you that novel-length /mail message in a book instead of blowing up your inbox ] Have Fun!
  15. Revision Confusion

    The carto maps on the wiki have the most recent revision labeled as 31 thought that's definitely incorrect. I'm trying to get screenshots of CJC from rev 31 but the rev 31 carto is rev 32!
  16. We have considered and decided to have the new testbuild world available at the same time as the old world to make the transfer of builds possible for players who have testbuilds they want to keep. The old testbuild world will be available for 2 weeks upon which the old world will be deleted along with test builds left behind. - To visit the current testbuild world, join Creative and type /mv tp testbuild_old - The new blank testbuild map will be available later tonight (Monday, June 12th) @ /mv tp testbuild You will be required to make new region claims on the new testbuild as region information cannot be transferred.
  17. The Cadmin team has decided to loosen the restrictions on banned WorldEdit blocks.. The updated list can be viewed here. To summarize the new policy: All blocks that are globally banned or restricted to staff placement are banned in WE, excluding flowing water and lava TNT and Beds can be placed by hand but not with WE All other blocks can be placed with WE List of blocks that were previously banned in WE but are now usable: **(#6) – Saplings**(#10) – Flowing Lava**(#11) – Sill Lava **(#27) – Powered rail**(#28) – Detector Rail**(#29) – Sticky Piston**(#31) – Dead Shrub/Grass/Fern**(#32) – Dead bush**(#33) – Piston**(#34) – Piston Head**(#36) – Piston Extension**(#37) – Dandelion**(#38) – Flowers**(#39) – Brown Mushroom**(#40) – Red Mushroom**(#50) – Torch**(#51) – Fire**(#59) – Wheat Crops**(#69) – Lever**(#75) – Redstone Torch (off)**(#76) – Redstone Torch (on)**(#77) – Stone Button**(#81) – Cactus**(#83) – Sugar Canes**(#212) – Frosted Ice**(#328) – Minecart**(#342) – Minecart w/ Chest**(#343) – Minecart w/ Furnace**(#408) – Minecart w/ Hopper These changes are live. We hope these changes allow everyone to build easier. If you have any questions feel free to contact any Cadmin or file a modreq. Thanks! -The Cadmin Team
  18. Traincarts!

    Traincarts is a plugin that allows a few different abilities with minecarts that i am suggesting for Creative :D and also i heard you can use ladders as vertical rails
  19. Hello! It's time for voting on the Speedbuild Arena Contest. Thank you very much to the people who participated. Voting will run from now through Friday night. While I am providing pictures, I highly encourage you to go visit the builds in person on C at /warp sbacontest before voting. 2D pictures often don't do a 3D build justice. The winner will be put into the map and used for all our Speedbuild Contests for the rest of the revision. Floating Islands Bee Hive Birthday Cake Good luck to the contestants, and happy voting! -The Cadmin Team
  20. We have begun planning for for Rev 32 and would like your feedback. In addition to the poll above, please answer the following questions: Are there any biomes that there should be more or less (or none) of? What did you like about the current map? What did you dislike about the current map? Are there any rules we should add/change/remove for next rev? If you have any comments about any of the poll questions feel free to include those in your post. General thoughts and comments on how we can improve the server are also welcome. We anticipate Rev 32 to start some in January, and as always we will announce the specific date 1 month in advance. Thanks for your time and input! - The Creative Admin Team
  21. Armor stands by default can be shoved around with pistons and such so that they are not centered, but sometimes you want them to be in a VERY specific spot and it just doesn't work. Please consider adding an additional command to StandMaster9000 that allows for fine-tuned placement of stands. The most straightforward way from a user-interface standpoint is, I think, to allow an offset argument, measured in meters (e.g. /stand offset 0.25 0.10 1.2) to a maximum of 2 meters offset. I was going to open an issue on the github as a feature request, but for whatever reason opening issues is not enabled on the standmaster github page for the public. https://github.com/NerdNu/StandMaster9000 (If there's already a way to fine-tune placement of armor stands, I'd love to hear about it. The best i could come up with was using pistons and fence gates/carpets and it's not really ideal)
  22. The Creative Culture Guide states: "Regions should be a distance of no less than 10 blocks from another player’s build or region boundary." Is the above a soft or hard rule? I'm honestly not sure how the latter could be true based on the fact that a player could build statues right on the border of another player's build and then ask for them to be protected. It would be unreasonable to ask them to move them at that time. If this is a hard rule, I'd appreciate some extra guidance in the guide on what we would do in that type of situation.
  23. speedbuild plot tp commands

    There should be some kind of teleport command that takes you to a different speedbuild plot depending on what number you specify, AND/OR a command that lets you teleport to the third, second, and first place winners of the current speedbuild round. It's a pain flying around rushing to find the winners before they get rolled back.
  24. Howdy folks, I am happy to announce a short building contest for PvE’s next Revision! I am in need of cool nether builds to include in the custom nether map generation. The contest will run for 2 weeks starting today, September 8th, and ending September 22nd at midnight (2 weeks). To join the contest and start building, head over to Creative and go to /warp NetherContest. We are using NerdPlot for plot management. To claim a plot, find an unused plot and type /nerdplot claim and it will be protected to you. If you want to add more people to your plot, just do /rg i to get the region name and then do /rg addmember nether_contest_### <username> to have them added. Plots are 50x50, however do not feel the need to use all of that space as we just wanted to give extra room in case you needed it. We are looking for small builds and big builds, details below: Small Builds (1x1 - 20x20) The smaller the build the better. Smaller builds will have a much higher chance of appearing in the world. Some examples of a small build: Small house with loot chests, small dungeon with a mob spawner, glowstone trees Small note: We are looking for glowstone and mushroom tree variety! If you build a custom glowstone/mushroom tree your build will most likely be included. Big Builds (20x20 - 50x50) We are also looking for some cool big builds as well, whether that be mob spawner temples or large custom nether fortresses or even something else. Note that big builds will have a lower chance of spawning in the map because they are bigger. Some examples of a big build: Custom nether fortress, large dungeon with multiple mob spawners, large house with loot chests Winners There will be a Top 5 builds that we be decided by the padmins. We will judge the build on quality and how well it will blend in with the custom nether. Those top 5 will be guaranteed to be generated into the map. We will also pick out a variety of other builds we like to include in generation, but only the top 5 will be announced. This is a short contest and is only running for 2 weeks so don’t put off building! I look forward to seeing what everyone can come up with! Subreddit Post
  25. Post Contest Poll

    GO HERE TO SEE THE ENTRIES: http://imgur.com/a/IlJLZ Well it's finally over, and time to vote on which post office you'd like to see near spawn soon! Please choose your top favorite 3! Voting will end Thursday night 9pm ET. What would you like to build next? Comment below sharing and discussing ideas for future contests!