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Found 220 results

  1. This post is to serve firstly as a reminder that the admin hunt is taking place in 24 hours time! Click me to convert the time to your timezone! We wanted to use this reminder to highlight a little more about these special saddles, from what you can see in action here: These saddles are available courtesy of totemo's efforts, through the EasyRider plugin. When equipping a special saddle, the disguise will only be visible to other people (due to limitations of the vanilla client). To view your own disguise for screenshotting and the like, run '/horse-disguise-self'. This will root your horse to the spot until you run the command again, or dismount, but it will make the disguise visible for the duration. We've got a selection of 36 special saddles for you to choose from - in part, to test them and to find out what works and what doesn't. We'd really love to hear your feedback on them; Whether you'd like to see them included earlier in revision 22, how you find them and any other feedback you wish to submit. If you turn up to the admin hunt - you will be guaranteed a single admin hunt token, which is enough to choose one of the saddles!
  2. Admin Hunt - Update

    During the latest topic, we gave notice that admin hunts were being cancelled due to an element of the gameplay that was exploitable, allowing for people to easily identify disguised admins and providing an unfair balance to the event. We have since been testing and have found a way in which this exploit is prevented so we will be resuming admin hunts again! The next will take place at (click me for your timezone).... Aside from the change regarding the exploit prevention, we have some other changes to note for this upcoming admin hunt: The tier five prizes are now available and will cost five admin hunt tokens each. 15 new admin hunt tokens have been hidden around the hunt area. We have introduced a brand new villager which will let you buy a special saddle, for the cost of just one admin hunt token. These special saddles will make your horse appear as the disguised animal to other people. There are 36 to choose from (it is currently encased in bedrock at the prize room but this will be made available once the final admins have been hunted)! Everyone who participates in the event will be able to claim a free admin hunt token (it is currently encased in bedrock at the prize room but this will be made available once the final admins have been hunted). We want to thank admins for participating but also encourage them to die more - so you get more prizes! We will award each admin an admin hunt token (after the event) for each of their hunted deaths, up to a maximum of 5 tokens per admin. This number is particularly high because we are far through the revision; In other admin hunts, we will limit that maximum to a lower number. We'll look forward to seeing you all there! * Blue name not included.
  3. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    To use the suggestion box on p type: /suggestion-box <your suggestion here> September 23rd Suggestion: enchanted iron nuggets should craft up into (useless) similarly shiny nuggets and iron blocks you can put on display in item frames Our Response: Thank you for your suggestion but we will not be looking to implement this change as it could easily end up with people accidentally crafting their valuable nuggets into something worthless. It is possible to display the current nuggets in an item frame is you so desire, just /modreq for protection over the frames so that the nuggets on display cannot be stolen!
  4. PvP discussion

    i feel that nerd.nu can and should facilitate more in PvP within the game, the survival server is gone and wont be coming back its as simple as that, unfortunatly.. i want people to discuss the possibility of reviewing the rules of PVP on PvE, one example would be the size of PvP regions? if we want more active members in our community i think we have to look at what can be done to become more appealing to those who would be more inclined for that game style, I for one would love to see a town on P that will have a PVP region but this comes with scenarios that would need to be thought about. and ideas of your own or concerns then raise those points! lets discuss!
  5. Revision 21: Third Custom Spawner Clue

    Following on from the release of the first & second custom spawner clue, here is the third of many that we plan to release at a secret schedule. The nature of each clue may vary, we may not share any other information than what the clue shows, or even which spawner the clue is for. Clue 3: X -928 X 1766 X 3688 Z -3728 Z 1689 Z -3504 Update: It has been a few days since the clue was released but alas, the hunt continues. The person seemingly closest to discovering the logic to these coordinates and what they mean is Azumarill. Check out this image from their post below. It isn't exactly right but it is along the right tracks.
  6. Revision 21: Fourth Custom Spawner Clue

    While you're still figuring out the third custom spawner clue, here is the fourth and final clue! We may not share any other information than what the clue shows, or even which spawner the clue is for. Clue 4: Image courtesy of Didy
  7. Image credit: Sir_Didymus This post concludes the second admin hunt of revision 21, and for the foreseeable future, the final admin hunt of the revision. The introduction of this format for admin hunts has been to create a level playing field that anyone who participates can have a fair shot at obtaining prizes, just the same as anyone else. We have been conscious since our initial testing for the admin hunt that there is a means of highlighting admins who are hidden as blocks, effectively trivialising the event itself, making the experience unbalanced to anyone not using this. We have never seen this abused as much as we have for the latest admin hunt, which is the reason why we are not featuring those with the most admin kills this time. We're not looking to enforce sanctions at this time as we have not specifically talked about this means of gameplay being highly frowned upon before now. If we continue admin hunts without addressing this issue then we are certain to see admins not turning up to the event, and people who are aware of this imbalance to the gameplay, also avoiding the event. Our plan for the moment is to explore means of preventing this, before continuing with admin hunts. We have a couple of options to try. If we are unable to find a way to prevent this, then we have a plan B for changing the format of admin hunts again, though that will most likely be something that, if we have to explore, would be available much later in the revision, or next revision. Thank you for understanding, at least we hope that by informing you of the reason for the postponing of future admin hunts, you may understand that we cannot continue as they are with this imbalance.
  8. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    It’s that time of the revision again! With a new year, we enter 2018 requesting your feedback in this mid-rev feedback topic. The current revision is set to last until at least March 2018, we will continue to announce a reset date, one month in advance. What is the point of this topic? The bottom line for this topic is that we use your feedback to shape the next revision. While we also look at historical feedback across the prior revisions, this topic is one of the most significant sources of your feedback that forms the basis of our detailed planning for the next revision. Until this topic closes and your feedback is within, we do not have any decisions set in stone. Notes Please assume that every section has a “Do you have any additional thoughts?” question within. We welcome feedback that isn’t confined to the questions we are asking. At the bottom of the post in spoiler tags, there will be a template for you to copy and paste, to respond to each point easier. This topic will be open until January 21st and we will be taking responses up to and including that date! Here are some important dates to note for this topic: January 13th - Padmins will do the first round of responses to everyone in the topic. January 20th - Padmins will do the second and final round of responses to everyone in the topic. January 21st - The topic will close, a day after. Expectations From the start of the revision, we set up our expectations of how the revision would play out, including for the first time ever, an estimated timeline for the revision duration. How are you finding this revision, knowing the revision duration in advance? We gave a rough outline for having more events in the latter half of the revision. Would you like more information along these lines in future? We made it clear that we wanted to involve you more in the decision making, and did just that with various events and tasks this revision. This involved the pve survey, a poll for the admin hunt location, the death message update and a number of suggestionbox submissions which were implemented. a. We want to continue down this path, and do more. How do you feel we did so far and what more can we look to do? Map Size For revision 21, the map size is 9000 x 9000 blocks. We have been considering a smaller overworld map for revision 22, as confirmed in the discussion here. How have you found the current map size? We believe that returning to a smaller map size for next revision would encourage more community activity - something we are strongly looking to promote. What are your thoughts? Biomes We used the Open Terrain Generator to generate the map and worldpainter to make smaller changes. This terrain generator allows for a variation in the types of biomes and allows us to modify them too before they generate, and worldpainter lets us make more precise changes on a smaller scale by comparison. How have you found the world generated? Which biomes would you like to see more of? Which biomes would you like to see less of? Ore Distribution For the ore distribution this revision, we emulated the values of revision 19 (though there are notable differences). Additionally, compared to last revision, ores would typically generate where you’d expect to find them normally. How did you find the ore generation this revision? Were there any ores you feel were too sparse? Were there any ores you feel were too abundant? Would you like to see biomes specific ores such as the mesa being plumped for gold? Nether Portals For this map size, we spread 12 nether portal markers out around the map, with another nether portal at spawn. Each nether portal could be lit within 100 blocks of the marker, and placed in either the upper, or lower nether. We meticulously planned the bedrock markers to try to provide optimum coverage. How did you find the layout for this revision? Given that we are considering a smaller map size, how would you like to see the volume and layout of nether portals? Nether This revision, we saw the nether divided into an upper nether, which was all entirely custom built by Sir_Didymus, and the lower nether being vanilla generation, with the bedrock roof mostly removed between the two. Would you like to see an upper nether return again, or shall we explore another format (such as an all-vanilla nether)? We introduced a nether spawn this revision, which was built by Barlimore, Sir_Didymus and with staff contributions. We did this to introduce people to the upper/lower nether concept. a. Provided there is an upper nether again; Would you like a nether spawn to return in future, or would you like us to return to tradition and allow you to create your own nether spawn? b. How did you find having a pre-built nether rail station? End It’s the end! This world is typically generated completely vanilla. For this revision, the end was a size of 4500 x 4500. How do you feel about the size of the end? Should this be smaller? We have frequently heard feedback about wanting the end dragon fight made more difficult. How would you feel about the end dragon fight being a non-vanilla experience? Mapworld This revision, mapworld carried over from revision 20, allowing you to keep your plots, maps and modreq for them again without losing your work! We plan to bring mapworld over into revision 22 too. How have you found the experience of mapworld carrying over into the new revision? Which changes would you like to see to mapworld, if any? Worldedit has been a frequent request and an example which we would love to hear feedback upon. Spawn The overworld spawn this revision was curated by defiex, decorated by staff and built by jar9. We confirmed early this rev that the spawn building for revision 22 would be entirely built by nerd staff. With that in mind, we've made early progress on the spawn structure, to ensure a timely completion, and have made sure it fits well with the theme and events planned for revision 22. We have aimed for a very simple layout, one where you can exit spawn swiftly and clearly, along one of four cardinal roads. We are looking to further mitigate lag at spawn by moving the nether portal away from the spawn point. a. What would you expect to see from the layout of spawn next revision? 2. Which was your favourite Easter egg around spawn this revision? 3. Are there any spawn ideas you’d like to submit for future? 4. How did you find having a pre-built spawn rail station? Features Iron Golem Spawners This revision, we replaced the wither skull cost from iron golem spawners and replaced it with a 1/500 chance of naturally generated iron ore of dropping a ‘golem soul’. We continued the practice of having these spawner costs lower each month, to make them more accessible to those outside of towns. More than 1000 golem souls have been mined in the revision so far, resulting in iron golem spawners bought swiftly and with spare golem souls going towards a community contribution for special villagers. a. How would you like to see the iron golem spawner costs adjusted for the next revision? b. Would you like us to return to the practice of having people unlock a golem spawner, then upgrade them for an additional cost? c. Do you have any further suggestions on how you’d like to see golem souls used? Custom Spawners For this revision, we revealed the custom spawners hidden around the world as bedrock markers, and whether those spawners were in the overworld of nether. This was documented in the public document here. Following a suggestion-box suggestion, we would like to ask whether you would prefer for all custom spawners to be located in the overworld, rather than shared with the nether? Which custom spawners would you like to see in revision 22? Which custom spawners would you no longer wish to see in revision 22? Guardian grinders became an issue this revision with their spawning rates conflicting with each other and other grinders. If possible, would you like to see a number of guardian spawners introduced to replace generated guardian spawning areas? Community Blog Posts This revision, we continued publishing blog posts throughout the revision. So far we have published two of a total four, where the final blog post will go out at the end of the revision as a wrap-up. Is there anything in the blog post you’d like to see more of? Is there anything in the blog post that you’d like to see less of? Events We have continued to introduce a number of small and large events this revision, with the aim to have more available in the second half of the revision to give you more reasons to log back in and return. How have you found the events so far? Which events would you like to see more of? Which events would you like to see less of? Balancing prizes is something we always take as much care as possible with, depending on the nature of the event and how far through the revision we are. a. Those two important points aside though, which prizes would you like to see introduced in future events? Plugins TrainCarts This revision saw the introduction of the plugin TrainCarts. We included this plugin based on your feedback last revision. We implemented this plugin in a heavily restricted version (so none of this), keeping it reasonably close to HyperCarts, which we were using previously. We appreciate that this was a new plugin, with some hiccups throughout, so thank you for reporting issues to us as they came up. How have you found the TrainCarts plugin? Would you like us to continue using this plugin? Are there any other features of TrainCarts that you would like us to explore using? Other Plugins Revision 21 also saw the implementation of changes to existing plugins, such as the /place overhaul that pez252 brought us, which was introduced from the back of a suggestionbox suggestion. Which changes to existing plugins have you found welcome? Which changes to existing plugins would you like to see further changes to, or even removal of? Closing Thoughts We are now passing the halfway point in the revision and look forward to seeing you on P with whichever projects you’re working on. Thank you ever so much for being a fantastic community! Template for responding:
  9. Revision 21: Second Custom Spawner Clue

    Following on from the release of the first custom spawner clue, here is the second of many that we plan to release at a secret schedule. The nature of each clue may vary, we will not share any other information than what the clue shows, or even which spawner the clue is for. Clue 2:
  10. Admin Hunt - January 20th

    We would like to invite you to join us for our next admin hunt, this weekend on Saturday 20th - 22:15 EST (click to convert to your timezone)! Info We have 10 confirmed admins attending, with a possibility of more arriving too! The fourth tier of prizes will be unlocking too! You can view them in the event hub right now! We will be returning again to the beautiful Catsenberg! This event will run for about 45 to 60 minutes. We are aiming for a later timeslot to give other timezones a chance to experience the frenzy! How to get there To get to the event hub, you can click the signs next to defiex or Didy at the spawn nether portal, or type /spawnme while the event is running. Empty your inventory into a chest in the green section, check prizes in the red section and participate in the event from the purple section! Aim The aim of this event is to hunt down admins to obtain admin hunt tokens! They are disguised as various blocks, mobs, or even other people! Additionally, there will be a number of chests hidden with admin hunt tokens scattered around the map too. ~~~ We look forward to seeing you there! All individuals who land the killing blow on admins will be featured in a post-admin hunt wrapup, similar to last time.
  11. First Custom Spawner Clue

    Upon request, in our latest padmin meeting we were asked to discuss the possibility of releasing clues to the locations of the remaining hidden custom spawners (bedrock markers). This post is the first in a series of periodic clues that we will share. The nature of each clue may vary, we will not share any other information than what the clue shows, or even which spawner the clue is for. Clue 1: “Dd y thnk thr ws sm pttrn t th plcmnt, smlr t lst rvsn? My xstnc n th qdrnt wth th mst knwn cstm spwnrs dfs tht lgc!”
  12. Admin Hunt - January 6th

    When: Admin hunts are returning again this revision, as we mentioned in the most recent blog post! The next admin hunt will take place at 23:15 GMT, Saturday, January 6th. We have confirmed attendance representing all four of the admin teams so far. What: Admin hunts are contained events in which you can access by having an empty inventory, and clicking on the sign that becomes accessible in the event hub when the event is live. After clicking the sign inside the purple section of the event hub, you will be equipped with a weapon and warped to a modified version of Catsenberg from revision 14 where admins will be disguised as objects, blocks or even other people! Hitting them a good few times will kill them, and they will drop a shulker chest of goodies, including admin hunt tokens. These tokens are also hidden around the hunt area in various chests, so if you're not having much luck finding an admin, you can explore the environment to look for tokens too! Once you've had enough, or the event is over (lasts about 45 - 60 minutes), you can head back to the event hub and spend your admin hunt tokens in the red section. Where: Thanks to your voting, we will be returning to a segment of the revision 14 town, Catsenberg! At anytime you like, starting from right now, you can access the event hub from the nether portal at spawn via the signs next to the defiex and Didy armour stands. You'll be able to see the prizes currently available and secure yourself a chest ready for the event! However, while the event is on, you can run the command "/spawnme" to teleport directly to the event hub from wherever you are - to save you some time! We'll look forward to seeing you there, and remember that admins could be disguised as virtually anything!
  13. Revision 21: Blog Post II

    Welcome to the second blog post of revision 21! We are now nearly three months into the revision and nearing the halfway marker. Let’s dive into the latest news, facts and community sections! News Admin Hunts From the weekend of January 6th, admin hunts will be returning again! Around a week before the hunt, we’ll publish an exact time with all the details! This admin hunt will involve the settlement of Catsenberg from revision 14, as voted on by yourselves! Take a sneak peak of the area below! Death Messages We have recently concluded a community-sourced update of all our death messages. We went from around 90 death messages, replacing them with around 460 new death messages! Thank you to everyone who contributed. We enjoyed working with you on this update (you were far more creative than us)! Golem Spawner Costs Throughout the first few months of the revision, iron golem spawner costs reduce over time. The last time was on 22nd November, with the final cost reduction due in just a week! Mid-Revision Feedback From the New Year, we’re going to be reaching out to you once again to discuss how you’re experiencing the revision, in our Mid-Rev Feedback topic. Keep an eye out for that as we head into 2018! To reiterate one detail from the expectations within the revision 21 information post, there is no reset on the horizon currently. The current revision will last until at least March and we will continue to give a month of notice for a reset. Secret Santa & Christmas Festivities Now that the Thanksgiving event has ended, we are in the full swing of Christmas and the Secret Santa event! Currently, those assigned to a secret santa can place their gifts into their assigned chest by the deadline of December 17th! Tabula Rasa have build a fantastic Christmas Town (at /place Christmas_Town) for you to explore while dropping off your gifts, there are a bunch of events within to enjoy too! Make sure to claim your Christmas gifts from the sleigh at spawn too! Special Traders Up until Christmas Day, there are special traders at spawn for you to get rid of some of your excess materials in exchange for building and decorating resources! These trades are here due to the 130 golem soul donations from across the community, following your decision to have a community-contribution! Find them at 0, -100, or with /place special_traders The Prophecy Unveiled! Over the past few weeks, you have been involved in a game of tag, you have been fighting a boss under spawn and solving the mystery of the verses! It has all led to this reveal, this is the prophecy unveiled! Facts We’re going to dive into a bunch of different stats again in infographic form, enjoy! Stats are provided courtesy of pez252. Additionally, a big congratulations to all of those who completed the Knights’ Quests, started within the Adventurer’s Guild in spawn. In order of completion, congratulations to; We found this dusty image down in the hidden basement where the King awaits to reward new knights! Community Within this section, we’re going to start by taking a look at the community happenings of the past month but then we will dive into a special feature with the mayors of Tabula Rasa! Progress Updates Good evening from DuSable New dac&slugQuad (3s+1z) grinder at -1243,2035. Presenting the Bank of Orion Announcing the Quint Factory at Rose - 3 Zombie, 2 Skeleton Progress on Windsong Valley A Day in Windsong Valley The Netherrack Plague has breached the overworld and engulfed the Bors portal! By the look of the terrain, I'd say I'm in Mechsico. Events A New Game I Would Like to Introduce to PvE Pure Terror. What a view! Gifts for Grabs! Spleef @ Moonshine Bay this Saturday! Screenshots from the Halloween Town event! Miscellaneous physics Charged creeper upskirt So I guess Rose is full of blind people… I now am the current owner of a vex head! YIPPEE!!! Fun with heads in Ravenrock Community Resources Announcing PCP: The Public Canal Project The Bedrock News Station presents a map of Nether rail connections as of 11/26/2017 Unofficial official PvE Banner Post Need a horse? The Slimy Saddle is Open! The Deadmap is in need of MOAR INFORMATION How did you first get involved with Tabula Rasa / How did Tabula Rasa start? Hinterlandz (AKA Zead): I started Tabula Rasa Rev 21 after being mostly AFK a few years. It started because i wanted someone to play with and everyone had their own little cliques already. So i decided i was just going to make a spawn town to catch the new players and hopefully strike up some conversations to have a good time. I'd had previous experience Mayoring a town over multiple revs with a group of people i still stay in contact with. I didn't have a plan because with spawn towns really no one is going to stick to it and it needs to constantly change. It just had to be easily accessible, easy to understand where boundaries are, and promote interaction between players. It had to be new player friendly. ieuweh: I joined this rev by mid-october and Hinterlandz welcomed me to the server and invited me to Tabula Rasa. After building my house I started working on community projects with Tabula's members and things kept growing from there! Kitty: I got started with Tabula Rasa the same way most of our town members do, I was new to the server and was invited to start my adventure here. After about two weeks of serious community work, I was promoted to mayor. Who else is a part of Tabula Rasa? Hinterlandz: Everyone. Just come on down, we're a spawn town so it doesn't matter if it's good or bad or even if it's gets finished. Feel free to come join in with the community when ever. Kitty: We've reached over 50 members, of which only a handful are particularly active. Which are some of the builds you'd recommend people check out in town? Hinterlandz: The monorail so you can have a look at a range of builds, the giant skull on top of Mt Rasa, Christmas town (Duh), Clucky monument. ieuweh: I would recommend you to take a tour using our monorail first and then go all the way west to Christmas Town. On your way you will come across TheCoachAdair's carpet paradise and Meliz's parkour challenge. Specifically in Tabula's center you can visit Clucky's sculpture (may it bless you!), Tabula's Promenade by PPGome and promaxxe, the various farms, houses, stables and shops. As for special services you can check out our cookie delivery and local newspaper run by cat4laugh! Kitty: My personal favorites are the helix, Clucky statue, and the new promenade. How was it to establish yourself as a new town? Which challenges have you encountered? Hinterlandz: The biggest drive for the town is everyone enjoying playing together. When i see people working well together and accomplishing things it's like doing drugs. The excitement from adding people to the region permissions and watching the list grow isn't even as good as seeing people get excited about building in the town. It was a lot easier than i thought it was going to be. After coming back from being away so long some of my technical skills where off. We ended up getting our chests griefed because i'm a dumby who just let anyone have access to anything. Now we have multiple layers of permissions so people new to the town can't just come in and swindle us until some trust is built. If you're going to orginise a public project, understanding, empathy and compassion are crucial skills. Kids and adults act differently, people have different interests, some people have no interest, and you need to be able to let people make mistakes. Building roads sucks. trying to mine resources while also having multiple conversations via text at once sucks. Having to deal with real life and loosing motivation sucks. The design is modular so we can fit around other peoples builds which means fewer land disputes. ieuweh: This is my first time being part of a town, and I became a mayor fairly recently, so the whole experience has been new to me. It's been a blast. I think with so many players working together my challenge has been to keep things well planned and organized. Kitty: I'm not a founding member of Tabula Rasa, so I can't really answer the first bit, but I can say we haven't had any unexpected issues. Yeah, there have been trolls, gross miscommunications, and bruised egos; however, that's pretty normal when you're working with a group of people. Which is one of your favourite memories with Tabula Rasa so far? Hinterlandz: I woke up one morning and checked the discord to see people had been sharing pictures and chatting and having fun while i was asleep. It felt really to good to have been the one who set that up. ieuweh: Meeting players with whom I can plan and build projects and events with. It is really endearing to share these adventures and struggles together. Kitty: We've had so many great times, I don't think I can pick a favorite moment. What are you working on in Tabula at the moment? Hinterlandz: Pretty much nothing honestly. I wanted to build mass storage out near Christmas town but hoppers and droppers are straight fucked on this server so i've had to abandon the design. Storage has been an on going problem, if anyone wants to team up and design a town based around a storage facility next rev or if there's enough time we might be able to fit it in this rev, i'm so keen. ieuweh: As a town, we are working on Tabula's Promenade and we have a zoo underway. Personally, I am going to rebuild a ship that I created a year ago in another server. I feel like it is time to continue my sailing adventures, but now in (and with!) Tabula Rasa. Kitty: I'm one of the people experiencing the mid-rev slump. I'm not working on anything as much as helping out when someone needs something. How did Christmas Town come about? Hinterlandz: Like i said i started the town shortly after quitting my job, and the last few months have been pretty stressfull IRL so i've been absent. ieuweh: Kitty, PPGome and me were talking about Christmas and we decided to plan a secret santa, at first for Tabula Rasa's members only. It then grew and PPGome told us we could host the whole server! Kitty helped us get the permissions and choose and clean a bigger area, allowing the project to become what it is now. Then I planned the town, created a little quest and special artworks as prizes and PPGome and me built the main attractions, leaving some empty plots for Tabula's members to build their own and join Christmas Town too. Kitty: Christmas Town was born when I suggested PPGOME and ieuweh move their awesome Christmas decorations to a bigger, more amicable space and it became the wonder it is now through the hard work of several town members. How do people join your town? Hinterlandz: -Kill yourself. -Go to Spawn. -Walk to ground floor. -Go north out of the building and follow the path immediately left (if you go right just get on the spawn rail and chose the very back... left? corner? 00, 01 or something? Can someone fact check that? [Fact Checked: Bottom right corner, G1 - Tabula Rasa] -Walk 420 blocks to the pot plant out the front of the town sign, monorail, and town hall. (Co-ords -420,-21) -Look at the town sign and PM any of the Mayors. -Build a house in the residential district. -Ball out. Kitty: It's a starter town, so new or newly returning players are invited to join us to make the best of their new beginnings. What do you see in future for Tabula Rasa? Hinterlandz: I don't know. I'm honestly probably going to go start a new build at some point that's invite only, so maybe discuss giving control of the town to some other people who can handle it. ieuweh: Bigger projects and more community-based events! Kitty: Considering the success we've had lately, I see great opportunities for communal achievement and even more awesome experiences in our future. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you to the mayors of Tabula Rasa for taking the time to share your thoughts with us and agreeing to be featured in this blog! And thank you to everyone on P, we wish you all a…
  14. PVE connection issues

    My internet is very good. Nobody else aside from my brother on a page, just text, is using the internet. I start up MC, go onto nerd pve normally, join, then nearly INSTANTLY get moved to the lobby. Nobody else is there, I cannot use any of the objects in my inventory, and it happens every single time i join successfully. Any suggestions?
  15. Revision 21: Blog Post I

    Welcome to the first blog post of revision 21! In the past month and a bit, we’ve all been busy in the new revision so what follows will be a roundup within the News, Facts and Community sections! News There have been a number of minor and major changes across our community recently. Know that we aim to document them all within our changelog, which you can follow to receive the updates we submit! Events We’re going to cover all of the current and upcoming events here, in addition to other announcements related to events. Admin Hunt: Choose the next location We’ve been hosting admin hunts in a different world, travelling back to areas from past revisions to play in. We did promise that we’d invite you to choose the next hunt area that we use, so we’ve scouted out six locations that should be adaptable for the event and have displayed the six options as images in the open poll here. Admin Hunts are events which take place in a contained area, where admins disguise as blocks, entities or other players. These admins in disguise are killed for tokens which are traded in for prizes. The current poll closes in just under two weeks time, after which we’ll get to work on adapting the winning choice for the next hunt. Advertising Player-Made Events We would like to see your events live up to their potential so we felt we could do our part and help you advertise them! We strongly recommend to check out the topic here which lists all of criteria and help we’ll offer for your event (such as being featured on the livemap with a unique flag and added to the alert rotation!) Coming Soon We are working on an event which we aim to release soon. We would strongly recommend bringing friends for this one. Further details will follow once we get closer to the event releasing. For now, enjoy these pictures which are speculation fuel! The Knights’ Quests 12 castles hidden around the map, designed by (and with permission to use from) Noodlor, with a quest in each castle designed by buzzie71, bermudalocket, cujobear, Flumper, Kumquatmay, TheNightsKing, Zaliek and Zomise! Each quest will offer cosmetic rewards in addition to a coin which will become currency in the near future, following your feedback from the survey! Some of these quests may challenge your wits, others your brawns but always make sure to have a few empty inventory slots before clicking a sign! While these quests have been available since the reset, we’ve noticed a lack of awareness of them, so cujobear has kindly put together a post here with further information! You can see the complete gallery of castles (images taken by Didy) to get some clues to the castle locations! The Prophecy It will return through plain sight. Nine verses scattered around to reveal an ancient prophecy. A strange area appearing under spawn for the third revision in a row. What does this all mean? Buzzie and Zomise are inviting you to find the verses and solve the prophecy. Something is coming. Feedback While we aim to be fairly transparent, we also want to do better at listening to and inviting feedback, so we’re going to cover our ongoing efforts here. Suggestionbox We’ve been responding to suggestions far quicker this revision and to date have responded to all 42 suggestions. Our aim is to bring all suggestion-box suggestions to padmin discussion as soon as possible, so that we can decide how we wish to proceed. For this reason, we are checking the suggestion-box daily (sometimes multiple times a day). In the past we’d only put out responses to suggestions roughly once a month or once a fortnight. These days it is as soon as we have a team decision, or have reached out with a tech admin (in cases where we need to make a request to proceed with our decision). If ever you want to throw a suggestion to us, run /suggestion-box <your suggestion here> on p. If you’d like to open a discussion on the forums, subreddit or via pm with us, that is good too - especially as it opens up a discussion for others to participate in. Should you ever not be satisfied with our response to your suggestion then drop us a pm. We’re happy to share our reasoning (if it isn’t already clear in our initial response). Survey We wanted to reach out early in the revision this time around to invite your feedback! We have a survey running where the questions are designed around some of the tasks we’re looking to tackle soon, including map related feedback so that we can make a slow and early start on revision 22 content too. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to submit your feedback so far, even if you only filled out one or two sections! Today is the final day on the survey for you to submit your feedback! Maps We’ve had a couple of map related updates recently that we’ll highlight here! Revision 20 Courtesy of Dumbo, the revision 20 cartograph is available to explore and thanks to Pez, the revision 20 overworld, nether and end are available to download here! Revision 21 On the current revision, 21, you can access the cartograph here! We do want to highlight the nether livemap in addition to the overworld livemap that many of you are already familiar with now. You can switch between the overworld and nether livemaps from the right hand menu on the livemap. Plugins We’ve had some plugin functionality expanded as well as a plugin addition since the reset, we’re going to cover those changes here. ItemLocker With the addition of ItemLocker courtesy of totemo, we finally have grief protection on armour stands and item frames! Given that this is still a new plugin, we’re keen to hear feedback within the announcement topic here, where the specifics of how the item locking works is detailed. Place Due to Pez’s efforts, our /place functionality expanded to be much more flexible across multiverses, allow for us to pinpoint the Y axis of a settlement (handy in this nether) and to establish new categories / sets for places, such as grinders. Check out the announcement post here! ShroomWithAView Already in use on P to allow for log textures to be on all six faces as well as allowing for seamless double slab textures and more! Functionality was added to allow for placed shulkers to be rotated with bonemeal. Click here to view the original announcement. Updates We’re going to cover some of the general updates we’ve made over this revision here. Information Guide We’ve been taking the time to keep the information guide updated. This page contains as much information on useful commands, tips and generally how the various culture / plugins work on P. The guide itself is divided into two halves. The top half under ‘New Features & Notable Changes’ covers all of the revision 21 changes, where everything from ‘PvE Information Guide’ mostly covers already established experiences on P. Should you feel that anything is missing then please let us know! We’ve already been implementing some changes due to feedback from the survey. The history of our changes can be seen here. Ore Distributions Since revision 19, the way in which ores have been distributed has yo-yo'd, presenting unclear expectations of generally where to mine. For this reason, and by request, we released the revision 21 ore distributions to help set the expectations going forward of how we generate ores. Version 1.12.2 While this is certainly older news, we wanted to highlight Dumbo’s efforts in updating us to the latest version and to say thank you! Facts We’ve put together an infographic on requested stats that you’ve been requesting to see in this blog. We chose the distance on a minecart but the rest are all your submissions. For this reason, you may notice a bit of an imbalance with those being featured. We’ll look to pull from a wider selection of people to spotlight in future blogs. With regards to the luckiest golem soul collector, we chose from anyone who had obtained three or more golem souls. Community We start this reflection on the start of the revision by looking back towards revision 20 briefly! Dumbo has kindly put together gifs of the revision 20 cartograph here. Preparation It was great to see some of the revision 21 preparation coming together where people were offering advice for the new revision, sharing best practices and starting to plan for the infratructure. We’ve seen a number of roads created, such as the East Road, the West Road and even a DWEEB transportation network! The nether has seen some love too from transport networks starting up and expanding! Mapping When we were starting to get a sense for which portals were being discovered, exploring the overworld map was being undertaken as a collaborative project. The shape of the world started to form, from the North, to the West, a bit of everywhere until we started seeing a more complete map form. A little before we reached two weeks into the revision and the map was rendered, we were seeing very extensive maps of the South Sea. For the nether, we did end up with a completed map after the initial render, shown here, which resulted in the nether render being updated to follow suit! It was a great effort from all who contributed to mapping the overworld and we look forward to seeing you succeed next revision! Further Exploration Quite a number of the custom spawners or rather their bedrock markers were discovered. This has led to a creeper grinder being quickly set up! Despite some of our attempts to be sneaky, we were thwarted and this also led to Ghasty the ghast grinder developing! At the very least, we can revel in the knowledge that one of the remaining hidden bedrock markers is just under the nose of someone and that person or group of people have yet to discover it. Settlement Development This revision we saw the introduction of a new settlement near spawn, Tabula Rasa! Working with organic borders, they have been expanding at a rapid pace too! Just don’t disrespect Clucky while in town! Solace have been a bright beacon on the map. No really, the light pollution there is incredible. Solace also seem to have acquired a new town member named Icarus. We’ve also seen some reminiscing about former settlements and how their current-rev versions are taking shape. Neither Dumbo rain nor regular rain will prevent these Raven Rock villagers from reaching their destinations! Hopefully we will see a similar determination with the Raven Rock museum which we can all contribute to! Meanwhile, the HMS DAS BOTE docked in Haven. There’s a place that will take the wind out of your sails, it’s worth exploring! The rumour that I just invented that Avalon are becoming hoarders has not been helped by the fact that they have worked to establish a horse breedery and have begun collecting town banners. We should all make the most of the facilities and hope that serves their collecting needs! I can see it in your future, the stars are aligning… How about checking out some stars in Orion that you can touch? EVILCHAOS would like to kill you in future! The development of their PvP arena is being dug out and designed. If you’re looking for an enchanted escape, check out the Aebercruthey Estate! Alternatively there is a spot in Moonshine Bay’s fishing village to put your feet up and soak in the sights. If however, you are feeling a little more daring, take a fall at the Tristan portal! Have You Seen? Admittedly this was created following the introduction of the revision 20 aliens but we felt that such a great production deserved a mention here. Check out the A.L.I.E.N.S trailer made by buzzie71, with contributions from across the community! Herr_Fawkes has already completed all of the Knights’ Quests and has the banners on display in his castle! It’s very thematic! If your fishing experience is getting dull then you need to get in touch with a guardian angel. They are an excellent source of thrust on the waves too! One individual who shall not be nam-cujobear had invited us to collect some resources from the ground in the nether. We then bore witness to a new addiction. Should anyone wish to stage an intervention, now would be a good time! There may be others who are forming similar addictions! For those of you with a sweet tooth, ThatSlugNamedDev has set up a modest bakery with locally sourced ingredients! Try something out! If you’d like to try baking in the nether then Limbless has set up a little farm for use! Stay vigilant! Naturally spawning ghasts are on the decrease, with some concerns of a new extinction phase! We submit this evidence to support the case. On a similar note, we encourage RydliSilverlake to be heavily monitored as there seems to be clear evidence of horse abuse. Your horse is trying to escape for good reason possibly(!) This image does not hold any water to the statement that admins have a stick up their butt! We will be implementing several rules to censure this chatter(!) It does seem that there are plenty of nerds on p.nerd.nu! Other There has been a number of useful pieces of advice shared over the past few weeks or so! Starting with getting your mods updated to the current version of 1.12.2, this guide is a simple way to stay updated! If you quickly want to see how to utilise the past revision map downloads, the answers are within. We have also seen tips shared on how to design your redstone to minimise lag as well as a tutorial for setting up a deadmap page of your own settlement! Additionally there have been helpful tips shared on how to set up a guest book! When it comes to developing grinders, it’s been great to see you responding to a request for help. Particularly when individuals have been trying to find blaze spawners, you responded with plenty of information to help steer dascarot and others in the right direction! There are some guardian grinders up and active too, including but not limited to those at Haven and at Ironstar! We did take note of the lighting issue raised in this topic where we responded within. Thank you for keeping us abreast of issues by sharing them. Sometimes that’s how we end up discovering issues! Please be considerate with your water level bridges! These can be made accessible for boats by opening up a modreq where an admin will handle, if you do happen to come across one. Spleef planning is in motion! We are seeing interest for a spleef league to return as well as a directory for spleef arena locations here. We’ll look forward to some matches in future! Recently on P, courtesy of cujobear and King_of_queso was the Halloween Night Event, held at the recurring town, Halloween Town! We’d love to see your screenshots from this event! TheCoachAdair would like your name down for his death note! Sorry, we read that wrong, he’d like to receive submissions for all the current death messages. Settlement Directory We’ve put together a settlement directory of all settlements submitted in our open topic, as well as from the deadmap! Should any information be missing or incorrect, just drop a pm and we’ll make a quick change! Settlement: Aetheria Owner(s): Boondocksgamer Coordinates: X: 2058, Z: 1219 Settlement: Alert Owner(s): Spartan____ Coordinates: X: 472, Z: -76 Theme: Northern cozy, snowy winter! Settlement: Alias Owner(s): robr Member(s): 007conor, possibly more Coordinates: X: -1000, Z: -1000 Theme: Modern / mountain hideout and villager enhancement center. Settlement: Ambrosia Owner(s): TheNightsKing Coordinates: X: 134, Z: -3816 Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MCAmbrosia/ Settlement: Argoth Owner(s): cineboxandrew, Socarch26 & Twitchy2249 Coordinates: X: -170, Z: -2250 Theme: Full communism and brutalism. Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/NewArgoth/ Settlement: Avalon Owner(s): Bookey42 Coordinates: X: -1700, Z: 1700 Avalon: https://www.reddit.com/r/avalonmc/ Settlement: Castle Rogue Owner(s): Asterix1806 Coordinates: X: 1832, Z: -1489 Theme: Castle / medieval. Settlement: Cheery Retreat Owner(s): DjentleGiant / Pohtaytoes Coordinates: X: 3395, Z: -1350 Settlement: CMC Arctic Research Facility Owner(s): saberfysh Coordinates: X: -2920, Z: 1625 Theme: Science Lab/Space Base. 3rd CMC building in the Unity Storyline, the previous being CMC Arcology (Rev15) and CMC Airbase (Rev16). Settlement: Dacracot Island Owner(s): dacracot & ThatSlugNamedDev Coordinates: X: -1336, Z: 1979 Theme: Pirate's cove. Settlement: Doctopia Owner(s): Doco Coordinates: X: -1387, Z: -3522 Settlement: EVILCHAOS Owner(s): EvilStepDad & Just_Chaos98 Coordinates: X: 1825, Z: -2550 Theme: Mega PvP Arena Settlement: Haven Owner(s): bermudalocket & Silversunset Coordinates: X: 1600, Z: 3250 Theme: Medieval Port Trading Town. Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MCHaven/ Settlement: Hyrule Owner(s): gk_ryo Coordinates: X: -4275, Z: 2600 Theme: Aquatic fun. Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/mchyrule/ Settlement: Ironstar Owner(s): Wozdaka Coordinates: X: 3050, Z: 56 Settlement: Kedland Owner(s): KedNys Coordinates: X: -485, Z: 300 Settlement: Lavender Isle Owner(s): MessedUpDuck Coordinates: X: 1542, Z: -163 Theme: Island of lavender flowers. Settlement: Little Island Owner(s): shalviy Coordinates: X: 3600, Z: 0 Theme: Island in the sky. Settlement: Moonshine Bay Owner(s): cujobear & King_of_queso Coordinates: X: -3700, Z: -100 Theme: Fishing village. Settlement: Orion Owner(s): CARnivore_NDS, OleToothless & Riveri Coordinates: X: 1717, Z: -2770 Theme: Frank Lloyd Wright buildings Settlement: Pico Owner(s): 32ndFlava, kumquatmay, Norami, schererererer, TECP, totemo Coordinates: X: -3513, Z: 2982 Theme: Dwarven Mountain City! Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpico/ Settlement: Pirate Cove Owner(s): TheFlyingTuna Coordinates: X: 1120, Z: 2550 Theme: Pirate stronghold (based on Port Royal / New Providence). Settlement: Pumpkinopolis Owner(s): Tythal Coordinates: X: -941, Z: -698 Settlement: Rainbow Castle Owner(s): loolglool & RainbowBrite Coordinates: X: -1700, Z: 800 Settlement: Ravenrock Owner(s): Lethal_Tree & Reon27 Coordinates: X: 1560, Z: -3465 Settlement: Rose City Owner(s): dnynumberone, Flumper, pez252, tict0c & Zomise Coordinates: X: -1690, Z: -3615 Theme: Crammed modern city on a floating island. Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MCRoseCity/ Settlement: Salem Owner(s): Cinctulus & Ruderalys Coordinates: X: 2350, Z: -1250 Settlement: Solace Owner(s): ghrey303 Coordinates: X: 0, Z: -1500 Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Solace/ Settlement: Sordaire Owner(s): CutterWill & eternaf Coordinates: X: 3300, Z: -2900 Settlement: Stonemist Owner(s): Jezzzzie & Ruthlesssss Member(s): Alixla, BloomingLily, Delilah05, Keiluss, Komhaz, KurothePanda, Lord_Hammerton, OkazakiUshio, Oxcide, ric3able, Tellephone, Twiggy_Stick & xzzaldin Coordinates: X: 705, Z: 795 Theme: Mostly modern woodsy suburb around a city hub. Settlement: Tabula Rasa Owner(s): Zead Coordinates: X: -420, Z: -21 Theme: New beginnings. Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TabulaPvE/ Settlement: Venice Owner(s): Kirstae, Im_A_Ninja13 & Spooker6 Coordinates: X: -239, Z: 2478 Settlement: Windsong Valley Owner(s): Herr_Fawkes Coordinates: X: 2000, Z: -4000
  16. Rev 20 PvE Awards

    It's time to vote for the Rev 20 PvE Awards! Find screenshots here of the nominees. (or the reddit post here) Voting will remain open for 1 week (through Saturday Sept 30th)
  17. PvE SuggBox

    If you didn't know, we have a command called /suggestion-box that lets users anonymously submit suggestions that the admins can then read. Each month, I will add the suggestions as they come in and their status, updating as responses are made! We will have the current months suggestions attached to this post and then will move them down as we go. 4th September Suggestion: Maybe with the live map, there should be a plugin for boundaries claimed by players with like a yellow border aroud their base Our Response: We took the time to look into whether this suggestion was at first technically feasible and it seems that Dynmap does offer a means to create overlays on the livemap, similar to how this image appears. Given that most claims are not in simple cuboid shapes, this may cause issues with the overlay and we do not wish to enforce cuboid claims to please the livemap. While this overlay is not something we're keen to pursue further, we do want to point out that we encourage place requests to come through so we can consider them for the livemap. Failing that, there is a community contributed deadmap which can also help to see where settlements are. 14th September Suggestion: Implement a plugin to allow line-by-line editing of books and quills. Our Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We've all been there at some point or another where you've needed to edit a page of a book only to need to go back through and redo all of the pages back to that point. We took some time to investigate as to whether there was such a plugin available and in our searches so far we have come up short. What we did find are plugins that could open up the potential for exploits to be used through these books, not too dissimilar to incidents which have been experienced on creative in recent times. While this is something we would aim to thoroughly test for with any new plugin, we'd be keen to hear submissions for any plugins which seem to do just what you are requesting. With this in mind, we would not like to pursue such a plugin for now unless one can be proposed that merely allows you to edit any part of the book text, nothing more. What we would recommend considering is looking up some online minecraft book editors as tools exist out there to help plan out books in advance. It does mean having to type them out once on a website and again in-game but it would afford the luxury of not needing to make edits when you make the final version of your book on P.
  18. New Plugin Testing on pve-dev

    We would like to invite everyone who wishes to, to join us in testing a new plugin on pve-dev called TrainCarts. TrainCarts offers speed variations for minecarts as well as improvements to rails, some of which are very not vanilla, others are more reasonable features. You can find a warp sign to blocktesting in spawn as shown in this image where you can start testing out the features of this plugin. We are looking for commentary on any of the features itself here in this topic. Our plan is to test this plugin up to and including Friday 8th September, we will then open up a public discussion on the plugin based on our testing to get a feel for what the community would like to see, running up until September 15th. We would very much value your feedback in the public topic just as much as this internal testing. If we proceeded with this plugin, we would be looking to replace HyperCarts with TrainCarts. We would not look to include all of the features of TrainCarts as some are very out of place for P though this would be a public discussion that we'll have from 8th/9th. ----------------------------------------------------------- Testing so far has resulted in us learning: Rail intersections are possible. Minecarts can travel up ladders with connected sloping rails at the ends of the ladders. Minecarts can be connected together to form trains with multiple passengers. Pressing W while in a Minecart does not work (bugged). Relogging while riding a cart will allow you to move with W once more. Signs can be used to run a lot of the redstone functions of a typical rail station (examples in the blocktesting area). Pressure plates of any type can be treated as rails, allowing people a cheap way to make rails (with wood). With some fiddling, this can be disabled for the cheaper pressure plates.
  19. What's up bitches it's me... Big Dick Billo. Wazaaaap I don't even know. You can thank Neph and blame Nate for my presence Mm-mmmm ... I'm getting off right now, nooooo.
  20. Rev 20 Mid-Rev Feedback!

    This topic will be locked by the end of Sunday 16th. Please get your feedback in before then! Greetings PvEers! We’re a little over 2 months into rev 20 and while there is still PLENTY of time to build, we’re looking for feedback so we can start planning our next map. The things we’re mainly looking for feedback on are: Iron Grinders: This revision we started with a higher cost for iron golem spawners and upgrades early on and decrease the cost monthly. Did the costs of spawners and upgrades feel fair? Were the costs clear to you? Should we continue with this method of obtaining iron golem spawners? Is it time to find a new way of acquiring iron golem spawners? Nether Portals: This rev we increased the number of portals and tried to spread out more evenly across the map. How do you feel about the number of portals and their placement on the map? Would you like to see nether portals handled differently? if so, how? The Nether: We decided to go back to a vanilla nether this revision. After some consideration we also allowed portal owners a 1x1 hole in the bedrock ceiling to allow nether roof access. Would you like to see a vanilla nether again? Other thoughts or ideas about the nether? Map Generation: This rev we used Terrain Control with Biome Bundle on the default settings to generate a 9K x 9K map and would like to continue using this tool. How did you like the size of the map? Too big? Too small? If we had a smaller map, how would you feel about a second overworld appearing during the mid-rev? How did you feel about the terrain and custom biomes and structures? Were there any custom biomes you would like to see again? Were there any custom biomes you absolutely hated? Would you like to see the size of the biomes changed? How did you feel about the land to water ratio? Should we go back to a 100% vanilla map? Should we go back to a World Painted map? Ore distributions: For ore distribution this revision we used the default settings for Terrain Control and Biome Bundle and added in glowstone and nether quartz and added a custom recipe for sponge. How do you feel about ore distribution this rev? (yes we are aware there wasn’t enough gold) What are your thoughts on finding ores like diamonds at y levels and in areas that stepped away from vanilla distribution? MapWorld: This revision we added warp signs to every plot as well as a few signs on each plot with instructions on how to use mapworld. To further improve mapworld, which other changes would you like to see? For those of you who didn’t use mapworld, which features would encourage you to create maps there? Miscellaneous: Midway through the rev we saw the creative testworld reset on C. So that we can control the world resetting, would you be open to the possibility of a creative-mode flatworld with plots setup for testing builds and schematics? This revision saw the return of blog posts. These are submitted to the subreddit on the 14th of each month and highlight community news & events, facts and a community spotlight. If you were editing an upcoming blog post, how would you put it together? Which sections would you cull, which would you want to see added? Spawn: Was there anything you felt spawn and the spawn area was missing this rev? Was is it easy to find food and the exit? Would you prefer a bigger/smaller spawn? If so, why? Any other thoughts regarding spawn? We’ve had a number of different themes for spawns across 20 revisions, from pirate ships to airships and everything in-between! Which themes would you like to see in future spawns? Special spawners: The revision we added some special spawners (slime, shulker, etc) in the overworld and used Biome Bundle's custom structures to include witch spawners and some special dungeons which contained multiple spawners. Should special spawners be removed from the map? To avoid rarer items being flooded into the economy early, should we look into adding these later into a revision? Did you like the added spawners from Biome Bundles custom structures? Are there any unique spawners you'd like to see added? Events: The Adventurers Guild has had one event that started on day one with another to be announced Sunday. We also had the Hunt for Socarch’s buns as a mini hunt/Easter Event in the spawn area, and spawn secrets which includes puzzles and parkour. Adventurers Guild -- Do you enjoy having hunts held by the Adventurers Guild? Are there ideas you would like to share for future scavenger hunts or events? Seasonal Events -- Which events/holidays would you like to see us celebrate and how would you recommend we tastefully do that? Other Thoughts -- Are you missing the All the Things Challenge? Would you like to see the return of a grand challenge next rev? How would you like to see pop up events (unannounced mini challenges) run by staff? Would you prefer if we focused on more events which you can do at any time you want or for more events which bring us all together for a specific time? We’ve started the ethos of letting you choose your own prize from a selection of prizes with the addition of the Adventurer’s Guild Prize Trading room and this will continue into future events. Which prizes would you like to see made available in future? Closing Thoughts: We’re reaching around halfway through the revision now and will announce the revision 21 reset schedule a month in advance when we get that far. For now though, how are you finding revision 20? What would you like to achieve in the second half of the revision?
  21. Triumph of the Fellowship of the Wing

    Following up from the subreddit post here, I figured this could be an interesting way to add additional photos or whatever in something a little more friendly to that format. Thanks to everyone that showed up, and provided assistance along the way! 4 image album: http://imgur.com/a/sTTmJ http://imgur.com/e4b2SEn http://imgur.com/igJglMD http://imgur.com/R20t4GK
  22. Several people have already roamed the new P rev on their own or with their friends, but now it's time to setup an expedition for the masses! Everyone's free to join The Great Horse Expedition that will leave from spawn on Saturday 17.6. 19:00 UTC. So bring yourself with your horse/donkey/mule, a minecart and a boat for some detours (to reach certain places where horses have hard time going), and some food. We will start with heading west and zig zagging the area for the sights and continue through the map clockwise. At some points we might take a nether portal to advance. I will plot our course beforehand so we're not aimlessly wandering. The goal is to explore most of the settlements people have made out there, take screenshots and have fun! We shall also have a mumble channel (or discord, we'll see) for the event. We did this already in a smaller scale last rev and it was a lot of fun, so hopefully a lot of you want to join!
  23. Hello again all, it’s that time again where we open up spawn and ask for your help in adding your own decorative flair to the upcoming revision! All on staff have been preemptively whitelisted and we’d like to remind everyone now that the content you see is all to be kept private! Sekrit defie edit: Use /mode while in modmode to get to creative mode. You no longer have to wait for an Admin to switch you over! The primary point of contact for all spawn related queries is defiex but should defiex not be around then you can drop myself a message and I’ll ensure it reaches defiex. To reach the development server, type [redacted] while on the lobby or pve. If you need use of easy signs at all then please contribute to this document here! We will check this document as often as possible (feel free to just nag us too if we’re too slow). We’re also in slack at /join rev20spawn The tasks which we would like help with are: The front of the spawn building needs a path down from the cliff it overlooks. Ideally a waterslide would accompany this path so that people can slide down there from spawn. Completed! Teleport to modreq 1 to go directly to this location. The rear of spawn needs to be converted into a park which surrounds a spawn nether portal. Heysofia has put herself forward in the last staff meeting for exterior decorations so we’ll ask her to spearhead this area with anyone else who wishes to help. Teleport to modreq 2 to go directly to this location. General decoration is needed for two floors in particular which have been reserved for us to use. This includes some rooms which are marked with signs to give an idea for what to convert the rooms into. Some rooms are reserved such as those for the adventurer’s guild. Teleport to modreqs 3 to go to floor one and 4 to go to floor two for decorating these floors respectively. Paths leading away from the cardinal decorations to the edge of spawn so people can connect them with roads would be ideal! On all floors there are lobbies surrounding the staircases. These are fairly empty and have a lot of room for decorating! Hiding secrets around the place is always welcomed! We are looking for an Easter themed scavenger hunt to be integrated into spawn that will run for two weeks from the reset. Suggestions here are easy signs / custom skulls placed around for people to find. Within the first week of the revision, we’re looking for someone to put together a short teaser video for the new revision. We are preferring to use teaser screenshots until the reset hits. Please do not hide any items in the shulker box floors as all will be locked to defiex before the revision starts.
  24. Rev 19 PvE Changelog

    Hey folks, the purpose of this thread is to provide a list of changes/events/other things that the PAdmins are doing to/in/for PvE to keep you guys in the loop of what is going on. PvE Revision 19 Changelog: [27th December] Doppleganger names are no longer case sensitive. [28th December] Updated the Iron Grinder Spawner post on the subreddit for clarity -December 28th Updated the Rev 19 Info Post to include update on Iron Golem Spawners and ability to purchase and upgrade. Dec 28th [30th December] Totemo has updated the P admin doppelgangers to include my ugly mug. This means that four P admins will spawn when using doppelgangers. For spelling, the current P admins are; Barlimore, cujobear, defiex & Sapphric. Winter resource pack has been removed, Santa and Elves are gone for this year & the snow effect has disappeared. Creepocalypse is active on P as of this time. [31st December] All The Things Challenge started. [1st January] [Reminder] Here are all of our active custom recipes. [2nd January] Creepocalypse has ended for another year [4th January] [Clarity] Defiex has added a section on the PvE Information guide to clarify claiming and placement of custom spawners. The process hasn't changed, merely made clearer. [7th January] Added safeboxes to three locations inside the end and two inside the nether to prevent people with poor connections incorrectly teleporting to the overworld locations of the portals inside the other respective dimensions, resulting in death. [11th January] Due to a request in chat forwarded to us, we've reviewed and added the 'Better PvP "Fair Play"' mod with restricted usage to the approved client mod list. [12th January] Due to the prevalence of iron grinders since the introduction of purchasable spawners, the four places (IronGrinder-NE / SE / SW & NW) have been removed. [15th January] Following a padmin meeting last night, we've gone through and responded to all of the current suggestion box submissions to date. Announced the next upcoming admin hunts. [20th January] Valentines event has been announced. Changes & additions to sending /mail announced Mid-rev feedback topic is up. Forum topic added too. [23rd January] Horse pvp damage has been disabled. This will be primarily noticeable during future admin hunts. [25th January] CobraCorral has been removed, functionality has been transferred to EasyRider. [26th January] The EasyRider section of the information guide has been updated to reflect the changes to EasyRider. The custom recipes section of the information guide now includes images for easier dissemination. [2nd February] P updated to 1.11.2. Here is the official wiki feature list for the update. Animal spawning has been increased to help boost natural spawns for the new mob, llamas. We've added an update FAQ to the wiki. [5th February] Plugin BeastMaster added to restore wither skeleton spawning in the nether to 1.10 values. [6th February] Trial of the Lost scavenger hunt was sneakily added. [14th February] LovedUp Enabled. [15th February] LovedUp has been disabled. [21st February] Mapworld plot caps have been increased from 10 to 100. "*The plot limit is set to 100 plots per person so that the cap won't matter so much. Claim only what you need as excessive claiming will result in warnings and further punishments." [14th March] St Patrick's Day event announced. [17th March] Revision 20 tentative date announced. St Patrick's Day event begun. [6th April] Confirmed the revision 20 changeover schedule.
  25. PvE Admin Question Thread

    Hello players, and welcome to the PvE Admin AMA! To follow suit with C and S, this is a thread for any questions to me or the PvE admins about pretty much anything. Please note that we reserve, and may occasionally exercise, the right to not answer certain questions, including but not limited to ones that are about personal details, ways to cheat, and how to anvil a buzzie. (I, personally, will make it clear when I am unable to answer a certain question.) That said, though, I will answer all questions as best as I can, and I encourage you to ask about whatever interests you. So without further ado, ask away and we will answer :D