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Found 197 results

  1. Hey folks, the purpose of this thread is to provide a list of changes/events/other things that the PAdmins are doing to/in/for PvE to keep you guys in the loop of what is going on. PvE Revision 19 Changelog: [27th December] Doppleganger names are no longer case sensitive. [28th December] Updated the Iron Grinder Spawner post on the subreddit for clarity -December 28th Updated the Rev 19 Info Post to include update on Iron Golem Spawners and ability to purchase and upgrade. Dec 28th [30th December] Totemo has updated the P admin doppelgangers to include my ugly mug. This means that four P admins will spawn when using doppelgangers. For spelling, the current P admins are; Barlimore, cujobear, defiex & Sapphric. Winter resource pack has been removed, Santa and Elves are gone for this year & the snow effect has disappeared. Creepocalypse is active on P as of this time. [31st December] All The Things Challenge started. [1st January] [Reminder] Here are all of our active custom recipes. [2nd January] Creepocalypse has ended for another year [4th January] [Clarity] Defiex has added a section on the PvE Information guide to clarify claiming and placement of custom spawners. The process hasn't changed, merely made clearer. [7th January] Added safeboxes to three locations inside the end and two inside the nether to prevent people with poor connections incorrectly teleporting to the overworld locations of the portals inside the other respective dimensions, resulting in death. [11th January] Due to a request in chat forwarded to us, we've reviewed and added the 'Better PvP "Fair Play"' mod with restricted usage to the approved client mod list. [12th January] Due to the prevalence of iron grinders since the introduction of purchasable spawners, the four places (IronGrinder-NE / SE / SW & NW) have been removed. [15th January] Following a padmin meeting last night, we've gone through and responded to all of the current suggestion box submissions to date. Announced the next upcoming admin hunts. [20th January] Valentines event has been announced. Changes & additions to sending /mail announced Mid-rev feedback topic is up. Forum topic added too. [23rd January] Horse pvp damage has been disabled. This will be primarily noticeable during future admin hunts. [25th January] CobraCorral has been removed, functionality has been transferred to EasyRider. [26th January] The EasyRider section of the information guide has been updated to reflect the changes to EasyRider. The custom recipes section of the information guide now includes images for easier dissemination. [2nd February] P updated to 1.11.2. Here is the official wiki feature list for the update. Animal spawning has been increased to help boost natural spawns for the new mob, llamas. We've added an update FAQ to the wiki. [5th February] Plugin BeastMaster added to restore wither skeleton spawning in the nether to 1.10 values. [6th February] Trial of the Lost scavenger hunt was sneakily added. [14th February] LovedUp Enabled. [15th February] LovedUp has been disabled. [21st February] Mapworld plot caps have been increased from 10 to 100. "*The plot limit is set to 100 plots per person so that the cap won't matter so much. Claim only what you need as excessive claiming will result in warnings and further punishments." [14th March] St Patrick's Day event announced. [17th March] Revision 20 tentative date announced. St Patrick's Day event begun. [6th April] Confirmed the revision 20 changeover schedule.
  2. Hello players, and welcome to the PvE Admin AMA! To follow suit with C and S, this is a thread for any questions to me or the PvE admins about pretty much anything. Please note that we reserve, and may occasionally exercise, the right to not answer certain questions, including but not limited to ones that are about personal details, ways to cheat, and how to anvil a buzzie. (I, personally, will make it clear when I am unable to answer a certain question.) That said, though, I will answer all questions as best as I can, and I encourage you to ask about whatever interests you. So without further ado, ask away and we will answer :D
  3. If you didn't know, we have a command called /suggestion-box that lets users anonymously submit suggestions that the admins can then read. Each month, I will add the suggestions as they come in and their status, updating as responses are made! We will have the current months suggestions attached to this post and then will move them down as we go. February/March Suggestion Box 1. a /hop to disconnect you and reconnect(yes I get this is a button already) - There is no need for this, we would prefer tech admins to be able to focus their available time on other efforts instead. 2. a /horse-owned-like called "/horse-pwned" that's /horse-owned but in l33tspeak | /hax or haxess alias for /haccess - These suggestions are not something we're looking to introduce permanently to the server. Aliases are intended to be helpful for the most part, if we pestered the tech admins for many joke aliases then we'd be wasting their time with a never-ending list. 3. /stand's name thing should have a way to reset name without clearing all modifiers. -We have raised this as a feature request with the tech admins 4. Add a simple [string] argument to /alert list command - defiex has culled the alerts down to a more manageable size, particularly since we can look to merge alerts with the new character limit. For this reason, we won't be looking to add this suggestion. 5. some kind of policy for at least a partial refund on messed up doppel names? -Dopplegangers are no longer cAse SensItiVe which we feel is very helpful. Seplling, sorry but you are going to have to double check or triple check. 6. "is locked with a magical spell" for named inventories should also return their name, if applicable. -We would like to remind you that /cinfo is available for checking chests. LWC is not an in-house plugin so such a feature would require tech admins to constantly add it to each new version. 7. defiex is awesome -Please drop us a pm to correctly map out your keyboard. There seems to be some speculation that you misspelled cujobear. ;-) 8. op ppgome this time? -If you're not from Planet Minecrop, no op. 9. make a crafting recipe for lily pads -Given that this is a renewable resource available from fishing and that demand may only be high do to the collection challenge this revision, we're not looking to introduce a crafting recipe at this time. 10. breeding cooldowns should take into consideration the time they started and elapse even if the chunk is unloaded. -Mobs grow up fast enough as it is. 11. More blow please. -This is the best we can do. 12. totemo pls make pigs trainable with EasyRider thx -with the current workload, we're not going to implement this idea at this time. We will keep it in mind! Still being discussed with tech admins: 1. "/ignore-all" ignores everyone for when you want a moment of peace 2. Doing "/c #channel when you're not in it should NOT return a message like it's private
  4. Greetings PvEers! We’re a little over 2 months into rev 19 and while there is still PLENTY of time to build, we’re looking for feedback so we can start planning for the next map. The things we’re mainly looking for feedback on are: Iron grinders: So, after a trial of having iron spawners not ‘buyable’ but pre-existing in the world, we added them back in. How would you feel about having them not existing at all for a duration? We would have a date announced at the start of the revision when they would become available.What do you feel is a true fair cost for the ability to have unlimited iron? What would you like to see changed to increase the difficulty without making them completely inaccessible to non-town players? Nether portals: How do you feel about the number of portals on the map? Would you like to see nether portals handled differently? if so, how? The nether: Should we continue to have a custom Nether or should we try going back to the vanilla generated nether? Would you like to see a classic nether return with the possibility of a custom nether added later into the revision? Custom flora: Should we continue to add custom flora to the map? Would you prefer to see a mix of custom and vanilla trees? Terrain: Is it time to go back to a vanilla generated map or should we continue to do World Painted maps? Were there any features lacking this rev that should be brought back? Any biomes or terrain features you would like to see added? Ore distributions: How do you feel about ore distribution this rev? MapWorld: Should MapWorld be brought back in the next rev? Were there enough plots? Should we make plots of different sizes again? Spawn: Was there anything you felt spawn and the spawn area was missing this rev? Was is it easy to find food and the exit? Special spawners: Should special spawners be removed from the map? Or to avoid rarer items being flooded into the economy early, should we look into adding these later into a revision? Are there any unique spawners you'd like to see added? Events: Adventurers Guild -- Are you enjoying the hunts and trials added to the Adventurers Guild? Are there ideas you would like to share for future scavenger hunts or events? Should we continue to create events for the Guild? Seasonal Events -- We've heard feedback on having too much happening at the start of a rev, so that has been considered. Which events/holidays would you like to see us celebrate and how would you recommend we tastefully do that? Collection Challenge -- If this were to return or be re-envisioned for rev 20, how would you like to see it play out? Plugins Should we continue to use our current plug-ins? Did you like the addition of the chair plug-in? Should we continue with custom recipes? Now that totemo has had some time to tweek Easyrider and Hypercarts how do you like them? Rev 20: Special number! How would you like to see this revision made more special?
  5. Hey folks, the purpose of this thread is to provide a list of changes/events/other things that the PAdmins are doing to PvE to keep you guys in the loop of what is going on. This idea was originally created by previous PAdmins here but we have decided to retire that thread as suggestions can go in it's own subforum now. I will be sorting all changes into revision categories to give time frames of when they happened. If you have any feedback please post in the subforum. PvE Revision 18 Changelog: May 26th 2016: Revision 18 Information Post made: Link June 6th 2016: The June PvE Admin Hunt has been announced! More details here: Link June 21st 2016: The PvE June Blog Post has been posted: Link August 22nd 2016: The August PvE Admin Hunt has been announced! More details here: Link August 24th 2016: New PvE Messages have gone live as of 5:32AM PST. You can view the full list of death messages here: Link
  6. TNT is a fun decorative block. Once upon a time I had a mine i wanted to snazz up with decorative TNT but because it was banned, I could not. #1. It doesn't have to explode. It doesn't have to react to redstone. It just would be a plain block with the TNT texture. OR #2. Allow the TNT to explode visually/audibly, but do not damage to blocks or entities and cause no movement of entities. OR #3. Allow the TNT to explode visually/audibly, but do no damage to blocks or entities - AND allow it to shove entities a way a bit, so you could have aesthetic TNT cannons for those inter-city play-dramas. OR #4. Allow the TNT to explode but do not damage to blocks or players - but permit damage to hostile mobs. OR #5. Allow TNT to explode, doing damage to blocks but not entities/players - only inside a region where the region owner has modreq'd for explosions to be activated. OR #6. Allow TNT to behave as it does in vanilla minecraft - but only in PVP-enabled regions where the region owner has explicitly modreq'd full TNT availability. Edit: OR #7. Allow TNT to work as in vanilla minecraft - but only below sea level (like y50 or something) and only outside of protected regions. Use as a griefing tool would be treated like we treat any other grief. See "grief prevention" plugin for an example of this as a default config option. (this is not my favorite of the options, but it would enable convenient use of TNT with minimal moderator involvement for mining and such) Edit2: OR #8. Permit TNT to explode visibly/audibly, do damage to and shove entities, but not damage blocks. Allow this in PvP enabled regions only. Edit3: added numbers for convenience
  7. Hello I don't know how many of you have seen my post on the subreddit linked here: For those who haven't seen it, whenever a player would type /me farts it kicks the player to the lobby and says nothing in chat. My problem with this, is that this appears to be targeted at one player specifically. I do not feel that that is right. Especially with no warning and no discussion. This is, from my position, and the position of a few other mods I have talked to, an abuse of power. Content-wise, /me farts really isn't that bad. Compared to all the other rules that I have actually seen broken in chat, such as doxxing, racism, and misogyny that goes unmoderated by staff, this is very tame, like third grade level tame. I mean sure, it can be annoying, but I could come up with a list of 20 things that have happened that are as or more "annoying" than /me farts This really has been an over-reaction on the admins end. Targeting players like this, and singleing out players can really have a detrimental effect on the community as a whole. If we went around changing and banning everything that we didn't like or that annoyed us, we wouldn't have much of a server. This hasn't been the only targeting of specific players recently, but I hope it to be the last If nothing changes, all I really ask from the admin team is an actual answer, and not to be called a "troll/drama causer/whatever" because I am not being one of those. I am a loyal peasant that wants to know what is going on in the Admin Kingdom that is Cheers, RokkuCXVII
  8. Hi, guys. I started having PvE connection problems, with it starting yesterday. I connect to the server (which takes 1-4 minutes), then it freezes my game when I enter, then it kicks me and says: "Disconnected" and "An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine." I have NO idea why this happens. Please help me.
  9. Armor stands by default can be shoved around with pistons and such so that they are not centered, but sometimes you want them to be in a VERY specific spot and it just doesn't work. Please consider adding an additional command to StandMaster9000 that allows for fine-tuned placement of stands. The most straightforward way from a user-interface standpoint is, I think, to allow an offset argument, measured in meters (e.g. /stand offset 0.25 0.10 1.2) to a maximum of 2 meters offset. I was going to open an issue on the github as a feature request, but for whatever reason opening issues is not enabled on the standmaster github page for the public. (If there's already a way to fine-tune placement of armor stands, I'd love to hear about it. The best i could come up with was using pistons and fence gates/carpets and it's not really ideal)
  10. Howdy folks, I am happy to announce a short building contest for PvE’s next Revision! I am in need of cool nether builds to include in the custom nether map generation. The contest will run for 2 weeks starting today, September 8th, and ending September 22nd at midnight (2 weeks). To join the contest and start building, head over to Creative and go to /warp NetherContest. We are using NerdPlot for plot management. To claim a plot, find an unused plot and type /nerdplot claim and it will be protected to you. If you want to add more people to your plot, just do /rg i to get the region name and then do /rg addmember nether_contest_### <username> to have them added. Plots are 50x50, however do not feel the need to use all of that space as we just wanted to give extra room in case you needed it. We are looking for small builds and big builds, details below: Small Builds (1x1 - 20x20) The smaller the build the better. Smaller builds will have a much higher chance of appearing in the world. Some examples of a small build: Small house with loot chests, small dungeon with a mob spawner, glowstone trees Small note: We are looking for glowstone and mushroom tree variety! If you build a custom glowstone/mushroom tree your build will most likely be included. Big Builds (20x20 - 50x50) We are also looking for some cool big builds as well, whether that be mob spawner temples or large custom nether fortresses or even something else. Note that big builds will have a lower chance of spawning in the map because they are bigger. Some examples of a big build: Custom nether fortress, large dungeon with multiple mob spawners, large house with loot chests Winners There will be a Top 5 builds that we be decided by the padmins. We will judge the build on quality and how well it will blend in with the custom nether. Those top 5 will be guaranteed to be generated into the map. We will also pick out a variety of other builds we like to include in generation, but only the top 5 will be announced. This is a short contest and is only running for 2 weeks so don’t put off building! I look forward to seeing what everyone can come up with! Subreddit Post
  11. Hardly anybody uses this subforum. Lots of ideas for improvements get discussed in global chat over the course of a revision. How many of those ideas actually get to the desk of the people who could make them happen? People are lazy. Who wants to go through the trouble of logging into a website and make a post for something that should already be on the server? Not a large fraction of people - and that's ok. So give these creative/brilliant/lazy gamers an easy way to give you, the admins, feedback in-game. Example: "/suggest please allow players to modreq fire spread in owned regions" this gets piped into a database, some script posts it to this suggestions forum, maybe the forum specific to the server the command was run in. The post can contain the username of the person suggesting it, a timestamp, etc. and the user gets a link to it. If they want to elaborate or clarify, they can post a response. Extra fancy but not required: give the user the option to receive notifications in-game if they get a response on the forums. Abuse of the command would be treated like we handle any other abuse of nerd services.
  12. PvE Suggestions To follow in the footsteps of S and C, PvE will also be maintaining a suggestions page here. We encourage you to send your suggestions there and vote on what you see! Though we cannot feasibly accommodate all suggestions, we do actively notice any new suggestions for P that are brought up, and with this page we can also gauge demand for specific requests. Please bring all your suggestions for P there, though you may also get in touch with us over the subreddit, the forums, email ( - note all admins will see your email), and in-game if you have something you'd like to bring to our attention specifically. PvE Changelog We will also be maintaining a changelog for the server, and we will endeavor to note any changes that impact gameplay in this log. Bigger updates will also have a corresponding subreddit post linked in the log. As with the other changelogs, though anyone may post to this thread, the Padmins reserve the right to remove posts from view when the next log entry is posted, mainly to keep the log uncluttered as it lengthens.
  13. Please fill out the survey so that the staff know what the community would enjoy playing. For those of you new to the idea of modded minecraft, you can try out various mods from the minecraft forums, or try the super easy to use modpack launchers by the Feed The Beast team, the Technic team, ATLauncher, or Curse (the company that hosts the minecraft forums and wiki). The popular/featured modpacks are usually pretty well balanced and work without many issues. (if you go with the Feed The Beast [FTB] launcher, a very good introductory modpack is the Direwolf20 pack) If you want to tinker with mods on your own (it can be a little bit tricky if you are new to it) I highly recommend using the open source MultiMC Launcher. It makes everything very very easy to keep contained so that if you make a mistake you can easily undo it or work in a separate instance. If you tinkered with minecraft mods in ages past, know that it is much simpler and less challenging than it used to be - Forge is basically the main thing that allows mods to be easily dropped in and out of a minecraft instance, and there are no more data value conflicts when multiple mods are installed. (NB: this poll and post were made by me, Mumberthrax. I am not a staff member. Voting in this poll does not necessarily guarantee any particular action on the part of staff/administration) Thanks for taking this survey! Feel free to share your comments below! Edit2: to allay concerns about security issues, the FTB launcher, Technic launcher, and ATlauncher are all three open source with code hosted on github. AFAIK your password/credentials never go anywhere except to mojang's login servers when using these launchers. The curse voice launcher doesn't even let you input your mc password iirc. Edit: To be clear, uses server plugins that are sometimes called mods, but client mods are what we're talking about here. Here's a video series as an example of what the direwolf20 modpack is like:
  14. Hello, I was able to connect to yesterday. It stopped letting me into the game and started to only allow me into the lobby. I tried reinstalling Java and updating graphics drivers. Now I just get the "old" link when trying to connect to the server and the "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x00007ffdc39666e7, pid=9112, tid=7644". I have followed the "1.9 - FAQs (READ BEFORE POSTING)" and did everything that was asked (i.e. updating drivers). I am still able to connect to other servers without any issues. Does anyone have any ideas? I am running the latest version of Windows 10 on a Dell. Thank you for any help.
  15. I can't join any server on It says logging in than it says Dissconected. Does anyone have the same problem or know how to fix it.( told me I'm not banned)
  16. Hey folks, just a quick poll for PvE. Currently skeleton horses are spawning like crazy everywhere and if a thunerstorm happens then god help us. Being only a week into the revision and having over 500 horses on the map, most of which are skeleton horses is a problem. It affects server tps and preformance as well as client preformance if you are nearby. Would you be okay with us preventing skeleton horse spawning or drastically limiting it to help reduce lag? Thanks all!
  17. Seeing what the PVP server has done with their blog, I think this is something that could greatly benefit P as well. Currently the development of a new rev is in the total darkness for players and the first time anything is heard is when the first info post comes up just before reset even though there's no actual benefit of it being so. This would allow the playerbase to give more feedback and get more connected with the admin team. With the next rev being on 1.9 this would also help with getting exposure.
  18. Howdy folks, it’s time for the first ever PvE Blog Post! The purpose of this blog post is to give some insight to things we are working on and to gather community feedback. We plan on doing one of these every month for this Revision. Skeleton Traps Based off the community feedback poll HERE we have gone ahead and changed how trap spawning works. Skeleton horses have not been limited, but their now is a chance to spawn different kinds of traps (such as blazes riding ghasts). This gives more variety to traps while also helps reduce lag by not having swarms of skeleton horses. Powered Flight We have heard some requests for powered flight to make a return. We are open to this idea but this would obviously be considerably overpowered, and we would love to hear some ideas and suggestions on how we could implement this on P in a balanced manner. Events The first admin hunt took place a few weeks ago and the admins were a bit OP. For the July admin hunt the admins will be significantly nerfed and will also have more loot. We are also working on an Arena called “FortWars” where players build forts out of blocks and fight each other. We hope to have the date announced for this soon, but it’ll be happening very early July. Speaking of July, we hope to have something explosive for everyone on the 4th! We are trying to do more admin hunts and events this revision and would love to hear any suggestions you guys may have. Xray Rollbacks We have been doing this for a while now but never properly announced it. If a player you are working with or is in your town and gets rolled back for xray, they will remain banned for a month. However if their rollback affects a significant portion of a group project you can place a /modreq and the admins will evaluate and determine if a portion of it can be restored. Fun Stats Most skeleton horses spawned in one trap: 137 Highest highest tier golem spawners: 6 Top 3 players with most diamond ore mined: Ted_Owl: 466, EvilStepDad: 413, RokuCXVII: 359 First nether portal to be lit: Solace First /place: Orion Custom spawners to still be found: 2 Overworld, 1 Nether Lowest server tps reached: 5.20 Max amount of RAM used: 20.15GB (all servers) Have some suggestions for some fun stats you’d like to see in the next blog post? Let me know! Hope you guys enjoyed the blog post and some insights into what is upcoming to PvE. Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback!
  19. screenshots here: It is a set of configs for the Terrain Control plugin/mod that creates specialized terrain and map features intended to make the minecraft world more interesting and beautiful, and fun to explore.
  20. use a bukkit/spigot plugin to fix the buggy Minecraft weather.
  21. Ahoy lads! I am happy to announce the first admin hunt of Revision 18! It will be taking place on Saturday once speedbuild on C finishes at roughly **10PM EST**. We will also be hosting a second round the following morning to accompany those folks in a different timezone at **12PM EST**. Saturday Event Date and Time Converter Sunday Event Date and Time Converter Each admin will be carrying a different prize for players to collect, who knows what they'll be carrying when you kill them. The **livemap** will become available later this week so that you can use it to help bring those pesky admins down! Before the hunt begins on Saturday our first **blog post** will be going up with details on future events, skeleton horses, and some other things. It should give some insight into our plans for PvE. Now sharpen those swords and prepare those speed potions! The admins have a wreckening coming! Admins most likely attending: Sapphric, Trooprm32, redwall_hp, Silversunset, ExcessiveToker, Hollifer Subreddit Post
  22. One vote per player please. Voting ends in one week (6/2) Awards will be handed out once we all get semi settled in Rev 18 (and once I finish designing it)
  23. It's time again for the PvE Awards. I am changing things up just a bit this rev. There will be 12 categories in which you can nominate players or builds. To enter a nomination add a text post with the title as follows: Coords - Location Name - Award Nominated for or Player(s) - Award Nominated for. Starting this rev I will also be adding Hidden Gem Awards. These will be awards for anything rev 17 related that may not fit into one of the categories but deserve recognition. Silly awards are fun but please keep it nice :) Anyone is welcome to nominate a Hidden Gem. Use a text post title as follows: Hidden Gem - who/what - title of award (ex: Hidden Gem - Pez252 - Master of Fast Travel) Here are the categories up for nomination: Best City Must have at least 3 builders Best Personal Build 90% of the build was completed by 1 player Up and Coming City City started this rev Most Unigue City Most Unique Build Best Small Build no larger than 25x25x25 Best City Rivalry Best Arena Spleef or PvP Greenest City Most Automated City What I like to call the lag award Best Spawn Embassy Best Odd Couple Please include a screenshot when possible.
  24. Should have posted this right after the staff meeting. Mods can now do their own modreqs! You still have to open a modreq for documentations sake, but you can now close them yourself. Please make sure that all previous modreqs are filled before doing yours, follow the queue. Now this doesn't mean that you have to do your own, that's entirely up to you. ☺ All existing protection rules apply, only protect what is built! Have fun