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Found 5 results

  1. In 1.14 item models support a "custom_model_data" which allows resource packs to use a special model based on the nbt tag "custom_model_data". Adding this tag to the special drops on PvE (and documenting what values are used somewhere) would allow for the creation of custom resource packs giving those items unique textures, and would be ignored by anyone running the vanilla resource pack. Here's a post from someone on planet minecraft explaining how to use model overrides.
  2. i feel that nerd.nu can and should facilitate more in PvP within the game, the survival server is gone and wont be coming back its as simple as that, unfortunatly.. i want people to discuss the possibility of reviewing the rules of PVP on PvE, one example would be the size of PvP regions? if we want more active members in our community i think we have to look at what can be done to become more appealing to those who would be more inclined for that game style, I for one would love to see a town on P that will have a PVP region but this comes with scenarios that would need to be thought about. and ideas of your own or concerns then raise those points! lets discuss!
  3. Idea: Countries. Divide the world in countries, with different cultures, religions, politics, etc. How would the culture and religion would work: There would be different cultures/religions in the world, one for a country. They wouldn't be obligatory, but would serve as inspiration and/or lore. For example: I want to make a temple, but I'd need to have a religion/culture. Since irl religion/culture is polemic and would probably cause problems, and a person would have to create a religion/culture only for that building (maybe others by them, too), having several bases would be good. It would also be good to locate a building. For example: "My build is on (Country name), at the northeast region". We could have more events too, based on the religion/culture festivities. For example: "October 27th is (God name) day". Say your ideas and opinions in the comments!
  4. http://www.strawpoll.me/13911503 I'm trying to gauge support for adding the Vivecraft plugin to the server. This plugin fixes some bugs that would otherwise exist for vr players, such as The direction your player model looks will vary depending on activity and does not follow the HMD direction. Arrows and projectiles will spawn at your face, rather the controller, like it should in single player. Endermen aggro will use the pointing direction and not the looking direction. There's also the cool feature of being able to see other vr player's hand movements and gestures. I believe with the rise of affordable vr headsets and the holiday season quickly approaching, Nerd.Nu should take VR players into consideration.
  5. This was sparked more about noticing the changelogs being under the suggestion forums, where they logically do not belong. Because the user rates for the forums are low, I think we should also simplify the structure and while making it easier and more intuitive to use. Suggested new structure (would be happy to hear thoughts of it and possible improvements): NEWS AND INFORMATION - News & Information - Events - Archives MINECRAFT - General - Creative - PVE - Minigames COMMUNITY - General - Other Games SUPPORT - Ban Appeals -> Closed Ban Appeals - Problems & Issues STAFF - Mod Chat -- Notes about the suggested changes: - Suggestion forum in itself would not be needed. Suggestions would go to the forum it concerns. So suggestion logs for P and C would go to their respective forums under Minecraft and general community suggestions to the Community General forum. Suggestions have been quite active though, so would like to hear how people would actually prefer this. If it was a separate forum, it could just be put under the community section. - Community and server changelogs would go to the News & Information forum where they're easily found. - Introduce Yourself isn't used at all and Ask Me Anything quite rarely. Topics like that could be included at the Community General, though if people like having them separate, they could just reamain at the Community section. - Remove The Lounge totally and redistribute things. - Archives would be under News and Information. - Past Events wouldn't be needed, since they'd just also go into archives. - Problems & Issues is a low use forum, but because people might want to have notifications up to be alerted when someone posts there, keeping it separate is probably good. - Off-Topic not needed, since things there would just go to Community's General forum. -- These are my suggestions for changes. I'd be interested in hearing ideas from others! Reorganizing the forums as such isn't such a big task, and it would be a quality of life improvement for everyone using it.
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