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  1. Hello Tommmyyy, thanks for appealing. Banned By Reason Time Banned Server SirLyle homophobic comments nerd.nu/appeal 8 months ago c.nerd.nu I have unbanned you. Welcome back, please refresh yourself on the rules when you join and consider the impact your words and actions have on other members of our community.
  2. In 1.14 item models support a "custom_model_data" which allows resource packs to use a special model based on the nbt tag "custom_model_data". Adding this tag to the special drops on PvE (and documenting what values are used somewhere) would allow for the creation of custom resource packs giving those items unique textures, and would be ignored by anyone running the vanilla resource pack. Here's a post from someone on planet minecraft explaining how to use model overrides.
  3. SirLyle

    Remove Phantoms?

    > this is the solution right here - we need a mod so we can hold a cat in our off hand! Or a mod to let cats ride on our heads
  4. I will be offline until Sunday.
  5. I will be out of town for the start of the new rev (15th -19th).
  6. Y'all may have noticed my decreased activity. It'll remain infrequent for a few weeks as I have several work projects with deadlines in the next few weeks.
  7. At the risk of totemo telling me to fuck off back to SSP again; I'm going to fundamentally disagree with his stance on minecraft playstyle. It's a well known "problem" that player count drops as the rev goes on. To combat that this rev changes were made: those changes being to encourage grinding in horses and essentially grinding in mines (because everyone knowns repetitive monotony is the best game mechanic). One paraphrased comment a staff member relayed to me was a complaint about how short the tech tree on P is. The "solution" to this tech tree issue is apparently to make iron harder to get than vanilla; while its technically possible to get an elytra (an end game item that requires visiting the nether then the end) the first day without ever leaving an overworld mineshaft. PvE hasn't extended the tech tree, it's inverted it. On the "just go mine" attitude: Some people don't play minecraft in order to do the same thing for hours on end. Many people play it to *create* something, forcing them to spend more time than vanilla to accomplish that task doesn't make for a great vanilla server. In vanilla minecraft if you need iron, you make an iron grinder. Those were originally replaced because of lag, but they were replaced with something roughly equivalent. This rev if you need iron you can't have a solution approaching vanilla play style if you aren't one of the lucky ones. I personally play PvE with an emphasis on vE; i.e. conquoring the environment. That's why I'm always in Solace making farms. But because the first step of making nice farms is getting iron; and solace isn't one of the chosen ones, I'm shit out of luck for what I wanted to build this rev. torteela I think me and drt would contest that. Considering that: rev 14 me and artixlight did over 1k of a huge garden tunnel to connect Whiteoak to CARBON rev 15 me and artixlight connected Solace to CARBON rev 17 I connected Solace to CARBON lite rev 17 I also I also dug a 16 wide tunnel from Solace to world border with space for 16 rails (only ~half got filled) rev 18 I connected over 1k Solace to lite basically by myself rev 18 I also helped build the main part of lite Narissis alone probably beat you two revs. 3k of rails is nothing, I've already made over 3k of ice tunnel on this rev just going from spawn to the slimegrinder Also it's a little unfair to compare the smart rail iron collection since we got many donations from people who used nearly 0 iron themselves. I'd argue people might be discouraged about building if they can't build what they want. Do we really want people spending more time doing what they are already doing; or trying to get them to do more overall? I've mined 111,027 stone; a 3x4 tunnel from spawn to the slime grinder with branches for the NW end portal and the Shulker grinder I mined every iron I came across which is 2839 iron according to my statistics. 2484 of that is in a beacon pyramid. Solace currently has 323 and has built no rails. Heck solace is almost at the point where we have more beacons than we have iron to make pyramids---we were at that point for a while. Want people to stick around? Make the end game stuff (elytra, beacons) harder to get. Or instead of making plugins to remove vanilla features: make plugs to add features and goals to strive towards.
  8. http://i.imgur.com/gdWm8bi.png It's an issue with Reddit Comment Collapser.
  9. One comment I have about the theme: I've had to disable it because its sizing is weird and prevents me from expanding collapsed child comments when using RES (can't click on the expand [+] as it is behind another comment's collapse button). For the side bar: I feel it could be laid out better with some links consolidated. E.g. does each server need its wiki link when its a single wiki? Do we need links to "S Status" and "PvP Status" and "Chaos Status" when they're retired? I feel the retired servers could be merged into a section like: For the links why do we bother having the urls exposed instead off making actual links; would make it easier to cleanly categorize the links. Also deduplicate links.
  10. Iron grinders: Overall the rate is a little disappointing, but the fact that everyone has one mitigates that. I think a resource other than diamonds (for skulls) should be substituted for part of the diamond cost, considering that standard grinders have a linear cost but these have an exponential cost in a resource standard grinders don't use. For fairness I'd recommend a time delay on each upgrade level instead of increasing the cost. Such as: only four base level spawners the first week, next week you can upgrade spawners, etc. To sort of represent the time commitment necessary to construct a real grinder. It would also be nice for clarification/codification on towns vs. individuals, as currently people working together are penalized in only getting 4 spawners total, whereas if each were an individual (donating resources to each other) they'd be able to get more spawners total. I agree with other's that cobble is too easy, sure you can make a grinder out of cobble (technically you could use cobble half slabs for a grinder and half your cost), but no one would do that as it's ugly. I'd suggest either requiring stonebrick or wood planks of a uniform type. I'd also recommend a bucket cost to represent the water/lava you have to gather and to incur a ore cost (at least for the first level). The nether: I like it (especially that "Plains" biomes spawn wither skeletons). It might be nice to see more variety in land types, even if it kills the wither grinders. Custom flora: I like some of the trees, but think there are too many forests right next to each other, it's also a pain to chop the trees down early in the rev when you don't have access to higher durability tools. Maybe decrease their density or spread the forests out away from each other. Portals: Not much to say, except I hated the zodiacs so it's nice to have consistent portals. A suggestion I might have for next rev, is move the portals in closer and later in the rev do a map increase which includes further out portals for a second portal hunt. Maybe place one at y=250 next rev. Ore distributions: I like the diamond plump, only thing that has made the diamond cost on the iron grinders bearable. MapWorld: Haven't used it yet, but like the concept (and have a few ideas on what i'll use it for). I do like that it protects the live map from having random pixel art. Terrain: Might just be the location I settled in but some of the mountains (especially those with dense trees) are a pain to traverse, I sort of hate having to hack my way through trees just to climb a mountain, potentially marring the landscape for someone to build in the future. Tends to restrict me to roads/rails when travelling. Spawn: I like the corner exits as it makes it more open to the world, I wish they were more visible, maybe even get ride of the outer fence entirely so players don't feel restricted to the cardinals. I tend to want smaller spawns so there's more area for people to build near spawn, this rev's is a nice size, but much if the interior seems wasted (might improve as people build embassies). I think I'm the only person who has trouble finding where the puzzles even start. Custom mobs: I've only seen Sir Meowington (4 times), and maybe a spider one (killed it too fast to read its name). I think they some should be nerfed, just so someone in iron armor could stand a fighting chance since they occur everywhere in the overworld. Maybe a few nether exclusives that could be more lethal. /help: I haven't used it much but I haven't seen a list of all commands players could use. Recently a mod introduced me to /regions-there which I'd never known about. Insanely useful command when you don't have a wood sword, something I think a list of commands all players can use would help with. Other thoughts: Square map: much better than the circle. World border: The 10 block warning is nice, but a visible border would be better. Also it seems less prone to teleporting you to very random unsafe locations compared to previous revs. Is there a reason the server doesn't use the physical visible border that is in 1.8+?
  11. In the 1.8 info thread on reddit it was said villagers would farm. None of the villagers in solace farm, none will accept thrown crops. Are the villagers nerfed/bugged/something? I submitted a modreq but haven't heard anything such as "it's a bug" or "we're looking into it". Would like some info as the farm mechanic is integral to breeding villagers.
  12. SirLyle

    PvE Map Poll

    If the map is 8k again i'd like to see more portals, I feel like the nether is under utilized, so it'd be nice to have a bigger road system there. It'd also be cool if there was a worldwrapping plugin that could be used to make the world loop at the borders instead of a sudden border.
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