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  1. Guest

    Staff Meeting Notes

    STAFF MEETING NOTES July staff meeting notes August staff meeting notes -- September staff meeting notes are now up! September staff meeting notes (2017/10/30)
  2. I'm curious about the specification of the server that you run. I run Java application servers at work (Tomcat, Glassfish, and Solr) on RedHat Enterprise Linux and have considerable experience troubleshooting performance issues. This may be apples vs oranges, but maybe worth a shot. Maybe you could share the p.nerd.nu server config with me so I could see first if there is anything glaringly obvious. Second, if the server isn't too beefy, I might try to replicate it in a VM and see what some of my monitoring tools can shed light on what causes the lag. Yours, dacracot
  3. Traincarts is a plugin that allows a few different abilities with minecarts that i am suggesting for Creative :D and also i heard you can use ladders as vertical rails
  4. We're going to start publishing public head admin meeting notes and gather them here. 2017/10/07 2017/10/15 2017/10/21
  5. i feel that nerd.nu can and should facilitate more in PvP within the game, the survival server is gone and wont be coming back its as simple as that, unfortunatly.. i want people to discuss the possibility of reviewing the rules of PVP on PvE, one example would be the size of PvP regions? if we want more active members in our community i think we have to look at what can be done to become more appealing to those who would be more inclined for that game style, I for one would love to see a town on P that will have a PVP region but this comes with scenarios that would need to be thought about. and ideas of your own or concerns then raise those points! lets discuss!
  6. Post pictures of your puppers and doggos, no cats, we will chase them away >:) Ask if you want your doggo rated.
  7. Put some art you made here and talk about other people's art
  8. This was sparked more about noticing the changelogs being under the suggestion forums, where they logically do not belong. Because the user rates for the forums are low, I think we should also simplify the structure and while making it easier and more intuitive to use. Suggested new structure (would be happy to hear thoughts of it and possible improvements): NEWS AND INFORMATION - News & Information - Events - Archives MINECRAFT - General - Creative - PVE - Minigames COMMUNITY - General - Other Games SUPPORT - Ban Appeals -> Closed Ban Appeals - Problems & Issues STAFF - Mod Chat -- Notes about the suggested changes: - Suggestion forum in itself would not be needed. Suggestions would go to the forum it concerns. So suggestion logs for P and C would go to their respective forums under Minecraft and general community suggestions to the Community General forum. Suggestions have been quite active though, so would like to hear how people would actually prefer this. If it was a separate forum, it could just be put under the community section. - Community and server changelogs would go to the News & Information forum where they're easily found. - Introduce Yourself isn't used at all and Ask Me Anything quite rarely. Topics like that could be included at the Community General, though if people like having them separate, they could just reamain at the Community section. - Remove The Lounge totally and redistribute things. - Archives would be under News and Information. - Past Events wouldn't be needed, since they'd just also go into archives. - Problems & Issues is a low use forum, but because people might want to have notifications up to be alerted when someone posts there, keeping it separate is probably good. - Off-Topic not needed, since things there would just go to Community's General forum. -- These are my suggestions for changes. I'd be interested in hearing ideas from others! Reorganizing the forums as such isn't such a big task, and it would be a quality of life improvement for everyone using it.
  9. In the wiki (http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Client_mods), it says that "Watson" is an approved mod. It displays LogBlock info. Wouldn't this be useless to average players and only useful for staff?
  10. Hello all, I have taken a long break from this community because minecraft bored me and so did many of the people who were around when I decided to leave. I've had a bit of a flick through the threads and topics on this site to get an idea of where the community is at now and I was wondering If I could pose a couple of questions to see if it were worth coming back P.S If this kind of post is against the rules, I'm sorry, I'm a bit out of the loop. Questions: Is the server still active or are the numbers thinning? What voice chat does the server use now? (mumble was empty) Is tobylane still here? Who are the current admins? Have you guys become even more anal about rule enforcement? Is survival still dead and forgotten? Are people still arguing over the old days of nerd.nu (which by the way, kicked ass) Are mods still horridly unequipped to deal with simple issues in game such as land disputes and teleporting people and mobs when they get trapped? Has the age demographic of C.NERD moved past the very early teens? Is nerd.nu virtually dead? That's all the questions I have, I hope somebody will be willing to answer. Researching all this stuff myself would be exhausting. Cheers, - Bad Apple
  11. Have a nice build and just don't understand the twisted arcane art of installing fancy shader plug-ins so everything looks nice? Well no promises, but fill out the following information and post in this topic below to have some kind hearted sucker-I-mean-soul do the work for you. No one is specifically assigned to completing these requests, so ask nicely and have an open mind about the time it may take to complete. Essential Request Information: Build name: Server: Coordinates or a public /home Screenshot picture of the exact view. Mark the location where the screenshot was taken with a brightly colored block.
  12. Come one come all! With the introduction of Minigames we've decided to run a new server-icon contest! In order to qualify: You must submit a generic nerd.nu icon as well as an icon for each server: PvE (P / PvE), Creative ( C ), Minigames (M), Event (E), Chaos (X) for a total of 6 icons The icons must be 64x64 pixels and in PNG format The best icons will somehow include the nerd.nu glasses logo to be consistant with our branding Icons do not need to be identical but sets that match will receive higher marks. Icons MUST conform to community rules Submissions will be accepted for 1 month, at which point they will be evaluated by head admins and icons that meet the requirements will be put to a vote. Post your submissions below (imgur links are preferred) Good luck!!
  13. Rokku117

    /me farts

    Hello Nerd.nu I don't know how many of you have seen my post on the subreddit linked here: https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/5f93j7/me_farts/?ref=share&ref_source=link For those who haven't seen it, whenever a player would type /me farts it kicks the player to the lobby and says nothing in chat. My problem with this, is that this appears to be targeted at one player specifically. I do not feel that that is right. Especially with no warning and no discussion. This is, from my position, and the position of a few other mods I have talked to, an abuse of power. Content-wise, /me farts really isn't that bad. Compared to all the other rules that I have actually seen broken in chat, such as doxxing, racism, and misogyny that goes unmoderated by staff, this is very tame, like third grade level tame. I mean sure, it can be annoying, but I could come up with a list of 20 things that have happened that are as or more "annoying" than /me farts This really has been an over-reaction on the admins end. Targeting players like this, and singleing out players can really have a detrimental effect on the community as a whole. If we went around changing and banning everything that we didn't like or that annoyed us, we wouldn't have much of a server. This hasn't been the only targeting of specific players recently, but I hope it to be the last If nothing changes, all I really ask from the admin team is an actual answer, and not to be called a "troll/drama causer/whatever" because I am not being one of those. I am a loyal peasant that wants to know what is going on in the Admin Kingdom that is Nerd.nu Cheers, RokkuCXVII
  14. My group has played and enjoyed KoTH, but like many players, we noticed an unfair advantage. Whichever team captures the beacon first will likely win the game. To counter this, I recommend having two beacons (hills) that must be captured. This way, both teams earn points as long as they keep at least one beacon each, but the real contest will be to capture the second beacon ... to have two beacons simultaneously earning points. This will be more player-friendly, more balanced and also more challenging, which may also require more teamwork. Just a suggestion.
  15. Hey all. I've been working on some neat things that I'm hoping to bring into the /r/mcpublic stylesheet soon and while i'm doing it I thought it would be a good time to find out a few bits of information from everyone. Please take a moment to fill out the survey, and if you have any additional comments please please please make them below. Thanks! - Silver
  16. After talking with some of you on Minigames about Division/Artifact, I've noticed enough requests that the sword should be moved to the leftmost slot to give hotbar rearrangement for those maps some thought. I'll be honest - I consider weapons in the middle of the hotbar to be the most optimal arrangement for my own PvP (I can't fight well with the sword on the left), which is why the player kit is arranged the way it is. However, for other maps in the rotations, the weapons are placed on the leftmost end of the hotbar, and I get the impression that most players are accustomed to that arrangement instead. So to gauge opinions informally, I've opened this poll to see what you think the hotbars on Division/Artifact should look like (as well as to ask if the colored blocks are useful). Please take a moment to weigh in - and feel free to suggest another arrangement in the comments if you don't believe the ones listed are great. I won't guarantee any sort of action based on the poll results or thread comments, but if there seems to be a clear consensus in the poll results and/or the comments I can certainly look into submitting an edited config to redwall for incorporation.
  17. Here have some Crep I drew For reasons https://drawception.com/player/576029/nateasand/drawings/1/
  18. Armor stands by default can be shoved around with pistons and such so that they are not centered, but sometimes you want them to be in a VERY specific spot and it just doesn't work. Please consider adding an additional command to StandMaster9000 that allows for fine-tuned placement of stands. The most straightforward way from a user-interface standpoint is, I think, to allow an offset argument, measured in meters (e.g. /stand offset 0.25 0.10 1.2) to a maximum of 2 meters offset. I was going to open an issue on the github as a feature request, but for whatever reason opening issues is not enabled on the standmaster github page for the public. https://github.com/NerdNu/StandMaster9000 (If there's already a way to fine-tune placement of armor stands, I'd love to hear about it. The best i could come up with was using pistons and fence gates/carpets and it's not really ideal)
  19. format: [you] throws [a(optional)] [food] [at username(optional)] example: Rdstonetrxz throws a banana peel example: RDstonetrxz throws spoiled-milk at someone (dont use 'someone') rules: 1> FOLLOW THE RULEZZZ 2> nothing too OP 3> no cursing/innapropriate content 4> if someone throws food at you then throw a coin or somethin and react/dont react 5> if the last thrown food doesnt have a target, then SOMEONE has to react 6> HAVE FUN OR WHATEVER start!!! RDstonetrxz throws a moldy-pizza
  20. Hardly anybody uses this subforum. Lots of ideas for improvements get discussed in global chat over the course of a revision. How many of those ideas actually get to the desk of the people who could make them happen? People are lazy. Who wants to go through the trouble of logging into a website and make a post for something that should already be on the server? Not a large fraction of people - and that's ok. So give these creative/brilliant/lazy gamers an easy way to give you, the admins, feedback in-game. Example: "/suggest please allow players to modreq fire spread in owned regions" this gets piped into a database, some script posts it to this suggestions forum, maybe the forum specific to the server the command was run in. The post can contain the username of the person suggesting it, a timestamp, etc. and the user gets a link to it. If they want to elaborate or clarify, they can post a response. Extra fancy but not required: give the user the option to receive notifications in-game if they get a response on the forums. Abuse of the command would be treated like we handle any other abuse of nerd services.
  21. If the staff were to either make creative a modified Minecraft server, or make another server that is modified with a creative game play style, what would you like to see? You can either list game mods, or just ideas for mods. Be specific, what would make the game better?
  22. Hey. So my PVP maps have definitely been popular in the past, and I've been creating some new ones. My current one, Garage, is taking a questionable amount of time for a warp req. Since I definitely plan to create more in the future, are there any plans of an equivalent of /warp PVP for the new rev? I know it was omitted probably due to its low popularity but I don't want my PvP maps possibly cluttering up the warp menu again. o/ edit: minor text fixes -niantic
  23. Some of the old lobbies were pretty neat. Please consider publishing them alongside the old map downlods for the different nerd servers on http://nerd.nu/backups/
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