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  1. I did post a picture, I'll just do the link: Teh Picture
  2. Booooo
  3. don't mess with the somewhat boss
  4. me rn it's too complicated
  5. it's because the water's muddy..
  6. Let me sit back, relax, and watch this unfold..
  7. I guess never mind...
  8. hey! I would say that this is a good idea! For some feed back: 1st, nerd created, as it could be sorta stealing almost. 2nd, I would say a whole word, judging by the feedback from the tree contest. 3rd, Yes, I would be interested in that, for planes, cars, etc. 4th, I would say a limit of 5 in every world, so people don't claim and/or do nothing in every plot.
  9. I'm baaaaaaaaaack! :D