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  1. Lobby Contest Voting!

    Yee boi
  2. Revision 33 Changeover Schedule

    2 questions- 1) will we be able to change the cardinal roads, like upgrade them? 2) will the warp things be protecced or no? kthxbye
  3. A Spooky Time of Year

  4. Creative Speed Build Winners

    @Silversunset01 okay AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAA (RANDOM RIOT NOISES) sorry for spam
  5. Creative Speed Build Winners

    @Silversunset01 pls update this or riot
  6. Welcome, Mewcifer! Our new Creative Admin!

    Fast time; become a mod in may, become a CAdmin in September. mod pls
  7. why would someone yell at you for hash tagging incorrectly?
  8. Subreddit CSS Overhaul

    Oh, it's that thing on the right where it has the subreddit details, where you post, flairs, the new player button, etc.
  9. Suggestion for New Forum Structure

    Yeah.. about that... I honestly don't like the new cleaner look of the forum now. Everything's too bright and in your face.. either make it more dark or change it bacc please. :L
  10. [Forum Game] Google image war!

    yes it does
  11. Subreddit CSS Overhaul

    I like what you're doing silver, but to me it looks really choppy and doesn't live up to the current one. My suggestions? Make the bars on the top an animation so they don't pop up without a smooth animation. Maybe change the taskbar on the right to make it cleaner? It does look crumpled up. Maybe change the sub-reddit bar on the top? You can do that stuff. It IS my own silly opinion, but I doubt all of these will happen.