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  1. Hey, I put on a study ban till Oct 2. Can I maybe get the account back now? thanks i will b cool
  2. why must everything you make look amazing chall fucking jesus give me those cooking/baking lessons
  3. A rather shite picture of me (left) and my dad on top of a mountain on the VA - WA state line.
  4. 1. Keep the same way the map is now, 50/50 worldpaint/normal, its pretty spicy. 2. I like the flat areas and smooth mountains, because it gives people an area to build without it being wonky or have it mowed down with w/e. 3. Bring back Port please. just bring it back. 4. Make the map 10k/10k. Since not as many people are playing the server frequently anymore, the map we have currently is just filled with empty spaces. Look back at like rev 28, which was filled with shit, which in my opinion is good. 5. lol 6. Make it 175 days. This rev felt like it's dragging on and on annnd onnnnnn. 7. Weekly Build is fun, no needed things here. 8. Speedbuild has always been a fun event, and it always has been. 9. Ugh, here comes my negatives. In my opinion, I don't really like Spleef. To me, it doesn't really get anymore players than what we have now, in fact, Speedbuild is getting more players. What I would do is make it teams again, just like back in the early days of it. 10. Aw hell yeah, have Group Build as a officially hosted event. 12. The rules are fine as is. 13. There is no 13. 13 is a lie. 14. I think removing the 10-block buffer zone was a good idea. 15. Yes yes yes yes oh dear Lord yes. 16. yes pretty spicy, i might add
  5. This had intercepted a Dr. Who broadcast in 1987 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Headroom_broadcast_signal_intrusion
  6. Trains! Any train! Passenger and frieght!
  7. aoh naoes sanicz is deds
  8. 2 questions- 1) will we be able to change the cardinal roads, like upgrade them? 2) will the warp things be protecced or no? kthxbye
  9. @Silversunset01 okay AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAA (RANDOM RIOT NOISES) sorry for spam
  10. @Silversunset01 pls update this or riot
  11. Fast time; become a mod in may, become a CAdmin in September. mod pls
  12. hmm
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