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  1. Between now and sometime around November (between late October to early December depending on competitions and play-offs), my activity will be extremely limited due to finishing up my senior year of marching band. For the most part I will be available Wednesday and Thursday/Friday afternoons (games vary between those days week to week) and almost always the weekend. Will always be available on slack, discord, etc. EDIT: Also will not likely be on till Sunday this week. In the mornings I have to practice for my SAT and in the afternoons and evenings I have rehearsal.
  2. I came to see what was up and all I did was get spooked
  3. As it has been over a month since appealing and you have yet to respond, I am going to close this appeal. Please reappeal when you are ready.
  4. Thanks! And yes please.
  5. I eat my cereal dry but with a nice glass of chocolate milk on the side--but if you're going to ask me like I'm a normal person, cereal first.
  6. y'all
  7. what's your favorite music genre? pineapple or no on your pizza? favorite/most admired art type (realism, semirealistic, cartoonist, abstract... etc.)? current favorite show/movie? favorite past time?
  8. im gonna close this since it's all good and done
  9. 4. I'll only address one thing out of this list, and that's cardinal roads. I would like them to more mimic the style of the roads uses in player cities for ease of connections aesthetically. Roads used in this current revision are good guidelines to go off of, I think. 6. Most non-griefer new players that I meet on a day to day basis are typically asking the same questions. "How do I get a plot? How do I claim a piece of land?" There should be some obvious spot in spawn (or a sign to teleport them there) that a player could go to and be clear on how they should get started. I believe WETutorial covered this briefly in one of the rooms, however, I think such a thing deserves it's own designated area to get the idea across. 8. I only ask for spawners based on my short lived intent to try my hand at a zoo this Rev in my city, but I found that the 6 pet limitation and the eventual despawn of said pets made it basically impossible. 9. This is more of a moderator issue than a player issue, but I believe that a 500 x 500 modreq claim should be open for moderators to handle if the player who requested has a known track record for filling up their plots, such as all the major city builders. Of course, if the moderator is not sure, I then believe it ought to be handled by the Cadmins. From what I hear, most good plot-filling players get a bit apprehensive when their request for a big chunk of land is elevated just for its size. 10. Speedbuild is fun and all, but it only comes once a week. While I don't have any game suggestions unfortunately, I do think that maybe one or two more scheduled games during the week would be a good impact on the server's population. It would give everyone a reason to be excited to come to C after a long day of work or school or something. 12. Designated spots wouldn't be a bad idea, though I think the player should have a say in the terrain they want if they're searching for something specific. For example, next rev I would be looking for a beach, a big flat (or relatively flat) field, and then a big mountain behind it all (for lore terrain accuracy more or less). But that just gets tedious for the cadmins developing the terrain. Other than that, I think how players incorporate their cities into the terrain and use said terrain to their advantage is undoubtedly interesting. So I suppose I'm sort of mixed here. 13. UM, HELL YEAH. I'm needy for the attention. And maybe it'll motivate me to actually finish projects... Hope I didn't miss anything. And I hope my answers made sense. I took the drowsy allergy meds tonight, so my English skills are probably garbage. Just let me know if there's anything you didn't understand.
  10. I did this project earlier on in the rev, maybe two or three months in. It's a relatively small cruise ship (most of the ones you find on PMC are absolutely massive), and considering that in-lore, Extalia (a fun made-up country made by Haiku, Tim, and I) is a small island country, so why not give it a nice fancy cruiseline? The top deck is a mess just because Holli once said "let's have a party after speedbuild" and I told her we should do it on my nice big "party boat". It's completely furnished, though not entirely lit up. There are ~8 floors to it. Hopefully next rev there'll be a bigger marina spot that I can park it at *cough* admins *cough* because I'm going to have it next rev too.
  11. So for the next few days and a majority of August I won't be around too much, I've procrastinated on memorizing my marching music and I'm having to pass it off last minute (;-;) and August begins band camp, so I won't say ill be inactive, just significantly less active than normal
  12. Really beautiful work :D
  13. Aaaaah thank you!! :P
  14. I feel as though this thread has gone unnoticed and unloved :/ So I'm just gonna drop some of my favorite screenshots of my city, Athel, on C rev 32 here, and hopefully other people will decide to do the same and showcase their own builds. Most of these builds are mine, though Haiku did a lot of the more elegant structures, like Parliament and the Palace. The backstreet cafe was a more collaborative thing we worked on together after our drug deal previous build ideas didn't quite work out. If you wanna see the whole thing for yourself, go to /warp Athel and explore about :D There's a lot more to the city than this, especially lore wise, but all of these just so happen to be my favorite spots and images of said spots. Shaders: Chocapic13 V6 High Resource Pack: Soartex Fanver Primary Builders: Mewcifer and Haiku Primary Lore Writer: DrTim58 Moral Support: Humidum and Andromeda4210
  15. Yes, you were banned on Creative, earlier this week, for mass griefing over the course of presumably a few months, as most of your edits so old that they were no longer registered in logblock. Upon rolling you back 60 days prior to your ban, I uncovered that you had destroyed a significant amount of builds in the redstone world, some of which had been completely wiped off of their plots. Very few edits were constructive, based on these screenshots, and almost all were destructive. Proof of your edits are shown here: (Apologies if the last two screenshots are unclear, it is simply outlining block edits you made within the 30 days prior to your ban. Shaders make it hard to see) Please take your time writing out your response, and please acknowledge what rules you broke in said response. If you're not sure, here are the rules: