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  1. Mewcifer > Astronomew
  2. The text reminded me of the video "history of the world, i guess" and "japanese history" so here, have a segway from space to Japan.
  3. Nearly 2 years ago (a year and 9 months to be precise) I received a note on crop grief on PvE. I feel this note is irrelevant now, especially considering I am no longer a P player (if I was ever considered one?). Not only that, but this does not define me as a general nerd player. I would like it to be removed, whenever any mod gets the chance to address it, please! Thanks! Thanks!
  4. I dunno. I guess a couple weeks? I guess just do what I'm told?? Weird questions, dude.
  5. My hentai sense. For both.
  6. My 9 TB of hentai, maybe some cats (???), and a helicopter to come rescue me.
  7. Yeah, I've only been playing for a few revs, and while I don't pay attention to chat very much (other than cc, etc), I agree the notifs are really annoying.
  8. ok
  9. plz ... I typed a paragraph about analyzing this sentence, and then I read it over, and it made no sense. So I'll leave you this: achieve true nirvana buy pampering yourself with a hot bucket of KFC. If I were a boy, I'd be able to tell you. But alas, I am not. Check your fucking privilege, scum.
  10. I really like the color mint. ... yes?
  11. I started playing Minecraft around 1.2.5? Maybe a month or two before then. My favorite server? Guess. Probably CS:GO or Portal 2.
  12. a japanese maple? dunno, but those are pretty.
  13. Thanks you guys!!! I didn't get notifs of replies but I did figure it out. Thank you all so much ;)
  14. About a week after the creative server updated to 1.9, I began crashing due to java versions being difficult with my game. I don't know how to fix it, and I've tried everything from cleaning out my .minecraft folder to uninstalling and reinstalling completely. I've looked it up, but since messing with Java settings isn't exactly my forte, can someone help out? Surely I'm not the only one who's had this issue. Thanks!! -Mewcifer