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  1. I spent some time last night going through old threads just reading comments and reminicing of the good times at Nerd. I ended up going through a bunch of old Survival threads from when we had to deal with the cretin that was MrLoud and I noticed something odd. In a lot of the threads, there were blatant gaps where comments had been removed and any replies or other traces to those comments had also been removed, or edited without leaving any kind of evidence of it. These comments often appeared to be from staff members, some of whom are still staff now. I'm pretty confused - Perhaps I'm being silly, but I don't seem to have the ability to delete (or even edit) my own comments that I've made, so what gives? Have certain staff members gone through old forum threads and used their mod powers to remove comments to save face? Is there some sort of public moderation log available to monitor that sort of stuff?
  2. Oh my.. Some of the comments on that ban amnesty thread were hilarious.
  3. Staff Page Order

    He could also be referring to the one Slide was apparently making at one point.
  4. Regarding my last thread

    He silently stepped down last week, hardly surprising that not everyone is aware of the change.
  5. Regarding my last thread

    This server is now a small community and the staff still treat it as if it is the big server it was two years ago. You create a divide between player and staff, and while that's the case, nothing will change. This very statement is one that supports my point. In these cases, a staff member helping the player would cause little to no work given the tools that they are provided, it would be a simple task that would help the player out and keep them happy. Evolving into being more community orientated would be a good move for Nerd, and now that he is gone, there's a very good opportunity to do that.
  6. The great PVP RING! [pve]

    Sounds like a great idea Uncey! Full support from me :)
  7. Survival closing event

    That's a shame. I'm sure with enough advertising of an event, enough people would have shown up to make it worth while.
  8. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Looks like a really cool and well planned out event! Is there a prize for the winner?
  9. Survival closing event

    Is there going to be an event to mark the closing of survival?
  10. CS:GO Tournament Info

    Can we get some disqualifications up in here?
  11. From when I was OP'd on Survival.
  12. CS:GO Tournament - Sign ups!

    may as well
  13. Survival Ideas and Suggestions | Survival Changelog

    Are Event Admins unable to help with events on Survival?
  14. Left for dead 2 anyone?