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  1. It does allow for keyword highlighting if I recall correctly. I used to use it to have my username appear in a bright color so I would see it if someone mentioned me in the sea of text on PvE that is easy to tune out sometimes.
  2. where's my old friend's list? where are my old status updates? i don't like the new forums appearance :(

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      used to have a pleasant green background on my profile. wonder if i can get that back

  3. Mumbearthrax -> Mumberthrax
  4. In this draft it is ambiguous whether the current practice of moderators or other staff creating nomination threads without the name being in the applyformod file is still possible. In this draft it should be clarified how long an interval must pass before a player can be nominated if their previous nomination has been denied due to no comments, majority neutral/negative comments, or "specific reasons for not being made moderator" It is desirable to have clarification on what the "specific reasons" may be and who puts those forth. If it is head admin discretion, then that should be clarified.
  5. Armor stands by default can be shoved around with pistons and such so that they are not centered, but sometimes you want them to be in a VERY specific spot and it just doesn't work. Please consider adding an additional command to StandMaster9000 that allows for fine-tuned placement of stands. The most straightforward way from a user-interface standpoint is, I think, to allow an offset argument, measured in meters (e.g. /stand offset 0.25 0.10 1.2) to a maximum of 2 meters offset. I was going to open an issue on the github as a feature request, but for whatever reason opening issues is not enabled on the standmaster github page for the public. (If there's already a way to fine-tune placement of armor stands, I'd love to hear about it. The best i could come up with was using pistons and fence gates/carpets and it's not really ideal)
  7. As I was unable to attend the meeting after all due to unexpected family matters, I would like to listen to the meeting. When will the recording be available?
  8. turns out I won't be able to attend the meeting after all.
  9. It's the default config for NerdSpawn to generate that welcome message. I don't know why the old admins originally changed it to the dash from the default welcome message - maybe they thought it was spammy? I know I mentioned to buzzie once that it'd be nice to have the default message as it seemed to encourage a more warm welcome on S having it than just the dash, but i don't remember if he said why they didn't change it back then.
  10. yep - i was able to add a poll to this thread. Thanks, Silver. :)
  11. When we transitioned from the uservoice website to the nerd forums suggestion subforums, it was convenient because it is centrally located, players don't have to create a new account on another site to use it, and we already have familiarity with moderation tools. One of the defining features of uservoice was/is that players/users can vote on those ideas/suggestions that are important to them. Our forum software provides the ability to host user polls on forum posts, and these are enabled for other subforums on, but are inexplicably disabled on the suggestions subforums - where it would make the most sense to have them enabled in order for the community to more easily offer feedback on suggestions made. Please enable the ability to host polls on posts to the suggestion subforums here.
  12. I'd like to discuss a modded minecraft server/event during the meeting. I'd like to both here and during the meeting invite players to offer their opinions through the poll on this thread: I'm specifically curious as to what level of interest our active playerbase has in playing modded minecraft together, and if there is sufficient interest whether the head admins are willing to support an experimental modded server attempt. (I'm thinking a brief event). I'd like to discuss an event idea I submitted previously (warning, long-winded post link which i should have re-written to be more succinct: and work as a community to design something that would be fun and engaging. I'd also like to discuss the suggestion forums, the /suggestion-box command, and ways that we can help the community to be more engaged in sharing their creative intelligence toward creating the kind of servers and community that we would enjoy.
  13. Mumberthrax -> Mumbearthrax