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  1. Hi Defiex. Thank you for responding. Would you be willing to specify exactly what rule you believe I violated, and what I specifically said or did which violated that rule? And are you willing to address the obvious lie that I threatened members of the community - or really any of the items I pointed out in my first appeal in response to your comment there?
  2. Just a 24 hour bump after my 48 hour one above. https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/2865-ban-appeal-policy/?do=findComment&comment=21999 According to Nerd.nu's ban appeal policy, after the 48 hour bump any staff member may attempt to contact Defiex, or presumably in this case any of the other remaining head admins if they are active, about the appeal. I'm not certain if this has happened, but would appreciate hearing if it does. It does appear at least that Pez is still actively moderating on the servers - good to know:
  3. 2 years, 5 months ago on Sept. 11, 2020, 1:24 p.m. I was banned by Defiex from the nerd.nu minecraft servers, as well as being banned from the nerd.nu discord by another head admin. I immediately appealed this ban as improper, the appeal was closed and locked by an admin. I requested the appeal be re-opened, and was denied. This was my first time being banned at nerd. I maintain that I did not violate any of the community rules at nerd.nu/rules. I maintain that the ban I was issued, "Advocating violence against members of the community." is libelous and unsubstantiated by the facts. However, I do think a temporary ban was warranted, even if the rules did not directly cover the situation, and generally was a good thing for me overall. I think the admins didn't know what to do, but they knew they didn't like the situation and I was at the center of it, so removing me made sense. I am sympathetic to this. Two and a half years has been plenty of time for me to cool down. Thank you. I'd like the ban to be reversed, and for my name to be cleared of the libel. I don't intend to cause any more trouble and have no real intention of hanging around in the politics channel of the discord server - I have far too many other discord servers to keep up with as it is. I would however enjoy being able to check out my friends' builds on the minecraft servers. Therefore I am appealing this ban once more. Relevant links: https://mcbouncer.com/userban/14365686 https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/5780-mumberthrax-defiex https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/5823-mumberthrax-defiex-please-re-open-my-previous-appeal-so-that-i-may-respond I have read nerd.nu/rules and they do not seem to have changed substantially if at all since I was last a server admin here. I have also re-familiarized myself with the following policy documents: https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/2865-ban-appeal-policy/ https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/2908-community-interaction-policy/ https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/4576-policy-update-ban-durations/ https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/1199-expectations-for-staff/ https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/437-ac-pmc-community-and-what-that-means/#comment-3113 https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/7166-outside-conduct-policy/ As well as these admin discussions of which I was a part - the public did not have access to these and had no input so every comment (or lack of dissent) comes from a nerd admin at the time: https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/2574-ac-mass-ban-amnesty/ https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/2836-ac-propsal-for-overhaul-of-ban-systempolicy/ If I were to make an addition to nerd.nu/rules which would cover the situation I was involved in, it would be something like: "Chill the fuck out. If you are getting too agitated by stuff, calm down and walk away. Keep it up and you get a timeout/temp-ban. A little grace goes a long way." I'm sure the grammar could be improved. - Mumberthrax Edit: man, I'm reading through the copypaste that Pez posted of some of the chat logs and you guys were really piling on me hard, especially Fazaden with rapidly changing the subject before the last one got finished. I know tensions were high and all, but jeeze. It's almost like I was some kind of dancing monkey you were entertained by, and I was stupidly obliging by trying to answer every question. Kind of glad I didn't read it before writing the above or I'd probably be all frazzled and irritated. xD tbh I felt a lot more agitated than I think I appear to be from the logs, so maybe my rule proposal wouldn't work after all.
  4. Please re-open my previous appeal so that I may respond. https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/5780-mumberthrax-defiex/ My previous appeal post was closed before the banning staff member (Head Admin Defiex) explained her actions. Head Admin Pez posted in the thread despite this section of the Ban Appeal Policy: https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/2865-ban-appeal-policy/ I did not respond to Pez at the time because it was not Defiex, the banning admin, and Pez did not assert that he was speaking for her or that he was taking over the ban. If Pez is now responsible for the ban, then I would like to reply to his statement in my appeal, rather than create a separate new thread and disrupt the continuity of the appeal process.
  5. No, I was not. Yes, and disdain is not a violation of nerd.nu/rules. This also is not true, and it isn't a violation of nerd.nu/rules. This is irrelevant, and out of context. Repeating the same false statement to make the list of supposed justifications appear weightier only works on people who can't think. If you have to redefine what a joke is before the evidence is even presented, then you do not believe in the strength of your primary claim. This defeats the entire purpose of the appeal section of the forums to deny an appeal before it is even able to be made - telling me that I cannot make an appeal before I even knew what it is that I had done to warrant the ban, much less providing evidence of such. This appeals process was meant to keep the staff accountable to the player base, but each line of your response appears intended to obfuscate and evade that very purpose. Two lies three things which are irrelevant one item intentionally taken out of context to create a false impression of the conversation a prophylactic redefinition of humor an explicit rejection of the process meant to held staff accountable and nothing concrete for me to even address such as a specific quote, or a copy of the logs. It doesn't look good. In fact it looks desperate. To be clear, I'm saying as someone who has been an admin on these servers, and as someone who has been targeted by admins abusing their powers multiple times in the past, that this head admin team are not doing their jobs properly and the community should take note. Why the desperation?
  6. I noticed the other day that I no longer had access to the nerd.nu Discord server. I checked MCBouncer, and saw no ban for my account. Didn't have time to do anything yesterday, but today I double-checked MCBouncer and saw a minecraft ban was issued from Head Admin Defiex a day later. https://archive.vn/3OPRo I can recall only twice where I advocated violence, both in the #politics channel for nerd.nu's discord server over the past few days. Once was against pedophiles under the hypothetical scenario which Head Admin Fazaden invited my opinion on where all credible government, law enforcement, and judicial systems have broken down - and another was where I stated that I believe abortion (the killing of children inside of a pregnant woman's uterus) is genocide and thus people who perform abortions should be subject to the death penalty. If it were the case that someone at nerd is a pedophile or an abortionist, then I could understand how this advocacy would apply to "members of the community". To my recollection none of the people I was engaged with at the time have explicitly admitted in public to being either. Both assertions on my part are comparable - in the case where there is a judicial system and system of government which are deemed credible by the people governed, I support the death penalty as a law for pedophiles and for people who kill unborn children - in much the same way that I support and will openly advocate for the death penalty for people convicted for mass murders, rape, etc.
  7. I'm going to reiterate this in the clearest, most unambiguous language I can presently muster - thanks to Flumper for helping me to realize there are more people without a sense of humor than i actually realized: By making this expression into a forbidden word, every time anyone thinks about it being banned, they will more strongly form the association in their minds eye the notion that autistic people cannot control their tempers and are subjects of mockery and embarrassment. YOU are responsible for the reinforcement of this image if you set this phrase apart. To those without a legitimate sense of humor who actually took offense to my jibes in my original comment: understand that the topic is serious, and I forgive you for not getting the humor I attempted to employ. To Flumper, stop being a dick to funny people and autistic people.
  8. Flumper, I'm going to temporarily disregard the offense I feel at your patronizing tone and attempts at mind-reading and apparent lack of a sense of humor. I skirted around the meat of the trick going on here in order to avoid creating imagery that might be triggering, but its apparent that I need to go straight to it: By saying this word means this offensive thing, you are directly harming autistic people. Let me say that again: by making this expression into something people associate with guilt or shame on a *demographic-wide level*, you are yourself suggesting that autistic people have a predisposition to antisocial behavior and should feel personally offended and shamed by this word. You appear to be entirely missing the purpose of the healing aspect of humor as an evolutionary process for mediating the offense out of the expression. The world we all would prefer to live in is one where these words have no power to harm, where misconduct is treated the same no matter who you are, and poison is neutralized entirely by a laugh. If a child is lashing out due to pain they've been subjected to, there is no need to take that and double the pain for all by unwittingly meddling with the cultural mechanisms that are desperately seeking to bring psychological balance. If you took personal offense at the suggestion that being unable to understand humor, and then meddling with things you don't understand, makes you a nincompoop, then I apologize for your lack of ability to detect the humor and utter void of tangible malice in that very statement. I took offense at what YOU said about ME, but I can dispel that by pointing out that you're making yourself into a joke by being a soccermod. There is still hope for you - if you read these words and meditate on them, I am sure you will grow to realize that your own soft bigotry can be set aside for the betterment of society, in particular for the demographic you claim to want to protect.
  9. First posted here: https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/aij9pz/pve_suggestion_box_responses_for_rev_23_1/ef5spbi/?context=3 https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=REEE "Reee" is an internet meme. It has its ancient origins in an attempt to insult people who cannot control their temper who happen to be autistic - it has long since evolved past that, stripped out the old offensive elements, to refer merely to people who cannot control their temper/emotions, and in particular is a sort of self-parody used by the speaker to mock himself or herself after or during a moment of mild distress. An example usage would be "Normies get out! REEE!" when someone who is heavily addicted to memes encounters someone who doesn't live in their mom's basement. It is the memester being self-deprecating, making fun of himself/herself for being part of an insular culture that is rife with absurdity that benefits society and humanity at large in a questionably miniscule degree - if at all. Another example might be, "Darn phantoms got me again. Reee!" It is not serious, it is a mild annoyance since dying by phantoms is a common annoyance, but hardly a serious setback for most players. It mocks the player affected by the phantom's being annoying zergers. In both of these examples, which are almost archetypal in their form for the use of the meme/exclamation, there is no malice involved, no offense intended, no connection in the least to autism or any other demographic (except normal, well-adjusted normies - which are in fact not the target of the parody in its use in that case). The target of the parody, the only negative aspect of the meme/exclamation, is the person expressing it. There is precisely ONE exception to the above, and that is a variant in which a person attempts to use the exclamation in order to mock someone else - this is antiquated and generally itself indicates the user of the meme has a low meme-IQ, so ultimately is still a form of self-parody, but without the user being cognizant. This can lead to some confusion, but ultimately is harmless. This is the one case where I personally do not mind the USER being moderated for their USE of language to attempt to harass/insult. HOWEVER: there is an exception to this exception, and that is when it is used in a playful, teasing manner, where it is a parody of this exception - say your friend is killed by a phantom and whines a little bit, and you tell him/her "reee, time to sleep". This is a less common, but entirely trivial use of the meme - comparable to "waahh, time to sleep". It might be considered rude, but it really depends on the relationship and the mood of the people involved in the interaction. This is my assessment of the phrase. I could be totally wrong, but I don't think I'm off by much if any. Anyone who thinks "reee" is offensive is a soccer mom busybody virtue signalling normie, the cancer that is killing our civilization - comparable to article 13 which bans memes in the EU. If you only think its offensive because someone else told you it is, then you still have a chance at redemption into the realm of well-adjusted non-soccer-mom normies - just read what I've written above and consider that sometimes your associates are mistaken. So, having read the above, if the phrase is unbanned then the entire gaming community of nerd.nu (at least those with the ability to read, and with a sense of humor {which connotes intelligence}) will know and recognize that the staff of nerd.nu is run by competent, reasonable, clever and funny admins, techadmins, and moderators, who are incredibly attractive and deserving of respect and all the best in life. However, if after reading the above, every admin, techadmin, moderator (yes that means you!) does NOT unban the meme/exclamation "reee", then you will all be perceived by the entirety of the sensible nerd.nu gaming community as humorless, willfully-ignorant, and dare I say, nincompoops - normies of the lowest form, a pox on fun and perhaps worst of all... turning a harmless and societally stabilizing source of humor BACK into it's earliest proto-forms before it had offensiveness stripped out of it. That choice is yours, moderators, administrators, techadmins. IF you want to be seen as nincompoop willfully ignorant creators of pain and misery for not only memesters but people on the autism spectrum as well, fun-suckers without the intelligence to understand humor (or even pretend to get it), that's your decision. But if you want to be seen as great, as attractive and with-it, as intelligent and literate, competent and reasonable , and most of all, sensitive to the psychological harm your actions can cause to people susceptible to the toxic form of this word when separated from its humor-mediated evolution into its present form, then the phrase itself will be unbanned, and normal rules against harassment will suffice for moderating people who misuse ANY words in our language (or memeluage) to intentionally harm another. It's simpler, it requires less work, easier rules, less bureaucracy, less drama, and less annoyance, and will boost your credibility. Why create work for yourself when there's no benefit, when the only benefit is entirely imaginary due to unintentional ignorance? Wiser to make your job easier, and eliminate unnecessary tension like with a wave of a magic wand in your hand.
  10. the sign atop one of the towers with a gold and blue sphere states something like "globalism isn't bad". another sign near the throne room refers to hussars, which may or may not relate to recent political memes about polish winged hussars defending against muslim invasion. The latter may be benign, the former is distinctly political.
  11. I hope that the political sign(s) and testicle will be removed from texb's build before it goes live. neither are really appropriate.
  12. had another thought re: 6. rules/signs/newbie-intro. a while back dumbo made this suggestion about using books: and i made the /book commands as a technical implementation of most of it. This could be one option for making a simple, to-the-point guide for new players which could be added to inventory on firstjoin the same way the rules book is. all that would be required is like one line of code copied and edited (or the books.msa file edited to allow an admin to mark certain books as firstjoin books, but that's slightly more initial work) This is a system that already exists in the server cconfigs that would seem to fit the need well enough, without the effort of designing a tutorial area (though obviously there are some benefits to having a visual tutorial over a written one).
  13. 6. i think the rules and signs are mostly fine, but I'm not a new player so I may not be best at giving input on this. probably good to weight input from newer players more on this question. i suppose we could have an in-game tutorial command that walks players through the information to various FAQs in the chat window - just as long as it's not cumbersome. but that might take away from the charm of players actively explaining stuff to newbies if they're instead just told "run /help" or whatever command. I will say maybe there ought to be a /commands command or something. to list all of the novel commands available. that or http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Commands could be updated with all the CH/etc. commands edit: also, i do think a newbie tutorial area might be cool, if it were done well. i don't think it HAS to be done, but it might be cool. edit: i would suggest one rule change: allow potions. please. at the very least allow them in specific regions with admin/mod approved flags. it would make pvp arenas much better, and testing minigame maps much better as well. 8. as far as I'm aware, the only argument against letting players have more pets would be any lag that it might produce. i doubt very much that increasing the limit to anything below, say, 30, would pose a risk. I might be wrong. i suppose if several players brought all of their pets to one location it might cause issues - but ideally a technical solution to that would be that if >x pets are in a chunk at a time, they start despawning - but are still available in the player's pet list to respawn elsewhere. I think at the very least increasing from 6 to 15 might be okay with no changes to prevent edge cases. I think spawners would be nice if they can spawn monsters or if admin-placed ones can have custom metadata for making clever dungeons or challenge courses/puzzles - especially on the minigame planning world. I understand the server is set to peaceful, so this would mean it would need to be at the very least set to easy, and WG set to deny monster spawns in the global region, with the specific region in which the spawner is to be used having an override for that flag. 10. i like speedbuild. more events might be fun. not necessarily all admin-run, but maybe admin-facilitated. I think if there were some way for the warring groups to have proper battles in special events, that might be exciting. I'm not sure what sort of plugins would be needed to enable that - it would need at least a special arena of some sort in which builds could be pasted. this would be especially cool in the space world, i think. and some means of enabling weaponry to induce explosions in enemy vessels. maybe some sort of turn-based system with copy-pasting units and implementing explosions xD. it'd probably need a tech to do work though so not something the cadmins could easily do on their own. or i guess if it was turn based, it could be run with a cadmin team doing the moving and enforcing the rules. I also think it would be fun to have some build schools, maybe redstone classes or design classes. not sure how that would work, and it wouldn't necessarily have to be cadmin-run, just would need someone or some multiple ones to teach, draw up a curriculum and plan to manage the events/classes. maybe just like little workshops or something. we've got some really talented builders on C who have the artisan skills - maybe whoever runs the classes/workshop events can coax individuals to give classes on their style of doing X or Y. I suppose there is a potential there for argument if there are artistic differences in opinion, but ideally whoever is running things would be able to smooth that out, especially after a few trials and developing experience. the redstone one might be a lot easier, especially if it's the basics, since it's pretty much all technical. maybe a worldedit class. etc. I think if the classes were done well, even some PvE players might be interested. I personally think it'd be REALLY cool if there were some big projects that we could do together like making an adventure map or something. That might really be something that players would have to organize on their own, but if it were to happen ideally the cadmins could be collaborated with to supply the space or whatever else, within reason. not exactly an event per se, but a community project i guess. Just something big for everyone to work on. Managing how work would be apportioned out, who would be allowed to do what, how newbies would be involved or how people would be set to where their skills are strongest... that would be tricky, hence why it might ought not be a cadmin-led thing, but perhaps cadmin-advised/facilitated... anyway, just a thought right now. definitely would need fleshing out to ensure it was functional and reduce the potential for drama and conflict in its process. 12. I'm not really a city builder so i have no opinion on this.
  14. now that I've thought about this a little more, I think the real reason why I prefer it being consolidated is so that when an admin comes along who really does want to improve things and solicit community feedback, all the suggestions are in one place for them to slurp up and implement. I think the community ought to have an easy way to view that too. Maybe a tag/flair would be best if people/mods remember to use it, though i worry it will be out of sight, out of mind compared to having a subforum set aside specifically for it. Other than the suggestions forum matter for which I'm not sure which way is best, I think your overall plan sounds like a good one, Zomise.
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