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  1. Lobby Contest Voting!

    the sign atop one of the towers with a gold and blue sphere states something like "globalism isn't bad". another sign near the throne room refers to hussars, which may or may not relate to recent political memes about polish winged hussars defending against muslim invasion. The latter may be benign, the former is distinctly political.
  2. Lobby Contest Voting!

    I hope that the political sign(s) and testicle will be removed from texb's build before it goes live. neither are really appropriate.
  3. Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    had another thought re: 6. rules/signs/newbie-intro. a while back dumbo made this suggestion about using books: and i made the /book commands as a technical implementation of most of it. This could be one option for making a simple, to-the-point guide for new players which could be added to inventory on firstjoin the same way the rules book is. all that would be required is like one line of code copied and edited (or the books.msa file edited to allow an admin to mark certain books as firstjoin books, but that's slightly more initial work) This is a system that already exists in the server cconfigs that would seem to fit the need well enough, without the effort of designing a tutorial area (though obviously there are some benefits to having a visual tutorial over a written one).
  4. Revision 33 Poll & Feedback!

    6. i think the rules and signs are mostly fine, but I'm not a new player so I may not be best at giving input on this. probably good to weight input from newer players more on this question. i suppose we could have an in-game tutorial command that walks players through the information to various FAQs in the chat window - just as long as it's not cumbersome. but that might take away from the charm of players actively explaining stuff to newbies if they're instead just told "run /help" or whatever command. I will say maybe there ought to be a /commands command or something. to list all of the novel commands available. that or http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Commands could be updated with all the CH/etc. commands edit: also, i do think a newbie tutorial area might be cool, if it were done well. i don't think it HAS to be done, but it might be cool. edit: i would suggest one rule change: allow potions. please. at the very least allow them in specific regions with admin/mod approved flags. it would make pvp arenas much better, and testing minigame maps much better as well. 8. as far as I'm aware, the only argument against letting players have more pets would be any lag that it might produce. i doubt very much that increasing the limit to anything below, say, 30, would pose a risk. I might be wrong. i suppose if several players brought all of their pets to one location it might cause issues - but ideally a technical solution to that would be that if >x pets are in a chunk at a time, they start despawning - but are still available in the player's pet list to respawn elsewhere. I think at the very least increasing from 6 to 15 might be okay with no changes to prevent edge cases. I think spawners would be nice if they can spawn monsters or if admin-placed ones can have custom metadata for making clever dungeons or challenge courses/puzzles - especially on the minigame planning world. I understand the server is set to peaceful, so this would mean it would need to be at the very least set to easy, and WG set to deny monster spawns in the global region, with the specific region in which the spawner is to be used having an override for that flag. 10. i like speedbuild. more events might be fun. not necessarily all admin-run, but maybe admin-facilitated. I think if there were some way for the warring groups to have proper battles in special events, that might be exciting. I'm not sure what sort of plugins would be needed to enable that - it would need at least a special arena of some sort in which builds could be pasted. this would be especially cool in the space world, i think. and some means of enabling weaponry to induce explosions in enemy vessels. maybe some sort of turn-based system with copy-pasting units and implementing explosions xD. it'd probably need a tech to do work though so not something the cadmins could easily do on their own. or i guess if it was turn based, it could be run with a cadmin team doing the moving and enforcing the rules. I also think it would be fun to have some build schools, maybe redstone classes or design classes. not sure how that would work, and it wouldn't necessarily have to be cadmin-run, just would need someone or some multiple ones to teach, draw up a curriculum and plan to manage the events/classes. maybe just like little workshops or something. we've got some really talented builders on C who have the artisan skills - maybe whoever runs the classes/workshop events can coax individuals to give classes on their style of doing X or Y. I suppose there is a potential there for argument if there are artistic differences in opinion, but ideally whoever is running things would be able to smooth that out, especially after a few trials and developing experience. the redstone one might be a lot easier, especially if it's the basics, since it's pretty much all technical. maybe a worldedit class. etc. I think if the classes were done well, even some PvE players might be interested. I personally think it'd be REALLY cool if there were some big projects that we could do together like making an adventure map or something. That might really be something that players would have to organize on their own, but if it were to happen ideally the cadmins could be collaborated with to supply the space or whatever else, within reason. not exactly an event per se, but a community project i guess. Just something big for everyone to work on. Managing how work would be apportioned out, who would be allowed to do what, how newbies would be involved or how people would be set to where their skills are strongest... that would be tricky, hence why it might ought not be a cadmin-led thing, but perhaps cadmin-advised/facilitated... anyway, just a thought right now. definitely would need fleshing out to ensure it was functional and reduce the potential for drama and conflict in its process. 12. I'm not really a city builder so i have no opinion on this.
  5. Suggestion for New Forum Structure

    now that I've thought about this a little more, I think the real reason why I prefer it being consolidated is so that when an admin comes along who really does want to improve things and solicit community feedback, all the suggestions are in one place for them to slurp up and implement. I think the community ought to have an easy way to view that too. Maybe a tag/flair would be best if people/mods remember to use it, though i worry it will be out of sight, out of mind compared to having a subforum set aside specifically for it. Other than the suggestions forum matter for which I'm not sure which way is best, I think your overall plan sounds like a good one, Zomise.
  6. Suggestion for New Forum Structure

    and why does the suggestion-box command exist in its current form? because it was posted on the suggestions forum. :P I agree that the suggestions forum is under-utilized, and the suggestion-box command is not a cure-all. It's one tool in a set of feedback avenues for players if one wishes to make a quick suggestion or wish to remain pseudo-anonymous. It lacks transparency and accountability, and it lacks the opportunity for community dialogue and refinement of a suggestion, and the option to associate a poll (arguably it lacks space for more complicated ideas, but someone could theoretically include a pastebin link). While this could take place in the general discussion forums for each server, I still contend that it's wise to keep feedback and suggestion topics consolidated in some fashion. Maybe through some sort of aggregating forum which mirrors posts with a specific tag or something - i don't really know what the forum software is capable of. But really, if the complaint is lack of activity here, it might be the same issue as in the past - people who *might* be inclined to post here don't know about it. Maybe amending /suggestion-box's text readout to the player to include information about this forum could be good. On C there's an alert about /suggestion-box, but I'm not sure if there's one about the suggestions subforum. Is the same true on P? I think one reason why *I* in particular don't use the suggestion forums these days is frustration with my suggestions being ignored or dismissed for a year or so, only to be implemented without comment later on. Perhaps if the admins were historically more open to community ideas in general instead of sticks in the mud, the community would be less reticent.
  7. Suggestion for New Forum Structure

    the suggestions subforum exists because uservoice was not being used by head admins or users. throwing it out entirely is not advisable. keeping the suggestions consolidated is a good thing.
  8. A question about one of the approved mods.

    It does allow for keyword highlighting if I recall correctly. I used to use it to have my username appear in a bright color so I would see it if someone mentioned me in the sea of text on PvE that is easy to tune out sometimes.
  9. where's my old friend's list? where are my old status updates? i don't like the new forums appearance :(

    1. Mumberthrax


      used to have a pleasant green background on my profile. wonder if i can get that back

  10. Staff Name Change Update Thread

    Mumbearthrax -> Mumberthrax
  11. Draft Nomination Process

    In this draft it is ambiguous whether the current practice of moderators or other staff creating nomination threads without the name being in the applyformod file is still possible. In this draft it should be clarified how long an interval must pass before a player can be nominated if their previous nomination has been denied due to no comments, majority neutral/negative comments, or "specific reasons for not being made moderator" It is desirable to have clarification on what the "specific reasons" may be and who puts those forth. If it is head admin discretion, then that should be clarified.
  12. Armor stands by default can be shoved around with pistons and such so that they are not centered, but sometimes you want them to be in a VERY specific spot and it just doesn't work. Please consider adding an additional command to StandMaster9000 that allows for fine-tuned placement of stands. The most straightforward way from a user-interface standpoint is, I think, to allow an offset argument, measured in meters (e.g. /stand offset 0.25 0.10 1.2) to a maximum of 2 meters offset. I was going to open an issue on the github as a feature request, but for whatever reason opening issues is not enabled on the standmaster github page for the public. https://github.com/NerdNu/StandMaster9000 (If there's already a way to fine-tune placement of armor stands, I'd love to hear about it. The best i could come up with was using pistons and fence gates/carpets and it's not really ideal)
  13. Minigames "Monday" - input needed