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  1. Just posting the actual notes for reference: schererererer (cont'd) circumventing caps spam filter 2 years, 1 month ago schererererer muted for disrupting chat after 3 warnings, verbal abuse toward players/staff, 2 years, 1 month ago jchance Muted for cussing at other player in chat, being a dick, and calling everyone stupid 2 years, 1 month ago Trooprm32 Muted for 1 week, until Nov 29th. 2 years, 5 months ago schererererer warned about minor harassment via messaging other players 2 years, 5 months ago Sapphric Warned repeatedly for inappropriate topics in chat. 2 years, 5 months ago
  2. The wonderful Challenger2 has added the commands /alert on and /alert off, which do what you would expect.
  3. Per some user suggestions, we've removed the "Map is saving" messages.
  4. Since your ban is pretty old and your banning mod is no longer on staff, I've unbanned you. I hope you really want to play fairly now. Please refresh yourself on the rules and enjoy your time on our servers.
  5. I'm glad you've read and agree to follow the rules. Even if a build doesn't look important, anything that you didn't make you shouldn't mess with. Unbanned.
  6. The list of WorldEdit restricted blocks has been changed. Blocks that are now usable in WE: **(#6) – Saplings **(#10) – Flowing Lava **(#11) – Sill Lava **(#27) – Powered rail **(#28) – Detector Rail **(#29) – Sticky Piston **(#31) – Dead Shrub/Grass/Fern **(#32) – Dead bush **(#33) – Piston **(#34) – Piston Head **(#36) – Piston Extension **(#37) – Dandelion **(#38) – Flowers **(#39) – Brown Mushroom **(#40) – Red Mushroom **(#50) – Torch **(#51) – Fire **(#59) – Wheat Crops **(#69) – Lever **(#75) – Redstone Torch (off) **(#76) – Redstone Torch (on) **(#77) – Stone Button **(#81) – Cactus **(#83) – Sugar Canes **(#212) – Frosted Ice **(#328) – Minecart **(#342) – Minecart w/ Chest **(#343) – Minecart w/ Furnace **(#408) – Minecart w/ Hopper
  7. The Cadmin team has decided to loosen the restrictions on banned WorldEdit blocks.. The updated list can be viewed here. To summarize the new policy: All blocks that are globally banned or restricted to staff placement are banned in WE, excluding flowing water and lava TNT and Beds can be placed by hand but not with WE All other blocks can be placed with WE List of blocks that were previously banned in WE but are now usable: **(#6) – Saplings**(#10) – Flowing Lava**(#11) – Sill Lava **(#27) – Powered rail**(#28) – Detector Rail**(#29) – Sticky Piston**(#31) – Dead Shrub/Grass/Fern**(#32) – Dead bush**(#33) – Piston**(#34) – Piston Head**(#36) – Piston Extension**(#37) – Dandelion**(#38) – Flowers**(#39) – Brown Mushroom**(#40) – Red Mushroom**(#50) – Torch**(#51) – Fire**(#59) – Wheat Crops**(#69) – Lever**(#75) – Redstone Torch (off)**(#76) – Redstone Torch (on)**(#77) – Stone Button**(#81) – Cactus**(#83) – Sugar Canes**(#212) – Frosted Ice**(#328) – Minecart**(#342) – Minecart w/ Chest**(#343) – Minecart w/ Furnace**(#408) – Minecart w/ Hopper These changes are live. We hope these changes allow everyone to build easier. If you have any questions feel free to contact any Cadmin or file a modreq. Thanks! -The Cadmin Team
  8. schererererer warned for using 'autistic preteens' as a pejorative 1 year, 11 months ago Seeing as its been almost two years and I've been on my best behavior since I was hoping I could get this note removed.
  9. //setbiome has been temporarily disabled for players due to players being able to use it outside of their regions. Players can still modreq to have their biomes changed.
  10. Hello! It's time for voting on the Speedbuild Arena Contest. Thank you very much to the people who participated. Voting will run from now through Friday night. While I am providing pictures, I highly encourage you to go visit the builds in person on C at /warp sbacontest before voting. 2D pictures often don't do a 3D build justice. The winner will be put into the map and used for all our Speedbuild Contests for the rest of the revision. Floating Islands Bee Hive Birthday Cake Good luck to the contestants, and happy voting! -The Cadmin Team
  11. The contest has been extended one week, now ending on the 31st. The contest world will be transfered over to the new rev.
  12. We'll put in the redstone for the fireworks.
  13. First of all, thank you to everyone who contributed feedback to our feedback thread. We'll be taking it into consideration as we make the new rev. Now, I'm excited to announce that Revision 32 of Creative will be launching on Saturday, January 28th! I'm also excited to announce that we'll be holding a Speed Build Arena contest for the new rev, information located here. Here's a sneak preview of the map that Bardidley is making us using a fancy new tool called WorldMachine, which works in conjunction with WorldPainter. Don't worry, he assured me there are flat parts of the map too. More information on the Revision as well as the changeover schedule will be posted closer to launch date. ~The Cadmin Team
  14. New things are always nice, so with the new rev we'd like to have a new Speed Build Arena (even though the current one is great). Contest Details: - The contest will run from right now until 11:59pm EST on January 24th 31st. Voting will be on the 25th and 26th. - The community will vote for their favorites during the final days of the current revision and the winning arena will be revealed in Rev 32! How to Participate: - Contest will take place on - Enter the contest with /warp sbacontest - Find and stand in an empty plot and type /nerdplot claim - You may use World Edit within your plot. - You may add other players to your plot with /rg addowner <plotname> <username> Building Guidelines: - Arena plots are 250 x 250 - Your arena must have at LEAST 16 plots. More is fine. - The arena building plots must be at LEAST 25 x 25. Larger is fine. - Can be any theme you want. - All server rules apply, of course. Feel free to ask any questions here. Have tons of fun and be creative! -Cadmin team
  15. We sent a letter to Santa and made sure he won't go to anyone's houses who are doing Speedbuild until they go to bed.