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  1. (Sorry I couldn't think of a witty stepping down post title.) Suggested listening. It's no secret I haven't been around much lately. I've been pretty busy since this summer with working and going back to school full time. I've also been playing Minecraft since back when it was a free browser game, so it feels like time for a break. I'd been looking to step down for a while now but wanted to make sure I was leaving things in good hands. The current heads definitely care a lot about this community and the people in it, so I feel like I can do that now. Many people have told me their favorite part of Nerd is the community, and I definitely agree with that. This is probably the best online community I've ever been a part of. I've made some friends here that I'll keep in touch with for the rest of my life. Thanks to everyone who has been part of my time here.
  2. I will be in away in rural America from August 9-12. May have slack but cell reception is spotty.
  3. ieuweh has requested to step down to moderator and her permissions have been updated. Zomise has stepped down from staff completely and her permissions have been updated.
  4. ElectroTheDragon Griefing on C. nerd.nu/appeal 4 years, 4 months ago c.nerd.nu I removed the duplicate thread. Since it's been over four years we'll just unban you. Make sure to refresh yourself on the rules before joining. Happy playing!
  5. Baring some sort of major catastrophe, the 2018 Fundraiser will be August 3rd-5th. It'll be running on 1.12.2. More info will come closer to the event, but for now here's a teaser image.
  6. Dragon fight: My biggest disappointment was when the EOF fell in fire, so I'm glad that's been fixed already. It was a pretty negative experience to go through killing the dragon and not getting the reward. I think the idea of spawning mobs during the fight is good, but could be tweaked some. Maybe instead of spawning mobs when the dragon is hit, a fixed amount could be spawned when the dragon does his "down" phase. Could even increase the number that spawns in each subsequent phase, or cycle through different sets of mobs. One thing that would also be nice is if there are mobs in future fights, is that they be killed when the dragon is. I've gone to the end platform a few times and seen a ton of blazes around. It'd also make that more in line with boss fights in other games (like WoW) where when the main boss is killed its adds are killed too. I think that'd make the victory moment feel more rewarding not having to clean up a bunch of leftover mobs and being able to get the reward more immediately. I'll be honest in that I didn't have anything specific in mind for the item drops, and I'm not really coming up with anything right now. I'll keep it in mind and edit something in if I think of it. This is probably an unpopular opinion because a lot of people love mending, and I use it because it's in the game and it's really handy, but there's just something that feels wrong about it to me. Before mending gear lasted a while, but over time you'd have to use your diamonds to repair it and eventually it'd be too expensive so you'd have to make new gear. It gave you something to do with your diamonds once you already had all your gear. Since you couldn't just mend up a pick as you mined larger projects would require you to make multiple picks, or to go back to a place to repair the one you were using. With mending I could mine out literally the entire map with one pick if I had the time. Less hyperbolically, I've mined all the way from Straya to spawn with the same pick in one trip. I've had the same set of armor and tools since the first month of the rev. Diamonds have become one of those things you have a bunch of but have no use for. Gear, including elytra, is something you never have to replace unless you die in lava. A lot of people seem to want elytra to be easier to obtain next rev. If that happens, I don't think it'd be unreasonable to make mending and unbreaking exclusive. They could still be repaired with phantom membranes, and it would get people to kill the dragon or whatever will get you an elytra next rev more than just the once to get it initially and only again if they die in lava. U3 gives an elytra about 30 minutes of glide time. Items can be repaired in an anvil up to 6 times, so getting one elytra with U3 would still give about 3 hours of glide time which is quite a lot. The same argument could be applied to all gear with mending really, but I'm sure I'm in the minority on not liking it so probably wouldn't be good to do that for all gear. It's a core part of survival minecraft (or was anyways) that things break and you have to replace them. It'd be nice to have some of that back.
  7. Spawn The exits from spawn are clear which is good. I also liked the exits in all cardinal directions. In revs with an exit in only one direction the other sides of the map tend to end up neglected. The museum of old builds was really cool. Not as laggy as the apartment building was but still a bit laggy. A smaller spawn might be nice for something different. One portal is good. Map Everything is very far apart due to how big the map is. My nearest neighbor is about 1k blocks away. I think the map could be a good deal smaller while still leaving plenty of room for everyone to build what they want, which would encourage more cooperation and working together. The map being not so big would also make building roads and rails places not so daunting of a task. OR, keep the map a similar size but decrease the land area to have more room for oceans. A vanilla map would be fine for next rev. Would be a lot less stress than waiting to see if the terrain generator would be updated in time, especially since it's hard to do work on a rev without the map done. Could use one of those websites that lets you see what a map would look like for a given seed to get one that has a nice balance of biomes, and do tweaking from there. One challenge for the new map will be that lots of people will likely want to build around some of the new ocean features. Might be good to have multiple of oceans with coral reefs and ice burgs, or to have those biomes be in unique layouts to discourage one person claiming the entire biome. Diamonds felt like they were drastically reduced, with most deposits tending to be 4 or less ores. I didn't particularly mind that because I do a ton of mining anyways, though it was unexpected since it was unannounced. Other ores felt plentiful. Could we get the ore distributions for this rev released so the discussion around ore distribution can be better informed? One minor gripe I had with the map was that the same caves kept repeating themselves. The one that's kind of a 3D X shape, the suqareish one with the pillar in the middle, the long cone one with the spike in the middle. It made exploring underground a bit more boring running into the exact same caves over and over. I also miss the little random water pockets that used to be underground. Though they could be there and I'm just mining too deep. Crazy idea: Have a map with continents separated by oceans, and when you boat to the edge of the map you come out on the opposite side. Nether The nether was fine with me. New mobs were good for something different. A vanilla nether could be nice for something different, or at least a nether that takes inspiration from some of the changes made to the vanilla nether in 1.13. As someone else mentioned a roof would be nice to prevent ghasts flying away. End I'm all for a harder dragon fight, but I wasn't a fan of the current one. The worst part was finally beating it and having the EOF burn up due to the blazes. That has been fixed now but not getting it after all that work discouraged me or anyone I fought it with from attempting it again. It was also really laggy with all the mobs. Maybe it could be harder in a different way that involves less mobs? Mapworld No real opinion, though the people who use it seem to like it a lot. Portals Having the portals to find later was cool, but was also dependent on being online when it was released. Maybe hide one or more to be found on the nether side first, or allow some to be placed wherever someone wants as long as it's not too close to another portal. Playing the 1.13 snapshot it's been fun to be able to find a cool place and make a portal there. Golem Spawners Seem fine to me, but again I mine a lot. Custom Spawners Not too sure how I feel about the creeper/witch spawners because of how that interacts with elytra, but the others are fine. Especially things like the quid grinder since finding friendly mobs can be hard on P. Custom Drops A neat thing to get while mining. Would be cool to have something similar next rev. Maybe some things could be things to be used on their own instead of traded in? Custom Saddles Fine with me. Elytra I think if the dragon fight was easier and the cost was a lower elytra would be fine. I think my big gripe with elytra is really my gripe with mending, since you just get one elytra and never need another again unless you die in lava. No mending next rev! Or make mending and unbreaking mutually exclusive. Events Events are nice.
  8. Ban information: Banned By Reason Time Banned Server kumquatmay X-ray on PvE nerd.nu/appeal 10 hours, 40 minutes ago c.nerd.nu Per policy if you haven't received a response from her within 48 hours, please bump this thread up saying so and we will attempt to get her here, and take over the appeal if we are not able to. However I'm fairly certain she will be with you in not too long when it's no longer night time in Ausieland. Thank you for your patience.
  9. Nistune has joined staff as a moderator.
  10. ieuweh has joined the moderation team and her permissions have been updated to reflect that. General training id done with server specific training to follow soon.
  11. Due to the popularity of the suggestion box feature on both C and P, we've added it to the lobby. The box in the lobby will be read and responded to by the Head Admins. Any suggestions or concerns about anything Nerd can be anonymously given to us there and we will likely respond to them in the head admin meeting notes that we're currently posting. The suggestion box can be used with the command /suggestion-box <suggestion>. Any suggestions specifically for C and P can still be given on those servers with the same command.
  12. Welcome back! Hope the studying went well.
  13. Voting is over and the results are in! 1st: EpIc_NaChO_, Build #6 2nd: texb, Build #1 3rd: arsMoriendi, Build #4 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place lobbies will be up for 4, 3, and 2 months respectively. The other three lobbies will go up for one month each. I will be moving the lobby contest world back to build allow to allow everyone to make any last minute additions or changes. We are looking to switch the lobby over some time next week. Thank you so much to all of our builders and to everyone who voted! Since this was our first time using the in-game voting please leave any feedback you have about how that could be improved here.
  14. Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse 2.0! This Halloween event is taking place on the Event server at e.nerd.nu, and will last from its launch tonight until November 1st. Quite a few people asked for more time in the Zombie Apocalypse gamemode and here it is! Though unlike the fundraiser, all other nerd servers will remain up during this event. This version of the apocalypse takes place in the Spawn City of Creative Rev 26. There are lots of great builds to explore and some interesting secrets to find. The map also has natural ore and cave generation so you can mine if you feel like it, though the zombies will definitely follow you down. We are largely using the balancing from the end of the fundraiser event, though the gun drop rates have been raised slightly. Check the Apocalypse section of the fundraiser wiki page and this balance update post for more info. Drop rates may be changed as the event goes on. Wither skulls have been hidden around the map. Combine them with soul sand drops from zombies to fight a wither and make a beacon for your base! Some other goodies have been hidden around and more will occasionally be added. VillagerRescue is back! Find villagers around the map and return them to the inner courtyard in spawn to get prizes. Spawn is the only thing that is protected, all the other premade buildings are fair game to harvest for materials or turn into a base. We will not be doing protections, though LWC is enabled to keep your stuff safe. SafeBuckets is disabled! Which means you can place flowing lava and water. If you think something is broken please make a /modreq and we will look into it. Finally, a big thanks to Dumbo52 for updating and fixing plugins and getting things running. Have fun!
  15. Thank you to everyone who voted. Results will be announced soon.
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