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  1. Off-topic IS general spooky
  2. As you can see, the forums have been restructured. There was a discussion here about how many boards were rarely if ever used and how it could be hard to find certain topics. This restructuring should hopefully fix those problems. Here's a summary of the changes: Underused boards such as Introduce Yourself, AMA, and Looking for Group have been archived. Build Showcase posts were moved to Mineecraft General The Minecraft board has been renamed Minecraft General, and is for general minecraft and discussion The suggestions subforums have been removed. Any suggestions for specific servers can go on their boards and any general Nerd suggestions can go in General. There's a new post tag "Suggestion" to help make suggestion posts more visible. Another change was made recently to enable replies on this board. So if you want to do that go crazy. Some threads such as the changelogs will be locked to keep them free of clutter. If you have any questions you can post them here.
  3. With the community meeting being pushed back I suddenly have more free time this weekend. I'm looking to enact these changes on Sunday.
  4. On an unrelated note, everyone is now able to reply to topics in this subforum.
  5. My apologies for not replying to this sooner. Things got kind of pushed to the side with the fundraiser going on. Now that all of that is taken care of we are looking to do a restructuring of the forums that generally follows what Zomise has laid out. One thing I was considering was moving the Support section to the second section from the top, so that people looking for help could find it easy. Does anyone have any other comments or suggestions as far as reorganizing the forums? As far as suggestions go, I think a suggestions flair could work. I actually just added one. It would be important to make sure that people use it, and that if they don't staff add it for them.
  6. While there's a while to go on our current lobby and we have one more after that, its nice to have a long time to build and not be in a rush. So today starts the new lobby contest! Head on over to and type /warp LobbyContest to be taken to the contest world. The plots are 300x300 so there's plenty of space to get creative. You can build by yourself or with as many friends as you want. There are only two real requirements for the lobbies: There must be four portals (for PvE, Creative, Minigames, and Event) Follow all global rules Other than that let your imaginations run wild! The contest starts right now and will run until October 8th at 11:59 pm. Following that we will run a community vote to determine our next set of lobbies. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or contact me. Happy building!
  7. This year's fundraiser has come to a close, and we'd like to hear your feedback on it. What did you like? What did you not like? How was this compared to the traditional CTF? How can we improve things for next year? (You don't have to just answer these questions, you can give any feedback you want.) Thank you in advance for all of your feedback, and thanks for a great fundraiser!
  8. Unbanned.
  9. That's good to hear. If you can assure me that you will not use exploits for any reason and will listen to staff from now on I will unban you.
  10. haikus are 5-7-5 not 7-5-7 a foul, rotten smell most unpleasing to the eye soap, a memory
  11. why do you smell bad all the time why are you so gross do you know what soap is
  12. While I don't doubt that you had no negative intentions in what you did, you still went about it in possibly the worst way you could. First I want to state for you and anyone else reading this that staff take reports of exploits very seriously regardless of whether we can see it happening or not. It it never necessary to do an exploit on your own to report it. If a tech asks you to do it as part of investigating it that's one thing, but don't just do it purposely on your own. I'm going to lay out the timelines of events here: You inform Hollifer that you've discovered an exploit and show her the hacked item. When she asks you what the exploit is, you say you're going to tell Dumbo about it. When the asks you again, you say "I want the credit of letting Dumbo know". Holli removes the item from your inventory and kicks you telling you not to not to use whatever exploit you're using. You use the exploit again, you're kicked again, then rejoin and leave for P. On P you talk to Pez about the situation, but say you're waiting to tell Dumbo about the exploit. Holli joins and messages you to try to talk to you and you ignore her and go back to C. On C when she attempts to talk to you again you keep brushing her off. Holli gives you a warn, saying that if you use the exploit again you will be banned. You begin to describe the exploit to Dumbo who has just logged in, who tells you that you shouldn't have actually brought the item into the game. You then state "I didn't/won't abuse this for personal gain, and yet I still got a warning for it, which I won't acknowledge" (emphasis mine). Shortly after this you are banned for using the exploit again to get the item to show Dumbo. There are so many points in there series of events where if you had just listened to what Holli was telling you to do you wouldn't have been banned, warned, or even kicked. When she asked you what the exploit was, you should have told her, not held back because you wanted to score brownie points with Dumbo by being the one to tell him about it. When she removed the item from your inventory and told you not to use that exploit, you should have listened, especially after the second kick. When she warned you and told you you'd be banned the next time you used the exploit you should have acknowledged the warn and stopped using the exploit. Even now, after being banned for doing something you were told would earn you a ban, you fail to see that you might have been in the wrong. Ignoring direct instruction from staff so many times in a row would be enough for almost anyone to issue a ban, however Hollifer was going to let you off with just the warning until she discovered you were holding onto a hacked-in instadeath splash potion another player had brought onto the server months ago. There's no reason for you to have that, and as a long time player on this server you definitely know better. Having that also casts doubt on whether you would have used the exploit you found to bring more items like that onto C. Thinking that you might not be taken seriously if you didn't have the hacked item to show to someone was okay. Repeatedly ignoring an admin telling you to not hack in items, ignoring messages, kicks, and warnings, was not. It concerns me you won't acknowledge that ignoring repeated direct instruction from a staff member was wrong. I'd like you to read over what I've written here and think about the situation. Then I want you to tell me if you still think that Holli is in the wrong here.
  13. Anyone else playing this game? If you somehow haven't heard of it it's a battle royale type game where 100 people are dropped onto an island. You scavenge for gear and kill players as the play area gets smaller and smaller. It's pretty damn fun and you can play in groups of 1-4 people.
  14. I just wanted to let you know that heads have seen this post and one of us will be handling your appeal after we go over logs.
  15. Here is the link to the June public staff meeting notes. If you have any questions or comments about anything in the notes, feel free to comment here or send any of the heads a message. I will be editing in mod nomination information here later when I have the time to put it together.