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  1. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    ieuweh has joined the moderation team and her permissions have been updated to reflect that. General training id done with server specific training to follow soon.
  2. Due to the popularity of the suggestion box feature on both C and P, we've added it to the lobby. The box in the lobby will be read and responded to by the Head Admins. Any suggestions or concerns about anything Nerd can be anonymously given to us there and we will likely respond to them in the head admin meeting notes that we're currently posting. The suggestion box can be used with the command /suggestion-box <suggestion>. Any suggestions specifically for C and P can still be given on those servers with the same command.
  3. Yakkhyl [DjentleGiant]

    Welcome back! Hope the studying went well.
  4. Lobby Contest Voting!

    Voting is over and the results are in! 1st: EpIc_NaChO_, Build #6 2nd: texb, Build #1 3rd: arsMoriendi, Build #4 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place lobbies will be up for 4, 3, and 2 months respectively. The other three lobbies will go up for one month each. I will be moving the lobby contest world back to build allow to allow everyone to make any last minute additions or changes. We are looking to switch the lobby over some time next week. Thank you so much to all of our builders and to everyone who voted! Since this was our first time using the in-game voting please leave any feedback you have about how that could be improved here.
  5. Zombie Apocalypse 2.0

    Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse 2.0! This Halloween event is taking place on the Event server at e.nerd.nu, and will last from its launch tonight until November 1st. Quite a few people asked for more time in the Zombie Apocalypse gamemode and here it is! Though unlike the fundraiser, all other nerd servers will remain up during this event. This version of the apocalypse takes place in the Spawn City of Creative Rev 26. There are lots of great builds to explore and some interesting secrets to find. The map also has natural ore and cave generation so you can mine if you feel like it, though the zombies will definitely follow you down. We are largely using the balancing from the end of the fundraiser event, though the gun drop rates have been raised slightly. Check the Apocalypse section of the fundraiser wiki page and this balance update post for more info. Drop rates may be changed as the event goes on. Wither skulls have been hidden around the map. Combine them with soul sand drops from zombies to fight a wither and make a beacon for your base! Some other goodies have been hidden around and more will occasionally be added. VillagerRescue is back! Find villagers around the map and return them to the inner courtyard in spawn to get prizes. Spawn is the only thing that is protected, all the other premade buildings are fair game to harvest for materials or turn into a base. We will not be doing protections, though LWC is enabled to keep your stuff safe. SafeBuckets is disabled! Which means you can place flowing lava and water. If you think something is broken please make a /modreq and we will look into it. Finally, a big thanks to Dumbo52 for updating and fixing plugins and getting things running. Have fun!
  6. Lobby Contest Voting!

    Thank you to everyone who voted. Results will be announced soon.
  7. Lobby Contest Voting!

    It's finally time to vote on the lobby contest! We're going to do things a little differently this time. I think voting on pictures of builds sucks, so the voting is going to be done in-game. (Thanks to Dumbo52 for rewriting our voting plugin for this.) Go to Creative and type /warp lobbycontest. There you will see six warp signs that go to the builds that were finished enough to be voted on. Type /vote to see the poll. Go around and take a look at the builds. When you're ready you can vote for your top three choices by doing /vote <first> <second> <third>. If you mess up or change your mind just vote again and it will update your vote. Example: If your favorite was build 1, second favorite was build 2, and third favorite was build 3, you would do /vote 1 2 3. Voting will last for one week and will close October 24th at 11:59pm EST.
  8. Lobby Contest!!

    To continue to keep everyone updated, Dumbo is currently rewriting the NuVote plugin we have so we can do fancy in-game voting, because voting on pictures of builds kind of sucks. We're looking to get voting going some time tomorrow. I will post an update when its open.
  9. Lobby Contest!!

    Just an update that voting will happen after Chaos on C is over.
  10. Lobby Contest!!

    Thank you to everyone who finished a lobby for this. Voting will be going up sometime soon.
  11. A Spooky Time of Year

    It's nice to take a trip down memory lane every once in a while. Hey buddy! I think you're a little lost, P is over that way. I see you've brought some friends along. That's a lot of friends... Nerd.nu presents Zombie Apocalypse 2: Creative Boogaloo. Coming to an Event server near you October 26th - November 1st. Lots of people asked for another, longer zombie event. So we're going to make that happen. It will run on the event server from October 26th through November 1st. The map is going to be Creative Rev 26's Spawn City with some minor cleanup and editing. The other servers will not be shutting down during this event. More information will be posted at a later date. Hope to see you there!
  12. Staff Inactivity Notices

    Everything is back to normal.
  13. Lobby Contest!!

    Just a reminder that this contest is ending next Sunday night. Make sure to finish up your builds!
  14. Creative Speed Build Winners

    I have all the pictures, I just need to put them together.
  15. Events on Event

    I will be contacting you about this soon. I like this idea. No, the fundraiser will continue to be the only time we take down the other servers. These events are intended to be supplementary to what's occurring on P and C, not replace them. People like mazes so that's always an option. I like the idea of an adventure map but as you said, making one ourselves would be a slowgoing process. A playground like at the fundraiser could be neat, people really seemed to like that. I wasn't around for the Chaos days, what kind of maps were those?