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  1. I again wish to appeal; I have not had xray or any hack for that matter installed since October 23rd, 2013, and I'm proud of being hack free. This is just a witch hunt designed to bring me low, as evidenced by your refusal to post chat logs.
  2. Oh, you mean I installed JEI? Cute.
  3. I don't see how any of these are xray tunnels. I wish to appeal this decision.
  4. Yep. Do you want the folder I run my modded install from, (.server), or do you want my vanilla install folder (.minecraft)?
  5. I am appealing for having been banned under false pretenses. Edit 1: .server is the directory I run my install for mods for 1.12 multiplayer out of, if you were wondering. Edit 2: I find it highly insulting you would accuse me of xray. Edit 3: I am requesting you show the logs stating that I in any way "xrayed". Edit 4: I can show you the mine. Edit 5: Now that I've chilled out a bit, let me explain what exactly happened. I dug a mine under New Theramore's subway room. I begin digging out the main tunnel and the branches like you would in a branch mine, and hit 2 diamond ore veins (total of five blocks of ore because I had my silk pick and Mewwy had my fortune pick), one vein of gold (two or three blocks of gold ore), a vein or two of iron (7 blocks of iron ore), and a vein of coal, I think. As I hit all this ore, I'm beginning to be spooked, because this is a LOT of ore for having just started a branch mine, (And I was commenting about the ore I was getting in the Theramore Clan chat, which Silver, Buzzie, and Kirstae are in and are able to testify about) so I called it quits and headed upstairs to grab my fortune pick from Mewwy, placed the diamond ore down, and fortuned it. No wrong doings here. Just got lucky. Blame world gen. I didn't know where this ore was until I had actually hit the ore veins.
  6. I do apologize for all of which I am charged, and seek to work towards bettering my behavior. I now know habits are hard to change; but to this I quote the great JFK: "We choose to go to the Moon! We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too." In this quote I find resolve to better my behavior, because that goal, as JFK so elegantly put it, will serve to measure the best of my energies and skills, and because this challenge is one I am willing to accept, not willing to postpone, and one I intend to win. With that being said, I shall better my behavior immediately. It won't be easily, but I will do my best; no, better then my best to correct the behavior for which I was banned.
  7. I'd suppose if I'm here, it'd be for disruptive behavior; and that I was banned while I was offline. Not something you like to see when you've just woken up. I'd assume this has to do with the ongoing conflict with Gome (For which he and I were BOTH muted by an admin, even though we had stopped when bermudalockette had told us to)? Summarization of events: Gome said something about someone owing him three diamonds. I responded jokingly with "Gome, speaking about three diamonds, you still owe me some" he responded by calling me a scammer, a liar, and several other things, continuously spiraling things out of control, until Bermuda told us to stop. After Bermuda told us to stop, most of global began spamming chat with 'v' or '^' I recall Sir muting both of us even though I had stopped participating in ANY chat, and then /msging us that we'd been muted for five minutes Everything went fine after that... until I logged in this morning and saw I had been banned.
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