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  1. Palici [Barlimore]

    Handling in Barlimore's stead, as he is away. You're unbanned, welcome back!
  2. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @totemo Thanks for your feedback. I’ve seen a few responses here echoing your thoughts on map size. People have seemed to enjoy exploring, and as you say, it’s always nice to find fresh unmined territory. I’m glad you’re enjoying the map generation – we’re still somewhat new to it, but we are exploring ways in which we can further customise our terrain generation. Similarly, ore generation is something we’re looking into as a possible means of making our map unique for next revision. Your ideas around gold generation are interesting and we’ll certainly take all this feedback onboard when making decisions about the Revision 22 map and resources. Thank you for your comments on the Nether design – it’s great to know the work was appreciated. This rev was very much an experimental ‘learn as you go’ attempt, and generally speaking I’m happy with how it went overall. If we decide to go with a custom or part custom Nether next revision, hopefully I’ll be able to improve upon this revision’s efforts. No decision making has taken place yet, but nevertheless I’d be glad of being kept up to date on any progress with BeastMaster that may be useful in future. The generator we use for the overworld does not yet support generating End or Nether worlds as far as I know. My expectation is that we’d need someone working in WorldPainter, in the same way the Nether was created for this revision. There are certainly many questions brought up in this feedback around the End and elytra specifically, so we do need to look at this whole area in detail. There have been some great maps created in mapworld this revision, and I’m glad we’ll be able to carry them on into future maps. WorldEdit for mapworld has been mentioned a few times, both this revision and last, and we’ll be discussing the implications of that. I like your idea of some set commands – that would be quite easy for people to pick up and work with. Thanks for the detailed response around iron golem spawners – it echoes some of the things we’ve seen this revision and is very useful as we lead into revision planning. I enjoy your ideas for additional drops from other blocks too – we could make more use of that plugin on the server for all sorts of things. Given the theme we have chosen for next revision, it’s quite likely we will be talking about this with you in the near future! I see you have a lot of opinions about other spawners too – it’s all useful to know. I agree with using the Nether more fully, having spent so much time with it at this point - I’ve grown quite fond it as a dimension. Ideally, I’d like to see more activities and purposes for visiting the Nether. I’m glad you have been enjoying the events this revision – we’ve tried to keep them varied and interesting, as well as ensure they are worth participating in. I think some have been more successful than others, but it’s all a learning experience and we’ll take that knowledge into next revision.
  3. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @buzzie71 Thanks for your feedback, buzzie! I too am interested to see what effects we might see from returning to a smaller map. I think it would be worth trying out for a revision, to see how people feel about it. I hope that it might encourage more people to do simple things, like visit their neighbour, or attend a nearby event. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the concept of the nether. Some people have mentioned that they found it confusing - did you have any difficulty in that area? Would you like to see a custom nether next revision, a return to vanilla, or somewhere inbetween? Were there any areas of this revision’s nether that you particularly enjoyed or would like to see again? In relation to the dragon fight - we’re still very early into preparation and haven’t yet looked in detail at what we might do to mitigate some people’s concerns, either about the fight being too easy, or about the abundance of elytra and its perceived effect on infrastructure and exploration. Hopefully we’ll be able to balance opinions and come up with something to try out, at the very least. I’m a supporter of keeping map art across revisions, and interested in what people think about implementing WorldEdit in the mapworld. I think it can only help the server, by allowing people interested in creating map art to more quickly produce their amazing pieces, for the whole server to enjoy. I think the spawn station has been useful in encouraging players to build rails both to spawn and to one another, and in that respect it did its job - to increase the take up of rail building across the server. Would you like to see the pre-built rail station make an appearance again next revision? TrainCarts has been both liked and disliked this revision it seems,for various reasons. Carting around with your friends in a train is fun, but the glitchy issues experienced by some other users is cause for concern too. We’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons in this case. You mention you found golem souls a bit of a grind - do you have any thoughts on how you’d like to see iron grinders implemented next revision, or on how golem souls (or their mechanic) could be used in future? Would you like to see similar drops from other ore types, with some attached use or saleability?
  4. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @Trooprm32 Thanks for taking the time to offer feedback here - I hope you are enjoying the revision so far! In terms of the map, we’ve noted from the map sizes topic that you’d lean more towards a 6k x 6k map. You mention elytra, which is a big concern for a number of players. Do you have any ideas on how you would like to see elytra dealt with in future revisions? Elytra is certainly something we’ll need to think about for the future, and we have spent a lot of time reading through comments and listening to opinions on this topic. Hopefully we’ll come up with a healthy balance for next revision. It’s interesting that you’re finding the map too vanilla. Do you your interests lean more towards outlandish or extreme terrain? I’ve found some great vistas this revision, but not everyone has had similar experiences it seems. We’ve had both requests for more plains and requests for less! There are custom underground dungeon areas, but we’d be interested in exploring whether or not the generator supports additional structure types. Something to look into, although we’re all still very much learning about how to generate or create a decent map. Hopefully, you will see improvements revision to revision. A lot of people seem to be supporting the concept of biome specific ore distributions, so that’s something we’ll definitely be discussing when we start our map preparation. The nether this revision was very much an experiment in the use of WorldPainter. The map generator we use for the overworld doesn’t support the generation of custom nether yet, as far as I know. However, with WorldPainter, I learned a lot on the job last revision, so if we go with a custom nether again, who knows what we might end up with in Revision 22! There’s been a lot of support for investigating ways in which we can improve the dragon fight in the End. We’ll definitely be looking into what is possible in this area, though there are no fixed plans to implement anything at the present time. We need to consider both regular and experienced players, and ensure the fight is challenging, but remains fun.
  5. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @Herr_Fawkes Thanks for responding to our feedback topic, it’s much appreciated! I’m glad to know that you’re enjoying our attempts to increase interaction with the community and helping to shape our server. I particularly enjoyed seeing all the death messages people came up with - it has resulted in a wide variety of them making it onto the server, increasing our originality and making us unique. Are there any areas you have enjoyed contributing towards in particular, or anything you’d like to see happen in future? I see you support moving to a smaller map, and feel strongly about how elytra has contributed to a lack of infrastructure. Are there any ways in which you feel elytra has been beneficial to the community, or do you think we’d be better without them entirely? I know that a lot of players love to use them, and we’re always on the lookout for ways that we can integrate them more successfully into a well-rounded infrastructure. One of the ways we tried this rev was re-introducing the spawn rail station, which seems to have had some success in re-invigorating the rail systems across the map. Do you think that the pre-built spawn rail station should continue into the next revision? I’m glad to know you’ve been enjoying the custom parts of the nether this revision (and previously). Do you have any biomes you’d like to see return from this revision? Do you like the two level nature of the nether, or would you prefer to see a fully customised one? It’s interesting to hear your thoughts on the dragon fight - a lot of people seem to want something more difficult than what we have at present. Your ideas about including other custom mobs sound fun, though I’m not sure it’s if it’s possible to create giant mobs in most cases. It would be nice to see custom mobs used somewhere though, as they have been requested before. The golem souls seem to have been generally well received, as a mechanic for building iron grinders, and in general. I’d be interested to know if you have any ideas for their use beyond iron grinder costs for next rev, if we decide to bring them back. It’s great that you have been enjoying the Knight’s Quest - we’re headed towards 40 completions so far this rev, so it’s proved quite popular. We love making the rev long puzzles and quests, and will definitely look to include similar things in future revs. Do you have anything you’d like to see make a comeback in terms of events, or any new ideas? Thanks for linking the elytra discussions - we were interested to read people’s viewpoints at the time, and the feedback is useful now as we plan the next revision.
  6. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @dobreira Your feedback is appreciated! It’s great to know that you’re enjoying giving input here, in previous surveys and via suggestion box. Hopefully we can continue this trend in future. In terms of the map, what sort of things do you think we could do to promote community activity? You’ve given the option of having only one portal at spawn, but you don’t seem to believe that would be a viable option - are there any things you think would work and be acceptable to players? Ore distribution seems to have been slightly off for you. Would you support biome specific ores or ore-plumping as a means to encourage people to explore the map? It sounds like you enjoyed the custom nether this rev, but not the two level nature of the nether world. Are there any particular things you enjoyed about this rev’s custom nether, or anything you’d like to see again from a previous revision? Your comments about having a specific area for temporary events at spawn make sense and we’ll certainly take that into consideration when planning features for next spawn build. Can you think of any other essential features at spawn that have been missing historically? Your suggestion for unfound custom spawners is already happening! One of the leftover spawners has been found already. We’ll look to continue this in the next revision if need be. You say you don’t like events where ‘everything is too similar’. Do you have examples of the sorts of things you are referencing? It’s handy to know where we can endeavour to improve the events we run in future.
  7. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @schererererer Thanks for the feedback! It’s great to get differing viewpoints from around the server. Your thoughts on the map are interesting - more wild terrain is something I’d love to see too. You might be the first person I’ve ever seen request more dense jungle! The snow problem is a strange one we noted earlier in the rev - we’ll certainly look into whether there are fixes for that, if we choose to generate the map in a similar fashion for next rev. In regards to the nether, were there any areas/biomes in particular that you would like to see again? Or anything from previous revs you’d like to bring back? It’s always difficult to find a schedule for events that ensures everyone can participate. We’ve tried to ensure that there have been events that people can participate in at any time, as well as the one-off events that happen from time to time. Do you have ideas for events that you’d like to see on the server?
  8. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @KingNyahman Thank you for your feedback - it’s great to hear from a wide range of players as to how you are finding the servers. You say you’d prefer a smaller map size - do you see benefits for yourself, in having a reduced map size? We’re interested in individual player experiences - I’d love to know how a large map has affected your gameplay this revision, and how you think things might change with a smaller map. We’re glad you like the present map! We used a newer map generator this revision, and have been quite pleased with the map it produced. Plains are nice areas for building large cities and other big plans, so I can see why you’d like to see more of them. Are there a lot of swamps in the area you settled this revision, or do you feel there are too many swamps across the whole map? Do you have any biome ideas of your own that you wish existed in minecraft?
  9. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @bermudalocket Thanks for your feedback - it really helps us in discussions about our direction for next revision. I’m glad you feel we’ve been improving the area of community involvement - it’s been a major focus for us to improve the general output from the PAdmin team, in terms of reliable responses and regular updates, as well as getting the community involved in various aspects of PvE. Does anything in particular come to mind that made you take notice of the improvements taking place? We agree that ocean monuments have been a bit too abundant this revision - this was a result of problems with the map generator, and in fact we spent a great deal of time prior to launching the map, trying to get rid of even more excessive amounts of ocean monuments that had spawned. We’re hoping to avoid that issue in the next revision, if possible. We’re glad you have made the best of it with your guardian grinder. Biomes come along with the map generator to some extent, and from memory there are upwards of 400 biomes with varying similarities to each other, so some repetition is to be expected. However, we are looking at what sorts of things we could do to further customise our experience, should we choose to use the same generator for next revision. We have made a note of your love of birch forests, and will ensure that 99% of the map is birch next revision. Sorry to hear the upper nether caused issues for you in terms of mob-spawning. The main goal was to create an additional area for players to explore, that was a little different to the typical nether experience. I’ve been interested to see how players have used it this revision, which was very much an experiment. Would you prefer to see a single layer vanilla or custom nether next revision? If custom, what sorts of materials or biomes would you like to see there? Regenerating the outer end islands is an interesting proposition - do you have any experiences with something similar on other servers? I’m wondering if it’s technically possible without downtime or performance issues. Another thought is that newer players would be at a disadvantage, since people who already have elytra would probably find it much easier to explore the End quickly. WorldEdit is an often requested feature for Mapworld, and I’d be interested to hear from anyone else who supports it’s inclusion. Personally I think of Mapworld as a growing set of decorative resources for all players to use, and I’m glad we have now implemented saving maps across revs. I’d like to see this idea developed further in future, especially now that Mapworld is increasing in popular usage. Regarding golem spawners, is there any particular reason you’d like to see us return to using Emerald Ore? And what is your reasoning for preferring upgradeable spawners? If they were upgradeable, do you think there should be a limit on the level you can upgrade them to? I’d like to get a better sense of your reasoning for your answers here. Thanks for your comments around events - we’ve tried hard to offer a varied menu so far this rev, with more yet to come! If you have any specific events that you’d like to see on P, whether they be one-off or more continuous in nature, we’d love to hear them. We’ve had mixed feedback for TrainCarts - some people are really enjoying the additional functionality, and others would prefer to go back to previous incarnations of rail. It’s been an interesting plugin to try out, especially with some of the functionality, like the linking of carts to make trains, and we’ve certainly seen an increase in rail building this rev. Out of interest, would you prefer to keep TrainCarts, or go back to either HyperCarts (as it was) or vanilla?
  10. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @Silversunset01 (The Unruly, Queen of the Havenites, Traverser of the Great Southern Sea, Breaker of Jars and Creator of Assorted Shelving) Thanks for your feedback. Good to know we’re on the right track! We’d agree with your assessment on biomes - there could definitely be more concrete making resources. We tried to mitigate this somewhat with the nether design, which has numerous sand-filled areas, and even a bit of gravel here and there! You’re echoing a few people’s thoughts here that diamonds were slightly over-plumped this rev. Do you think the current levels of diamond have negatively affected the current revision? It sounds like you support some biome-specific ore - would you say you’d prefer to closely mimic vanilla in this respect, or would you like to see other ores distributed similarly? Your thoughts on portals echo many discussions had between PAdmin teams past and present. On the one hand, it would be nice to offer portals more freely to players. On the other hand we have to ensure our decisions don’t have negative effects on infrastructure, and are fair to all players. We’ll certainly be considering portals carefully in our discussions for the next revision. I see you weren’t a fan of the two-level nature of the nether this revision. That aside, are there any areas of the present nether that you’d like to see return in Revision 22? Is there anything you’d like to see added that wasn’t a feature of the nether this time around? Our question regarding guardian spawners is specific to the issues we had generating the map this time around. We are looking at all possible options should problems occur again. Unless other avenues prove too problematic, it’s unlikely we’d look to implement spawners over using vanilla mechanics in this instance. It’s unfortunate you’ve not been able to use TrainCarts to its full potential. Some people do seem to have a few issues with it, whereas others experience very few problems. We’ll take onboard all the feedback in this thread and try to balance up all the positives and negatives provided by players before making decisions on plugins for Revision 22.
  11. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @nealsmith Thanks for your comments! It’s great to know you’ve been enjoying the rev so far, and always nice to hear positive comments. You say you’ve enjoyed the ore distributions and caves etc. this rev. Out of interest, do you support biome specific ores, or would you prefer to keep things exactly as they are? Have you any events you’d particularly like to see? Do you prefer PvP, PvE or non-combat type events? Do you participate in one-off events, or do you prefer those that you can do over a revision at your own pace? 11/10? That's quite the score!
  12. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @ieuweh Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s helpful for us to know that from your experience, we’re on the right track in regards to the expectations section of the feedback. Being able to hear about your experiences, as someone who is participating in their first full revision, is really great – it gives us a viewpoint we don’t always get to see, and perhaps some fresh new ideas! A number of people have mentioned that their experience is that gold has been more difficult to find than some other ores; it seems to be in short supply for those looking to feed their horses or lay down rails. Which types of biomes and ores would you like to see altered for the next revision? I’m glad you enjoyed the custom nether this revision. Are there any particular biomes or areas that you’d like to see make a comeback in a future revision? In Revision 22, would you like to see a part-custom nether make a return, a fully customised (one level) nether, or simply a return to a vanilla nether map? It sounds like you had some fun with the enderdragon! It takes some people numerous revisions to decide to approach that daunting endeavour. We’ll definitely be looking into what we can do to make the enderdragon fight more replayable, although we’re in the early days of research right now. Hopefully we’ll work out something fun for everyone! It’s seems like you have taken over the mapworld with your pixel art paintings! It’s wonderful to see it being used so successfully throughout the revision, and your maps will stay into Revision 22 so that we can all enjoy them again! You’ve got some excellent ideas there for ways we can use custom map art as part of our server events, and we’d definitely be happy to include maps as prizes or puzzle pieces etc. Lots to think about for next revision! That’s an interesting take you have on nether spawners - sometimes as long-term players we forget that the nether is terrifying(!) and that some people are nervous about exploring it. It’s also an excellent way of encouraging people to find more of our customised nether areas and there has definitely been an increase in the number of people exploring the nether in detail this revision. Thank you for your nice comments about the blog post - it takes a significant amount of time to put them together, but it’s worth it in the end to be able to share some of the builds and experiences of players during the revision. We aim to keep these up in Revision 22, as we agree with you that they can be an excellent way for newer players to get to know more about the server.
  13. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @WickedCoolSteve Thanks for providing such detailed feedback - it really helps us plan for the upcoming rev. I’m glad you feel we are doing a decent job of balancing community involvement with admin decision-making - we really try to ensure that feedback is heard, and applied sensibly given the constraints we must work within. We hope to continue reaching out to the community, to ensure that the direction in which we take the server is one that is supported by our players. You say you are in favour of larger map sizes. Having played both small and very large maps, I find myself supporting a reduction in size - the things I miss from smaller maps are mainly just the people stopping by on their way to something else, or just exploring because they happened to be travelling past. As map sizes increase, I find these accidental meetings to be fewer and further between, and I think that sort of minor encounter plays a role in forming a cohesive community. Having said that, I see your point about increased conflict and fewer resources, and would be happy to settle for something of a middle-sized map, where we can have the best of both worlds. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the custom generated terrain this rev - it was a new generator this time, and I feel it has really helped to gel biomes together more seamlessly. Ore generation is always a hard thing to get right, so we’ll be looking through this topic to try to get a general consensus on what was considered rare or over abundant. If they prove popular across this feedback topic, we’ll definitely be looking into biome specific ores (assuming they are possible within our current set-up). Having designed the upper nether this rev, I’m interested in your feedback regarding the difficulty in navigating the nether. Occasionally I have noticed people raising issues about portals being on a different level to the one they travelled on - is this something you found to be a problem? You say you would prefer a single layer nether - is there any custom terrain you’d particularly like to see return, or anything you have in mind that would be fun/useful in the nether? Or would you prefer to see a vanilla nether next rev? We’ve experimented with custom End terrain, but so far haven’t conclusively worked out all the kinks, such as whether the dragon always spawns correctly, or whether End Cities generate correctly in custom terrain. More investigations are needed, but there is definitely always experimentation going on - and this sort of thing may be something we develop more fully in future. Your comments on spawn mirror closely our ideals for spawn areas. We think it should be straightforward to get out there into the map and get on with mining and crafting! We’ve definitely spent some time on the design of the next spawn to try to improve directional flow and general ease of use. A spawn rail station is something that had been frequently requested in previous revs, in order to support rail building from day one of the new rev. Horses and elytra both changed the landscape in terms of transportational infrastructure, and we’re keen to hear any opinions on the inclusion of a spawn rail station and how it has affected builders this rev. Perhaps next rev will see a major road revival or even a resurgence of the Roadbuilders’ Association! We’re glad you’re enjoying mining up Golem Souls - they were a new mechanic we were trying out for this rev. And we agree that there are lots of options for this sort of thing, and will certainly consider that when planning next revision. Do you have any ideas in mind for the sorts of things you’d like to use these sorts of special ‘block drops’ for? It’s great to know you’ve been enjoying the events so far this revision. You say you’d like to see more non-combat events - do you mean not fighting players, or not fighting anything at all? Do you have any particular events in mind that you’d really like to see? Do you prefer one-off events or those that you can complete in your own time?
  14. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    January 8th We held a padmin meeting on Sunday. Here are our public meeting notes:
  15. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    December 29th Suggestion: fixit https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-90923 Our Response: Issues in the base game are just something we have to deal with unfortunately. We checked with a tech, who took a look at our TrainCarts plugin to make sure, but there's nothing to be done from our end at present. Hopefully Mojang will fix this bug soon!