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  1. TechnoLighter (Flumper)

  2. KyleKnightly [AndrewsAndNick]

    You have an old ban, and your banning moderator is inactive. I have gone ahead and unbanned you. Please read/follow the rules, and welcome back!
  3. novasparkk [AndrewsAndNick]

    Since your banning moderator is inactive and this is an oldy, I'll go ahead and unban you. Please read the rules, and welcome back!
  4. Ban Appeal (JamesFPS

    Please post your Minecraft account name so we know your ban reason Edit: Name change More than a couple months ago. Please read the rules and be sure not to repeat this offense again, it will not be tolerated. Unbanned.
  5. rempai [Trooprm32]

    Considering this is so ancient and any prior evidence I had was on my old computer anyways, I'm just gonna unban you right now. Be sure to read/follow the rules for when you play next! Welcome back! :)
  6. 2018 Fundraiser Feedback

    The concept for this fundraiser was by far, for me, the most fun I've had during a fundraiser since I started on this server... I stayed on 'til the very end. I'd like to see a "rebuild X" event or concept come to PvE some rev, in a similar fashion to the "Collect them all" event from a few revs ago, but is more collective as a server to work together to "build or repair" something, may it be spawn or something else.
  7. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    I don't have access to a computer, so this was the easiest way to portray my thoughts.
  8. Revision 22: The Meandering Maze

    There are lockable chests in the event area at spawn to store your items. There's no risk of death, but you can't bring items anyways.
  9. Connecting to Server port # needed?

    The Windows 10 version of Minecraft is basically an entirely different game from Minecraft Java, aka it will not work and isn't compatible. Please download the regular version to be able to play again!
  10. Staff Inactivity Notices

    From tomorrow (April 30) until further notice I'll have reduced play time (Starting a new job). Additionally from May 28th to July 6th I will be on vacation (to Korea) with no Minecraft, but still accessible through here, slack, etc.
  11. Staff Name Change Update Thread

    Trooprm64 -> Trooprm32
  12. MacroMadness [Trooprm64]

    Thanks for responding. I'll unban you now; please be sure to make yourselves familiar with the rules and most importantly: have fun! 😌
  13. Dratuus [Trooprm32]

    Thank you for appealing, you have been unbanned. See your previous appeal: Please make yourself familiar with the rules, and have fun!
  14. MacroMadness [Trooprm64]

    Hi Macro, thanks for fessing up to your mistake. As this is your first offense, your ban duration will only be one week. However, part of the punishment for Xray is removal of all logged edits you have made on this server, so anything legitimate you may have done will still go away. Please come back and appeal again on the 10th of April (roughly 5 days from now), and I'll unban you. Some screenshots and an album for completion/evidence sake: https://imgur.com/a/DBAKX
  15. PvP discussion

    I don't care that awful much about a large pvp arena, but having an easily exploitable system in which you get free heads, or -other things- from killing other players while still on the PvE server is not a good idea. The only reason that worked for the S and PvP days is because you didn't have any other (paid) options. You mentioned having something like this wouldn't impose on regular staff if this was to occur, but also mention giving top players perks or recognition; which in fact would require additional Padmin work.