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  1. I don't believe word highlighting is included in any of the latest 3rd party versions.
  2. Added a new subforum:
  3. Introducing the new Community sub-forum! We have made this new thing in order to encourage more community involvement and interaction. The Introduction forum: Whether you are new to the servers, or and old timer returning and want to put yourself out there, then this is for you! Get to know others in the community and introduce yourself to anyone who may be interested! Build Showcase: Build something super cool and want to show it off? Post it here! More or less simulating parts of the subreddit, you can post your build creations by means of pictures or video here, and then discuss about it. Find a Group: Don't feel like building alone?, well then post here in hopes of finding your new dream settlement! If you are looking for a place to build, or if you are looking for others to build with you then you have come to the right place!
  4. Hey, yeah sure thing, this one is super old at this point! Note removed: User Bloobear Issuer Trooprm32 Server Note Killing caged pigs on P Time Added Oct. 6, 2013, 11:12 p.m.
  5. I have banned you for xray based on suspicious tunnels you have dug over the past week or so. These are the main examples I'm going to showcase: After extending an existing tunnel, you suddenly dig downwards for no reason, and strike diamonds. After you fill that in with cobblestone, you continue on the branch, turn, and then dig down to find these veins as well. Going the other direction this time, you go straight past these at first, just to continue the branch, and then suddenly come back for them for no apparent reason. The most blatant of all. There's no possible way this one was a coincidence. You are banned for a month, and your edits have been removed. Re appeal on March 27th to be unbanned.
  6. Hey sorry for the late reply, totally forgot to respond. First of all thanks for fessing up to it. While yes this mod you were using doesn't use traditional xray'ing methods, it produces the same results thus classifying it under the same rulings. Xray bans have historically been our most strict first offense bans, and unfortunately you will receive the full brunt of it. You are banned until the 13th of March, and all of your edits have been reverted. Link to screenshot album for anyone interested
  7. Bump! If you have anything that you would like to see discussed, comment here or on reddit.
  8. Hello fellow nerds, we are going to be having another community meeting! We are setting it to roughly 2 week from now, on Saturday February 11th @ 6PM Eastern, the same as last time, since it seemed to work out pretty well. This will once again be a mumble meeting... Any key topics you would like to discuss, or any questions you have you can ask here, the subreddit or by PMing one of the head admins, and they will be added to the meeting agenda! We are aiming for the meeting to be an hour long, but usually they go over anyways. Be there or be circle
  9. Hey Otacon, we have been tracking your edits for the past few days, and have come to the conclusion that you have indeed been xraying for diamond and emeralds. This is not an issue with Gamma-bright as it is a legal mod, but is an issue with whatever method you are using to see through blocks. You have hit several veins of diamonds in a row, with little time gaps between. Your ore to stone ratios are very low, even with the unusual stone edits leading to the diamonds. I have added below some of the incriminating evidence in no particular order. Unfortunately for you and your town, this means you are banned for one month, and all of your edits will be reverted. Please appeal again on February 12th to be unbanned. I'll leave this appeal open if you have any further comments or questions. full album
  10. Declassified a few posts from PMC;
  11. Merging this one with the large topic in "Minecraft" discussion.
  12. Just a quick bump to this post: It was just moved from PMC for further discussion by the public. Personally I would be against over-expanding regions to protect natural landscape; we also have land claims which act as an unenforced land protection.
  13. Doesn't hurt to discuss it anyways, since it's the topic at hand. I didn't like how we handled iron golem spawners last rev; it was too easy. This rev there has been an understandable step back, and it is in essence more vanilla, but I still prefer the grandiose vanilla method of spawning iron golems. We got rid of them then due to hundreds of idle villagers, and I think we could have probably done a better job with the "replacement". Thinking of new ways to do things that replace detrimental vanilla mechanics, but also feel vanilla unto itself is very difficult.
  14. I really like tower defense so this could be cool
  15. We only migrated from IRC to Slack because IRC is an outdated hard to use piece of software. It's not just Linux users that may have problems with Discord chat; from my experience chatting with people outside of America on a different Discord server, most of them have a shit time trying to talk because of connection issues. Personally I think Slack chat looks/flows better and I also like having a general channel where I can just talk in Slack, it's a lot lighter on mobile data for me compared to Discord; so considering I run on 50mb/month I'd be pretty pissed if I couldn't just chat there anymore.