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  1. Hey sorry for the late reply. I banned you around 2 years ago for Xray on the PvE server... which is fairly cheaty for a cheat. That being said since it was so long ago, there's no point in keeping you banned still. Please read our rules and make sure you know them, and don't let it happen again!
  2. Thank you for appealing. And many sorry's for the late reply, it appears your banning moderator is inactive. Since this is an older appeal now, I'll go ahead and unban your account. Please read the rules, and if you are unsure if it's grief, just ask, better safe than sorry!
  3. Trooprm32

    Remove Phantoms?

    I voted no because I don't think they should be straight out removed, like my comment in that thread; they should either be nerfed or we should be given better counter measures against them.
  4. I actually agree with you in the fact that, "because it's vanilla", isn't a good excuse to not fix shitty Mojang janks. I've argued way too long that powered elytra are way too overpowered, but have always been countered with bullshit like "But it's vanilla", or "Just don't use it then". In terms of phantoms, they are very anti-fun when you are building outdoors. You cannot decisively counter them all without being hit, killed, or knocked off your building, without 'sleeping' in a bed that may or may not be far away. If able, I think they need a soft nerf, maybe something you suggested, maybe something else, I don't know for sure.
  5. Hi there Scoobdoos, it appears you Xrayed on our server almost 5 years ago. Since this ban is so old, I no longer have picture evidence to show for it. I've gone ahead and unbanned you, please read the rules before you return, and importantly, have fun! ?
  6. Closing for inactivity, please make a new appeal to be unbanned.
  7. I thought adventures map would be cool too, but without being 'first' to join, you would be at either an extreme disadvantage, or it would be too easy. Disadvantageous due to chests and loot being pillaged right away, and advantageous because traps or spawners along the way would be disabled. It would need a weekly reset/rotation, or it would need a way to give a player their own personal adventure map they could invite others to join them. Both sound like a ton of work, so I wouldn't be sure of the options here.
  8. Closed appeal for inactivity, please follow QueenBombus' instructions and re-make this appeal to be unbanned.
  9. You have an old ban, and your banning moderator is inactive. I have gone ahead and unbanned you. Please read/follow the rules, and welcome back!
  10. Since your banning moderator is inactive and this is an oldy, I'll go ahead and unban you. Please read the rules, and welcome back!
  11. Please post your Minecraft account name so we know your ban reason Edit: Name change More than a couple months ago. Please read the rules and be sure not to repeat this offense again, it will not be tolerated. Unbanned.
  12. Considering this is so ancient and any prior evidence I had was on my old computer anyways, I'm just gonna unban you right now. Be sure to read/follow the rules for when you play next! Welcome back! :)
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