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  1. 2018 Fundraiser Feedback

    The concept for this fundraiser was by far, for me, the most fun I've had during a fundraiser since I started on this server... I stayed on 'til the very end. I'd like to see a "rebuild X" event or concept come to PvE some rev, in a similar fashion to the "Collect them all" event from a few revs ago, but is more collective as a server to work together to "build or repair" something, may it be spawn or something else.
  2. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    I don't have access to a computer, so this was the easiest way to portray my thoughts.
  3. Revision 22: The Meandering Maze

    There are lockable chests in the event area at spawn to store your items. There's no risk of death, but you can't bring items anyways.
  4. Connecting to Server port # needed?

    The Windows 10 version of Minecraft is basically an entirely different game from Minecraft Java, aka it will not work and isn't compatible. Please download the regular version to be able to play again!
  5. Staff Inactivity Notices

    From tomorrow (April 30) until further notice I'll have reduced play time (Starting a new job). Additionally from May 28th to July 6th I will be on vacation (to Korea) with no Minecraft, but still accessible through here, slack, etc.
  6. Staff Name Change Update Thread

    Trooprm64 -> Trooprm32
  7. MacroMadness [Trooprm64]

    Thanks for responding. I'll unban you now; please be sure to make yourselves familiar with the rules and most importantly: have fun! 😌
  8. Dratuus [Trooprm32]

    Thank you for appealing, you have been unbanned. See your previous appeal: Please make yourself familiar with the rules, and have fun!
  9. MacroMadness [Trooprm64]

    Hi Macro, thanks for fessing up to your mistake. As this is your first offense, your ban duration will only be one week. However, part of the punishment for Xray is removal of all logged edits you have made on this server, so anything legitimate you may have done will still go away. Please come back and appeal again on the 10th of April (roughly 5 days from now), and I'll unban you. Some screenshots and an album for completion/evidence sake: https://imgur.com/a/DBAKX
  10. PvP discussion

    I don't care that awful much about a large pvp arena, but having an easily exploitable system in which you get free heads, or -other things- from killing other players while still on the PvE server is not a good idea. The only reason that worked for the S and PvP days is because you didn't have any other (paid) options. You mentioned having something like this wouldn't impose on regular staff if this was to occur, but also mention giving top players perks or recognition; which in fact would require additional Padmin work.
  11. DOGZ ONLY!!1!

    I found this cute dog picture online, I thought you guys would enjoy it!
  12. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    @The_Hero27 Please no. First, the quint grinder is already super powerful, having this would break any semblance of balance. Second... Why encourage players to not interact with one another? The whole point of trading is to meet up with the second party, and trade the old fashioned way. This is not an adventure or mmo server, lets keep that stuff out of it.
  13. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    @Sir_Didymus I did mention my thoughts on Elytra for the future; nerf it to heck. Right now it's practically a free 100% chance drop from the dragon, which is just way to easy. My steps in nerfing them would include; Remove EoF drops from all mobs except the dragon itself (light version: Only drops from flying mobs) Remove the guaranteed, 100% droprate of both the EoF and the Dragon Head from the dragon, and nerf their rates to be extremely low (5% range for EITHER) Removed the powered flight mechanic (Stolen from totemo's post) Remove the vanilla Elytra in the end through means of doing it manually, or having an entirely custom end which wouldn't have them in the first place If all the other steps aren't feasible, at the very least remove just powered flight. When we set out to create the recipe for Elytra, before this madness, it was to get something that offered an alternative to other travel methods; not to replace them all. Before Mojang introduced it, we toyed with the idea of powered flight via wingcommander, but concluded while fun it was extremely overpowered for vanilla. Mojang gumped our own thoughts.
  14. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Expectations 1. Initially agains't this sort of thing, but now unsure. I hasn't seemed to effect player numbers as we originally feared, but time will tell. 2. Hopefully events such as these will keep that retention going ^. Personally I usually miss timed events due to my life schedule (unless they are week+ long things like Valentines), so this topic doesn't really effect me. 3a. Not all player idea are good ideas. Choosing event locations and the like are fine, but having a death message "AHHHHHHH" is really not (what even is this? Death reasons should at least be able to be guessed.). I know you guys already pick and choose, but maybe be more picky? Additional Thoughts: Map Size 1. I still think this map is too big. Running from spawn to the corner I reside in; I found maybe 2 or 3 settlements on the way. It made the map feel really dead to me. 2. As above, yes. Additional Thoughts: I agree with Randoms, and Fawkes thought on the whole elytra thing; it's a serious issue for a map of any size. I'll clarify my thoughts more below Biomes 1. It feels like there's less biome variety this rev, but maybe that's just coincidental. 2. Something more unique. Too much of the map feels "vanilla" to me. 3. Less open flat plains Additional Thoughts: Could we get some underground generated structures up in here? Every single above ground one is pillaged instantly. Ore Distribution 1. I voiced my thoughts in a reddit thread a couple months ago. 2. Too sparse... if anything, maybe lapis? 3. Too much diamond. 4. Biome specific ore, yes! Nerf everything across the board and buff specific ores in specific biomes (For example, cut all ores in half on the map, and double lapis in the ocean, gold in mesa, etc.) Additional Thoughts: Nether Portals 1. No opinion 2. No opinion Additional Thoughts: Nether 1. The upper nether, while... cool? looking, its completely 100% barren and the biomes are way too huge. I didn't even know there was a vanilla nether below and was running around for 20 minutes looking for a blaze. 2a. Let the players do spawn 2b. I don't use rails Additional Thoughts: End 1. No opinion 2. Please make the fight A LOT more difficult. The fact that one player can do it in a couple days solo is just pure silliness, for an end-game boss. Since MC's nature AI is shit, there's not a whole lot you can do to improve the vanilla difficulty... maybe find an alternative? Additional Thoughts: Mapworld 1. 2. Additional Thoughts: Spawn 1a. 2. 3. 4. Additional Thoughts: You know my thoughts. Features Iron Golem Spawners 1a. 1b. 1c. Additional Thoughts: Maybe make some more "soul type drops" from the other ore types, they can be as rare or rarer... but don't ask me what they'd be used for. Custom Spawners 1. 2. 3. 4. Additional Thoughts: Community Blog Posts 1. 2. Additional Thoughts: Events 1. 2. 3. 4a. Additional Thoughts: Plugins TrainCarts 1. 2. 3. Additional Thoughts: Dumb plugin, extremely unnecessary. Other Plugins 1. 2. Additional Thoughts: Closing Thoughts Additional Thoughts: Make elytra extremely rare, like they should be. Nerf the droprate from the easily soloable dragon to a 5%(?) chance for a head or an eof. Remove eof drops from all mobs except the dragon. I have gotten 4 eof's from dicking around while mining... Secondly, find a way to remove powered flight. You cannot deny that it is extremely overpowered and hurts the development of the server. It should have never been added to vanilla. Edit: Just incase I wasn't clear, I support making the Ender Dragon fight actually difficult AND nerfing the EoF & Dragon Head drop rate to a very low chance(around 5%) for either, AND removing EoF drops from all other mobs AND removing powered flight entirely from the server. Yes all 4 of them at once.
  15. Smaller map

    For the record, the reason why we had a 6kx6k map for 4 revs in a row is because it worked, and we didn't get complaints. The reason we moved off the insane sizes during 14-15 was due to the barren terrain and lack of player interaction, but now that elytra exist; it solves the problem with the later. I've never felt that map expansions would work quite right on PvE either; it wouldn't be as successful a draw as it is on C. In short, finding the balance was very difficult during my time.