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  1. im go bye for 2 month
  2. my brain is the size of a cube centimeter
  3. i was banned for modreq spam, moderator and admin harassment, general chat harassment, claim evasion and mute evasion im sorry for doing these things and i will do it again, i have already known that doing those things were wrong and did them anyways because i did not care. it started when i built a very small hut on the north road on a part that was 1 block wide and when a padmin was expanding it to 9 blocks wide they ran into the hut and told me to remove it, i refused, was kicked out of a town for being an asshole, got my house destroyed, rebuilt it, got muted, and was banned for the reasons above.
  4. when i go to https://nerd.nu/maps/creative/live/ , it just keeps reloading over and over and i don't know what the cause of it is. here: https://imgur.com/a/xmeSI8S
  5. is there a map for the nether and end like the one at https://nerd.nu/maps/creative/live ?
  6. oh ok i would be happier if it was tomorrow thanks
  7. i have reviewed the rules. also tomorrow???? wow i thought it was going to be next week or something
  8. this is not going to be accepted probably the only thing to do is WAIT
  9. hello there, i am sorry i griefed part of a build in the end; the reason i did it was because another player was trying to make themselves "king" of the end by making thrones and big entrances that obstructed the pillars of the end even though they did not get the ender dragon, and i decided to be stupid and remove the big entrance by breaking all the blocks and filling the whole space with endstone and making it look like nothing was there. the entrance was connected to the outside by a hole through one of the pillars (vertically) and instead of filling it back in i did the wrong thing and filled it (mostly) with lava. (now that i think about it it was rude) and then the part i get banned for: first for context, there was a big bridge of purpur blocks that connected the island to he main island wich, at the time, i thought was selfish (i also thought the big entrance was selfish). i discovered beds exploded in the end because when i was building Endfly, (no wiki page exists at the moment) i put a bed in one of the huts and the same player who was trying to be king right clicked the bed and the whole hut exploded and i had to rebuild it 2 times because of this. from this discovery, i proceeded to place beds right on the border of the players' end island's region, and then right clicked them. a little while after a mod reverted the changes and i was banned. here i am, making a forum post of why i think i should be unbanned... once again, i am very sorry i griefed that with beds and i'll never do it again.
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