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  1. banned i guess reason: "study ban" idk i mean i asked to be banned so.. i think it was because i was mean to someone and called everyone smelly poo poo someone tell me what studying a ban is or what a study ban is i mean im sorry and i wont be mean to another player again, but I have one question. What IS a study ban?
  2. ohhhhhhh i thought you were talking about the end dimension i am sorry for destroying this, but I did it because it was negative towards a political party. I will use /modreq in the future.
  3. I'm not sure if it was a security issue since there was no other noticeable activity from someone else on my account, so I didn't change the password. Do you have any info on where those glowstone blocks were? If so, please tell me and I will continue. If not, then I would just like to be unbanned and play again.
  4. the only thing i remember griefing that could possible be related to this is me erasing a giant "UWU" near spawn, which tbh is for the better of the server
  5. glowstone?? i dont remember destroying any glowstone..
  6. please someone respond i dont care what the response is i just want to play on the server again : (
  7. I tried to login to the server when it said I was banned for "griefing near spawn". I'm sorry, but I don't remember doing this.
  8. when you get banned do you lose everything in your inventory in pve and all of your homes in c? because that would not be very good
  9. i have read the rules and will obey them whenever i am playing the server or using the forums.
  10. yes i have read the rules, and will obey them but i literally can't because i am not logged in to my mojanng account and i forgot the password. i'll start playing when i want to, after i somehow find a piece of paper that has the password.
  11. when you get banned and then unbanned on creative do you lose all of your homes? or is everything the same?
  12. last appeal but modified because im in a slightly better mood: i was banned for modreq spam, moderator and admin harassment, general chat harassment, claim evasion and mute evasion im sorry for doing these things and i will never do it again, i have already known that doing those things were wrong and should not have done them. it started when i built a very small hut on the north road on a part that was 1 block wide, and when a padmin was expanding it to 9 blocks wide they ran into the hut and told me to remove it. i refused, was kicked out of a town for being an a**hole, got my house destroyed, rebuilt it, got muted, and was banned for the reasons above.
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