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  1. Iron Grinders I enjoy the iron grinders. I did not set up the iron grinder so I cannot add anymore valuable input. The Nether I love the custom terrain in the nether! The mobs there is kind of unnerving but it's also really fun. The nether could be a bit bigger to accommodate for more terrain and fortresses. Custom Flora Love the trees! They are so pretty! Maybe add (rare) special saplings for spawning the special trees. Custom trees should definitely be continued. :) Portals Definitely to few portals, but with good reason. I have explored more of the map this rev than any other rev. Terrain The custom mountains were cool and unique. I feel like this server is getting its own "personality" instead of a generic generated world. Spawn Spawn is pretty as well. I love wasting days on spawn sekrits and laughing at my lack of parkour skills. Food was accessible, maybe more to accommodate the growing population on this server.... Custom Mobs Custom mobs are both terrifying and wonderful. Definately add more custom mobs...maybe cute mobs? Like cute (er) endymen. hehe /help I haven't used /help but maybe provide both the rule book and the /help option.
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