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  1. defiex

    Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    September 2019 Changelog Mewcifer stepped down from staff (Cadmin) DrTim58 stepped down from staff (moderator)
  2. defiex

    __kimchi__ [defiex]

    Hi __kimchi__, Thank you for your appeal. Here is some quick documentation for our records: You were originally banned for griefing a build that did not belong to you on P.nerd.nu, disregarding requests to stop griefing, ignoring admin chat when we tried to reach out to you, and when you did respond, you were rather rude in chat. Please take a moment to read the rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/ and confirm you understand. Once you have responded, I will go ahead and unban you since it has been so long. Thank you, -defiex
  3. defiex

    Staff Meeting Notes

    July 2019 Staff Meeting Head Admins Funraiser planning update Chaos updates and future looking nerd.nu website updates Modreq's & You! on both C & P - notes about training and completion PvE Revision 24 has begun and staff related updates Creative Spleef night upcoming! 1.13 Still being tested (note 8-10-2019 - creative has since upgraded to 1.13!) TechAdmins Welcome back Dumbo!!
  4. defiex

    Staff Inactivity Notices

    Will be away from Aug 17th to the 22nd.
  5. defiex

    Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    August 2019 Changelog July Head Admin meeting notes posted - August 4, 2019 gk_ryo has joined staff(moderator) - August 21, 2019 Hollifer stepped down from staff(moderator) - August 22, 2019 July Public Staff Meeting Notes posted - August 22, 2019
  6. defiex

    Head Admin Meeting Notes

    Head Admin Meeting Notes July 2019 HR Issues Activity update - postponed until after fundraiser Fundraiser discussion New Staff discussion Ongoing low-level priorty projects Lobby Discussion
  7. defiex

    Staff Meeting Notes

    June 2019 Staff Meeting Head Admins Fundraiser planning update Minigames replaced with Chaos PvE New Revision planning update Creative 1.13 testing is ongoing Tech Admins 1.14 for PvE testing 1.13 for Creative testing
  8. defiex

    Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    July 2019 Changelog bermudalocket stepped down from staff (Moderator) - July 16, 2019 Lobby Suggestion box - No current entries June Public Staff meeting notes posted - July 27, 2019 Dumbo52 has returned to staff as a TechAdmin - July 27, 2019
  9. defiex

    Staff Inactivity Notices

    Will likely be away 4th of July weekend (Friday-Sunday)
  10. During the 2018 fundraiser we received $2,378 in donations, and we currently (2019) have around a year worth of funding. We are currently paying for two servers - the primary one where pve, creative, event, chaos, the main site and forums run while the secondary server hosts the wiki, map downloads, and development servers. Our current contract that started this year (that came with fancy new hardware) is a 3 yr contract for $118USD/month and secondary box is $51USD per month. The forums are still $25USD every 6 months. We've also got some fees to register the wiki domain, nerd.nu domain, and pay for some S3 backups. Below is a summary of our expenses since the last fundraiser, and the document we use to track expenses can be seen here.
  11. defiex

    Head Admin Suggestion Box

    June 2019 Lobby SuggBox no entries
  12. defiex

    Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    June 2019 Changelog May 2019 Staff Cleanup update has been completed - June 3, 2019 Flumper has stepped down from staff (Padmin) - June 11, 2019 Fazaden has joined the Head Admin team, permissions pending update - June 21, 2019 Lobby Suggestion box has been updated - June 25, 2019 2018-19 Current Financial Update posted - June 29, 2019
  13. defiex

    May 2019 Staff Clean-up

    Hello everyone, Here's the May update for staff-cleanup. (Started in April, dragged through May!) Current staff can be found on the staff page. Based on activity levels (and conversations with players) Moved from INACTIVE to PAST STAFF None this rotation Moved from MODERATOR to INACTIVE Grenbug - per request. We have reached out to an additional 7 staff members regarding their activity levels and willingness to remain on staff. (New category!) Other staff updates that have happened since the last cleanup or didn't fall into the above categories: Moved from INACTIVE to PAST STAFF Dumbo(techadmin) -per request Moved from Admin to Moderator bermudalocket(techadmin) -per request
  14. defiex

    Head Admin Meeting Notes

    Head Admin Meeting Notes May 2019 Returning staff HR issue Changelog updates New headadmin search reviweed lobby, creative & PvE discussed fundraiser
  15. defiex

    Head Admin Suggestion Box

    May 2019 Lobby SuggBox no entries