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  1. barneybot [ludeman84]

    Hello Barneygale, Since ludeman84 is no longer on staff I am taking up your request. Since it is been 7 years and your main account has been unbanned, I am unbanning you. As always, please take a moment to review the rules. http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Rules -defiex
  2. Ban appeal [defiex]

    Hello Poobaloo, You're ban was for creating something that was causing significant lag on the server and not responding to both pm's and the warning given. Please remember to not use WE excessively as you were. I have gone ahead and removed your ban. Please take a moment to reread the rules found here: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Rules Welcome back.
  3. Creative Revision 34 Changeover Schedule

    CREATIVE REVISION 34 INFO POST! The Overworld this rev is keeping with the 15,000 x 15,000 blocks to build in all sorts of ways! The map was again made using WorldMachine and WorldPainter. We've included a lot of flatter land for city builders. Please explore thoroughly before destroying any nice terrain. Bard worked very hard on the map! This revision, Spawn remains detailed and organized and filled with a lot of useful information. Take a moment to fly around and familiarize yourself with Rev 34's new layout! The Spawn room contains information on getting started, as well as Rules. The Warp Room contains a portal to /warp skulls and /warp WETutorial, PixelArt, BigTown, Redstone, Nether, The End, and a Random Location. The Resources Room shows examples on how to get started making land claims and other useful gameplay tips. Outside Spawn you'll also find our CTA station. We now have an updated WorldEdit Tutorial located at /warp WETutorial. Spawn city as always, will feature a Suburbs area, Downtown, Uptown and Spawn City Representative Offices! You will be allowed 2 Suburbs plots, 2 Downtown plots, and 1 City Rep Office for now. Later in the rev we may grant you more if there's room for it! We've left areas around plots empty, and if you would like to request to build a park there or anything scenic we're open to it. Cardinal roads will be player built. Players are permitted to connect to these roads but may not obstruct them. The TestBuild multiverse has been transferred over from Rev 33. Accessible via /mv tp testbuild_june2017 Please remember our policy on region buffers. In the past we required a 10 block buffer between region borders. We now allow you to have ZERO buffer. Please see this example: https://imgur.com/a/BCeIA You will no longer have to /modreq for a Redstone plot at /warp redstone. We've added Nerdplot regions to all of them. Just claim one using /nerdplot claim! Please remember that if we (the CAdmins) for whatever reason, feel that your build or region is being used to obstruct or troll another player, it may be moved or removed at CAdmin discretion. Please play nice. The Revision 33 Map will be available for download shortly after it is taken down. It can be found at http://mcp-dl.com -The CADMIN TEAM!
  4. Head Admin Suggestion Box

    Why is the biome Savanna in lobby? Leaves look so ugly. :( We're sorry to hear that you aren't a fan of the leaves! We'll check with the techs to see changing the biome is something we could do. Why so much vote spam? Please get in touch with one of us to let us know what it is exactly that you are not happy with in regards to the "vote spam"
  5. Note appeal

    Stealth negating field has been removed! You are now note free!
  6. daffydj [ElectroTheDragon]

    Banned by Reason Time Banned Server ElectroTheDragon Tree spam grief on C. nerd.nu/appeal 4 years, 8 months ago c.nerd.nu I have gone ahead and removed the duplicate appeal. Since it has been over four years, I am going to just unban you! Please make sure to refresh yourself on the rules. Happy playing!
  7. Head Admin Suggestion Box

    new lobby when? Soon™ - The techs have been busy, but we have the new one all lined up and ready to go. Apologies for not yet having it up. :) A new lobby has been updated as of October 23rd! Enjoy!
  8. Head Admin Suggestion Box

    Answered: water in the floor of the lobby could be “deactivated” so only the actual portals send you to that server At this time, we are not planning on "deactivating" the water portals in the current lobby. We will be keeping this in mind for future lobbies and with our next lobby that will be coming soon, floor portals will not be an issue!
  9. Monthly News Digest

    Welcome to the Nerd.nu October 2018 News Digest!Below you will find a summary of all the cool stuff that's going on this month. Admins will make their announcement posts as usual and they will be compiled here to make it easier to locate them. Community Wide: Don't forget to follow @nerdnugaming on twitter Don't forget to follow @nerdgaming on Instagram! Lobby/Head Admin Suggestion Box responses Head Admin meeting notes(not currently up-to-date) PvE: We welcome PvE's new Padmins: cujobear, kumquatmay, & Flumper! New Revision information coming soon. Please be patient! Creative: Revision 35 Coming Soon! Speedbuild or Spleef - Every Saturday 9pm EST Weekly Build Contest - Week #47 concludes Weekly Build for Revision 34. We will resume Weekly Build possibly under a new format in Revision 35. In the next several weeks we will focus our efforts on Group Build. Thanks to everyone who participated since the beginning of the revision! The Weekly Build world will remain saved and available for download once the revision ends.
  10. Head Admin Suggestion Box

    Some answers to the still pending Lobby Suggestion Box! instead of typing /vote and clicking the link, maybe show the link each day on join Maybe the thank for voting message should also tell other people to type /vote When players log on to the lobby for the first time that day, it will remind you to vote! The "thank you for voting!" message has been updated with information to encourage others to vote and how. /lever to change players to on by default The lever command cannot be updated to remain on at this time and will remain in the "off" position as the default.
  11. Head Admin Suggestion Box

    Good evening all! I know it's been a while since we had a head-admin suggestion box post. I want to let you know that yes, we are still checking, but with current busy-irl lives, various non-urgent suggestions have been received, but we haven't acted on them as of yet. If you have any questions in the meantime, please let us know! Answered: no caps filter on lobby We do not have plans on changing this at this time as it is currently in line with all servers. can we expand the armor stand presets? Three is very limiting, just requires changing the config.yml for StandMaster. Thanks! <3 -no limit on PvE, C only has a limit on invisible stands. Pending instead of typing /vote and clicking the link, maybe show the link each day on join Maybe the thank for voting message should also tell other people to type /vote We will look into the /vote system on the lobby and consider ways to reminder players without /vote messages becoming too spammy. /lever to change players to on by default Will bring this up with techs and see if there would be any issues with making players visible by default with a command
  12. It was brought to the attention of the head admin team that the chat logs admins have access to on the Nerd.nu Minecraft server were accessed by Barlimore in a fashion inconsistent with what users would expect. Chat is logged on our server along with connection attempts and actions in game to assist in enforce the rules set out at http://nerd.nu/rules. Admins have access to chat logs that contain all messages sent in-game, and as a result are expected to adhere to a standard of behavior that protects users’ privacy whenever possible. However, upon investigation the head admin team discovered that there had been a pattern of incidents where these standards of behavior were not upheld by Barlimore and searches were made without good reason or in a way that was inappropriate. We have compiled a timeline of the searches in question and the surrounding investigation which you can view here. During our investigation we also uncovered a pattern of hostile and manipulative behavior by the padmin team, particularly Barlimore, to other admins, staff, and players. Many of the people we talked with shared similar stories. Most preferred to remain anonymous. However, both Zomise and ieuweh cited behavior from the padmins, and Barlimore in particular, as their main reason for leaving their positions on staff. Following this investigation, Barlimore is no longer on staff at Nerd.nu. Silversunset and Sir_Didymus did not agree with the conclusion of this investigation and have stepped down in solidarity with Barlimore. Any users who we believe to have been affected by these searches will be contacted shortly by a member of the head admin team. We take our users’ privacy very seriously and any violations or inappropriate use of staff powers will be investigated and addressed. We will also be creating an official privacy policy for Nerd services, an early draft of which will be available in the upcoming weeks. We welcome and encourage your feedback on the policy when it is provided. We also recognize that these actions do not undo the contributions made by the former padmin team and we appreciate the work they have put into the community in the past. Their farewell post was made in good faith and with the intent that it would facilitate our community moving past these issues and we would like to thank them for that. This post is made in the spirit of transparency with the hope that being forthcoming about what has happened is best for the long term health of Nerd.nu.
  13. This year's fundraiser has come to a close, and we'd like to hear your feedback on it. What did you like? What did you not like? How was this compared to CTF and/or last year's Zombie/Carnival event? How can we improve things for next year? (You don't have to just answer these questions, you can give any feedback you want.) Thank you in advance for all of your feedback, and thanks for a great fundraiser!
  14. Staff Inactivity Notices

    I'll be out of town September 15-20(ish) for a work trip. I will probably be reachable via Discord/slack, but I'm not taking my laptop with me.
  15. Revision 22: Holiday Traders!

    You're supposed to buy two of everything. That way, you can take one set out of the box and keep the others as collector items!