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  1. defiex

    Staff Cleanup - January 2019

    Hello everyone, Here's the January update for staff-cleanup. There will be another post coming soon for the April staff-cleanup as well. Current staff can be found on the staff page. Based on activity levels (and conversations with players) To be moved from INACTIVE to PAST STAFF djentlegiant -has stepped down To be moved from MODERATOR to INACTIVE ieuweh - per request nistune We have reached out to an additional 5 staff members regarding their activity levels and willingness to remain on staff.
  2. defiex

    Head Admin Suggestion Box

    Put lobby spawn coords at 10k, 10k to prevent map mod overlap shenanigans Lobby has been updated and moved to new coordinates. Shenanigans thwarted! Vote rewards should last for remainder of voting day + 24 hours, so you don't have to reset if you vote within the next da Responses coming soon!
  3. defiex

    MiniGames & You! A discussion...

    What are your thoughts on a server that swapped out once a month? Minigames for a month, then a month of maybe testing out a new Minecraft update? Do you think that would help with the repetitiveness?
  4. Hello All, As most of you know, our Minigames Server at this point gets little to no action on an ongoing basis. Right now, we'd like to know what you'd be interested in. While we know that moving forward with anything specific would absolutely require further discussion (Tech/Admin heavy maps/etc) and might not be feasible, we still want to hear from you! To get the discussion started, here are some ideas - Limited time adventure maps Minigames that rotate Month Long PvP Ultra-Hardcore plugin Thank you!!
  5. defiex

    Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Head Admin public meeting notes posted for meetings between August 25 2018 & February 2, 2019. February 12, 2019
  6. defiex

    Head Admin Suggestion Box

    Does anyone ever even read these or are you ignoring us? We do indeed read the suggestion box submissions! I try to check them at least once a month, but average more often then that. The suggestion box y ou entered your suggestion on was for the lobby. Nerdnu does have separate suggestion boxes, however, so if you make a suggestion in one of the servers and not in the lobby, that is where they will show up. If you are having issues with one of your suggestions being responded to please get in touch with one of the admins or head admins and we'll see what we can do to help.
  7. defiex

    Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    The Staff Database update is complete. Any staff lacking or needing optional* staff permissions have been messaged. February 7, 2019. *Mumble/Discord/subreddit specifically
  8. defiex

    Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Nistune moved to inactive, permissions updated February 6, 2019
  9. defiex

    JoeSeaward [Bardidley]

    Hi joeseaward, Thank you for your post. I've moved your appeal over to the ban appeals part of the forum. Bardidley will be with you soon. -defiex
  10. defiex

    [Appeal] Vuul Notes (past mods)

    Hi Vuul, Sorry about the late notice! I took a look and since the notes are old enough and you haven't angered the 🥕 carrot gods in over four years, I've gone ahead and removed your notes! Happy playing!
  11. defiex

    GrayCountertop [jchance]

    Hello GrayCountertop, At this time we cannot, in good conscience unban you. Your time with us was full of toxic behavior that spanned multiple years. From your appeal alone, you do not appear to be taking any accountability nor show any remorse for your past actions. We politely suggest that you find another community with which to play.
  12. defiex

    Head Admin Meeting Notes

    Head Admin Meeting Notes February 2, 2019 GDPR request follow up activity updates head admin discussion mod training HR issue HR issue HR Issue HR issue Ban appeal lobby contest plans suggestion box C status P status Fundraiser plans Mod nominations Staff meeting plans
  13. defiex

    Head Admin Meeting Notes

    Head Admin Meeting Notes January 19, 2019 GDPR request ongoing activity updates P status admin activity permissions review head admin review forum post discussion (1) forum post discussion (2) player message (1) player message (2) HR issue HR issue HR issue suggestion box lobby contest plans C status Mod nominations Trello review staff meeting planning mod training
  14. defiex

    Head Admin Meeting Notes

    Head Admin Meeting Notes December 15, 2018 GDPR request follow up ongoing activity followups lobby change simplification ideas staff meeting planning admin activity discussion permissions review future lobby contest plans winterize lobby suggestion box C status P status Player idea, re: M Mod nominations Trello review
  15. defiex

    Head Admin Meeting Notes

    Head Admin Meeting Notes September 22, 2018 privacy policy public log disclosure forum discussion lobby change followup suggestion box C status P Status mod nominations trello review forum topic discussion staff meeting preperation staff activity review