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  1. I'll be away June 15 through the 18th for a trip back home. Lsit me as gone, hut I may log on once or twice if I can.
  2. February/March Suggestion Box 1. a /hop to disconnect you and reconnect(yes I get this is a button already) - There is no need for this, we would prefer tech admins to be able to focus their available time on other efforts instead. 2. a /horse-owned-like called "/horse-pwned" that's /horse-owned but in l33tspeak | /hax or haxess alias for /haccess - These suggestions are not something we're looking to introduce permanently to the server. Aliases are intended to be helpful for the most part, if we pestered the tech admins for many joke aliases then we'd be wasting their time with a never-ending list. 3. /stand's name thing should have a way to reset name without clearing all modifiers. -We have raised this as a feature request with the tech admins 4. Add a simple [string] argument to /alert list command - defiex has culled the alerts down to a more manageable size, particularly since we can look to merge alerts with the new character limit. For this reason, we won't be looking to add this suggestion. 5. some kind of policy for at least a partial refund on messed up doppel names? -Dopplegangers are no longer cAse SensItiVe which we feel is very helpful. Seplling, sorry but you are going to have to double check or triple check. 6. "is locked with a magical spell" for named inventories should also return their name, if applicable. -We would like to remind you that /cinfo is available for checking chests. LWC is not an in-house plugin so such a feature would require tech admins to constantly add it to each new version. 7. defiex is awesome -Please drop us a pm to correctly map out your keyboard. There seems to be some speculation that you misspelled cujobear. ;-) 8. op ppgome this time? -If you're not from Planet Minecrop, no op. 9. make a crafting recipe for lily pads -Given that this is a renewable resource available from fishing and that demand may only be high do to the collection challenge this revision, we're not looking to introduce a crafting recipe at this time. 10. breeding cooldowns should take into consideration the time they started and elapse even if the chunk is unloaded. -Mobs grow up fast enough as it is. 11. More blow please. -This is the best we can do. 12. totemo pls make pigs trainable with EasyRider thx -with the current workload, we're not going to implement this idea at this time. We will keep it in mind! 13. It's a bit too easy to mass-farm melons at spawn. Maybe tune this for next rev? Still being discussed with tech admins: 1. "/ignore-all" ignores everyone for when you want a moment of peace 2. Doing "/c #channel when you're not in it should NOT return a message like it's private
  3. Hey folks, the purpose of this thread is to provide a list of changes/events/other things that the PAdmins are doing to/in/for PvE to keep you guys in the loop of what is going on. May 27th: Announcement for 2017 Fundraiser Community Maze build posted May 25th: Dragon spawning is available once more. May 15th: Dragon spawning is temporarily disabled due to crashes. May 14th: New Iron Golem Spawner Costs... and the first Revision 20 Blog is up! Alert List updated and cut down to 22 alerts! May 4th: A disturbance in the force has resulted in the view distance being increased at various times of day from 4. This should now adjust in line with peak times up to a view distance of 6. April 30th: Spawn plots are now available for claiming and decorating! Further reading on the guidelines available here. April 29th: Portal owners can now request a single hole to be made in the nether-side roof above their respective portals provided you've tunneled up to the bedrock! April 27th: The livemap is now available! April 22nd: Update made to Info Post & Wiki page on how to create a land claim. Update made to Info Post & Wiki page on Nether Portals: Must be made from obsidian, but can be decorated as players see fit! Added 1st Adventure Guild Challenge announcement to all platforms: The Hunt for Socarch's Buns! April 14th: Rev 20 beings!
  4. Because I have no life, I've joined "Erasethisplace" on the Place in Reddit. We're having problems trying to sort out our teeny little triangle of nothing. If anyone wants to join in and has a reddit account, that'd be fun! You get to place one pixel every five minutes. WE're trying to blank out that triangle and sort of set up a latice with the light grey.
  5. Oooh, Overwatch? There a bunch of us that play, both well(everyone else) and badly(me) if you're looking to play with anyone.
  6. Stitches
  7. Two words: Grave Traps.
  9. Come one, come all! Try your luck on PvE this weekend during our St. Patrick's day event! This weekend [Friday Evening ET 17th - Sunday Morning ET 19th March] we're running a St Patrick's Day themed texture pack on PvE, made by Zaliek. Leprechauns will be roaming PvE, armed with enchanted shillelaghs and shamrocks. I suggest you armour up and pack a water bucket or some fire-resistance potions; some of the shillelaghs are quite nasty. Death messages are 27% greener and custom mobs with very special loot! The leprechauns drop gold and alcoholic beverages, and occasionally they drop treasure maps. A looting sword will work in your favour. If you run to the coordinates on the treasure map, you will find a pot of gold under a fractured rainbow that may contain various valuable gold items. But you need to be quick, or the pot of gold will disappear before you find it! Good luck!
  10. January Suggestion Box 1. "/ignore-all" ignores everyone for when you want a moment of peace -we are discussing this with the tech admins! 2. Doing "/c #channel when you're not in it should NOT return a message like it's private -we are discussing this with the tech admins! 3. Could we have more nether portals? They would really encourage more nether development. - We have decided not to add more nether portals for Rev 19. We will be discussing the idea for Rev 20. 4. Service plugin (1.11) to disable the spawning of the new villager types. -We have discussed and will be allowing the new 1.11 villagers. 5. Commands that can be used once a day that initiate votes to change to day/night/rain. - We have discussed this idea and will not be moving forward with it at this time. 6. Have glass drop sand. -We have discussed this idea and will not be moving forward with it at this time. We feel there is enough sand currently out there for use. If you are worried about using sand in any given area, just ask around or find an admin for assistance. 7. Build next spawn like this: - Response:
  11. Ducks.
  12. Note for defie: go look at the subreddit post for more responses! Link to subreddit.