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  1. defiex

    Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    November 2019 Changelog Nerdnu's 2019 Financial update posted - November 2, 2019
  2. Hello everyone! As promised, here is our 2019 NerdNu Financial Update. During the 2019 fundraiser, we received $3,259.30 in donations($135.31 of that was taken for fees). Typically, we like to ensure that we have more than a year worth of funding. We are currently sitting around two years. We are currently paying for two servers - the primary one where PvE, Creative, Event, Chaos, the main site, and the forums run while the secondary server hosts the wiki, map downloads, and development servers. Our current contract that started last year (and came with fancy new hardware) is a three year contract for $118USD/month and the secondary box is approximately $51USD/month. The forums are still $25USD every six months. We also have some fees to register the wiki domain, Nerd.nu domain, and to pay for some S3 backups. Below is a summary of our expenses since the last fundraiser, and the document we use to track expenses can be seen here. And as requested, our Fundraiser Feedback Post can be found here! We have been discussing next year's fundraiser and the possibility of donating either a portion or all of the donations for 2020 to a reputable charity. In previous years, we had donated to Child's Play, a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games. We would love to hear your thoughts on this idea and will be bringing it up again with you when we begin planning for 2020's Fundraiser. Cheers, -The Head Admin Team pez252, fazaden, ttsci, & defiex
  3. defiex

    Staff Meeting Notes

    October 2019 Staff Meeting Head Admins Post Fundraiser Posts coming this week! Chaos snapshot server is up and running, go visit the bees! Pve Friday Funtime Events are going well! Halloween Celebration went well! If you hear of any players that wish to run an event, let the Padmins know! Creative Training refreshers for Mods discussed [redacted]News coming soon! Halloween Contest is still on! See the subreddit: https://redd.it/djga6g Tech Admins No new announcements at the moment. - Keep yourselves updated by checking out the Tech admin blog: https://nerd.nu/b/tech Open Floor Halloween Town review End Dragon issues discussed Shulker issues discussed
  4. defiex

    Rieng [Zomise]

    Hello Rieng, Since your banning moderator is no longer on staff, I'll be handling your appeal. Here's some info about your ban for documentation purposes: As it has been over two years, I'll go ahead and unban you. Please be cognizant of other player's builds in the future and please make sure you are familiar with our rules. Welcome back and have fun!
  5. defiex

    Head Admin Suggestion Box

    October 2019 Lobby SuggBox - fixed! via Creative Suggbox - Do a donation drive for advertising only and use that money to buy ads on subreddits like /r/gaming and /r/minecraft so we can get more users (moved forward from last month) The new nerd.nu/staff page no longer shows past staff beyond most recent staff. Could this be fixed back to including everybody? The staff page is linked to our forums. If the staff member no longer has a forum account, then they will not show up on the staff page. With the massive amount of lag we see from 1.14, with it most likely getting worse in 1.15, why not open a Win10 Edition Server? put modreq in lobby 😛 check out 9984 67 9992 - was that sign always here?
  6. defiex

    Staff Meeting Notes

    September 2019 Staff Meeting (held first weekend of October) Head Admins Discussed upcoming staff meeting dates (happy holidays!) Fundraiser Wrapup - thank you!! NOT THE BEEES! - Chaos update - working on getting the newest snapshot up on chaos PvE Thank you for the hard work on getting modreqs done! Weekly Friday Events - New to PvE Admin Hunt was a success! Had participation from all the timezones. Discussed ways to raise player count for all servers. Creative Weekly event tonight! SPLEEEF! (speedbuild is next week) [redacted] More news coming soon! Tech Admins No new news at the moment - Keep yourselves updated by checking out the Tech Admin blog: https://nerd.nu/b/tech Openfloor Discussion platforms mumble vs discord slack vs discord subreddit vs forums Nerdnu Branded game nights - HR
  7. defiex

    October 2019 Staff Cleanup

    Missed one! Here's the October 2019 update for staff-cleanup. Some of the below staff members stepped down/were placed on inactive between now and May/June when the last Clean-up post was made. Their permissions were updated when the actual change was made. Current staff can be found on the staff page. Based on activity levels (and conversations with players) Moved from INACTIVE to PAST STAFF Hollifer - per request Ruthlesssss Moved from MODERATOR to PAST STAFF Bermudalocket - per request in July DrTim58 - per request Moved from Admin to PAST STAFF Mewcifer - per request Moved from MODERATOR to INACTIVE MasterCommaThe QueenBombus HeySofia TheNightsKing Moved from Moderator to CAdmin Marting11 Joined/rejoined Staff gk_ryo - moderator Dumbo52 - TechAdmin We have also reached out to an additional staff member regarding their activity levels and willingness to remain on staff.
  8. defiex

    Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    October 2019 Changelog Lobby Suggestion Box fixed - October 7, 2019 Staff Updates (permissions updates pending) Queenbombus moved to inactive staff (moderator) - October 13, 2019 TheNightsKing moved to inactive staff (moderator) - October 13, 2019 HeySofia moved to inactive staff (moderator) - October 13, 2019 MasterCommaThe moved to inactive staff (moderator) - October 13, 2019 Marting11 joined CADMIN team (from moderator) - October 13, 2019 Ruthlessss moved from inactive to past staff - October 13, 2019 October Staff Cleanup Update has been completed - October 13, 2019 September Public Staff Meeting Notes posted - October 16, 2019 October Public Staff Meeting Notes posted - October 29, 2019
  9. defiex

    Head Admin Suggestion Box

    September 2019 Lobby SuggBox - not fixed yet! via Creative Suggbox - Do a donation drive for advertising only and use that money to buy ads on subreddits like /r/gaming and /r/minecraft so we can get more users
  10. defiex

    Head Admin Suggestion Box

  11. defiex

    Head Admin Suggestion Box

    August 2019 Lobby SuggBox no entries
  12. defiex

    Head Admin Suggestion Box

    July 2019 Lobby SuggBox no entries
  13. defiex

    Head Admin Meeting Notes

    No one-day-multi-hour Head Admin Meeting in August the below was discussed over the course of August: HR Issues Fundraiser planning and finalizing & more fundraiser planning Ongoing low-level priority projects Financial document
  14. defiex

    Staff Meeting Notes

    August 2019 Staff Meeting Head Admins Fundraiser planning update Pvp, Minigames, PvE type activities being planned and details about each. PvE Restart times still being fiddled with Creative 1.14 planning, maybe new rev soon? Techadmins - nothing new this meeting
  15. defiex

    __kimchi__ [defiex]

    Since I haven't gotten a response from you. I'm going to go ahead and close this appeal for now. Please reach out to let me know that you have read the rules and confirm you understand and then I will unban! 😄