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  1. No worries. You've been unbanned either way. We just recommend that you make sure your account is secure. Have fun, -defiex
  2. Hello Dycool, Since barneygale is no longer on staff, I'll be taking care of your appeal. At one point, it appears that your account (about 8 years ago) was compromised. If you have had this account for some time, we recommend that you update your password. I have unbanned your account. Please take a look at the rules and have fun! -defiex head admin
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  4. Hello PixelFox64, I am the Head Admin that banned you, again, for posting videos that we have asked the player base at large not to post. This go around, you posted three short videos with loud screaming and a racist-leaning video. None of which are welcome here at NerdNu. If you do not wish to be banned every time you post something in the Wholesomememes channel, I suggest you take a moment, to read the rules and actually review the pinned note on the wholesomememes channel before posting. I have inserted an image down below of where you can find the pinned note. I have PM'd you twice on Discord with a link to the rules and my previous ban also had a link to the general rules for the entire NerdNu community. Here are the links to the videos you recently posted that I placed the ban for. This does not include the images that were removed by other moderators. https://youtu.be/xtbJyhVQdIw https://youtu.be/m1bSWQOvLzE https://youtu.be/sntGta76v6Y https://youtu.be/pGdVFwtfDTI I am setting your ban at one week since this is not your first ban for the same issue. You may reappeal after the week is up if you have not been unbanned.
  5. Hello PixelFox, Thank you for your patience. You were banned on Discord for "Inappropriate posting of videos that include racial slurs after being spoken to by both moderators and admins." Since it has been over a week, I have unbanned you on Discord. Please remember to read the rules and post accordingly. As you already know, we've asked the community to refrain from posting inappropriate videos that suggest inciting violence, racism, and low quality videos that that have loud sudden noises. There is a pinned comment in the wholesomememes channel and there was also a post before Completeandtotalstupidity channel was shut down. Both were brought to everyone's attention. Please be more mindful of what you post on the wholesomememes channel. Please read the rules and remember to have fun. -defiex
  6. Since there has been no reply, I'm going to go ahead and close this appeal. If you would like to re-appeal, please let us know. Thanks, defiex
  7. Hello Nokia, Thank you for your patience. I'll be taking care of your ban since that player is no longer on staff. Below is a copy of the ban. It's been over 4 years so I will go ahead and unban you. Please take a moment to review the rules (https://nerd.nu/rules/) and have fun! -defiex headadmin
  8. January 2021 Staff Meeting Head Admins New Mod discussion Fundraiser Skyblock Map coming down and Chaos returning https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/6038-chaos-snapshot-server-status/ PvE So many events! Discussions had about new types of events - impromptu brainstorming session had! Valentines Event Padmin request to players to not use so many hoppers! Mapworld update by defi is nearly compelete - update post to come Tics Trivia Run Coming soon! Creative Speedbuild tonight!(jan 30th) Chaos Discussion about updates - Chaos returning and Fundraiser server coming down
  9. Hi EvilStepDad, I'm sorry we didn't see your message! (and it may have been answered elsewhere, but take a look at https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/6038-chaos-snapshot-server-status/ Let us know if you have any questions! -defiex
  10. Hello TheMightyJeeb, Thank you for your patience while we are looking in to this matter. I would like to ask how long have you had this username? -defiex
  11. You're very welcome! Have fun, defiex
  12. Hello Briar, Since it has been some time, I have gone ahead and unbanned you. Please take a moment to review the rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/ before you return to the game. Happy crafting, defiex
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