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  1. Since there has been no reply, I'm going to go ahead and close this appeal. If you would like to re-appeal, please let us know. Thanks, defiex
  2. Hello Nokia, Thank you for your patience. I'll be taking care of your ban since that player is no longer on staff. Below is a copy of the ban. It's been over 4 years so I will go ahead and unban you. Please take a moment to review the rules (https://nerd.nu/rules/) and have fun! -defiex headadmin
  3. February 2021 Changelog January 2020 Public Staff Meeting notes posted - February 2, 2021
  4. January 2021 Staff Meeting Head Admins New Mod discussion Fundraiser Skyblock Map coming down and Chaos returning https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/6038-chaos-snapshot-server-status/ PvE So many events! Discussions had about new types of events - impromptu brainstorming session had! Valentines Event Padmin request to players to not use so many hoppers! Mapworld update by defi is nearly compelete - update post to come Tics Trivia Run Coming soon! Creative Speedbuild tonight!(jan 30th) Chaos Discussion about updates - Chaos returning and Fundraiser server coming down
  5. Hi EvilStepDad, I'm sorry we didn't see your message! (and it may have been answered elsewhere, but take a look at https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/6038-chaos-snapshot-server-status/ Let us know if you have any questions! -defiex
  6. Hello TheMightyJeeb, Thank you for your patience while we are looking in to this matter. I would like to ask how long have you had this username? -defiex
  7. You're very welcome! Have fun, defiex
  8. Hello Briar, Since it has been some time, I have gone ahead and unbanned you. Please take a moment to review the rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/ before you return to the game. Happy crafting, defiex
  9. No bump! Only Zuuuuul! It's been a couple years with no issues. Note removed! Cheers, -defiex It's never a bad idea to review The Rules!
  10. January 2021 Changelog December public staff meeting notes posted - January 17, 2021 Updated Staff Calendar with 2021 Staff Meeting Dates - January 17, 2021
  11. December 2020 Staff Meeting Head Admins Fundraiser Wrap-up Money Sent to Child's Play $2161.65 sent +$64.87 Fee Thanks for all your help! PvE So many events. So. Many. Still looking into Chunk issues - please report! If you see something, say something! Perfect Villagers: players have been sending in suggestions for more villagers. Creative Weekly Build Voting - Type /warp weeklybuild to visit! Tech Admins Nothing new at this time Chaos Discussion about updates
  12. Hi Omegaeddon, Since bermudalocket isn't on staff anymore, one of us will take care of it. (I'm at work atm, but will look at it when not on the clock!) Cheers, defiex
  13. November 2020 Staff Meeting Head Admins Moderation in chats Mod Nominations Fundraiser - Coming Soon! in two weeks this is the perfect time to panic Will open for sprucing by mods soon redacted stuff goes here! PvE Modreqs - double check at restarts minimaps are still a bit wonky, we know, please report if it happens to you! 4 weeks from rev start! leaving restarts at 1hr dragon fight coming soon known issue about certain chunks that are having loading issues, please report if it happens to you. Creative Still testing 1.16.4 Spleef tonight at 9pm! Tech Admins We know that there are some bugs on PvE right now Open floor Too many channels in all the places Defi does prune every once and a while. Staff Clean up Why are the meeings so short? so we can get to the snacks faster. Redacted!
  14. October 2020 Staff Meeting Head Admins Mod nomination reviews Fundraiser date set Fundraiser theme set more details to come - much fancy! PvE New rev prep End of Current Revision Plans Final Save date tbd Discussion on End of revision Chaos vs PaVE Creative Halloween Themeed weekly Build Contest https://redd.it/jhltyw Thanks to the Cadmins from Padmins for helping with the build contest for Wonders of the World! Questions about updating server to match PvE (1.16)? [redacted] Open Floor remidner that PvP arenas are still a thing discussion regarding PvP ideas discussed resetting parts of Chaos (that have low/no use/etc)
  15. December 2020 Changelog Post-Fundraiser wrap up posted (specifics to be updated) - December 14, 2020 October/November public staff meeting notes posted - December 18, 2020
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