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  1. The Spawn Building As much as I liked this spawn, it would be a good idea to make it smaller for those who want to get out quickly. We could still add plenty of secrets by building up/down rather than out! The Overworld I think this map size worked well. Having vanilla terrain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. By the time that custom terrain tools are updated, we should have had enough of a taste of vanilla for more people to want to go back to custom terrain.🍦 Distribution of biomes and ores was good. The Nether I loved the custom nether this rev! Plenty of resources available for builders. I like having custom mobs, but it would be nice for their unique drops to have unique names (i.e. the Punch V bow from Jumbees should be called Jumbee Bow or Jumbow or whatever) Custom villagers are always a nice addition. The End Generation: I liked the end for the same reasons as the Nether, but it would be nice to have custom terrain on islands to make it more similar to the vanilla end. Dragon Fight The dragon fight this rev is great! Shulkers and other mobs Having free range shulkers ended up working fine compared to having a shulker spawner. The only issue with having additional mobs in the End is that it prevents us with having traditional end grinders. Maybe increase the spawn rate of enderman spawners? Elytra No complaints with this. Mapworld As long as we keep old maps around, I'm good. Portals Good number of portals, I'm fine with having them available from day 1. Iron Golem Spawners I think we should keep golem spawners the way they are, maybe require players to obtain beds and workspaces in addtion to what's required for them now to make it similar to requirements for vanilla golem farms. Custom Spawners No complaints with the spawners we had! Custom Drops from Ore, Mobs, Loot chests and Sugarcane I like the custom drops. Having items drop from other sources would depend on the theme of the rev. Custom Saddles I like having a mix of trades and rewards to get custom saddles. Events I'd love to see something similar to the Knight's Quests from Rev 21 return (mini dungeons spread across the map with various challenges)! End of Rev I'm fine with any sort of event at the end of the rev as long as we have some way to celebrate! Edit: forgot to add something. If the padmins have the time, I think it would be cool to bring back periodic blog posts over the course of the rev showcasing different builds, events, and player stats!
  2. The Spawn Building I enjoyed this rev's spawn compared to the spawns of past revs. It was easy for players to exit if they wanted to get out immediately, but had plenty of goodies at hand for those looking for them. I also really liked the spawn museum on the 2nd floor to take a look back at nerd.nu's history. The amendments made to spawn were also beneficial. The Overworld Map I was initially hoping to have a smaller map for this rev, but now I think 9k x 9k is a good map size. This map size will definitely be good for next rev when people will be hoping for large oceans to explore. I don't know if it's possible, but would there be a way to use the current version of OTG/Biome Bundle for terrain generation on land while having 1.13 vanilla oceans? I know we'll have plenty of oceans next rev due to 1.13, but i would recommend not having an ocean right next to spawn, or at least not have spawn surrounded on three sides by ocean like in rev 18. That seemed to hurt that rev's infrastructure quite a bit. The main biome that is lacking this rev is desert - more specifically, deserts that have more than one or two layers of sand before hitting sandstone. I know that some deserts were added to the nether specifically for sand collection, but i was afraid of ruining all those beautiful landscapes! Last rev, there were some giant sand worms that were left all chopped up and floating in the air because someone had taken all the sand there ;_; Other than that, resource distribution was good! The Nether Map I like having custom nether maps and mobs! I don't know if the Padmins are still working on it, but it would be nice for the custom mobs to have named drops for their armor and weapons (besides the pixie stick, or whatever it's called). The End I would like to see tougher Ender Dragon fights continue, but having every hit spawn more mobs is tough on people who don't have great computers (I personally didn't have problems, but I know plenty of other people have). Mapworld The only WorldEdit commands I can think of that may be useful are //cyl and //hcyl so it's easier to make circles. Portals The method that was used to release portals was good, as well as having little puzzles to solve to find the last 6 portals. I think it's also a good idea to have an irregular portal distribution like we had this rev so that people can't just guess the general area of where a portal would be. Iron Golem Spawners No complaints or concerns here! Custom Spawners All the custom spawners we have right now are good. We shouldn't put any in the nether though, especially if we're going to keep custom mobs. Custom Drops from Ore (Fossils and Rares) The custom drops were a great addition and I hope they come back next rev to match whatever the theme is! Custom Saddles I like having the saddles as both prizes and trades. Elytra I think the method of obtaining elytra was good this rev. While I generally don't use them until the second half of the rev, I don't think it would be a good idea to gate people off from getting them early on if they want them. While elytra (specifically powered elytra) has hindered roads and rails a little bit, I still see players creating them, mainly at the beginning of the rev before getting elytra. I think we've done a good job of helping infrastructure with the addition of a spawn rail station the past few revs. Events Types of quests I'd like to see return: The Knight's Quests from rev 21- there was a wide variety of challenges to take on (scavenger hunts, trivia, redstone puzzles, etc). NITWITS from rev 20 - I liked this sort of scavenger hunt more than other ones since it required you to think a little bit and also encourage people to work together to solve the puzzles. It's better than hunts like the Lost Slime Golems which are just "Go find these things. Where are they? Somewhere." The Viridian Journals from rev 17 - I thought this was a cool idea to add a little lore to the world.
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