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  1. I was supposed to be unbanned last night Totemo Im a little confused.
  2. Nerd.nu I'm sorry for what I used I normally wouldn't do this if I wanted to get full diamond on chaos but that's not the point now I'm here to apologize to the to the staff and to you and letting my friends on this server down and also letting the community down I would like another chance please It will never ever happen again I enjoy playing on this server grinding to get better and I don't really want anything to change that its my favorite server to play on I mean this server was up since 2009 who else would play on this server I'm extremely sorry for doing this my brain got the better of me im not make any excuses I got disabilities in real life. I would like to have another chance please I want to continue to put commitment in to the server I won't let you and the staff, and Cujo and the community ever again it was selfless for using X-ray I would never even hack again I learned that lesson back in 2016. I was using a xray texture pack not a hacked client if you would like for me to delete that I will do so right now. -KingRawson23 PS. I would love to play on your server again its very fun and too see the history that goes down!
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