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  1. Thank you for your response. I understand that curiosity can get the better of us sometimes and I appreciate that you understand why what you did was against the rules. The world you glitched into is indeed the area that admins use to create events such as the admin hunts which use builds from past revisions and as such these builds would be hard to include into the overworld. Padmins do put a lot of trust into our player base and it honestly hurts when that trust is broken. I am taking into account that you have been a long time upstanding player that has never caused issue on the server in the past and the fact that you realized that you should not have been where you were and left the area without making edits. You are now unbanned.
  2. Closing this as a duplicate appeal.
  3. Thank you for your well written response. I have to say I was furious when I found the build. I am not sure if I was more furious at myself for putting trust in players or that that trust was broken. I understand that you meant no harm, but I still see that there was a bit of malice in your actions. Using the 'trick' to escape took effort to get somewhere you knew you were not meant to be. The arena was fully enclosed for a reason. We will in the future now have to put extra effort into arenas made in the event world because we can no longer trust players to be respectful of boundaries. I do hope in the future the measures we take will prove unnecessary. I am taking into account that you have been a long time upstanding player that has never caused issue on the server in the past. You will be unbanned shortly.
  4. Distant future suggestion -- powdered snow clumps in the end instead of regular snow As if the end isn't terrifying enough! Although we haven't player with powdered snow enough to know why large quantities would be needed, we can certainly look into adding powdered snow clumps in the end in future revs. Boost moss creation range (customly) to a bit higher (1-3 radius more) make bonemealing tall grass over moss also bonemeal the moss Once again, this is a new game mechanic we do not know a lot about. However, at this time we feel that this is not something that needs plumping for a multiplayer server. Moss seems easy enough to get. Like how we can ignore deaths, can we ignore pvp on/off alerts? thank you ❤️ We can understand how the alerts can become annoying during events or when players are trying to get their head to drop. We can look into adding something, but no promises. ok so, mob heads aren't exactly the EASIEST thing to collect, so why not make them the currency for buying spawn eggs once they become available at spawn? It is an interesting concept. Heads are fairly easy to come by with a channeling trident, and most players looking to buy eggs want to because they CAN'T find the animal. Regardless, we feel that the current way of buying eggs is fair. /mutechat please... I only wanna see clanchat sometimes Try going into Options -> chat settings -> commands only a /jail? I feel as if it would work to punish players instead of instantly banning/kicking them We aren't trying to "punish" players. There is a consequence for deliberately breaking rules. We have very rarely, if ever, instantly banned a player. Using a kick as a warning and ultimately banning if the rule breaking continues we feel is more effective and less disruptive than a "jail" in game would be. Apply the glowing effect to anyone who has bad omen, so if they come into our villager area they can be called out for it. We understand that having your villager markets subject to raids is very frustrating, but we feel that bad omen and raids are part of normal gameplay and precautions should be made by players to keep villagers safe rather than "marking" players that have bad omen. Whoever builds a grinder and opens it to the public can modreq placement of an information sign in Spawn. Players that want to share the location of their grinders can modreq for a marker to be placed on the live map.
  5. Make portal shards non placeable. it makes so much sense to fill the portal with portal shards that I did that, now my shards are useless. Yes, I am aware I should have read the rules more carefully, still sucks. Have "portal shards" represented by prismarine shards or any non placeable item to prevent folk placing the shards thus wasting time and currency remove nether portal shards and just use guilders. Not only were shards explained in the info post and on the item itself https://imgur.com/a/WY7dChE so there really should be no confusion on how to use the shards. However; we have changed the portal shards into a non-placeable item. Since we have made this compromise to make things easier for you, we hope that in the future you will also take the time and effort to refer to the info post or ask questions if you do not understand something.
  6. Can collision be turned off in the lobby? I'm tired of being pushed by someone last second every time the portal opens. We will pass this onto the heads since it concerns the lobby and not PvE. Thank you
  7. Give cujo a raise for an awesome dragon fight 😄 Awww, thanks! We hope everyone enjoys the fight. I would also like to thank players and mods that gave crazy suggestions. test success? A possible addition for a trader at spawn to sell a stack of shroomlights. Thanks! We have added a trader at spawn that in cludes harder to find/get materials such as shroomlights, andesite, sand, etc! Add cross-server chat so I can talk with PvE people when I'm in the creative server We have discussed this possibility in the past and will continue to look into it as time allows. Add R.nerd.nu that contains a view-only pixel art of the classic bill gates sexy pose. um, no. Since plug.dj is no more, turntable.fm is a pretty good alternative Check us out here: https://turntable.fm/60612a7547b5e300194fc58a password is speakeasy /suggestion-box uses usernames for hashes instead of UUIDs, so players can ban evade a suggestion-box ban suggestions are anonymous, therefore we will not use names instead of the UUIDs
  8. Thank you for taking time to read over the rules again. Welcome back.
  9. Hello, Top start, your other post to ban appeals has been removed, as the forum is not an appropriate place for copy-pasta or low effort threats (if that was the intent). Please keep posts here on topic. You were banned for evasion. This adds one week to your ban time. You have also been x-raying. This comes with a rollback of your edits and 1 week of banned time (since it was your first x-ray offense). With these together starting from the date of you ban, your ban will end on September 27. Please follow up at that time to be unbanned. PlaceRebuilder was banned on September 4, only after that account was banned did this account log in. You were also x-raying on the PlaceRebuilder account. All edits on that account have been rolled back as well. This is being treated as one extended instance of xray and will not come with additional ban time. Please take a moment to read the server rules and follow up on September 27 if you would like to be unbanned. Thank you, cujobear
  10. A suggestion I wish I had been around to make before the Rev, given it's experimental; disable Phantom, and have the Phantom membrane be either buyable from Spawn, or a custom drop from bats. Would be nice to experience quiet nights again. You are right, this is the revision we should have tried something with phantoms, but rather than removing a mob completely from the game maybe we can test a way to reduce spawns. We will talk with techs. make snow edible Why? I cannot think of why this would be needed and therefore we will not take such a request to the techs at this time. Can we get signs in end for pvp arena set-spawns? im thinking of making a big arena We will allow for set-spawn signs to be used in nether and end worlds for arena use ONLY. e E. If there was more to this suggestion, please resubmit it. why can't we have a larger map? like 8kx8k We have had larger maps in the past. We have also had smaller maps in the past. While some players think 6kx6k is too small and others feel 6kx6k is too big, this seems to be the best compromise to include enough space and biome variety for the players. We will consider your suggestion for the next revision. /suicide suicide command There are soo many ways you can quickly dispatch yourself in this game that we feel there isn't really a need to add a kill command. A few examples: hug a cactus or creeper, tiptoe through a berry bush, take a short jump of a cliff, swim in lava, try to become a fish. allow a couple potion arrows to apply potion affects to other players everywhere (let's say spectral, instant health -- literally everything else opens potential for grief) We have taken this suggestion to techs to see if this is possible. There are a few arrows that might be fun and not deadly to use re-enable Johnny vindicators (we've had them disabled for years), any grief potential they could cause is trackable through other plug-ins While seeing that penned animals, villagers, and players mauled by a Johnny vindicator would be logged, we don't believe the tagging of the vindicator would. So it would be very difficult and time consuming to track back and warn a player for the grief caused. For now, the Johnny vindicator will remain disabled on P Custom tipped arrows at spawn replacing last rev's potions so you can sell more than one at once (say, 3-5x 8:00 haste II) This looks like a fun addition to the custom traders at spawn. Watch for some new traders in spawn in the upcoming weeks! limit the amount of portals per group of people in a radius and be consistent about enforcing this. a certain group has 4 portals very close to each other when I have been told no to portals the further distances apart. We have discussed your suggestion and can only recall 1 portal that was denied because it was less than 30 blocks from another portal in the same town. Since the nether side is 1/8 the size of the overworld that portal would have been less than 4 blocks from another portal in the nether. There is also still a limit to how close portals can be to not cross wires with each other. If you were denied a portal it would be for one of these reasons. If you feel you were treated unfairly you are welcome to contact a padmin or headadmin to discuss the matter further.
  11. Come play in the knockout arena in the End
  12. Come play in the knockout arena in the End
  13. Edit the welcome message for noobs to include "yep, this IS the oldest server" We don't currently have any kind of welcome message for "noobs". Yes we are the oldest server, but not everyone asks that or cares, and being greeted by players when we notice the - on log in is part of what makes this community so cool. A countdown command for events But what fun would an event be if I didn't mess up the countdown? We can look into it, but it is not high priority. There are still a few suggestions to respond to, but they require a bit more discussion first.
  14. A region flag for public farms - e.g. pumpkins can be broken, but pumpkin stems cannot; berry bushes can be harvested, but not broken; bottom sugar cane and bamboo blocks can't be broken, etc. Thank you for your suggestion. we have always allowed for regions for public use farms, just modreq for one. Public farms can be created in this way by creating separate public regions for just the area you would like to be public use. Please remember that square or rectangle farms are best for protection purposes. update to 1.17 We are waiting for a few more stable builds for the plugins and back end stuff we need to run the server. This is why we stated in the info post we plan to run this revision a little shorter. Also, if possible we could update mid-rev and add spawn traders for the new blocks. Nerf Olav Olav is an amazing part of this community. He makes amazing farms that benefit the whole community.
  15. Entirely disable poision potato drops from mining potatoes, only have $pudcoins (perhaps slightly larger than other comparable sources?) If we removed poison potatoes from mining potatoes, then what would happen to the counterfeit $pudoin market?!?! Make a user poll to see if region protection policies should be changed to allow protections more easily We feel that it is already pretty easy to be granted a protection. There just needs to be significant work done on the build or in the terraforming of the land. We will not protect large amounts of land that have no builds, which is why we have started the claim regions this revision. Feel free to submit another suggestion explaining in more detail what you want to see made easier.
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