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  1. Padmin Notes

    Greetings! Starting this thread as a new place for padmins to keep the community up to date on what we have been working on. (which is mostly hush hush right now - no spoilers for rev 23!) We have held a few meetings so far (scheduled and impromptu) making decisions for the upcoming revision. The most recent was held on October 14th where we finalized some of more pressing details about the upcoming rev, including the map and map size. Don't even try to pry more information from any of us than that. We won't say a peep. Techs are still working incredibly hard to update, fix, and sometimes completely re-write plugins that are essential for our server. If you see totemo or bermudalocket online please thank them for all they are doing and then let them get back to work. We do remind everyone we will give a 1 month notice before the start of the new revision and that there are still plenty of events in the works in this current revision. We have also decided that starting with the new revision we will bring back a monthly update of some sort (blog, newsletter, or other form to be determined). Also, we want to encourage players to use the suggestion box. We want to hear what you have to say. Please keep in mind that it is intended for serious suggestions.
  2. Head Admin Suggestion Box

    instead of typing /vote and clicking the link, maybe show the link each day on join Maybe the thank for voting message should also tell other people to type /vote We will look into the /vote system on the lobby and consider ways to reminder players without /vote messages becoming too spammy. /lever to change players to on by default Will bring this up with techs and see if there would be any issues with making players visible by default with a command Please set a reminder for ttsci to vote in the lobby nah, ttsci is on his own for that
  3. Staff Meeting Notes

    May 2018 Staff Meeting Agenda & Notes Saturday June 2nd, at 5pm EDT. Creative Going smoothly Waiting for Dumbo to add traincarts PvE 24 people have completed the maze and claimed the prize, padmins continue to keep an eye on the progress. 65 people have started the maze, which is a good turn out. Poetry competition was won by buzzie 71, 32 valid poems were received from fun to sad. [redacted] Progress made in future events and further the story line going on. Will be a large effort for us to put together. Lost Slime Golems are still available. Basic hide and seek around the map. Other events are also in the plans. Since the last meeting there’s been a team increase, currently 4 padmins and it has allowed some more relax time for all. Map world is getting an update. Old map world maps are also returning. Lots of new plots. The newest tech admin has done some very helpful work already for PvE: special thanks for the shulker box content logging upon death. More trades at spawn, including decorative skulls Hopper policy has been introduced after testing. https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/4921-new-policy-regarding-hoppers/ Rev mid point is arriving, so padmins will be seeking feedback in the coming weeks, in the form of a subreddit post and forum topic for preparation of rev 23. We will also be reviewing feedback we have already received this revision from the suggestion box, survey and elsewhere before making decisions for Revision 23. It’s likely that rev 22 will remain on 1.12 since the technical changes are so big, however the aim is that rev 23 would be on 1.13 (or the current version at the time) if it’s out. 6K Discussed ongoing technical issues and progress made. Ongoing Project Minor updates and testing still to be done. Head Admins Fundraiser [redacted] Mod Nominations & Needs Please go vote EU evening, early US afternoons could use more staff. Help wanted Nothing currently, but fundraiser things will go up soon Second box down temporarily Mumble got moved to another server Dev servers, build and wiki are currently down. Open Floor Hollifer: if anyone needs any C training or refreshers i'm pretty in the swing of doing that, you're welcome to hit me up pretty much anytime im online [redacted] June staff meeting will be June 30th, time pending Sir_Didymus: Can I request that public staff meeting notes are brought up to date - I don't think I've seen them recently? Answer: Yes
  4. Staff Meeting Notes

    April 2018 Staff Meeting Agenda & Notes Saturday April 28th, at 5pm EDT. Creative Rev 33 update Made a post about the revision, so everyone knows that it's going on a bit longer Things are going pretty well Barlimore mentioned he likes the reddit posts Holli has been making with shaders and such PvE Rev 22 update A few more moderators trained up this week 4 Land Claim Grief Discussion on how to handle this type of request. A number of changes from the tech team since the last staff meeting, including: Signtext for players on P (thanks pez) A few handy moderations to some older commands we use to restore pets (thanks pez) An update to easyrider, incorporating a number of past suggestion box requests from players - there's a link on the forum if you haven't noted the changes yet (thanks totemo). On a similar note, bermuda has been working on a possible fix for the issues players are having with drops from the dragon. Hopefully if it goes well, drops should be able to be received directly in the player inventory upon dragon death. Note: We've spent countless hours discussing feedback so far this revision. At least largely in part due to the survey feedback, which we've since responded to. A number of the suggestions found Didy and myself in disagreement with one another on the course of action, so we had to hold additional meetings throughout the past two weeks to further those discussions, before reaching team decisions. Reminder of the ongoing poetry competition - grand prize includes a fortune IV pickaxe. Discussion of bringing new padmins to the team Tech Admin Updates A new member - Bermudalocket! 6k Paused due to some technical issues Ongoing Projects [redacted] Head Admins Fundraiser Update Dungeon builds until June 1 Bard working on map Mod Nominations/New Staff Check the forums you lazy bums Recruitment criteria for upcoming month Keep eyes open and nominate when you see someone Help Wanted Open Floor Plan on C training after next month’s meeting Logblock Training/Practice
  5. Staff Inactivity Notices

    May 3 - May 7 I will be visiting family. I will have access to Slack but will not be in game. Moving (again) May 19th, however we are closing on the house May 1st, so I will be on less between May 7 - 19 as we get rid of the awful colors on the walls of the house before moving day.
  6. Staff Meeting Notes

    March 2018 Staff Meeting Public Notes Saturday March 24th, at 5pm EDT. Creative Rev 33 update C is doing well Discussion regarding plug-ins Still discussing rev lengths Suggestion: use the end as “Space” on c there’s a separate space world PvE Rev 22 update Player counts have been good the beginning of this rev, average playtime seems to be up Thanks to staff that helped prepare the map for the new revision Discussion regarding moderation requests and mod training Suggestions should be resolved soon™ Discussion on events, gameplay, and game performance on P Discussed other projects in the works Head Admins Fundraiser Update Mod Nominations/New Staff Recruitment criteria for upcoming month Help Wanted Open Floor General discussion about being more welcoming and helpful to new players.
  7. New Moderator Voting: King_of_Queso

    King_of_queso has accepted and will be joining the team shortly. Moving to closed.
  8. Staff Meeting Notes

    February 2018 Staff Meeting Notes Saturday February 24th, at 5pm EST. Creative Rev 33 update Next revision - Discussed ways to keep players active. Current rev started Oct 14, 2017 Holli thinking of making a PSA post to help spread the word to C players what admins will support and help them with Staff suggested other possible events for C including tours and cooperative builds PvE Rev 21 update Nightoak - March 10th, 3pm Eastern time. Tic & Ice's fireworks - March 9th, 8pm Eastern time. End of revision zombies and chaos. We will be releasing more details about this event in future. This event is being made possible largely due to redwall's efforts. Rev 22 update Reset happening on March 16th. Theme is archaeology. 6k Discussion about progress Other Discussed other projects in the works Head Admins Mod Nominations/New Staff Welcomed new staff and discussed more nominations Recruitment criteria for upcoming month Feel free to nom anyone you think would be good Help Wanted Send pictures to defie for instagram Open Floor
  9. Greetings nerds! The 2018 Fundraiser event is in the works and we invite all community members to join in by building dungeons to be used in the event. To participate: Log onto the Creative server Use /warp FundraiserDungeons to teleport to the building area Stand in an empty plot and use /nerdplot claim. This will protect the plot to you. If you would like to build with others you can use /region addmember <regionname> <playername> (Find out your region name by standing in it and typing /rg i) Build your dungeon. Deadline is June 1st! Contact cujobear for all things dungeon related Basic Information: (updated 3/5/18) Plots are set at 50x50x50 for the dungeon and 10x10x10 for the above ground entrance https://imgur.com/a/cpK7m All builds will be referenced as dungeons as most will be underground Dungeons can be or include mazes, traps, parkour, mob battle arenas, etc, and can be lethal! Dungeons should have only one point of entry (There should be only one entrance. The exit can either be through the entrance or via an easy sign warp) Use yellow wool to designate where the 10x10x10 section will connect to the 50x50x50 section should you choose to include it Dungeons will have a treasure that will need to be found by players Admins will place the prizes, so please place a gold block with a sign that says ‘TREASURE HERE’ All builds will be completely protected as they will be visited by multiple players throughout the duration of the event. Players will not be able to break or place any blocks. Advanced Information: The use of non-vanilla mechanics (including, but not limited to, command blocks, easy signs, and spawners) can be discussed with Head Admins. Disclaimer: Admins reserve the right to edit your dungeon if necessary to fit it into the world properly. Admins may make exceptions to any of the above, but also reserve the right to say no. Please ask if you have any questions. Cujobear can be found lurking on P most evening hours (Central Time)
  10. Staff Meeting Notes

    January 2018 Staff Meeting Agenda & Notes Saturday January 20th, at 5pm EST. Creative - Brief Update Hollifer has rejoined the Cadmins, Welcome back Hollifer! Usage is going up Spleef, weekly build, and speed build are still going, currently going through suggestions and working on other events. (defiex requested pics of events for Instagram) PvE - Brief Update Upcoming events: Player events - Tabula Rasa is currently working on the PvE Olympics Valentines Events - see the subreddit for details Admin hunt - being held tonight after Speed Build There is a new document regarding protection requests 6k Zom and buzzie were not present The event has been revealed through small events across multiple platforms and was announced Ongoing Projects [redacted] Head Admins Mod Nominations and new staff discussion Open floor discussion with staff on the state of the Nerdnu community and future goals Fundraiser planning will begin soon ™
  11. Revision 21: Blog Post I

    Just eeked out Pez on netherrack. We basically tied :P
  12. Rev 20 PvE Awards

    Links fixed.
  13. Rev 20 PvE Awards

    I will make sure to add those together in the final tallies.
  14. Rev 20 PvE Awards

    It's time to vote for the Rev 20 PvE Awards! Find screenshots here of the nominees. (or the reddit post here) Voting will remain open for 1 week (through Saturday Sept 30th)