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  1. Thank you all for your feedback. We appreciate your suggestions and ideas. Totemo has been working on testing and updating the needed plug-ins and we are well underway with Rev 25 prep. We will keep you posted and will announce the new rev 1 month ahead of it's start.
  2. In the future, if a mod or admin online tells you no repeatedly when you ask if it is ok to use certain language, it is not the right place to tell your "edgy joke". You have also been warned for inappropriate builds, and muted for inappropriate language. Please take a moment to read the rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/ and confirm you understand. Once you respond that you have read and understand the rules, I will go ahead and unban you.
  3. 7 - Sep Bring back fun infographics. Tip: Canva.com can be used for them! They are in the works, we hope to get the first out soon! Can we tone down the gear and heads from the nether mobs? They completely clog inventories We have toned the drop rate just a bit. New lobby when? And if not soon can you fix the messed up blocks in the lobby? This command doesnt work there… We will pass this over to the heads add stonecutter to list of chairs 1. Ouch! 2. Why? 3. Would that even be possible to do since you right click to use the stonecutter and also right click to sit? A region with people who have played for more than 5-10 hours in that rev, so you have a lesser chance of being robbed. Not sure what you are asking for here. Did you mean players that have played for less than 5-10 hours? Even so, it is not something we would like to implement. Can we get an area to place shulker boxes that is near spawn traders, please? There are shulker locations in the lab and in the commissary. Hre are pictures of the locations in the commissary and the labs: https://imgur.com/a/TrsRaFE Make nether-side glowstone trees replantable, but expensive, so the entire map isn't wiped of them by mid rev. The trees were added in the nether for the purpose of being harvested. We have never had a problem of total wipe out during a rev one of these: (a) being near your spawn bed resets sleep timer (b) warnings on sleep timer (c) lower global volume on those fuckers We have continued to monitor phantoms and have discussed a few ways to handle them. Can we get an easier way to craft dark prismarine? e.g. with black ink from wither roses. We do not want to add recipes for blocks that already have a vanilla recipe. Squid grinder is working! Add a teleporter room to the ship that allows fast transport to specific functional locations in the ship (map room, traders) and to spawn outside. The ship is hard to navigate. At this time we do not feel adding teleports is necessary. Use this handy dandy map! https://i.imgur.com/gpEFw6P.png spawn traders should sell heart fragments Instead we have included heart fragments to the possible drops you get while mining ores. We may also have it available for trade soon™ please fix bubble columns to flow properly, they currently are not recognized as a 'flowable' block in SB, but they should be in order to maintain vanilla water mechanics. We have passed this onto the techs. Would it be possible to incentivize rail creation? Perhaps some custom recipes or a rails villager at spawn. A lot of cities could benefit from being interlinked, but it's sometimes hard to find the materials for long hauls. Thanks! With the plumped ores and a massive number of iron farms across the map, resources are not the issue for rail creation. We don’t believe selling rails at spawn will be the tipping point to players deciding to build a rail. The massive time spent digging the tunnels is probably the bigger issue.
  4. 17 Aug Make a server announcement when raids are triggered? <Player> triggered a raid at <coords>! At this time we don’t see a benefit of this. If you would like help with a raid you can call for help in genchat, but some players/towns may want to do raids without notifying everyone in game. Fix /signtext to check region parents We have passed this onto the techs to look into gimme a command to "reload" my horse - grab its stats and current health, despawn it, and respawn it Currently the best practice is to relog in to P with /lobby and /pve. We feel a command like this would increase the likelihood of your horse disappearing permanently due to a bug. this "juicy fruit" item should definitely just trade for a stick of gum We like the way you think more horse jump xp for doing max height jumps - takes timing, more paying attention/effort We will mention it to totemo, however as we understand it jumping levels are gained from horizontal distances in the air. levitation arrows purchaseable at spawn (low gravity! it's space themed) Thanks for the suggestion. We like the idea, and will look to see if it is possible unique unbr.X sword that can only break bamboo (pretty sure this is a vanilla feature, limiting mineable blocks) and will absolutely not accept any more enchants (pretty sure this is a nbt tag) Interesting suggestion. We will discuss start tracking people intentionally/unintentionally using some of the unique items (planting "small beans" for example) The names and lore on custom items are just visual, the game does not see them as anything other than the items they truly are so there is no way to track this. Make a "read-only" LWC protection type for lecterns so players can read the book, but not take it off of the lectern. It looks like lwc has been updated. Use /cdonation to allow players to read books but not take them the plugin on chaos where you can skip the night if half the server sleeps We will take this into consideration. This is more of a change to be discussed/voted on by the community before we make a final decision make the alerts go back to purple, the blue is too hard to see which makes it distracting to look at because you have to spend way too much time trying to read it We feel this is a matter of personal preference and the blue is within this rev’s theme. As such we’ll be keeping the alerts blue. set the chairs plugin to OFF by default, as that is the vanilla mechanic. Let people turn them ON if they want to, not the other way around. There doesn’t seem to be an option within the plugin for this. please update the wiki with the correct golem spawner mechanics. spawners must now be in the floor of the grinder or they will not work. Oops! We will make sure that gets updated [Edit 08/25: Updated!] unique heads for every potion effect spider The spiders with different potion effects do not have unique textures, so there is no difference between the heads. Custom saddles that turn the horse into the player riding it. There may be some new updates to saddles soon, but we don’t want to say much more than that
  5. Thank you for all the responses so far! Keep them coming. I just wanting to take a moment to touch on a few of the comments above. We hear you about the melons. Melons have long been a tradition for starter food, and I know in past revs players have chosen to leave spawn without food. We have a few ideas for how to find a good balance to handle the need to not let players get frustrated by the lack of food on launch night, yet not be exploitable in the long term. End and Nether have always been difficult in finding a balance of making it worthwhile to explore, as dangerous as they should be and yet make it actually usable for a multiplayer server. It sounds like we hit and miss on a few things, and will continue to tinker a bit with those worlds. It sounds like overall you were happy with the need to go out and hunt shulkers rather then stand idle (or have a bot stand idle) at a grinder. And custom mobs seem to be a hit. Some of our mobs did not work out as planned (those dang spiders in the nether never threw their gren-eggs) and some couldn't hold their liquor (rum drop rate was too high) But in all custom mobs that add a bit of danger seems to be good thing. Phantoms are still the most hated thing on the server. Notes taken. I don't see that it is necessary to remove them completely from the game (some players even enjoy the fight) but it seems most would like a reduction in the way they spawn and we have heard you. We felt that we were able to keep the spawn area mostly lag free this rev, but having a more condensed spawn with clearer exits and a more obvious nether portal are in the works. After a few revs with an increased number of custom spawners, we reduced the overworld custom spawners to 3, removed the nether spawners, and added a few to the End. The enderman spawner, which we thought would help mitigate the other mobs being added to the end, remained slow and not effective enough for some players. Some believe that the number of custom spawners should be reduced even more. It sounds like most players are happy with the current cost of iron golem spawners, there was a suggestion to change the cost to include some of the new workstations for iron golem spawners when we move to 1.14. There was a mention of TNT being able to be used in a players' regions since 1.14 does give 100% drops. While we see where this would be helpful, it would need a complete overhaul of the region policy on PvE. I'm not stating its a bad idea, but as we use regions now (as a protection from grief on completed builds) our current thoughts are: 1. Would we then be expected to protect underground resources that would allow only certain players to mine for resources there? B. Would we be expected to protect large undeveloped overground areas to allow players to use the dynamite to terraform the land. In both cases, in the past, we have not granted region protection. Regarding blog posts and suggestion box. I have heard that the new website has a place where we will be able to blog about PvE and hopefully we can find a rhythm to keep up to date on those. For the suggestion-box, it was a struggle this rev to keep up and quickly fell behind. Then I had not realized how the box worked and had deleted some I had not copy and pasted into a doc. I had asked techs at one point if there could be a re-write, a way we could be notified at every log in if there was a suggestion that needed a response rather than trying to remember to periodically check it. Other things came up and it did not happen. ~the padmins
  6. We’re coming towards the end of Revision 23 and would like to hear your feedback on the revision to help shape things for Revision 24! We’d love to hear any feedback you have, but have laid out some questions below for you to answer to give us some insight into the aspects of the revision you enjoyed, would like to see modified or ideas you have. The Spawn Building Were exits from spawn laid out clearly? Is there anything you would like to see done differently with Spawn in Rev 24? The Overworld Do you think that this map size (7kx7k) was good? Should it be bigger, smaller or similar? This rev we used vanilla map generation due to 1.13 offering new generation and biomes, and also due to custom terrain tools not being updated. Were you happy with the use of a vanilla seed? Would you like to see a return to custom terrain given the tools are updated? Were any biomes lacking or too abundant this revision? How did you find the distribution of ores this revision? The Nether This revision we had a custom Nether created by totemo, it featured different biomes designed to provide areas for bulk mining resources like concrete powder and terracotta. We again included custom mobs in the nether. How did you feel about the custom generated map this revision? Would you like to see a custom nether again? How did you feel about the custom mobs this revision? How was the distribution of quartz and glowstone? Were the villagers with custom trades in the Nether a positive addition? The End This revision we had a custom generated End created by totemo. It featured different biomes (also designed to provide bulk mining of resources like the Nether) and custom structures with the idea that the End is a cold, dry place. We also had a new version of the dragon fight created by bermudalocket. This fight included 4 phases of dragon and mob fighting goodness, with Elytra dropping from completing the fight. Another change we implemented was having shulkers spawning across the end instead of having a shulker spawner. Generation: How did you feel about the custom generated End this rev? Any kind of generation you’d like to see? How did you feel about having ores generated in the End that were plumped but didn’t have custom drops? How was the ore distribution? Were the villagers with custom trades in the End a positive addition? Dragon Fight How did you feel about bermuda’s NerdyDragon fight? Was it too easy/difficult/just right in your opinion? Any other suggestions you’d like to share for the fight? Did you like having the leaderboard available for the dragon fights? Shulkers and other mobs Did you enjoy having free range shulkers instead of a shulker spawner? How did you feel about the other mobs that appeared in the end? Elytra After feedback last rev we decided to have the Elytra be obtainable as a drop from the custom dragon fight. How did you feel about the method of obtaining Elytra this revision? Was receiving it as a drop from the custom dragon fight enough effort for it? Do you have any other ideas you have for methods of obtaining Elytra? Mapworld Are there any additions you’d like to see in Mapworld next revision? Portals This revision we had claimable 8 portals across the map, all available from day 1 of the revision. Did you feel that the number and distribution of portals this rev was good? Do you prefer having all portals available from day 1 of the revision? Do you have any ideas for how portals should be implemented next rev? Iron Golem Spawners Iron Golem Spawner costs remained the same this revision, except you were able to upgrade to a new level individually instead of needing to upgrade all 4 spawners to the same level first. Do you feel that the cost of an iron golem spawner was fair? How did you feel about being able to upgrade spawners individually as opposed to upgrading each spawner to the same level first? Perhaps something about keeping our system the same in 1.14 after iron golems spawning is nerfed in vanilla Custom Spawners This revision we had a Creeper, Squid and Slime spawner, all available to be found from the first day of the revision. How do you feel about the inclusion of custom spawners in the map? Would you prefer to have, or not have them? Which custom spawners do you think are particularly useful in a multiplayer setting, if any? Custom Drops from Ore, Mobs, Loot chests and Sugarcane This revision we continued the use of custom drops from ores, but also expanded on the methods of obtaining them to include dropping from some mobs, in loot chests, rewards from events and new blocks (sugarcane) How did you feel about the addition of drops from mobs, loot chests and sugarcane this revision? Would you like to see drops coming from other sources in the future? How do you feel about the rates of custom drops dropping, too frequent or too rare? Do you have any ideas for new ways to obtain custom drops? How have the custom drop trades been so far this rev? Any kinds of trades you’d like to see in the future? Custom Saddles Have you enjoyed the custom horse saddles available to trade this revision? Would you like to see them return for next revision? If so, do you prefer them as trade items, prizes, or some mixture of both? Events Events so far this revision: Valentines Day St. Patrick’s Day Easter Egg Hunt All the Things Collections at Spawn (gathering materials to unlock spawn trades) Are there any events you particularly enjoyed this revision so far? Is there any event past or present that you’d like to see return in Revision 23? Have you any new event ideas that you’d like to share? Do you enjoy having special items that you may not be able to get in vanilla as a prize for completing events? (Such as higher level enchanted items, custom skulls) Do you have any ideas for events you’d like to see in the future? End of Rev In the past there has been end of rev events such as ending the world in Chaos and a Zombie Apocalypse, would you like to see the return of something like this? Do you have any other ideas for how to celebrate the end of rev? Thank you for taking the time to give feedback on this revision, we appreciate any insight into what you did and didn’t enjoy this revision. We will be reading responses to help prepare for Revision 24! Feedback will be open for 2 weeks, with the following dates for when you can expect responses and the topic to close: 10th June: First round of responses to feedback 16th June: Second round of responses 19th June: Topic closed to new responses Thank you for your time! PAdmins
  7. Will be out of town visiting family May 23 - May 27.
  8. Mar 9 Suggestion Box Can we get the punch X sticks again somehow for playrmade games? You never know what goods the upcoming events and merchants may have! Baby animal saddles! We love this idea and passed it onto totemo! Totemo has added this to his list. He may have some other new things up his sleeve as well! Please reduce spiders in the nether. As of current they're useless and annoying. Let the space be taken by actual nether mobs. Plsthnx. After checking the nether mobs balance, spiders will now be less frequent in the nether! a command to check when you last slept would be useful because phantoms (I am aware of the statistics page but a command would be more convenient) We will pass this onto techs spiders that happen to spawn with skeleton riders during an event should have their skeletons also be, if applicable, holiday skeletons Clearly just a mob we overlooked in previous events but will keep them in mind in the future with the infrequency of tridents and thunderstorms, charged creepers should be immune to the "age" concept in moblimiter Use a nametag to make sure the creeper does not despawn. Tags can be purchased at most villager markets "admin doppel" shape w/ soul sand and wither heads gives you wither wearing your head 3x We can pass this on to techs, but since wither bosses don’t have an inventory/helmet spot, we are not sure this would be possible. can we get wp death to grab the "you can get there faster if you take X nether portals" info We will pass this onto techs Can we impliment cat-anti-phantom mechanics now via a plugin? This would be pre-emptive vanilla and also allow peaple to enjoy building outside. We will pass this on to techs, although it is not a top priority How about an "insurance" system for rare items in case of horrible death? This would completely take the vE out of PvE. Using an enderchest is the best insurance system. There are plenty around the map and with silk touch you can carry one around with you when you go mining. Glowstone tree sapplings. So we can regrow the nether glow trees Not really looking to go that outside of vanilla can we vote to remove phantoms, they add nothing to the game except having to sleep. wtf. please? Thankyouu! To repeat our response - This is a vanilla game mechanic which does not interfere with server function. At this time we’re not looking to change this. Easy travel to your base from spawn and a temporary bed may help you cope with the phantoms. That or a good armor and sharp sword! With only 44 players on, I feel like the server shouldn't lag as much as it is We are doing everything in our power to investigate the ongoing lag, some of it is the game itself and may be mitigated in 1.14. Until then you can try reducing client side particles and being proactive by reducing your use of hoppers, auto smelters, kelp farms, large numbers of villagers in one area, etc. We are also looking into the effect the increased number of afk bots is having. If you own an afk bot you should make sure to check the surrounding area for dark spots where natural spawns could build up (especially in caves under the grinder) and check to make sure the grinder is set to auto kill. Convert the server over to Paper? And review this optimization guide, lots of goodies in here: goo.gl/6vRwyF We are on paper spigot. Techs have looked into options and right now paper is still our best bet. Answer and reply to the Suggestion Box more frequently We are striving to improve everyday. Some of the villager traders at spawn should accept $pudcoin to encourage the spread of the currency, and for fun. ? Currency at spawn for now will remain Pieces of Eight, Doubloons and event tokens. We encourage players that want to use $pudcoins to set up shops in their towns use some of the extra funds to hire a developer to help with server lag and write optimization plugins We will pass this onto the head admins Please stop the use of different kinds of font in general chat, it is distracting and annoying. Right now we feel this doesn’t actually happen that much. If it becomes too spammy, the player doing it can be asked to stop, just like any other chat spam. please massively increase the spawn rate of the enderman spawner so it's closer to what we could accomplish with a vanilla end grinder Thank you for your suggestion, we are discussing different possibilities. /signtext copy /signtext paste commands! If you are making a number of signs at the same time, using the up arrow to bring back a recent command works just fine. Allow players to have items enchanted (within limits) for unofficial events to encourage player-made competitions Look for special items in upcoming events or maybe a new merchant will arrive?! please make some sort of command that disables the wither noise so when people are repeatedly killing the dragon those of us with headphones dont go deaf. correction: dragon noise, not wither noise. Client side resource packs can handle this. See a tutorial here https://redd.it/6gh6l7 from /u/Azula_thefirelord. There are also video tutorials online. Would it be possible to have the dragon despawn if nobody is in the end for a certain amount of time? I came to the end for some clay, but now I have to kill this stupid flying fuck before I can go back home. We will look into this /dragonfight tells current fight status... is one happening? who's involved? dragon hp? Bermuda is working on this Plugin request (sorry): Ability to make an item frame invisible but not the item within. Not sure if possible, really just curious. Could make for some nice decorations. As much as we would love the possibilities, there are too many issues that could arise from invisible item frames. Can we have horse health scale with level? Infinitely? I talked with totemo about this and he said it was easily doable This is something we will need to discuss in depth. If we do decide to change the health leveling it will not happen until next revision. Can we have rockets that can go up to Duration:8, with the amount of gun powder in the crafting table dictating the duration? We are currently not planning to change the vanilla mechanics of rockets at this time Allow creation of regions that have mob-grief turned on so we can have truly automatics machines, i.e. wither blows up the blocks for harvest No, far too many potentially bad things could happen. I would like to add more detail to my builds, could we have invisible armour stands as a command? For same reason as no invisible item frames, there are too many issues that could arise. why are you ignoring suggestions in your posts We’re not intentionally ignoring *any* suggestions. Sometimes things just slip through the cracks. I (cujobear) may have mistakenly deleted some suggestions, not realizing how the commands fully worked. If you have not yet seen a suggestion you posted before March 9, please re-submit. We are still going through Mar 10 - today. We’re sorry! and will try to work through suggestions on a more regular basis.
  9. Feb 17 Suggestion Box 1. Can there be a shulker spot by Pirate Pete too, so one doesn't need to go up and down to get the piece of paper out of the shulker for the next box? There is a shulker box area just south of Pirate Pete about 12 blocks away marked by a sign. 2. Pls give some loot boxes with fortune hoe Who knows what items Timmy will be able to bring in to port for us in the future! 3. Give us eltrya already some other way and make the custom dragon drop something else neat, that we don't need to wait longer… Bermuda’s dragon fight has recently been implemented with elytra drop! 4. Pls add dolphin egg to spawn trades. Who knows what items Timmy will be able to bring in to port for us in the future! 5. Please let us trade the other special drops too, so we're quite not overflown with trash We put the other Valentines drops to good use enabling the higher drop rate of letters. What you have left you can use for building, crafting, or the All The Things challenge ? 6. The stuff at spawn is way expensive for any solo players... there's no way a casual player can get even close to a phantom saddle We plan on continuing to add more trades for all budgets, but still would like to have items that are a challenge to get too. We also plan on offering more methods of obtaining currency throughout the rev. 7. make tridents craftible or 100% drop rade from drowned Right now we’re not planning to add a craftable trident, but we’ve held an event with significantly increased spawn rates for drowned! We’ll consider similar inclusion of tridents in events in the future. 8. next time what's-his-face goes out to search for traders, a staff member should be ready with the setup - we got all those items extremely quickly last time The first round of traders we were completely blown away by how quickly players were able to collect all the required materials so weren’t quite prepared. The second trip we outlined when Timmy would be returning with the merchants, and were able to have the traders added at that time. We will continue to do our best at having everything ready for when we’ve stated. 9. /usage, returning (all revision, if not more (if data still exists)) and (percentage of last 24 hours spent online) and (the URL for the web leaderboard) We’ll look into linking the pve usage page ( http://nerd.nu/usage/pve/ ) with the /usage command, and pass along the other part of the suggestion to the techs. 10. is there something we could do about the fact that the max range of a conduit is double what the server loads around a player? could we get some kind of checking going, like, "this structure was intact when it was unloaded, therefore 11. ...sustain this buff until player exits <distance from center>" or are we just going to have to wait until population dies enough to sustain higher view distance, or would you like to just say "live somewhere with more people to load it" We’ll pass this along to the techs, thanks! 12. Can we have a way to seperate spawn-set mechanics from beds? Phantoms make it nessessary to constantly sleep, so constantly reset spawn points. This is a vanilla game mechanic which does not interfere with server function. At this time we’re not looking to change this. Easy travel to your base from spawn and a temporary bed may help you cope with the phantoms. That or a good, sharp sword! 13. The "fed on the brains using your mom.s dead corpse" death message is slighty disturbing to people who recently lost their mom. After doing some research, the "fed on the brains using" is a death message, the "mom's dead corpse" was a poorly named weapon of a player. 14. Very small chance (~0.5%) while fishing, of having the fish smack player in the head, causing short black-out and -4 health. What an interesting idea. Thanks for the suggestion! 15. add dolphin spawn eggs from spawn vendors - too rare to find dolphins in wild to capture and put in a tank in our town for our amusement Who knows what items Timmy will be able to bring in to port for us in the future! 16. Have a more imformed chart for Iron Golem Spawners telling what the benefits for upgrading them are. Does it increase spawn count? Time between spawns? Player distance? Etc. The tier of each spawner matches the SpawnCount value of the spawner. Take a look at the code for details: https://github.com/NerdNu/nerdCH/blob/luckperms/LocalPackages/pve-only/spawners.msa 17. Since we can move iron golem pods in Vanilla Minecraft we should be allowed to have Golem Spawners be moved The costs for the iron golem spawners were originally intended to mimic the effort that goes into building and populating a vanilla iron golem pod. Removing a spawner and collecting resource again for the new location would be similar to tearing down and moving a vanilla pod. At this time we’re not going to be moving spawners. Please be sure about the location before modreqing. Thanks! 18. Since The End is an actual world now and not an island, could we get a Live Map and/or a Carto for it? We have a livemap for the end already! Available at: http://nerd.nu/maps/pve/live/?worldname=world_the_end 19. Increase view distance View distance is automatically scaled by time of day to match player counts. We try to balance the view distance with the performance concerns that longer view distance would have. Look for it to increase when server performance allows. 20. Faster completeion of adminreqs We try and clear them as quickly as circumstances will allow. Please contact us if there is a particular request you are referring to. 21. bring back S We will pass this on to the head admins. As a reminder there is /suggestion-box in the lobby for head admin related suggestions! 22. a /countdown command to initiate a "3..." "2..." "1..." "Go!" in chat 23. follow-up: "/countdown global" for global chat in 2 minute cooldown, "countdown clanchat [clanchat]" for in-clanchaty countdowns Current rules allow for macros to do this such as those used in spleef. Macro mod is not yet updated for 1.13 but we hope it will be in the near future. 24. /ignore global option The vanilla client has the ability to turn off chat in Options -> Chat Settings -> Chat: Hidden. Once macromod is up to date you will also have the ability to filter global chat only keeping clanchat visible. We are not looking to add a server side feature to handle this at this time.
  10. Jan 30 Suggestion Box The continuing issue with acquiring shulker shells is tied to how bad spawns are in the end. If more than one person is in the end, you may as well just give up trying to find any spawns, it's that bad. For instance, there's a person with a town in the end, which is fine by all means, but it totally kills any shulker spawns everywhere else. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the availability of shell from the natural shulker spawns. Consider checking out one of the player made mob platforms in the end if you’d like to get quite a few shells in a hurry. make better use of the vanilla "local difficulty" concept, insert harder mobs (MAYBE with better drops) the longer a chunk has had people in it https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Difficulty#Regional_difficulty Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll pass this along to the techs for possible inclusion in the plugin that handles the custom mob spawning. ...higher enchants on skeleton bows perhaps, or give witches more interesting potions (levitation? mining fatigue?), or some potion effects Interesting ideas, we have plugins that allow us to create custom mobs already. Short AFK messages. No more then say... 40 chars. Link it to /ignore to prevent aboose After consideration we’re going to keep the afk messages as is. We think the most important part of the ‘/afk’ command is that the status is recorded on the tab screen. If there is significant demand for this we can revisit it in the future. Allow coral fans to be used for the custom coral block recipe in addition to regular coral Added recipes for the coral fans, thanks for letting us know! The special ore-drops are an awesome addition to the game and make mining a lot more fun! Cont… However, large portion of that fun subsides when you trade in your goodies and they prove to be worthless to the point they do not justify the extra inventory management hassle wile mining. Cont.. So please adjust the spawn villager pricing to make the special drops what they are; an awsome addition to a great game. We’re striving to have a range of trades available at different price points! There are some high ticket items that will require people to work hard to get them and some more budget friendly items. We will continue to add trades of different prices that will suit everyone, and we also have plans on having more methods of obtaining currency throughout the rev! hi there would you kindly let others to know people/town who had lates update of their iron grinder level/tier to whom others willing to donate Golem Soul limited is not all know much how many to had those eg Villager Pricelist Iron grinders are not required to be public, but we welcome a player maintained list of public grinders and their levels similar to the villager price list you mentioned With the lack of an endergrinder or large amounts of endermen this Rev, we should be able to upgrade Endermen spawners like Iron Golem spawners I think it would be cool if we could upgrade the custom spawners. Since there is only one of them, we could make the upgrade cost high as sort of a community-project to better the spawners. This is a very interesting idea! We’ll discuss this further and see if it is something we can incorporate into events in the future. Thanks for the suggestion. Lots of modreqs keep building on on C, and mods hate having to switch clients to complete them. Please update C or have mods be more proactive in modreqs We’ll pass this feedback along to the C admins. Thanks! Improve communication. We try! We’re sorry for any problems you’ve had in the past, but feel free to reach out to us or another member of staff if you have specific concerns. Please fix the announcements unlocking repeatedly. advancements ^^^ This has been fixed! bring back the shulker spawner and get rid of this terrible mechanic in the end. As with the above shulker suggestion, we’re going to continue with the current mechanic for now and revisit if opinions change. We have however added another way to get shulker boxes through Pirate Pete’s Club boxes at spawn. finish /help commands - or better yet, just put all of the commands on a web page with a brief description for the ones you can bother to - include CH aliases We do our best to make /help useful without being overwhelming. We’ll update it to include a link to the wiki entry on commands ( http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Commands ) and look into updating that to include some of the newer commands. allow elytra to be toggled off/removed in lobby We will pass this on to the head admins. As a reminder there is /suggestion-box in the lobby for head admin related suggestions! put rings in the air in lobbies with powered elytra. optional: spawner blocks that put collectible tokens there for when you fly through the rings We will pass this on to the head admins. As a reminder there is /suggestion-box in the lobby for head admin related suggestions! Add a /clanchat hide or /clanchat ignore command that mutes the clanchat from your chat until next restart. So you don't have to rejoin later We will pass this along to the tech admins. Thanks!
  11. 14-Feb After much discussion and monitoring the new mobs this rev we have come to the decision that we will have to put a limit on the number of fish and turtles players can keep. We have found a number of players with upwards of 60 fish and others with up to 20 turtles in one area. While we understand that you are giving your new pets plenty of space to move, we have seen quite a few different locations while investigating lag. For now, we will be asking everyone to limit fish to 25 and turtles to 5. While we know these limits will be hard for us to enforce, if we come across your build while investigating lag we reserve the right to cull fish and turtles to these limits without warning. --- Valentines Day event is live! Read all about it here: https://redd.it/aqj3wk
  12. 13-Feb A quick clarification for shulker boxes - It is the stance of the current padmins that shulker boxes are the responsibility of the owner. We feel that locating boxes goes against the vE nature of PvE. Sure, we all have those moments where we misplace things, and it sucks, but sometimes things get lost, its just part of the game.
  13. 9-Feb As of now, entity cramming has been lowered back down to 24. If you choose to AFK at a grinder please make sure the grinder has an auto kill function. If in the future we see that players can use grinders responsibly we will consider asking techs to up the cramming again.
  14. Notes from Padmins and techs regarding revision 23 will go here:
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