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  1. Once again. I will need to be inactive. Current schedule for the move is Saturday May 27th. Friday night is a maybe depending on when the computers get packed. Since Monday is a holiday we may not be able to get internet hooked up at new place until Tuesday. So to be safe I will say little to no access to the game from May 26-30. After this things should calm down ::fingers crossed::
  2. Looks like I will be gone Friday and Saturday (may 12-13) with no access to game and then things will be up in the air for a couple of weeks. Manbear accepted a new job which means another move although this one will be easier. This weekend we need to go and look at some possible living spaces. Move should happen either end of May or very early June.
  3. I will be out of town with no access to the game from Tuesday May 2 - Tuesday May 9. I should have some access to slack during that time.
  4. Don't forget to vote on part 1!
  5. Don't Forget to vote in Part 2 also! I've added screenshots when I had them.
  6. Just a few thoughts I have. I do enjoy the CTF for a bit but get burned out on it pretty quick because I am awful at PvP. It would be fun to section the fundraiser into creative build contests that are then used in the event. 2 possible events come to mind where we could start with a build contest that could then be used in play. Nerd Olympics where we start with a day of building events and arenas. Archery, boat race courses, horse tracks, spleef, thimble, etc, etc. Then we could switch and actually compete in all the events. My other thought that could run basically the same way is a carnival full of mini games, rides and mazes/puzzles. I know there would be a lot of little details to consider but just brainstorming big picture right now.
  7. Greetings PvEers! We’re a little over 2 months into rev 19 and while there is still PLENTY of time to build, we’re looking for feedback so we can start planning for the next map. The things we’re mainly looking for feedback on are: Iron grinders: So, after a trial of having iron spawners not ‘buyable’ but pre-existing in the world, we added them back in. How would you feel about having them not existing at all for a duration? We would have a date announced at the start of the revision when they would become available.What do you feel is a true fair cost for the ability to have unlimited iron? What would you like to see changed to increase the difficulty without making them completely inaccessible to non-town players? Nether portals: How do you feel about the number of portals on the map? Would you like to see nether portals handled differently? if so, how? The nether: Should we continue to have a custom Nether or should we try going back to the vanilla generated nether? Would you like to see a classic nether return with the possibility of a custom nether added later into the revision? Custom flora: Should we continue to add custom flora to the map? Would you prefer to see a mix of custom and vanilla trees? Terrain: Is it time to go back to a vanilla generated map or should we continue to do World Painted maps? Were there any features lacking this rev that should be brought back? Any biomes or terrain features you would like to see added? Ore distributions: How do you feel about ore distribution this rev? MapWorld: Should MapWorld be brought back in the next rev? Were there enough plots? Should we make plots of different sizes again? Spawn: Was there anything you felt spawn and the spawn area was missing this rev? Was is it easy to find food and the exit? Special spawners: Should special spawners be removed from the map? Or to avoid rarer items being flooded into the economy early, should we look into adding these later into a revision? Are there any unique spawners you'd like to see added? Events: Adventurers Guild -- Are you enjoying the hunts and trials added to the Adventurers Guild? Are there ideas you would like to share for future scavenger hunts or events? Should we continue to create events for the Guild? Seasonal Events -- We've heard feedback on having too much happening at the start of a rev, so that has been considered. Which events/holidays would you like to see us celebrate and how would you recommend we tastefully do that? Collection Challenge -- If this were to return or be re-envisioned for rev 20, how would you like to see it play out? Plugins Should we continue to use our current plug-ins? Did you like the addition of the chair plug-in? Should we continue with custom recipes? Now that totemo has had some time to tweek Easyrider and Hypercarts how do you like them? Rev 20: Special number! How would you like to see this revision made more special?
  8. Good to hear. Just be sure to careful in the future. You are now unbanned.
  9. Thank you for responding so quickly. I was looking into a claim of grief done to a pond inside a claimed area. And although claims do not protect resources there was clearly a sign posted just a couple of blocks from where you dug clay asking that the pond be left as is. This could have gone with just a warning but due to your recent griefing and warning I felt a short ban was necessary to make sure our point was made. Please verify that you have read the rules ( and will follow them and I will unban you.
  10. I will be out of town Jan 5 - Jan 9. I have to fit in a few extra hours at work in the 3rd and 4th before I go, so I may not be on much then as well
  11. Hello fellow nerds! How often have you thought or heard, "Man I wish I could smelt this armor and get some ingots out of it"? I for one have thought about it and have heard others discuss it as one of those things Mojang should have added by now. So let's discuss it. Is this something that should be added to PvE? We've recently added a plug-in to allow the crafting of the elytra as well as red sand and sandstone. Should we look into including a recipe to smelt our unwanted armor into ingots? A reminder please to stay on topic in this thread and not to delve into bigger and broader topics of rev's past and how 'vanilla' the server is. This is simply a poll to see if this is something the community wants and why or why not. I will have totemo add a response with some of the nitty gritties.
  12. I really like both of these ideas. I know last rev there was a group that had fun trivia nights but it was in a clanchat to not disrupt genchat. I for one joined the clanchat just to be involved although I was crap at getting the answers right. During some down time I can start jotting down some questions and see if I can come up with something. As for the spawn secrets, I think I remember some talk about such a quest before although I thin ktime did no permit anyone to follow through. (It's a great idea that we can discuss to include it in next rev planning) /me takes notes
  13. This was my problem too. Then I extended it to try and sneak mine in and got sidetracked again.
  14. First off I want to say sorry for the delay and thank you to everyone who submitted nominations. I decided not to submit any nominations as with the few I received it would look as if I was "stacking the deck". This poll is for the categories that had more than one nomination. Some categories had one or no nominations for rev 18 and later I will be re-working the PvE Awards and seeing if it is something I should continue or not. Please visit the reddit post to see pictures provided. I will leave the voting up through Sunday and will then post the winners. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the future of the PvE awards (or tell me to stuff it because nobody cares) please do so in the comments below. Thanks cujobear
  15. This. I think Sapph and I must be related in some way. It's all about the alliteration.