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  1. Revision 21: Third Custom Spawner Clue

    great, you just put a hex on the server with that symbol..
  2. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    @Barlimore so what I’m hearing there is pay closer attention to where you start frequenting underground and leave armor stand dressed like me around corners, got it!
  3. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    1) i think the size is fine, but as mentioned previously , put the portals closer in to encourage #2 -- maybe even make the outer wilderness a bit harder to get to(extreme terrain closer in - make it an accomplishment to get past it) 2) if we go smaller, it should only be slightly - like 7x7 or 6x6 - or have an expansion option.. 1) mostly via exploring and by looking at the carto - really the latter kinda gives it away since you see the whole overworld generation :D 2/3) i thought we had a good mix this time, i miss the old tiaga forests (spruce with snow) , which might be nice to see again - plus, more birch forests.. in fact, if half the map was birch forests i'm pretty sure that would make some people really happy >=] 1-3) thought ores were fine, maybe.. 4) .. a little more gold, i like the idea of ores being a bit more biome specific.. 1) didnt find a portal, so can't comment 2) i think the portals were too spaced out - see above 1) all vanilla is boring, but i'm not a huge fan of completely custom either - i liked the mix, felt there should have been more in the top nether though 2) if we do this in the nether again i think it needs to be a bit more obvious/ not split (have spawn be more of a central/smaller focal point - i dont think it was obvious enough to prevent player-built competing rails from popping up which caused contention in some arenas 1) honestly the end has been largely useless since the dragon became respawnable. the main island is too unpredictable for any player builds that aren't specifically concentrated on just killing the dragon, and the outer islands are useless except for whoever ran and exploited the cities immediately to get the first elytras. 2) the dragon should not be soloable, there needs to be pain involved. pain and organization. organizational pain. I haven't been in mapworld, but mostly because i haven't had the patience for that type of decoration - i really think we should have WE in there since it's such a limited-purpose use case 1) i am still a firm believer of the 1 way out of initial spawn area to go past the various rules/tutorials, it was too easy to skip again with multiple immediate exits - not saying we don't dump people out into a crossroads, but initially you should go past this stuff. I'm also concerned about the amount of lag we saw as the rev progressed - it was not like this during sprucing or even at launch but got progressively worse over time, so it seems odd that it would just be the portal?. also, this rev we left user buildable buffer space under spawn initilally with the intention for people to do rails - but still it spawned player builds (including a grinder which i still don't think helped the lag) - if we're going to do this again we should have some more controlled corridors / restrictions immediately under that area because it's always loaded. 2) clearly the watery tart. 3) spaceship 4) a welcome return. post rev-11 we had a very strong, redstone intensive coordinated effort on rails by a decent amount of long time users, most of which have moved on. we may get back to that kind of server wide cooperation at some point in the future, but until we do i really believe we should have this built into spawn again to make it easy for settlements to connect up.. while we didn't see quite the participation i had hoped, it was exponentially better than the previous few revs and has provided a valuable service for people getting around and new people visiting the server. 1) I don't believe that, i think that golem souls are lies spawned in at random by the admins at occasional intervals at a 1/1134 ratio. i think it's been well covered elsewhere in here, increase the frequency/cost, but they really need to reflect closer to the effort of what it would be building a vanilla grinder.. 1) we shouldn't have any custom spawners in the nether, the mobs native to that region are not infrequent enough to demand it and they really dont seem to function well 2) squid, witch, shulker, and maybe a closer to end rev creeper spawner 3) creeper combined with powered flight is too much - maybe bring in special traders near end of rev or fireworks-worthy events (new years, us 4th) so the firework enthusiasts can stock up to build, but having them up all the time just contributes to all the elytra issues previously brought up by others. 1) more human interest pieces on mountain getaways that happen to be rail hubs in the NW. I haven't really had a lot of chance to participate in the various events this rev due to rl obligations, but they seem to be doing well and drawing a good portion of the population to them. i think it's important to the future of the server to be able to have differentiators such as this. kill it with fire. i thought it was kinda neat initially being able to connect carts together, but it seems to have more downsides than is worth it compared to hypercarts or vanilla. - player damage going around corners - cheaper, non standard components being able to be used (pressure plates) that will break in the world download - unintended editing of protected rails (i know since fixed), encouraging replacing other rails with junctions (multiple areas down near spawn i've seen this) - seemingly random sudden reversals going up ramps - inconsistent speed, problems with chest/hopper carts, etc, etc.. suggestion box is cool, keep it. someone else mentioned shroomwithaview and shulkers - i agree with those sentiments, this shouldn't be used for rotation purposes.
  4. Note Appeal

    ieuweh, you've more than made up for this minor offense in the revs since - consider the note gone. we frequently will use notes to make sure other mods can see things in case they become habits - most obviously this did not, i hope it didn't cause any undue stress. as soon as i'm on again here shortly i'll make it disappear..
  5. Old ban appeals and ban appeal publicity

    i would suggest that there is definitely value in having them remain public, at least for a set amount of time (maybe 6-12mo, or the course of a rev+1) because not only of the transparency, but because of the proof provided in said appeals vs. any conflicting information (prevents a he said/she said scenario.) - plus can serve as a proper warning for people who might be considering the same types of infractions (item dup, xray, etc.), or as a warning for players who might be considering collaborating with said offenders (that hopefully can prevent half of towns being rolled back.) We already ban discussing said items on the server itself, but i really think it's important to keep that in a public light, but it absolutely has a shelf life that i think we need to look at determining.
  6. a little too late for this rev, i would make the suggestion that once we have announced the next rev, we allow people modreq for protection of their entire existing claims so they can remove the claim fences (which are ugly as hell 95% of the time) without worry of grief/squatting in the last month or so of the rev. This way the save won't have as many of those random fences around, at least not around the nicer builds that care about being complete.. ?
  7. Planned Inactivity

    On vacation for next week not at home so won't be around until after the 7th
  8. [PMC]2017 Fundraiser: The Plan

    other thing to watch out for will be mountains then, as it creates vast hidden cities with all sorts of goodies inside them..
  9. [PMC]2017 Fundraiser: The Plan

    How big is the city world going to be, and are we going to restrict it to above ground only?
  10. Rubix_cube100 [robr]

    Please be mindful of those. Unbanned.
  11. Rubix_cube100 [robr]

    Please validate you've read the rules in their entirety according to the link above.
  12. Rubix_cube100 [robr]

    Rubix_Cube100: Within the last 16 hours you have received 3 official warnings for various grief offenses (animal, block and crop grief,) plus at least one instance of fence removal that was handled directly with a player. For this latest offense, you were unlucky enough to perform the actions as I logged back in from being in the area to check on another of your earlier offenses, so I was there to watch you kill off multiple, unique colors of sheep and remove grass blocks placed by another player. We take all forms of grief seriously on this server, please re-read the rules at nerd.nu/rules and acknowledge you have read and understand them back here and you can be unbanned. In the future do not modify other's builds, and do not remove crops/animals without replacing (exact models in the case of some animals like sheep.)
  13. Planned Inactivity

    will be in the great white north next week on a mountain, subsequently will not be online under any capacity..