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  1. Admin Hunt - Sunday 4th November!

    someone will have to disguise themselves as me to recreate that picture, i'm going to be on planes all day sunday heading back to montreal :(
  2. Staff Inactivity Notices

    i'm still offline for a bit for the most part - moved in but still unpacking, dealing with going back to work.. will try to pop in as i can
  3. Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    The Spawn Building · I think spawn was nice, interesting to explore although as Troop brought up earlier, the museum was heavily slanted towards the last couple revs. In the future if such a plan is in place it would be nice to predetermine size and open up the submissions to a wider audience. · I am still a large fan of the forced rule path to get out of initial spawn. This used to be consistent, is still something I’ve seen on other servers as well. Yes, people may not always read them, but we shouldn’t be hiding it from those that do. If someone has to run around a couple corners to ignore the rule so be it, we never had a problem with people getting out before. Hide a warp sign among the text if those extra 10 seconds are really that irritating for people who have come back after initial spawn. At least then we’d know they read that far. · It was great having a rail station again, however it felt hidden below spawn and the approaches down below seemed a bit unintuitive and as a result the incoming lines are a bit messy as things coming in from various directions couldn’t easily get to the various lines without curving around or over various existing lines. N/W/S/E needs to be a bit more defined in approach, possibly with some pre-stated assumptions of right away to prevent someone from building something else in the natural rail paths. The Overworld Map · Map size still felt a bit large, I think we could stand to go down to something similar to rev12 (4k*4k), possibly with some sort of mid rev expansion · Haven’t really played much with 1.13 to comment, probably fine for overworld though. · How do you feel about the current overworld map size? Too small, too large, just right? · Diamond seemed a bit light, but as we mostly exploit fairly trade with villagers this was more of an issue for other diamond uses.. The Nether Map · The vanilla nether really is boring, I think we should stick to custom as much as we can. · There really needs to be an inherent / auto-claim buffer around portals on the nether side so the towns can develop them without having to deal with establishing claims and other users that have decided to put holes in the area and such. · Quartz seemed harder to find – more akin to the type of generation we’d see of it in the overworld than typical nether distributions.. · A more defined netherspawn, possibly a dark mirror of overworld, but protected with any custom baddies captured for reference like we have now. The End · Honestly, I’ve just avoided the end largely this rev. I hate that with the introduction of dragon respawning an entire dimension that used to house builds has been reduced to the same, round Live, Die, Repeat arena and the outer islands largely get ignored since the portals either don’t have anything built up to them or spawn outside the map boundaries and are useless. · I’m onboard with the dragon fight being harder, but at the same time it needs to be balanced so that it’s not too laggy on users with crappy computers, and that people can’t just log off en masse and have moblimiter do all the work for them. If we could have some sort of mob progression as the dragon takes damage, ala most MMO’s, that might be better.. whether custom mobs or just increasingly difficult vanilla mobs (say some withers or something) Mapworld · I haven’t played with mapworld other than to look in awe at some of the creations, but I think it’s great we’re bringing back old ones as well. Honestly I think the WE perms should at a minimum mimic whatever we have on the creative server, particularly since the world has a specific stated function. If anything it’d be great if we had some sort of method to import schematics. Portals · I like the staggered release, but feel that it needs to be over a shorter amount of time and any initial portals not discovered in the first week should immediately start having clues put out. · It might be fun to spread the hunt out between the overworld and the nether however (predetermine the locations, but don’t necessarily have all the markers in the overworld – have a few in the nether that could be discovered and then noted you have to put the overworld within X radius of whatever the predetermined point was) Iron Golem Spawners · I don’t mind the tiered system, but think that you should be able to upgrade a single spawner in lieu of having to have 4 and then do them all at the same time. Maybe I misunderstood how that works, but there’s something to be said for areas that may just want a smaller grinder.. Custom Spawners · I think on a multiplayer server, particularly one with modified mob mechanics for lag prevention like we do, it’s a necessity. · Squid, Slime, Witch, Shulker. I think Creeper is too overpowered, plus there never seems to be shortage of creepers on the map and with a Witch it can be redundant. I might suggest putting the Shulker spawners in the end to encourage development of the end islands. · I don’t see the need for custom spawners in the nether – dangerous things spawn enough there.. the only possible exception I might consider would be for ghasts, but they don’t seem to be enough in demand that it couldn’t be better addressed with a custom trade for tears instead. Custom Drops from Ore (Fossils and Rares) · I haven’t actually traded any of these in yet, but I think it’s been a neat addition to otherwise boring mining activities. Custom Saddles · I think they’re a hoot. Wish we could see them on our end. Keep ‘em. Elytra · The only way a “vanilla” elytra distribution would work is if we didn’t have any world border on the End or regenerated it every night on a different seed. Neither of these seem particularly realistic for a server of our size · I still don’t disagree with a small delay before availability, possibly shorter than the 6 weeks we did this time – maybe pin it to the community mapping effort so when we get the live map, we get elytra. · I don’t think it should be farmable. It’s meant to be an end game item, a harder end dragon helps with this, but whatever changes we make need to not be like it was before when you could spawn a thousand dragons one after another to just generate more. · Strictly from a road/rail support aspect, I think it should be made clear by the admins ahead of time that if you’re building along the cardinals you are expected to incorporate the roads the community are working on out the directions from spawn or not force a major reroute or block. Events Possible future event: “give robr WE day” .. a day where things can happen like I can quickly finish my projects and maybe help other people with theirs too (maybe, //replace air lava might also occur)… just a suggestion..
  4. Staff Inactivity Notices

    offline for a bit, but on chats - finally heading up to PNW for house hunting next week! edit: i'll probably be offline for the most part until mid august, we found a house and are moving at the end of this month so i have a ridiculous amount of RL stuff to attend to so we can get outta h-town..
  5. mosq [tompreuss]

    Tom's not on staff anymore, but given the age and appropriateness of current skin you're good -- unbanned original reason for ban: 10410059,CousinMosquito,tompreuss,offensive/inappropriate skin nerd.nu/appeal,2013-04-10 17:50:52
  6. GTA V Game Night This Wednesday

    sleep is important :D i'd try to make it sometimes at least, i like shooting things is there some way we can make sure we all get into the same instance? havent played multiplayer enough really to know how that works..
  7. GTA V Game Night This Wednesday

    so did zburd from what i remember :D
  8. PvP discussion

    Another option to throw out there might be a “special” portal that instead of going to the nether, instead goes to a multiverse world that’s pvp enabled.. nothing large though, something along the lines of a sky block Island .. spawn protected with a random tp sign on the violent side of the portal to prevent spawn camping..
  9. MyLittleDerpy [robr]

    Ok when I get back into town tonight I’ll unban you - I can’t emphasize enough however, if it looks player built, modifying it any way will be dealt with swiftly.
  10. MyLittleDerpy [robr]

    Derpy - while I'm happy to see you know why you were banned, i'm concerned that you ignored the rules posted at spawn and online at nerd.nu/rules in the process. Specifically the following section of the rules: Be Respectful to the server No griefing or block spamming We take griefing very seriously on this server - just because something isn't protected, or that it's near the end of a revision, that does not allow or excuse the behaviour and we will address it swiftly. Please make sure you read these rules in depth and acknowledge them in this thread and you can be unbanned.
  11. KarlHenderson42 [robr]

    unbanned, welcome back
  12. KarlHenderson42 [robr]

    KarlHenderson42, thanks for posting. You were banned just a couple months ago for this, so if you haven't been on in a year or so, it's probable that your Minecraft account was compromised. Please change your password and post back acknowledging you've revisited the rules and i'll unban you.
  13. Revision 21: Third Custom Spawner Clue

    great, you just put a hex on the server with that symbol..
  14. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    @Barlimore so what I’m hearing there is pay closer attention to where you start frequenting underground and leave armor stand dressed like me around corners, got it!
  15. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    1) i think the size is fine, but as mentioned previously , put the portals closer in to encourage #2 -- maybe even make the outer wilderness a bit harder to get to(extreme terrain closer in - make it an accomplishment to get past it) 2) if we go smaller, it should only be slightly - like 7x7 or 6x6 - or have an expansion option.. 1) mostly via exploring and by looking at the carto - really the latter kinda gives it away since you see the whole overworld generation :D 2/3) i thought we had a good mix this time, i miss the old tiaga forests (spruce with snow) , which might be nice to see again - plus, more birch forests.. in fact, if half the map was birch forests i'm pretty sure that would make some people really happy >=] 1-3) thought ores were fine, maybe.. 4) .. a little more gold, i like the idea of ores being a bit more biome specific.. 1) didnt find a portal, so can't comment 2) i think the portals were too spaced out - see above 1) all vanilla is boring, but i'm not a huge fan of completely custom either - i liked the mix, felt there should have been more in the top nether though 2) if we do this in the nether again i think it needs to be a bit more obvious/ not split (have spawn be more of a central/smaller focal point - i dont think it was obvious enough to prevent player-built competing rails from popping up which caused contention in some arenas 1) honestly the end has been largely useless since the dragon became respawnable. the main island is too unpredictable for any player builds that aren't specifically concentrated on just killing the dragon, and the outer islands are useless except for whoever ran and exploited the cities immediately to get the first elytras. 2) the dragon should not be soloable, there needs to be pain involved. pain and organization. organizational pain. I haven't been in mapworld, but mostly because i haven't had the patience for that type of decoration - i really think we should have WE in there since it's such a limited-purpose use case 1) i am still a firm believer of the 1 way out of initial spawn area to go past the various rules/tutorials, it was too easy to skip again with multiple immediate exits - not saying we don't dump people out into a crossroads, but initially you should go past this stuff. I'm also concerned about the amount of lag we saw as the rev progressed - it was not like this during sprucing or even at launch but got progressively worse over time, so it seems odd that it would just be the portal?. also, this rev we left user buildable buffer space under spawn initilally with the intention for people to do rails - but still it spawned player builds (including a grinder which i still don't think helped the lag) - if we're going to do this again we should have some more controlled corridors / restrictions immediately under that area because it's always loaded. 2) clearly the watery tart. 3) spaceship 4) a welcome return. post rev-11 we had a very strong, redstone intensive coordinated effort on rails by a decent amount of long time users, most of which have moved on. we may get back to that kind of server wide cooperation at some point in the future, but until we do i really believe we should have this built into spawn again to make it easy for settlements to connect up.. while we didn't see quite the participation i had hoped, it was exponentially better than the previous few revs and has provided a valuable service for people getting around and new people visiting the server. 1) I don't believe that, i think that golem souls are lies spawned in at random by the admins at occasional intervals at a 1/1134 ratio. i think it's been well covered elsewhere in here, increase the frequency/cost, but they really need to reflect closer to the effort of what it would be building a vanilla grinder.. 1) we shouldn't have any custom spawners in the nether, the mobs native to that region are not infrequent enough to demand it and they really dont seem to function well 2) squid, witch, shulker, and maybe a closer to end rev creeper spawner 3) creeper combined with powered flight is too much - maybe bring in special traders near end of rev or fireworks-worthy events (new years, us 4th) so the firework enthusiasts can stock up to build, but having them up all the time just contributes to all the elytra issues previously brought up by others. 1) more human interest pieces on mountain getaways that happen to be rail hubs in the NW. I haven't really had a lot of chance to participate in the various events this rev due to rl obligations, but they seem to be doing well and drawing a good portion of the population to them. i think it's important to the future of the server to be able to have differentiators such as this. kill it with fire. i thought it was kinda neat initially being able to connect carts together, but it seems to have more downsides than is worth it compared to hypercarts or vanilla. - player damage going around corners - cheaper, non standard components being able to be used (pressure plates) that will break in the world download - unintended editing of protected rails (i know since fixed), encouraging replacing other rails with junctions (multiple areas down near spawn i've seen this) - seemingly random sudden reversals going up ramps - inconsistent speed, problems with chest/hopper carts, etc, etc.. suggestion box is cool, keep it. someone else mentioned shroomwithaview and shulkers - i agree with those sentiments, this shouldn't be used for rotation purposes.