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  1. Old ban appeals and ban appeal publicity

    i would suggest that there is definitely value in having them remain public, at least for a set amount of time (maybe 6-12mo, or the course of a rev+1) because not only of the transparency, but because of the proof provided in said appeals vs. any conflicting information (prevents a he said/she said scenario.) - plus can serve as a proper warning for people who might be considering the same types of infractions (item dup, xray, etc.), or as a warning for players who might be considering collaborating with said offenders (that hopefully can prevent half of towns being rolled back.) We already ban discussing said items on the server itself, but i really think it's important to keep that in a public light, but it absolutely has a shelf life that i think we need to look at determining.
  2. a little too late for this rev, i would make the suggestion that once we have announced the next rev, we allow people modreq for protection of their entire existing claims so they can remove the claim fences (which are ugly as hell 95% of the time) without worry of grief/squatting in the last month or so of the rev. This way the save won't have as many of those random fences around, at least not around the nicer builds that care about being complete.. ?
  3. Planned Inactivity

    On vacation for next week not at home so won't be around until after the 7th
  4. [PMC]2017 Fundraiser: The Plan

    other thing to watch out for will be mountains then, as it creates vast hidden cities with all sorts of goodies inside them..
  5. [PMC]2017 Fundraiser: The Plan

    How big is the city world going to be, and are we going to restrict it to above ground only?
  6. Rubix_cube100 [robr]

    Please be mindful of those. Unbanned.
  7. Rubix_cube100 [robr]

    Please validate you've read the rules in their entirety according to the link above.
  8. Rubix_cube100 [robr]

    Rubix_Cube100: Within the last 16 hours you have received 3 official warnings for various grief offenses (animal, block and crop grief,) plus at least one instance of fence removal that was handled directly with a player. For this latest offense, you were unlucky enough to perform the actions as I logged back in from being in the area to check on another of your earlier offenses, so I was there to watch you kill off multiple, unique colors of sheep and remove grass blocks placed by another player. We take all forms of grief seriously on this server, please re-read the rules at nerd.nu/rules and acknowledge you have read and understand them back here and you can be unbanned. In the future do not modify other's builds, and do not remove crops/animals without replacing (exact models in the case of some animals like sheep.)
  9. Planned Inactivity

    will be in the great white north next week on a mountain, subsequently will not be online under any capacity..
  10. [PMC]Fundraiser 2017: Ideas & Opinions

    why not do a ctf that's focused on defensive measures and not PvP? i.e. encouraging team building of structures that serve as deterrents for the other team to gain access to said flag - maybe have some award type team items like TNT and such that would assist in breaking through the other team's defenses (ooh - control of a creeper spawner or something..) - just throwing some things out there..
  11. Planned Inactivity

    I've been ridiculously busy IRL lately - will try to get on this week but that depends on Linux cooperating with my project.
  12. PvE - Protecting Natural Foliage

    Two things come to mind going through this: 1) is there any technical way we could replace normal tree generation with the smaller custom templates (not the larger custom ones) 2) what could be done around being able to preserve land claims without the requirement for a fence the whole time - something like you have to do the fence initially, but once you've built up enough to have structures protected with in, the fences could be removed except for the 3 fences in each corner (to indicate direction) and occasional signs indicating where you're entering? That way we could preserve the request to rollback within that area without granting protection and ruining the view
  13. Poll - Smelting armor for ingots.

    we shouldn't be telling people how they should be entertained in a sandbox game that has a set of expected mechanics, nor deriding them for automating tasks so they can focus on other aspects of the game.