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    Staff Inactivity Notices

    i'll be out for the next few weeks on the other side of the planet
  2. robr

    Pit_2 Note Appeal [Mewcifer]

    Pit_2 - given the age, I've gone ahead and removed note 44654 as your appealing staff member is no longer on staff. Cheers. Closing and moving.
  3. robr

    Remove Phantoms?

  4. robr

    Remove Phantoms?

    this is the solution right here - we need a mod so we can hold a cat in our off hand!
  5. robr

    Lethal_Tree Note Appeal [robr]

    It's been over the requisite year, so will remove the note shortly after this restart.
  6. robr

    Rev 23 late rev feedback

    The Spawn Building Were exits from spawn laid out clearly? I think they could have been more obvious, the lack of a southern exit was confusing and lack of roads/paths going right up to the edge of protections hampered development and access from the west side. Is there anything you would like to see done differently with Spawn in Rev 24? Smaller. I thought the island was neat, definitely pretty but way too big for spawn. Anything larger than a single building (or spaceship) really takes away from the player-built aspect of the server. The Overworld Do you think that this map size (7kx7k) was good? Should it be bigger, smaller or similar? I think we can go smaller, maybe 5x5 This rev we used vanilla map generation due to 1.13 offering new generation and biomes, and also due to custom terrain tools not being updated. Were you happy with the use of a vanilla seed? Would you like to see a return to custom terrain given the tools are updated? I thought the overworld was fine - I miss the custom dungeons we get with the custom terrain tool, and it would be nice to have some wild terrain in the future, but not until the tools are working correctly Were any biomes lacking or too abundant this revision? Not that I noticed How did you find the distribution of ores this revision? Not enough of <insert what i needed at the time> immediately at the surface of <whereever i was looking>. Please eliminate stone, just make all ore. 馃槈 (seemed fine btw) The Nether This revision we had a custom Nether created by totemo, it featured different biomes designed to provide areas for bulk mining resources like concrete powder and terracotta. We again included custom mobs in the nether. How did you feel about the custom generated map this revision? Would you like to see a custom nether again? I dig the custom nether. How did you feel about the custom mobs this revision? Jumbee and the Bilge rats can go f.. er.. find another world to live in. Others were fine though. How was the distribution of quartz and glowstone? Would have liked to see more quartz. Were the villagers with custom trades in the Nether a positive addition? Yes, the outposts were neat. The End This revision we had a custom generated End created by totemo. It featured different biomes (also designed to provide bulk mining of resources like the Nether) and custom structures with the idea that the End is a cold, dry place. We also had a new version of the dragon fight created by bermudalocket. This fight included 4 phases of dragon and mob fighting goodness, with Elytra dropping from completing the fight. Another change we implemented was having shulkers spawning across the end instead of having a shulker spawner. Generation: How did you feel about the custom generated End this rev? Any kind of generation you鈥檇 like to see? It was neat, but I would really like to see it restricted to the outer islands and return to a central End island with the portals actually useful and only unlocking as the dragon gets defeated per vanilla. Outside that 1000 or so mark i think the custom gen would be awesome though. The end needs empty "space." How did you feel about having ores generated in the End that were plumped but didn鈥檛 have custom drops? How was the ore distribution? didn't really go mining in the end Were the villagers with custom trades in the End a positive addition? Yes, the outposts were neat. Dragon Fight How did you feel about bermuda鈥檚 NerdyDragon fight? Was it too easy/difficult/just right in your opinion? thought it was a welcome addition to the server Any other suggestions you鈥檇 like to share for the fight? EDIT: yes, i think there should be a way to cause another Egg drop, maybe based on harder circumstances or something - either that or the egg should go on display at spawn once the first dragon has been beat, along with a time/mention of all involved in the fight. The last several revs the egg has been hoarded away off public display (or if it is, it's location kept secret) and frankly that's not right for a unique item on a server, particularly one where those initial fights are group efforts. Did you like having the leaderboard available for the dragon fights? yes Shulkers and other mobs Did you enjoy having free range shulkers instead of a shulker spawner? seemed ok, per concern above though, they'd need to only spawn out in the island area How did you feel about the other mobs that appeared in the end? the decision to use an enderman spawner instead of normal mechanics i felt was a poor substitute to vanilla mechanics, partially forced by the lack of "space" (see above) - spawn rates were abysmal and they were largely useless as sources of pearls and especially XP. I'd like to see some sort of mix terrain wise in the future. Elytra After feedback last rev we decided to have the Elytra be obtainable as a drop from the custom dragon fight. How did you feel about the method of obtaining Elytra this revision? Was receiving it as a drop from the custom dragon fight enough effort for it? Do you have any other ideas you have for methods of obtaining Elytra? the only suggestion i'd have here above and beyond what we did last rev is possibly make it a drop for all players with X percentage of damage in a given fight instead of just 1 per dragon. Mapworld Are there any additions you鈥檇 like to see in Mapworld next revision? seems to be working great for last few revs Portals This revision we had claimable 8 portals across the map, all available from day 1 of the revision. Did you feel that the number and distribution of portals this rev was good? Do you prefer having all portals available from day 1 of the revision? yes, keep them all available from day 1, save maybe the possibility of granting a "bonus portal" as an event reward at some point during the rev. Do you have any ideas for how portals should be implemented next rev? we should probably validate their distribution by messaging robr the coordinates of all portals,along with biome samples prior to the rev start, just to be sure and everything.. Iron Golem Spawners Iron Golem Spawner costs remained the same this revision, except you were able to upgrade to a new level individually instead of needing to upgrade all 4 spawners to the same level first. Do you feel that the cost of an iron golem spawner was fair? yes How did you feel about being able to upgrade spawners individually as opposed to upgrading each spawner to the same level first? thumbs up Perhaps something about keeping our system the same in 1.14 after iron golems spawning is nerfed in vanilla: I've seen working designs of iron grinders in 1.14 that rely on the villager pod method, so we should plan on keeping in a system similar to what we have, maybe change up the requirements to accomodate things like profession tables etc Custom Spawners This revision we had a Creeper, Squid and Slime spawner, all available to be found from the first day of the revision. How do you feel about the inclusion of custom spawners in the map? Would you prefer to have, or not have them? yes have them. bring back the witch because they're fun to murder. Which custom spawners do you think are particularly useful in a multiplayer setting, if any? Custom Drops from Ore, Mobs, Loot chests and Sugarcane This revision we continued the use of custom drops from ores, but also expanded on the methods of obtaining them to include dropping from some mobs, in loot chests, rewards from events and new blocks (sugarcane) How did you feel about the addition of drops from mobs, loot chests and sugarcane this revision? Would you like to see drops coming from other sources in the future? How do you feel about the rates of custom drops dropping, too frequent or too rare? Do you have any ideas for new ways to obtain custom drops? How have the custom drop trades been so far this rev? Any kinds of trades you鈥檇 like to see in the future? didn't really use them too much. Custom Saddles Have you enjoyed the custom horse saddles available to trade this revision? it's fun to see others on them, haven't gotten any myself Would you like to see them return for next revision? sure If so, do you prefer them as trade items, prizes, or some mixture of both? yes. Events Events so far this revision: Valentines Day St. Patrick鈥檚 Day Easter Egg Hunt All the Things Collections at Spawn (gathering materials to unlock spawn trades) Are there any events you particularly enjoyed this revision so far? Is there any event past or present that you鈥檇 like to see return in Revision 23? Have you any new event ideas that you鈥檇 like to share? Do you enjoy having special items that you may not be able to get in vanilla as a prize for completing events? (Such as higher level enchanted items, custom skulls) yes, especially useful things like bows with unobtainable enchants Do you have any ideas for events you鈥檇 like to see in the future? End of Rev In the past there has been end of rev events such as ending the world in Chaos and a Zombie Apocalypse, would you like to see the return of something like this? Do you have any other ideas for how to celebrate the end of rev? chaos is always fun, more so just to be able to blow things up.
  7. robr

    Staff Inactivity Notices

    i'm traveling again for work and may be a bit sparse for the next couple weeks until we settle on a realistic schedule that doesn't involve me traversing the continent every week.
  8. robr

    Rev 24 Rails

    actually i was thinking of WHEAT( , not DEEPs - but yeah, DWEEB also had a similar system and i used it along an alias line to the nether portal in rev21 too ... barney, basically it's a stop with a redstone clock activate when a user comes near into the station, plays a little ditty and then automatically reactivates the rail and moves them along if they don't get out or provide any direct input - no pistons or advanced bit storage involved - redstone only at the individual stations themselves..
  9. robr

    Rev 24 Rails

    one of the biggest advantages about rails is the ability to afk on them - if i have to constantly pay attention to continue down the line, i may as well take horse or elytra... it'd be one thing if a group of builders built something along the lines of TRAVEL or DEEP from several revs back that used redstone to continue users down the line automatically after X amount of time, but most won't, not to mention the difficulty in policing what's grief vs. what's a legitimate connection.. really, map size is a big limiter for rail development because all the settlements are too spread out, rail to anywhere is a significant investment in time
  10. robr

    xX_Sami_Trucc_Xx [robr]

    sorry for the delay in response sami, rl took over this weekend - as soon as i get home i will unban you. thanks for reviewing the rules.
  11. robr

    xX_Sami_Trucc_Xx [robr]

    Thanks for appealing. You have been banned at latest for taking another user's enderchest from outside an end portal, but have been warned for multiple instance of grief upon other player's builds. We take unauthorized editing of other user's builds very seriously here and it is not tolerated. Please re-familiarize yourself with the rules at http://nerd.nu/rules and post here again after 48 hours that you understand them and you will be unbanned. location of enderchest stolen https://imgur.com/CPBpdmN post rollback: https://imgur.com/txAVEcn previous grief: https://imgur.com/a/oJ6NM8I Ban reason: Banned By Reason Time Banned robr repeated grief of other player builds despite previous warnings on PvE rev 23. nerd.nu/appeal 1 day, 5 hours ago Previous notes: Added By Note Time Added fazaden warned for griefing another player's build 5 days, 4 hours ago robr Additional warning added in reference to further grief on server prior to initial. User's edits rolled back. PvE 01-28-19 1 month, 2 weeks ago Bluuefuzzy warned for crop grief on pve 1 month, 2 weeks ago
  12. robr

    Staff Inactivity Notices

    i鈥檓 off for awhile - cant sit up, etc
  13. robr

    Admin Hunt - Sunday 4th November!

    someone will have to disguise themselves as me to recreate that picture, i'm going to be on planes all day sunday heading back to montreal :(
  14. robr

    Staff Inactivity Notices

    i'm still offline for a bit for the most part - moved in but still unpacking, dealing with going back to work.. will try to pop in as i can
  15. robr

    Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    The Spawn Building 路 I think spawn was nice, interesting to explore although as Troop brought up earlier, the museum was heavily slanted towards the last couple revs. In the future if such a plan is in place it would be nice to predetermine size and open up the submissions to a wider audience. 路 I am still a large fan of the forced rule path to get out of initial spawn. This used to be consistent, is still something I鈥檝e seen on other servers as well. Yes, people may not always read them, but we shouldn鈥檛 be hiding it from those that do. If someone has to run around a couple corners to ignore the rule so be it, we never had a problem with people getting out before. Hide a warp sign among the text if those extra 10 seconds are really that irritating for people who have come back after initial spawn. At least then we鈥檇 know they read that far. 路 It was great having a rail station again, however it felt hidden below spawn and the approaches down below seemed a bit unintuitive and as a result the incoming lines are a bit messy as things coming in from various directions couldn鈥檛 easily get to the various lines without curving around or over various existing lines. N/W/S/E needs to be a bit more defined in approach, possibly with some pre-stated assumptions of right away to prevent someone from building something else in the natural rail paths. The Overworld Map 路 Map size still felt a bit large, I think we could stand to go down to something similar to rev12 (4k*4k), possibly with some sort of mid rev expansion 路 Haven鈥檛 really played much with 1.13 to comment, probably fine for overworld though. 路 How do you feel about the current overworld map size? Too small, too large, just right? 路 Diamond seemed a bit light, but as we mostly exploit fairly trade with villagers this was more of an issue for other diamond uses.. The Nether Map 路 The vanilla nether really is boring, I think we should stick to custom as much as we can. 路 There really needs to be an inherent / auto-claim buffer around portals on the nether side so the towns can develop them without having to deal with establishing claims and other users that have decided to put holes in the area and such. 路 Quartz seemed harder to find 鈥 more akin to the type of generation we鈥檇 see of it in the overworld than typical nether distributions.. 路 A more defined netherspawn, possibly a dark mirror of overworld, but protected with any custom baddies captured for reference like we have now. The End 路 Honestly, I鈥檝e just avoided the end largely this rev. I hate that with the introduction of dragon respawning an entire dimension that used to house builds has been reduced to the same, round Live, Die, Repeat arena and the outer islands largely get ignored since the portals either don鈥檛 have anything built up to them or spawn outside the map boundaries and are useless. 路 I鈥檓 onboard with the dragon fight being harder, but at the same time it needs to be balanced so that it鈥檚 not too laggy on users with crappy computers, and that people can鈥檛 just log off en masse and have moblimiter do all the work for them. If we could have some sort of mob progression as the dragon takes damage, ala most MMO鈥檚, that might be better.. whether custom mobs or just increasingly difficult vanilla mobs (say some withers or something) Mapworld 路 I haven鈥檛 played with mapworld other than to look in awe at some of the creations, but I think it鈥檚 great we鈥檙e bringing back old ones as well. Honestly I think the WE perms should at a minimum mimic whatever we have on the creative server, particularly since the world has a specific stated function. If anything it鈥檇 be great if we had some sort of method to import schematics. Portals 路 I like the staggered release, but feel that it needs to be over a shorter amount of time and any initial portals not discovered in the first week should immediately start having clues put out. 路 It might be fun to spread the hunt out between the overworld and the nether however (predetermine the locations, but don鈥檛 necessarily have all the markers in the overworld 鈥 have a few in the nether that could be discovered and then noted you have to put the overworld within X radius of whatever the predetermined point was) Iron Golem Spawners 路 I don鈥檛 mind the tiered system, but think that you should be able to upgrade a single spawner in lieu of having to have 4 and then do them all at the same time. Maybe I misunderstood how that works, but there鈥檚 something to be said for areas that may just want a smaller grinder.. Custom Spawners 路 I think on a multiplayer server, particularly one with modified mob mechanics for lag prevention like we do, it鈥檚 a necessity. 路 Squid, Slime, Witch, Shulker. I think Creeper is too overpowered, plus there never seems to be shortage of creepers on the map and with a Witch it can be redundant. I might suggest putting the Shulker spawners in the end to encourage development of the end islands. 路 I don鈥檛 see the need for custom spawners in the nether 鈥 dangerous things spawn enough there.. the only possible exception I might consider would be for ghasts, but they don鈥檛 seem to be enough in demand that it couldn鈥檛 be better addressed with a custom trade for tears instead. Custom Drops from Ore (Fossils and Rares) 路 I haven鈥檛 actually traded any of these in yet, but I think it鈥檚 been a neat addition to otherwise boring mining activities. Custom Saddles 路 I think they鈥檙e a hoot. Wish we could see them on our end. Keep 鈥榚m. Elytra 路 The only way a 鈥渧anilla鈥 elytra distribution would work is if we didn鈥檛 have any world border on the End or regenerated it every night on a different seed. Neither of these seem particularly realistic for a server of our size 路 I still don鈥檛 disagree with a small delay before availability, possibly shorter than the 6 weeks we did this time 鈥 maybe pin it to the community mapping effort so when we get the live map, we get elytra. 路 I don鈥檛 think it should be farmable. It鈥檚 meant to be an end game item, a harder end dragon helps with this, but whatever changes we make need to not be like it was before when you could spawn a thousand dragons one after another to just generate more. 路 Strictly from a road/rail support aspect, I think it should be made clear by the admins ahead of time that if you鈥檙e building along the cardinals you are expected to incorporate the roads the community are working on out the directions from spawn or not force a major reroute or block. Events Possible future event: 鈥済ive robr WE day鈥 .. a day where things can happen like I can quickly finish my projects and maybe help other people with theirs too (maybe, //replace air lava might also occur)鈥 just a suggestion..