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  1. Forget about it, I can log in again mysteriously!😃
  2. Hello since Berlin time July 17th around 22:00, my account ''FarfallaCC'' cannot log in your server, the logging process stays at ''Encrypting'' for a long time and shows 'Timed out'. I tried other computers with the same account, the same problem appears. Since I can log in other servers without problem, i assume the problem is with this server. Could you pls help me to see if something is going on? thank you:D
  3. Hallo, I am a beginner, I want to join the creative server under the link c.nerd.nu, after logging in a construction appears, and i have a box inside of which there are a diamond block and a diamond pickaxe. If I choose the diamond block, the system tells me that I am already in the creative server. Then I cannot do anything. The construction is sealed and i cannot go out. There are paths for going down, but i could not find anything down there. If I choose the diamond pickaxe, I am transferred to PvE server which has a beautiful town center, but I don not want to be there. Could anyone tell me how can I join the creative server? Thx!
  4. Thanks for pointing it out, because i did not find that in rules under this link: https://nerd.nu/rules/#creative
  5. Banned: border fence grief, breaking and releasing penned animals. Have no idea what it is.
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