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  1. Thank you for asking the feedback, here are my thoughts: The Spawn: · Was spawn easy to navigate? Could you find the things you needed to find easily? Yes it is easy to navigate. For a beginner, however, it is not easy to find all the things at once. · Is there anything you would like to see done differently with Spawn in Rev 26? A spawn map or a shopping guide marking all the shops. · We tried make spawn very interactive, having plots players can claim inside spawn with some building restrictions, how do you feel this went? The interactive attempt is successful. Creative buildings from players are scattered around in spawn. Could there be a system to trade or transfer shop? Since some shops are out of business until some point. The Over-world: · Do you think that this map size (6k x 6k) was good? Should it be bigger, smaller or similar next rev? Perfect size. I prefer similar. · This rev we used vanilla map with some painting. Do you feel it was a good mix of custom and vanilla? Good mix. · Were any biomes lacking or too abundant this revision? Perhaps more snow / ice biome near nether portals? · How did you find the distribution of ores this revision? By digging long tunnels, I find ores very good distributed. The Nether · How did you feel about the custom generated map this revision? It contributes to a magnificent spectacle. · Would you like to see a custom nether again? A custom nether spawn, similar to the spawn in overworld (why not shops in the nether) will suit me better. For the rest of the nether world, I prefer to see it vanilla, to experience the horror in Minecraft 1.16. · The Nether contains new custom mobs designed by cujobear. How did you feel about the custom mobs this revision? Weren’t the twins adorable? They are so cute! They make my limited nether time funnier! · How was the distribution of quartz and glowstone? I cannot comment because of my nether-phobia. The End: Generation: · How did you feel about the custom End this rev? Did you like the separation into islands? The end is creative, the resources distribution is also smart arranged. · How did you feel about having ores generated in areas of the End that were plumped but didn’t have custom drops? How was the ore distribution? I cannot comment because of the lack of digging. Elytra: · How did you feel about the method of obtaining Elytra this revision? It gives the warrior a great sense of accomplishment, therefore I see it as a good way. · Did you enjoy the Prize Boxes ?Did you feel the prizes awarded were worth the battle? Did you like the option of collecting different Prize Boxes? I cannot comment because I did not fight any dragon. · Do you have any other ideas you have for methods of obtaining Elytra? Nerdcoin purchase? Not everyone belongs to the dragon-warrior-elite. Shulkers and other mobs: · Did you enjoy continuing to have free range shulkers instead of a shulker spawner? No really. I prefer a shulker spawner. · How did you feel about the other mobs that appeared in the end? The other mobs mean endermen? Endermen are so cute. Mapworld: · Are there any additions you’d like to see in Mapworld next revision? An easier way to obtain a painting, for example, marking the IDs of the painting next to its thumbnail image in spawn? Portals: · Did you feel that the number and distribution of portals this rev was good? In general good. · Do you have any ideas for how portals should be implemented next rev? Can each qualified place be granted a portal? By the way do we have clear standard to judge if a town could be marked as a place? Iron Golem Spawners: · Do you feel that the cost of an iron golem spawner was fair? Yes it is fair. Custom Spawners: · How do you feel about the inclusion of custom spawners in the map? Would you prefer to have, or not have them? Would you like to see more added as time progressed? They are indispensable, I would like to see more added. Can we have a wither skeleton spawner in the future? · Which custom spawners do you think are particularly useful in a multiplayer setting, if any? I find creeper and squid spawners very useful. · Were the spawners well hidden? Should they be harder to find? Easier? They are well hidden, maybe closer to spawn or main portal? Still too far away to visit them. Custom trades: · Have you enjoyed the custom trades this revision? Yes, I really love the later added trade for special books and spawn eggs. · Would you like to see them return for next revision? Sure. · Is there anything you want to see available from the custom traders? Elytra, beacon. Events: · We Continued the weekly events this rev, would you like these to continue? Yes. · Does the time of the weekly events suit you? What time might be better? I cannot join the Friday event due to time difference. A public vote may answer this question in a more precise way. · Were the prizes from events appropriate? Are there any other items you would like to trade for? I think it is very appropriate. Other items…beacon? · Do you have any ideas for events or an event that you particularly enjoyed? I really enjoy mod hunt, scavenger hunt, JSC’s connecting four event, pig riding event. Rev Theme: · This Rev we worked with C to host a Build Contest which resulted in player builds being hidden around the map. Was this something you felt added to the experience of this rev? Did you enjoy discovering them as you searched the map? Would you like this to be included again? Roadside attraction hunting is one of the best activities I enjoyed! And yes. · Do you feel the theme of a revision adds to your experience? Yes, it is like some kind of ceremony. · Should events and server planning be more tied to the theme? Less? I would suggest server planning tied to the theme. Event does not matter. · Do you have any ideas for themes that you would enjoy? So difficult question...What about “7 wonders of the world”, “Fairy Tale Route”? Any other comments? · Is there anything else you want to tell us about your experience on the server? Things the Padmins can do improve? 1. Sofar the most common questions from new user are “where I am” or “what should I do with the horse”, “how to claim a land”, “what golem souls is”… Is it possible to simply send the new users the simple commands like /map and the link to nerd.nu wiki? 2. Villagers in Pico died from a raid and could not be rolled back. Hope in the future a raid will not affect villagers, or at least the dead villagers can be rolled back. 3. Could the villagers in nearby chunk also get restock? 4. Could the maze be different? Like a maze in 3D or a maze with monsters, with traps, with surprised signs…
  2. Forget about it, I can log in again mysteriously!😃
  3. Hello since Berlin time July 17th around 22:00, my account ''FarfallaCC'' cannot log in your server, the logging process stays at ''Encrypting'' for a long time and shows 'Timed out'. I tried other computers with the same account, the same problem appears. Since I can log in other servers without problem, i assume the problem is with this server. Could you pls help me to see if something is going on? thank you:D
  4. Hallo, I am a beginner, I want to join the creative server under the link c.nerd.nu, after logging in a construction appears, and i have a box inside of which there are a diamond block and a diamond pickaxe. If I choose the diamond block, the system tells me that I am already in the creative server. Then I cannot do anything. The construction is sealed and i cannot go out. There are paths for going down, but i could not find anything down there. If I choose the diamond pickaxe, I am transferred to PvE server which has a beautiful town center, but I don not want to be there. Could anyone tell me how can I join the creative server? Thx!
  5. Thanks for pointing it out, because i did not find that in rules under this link: https://nerd.nu/rules/#creative
  6. Banned: border fence grief, breaking and releasing penned animals. Have no idea what it is.
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