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  1. I_c_e_

    Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    Hey Didy :) Yeah i love the fish collecting too and hope the water bug is fixed soon so i can make a living Aquarium ! As for the dragon fight: It literally scares the crap outta me but i do agree with torteela that when the Dragon dies his minions should evaporate with him and not left to seek their revenge. I do think the wait on elytra had little to no effect on roads or rails. I have encountered many half done and unfinished road/rail projects as I always have in previous revs. I also agree that the ones who did put their energy into getting roads and rails up were totally left unprepared for the cost of elytra since they had focused on infrastructure and not mining. I know keeping the game fair for everyone is difficult, no matter what your decisions are someone will not be happy. As a complete nerd i will quote star trek, " Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one " When the game stops being fun and becomes more like the life we want to escape from : Bickering, Bulling, Power Struggles, Stress .. We will stop playing and the community we have worked hard to have will die and that's when the tragedy will happen. ( and is it bad that I ate all the bacon as i wrote this and saved tic none ??? )
  2. I_c_e_

    Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    I would literally punch YOU to get the NITWITS going again - minus 2 melons
  3. I_c_e_

    Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    First I want to apologize for not being on near as much as I have been in previous revs. I was very happy about my promotion at work but didn’t realize how much it would affect my time and game play. I have missed all of you more than you know but with summer being in full swing I hope to have more time for “me” sooner than later – Work has to understand I have a Firework show to plan and create!! Sheesh The Spawn Building I enjoyed this rev's spawn compared to the spawns of past revs. I think I’ts beautiful and I loved seeing the spawn museum as well as contributing to it. Even with the portals being wonky at first I believe it is a huge success and the Dragon Skeleton is legendary. The Over world Map: · I am happy with the size and it has been fun exploring and finding her secrets. It’s a truly lovely map. · With the Aquatic update I like others are hoping for more oceans. Playing in the event server with snapshot 1.13 I have had an awesome time playing with dolphins and turtles but seriously those Drown things and phantoms scare the nice outta me and I say bad things. O_O The Nether Map · The custom nether map is amaze-balls. The rainbow cave made me so happy, I just kept riding sugar through them till pez and tic made me stop, and the spiders were so awesome I literally squealed when I saw them. I hope we can have a custom nether every rev. The End · I went once- Killed my dragon so I could fly and ran back to Rose. Mobs + Dragon = ice dies over and over and over. Not my favorite thing with the rev but I know many liked it. Mapworld · I’m glad you can use world edit now, it has opened the door for our very talented, creative members to create works of art. The best thing that happened was bringing back the older maps, so much work went into them I am so glad we can enjoy them over and over. Good Job o/ to the powers that be. Portals · I had no problem with releasing 6 at the start then others as the rev continued. I just think maybe not over such a broad space of time but maybe within the first 2 weeks or to coincide with the live map going live. Iron Golem Spawners · No complaints and /or concerns – seemed to work well. Custom Spawners · All the custom spawners we have right now are good. I also didn’t have any problems with making them part of a quest, rather than just luck. Custom Drops from Ore (Fossils and Rares) · I loved this. Mining is vital to the game but so boring this element made it a lot more fun and exciting. I still jump when I unearth a golem soul. ;) Custom Saddles · I find these to be fun and a great addition to the game. Elytra · This I think was the worst thing for the rev personally. I have listened to many conversations and debates on the pros and cons. I think it drew a line between many players. You either liked it or you didn’t there was no middle ground. I guess my view is simple – We are adults, If you want to fly you use wings, If you want to ride a horse or walk you build a road, If you want to ride by rail you make a rail line. As adults we don’t need to be micro managed , or be collateral damage to someone’s tantrum- We are a community we should work together not apart , we should respect how each other wants to travel but most of all we should be having fun. Events · There can never be to many events. I have loved them all since the rev I joined. I think it is one of the things that set us apart as a server. The times we come together as a whole, we laugh we play and we make strong friendships. I swear one day I will kill an admin damn it and I will never understand 2 Melons. ;)
  4. I_c_e_

    Staff Inactivity Notices

    Work will be hell for the next few weeks - Wont be home until late - will try and be on week-ends more till YMCA day camp is off and running and schedule is back to normal
  5. Congrats all 3 of you, highly impressed !! \o/ awww buzzie i liked your ship it saved me from drowning when tic's boat broke !!
  6. I_c_e_

    Revision 22: The Final Clue

  7. I_c_e_

    Staff Inactivity Notices

    Sorry about last week had an unexpected week from hell - Hell is over ( I hope)
  8. I_c_e_

    Admin Hunt - January 6th

    im ready to kil....play
  9. I_c_e_

    Fundraiser 2017 BASE VOTING

    aww i loved tic and mines lill base and no zombies got in heh wish you had found it