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  1. Nasty

    Rev 27 Is Coming!

    My suggestion is to generate map with that custom mapgen and then start rev when 1.17 plugins get ready, 1.17 itself releases like in 2 days...
  2. Nasty

    Rev 27 Is Coming!

    I wonder how spawn will look? Will it be mostly player built city-like with plots or more chaotic version? Some of the policies we are looking at updating: Neutralish-Negative, maybe keep r26 portal system (if map is not bigger) Neutralish-Positive, mark those players with RED text or some PVP-icons in TAB, main implication is dealing with killed player drops, what to do with them? I guess winner will keep them if he wants. Yes. Unfortunately 🙂 Probably increase the price of goods or make some per day limit of trades. Like 🙂 Seems fine-ish from the first look, but may not be as intuitive as it may seem tbh, it should be communicated clearly that protection does not mean outright protection from grief. Controversial, should not be too easy nor too hard, we still need to suffer through nights from time to time, bot 'problem' needs to be taken into account, especially at mid-end rev with low player count, where there may be more bots than players preventing night skips.
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