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  1. Revision 22: Changelog

    21st May We have dusted off some more decorative heads for the Archaeologists' Guild. *Edit: Forgot the link.
  2. Revision 22: Changelog

    11th May We have announced the winners of the Archaeologists' Guild: Poetry Competition: https://goo.gl/y4gTYP
  3. After several hours of sharing notes and votes with the Head Researcher of the Archaeologists’s Guild, we are very happy to announce the winners of the Poetry Competitiont! The winners of the contest are as follows: In 3rd Place: schererererer, with ‘Sonet 1962’. Long years ago a frigid conflict burst Across the coupled cities’ palisade; Through clashing creed Was swollen their bloodthirst, Yet open warfare was by craft delayed. ‘Twixt Brom and Argoth rivalry did grow, With military assets fortified. Until at last the missiles fell as snow, And all the folk of Brom and Argoth died. But wait, some life yet stirs beneath the ash! One deep and hardened bunker hosts a guest; An Argoth mayor rises from his cache; In spite of carnage, hope stirs in his chest. And though he stays a mayor, through and through, The mayor now is a defector too. In 2nd Place: PPGOME, with ‘Rev 21 Memories’. All of the player rush to get melons Barlimore and his fellow PAdmins watching Claims are going up all over the map Death by mob after mob due to the lag Everybody is beginning to settle in Finally, portal 1 has been found Griefers who came through Tabula Happy times building with my new friends I never expected to build the Olympics! Jingle bells, jingle bells! Christmas town is finally here! Keeping this memories forever in my heart Laughter when we realize the entire Olympic arena is off by one block My treasured memories. In 1st Place: buzzie71, with ‘Of The Ocean’. I am of the ocean, a realm of little commotion. Here I live out in the sea, and dream of what could be. Here sits my domes and tunnels of stone, complexes sprawled out in zones, above a yacht of diorite floats, among a city of island rose. Yet the ocean is kind in its emptiness, its blank canvas still there in silence. And before the water teems with dolphins and drowneds, I will be here to build on my home grounds. I am of the ocean, a realm of little commotion. Here I live out in the sea, and dream, perhaps, of 1.13. A big round of applause to everyone! From thrilling to sad, from humble to epic, we are very thankful we were able to glimpse a slice of your experience in this server through your poems! All qualifying participants can now pick up their prize at spawn, there will be a chest with your name in the Archaeologists’ Guild library (/place Poetry).
  4. Revision 22: Changelog

    6th May New items have been added to the traders at the Archaeologist's Guild: https://goo.gl/XLp8Rz We have released the clues for the last Nether Portal: https://goo.gl/zsoEy6
  5. Revision 22: The Final Clue

    We are ready to release the clue for the last nether portal! We have decided to put me on charge of this one and I have already messed this up. I was running through the Spawn Museum with two Ancient Paintings containing precious clues when my feet betrayed me. The paintings flew away and the archaeologists were too busy sniffing fossils to even care to help me. Despite this clumsy start, I believe the paintings aren’t lost, just hidden in the Museum somewhere...
  6. PvE End of Rev Apocalypse!

    I am so pumped for this!
  7. The Face Behind the Name

    My right side and my left side. This is how I chop my hair. Bonus: pajamas.
  8. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Hi @Sir_Didymus! I am pretty happy with the diversity of biomes I can explore right now! I have no suggestions for alterations, but if you are looking for more ideas to plump certain biomes with specific ores like the mesa with gold, jungles could be plumped for emeralds (an alternative to extreme hills) and deserts for lapis lazuli. If there is a volcano, it could be rich in quartz or redstone (although I think quartz should still be more abundant in the nether than in the overworld). I did! I like the nether this rev a lot, had a bunch of little expeditions just to explore around alone and with company. If we end up with only one level, I would love to see a fully customized one again! Something that was particularly fun when I stumble on it during one of my expeditions was finding the UMC. At first I didn't know what it was and it end up becoming this little adventure of mine, and maybe having some more structures to explore in the nether would be fun, like there is (or there was!) a lost civilization. hmm... I will have to build something on the nether before this rev ends... Thank you so much! I have been making maps to my heart's content! And because of it I worry about taking space with them, which could prevent me or others of making more next rev? I wonder, could only a few selected of my maps stay into Revision 22? I would love to continue with my little map art store next rev. I have been reading other's contributions to this post, and I think the idea of keeping the map size as it is but put the portals closer together is brilliant!
  9. Note Appeal

    Hi! Today I learned that a warning I received almost 2 years ago can be brought to the table to allow me to apologize properly. With that in mind I would like to appeal my note: Notes for ieuweh InfoBans forBans madeNotes forNotes made Added By Note Time Added Server robr warned for fence grief 1-29-16 1 year, 11 months ago c.nerd.nu I remember breaking a fence while trying to cross to the other side when I wanted to connect my build to a main road, and made the mistake of not placing the fence back. I apologize for my careless act towards another player, to whom I would also like to apologize too. I have learned so much about the server and the community since then, and my english has also improved a lot which has allowed me to navigate on and communicate with the server much better. I have been very active this rev, but I do understand if the time that has passed since then is not enough to evaluate my behavior. Thank you for reading! -ieuweh
  10. Revision 21: Mid-Revision Feedback Topic

    Expectations 1. Knowing the rough duration in advance helps me manage my expectations and ambitions for my personal and community projects. 2. Yes! Learning about upcoming events was one of the many things that has been keeping me engaged this revision. 3a. I just want to scream 'bravo' because you all are doing amazing work! All the creativity and technical expertise poured into this server by the staff is what makes it so great, and it is really welcoming to see our feedback and ideas being considered in the development of each rev to grow along that vision. Additional Thoughts: I just want to add that this is the first revision in which I was able to experience almost the full extent of it. I have joined two previous revs almost two years ago for short periods of time, but I am not going to be able to compare this revision to the previous ones since back then it was difficult for me to understand, navigate the map or even be an active participant in the community due to my poor english. Map Size 1. & 2. I don't have many comments about the map size since I don't have many references, but this map size seemed good to me. It was easy to travel around once I got a horse, the portals are great shortcuts and the rails have been very useful to me. I also felt that even if the people were quite far, they were still willing to help and provide tools or materials to those in need and participate in each other's events. I am really curious to try a smaller map though, mostly because my lack of experience leads me to wonder what would change with it, so take my comments with a grain of salt. Biomes 1. I love the custom biomes! The extra structures are also very fun to explore. 2. I think there was a good balance achieved. Ore Distribution 1. Good! I remember spending the first weeks just mining and mining and mining... Not because I was that desperate, but because it was really rewarding. All the ores, the extra sand and extra glowstone, the golem souls... 2. I felt gold was very difficult to find, or maybe I was just unlucky! 3. Nop! 4. Yes! Not only it would make travelling as a solo player more interesting, but I can imagine it sparking even more ideas for themed towns or similar community builds. Nether Portals 1. Perfect coverage! 2. To be reduced, at least one near each corner and the center. Nether 1. I liked it a lot. It took me a couple days to learn how to navigate both levels, but I enjoyed the feeling of aliveness embedded to it, if I can make sense, like the nether was a world with as much history as the overworld instead of just being a desert land mined for resources only. 2a. The nether spawn was essential for me to learn how to differentiate and navigate between the two levels. 2b. The station and the rail itself was very useful to me as a customer (:P), but since I am not involved with building rails, at least not for now, I don't know how essential it is to have it pre-build at the nether spawn. End 1. I haven't explored the end much yet. 2. I fought the dragon for the first time ever this rev! I had someone guiding me through the fight and that made the experience less frightening to me (I was pretty scared!), but I can see how the fight itself can be monotonous for more experienced players, especially when the dragon gets stuck in the portal and you just have to hit it. I am open to a non-vanilla dragon! Mapworld 1. I haven't experienced this particular feature since I didn't participate last revision, but it sounds great! I do have some questions though and I am not sure if this is the right place to ask them: do all the maps get carried over or only the ones we want to carry over do? 2. I am pretty content with what the mapworld allow us to do right now, I like to feel that I worked a bit to create my maps even though it is already on creative and my maps are quite simple, but if other players would find worldedit useful I am open to it too. Additional Thoughts: Can I say that I LOVE the mapworld? I discovered it this rev and I am completely obsessed with creating little pixel art paintings with it! Spawn 1a. Your current aims are my expectations! 2. This spawn is so appetizing that I have come back to it many times just to explore around. I am also in no rush to find all the secrets immediately because I have been enjoying it a lot to just stumble on them! Is the evil bunny cave an easter egg? I had a good chuckle when I fell into that one with my horse :) 3. A town/castle made by giants in the mountains where we are the little people. Or a giant vegetable garden... mmh... did you notice a theme here? 4. My answer to this one is the same as the nether rail station one! Features Iron Golem Spawners 1a. & 1b. I don't have something to add since I haven't tried to build an iron golem spawner. 1c. I really like the current uses for the golem souls, but I don't have further suggestions yet. Custom Spawners 1. I like how the spawners in the nether encouraged me to explore the nether a lot more than if they were created in the overworld. Taking them out would rob the nether of some of the most unique things it has. I do understand how afking at these spawners can negatively affect people hunting for loot of specifics mobs in other areas though, and to me this seems like a difficult balance to achieve. 2. I don't know what other kind of spawners would be helpful. The current ones are great and the squid one was particularly useful to me. 3. I would like to see all of them again next rev! 4. I am not familiar with guardian grinders aside from using the ones other players' build, I am afraid I can't contribute with anything valuable to this particular question. Community Blog Posts 1. & 2. No suggestions but: Additional Thoughts: I love blog posts... I always did! As a player that is only now trying to get more involved with the community, they were a good introduction for me to learn more about the server, what has happened and what is being planned for the future. Keep them coming! The facts, interviews and community sections are particularly enjoyable to read. Events 1. Incredibly engaging, fun, challenging, and an awesome way to explore the map. 2. Any of the ideas you guys are currently brewing in there! 3. No! I want all the events! All of them! 4a. The prizes have been more than I could have imagined so far, from the cosmetics to the armor, tools, weapons, books and spawn eggs, I have treasured all of them! I don't know if this is the right place to share it, but when the christmas event begun and people started to find the maps I created for the event, I received some of the most lovely and encouraging messages (thank you! <3). The players that wrote me seemed very pleased with the custom maps as souvenirs and prizes, and even those that usually do not like custom maps because of their over-detailed nature, they enjoyed these for being more simple. I know a map was used for the Prophecy, but maybe maps could be used as prizes too? Or a picture you have to complete and you get a piece every time you finish a quest? If there's a need for more hands I would be more than happy to help create them, even though I don't know how feasible it is in practical terms or how it would affect the server. Plugins TrainCarts 1. & 2. & 3. I am not familiar with this plugin even though I use the rails constantly! From what I can experience, it works wonderfully and I would keep it. Other Plugins 1. & 2. I can't pinpoint particular plugins since I am still learning a lot, but the plugins, alongside the community, maps and events, are a very important part of my experience on this server! I don't have any suggestions. Closing Thoughts Thank you so much for creating and keeping alive this amazing server!