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    Revision 22: Changelog

    22nd of July Admin Hunt Wrap-up! https://goo.gl/ar6Y9J
  2. Thank you @Jem. You have been unbanned!
  3. Hi jembun! Thank you for appealing your ban. You were banned for griefing other players' builds, farms and gardens. Despite being warned several times last week and being talked through the necessary steps you need to take to avoid being banned (for example, how not replanting public farms is considered grief), that didn't seem to be enough to discourage you from this behavior. I have taken a small sample of your last destructive edits over the past 2 days. In these screenshots, all the highlighted areas are builds, gardens and public farms that you destroyed or edited without the owner's consent: Any player built structure, no matter how developed or big, should be respected and not doing so is considered grief. Protecting these structures is a preventative measure some players take to avoid being targeted, but it doesn't mean that builds that are kept public are free to take without replanting, or edit without the owner's consent. Please, make sure you read the rules of the server. Once you have done so, and after you have let me know in this thread that you understand them, I will unban you.
  4. This Saturday, 21st of July, at 6:20pm EST, we will all embark on an archaeology trip to hunt for treasures! [Time converter here!] What is an Admin Hunt? Admins from across the servers will disguise themselves as blocks, items or entities and hide at a themed arena built for this event! It will be your task to help the archaeology team to find them and “dig” them out of their disguise (aka kill them!!!) to obtain the treasures (aka admin drops!). The event will last about 45 minutes. How do I participate? You can warp directly to the event hub by using the command /spawnme, or: 1) Head to spawn, at /place A_Guild 2) Go through the portal as shown here. Once at the event hub, empty your inventory in the green area, and punch the warp sign at the purple area! This will teleport you to the Admin Hunt arena. What are the treasures? Upon death, admins will drop a shulker box containing their skull, an admin hunt token and a cosmetic item with lore of the server’s past attached to it. There will be 10 admin hunt tokens hidden in various chests around the map too! You can later trade these at the event hub for special souvenirs, fragments of amber and saddles. The artifacts we will discover during this expedition! For the price of 1 Admin Hunt Token you can get: - 16x Fragments of Amber - 1x Bat Saddle - 1x Old Bronze Chalice [custom skull] For the price of 2x Admin Hunt Tokens you can get: - 32x Fragments of Amber - 1x Vex Saddle - 1x T-Rex Skull [custom skull] For the price of 3x Admin Hunt Tokens you can get: - 64x Fragments of Amber - 1x Elder Guardian Saddle - 1x Moai Head [custom skull] We hope to see you there!
  5. How often would everyone like to see PvP events on PvE? @tobylane I haven't been around the servers for long enough to know for sure, but at least recently, there hasn't been a town that successfully became a PvP town, either for lack of space or players and motivation :c
  6. Sadly I wasn't present to witness rev's 20 rail and roads development, so I was careful to not comment about that in my response, but I used the data available in deadmap as a tool to compare the infrastructure development between this revision and the last one. The number of lines between settlements and density doesn't seem to be noticeably better, at least not on par with what was expected after implementing a delay in obtaining elytra. But I think we are very close to reach a healthy resolution and we have definitely found, as you point out, some very good tweaks to boost rail production. Thank you so much Herr_Fawkes! The server doesn't run without us all, including you and the entire community, and we truly appreciate and welcome your feedback on how things could become better for everyone.
  7. @I_c_e_ Tulio disapproves the bacon eating but I will not tell him nor tict0c :0 is a sekrit between us...
  8. @robr!! I agree, it would have been nice to have more artifacts from older revisions at spawn. I'm sure there are a million great memories we could include from so many revisions that have gone before! Moderators added things that were special to them, but not all our longstanding team members managed to find time to add something - though I did try my best to represent historical areas by looking through the wiki and exploring a lot of old maps! No building can hold all the wonderful times we have all had on P, but I think that in the end we got a lovely reflection of lots of different areas of the server and it turned out very well. If we do something like this again, we will definitely continue to advertise when staff members can help with spawn building, so you don't miss out! There was some experimentation around the rules at Spawn, but many seem to agree that the usual board with signs works the best. Oh no! How were you mining for quartz? I could find plenty of it by branch mining underground and inside the Didy-tentacles :3 You are not alone inquiring about iron grinders! More people have brought up the wish to be able to upgrade one spawner alone, and this is something that we will discuss once the preparation for the next revision starts! We appreciate your detailed suggestions specifically related to the dragon fight and elytra. These are area which we plan to improve upon for Revision 23. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!
  9. @Ruthlessssss! Thank you for pointing out the lack of refreshments and hot beverages in Map World. I have noticed the same thing! Now that I think of it, also cobwebs… as the Map World Official Ambassador (shhhh) we will review the available blocks and commands for next revision for sure! (please?) As for the dragon fight, we will continue to review its mechanics to hopefully improve the experience for everyone, be it for selfish reasons or not ;)
  10. Hey @SilentRecon! Thank you for adding more thoughts to the nether discussion! During last Revision’s Mid-Rev Feedback, the overwhelming majority wanted, or was in favor of, a player built Nether Spawn, which is what was implemented for this revision. Right now, it is as safe as players make it out to be, but we have noticed that the lack of planning or having someone taking the lead has resulted in the issues you have experienced. If anyone wants to take this task upon themselves, such as adding stables and cauldrons for the horses, improving the custom mob displays (might be necessary to request help from the Padmins to move them to a better gallery), and so forth, feel free to do so! As for improving the custom mobs themselves, if after reviewing all the feedback we conclude that they are a welcome non-vanilla addition to the server, we will consider making some changes to improve the experience both for older and newer players :)
  11. Hi @teli_pinkerton! This revision we have started to diversify the ways people can obtain the Fragments of Amber required to trade for an elytra, from mining to participating in various events, to hopefully appeal to different players, but the dragon fight itself seems to be an important component in the recipe which we intend to keep. It is encouraging to hear that you found the custom fight balanced. We will continue to carefully review all the feedback to narrow down any kind of improvements it might need for next Revision. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about it with us!
  12. Haha, don’t worry @PPGOME! I know that slip came from a place of profound excitement for the new Revision. Thank you for getting back to us! We will have to experiment with the phantom membranes and mending before we reach a conclusion.
  13. Hey @torteela! Thank you for expanding on your concerns about the dragon fight! Alongside the nether custom mobs, it seems to be one of the features that could have some *takes scissors from pocket* snips snips polishing here and there! I agree that diamonds have lost their original value since the introduction of mending, but there are a lot of players that seem to enjoy using them to obtain player skulls for decoration instead, so we might have a fun use for them after all. I found your idea interesting though, and now that the phantom membrane is going to be introduced with the new update, we will definitely have to review how it affects elytra for the next Revision. Off the record: Please, teach me your mending tricks! I am mining a 3x5 tunnel from -3000 to 3000 (x) and I have had to go repair 5 diamond pickaxes with unbreaking III and mending and I am not even halfway through my tunnel yet.
  14. Hey @Herr_Fawkes! I am personally a big fan of embassies, and I agree it would be an approachable way to introduce new players to the server’s current towns! We will have to see how these ideas could fit within our plans for next Revision… lots of fun food for thought for sure, thank you! We really appreciate your encouraging words about custom mobs and drops, I am happy you have been enjoying the experience so far! Other players have suggested improvements for next rev, which might end up fulfilling your wishes or not… who knows! We will review your ideas carefully too. Regarding Elytra, we have learnt a lot from the changes that have been implemented this Revision, both from people unhappy and happy with them. Interestingly though, there hasn’t been a noticeable increase in overall ground infrastructures such as roads and rails since last Revision, despite the delay and the increase in difficulty in obtaining elytra. It only seems to have made the task more tiresome and frustrating to some of our most productive road and rail builders that consider it an essential tool to cover distances now that the map is considerably larger than before. Your interest in a smaller map seems to echo many others, and it does sound appetizing, but we will consider all the pros and cons during our rev preparation meetings before we make a final decision about it.
  15. Nice! :D I will be looking forward to it!
  16. So cool! When and where was this organized? I would have liked to participate if I had known in time. For next time it would be nice to have it announced here, in the subreddit and/or discord to give a chance to others to join. I couldn't make it to Holli's since I fell asleep :(
  17. @ttsci! I just want to let you know that we are discussing the questions you raised atm! Forwarding you a telegram: "WILL SEND UPDATE WHEN CONCLUDED -(STOP)- PADMINS"
  18. Hey everyone! Stretching the definition of the PvE server to embrace the PvP spirit would require the transformation of the server’s brand entirely, and whilst we sympathize with those who wish to create a thriving PvP community, we must be sure to weight heavily the risk of losing a good chunk of the PvE community in the process. As many of you have mentioned though, players interested in a richer PvP experience don’t have a home on nerd.nu right now, and while the possibility to reorganize and ask the Head admins for the resurrection of the survival server is still there and always will be (and we encourage you to do so!), we recognize it is a task easier to talk about than to make happen, so we have been discussing what could work for us, the community, within the limits of a PvE server. Here are the suggestions posted so far in this thread, and the responses of the PAdmin team after discussion: 1. Increase the size of the PvP arenas. Moving forward, the PvP arena size limit will be reviewed in relation to the map size (bigger maps, like the current one, can accommodate bigger arenas instead of being limited to an area of 100x100 blocks). Understandably, this review will take place leading up to each respective reset which we’re currently seeking feedback for! 2. PvP towns. PvP towns have been built in the past and can still be built by following the same rules as arenas, allowing players to surprise each other or attack their neighboring PvP towns without the need to plan a match. 3. More promotion of PvP arenas and events. Thanks to many players’ support and hard work (particularly from the FST and Pumpkinopolis this revision - thank you guys!), efforts to regularly schedule and promote PvP events have been made! A generous amount of people have attended (including a very gracious ghast), the arena traps have performed beautifully (thank you Makau!) and the fights have been thrilling. We are happy to help players promote their PvP events in the same way as we do other events - with livemap icons, alerts, announcements and so on - see here for details. 4. Player head drops and recognition. Even though these are not official trophies obtained through plugins or admin magic, participants are recognized and champions celebrated in the PvP events mentioned above by rewarding them with the defeated player head as a trophy (obtained through doppels after battle, very macabre, I know!) and keeping a hall of fame updated. We like to see organisers offering their own rewards when running events, and don’t wish to step on toes in that regard. Should a PAdmin run PvP event occur at any point, we will be sure to give due recognition to victors, as we would other event types. 5. Create a separate world. This is not a suggestion that we will be pursuing now, but a similar idea could be to create a PvP town where the ultimate sin is welcome, sort of like Pariah town in Westworld… There would be a need for players to maintain and keep such a place alive, anyone interested in this kind of project? It is also worth mentioning that the Creative server allows players to create PvP regions with no restrictions in size. The only requirement is to have the area fully enclosed to prevent people from accidentally flying into them and being put in survival mode. And finally, the Head admins have put up the 1.13-pre2 (the latest release) on event.nerd.nu, where PvP is enabled! Go hunt some people sea creatures while you can!
  19. ieuweh

    Revision 22: Changelog

    4th June We have released three new Map World areas, increasing the number of free plots from 34 to 514 https://goo.gl/7i96Ba The server's render distance has been increased to 6 chunks.
  20. Ded. I haven't seen the movie so I guess this is karma.
  21. ieuweh

    Revision 22: Changelog

    21st May We have dusted off some more decorative heads for the Archaeologists' Guild. *Edit: Forgot the link.
  22. ieuweh

    Revision 22: Changelog

    11th May We have announced the winners of the Archaeologists' Guild: Poetry Competition: https://goo.gl/y4gTYP
  23. After several hours of sharing notes and votes with the Head Researcher of the Archaeologists’s Guild, we are very happy to announce the winners of the Poetry Competitiont! The winners of the contest are as follows: In 3rd Place: schererererer, with ‘Sonet 1962’. Long years ago a frigid conflict burst Across the coupled cities’ palisade; Through clashing creed Was swollen their bloodthirst, Yet open warfare was by craft delayed. ‘Twixt Brom and Argoth rivalry did grow, With military assets fortified. Until at last the missiles fell as snow, And all the folk of Brom and Argoth died. But wait, some life yet stirs beneath the ash! One deep and hardened bunker hosts a guest; An Argoth mayor rises from his cache; In spite of carnage, hope stirs in his chest. And though he stays a mayor, through and through, The mayor now is a defector too. In 2nd Place: PPGOME, with ‘Rev 21 Memories’. All of the player rush to get melons Barlimore and his fellow PAdmins watching Claims are going up all over the map Death by mob after mob due to the lag Everybody is beginning to settle in Finally, portal 1 has been found Griefers who came through Tabula Happy times building with my new friends I never expected to build the Olympics! Jingle bells, jingle bells! Christmas town is finally here! Keeping this memories forever in my heart Laughter when we realize the entire Olympic arena is off by one block My treasured memories. In 1st Place: buzzie71, with ‘Of The Ocean’. I am of the ocean, a realm of little commotion. Here I live out in the sea, and dream of what could be. Here sits my domes and tunnels of stone, complexes sprawled out in zones, above a yacht of diorite floats, among a city of island rose. Yet the ocean is kind in its emptiness, its blank canvas still there in silence. And before the water teems with dolphins and drowneds, I will be here to build on my home grounds. I am of the ocean, a realm of little commotion. Here I live out in the sea, and dream, perhaps, of 1.13. A big round of applause to everyone! From thrilling to sad, from humble to epic, we are very thankful we were able to glimpse a slice of your experience in this server through your poems! All qualifying participants can now pick up their prize at spawn, there will be a chest with your name in the Archaeologists’ Guild library (/place Poetry).
  24. ieuweh

    Revision 22: Changelog

    6th May New items have been added to the traders at the Archaeologist's Guild: https://goo.gl/XLp8Rz We have released the clues for the last Nether Portal: https://goo.gl/zsoEy6
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