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  1. The Spawn Building ***Spawn was much easier to navigate than last rev (especially the portal), and the player made areas were fun to explore The Overworld Map A little too large, but it doesn't worry me. I am happy with any size. I'd much rather vanilla terrain with 1.13 features, rather than custom terrain with none of the 1.13 features. Having played quite a few hours on the snapshot and pre-release, I'd consider skipping the next rev if 1.13 features were absent. ***Ore distribution seems fine to me, the dramatic changes in the way diamonds were distributed was a shock at first, but they were incredibly easy to find last rev. Not complaining about that at all though :P The Nether Map I preferred last rev's nether (split into two) but I love both of them, especially the biomes. They make it less of an eye sore that it is. 1.13 nether is awful with a lot of dangerous ravines and lots of lavafalls. It's hard enough as it is. No vanilla nether please. Loved the quartz in the tentancles. Custom mobs-they've made it more of an adventure and the increase in wither skeles has made it easier to get beacons. Definitely not a bad thing, gives more incentive to visit the beautiul nether! The End I consider the vanilla dragon fight hard, and this custom rev's fight boring, easy and tedious. The EoF issues at the start put me off attempting the fight. Mapworld Yes, it's silly to expect people to spend over an hour hand placing blocks for something so small. Even though it is far from vanilla using WE, so is mapworld in the first place. Plus it makes Ieuweh's job easier. Older maps are great, a lot of work was put into them, and they become sentimental. Portals As fun as it is to hunt for portals given clues, it's a pain when most have already settled onto a designated site and are not close to the portal they have found, or being far south in mountainous terrain and not having a close portal until 5 weeks in. Definitely would not like to see this again. Only other alternate idea I can think of is having some kind of competition (much like the maze) where one has to obtain enough of something in which they cash in their prize (a portal). Bonus points if team work is required. That may also help with the claim and ditch some people do with spawners/portals IMO, the more portals the better. Playing vanilla recently, the nether travel is the best way to get around. Iron Golem Spawners ***Golem costs were fine and the way it works doesn't concern me. Although I didn't need one, Straya did it for fun and had no issues with costs. It's very overpowered but a lot of hard work went to get to that level. Custom Spawners Custom spawners are great. If spawners in the nether affect spawn rates, then I don't see a problem with them being in the overworld (assuming it's possible on a technical end) Creeper grinder is most useful for the crafting of rockets, and squid grinder is useful Custom Drops from Ore (Fossils and Rares) I think custom drops are a great idea and should be utilized to reward players with non vanilla items, such as the disguise saddles and the custom heads. Drop rates were fine. Fossil and amber trades were a good addition, would love to see more offered. Custom Saddles Have you enjoyed the custom horse saddles available to trade this revision? Yes Would you like to see them return for next revision? Yes If so, do you prefer them as trade items, prizes, or some mixture of both? Both Elytra Definitely able to obtain early on. Even though I don't use them that much, most players seem to want them without time restrictions Personally I've tried to create more roads this rev, but I'm unsure if others are the same. They can be quite time consuming. Having prebuilt roads in the map is always a possibility, having them simple and easily changed to customise, and it may encourage people to build close to them, or connect up to them if they are already set out on the map A smaller map may encourage more roads and tracks. Current revs size is quite large and everyone is spread out and takes more time and supplies Events Events are always great. All in all, I'd suggest listening to the server has a whole (if possible) rather than the vocal minority, especially when it comes to large gameplay changes. It's impossible to please everyone, but you can't read the minds of the players. With small changes, it's easy to modify or reverse if most are unhappy, but with large changes without notice it's easy to lose regulars whilst trying to cater to new players. Don't be afraid to add in small changes, especially ones that don't affect gameplay. ***indicates edits
  2. https://imgur.com/VJIEPuC White gurl filter is necessary.
  3. You came to the wrong neighbourhood, motherfucker
  4. I laugh nervously, "pardon me?"
  5. Make a story, one post at a time, using only 5 words per post. You cannot post back to back and don't go over the 5 word limit. THEME: A lone Nitwit catches your eye as they frantically pace the room you have made for them. You cautiously approach them, and when you get in ear's length they pull you close and whisper: *YOUR TURN*
  6. Points for anyone who knows who this is
  7. Let's get some more posts up in here!
  8. Was gonna rate him 10/10 anyways!
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