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  1. PvE End of Rev Apocalypse!

    Let's see, where's the nearest town? And I might need to take a trip to the creeper grinder... >:D
  2. [GAME] Make-A-Story

    I broke a hole to
  3. [GAME] Make-A-Story

    barn, and i broke a
  4. [GAME] Make-A-Story

    It was a levitation bottle
  5. [GAME] Make-A-Story

    And he kills the Nitwit
  6. [GAME] Make-A-Story

    Quickly, I pull out a
  7. [Forum Game] Word Associaton

    South America
  8. [Forum Game] Word Associaton

  9. YES!! Keep the current off-hand functionality for Nerd! If you changed to 1.14 functions, then mining would be slower, as we would have to switch to torches from a pick EVERY TIME we wanted to light up a tunnel!! People could also die from lava flows if they couldn't access a block in time because they couldn't place blocks in their off-hand! Placing blocks in the off-hand is also a great building technique for floors (replacing blocks)! I want the 1.14 just without the off-hand change. Maybe you guys could find/make a plugin that keeps the old off-handing!
  10. PVE connection issues

    yes, thanks! hopefully they'll fix it... I really want to work on my current build.
  11. PVE connection issues

    My internet is very good. Nobody else aside from my brother on a page, just text, is using the internet. I start up MC, go onto nerd pve normally, join, then nearly INSTANTLY get moved to the lobby. Nobody else is there, I cannot use any of the objects in my inventory, and it happens every single time i join successfully. Any suggestions?
  12. Elytra Rebalancing

    well, at least I suck at killing dragons. If you changed the dragon head drop rate and changed the drop rates on the essence, then it would make it harder. You could also change/add a component to the recipe.
  13. Elytra Rebalancing

    look, maybe don't make elytras nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get, just make, say, the essence of flight harder to get. Currently, the Essence is from natural spawning hostile mobs and naturally flying mobs. If you changed it just to flying mobs, that would make it way harder, as only vexes, withers, dragons, blazes, and ghasts fly, and 3 of those are hard to find/beat.