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  1. Hi ybtuncerq, You were banned for widespread minor grief. As this ban is quite old I have gone ahead and unbanned you now. Please be sure to read and understand our rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/. Note that editing other players' builds, not replanting crops in others' farms, and not leaving breeding pairs of farm animals when culling are all forms of grief that may have contributed to the previous ban. Welcome back, and hope to see you on the server! Thanks -pez
  2. Hi __V4GU3__, On Feb 22, 2020 you were warned for racism on PvE. On Dec 30, 2021 you were warned again for racism and homophobia on PvE. You were also warned multiple times for grief on PvE. Eventually you were banned. Here is your previous ban appeal: A sample of messages leading to your warnings/ban 2020-02-21-1.log.gz:[21:18:58] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <Real_Spook> well arent you just a nigger 2021-12-29-1.log.gz:[19:07:27] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <__V4GU3__> unless your a fag 2021-12-29-1.log.gz:[19:07:38] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <__V4GU3__> hail hitler 2021-12-29-1.log.gz:[19:07:54] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <__V4GU3__> nazism is the correct path for america You stated in your previous appeal that you were not in control of your account at the time, but a repeat of the same behavior nearly two years later implies that you had been in control of the account the whole time, and that your behavior had not changed. Now, about a year and a half later, please give me some more information on why should I expect a change in your behavior. Thanks -pez
  3. Hello all, Recently there was a discussion about about a player with IRL issues with child pornography. Though there was no accusation of inappropriate behavior on the server, we decided that it was necessary to issue a ban across nerd platforms. While we think the risk of harm was low, if an on-server issue did arise it would have caused more harm to the community to not be proactive. We also determined we needed a consistent policy for taking action in the future. A few players expressed, in #pve discord channel, their concern that this ban took too long to enact and wanted to see clear action in the future. We believe that this policy will enable faster action in the future. To that end, the following two statements have been drafted to be included in the general "All Service" Nerd.Nu rules. As with all rules these will need to be evaluated and handled on a case-by-case basis, but having a policy in place should allow for quick and consistent enforcement. Please review and provide feedback and/or suggested edits. Thanks -pez Outside Conduct Policy We do not want to police people's lives and actions outside the server, but some outside issues can spill over into the community and have high enough potential to cause irreparable harm to our player base and community. This written policy is needed to mitigate that risk. Anyone found to have a conviction for, admission of, or credible evidence of having committed the following will be banned from all Nerd.Nu platforms: Financial, physical, sexual, or other types of abuse of children, dependent adults, or elders. This list is modeled after real world mandatory-reporting requirements. Any crime where a conviction results in a restriction on a person's participation in public spaces, or requires notification of proximity/participation, in all applicable jurisdictions. Violations of other Nerd.Nu rules directed towards Nerd.Nu players such as doxxing, harassment, racism, etc. Why this policy is needed Nerd.Nu staff has historically avoided bans for outside conduct, but as people's online lives and offline lives become more and more intertwined we feel that the risk to the Nerd.Nu community of inappropriate real-world actions by community members has increased. It is no longer possible to completely separate online/offline personas. Knowledge of any of these real-world concerns and failure to act by Nerd.Nu staff may be construed by those unfamiliar with our existing rules as tacit approval of their actions and result in damage to the community.
  4. Closing this appeal and handling in this (https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/7137-keithsguest-pez252/ ) thread as requested. Thanks -pez
  5. Hi Keith, I believe you were in full control of both accounts for the following reasons: Your two accounts were logged in from the same IP. You continued the same topic in chat as your main and alt: 2023-01-03 18:49:54 [INFO] [Not Secure] <KeithsGuest> but ive been mining here for the last day 2023-01-03 18:49:57 [INFO] [Not Secure] <KeithsGuest> all that stuff is gone 2023-01-03 18:50:03 [INFO] [Not Secure] <KeithsGuest> same with all the $quid ive been farming 2023-01-03 18:50:11 [INFO] [Not Secure] <KeithsGuest> so i just lost 4-5 stacks of $quid aswell 2023-01-03 19:15:28 [INFO] [Not Secure] <Triplypiply> bruh i lost all my stuff on my main account 2023-01-03 19:15:40 [INFO] [Not Secure] <Triplypiply> it despawned 2023-01-03 19:15:45 [INFO] [Not Secure] <Triplypiply> i had full netherite gear on me 2023-01-03 19:15:52 [INFO] [Not Secure] <Triplypiply> yeah 2023-01-03 19:15:58 [INFO] [Not Secure] <Triplypiply> so im boutta go mining for 8 hours 2023-01-03 19:16:22 [INFO] [Not Secure] <Triplypiply> naw i want full netherite for my main You and your alt never moved at the same time when handing gear off to each other until you enabled the mining bot on the alt. Also, you xrayed on both accounts. Your tunnels from ancient debris to ancient debris at y100+ on your main were particularly blatant. Thanks -pez
  6. Hi Max, I've replied on the other thread and will go ahead and close this one now. Thanks for the confirmation you've read and understood the rules. Thanks -pez
  7. Hi Max, Zedazex is currently inactive so I will handle this appeal. Details of the ban follow: Banned By Reason Time Banned Server zedadex Multiple grief events nerd.nu/appeal 1 year, 2 months ago c.nerd.nu Given the age I don't have documentation showing exactly what happened. I have unbanned your account. Please be sure to review the rules and let us know if you have any questions. Welcome back -pez
  8. Hi PlaceRebuilder, 1 week and 4 days ago you were banned for spam as you noted. I would have unbanned you during this appeal if not for the issues that have come up on your alt. These issues will be detailed further in the other thread. Thanks -pez
  9. Hi FroostySnoowman, You were banned June of 2013. Below is the text of that ban: Banned By Reason Time Banned Server trevorman Continued riefing on S despite warnings nerd.nu/appeal 8 years, 2 months ago c.nerd.nu The banning moderator is no longer on staff so I will handle this appeal. Given the age of the ban I'm going to go ahead and unban you now. Please be sure to read the rules when you join the server (also at https://nerd.nu/rules/). Welcome back. Thanks -pez
  10. Hi themoonbuilder, Thank you for the appeal, for rereading the rules, and for confirming that you follow the rules going forward. Below are the text of the note and eventual ban: Note #46708: c.nerd.nu (robr) [warned for grief/pet murder pve26] 2021-05-26T23:05:39.027 Ban #1: c.nerd.nu (pez252) [Spamming chat and modreqs on PvE nerd.nu/appeal] 2021-05-27T00:52:23.317 You have been unbanned. Welcome back and be sure to ask a moderator if you are unsure of any rule. Thanks -pez
  11. Glad it's fixed! Bot's unbanned. -pez
  12. pez252

    mods are toxic

    Hi H3NTAIIIIIII, Please address this issue in your ban appeal ( https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/6231-h3ntaiiiiiii-nastyhabits/ ) rather than starting a new topic. Thanks -pez
  13. This appeal has been locked. The racist and homophobic comments above have been edited. Please continue the appeal in Thanks -pez
  14. H3NTAIIIIIII, Please be respectful of your fellow players. We are all volunteering our time to keep the community running. Respond as requested in Nasty's comment above if you would like to continue this ban appeal. One week is being added to the ban time determined by Nasty for the racism and homophobia in your other appeal ( https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/6246-unban-me-assholes/ ). I have locked that thread. Thanks -pez
  15. Hi themoonbuilder, Thank you for being up front about what you did, and the apology. We don't want a hostile environment for our players or our staff, so we ask that everyone be respectful of those around them. Please confirm you've re-read and understand the rules ( nerd.nu/rules ) and you will be unbanned. Thanks -pez
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