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  1. pez252

    Staff Inactivity Notices

    I will be away from April 3rd through April 17th.
  2. pez252

    Staff Inactivity Notices

    I'll be traveling a couple times from now through December 5th. Will have intermittent access to the internet.
  3. pez252

    Question Regarding Old Posts

    I'm not aware of people going through old threads and deleting/hiding posts but would like to look into it. Do you have a specific thread you'd like me to look into? Hidden posts (the most common moderation action) are hidden from everyone except moderators. Right after the "Posted [DATE]" at the top of a post it will display which moderator hid it, when, and the reason entered. Deleted comments are listed in the "Moderation history" of a thread but their contents is no longer available as far as I am aware. Unfortunately you are not prompted to record a reason for deleting a comment. Moderators are not able to delete posts, only admins have that access.
  4. pez252

    Abitcat [torteela]

    This was completed before a reply here. Welcome back.
  5. pez252

    Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Current Chaos server given "end date". Server will remain online until C and P are both on 1.13. If plugins exist to support an independent creative world before C has updated, one will be created.
  6. pez252

    jerryhall [pez252]

    Hi jerryhall, Thank you for acknowledging your mistake. It has been quite some time since you were banned so I will go ahead and unban you now. In addition to knowing that you should not grief, it is worth reviewing the rules (nerd.nu/rules) to avoid any future issues. See you on the server! -pez
  7. pez252

    Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    The Spawn Building As requested, we ensured that the spawn building was solely designed and decorated by our own team this revision. Did you enjoy the resulting effort? Yup! Do you feel the spawn building was well laid out, with clear exits? Yes. You could close your eyes and make it out of spawn. Can't get easier than that to get out of. After our early revision feedback topic, we made a few amendments to the spawn and surrounding areas, such as changing to a central portal build, removing some of the hindering barrier blocks in the gardens, and adding more signage. Do you feel these changes were beneficial? Central nether portal was the most impactful change. It was helpful. Are there any things you would like to see done differently at Spawn in Revision 23? Not that I can think of. The Overworld Map How do you feel about the current overworld map size? Too small, too large, just right? I am happy with it. I like a larger map as it gives more options for environments to build in. Given that next revision is likely to move to 1.13, we’re expecting that our current terrain generator will not be updated in time. How do you feel about a return to a vanilla map for the upcoming revision, in order to fully experience 1.13 map features? Vanilla terrain is very lacking, but without an updated BB it could be a ton of work for a full custom overworld. After playing on chaos, I forget the kelp and sea grass even exist unless I am on the ocean. It adds some nice atmosphere to rivers/ocean but it's not world changing. If there is an option to use 1.12 BB and then just sprinkle kelp/seagrass across the world that would be great. Maybe an MCedit filter if it exists or could be created? Were any biomes lacking or too abundant this revision? None that I can think of. Any comments on resources and/or ore distribution? None from me, though I heard people asking for more diamond. I have no objections as diamond doesn't really change the gameplay past the first week. The Nether Map How have you found the Nether this revision? Nether looks amazing. Would you like to see a custom or vanilla Nether map for next revision? Custom would be great. Any particular features of past or present Nether maps that you would like to see again? Wither skellie spawning everywhere helps to make up for the terrible mob spawn rates when more than 1 player is in the nether. I would welcome its return. Any comments on resources and/or quartz distribution? Seemed about right. Have the new Nether mobs been a good or a bad addition in your opinion? They don't change the experience in the nether (besides the silver fish), and are all just another target to kill. Ether way is fine by me. The End Feedback from Revision 21 suggested we should try making the Ender Dragon fight more difficult. How do you feel this has worked in Revision 22? Would you like to see a return to the regular dragon fight, or a different custom battle in Revision 23? Either way is fine by me, but I think I enjoy mob fights more than the average person. Have you experienced any issues with The End this revision that you’d like to make known for Revision 23? Nope. Mapworld Last revision, we were asked to implement WorldEdit to assist people in Mapworld. Do you feel this has been useful in Revision 22, and would you like to see it continue? Yes Are there any WorldEdit commands that you feel would be useful and are lacking in the current Mapworld set? No We were also asked to bring back any older maps created in Revisions 17-19 that were available, and have recently achieved this with the help of Tech Admins. Do you feel this has been a beneficial addition to the server? YES. The maps being lost every rev is sad, but understandable as everything on P is typically lost. I was not a fan of keeping some and not others. Keeping them all is nice. They take a ton of work and are a small decorative item that has no impact on gameplay. I am in favor of keeping them. Portals This revision we launched with 6 portals available to find, and 6 more released over the course of a number of weeks. Do you prefer this method, or would you like to see a return to launching all portals at rev start? I like all portals at rev start, but understand why people may want them as the rev progresses. My issue with slowly introducing them is that after the first few days most people have selected a location to build. Unless you're willing to pickup and move everything there is not much point to hunting for portals. If players could move the later ones anywhere on the map I'd have hunted for them. Do you have any completely different methods you’d like to see enacted in regards to portals? None that I can currently think of. How do you feel about the amount, and distribution, of portals this revision? The initial distribution felt very unbalanced. As things went on they felt more balanced. Iron Golem Spawners How were the costs this revision? Fine In the present system, players work through tiered levels of spawners, to gradually increase their iron production over time. Do you think this works well, or would you prefer a different system (such as fixing the spawners at one level). I think leveling them is fine. It replicates vanilla iron grinders except that vanilla grinders get you the same amount of additional iron per unit of effort whereas spawner levels costs increase. Did you find the rewritten instructions in the PvE Information Guide easier to follow and understand? No complaints about instructions. Custom Spawners How do you feel about the inclusion of custom spawners in the map? Would you prefer to have, or not have them? I see custom spawners as a way to provide useful resources that otherwise would be quite rare in a larger multiplayer server. In smaller environments there are vanilla grinders that produce these unique resources far faster than the spawners on PvE provide them. I think the spawners should remain as a way to make up for the limitations of multiplayer mob spawning. Early revision feedback suggested that custom spawners in the nether were not a good idea, due to an observed local effect on spawn rates. Would you prefer custom spawners in various worlds, or do you think they should be confined to the overworld? I think spawners should be confined to the overworld. I do think that the claim signs could be spread across worlds. Making people explore the nether to find a zig spawner sign makes sense and gets people out and exploring. Active players moving through the world don't have as strong an effect on mob spawning as AFK players do. Which custom spawners do you think are particularly useful in a multiplayer setting, if any? Creeper and slime mostly. Zig and ghast are OK, but not as critical as gold can be had in mesa/desert biomes and ghast tears are not typically needed in large quantities. Custom Drops from Ore (Fossils and Rares) Do you think these custom drops have been a positive addition to the overall gameplay, and would you like to see something similar next revision? I think they're a positive addition if they are optional. Requiring them for resources that are easy to get in vanilla is an issue, but trading them for fun collectibles is great. We spent some time at the start of the revision adjusting things to try to make sure the drop rate felt rewarding but not too common. How far to you feel we succeeded in that respect? No complaints from the perspective of enjoying them for the fun bits. Collecting them as a required item for something is painful. Mining is enough of a grind already. The special drops should make it more fun, not increase the time you have to spend mining to get the drops. Do you think the fossil and amber trades at spawn have been a worthwhile addition so far this revision? Do you feel the items on offer appeal to a wide range of people? Yes for optional, unique items. No for vanilla items. Custom Saddles Have you enjoyed the custom horse saddles available to trade this revision? Yes. Cosmetic and optional. Also good fun. Would you like to see them return for next revision? Yes If so, do you prefer them as trade items, prizes, or some mixture of both? Both. Elytra We’ve heard a lot of opinions on the implementation of Elytra this revision, from many different viewpoints. It’s clear the present system hasn’t met everybody’s expectations, so what we’re particularly interested in now, is your view on how you’d like to see Elytra approached next revision, with a positive focus on the future: Next revision, how would you like to see elytra implemented? Something close to vanilla, something like this revision, or something different altogether? Getting vanilla resources should approximate vanilla difficulty, effort, and activity type. In vanilla you need to kill the end dragon, and then you are free to go get a lot of elytra. Killing an end dragon to get an elytra is similar to getting the first elytra in vanilla but more difficult than subsequent elytra in vanilla. I think it is an acceptable amount of effort for a player to go through to get one. Having experienced this revision, do you think elytra has a strong effect on whether or not people create other forms of transportation, or do you think that roads and rails etc. are created regardless of elytra? I use my elytra to make other forms of transportation. I haven't noticed any substantial increase in transportation infrastructure by delaying it or making it expensive. Do you feel there is more we could do to support road and rail builders next revision without necessarily affecting users of elytra? If so, what are your ideas on how this could be achieved? The most important resource for rails and roads are the people building them. Organized efforts to build server wide rails may be productive. There are likely people who would follow simple requests like "Remove all trees in this 5 wide strip going north" or "Continue this 6 wide platform of spruce planks using the wood provided" that would not plan and build their own rails. Likewise there are people who would happily collect resources required to build rails. This would require dedicated players who want to oversee the project, and in the last few revs nobody has stepped forward. I don't have a good remedy for this, but I think no amount of easy to acquire resources (as gold and iron are this rev) or minecart speed boosts will make rails as ubiquitous as active leadership in the build process would. Events Here are our events so far this revision (with more to come!): Weekly portal hunts (March-April) The Lost Slime Golems The Archaeologists’ Guild Poetry Competition The Meandering Maze Mob Mayhem! (PvE Arena Events) We’ve tried to ensure that there are multiple events on offer throughout the revision, and that for ongoing events, prizes can be obtained by anyone who manages to complete them. Do you feel this has been beneficial to the server? Yes Are there any events you have particularly enjoyed this revision so far? Portal hunt - Town location was selected the first couple days, and then I was busy building roads. Knowing that any portal found would be very unlikely to be usable for the town location we'd already established did not motivate me to hunt. I continued building roads instead. Slime Golems - Didn't get anywhere without a hint. Just rode a horse around randomly. I was later given approximate areas to look and had fun as a group going to each location and searching for a while. It reminded me of the first sentinel event where clues described the land around the sentinel and they could be found in ~20 minutes of searching each (assuming you got the clue right). Poetry - I'm just not a poet. I do like that the event was held and people seemed to enjoy it. Maze - I enjoyed this for the first ~4 hours I was in it. The rest of the time I persisted through sheer determination. I enjoyed the changing designs, and the courtyards throughout, but shorter would have been better Mob Mayhem - I missed this :( Is there any event past or present that you’d like to see return in Revision 23? Events are a great addition as they provide a fun insensitive for people to play and mix up the experience. As long as they're optional to participate in, there is no reason not to add more (besides the large amount of work that goes into them. I enjoy the adventuring events most. Getting a group together to cross the map is fun. Have you any new event ideas that you’d like to share? Nope General feedback I touched on this above, but I want to restate it here. Changes that add to the user experience are great. Anything that a player can just ignore and get a vanilla experience has very low risk for implementing. I put most events in this category. If an event happens that doesn't cater to your preferences you can just not participate. Changes that are required to address practical problems with a large multiplayer environment are unfortunate, but acceptable. I put things like MobLimiter, custom spawners, LWC here. If the vanilla way worked well it would be great, but since it doesn't we make do. Some of these changes have no impact on you if you don't seek it out (custom spawners), and others have unintended side effects. These changes are not terribly risky if they approximate the vanilla experience. Things that change a core mechanic of the game without significant practical need are likely to be controversial.
  8. I will be transitioning full time to the head admin role. After feedback from other admins it was decided that maintaining a separation of duties was important to the health of Nerd. With that in mind I will be taking on only the head admin role. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the community as a member of the head admin team.
  9. pez252

    Socarch26 (pez252)(mumble)

    HI Socarch, Please be respectful of your fellow mumbler's ears and remember to play to your audience's interests. Unbanned. -pez
  10. pez252

    PVE connection issues

    People have been having issues all day, and thus far those people have all had comcast for their ISP. Do you have comcast by any chance?
  11. pez252

    Forever_A_Steve Note appeals

    No new notes have been added for grief in the last year+ so I have removed my note.
  12. pez252

    MolaMolaAndCats [pez252]

    Hi MolaMolaAndCats, Thank you for admitting your error. Unfortunately while that reflects positively on you, it does not change the result of your infraction. X-ray bans result in a standard 1 month ban and a removal of all items/edits from the game. For details see here: http://nerd.nu/help/pve/#x-ray Please post an appeal in 1 month's time stating that you have read the rules, understand them, and agree to abide by them and you will be unbanned and welcomed back to the server. Thanks, -pez Screenshots for posterity: http://imgur.com/a/sj6F7
  13. pez252

    Saminator1999 [pez252]

    Hello Saminator1999, You were banned for being repeatedly disruptive in chat despite multiple warnings. As you seem to understand this and have agreed to follow the rules of the server I am unbanning you. Thank you.
  14. pez252

    Nothguorb666 [pez252]

    Thank you Nothguorb666. You have been unbanned from the server.
  15. pez252

    Nothguorb666 [pez252]

    Hi Nothguorb666, I get the distinct impression you are not serious about your appeal. Please be sure you are actually willing to follow the rules, and let me know when you are ready. Thanks